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56143: LAUGHLIN, JAMES - The House of Light
48155: LAUGHLIN, J. (EDITOR) - New Directions In Prose And Poetry 19
60136: LAUGHTON, JOHN KNOX - The Nelson Memorial: Nelson and His Companions in Arms
44306: LAUGHTON, MICHAEL A. - Renewable Energy Sources, Report Number 22
34934: LAURENCE, JOHN - A New System Of Agriculture Being A Complete Body Of Husbandry and Gardening In all the Parts of them. Viz.Husbandry in the Field, Of Forest and Timber Trees, Of the Fruit - Garden, Kitchen - Garden, Flower Garden In Five Books
42518: LAURENTIN, ABBE RENE, & OURSEL, RAYMOND - Vierges Romanes, les vierges assises, [les travaux des mois 32]
62102: LAURIE, RICHARD HOLMES - Laurie's New Traveller's Companion and Guide Through the Roads of England and Wales, Including Great Part of Scotland; with a General Map and an Index-
48946: LAVATER, REV. JOHN CASPAR, [TRANSLATED BY REV. C. MOORE] - Essays on Physiognomy; calculated to extend the knowledge and the love of mankind, Volume 3 only
56918: LAVATER, REV. JOHN CASPAR, [TRANSLATED BY REV. C. MOORE] - Essays on Physiognomy; calculated to extend the knowledge and the love of mankind, in 3 volumes
69471: LAVIE, JEHAN-HUBERT - Le Monde Merveilleux des Trains Miniatures d'Astrid Cachin and Marcel R. Darphin
18148: LAVUT, KAREN - Jacques' Jungle Ballet
44144: LAW, JAMES - The Farmer's Veterinary Adviser: A guide to the prevention and treatment of disease in domestic animals
67853: LAW, JAMES THOMAS - The Poor Man's Garden: or A Few Brief Rules for Regulating Allotments of Land to the Poor, for Potatoe Gardens (With Remarks, Addressed to Mr Malthus, Mr Sadler, and the Political Economists: and a Reference to the Opinions of Dr Adam Smith, in his "Wealth of Nations")
70353: LAWES, HENRY - The Second Book of Ayres and Dialogues, For One, Two and Three Voyces.
70677: LAWFORD, VALENTINE - Horst: His Work and his World
41952: LAWHON, JOHN F. - The Selling Bible: For People in The Business of Selling
64430: LAWRENCE, D H - Women in Love, translated and introduced by Louise and Aylmer Maude,
27544: LAWRENCE, JOHN - Tongue Twisters
31403: LAWRENCE, A. W. [EDITOR] - Captives of Tipu. Survivors Narratives
34620: LAWRENCE, D H - Etruscan Places
66219: LAWRENCE, T. E. - Seven Pillars of Wisdom: A Triumph
70189: LAWRENCE-ARCHER, J. H. - The Orders of Chivalry
64936: LAWRENCE, T. E. - Seven Pillars of Wisdom: A Triumph
46145: LAWRENCE, JOHN - The New Farmer's Calendar; or, Monthly Remembrancer, For All Kinds of Country Business: Comprehending All the Material Improvements in the New Husbandry, With the Managment of Live Stock. Inscribed to the farmers of Great Britain. By a farmer and breeder
45290: LAWRENCE, BLYTH, WALTON, J R, ET AL. - Homes And Gardens [Magazine] Vol.6 No.8 January to Vol. 7 No.7 December 1925
69889: LAWRENCE, JOHN [A FARMER AND A BREEDER] - The New Farmer's Calendar; Or, Monthly Remembrancer, for all lines of country business: Comprehending all the material improvements in the new husbandry, with the management of live stock.
70313: LAWRENCE, T. E. - Revolt in the Desert
43884: LAWRENCE, D H - Twilight In Italy
68114: LAWRENCE, D H - England My England and Other Stories
68040: LAWRENCE, D H - Apocalypse
62455: LAWRENCE, T. E.; KNIGHTLEY, PHILLIP; HART, LIDDELL, ET AL. - Collection of 11 books by or about T. E. Lawrence
70484: LAWRENCE, WALTER R. - The Valley of Kashmir
44153: LAWSON, ALEXANDER HIGH - Bamboos: A Gardener's Guide To Their Cultivation In Temperate Climates
63120: LAWSON, WILLIAM - A New Orchard & Garden: Or, The Best Way for Planting, Graffing and to make any Ground Good for a Rich Orchard- With the country House-wifes Garden for Herbs and Common Use-
69603: LAXNESS, HALLDOR - A Quire of Seven
52158: LAXTON, WILLIAM, LAXTON, FREDERICK W - Laxton's Builders' Price Book for 1869
44287: LEA, C. - After CFC's? Options For Cleaning Electronics Assemblies
49091: LEACH, H. M. - Derbyshire Days
63892: LEADBETTER, CHARLES - Mechanick Dialling; or, The New Art of Shadows-
66038: LEADENHALL PRESS - Memento Imprynted yn Ye. Olde Streete of London Towne-..
30451: LEAR, EDWARD - A Book of Nonsense, with all the original pictures and verses
30031: LEAR, EDWARD - Nonsense Songs and Stories
30472: LEAR, EDWARD - Nonsense Songs , with original verses
31253: LEAR, EDWARD - Nonsense Rhymes and Pictures set to music by Margaret Ruthven Lang, and More Nonsense Rhymes and Pictures set to music by Margaret Ruthven Lang, two separate books
33997: LEAR, EDWARD - The Book of Nonsense and More Nonsense, with an introduction by Sir Edward Strachey, Bart.
