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6618: CACERES (FRANCISCO IGNACIO DE). - La Costa Cantabria.
8698: REED (SIR STANLEY) AND P. R. CADELL. - India, The New Phase, The Westminster Library series dealing with history, politics and economic life of the British Empire,
3226: CADOGAN (MARY). - Women with Wings, Female Flyers in Fact and Fiction
2947: CAFFREY (KATE). - Out in the Midday Sun, Singapore 1941 - 45
3079: CAHILL (MARIE). - Forever Marilyn.
7883: CAHUN (LEON). - La Banniere Bleue, Adventures D'Un Musulman D'Un Chetien et D'Un Paien, al'epoque des Croisades et de la conquete Mongole, ouvrage illustre de 73 gravures dessinees sur bois par J. Lix,
2436: CAHUSAC (A. N.). - First Aid to the Injured, the authorised textbook of the St. John Ambulance Association being the Ambulance Department of the Grand Priory in the British Realm of the Venerable Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem
8527: BENDER (BARBARA) AND ROBERT CAILLAUD. - The Archaeology of Brittany, Normandy and the Channel Islands, An Introduction and Guide,
6866: CAIRD (DR ROBERT). - Ape Man, The Story of Human Evolution, consultant scientific editor Dr Robert Foley, consultant for illustrations Dr Stephen Gooder
6540: CALDECOTT (RANDOLPH). - R. Caldecott's Picture Book (No. 1), containing The Diverting History of John Gilpin, The House that Jack Built, An Elegy on the Death of a Mad Dog, The Babes in the Wood
8024: CALDER (NIGEL). - Spaceship Earth, A Channel Four Book,
8084: CALLAWAY (DOROTHY J.). - Magnolias,
7160: CALLOWAY (STEPHEN). - Baroque Baroque The Culture of Excess.
7213: CALTHROP (DION CLAYTON). - The Charm of Gardens, New Edition with thirty-two full-page illustrations in colour,
1508: CAMERON (IAN). - Antarctica, The Last Continent
5240: CAMERON (KENNETH), FIELD (JOHN), JOHN INSLEY. - The Place-Names of Lincolnshire, English Place-Name Society Volume LV111 Part 1 The Place-Names of the County of the City of Lincoln, Volume LX1V/LXV Part Two Lincolnshire, Lindsey, North Riding, Volume LXV1 Part Three The Wapentake of Yarborough, Volume LXV1 The Wapentake of Walshcroft, Volume LXX1 Part Four The Wapentakes of Ludborough and Haverstoe, Volume LXX111 Part Five The Wapentake of Bradley
4681: CAMERON (IAN). - Lost Paradise, The Exploration of the Pacific
4306: CAMERON (J. HOME). - The Elements of French Composition.
2998: CAMERON (IAN). - Kingdom of the Sun God, A History of the Andes and their People
2739: CAMERON (VERNEY LOVETT). - Across Africa, with numerous illustrations
8233: CAMERON (KENNETH). - Place-Name Evidence for the Anglo-Saxon Invasion and Scandinavian Settlements, eight studies collected by Kenneth Cameron, Introduction by Margaret Gelling,
4037: CAMERON (KENNETH). - English Place-Names.
3115: CAMERON (IAN). - Adventure & the Cinema, general editor Sheridan Morley, foreword by Douglas Fairbanks Jr
2567: CAMERON (IAN). - A Pictorial History of Crime Films.
8929: CAMMIDGE (JOHN). - The Black Prince, An Historical Pageant,
7871: CAMPBELL (THOMAS). - The Poetical Works, a new edition, with notes by the Rev. W. A. Hill MA, illustrated by twenty vignette engravings from designs by J. M. W. Turner RA,
3901: GRAHAM-CAMPBELL (JAMES). - The Viking World, foreword by David M. Wilson
2671: CAMPBELL (R. J.). - Livingstone.
1480: CAMPBELL (BRUCE). - The Dictionary of Birds in Colour, photographs from Ardea Photographics London, David Attenborough and others
9021: CAMPBELL (BRUCE). - Birds of Coast and Sea, Britain and Northern Europe, illustrations by Raymond Watson,
3993: CAMPBELL (ROY). - Talking Bronco.
5660: CAMPBELL (ROD). - My Stand Up Farm Animals, (pop up book)
2949: CAMPBELL (R. J.). - Livingstone, with illustrations
2676: CAMPBELL (R. J.). - Livingstone, Abridged edition prepared by David Chamberlin
4277: CANADAY (JOHN). - Metropolitan Seminars in Art, 12 volumes, Portfolios 1 to 12
1707: CANN (C. G. L. DU). - Antiques for Amateurs.
