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18076: TAAFFE, MICHAEL - Those Days are Gone Away
46808: DE TABLEY, LORD, [EDITED BY JOHN DRINKWATER] - Select Poems of Lord de Tabley, [Oxford Miscellany series]
62179: TACITUS, CORNELIUS - C. Cornelius Tacitus, Cum Optimis Exempla Ribus Collatus. Adiecti Sunt Capitulorum Numeri
57045: TACITUS, [TRANSLATED BY WEISE, C. H.] - C. Cornelii Taciti Opera Quoad Extant. Ex Fide Optimorum Librorum Accuraet Recensuit, Tomus I [Volume 1 only]
10172: TACK, ALFRED - Interviewing's Killing
24562: TAFFEL, RON - Breaking Through to Teens, a new psychotherapy for the new adolescence
30862: TAGORE, SIR RABINDRANATH - Creative Unity
30705: TAGORE, RABINDRANATH - Fireflies
36127: TAGORE, RABINDRANATH - Chitra, A Play in One Act
61069: TAKASHI, NAGATSUKA AND WASWO, ANN [TRANSLATOR] - The Soil: A Portrait of Rural Life in Meiji Japan
59629: TAKASHIMA, S.; OGAWA, K - Illustrations of Japanese Life
44705: TAKAYAMA, MASAMI , ZUKOWSKY, JOHN , HOLABIRD, JOHN A. - Process: Architecture The Chicago School Of Architecture number 35
60483: TAL, MIKHAIL AND RUSSELL, HANON W. [TRANSLATOR] - Tal-Botvinik 1960: Match for the World Chess Championship
57461: TALBOT, ETHEL - Jean's Two Schools
19906: TALBOT, CATHERINE - Essays, with, Reflections of Every Day of the Week, Occasional Thoughts, Poems &c. - 2 volumes in one
51080: TALLERMAN, D - Agricultural Distress and Trade Depression: Their Remedy in the Commercial Realization of Home-Grown Produce
36961: TALLIS, J F - West India Islands
24996: TAMBERLANI, F - Scenografiie E Regie
63883: TANIMURA, KEISUKE [EDITED BY KOJIRO ISHIGURO] - Ancient Terracotta Figurines: My Other Life [The Keisuke Tanimura Collection]
14379: TANNER, JAMES T. & NICHOLLS, HARRY - The Toreador. An entirely new and original musical play in two acts - Lyrics by Adrian Ross, Percy Greenbank & George Grossmith Jr. Music by Ivan Caryll, Lionel Monckton & Paul A. Rubens
45632: TANNER, JAMES T. - The Orchid, A Musical Play in Two Acts
59992: TANNER, JAMES T. - Our Miss Gibbs, with music by Ivan Caryll and Lionel Monckton, Lyrics by Adrian Ross and Percy Greenbank; & The Dancing Mistress, with music by Lionel Monckton and lyrics by Adrian Ross and Percy Greenbank [2 volumes]
65411: TANNER & BAYLIS - Advertisement for Tanner & Baylis Fly Waggons
63933: TANS'UR, WILLIAM - A Compleat Melody: or, The Harmony of Sion, in Three Books, together with handwritten manuscript psalms and music at rear
60500: TANSILLO, LUIGI AND ROSCOE, WILLIAM [TRANSLATOR] - The Nurse, a Poem, Translated from the Italian of Luigi Tansillo
56647: TANSLEY, SIR A. G. - The British Islands and Their Vegetation, Volumes 1 & 2
43277: TARALON, JEAN - The Grotto Of Lascaux
15437: TARENNE, GEORGE - Recherches sur Les Ranz Des Vaches, ou sur Les Chansons Pastorales des Bergers de La Suisse, avec musique
64506: TARLETON, ALFRED H. - Nicholas Breakspear (Adrian IV.): Englishman and Pope
18193: TARRANT, CHRIS & GORMAN, JOHN - Beyond the Pail [ O.T.T. ]
61598: TARRASCH, DR. - Das Champion-Turnier Zu Ostende Im Jahre 1907. Sammlung Samtlicher Partien mit Ausfuhrlichen Anmerkungen, Mit Genehmigung des Turnier-Komitees
48246: TASCH, PAUL - Paleobiology of the Invertebrates, data retrieval from the fossil record
57942: TASCHEN, DR ANGELIKA - Taschen's 4 Cities [12 volume boxed set]
31932: TASKER , EDWARD G - Encyclopedia of Medieval Church Art
24931: TASSE [ TORQUATO TASSO ] - L'Aminte Du Tasse, Pastorale. Traduite de l'Italien en Vers Francois
59159: TASSO, TORQUATO - La Gerusalemme Liberata di Torquato Tasso. Tome I & II [2 volumes]
44733: TASSO, TORQUATO, [EDITED BY EDWARD FAIRFAX] - Godfrey of Bulloigne; or, the Recovery of Jerusalem: Done into English heroical verse, from the Italian of Tasso,..., to which are prefixed, a glossary, and the lives of Tasso and Fairfax. By the Editor. [2 volumes in 1]
57471: TAUCHNITZ, BERNHARD [EDITOR & PREFACE] - Five Centuries of the English Language and Literature, Volume CCCCC of the Tauchnitz Edition
19461: TAUNT, HENRY W. - Fairford Church, Lechlade, and the District
19461: TAUNT, HENRY W. - Fairford Church, Lechlade, and the District
57856: TAVERNER, ERIC - A Day On A Chalk Stream
61705: TAVINOR, MICHAEL - Saints & Sinners of the Marches
64901: TAYLOR, M.A AND RODGER, R.H. (EDITORS) - A Fascinating Acquaintance, Charles McIntosh & Beatrix Potter Their Common Bond in the Natural History of Dunkeld Area
18599: TAYLOR, TOM & FOSTER, BIRKET - Birket Foster's Pictures of English Landscape with Pictures in Words by Tom Taylor
30819: TAYLOR, LUCY - Sahib and Sepoy or Saving an Empire, A Tale of the Indian Mutiny
28347: TAYLOR, BASIL - Stubbs
33182: TAYLOR, IDA SCOTT, AND OLIVER, MARTHA C. - The Story of Columbus, Told in Rhyme
33396: TAYLOR, ELIAS - The Lathe and its Uses; or, Instruction in the Art of Turning Wood and Metal, including a description of the most modern appliances for the ornamentation of plane and curved surfaces
52889: TAYLOR, WILLIAM - The Antiquities Of King's Lynn. Norfolk.
52554: TAYLOR, HENRY - A Guide to Flint Castle; First Welsh Municipal Charters; The Flintshire Militia; The Arms of Flintshire, and two pieces reprinted from The Chester Archelogical Journal Vol.V , Early Lead Miners Brought From The High Peak To Work in Flintshire, and Popish Recusants in Flintshire in 1625
64992: TAYLOR, EDWARD - Jacob Behmen's Theolophick Philosophy Unfolded; in Divers Considerations and Demonstrations, also, the Principal Treaties of the Said Author Abridged with a Short Account of the Life of Jacob Behmen
35915: TAYLOR, J - Taylor's Builder's Price-Book; New Arranged; containing a correct list of Prices, Allowed by the most eminent Surveyors in London to the several Artificiers concerned in Building; with the Journeyman's Prices affixed to each article, To which are added, a
64242: TAYLOR, JUDY - Beatrix Potter: Artist, Storyteller and Countrywoman
61969: TAYLOR, JANE - Display, A Tale
61851: TAYLOR, JER; WRIGHT, PAUL - The Great Exemplar of Sanctity and Holy Life According to the Christian Institution; Described in the History of the Life and Death of the Ever-Blessed Jesus Christ, The Saviour of the World. Plus, The New and Complete Life of our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ- [2 volumes]
58834: TAYLOR, DAVID J - New Architecture for the Underground
45509: TAYLOR, H Y J - The Pig that Saved the City: The Ballad of the famous pig which caused King Charles to raise the siege of Gloucester, September 5th 1643
58772: TAYLOR, J. E. [EDITOR] - Hardwicke's Science-Gossip: an Illustrated Medium of Interchange and Gossip for Students and Lovers of Nature, Parts from Vols 13, 14 & 15 [none complete]
48941: TAYLOR, JOHN DAVID, KENNEDY, WILLIAM JAMES, AND HALL, ANTHONY - The Shell Structure and Mineralogy of the Bivalvia: II. Lucinacea - Clavagellacea, Conclusions
60273: TAYLOR, REV. ISAAC - The Mine, [The Little Library, Vol. I.]