36424: LEAR, EDWARD - Nonsense Botany and Nonsense Alphabets Etc., to which is added A Nonsense Alphabet Recently discovered
62906: LEAR, EDWARD; DAVIDSON, ANGUS, ET AL. - Collection of four books on Edward Lear
59266: LEAR, EDWARD - Views in the Seven Ionian Islands
45862: LEAR, EDWARD - The Pobble Who Has No Toes and other Nonsense
45430: LEAR, EDWARD, [EDITED BY LADY STRACHEY] - Queery Leary Nonsense, A Lear Nonsense Book
69107: LEAR, EDWARD, NOAKES, VIVIEN [EDITOR]; LADY STRACHEY - Edward Lear: Selected Letters; Letters of Edward Lear [ 2 volumes]
65933: LEAR, EDWARD - Facsimile of A Nonsense Alphabet
66039: LEAR, EDWARD - A Book of Nonsense
69235: LEAR, EDWARD - A Book of Nonsense
69105: LEAR, EDWARD, MURPHY, RAY [EDITOR] - Edward Lear's Indian Journal: Watercolours and Extracts from the Diary of Edward Lear (1873-1875)
42963: LEAR, EDWARD - The Book of Nonsense To Which Added More Nonsense
65540: LEAR, EDWARD - The History of the Seven Families of the Lake Pipple-Popple, The Story of the Four Little Children who went Round the World [2 nonsense stories in one volume]
57063: LEAR, EDWARD; CARDEW. H. W. [MUSIC] - The Quangle Wangle's Hat and Other Songs, Book 2 of Lear's Nonsense Songs
69015: LEAR, EDWARD - A Book of Nonsense
69106: LEAR, EDWARD - Edward Lear: The Cretan Journal; Edward Lear in the Levant: Travels in Albania, Greece and Turkey in Europe, 1848-1849 [2 volumes]
52295: H.G.LEASK - Journal of the Balmag Archeological and Historial Society
51790: LEASK, H G - The Characteristic Features of Irish Architecture from Early Times to the Twelfth Century
56438: LEATHAM, JAMES - Can the British get Britain for Nothing? A Reply to an Impossibilist Difficulty
69607: LEATHWICK, WILSON, RUTLEDGE, WARDLE, MORGAN, JOHNSTON, MCLEOD, KIRKPATRICK - Land Environments of New Zealand (Nga Taiao o Aotearoa)
64581: LECINE, ROBERT M - The Brazilian Photographs of Genevieve Naylor, 1940-1942
64682: LECOMBRE, SYLVAIN - Cobra
14259: LEDERER, RICHARD - Lederer Bids Two Clubs
34398: LEDERER, R - Lederer Bids Two Clubs
69481: LEDIARD, THOMAS - The Life of John, Duke of Marlborough, Prince of the Roman Empire; Illustrated with Maps, Plans of Battles, Sieges and Medals and a Great Number of Original Letters and Papers Never Before Published. [3 volumes]
64491: LEE, REV. ALFRED T. - The History of the Town and Parish of Tetbury, in the County of Gloucester, compiled from original mss. and other authentic sources
70193: LEE, HARPER - To Kill a Mockingbird
61913: LEE, LAURIE - Cider with Rosie
38400: LEE, FRANK - Cricket, Lovely Cricket
45450: LEE, LAURIE - The Bloom of Candles, Verse from a Poet's Year
65597: LEE, HARPER - To Kill A Mockingbird
61971: LEE, S. E. - 18 Hours: The True Story of an SAS Hero's Bloodiest Battle Against Al Qaeda in Afghanistan
48725: LEE, JOHN - A New Guide to Cheltenham, And Its Environs
63523: LEE, LAURIE; KEENE, RALPH - We Made a Film in Cyprus
69538: LEE, WILLIS T., STONE, RALPH W., GALE, HOYT S., AND OTHERS - Guidebook of the Western United States Part B. The Overland Route with a side trip to Yellowstone Park , Bulletin 612
23787: LEECH, JOHN - John Leech's Pictures of Life and Character - From the Collection of Mr. Punch in 3 volumes
52570: LEECH, JOHN - Pictures of Life & Character From The Collection Of Mr Punch. 1. First and Second Series 2. Third and Fourth Series, [in 2 volumes]
47657: LEECH, JOHN - Portraits of Children of the Mobility. Drawn from nature by J. Leech. With memoirs and characteristic sketches
69698: LEECH, JOHN - The Pleasures of Mr. Briggs
31999: LEEDS UNIVERSITY - Leeds University Verse Anthology
61886: LEES-MILNE, JAMES - Midway on the Waves
46481: LEES-MILNE, JAMES - Ancient As The Hills: Diaries, 1973-1974
45647: LEES-MILNE, JAMES - Another Self, & Ancient as the Hills: Diaries, 1973-1974, [in 2 volumes]
62360: LEGGE, JAMES - The Life and Teachings of Confucius. With Explanatory Notes
51222: LEGGE, JAMES (TRANSLATED BY) - The Four Books, Confucian Analects, The Great Learning, The Doctrine of the Mean, and The Works of Mencius,
27547: LEHMANN, R C - The Sun Child
46344: LEHMANN, ROSAMOND - Dusty Answer
64771: LEICESTER, RONALD AND J. R. QUARTERMAN - The Parish Church of St. Paul, Leicester 1871-1971: One Hundred Years in the Life of a Church and People
63840: LEIGH AND SOTHEBY [HENRY COMPTON] - A Catalogue of the Prints, Books of Prints, and Drawings, of the late Henry Compton of St. James's Palace..
