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35995: BESTALL, ALFRED - The New Rupert Book - The Daily Express Annual [ 1951 ]
35996: BESTALL, ALFRED - The New Rupert Book [ 1946 ]
35997: BESTALL, ALFRED - Rupert Winter Adventure - Two exciting new stories in full colour [ Adventure Book No. 35 ]
52406: BESTALL, ALFRED - The Rupert Book
60987: BESTALL, ALFRED - Rupert and the Seaside Mystery; & Rupert and the Brithday Surprise; [Adventure Series Nos. 24 & 26]
69829: BESTERMAN, THEODORE - Crystal-Gazing : A study of the History, Distribution, Theory and Practice of Scrying
52944: BETJEMAN, JOHN - Uncollected Poems
52381: BETJEMAN, SIR JOHN AND LARKIN, PHILIP [INTRODUCTION] - An Exhibition of Works by Sir John Betjeman, from the Collection of Ray Carter in the Art Gallery of St Paul's School, February-March MCMLXXXIII
69216: BETJEMAN,JOHN - Collected Poems
48545: BETTANY, G T - Eminent Doctors: Their Lives and their Work, in 2 volumes
16185: BETTESWORTH, W.A., THORTON, PERCY M., CHALLEN, J.B., PERKINS, HENRY ET AL - The Cricket Field - An illustrated record and review. Volume II 1893 ( bound copies of the magazine published weekly in the cricket season, otherwise monthly )
60827: BEULER, J. - Songs, Humorous and Satirical, to Popular Tunes, 1st - 9th Collections [9 volumes in 1]
71615: BEUTS, N. D. - Map of Broach Distict Province of Guzerat [Gujarat] compiled from the village maps of the Guzerat Revenue Survey
44822: BEUYS, JOSEPH - Aktioner, Moderna Museet Stockholm Jan-Feb 1971
32771: BEVAN, BRYAN - Edward III , Monarch of Chivalry
63414: BEVAN, THEODORE, F., WHITEHOUSE, COPE., ARDAGH, C., SURTEES, COLONEL CONYERS., BROWN, CAPTAIN, R.H. AND FRESHFIELD, DOUGLAS, W. - Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society and Monthly Record of Geography, Vol. IX, No. 10., October, 1887
42063: BEVERIDGE, REV. WILLIAM - Private Thoughts Upon Religion
52829: BEWICK, THOMAS - Memoir of Thomas Bewick, Written by Himself 1822-1828
35729: BEWICK, PAULINE - Ireland , An Artists's Year
65029: BEWICK, THOMAS - Memorial Edition of Thomas Bewick's Works: A History of British Birds (Volume 1: Land Birds, Volume 2: Water Birds), A General History of Quadrupeds, The Fables of Aesop and Others, A Memoir of Thomas Bewick [5 volumes]
42017: BEYER, VICTOR - La Cathedrale de Strasbourg [Chefs-d'ouvre du Vitrail europeen]
70077: PROF. T.J. BEZEMER - Indonesian Arts and Crafts: Pictorial Atlas
32182: BIART, LUCIEN [ TRANSLATED BY MARY DE HAUTEVILLE ] - My Rambles in the New World
70070: BIBLE - The Holy Bible , containing the Old and New Testaments: Translated out of the original tongues: And with the former translations diligently compared and revised, by His Majesty's Special Command
61676: BIBLE IN DANISH - Bibele: Den Hellige Skrifts Kanoniske Boger; Udgivet af det Danske Bibelselskab Kobenhavn
67988: BIBLE - The Holy Bible
50377: BIBLE - La Sainte Bible Content le Vieil et le Nouueau Testaments Enrichie de plusieurs belles figures Sacra Biblia nouo et Velere testamneto con stana eximiis sculpturis, et imagibus illustrata
69752: BIBLE - The New Testament of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
63422: BIDDULPH, C.E.; NURSE, LIEUT, CHARLES G.; HOUTUM-SCHINDLER, A., THOMPSON, JOHN. AND TANNER, H.C.B. - Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society and Monthly Record of Geography, Vol. XIII., No. 11, November, 1891
63292: BIDDULPH, GENERAL SIR MICHAEL A. - Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society and Monthly Record of Geography, Vol. II., No. 4., April, 1880
67651: BIERMANN, G. ROLAND [ARTIST] - G. Roland Biermann: Metamorphosis
36709: BIGGS, E J, GAUNT, W, ET AL. - The Studio, An illustrated Magazine of Fine and Applied Art, Volume 106, No. 484-489, July to Dec. 1933 [ one hundred and six ]
69354: BIGGS, BRUCE , BEST, ELSDON - Maori Marriage , and , The Maori As He Was , 2 Volumes
60610: BIGLAND, J. - A System of Geography, for the Use of Schools, on a New and Perfectly Easy Plan, in Which the European Boundaries are Stated, as Settled by the Peace of Paris, November 1815
47527: BIGLAND, J - Dr. Goldsmith's Abridged History of England, from the Invasion of Julius Caesar, to the Death of George II. To Which Is Added, A very Extensive and Faithful Continuation To The Death Of George III., And Also Of The First Seven Years of The Reign of George
70098: BIGSBY, ROBERT - The Spirit of Chivalry; or, A Light from the Dark Ages. A Moral and Political Discourse Suggested by the Signs of the Times, including A Plan of National Philanthropy, designed to foster the sentiments of honour, loyalty, patriotism, and humanity; to strengthen the bonds of public safety by the removal of class disunion; to remedy the many evils and defects of our present social system; and elevate this standard of general happiness by opening a path to a higher, more spiritual civilisation.
