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14937: MEAD, G. R. S. - Fragments of a Faith Forgotten, some short sketches among the Gnostics mainly of the first two centuries -
60182: MEADE, L. T. - A Gay Charmer: A story for girls
58325: MEADE, L T (ELIZABETH THOMASINA MEADE SMITH) - Hollyhock: A Spirit Of Mischief
49923: MEADLEY, GEORGE WILSON - A Sketch of the various proposals for a Constitutional Reform in the representation of the people, introduced into the Parliament of Great Britain from 1770 to 1812
49983: MEDECIN, JACQUES, [TRANSLATED AND EDITED BY PETER GRAHAM - Cuisine Nicoise: Recipes from a Mediterranean Kitchen
18524: MEDLEY, C.D. - Catalogue of the Paintings, Drawings & Miniatures in the Barber Institute of Fine Arts University of Birmingham
58648: MEE, JOHN H. - The Oldest Music Room in Europe, A Record of Eighteenth-Century Enterprise at Oxford
20828: MEE, ARTHUR [ EDITOR ] - The Children's Shakespeare
65973: MEE, MARGARET, AND NORTH, MARIANNE - Exploratrices Intrepides (Oeuvres de Collections des Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew)
62891: MEE, ARTHUR [EDITOR] - The Little Paper: The story of the Great War told for the boys and girls of the English-speaking race, 12 issues from February 1915 to February 1916
64262: MEEHAN, PAULA - Dharmakaya
28241: MEGGENDORFER, LOTHAR - Lebende Bilder
52933: MEHRA, P. S. - Shrimad Bhagavadgita in Pictures
46243: MEINERTZHAGEN, COLONEL R. - Pirates and Predators: The piratical and predatory habits of birds
58849: MEISSONIER, JEAN-LOUIS ERNEST - Meissonier: A Collection of Etchings and Engravings of Twelve of the Choicest of His Paintings, With Descriptions
12939: MEISSONNIER, JEAN - Sailing Ships of the Romantic Era: A 19th century album of water colours by Antoine Roux
49117: MEITO - On Japanese Pottery, catalogue of Meito China
59644: MEJBORG, R. - Festskrift i anledning Af Hundredaarsdagen for Stavnsbaandets Løsning De 20 Juni 1888
51451: MELANI, ALFREDO AND OTHERS - The Architectural Review, March 1899, vol 5, number 28
47183: MELBOURNE PUNCH - The History of the Victorian Embassy, & The Decline and Fall of the Berry Ministry ( Punch Extraordinary March 12 1880 ) - 2 volumes bound together
43196: MELLANBY, KENNETH [EDITOR] - Air Pollution, Acid Rain And The Environment [Report Number 18]
49264: MELLOR, BERNARD - The University of Hong Kong: An Informal History, in two volumes
65841: [MELMOTH, WILLIAM] - The Great Importance of a Religious Life Considered: To Which are added some Morning and Evening Prayers
52671: MELVILL, J. C. - The Flora of Harrow
36981: MELVILL, REV. HENRY - The Preacher in Print, Second Series, the Golden Lectures, Thirty-Two Sermons delivered at St. Margaret's Church, Lothbury, on Tuesday mornings, from January 1, to August 13, 1850
52541: MELVILLE, FRED J. - Cape of Good Hope with Mafeking and Vryburg
58669: MELVILLE, NIGEL - Abbotsbury, The "Appreciation" Revisited
52819: A MEMBER OF THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND - Daily Meditation; Or, Heart Communing For Each Day Of A Month
62961: A MEMBER OF THE REVOLUTION SOCIETY [MAJOR JOHN SCOTT, I.E. JOHN SCOTT-WARING] - A Letter to the Right Hon. Edmund Burke, in Reply to His "Reflections on the Revolution in France, &c". By a Member of the Revolution Society'
31894: MEMBERS OF THE ENGLISH ASSOCIATION - Essays And Studies Volume XXVII 1941
42554: MEMBERS OF THE ECCLESIOLOGICAL LATE CAMBRIDGE CAMDEN SOCIETY [EDITORS] - Hierurgia Anglicana; Or Documents And Extracts Illustrative Of The Ritual of the Church in England After The Reformation
58397: MENARD, RENE - Histoire Artistique du Metal
65299: MENGS, D'ANTOINE-RAPHAEL - Oeuvres Completes D'Antoine-Raphael Mengs, Premier Peintre Du Roi D'espagne, etc- [complete two volume, French Language]
19273: MENTELLE, E. & CHANLAIRE, P.G. - Map of La France Comparative en Departements avec les anciennes division du territoire qu'elle comprend aujourd'huy [ beleived to be taken from Atlas Elementaire de Geogrphie Physique et Politique Ancienne et Moderne... ]
64917: MENZIES, MRS STEVEN [EDITOR] - Our Own Gazette [Vol VI #61 - Vol VII #81]
59670: MERCER, C. A. - Harry's Magic Glasses
46544: THE MERCERS' COMPANY - The Charters, Ordinances, and Bye-Laws of The Mercers' Company
5594: MEREDITH, GEORGE - The Poetical Works Of George Meredith
42891: MEREDITH, GEORGE - The Egoist, A Comedy in Narrative, [Oxford World's Classics 508]
62547: MEREDITH, OWEN [LORD LYTTON] - Poems by Owen Meredith, in Two Volumes
49098: MERISIO, PEPI, DE CONCINI, WOLFTRAUD - L'Architecture De Palladio
24561: MERKIN, MARSHA PRAVDER [EDITOR] - Women in Context, Toward a Feminist Reconstruction of Psychotherpy
37673: MERLIN, HENRY MARTIAL, [EDITOR] - Societe Equestre de L'Etrier
47179: MERRIDEW, JOHN - A Catalogue of Engraved Portraits Of Nobility, Gentry, Clergymen, and Others Born, Resident In, Or Connected With the County of Warwick; Alphabetically Arranged, With Names of the Painters and Engraver
58109: MERRIDEW, [REVISED BY R. BOVER HINCHCLIFFE] - Merridew's Illustrated Guide to Boulogne-Sur-Mer, and its Environs; with a Sketch of its Early History to Which is Added a Series of Walks, Rides, Drives, Pic-Nics, & Fishing Excursions, Some Useful Hints, a Copius Appendix, and Maps
15684: MERRIMAN, SAMUEL - A Synopsis of the Various Kinds of Difficult Parturition, with Practical Remarks on the Management of Labour
48273: MERRIMAN, HENRY SETON, & TALLENTYRE, S G - The Money-Spinner and other character notes
52068: MERRIWELL, MARK [EDITOR] - My Own Annual: An illustrated Gift-Book for Boys and Girls
28931: MERRY, ELANOR C. - I AM: The Ascent of Mankind
35198: MERRYWEATHER AND SONS LTD., AMERICAN-MARSH PUMPS, R. WASTERLAIN ET AL. - A Collection of British, European, and Continental Fire Fighting equipment brochures, catalogues, and related publications, 1920s-1950s
34313: MESKELL, LYNN & GOSDEN, CHRIS [ EDITORS ] - Jornal of Social Archaeology - Vol. 1 No.1 June 2001 to Vol.2 no.2 June 2002 [ 4 issues ]
49388: MESSAGE, GORDON A - Simple Science Experiments: No 3 Magnetism, No 5 Water, and No 6 Air
43478: MESTMACKER, ERNST J, [EDITOR] - Natural Gas in the Internal Market: A Review of Energy Policy, [International Energy and Resources Law & Policy Series]
32932: LE MESURIER, JOAN - Dear John
46174: METASTASIO, PIETRO, [PIETRO ANTONIO DOMENICO TRAPASSI] - Opere, Tomo I.- XIV., [complete set, 14 volumes in 7]
64757: METCALF, FATHER PHILIP - The Life of Saint Winefride
48006: METCALFE, WILLIAM CHAS. - Watch And Watch, or "The Decoyed"
34832: METI, LAUOFO - Samoa , The Making of the Constitution
64841: MEURER, PETER H. - Atlantes Colonienses, Die Kolner Schule der Atlaskartographie, 1570-1610
52412: MEYNELL, ALICE - The Poems of Alice Meynell 1847-1923
56268: MEYNELL, ALICE - Essays
40020: MEYNELL, ALICE - Essays
57061: MEYNELL, ALICE; ZIMMERN, HELEN; LELAND, CHARLES G. ET AL. - The Art Journal, New Series Vol. 50. January to December 1887
25562: MICHAILOW - Adventures of Michailow, a Russian Captive among the Kalmucs, Kirghiz and Kiwenses
64763: MICHELANGELO, (EDITED BY E. H. RAMSDEN) - The Letters of Michelangelo, translated from the original Tuscan, edited and annotated, in 2 volumes
56875: MICHELET, M. AND SMITH, G. G. [TRANSLATER] - The Life of Luther
34535: MICHELL, RICARDO - Orationes Creweianae, In Memoriam Publicorum Benefactorum Academiae Oxoniensis, Habitae In Theatro Sheldoniano: Quibus Adjectae Sunt Orationes Duae Inaugurales [1849 - 1875]
49429: MICHELL, M - Young Juba: or, the history of the young Chevalier, from his birth, to his escape from Scotland, after the battle of Culloden. ... Translated from the original Italian, published at Rome by M. Michell,...
