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9569: CRUCHLEY, G F - Cruchley's Map of Denmark, including the Duchies of Schleswig & Holstein, showing all the railways to the present time
65718: CRUCHLEY, G. F. - Cruchley's Picture of London Comprising the History, Rise and Progress of the Metropolis to the Present Period-
70621: CRUIKSHANK, ROBERT - Cruikshank's Trip to Greenwich Fair: a Whimsical Record, containing the humorous adventures of Peter Grace and his three daughters; also, of their nine friends, the muses; Thomas Titter, The Yorkshireman, and many others; together with a description of the various Amusements in Greenwich Park, The Fair, &c. &c.
75570: CRUIKSHANK, GEORGE - Memoirs of the Life and Death of the Lamented Princess Charlotte, and her Infant; a Minute Detail of the Funeral Procession from Claremont: Description of the Apartments in the Lower Lodge, at Windsor where her late Royal Highness laid in State; A Faithful Account of all the particulars of the Funeral, from its commencement at Windsor to the closing of the Royal Vault in St. George's Chapel: Added to which is the Succession to the Crown, with the distant Probability of its diverging to the Family of J. Bonaparte, in consequence of his Marriage with the Princess Frederica, Grand Daughter to the Duchess of Brunswick. And a Biographical Sketch of the Life of Prince Leopold
36098: CRUISE, R.A. - Journal Of A Ten Month's Residence In New Zealand
65347: P&O CRUISES - Collection of 11 P&O Menu Cards
75892: CRUMB, ROBERT; WILSON, S. CLAY; GRIFFIN, RICK; MOSCOSO, VICTOR - Zap Comix. No. 2 ( First Printing )
73170: CUDWORTH, RALPH - A Treatise concerning Eternal and Immutable Morality.
34238: CUISENIER, JEAN - French Folk Art
48428: CULLINGWORTH, CHARLES J - Charles White, F.R.S., A great provincial surgeon and obstetrician of the eighteenth century. An address delivered before the Medici Society of Manchester, October 7th, 1903
50743: CULPEPER, NICHOLAS - Culpeper's English Physician; and Complete Herbal.
73883: CULPEPPER, NICH. - The English Physician Enlarged with Three Hundred and Sixty-Nine Medicines, made of English Herbs, That were not in any Impression until This...
76780: CUMMING, JOHN - Apocalyptic Sketches: or Lectures on The Book of Revelation. Delivered in The National Scottish Church- In Continuation of the Series Delivered at Exeter Hall
75305: CUMMING, PRIMROSE - 2 Volumes of Primrose Cumming [contains: 'The Chestnut Filly' and 'The Silver Eagle Carries On']
46584: CUMMING, PRIMROSE, HUNTER, NORMAN, LEE, CLIFFORD, ET AL. - Blackie's Children's Annual, 37th year [1940]
76779: CUMMING, JOHN - Apocalyptic Sketches: or Lectures on The Book of Revelation. 'Delivered in the Large Room, Exeter Hall, In 1847-47
19971: CUMMINGS, E.E. - 16 Poemes Enfantins
50545: CUMMINGS, ROY [EDITOR] - Who is Who: Popular recording celebrities just for the record, 1953
75928: CUMMINGS,E.E.; RACHEWILTZ, MARY DE [TRANSLATOR] - Poesie, di E.E. Cummings
61946: CUNARD WHITE STAR - Shore Excursions: "Lancastria" Cruises 1936
31937: CUNDALL, H.M. - A History of British Water Colour Painting
47926: CUNDALL, JOSEPH, [EDITOR] - The Great Works of Raphael Sanzio of Urbino; A Series of Twenty Photographs from the Best Engravings of his Most Celebrated Paintings...
74969: CUNEO, TERENCE - Cuneo, from the exhibition to mark his 80th birthday
27133: CUNNINGHAM, ALLAN - Sir Michael Scott, a Romance in 3 volumes
61766: CUNNINGHAM, ALLAN [EDITOR] - The Anniversary; or, Poetry and Prose for MDCCCXXIX
74423: CUNNINGHAM, PETER - London in 1856 [Murray's Modern London]
56034: CUNNINGHAM, GEORGE GODFREY [EDITOR] - A History of England in the Lives of Englishmen, Volume I-VIII
7726: CUNNINGHAM, SIR HENRY STEWART - Lord Bowen: A Biographical Sketch, with a Selection from his Verses
75176: CUNNINGHAM, ALLAN - The Cabinet Gallery Of Pictures By The First Masters Of The English And Foreign Schools, In Seventy Two Line Engravings, With Biographical And Critical Dissertations. Two Volume Set
14543: CUPPLES, MRS. GEORGE AND OTHERS - Found Afloat and other tales bound with The White Roe of Glenmere and other tales - The Children's Hour Series October 1866 to September 1867
32501: 'CURATOR' - A Gloucestershire Wild Garden , With Some Extraneous Matter
69634: CURCIC, N.M.J. - The Ethics of Reason in the Philosophical System of Dositej Obradovic
46497: L CURMER - Les Beaux-Arts, Illustration des Arts et de La Littérature, Premier Série, Premier Volume
69691: CURRIER, NATHANIEL AND CHARLES, IVES, JAMES MERRITT , INTRODUCED BY REILLY JR, BERNARD F. - Currier & Ives , A Catalogue Raisonne a two volume set
48989: CURTIS, ATHERTON - Some Masters of Lithography
75134: CURTIS SHEARS, C. - Orthomolecular Nutrition: The Science Of Self Healing , Science Of Self-Healing. Two Volumes
71858: CURTIUS RUFUS, QUINTUS - De Rebus Gestis Alexandri Magni Cum Commentariis Raderi, Bongarsii, Popmae, Salmasii, Gronovii, Loccenii & Freinshemii, hujusque & vetustioribus supplementis, nec non locorum difficiliorum interpretatione, & indice Philologico locupletissimo rerum & verborum. Accedunt figurae aeneae ad Historiam Alexandri Magni apud Curtium illustrandam necessariae.
46319: CURZI, LUCIEN, TUMARKIN, IGAEL, ET AL. - Judith Farrd
52559: CUST, ALIBINIA LUCY - Chronicles of Erthig on the Dyke [in 2 Volumes]
62260: CUTCLIFFE-HYNE, C. J. - Ivory Valley: An Adventure of Captain Kettle
59375: CUTLER, CARL C. AND ADAMS CHARLES FRANCIS [FOREWORD] - Greyhounds of the Sea: The Story of the American Clipper Ship; & Queens of the Western Ocean: The Story of America's Mail and Passenger Sailing Lines [2 volumes]
69948: CUTTS, EDWARD L. - Turning Points of General Church History
76725: CUVIER, GEORGES - Cuvier. Discours sur les Revolutions du Globe, avec des Notes et un Appendice, D'apres les Travaux Recent de MM. Humbolt, Flournes, Lyell, Lindley etc. Rediges par le. Dr. Hoefer
65192: CYPHER, STEWART N (STROUD DISTRICT COUNCIL PLANNING DEPARTMENT) - Stroud Valleys District Plan Policy Options (with a Summary of Survey Material August 1981)
72235: DA VINCI, LEONARDO - Leornard de Vinci. Notes et Dessins sur La Generation et le Mecanisme des Fonctions intimes. Feuillets inedits, reproduits d'apres les originaux conserves a la bibliotheque du Chateau de Windsor
37414: DABROWSKI, MAGDALENA - Contrasts of Form: Geometric Abstract Art 1910-1980
76245: DAFFORNE, JAMES - Pictures by Clarkson Stanfield, R. A. Engraved on Steel, with Historical and Critical Descriptions and a Short Biographical Sketch of the Painter.
69020: DAHL, GUDRUN - Suffering Grass, Substistence and Society of Waso Borana
69769: DAHL, ROALD - Phiz-Whizzing Collection [15 volumes in slipcase]
46565: DAILY TELEGRAPH - Daily Telegraph War Map Number 3: Finland and Scandinavia with the Baltic States, & Number 6: The Russian Front, [2 maps]
52857: DAILY EXPRESS - Empire Day Festival, Organised by the Daily Express in Hyde Park, Saturday, May 24th 1930 Official Programme
75634: THE DAILY EXPRESS - Rupert [7 Rupert Annuals]
45473: THE DAILY GRAPHIC - The Daily Graphic, June - August 1902, & Illustrated Mail: The Daily Mail's Weekly Edition, June - August 1902, [in single volume]
76359: DAILY TELEGRAPH - Daily Telegraph and Morning Post, Stamp Supplement from October 16th 1937
75633: THE DAILY EXPRESS - Rupert [8 Rupert annuals]
47829: DAILY MAIL - Daily Mail Milestone Motor Maps in twelve sections, No.12
63768: DAIMLER & JAGUAR - Collection of 5 Daimler Brochures
63764: DAIMLER & JAGUAR - Collection of 5 Daimler Brochures
44239: DAINELLI, PROF. GIOTTO, WINTERBOTHAM, L. ET AL. - The Geographical Journal Vol LXXXIV No 1, July 1933
73861: DALE, HARRISON [EDITOR] - Where Away? Famous Stories of the Sea, The Boys' Book of Sea Stories
14926: DALEY, DOROTHY Q. (EDITOR) - Beyond Yesterday to the memory of Rev. Arthur Harmon Winn, his life and character with selections from his work
58240: DALKEITH, LENA - Aesop's Fables, [Told to the Children series]
57552: DALLADAY, ARTHUR J. [EDITOR] - The British Journal Photographic Almanac and Photographer's Daily Companion, 1926-1945 [19 volumes]
13779: DALLOS, RUDI & MCLAUGHLIN (EDITORS) - Social Problems and the Family
9557: DALRYMPLE, G BRENT - The Age of The Earth
65975: DALTON, O M - Catalogue of The Engraved Gems of the Post-Classical Periods in the Department of British and Mediaeval Antiquities and Ethnography in the British Museum
38359: DALY, J BOWLES [EDITOR] - Ireland in '98 , Sketches of the Principal Men of the Time, based upon the published volumes and some unpublished mss of the late Dr Richard Robert Madden
76814: DALY, WILLY; NEWMAN, BYRON; FALLOWELL, DUNCAN [EDITORS] - Deluxe. New Fashion Magazine. First Issue.
