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59103: WELLER, EDWARD - Bacon's New Map of Afghanistan, Beloochistan &c.
47526: WELLESLEY, DOROTHY - Pride And Other Poems
67248: WELLESLEY, DOROTHY [EDITOR] - The English Poets in Pictures: Tennyson
31709: WELLS, CHARLES [INTRODUCED BY] - Notable Bristolians , 1931 - 2 , An Illustrated Who's Who of Professional and Business Men
76287: WELLS, W. G. B. - Cooly Tamil As Understood by Labourers on Tea & Rubber Estates
76334: WELLS, CHARLES - Stories After Nature
57850: WELLS, GEORGE - Golden Wishes: A Book for the Autographs of Friends and a Record of Their Birthdays with a Loving Wish or Thought for Each day in the Year
66260: WELLS, FRANCES LINDON - Victorian Sketch and Scrap Album
74518: WELLS, T. G. - The Shorter Caesar (Civil War), arranged and edited for the use of schools.
76423: WELLS, HENRY W. - The Classical Drama of India. Studies in its Values for the Literature and Theatre World
10374: WELLS, PETER - Tangier Journal
76733: WELLS, H G - 11 Volumes comprising: The Open Conspiracy and other Stories; The Soul of a Bishop; Joan and Peter; Tono Bungay; Marriage; The World of William Clissold Vol I and II; Meanwhile and The King who was a King; Mr Blettsworthy on Rampole Island; A Short History of the World; Mr Britling Sees it Through
62645: WELLS, EDWARD - The Young Gentleman's Astronomy, Containing Such Elements of the Astronomical Science-; The Young Gentleman's Chronology, Containing Such Chronological Elements-; & The Young Gentleman's Dialling, Containing Such Elements of Said Art [3 volumes in 1]
75170: WELLS, WALTER J. - Souvenir of Sir Arthur Sullivan. A Brief Sketch of his Life and Works.
64216: WELSH, ROBERT P. - Piet Mondrian's Early Career: The "Naturalistic" Period [Garland Series, Outstanding dissertations in the fine arts]
72055: WENDELL-HOLMES, OLIVER - The Poet at the Breakfast-Table
76356: WENTWORTH, RICHARD; DOREN, PETER NILS [EDITOR] - Berlin 117 Landmarks Marksteine
36022: WERNER, ALFRED (WITH REWALD, SABINE) - La Bibliotheque Des Grands Peintres: Maurice Utrillo
61508: WERNER, ALICE ET AL. - Little Folks: A Magazine for the Young [New Series, Vol. 2 July - December]
76612: WERSHOVEN, PROFESSOR DR. F.J. - Dictionnaire Lilliput/ Vocabulario Lilliput/ Lilliput Dictionaries 12000 /Mots/ Vocaboli/ Words: Italiano - Inglese; English - Italian; Italiano - Francese; Francais - Italien [4 Volumes]
32802: WESLEY, REV. JOHN - A Collection of Hymns for the Use of the People Called Methodists
56866: WESLEY, JOHN [EDITOR] - The History Of Henry Earl Of Moreland by Henry Brooke
45950: WESLEY, JOHN - Primitive Physick: Or, An Easy and Natural Method Of Curing Most Diseases
45730: WESSELY, J. E. - A New Pocket Dictionary of the English & German Languages / Neues Englisch-Deutsches und Deutsch-Englisches Taschenworterbuch, [2 volumes in 1]
17629: WEST, PAUL - A Fifth of November
29535: WEST, ANTHONY - Gloucestershire, A Shell Guide
73470: WEST, NATHANAEL - The Day of The Locust
73214: WEST, NATHANAEL - The Complete Works of Nathanael West
75777: WEST, WILLIAM - Tavern Anecdotes, and Reminiscences of the Origin of Signs, Clubs, Coffee-Houses, Streets, City Companies, Wards &c. Intended as a Lounge-Book for Londoners and their Country Cousins.
73899: WEST, NATHANAEL - 2 volumes: Miss Lonelyhearts; The Day of the Locust
75445: WEST, MONTAGUE - The Nugget Library Magazine, Second Series, Number 33. A Midnight Mystery.
50265: WEST, PETER. [WARNER, PELHAM. FOREWORD] - Cricketers from the West Indies: 1950
73107: WESTALL ARA, WILLIAM - A collection of plates with views from the Lake Country bound in a fine leather binding from the Library of Sir Edward Strachey
76389: WESTCOTE, THOMAS - A View of Devonshire in MDCXXX, with A Pedigree of Most of its Gentry.
35679: WESTCOTT, BROOKE FOSS - Christus Consummator: Some aspects of the work and person of Christ in relation to modern thought
40112: WESTELL, W. PERCIVAL - My Life as a Naturalist
58516: WESTERMAN, JOHN F. C. - Treasure Chest Island
69090: WESTERMARCK, EDWARD - Ethical Relativity
68050: WESTERMARCK, EDWARD - Wit and Wisdom in Morocco, A Study of Native Proverbs
51291: WESTLING, EINAR - En Stjarnenatt Sangvals For Piano
67849: WESTON, RICHARD - Tracts on Practical Agriculture and Gardening. In which the advantage of imitating the garden culture in the field is fully proved, by seven years course of experiments.