49314: MICHIE, JAMES. [TRANSLATOR] - The Poems of Catullus
65104: MICKLETHWAITE, J T & DEARMER, PERCY - The Ornaments of the Rubric (Alcuin Club Tracts I) and Supplement to the Third Edition, Linen Ornaments of the Church (Alcuin Club Tracts XVII) 3 volumes
65746: MIDDLETON MURRY, J. - Aspects of Literature [with James Lees Milne bookplate]
43154: MIDDLETON, STANLEY - Harris's Requiem
49280: MIDDLETON, W E KNOWLES - Invention of the Meterological Instruments
28641: MIDGLEY, ALFRED - The Queensland Illustrated Guide
48549: MIDGLEY, RUTH, COHEN, HOPE, ET AL. - The Complete Encyclopedia of Exercises
30540: MIDLAND RAILWAY - An Act To enable the Midland Railway Company to construct a Railway from Gloucester to Stonehouse, and for other purposes connected with the Bristol and Gloucester Line of the Midland Railway [Royal Asset, August 14th, 1848], An Act To Extend the TIME for
19554: MIGEON, J. - Map of France Geologique with inset map of Corsica [ taken from Migeon's Geographie Universelle ]
19555: MIGEON, J. - Map of France Physique with inset map of Corsica [ taken from Migeon's Geographie Universelle ]
19557: MIGEON, J. - Map of France Politique with inset map of Corsica [ taken from Migeon's Geographie Universelle ]
19559: MIGEON, J. - Map of France S.E. with inset map of Corsica [ taken from Migeon's Geographie Universelle ]
19560: MIGEON, J. - Map of France S.O. [ taken from Migeon's Geographie Universelle ]
19561: MIGEON, J. - Map of France N.E. [ taken from Migeon's Geographie Universelle ]
19562: MIGEON, J. - Map of France N.O. [ taken from Migeon's Geographie Universelle ]
19564: MIGEON, J. - Map of Gaule Sous Les Romains [ taken from Migeon's Geographie Universelle ]
64384: MIKE HIGGS [COMPILER] - Dan Dare Pilot of the Furture: The Deluxe Collector's Edition and Dan Dare Pilot of the Furture: Featuring the Red Moon Mystery and Marooned on Mercury (2 volumes)
43797: MIKKELSEN, CAPTAIN EJNAR, DIVER, C, GUERTJENS, H, ET AL. - The Geographical Journal Vol. LXXXI No. 5 May 1933
59486: MILES, BETTY - At the Sign of the Rainbow: Margaret Calkin James 1895-1985
61936: A. J. MILES, TONY MILES, R. D. KEENE, J. D. M. NUNN, R. G. WADE AND OTHERS - 47th USSR Championships 1979; U.S.S.R v. Hungary 1955; & 46th USSR Chess Championships [3 volumes]
65899: MILFORD, HUMPHREY - Mr. Barker Bow
30169: MILL, JOHN STUART [EDITED BY FRANCIS E MINEKA, J. M. ROBSON] - The Earlier Letters of John Stuart Mill 1812-1848 in 2 volumes; & Essays on Economics and Society, in 2 volumes
14024: MILLER, DAVID - Sebastian Coe - Coming Back, foreword by Lord Killanin
21848: MILLER, WARREN H. - The Ring-Necked Grizzly
25967: MILLER, THOMAS - Original Poems For My Children - Second Series [ Little Mary's Second Book of Original Poetry ]
52450: MILLER, ESTHER, DAX JULIAN ET AL - Home Sweet Home, 1895
34573: MILLER, PHILIP ADDED TO BY THOMAS MARTYN - Gardener's and Botanist's Dictionary-Volume II Part I, K - P, and Volume II, Part II, Q - Z
61359: MILLER, LEE; PENROSE, ANTONY [EDITOR] - Lee Miller's War: Photographer and Correspondent with the Allies in Europe 1944-45
61677: MILLER, ALICE - I begyndelesen var opdragelsen; Tavshedsmurens fald; & Den bandlyste viden [3 volumes]
37599: MILLER, DOROTHY C, AND BARR, ALFRED H [EDITORS] - American Realists and Magic Realists
46058: MILLER, E D - Modern Polo
46729: MILLER, ELIZABETH YORK - Virginia O'Dare
49083: MILLER, HUGH - Tales and Sketches; Edinburgh and its Neighbourhood...; & The Cruise of the Betsey..., [in 3 volumes]
42531: MILLER, PHILLIP, AND THOMAS MARTYN - The Gardiner's and Botanist's Dictionary, containing the best and newest methods of cultivating-.Volume 1, pt 1 A-CIV, Vol 1, pt 2, CLA-I, Volume 2, pt 1 K-P, Vol 2, pt 2 Q-Z
58312: MILLER, HUGH AND MACKENZIE, W. M. [INTROUCTION AND NOTES] - My Schools and Schoolmasters or the Story of My Education
51477: MILLER, MERLE - On Being Different: What it Means to be a Homosexual
50685: MILLER, MARGARET J. - Plot for the Queen: The Babington Plot
48464: MILLIN, SARAH GERTRUDE - Goodbye, Dear England
48382: MILLS, JOHN - The Flyers of the Hunt
63421: MILLSON, ALVAN., DOYLE, DENIS., LYNCH, BLOSSE. AND HOLDICH, LIEUT-COLONEL T.H. - Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society and Monthly Record of Geography, Vol. XIII., No. 10., October, 1891
64727: MILMAN, MIRIAM - Tromp-L'oeil Painted Architecture; & The illusions of Reality: Tromp-L'oeil Painting, [2 volumes]
49031: MILMAN, HELEN - Little Ivan's Hero
58005: MILN, A A - Winnie-The-Pooh
33751: MILNE, A A - When we were very young
63908: MILNE, A. A. - The House at Pooh Corner
35675: MILNE A A - Now we are Six
35676: MILNE A A - The House at Pooh Corner
65760: A. A. MILNE, L. HOUSMAN, R. FYLEMAN, HILAIRE BELLOC AND OTHERS- - Joy Street: A Medley of Prose & Verse for Boys and Girls, Volumes 1-5 and 7-9 [8 volumes]
61878: MILNE, SEUMUS - The Enemy Within: The Secret War Against the Miners
61692: MILNE, A. A. - The Winnie-the-Pooh Collection [2-volume boxed set]
61968: MILNE, A. A. - The House at Pooh Corner, De Luxe [Deluxe] Binding
61582: MILNE, A. A. [WORDS]; FRASER-SIMSON H. [MUSIC] - Songs from "Now We are Six"
66001: MILNE, A. A. - Now We Are Six, When We Were Very Young, Winnie-The-Pooh, The House At Pooh Corner [4 volumes of A. A. Milne's works}
51710: MILNE, A A [WORDS], FRASER-SIMSON, H [MUSIC] - Fourteen Songs from "When We Were Very Young"
59561: MILNE, A. A. - When We Were Very Young
60140: MILNE, A. A. - The Christopher Robin Story Book; from When We Were Very Young, Now we are six, Winnie-the-pooh, The House at Pooh Corner
56170: MILNE, A. A. - The House at Pooh Corner
56171: MILNE, A. A. - Winnie-The-Pooh
56365: MILNE, A. A. - The House at Pooh Corner
62085: MILNE, A. A. - Winnie-the-Pooh
56329: MILNE, A. A. - Winnie-The-Pooh
62648: MILNE, A. A. - Now We are Six
61583: MILNE, A. A. AND FRASER-SIMSON H. [MUSIC] - Nine Favourite Tunes, Arranged as Piano Solos from "Fourteen Songs" from When We Were Very Young (A. A. Milne)
50006: MILNE, A A - When We Were Very Young
50815: MILNE, CHRISTOPHER - The Hollow on the Hill: the Search for a Personal Philosophy
61408: MILNE, A. A. - The House at Pooh Corner
24670: MILNER, FRANK - Toulouse-Lautrec
29842: MILNER, ARTHUR - Novello's Orginal Compositions for Organ ( New Series ) - 8 books of sheet music including Six Miniatures, Dithyramb, Galliard for a Festive Occasion, 2 Meditations on Psalms, Festal Epilogue ....