59993: DAM, H. J. W. [WORDS]; CARYLL, IVAN; ROSS, ADRIAN; MONCKTON, LIONEL [MUSIC] - The Shop Girl: Musical Farce [vocal score]
56734: DAME, DARCY - Meat Cake issue #2
59492: DAMIANI, F. - Scelta di Prose e Poesie Italiane, As Uso Della Gioventu Studiosa di Questa Lingua [Selection of Prose and Poems]
50272: DANETIO, PETRO - Dictionarium Novum Latinum Et Gallicum. In Quo Utriusque Linguae Ratio continetur, & ad Scriptorum intelligentiam via facilis aperitur
74319: DANGULOV, SAVVA [EDITOR] - Soviet Literature Monthly, No. 6 (387) 1980. An Anthology of Soviet Poetry 1960-1980
30388: DANIEL LEE [EDITOR] - The Jackdaw, a Newslatter for the Visual Arts, Volume 1:2000-2001, Volume 2 :2001-2002 and Volume 3: 2002-2003, 10 copies in each bound edition
73639: DANIEL, W. B - Rural Sports Vol I and Vol II Parts I and II [3 volumes]
51888: DANIEL, REV PREB W. E. - Horsington
65932: DANIEL, M. N. - Some Pekingese Pets
47836: DANIEL, WILLIAM B - Rural Sports, [2 volumes in 4]
64947: DANIELL, H L - Round the TT Course
76220: DANIELS, CHRIS - Daniels of Stroud. The History of a Family Engineering Firm
73768: DANTE - 3 Volumes of Dante [includes: 'Paradiso, Poema di Dante', 'Purgatorio, Poema di Dante' and 'Inferno, Poema di Dante']
50690: DANTE, ALIGHIERI - La Vita Nova Di Dante Alighieri
76427: DANVERS, FREDERICK CHARLES - The Portuguese in India. Being a History of the Rise and Decline of their Eastern Empire. 2 Volumes
74405: DARBOUX, GASTON - Principes de Geometrie Analytique
74955: DARD, C.A.; M.DE BRISSON; GODIN DES ODONAIS, JEAN - Perils and Captivity: Comprising the Sufferings of the Picard Family after the Shipwreck of the Medusa, in the Year 1816. Narrative of the Captivity of Brisson, in the year 1785. Voyage of Madame Godin along the River of the Amazons, in the Year 1770
46993: DARLING, F. FRASER - Island Farm
69537: DARTON, N. AND OTHERS - Guidebook of the Western United States Part C. The Santa Fe Route with a side trip to the Grand Canyon of the Colorado , Bulletin 613
72884: DARTON, F.J. HARVEY [EDITOR] - A Wonder Book of Beasts
75303: DARWIN, CHARLES - The Variation of Animals and Plants under Domestication. [in 2 vols]
35792: DARWIN, CHARLES, [EDITED BY PAUL H. BARRETT & R. B. FREEMAN] - The Works of Charles Darwin, Volumes 2-18, 20, 23, 24, 27, [The Pickering Masters, 21 volumes]
73162: DARWIN, BERNARD AND ELINOR - Tootleoo Two
76778: DARWIN, CHARLES - A Naturalist's Voyage: Journal of Researches into the Natural History and Geology of the Countries Visited During the Voyage of H.M.S. 'Beagle' Round the World
72014: DARWIN, CHARLES - On the Structure and Distribution of Coral Reefs; also Geological Observations on the Volcanic Islands and Parts of South America Visited during the Voyage of H.M.S. Beagle.
69116: DARWIN, CHARLES GALTON - The Next Million Years
75295: DARWIN, CHARLES - The Descent of Man, and Selection in Relation to Sex. [Volume 2]
43600: DARWIN, ERASMUS - The Botanic Garden. A Poem, in two parts. Part I. Containing The Economy of Vegetation. Part II. The Loves of the Plants. With Philosophical Notes, [2-volumes-in-1]
67850: DARWIN, ERASMUS - Phytologia: or the Philosophy of Agriculture and Gardening. With the theory of draining morasses and with an improved construction of the drill plough.
76775: DARWIN, CHARLES - The Movements and Habits of Climbing Plants: Popular Edition
76776: DARWIN, CHARLES - The Different Forms of Flowers on Plants of the Same Species
72811: DARWIN, CHARLES - The Descent of Man, and Selection in Relation to Sex
62077: DARWIN, CHARLES - The Descent of Man and Selection in Relation to Sex
75709: DARYL, A.J. - A Merry Go-Round. Rhymes by A.J. Daryl
70617: DASKAM BACON, JOSEPHINE - Girl Wanted! , A Mystery Story
32965: DAUDET, ALPHONSE - Sapho [The Sisley Books]
58481: DAULBY, DANIEL - A Descriptive Catalogue of the Works of Rembrandt, and of his Scholars, Bol, Livens, and Van Vliet, Compiled from the Original Etchings, and from the Catalogues of De Burgy, Gersaint, Helle and Glomy, Marcus, and Yver
32554: DAVANZO POLI, DORETTA, AND CARLA POGGI COLUSSI - Antiquites & Objets d'art
71749: DAVENPORT, R.A.; HASTINGS,D.; KIRKHAM, R.S.; AND OTHERS - More Plays and Other Amusing Items for Scout Entertainments
47113: DAVENPORT, FRANCES GARDINER - The Economic Devolopment of a Norfolk Manor 1086-1565
56235: DAVEY, PETER [EDITOR] - The Architectural Review, 5 issues from 1981
56378: DAVEY, DORIS AND WAITE, HELEN - My Dolly's Home
22678: DAVID THOMAS. JOHN GURNEY. ROBERT ROWE. DOUGLAS HALL. PETER TOMORY. - 11 volumes of the Masters in Colour Series - Picasso, Manet, Van Gogh, Durer, Brueghel, Chardin, De Hooch, Holbein, Frans Hals, Goya & Van Eyck
37538: P.-DAVID, MADELEINE - Hiroshige La Route du Tokaido
72589: DAVID JONES; JONATHAN MILES - Agenda David Jones Special Issue; Epoch and Artist; Eric Gill and David Jones at Capel-y-Ffin [3 volumes]
38926: DAVID BARNETT AND OTHERS - Communicon, Issue Number 30; October Arts and Events
60089: DAVID CARPENTER, CHRISTINE CARPENTER, EDMUND KING, CHRISTOPHER DYER - Reading Medieval Studies Volume XVI 1990; The Struggle for Mastery; Britain 1066-1284; The Armburgh Papers; Medieval England; Making a Living in the Middle Ages: The People of Britain 850-1520 [5 volumes]
46245: DAVID JONES, BARBARA SKELTON, JOHN BETJEMAN, DEREK WALCOTT, PABLO NERUDA, ALAON ROSS, [EDITOR], AND OTHERS - The London Magazine April 1965-October 1965, vol 5 No.1-No.7, Seven issues
72098: DAVID SYLVESTER, SAM HUNTER, MICHAEL PEPPIAT - Francis Bacon: Important Paintings from the Estate
73864: DAVID EVANS, SARAH BOOKER, NORMA DAYKIN, JANE POWELL, PAT TAYLOR AND SUSAN WEIL - National Evaluation of Patient Advice and Liaison Services (PALS), Final Report
43091: DAVIDSON, JOHN - Baptist Lake
59985: DAVIDSON, HARRY [SELECTOR] - "Old Time Nights" An Album of Favourite Dances selected and Broadcast by Harry Davidson
76543: DAVIDSON, ELLIS A. - Cassell's Technical Manuals: Gothic Stonework.
47257: DAVIES, G. CHRISTOPHER - The Swan and Her Crew, or The Adventures of Three Young Naturalists and Sportsmen on the Broads and Rivers of Norfolk
52626: DAVIES, JONATHAN CEREDIG - Folk-Lore of West and Mid-Wales
35879: DAVIES, CAITLIN - Place of Reeds
74366: DAVIES, J. - The Innkeeper and Butler's Guide, or, A Directory in the Making and Managing of British Wines; together with Directions for the Managing, Colouring and Flavouring of Foreign Wines and Spirits, and for making British Compounds, Peppermint, Anniseed, Shrub, &c.
52568: DAVIES, MARY - The Menu Cookery Book, for "Moderate People with Moderate Incomes"
60137: DAVIES, HORTON AND MARIE-HELENE - Holy Days and Holidays: The Medieval Pilgrimage to Compostela
56845: DAVIES, REV. DAVID - Echoes From The Welsh Hills; Or, Reminiscences Of The Preachers And People Of Wales
62719: DAVIS, P. H. [EDITOR] - Flora of Turkey and the East Aegean Islands, Volumes Two & Four only
64912: DAVIS, E. L. - The Town and Manor of Hungerford in the Royal County of Berkshire The Story of an Ancient Fishery
69185: DAVIS, JOHN K. - With the 'Aurora' in the Antarctic 1911-1914
56122: DAVIS, JOHN LLEWLYN AND VAUGHAN, DAVID JAMES - The Republic of Plato Translated into English, With an Analysis, and Notes [Golden Treasury Series]
65550: DAVIS, CHARLES EDWARD - Ancient Landmarks of Bath, or Notes of Pagan and Christian Antiquities in and around Aquae Sulis (Bath)
61625: DAVIS, NATALIE ZEMON - The Return of Martin Guerre
61890: DAVIS, DONALD - Old Penang
75959: DAVIS, DOROTHY DAVIS; CREASEY, J; PARRY, M [EDITORS] - Crime Without Murder; John Creasey's Crime Collection 1978; Beware Of The Cat [3 compilation Crime volumes]
75158: DAVISON, FRANCIS [ EDITED BY A.H. BULLEN ] - Davison's Poetical Rhapsody in 2 volumes
56442: DAVYS, JOHN - A Sort of an Answer to the Piece of a Book Entitled a Battle Royal. In a Dialogue. To Which is Prefix'd an Eisptle to the Author of the Rehearsals, Alias The Student of the Temple, Alias The Natural-Born-Subject, Alias The Man of Leisure; &c. &c. &c.