8854: CANNING (JOHN). - 100 Great Lives of Antiquity,
3319: CANNING (JOHN). - Great Disasters, catasrophes of the twentieth century, edited by John Canning
4921: CANNON (DAVID), EDMUND (NICK). - Visions of Golf, a celebration of the work of the Allsport Photographic Agency, the world's finest golf photography
8462: AYLMER (G. E.) AND REGINALD CANT. - A History of York Minster,
7046: CANTERBURY:. - antique engraved view of the City of Canterbury, View of the City & Cathedral of Canterbury in Kent,
7335: CANTERBURY. - Canterbury (PRINT) (large scene of the cathedral with surrounding dwellings from the river, pastures with trees, grazing sheep and cows in the foreground, in 1894)
1165: CANZIANI (ESTELLA). - Oxford in Brush and Pen, compiled and illustrated
1891: CAPELL (RICHARD). - Schubert's Songs.
1320: CAPON (EDMUND), MACQUITTY (WILLIAM). - Princes of Jade, (China)
2942: CAPRA (FRANK). - The Name Above The Title, An Autobiography
8464: CARDER (JAMES NELSON). - Art Historical Problems of a Roman Land Surveying Manuscript: The Codex Arcerianus A. Wolfenbuttel, A Garland Series Outstanding Dissertations in the Fine Arts,
5395: FAMILY CARE. - Family Care, in sickness and in health
3615: CAREY (GARY). - All the Stars in Heaven, Louis B. Mayer's M-G-M
6345: CAREY (S. PEARCE). - William Carey DD Fellow of Linnean Society, 1761 - 1834
6589: CARLISLE (A. L.). - San Francisco, photography by James Blank, Patrick H. Kolb and Robert Janover
1817: CARLSON (LOIS). - Monganga Paul, The Congo Ministry and Martyrdom of Paul Carlson MD
7261: CARPENTER (WILLIAM). - A Comprehensive Dictionary of English Synonyms, revised and enlarged by Rev. W. Webster, to which is added a list of words, phrases, and quotations, from the Greek, Latin, French, Italian, and Spanish Languages,
1541: CARPINO (F. BRANCACCIO DI). - The Fight for Freedom: Palermo, 1860, Tre Mesi Nella Vicaria di Palermo Nel 1860, translated and edited by John Parris
3663: CARPOZI (GEORGE). - The John Wayne Story.
3984: CARR (EDWARD HALLETT). - Conditions of Peace.
1942: CARR-SAUNDERS (A. M.), JONES (D. CARADOG) AND C. A. MOSER. - A Survey of Social Conditions in England and Wales, as illustrated by statistics
2026: CARR (JOHN DICKSON). - The Sleeping Spinx, a Dr Fell detective story
1004: CARR (JOHN DICKSON). - The Life of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
3701: CARRA (MASSIMO). - Ivories of the West.
9107: CARRERAS (T.). - The Wild Life of Our Land, The Meadow, with coloured and other illustrations from drawings and photographs by the author,
9108: CARRERAS (T.). - The Wild Life of Our Land: The Pond, with coloured and other illustrations from drawings and photographs by the author,
9109: CARRERAS (T.). - By Mountain, Moorland, River and Shore: The Shore with coloured and other illustrations from drawings and photographs by the author and Mr G. Todd,
8677: CARRIERI (RAFFAELE). - Pittura Scultura D'Avanguardia 1890 n- 1960 in Italia,
5729: CARRINGTON (NOEL), RAE (JOCELYN). - This Man's Father, or Victorian Days & Modern Ways, Cheap Edition
4843: CARRINGTON (DR NEVILLE), COX (DR JAMES) AND OTHERS. - How to do just about Anything.
4272: CARRINGTON (C. E.), JACKSON (J. HAMPDEN). - A History of England.
1111: CARRINGTON (C. E.). - The British Overseas, Exploits of a Nation of Shopkeepers
7580: CARROLL (LEWIS). - Sylvie and Bruno, with forty-six illustrations by Harry Furniss
4151: CARRON (ALEXANDRE), CARRON (CHRISTOPHE). - Nos Cousins D'Amerique, Histoire de l'emigration valaisanne en Amerique du Sud au X1X siecle
8572: CARTER (BRIAN). - Dartmoor, The Threatened Wilderness, edited by Brian Skilton,
8499: CARTER (BRIAN). - Dartmoor, The Threatened Wilderness, edited by Brian Skilton,
8827: LARN (RICHARD) AND CLIVE CARTER. - Cornish Shipwrecks, 3 volumes Complete, Volume 1. The South Coast; Volume 2. The North Coast; Volume 3. The Isles of Scilly,
5164: CARTER (STEPHEN). - The Emperor of Ocean Park, a novel
6635: CARTOCCI (SERGIO). - Tivoli and its artistic treasure, The Tiburtine area, its history and works of art, Villa d'Este, Villa Gregoriana, Villa Adriana, translation by Harold Dunster
2872: CARTWIGHT (RALPH), RUSSELL (R. T.). - The Welshpool & Llanfair Light Railway.