52242: MILNER, REV. JOHN - The Key of Heaven: or, a Manual of Prayer
14587: MILNER, MRS. (EDITOR) - The Englishwoman's Magazine and Christian Mother's Miscellany - new series Volume 4 1849
48938: MILNER, ANDREW R. [EDITOR] - Studies on Carboniferous and Permian Vertebrates: Proceedings of of the Fourth International Symposium on Permo-Carboniferous Continental Faunas, [Special Papers in Palaeontology No. 52]
22293: MILTON, JOHN [ SELECTED, EDITED & INTRODUCED BY MALCOLM W. WALLACE ] - Milton's Prose - A Selection [ The World's Classics 293 ]
56280: MILTON, JOHN AND TODD, REV HENRY J. - The Poetical Works of John Milton, With Notes of Various Authors. To Which are Added Illustrations, and Some Account of the Life and Writings of Milton.. In Seven Volumes, Volumes IV, V & VIII [3 of 7 volumes]
45652: MILTON, GILES - Edward Trencom's Nose: A novel of history, dark intrigue and cheese
58851: MILTON, JOHN - Milton's Poetical Works: Volume I. Paradise Lost
38358: MILTON, JOHN - Comus
64705: MILTON, JOHN; TODD, REV. HENRY JOHN - The Poetical Works of John Milton. With notes of various authors; and with some account of the life and writings of Milton, derived principally from original documents in Her Majesty's State-Paper Office. In four volumes
39543: MILTON, JOHN - Paradise Regained and Minor Poems, [The Harrap Library No. 10]
46924: MILTON, JOHN, HUNT, LEIGH, SHAKESPEARE AND OTHERS - Poetry of The Year: Passages From The Poets Descriptive of The Seasons
59579: MILTON, JOHN - Paradise Lost. A Poem, In Twelve Books
60010: MILTON, JOHN; TODD, HENRY JOHN - The Poetical Works of John Milton. With Notes of Various Authors; and with some Account of the Life and Writings of Milton, Derived Principally from the Original Documents in her Majesty's State-Paper Office. In Four Volumes
57145: MILTON, JOHN - Paradise Lost [in 2 Vol.]
65302: MILTON, JOHN - Paradise Lost, seven parts only of twelve
47677: MILTON, JOHN - Paradise Regain'd: A Poem. In Four Books. To which is Added Samson Agonistes; and Poems upon several Occaions. With a Tractate of Education
18996: MILTON, JOHN [WITH INTRODUCTIONS BY DAVID MASSON] - The Poetical Works of John Milton
48643: MILTON, JOHN - L'Allegro And il Penseroso
64821: MINARIK, ELSE HOLMELUND - Little Bear
59038: W. E. MINCHINTON, C. D. ROSS & ARTHUR SABIN [EDITORS] - Bristol Record Society's Publications: The Trade of Bristol in the Eighteenth Century Vol. XX, Cartulary of St. Mark's Hospital Bristol Vol. XXI, Some Manorial Accounts of Saint Augustine's Abbey Bristol Vol. XXII [3 volumes]
58927: MINISTRY OF TRANSPORT - Collection of 5 Ministry of Transport Railway Accidents Reports, 1923 - 1933
48932: MIQUEL, PIERRE - Le Paysage francais au XIX siècle, 1824-1874 [The Landscapes of France in the 19th Century, 1824-1874]
41996: MIRO, JOAN, PREVERT, JACQUES - Derriere Le Miroir, No. 87-88-89, June-July-August 1956
34305: MISCIATTELLI, PIERO - La Libreria Piccomini Nel Duomo Di Siena
13801: MISS READ - Winter in Thrush Green
64747: MISSAL - Missae Defunctorum, Juxta Usum Ecclesiae Romanae, cum ordine et canone extensae
63129: MISSON, MAXIMILIEN - Nouveau Voyage D'Italie, Avec un Mémoire Contenant des avis Utiles á ceux qui Voudront Faire le Mesme Voyage. Vols. I-III [3 volumes]
45039: MITCHEL, JOHN - The History of Ireland from The Treaty of Limerick to the Present Time - in two volumes
31231: MITCHELL, RUTH CRAWFORD [COMPILER] - Alice Garrigue Masaryk, 1879-1966: her life as recorded in her own words and by her friends
56261: MITCHELL, DR. I. V. [EDITOR] - Concerted European Action on Magnet (CEAM): A Research Project Supported by the Commission of the European Communities
46346: MITCHELL, PRYCE - Deep Water: The Autobiography of a Sea Captain
51307: MITCHELL, JOHN [EDITOR] - The Times Challenger [newspaper], January 1979
58613: W. R. MITCHELL, DAVID JOY, JAMES TOWLER, STAN ABBOTT, LEN SIMS, CHRIS DARMON ETC - Settle to Carlisle a Railway over the Pennines, The Battle for the Settle & Carlisle, Settle-Carlisle Railway the Midland's Record-Breaking Route to Scotland, To Kill a Railway, Through the Carriage Window and Settle-Carlisle Railway Centenary 1876-1976 [6 volumes]
59534: MITCHINSON, NAOMI - Collection of 17 Naomi Mitchinson Books
60660: MITFORD, BERTRAM - John Ames, Native Commissioner: A Romance of the Matabele Rising
35179: MITFORD, MARY RUSSELL - Recollections of a Literary Life; or, Books, Places, and People, in 3 Volumes
62853: MITFORD, MARY RUSSELL - Selected Stories from Our Village
63156: MITROFF, IAN - Crisis Leadership: Planning for the Unthinkable
45881: MITSUNE, MOTOKATA, UKICHI, ET AL. [TRANSLATED BY SHOTARO KIMURA & CHARLOTTE M. A. PEAKE] - Sword and Blossom Poems from the Japanese, Volume II.
5663: MIVART, ST GEORGE ET AL - The Dublin Review, third series, volume X, July - Oct 1883
20803: MME. DE GENLIS - Alphonsine, ou La Tendresse Manternelle - in 3 volumes
24758: MME. DE WITT NEE GUIZOT - Une Famille a La Campagne
25988: MME. DE WITT, NEE GUIZOT - Legendes et Recits Pour La Jeunesse
9263: MO, TIMOTHY - Sour Sweet
62380: MO TZU, HSUN TZU, HAN FEI TZU & BURTON WATSON [TRANSLATOR] - Basic Writings of Mo Tzu, Hsun Tzu and, Han Fei Tzu
51443: MOBERLY, W. I. - Raj and Post Raj: Low level reminiscence of life in two armies
52787: MOCKLER, GERALDINE - The Four Miss Whittingtons
58977: MOERMAN, DANIEL E. - Native American Ethnobotany
65147: MOFFAT, PELHAM S. - 21 Plays for Children and Three Sketches in French
57542: MOFFATT, JAMES - A New Translation of the Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments
23505: MOGG, EDWARD - Paterson's Roads - being an entirely original and accurate description of all the Direct and Principal Cross Roads in England and Wales, with part of the Roads of Scotland. [ with ] Topographical sketches of the several cities, market towns, and remarkabl
23506: MOGG, EDWARD - Paterson's Roads - being an entirely original and accurate description of all the Direct and Principal Cross Roads in England and Wales, with part of the Roads of Scotland. [ with ] Topographical sketches of the several cities, market towns, and remarkabl
51562: MOGG, EDWARD - Paterson's Roads; An Entirely Original And Accurate Description Of All The Direct And Principal Roads In England and Wales, With Part Of The Roads Of Scotland
62116: MOGGRIDGE, J. TRAHERNE - Harvesting Ants and Trap-Door Spiders, Notes and Observations on Their Habits and Dwellings
61870: MOGILEVSKA, SOPHIA - The Camp on the Icefield
60863: MOGRIDGE, GEORGE - Learning to Act; & Learning to Think [2 volumes]
46299: MOHR, DR. T. - Report on the OWSE-NA
60677: MOIR, FRED L. M. - After Livingstone: An African Trade Romance
60656: MOIR, FRED. L. M. AND HAY, IAN [FOREWORD] - After Livingstone: An African Trade Romance
52792: MRS MOLESWORTH - The February Boys: A story for children
51498: MOLESWORTH, MRS - Miss Mouse and Her Boys: A Story for Girls
16059: MOLIERE - The Misanthrope, translated by Tony Harrison
27694: MOLIERE, J.-B. POQUELIN DE - Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme Comedie en cinq actes Illustrations en couleurs de Beuville
64379: MOLIERE, JEAN BAPTISTE POQUELIN DE - Les Oeuvres De Monsieur De Moliere
49073: MOLIERE - Oeuvres de J. B. Poquelin de Moliere, tome cinquieme, [volume 5 only]
63231: MOLIERE [JEAN-BAPTISTE POQUELIN] - Oeuvres de Moliere, avec des notes de tous les commentateurs, in 2 volumes
62083: MOLIÉRE [JEAN-BAPTISTE POQUELIN] - Oeuvres Complétes de Moliére
49657: MOLL, HERMANN, KITCHIN, T. ET AL. - Collection of 65 views and maps of Berkshire
31033: MOLLER, DR GEORG - Denkmaler Der Deutschen Baukunst
47000: MOLLO, VICTOR MOLLO, VICTOR - Winning Bridge, & I Challenge You, [in 2 volumes]
46997: MOLLO, VICTOR MOLLO, VICTOR - Victor Mollo's Winning Double: The Shortest Cut to Expert Play
25530: MOLLOY, E. [ EDITOR ] - Principles and Practice of Heating and Ventilating