60293: TAYLOR, ANN & JANE - Hymns For Infant Minds
49822: TAYLOR, JOHN DAVID, KENNEDY, WILLIAM JAMES, AND HALL, ANTHONY - The Shell Structure and Mineralogy of the Bivalvia: Introduction. Nuculacea-Trigonacea
65622: TAYLOR, W. COOKE - The National Portrait Gallery of Illustrious and Eminent Personages Chiefly of the Nineteenth Century [4 volumes]
58550: TAYLOR, EILEEN SAVILLE - The Harvest Mouse and The Hony Bee [2 volumes]
42873: TAYLOR, JOHN RUSSELL, [INTRODUCTION] - Edouard Vuillard (1868-1940): Drawings, Pastels and Watercolours
41983: TAYLOR & FRANCIS BOOKS - Instructions For Authors, [Routledge, RoutledgeCurzon, Routledge Falmer, Spon Press, Taylor & Francis]
61293: TAYLOR, REV. ISAAC - Scenes in England; for the Amusement and Instruction of Little Tarry-at-home Travellers
56101: TAYLOR, E. G. R.; DONNO, ELIZABETH STORY; FLEAUR, J. D. LA; GAMBLE, DAVID P. AND HAIR, P. E. H [EDITORS] - The Hakluyt Society: The Troublesome Voyage of Captain Edward Fenton 1582-83; An Elizabethan in 1582: The diary of Richard Madox fellow of All Souls; Pieter Van Den Broecke's Journal of Voyages to Cape Verde, Guinea and Angola 1605-1612; & The Discovery of River Gambra by Richard Jobson 1623, [4 volumes]
48204: TAYLOR, JOHN GEORGE - Our Lady of Batersey: The Story of Batersey Church and Parish told from original sources
48713: TAYLOR, ANNE & JANE - Hymns for Infant Minds
48671: TAYLOR, LAURIE - Professor Lapping Sends His Apologies: The Best of Laurie Taylor
48441: TAYLOR, REV. JAMES - The Age We Live In: A history of the nineteenth century. From the peace of 1815 to the present time, Div. I to VII, [in 7 volumes]
65314: TAYLOR, JOSEPH - Tales of the Robin and other small birds, selected from the British Poets for the instruction and amusement of Young People
65203: TAYLOR, A. B. [EDITOR] - Shakespeare's Ovid: The Metamorphoses in the Plays and Poems
65072: TAYLOR, ALISON - Bitter Bread (A Tale of Old Dunfermline)
61280: TAYLOR, JANE - Display. A Tale
61291: TAYLOR, JANE - Display. A Tale
61281: TAYLOR, JANE - Display. A Tale for Young People
50077: TCHERTKOFF, VLADIMIR - The Last Days of Tolstoy
63778: [TED HUGHES] - Mosimann's London. Original Menu from the Restaurant in honour of Ted Hughes on his 60th birthday
20880: TEGETMEIER, W.B. - The Scholars' Handbook of Household Management and Cookery. Compiled at the request of The School Board for London..
45946: TEGETMEIER, W B - Pheasants for Coverts and Aviaries
32174: TEGG, THOMAS [ COLLECTED & ARRANGED ] - Book of Utility or, repository of Useful Information connection connected with the Moral, Intellectual, and Physical condition of Man & containing also many Notable Things in the arts, sciences & history...
63273: TEGNER, ESAIAS; HAMEL, LEOPOLD [TRANSLATOR] - Esaias Tegner's Frithiof's Saga
64551: AL-TELL, SAFWAN KHALAF - Development of Coinage in Jordan Throughout History
35943: TEMPEST, EVELYN - The McArdle Peerage
64310: TEMPEST, PAUL [EDITOR] - The Arabists of Shemlan, Volume 1, MECAS memoirs 1944-1978
64649: TEMPLE-LEADER, JOHN - Life of Sir Robert Dudley, followed by The Italian Biography of Sir Robert Dudley and Six Additional Plates From The "Arcano Del Mare"
48973: TEMPLE, A.G. EDITOR. - Examples of French Art, thirty examples of the most notable French artists with a brief biography of each
43812: TEMPLE, A G, [TEXT] - Reproductions by the collotype process of the pictures presented to the art gallery of the corporation of the City of London by Sir John Gilbert, R.A., P.R.W.S., &c.
63301: TEMPLE, SIR RICHARD., BEAVAN, CAPTAIN R. AND COPPINGER, R. W. - Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society and Monthly Record of Geography, Vol. II., No. 9., September, 1880
56091: TEMPLE, SIR WILLIAM, BARONET - Select Letters to the Prince of Orange (now King of England,) King Charles the II. And the Earl of Arlington, Upon Important Subjects, Vol. III. To Which is Added an Essay upon the State and Settlement of Ireland
63302: TEMPLE, GEORGE T, LAWES REV. W. G., WILSON, REV. C. T. AND CAMPBELL, W. M. - Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society and Monthly Record of Geography, Vol. II., No. 10., October, 1880
63298: TEMPLE, LIEUT. GEORGE T. AND HUTCHINSON, EDWARD AND THOMSON, J. - Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society and the Monthly Record of Geography, Vol. II., No. 5., May, 1880
62533: TEMPLE, MAJOR SIR GRENVILLE T. - Excursions in the Mediterranean, Algiers and Tunis, In Two Volumes
62172: TEMPLE, WILLIAM - Christian Faith and Life
47076: TENNENT, SIR J. EMERSON - Sketches of the Natural History of Ceylon with narratives and anecdotes illustrative of habits and instincts of the mammalia, birds, reptiles, fishes, insects, &c. Including a monograph of the elephant and a description of the modes of capturing and train
64696: TENNESON, JOYCE - Light Warriors
52552: TENNIEL, SIR JOHN - Sir John Tenniel's Alice: 16 Prints In Colour
57189: TENNIEL, JOHN - Cartoons from Punch, 1853-1862, Series 1
56491: TENNIEL, JOHN - Cartoons from Punch by John Tenniel [1853-1862]
26005: TENNYSON, ALFRED - Vivien
28568: TENNYSON, ALFRED LORD - Moments with Tennyson
32188: TENNYSON, ALFRED & SULLIVAN, ARTHUR - The Window or The Songs of the Wrens
39689: TENNYSON, ALFRED - Guinevere
47045: TENNYSON, ALFRED - Elaine
64951: TENNYSON, ALFRED LORD - The May Queen
56173: TENNYSON, ALFRED LORD - The Poetical Works of Lord Tennyson, [Collins' illustrated Pocket Classics No. 25]
66015: TENNYSON, ALFRED - Queen Mary (A Drama); Harold (A Drama) [2 volumes]
57250: TENNYSON, ALFRED LORD - The Works of Alfred Lord Tennyson
62109: TENNYSON, ALFRED - Maud, and Other Poems
51600: TENNYSON, ROS - Managing Partnerships: Tools for Mobilising the Public Sector, Business and Civil Society as Partners in Development
56089: TENNYSON, ALFRED LORD - Poetical Works of Alfred Lord Tennyson
58112: TENNYSON, ALFRED - The Miller's Daughter
63468: TENNYSON, ALFRED LORD - Tiresias and Other Poems
35121: TERENCE - Terence's Comedies: Made English With His Life; and Some Remarks at the End. By Several Hands
64528: TERENCE HODGKINSON, R. J. CHARLESTON, JOHN AYERS, ET AL. - The James A. De Rothschild Collection at Waddesdon Manor: Sculpture, Glass and Enamels, Gold Boxes, & Meissen and Oriental Porcelain [4 volumes]
66146: TERENCE - Les Comedies de Terence avec la Traduction et les Remarques [2 volumes]
64400: TERENCE, PLAUTUS, SENECA [TRANSLATED BY J. SARGEAUNT, PAUL NIXON, & FRANK JUSTUS MILLER] - Terence Vol. 1 & 2; Plautus Vol. 1 & 2; Seneca Tragedies Vol. 1 & 2, [6 volumes from the Loeb Classical Library]
64788: TERIADE, E; PERET, BENJAMIN, ET AL. - Minotaure, Volume 3, 1936-1939
61616: TERNOVETS, B. N. - Muzei Novogo Zapadnogo Iskusstva [Museum of Western Art Moscow]
63803: TERRY, JOSPEHINE - Food for the Future
48880: TERRY, SIR RICHARD, SHACKLETON, EDITH, CAMPBELL, EDWIN, ET AL. - The Queen; The Lady's Newspaper And Court Chronicle, No 4120. Vol. CLVIII. Wednesday, December 9th, 1925
64683: TESTIO, MARIO (EDITED BY EDOUARD LEHMANN) - Mario Testio: Any Objections?