56420: DAWBER, E, GUY; LOFTIE, REV. W. J., ET AL. - The Architectural Review: A Magazine of Architeture & the Arts of Design, Vol. XVI. July - December 1904
75235: DAWKINS, RICHARD - The Selfish Gene
61842: DAWSON, ROBERT K. [MAPS] - Collection of 18 English County Maps Plus Reports for Cumberland, Lancashire, Leicestershire, Norfolk, Northamptonshire, Northumberland, Nottinghamshire, Shropshire, Somersetshire, Staffordshire, & Suffolk
75441: DAWSON, LUCY - Dogs as I See Them
73503: DAWSON, KENNETH - Salmon and Trout in Moorland Streams
60866: DAWSON, WATSON & CO. - 550 Every-day Latin Quotes and Phrases with Meaning
69292: DAWSON, JOHN - Imprisoned in The House of Detention for Libel
76066: DAY, SUSAN - Art Deco and Modernist Carpets
76261: DAY, UPENDRA NATH - Medieval Malwa: A Political and Cultural History 1401 - 1562
57970: DAY & MASON - Day & Mason's Story of Test Cricket: England v Australia; and Day & Mason: Cricket Annual 1953 [2 volumes]
72859: DAY, HAROLD A. E. - East Anglian Painters [in three Volumes]
48871: DAYOT, ARMAND, RODENBACH, GEORGES, CADOL, EDOUARD, ET AL. - Figaro illustre, Tome Quatrieme, Janvier-Decembre 1893
76202: DAYOT, ARMAND - Journees Revolutionnaires 1830-1848. D'apres des Peintures, Sculptures, Dessins, Lithographies, Medailles, Autographes, Objets-du Temps
32193: DEACON, C.W. - Deacon's Court Guide Gazetteer and Royal Blue Book: a Fashionable Register and General Survey of the County of Gloucester, embracing the whole of the towns in the Western Division of the County Cheltenhan, Stroud, Cirencester & the Cities of Gloucester, Bristol and Bath
73287: DEACON, WILLIAM - Observations on Stage-Waggons [wagons], Stage-Coaches, Turnpike-Roads, Toll-Bars, Weighing Machines, &c. Occasioned by A Committee of the House of Commons being appointed to enquire into the Principles and Effects of Broad and Narrow Wheels.
32541: "DEADFALL" OF "THE FIELD" - The Experiences of a Game Preserver , Field Library Volume 6
60058: DEAN'S RAG BOOKS - Zoo Animals, [A Dean's Baby Safe Book]
71803: M & H DEAN - Japanese Lacquer- An Exposition by M & H Dean
75020: DEAVER, JEFFERY - Manhattan Is My Beat
76635: DEAVER, JEFFERY - The Lesson Of Her Death; The Vanished Man; Garden Of Beasts [3 volumes]
76634: DEAVER, JEFFERY - Twisted: The Collected Stories Of Jeffery Deaver and More Twisted: Collected Stories Vol II [two volumes]
75022: DEAVER, JEFFERY - Death of a Blue Movie Star
74984: DEAVER, JEFFERY - Praying for Sleep
75024: DEAVER, JEFFERY - A Maiden's Grave
75023: DEAVER, JEFFERY - Hard News
75207: DEAVER, JEFFERY WILDS - The Lesson of Her Death
14181: DEBENHAM, FRANK - In the Antarctic, stories of Scott's last expedition
33304: DEBRAYE, HENRY - Touraine & Its Chateaux [The Picture Guides series]
74402: DEDEKIND, RICHARD - Essays on the Theory of Numbers
74747: DEELEY, R.M. - Midland Railway Locomotive Department. Locomotive Firing Instructions
71954: DEERING, C. - Catalogus Stirpium, &c. Or, A Catalogue of Plants Naturally growing and commonly cultivated in divers Parts of England, More especially about Nottingham-To which is added -a General Distribution of Plants , according to Mr. Ray-an Aphabetical List of Plants in Flower for every Month in the Year-
76478: DEFOE, DANIEL - Life and Adventures of Robison Crusoe of York, Mariner
75001: [DEFOE, DANIEL] - The Life And Most Surprising Adventures Of Robinson Crusoe Of York, Mariner, Who Lived Twenty-Eight Years In A Uninhabited Island On The Coast Of America, Near The Mouth Of The Great River Oroonoko. With An Account Of His Deliverance, And His After Surprising Adventures
41895: DEFOE, DANIEL [ADAPTED] - Robinson Crusoe (Adapted), With Many Illustrations, [Storytime Series No.3]
57466: DEFOE, DANIEL - The Life and Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe of York, Mariner
72919: DEFOE, DANIEL - Robinson Crusoe
69319: DEFOE, DANIELA [DANIEL], AND VYSKOCIL, ALBERT, [TRANSLATED BY] - Robinsona Crusoe [Robinson Crusoe]
35515: DEL PIOMBO, AKBAR - Fuzz Against Junk, The Saga of the Narcotics Brigade
59888: DELAFORCE, PATRICK - Monty's Highlanders
19274: DELAMARCHE, J. - Map - Aegypti Antiquae Tabula [ believed to be taken from Atlas de la Geographie Ancienne, du Moyen Age et Moderne, 1833 ]
65408: DELCROIX, J. - Advertisement for J. Delcroix perfumer
29710: DELILLE, JACQUES - L'Imagination, Poeme in 2 volumes
65295: DELILLE, M. [VIRGIL] - Les Georiques De Virgile, Avec La Traduction en Vers Francois [French/Latin Language]
46294: DELOGU, GIUSEPPE - Veronese: The Supper In The House Of Levi
72595: DELTA AND THETA; QUOPUS; DOUGLAS, A.M.; MAO; GRAHAM-ORLEBAR, IAN; WOOD, EDWARD G.W.; THODAY, CHRIS; THURMAN, JOHN - A Short Course of Patrol Leader Training; and 9 Scouter's Books [10 volumes]
30783: DEMOLEVILLE, A F BERTRAND - Private Memoirs Of A F Bertrand De Moleville Minister Of State, 1790 - 1791 Relative To The Last Year Of The Reign Of Louis The Sixteenth, In The Romances Of Royalty Series [Two Volumes]
64145: DEMORNEX, JACQUELINE - Madeleine Vionnet
72180: DEMOSTHENE AND CICERON [CICERO] - Philippiques de Demosthene et Catilinaires de Ciceron. Traduites par M. L'Abbe D'Olivet.
63931: DEMOSTHENES - Demosthenous Philippikoi [Philippics] kai symbouleutikoi. Cum notis variorum, Wolfii, Dounæi, Mounteneii, Stockii, Augeri, aliorumque congestis. Textui apposita est lectio Reiskiana. Vol 1 only
32873: DEMPSEY, DEBORAH, DOANE AND FOSTER, JOANNE, RECKLER - The Captain's A Woman, Tales of a Merchant Mariner
51105: DEMPSEY, GERTRUDE - The Spell Of Stewart Island
32520: DENHAM, HENRY, MANGLES - Sailing Directions for the Bristol Channel, being the result of a survey made by order of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty
50309: DENHAM, JOHN, SPRAT, THOMAS, [EDITED BY SAMUEL JOHNSON] - The Works of the English Poets. With Prefaces, Biographical and Critical, Volume 9 - The Poems of Denham, and Sprat
69062: DENING, WALTER - Japan in Days of Yore (Part II)
75586: DENISON, JOHN EVELYN ( RIGHT HON.) - Notes from my Journal when Speaker of the House of Commons
69539: THE DENISON NEWS CO. - Shasta Route
36065: DENNIS, M D - Heraldry, [Historic Scotland Resource Pack for Teacher's 5-14]
47120: DENNIS, JOHN - Heroes of Literature: English Poets, A book for young readers
63000: DENNIS, FELIX - When Jack Sued Jill: Nursery Rhymes for Modern Times
66279: DENNISTON, JAMES - Legends of Galloway; Being a Series of Traditions, Illustrative of its Ancient History, Customs, Manners, and Superstitions
71653: DENON, VIVANT - Voyage dans la Basse et la Haute Egypte, pendant les campagnes du General Bonaparte. [vol.s 1 and 3]
56343: DENT, C. T. - Moutaineering
40019: DENVIR, THE MOST REV. DR. - The Holy Bible, translated from the Latin Vulgate; diligently compared with the Hebrew, Greek, and other editions, in divers languages, The Old Testament, first published by the English College at Douay, A.D. 1609, and the New Testament, first published b
31097: DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORT - Marine Accident Investigation Branch - R.M.S. ""Titanic"", Reappraisal of Evidence Relating to S.S. ""Californian""
43275: DEPARTMENT FOR DISARMAMENT AFFAIRS REPORT OF THE SECRETARY-GENERAL - Study On The Climatic And Other Global Effects Of Nuclear War, [Study Series 18]
31385: DEPPING, G.-B. - Histoire de La Normandie sous Le Regne De Guillaume-Le-Conquerant et de Ses Successeurs, Depuis La Conquete de L'Angleterre , Volume I only
52399: DEPT. OF TRADE AND COMMERCE - Canadian Wood at Work
70205: DERHAM, W - Physico-Theology: Or a Demonstration of the Being and Attributes of God, From His Works of Creation. Being the Substance of Sixteen Sermons, Preached in St. Mary-Le-Bow Church, London. At the Honourable Mr. Boyle's Lectures, in the Years 1711, and 1712
76062: W. DERHAM, D. D. - Physico-Theology: Or, A Demonstration of the Being and Attributes of God, From his Works of Creation.
49909: DERMENGHEM, EMILE - The Life Of Mahomet
24572: DERRIG-PALUMBO, KATHLEENE AND ZEINE, FOOJAN - Online Therapy, a therapist's guide to exanding your practice
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75642: DODSLEY, ROBERT; JOHNSON, SAMUEL [PREFACE] - The Preceptor: Containing A General Course of Education. Wherein The First Principles of Polite Learning are Laid Down in a Way Most Suitable for Trying the Genius, and Advancing the Instruction of Youth. Twelve parts -in two volumes [Volume One only]
64136: DODSLEY, ROBERT [EDITOR] - A Collection of Poems, In Six Volumes by Several Hands
76306: DODSLEY, ROBERT - The Economy of Human Life; Translated from an Indian Manuscript
46852: DODSLEY, R - The Preceptor: Containing A General Course of Education. Wherein The First Principles Of Polite Learning Are Laid Down In A Way most suitable for trying the Genius, and advancing the Instruction of Youth, Volume I. and II.
69975: DODSON, BETTY - Selflove & Orgasm
49300: DODSWORTH, FRANCIS [EDITOR] - The Book of the West Indies
67837: DODSWORTH, WILLIAM - An Historical Account of the Episcopal See, and Cathedral Church, of Sarum,or Salisbury: comprising biographical notices of the Bishops; The History of the Establishment, from the earliest period; and a Description of the Monuments.
24354: DOELMAN, C - Picasso , 72 Lithographies
65176: DOLBY, ANASTASIA - Church Vestments: Their Origin, Use, and Ornament
43505: DOLLERY, H E (TOM) - Professional Captain
69401: DOLMETSCH, H. - The Historic Styles of Ornament, Containing 1500 examples from all countries and all periods, exhibited on one hundred plates mostly printed in gold and colours.