59825: LEIGH-BENNETT, E. P. ET AL. - The Story of Our King and Queen: Pictorial Souvenir of the Silver Jubilee; & Thanksgiving 1910-1935: a Memorable Souvenir of Their Majesties' Reign, [2 volumes]
60439: LEIGH-BENNETT, E. P.; GAULD, R. D. ET AL. - Meccano Magazine, 1930, Vol. 15, in 2 volumes
67868: LEIGH, JAMES WENTWORTH; FARRAR, F W; LEFROY, W; BOYLE, GD; NEWBOLT, WCE; CHURCH, CM; FREMANTLE, WH; CLAVELL INGRAM, WM; SPENCE, HDM; DANKS, WM; EDMONDS, WJ; TEIGNMOUTH-SHORE, T - Hereford Cathedral; Westminster Abbey; Norwich Cathedral; Salisbury Cathedral; St Paul's Cathedral; Wells Cathedral; Canterbury Cathedral; Peterborough Cathedral; Gloucester Cathedral; Ripon Cathedral; Exeter Cathedral; Worcester Cathedral [12 volumes]
32574: LEIGHTON, FREDERICK - Twenty - Five Illustrations by Frederick Leighton Designed For The Cornhill Magazine With Extracts Descriptive Of Each Picture
12556: LEIGHTON, WILLIAM - A Scrap-Book of Pictures and Fancies
70608: LEIGHTON, CLARE - The Farmer's Year: A Calender of English Husbandry
36945: THE LEISURE HOUR OFFICE - Boy's Own Paper In which is incorporated "Every Boy's Magazine. September 1892"
31685: LEITCH, MAURICE - Poor Lazarus
24802: LEITH, ALICIA AMY - The Birthday Book of Flower and Song ... containing Extracts From the Works of the Best English Poets, Past and Present
69388: LEITH, MARY JOAN WINN - Discoveries in the Judean Desert . XXIV Wadi Daliyeh . I. The Wadi Deliyeh Seal Impressions
28668: LELAND, THOMAS - The History of Ireland from the Invasion of Henry II. With a Preliminary Discourse on the Antient State of that Kingdom, in 3 volumes
67140: LELAND, CHARLES GODFREY - Gypsy Sorcery and Fortune-Telling
69696: LEMAN HARE [EDITOR] - Masterpieces in Colour [41 volumes]
70348: LEMON, MARK - Mr. Punch: His Origin and Career. With a Facsimile of his Original Prospectus
49104: LEMON, MARK - Fairy Tales
44947: LEMON, MARK, [EDITOR] - Punch Vol. 9-12, July 1845 to June 1847, [4 volumes in 1]
65902: LEMON, IDA - Stephen of the Rag Shop
61121: LEMON, MARK [EDITOR] - Punch, Vol. XLVI. & XLVI. [2 Volumes in 1]
61120: LEMON, MARK [EDITOR] - Punch, Vol. XL. & XLI. [2 Volumes in 1]
39449: LEMPRIERE, J. - Bibliotheca Classica; Or, A Classical Dictionary, containing a full account of all the proper names mentioned in ancient authors, with tables of coins, weights, & measures, in use among the Greeks and Romans
69202: LENO, JOHN BEDFORD - Drury Lane Lyrics, and other Poems
64616: LENOX LIBRARY - Contributions to a Catalogue of the Lenox Library, No. 1. Voyages of Hulsius, etc. & No. III. The Voyages of Thevenot, [2 volumes]
64663: LENSEN, GEORGE ALEXANDER - The Russian Push Toward Japan: Russo-Japanese Relations, 1697-1875
42771: LEON, HUGO - The Richmond Picnic, Descriptive Comic Scena
46832: LEONARD, RENE, ET AL. - Gravures / 1976-1982 / Collections De La Communaute Francaise
60630: LEONARD, JOSEPH [EDITOR] - Coal Preparation
42952: LEONARD, DOROTHY, & SWAP, WALTER - When Sparks Fly: Igniting Creativity in Groups
58982: LEOPOLD, DONALD J; MCCOMB, WILLIAM C; MULLER, ROBERT N - Trees of the Central Hardwood Forests of North America: An Identification And Cultivation Guide
67867: LEOSHKO, JANICE (EDITOR) - Bodhgaya , the Site of Enlightenment
38874: LEPAPE, CLAUDE AND THIERRY DEFERT - The Art of Georges Lepape: From the Ballets Russes to Vogue
24978: LEROUX, GASTON - The Bride of the Sun
61315: LEROY, JEAN F. ET AL. - Les Botanistes Francais en Amerique du Nord Avant 1850, Paris 11 - 14 Septembre 1956 [Colloques Internationaux du Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique LXIII]
60423: LESAGE, ALAIN-RENÉ, [TRANSLATED BY T. SMOLLETT] - The Entertaining Museum, or Complete Circulating Library Vol. XVI. The Adventures of Gil Blas of Santillane Vol. I-VIII, [8 volumes in 2 books]
48231: LESAGE, ALAIN-RENE, BORDELON, LAURENT - The Devil Upon Two Sticks. Translated from the Diable Boiteux of M. Le Sage. To which are prefixed, Asmodeus's Crutches, a critical letter upon the work; and dialogues between two chimneys of Madrid
50180: LESAGE, [TRANSLATED BY BENJAMIN HEATH MALKIN] - The Adventures of Gil Blas of Santillane, in 4 volumes
57741: LESLEY, CHARLES - The New Association. Part II. With farther improvements, As Another and Later Scots Presbyterian - Covenant, Besides that mention'd in the Former Part. And the Proceedings of that Party since. An Answer to some Objections in the Pretended D. Foe's Explication, In the Reflections upon the Shortest Way. With Remarks upon Both. Also an Account of several other Pamphlets, which carry on, and plainly Discover the Design to Undermine and Blow - up the Present Church and Government. Particularly The Discovery of a certain Secret History, not yet Publish'd. With a Short Account of the Original of Government. Compar'd with the Schemes of the Republicans and Whigs
35936: LESLIE BROWN & DEAN AMADON - Eagles, Hawks, and Falcons of the World, 2 volumes in slipcase with errata pages loosely inserted at the front of volume 1
64569: LESLIE, EMMA - Charley Hope's Testament
61735: LESLIE, EMMA - Fanny the Flower Girl, and Esther's Trail
62328: LESLIE, ROBERT C. - Old Sea Wings, Ways, and Words, in the Days of Oak and Hemp
30782: DE LESPINASSE, MLLE. - Letters of Mlle. De Lespinasse With Notes On Her Life And Character By D'Alembert, Marmontel, De Gilbert, Etc. In The Romances Of Royalty Series [One Volume] [Marie Antoinette Edition]