5833: CARVER (ANTONIA). - Blink, 100 Photographers, 010 Curators, 010 Writers
2510: CARVER (FIELD MARSHAL LORD). - Britain's Army In The Twentieth Century, In Association With The Imperial War Museum
3258: CASE (BRIAN), BRITT (STAN) AND CHRISSIE MURRAY. - The Illustrated Ecyclopedia of Jazz, An indispensable A - Z of the legends of Jazz
4909: CASSADY (RICHARD F.). - The Norman Achievement, Sidgwick & Jackson Great Civilizations Series, foreword by John Julius Norwich
3441: CASSADY (RICHARD F.). - The Norman Achievement, Foreword by John Julius Norwich
5569: CASSERLEY (H. C.). - The Historic Locomotive Pocketbook, from the 'Rocket' to the end of steam
2829: CASSERLEY (H. C.), DORMAN (C. C.). - Midland Album.
1780: CASSIUS. - The Trial of Mussolini, being a verbatim report of the first great trial for war criminals held in London sometime in 1944 or 1945
2545: CASTELL (DAVID). - Hollywood 1970s.
2577: CASTELL (DAVID). - Cinema '76.
1552: CASTELNOVI (GIAN VITTORIO), NEGRI (CARLO DE). - Liguria, printed in Italian
1337: CASTELOT (ANDRE). - Napoleon's Son, trans. from the French by Robert Baldick
7043: WEST COWES CASTLE:. - antique engraved view of West Cowes Castle, View of West Cowes Castle in the Isle of Wight,
7044: CARISBROOKE CASTLE:. - antique engraved views of Carisbrook Castle, Isle of Wight, Carisbrook Castle in the Isle of Wight, plates 1 & 2,
7037: CARISBROOK CASTLE:. - antique engraved view of Carisbrook Castle in the Isle of Wight, View of Carisbrook Castle in the Isle of Wight
3803: CASTLE (ROY). - Roy Castle On Tap, His Unique Tap Dancing Course
5107: CASTLEDEN (RODNEY). - World History, A Chronological Dictionary of Dates
4649: CASTLEDEN (RODNEY). - Events That Changed The World.
4309: CASTLEREAGH (DUNCAN). - The Great Age of Exploration, Discovery and Exploration series
5391: CASTLEREAGH (DUNCAN). - The Great Age of Exploration, Discovery and Exploration
5483: CATTON (BRUCE). - A Stillness at Appomattox, The Army of the Potomac
7382: CAUJOLLE (CHRISTIAN). - Joan Fontcuberta, 55, (55 series),
6947: CAUNTER (C. F.). - The Light Car, a technical history of cars with engines of less than 1600cc capacity, Science Museum
6183: CAVENDISH. - The Laws and Principles of Whist Stated and Explained and its Practice Illustrated, on an original system by means of hands played completely through by "Cavendish", sixteenth edition
3302: CAVENDISH (RICHARD). - Mythology, an illustrated encyclopedia, edited by Richard Cavendish, consultant editor Trevor O. Ling
3186: CAVENDISH (MARSHALL). - Great Battles of World War 11, a visual history of victory, defeat and glory
4694: CAWTHORNE (GRAHAM). - A Visitors Guide to Winston Churchill.
3097: CAWTHORNE (NIGEL). - The Bamboo Cage, the full story of the American Servicemen still held hostage in South-East Asia
7650: CAYLEY (ARTHUR). - The Life of Sir Walter Raleigh, Knt. in two volumes, Second Edition,
2027: CECIL (HENRY). - Settled Out Of Court, And Alibi For A Judge
6800: CECIL (ROBERT). - Hitler's War Machine, The technology, the warships, the generals, the aircraft, the economics, the weapons, the politics, the battles, editorial consultant Robert Cecil
6431: CECIL (CHAS. R.). - The Business Letter-Writer.
5985: CECIL (DAVID). - Hardy the Novelist, An Essay in Criticism, the Clark Lectures given at Cambridge in 1942
1481: CECIL (DAVID). - The Cecils of Hatfield House.
5365: CEELEN (VICKY). - My Little One.
5515: CELLINI (BENVENUTO). - The Life of Benvenuto Cellini, written by himself, translated by John Addington Symonds, with an introduction and notes by John Pope-Hennessy
1657: CERVANTES (MIGUEL). - The Adventures of Don Quixote, Abridged, Harrap's Standard Fiction Library series
1725: CERVANTES (MARIA ANTONIETA). - Les Tresors de L'Ancien Mexique, Musee National d'Antropologie
6435: CESARESCO (THE COUNTESS EVELYN MARTINENGO). - The Outdoor Life in Greek and Roman Poets and Kindred Studies.