75521: DOMESTICA, ACHETA [PSEUD OF BUDGEN, L. M.] - Episodes of Insect Life. First, Second and Third Series [3 volumes]
62623: DOMINIC WINTER - Dominic Winter Book Auctions: The Collectors Sale, Aviation & Transport, Medals, Arms & Militaria, Wednesday & Thursday 18-19 May 2011 [Auction Catalogue]
18088: DON, FRANK - Colour Magic , Learn to use your pesonal magic
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67830: DONALDSON, FRANCES; EVANS, GERAINT, WITH GOODWIN, NOEL - The Royal Opera House in the Twentieth Century; Sir Geraint Evans: A Knight at the Opera; Royal Opera House La Boheme [Programme] [3 volumes]
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73950: DONNE , JOHN - The Complete English Poems
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58664: O'DONNELL, ELLIOTT - Ghosts of London
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62222: DONNELL, E. E.; BROWNE, FRANCIS - The Genius of Father Brown: Ireland's Photographic Discovery
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63828: DONOVAN, E. - Descriptive Excursions through South Wales and Monmouthshire, in the year 1904, and the four proceeding summers [volume 2 only]
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61657: DORA CHAPMAN, FRANCES COWEN, GEORGE HARVEY, H BELLIS AND OTHERS - Great Stories for Girls: The Best Book of Adventure and School Stories for Girls
65134: DOROTHY WORDSWORTH - George and Sarah Green: A Narrative
61146: DOROTHY PARKER, GEORGE S. CHAPPELL AND FRANK CROWNINSHIELD - High Society: Advice as to Social Campaigning and Hints on the Management of Dowagers, Dinners, Debutantes, Dances, and the Thousand and One Diversions of Persons of Quality
62223: DORTCH, VIRGINIA M. [EDITOR]; LICHT, FRED - Peggy Guggenheim and Her Friends
36050: DORWARD, LESLIE, [EDITED BY MARION FRY AND CHRIS TABRAHAM] - Castles in Scotland, [Historic Scotland, Resource Pack for Teachers 5-14]
42830: DOSS, HELEN - All The Children Of The World
39240: DOUCE, FRANCIS. [DISSERTATION]. FROGNALL DIBDIN. [INTRODUCTION]. HOLBEIN. - Holbein's Dance of Death, exhibited in Elegant Engravings on Wood, With a Dissertation on the Several Representations of that Subject. Also Holbein's Bible Cuts, Consisting of Ninety Illustrations on Wood
64016: DOUGLAS, MINNIE; MONTGOMERY, FLORENCE, ET AL. - Little Folks: A Magazine for the Young, New and Enlarged Series, Volumes 11 & 12, [in 2 volumes]
75803: DOUGLAS, KEITH; WALLER, JOHN (EDITOR) - Keith Douglas Collected Poems
44221: DOUGLAS, SIR SHOLTO, ET AL. - Wings, The Air Force Magazine Vol. 2, No. 11 August 1943
43822: DOUGLAS, CAPTAIN A J A, FOX, SIR FRANCIS, KING, NORMAN, ET AL. - The Geographical Journal Vol. L No. 2 August 1917
58238: DOUGLAS, MONTAGU W. - The Earl of Oxford As "Shakespeare": An Outline of the Case
75350: DOWD, ANTHONY - The Anthony Down Collection of Modern Bindings
63732: DOWD, J. H. AND SPENDER, B. E. - Serious Business
19267: DOWER, J. - Map of Denmark [ Taken from Teesdale's New General Atlas of the World ]
19268: DOWER, J. - Map of Sweden and Norway [ Taken from Teesdale's New General Atlas of the World ]
58588: DOWER, JOHN - Environs of London - Windsor Castle to Gravesend Map
24612: DOWLING, PAUL - Elvis, the Ultimate Album Cover Book , or 50,000,000 fans can't be wrong, Elvis gold records volume 2
47299: DOWNES, ROBERT P - Hours with the Immortals (British Poets), William Cowper to E. B. Browning
74841: DOWNS-BAIRD, DONALD - A Fly Dresser's Note Book
34915: DOWSON, SIR PHILIP [PREFACE] - Royal Academy Schools Final Year Exhibition 1997, [Postgraduate, 27 June - 11 July 1997]
42969: DOYLE, ARTHUR CONAN - Songs of the Road
75991: DOYLE, A. CONAN - The White Company
61835: DRAGE, CHARLES - The Amiable Prussian
60601: DRAPER, THE REV. BOURNE HALL - Stories from Scripture, on an Improved Plan. Old Testament
60657: DREISER, THEODORE - Moods: Cadenced & Declaimed
51889: DREW, JOSEPH - The Poisoned Cup: A Tale Of Weymouth And Sandsfoot Castle In The Days Of Queen Bess
71594: DREYER, J.L.E. - The Transactions of the Royal Irish Academy Volume XXVI Science [March 1878]
73951: DRINKWATER, JOHN - Cotswold Characters
57406: DRINKWATER, JOHN - Summer Harvest Poems 1924-1933
52781: DRISCOLL, JAMES M - The Catholic Schools Hymn Book
71590: DROBERCK, W - The Transactions of the Royal Irish Academy Volume XXV Science [April 12 1875]
75997: DRONMA Y [TRANSLATIONS]; T'AN HSU; THE CORPERATE BODY OF THE BUDDHA EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION; VEN. PIDIVILLE PIYATISSA - From The Riches Of The Buddhist Mind; A Glimpse Into The Buddhist Mind; On Amidism; The Story Of The Buddha; An Exposition Of Buddhism [Five Volumes]
62098: DRUDONE, HILARIO - Equitis Franci & Adolescentulae Mulieris Italae. Practica Artis Amandi, Insigni & Jucundissima Historia Ostensa. Cui Praeterea, Quae ex Variis Autoribus Antehac Annexa Sunt, Alia Quaedam Huic Materiae non Inconvenientia jam Primum Accesserunt, Eaque Singularia; et ad praxin hujus seculi potisimum accommodata
31300: DRUMMOND, HENRY - The Monkey That Would Not Kill - Stories by Henry Drummond
34606: DRUMMOND, WILLIAM - A Cypress Grove
64017: DRUMMOND, HENRY - The Monkey That Would Not Be Killed
39810: DRUMMOND, JAMES, L - First Steps To Botany, Intended As Popular Illustrations of The Science, leading to its study as a branch of general education
76044: DRURY, CHRIS - Antarctica: A Heartbeat of the Earth
76392: DRURY, P. J. (EDITED BY) - Structural Reconstruction. Approaches to the Interpretation of the Excavated Remains of Buildings
72677: DRURY, JOHN - Dining in Chicago
75208: VAN DRUTEN, JOHN; STERN, G.B.; COPPARD A.E.; O'FAOLAIN, SEAN; HOULT, NORAH; MACLAREN, HAMISH; BOWEN, ELIZABETH; FRASER, RONALD; WHITAKER, MALACHI - Consequences. A Complete Story in the Manner of the Old Parlour Game in Nine Chapters Each by a Different Author
32223: DRYDEN, JOHN - Poetical Works of John Dryden in 5 volumes - The Aldine Edition of the British Poets
73798: DRYDEN, JOHN - A Scolar Press Facsimile: Fables Ancient and Modern; Translated into Verse from Homer, Ovid, Boccace, and Chaucer: With Original Poems by Mr. Dryden 1700
48140: DRYDEN, WINDY [EDITOR] - Individual therapy: a handbook
75214: DRYDEN, JOHN - Fables, Ancient and Modern Translated into Verse, from Homer, Ovid, Boccace, and Chaucer: With Original Poems
52382: DUBROVNIK ALBUM - Dubrovnik, 12 Sepia views
63149: DUBUISSON, A.; HUGHES, C. E. - Richard Parkes Bonington: His Life and Work
73211: DUBUS III, ANDRE - Townie , a memoir
73825: DUC DE CASTRIES - The Lives of the Kings and Queens of France
72852: DUCHESNE SENIOR - Museum of Painting and Sculpture, or, Collection of the Principal Pictures, Statues, and Bassi-relievi, in public and private galleries of Europe [7 vol.s, II, III, V, VII, VIII, XI and XIII]
76074: THE DUCHESS OF WINDSOR - The Heart Has Its Reasons
64464: DUCKETT, SIR G. F. [EDITOR] - Original Documents Relating to the Hostages of John, King of France, and the Treaty of Bretigny, in 1360
59537: DUCKETT, SIR G. F. [EDITOR] - Original Documents Relating to the Hostages of John, King of France, and the Treaty of Bretigny, in 1360
69821: DUCUING, FR - L'Exposition, Universelle de 1867 Illustree
60618: DUFF, H. L. - Nyasaland Under the Foreign Office
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68003: EADIE, JOHN [EDITOR] - The National Comprehensive Family Bible. The Holy Bible with an Abridgement of the Commentaries of Scott and Henry, and Containing also many thousand Critical and Explanatory Notes selected from The Standard Authors of Europe and America-.edited by the Late Rev. John Eadie
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60039: ECTON, MR. - Liber Valorum & Decimarum. Being an Account of Such Ecclesiastical Benefices in England and Wales, as Now Stand Charged with, or lately were Discharged from the Payment of First-Fruits and Tenths
74609: EDDOWES, JOHN - The Two Killers of Rillington Place
9548: EDE, JAMES - A View of the Gold & Silver Coins Of All Nations, Exhibited In above Four Hundred Copper Plate Engravings correctly executed by an eminent artist, to which is added in a regular index, the Name, Assay, Weight and Value of Each. Also Sir Isaac Newton's Tab
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67445: EDHOLM, O G, AND GUNDERSON, E K E, (EDITED BY) - Polar Human Biology (The Proceedings of the SCAR/IUPS/IUBS Symposium)
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70541: EDMONDSON, JOSEPH [EDITOR] - A Companion to the Peerage of Great-Britain and Ireland, Being an Alphabetical List of such of the Daughters of Dukes, Marquises and Earls, (Now Living) Who are Married to Commoners
72931: E. F. [EDMUND FLAGG] - The Far West: or, A Tour Beyond the Mountains. Embracing outlines of Western life and scenery; sketches of the Prairies, rivers, ancient mounds, early settlements of the French, Etc., Etc. [vol. 1 of 2]
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31903: EDWARD BULWER LYTTON - The Pilgrims Of The Rhine
62948: EDWARD TURNER, ELIZABETH HELME, T. S. ARTHUR & REGINA M. ROCHE - The Young Man's Companion; St. Clair of the Isles; Anna Lee; The Children of the Abbey; The Awful Disclosures of Maria Monk and the Mysteries of a Convent [5 volumes]
65008: EDWARD STEP - Wayside and Woodland: A Pocket Guide to British Wild-flowers for the Country Rambler
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71755: EDWARD FITZGERALD (TRANSLATED BY) - Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
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46613: EDWARDS, SYDENHAM - The New Flora Britannica, illustrated with One Hundred and Thirty-Three Plants, engraved by Sansom, from the original pictures, and coloured with the greatest exactness from drawings by Sydenham Edwards, in two volumes, [2 volumes in 1]
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15567: EDWIN COOLING , S. W. STAVELY, THOMAS WALLIS, MARTHA TAYLOR & G MILLSWOOD - Domestic Gardener's Assistant, in the modern practice of English Gardening, designed for those who manage their own gardens - with hints on The Hothouse and Greenhouse -. Remarks on the Management of Bees, this is bound with 5 other volumes - The New Whol
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59524: EGAN, DESMOND - Leaves
68000: EGAN, FRANK - Through the Hollow Oak , A Book of Nonsense for Children and Older Children: A Fairy Story without any Fairies
76214: EGAN, PIERCE - The Show Folks! Embellished with Nine Characteristic Designs on Wood, by the Late Mr. Theodore Lane, and engraved by Mr. John Thompson. To which is added, a biographical sketch of the Life of Mr. Theodore Lane
73989: EGAN, PIERCE - Life in London; Or, the Day and Night Scenes of Jerry Hawthorn, Esq. and his Elegant Friend Corinthian Tom, Accompanied by Bob Logic, The Oxonian, in their Rambles and Sprees through the Metropolis.