75289: WESTON, C. - Skate Muties from the 5th Dimension Issue 9 & Bugs and Drugs Issue 2, [2 Zines from Bristol & Free City Guide]
74625: WESTROP, E.J. - The Universal Psalmodist, A collection of three hunred popular and new Psalm and Hymn Tunes-Adapted for Congregational and Family Use; The Whole Newly Arranged for Four Voices, and the Organ, Pianoforte or Seraphine
39863: WESTROPP, THOMAS, J - National Museum Of Science And Art, Dublin: Guide To The Collection Of Irish Antiquities Part V. The Irish Ethnographical Collection
33192: WESTWOOD, T AND HOWITT, MARY - Little Bell And Other Poems
48558: WETHERELL, ELIZABETH - Queechy, in 2 volumes
62958: WETMORE, W. S. - Recollections of Life in the Far East
69031: WEULE, KARL - Native Life in East Africa, the results of an ethnological research expedition
47016: WHANSLAW, H W - Bible Puppetry, Making Bible Models, & More Bible Models And How To Make Them, [in 3 volumes]
76111: WHEAT, GILBERT JOHN - The Professional Family. The Wheats of Sheffield
63900: WHEATLEY, DENNIS - The Forbidden Territory [The Lymington Edition]
44264: A. WHEATON & CO. - Wheaton's Suggestive Geographies Part 1. England & Wales
32239: WHEELER, J.O. & MCFEELY, P. - Tectonic Assemblage Map of the Canadian Cordillera and adjacent parts of the U.S.A. With accompanying legend sheet
75485: WHEELER, POST - Russian Wonder Tales
34865: WHEELER, J C & SONS - J C Wheeler & Son's Illustrated Book On Grasses, containing Tables Of Mixtures For Permanent Pasture And Alternate Husbandry
74458: WHEELER, C. E. AND BODMAN, F. - The Case for Homoeopathy [Homeopathy]
48135: WHEELER, HAROLD F B - The Story of the British Navy, [Told Through the Ages Series, No. 60]
74388: WHEELER, R. E. MORTIMER [EDITOR] - The Achaeological Journal, Volume XCI for 1934, Part One
74764: WHEELER, CHARLES E. - An Introduction to the Principles and Practice of Homoeopathy [Homeopathy]
74216: WHEELER, W. H. - A History of the Fens of South Lincolnshire, Being a Description of the Rivers Witham and Welland and their Estuary, and an Account of the Reclamation, Drainage, and Enclosure of the Fens Adjacent thereto.
74428: WHEELER M.D., CHARLES E. - An Introduction to the Principles and Practice of Homoeopathy
75579: WHEELER, EDWARD L. - The Boys First-Rate Pocket Library. No. 36 Buffalo Ben, the Prince of the Pistol, and No. 121 Watch-Eye, The Shadow by Deadwood Dick. Two Volumes.
72936: WHEELOCK, JULIA S. - The Boys in White; The experience of a hospital agent in and around Washington
58368: WHICHER, E. V. - Practical Elementary Bookcraft
67754: WHISHAW, CONSTANCE M. - A Pilgrim's Calendar, Wishing God's Speed to the Pilgrim and Joy as He goes on His Way.
13674: WHISTLER, LAURENCE - The Initials in the Heart
51573: WHISTLER, CHAS. W - For King or Empress?
67944: WHISTON, WILLIAM - The Whole Genuine Works of Falvius Josephus, the Learned and Authentic Jewish Historian, Celebrated Warrior: Translated from the Original Greek, According to Havercamp's Accurate Edition.. In Four Volumes [4 volumes in 2 books]
14927: WHITE, B. C. - Poems From the West Country
30824: WHITE, JOHN BAKER - Red Russia Arms
29884: WHITE STAR LINE - 4 Facsimile White star line Publicity Items relating to the Titanic and the Olympic - 1 Leaflet opening to show 18 x 85 cm plate of cross section of ship, photographs on rear, 2 - W.S.L. Leaflet, Second Class Rates 1912 for Titanic & Olympic, 3 - W.S.L. B
44971: WHITE, COLIN - The Enchanted World of Jessie M. King
75512: WHITE, ERIC WALTER - Wander Birds
52646: WHITE, REV. GILBERT - The Natural History and Antiquities of Selborne, in the County of Southampton. To Which are Added, the Naturalist's Calendar; Observation on Various Arts of Nature; and Poems
36007: WHITE, REV. GILBERT [ EDITED BY BARONESS POWER GEORGIANA ELLIS ] - The Natural History of Selborne Arranged for Young Persons
43027: WHITE, EILEEN, [EDITOR] - Feeding A City: York, The Provision Of Food From Roman Times To The Beginning Of The Twentieth Century
36932: WHITE, THE REV. JAMES - The Eighteen Christian Centuries
48812: WHITE, JAMES - Department of the Interior Canada: Atlas of Canada, 1906
46230: WHITE, PATRICK, GREENE, GRAHAM, LEE, LAURIE, AMIS, KINGSLEY, ET AL. [EDITED BY ALAN ROSS] - The London Magazine, New Series, Volume 2 No.1-12, April 1962 to March 1963, [complete in 12 volumes]
46023: WHITE, WILLIAM - History, Gazetteer and Directory of Lincolnshire, including the city and diocese of Lincoln and comprising a general survey of the county and separate historical, statistical, and topographical descriptions...