46224: LESSING, DORIS, LARKIN, PHILIP, GUNN, THOM, BERLIN, ISAIAH, THOMAS, DYLAN. [EDITED BY JOHN LEHMANN] - The London Magazine, Volume 4 No.1-12, January to December 1957, [complete in 12 volumes]
61026: LETCHER, OWEN - The Bonds of Africa: Impressions of Travel and Sport from Cape Town to Cairo 1902-1912
67213: LETCHER, OWEN - Africa Unveiled
50340: LETHABY, W R, RICARDO, HALSEY, ET AL. - The Architectural Review: A Magazine of Architecture & the Arts of Design, with which is incorporated "Details", Vol. XXXI. No. 185, April 1912
48945: LETTS, ROSA MARIA, COCKS, ANNA SOMERS, ET AL. - Orangerie Italiana 1990; An International Fair of Italian Art and Antiques
62917: LEUSDEN, JOHANNE - Compendium Graecum Novi Testamenti, Continens Ex 7959 Versiculis Totius N. Testamenti, Tantum Versiculos 1900 (non tamen integros) in Quibus Omnes Universi Novi Test. Voces, Uná cum Versione Latina, Inveniuntur-
38625: LEVASSEUR, E - Les Alpes et Les Grandes Ascensions
35720: LEVER, CHARLES - Maurice Tiernay, The Soldier of Fortune
61758: LEVER, W. H. - Following the Flag: Jottings of a Jaunt Round the World
59125: LEVER, CHARLES JAMES - The Confessions of Harry Lorrequer
48537: LEVER, DEREK - A Trip Down a Magical Memory Lane, Volume Two
31523: LEVI, G A - Leopardi
60449: LEVI, RISO - Billiards for all time
60448: LEVI, RISO - Billiards in the Twentieth Century
43842: LEVI, BARBARA G., MARK SAKITT, ART HOBSON [EDITORS] - The Future of Land-Based Strategic Missiles
36919: LEVIS, HOWARD C. - Extracts From The Diaries And Correspondence Of John Evelyn And Samuel Pepys, Relating To Engraving, With Notes Thereon
65838: DE LEVIZAC, M. - A Theoretical and Practical Grammar of the French Tongue; in which the Present Usage in every part of the Syntax is Displayed and all the Principal Difficulties explained agreeably to the decisions of the French Academy, to which are added some Select and Familiar Phrases on the Principal Difficulties and Niceties of the French Language
52377: LEW & LESLIE GRADE - Sarah Vaughan [programme]
67435: LEWCOCK, RONALD - Early Nineteenth Century Architecture in South Africa A Study of the Interaction of Two Cultures 1795-1837
62588: LEWES, G. H. - Rose, Blanche, and Violet. In Three Volumes
38076: LEWES, G. H. - Comte's Philosophy of the Sciences: Being an exposition of the principle of the Cours De Philosophie Positive of Auguste Comte, [Bohn's Philosophical Library]
59659: LEWES, GEORGE HENRY - The Story of Goethe's Life
43476: LEWINS, J.D. [EDITOR] - ALARA: As Low As Reasonably Achievable Radiation Doses In Industry - Proceedings of the ALARA-II Meeting, London, UK, September 1990
19877: LEWIS, ARTHUR - Ways of Verse
26794: LEWIS, C.S. - Prince Caspian - The Return to Narnia
27617: LEWIS, C S - The Chronicles of Narnia, The Magicians Nephew, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, The Horse and His Boy, Prince Caspian, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, The Silver Chair, The Last Battle
30622: M.G. LEWIS M.P. - The Isle of Devils A Historical Tale, founded on an Anecdote in the annals of Portugal - A faithful reprint of the Rare Edition of 1827 of which only a few copies were issued for the author's friends
30857: LEWIS, E MURRAY - At The Villa And Other Stories
69957: LEWIS, NORMAN - A Goddess in the Stones (Travels in India)
37894: LEWIS, WYNDHAM, [EDITOR] - Blast 1
59269: LEWIS, C. S. - Prince Caspian: The Return to Narnia
65834: LEWIS C S - The Horse and his Boy
65833: LEWIS C S - The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
64826: LEWIS, MERIWETHER; CLARK, WILLIAM; [EDITED BY GARY E. MOULTON] - The Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, August 30, 1803 - August 24, 1804, Volume 2
69855: LEWIS, NORMAN; BLOK, ANTON - Two Volumes: The Honoured Society , and, The Mafia of a Sicilian Village, 1860-1960, A Study of Violent Peasant Entrepreneurs
44466: LEWIS CARROLL [ADAPTED AND DIRECTED BY HOWARD SACKLER] - Alice In Wonderland, [Caedmon Literary Series TC 1097]
43982: LEWIS, CAROLINE - Clara In Blunderland
60403: LEWIS, C. S. - The Horse and His Boy
60402: LEWIS, C. S. - The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
49572: LEWIS, WYNDHAM - Filibusters in Barbary (Record of a visit to the Sous)
57984: LEWIS, C. S. - Broadcast Talks, Christian Behaviour, Beyond Personality, The Screwtape Letters, Letters to Malcolm Chiefly on Prayer, George MacDonald An Anthology 365 Readings [6 volumes]
49986: LEWIS, HAROLD [EDITOR] - Photography Year-book 1949
58519: LEWIS, C S - The Silver Chair
35711: LEY, HENRY G [EDITOR AND ARRANGER] - Organ Solos, No. 3 - Alla Sarbanda and Antiphon by R. Vaughan Williams, No. 4 - Overture to Arminius by Handel, No. 10 - Fantasy on Campion's Tune by William H.Harris, No. 11 - Interlude and Paean, and No. 12 - Tuba Tune by Norman Cocker, plus Jubilate De
69669: LHAMO, RINCHEN / CAMPBELL, JUNE / RICHARDUS, PETER (EDITOR) - 3 volumes on Tibet. We Tibetans / Traveller in Space: Gender, Identity and Tibetan Buddhism / Tibetan Lives,
67585: LHWYD, EDWARD, (ISSUED BY) - Parochialia Being a Summary of Answers to Parochial Queries (Archaeologia Cambrensis)
38931: LIAM O HOISIN. EDITOR - Gaelic Stars of the Year 1971-72
65574: THE LIBERAL PARTY - Liberal Party Election Leaflet
33661: THE LIBRARY OF ENTERTAINING KNOWLEDGE/MALKIN, J.H. - Historical Parallels from Original Historians
45479: THE LIBRARY ASSOCIATION - Chosen for Children: An account of the books which have been awarded the Library Association Carnegie Medal, 1936-1957
21095: LICKFOLD, PETER. - Shipwreck or Shangri-la?