75549: EGINARDUS - Memoirs of Europe Towards the Close of The Eighth Century Vol II
57684: EGLIN, GEBR - Der Todtentanz [The Dance of Death] Gemälde auf der Mühlenbrücke in Luzern ausgeführt von Casparus Meglinger, Pictor
76591: EHA - The Tribes on My Frontier - An Indian Naturalists Foreign Policy; Behind the Bungalow [2 Volumes]
76503: [EHRLICH], BETTINA - Of Uncles and Aunts
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73583: EKWALL, EILERT - The Concise Oxford Dictionary of English Place-Names
22135: ELEANORA L. HERVEY. NOEL JONES. THOMAS HOOD. CUTHBERT BEDE. HERBERT MAPLE ET AL - Pictures of Society. Grave and Gay. From the Pencils of Celebrated Artists and the Pens of Popular Authors
59247: ELECTRIC MACHINERY MFG COMPANY - Instruction Book for D.C. Motors and Controllers for Lathe and Drill Press, Lube Oil Purifier, Lube Oil Purifier Pump, Refrigeration Compressor, Air Compressor, Auxiliary Condensate Pump, U.S. Maritime Commission
76510: ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA - Out of the Blue. (Song Book containing sheet music for Voice and Piano)
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38991: ELEY, GEOFF - Reshaping The German Right: Radical Nationalism and Political Change after Bismarck
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44529: ELIOT, GEORGE - Adam Bede Vol. I, [The Works of George Eliot]
70664: ELIOT, GEORGE - Silas Marner
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74547: ELIOT, GEORGE - The Works of George Eliot. Daniel Deronda [3 Volumes]
72687: ELIOT, T.S. - East Coker
30978: ELIOVSON, SIMA - Shrubs, Trees And Climbers
60266: S. W. [ELIZABETH KILNER] - A Visit to a Farm-House, or an Introduction to Various Subjects, Connected with Rural Economy
63170: [ELIZABETH SEWELL] - Journal of a Summer Tour, From Ostend, Through Germany, Switzerland, and Part of the Tyrol, to Genoa. Kept for the children of a village school.
59867: ELKIN, R. H. - The Children's Corner
73008: ELLACOMBE, REV. H. T. - The History of The Parish of Bitton, in the County of Gloucester [2 parts in one volume]
71623: ELLICOTT, CHARLES JOHN - Sermons at Gloucester
60607: ELLIOT, MARY - The Two Edwards; or, Pride and Prejudice Unmasked
61077: ELLIOT, J. W. - National Nursery Rhymes and Nursery Songs set to Original Music
60587: ELLIOTT, MARY - Gems in the Mine; or, Traits and Habits of Childhood, in Verse
60599: ELLIOTT, MARY - Tales for Girls
65719: J.W. ELLIOTT, L. EDNA WALTER [EDITOR] AND OTHERS - National Nursery Rhymes and Nursery Songs, English Nursery Rhymes, Thirty Old-Time Nursery Songs, Old English Nursery Songs [4 volumes on English Nursery Rhymes]
60333: ELLIOTT, MARY - Innocent Poetry; containing moral and religious truths for infant minds
27131: ELLIS, MRS - The Juvenile Scrap-Book
28612: ELLIS, REV WILLIAM - Three Visits to Madagascar during the years 1853 - 1854 - 1856 including a Journey to the Capital, with Notices of the Natural History of the Country and of the Present Civilisation of the People
38306: ELLIS, WILLIAM - The Royal Jubilees of England; with Introduction Sketches of the Mosaic and Roman Jubilees, and a Narrative of the Reign of Egbert, First King of England
57029: ELLIS, ALICE THOMAS - The Clothes in the Wardrobe
39217: ELLIS, HAVELOCK - George Chapman, with illustrative passages
56890: ELLIS, THE HON. GEORGE AGAR - The True History of the State Prisoner, Commonly Called The Iron Mask, Extracted from Documents in the French Archives
70539: ELLIS, WILLIAM - The Practical Farmer: Or , The Hertfordshire Husbandman: Containing many New Improvements in Husbandry.
42957: ELLIS, WILLIAM - Polynesian Researches, during a residence of nearly six years in the South Sea Islands; including descriptions of the natural history and scenery of the islands-with remarks on the history, mythology, traditions, government, arts, manners, and customs of
75390: ELLIS, WILLIAM - Ellis's Husbandry, Abridged and Methodized: Comprehending the Most Useful Articles of Practical Agriculture. Two Volume Set
73976: ELLIS, D. L.; SPONG, E.; BALDWIN, DR. J. - Travellers' Serbo-Croat for Yugoslavia
73489: ELLROY, JAMES - American Tabloid
73900: ELLROY, JAMES - 2 volumes: My Dark Places; Blood's a Rover
64570: ELLWOOD, REV. T - The Landnama Book of Iceland
26706: ELMER ADLER. ALFRED STANFORD. JOHN T. WINTERICH. [ EDITORS ] - The Colophon - New Series Volume 1 Numbers 3 & 4, Volume 2 Numbers 2, 3 & 4, Volume 3 Numbers 1, 3, & 4 [ 8 issues from 1936 - 1938 ]
75833: ELPHINSTONE, MONTSTUART - Territories Conquered from the Paishwa, A Report
58482: ELUARD, PAUL AND BARR, ALFRED H. - a Pablo Picasso; & Picasso Fifty Years of his Art [2 volumes]
70304: ELY, REV. J., BINNEY, REV. THOMAS, THORNTON, REV. JOHN, AND OTHERS- - The British Preacher , under the Sanction of the Ministers whose discourses appear in its pages Vol.I
35656: EMANUEL, WALTER - The Dog World & Anti - Cat Review
45740: EMANUEL, W D [COMPILER] - Focal Flash Chart
75898: EMBREE, AINSLIE T. (EDITOR) - Pakistan's Western Borderlands. The Transformation of a Political Order
30640: EMERSON, RALPH WALDO [ EDITED BY J. PENNELLS ] - An Emerson Treaury [ The Queen's Library of Literary Treasures ]
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36980: EMERSON, P H, [EDITOR] - Welsh Fairy-Tales and Other Stories
76604: [EMERSON, RALPH WALDO; SOLOMON] - Great Thoughts from Emerson; Proverbs of Solomon, Lemuel & Agur [2 Miniature Volumes]
58186: EMERSON, WILLIAM - Miscellanies. or a Miscellaneous Treatise; Containing Several Mathematical Subjects
75204: EMERSON, WILLIAM - Mechanics, or Doctrine of Motion, Comprehending, I. The general laws of motion. -- II. The descent of bodies perpendicularly..;The Projection of the Sphere in Plano; The Laws of Centripetal and Centrifugal Force [3 books in one]
38027: EMI FILM PRODUCTIONS - Tales of Beatrix Potter, 8 Film Stills
73862: EMIN, TRACEY - This is Another Place
67206: EMINENT DIVINE - An Abridgement of Scripture History designed for the Amusement and Improvement of Children
73003: EMLYN, CHARLES W.; WADE, E. K.; NEVILL, P. B. - Collection of 3 memoires of Scouting: A Twenty-Four Years' Hike; 27 years with Baden-Powell; My Scouting Story
64387: EMMANUEL PAPILLON AND CLAUDE GUIGUET [EDITORS] - Jean Dreville 40 Ans de Cinema
51285: ENANI, M M [EDITOR] - Naguib Mahfouz Nobel 1988, Egyptian Perspectives: A Collection of Critical Essays
48929: ENFIELD, WILLIAM - The Speaker; or, Miscellaneous Pieces, Selected from the Best English Writers, and Disposed Under Proper Heads, With a View to Facilitate the Improvement of Youth, in Reading and Speaking. To Which is Prefixed an Essay on Elocution
61381: ENGLAND, F. E. - Can Human Nature Be Improved ? [Needs of To-day series No. 11]
64026: ENGLEFIELD, ELSIE - A Treatise on Pewter and its manufacture-
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35745: EWING, ELIZABETH - Fashion in Underwear
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74838: FALLON, MARTIN [JACK HIGGINS] - The Testament of Caspar Schultz
74867: FALLON, MARTIN [ HIGGINS, JACK ] - Midnight Never Comes
74869: FALLON, MARTIN [ HIGGINS, JACK ] - Dark Side of the Street
74870: FALLON, MARTIN [ HIGGINS, JACK ] - The Keys of Hell
74612: FALLON, MARTIN [HIGGINS, JACK] - Midnight Never Comes
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73623: FANTE, JOHN - 1933 Was A Bad Year
58529: FANTHORPE, U. A. - Voices Off
58700: FANTHORPE, U. A. - Standing To
50876: FARBER, MILTON - Blackstone and White Rock
63668: FARJEON, ELEANOR - The Italian Peepshow and Other Stories
24609: FARLEY-HILLS, DAVID - Rochester's Poetry
42793: FARMER, HENRY - The Naples Varsoviana [cover only]
14717: FARNHAM, S.G. & ISOBEL - Scrapbook of The Wokingham Art Group and Bladon Society of Arts and Crafts
61355: FAROVA, ANNA; REZAC, JAN - Josef Sudek: Portraits
56950: FARQUHAR, GEORGE - 'The Works of the Late Ingenions Mr George Farquhar..'