62288: WHITE, GILBERT - The Natural History of Selborne in the County of Southampton [Oxford World's Classics No. 22]
69441: WHITE, JAMES - A Treatise on Veterinary Medicine Vol I-IV [4 volumes]
45429: WHITE, JAMES - Pauline Bewick: Painting a Life
58560: WHITE, KAY - A Rabbit for a Shilling
42024: WHITE, FRANCIS AND CO - New General and Commercial Topography of the Borough, of Birmingham, including Aston, Edgbaston, Handsworth, Smethick, West Bromwich, Hilltop, &c
68039: WHITE, NEWPORT J. D. - St. Patrick: His Writings and Life
48390: WHITE, REV. GILBERT - The Natural History of Selborne; with observations on various parts of nature; and the naturalists calendar. With additions and supplementary notes by Sir William Jardine. Edited, with further illustrations, a biographical sketch of the author, and a complete index, by Edward Jesse
65500: WHITE, M E - Victorian Sketch and Scrap Album
73523: WHITEHEAD, P. J. P. - Forty Drawings of Fishes made by the Artists who Accompanied Captain James Cook on his Three Voyages to the Pacific, 1768-71, 1772-75, 1776-80, Some being used by Authors in the Description of New Species.
73541: WHITEHEAD, M. A. - Escomb, Its Village, People and Churchyard
59705: WHITEHEAD, CHARLES - Charles Whitehead's Reports to the Agricultural Department of the Privy Council from 1885 to 1889 [9 Reports in 1 volume]
74327: WHITEHEAD, ALFRED NORTH AND RUSSELL, BERTRAND - Principia Mathematica [3 volumes]
76357: WHITELEY, BRETT - Paris Regard De Cote
23223: WHITEMORE, HUGH - It's Ralph - Typescript of the Play with a Programme from a Performance at the Comedy Theatre, London opening Oct., 1991
52799: WHITFELD, J. M. - Gladys and Jack
26631: WHITFORD, FRANK - Understanding Abstract Art
36425: WHITFORD, FRANK - Kandinsky, Watercolours and other Works on Paper
45595: WHITING, JOHN - Persecution Exposed in some Memoirs relating to the sufferings of John Whiting, and Many others of the People called Quakers, For Conscience sake, in the West of England, &c.
76078: WHITING, DAVID - Deirdre Wood: Straight and Narrow.13 September to 25 November 2005
75157: WHITING, DAVID - Sandy Brown: Ritual: The Still Point and the Dance
29854: WHITLOCK, PERCY - 7 Pieces of Organ Music from Oxford Organ Music Series including Six Hymn Preludes, Salix, Toccata, Reflections, etc.
12309: WHITTEMORE, W. MEYNELL (EDITOR) - The Sunday Teacher's Treasury, a magazine for Sunday-School teachers, tutors, governesses, parents, and managers of schools. Containing lessons, plans, and reviews of educational publication. Volume 4 (four)
72676: WHITTIER, JOHN GREENLEAF - In War Time, and Other Poems.
76090: WHITTIER, JOHN GREENLEAF - The Poetical Works of John Greenleaf Whittier
51774: WHO'S WHO - Who's Who 1925 an Annual Biographical Dictionary with which is incorporated "men and women of the time"
51772: WHO'S WHO - Who's Who 1954: an Annual Biographical Dictionary with which is incorporated "men and women of the time"
69684: WHYBROW, MARION - Leach Pottery St Ives , The Legacy of Bernard Leach
44743: WHYMPER, F - The Sea: Its Stirring Story of Adventure, Peril, & Heroism, [in 4 volumes]
69530: WHYTE-MELVILLE, G. J - The Arab's Ride to Cairo, A Legend of the Desert
48544: WHYTT, ROBERT - Observations on the nature, causes, and cure of those disorders which have been commonly called Nervous, Hypochondriac, or Hysteric: to which are prefixed some remarks on the sympathy of the nerves
61882: WIAZEMSKY, ANNE & RIVIERE, FRANCOIS - Album de Famille; & Jeux D'Enfance [2 volumes]
72176: WIENHOLT, ARNOLD - The Work of a Scout
65897: VON DER WIESEN, S. - Die Wissenschaft Des Atmens Nach Den Lehren Des Heiligen Vedanta Von Ramacharaka
59980: WIGGIN, KATE DOUGLAS - The Birds' Christmas Carol
13998: WIKSE, JOHN R. - About Possession, the self as private property
76294: WILBERFORCE, WILLIAM - A Practical View of the Prevailing Religious System of Professed Christians, in the Higher and Middle Classes in this Country, contrasted with Real Christianity
70008: WILBY, BASIL [EDITOR] - New Dimensions magazine no.3 Spring 1974