9009: PALMER (L. R.) AND JOHN CHADWICK. - Proceedings of the Cambridge Colloquium on Mycenaean Studies, hardback,
7758: CHAFFERS (WILLIAM). - Marks & Monograms, on European and Oriental Pottery and Porcelain, The British Section edited by Geoffrey A. Godden FRSA, The European and Oriental Sections edited by Frederick Litchfield & R. L. Hobson, 15th Revised Edition,
8259: CHAFFERS (WILLIAM). - Marks & Monograms on European and Oriental Pottery and Porcelain, The British Section edited by Geoffrey A. Godden FRSA, The European and Oriental Sections edited by Frederick Litchfield & R. L. Hobson, 15th Revised Edition, 2 volumes COMPLETE,
8745: CHAFIN (WILLIAM). - Anecdotes and History of Cranborne Chase, introduction by Desmond Hawkins,
5259: CHAIKIN (ANDREW). - A Man on the Moon, The Voyages of the Apollo Astronauts
8811: JOHNSON (SIR JOHN) CHAIRMAN. - The East Devon Landscape, A Landscape Assessment prepared by Derek Lovejoy Partnership for the Countryside Commission, Devon County Council and East Devon District Council,
8846: SALISBURY (MARQUESS OF) CHAIRMAN. - An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in the City of York, Volume 111 (Volume 3), South-West of the Ouse, Royal Commission on Historical Monuments, England,
8842: SALISBURY (LORD) CHAIRMAN. - An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in the City of York, Volume 2, The Defences Royal Commission on Historical Monuments England,
8841: GRIMES (W. F.) CHAIRMAN. - An Inventory of the Ancient Monuments in Glamorgan, Volume 1, 3 parts, The Royal Commission on Ancient Monuments in Wales, Volume 1 Pre-Norman Part 1 The Stone and Bronze Ages; Volume 1 Pre-Norman Part 11 The Iron Age and The Roman Occupation; Volume 1 Pre-Norman Part 111 The Early Christian Period;
8839: WMYSS (LORD) CHAIRMAN. - Lanarkshire, An Inventory of the Prehistoric and Roman Monuments, The Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland,
4769: CHALFONT (LORD). - Waterloo, Battle of Three Armies, Anglo-Dutch by William Seymour, French by Jacques Champagne, Prussian by Colonel E. Kaulbach, prologue and epilogue by Lord Chalfont, edited by Lord Chalfont
5196: CHALKER (SYLVIA), WEINER (EDMUND). - The Oxford Dictionary of English Grammar, the new authoritative guide
3885: CHALLEN (PETER J. R.). - Health and Safety in Welding, and allied processes
3528: CHALMERS (PATRICK R.). - The Horn, A Lay Of The Grassington Fox-Hounds, A hunting novel in verse, Illustrated by Lionel Edwards
6956: CHAMBERLAIN (WILLIAM HENRY). - Japan Over Asia, with illustrations and maps
5817: CHAMBERS (DONALD L.). - How to Gold Leaf Antiques, and other art objects, techniques of an ancient art explained step by step in how-to-do-it text and pictures
5796: CHAMBERS. - Chambers's Encyclopaedia, A Dictionary of Universal Knowledge, a new edition
6328: CHAMBERS (E. K.). - English Literature at the Close of the Middle Ages, Oxford History of English Literature
6405: CHAMBLISS (REV. J. E.). - The Life and Labors of David Livingstone LLD DCL, covering his entire career in Southern and Central Africa, carefully prepared, from the most authentic sources viz. his own two large volumes "South Africa" and "The Zambesi Expedition", his "Last Journals" (edited by Horace Waller), the Reports of the London Geographical Society, the works of his contemporaries, and various other writings bearing upon the subject, a thrilling narrative of the adventures, discoveries, experiences and achievements of the greatest explorer of modern times in a wild and wonderful country, including his early life, preparation for his life-work, a Sketch of Africa as known before his going there, the entire record of his heoic undertakings, hazards, hardships, triumphs, his discovery by H. M. Stanley, his lonely death, faithful self-devotion of his native servants, return of the remains, burial, etc. concluding with a clear and concise survey of the continent touching its agricultural, commercial and missionary promise, the Nile Mystery, etc. as gathered from the works of Livingstone, Baker, Speke, Grant, Barth, Sweinfurth, etc. etc. the whole rendered clear and plain by a most accurate map of the whole region explored and the routes clearly indicated, richly illustrated
3415: CHANDLER (DAVID G.). - Great Battles of the British Army, As Commemorated in the Sandhurst Companies, foreword by His Royal Highness Field Marshal the Duke of Edinburgh KG KT
5317: CHANG (JUNG). - Wild Swans, Three Daughters of China
1170: GLOBAL CHANGE:. - Erdsicht Global Change, Kunst-und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, text in English
3247: CHANT (CHRISTOPHER), BIDWELL (BRIGADIER SHELFORD), ANTHONY PRESTON AND JENNY SHAW. - World War 11, Land, Sea & Air Battles 1939 - 1945, foreword by The Earl Mountbatten of Burma, Admiral of the Fleet, 1956 - 1979
3125: CHANT (CHRISTOPHER). - How Weapons Work, small arms, ammunition, artillery, tanks, aircraft, warships, bombs, missiles
2765: CHANT (CHRISTOPHER), BIDWELL (BRIGADIER SHELFORD), ANTHONY PRESTON AND JENNY SHAW. - World War 11, Land, Sea & Air Battles 1939 - 1945, foreword by Admiral of the Fleet, The Earl Mountbatten of Burma
2763: CHANT (CHRISTOPHER). - How Weapons Work, small arms, ammunition, artillery, tanks, aircraft, warships, bombs, missiles
3763: CHAPLIN (CHARLES). - My Autobiography.