29468: LICQUET, TH., [TRANSLATED BY M. AND M. BARGUET] - Rouen Dans La Poche
69187: LIDDELL, T. HODGSON - China, Its Marvel & Mystery
67955: LIEF, STANLEY [DIRECTOR] - Champneys, Lief's Nature Cure Resort
51214: LIEUT COLOUR C E F RICH, D S O - Recollection of a Prison Governor
65060: LIGER, LOUIS - Le Jardinier Fleuriste
69794: LILLIE, HENRY - An Alphabet of Monograms Comprising Upwards of 500 Designs fr the use of Engravers, Enamelers, Die-Sinkers, Chasers, Carvers, Modelers, Embroiderers, Herald-Painters & co
36058: LILLIPUT - Lilliput 10 Issues from 1950. Volumes 26, Numbers 2 - 6, February - June, Volumes 27, Numbers 1 - 2, 4 - 6 July - December
50223: LILY, WILLIAM - A Short Introduction Of Grammar Generally To Be Used. Compiled And Set Forth For The Bringing Up Of All Those That Intend To Attain To The Knowledge Of The Latin Tongue, & Brevissima Institutio Sev Ratio Grammatices Cognoscendae-, [2 volumes in 1]
57977: LIN, PROF. TIEN-SHIH - Chinese Classical Poetry Postage Stamps Pictorial
41887: LINDEN, ERIC, CARTER, DANNY, ET AL. - Speedway Star and News, 21 issues from 1965 to 1970
31419: LINDENBERGER, JAN - Black Memorabilia Around the House A Handbook & Price Guide, More Black Memorabilia A Handbook & Price Guide - 2 Volumes
69373: LINDHOLM, CHARLES - Generosity and Jealousy, The Swat Pukhtun of Northern Pakistan
59805: LINDQVIST, PER-INGE [EDITOR] - A Flight Through The Ages: The Historical Airplane Collection At Malmen
65686: LINDSAY, LADY - From a Venetian Balcony and other poems
52250: LINFIELD, H S, [EDITOR] - The Autocar, 4 issues from 1954-1957
69913: LING, THOMAS M., AND BUCKRAM, JOHN - Lysergic Acid (LSD 25) & Ritalin in the Treatment of Neurosis
65136: H. LING ROTH - The Yorkshire Coiners 1767-1783 and notes on Old and Prehistoric Halifax
51289: LING ASSOCIATION - Folk Dances from Many Lands - First, Second and Third Series, & Scandinavian Dances - First and Second Series, [10 volumes]
52637: LINGEN, R. R. W., SYMONS, JELINGER C., ET AL. - Reports of the Commissioners of Inquiry into the State of Education in Wales, In Three Parts
52613: LINK, HENRY FREDERICK [TRANSLATED BY JOHN HINCKLEY] - Travels in Portugal, and Through France and Spain. With a Dissertation on the Literature of Portugal, and the Spanish and Portugueze Languages
58517: LINKLATER, ERIC - The Wind of the Moon, a Story for Children
59899: LINLEY, G AND LEDUC, A - Jenny Of The Mill
69735: LINNAEO, CAROLO [LINNAEUS; CARL VON LINNE] - Dissertatio Medica Odores Medicamentorum
69736: LINNAEO, CAROLO [LINNAEUS; CARL VON LINNE] - Hospita Insectorum Flora
69738: A LINNE, CAROLO [LINNAEUS; CARL VON LINNE] - Dissertatio Academica de Lavandula
58405: LINNELL, JOHN - The Royal Gallery of Pictures, Being A Selection Of The Cabinet Paintings In Her Majesty's Private Collection At Buckingham Palace
65915: LINSSEN, E.F. - Beetles of the British Isles Series I & II [2 volumes]
63566: LINTON, E. LYNN - The Lake Country
67409: LISCOMB, KATHLYN MAUREAN - Learning from Mount Hua A Chinese Physician's Illustrated Travel Record and Painting Theory
42174: LISKEARD ARTS COUNCIL - Liskeard Arts Council present the Dancers from Vienna in Intimate Ballet starring Evelyn Ippen and Bettina Vernon with Robert Harrold and Marcel Lorber
47706: LISTER - collection of 8 x R. A. Lister & Company brochures
65095: LISTER DL, SIR PERCY - Lister Standard (Centenary Issue 1867-1967)
67785: LISTON, HENRY - An Essay on Perfect Intonation
38183: LITTLE, NINA FLETCHER - The Abby Aldridge Rockefeller Folk Art Collection
51058: LITTLE, DR. GEORGE A - Dublin Before the Vikings: An Adventure in Discovery
44880: LITTLE, BRYAN - Cambridge Discovered [SIGNED]
50014: LITTLE, WILLIAM, FOWLER, H A, COULSON, J [EDITED BY C. T. ONIONS] - The Shorter Oxford English Dictionary on Historical Principles [2 volumes]
61905: LITTLEJOHN, HUGH [WALTER SCOTT] - Tales of a Grandfather; Being Stories Taken from Scottish History. In Three Volumes