70009: WILBY, BASIL [EDITOR] - New Dimensions magazine no.3 Spring 1974
70018: WILBY, BASIL [EDITOR] - New Dimensions magazine no.13 Autumn 1976
70016: WILBY, BASIL [EDITOR] - New Dimensions magazine no.12 Summer 1976
70013: WILBY, BASIL [EDITOR] - New Dimensions magazine no.7 Spring 1975
70014: WILBY, BASIL [EDITOR] - New Dimensions magazine no.8 Summer 1975
70015: WILBY, BASIL [EDITOR] - New Dimensions magazine no.11 Spring 1976
70007: WILBY, BASIL [EDITOR] - New Dimensions magazine no.2 Winter 1973
70006: WILBY, BASIL [EDITOR] - New Dimensions magazine no.1 Autumn 1973
70010: WILBY, BASIL [EDITOR] - New Dimensions magazine no.4 Summer 1974
70012: WILBY, BASIL [EDITOR] - New Dimensions magazine no.6 Winter 1974
70011: WILBY, BASIL [EDITOR] - New Dimensions magazine no.5 Autumn 1974
70017: WILBY, BASIL [EDITOR] - New Dimensions magazine no.12 Summer 1976
39191: , WILCOX, TURNER R - The Mode in Hats and Headdress
74136: WILDE, OSCAR - Olvass engem ket nyelven: Az Onzo Orias / The Selfish Giant. Read Me in Two Languages. [Also, The Nightingale and the Rose/ A csalogany es a rozsa]
57054: WILDE, OSCAR - The Happy Prince
62796: WILDE, OSCAR - The Works of Oscar Wilde
73698: WILDE, OSCAR - A Woman of No Importance
73697: WILDE, OSCAR - The Importance of Being Earnest. A Trivial Comedy for Serious People
76007: WILDE, OSCAR - Salome. La Sainte Courtisane. A Florentine Tragedy
73816: WILDE, OSCAR - 13 matching volumes [Poems; De Profundis; The Duchess of Padua; Lord Arthur Savile's Crime and Other Pieces; A House of Pomegranates and other Tales; Miscellanies; The Importance of Being Earnest; A Woman of no Importance; Reviews; Intentions and The Soul of Man; Salome. A Florentine Tragedy and Vera; An Ideal Husband; Lady Windermere's Fan]
75758: WILDE, OSCAR; YEATS, W. B.; NESBIT, E.; LANG, A. , AND MORE, SHARP, WILLIAM [ EDITOR ] - The Canterbury Poets: Poems and Lyrics of Nature. Edited, with an Introduction, by Edith Wingate Rinder
74581: WILFRID GRANTHAM, NEIL GRANT, HOLWORTHY HALL AND ROBERT MIDDLEMASS - The Sixth Hour, The Creel of Trout, and The Valiant, three one act plays, 3 volumes
76420: WILKINS, W. J. - Modern Hinduism Being An Account of the Religion and Life of the Hindus in Northern India
21613: WILKINSON, GEORGE THEODORE - The Newgate Calendar Improved - being Interesting Memoirs of Notorious Characters, who have been convicted... Bound in two books containing part of volume 2, volume 3, part of volume 4 and volume 5
34053: WILKINSON, ALAN G - The Drawings Of Henry Moore
62573: WILKINSON, ROBERT - Wilkinson's General Atlas of the World. Quarters, Empires, Kingdoms, States &c. with Appropriate Tables
59616: WILKINSON, GEORGE THEODORE - The Newgate Calendar Improved; Being Interesting Memoirs Of Notorious Characters, Who have been convicted of Offences Against The Laws Of England, During The Seventeenth Century; And Continued To The Present Time, Chronologically Arranged; Compromising Traitors, Murderers, Incendiaries, Ravishers, Pirates, Mutineers, Coiners- Vol. I. - V. [in 5 volumes]
67499: WILKINSON, GERALD - Turner's Colour Sketches 1820-34
48235: WILKINSON, ROBERT - Wilkinson's Atlas Classica: being a collection of maps of the countries mentioned by the ancient authors, both sacred and profane, with their various subdivisions at different periods
50859: WILKINSON, ROBERT - Atlas Classica Being A Collection of Maps of The Countries Mentioned by The Ancient Authors Both Sacred and Profane With Their Various Subdivifions at Different Periods
61312: WILLAN, ANNE - A Kitchen in Burgundy
47837: WILLANS, JOHN BANCROFT - A History of the Parish of Hyssington and Snead
76761: WILLARD, X.A. - Willard's Practical Butter Book: A Complete Treatise On Butter-Making at Factories and Farm Dairies, Including the Selection, Feeding And Management of Stock for Butter Dairying - With Plans for Dairy Rooms- Etc.
29212: WILLEBEEK LE MAIR, H. - Auntie's Little Rhyme Book No. 3 of Old Nursery Rhymes
70257: WILLEMENT, THOMAS - Heraldic Notices of Canterbury Cathedral; with Genealogical and Topographical Notes.