3228: CHAPLIN (E. D. W.). - The Book of Harrow, a brief outline of the history of Harrow, commemorating the 850th anniversary of the consecration of St Mary's Church, Harrow-on the-Hill, by St Anselm, Archbishop of Canterbury, in 1094
2926: CHAPLIN (PETER H.). - The Thames, from source to tideway, foreword by Viscount St Davids
8992: CHAPMAN (STANLEY D.). - The Devon Cloth Industry in the Eighteenth Century, Sun Fire Office Inventories of Merchants' and Manufacturers' Property, 1726 - 1770, edited with an introduction by Stanley D. Chapman, Devon and Cornwall Record Society New Series, Vol. 23,
1005: CHAPPELL (HERBERT). - Arabian Fantasy, photographs in colour and black and white by Robin Constable
6463: CHARLESWORTH (HIS HONOUR JUDGE). - The Principles of Mercantile Law, Eighth Edition
2059: CHARLESWORTH (MARIA LOUISA). - Ministering Children, a tale dedicated to childhood
5210: CHARMLEY (JOHN). - Churchill's Grand Alliance, The Anglo-American Special Relationship 1940 - 57
5072: CHARMLEY (JOHN). - Churchill, The End of Glory, a political biography
3681: CHARROUX (ROBERT). - Lost Worlds, Scientific Secrets of the Ancients, translated by Lowell Blair
5758: CHARTERIS (LESLIE). - She Was A Lady, "Saint" book
9033: CHAUCER (GEOFFREY). - The Canterbury Tales, 2 volumes, translated into Modern English by Nevill Coghill, woodcuts by Edna Whyte,
6341: CHAUCER (GEOFFREY). - Canterbury Tales, Chaucer for present-day readers, prepared by Captain H. L. Hitchins, illustrated by Laurie Tayler
1166: CHAUCER (GEOFFREY). - Works, The Globe Edition, edited by Alfred W. Pollard and others
4165: CHAUCER (GEOFFREY). - The Complete Works, edited from numerous manuscripts by Walter W. Skeat
7775: [ YELDHAM (CAPT.) LATE 10TH HUSSARS ] "ALIPH CHEEM" - Lays of Ind, comical, satirical and descriptive poems illustrative of English Life in India, Tenth Edition Illustrated,
2478: CHELTENHAM. - Cheltenham, Plan of Cheltenham Reduced From The Ordnance Survey
4322: CHESNEAU (ANDRE). - Indians of the Crow Tribe, illustrated by the author, Macdonald Living History series
6436: CHESTERTON (G. K.). - Robert Louis Stevenson.
2014: CHICHESTER (FRANCIS). - Gipsy Moth, Circles the World
4441: CHILVERS (IAN). - The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Art & Artists, Second Edition, Oxford Paperback Reference series
1152: CHINA:. - The Genius of China, an exhibition of archaeological finds of the People's Republic of China held at the Royal Academy, London, 1973
9090: CHINERY (MICHAEL). - A Field Guide to the Insects of Britain and Northern Europe, with 60 colour plates by Gordon Riley, Denys Ovenden and Brian Hargreaves, a comprehensive introduction to insect life, over 1000 illustrations, 778 in colour,
3932: CHISLETT (RALPH). - Northward Ho ! - For Birds, From Wild Moorlands of England to Moorlands and Marshes of Scotland and Shetland, Oland and Lapland
2240: CHITTENDEN (FRED J.), SYNGE (PATRICK M.). - The Royal Horticultural Society Dictionary of Gardening, a practical and scientific encyclopaedia of horticulture edited by Fred J. Chittenden, assisted by specialists, Second Edition by Patrick M. Synge,
8705: CHITTY (SUSAN). - Charles Kingsley's Landscape,
4313: CHITWOOD (OLIVER PERRY), OWSLEY (FRANK LAWRENCE). - A Short History of the American People, Volume 1 (1492 - 1865)
1222: CHOWN (JOHN F.), VALENTINE (ROBERT). - The International Bond Market in the 1960's, its development and operation, Praeger Special Studies
1374: CHOWN (JOHN F.), VALENTINE (ROBERT). - The International Bond Market in the 1960's, its development and operation, Praeger Special Studies in International Economics and Development
2853: CHRISTIANSEN (REX). - Railway Roundabout, a guide to the highlights of the TV series, foreword by John Adams
1509: CHRISTIE'S. - Christie's Review of the Year October 1964 - July 1965.
6408: CHRISTIE (AGATHA). - Passenger to Frankfurt.
1568: CHRISTIE'S. - Review of the Year 1967 / 1968.
1644: CHRISTIE'S. - Christie's Review of the Year, October 1962 - August 1963
1694: CHRISTIE'S. - Christie's Review of the Year 1968 - 1969.