46329: LITTLEJOHNS, JOANNA, [TEXT] - Ursula Mumenthaler
46318: LITTLEJOHNS, JOANNA, [TEXT] - Renato Santarossa
47077: LITTLER, EMILE, PARNELL, VAL, LINKLATER, ERIC, ET AL. - Bound collection of approx 100 theatre and ballet programmes, including - Cinderella, Annie Get Your Gun, Starlight Roof, The Merry Widow, and more
10715: B LIVADAS & COUTSICOS ( PUBLISHERS ) - Souvenir of Cairo and it's environs, 32 views
51840: LIVELY, PENELOPE - Cleopatra's Sister
60672: LIVINGSTONE, W. P. - Laws of Livingstonia: A Narrative of Missionary Adventure and Achievement
49334: LIVY, [TRANSLATED BY THOMAS RUDDIMAN] - Titi Livii Patavini Historiarum Ab Urbe Condita Libri Qui Supersunt, Cum Omnium Epitomis, Ac Deperditorum Fragmentis: Ad optimas editiones castigati, accurante Tho. Ruddimanno, A.M. Tomus III. [volume 3 only]
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69223: LYNCH, W. F. - Narrative of the Expedition to the River Jordan and the Dead Sea
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62266: LYNCH, PATRICIA - The Grey Goose of Kilnevin
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26941: LYON, P. - Observations on the Barrenness of Fruit Trees, and the means of Prevention and Cure.
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49646: LYSONS, DANIEL AND SAMUEL - Magna Britannia, being a consise topographical account of the several counties of Great Britain, Volume the First [Berkshire Only]
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63934: [MARVEL, ANDREW] - The Rehearsal Transpros'd; or, Animadversions upon a late book, instituted, a preface shewing what grounds there are of fears and jealousies of popery
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60838: MAVOR, WILLIAM - The English Spelling-Book, Accompanied by a Progressive Series of Easy and Familiar Lessons: Intended as an Introduction to the Reading and Spelling of the English Language
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57746: MCEWAN, IAN - Solar
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59178: MCGAHERN, JOHN - Amongst Women
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47682: MCGAHERN, JOHN - The Leavetaking
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34946: MCGONAGALL, WILLIAM - Poetic Gems, More Poetic Gems, and Last Poetic Gems [Library Omnibus, 3 volumes in 1]
15783: MCINTOSH, CHARLES - The Practical Gardener and Modern Horticulturist, containing the latest and most approved methods for the management of the Kitchen, Fruit, and Flower-Garden, The Green-House, Hot-House, &c.&c. ... Including the New method of Heating forcing-Houses with H
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14937: MEAD, G. R. S. - Fragments of a Faith Forgotten, some short sketches among the Gnostics mainly of the first two centuries -
60182: MEADE, L. T. - A Gay Charmer: A story for girls
58325: MEADE, L T (ELIZABETH THOMASINA MEADE SMITH) - Hollyhock: A Spirit Of Mischief
49923: MEADLEY, GEORGE WILSON - A Sketch of the various proposals for a Constitutional Reform in the representation of the people, introduced into the Parliament of Great Britain from 1770 to 1812
67329: DR. MED. VET. HANS WOLTER - Klinische Homoopathie in der Veterinarmedizin
49983: MEDECIN, JACQUES, [TRANSLATED AND EDITED BY PETER GRAHAM - Cuisine Nicoise: Recipes from a Mediterranean Kitchen
58648: MEE, JOHN H. - The Oldest Music Room in Europe, A Record of Eighteenth-Century Enterprise at Oxford
62891: MEE, ARTHUR [EDITOR] - The Little Paper: The story of the Great War told for the boys and girls of the English-speaking race, 12 issues from February 1915 to February 1916
64262: MEEHAN, PAULA - Dharmakaya
28241: MEGGENDORFER, LOTHAR - Lebende Bilder
67325: MEGGENDORFER, LOTHAR - Lustiges Automaten-Theater. Ein Zeihbiderbuch von Lothar Meggendorfer.