21816: MOLLOY, E. - Power Station Work [ Newnes Practical Engineering Series ]
47980: MOLTENO, SIR JAMES TENNANT - Further South African Recollections
46871: MONBEIG-GOGUEL, CATHERINE, AND PIGNATTI, TERISIO - il manierismo Fiorentino, & La scuola venta, [I Disegni dei Maestri No. 6 & 7, in 2 volumes]
48521: MONCKTON, LIONEL, & TALBOT, HOWARD, [MUSIC] - The Arcadians: A Fantastical Musical Play in Three acts
52624: MONCRIEF, JOHN - The Poor Man's Physician, Or, The Receits of the Famous John Moncrief of Tippermalloch: Being a Choice Collection of Simple and Easy Remedies for Most Distempers : Very Useful for All Persons, Especially Those of a Poorer Condition
35816: MONDRIAN, PIET, [TRANSLATED BY MARTIN S. JAMES] - Natural Reality and Abstract Reality, An Essay in Trialogue Form
30879: MONK, MARIA - Awful Disclosures of Maria Monk, the hidden secrets of a nun's life in a convent exposed
56054: MONOD-FONTAINE, ISABELLA; ELDERFIELD, JOHN AND MARLBOROUGH FINE ART - The Sculpture of Henri Matisse; The Drawings of Henri Matisse; & An Important Exhibition of Works by Henri Matisse June-July 1978, [3 volumes]
23738: MONRO, REV. EDWARD - Sacred Allegories, containing The Revellers, The Midnight Sea, The Wanderer, The Journey Home and The Dark Mountains
32447: MONRO, HAROLD [EDITOR] - Twenty-Three New Poems by Contemporary Poets [The Monthly Chapbook, Number One, Volume One, July 1919]
65553: J.R. MONSELL, GRACE KEARTON AND OTHERS - Little Folks The Young People's Magazine
60988: DU MONT, J. - Chess Openings Illustrated, I. Centre Counter; 200 Miniature Games of Chess: Combinations in the Openings; & Chess: More Miniature Games [3 volumes]
57262: MONTAGNE, PROSPER; GOTTSCHALK, DR.; NINA FROUD AND CHARLOTTE TURGEON [EDITORS] - Larousse Gastronomique: The Encyclopedia of Food, Wine and Cooking
59419: MONTAGU, LORD ROBERT - Endowed Charities. Copies "of the General Digest of Endowed Charities for the Counties and Cities mentioned in the fourteenth report of the charity commissioners:' County of Gloucester-
9288: MONTAGU, JOHN, [EDITOR] - The Book of The World 1971
66255: MONTAGUE, MILDRED - Edwardian Sketch and Scrap Album
47988: MONTEIL, EDGAR - Jeanne-La-Patrie
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57928: MONTGOMERY, L. M. - Emily's Quest
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6457: MOORE, SHEILA - The Conservative Party, the First 150 Years
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23099: MOORE, EDWARD - Fables for the Female Sex
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45578: MOORE, GEORGE - In Single Strictness
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45795: MOORE, D C, [COMPILER] - Gloucestershire County Cricket Club, Year Book 1947
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63582: G. W. MOORE - Photograph of Parade Ground & Hospital Hill, Sabathu Hills, India
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63007: MOORE, LUCY - Amphibious Thing: The Life of Lord Hervey
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35862: MORALES, JORGE LUIS - Jornada Precisa
37481: MORAN, FRANK - Scotland for Golf
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48622: MORANT, PHILIP - The History And Antiquities of the County of Essex. Compiled from the best and most ancient Historians; From Domesday-Book, Inquisitiones Post Mortem, and other the most valuable Records and MSS. &c., in two volumes
61131: MORANT, PHILIP - The History and Antiquities of the County of Essex. Compiled from the Best and Most Ancient Historians; from Domesday-Book, Inquisitiones Post Mortem, and other the most Valuable Records and MSS. &c. The Whole Digested, Improved, Perfected, and Brought down to the Present Time, In Two Volumes
21563: MORDEN, ROBERT - Cambridgshire [ Map of Cambridgeshire believed to be taken from Camden's Magna Britannia Et Hibernia Antiqua & Nova. 1720 ]
65762: MORDEN, ROBERT - Map Of Gloucestershire
65765: MORDEN, ROBERT - Wiltshire [Map]
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65389: [MORE, HANNAH] - Hints Towards Forming the Character of a Young Princess, Volume I and II
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57626: MORELL, THOMAS - An Aridgement of the Last Quarto Edition of Ainsworth's Dictionary, English and Latin. The English Part Being Enriched with an Addition of Some Thousand Words from Good Authority; and the Latin Part Consiting Only of Such Words as are Purely Classical Designed for the use of Schools
65292: MORETON, C. OSCAR - The Auricula: It's History and Character
57022: MORGAN, CHARLES - Sparkenbroke, The Voyage, The Fountain, The Burning Glass a Play, The Flashing Stream a Play [5 volumes]
61664: MORGAN, W. A. - The Stock Exchange Christmas Annual 1905-6
37260: MORGAN, W. A. [EDITOR] - The "House" On Sport, By Members Of The London Stock Exchange
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56931: MORGAN, GEORGE - Louis Le Brocquy: Procession
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57177: MORGAN, CHARLES - My Name is Legion
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59863: MORIN, MAUD - Josephine - The Donkey
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58301: MORISY, ANN AND FUNG, RAYMOND [FOREWORD] - Beyond the Good Samaritan: Community Ministry and Mission
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28908: MORRIS, REV F O - A History Of British Butterflies
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34730: MORRIS, WILLIAM - Poems by the Way
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58268: MORRIS, THE REV F. O. - A Natural History of British Moths, Accurately Delineating Every Known Species, with the English as Well as Scientific Names, Accompanied by Full Descriptions, Date of Apperance, Lists of the Localities they Haunt, Their Food in the Caterpillar State, and Other Features of Their Habits and Modes of Existence, Etc., Etc. Complete in Four Volumes
51191: MORRIS, STANLEY - The Senior Prefect
13899: MORRISON, TONY (EDITOR) - Margaret Mee in Search of Flowers of the Amazon Forests, diaries of an English artist reveal the beauty of the vanishing rainforest
48016: MORRISON, GAVIN - The Eastern & North Eastern: Then & Now
64436: MORRISON, TONI - Beloved
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64284: MORTIMER, F.J. (EDITOR) - Photograms of the Year: The Annual Review of the World's Pictorial Photographic Work, [7 Volumes]
37076: MORTIMER, JOHN - Titmuss Regained
64127: MORTIMER, F. J. [EDITOR] - Photograms of the Year 1915: The Annual Review of the World's Pictorial Photographic Work
49942: MORTIMER, JOHN - Summer's Lease
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52734: MORTON, H V - A Traveller in Rome; A Stranger in Spain; In Search of Wales; In Search of Scotland; In Scotland Again; In Search of England; I Saw Two Englands; The Call of England; In Search of Ireland; Through The Lands of the Bible; In the Steps of the Master, [11 volumes]
3364: MORUS ( RICHARD LEWINSOHN ) - Animals, Men & Myths, a history of the influence of animals on civilisation and culture
46503: MOSELEY, KEITH - The Enchanted Castle [Pop-Up]
60332: MOSELEY, REV. WILLIAM - Easy Greek Exercises, for the lower forms; on the plan of the Eton Latin Minora: with a Greek and English lexicon of every word in the book; forming the most easy introduction to Greek composition ever published
57945: MOSES, H. - Vases from the Collection of Sir Henry Englefield
24837: THE MOST NOBLE MARQUIS OF LANSDOWNE K.G. - A Photographic Portrait Print of The Most Noble Marquis of Lansdowne K.G.
24838: THE MOST NOBLE MARQUIS OF LOTHIAN K.T. - A Photographic Portrait Print of Schomberg Henry Kerr - The Most Noble Marquis of Lothian K.T..
24847: THE MOST NOBLE MARQUIS OF SALISBURY K.G. - A Photographic Portrait Print of Robert Arthur Talbot Gascoigne Cecil - The Most Noble Marquis of Salisbury K.G.