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62816: FARROW, G. E. - The Wallypug in Fog-Land
11001: FARROW, G E - Wallypug Tales
72246: FARWELL, GEORGE - Land of Mirage. By Camel through the Inland
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52834: FATHER SERAPHIN, [GIAMMARIA, GIOVANNI] - Pious Reflections on the Passion of Jesus Christ, to Help the Faithful to Meditate Upon it with Ease, Volume II. Only
46831: FAUCHIER, SERGE, DOMINIQUE GAUTHIER, ET AL - "Fragments et Figures"
56657: FAULKNER, THOMAS - An Historical and Topographical Description of Chelsea, and its Environs; Interspersed with Biographical Anecdotes of illustrious and Eminent Persons who have Resided in Chelsea During the Three Preceding Centuries, in two volumes
58833: FAUVERT, CHRISTIAN [EDITOR] - French Super Train Album
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62474: FAWCETT, WILLIAM AND RENDLE, ALFRED BARTON - Flora of Jamaica Containing Descriptions of the Flowering Plants Known from the Island- Vol. I. Orchidacae (vol 1 only)
61672: FEARNLEY, RAGNHILD - Pär Lagerkvist
67311: FEARNLEY-WHITTINGSTALL, JANE - The Ministry of Food
51407: FEARNSIDE, W. G. [EDITOR] - Tombleson's Views of the Rhine
75029: FEIST, E. RAYMOND - Magician
74768: FELLOWES, WILLIAM DORSET; FRANCKEN, C.W.; CAPTAIN INGLEFIELD; LIEUTENANT SUTHERLAND - Narratives of Shipwrecks. Loss of Lady Hobart Packet; of the Hon. East India Company's Ship Cabalva; and of the Centaur and Litchfield Men-of-War
57079: FELLOWES, EDMUND H. - A History of Winchester Cricket
43871: THE FELLOWSHIP OF ENGINEERING - Modern Materials in Manufacturing Industry; A Study carried out by a Working Party of Fellows with support from the Department of Industry
76063: FELTON, HENRY - Sermons on the Creation, Fall and Redemption of Man, And on the Sacrifices of Cain and Abel, the Rejection and Punishment of Cain
48346: FENDLEY, JOHN, [EDITOR] - Notes on the Diocese of Gloucester by Chancellor Richard Parsons, c.1700, [Gloucestershire Record Series Volume 19]
75663: FENELON, FRANCOIS - Aventures de Telemaque, par Fenelon.
63062: FENELON - Pious Reflections for Every Day in the Month, Translated from the French of Fenelon- To Which is now Added, a Sketch of the Life of the Author and Father's Advice to his Son
60840: FENELON - Fables de Fenelon, Edition Ornee de Figures
62106: FENELON; HAWKESWORTH, JOHN [TRANSLATOR] - The Adventures of Telemachus, The Son of Ulysses
60100: FENELON, ABBE - On the Education of Daughters; Translated from the French of the Abbe Fenelon, Afterwards Archbishop of Cambray
72087: FENNER, J. H. - Fenner Wedge Belt V-Belt Timing Belt Chain Drives , Catalogue 110/73
38758: FENNING, DANIEL - The Ready Reckoner; or, Trader's most useful Assistant, in Buying and Selling all sorts of commodities either wholesale or retail; Showing at one view The Amount of Value...
60420: FENNING, D. AND MALHAM, REV. J. - The Young Man's New Universal Companion; or, Gentleman's Pocket Intelligencer. Containing, I. The Principles of the English Language; Directions for Writing-
75802: FENTON, JAMES - Our Western Furniture
60279: FERGUSON, WALTER - My Early Days
65002: FERGUSON, JAMES - Fergusons Lectures
62646: FERGUSON, JAMES - An Easy Introduction to Astronomy, for Young Gentlemen and Ladies, Describing The Figure, Motions, and Dimensions of the Earth; The Different Seasons; Gravity and Light-.
71698: FERGUSSON, W. N. - Adventure Sport and Travel on the Tibetan Steppes
71607: FERNANDEZ, JOSEPH - Henry's Mental Arithmetic and Fact Book
61527: FERNANDO HENRIQUES, MONA MACMILLAN, OLIVE SENIOR - Jamaica: Land of Wood and Water; The Land of Look Behind; & A-Z of Jamaican Heritage [3 volumes]
72109: FERRARI, ENRIQUE LAFUENTE - Goya Grabados y Lithografias
46267: FERRIER, J TODD, [EDITOR] - The Herald Of The Cross, Volume XVI Incorporting Issues No 1 to 6
67209: FEUCHTWANG, STEPHAN D. R. - An Anthropological Analysis of Chinese Geomancy
62620: FEVRE, FERMIN - Berni
74947: FFORDE, KATIE - Going Dutch
44104: FIDLER, JOHN P, PARKER, JOSEPH W - Method 'Splicing', Hints on splicing and ringing minor methods
32943: FIELD, HILL - Harvested Thoughts
70623: FIELD, RACHEL - Hitty: Her First Hundred Years; Calico Bush [2 volumes]
40006: FIELD, MICHAEL - A Selection from the Poems of Michael Field
64478: FIELD, JULIAN [EDITOR] AND FARRAR, REV. F. W. [INTRODUCTION] - The New Life in Christ Jesus, Essays on Subjects Relating to Spiritual Life
62454: THE "FIELD" - A Hunt Map of England and Wales 1880
76797: FIELD, JOHN EDWARD - The Myth of the Pent Cuckoo. A Study in Folklore
40080: FIELDING, SARAH - Xenophon's Memoirs of Socrates. With The Defense of Socrates before his Judges. Translated from the Original Greek
75729: FIELDING, HENRY - Fielding's Works. Amelia, The History of Tom Jones Vol. 1 and 2. Three Matching Volumes
70660: FIELDING, HENRY - Tom Jones
65163: MR. FIELDING - Temple Beau: A Comedy as it is acted at the Theatre in Goodman's Fields
65747: FIELDING, HENRY - The Works of Henry Fielding , The History of Tom Jones Vol.s 1-6, The Life of Mr Jonathan Wild Vol.s 1-3, Amelia Vol.s 1-3, [12 volumes]
31860: FIELDS, JAMES, T. - Poems
35807: FIENNES, JINI - On Pilgrimage , A Time to Seek
58398: FIGES, EVA - The Banger
65924: FIGUIER, LOUIS - Les Grandes Inventions Scientifiques et Industrielles
76550: FINBERG, ALEX - Turner's Water-Colours at Farnley Hall (6 volumes in folder)
75734: FINCH, RAY; EDGELLER, JOHN (EDITOR) - Ray Finch, Craftsman Potter of the Modern Age: A Collection of Essays and Contributions
73302: FINCK, HENRY T. - Food and Flavor [Flavour]: A Gastronomic Guide to Health and Good Living.
64451: FINDEN AND BARTLETT - Finden's Views of the Ports, Harbours and Watering Places of Great Britain, continued by W.H. Bartlett
47654: FINDEN, WILLIAM - The Ports, Harbours, Watering-Places And Picturesque Scenery of Great Britian. Illustrated by views taken on the spot, with descriptions, historical and topographical, Vol. I. & II. [in 2 volumes]
31621: FINDLATER, RICHARD [EDITOR] - Author! Author! , A Selection from ""The Author"" Journal
76234: FINDLAY, J.J. - Arnold Of Rugby: His School Life and Contributions to Education
31748: FINDON, B W - Sir Arthur Sullivan His Life And Music
51550: FINDON, F J [EDITOR] - The Light Car, No. 1368 & 1391, Aug & Dec 1939, [2 issues]
39300: FINEBERG, J, [TRANSLATOR] - Heroic Leningrad: Documents, Sketches and Stories of its Siege and Relief
74432: FINESCHI, VINCENZIO - Il Forestiero Istruito in S. Maria Novella
76672: FINLAY, IAN HAMILTON - [Snowdrop]
57362: FINLEY, MARTHA - Mildred at Roselands; Mildred at Home; Mildred's New Daughter; Mildred's Married Life; & Mildred Keith [5 volumes]
64566: FINNEMORE, JOHN; KER, DAVID; STABLES, DR. GORDON, ET AL. - The Boy's Own Annual, Volume 24, 1901-1902
76492: FINNEMORE, JOHN - The Story of Robin Hood and His Merry Men
71932: FINNEMORE, JOHN - A Boy Scout in the Balkans
65349: E. J. FINOPOULOS AND LEONORA G. NAVARI - Ptolemy's Greece A Comparative Sudy of the Maps from the 'Geographia' 1477-1730
61696: FIRTH, HENRY - Bright Boy's Book
67411: FISCHEL, WALTER J. - Jews in the Economic and Political Life of Mediaeval Islam
73946: FISHENDEN, R. B. [EDITOR] - Penroses Annual: A Review of the Graphic Arts, 1935 [volume 37]
74441: FISHER, RICHARD - Catalogue of a Collection of Engravings, Etchings and Woodcuts
32496: FISHER, PAUL HAWKINS - Notes and Recollections of Stroud
52337: FISHER, LETTICE - Stories for Mary
60416: FISHER, GEORGE - The Instructor: or Young Man's Best Companion. Containing Spelling, Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic in an Easier way than any yet Published- In This Work is Also Given a Compendium of the Sciences of Geography and Astronomy. Containing a brief Description of the Different Parts of the Earth, and Survey of the Celestial Bodies. And some Useful Interest-Tables
72938: FISHER, LALA; MARTIN, MRS PRATCHETT; REEVES, HON. PEMBER, AND OTHERS- - By Creek and Gully , Stories and sketches mostly of Bush life. Told in Prose and rhyme. By Australian Writers in England.