70457: WILLEMENT, THOMAS - Regal Heraldry. The Armorial Insignia of the Kings and Queeens of Engand, from Coeval Authorities
24801: WILLETT, EDWARD - Cats Cradle - Rhymes for Children
70412: WILLEY, PETER - Eagle's Nest (Ismaili Castles in Iran and Syria)
65056: WILLIAM SHAKSPEARE [SHAKESPEARE] - The Plays and Poems of Shakspeare, with a Life, Glossarial Notes [In 15 volumes]
69482: WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE, J. TALFOURD BLAIR [EDITOR] - 10 Miniature Volumes of Shakespeare [10 volumes]
64767: WILLIAM OF MALMESBURY (TRANSLATED BY FRANK LOMAX) - The Antiquities of Glastonbury
61802: WILLIAM PITT, JAMES WRIGHT, DR. ADDINGTON ET AL - An Authentic Account of the Part Taken by the Late Earl of Chatham in a Transaction Which Passed in the Beginning of the Year 1778
72312: WILLIAM AND CHARLES INGRAM [EDITORS] - The Illustrated London News, Vol LXI July to December 1872
68043: WILLIAM E. BUTLER AND JANE E. HENDERSON [COMPILER AND EDITORS] - Russian Legal Texts. The Foundations of a Rule-of-Law State and a Market Economy
67958: WILLIAM COWLIN & SON - A Record of Building, William Cowlin & Son Ltd Builders and Contractors
73978: [WILLIAM MOORE, EDITOR] - The Whisperer [weekly periodical, No. 26 Aug. 11th 1770 - No. 69 June 8th 1771]
63278: WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE, BARRY CORNWALL AND RICHARD GRANT WHITE - The Complete Works of Shakespeare: Revised from the Original Editions: With a Memoir and Essay on His Genius... Volumes I-III [3 volumes]
72969: WILLIAMS-ELLIS, AMABEL - Darwin's Moon , a Biography of Alfred Russel Wallace
51104: WILLIAMS, DAVID - Murder for Treasure
30762: WILLIAMS-ELLIS, CLOUGH - Architect Errant, the autobiography of Clough Williams-Ellis
31718: WILLIAMS-ELLIS, CLOUGH - Portmeirion, The Place and its Meaning
65485: WILLIAMS, ISAAC - Thoughts in Past Years
32459: WILLIAMS, FREDERICK, S - Our Iron Roads, Their History, Construction and Administration
72968: WILLIAMS-ELLIS, AMABEL AND CLOUGH - Headlong Down the Years , A Tale of To-day
52848: WILLIAMS, DAVID - Murder In Advent
52515: WILLIAMS, W. R. [EDITOR] - Old Wales: A Monthly Magazine of Antiquities for Wales and the borders, Volume III.
70157: WILLIAMS, NEVILLE; CHEETHAM ANTHONY; EARLE, PETER; FALKUS, CHRISTOPHER; WILLIAMS, NEVILLE; WOODRUFF, DOUGLAS; WATSON, D.R.; ASHLEY, MAURICE; FRASER, ANTONIA - 9 volumes of Kings and Queens of England (Elizabeth I; Richard III; Henry V; Charles II; Henry VII; Alfred the Great; Charles I; William I; King James)
74126: WILLIAMS, GUY - Augustus Pugin Versus Decimus Burton , A Victorian Architectural Duel
51780: WILLIAMS, MORGAN - A Treasury of Theological Knowledge: Wherein Christianity, and the Divine Authority of the Holy Scriptures are Proved... [volume 1 only]
46304: WILLIAMS, MARGARET - Bridging the Gap
71705: WILLIAMS, REV. CHARLES - The Alps, Switzerland, and the North of Italy: with numerous engravings
47078: WILLIAMS, EMLYN, MORGAN, JOAN, USTINOV, PETER, ET AL. - Bound collection of approx 80 theatre, ballet, & dance programmes, 1950-1958, including - The Little Hut, The Gay Invalid, Bonaventure, Bet Your lIfe, and more
76519: WILLIAMS, L. M. (BILL) - Austin Seven Specials. Building, Maintenance and Tuning
59896: WILLIAMS, LANGTON - The Lion Hunter Galop
49109: WILLIAMS, TONY (EDITOR) - The Official F.A. Cup Review 1979
65565: WILLIAMS, JAMES - Brecon and its Neighbourhood Containing Descriptions of the Town, the Roads, Rivers & Rails-
42590: WILLIAMS, IOLO A - By-Ways Round Helicon: A Kind of Anthology
67552: WILLIAMS, G J - Iolo Morganwg a Chywyddau'r Ychwanegiad
70119: WILLIAMS, MISS J. G. (EDITOR) - Collection of 4 Hebden Bridge U.D. Secondary School Journals No.s 1-4 1910-1913
75726: WILLIAMS, KIT - Engines of Ingenuity
69043: WILLIAMS, F E - Orokaiva Society
72442: WILLIAMS, BERYL - Fashion is Our Business
71762: WILLIAMS, HELEN AND TOWER, CHRISTOPHER - In Abigail's Garden; A Garland for Isabella; Song of Raymond [3 volumes]
47683: WILLIAMS, CLARA ANDREWS - A Guest Book of Curlicues
70590: WILLIAMS, SIDNEY HERBERT - A Bibliography of the Writings of Lewis Carroll (Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, M.A.)
65236: WILLIAMS, JOHN - Gomer; or A Brief Analysis of the Language and Knowledge of the Ancient Cymry, Gomer: Second Part; Containing a Critical view of the Cymraeg both Ancient and Present [2 volumes]
69828: WILLIAMS, F.E. - Papuans of the Trans-Fly
34569: WILLIAMSON, JAMES - Surveying & Field Work - A Practical Text-Book on Surveying Levelling & Setting-Out intended for the use of students...