60321: 'A MOTHER' - Poetry without fiction: for children, between the ages of three and seven; with the conversations of a mother, with her children, intended to make the latter comprehend what they learn, and to convey such instruction as may arise out of each subject
50012: MOTHER GOOSE - The Old Mother Goose Nursery Rhyme Book
32537: MOTION, ANDREW - The Invention of Dr. Cake
50370: MOTLEY, JOHN LOTHROP - The United Netherlands: A History, From the Death of William the Silent to the Twelve Years' truce - 1609, complete in 4 volumes
56403: MOTOR SHOW - Collection of 7 Motor Show Official Catalogues, from 1954 - 1962
65019: G. & S. MOTORS (HINDHEAD) LTD - Levis Motor Cycles O.H.V. Models (Hints and Tips with Spare Part Prices)
43360: MOTT, SIR NEVILL - A Life in Science
50368: [F.H.C. DE LA MOTTE FOUQUE] - The Story of Undine And House Island
65418: MOULE, THOMAS - Map of Suffolk engraved county map
61707: MOULTON, LOUISE CHANDLER - More Bed-time Stories
57915: MOULTON, HAROLD G. - Waterways Versus Railways
64038: MOULTRIE, JOHN - Poems
11909: MOZART, W A - Number 1 of three Favorite Duets for two performers on one Pianoforte, Sonata in D
16086: MOZART, WOLFGANG AMADEUS - The Magic Flute - A Curtain-raiser Book
64492: MOZART, HAYDN, BACH, MARTINU AND OTHERS - 19 pieces for Cello including, Konzert Fur die Oboe [Mozart], Minuet from Symphony in D [Haydn], Sonate 1 [Bach], Sonata 2 [Martinu], Scherzo [Van Goens], Konzert [Dvorak], Sonate [Gansbacher], Adagio [Zoltan], Sonata 1 [Handel], Concerto D Minor [Bach], Konzert A moll [Schumann], Tarantella [Squire], Sonate [Brahms], Solos for Cello Player [Deri], Variationen Klavier und Violoncello [Beethoven], Selected pieces old masters [Burmester], Song of the Birds [Casals], Sonata 1 [Franck], Sechs Sonaten [Marcello]
48445: MOZART, ROWLEY, ALEC, MILNER, ARTHUR, WESLEY, SAMUEL - Fantasia in F minor, Fantasia in F minor & major, Soliloquy, Five Improvisations, Six Preludes, Three Short Pieces, [in 6 volumes]
61047: MOZLEY, REV. J. K. ET AL - G. A. Studdert Kennedy, by His Friends
61289: MOZLEY, HARRIET ELIZABETH - The Fairy Bower, or the History of a Month. A Tale for Young People
65837: MUCKLEY, WILLIAM J. - A Handbook for Painters and Art Students on the Character, Nature, and use of Colours, their Permanent or Fugitive Qualities and the Vehicles proper to employ, with an Appendix giving Permanent Hues and Tints, also Short Remarks on the Practice of Painting in Oil and Water Colours
51496: MUDDOCK, J E - Young Lochinvar: A Tale of the Border Country
32204: MUDFORD, WILLIAM - The Premier - In Three Volumes
33066: C. MUDGE AND E. BOURNE - Folding map of Surrey, No. VIII
20810: MUDIE, R. - Summer, or, The Causes, Appearances, and Effects of The Grand Nupials of Nature, in all its departments
50213: MUDIE, ROBERT - Man, in his relations to society
62691: MUELLER, FERDINANDUS [MUELLER, FERDINAND VON] - Fragmenta Phytographiae Australiae, Vols. II, III, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X & XI [9 volumes only]
65332: MUFF, H - Victorian Sketch Book
30648: MUIR, D. BARBARA - The Adventures Of Charlie Bear And His Friends
26812: MUIR, DOUGLAS N. - National Postal Museum Review of 1995
10334: MUIR, SURGEON REAR-ADMIRAL JOHN REID - The Life and Achievements of Captain James Cook R.N., F.R.S. Explorer, Navigator, Surveyor and Physician
66086: MUIRHEAD, J. H. - Birmingham Institutions, Lectures given at the University
50549: MUIRHEAD, BERT, HOGG BRIAN, DOREEN AND JACKI - Hot Wacks # 3-13, 11 issues and 1 special on Van Dyke Parks
56368: MULAY, MRS SUMATI - Studies in the Historical and Cultural Geography and Ethnography of the Deccan (Based Entirely on the Inscriptions of the Deccan From 1st-13th Century A.D.) Thesis Submitted for the Ph.D. Degree of the University of Poona (Faculty of Social and Moral Sciences)
27611: MULDOON, PAUL - The Last Thesaurus
58679: MULHOLLAND, ROSA - Vagrant Verses
57712: MULKEY, S. W. [EDITOR] - Antiquarian Book Monthly Review, Volume V. Jan-Dec 1978, & Volume VI. Jan-Dec 1979
14381: MULLAN, HARRY, ABRAMS, CLAUDE AND OTHERS (EDITORS) - Boxing News, 316 issues from Volume 42 no.9 Feb.1986 to Volume 52 no.51 Dec 1996 with 8 more recent issues
48672: MULLEN, PETER - The Holy Bomb
32851: MULLER, F. MAX - The Science of Thought
35541: MULLER, WILLIAM J, [COMPILED BY WHITWORTH WALLIS AND ARTHUR BENSLEY CHAMBERLAIN] - Catalogue of a Loan Collection of Paintings, In Oil and Water Colours, [City of Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery]
64666: MULLER, FREDERIK - Beschrijvende Catalogus van 7000 Portretten, van Nederlanders, en van Buitenlanders, tot Nederland in Betrekking Staande-
38831: MULLER, JOH., DR. OTTO SEIFERT, PROF DR. E. MAGNUS-ALSLEBEN AND PRIV.-DOZENT DR. WALTHER SCHMITT - Wurzburger Abhandlungen Aus Dem Gesamtgebiet Der Medizin, Gegrundet von Prof. Dr. Joh. Muller in Nurnberg und Prof. Dr. Otto Seifert in Wurzburg, Neue Folge Herausgegeben Prof. Dr. E. Magnus-Alsleben in Wurzburg [Volume 2, Number 10]
56153: MULLER, JOHANNES VON - Der Geschichten Schweizerischer Eidgenossenschaft, dritter theil. Bis auf den ersten Franzesischen Krieg [volume 3 only]
62606: MUMFORD, LEWIS - The City in History; & Programme for Survival [2 volumes]
62877: MUNDELL, ROBERT - An Abridgement of Roman Antiquities, Proper Names, and Geography; to Which are Annexed a few Grammatical Observations; for the use of Schools
61623: MUNK, ZDENKA [EDITOR] - Minijatura u Jugoslaviji
63974: MUNRO, NEIL - The Clyde, River and Firth
57519: MUNRO, C. K. - The Mountain or The Story of Captain Yevan
63806: MUNRO, H.H. ('SAKI') - The Collected Works of 'Saki', in 8 volumes
57514: MUNRO, C. K. - The Rumour, A Play in Two Parts
57522: MUNRO, C. K. - Bluestone Quarry
57520: MUNRO, C. K. - Progess - A Play in Two Parts
65092: MUNRO, NEIL - Ayrshire Idylls
65704: MURARO, MICHELANGELO - The Barbarica Collection: Civilization of the Serenissima , The system of the Venetian Villas, Volumes I and II
50151: MURCH, S - The Gully Durdham Downs: A survey made by pacing & sextant
51743: MURCHIE, GUY - Song of the Sky
32236: MURCHISON, SIR R.I. & BRISTOW, HENRY W. - Ordnance Survey Geological Survey of England & Wales Sheet No. XI [ OS Geological Map of Hampshire one inch to the mile ]
29109: MURDOCH, IRIS [EDITED BY PETER CONRADI] - Exixtentialists and Mystics, Writings on Philosophy and Literature
56745: MURDOCH, IRIS - Under the Net
57325: MURE, WILLIAM - A Critical History of the Language and Literature of Antient [Ancient] Greece, Vol. I. - IV. [in 4 volumes]
63981: MURPHY, N. T. P - A Wodehouse Handbook: The World and Words of P. G. Wodehouse, In 2 Volumes
47303: MURRAY, JOHN, [EDITOR] - Handbook of Travel-Talk: A collection of questions, phrases, and vocabularies, intended to serve as interpreter to English travellers in Germany, France, or Italy, or to foreigners visiting England
47256: MURRAY, JOHN - A Handbook For Travellers In Southern Germany: Being A Guide To Wurtemberg, Bavaria, Austria, Tyrol, Salzburg, Styria, &c, The Austrian And Bavarian Alps, And The Danube From Ulm To The Black Sea
34823: M.A. MURRAY. F.B. JEVONS. C.S. BURNE ET AL - Folk-Lore , Transaction of the Folk-lore Society Volume XXVIII, No. 3 , September 30th
43180: MURRAY, RICHARD PAGET, MARSHALL, EDWARD SHEARBURN - The Flora Of Somerset, & A Supplement To The Flora Of Somerset, [in 2 volumes]
66294: MURRAY, JOHN - A Handbook for Travellers in Devonshire [Murray's]
66295: MURRAY, JOHN - A Handbook for Travellers in South Wales and its Borders, including the River Wye [Murray's]
66296: MURRAY, JOHN & COOKE, JOHN - Handbook for Travellers in Ireland [Murray's]
65596: MURRAY, JOHN - Handbook for Travellers in Turkey in Asia including Constantinople, The Bosphorus, Plain of Troy, Isles of Cyprus, Rhodes, Smyrna, Ephesus, and the Routes to Persia, Bagdad, Moosool with General Hints for Travellers in Turkey
66014: MURRAY, GEOFFREY - The Life of Admiral Collingwood
48375: MURRAY, JOHN - A Handbook For Travellers In Southern Germany: Being A Guide To Bavaria, Austria, Tyrol, Salzburg, Styria, &c, The Austrian And Bavarian Alps, And The Danube From Ulm To The Black Sea...