76557: FISHER, JAMES - The New Naturalist. The Fulmar
63462: FISHER, GEORGE - Arithmetick [Arithmetic] in the Plainest and Most Concise Methods Hetherto Extant. With New Improvements for Dispatch of Business in all the Several Rules. As Also Fractions Vulgar and Decimal, Wrought Together after a new Method, that Renders both easy to be Understood in their Nature and Use-
49943: FISHER, A HUGH - Frolics With Uncle Yule
72974: FISKE, JOHN - The Idea of God as Affected by Modern Knowledge; Life Everlasting; Through Nature to God; The Destiny of Man Viewed in the Light of his Origin [4 volumes]
67696: FITCHETT, W. H. - Deeds that Won the Empire Historic Battle Scenes
65315: FITZ GERALD, E A - The Highest Andes
72639: FITZ-ROY, ROBERT [FITZROY, CAPT. ROBERT; KING, CAPT. PHILIP PARKER; DARWIN, CHARLES ] - Narrative of the Surveying Voyages of His Majesty's Ships Adventure and Beagle, between the years 1826 and 1836 describing their Examination of the Southern Shores of South America, and the Beagle's circumnavigation of the globe volumes I and II with appendix to volume II [3 volumes]
74186: FITZGERALD, EDWARD [TRANSLATOR] - The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
59415: FITZGERALD, MARY; O'MALLEY, TONY; TYRRELL, CHARLES - Works 6. Mary Fitzgerald; Works 14. Tony O'Malley; Works 15. Charles Tyrrell, [3 volumes]
66330: FITZGERALD, KATHLEEN - Contes de Perrault (Perrault's Tales)
49411: FITZGERALD, FRANCIS - The General Genteel Preceptor: Part I. Geography, & Part II. History and Chronology, [in 2 volumes]
67877: [FITZGERALD, FRANCIS] - Surveys of Nature [Historical, Moral and Entertaining Exhibiting the Principles of Natural Sciences in Various Branches] (Volume 2)
72965: FITZGERALD, S.J. ADAIR - The Zank=iwank and The Blether=witch. [Zankiwank and Bletherwitch]
51202: FITZGERALD, EDWARD - Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
74364: FITZGERALD, F. SCOTT - Scott Fitzgerald [vol 1]
52262: FITZHUGH, FRANK [EDITOR] - The Evening News, No.16,857, Tuesday, January 21, 1936
76592: FLACCUS, QUINTUS HORATIUS [HORACE] - Quintus Horatius Flaccus containing Carminum I - IV, Epodon Liber, Satirarum I - II, Epistolarum I - II
76593: FLACCUS, QUINTUS HORATIUS [HORACE] - Quintus Horatius Flaccus contains Carminum I - IV, Epodon Liber, Satirarum I - II, Epistolarum I - II
30948: O'FLAHERTY, LIAM - The Assassin
74806: O'FLAHERTY, LIAM - A Tourist's Guide to Ireland
69692: FLAKE, CHAD J. AND DRAPER, LARRY W. (EDITORS) - A Mormon Bibliography 1830-1930
52456: FLAMENT, ALBERT, ET AL. - Le Monde illustre Soixante-Septieme Annee Hebdomadaire Universel, No. 3420, 7 Juillet 1923
75970: FLAVEL, JOHN - A Saint Indeed; or, The Great Work of a Christian Opened and Pressed.
76704: FLECKER, JAMES ELROY; SQUIRE, J.C. [EDITOR]; [SECKER, MARTIN] - The Collected Poems of James Elroy Flecker
13725: FLECTCHER, BERYL S. & JOHN, SMITH, BARRY AND BACHEM, WALTER - A Students Guide to the Plays of Samuel Beckett
74514: FLEETWOOD, REV. JOHN; BEILBY PORTEUS; JEREMY TAYLOR; SIR MATTHEW HALE; HUGH BLAIR - The Life of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ: Together with The Lives of His Holy Apostles and Evangelists. To which is added, Evidences of the Truth of Christianity, by Beilby Porteus; The Golden Grove; A Choice Manual of what is to be Believed, Practised and Prayed for by Jeremy Taylor. Meditations Upon the Lord's Prayer by Sir Matthew Hale and A Sermon on the Death of Christ by Rev. Hugh Blair
60911: R FLEMING, BOB MCLEOD, DAN VADO, SCOTT BEHEFIEL & TREVOR SCOTT - Eclipso The Darkness Within: The Adventures of Superman & Superman The Eclipsing of Lois Lane [2 issues]
76763: FLEMING, ROBERT - The Rise and Fall of Rome Papal.
69753: FLEMING, IAN - A collection of James Bond titles in paperback by Pan Books: Dr. No, Goldfinger, Casino Royale, You Only Live Twice, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Diamonds are Forever, Live and Let Die, Moonraker, For Your Eyes Only [9 volumes]
69479: FLEMMING, LEONARD - The Call of the Veld
49995: FLETCHER, FLETCHER, SMITH AND BACHEM - A Student's Guide to the Plays of Samuel Beckett
57852: FLEURY, MONSIEUR - The History, Choice, and Method of Studies
9570: FLEURY, CLAUDE, CLARKE, A - The Manners Of The Ancient Israelites; -, in three parts, with a short account of the Ancient and Modern Samaritans, the whole much enlarged from the principal writers on Jewish Antiquities by A. Clarke
56966: FLOERNCE BONE, FAY INCHFAWN, MARY CRANFIELD, W. GILHESPY ETC - Woman's Magazine Annual 1933 Volume 54
60906: FLORIAN - Fables de Florian, Nouvelle Édition, Revue, corrigée et suivie, De Tobie et de Ruth, Poems Tirés de L'ecriture Sainte
72733: FLORIAN - Estelle, Pastorale; par M. de Florian
73236: FLOWER, DESMOND [EDITOR] - Voltaire's England.
7740: FLOYD, RAY - Ray Floyd's Guide To Senior Golf
63415: FLOYER, ERNEST, A. - Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society and Monthly Record of Geography, Vol. IX., No. 11, November, 1887
71602: FLUEGEL, GUSTAVUS [EDITOR] - Corani Textus Arabicus Ad Fidem Librorum Manu Scriptorum et Impressorum et ad Praecipuorum Interpretum Lectiones et Auctoritatem Recensuit Indicesque Triginta Sectionum et Suratarum
49318: FLYNN, HELEN J, LEE, DORIS M, COWEN, FRANCES, ET AL. - Monster Book for Children [1945]
71666: FO,DARIO; RAME, FRANCA; WYMARK, OLWEN (ADAPTATION) - Female Parts, One Woman Plays
70470: FOAKES, R.A., AND, RICKERT R.T. - Henslowe's Diary
65795: FOCILLON, AD - Le Spectacle du Ciel
75902: FOER, JONATHAN SAFRAN - Eating Animals
65105: FOKKE, SIMONSZ. A - Boertige Reis Door Europa: 7 Volumes
73904: FOLEY, MICHAEL - Orchids of the British Isles
56407: THE FOLIO SOCIETY - Collection of Folio Society Member's Items, Including 50 Issues of the Quarterly Magazine from 1973-99, 11x Prospectuses, Plus Various Promotional Material, Letters Etc
59536: FOLLEN, MRS - A Mother's Library for Little Folks, Vol. 4. Nursery Songs
56408: FOLLES, UNDRE - Fra Angelico da Fiesole Acht Farbige Biedergaden Berühmter Gemälde
74557: FOLLETT, KEN - Edge of Eternity
74818: FOLLETT, KEN - World Without End
25961: LA FONTAINE. HAUTEROCHE. CAMPISTRON. BOURSAULT. - Oeuvres de La Fontaine, Hauteroche, Campistron, Boursault. [ Le Florentin, La Coupe Enchantee, Le Deuil, Crispin Medecin, Le Cocher Suppose, L'Esprit Follet ]
47070: LA FONTAINE, JEAN DE - Fables de La Fontaine, precedees d'une notice par C.- A. Sainte-Beuve
48373: DE FONTENELLE, BERNARD, DE LA LANDE, J., & DE VOLTAIRE M. - Conversations on the Plurality of Worlds
19984: DE FONVIELLE, WILFRED - Navigation Aerienne ( Etude Practique ) [ Ballooning a coloured, engraved print ]
47181: FOOT, CONSTANCE M. - In And Around London
67935: FORBES, THOMAS ROGERS - The Midwife and the Witch
69079: FORBES, DAVID W - Encounters with Paradise (Views of Hawaii and its People, 1778-1941)
62115: FORBES, FREDERICK E. - Dahomey and the Dahomans: Being the Journals of Two Missions to the King of Dahomey, and Residence at His Capital, in the Years 1849 and 1850- In Two Volumes
70222: FORBIN, COUNT DE - Travels in Egypt, being a Continuation of the Travels in the Holy Land in 1817-18
32768: FORD, HAROLD - Shakespeare, His Ethical Teaching
36171: FORD, THOMAS K. - The Apothecary in Eighteenth-Century Williamsburg, The Silversmith in Eighteenth-Century Williamsburg, The Leatherworker in Eighteenth-Century Williamsburg, 3 volumes
36455: FORD, JOHN M. T. - A Medical Student at St. Thomas's Hospital, 1801 - 1802 , The Weekes Family Letters : Medical History , Supplement No. 7,
70202: FORD, E. B.; VESEY-FITZGERALD, BRIAN; FITTER, R.S.R.; DUDLEY STAMP, L - The New Naturalist No. 1-4: Butterflies; British Game; London's Natural History; Britain's Structure and Scenery [4 volumes]
70335: FORD, E. B. - The New Naturalist, Moths [part of the New Naturalist series]
73909: FORD, GERALD R. - A Time to Heal: The Autobiography of Gerald R. Ford
73505: FORD, RICHARD - The Sportswriter
57568: FORD, LESLIE - Siren in the Night
63813: FORD MOTOR COMPANY - Cortina Owner's Handbook
56195: FORD, SHERIDAN - The Art of Folly
72136: FORD, LAETITIA - The Butterfly Collector's Vade Mecum; With a Synoptical Table of British Butterflies.
75990: FORDHAM, MICHAEL - The Life of Childhood: A Contribution to Analytical Psychlogy
57255: FORESTER, C S - Captain Hornblower R.N.
28839: FORMAN AND DARK - Benin Art
69671: FORMAN, HENRY.J. / LITHGOW, WILLIAM / LUBBOCK, PERCY / PICKTHALL, MARMADUKE - Set of 4 rare The Travellers' Library books. Grecian Italy / Rare Adventures and Paineful Peregrinations / The Craft of Fiction / Oriental Encounters
27509: FORREST, J. - Golf Made Easy
27265: FORREST-THOMSON, VERONICA - On The Periphery
49493: FORREST, EBENEZER, [INTRODUCTION BY NICK SAVAGE] - [Hogarth's Peregrination] An Account of what Seem'd most Remarkable in the Five Days Peregrination of the Five Following Persons, Vizt. Messieurs Tothall, Scott, Hogarth, Thornhill & Forrest Begun on Saturday May 27th. 1723 and Finished On the 31st. of the same Month
75587: FORSTER, THOMAS - Observations of the Natural History of Swallows; with a Collateral Statement of Facts Relative to their Migration, and to their Brumal Torpidity: and a Table of Reference to Authors.
75588: FORSTER, THOMAS - Observations of the Natural History of Swallows; with a Collateral Statement of Facts Relative to their Migration, and to their Brumal Torpidity: and a Table of Reference to Authors.