52933: MEHRA, P. S. - Shrimad Bhagavadgita in Pictures
67149: MEHTA, DEEPAK - Work, Ritual, Biography (A Muslin Community in North India)
46243: MEINERTZHAGEN, COLONEL R. - Pirates and Predators: The piratical and predatory habits of birds
58849: MEISSONIER, JEAN-LOUIS ERNEST - Meissonier: A Collection of Etchings and Engravings of Twelve of the Choicest of His Paintings, With Descriptions
49117: MEITO - On Japanese Pottery, catalogue of Meito China
59644: MEJBORG, R. - Festskrift i anledning Af Hundredaarsdagen for Stavnsbaandets Løsning De 20 Juni 1888
68041: MELANGES ALECANDRE KOYRE - Histoire De La Pensee, Ecole Practique Des Hautes Etudes, Sorbonne, XII L'Aventure de La Science I and XIII L'Aventure De L' Esprit II [2 Volumes]
51451: MELANI, ALFREDO AND OTHERS - The Architectural Review, March 1899, vol 5, number 28
47183: MELBOURNE PUNCH - The History of the Victorian Embassy, & The Decline and Fall of the Berry Ministry ( Punch Extraordinary March 12 1880 ) - 2 volumes bound together
43196: MELLANBY, KENNETH [EDITOR] - Air Pollution, Acid Rain And The Environment [Report Number 18]
49264: MELLOR, BERNARD - The University of Hong Kong: An Informal History, in two volumes
65841: [MELMOTH, WILLIAM] - The Great Importance of a Religious Life Considered: To Which are added some Morning and Evening Prayers
52671: MELVILL, J. C. - The Flora of Harrow
36981: MELVILL, REV. HENRY - The Preacher in Print, Second Series, the Golden Lectures, Thirty-Two Sermons delivered at St. Margaret's Church, Lothbury, on Tuesday mornings, from January 1, to August 13, 1850
70661: MELVILLE, HERMAN - Moby-Dick
58669: MELVILLE, NIGEL - Abbotsbury, The "Appreciation" Revisited
52819: A MEMBER OF THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND - Daily Meditation; Or, Heart Communing For Each Day Of A Month
62961: A MEMBER OF THE REVOLUTION SOCIETY [MAJOR JOHN SCOTT, I.E. JOHN SCOTT-WARING] - A Letter to the Right Hon. Edmund Burke, in Reply to His "Reflections on the Revolution in France, &c". By a Member of the Revolution Society'
31894: MEMBERS OF THE ENGLISH ASSOCIATION - Essays And Studies Volume XXVII 1941
42554: MEMBERS OF THE ECCLESIOLOGICAL LATE CAMBRIDGE CAMDEN SOCIETY [EDITORS] - Hierurgia Anglicana; Or Documents And Extracts Illustrative Of The Ritual of the Church in England After The Reformation
58397: MENARD, RENE - Histoire Artistique du Metal
67590: [MENDELSSOHN, E] (EDITED BY THE HONORARY SECRETARY) - Transactions of The Geological Society of South Africa (Vol LXIII, Containing the Papers and Discussions Presented During 1960)
67442: MENDELSSOHN, E. [EDITOR] - Transactions of The Geological Society of South Africa, Vol LVIII
67441: MENDELSSOHN, E. AND NEL, H. J. [EDITORS] - Transactions of The Geological Society of South Africa, Vol LIX
65299: MENGS, D'ANTOINE-RAPHAEL - Oeuvres Completes D'Antoine-Raphael Mengs, Premier Peintre Du Roi D'espagne, etc- [complete two volume, French Language]
69179: MENPES, DOROTHY - Paris by Mortimer Menpes
19273: MENTELLE, E. & CHANLAIRE, P.G. - Map of La France Comparative en Departements avec les anciennes division du territoire qu'elle comprend aujourd'huy [ beleived to be taken from Atlas Elementaire de Geogrphie Physique et Politique Ancienne et Moderne... ]
64917: MENZIES, MRS STEVEN [EDITOR] - Our Own Gazette [Vol VI #61 - Vol VII #81]
70233: MERCER, IAN - The New Naturalist Library, Dartmoor, A Statement of its Time
46544: THE MERCERS' COMPANY - The Charters, Ordinances, and Bye-Laws of The Mercers' Company
67726: MERCIER, PIERRE J. - Chirurgie Orthopedique Therepeutique Des Difformites Congenitales Ou Acquises Lecons Cliniques Professees a L'Hopital des Enfants Malades
42891: MEREDITH, GEORGE - The Egoist, A Comedy in Narrative, [Oxford World's Classics 508]
67714: MEREDITH, OWEN [FIRST EARL OF LYTTON] - Serbski Pesme or National Songs of Serbia
62547: MEREDITH, OWEN [LORD LYTTON] - Poems by Owen Meredith, in Two Volumes
49098: MERISIO, PEPI, DE CONCINI, WOLFTRAUD - L'Architecture De Palladio
24561: MERKIN, MARSHA PRAVDER [EDITOR] - Women in Context, Toward a Feminist Reconstruction of Psychotherpy
37673: MERLIN, HENRY MARTIAL, [EDITOR] - Societe Equestre de L'Etrier
47179: MERRIDEW, JOHN - A Catalogue of Engraved Portraits Of Nobility, Gentry, Clergymen, and Others Born, Resident In, Or Connected With the County of Warwick; Alphabetically Arranged, With Names of the Painters and Engraver
15684: MERRIMAN, SAMUEL - A Synopsis of the Various Kinds of Difficult Parturition, with Practical Remarks on the Management of Labour
48273: MERRIMAN, HENRY SETON, & TALLENTYRE, S G - The Money-Spinner and other character notes
52068: MERRIWELL, MARK [EDITOR] - My Own Annual: An illustrated Gift-Book for Boys and Girls
28931: MERRY, ELANOR C. - I AM: The Ascent of Mankind
35198: MERRYWEATHER AND SONS LTD., AMERICAN-MARSH PUMPS, R. WASTERLAIN ET AL. - A Collection of British, European, and Continental Fire Fighting equipment brochures, catalogues, and related publications, 1920s-1950s
49388: MESSAGE, GORDON A - Simple Science Experiments: No 3 Magnetism, No 5 Water, and No 6 Air
67165: MESSIEURS DE PORT ROYAL - A New Method of Learning with Facility the Latin Tongue [2 volumes]
68010: MESSITER, A. H. [EDITOR] - The Hymnal Revised and Enlarged, As Adopted by the General Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United Stated of American in the Year of Our Lord 1892.. With Music as Used in Trinity Church New York
43478: MESTMACKER, ERNST J, [EDITOR] - Natural Gas in the Internal Market: A Review of Energy Policy, [International Energy and Resources Law & Policy Series]
32932: LE MESURIER, JOAN - Dear John
46174: METASTASIO, PIETRO, [PIETRO ANTONIO DOMENICO TRAPASSI] - Opere, Tomo I.- XIV., [complete set, 14 volumes in 7]
64757: METCALF, FATHER PHILIP - The Life of Saint Winefride
48006: METCALFE, WILLIAM CHAS. - Watch And Watch, or "The Decoyed"
70199: METCALFE, WALTER C. - A Book of Knights Banneret, Kights of the Bath, and Knights Bachelor , made between the fourth year of King Henry VI. and the restoration of King Charles II-.