39097: MURRY, ANN - Mentoria: or, The Young Ladies Instructor, In Familiar Conversations On Moral And Entertaining Subjects: Calculated to improve Your Minds In the Essential, as well as Ornamental Parts of Female Education
58111: MUSAUS, [EDITED BY WILLIAM HAZLITT] - Legends of Rubezahl, and Other Tales from the German of Musaus
38233: MUSEUM OF ART, RHODE ISLAND SCHOOL OF DESIGN - The Neuberger Collection, An American Collection: Paintings, Drawings, and Sculpture
32898: MUSGRAVE, CAPTAIN THOMAS - Castaway on the Aukland Isles
44324: MUSTOE, ANNE - A Bike Ride 12,000 miles around the world
36163: MUTAL KHALMUKHAMEDOV [EDITOR] - Introducing The USSR: Journey Through The Soviet Republics, A Russian Reader with Expalantory Notes
48891: MYBURGH, R D - Basic Cooking with Fresh Herbs
22715: MYERS, BERNARD S. - The German Expressionists , A Generation in Revolt
32948: MYERS, FREDERIC W H - Saint Paul
48584: MYERS, F W H, [EDITED BY E. J. WATSON] - Saint Paul
60659: MYERS, JOHN BROWN - Thomas J. Comber: Missionary Pioneer to the Congo
59803: MYRBACH, M. M. AND VILLARS, P. - Sketches of England, by a Foreign Artist and a Foreign Author
61628: MYRIANTHOUSI, IRO - 130 Greek Recipes
43431: NABARRO, F. R. N. AND H. L. DE VILLIERS - The Physics of Creep; Creep and Creep-resistant Alloys
60649: NADEL, S. F. - A Black Byzantium: The Kingdom of Nupe in Nigeria
26769: NAIPAUL, V.S. - An Area of Darkness
49207: NAISH, PERCY LL. - Chestnuts Hot & Cold
31235: NAISMITH, ROBERT J - Buildings of the Scottish Countryside
44939: NAITZA, SALVATORE, MENNA, FILIBERTO, ALTEA, GIULIANA, ET AL. - Segni Di Autore In Sardegna [grafica contemporanea]
48298: NANSEN, FRIDTJOF, JOHANSEN, HJALMAR, SVERDRUP, OTTO, ET AL. - Fridtjof Nansen's "Farthest North" Being the record of voyage of exploration of the ship Fram 1893-96 and of a fifteen months' sleigh journey, in 2 volumes
16913: NAPIER, LIEUT.-GEN. SIR WILLIAM - English Battles and Sieges in the Peninsula
32200: NAPIER, MAJOR-GENERAL W.F.P. - The Conquest of Scinde, with some Introductory Passages in the Life Major-General Sir Charles James Napier
48229: NARDIN, REV. JEAN FREDERIC - The Pastor of Blamont, An Authentic Narrative
36827: NASA - Space: The New Frontier
62771: NASH, D. W. - Taliesin; or, The Bards and Druids of Britain
56598: NASH, STEVEN A. [ESSAY] - Ben Nicholson: Fifty Years of His Art
64957: NASH, F. W. - A Practical Guide for the Surveyors of Highways: Comprising their Powers, Duties and Liabilities-
57135: NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY - National Geographic Expedition Playing Cards
50772: NATIONAL LAMPOON - Jeff Greenfield's Book of Books and Best of Light, 2 volumes
50178: NATURAL JUSTICE PUBLICATIONS - The Book of Warnings
50671: NAUGHTON, JOHN, BELL, CORY, WEEKS, MARCUS, ADAMS, SIMON AND GRAHAM, ROB - A Crash Course: Movies; Literature; Music; Jazz; Theatre, [5 volumes]
59444: NAUMANN, EMIL, [EDITED BY REV. F. A. GORE OUSELEY] - The History of Music, in 5 volumes
65750: NAVILLE, EDOUARD - The Temple of Deir El Bahari , Part VI with Architectural Description by Somers Clarke , Plates CLI - CLXXIV the Lower Terrace, Additions and Plans , 29th Memoir of the Egypt Exploration Fund
32456: NAYDLER, NICK - For Alice Rose
58105: NAYLOR, HERBERT E. - Gymnastics: A Manual for Leaders Including Hints on Teaching and Building up Exercises on the Vaulting Horse, Parallel Bars and Horizontal Bar
51348: NAYLOR, EDWARD T AND HAYES, CHARLES J - Advertisement Illustration
56259: NB - Nota Bene Destination Review: Issue Seven Dublin, Volume Two
49829: NEALE, JAMES - The Abbey Church of Saint Alban: Hertfordshire
57375: NEBENZAHL, KENNETH - Atlas of Columbus and the Great Discoveries
47037: NEEDHAM, J. - Studies of Trees in Pencil and in Water Colors, With a Description of Each Tree and Full Insruction For Drawing and Painting, By an Experienced Teacher, [Vere Foster's Drawing-Books]
19251: NEELE, S.I. - Map of Germany
60070: NEGEV, AVRAHAM AND GIBSON, SHIMON [EDITORS] - Archaeological Encyclopedia of the Holy Land
42893: NEHRU, JAWAHARLAL - Nehru on Gandhi: A selection, arranged in the order of events, from the writings and speeches of Jawaharlal Nehru
9221: NEIL, JAMES - Everyday Life In The Holy Land
64817: O'NEILL, HENRY, E. H.M, CONSUL - Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society and Monthly Record of Geography, Vol. VII., No. 6, June 1885
30922: O'NEILL, ELIZABETH - The World's Story , A Simple History for Boys and Girls
32569: NEILL, A S - The Problem Parent
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13014: NESBIT, E. & MACK, ROBERT ELLICE - Lilies and Heartsease, songs and sketches
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65448: NEWBY, ERIC - The Last Grain Race
65449: NEWBY, ERIC - The Last Grain Race
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24774: OMAR KHAYYAM [ TRANSLATED BY EDWARD FITZGERALD ] - Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, The Astronomer Poet of Persia
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38290: PARCERISAS, PILAR - Grau-Garrriga
36418: PARDOE, M - Bunkle Butts In
36419: PARDOE, M - Bunkle Began It
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56119: PARDON, SYDNEY H. [EDITOR] - John Wisden's Cricketers' Almanack for 1923
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56140: PARETSKY, SARA - Burn Marks; Tunnel Vision; Guardian Angel [3 V. I. Warshawski Novels]
21017: THE PARISHIONERS OF BRIMPSFIELD [COMPILERS] - A History of Brimpsfield Parish. A series of essays compiled by interested parishioners for Brimpsfield Parish Council to celebrate the Millenium.
25084: PARISSIEN, STEVEN - Adam Style
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33186: PARKER BUTLER, ELLIS - 'Pigs is Pigs'
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45419: PARKER, JOSEPH - Well Begun: Notes for those who have to make their way in the world
44209: PARKER, B - The History Of The Hoppers
44207: PARKER, B - The Browns:- A Book Of Bears
58902: PARKER, T. [NOTES BY] - The Bible with Notes
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61032: PARKINS, DR. - The English Physician, Enlarged with Three Hundred and Sixty-Nine Medicines made of English Herbs, not in any Former Impression of Culpeper's British Herbal; Containing an Astrologo Physical Discourse on the Various Herbs of this Nation...