76705: FORSTER, E M - Aspects of the Novel
60097: FORSTER, JOHN; ELWIN, W. - Forster Collection. A Catalogue Of The Printed Books Bequeathed By John Forster
74207: FORSTER, JOHN - The Life and Adventures of Oliver Goldsmith. A Biography
74610: FORSYTH, FREDERICK - The Kill List
74611: FORSYTH, FREDERICK - The Veteran and Other Stories
70194: FORSYTH, WILLIAM - A Treatise on the Culture and Management of Fruit Trees; in which a New Method of Pruning and Training is Fully Described-
56669: FORSYTH-GRANT, MAURICE AND HURFORD, PETER [FOREWORD] - Twenty-One Years of Organ-Building, The History of Degens & Rippin Ltd, Grant, Degens & Rippin Ltd and Grant, Degens & Bradbeer Ltd
52004: FORTESCUE, S.E.D - Leatherhead in Old Picture Postcards
36666: FORTUNE-WOOD, JAN [EDITOR] - Envoi - Issues 146 - 149, [4 issues]
36676: FORTUNE-WOOD, JAN [EDITOR] - Coffee House Poetry Issue 10 Sept 06 & Issie 11 January 07 [2 issues]
76532: FORTUNE, DION - 4 Volumes of Dion Fortune (including Avalon of the Heart, The Goat-Foot God, Moon Magic and The Machinery of the Mind)
74501: FORTY, LIEUT.-COL. C. H. - Bangkok: Its Life and Sport , with some Account of Siam's Coastal and Island Game Areas
50434: FOSBROKE, THOMAS DUDLEY, SMYTH, JOHN - Berkeley Manuscripts. Abstracts and Extracts of Smyth's Lives of the Berkeleys, illustrative of Ancient Manners and the Constitution; including all the pedigrees in that ancient manuscript. To which are annexed a copious history of the Castle and Parish of Berkeley, consisting of matter never before published; and biographical anecdotes of Dr. Jenner, his interviews with the Emperor of Russia, &c.
49186: FOSBROOKE, THOMAS DUDLEY - Abstracts of Records and Manuscripts respecting the County of Gloucester; formed into a history, correcting the very erroneous accounts, and supplying numerous deficiencies in Sir Rob. Atkins, and subsequent writers, [volume 1 only]
65384: FOSBROOKE, THOMAS DUDLEY - An Original History of the City of Gloucester , including The Original Papers of Ralph Bigland
69949: FOSICK, HARRY EMERSON - A Guide to Understanding the Bible
8971: FOSKETT, EDWARD - Poems
73691: FOSTER, JAMES - Sermons on the Following Subjects. Viz. Of Moral and natural evil- Volume II.
63451: FOSTER, J. J. - Miniature Painters British & Foreign, With Some Account of Those who Practised in America in the Eighteenth Century, In Two Volumes
60041: FOTHERGILL, JOHN - An Account of the Life and Travels in the Work of the Ministry, of John Forthergill
35214: FOUCHET, MAX-POL - Rescued Treasures of Egypt
49606: FOUGASSE, MCCULLOUGH - You Have Been Warned: A Complete Guide to the Road, & Us, [in 2 volumes]
65438: S. FOWLER WRIGHT [EDITOR] - Some Yorkshire Poets. An Anthology of To-day
47354: FOX, REV. SAMUEL - The Noble Army of Martyrs
73733: FOX, JOHN - An Universal History of Christian Martyrdom: Being a Complete and Authentic Account of the Lives, Sufferings, and Triumphant Deaths of the Primitive as well as Protestant Martyrs, in All Parts of the World, from the Birth of our Blessed Saviour, to the Latest Periods of Pagan and Popish Persecution. Originally Composed by the Rev. John Fox, M. A. and now Corrected Throughout, with Copious and Important Additions Relative to the Recent Persecutions of the Protestants in the South of France.
76199: FOX, ADAM - Old King Coel. A Rhymed Tale in Four Books
75603: FOX, JOHN [JOHN FOXE] - Acts and Monuments of Matters most Special and Memorable, Happening in the Church: with an Universal History of the Same. Wherein is set forth at Large, the whole Race and Course of the Church, from the Primitive Age to these Later Times of Ours, with the Bloody Times, Horrible Troubles, and Great Persecutions against the True Martyrs of Christ, Sought and Wrought as well by Heathen Emperors, as now lately practised by Romish Prelates, especially in this Realm of England and Scotland-to which also is added the Life of the Author both in Latine and English [Volume I of Foxe's Book of Martyrs]
74096: FOX, CHARLES, A, REV. - A Satchel of Song
63496: FOX, REV. JOHN [WITH NOTES, COMMENTARIES, AND ILLUSTRATIONS BY REV. J. MILNER] - An Universal History of Christian Martyrdom, being a complete and authentic account of the lives, sufferings, and triumphant deaths of the primitive as well as protestant martyrs, in all parts of the world, from the birth of the blessed saviour to the latest periods of pagan and catholic persecution: together with a summary of the doctrines, prejudices, blasphemies, and superstitions of the modern church of Rome.
26852: FRANCIS, G.W. - The Little English Flora, or A Botanical and Popular Account of all our Common Field Flowers with numerous Wood Cuts
29636: FRANCIS, BEATA - Slyboots and Other Farmyard Chronicles
76781: FRANCIS, DICK - Three Favourites [Omnibus Edition containing: Odds Against, Flying Finish, Blood Sport]
38349: FRANCIS, MARK, [EDITOR] - Francesco Clemente: The Fourteen Stations
60608: FRANCIS DUKE DE LA ROCHEFOUCAULT; HUGH BLAIR; ROBERT DODSLEY, ET AL. - The Literary Miscellany: or, Selections & Extracts, Classical and Scientific; with Originals, in Prose and Verse [Moral Philosophy, 6 volumes in 1]
60019: FRANCIS, DICK - Hot Money
60017: FRANCIS, DICK - To The Hilt
60016: FRANCIS, DICK - Knock Down
45009: FRANCIS WHITE AND CO. - History, Gazetteer, And Directory Of Cheshire, Comprising A General Survey Of The County, With Separarte Historical & Topographical Descriptions Of All The Boroughs, Towns, Parishes, Chapelries, Townships, Villages, Hamlets, And Extra-Parochial Liberties;
60018: FRANCIS, DICK - Reflex
59725: FRANCIS & DAY - Francis & Day's Album of Old Favourite Dances No. 6 & Francis & Day's Tango Album, [2 volumes]
76803: FRANCIS, DICK - Bolt; Break In; Under Orders; Field of Thirteen; Twice Shy. Five Volumes
71946: FRANCISQUE-MICHEL - Recherches sur Le Commerce, La Fabrication et l'Usage des Etoffes de Soie, d'Or et d'Argent et Autres Tissus Precieux en Occident, Principalement en France pendant le Moyen Age [2 volumes]
34538: FRANCK, CESAR - Franck, Klavier - Qunitett, in F Minor [Edition Peters No. 3743]
60230: FRANK ELIAS, CAPTAIN CHARLES GILSON, A TEGNIER AND OTHERS - The Boy's Own Annual, Volume XLII [42], 1919-1920
72450: FRANK ILLINGWORTH; THE BOY SCOUTS ASSOCIATION; PHILIP CARRINGTON; JOHN LEWIS; LONE WOLF - The Quartermaster in Camp; Camping Questions Answered; Camping Standards (2 editions); The Boy Scouts' Camp Book; How to Run a Scout Camp; Tent Lore [7 volumes]
35226: FRANKAU, GILBERT - "Tid'apa", (What Does It Matter?)
61927: FRANKAU, JULIA - Eighteenth Century Colour Prints: an Essay on Certain Stipple Engravers and their Work in Colour
60563: FRANKLAND, E. AND OTHERS - Water Analysis for Sanitary Purposes, with Hints for the Interpretation of Results; & Methods of Testing Used in the Alfloc System of Water Treatment [2 volumes]
70735: FRANKLAND, C. COLVILLE - Narrative of a Visit to The Courts of Russia and Sweden, in the Years 1830 and 1831 in two volumes [2 volumes in one]
62274: FRANKLAND, EDWARD - The Murders at Crossby
20822: FRANKLIN, A.C. - Yachting Hints Tables and Useful Memoranda, by A.C. Franklin Engineer and Naval Architect
69093: FRANKLIN, JOHN - Narrative of a Journey to the Shores of The Polar Sea, in the Years 1819, 20, 21, and 22. With an Appendix on Various Subjects Relating to Science and Natural History.
74791: FRANKLIN, DAVID - Basso Cantante. An Autobiography
72540: FRANKLIN, JOHN - Journey to the Shores of the Polar Sea, In 1819-20-21-22: With a Brief Account of the Second Journey In 1825-26-27. [4 volumes]
74098: FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN; EDITED BY JOHN BIGELOW - Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, [Oxford World's Classics 250]
67197: FRANKS, ERIC - Images of Cheltenham
38300: FRANZ, ERIC, GROWE, BERND - George Seurat: Drawings
72110: VON FRANZ, DR. MARIE-LOUISE - The Way of the Dream
52455: FRAPPA, JEAN-JOSE [EDITOR] - Le Monde illustre Journal Hebdomadaire, 29 Janvier 1910, No. 2757
73848: FRASER, DUNCAN C. - Newton's Interpolation Formulas
74860: FRASER, DOUGLAS; HIBBARD, HOWARD; LEWINE, MILTON J - Essays in History of Architecture & Essays in History of Art as Presented to Rudolf Wittkower [2 Volumes]
61992: FRASER, ANTONIA - The Six Wives of Henry VIII
65671: FRASER-TYTLER, C. E. - The Apocalyptic Roll The Title Deed Of The Church, The Seals, the Mystery of Good and Evil contending for the mastery, with a new Apocalyptic Chart
72035: FRASER, GEORGE MACDONALD (EDITOR) - Flashman's Lady, from the Flashman Papers 1842-1845
63046: FRASER, ERIC - Collection of 4 x Greeting Telegrams with Artwork by Eric Fraser
63504: FRASER, PETER - A Policeman At The Door: A play in one act
72985: FRASER, C. I. - Some Notes on Highland Tartans
52422: FRAXI, PISANUS - Catena Librorum Tacendorum: Being Notes Bio-Icono-Graphical and Critical, On Curious and Uncommon Books
70420: FRAYLING, CHRISTOPHER - Aless is More (Alessi 2001 General Catalogue)
67813: FRAZER, SIR JAMES GEORGE - The Golden Bough A Study in Magic and Religion
73228: FREELOVE, PATTY - The Life and Surprising Adventures, of Blue-Eyed Patty, The Valiant Female Soldier
65680: FREEMAN, MICHAEL J. - The Bronze Coinage of Great Britain
75686: FREEMAN, ALBERT C. (EDITOR) - The Architects & Surveyors Directory and Referendum
62183: FREEMAN, RICHARD AUSTIN - Travels and Life in Ashanti and Jaman
38702: FREEMANTLE, BRIAN - Goodbye to an Old Friend
76054: FREMLIN, CELIA - The Long Shadow; The Spider-Orchid; Don't Go to Sleep in the Dark [3 volumes]
76506: FRENCH, R. M. - The Eastern Orthodox Church
37345: FRENCH, FERGUS - Invitation To Die
74367: FRENCH, RICHARD VALPY - Nineteen Centuries of Drink in England: A History

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