1695: CHRISTIE'S. - Christie's Review of the Year, October, 1963 - July 1964
1375: CHRISTIE'S. - Bi - Centenary Review of the Year, October 1965 - July 1966
7968: CHRISTIE'S. - The Stock and Reference Library of E. P. Goldschmidt and Co. Ltd. London, Thursday, 8 July 1993 and Friday 9 July 1993,
8205: CHRISTIE (ANTHONY). - Chinese Mythology,
6007: CHURCH (RICHARD). - The Royal Parks of London, with drawings by Victor Cooley
5335: BUCKINGHAMSHIRE ASSOCIATION OF BAPTIST CHURCHES. - The assistance which Christians may render their Ministers in the service of God, The Circular Letter from the Ministers and Messengers of The Buckinghamshire Association of Baptist Churches, Assembled at Chesham, May 10th & 11th, 1842, to the Several Churches Which They Represent
5334: BUCKINGHAMSHIRE ASSOCIATION OF BAPTIST CHURCHES. - Why are there so few conversions, considering the adaption and promises of the Gospel, The Circular Letter from the Ministers and Messengers of the Buckinghamshire Association of Baptist Churches, Assembled at Haddenham, May 9th & 10th, 1843, to the Several Churches Which They Represent
5331: BUCKINGHAMSHIRE ASSOCIATION OF BAPTIST CHURCHES. - On Mistakes In Dealing With Sinners, The Circular Letter from the Ministers and Messengers of the Buckinghamshire Association of Baptist Churches, Assembled at Gold Hill, May 13th, 1840 to the Several Churches Which They Represent
4669: BUCKINGHAMSHIRE ASSOCIATION OF BAPTIST CHURCHES. - On Justification, The Circular Letter from the Ministers and Messengers, of the Buckinghamshire Association of Baptist Churches, Assembled at Waddesdon Hill, May 15th, 1839, to the Several Churches which they Represent
5332: BUCKINGHAMSHIRE ASSOCIATION OF BAPTIST CHURCHES. - On Justification, The Circular Letter from the Ministers and Messengers of The Buckinghamshire Association of Baptist Churches, Assembled at Waddesdon Hill, May 15th, 1839, to the Several Churches Which They Represent
5330: BUCKINGHAMSHIRE ASSOCIATION OF BAPTIST CHURCHES. - A Brief History of the Churches Constituting the Bucks Association, The Circular Letter, from the Ministers and Messengers of The Buckinghamshire Association of Baptist Churches, Assembled at Speen, May 7th & 8th, 1844, to the Several Churches Which They Represent
5329: BUCKINGHAMSHIRE ASSOCIATION OF BAPTIST CHURCHES. - On Sanctification, The Circular Letter, from the Ministers and Messengers of The Buckinghamshire Association of Baptist Churches, Assembled at Buckingham, May 6th & 7th, 1845, to the Several Churches Which They Represent
9026: CHURCHILL (SIR WINSTON). - The Second World War, 6 volumes Complete, Volume 1. The Gathering Storm; Volume 11. Their Finest Hour; Volume 111. The Grand Alliance; Volume 1V. The Hinge of Fate; Volume V. Closing the Ring; Volume V1. Triumph and Tragedy,
7179: CHURCHILL (SIR WINSTON) - Step by Step 1936 - 1939
6986: CHURCHILL (SIR WINSTON). - Thoughts and Adventures.
6857: CHURCHILL (WINSTON S.). - D-Day, Operation Overlord From its planning to the Liberation of Paris, foreword by Winston S. Churchill
8316: CHURCHILL (SIR WINSTON). - The Island Race,
5687: CHURCHILL (SIR WINSTON). - The Island Race.
9105: CHURCHILL (SIR WINSTON). - The Second World War, 6 volumes Complete, Volume 1. The Gathering Storm; Volume 11. Their Finest Hour; Volume 111. The Grand Alliance; Volume 1V. The Hinge of Fate; Volume V. Closing the Ring; Volume V1. Triumph and Tragedy
5213: CHURCHILL (WINSTON S.). - Memories and Adventures, by Winston S. Churchill grandson of Britain's wartime leader Sir Winston Churchill
4484: CHURCHILL (SIR WINSTON). - Into Battle, Speeches, compiled by Randolph S. Churchill
2043: CHURCHILL (SIR WINSTON). - The British Gazette, edited by Sir Winston Churchill, Issues numbers 1 to 8 (COMPLETE set, no further numbers published))
7950: CHURCHILL (RANDOLPH S.). - Lord Derby, 'King of Lancashire' The Official Life of Edward, Seventeenth Earl of Derby, 1865 - 1948
9024: CHURCHILL (SIR WINSTON). - The Second World War, 6 volumes Complete, Volume 1. The Gathering Storm; Volume 11. Their Finest Hour; Volume 111. The Grand Alliance; Volume 1V. The Hinge of Fate; Volume V. Closing the Ring; Volume V1. Triumph and Tragedy
5428: CHURCHILL (SIR WINSTON). - Step by Step 1936 - 1939.