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45191: PARLIAMENT. STATUTES - Anno Regni Georgii II. Regis Magnae Britanniae, Franciae, & Hiberniae, Decimo Quarto. At the Parliament begun and holden at Westminster, the Fourteenth Day of January, Anno Dom. 1734, in the Eighth Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the Second
56060: PARLIAMENT ACTS - Six Questions, Stated and Answered, Upon Which the Whole Force of the Arguments for and Against the Peerage-Bill, Depends
8190: PARRISH, RANDALL - Gift of The Desert
29875: PARRY. J.D. - An Historical and Descriptive Account of the Coast of Sussex - Brighton, Eastbourne, Hastings, St. Leonards, Rye .... Forming also a guide to all the Watering Places
60481: PARRY, EDWARD - The Railway Companion from Chester to Holyhead; Containing a Descriptive and Historical Account of all Objects of Interest that Present Themselves on this Beautifully Picturesque Line: Especially the Monster Tubular Bridges Across the River Conway and the Menai Straits, and the Herculean Harbour of Refuge at Holyhead. To Which is Added the Tourist's Guide to Dublin and Its Environs
64173: PARRY, ROWLAND - Abercynon Past and Present [The Archive Photographs Series]
43005: PARRY, MAJOR E. GAMBIER - Suakin, 1885: Being a Sketch of the Campaign of this year
51770: PARRY, D.H., AND OTHERS - The Splendid Adventure Book for Boys
56687: PARRY, WILLIAM - Welsh Hillside Saints
47232: PARSLOW, ROSEMARY - The Isles of Scilly, [The New Naturalist Library 103]
63297: PARSON, W. - Directory, general and commercial of the town and borough of Leeds, for 1817, containing an alphabetical list of the merchants, manufacturers, tradesmen, and inhabitants in general- to which is prefixed, a brief but comprehensive history of the borough
52328: PARSONS, DENYS - All Too True
62250: PARTINGTON, C. F. [EDITOR] - National History and Views of London and its Environs; Embracing their Antiquities Modern Improvements, &c. &c. in Two Volumes
59728: PARTRIDGE, JENNY - An Oakapple Wood Story: Peterkin Pollensnuff, Mr Squint, Hopfellow, Colonel Grunt, Dominic Sly, Grandma Snuffles, Lop-ear & Harriet Plume [8 volumes]
51349: PARTRIDGE, KATHLEEN - Over The Stile
57964: PARTRIDGE FINE ARTS - Patridge Fine Arts Ltd, Summer Exhibition 1983, 18th May - 29th July
57331: PARTRIDGE, FRANCES - A Pacifist's War
37192: PARWINAC - Parwinac Miscellanea Current Prices, No. 22 Vol. 6, July 1936
9697: PASCAL, BLAISE - Les Provinciales, ou Lettres Ecrites Par Louis de Montalte
56601: PASCAL, BLAIS. [EDITED BY CHARLES LOUANDRE] - Pensees de Pascal, edition variorum d'apres le texte du manuscrit autographe contenant les lettres et opuscules-
42192: PASCHKE, CHRIS A. - The Mounting and Laminating Handbook
61455: PASCOE, CHARLES EYRE - London of To-Day. An Illustrated Handbook for the Season
51493: PASCOE, L C, LEE, A J, JENKINS, E S - The Teach Yourself Encyclopaedia of Dates and Events
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51059: PASHA, GLUBB - The Middle East Crisis: A Personal Interpretation
64218: PASKE-SMITH, M. - Western Barbarians in Japan and Formosa in Tokugawa Days, 1903-1868
60338: PASQUIER, M. - Lecons Pour des Enfans depuis l'Age de deux Ans jusqu' a cinq
61286: PASQUIER, M. AND CLEMENCE, M. - Lecons Pour Des Enfants de L'Age de Deux a Cinq Ans Traduities de L'Anglais de Mme. Barbauld.. Suivies des Hymnes en Prose Pour les Enfants
19330: PASS, J. - Map of Sweden, Denmark, & Norway [ taken from Encyclopaedia Londinensis ]
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30583: PATER, WALTER [EDITED BY DEREK PATMORE] - Selected Writings
66134: PATER, ERRA - The Book of Knowledge Treating of the Wisdom of the Ancients (in Four Parts)
40115: PATER, WALTER, [SELECTED BY J. M. KENNEDY] - The Walter Pater Calendar: A Quotation from the Works of Walter Horation Pater for Every Day in the Year
36632: PATERSON, G W, LENNOX - G. W. Lennox Paterson, 1937 - 1984, A Retrospective Exhibition
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30829: PATON, A A - The Goth And The Hun Or Transylvania, Debreczin, Pesth, And Vienna In 1850
56555: PATONS & BALDWINS - Knitting Made Easy
57587: PATRICK, SIMON - The Christian Sacrifice a Treatise Shewing the Necessity, End and Manner of Receiving the Holy Communion: Together with Suitable Prayers and Mediations for Every Month in the Year; and the Principal Festivals in Memory of our Blessed Saviour, In Four Parts
34256: PATRICK, SYMON - The Book of Psalms Paraphras'd; with Arguments to each Psalm volumes 1 & 2
60937: PATRICK AMINE, JEAN-MARIE DROT, PHILIPPE RENAUD ET AL - Fassianos ou la Reconquete du Bonheur
9093: PATTEN, MARGUERITE. PRUNIER, MADAME SIMONE AND OTHERS - The Pure Gold Of Spain, the first olive oil cookbook
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58792: PATTERSON, LIEUT-COL. J. H. AND SELOUS, FREDERICK COURTENEY [FOREWORD] - The Man-Eaters of Tsavo and Other East African Adventures
35228: PAUL, N M, [COMPILER] - True Stories from French History
63072: PAUL CHEVALLIER, M. EUG. FERAL, M. G. ROTHAN - Catalogue de Tableaux Anciens: des écoles Flamande, Hollandaise, Francaise, Espagnole, Italienne et Allemande, Formant L'important Collection de M. G. Rothan- Dont la Vente Aura Lieu, á Paris...Galerie Georges Petit... Les Jeudi 29, Vendredi 30 et Samedi 31, Mai, 1890
41883: PAUL, KORKY, TZANNES, ROBIN - Professor Puffendorf's Secret Potions
58861: PAULINE FLICK, MARGARET HUTCHINGS, ALICE K. EARLY ET AL - Collection of 6 Books Relating to Dolls
59667: PAULL, HENRY B. - Constance Somerville
60948: PAVER, MICHELLE - Wolf Brother; Outcast; & Soul Eater [3 volumes from the 'Chronicles of Ancient Darkness' series]
9446: PAVESE, CESARE, [EDITED BY A. E. MURCH] - Cesare Pavese, Selected Letters 1924-1950
59817: PAVLOS, ANDREW J. - The Cult Experience
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25293: PAYNE, REV, GEORGE - Mrs Gaskell and Knutsford
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19627: PEACOCK, CARLOS - Richard Parkes Bonnington
59157: PEACOCK, REV. THOMAS - The Practical Measurer: Containing the Uses of Logarithms, Gunter's Scale, The Carpenter's Rule, and the Sliding Rule: The Best and Most Approved Modes of Drawing Geometrical Figures: The Doctrine of Plane Trigonometry, and its Application to Heights and Distances: The Mensuration of Superficies, Solids, and Artificers Work: The Methods of Surveying, Planning, and Dividing Land-
9131: PEACOCK, W. EDITOR - Selected English Essays
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51657: PEAKE, NIGEL [EDITOR] - Spitfire 50th Anniversary, & Fighter: A Look at some Famous Names in R.A.F History [2 volumes]
24664: PEARCE, DAVID - Conservation Today
32375: PEARCE, THOMAS - The Locomotive Its Failures and Remedies
59702: PEARCE, ST. JOHN - How Tom Made Good, a Public School Story
56067: PEARSALL, W. H.; STAMP, L. DUDLEY; DARLING, F. FRASER; BOYD, J. MORTON; YONGE, C. M. - Fontana New Naturalist Boxed Set [4 volumes]
64505: PEARSON, KARL - The Skull and Portraits of George Buchanan
57930: PEARSON, HENRY GREENLEAF - James S. Wadsworth of Geneseo
52067: PEARSON, ALEXANDER - The Doings of Country Solicitor: Being an Account of a Few of the Happenings with Which the Author was Concerned in the Course of a Long and Happy Life in Kirkby Lonsdale
62221: [PEARSON, HESKETH] - The Whispering Gallery: Being Leaves from the Diary of an Ex-Diplomat
44295: PEASE, R S, LYNDEN-BELL, D, ET AL. - Biographical Memoirs Of Fellows Of The Royal Society, Volume 44
56560: PECK, WINIFRED F.; WESTWOOD, A. M.; TALBOT, ETHEL, ET AL. - The Girls' Budget
43854: PECKNER, DONALD, [EDITOR] - The Strengthening of Materials
10356: PEEL, MRS NEVILLE - The Autobiography Of A Bull-Dog
62448: PEEL, DORIS - Five on Parade
65921: PEGG, SIMON - Nerd do Well
34271: PEIRCE, JAMES - A Paraphrase and Notes on the Epistle to the Hebrews