34832: METI, LAUOFO - Samoa , The Making of the Constitution
69422: MEURER, M. - Vergleichende Formenlehre des Ornamentes und der Pflanze , Mit besonderer Berücksichtigung der Entwicklungsgeschichte der architektonischen Kunstformen
69327: MEYER, OLIVER M - Grock (Seltsamer als die Wahrheit) [Stranger than the Truth]
52412: MEYNELL, ALICE - The Poems of Alice Meynell 1847-1923
56268: MEYNELL, ALICE - Essays
40020: MEYNELL, ALICE - Essays
57061: MEYNELL, ALICE; ZIMMERN, HELEN; LELAND, CHARLES G. ET AL. - The Art Journal, New Series Vol. 50. January to December 1887
69395: MEYRICK, SAMUEL RUSH - Specimens of Ancient Furniture Drawn from Existing Authorities by Henry Shaw
70230: MICHAEL PROCTOR, PETER YEO, ANDREW LACK - The New Naturalist, The Natural History of Pollination
25562: MICHAILOW - Adventures of Michailow, a Russian Captive among the Kalmucs, Kirghiz and Kiwenses
56875: MICHELET, M. AND SMITH, G. G. [TRANSLATER] - The Life of Luther
34535: MICHELL, RICARDO - Orationes Creweianae, In Memoriam Publicorum Benefactorum Academiae Oxoniensis, Habitae In Theatro Sheldoniano: Quibus Adjectae Sunt Orationes Duae Inaugurales [1849 - 1875]
49429: MICHELL, M - Young Juba: or, the history of the young Chevalier, from his birth, to his escape from Scotland, after the battle of Culloden. ... Translated from the original Italian, published at Rome by M. Michell,...
70183: MICHELSON, HIJMAN [HYMAN] - The Jew in Early English Literature
49314: MICHIE, JAMES. [TRANSLATOR] - The Poems of Catullus
65746: MIDDLETON MURRY, J. - Aspects of Literature [with James Lees Milne bookplate]
43154: MIDDLETON, STANLEY - Harris's Requiem
49280: MIDDLETON, W E KNOWLES - Invention of the Meterological Instruments
28641: MIDGLEY, ALFRED - The Queensland Illustrated Guide
30540: MIDLAND RAILWAY - An Act To enable the Midland Railway Company to construct a Railway from Gloucester to Stonehouse, and for other purposes connected with the Bristol and Gloucester Line of the Midland Railway [Royal Asset, August 14th, 1848], An Act To Extend the TIME for
69877: MIETTINEN, JUKKA O. - Classical Dance and Theatre in South-East Asia
19554: MIGEON, J. - Map of France Geologique with inset map of Corsica [ taken from Migeon's Geographie Universelle ]
19555: MIGEON, J. - Map of France Physique with inset map of Corsica [ taken from Migeon's Geographie Universelle ]
19557: MIGEON, J. - Map of France Politique with inset map of Corsica [ taken from Migeon's Geographie Universelle ]
19559: MIGEON, J. - Map of France S.E. with inset map of Corsica [ taken from Migeon's Geographie Universelle ]
19560: MIGEON, J. - Map of France S.O. [ taken from Migeon's Geographie Universelle ]
19561: MIGEON, J. - Map of France N.E. [ taken from Migeon's Geographie Universelle ]
19562: MIGEON, J. - Map of France N.O. [ taken from Migeon's Geographie Universelle ]
19564: MIGEON, J. - Map of Gaule Sous Les Romains [ taken from Migeon's Geographie Universelle ]
69466: MIGUEL DE CERVANTES SAAVEDRA - The History and Adventures of the Renowned Don Quixote-To which is prefixed some account of the author's life by Dr Smollett.
64384: MIKE HIGGS [COMPILER] - Dan Dare Pilot of the Furture: The Deluxe Collector's Edition and Dan Dare Pilot of the Furture: Featuring the Red Moon Mystery and Marooned on Mercury (2 volumes)
43797: MIKKELSEN, CAPTAIN EJNAR, DIVER, C, GUERTJENS, H, ET AL. - The Geographical Journal Vol. LXXXI No. 5 May 1933
70149: MILES, W. J. AND LUPTON, J. I. - Modern Practical Farriery; A Complete Guide to all that Relates to the Horse. Its History, Varieties, and Uses-Breaking, Training, Feeding, Stabling, and Grooming- How to Buy, Keep, and Treat a Horse in Health and Disease, etc. etc. Forming a Complete System of the Veterinary Art, as at present practised at The Royal Veterinary College, London- To Which is added an Essay on the Diseases and Management of Cattle, Sheep and Pigs
59486: MILES, BETTY - At the Sign of the Rainbow: Margaret Calkin James 1895-1985
67971: MILES, ALFRED H. - Heroes of History

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