9959: TETRAZZINI, MADAME - My Life Of Song
64535: TEXIER, FRANCOIS - Industrial Diversification and Innovation: An International Study of the Aerospace Industry
39941: TEYMUR, NECDET - Environmental Discourse: A critical analysis of 'environmentalism' in architecture, planning, design, ecology, social sciences and the media
57762: THACKERAY, W M - The Works of William Thackeray in 24 volumes
6997: THACKERAY W M - Ballads
22923: THACKERAY, WILLIAM MAKEPEACE - The Works of William Makepeace Thackeray - Volume II. The History of Pendennis, & Volume III The Newcomes, Memoirs of a Most Respectable Family [ two volumes from Nelson's New Century Library ]
36949: THACKERAY, REV FRANCIS - 2 Volumes Researches Into The Ecclesiastical And Political State Of Ancient Britain Under The Roman Emperors With Observations Upon The Principal Events And Characters Connected With The Christian Religion During The First Five Centuries
58858: THACKERAY, W M - The History of Pendennis. His Fortunes and Misfortunes, His Friends and His Greatest Enemy, Volumes I & II [2 volumes]
56714: THACKERAY, WILLIAM MAKEPEACE - The Collected Works of W. M. Thackeray, complete in 26 volumes
46452: THACKERAY, W M - The Works of William Makepeace Thackeray, in twenty-six volumes, [20 volumes of 26]
63484: THACKERAY, WILLIAM MAKEPEACE - The Works of William Makepeace Thackeray, complete in 24 Volumes
61101: THACKERAY, W. M.; DICKENS, CHARLES - The Loving Ballad of Lord Bateman
58043: THACKERAY, WILLIAM MAKEPEACE - The Works of William Makepeace Thackeray, complete in 22 volumes
48875: THACKERY, WILLIAM MAKEPEACE - The Works of William Makepeace Thackeray, [New Century Library, in 13 volumes]
45778: THATCHER, PHILIP - Raven's Eye: a quest story, & Mirror of the Moon, [Volume 1 & 2 from The Raven Trilogy, in 2 volumes]
46717: THATCHER, A, & HOGARTH, C J - The Transformation of Uncle Parker
62150: [THEO. MCKENNA] - Strictures on the Declaration of the Society Instituted for the Purpose of Promoting Unanimity Amongst Irishmen, and Removing Religious Prejudices
34820: THEOCRITUS [TRANSLATED BY R. C. TREVELYAN] - The Idylls of Theocritus
62871: THEOCRITUS, BION, AND MOSCHUS [EDITED BY C. H .WEISE] - Theocriti Bionis et Moschi Idyllia [Idylls of Theocritus, Bion, and Moschus]
65009: THEODORE H. SAVORY - The Spiders and Allied Orders of the British Isles- [Wayside and Woodland Series]
64968: THESIGER, WILFRED - Visions of a Nomad
59944: THEURIET, ANDRE - Charme Dangereux; L'Oncle Scipion; Amour d'Automne; Le Fils Maugars; Peche Mortel, [5 volumes in 1]
50752: THIERRY, AUGUSTIN - History of the Conquest of England by the Normans; Its Causes and Consequences in England, Scotland, Ireland and on the Continent, complete in 2 Volumes
38586: THIMM, CAPTAIN C. A. (WITH HAGOPIAN, PROFESSOR G. [EDITOR]) - Turkish Self-Taught, with English Phonetic Pronunciation
30868: THIRLWALL, THE REV CONNOP [CONDUCTED BY REV DIONYSIUS LARDNER] - History of Greece, in 8 Volumes, part of the Cabinet of History [ The Cabinet Cyclopaedia ]
62472: THISELTON-DYER, SIR. W. T [EDITOR] - Flora of Tropical Africa, Vol. VIII. Pontederiaceae to Cyperaceae (vol 8 only)
62473: THISELTON-DYER, SIR. W. T [EDITOR] - Flora of Tropical Africa, Vol. IV. - Section 2. Hydrophyllaceae to Pedalineae (vol 4 only)
62471: THISELTON-DYER, W. T. [EDITOR] - For a Capensis: Being a Systematic Description of the Plants of the Cape Colony, Caffraria, & Port Natal (and Neighbouring Territories)- Volume VI. Haemodoraceae to Liliaceae (vol 6 only)
48225: THOM, VALERIE M - Birds in Scotland
20811: THOMAS BISHOP OF BATH AND WELLS - An Exposition on the Church Catechism or the Practice of Divine Love. Composed for the Diocese of Bath & Wells
30919: THOMAS, NORMAN LEWIS - The Story of Swansea's Districts and Villages (Parts 1 to 3)
30920: THOMAS, NORMAN LEWIS - The Story of Swansea's Districts and Villages (Parts 1 to 3)
52659: THOMAS, BEN BOWEN - The Old Order Based on the Diary of Elizabeth Baker (Dolgelley 1778-1786)
64475: [THOMAS LITTLE, T. BELL AND E.L] - Systems of Physiognomy of Camper-
61911: THOMAS COOK & SON - New Zealand as a Tourist and Health Resort: A Handbook to the Hot Lakes District, The West Coast Road, The Southern Lakes, MT. Cook, Sounds, Etc.
61767: THOMAS HOBBES; L. VAN VELTHUYSEN - Elementa Philosophica de Cive; Epistolica Dissertatio de Principiis Ivsti, et Decori, Continens Apologiam pro Tractatu Clarissimi Hobbaei, De Cive; & Thomae Hobbes Angli Malmesburiensis Philosophi Vita [3 volumes in 1]
63951: THOMAS, MAJOR P. D. - It Makes One Think
64357: THOMAS PAINE, JEAN JAQUES ROUSSEAU, THOMAS COOPER, ROBERT DALE OWEN, WILLIAM MACCALL, WILHELM WEITLING - Political Essays, Rights of Man, Inquiry into the nature of Social Contract,Common Sense addressed to the Inhabitants of America, Dissertation of First Principles of Government, Right of Free Discussion, Address the Hopes and Destinies of the Human Species, The Unchristian Nature of Commercial Restrictions, Young Germany. The Rise, Progress, and present Position of German Communism.