35218: WILLIAMSON, ANDREW H. ROSS - Living A Mystery
38685: WILLIAMSON, HENRY - Salar The Salmon: A Story of Atlantic Salmon
57120: WILLIAMSON, R. P. ROSS; KLINGENDER, F. D. ET AL. - The Architectural Review; A Magazine of Architecture & Decoration, Incorporating the Decoration Supplement, Vol. LXXXIX, January- February 1941, No. 530
43887: WILLIAMSON, W.C. - Sketches of Fallowfield and the Surrounding Manors, past and present
67708: WILLIAMSON, JOSEPH - Father Joe The Autobiography of Joseph Williamson of Poplar and Stepney
48739: WILLIAMSON, MAY G. - The Origin of Burntisland and Kinghorn Street Names
63459: WILLIAMSON, WILLIAM CRAWFORD - A Monograph on the Morphology and Histology of Stigmaria Ficoides
73060: WILLIS, SUE - Young Royals [magazine] Numbers 2-6 plus A Young Royals Picture Special No.1 [6 titles]
75625: WILLIS, MICHAEL - Cookery Made Easy, being a complete system of Domestic Management, uniting elegance with economy. To which are added, instructions for trussing & carving,... methods of curing .-
74605: WILLIS, TED - The Churchill Commando
63710: WILLS'S AND JOHN PLAYER & SONS - Two Cigarette Picture-Card Albums
73020: WILLS CIGARETTES - Cigarette Pictures Album Containing 216 cards from 1920's
69060: WILLS, ROBERT - The Architectural History of the University of Cambridge and of the Colleges of Cambridge and Eton [4 Volumes]
73673: WILLSON, DIXIE - Honey Bear
67845: WILMER, B. - Observations on the Poisonous Vegetables which are either Indigenous in Great-Britain, or Cultivated for Ornament
61064: H. J. WILMOT-BUXTON, W. E. COGHLAN, EDMUND FOWLE, DR. HARDMAN, J. B. C. MURPHY AND C. J. RIDGEWAY - Sermons for the Jubilee of Queen Victoria
56257: WILSKI, JULIUSZ [EDITOR] - Warszawa Rozwoj Przestrzenny, Warsaw Physical Development
30378: WILSON, MONA, WITH INTRODUCTION BY G M YOUNG - Jane Austen and Some Contemporaries
31266: WILSON, JOHN - Recreations of Christopher North in Three Volumes
32761: WILSON HUNTER, SIR WILLIAM - Life of Brian Houghton Hodgson , British Resident at the Court of Nepal
33652: WILSON, DAVID M - The British Museum, A History
52545: WILSON, ROBERT ANTON - Reality is What you Can Get Away With: A Screenplay
35387: WILSON, RICHARD - An Italian Sketchbook in two volumes
37488: WILSON, MRS ROBERT - In the Land of the Tui. My Journal in New Zealand
49193: WILSON, CHERRY - Empty Saddles: A Western Story
58897: WILSON, ROBERT - The Life and Times of Queen Victoria Volume I
59101: WILSON, ERNEST HENRY AND SARGENT, CHARLES SPRAGUE [INTRODUCTION] - A Naturalist in Western China, With Vasculum, Camera, and Gun: Being some Account of Eleven Years' Travel, Exploration, and Observation in the More Remote Parts of the Flowery Kingdom, in 2 volumes
60582: WILSON, THEODORA WILSON - More Stories from the Bible
72573: WILSON, CAPT. - The History of Prince Lee Boo, a Native of the Pelew Islands.
73611: WILSON, W. MICHAEL - Latin Syntax
73575: WILSON, CHARLES - Profit and Power , A study of England and the Dutch Wars
76410: WILSON, FRANK AVRAY - Alchemy: As A Way Of Life
60767: WILSON, JOHN MARIUS - The Imperial Gazetteer of England and Wales; Embracing Recent Changes in Countries, Dioceses, Parishes, and Boroughs: General Statistics: Postal Arrangements: Railway Systems, &c.; and Forming a Complete Description of the Country, Vol. I. & II. [2 volumes]
60424: WILSON, CAPTAIN - The History of Prince Lee Boo, a Native of the Pelew Islands, Brought to England
65688: WILSON, H.A - The Gelasian Sacramentry
75577: WILSON, DAVID M. - The Bayeux Tapestry, The Complete Tapestry in Colour
42080: WILSON, THE REV. W. CARUS - The Children's Friend: For The Year 1833 Vol. X.
67616: WILSON, JAMES - The Water-Cure (Its Principles and Practice, A Guide in the Preservation of Health and Cure of Chronic Disease)
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75936: WROTH, WARWICK [ASSISTED BY ARTHUR EDGAR WROTH] - The London Pleasure Gardens Of The Eighteenth Century
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72737: YEATS, W B - Early Poems and Stories
72548: YEATS, W B - The Wanderings of Oisin , Dramatic Sketches Ballards and Lyrics
47633: YEATS, W B - Sopocles' King Oedipus: A Version for the Modern Stage
47675: YEATS, W B - Autobiographies: Reveries Over Childhood And Youth and The Trembling Of The Veil
72984: YEATS, W B - The Winding Stair, and Other Poems.