64321: PEJIC, BOJANA AND ELLIOT, DAVID (EDITORS) - After the Wall: Art and Culture in Post-Communist Europe, Volume I and II
34466: PEKIN, ERSU - Turkish Flat Weaves and Carpets
52354: PELLING, ROWEN, KIN, CATASHA, [EDITORS] - The Erotic Review, 9 issues from 2004
66233: PELLIOT, PAUL AND DUYVENDAK, J.J.L. - T'oung Pao, Archives Concernant L'Histoire, Le Langues, La Geographie, L'Ethnographie et Les Arts De L'Asie Orientale- Supplement au Vol. XXXIX
50669: PENDELL, DALE - Pharmako/Poeia: Plant Powers, Poisons, and Herbcraft
36958: PENDRAGON, J {EDITOR] - Tribal Messenger & Freedom Festivals 1987
65224: PENN, RICHARD - Maxims and Hints for an Angler and Miseries of Fishing: to which are added Maxims and Hints for a Chess Player
63955: PENNANT, THOMAS - The Journey from Chester to London
65845: PENNANT, THOMAS - The Journey To Snowdon
56832: PENNANT, THOMAS - Of London
60414: PENNANT, THOMAS - The History of the Parishes of Whiteford, and Holywell
65755: PENNANT, THOMAS - The Journey to Snowdon
65754: PENNANT, THOMAS - The Literary Life of the Late Thomas Pennant, Esq. By Himself
44631: PENNANT, THOMAS - The Journey From Chester To London
7876: PENNEL, JOSEPH. INTRODUCTION - The Work of Charles Keene, with comments on the drawings illustrating the artists methods, to which is added a bibliography of the books Keene illustrated, and a catalogue of his etchings by W H Chesson
24060: PENNELL, JOSEPH - Pen Drawings and Pen Draughtsmen Their Work and Their Methods a Study of the Art Today With Technical Suggestions
38567: PENNSYLVANIA ACADEMY OF THE FINE ARTS - Cecilia Beaux: Portrait of an Artist
51118: PENZER, N M - Poison-Damsels and Other Essays in Folklore and Anthropology
59549: PEPLER, DOUGLAS - The Devil's Devices or Control Versus Service
18536: PEPYS, SAMUEL [ EDITED BY HENRY B. WHEATLEY ] - The Diary of Samuel Pepys M.A. F.R.S. Clerk of the Acts and Secretary to the Admiralty - Transcribed from the shorthand manuscript in the Pepysian Library Magdalene College Cambridge by the Rev. Mynors Bright with Lord Braybrooke's notes - in 10 volumes
63018: PEPYS, SAMUEL AND MORSHEAD, O. F. [EDITOR] - Everybody's Pepys: The Diary of Samuel Pepys 1660-1669
65437: PEPYS, SAMUEL - Diary and Correspondence of Samuel Pepys- [4 volumes]
34399: PERCIVALL, MR [EDITOR] - The Veterinarian, monthly journal of Veterinary Science July 1847-December 1848, [Vols XX & XXI ], the Veterinary Record for July 1845, and The Veterinary Surgeon, 2 volumes
61001: PERCY, DR. THOMAS - The Hermit of Warkworth, a Northumberland Tale, in Three Fits
51136: PERCY, THOMAS - Reliques of Ancient English Poetry: Consisting of Old heroic Ballads, Songs, and Other Pieces, of our Earlier Poets, Together with Some Few of Later Date, and a Copious Glossary
62372: PEREIRA, W. D. - Arrow in the Air
61813: "PERISCOPE" [GODARD, JOHN GEORGE] - A Continental Scamper. Being Reminiscences of a Rush Through Holland, Rhenish Prussia, Bavaria and Switzerland. What I Saw, and What I Thought
63711: PERKIN AND CO. LTD. - Abridged catalogue of high-class new machinery, tools, &c. [catalogue No. 134]
45668: PERKINS, KEN - A Fortunate Soldier
63784: PEROT, BENEDICTE (EDITOR) - La Bibliotheque Oulipienne, Volumes 7 and 8 [2 volumes]
60828: PERRIN, J. B. - La Bonne Mere. Contenant De Petites Pieces Dramatiques, Precedees Chacune de la Definition, & Suivies de la Morale; Entre la Bonne Mere & les deux Filles, avec des Traits Historiques, & des Anecdotes interessantes a L'usage de la Jeunesse
60336: PERRIN, JOHN, [REVISED BY C. GROS] - The Elements of French Conversation, with Familiar and Easy Dialogues, Each Preceded by Suitable Vocabulary, in French and English. Designed Particularly for the Use of Schools
35833: PERRY, WALTER COPLAND - The Boy's Iliad
48175: PERRY, R. (WITH THORPE, M.J. - FOREWORD) - The Woollen Industry in Gloucestershire to 1914
66385: PERTWEE, ROLAND - Operation Wild Goose
31136: PERVSNER, NIKOLAUS - Yorkshire The West Riding [ Buildings of England ]
33500: PESCO WORKERS - The Pesco Quotation Book
32015: PETANO, D K - Pensees from The Journal Intime of Henri-Frederic Amiel
56118: PETAVIUS, DIONYSIUS [PETAU, DENNIS] - Dionysii Petavii Aurelianensis, E Societate Jesu, Opus De Doctrina Temporum: Auctius in hac Nova Editione notis & emendationibus quamplurimis, quas manu sua codici adscripserat Dionysius Petavius. Cum praefatione & dissertatione de LXX. Hebdomadibus Joannis Harduini, S.J.P. Tomus I., II., & III. [3 volumes in 2]
64096: [PETER, FRANCIS] - Our River: The Little Avon in The Berkeley Vale in Gloucestershire
59244: PETER BROTHERHOOD LIMITED - Self-Contained Turbo-Generating Sets
62251: "PETER QUIZ-ALL" - The Fun Box Broke Open: Being the Most Choice Selection of Diverting Stories, Wise Sayings, Droll Adventures, Irish Bulls, Strange Whims, Original Jests, Uncommon Conceits and Comical Blunders, Ever Published
49544: PETER RUSSELL'S HOT RECORD STORE - the good noise Jazz Book and Magazine Guide
65894: PETER SCOTT, E. C. KEITH, WILLIAM BEACH THOMAS AND OTHERS - Country Fair The Country Life Annual for 1938
61098: PETER HOGAN, RICHARD BURTON AND OTHERS - 2000 A.D. Annual 1978 & Rogue Trooper Annual 1991 [2 volumes]
65286: PETER STALLYBRASS & ALLON WHITE - The Politics and Poetics of Transgression
50264: PETER, WEST - Cricketers from India 1952: The Official Tour Souvenier
3332: PETERS, ELIZABETH - Legend In Green Velvet.
62495: PETERS, ELLIS - Collection of 33 novels by Ellis Peters
64282: PETERSEN, AD (EDITOR) - De Stijl, volumes 1 & 2
47932: PETERSON, O. A. - Memoirs of the Carnegie Museum, Vol. VII, No. 6.: The American Diceratheres
18080: PETERSON, VICKI - The Natural Food Catalogue
58074: PETHERICK, H W - Hector The Dog
36182: PETIT, ROBERT - How To Build An Aeroplane
51237: PETOFI, SANDOR - Osszes Koltemenyei. Uj nepies es ifjusagi tljes kiadas egy kotetben. A szoveget ellenorizte es bevezetessel ellatta Kardos Albert. A kolto arckepevel
16639: PETRIE, SIR FLINDERS - Egyptian Tales translated from the Papyri - First Series IVth to XIIth Dynasty
46426: PETRIE, GEORGE - The Ecclesiastical Architecture of Ireland, anterior to the Anglo-Norman invasion, comprising an essay on the Origins and Uses of The Round Towers of Ireland
63811: PETTER - Petter Diesel Engines, Type AAI [Operator's Handbook]
65255: PETTERSSON, HANS [EDITOR] - Reports of the Swedish Deep-Sea Expedition 1947-1948, Volumes 1-10 [34 issues]
15681: PETTIGREW, THOMAS JOSEPH - On Superstitions Connected with The History and Practice of Medicine and Surgery
52491: PETTY, MARY - This pretty Pace, A Book of Drawings
45099: PETTY, SIR WILLIAM, LAMB, F R, ANDREWS J H [INTRODUCTION] - Hiberniae Delineatio and Geographical Description of Ye Kingdom of Ireland
57896: PEVERIL - Roger and Antony, a tale of two young apprentices
30599: PEVSNER, NIKOLAUS - Bedfordshire And The County Of Huntingdon And Peterborough
59831: PEVSNER, NIKOLAUS - 8 Volumes from The Buildings of England Series
32173: PHAEDRUS [ ANOTATED BY JOHANNIS SCHEFFERI & FRANCISCI GUYETI ] - Phaedri - Fabularum Aesopiarum, Libri Quinque cum Annotationibus Johannis Schefferi, argentoratensis, et Francisci Guyeti Notis, nunquam antea publicatis Editio Quinta....
46620: PHELPS, JOHN DELAFIELD - Collectanea Glocestriensia; or a catalogue of Books, Tracts, Prints, Coins, &c. Relating to the county of Gloucester; in the possession of John Delafield Phelps, Esq. Chavenage House
39212: PHELPS, BARRY - P.G. Wodehouse: Man and Myth
51782: PHELPS, REV. WILLIAM - Calendarium Botanicum, or a Botanical Calendar: Exhibiting, at one view, the Generic and Specific Name, the Class, Order, and Habitat of all the British Plants, from the Class Monandria Monogynia, to Polygamia Dioecia, inclusive. Arranged according to their time of flowering under each month of the year

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