70288: BILBLE - The Parallel Bible , The Holy Bible containing the Old and New Testaments translated out of the original tongues: Being the authorised version arranged in parallel columns with the revised version
45655: BILBO, JACK - Carrying A Gun For Al Capone
25634: BILL, LEDYARD - Minnesota, its Character and Climate, likewise sketches of other resorts favourable to in invalids, together with copious notes on health, also hints to tourists and emigrants
28239: BING, S. [ EDITOR ] - Artistic Japan - Illustrations and Essays Numbers 8, 9, 10, 12, 19 - 26 [ 12 issues of the monthly journal bound together ]
47236: BINGHAM, CLIFTON - Full of Fun
71706: BINGHAM, CLIFTON - Proverbs Old Newly Told
51586: BINGHAM, J. K. W AND HAUPT, WERNER - North African Campaign 1940-1943
61659: BINGHAM, CLIFTON - Let's Pretend, A Children's Play Book
60446: BINGLEY, THE REV. W. - North Wales; Including its Scenery, Antiquities, Customs, and some Sketches of its Natural History; Delineated from Two Excursions Through all the Interesting Parts of That Country, During the Summers of 1798 and 1801, In Two Volumes
63464: E. W. BINNEY, THOMAS WRIGHT, THOMAS DAVIDSON & SEARLES V. WOOD - Palaeontographical Society. Vol. XXIV.; Carboniferous Flora. Part II.; Cretaceous Echinodermata. Vol. I. Part IV.; Fossil Brachiopoda Silurian. Part VII, No. 4.; Eocene Mollusca. Part IV, No. 3. [4 Volumes in 1]
57047: BINNS, JOHN [EDITOR] - Doctor Who Short Trips: Steel Skies
39238: BIRCH, WALTER DE GRAY - Vita Haroldi. The Romance of the Life of Harold, King of England. From the Unique Manuscript in the British Museum.
24047: BIRD, BREVET-MAJOR W D - Lectures on the Strategy of the Franco-German War 1870 up to the Battle of Sedan
29808: BIRD, JOHN H - Cinema Parade, Fifty Years of Film Shows
45717: BIRD, W H, COWLEY, P. CROSSLEY, DELDERFIELD, E R, ET AL. - 10 Books on Churches: 1. Old Oxford Churches, 2.The Cornish Church Guide, 3. The Church houses, 4. English Church Design 1040 -1540, 5.The English Abbey, 6. Church Furniture, 7. Henry Yevele c. 1320 to 1400 The Life of an English Architect, 8. Modern Chur
58245: BIRD, MARIA - Andy Pandy's Adventures
48197: BIRD, W. HOBART - The Ancient Mural Paintings in the Churches of Gloucestershire
70648: BIRD, ISABELLA - The Golden Chersonese and the Way Thither
60703: BIRD, JOHN - Annals of Natal: 1495-1845, Volume I. & II.
69308: BIRD, ISABELLA L - Unbeaten Tracks in Japan (An Account of Travels in the Interior Including Visits to the Aborigines of Yezo and the Shrine of Nikko)
67794: BIRE, EDMOND - Causeries Litteraires
69853: BIRKET-SMITH, KAJ; WACHOWICH, NANCY; HERBERT, MARIE; RAY, DOROTHY JEAN; - The Eskimos; Saqiyuq; The Snow People; Eskimo Masks: Art and Ceremony; Eskimo Graphic Art 1967 [5 volumes relating to Eskimos]
64781: BIRKHEAD, ALICE - Tales From Irish History
70718: BIRKS, TONY - Hans Coper
35450: BIRMINGHAM AND MIDLAND INSTITUTE. - Birmingham and Midland Institute. Birmingham Archaeological Society. Transactions, Excursions, And Report For the Year 1907 Vol XXXIII, and For the Year 1908 Volume XXXIV [ 2 volumes in 1 ]
39960: BIRMINGHAM, GEORGE A - A Wayfarer in Hungary
71592: BIRMINGHAM, J. - The Transactions of the Royal Irish Academy Volume XXVI Science [August 1877]
71987: BISCHOFF, GOTTLIEB WILHELM - Die Botanische Kunstsprache in Umrissen, nebst erlauternbem Lerte. [in 2 volumes]
60033: BISHOP, FREDERICK - The Wife's Own Book of Cookery, Containing Upwards of Fifteen Hundred Original Receipts, Prepared with Great Care, and a Proper Attention to Economy, and Embodying all the Latest Improvements in the Culinary Art; Accompanied by Important Remarks and Counsel on the Arrangement and Well-Ordering of the Kitchen, Combined with Useful Hints on Domestic Economy-
52482: BISHOP, WILLIAM HENRY; H RIDING, WILLIAM; WARNER, CHARLES DUDLEY; MILLET, F. D. ET AL - Harper's Monthly Magazine, European Edition, Volumes 5 - 10 1882-85, [in 6 volumes]
63719: BISHOP, ELIZABETH - The Fish [broadside]