62797: THOMAS HARDY - Under the Greenwood Tree [Collins Classics]
66389: THOMAS, DYLAN - Under Milk Wood (with Richard Burton and all Welsh cast in the original BBC production) [Mono LP]
52136: THOMAS, R. S. - An Archive of Books and Ephemera including Two Poems in Manuscript, [Unpublished ?], By or Relating to the Welsh Poet R S Thomas
61274: THOMAS ANNAN AND C. H. W. [PREFACE] - Illustrated Catalogue of the Exhibition of Portraits on Loan in the New Galleries of Art, Corporation Buildings, Sauchiehall Street
56834: THOMAS, GORDON - The Character of an Independent Whig
59772: THOMAS, EDWARD - The Icknield Way
57842: THOMAS, REV. RUPERT C. - National Moral Restoration, Thine is the Kingdom, The Christian and National Service, [3 volumes]
47678: THOMAS, B. PSEUD. [I.E. THOMAS BURGELAND JOHNSON] - The Shooter's Guide; Or, Complete Sportsman's Companion: Containing a Compendious View of the Game Laws; a Description of the Various Kinds of Dogs, with the Best Mode of Breeding, Rearing, and Training Them; an Account of the Diseases to Which They Are L
48768: THOMAS, H H, [EDITOR] - Home Grown Vegetables: The Amateur's Guide to their Cultivation
48593: THOMAS, KEITH - Religion and the Decline of Magic: Studies in popular beliefs in sixteenth and seventeenth century England
65410: THOMAS HAINES - Advertisement for Thomas Haines Fly Wagons etc
65412: THOMAS MOULE - Map of Leicestershire
65329: THOMAS, LORD BISHOP OF SODOR AND MAN - A Short and Plain Instruction for The Better Understanding of the Lord's Supper
57941: THOMAS, SCARLETT - The End of Mr. Y
62721: THOMAS, H. H. AND FORSYTH, GORDON [EDITORS] - The Popular Encyclopedia of Gardening, Complete in 3 Volumes
63227: THOMAS WRIGHT - The Life of William Blake, in 2 volumes
21760: THOMAS-STANFORD, CHARLES - Early Editions of Euclid's Elements [ An Illustrated Monograph issued by the Bibliographical Society No.XX ]
50262: THOMAS, J B G, WORRELL, FRANK, ET AL. - Jim Pressdee Benefit [souvenir]
61162: THOMAS COOK & SON - Cook's Handbook to Norway and Denmark with Iceland, Spitsbergen and Other Arctic Islands with Maps, Plans and Vocabulary
57644: H. W. THOMPKINS, E. V. LUCAS, D. H. MOUTRAY, WILLIAM A. DUTT, PERCY DEARMER - Highways & Byways in Hertfordshire, Highways & Byways in Sussex, Highways & Byways in Hampshire, Highways & Byways in East Anglia, Highways & Byways in Normandy [5 volumes]
66314: THOMPSON, JAMES - The Seasons , to which is prefixed A Life of the Author by Rev. J. Evans
14382: THOMPSON, HARRY , IRVINE, ALEC AND OTHERS - Boxing News, 158 issues from volumes 12 to 16 (14/12/1956 to 10/6/1960)
33520: THOMPSON, EDWARD - Plays and Pageants
61724: THOMPSON, KAY - Kay Thompson's Eloise
60286: THOMPSON, CHARLES - The Travels of the Late Charles Thompson, Esq; Containing his Observations on France, Italy, Turkey in Europe, The Holy Land, Arabia, Egypt, and many other Parts of the World: Giving a Particular and Faithful Account of what is Most Remarkable in the Manners, Religion, Polity, Antiquities, and Natural History of those Countries... Vol. III only
61370: THOMPSON, W.H., EX-DETECTIVE INSPECTOR - Sixty Minutes With Winston Churchill
46629: THOMPSON, JOHN J. - Robert Thornton And The London Thornton Manuscript [Manuscript Studies II]
45416: THOMPSON, D. LINDSAY - Blue Brander: A story of adventure and Australian school life
49890: THOMPSON, ANDY - Native British Trees
61708: THOMS, W. J. [EDITOR] - The Gallant History of Bevis of Southampton and Two Other Stories [Facsimile Editions from the Osborne Collection of Early Children's Books]
19308: THOMSON, JOHN - Map of Europe [ beleived to be from Thomson's New General Atlas ]
22329: THOMSON, BETTY FLANDERS - The Changing Face of New England and The Shaping of America's Heartland 2 books
25929: THOMSON. HEMANS. CHATTERTON. HERRICK. CLARE. SOUTHEY. KEATS ET AL [ EDITED BY JOSEPH CUNDALL ] - Poetry of the Year or, Pastorals From Our Poets Illustrative of the Seasons
32743: THOMSON, ARTHUR S. - The Story of New Zealand: Past and Present - Savage and Civilized, Two Parts in One Volume
43268: D.C. THOMSON - The Wizard #941 Dec. 14th 1940
39134: THOMSON, JAMES - The Poetical Works of James Thomson Vols 1 and 2, [The Aldine Edition of the British Poets, in 2 vols]
43321: D.C. THOMSON - The Wizard #917 June 29th 1940
56844: THOMSON, JAMES - The Seasons, by James Thomson, with His Life, and a complete index and glossary
43324: D.C. THOMSON - The Wizard #936 Nov. 9th 1940
43319: D.C. THOMSON - The Wizard #909 May 4th 1940
43289: D.C. THOMSON - The Wizard #996 April 18th 1942
43287: D.C. THOMSON - The Wizard #992 Feb. 21st 1942
43288: D.C. THOMSON - The Wizard #993 Mar. 7th 1942
43286: D.C. THOMSON - The Wizard #986 Nov. 29th 1941
43283: D.C. THOMSON - The Wizard #949 Feb. 8th 1941
43282: D.C. THOMSON - The Wizard #948 Feb. 1st 1941
43285: D.C. THOMSON - The Wizard #967 June 14th 1941
43323: D.C. THOMSON - The Wizard #926 Aug. 31st 1940
44762: D. C. THOMSON - The Dandy Comic No. 201, Nov 15th 1941
65392: THOMSON, JOSEPH, HARRIS, WALTER, B., MILLER, WILLIAM AND OTHERS - Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society and Monthly Record of Geography, Volume XI., January-December, 1889
66102: THOMSON, W. M. - The Land and the Book or, Biblical Illustrations Drawn from the Manners and Customs, the Scenes and Scenery of The Holy Land
56094: THOMSON, D. CROAL - The Landscapes of Corot 1796-1875, Parts 1-6
47987: D.C. THOMSON - The Victor, 4 issues from 1965-71
47993: D. C. THOMSON - The Hotspur, 3 issues from 1964-65
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42011: TRUSLER, REV. JOHN - The Works of William Hogarth, In a Series of One Hundred and Fifty Steel Engravings, By The First Artists: With Descriptions And A Comment On Their Moral Tendency, In Two Volumes, To which are added, Anecdotes of the author and his works, by J.Hogarth and
19226: TRUSTEES OF THE NATIONAL GALLERY - The National Gallery Report April 1992 - March 1993
51119: TRUSTRAM, MABEL - Verses to a Child
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31589: TUCKER, JOAN - The Stroudwater Navigation
34852: TUCKER, JOAN - the Stroudwater Navigation A Social History
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48919: TUNSTALL, BEATRICE - The Dark Lady
13063: TUNSTALL, CHRISTIAN - The Enchanted Uncle
13063: TUNSTALL, CHRISTIAN - The Enchanted Uncle
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64963: TURGENEV, IVAN - Fathers and Sons
30891: TURGUENIEFF, IVAN S. [TRANSLATED BY PUBLISHER] - A Nest of Hereditary Legislators
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47352: TURNER, T. HUDSON, & PARKER, JOHN HENRY - Some Account of Domestic Architecture in England, from the conquest to the end of the thirteenth century, from Edward I. to Richard II., & from Richard II. to Henry VIII. Part I. & II., [3 volumes in 4]
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60114: TURNER, R., JUN. - An Easy Introduction to the Arts and Sciences: Being a Short, But Comprehensive System of Useful and Polite Learning; Divided into Lessons, Illustrated with Cuts, and Adapted to the Use of Schools and Academies
60612: TURNER, ELIZABETH - The Cowslip or More Cautionary Stories in Verse
62557: J. M. W. TURNER, W. B. COOKE, GEORGE COOKE AND OTHERS - Picturesque Views on the Southern Coast of England, From Drawings Made Principally by J. M. W. Turner, R. A. And Engraved by W. B. Cooke, George Cooke, and Other Eminent Engravers
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62693: TUTT, J. W. - A Natural History of the British Lepidoptera: A Text-Book For Students and Collectors, Vols. I, II, III, IV, V & X [6 volumes only]
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57451: TWAIN, MARK - A Horse's Tale
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19135: UECKER / AJGI - Der Dort
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35120: VARLEY, C. - A New System of Husbandry. From Experiments never before made public. With tables shewing the expence & profit of each Crop. How to stock Farms to the best advantage. How the crops are to follow each other by the way of Rotation.... In Three Volumes
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46731: VICKERS, ROY - Lord Roberts: The Story Of His Life
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30659: VINCENT, BENJAMIN - Haydn's Dictionary of Dates relating to all ages and nations: for Universal Reference
57980: VINCENT, ERIC W. AND HINTON, PERCIVAL - The University of Birmingham: Its History and Significance
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56447: VINES, RICHARD - The Hearse of the Renowned the Right Honourable Robert Earle of Essex and Ewe, Viscount Hereford, Lord Ferrers of Chartley, Bourchier, and Lovaine, Sometime Captaine Lord Generall of the Armies Raised for the Defence of King and Parliament. As it was Represented in a Sermon, Preached in the Abbey Church at Westminster, at the Magnificent Solemnity of his Funerall, Octob. 22. 1646 [Bibliotheca Curiosa]
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15759: VINSON, HARVEY - A Folksingers Guide To The Classical Guitar
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51162: VIPAN, ELLEN A - Album of Newspaper Clippings Related to the Vipan Family Dates from 1857 - 1864
31312: VIRGIL [TRANSLATED BY JOHN DRYDEN] - Virgil's Georgics
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44307: THE VISCOUNTESS ECCLES, TURNBULL, GORDON, [EDITORS] - James Boswell's Book Of Company At Auchinleck 1782-1795
46813: VIVIAN, E. CHARLES - She Who Will Not-
62373: VIVIAN, E. CHARLES - Robin Hood and His Merry Men
49602: VAN VLIERDEN, CARL - UFO Contact from Planet Koldas: A Cosmic Dialogue
31660: VLOBERG, MAURICE P. - De la Cour des Miracles au Gibet de Montfaucon
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7871: VOLNEY, M - The Ruins: Or A Survey Of The Revolutions Of Empires
16505: VOLTAIRE, M. DE - The Age of Louis XV. Being the sequel of the Age of Louis XIV. Translated from the French of M. De Voltaire - in 2 volumes
30893: VOLTAIRE, - Candide ou L'Optimisme
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44340: VOLTAIRE - Oeuvres de Mr. De Voltaire. Nouvelle Edition, Revue, corrigee & considerablement augmentee, avec des figures en Taille-douce. Tome Premier.