9092: CHURCHILL (SIR WINSTON). - The Great War, 4 volumes Complete, fully illustrated with photographs, drawings and maps,
9027: CHURCHILL (SIR WINSTON). - The Second World War, 6 volumes Complete, Volume 1. The Gathering Storm; Volume 11. Their Finest Hour; Volume 111. The Grand Alliance; Volume 1V. The Hinge of Fate; Volume V. Closing the Ring; Volume V1. Triumph and Tragedy,
8386: CHURCHILL (SIR WINSTON):. - The Funeral of Sir Winston Churchill, Supplement to Radio Times January 28, 1965
5431: CHURCHILL (SIR WINSTON). - Into Battle, Speeches by the Right Hon. Winston S. Churchill, CH MP, compiled by Randolph S. Churchill
5434: CHURCHILL (SIR WINSTON). - Thoughts and Adventures.
5430: CHURCHILL (PEREGRINE), MITCHELL (JULIAN). - Jennie, Lady Randolph Churchill, A Portrait with Letters
5402: CHURCHILL (SIR WINSTON). - Never Give In, The Challenging Words of Winston Churchill, with an introductory essay by Dwight D. Eisenhower, selected by Dorothy Price and Dean Whalley, illustrated by Joe Isom
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5773: EWING (JULIANA HORATIA). - The Story of a Short Life, illustrated by Gordon Browne, one hundred & sixtieth thousand
2317: EWING (JULIANA HORATIA). - Jackanapes, with illustrations by Randolph Caldecott
1292: EWING (JULIANA HORATIA). - Jackanapes, with illustrations by Randolph Caldecott
3409: EWING (ELIZABETH). - Women in Uniform, through the centuries
5761: SAINT-EXUPERY (A. DE). - Les Oeuvres Completes, avec un portrait de l'auteur par Jacques Thevenet, trente-trois aquarelles par Edy Legrand, Chapelain-Midy, Fontanarosa, Yves Brayer, A. Dunoyer de Segonzac, Andre Derain, et les dessins et aquarelles de l'Auteur pour Le Petit Prince
8055: EYDOUX (HENRI-PAUL). - In Search of Lost Worlds,
8759: GOSSE (EDMUND) AND DESMOND EYLES. - Sir Henry Doulton The Man of Business as a Man of Imagination, edited by Desmond Eyles
3764: EYLES (ALLEN). - John Wayne and the Movies.
1247: FABER (RICHARD). - Young England.
3399: FAGAN (BRIAN M.). - The Seventy Great Mysteries of the Ancient World, unlocking the secrets of past civilizations
6257: FAIRBAIRN (WILLIAM ALEXANDER). - Some Game Birds of West Africa, illustrated with 9 colour plates by P. M. Sumner
7626: FAIRBRIDGE (KINGSLEY). - The Autobiography of Kingsley Fairbridge, with a Preface by The Right. Hon. L. S. Amery PC, and an Epilogue by The Hon. Sir Arthur Lawley KCMG,
1604: FAIRCLOUGH (ANTHONY). - Cornwall's Railways, a pictorial survey
2827: FAIRCLOUGH (A.). - The Story of Cornwall's Railways.
8523: PAXTON (JOHN) AND SHEILA FAIRFIELD. - Calendar of Creative Man, with a foreword by Dame Veronica Wedgwood OM, DBE,
1938: FAIRLIE (GERARD). - Captain Bulldog Drummond, following Sapper
2186: FAIRLIE (GERARD). - Hands Off Bulldog Drummond, following "Sapper"
6386: FALCONER ((WILLIAM). - The Shipwreck, with a sketch of his life
3534: FALK (BERNARD). - Thomas Rowlandson: His Life and Art, A Documentary Record
1486: FALKENSEE (MARGARET VON). - Blue Angel Secrets, Amorous Adventures in the Hollywood of the 1930s, translated from the German by Egon Haas
4994: FALKUS (CHRISTOPHER), FALKUS (GILA). - Life Behind the Great Wall, Journeys Into the Past series
4685: FALKUS (MALCOLM), GILLINGHAM (JOHN). - Historical Atlas of Britain.
3757: FALKUS (CHRISTOPHER). - Life in the Age of Exploration, Journeys Into The Past series
5144: FALKUS (MALCOLM), GILLINGHAM (JOHN). - Historical Atlas of Britain.
3353: FALKUS (MALCOLM), GILLINGHAM (JOHN). - Historical Atlas of Britain.
3316: FALLS (CYRIL). - Great Military Battles, edited by Cyril Falls
7951: FALLS (CYRIL). - The First World War,
5924: FARLIE (BARBARA L.), CLARKE (CHARLOTTE L.). - All About Doll Houses, photographs by Otto Maya, drawings by Jaime Iribarren, outside, inside, upstairs, downstairs, how to make miniature houses, rooms, furniture, accessories, all to scale, with step-by-step instructions for every single piece
4875: FARMAN (JOHN). - The Very Bloody History of Britain, Part 2 1945 to now
2106: FARMER (A. J.). - George Farquhar, Writers and Their Work No. 193
4913: FARNDON (JOHN), PARKER (VICTORIA). - Visual Factfinder History, Kings & Queens, Reforms, Battles & Wars, consultant Richard Tames
2283: FARNOL (JEFFERY). - Signature.