61454: BISHOP, JOHN GEORGE - "A Peep into the Past:" Brighton in the Olden Time, with Glances at the Present
67568: BISHOP, RICHARD E - Bishop's Birds (Etchings of Water-fowl and Upland Game Birds)
69351: BISHOP F.G.R.S., ISABELLA L. - Among the Tibetans
58170: BISHOP, JAMES [EDITOR] - Illustrated London News 21 volumes 1971
7854: BISLAND, ELIZABETH - The Life and Letters of Lafcadio Hearn, two volumes
39175: BISMARCK, OTTO PRINCE VON - Bismarck: The Man and the Statesman, Being the Reflections and Reminiscences of Otto Prince von Bismarck, [Collection of British Authors, Tauchnitz Edition, in 3 volumes]
69376: BISTA, DOR BAHADUR - People of Nepal
39656: BJORNSON, BJORN-STJERNE - Three Dramas, Volume 2, [Everyman's Library 90]
19300: BLACK, ADAM & CHARLES - Map of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Quebec ( Eastern Section )
19301: BLACK, ADAM & CHARLES - Map of Canada Central Provinces
31206: BLACK, ADAM & CHARLES - Black's Picturesque Guide to Wales, North South and Monmouthshire
32232: BLACK, MAURICE - British Lower Cretaceous Coccoliths I. Gault Clay Parts 1, 2 & 3 [ Monograph of the Palaeontographical Society ]
36320: BLACK, STEPHEN, MILTON, RODERICK, STIVENS, DAL, ET AL. [EDITED BY JACK HARGREAVES] - Lilliput, July-August, October-November 1953, and November-December 1953, Volume 33 No. 1, 5, 6, Issue No. 193, 197, 198, [3 volumes]
64490: BLACK, ADAM AND BLACK, CHARLES - Black's New Large Map of Scotland [in 12 sheets]
71674: BLACK, ADAM - Black's Travelling Map of England and Wales
49343: BLACK, DOROTHY, FLOYD, GRACE C, GALE, NORMAN, ET AL. - Merry Times with Louis Wain
46734: BLACKALLER, RICH [EDITOR] - The Regal Song Folio
69233: BLACKER, CARMEN - The Catalpa Bow, A Study of Shamanistic Practices in Japan
70058: BLACKER, WILLIAM - Blacker's Art of Fly Making, Comprising Angling, & Dyeing of Colours, with Engravings of Salmon and Trout Flies Shewing the Process of the Gentle Craft.
30643: BLACKIE, W.G. - The Comprehensive Atlas & Geography of The World comprising an extensive series of maps, a description, physical and political, of all the countries of the earth, a pronouncing vocabulary of geographical names, and a copious index of geographical position
32611: BLACKSTONE, WILLIAM - Commentaries on the Laws of England, Volumes I, II, III, IV [ facsimile of 1765 edition ]
37808: BLACKWELL, CAROLE - Tradition and Society in Turkmenistan: Gender, Oral Culture and Song
48161: BLACKWELL, GEORGE - The Law of Meetings: Being A Concise Statement Of The Law
63990: BLAEU, JOAN [JOHANNES] - Somerset Tensis Comitatus. Somerset shire [Somersetshire], original coloured engraved map
45101: BLAEU, JOHN - Blaeu's Atlas of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland
11445: BLAGDON, FRANCIS WILLIAM - The Modern Geographer, being a general and complete description of Europe, Asia, Africa, and America, with the oceans, seas, and islands in every part of the world. Including an exposition of the civil and military governments-.., and a copious explanatio
62954: BLAGG, T. M. [EDITOR] - The Index Library: Indexes, Calendars, and Abstracts of British Records, Part 186. Oct. 1933; & Part 187. Apr. 1934 [2 volumes]
64134: BLAIKIE, WALTER B. - Monthly Star Maps for 1920
22602: BLAIR, HUGH - Lectures on Rhetoric and Belles Lettres in Three Volumes - Volume III [ only ]
70478: BLAIR, JOHN AND HAMILTON, WILLIAM [TRANSLATOR] - The Life Surprising Adventures and Heroic Actions of Sir William Wallace, General and Governor of Scotland
49872: BLAIR, HUGH - Sentimental Beauties and Moral Delineations from the writings of the celebrated Dr. Blair, and other much admired authors; selected with a view to refine the taste, rectify the judgment, and mould the heart to virtue
27610: BLAKE, WILLIAM - Songs Of Innocence And Of Experience Showing the Two Contrary States of the Human Soul
37829: BLAKE, WILLIAM - Poetical Sketches

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