18605: VOLTAIRE & LAURENCE STERNE - The History of Candide, or, All for the Best, with Zadig, or, Destiny an Oriental History, with A Sentimental Journey through France and Italy - the three complete in one volume
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57703: VOSS, JOHANN HEINRICH - Hesiods Werke Und Orfeus Der Argonaut
44599: VREDENBURG, EDRIC - Pretty Polly
44594: VREDENBURG, EDRIC - Fireside Fancies
44589: VREDENBURG, EDRIC - Fireside Fancies
58569: VREDENBURG, EDRIC, ET AL. - Pictures and Plums for Fingers & Thumbs
18227: VREDENBURG, EDRIC - Father Tuck's Animal Kingdom - Animals & Birds in their wild and domestic state
52900: VRETOS, MARINOS P. - Athenes Moderne, Album Contenant les Vues des Principaux Monuments Modernes de la Capital de la Grece
66317: VUILLEMIN (DRESSE PAR) - Nouvea Plan De Paris , Divise en Vingt Arrondissements (New plan of Paris devided into 20 boroughs) with Liste Alphabetique des Rues De Paris (road index)
62774: VULLIAMY, C. E. - Don Among the Dead Men
64244: DE WAAL, EDMUND - New Ceramic Design
61776: WAAL, ESTHER DE - Collection of 5 books by Esther de Waal
47606: WADDEL, L. AUSTINE - Lhasa and its Mysteries: With a Record of the Expedition of 1903-1904
48282: WADDICOR, ANN, AND ANDERSEN, ERIK KJAER - Natural and cultural gems of Norway... and where to find them
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62149: WADE, JOHN; NICOLAS, SIR HARRIS - Junius: Including Letters by the Same Writer Under Other Signatures; to which are Added His Confidential Correspondence with Mr. Wilkes, and His Private Letters to Mr. H. S. Woodfall... Vol. I & II [2 volumes]
64206: WADSWORTH, BARBARA - Edward Wadsworth: A Painter's Life
61909: WAGNER, LEOPOLDO - Souvenir da Ilha da Madeira [Souvenir of Madeira Island]
46323: WAGNER, GERARD - Animal Metamorphosis
65336: WAGSTAFF, HESTER - The Tale of the Jolly Robin Family
23352: WAIN, JOHN - Mid-Week Period Return, Home Thoughts of a Native
66299: WAINWRIGHT, A - Borough of Kendal Accounts 1964-65
49698: WAINWRIGHT, JOHN - Collection of 51 of John Wainwright's works, comprising of: The Bastard, The Day Of The Peppercorn Kill, Home Is The Hunter and The Big Kayo, All On A Summer's Day, Kills The Girls And Make Them Cry, Tail-End Charlie, Evil Intent, Cause For A Killing, Death In A Sleeping City, Tension, Death Certificate, The Evidence I Shall Give, High-Class Kill, Brainwash, The Devil You Don't, Blind Brag, The Last Buccaneer, A Touch Of Malice, Prynter's Devil, Night Is A Time To Die, Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me, Requiem For A Loser, Dig The Grave And Let Him Die, Landscape With Violence, Coppers Don't Cry, Freeze Thy Blood Less Coldly, Death Of A Big Man, The Hard Hit, Square Dance, A Pride Of Pigs, Davis Doesn't Live Here Any More, The Pig Got Up And Slowly Walked Away, My Word You Should Have Seen Us, My God How The Money Rolls In, Death of a Big Man (x2), The Big Tickle, Landscape With Violence, All On A Summer's Day, All Through The Night, Tail-End Charlie, Evil Intent, Cause For A Killing, Death In A Sleeping City, Tension, Death Certificate, The Evidence I Shall Give, High-Class Kill, Brainwash, The Devil You Don't, Blind Brag, The Last Buccaneer, A Touch Of Malice, Prynter's Devil, Night Is A Time To Die, Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me, Requiem For A Loser, Dig The Grave And Let Him Die, Landscape With Violence, Coppers Don't Cry, Freeze Thy Blood Less Coldly, Death Of A Big Man, The Hard Hit, Square Dance, A Pride Of Pigs, Davis Doesn't Live Here Any More, The Pig Got Up And Slowly Walked Away, My Word You Should Have Seen Us, My God How The Money Rolls In, Death of a Big Man (x2), The Big Tickle, Landscape With Violence, All On A Summer's Day, All Through The Night, Guard Your Castle: A Plain Man's Guide to the Protection of his Home, Domino for Død, Ein Schritt Zuviel, Der Schwarze Himmel, Mörder Kennen Keine Reue, Hjerne-Vasket, Uten Nåde, Jades Mittel ist Erlaubt, Faktor Feminin, Gehirrn Wäsche, Der Organisierte Mord and Talent Zum Morden. Also contains Majority / 1931 - 1952: An Anthology Of 21 Years Of Publishing, dedicated to Wainwright by Hamish Hamilton Domino for Død, Ein Schritt Zuviel, Der Schwarze Himmel, Mörder Kennen Keine Reue, Hjerne-Vasket, Uten Nåde, Jades Mittel ist Erlaubt, Faktor Feminin, Gehirrn Wäsche, Der Organisierte Mord and Talent Zum Morden. Also contains Majority / 1931 - 1952: An Anthology Of 21 Years Of Publishing, dedicated to Wainwright by Hamish Hamilton
51612: WAKEFIELD, G L - Colour Filters and their uses, [Photofacts No. 4]
60745: WAKEFIELD, PRISCILLA - A Family Tour Through the British Empire; Containing some Account of its Manufactures, Natural and Artificial Curiosities, History and Antiquities; Interspersed with Biographical Anecdotes. Particularly adapted to the Amusement and Instruction of Youth
60158: WAKEFIELD, PRISCILLA - Mental Improvement; or, the Beauties and Wonders of Nature and Art. In a Series of Instructive Conversations, Volume I & II
58749: WAKEFIELD TECHNICAL SERIES - Oil Engine Lubrication
64790: WAKEMAN, GEOFFREY - Aspects of Victorian Lithography: Anastatic Printing and Photozincography
38326: WAKERMAN, ELYSE, CHILDERS, RICHARD H. - PRODUCER - Air Powered: The Art of the Airbrush
31919: WALCH, J & SONS - Walch's Tasmanian Almanac for 1925
20136: WALCOTT, MACKENZIE E.C. - William of Wykeham and His Colleges
52360: WALCOTT, JOHN - Flora Britannica Indigena: or Plates of the Indigenous Plants of Great Britain: with their descriptions taken from Linnaeus's Systema Naturae: to which are added their English names, places of growth, and times of flowering
39033: WALCOTT, MACKENZIE E. C. - The Ancient Church of Scotland: A History of The Cathedrals, Conventual Foundations, Collegiate Churches, and Hospitals of Scotland
61299: WALCOTT, MACKENZIE - A Guide to the Coasts of Devon & Cornwall: Descriptive of Scenery, Historical; Legendary; and Archaeological
31630: WALEY, ARTHUR - The Poetry and Career of Li Po 701 - 762 A.D. [ Ethical and Religious Classics of East and West No.3 ]
58783: WALFORD, EDWARD - The County Families of the United Kingdom or Royal Manual of the Titled and Untitled Aristocracy of England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland Containing a Brief Notice of the Descent, Birth, Marriage, Education, and Appointments of Each Person, his heir Apparent or Presumptive, as also a Record of the Offices which he has Hitherto held, Together with his Town Address and Country Residence
58787: WALFORD, EDWARD - The County Families of the United Kingdom or Royal Manual of the Titled and Untitled Aristocracy of England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. Containing a Brief Notice of the Descent, Birth, Marriage, Education, and Appointments of Each Person, his heir Apparent or Presumptive, as also a Record of the Offices which he has Hitherto held, Together with his Town Address and Country Residence
32315: WALIULLAH, SYED - Tree Without Roots [UNESCO Collection of Representative Works Pakistan Series]
19275: WALKER, J.& C. - Map of Turkey 1. Containing the Northern Part
19276: WALKER, J.& C. - Map of Turkey 1. Containing the Northern Part
19277: WALKER, J.& C. - Map of Turkey II. Containing the Northern Part of Greece
19278: WALKER, J.& C. - Map of Turkey II. Containing the Northern Part of Greece
19279: WALKER, J. & C. - Map of West Africa I.