9096: FARRAR (F. W.). - The Life of Lives, Further Studies in the Life of Christ,
9097: FARRAR (FREDERIC). - The Life of Christ, with original illustrations,
3075: FARRAR (HENRY). - Windsor, Town and Castle
9093: FARRAR (FREDERIC W.). - The Life of Christ as Represented in Art,
5849: FARRELLY (LIZ). - April Greiman, floating ideas into Time and Space, Cutting Edge
2878: FARRINGTON (JOHN). - Life on the Lines.
4603: FARSON (NEGLEY). - Behind God's Back.
5336: FAULKNER (HAROLD UNDERWOOD). - American Economic History, Eighth Edition
3499: FAULKNER (TRADER). - Peter Finch, a biography, foreword by Liv Ullmann
3088: FAULKNER (HAROLD UNDERWOOD). - American Economic History, Eighth Edition
5907: FAWLEY (MARTIN). - Future Systems, The Story of Tomorrow
2433: FEARON (GEORGE). - You owe me five farthin's, an adventure with St. Martin-in-the-Fields
3580: FEDDEN (ROBIN), JOEKES (ROSEMARY). - The National Trust Guide, Revised Edition, compiled and edited by Robin Fedden and Rosemary Joekes, a complete introduction to the buildings, gardens, coast and country owned by the National Trust
1193: FEDDEN (ROBIN), JOEKES (ROSEMARY). - The National Trust Guide, compiled by;
1377: FEDDEN (ROBIN), JOEKES (ROSEMARY). - The National Trust Guide.
6494: FEDDEN (ROBIN). - Chantemesle.
8153: FEDER (LILLIAN). - The Handbook of Classical Literature,
1470: FEHR (GOTZ). - Beautiful Germany, Schones Deutschland, La belle Allemagne, text in German, English and French
4897: FEILING (KEITH). - A History of England.
3201: FELIX (PAUL), CHARLTON (BILL). - A Year On The Thames.
3287: FELL (JOHN L.), GONG (STEPHEN) AND OTHERS. - Before Hollywood, turn-of-the-Century American Film
4439: FEN (ELISAVETA). - Soviet Stories of the Last Decade, selected and translated
6125: FENN (G. MANVILLE). - In Mid-Air, A Tale of 1870 (air ballooning)
1471: FENTON (F. C.). - Selected Poems.
5591: FERGUSON (JUDITH). - The Magic of Microwave, compiled and edited by Judith Ferguson, recipes tested and prepared by Jacqueline Bellefontaine, photography by Peter Barry, designed by Philip Clucas, produced by David Gibbon, Gerald Hughes and Ted Smart
1794: FERN (ALAN), KAPLAN (MILTON). - Viewpoints, The Library of Congress Selection of Pictorial Treasures, a picture book by Alan Fern, Milton Kaplan and the staff of the prints and photographs division, a unique view of people, places, and events from the 1700's to the present
1516: FERNIER (ROBERT). - Gustave Courbet, with an introduction by Rene Huyghe
2807: FERREIRA (DOUGLAS). - Ratty's 100, the story of 100 years of the Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway in over 100 pictures
2355: FERRERO (MERCEDES VIALE). - Rare Carpets, From East and West, The Leisure Library series
1517: FERRIER (NEIL). - Churchill, The Man of the Century, A Pictorial Biography
4932: FERRIER (NEIL). - Churchill, The Man of the Century, A Pictorial Biography
4689: FERRIER (NEIL). - Churchill, The Man of the Century, A Pictorial Biography, edited by Neil Ferrier
3619: FERRIS (TIMOTHY). - The World Treasury of Physics, Astronomy, and Mathematics, edited by Timothy Ferris, with a foreword by Clifton Fadiman, general editor
1195: FERRONNIERE (JACQUES). - Les Operations de Banque, Etudes Politiques, Economiques et Sociales; avec la collaboration de Emmanuel de Chillaz, quatrieme edn.
6638: FESSLER (LOREN). - China, Life World Library series
5142: FEUERSTEIN-PRASSER (KARIN), GROSS-SCHULTE (ANDREA). - Between Cross and Crescent, Reader's Digest Illustrated History of the World
5141: FEUERSTEIN-PRASSER (KARIN), GROSS-SCHULTE (ANDREA). - The Dawn of Civilisation Prehistory to 900 BC, Reader's Digest Illustrated History of the World
5089: FEUERSTEIN-PRASSER (KARIN), GROSS-SCHULTE (ANDREA) AND OTHERS. - The Age of Kings and Khans 1154 - 1339, Reader's Digest Illustrated History of the World series
2762: FIALA (OLIVER). - Action on Stage.
4056: FIDDY (ROLAND). - The Victim's Guide to Middle Age, cartoons by Roland Fiddy

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