56315: YEATS, JACK B. - Jack B. Yeats: Paintings, 27 February to 22nd March 1975; & Jack B. Yeats: an exhibiton of paintings, 30 March-23 April 1983, [2 catalogues]
72682: YEATS, W B - The Tables of the Law and The Adoration of the Magi
74101: YEATS, W B - The Collected Poems of W. B. Yeats
72404: YEATS, W B - The Shadowy Waters
63774: YEOMAN, THOMAS - The Report of Thomas Yeoman, Engineer, Concerning The Drainage of the North Level of the Fens, and the Outfal [Outfall] of the Wisbeach River
58244: YI, HO - Yeh-Hsuan's Fables
73782: YOKOMIZO, SEISHI - The Inugami Clan
48430: YONE NOGUCHI - Korin
34150: YONGE, C D - The Deipnosophists or Banquet of the Learned of Athenaeus, Volume 1 of 3
69414: YONGE, CHARLOTTE M. [EDITOR], LEWIS CAROLL [CONTRIBUTOR] - The Monthly Packet of Evening readings for members of the English Church [volume 30, Parts 175-180, July to December 1880]
69799: YONGE, CHARLOTTE M. [EDITOR] - The Monthly Packet of Evening Readings for Members of the English Church [volume 27, parts 157-162, January to June 1879]
62855: [YONGE, CHARLOTTE M.] - Cameos from English History. From Rollo to Edward II. First Series
75541: YONGE, CHARLOTTE M; CARROLL, LEWIS - The Monthly Packet of Evening Readings for Members of the English Church. Third Series. Volumes 2 and 3 containing Tangled Tales by Lewis Carroll. Two Volumes
75076: YONGE, CHARLOTTE M. - A Book of Worthies gathered from the Old Histories and now Written anew by the author of "The Heir of Redclyffe"
51100: YONGE, CHARLOTTE M. - A Book of Golden Deeds
74783: YONGE, C.M.; DARLING, F. FRASER; PEARSALL, W.H. - The Sea Shore; Natural History in the Highlands and Islands; Mountains & Moorlands [3 New Naturalist books]
65587: YONGE, CHARLOTTE M. - The Two Sides of the Shield [2 volumes]
51642: YONGE, CHARLOTTE M. - Recollections of Colonel De Gonneville-, in 2 volumes
76542: [YONGE, CHARLOTTE MARY] - Landmarks of History. Ancient History: From the Earliest Times to the Mahometan Conquest
72975: MR YORICK; M. VOLTAIRE; - Cooke's Pocket Edition of Select Novels: Sentimental Journey and Zadig;
60399: YORKE, PHILIP AND EVANS, REV - The Royal Tribes of Wales; Tracts of Powys; & Some Specimens of the Poetry of the Antient [Ancient] Welsh Bards Transcribed into English with Explanatory Notes on Historical Passages and a Short Account of Men and Places Mentioned by the Bards [3 volumes in 1]
75342: YORKE, MALCOME - Eric Gill Man of Flesh and Spirit
75721: YORKSHIRE SCULPTURE PARK - Jaume Plensa. (Yorkshire Sculpture Park)
73879: YOSHITAKA TANAKA, NYAN HTUN, TIN TIN YEE (ANN) - Wild Orchids of Myanmar. Last Paradise of Wild Orchids. Volume 1 Highlight Edition; Volume 2 A Poem of Wild Orchids; Volume 3 Shangri-La of Wild Orchids [3 volumes]
16471: YOUNG, EDWARD - The Complaint, or, Night Thoughts on Life, Death, & Immortality
72833: YOUNG, ERNEST; WHITE, STANLEY AND BINDLOSS, EDWARD; COX, JACK; COLQUHOUN, J.F. - How to Run a Troop; Running a Troop; Ideas for Scout Troops; Running a Scout Group [4 volumes]
72568: YOUNG, TOWNSEND - Johnson's Pocket Dictionary of the English Language: with the Biographical Index, Classical Mythology, and Compendium of Chronology.
35766: YOUNG, J Z, JOPE, E M, AND OAKLEY, K P - The Emergence of Man, A Discussion Organized Jointly for the Royal Society and the British Academy, [Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, B. Biological Sciences, Vol. 292, Pages 1-216, No. 1057, 8 May 1981]
60899: YOUNG, SAMUEL - A System of Practical Arithmetic, Adapted to the Use of Schools; Containing the Fundamental Rules, and their Application to Mercantile, Cotton Spinning, Manufacturing, and Mechanical Calculations. Also Comprehending Numerous Rules and Examples in the Various Departments of Cotton Spinning and Mechanics; Useful to Cotton Spinners, Millwrights, Engineers, and Artisans in General. Containing Considerably more Information upon Those Subjects than has ever Before been Published in any Treatise on Arithmetic
58979: YOUNG, JAMES A AND YOUNG, CHERYL G - Seeds of Woody Plants in North America, Revised and Enlarged Edition
71819: [YOUNG, ARTHUR] - View of the Agriculture of Oxfordshire: Drawn up for the Board of Agriculture and Internal Improvement
38589: YOUNG, MAHONRI SHARP - The Eight: The Realist Revolt In American Painting
56796: YOUNG, BLAMIRE - The Proverbs of Goya Being an account of "Los Proverbios," examined and now for the first time explained
73444: YOUNG, ARTHUR - A Six Weeks Tour, through the Southern Counties of England and Wales. Describing particularly, I. The present State of Agriculture and Manufactures. II. The Different Methods of cultivating the Soil. III. The Success attending some late Experiments on various Grasses, &c. IV. The Prices of Labour and Provisions. V. The State of the Working Poor in those Counties, wherein the Riots were most remarkable. With Descriptions and Copper-Plates of such newly invented Implements of Husbandry as deserve to be generally known: Interspersed With Accounts of the Seats of the Nobility and Gentry, and other Objects worthy of Notice.
73298: YOUNG, JEPTHA - Lays for the Cottage; Or, Rhymes from the Loom.