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19281: WALKER, J.& C. - Map of France II [ North Eastern Part ]
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19284: WALKER, J.& C. - Map of Russia In Europe Part VI
19285: WALKER, J.& C. - Map of Russia In Europe Part II
19286: WALKER, J.& C. - Map of Russia In Europe Part V
19287: WALKER, J.& C. - Map of Russia In Europe Part VII
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30983: WALKER, STELLA A. [ FOREWORD BY PAUL MELLON ] - British Sporting Art in the Twentieth Century
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58932: WALKER, GRAHAM [EDITOR] - Motor Cycling Magazine 43 issues from 1950
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57337: [WALKER, GEORGE] - The Travels of Sylvester Tramper Through the Interior of the South of Africa: with the Adventures & Accidents that he Encountered in a Journey of More than two Thousand Miles Through Those Unknown Wildernesses, Constantly Exposed to Danger from Beasts of Prey, and the Attacks of Savages
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49116: WALKER, HENRY - The Lover's Leap: A Romance of the Thames, comic song, sung with great success by W. C. Cross, [illustrated cover only]
56912: [WALKER, GEORGE] - The Travels of Sylvester Tramper Through the Interior of the South of Africa: with the Adventures & Accidents that he Encountered in a Journey of More than two Thousand Miles Through Those Unknown Wildernesses, Constantly Exposed to Danger from Beasts of Prey, and the Attacks of Savages
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60589: WALKINGAME, FRANCIS, [EDITED BY T. CROSBY] - The Tutor's Assistant; Being a Compendium of Arithmetic and a Complete Question-Book...
10763: WALKINGAME, FRANCIS, [EDITED BY REV T. SMITH] - The Tutor's Assistant, Being a Compendium of Arithmetic, and Complete Question Book- A New Edition Corrected, and many useful questions added-
65516: WALKINGAME, FRANCIS - The Tutor's Assistant; Being A Compendium of Arithmetic, and a Complete Question-Book
59961: WALL, J. CHARLES - Porches and Fonts
30173: WALLACE, DAVID RAINS - The Wilder Shore
49361: WALLACE, EDGAR - The Clue Of The Twisted Candle
63747: WALLACE, EDGAR - The Black Abbot and The Squeaker [2 volumes]
59223: WALLACE, EDGAR - Collection of 11 Edgar Wallace novels
7234: WALLACE, EDGAR - The Coat of Arms
63312: WALLACE, EDGAR - Collection of 12 novels by Edgar Wallace
63746: WALLAGE, EDGAR - The Admirable Carfew
29314: WALLE, PAUL [ TRANSLATED BY BERNARD MIALL ] - Bolivia - Its People and Its Resources Its Railways, Mines, and Rubber-Forests
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38407: WALLERSTEIN, A. - The Bridal Polka, The Original Jenny Lind Polka, Dedicated to her, by Permission, by the Composer
64751: WALLERT, ARIE AND VAN OOSTERHOUT, CARLO - From Tempera to Oil Paint: Changes in Venetian Painting, 1460-1560
65248: WALLINGER, MARK - The Russian Linesman: Frontiers, Borders and Thresholds
19332: WALLIS, JAMES - Map of France [ taken from Oddy's New General Atlas of the World... ]
12714: WALLIS-TAYLER, A.J. - The Preservation of Wood, a descriptive treatise on the processes and on the mechanical appliances used for the preservation of wood
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58064: WALLIS, HELEN M. AND ROBINSON, ARTHUR H. [EDITORS] - Cartographical Innovations: An International Handbook of Mapping Terms to 1900
59238: WALLSEND - Wallsend-Howden Pressure System of Burning Liquid Fuel (Patent)
31939: WALOND, R. F. - Paddiana; or, Scraps And Sketches Of Irish Life, present and past, by the author of "a hot water cure", in two volumes
21146: WALPOLE, HUGH - Maradick at Forty. A Transition.
18182: WALPOLE, HORACE [ SELECTED BY DOROTHY MARGARET STUART ] - Letters of Horace Walpole - with introduction notes and exercises [ Harrap's Modern English Series ]
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63676: WALSH, EDMUND A. - The Fall of The Russian Empire: The story of the last of the Romanovs and the coming of the Bolsheviki
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57460: WALT DISNEY - Walt Disney's Peter Pan Strip Book
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42840: WALTERS, C. C. - An Elementary Coptic Grammar Of The Sahidic Dialect
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10767: WALWIN, PEGGY C - A String Of Pearls
48486: WALWIN, PEGGY C. - St. Christopher: Today and Yesterday
65128: WANKLYN, W. H. E. [EDITOR AND COMPILER] - The Great Sire Lines, Tables Showing their Successes and Failures
43229: WANOSTROCHT, N, [EDITED BY W. S. KENNY] - Recueil Choisi de Traits Historiques et de Contes Moraux: avec la signification des mots en anglais au bas de chaque page; a l'usage des jeunes gens, de l'un et de l'autre sexe, qui veulent apprendre le francais
65842: WANOSTROCHT, N. - The French Class-Book ou Choix de Litterature et de Morale extrait des plus Beaux Morceaux des Auteurs Anciens et Modernes, Etrangers et Nationaux, en Prose et en Vers, Contenant Une Lecon de Lecture pour Chaque Jour de L'annee, A L'usage des Etablissemens D'instruction Publics et Particuliers
59022: U.S. WAR DEPARTMENT - The Battle-wise Infantryman- Is Careful of what he Says or Writes How About you? [Original Poster, 1944]
60426: WAR OFFICE - The Army List for March, April, May, July, August, October, November & December, 1841 [8 volumes in 1]
11620: WAR OFFICE - Textbook of Mechanical Engineering Part 1 & 2, 1940 [in 2 volumes]
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66151: WARBURTON, DR, (FROM THE TEXT OF) - The Poetical Works of Alexander Pope with his Last Corrections, Additions, and Improvements (in Four Volumes) [2 books]
48720: WARBURTON, R. E. EGERTON - Hunting Songs
52649: WARD, FRANK - The Lakes of Wales: A Guide for Anglers and Others. The Fishing, Scenery, Legends and Place Names, With Some Mention of River Fishing
63807: WARD, JOHN [EDITED BY SAMUEL CLARKE] - The Young Mathematician's Guide: Being a plain and easy introduction to the mathematicks [mathematics]
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66340: WARD, MRS HUMPHREY - Marcella, Fenwick's Career & Diana Mallory ( 3 Books )
59135: WARD-JACKSON, PETER - English Furniture Designs of the Eighteenth Century [Victoria and Albert Museum]
50125: [WARD, EDWARD] - The Secret History of the Calves-Head Club, Compleat: or, the Republican Unmask'd. Wherein is fully shewn, the religion of the Calves-Head heroes, in their anniversary, Thanksgiving-songs on the thirtieth of January, by them called Anthems, for the year 1693, 1694, 1695, 1696, 1697, 1698, 1699, &c-
65710: WARDE, FREDERIC - Printers Ornaments, Applied to the Composition of Decorative Borders, Panels and Patterns
63502: WARDELL, JAMES - The Antiquities of the Borough of Leeds, described and illustrated
62508: WARDEN, FLORENCE - The White Witch, A Novel. In Three Volumes
14132: WARMAN, BOB - Autographed black and white photographs
62065: WARNCKE, CARSTEN-PETER AND WALTHER, INGO F. [EDITOR] - Pablo Picasso 1881-1873, Part I: The Works 1890-1936
58075: WARNE'S "EXCELSIOR" TOY-BOOKS - The Story Of Daniel
10817: WARNER, MARINA - Indigo
61869: WARNER, ANNE - Leslie's Lovers
37227: WARNER, MARINA, [EDITOR] - Wonder Tales
51262: WARNER BROS - TV Favourites Annual 1978, 1979, and Looney Tunes T.V. Favourites Bumper Comic Annual, [3 volumes]
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51475: WARNER, CHARLES DUDLEY - Being a Boy
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32725: WARREN, THOMAS - A Collection of Vocal Harmony, Consisting of Catches, Canons and Glees, Never Before Published, to which are added several Motetts and Madrigals, Composed by the Best Masters
49089: WARREN, FRANK - MySecret: A PostSecret Book
49086: WARREN, FRANK - PostSecret: Extraordinary confessions from ordinary lives
58943: WARRINGTON, THE REV WILLIAM - The History of Wales in Nine Books: with an Appendix.. In Two Volumes
63906: WARTON, THOMAS [EDITED BY RICHARD MANT] - The Poetical Works of the Late Thomas Warton- in 2 volumes
46003: WARWICKSHIRE - Graphic illustrations of Warwickshire
58728: WASHBOURN, JOHN [EDITOR] - Bibliotheca Gloucestrensis: A Collection of Scarce and Curious Tracts, Relating to the County and City of Gloucester; illustrative of, and Published During the Civil War; with an Historical introduction, notes, and an appendix
60161: WASHINGTON, IRVING - Tappan Zee Edition of Irving's Works, 11 of 12 volumes
46826: WASON, CHARLES WILLIAM, DIBDIN, MR, CRANE, DR., ET AL. - The Britannic Magazine; Or entertaining Repository of Heroic Adventures And Memorable Exploits. Vol 1.
28212: WATERHOUSE, ELLIS - Roman Baroque Painting, a list of the principal painters and their works in and around Rome
52097: WATERHOUSE, PAUL AND OTHERS - The Architectural Review, December 1899, vol 6, number 37
44816: WATERHOUSE, HELEN, RUNCIMAN, STEVEN, HOPE, KERIN, ET AL. - ANASKAFES [Anaskaphes]: A Celebration of the Century of the British School at Athens 1886-1986
60825: WATERLAND, DANIEL - A Critical History of the Athanasian Creed. Representing the Opinions of Antients [Ancients] and Moderns Concerning it: With an Account of the Manuscripts, Versions, and Comments, and Such Other Particulars as are of Moment for the Determining the Age, and Author, and Value of it, and the Time of its Reception in the Christian Churches
25422: WATERMAN, BARBARA - The Birth of an Adoptive, Foster or Stepmother - Beyond Biological Mothering Attachments
64231: WATERS, GRANT M. - Dictionary of British Artists Working 1900-1950, 2 volumes
59129: WATERSON, GEORGE AND JONES, JEAN - Fair Isle: A Photographic History
27392: WATERTON, CHARLES - Wanderings in South America, The North Wet of the United States, and the Antilles in the years 1812, 1816, 1820, & 1824 [ Waterton's Wanderings ]
45432: WATKIN, W. THOMPSON - Roman Cheshire; or, A Description of Roman Remains in the County of Chester
48178: WATKINS, A. J. - Advertisement Lay-Out And Copy-Writing
52166: WATKINS, REV. CHARLES FREDERICK - Sacred Poems. Containing poetical illustrations of scripture. The Pampeiro, or Tempest of La Plata. The Human Hand. The Hand Divine
12800: WATNEY, JOHN - The Quarrelling Room
6654: WATSON, ALFRED E.T., EDITOR - The Badminton Magazine Of Sports And Pastimes, Volume I
44488: WATSON, GILBERT - Three Rolling Stones In Japan
17904: WATSON, HELEN H. - Two of Them and the Prince, A Story for Children
26617: WATSON, LYALL - The Whole Hog
30310: WATSON, KATHERINE - The Source and other poems
30627: H.D.W. [ WATSON ] - Windrush Rhymes
49403: WATSON, RICHARD - A Collection of Theological Tracts, Vol. 1 - 6
36028: WATSON, A., AND CELESTIN, L. R. [EDITORS] - Disorders Of The Oesophagus: Advances And Controversies
64831: WATSON, ALFRED E. T. - King Edward VII. as a Sportsman
58770: WATSON, HEWETT COTTRELL - Topographical Botany: Being Local and Personal records Towards Shewing the Distribution of British Plants Traced Through the 112 Counties and Vice-Counties of England, Wales, and Scotland
19843: WATSON, BILL [ FOREWORD BY REV. DAVID SHEPPARD ] - Tackle Weightlifting This Way
57170: WATSON, RICHARD - A Biblical and Theological Dictionary: Explanatory of the History, Manner, and the Customs of the Jews, and Neighbouring Nations. With an Account of the Most Remarkable Places and Persons Mentioned in Sacred Scripture; An Exposition of the Principal Doctrines of Christianity; and Notices of Jews and Christian Sects and Heresies
60729: WATT, JAMES CRABB - The Mearns of Old: A History of Kincardine from the Earliest Times to the Seventeenth Century
43689: THE WATT COMMITTEE ON ENERGY - Acid Rain, Papers Presented At The Fifteenth Consultative Council Meeting Of The Watt Committee On Energy, London, 1 December 1983, [Report Number 14]
29877: WATTS, ALARIC A. - The Cabinet of Modern Art and Literary Souvenir - Third series
34266: WATTS, I - The Psalms of David imitated in the language of the New Testament and applied to The Christian State and Worship - bound with Hymns and Spiritual Songs in three books I. Collected from the Scriptures. II. Composed on Divine Subjects. III Prepared for The Lord's Supper
51533: WATTS, ISAAC, JENNINGS, D, DODDRIDGE, P - The Improvement of the Mind; or, a Supplement to the Art of Logic in Two Parts. Also his posthumous works published from his manuscripts
66176: WATTS, ISAAC - Bell's Edition The Poets of Great Britain: The Poetical Works of Isaac Watts [Seven Volumes in Four books]
47531: WATTS, ISAAC - A Catalogue Of Remarkable Scripture - Names, Set down and explained For The Better Understanding Of The Holy Scriptures.
47532: WATTS, ISAAC - A Preservative From The Sins And Follies Of Childhood And Youth; Or A Brief Account Of The Sins, Vices, And Frailties To Which Childhood and Youth are liable...