76476: YOUNG, C.A.; SCHMIDT, OSCAR - The Sun; The Doctrine of Descent and Darwinism [2 Volumes]
64979: YOUNG FARMERS' CLUB - Young Farmers' Club Booklets No. 2-4, 6-8 (Bee, Rabbit, Pig, Goat Keeping and Grassland, Farm Implements) [6 volumes]
72448: YOUNG, ROBERT E. AND GILCRAFT - 4 Volumes on Scout Tests and Badges [contains: 'The Gateway to all the Scout Tests', 'Scout Badge Test Series No.19: Missioner and Public Health Man,', 'Outdoor Badges, Camper - Explorer - Forester - Pathfinder - Pioneer - Stalker - Tracker' and 'Boy Scout Tests and How to Pass Them, Complete Instruction in all the Tests']
60671: YOUNG, ROBERT - Notes on Burghead: Ancient and Modern, with appendix, Containing Notices of Families Connected with the Place at Different Periods, and Other Information
75115: YOUNG, FRANCIS BRETT; YOUNG, JESSICA BRETT; HALL, MICHAEL - Complete Collection of Francis Brett Young's Works and Biographies. Includes a letter from the author [47 items]
71811: C.H. YOUNG; D. FRANCIS MORGAN; K.GRAHAM THOMSON; F.A.STOCKS; E.E.REYNOLDS; J. GIBSON - Week-End Camps & Hikes; Standing Camps; Night Scouting; Saturday Afternoon Scouting; School Scout Troops; Outdoor Hints for Boy Scouts [6 volumes on Scouting]
58329: YOUNG, EDWARD - Night Thoughts On Life, Death, And Immortality.
58471: YOUNG, SIR GEORGE - The New Spain
56057: YOUNG, SIR WILLIAM - Sedition and Defamation Display'd: In a Letter to the Author of the Craftman
50046: YOUNG, EDWARD DR [JOHNSON, SAMUEL] - The Poems of Young in 3 volumes
50218: YOUNG, ARTHUR - The Farmer's Calendar: Containing The Business Necessary to be Performed on Various Kinds of Farms During Every Month of The Year
76108: YOUNG, MELVIN A. - A Cotswold Journey from Down-Under
30592: YOUNGER, CARLTON - Less Than Angel
59562: YOUNGHUSBAND, SIR FRANCIS - The Light of Experience: A Review of Some Men and Events of my Time
60342: YOUNGHUSBAND, SIR FRANCIS - Dawn in India: British Purpose and Indian Aspiration
44252: YOUNGHUSBAND, LIEUT.-COLONEL SIR FRANCIS, WILTON, E C, BALL, JOHN - The Geographical Journal, Vol. XLIX No. 6, June 1917
72454: YOUNGHUSBAND, SIR FRANCIS - The Heart of a Continent [commemorative edition]
69175: YOUNGHUSBAND, G.J. AND YOUNGHUSBAND, FRANK E. - The Relief of Chitral
69584: YRIARTE, CHARLES - Album du Grand Journal , 300 Dessins
75632: YUILL, P. B. - The Bornless Keeper; Hazell And The Menacing Jester [two volumes]
72932: ZAKRZEWSKA, HELENA - Le Manoir Enchante , Roman [The Enchanted Manor, Story]
37625: ZAMPETTI, PIETRO - La Pittura Marchigiana da Gentile a Raffaello
67664: ZANDRA RHODES AND ANNE KNIGHT - The Art of Zandra Rhodes
76295: ZAOROWSKY, JEROME. - Secreta Monita Societus Jesu: The Secret Instructions of the Jesuits
75968: ZAOROWSKY, JEROME - Mysteres Les Plus Secrets de Jesuites Contenus en Diverses Pieces Originales. Secreta Monita. The Secret Instructions of the Jesuits. (text in French)
75967: ZAOROWSKY, JEROME - The Secret Instructions of the Jesuits. (Secreta Monita Societatis Jesu)
67458: ZAPIRO - Da Zuma Code (Cartoons from Mail & Guardian, Sunday Times, and Independent Newspapers)
47377: ZIEGLER, B. (WITH MUIR, R.O. - TRANSLATION EDITOR) - Introduction to Palaeobiology: General Palaeontology
70261: ZIMMER, HEINRICH - Weisheit Indiens
67204: ZIMMER, ANNE AND FRED - Visual Literacy in Communication: Designing for Development
48465: ZIMNIK, REINER - The bear and the people
61817: ZINSSER, DR. F. AND STEIN, JOHN BETHUNE [TRANSLATOR AND EDITOR] - Diseases of the Mouth, Syphilis and Similar Diseases for Physicians, Dentists, Medical and Dental Students
61796: ZIT - Collection of 5 Zit Comics: Issues 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6
18038: ZODIASTAR - Match Tricks
22736: ZOLA, EMILE - The Fat and The Thin [translated with an introduction by E H Vizetelly]
22708: VAN ZONNEVELD, GWYNNE EN PETER - Een Wonderlijk Landschap , A Curious Landscape , Foreign Writers on the Netherlands
73961: ZORNLIN, ROSINA M. - Outlines of Geology, for Families and Schools.
63961: ZUGSMITH, LEANE - A Time to Remember
75443: ZUKOFSKY, LOUIS - Opening No.1 Finally a Valentine
37614: ZUOREN, WU, & SHUFANG, XIAO - Selected Paintings of Wu Zuoren and Xiao Shufang

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