60865: WATTS, ISAAC - Prayers Composed for the use and Imitation of Children; Suited to their Different Ages and their Various Occasions. Together with Instructions to Youth in the Duty of Prayer; Drawn up by way of Question and Answer: and a Serious Address to them on that Subject
58402: WATTS, W. W. - Old English Silver
62585: WATTS, ISAAC - The Improvement of the Mind: or, a Supplement to the Art of Logic: Containing a Variety of Remarks and Rules for the Attainment and Communication of Useful Knowledge, in the Religion in the Sciences, and in Common Life; & The Improvement of the Mind Second Part... [2 volumes]
56444: WATTS, ROBERT - Two Letters to the Right Honourable the Lord Viscount Townshend: Shewing [showing] the Seditious Tendency of Several Late Pamphlets; More Particularly of, a Review of the Lutheran Principles, by Tho. Brett, L. L. D. Rector of Betteshanger in Kent; and of, A Letter to the Author of the Lutheran Church, from a Country School-Boy
51532: WAUGH, ALEC, SMITH, ELEANOR, ET AL. - Ladies' Home Journal, September 1955
57680: WAUGH, REV BENJAMIN [EDITOR] - The Sunday Magazine 1893
62239: WAUGH, REV. BENJAMIN [EDITOR] - The Sunday Magazine, Vol. XV. 1886
56699: WAWN, ANDREW; FISHER, RAYMOND, H; ARMSTRONG, TERENCE; GOUGH, BARRY M.; BOCKSTOCE, JOHN [EDITORS] - The Iceland Journal of Henry Holland 1810, The Voyage of Semen Dezhnev in 1648, Yermak's Campaign in Siberia, To The Pacific and Arctic With Beechey, The Journal of Rochfort Maguire 1852-1854 Volumes I & II, [6 volumes]
43836: WEART, SPENCER R. - Nuclear Fear: A History of Images
30309: WEATHERHEAD, LESLIE D - A Private House of Rain
56490: WEATHERHEAD, ROBERT - Heroines of History
12044: WEATHERLY, FRED E, TESCHEMACHER, EDWARD, ET AL. - A collection of 13 pieces of sheet music [bound]
56656: WEATHERLY, FRED E. - Friendship's Memories: An Album for Autographs and Original and Selected Verses
51723: WEATHERLY, FREDERIC E - The Star of Bethlehem
62436: WEAVER, LOUISE BENNETT AND LECRON, HELEN COWLES - Bettina's Best Salads and What to Serve with Them
3964: WEBB, KAYE AND BICKNELL, TRELD, EDITORS - The First Puffin's Pleasure
32946: WEBB, MRS, NUGENT, L EDITOR - Loyal Charlie Bentham, & The Children's Island A True Story [ Two Stories ]
34040: WEBB, MARY - Precious Bane [The Collected Works of Mary Webb]
65583: WEBB LE BAS, CHARLES - The Life of Wiclif [Wycliffe]
47130: WEBB, HENRY J. - Advanced Agriculture
42777: WEBB, MARION ST JOHN [MUSIC BY IDA SARGENT] - The Littlest One Again
48613: WEBBER, ANDREW LLOYD [MUSIC], RICE, TIM [WORDS] - Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
11912: C M VON WEBER - Number 2 of Wessel & Co's New and Complete edition of C M von Weber's Duets for two performers on one Piano Forte, ( hilarite, invitation pour la valse in D flat )
39137: WEBER, BRUCE - Bruce Weber: Brothers, Matt Dillon, Notebook, Lifeguards, Clammers, Hall of Fame, Jeff, On Leave in Waikiki
39146: WEBER, BRUCE - Bruce Weber: Brothers, Matt Dillon, Notebook, Lifeguards, Clammers, Hall of Fame, Jeff, On Leave in Waikiki
64994: WEBSTER, NOAH - A Dictionary of the English Language
65670: WEBSTER SMITH, B. - The World in the Past, A Popular Account Of What It Was Like And What It Contained [Wayside and Woodland series]
66312: WEDGEWOOD, JOSIAH AND SONS LTD, METEYARD, ELIZA - The Life of Josiah Wedgewood from his Private Correspondence and Family Papers , with An Introductory Sketch of the Art of Pottery in England by Eliza Meteyard [2 Volumes]
46515: WEDGWOOD, IRIS - Fenland Rivers: Impressions of the Fen Counties
56266: WEDGWOOD, JOSIAH C. - Staffordshire Pottery and its History
65982: WEDLAKE BRAYLEY, EDWARD, AND NIGHTINGALE, JOSEPH, AND NORRIS BREWER, J - The Beauties of England and Wales; or, Delineations, Topographical, Historical, and Descriptive, of Each County. (Vol. X Parts I-V - Middlesex)
66073: WEDLAKE BRAYLEY, EDWARD, AND BRITTON, JOHN - The Beauties of England and Wales; or, Delineations, Topographical, Historical, and Descriptive, of Each County. (Vol. V - Durham, Essex, Gloucestershire)
66074: WEDLAKE BRAYLEY, EDWARD - The Beauties of England and Wales; or, Delineations, Topographical, Historical, and Descriptive, of Each County. (Vol. VII - Hertfordshire, Huntingdonshire, Kent; Vol. VIII - Kent [continued])
28329: WEDMORE, FREDERICK - Etchings , The Connoisseur's Library
65575: WEDMORE, E. B. - A Manual of Bee-Keeping for English-Speaking Bee-Keepers
25992: WEEMS, JOHN EDWARD - Peary The Explorer and the Man - based on his personal papers
9424: WEIGALL, ARTHUR - A Short History Of Ancient Egypt
64320: WEIGHT, PROFESSOR CAREL (EDITOR) - Painters on Painting, Volumes 1-3
45682: WEILL, ALAIN - 100 Years of Posters of the Folies Bergere and Music Halls of Paris
43174: WEINBERGER, BERNHARD WOLF - An Introduction to the History of Dentistry, With Medical & Dental Chronology & Bibliographic Data, Volume 1, & An Introduction to the History of Dentistry in America, Washington's need for medical and dental care, Houdon's life mask versus his portraitur
43433: WEISS, THEODORE - The Man From Porlock: Engagements 1944-1981
63824: WEISSBORT, DANIEL - Eel Fishing, poems to Ted [Hughes]
64782: WELANDER, DAVID - The History, Art and Architecture of Gloucester Cathedral
62788: WELCH, RONALD - Escape From France [Oxford Children's Library No.53]
49818: WELCH, DENTON - A Voice Through a Cloud
14517: WELD, CHARLES RICHARD - A History of The Royal Society, with Memoirs of the Presidents. Compiled from authentic documents - Volume 1 (of 2)
61509: WELDON'S - Housewife's A.B.C [Weldon's Handy-Book No. 8.]
59737: WELDON'S; MANCHESTER SCHOOL OF EMBROIDERY - Weldon's Practical Knitter No. 146, Vol. 13; & Needlecraft: A Practical Journal Descriptive and Illustrative of Net Darning, First Net Darning Series No. 9, [2 volumes]
56817: WELDON'S - Weldon's Thrift Series: Sweets and How to Make Them
59103: WELLER, EDWARD - Bacon's New Map of Afghanistan, Beloochistan &c.
47526: WELLESLEY, DOROTHY - Pride And Other Poems
18574: WELLOCK, WILFRED - The Victory of Peace - Three Poems on the Times
31709: WELLS, CHARLES [INTRODUCED BY] - Notable Bristolians , 1931 - 2 , An Illustrated Who's Who of Professional and Business Men
34759: WELLS, ROGER - Wretched Faces Famine in Wartime England 1793 - 1801
61357: WELLS, PETER AND PSAKHIS, LEV - The Complete Semi-Slav; & The Complete French [2 volumes]
57403: WELLS, H G - Marriage
58864: WELLS, H G - Collection of 11 books by H. G. Wells
57850: WELLS, GEORGE - Golden Wishes: A Book for the Autographs of Friends and a Record of Their Birthdays with a Loving Wish or Thought for Each day in the Year
66260: WELLS, FRANCES LINDON - Victorian Sketch and Scrap Album
10374: WELLS, PETER - Tangier Journal
48343: WELLS-FURBY, BRUDGET, [EDITOR] - A Catalogue of the Medieval Muniments at Berkeley Castle, [Gloucestershire Record Series Volume 17]
62645: WELLS, EDWARD - The Young Gentleman's Astronomy, Containing Such Elements of the Astronomical Science-; The Young Gentleman's Chronology, Containing Such Chronological Elements-; & The Young Gentleman's Dialling, Containing Such Elements of Said Art [3 volumes in 1]
58528: WELLS, H. G. - The Future in America: A Search After Realities
10777: WELSCH, ROGER - Omaha Tribal Myths And Trickster Tales
64216: WELSH, ROBERT P. - Piet Mondrian's Early Career: The "Naturalistic" Period [Garland Series, Outstanding dissertations in the fine arts]
60605: WENDEBORN, F. A. - German Grammar, with Practical Exercises
36733: WENNER, JANN, [EDITOR] - Rolling Stone, No. 69, October 29, 1970
36022: WERNER, ALFRED (WITH REWALD, SABINE) - La Bibliotheque Des Grands Peintres: Maurice Utrillo
61508: WERNER, ALICE ET AL. - Little Folks: A Magazine for the Young [New Series, Vol. 2 July - December]
32802: WESLEY, REV. JOHN - A Collection of Hymns for the Use of the People Called Methodists
56866: WESLEY, JOHN [EDITOR] - The History Of Henry Earl Of Moreland by Henry Brooke
45950: WESLEY, JOHN - Primitive Physick: Or, An Easy and Natural Method Of Curing Most Diseases
45730: WESSELY, J. E. - A New Pocket Dictionary of the English & German Languages / Neues Englisch-Deutsches und Deutsch-Englisches Taschenworterbuch, [2 volumes in 1]
17629: WEST, PAUL - A Fifth of November
29535: WEST, ANTHONY - Gloucestershire, A Shell Guide
59240: A. WEST & PARTNERS - A. West & Partners Catalogue
43721: WEST, D. R. F. & HARRIS J. E. - Metals And The Royal Society
51447: WEST, FRANCES - A Girl of Mettle
50265: WEST, PETER. [WARNER, PELHAM. FOREWORD] - Cricketers from the West Indies: 1950
35679: WESTCOTT, BROOKE FOSS - Christus Consummator: Some aspects of the work and person of Christ in relation to modern thought
40112: WESTELL, W. PERCIVAL - My Life as a Naturalist
64273: WESTERMAN, PERCY F.; HARDING, ROBERT, ET AL. - Chums [magazine], a collection of 17 issues from 1933-34

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