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59817: PAVLOS, ANDREW J. - The Cult Experience
44588: PAXTON, JOSEPH - Paxton's Magazine of Botany, and Register Of Flowering Plants, Vol 1 to 4, [in 4 volumes]
57113: PAYNE-GALLWEY, SIR RALPH - A History of the George Worn on the Scaffold by Charles I
25293: PAYNE, REV, GEORGE - Mrs Gaskell and Knutsford
57408: D. F. PAYNE, DEREK KIDNER, H. L. ELLISON, I. HOWARD MARSHALL, AND J. STAFFORD WRIGHT - The Daily Commentary Volumes I-4 [4 volumes]
23371: PEABODY, JOSEPHINE PRESTON - Old Greek Folk Stories Told Anew
59042: PEACHMENT, CHRISTOPHER [EDITOR] - Book and Magazine Collector, a collection of 257 issues from 1984 to 2010
19627: PEACOCK, CARLOS - Richard Parkes Bonnington
43955: PEACOCK, THOMAS LOVE - Headlong Hall And Nightmare Abbey [Oxford Wolds' Classics]
34120: PEACOCK, T. L. - Nightmare Abbey [Oxford Miscellany]
59157: PEACOCK, REV. THOMAS - The Practical Measurer: Containing the Uses of Logarithms, Gunter's Scale, The Carpenter's Rule, and the Sliding Rule: The Best and Most Approved Modes of Drawing Geometrical Figures: The Doctrine of Plane Trigonometry, and its Application to Heights and Distances: The Mensuration of Superficies, Solids, and Artificers Work: The Methods of Surveying, Planning, and Dividing Land-
9131: PEACOCK, W. EDITOR - Selected English Essays
48978: PEACOCK, W - English Prose, volume v ,Gaskell to James, Oxford Worlds Classics CCXXIII
44925: PEACOCK, CHRISTINA B. - The Practical Daily Menu: Suggestions and Recipes For 365 Breakfasts, 365 Dinners, 365 Suppers
51657: PEAKE, NIGEL [EDITOR] - Spitfire 50th Anniversary, & Fighter: A Look at some Famous Names in R.A.F History [2 volumes]
24664: PEARCE, DAVID - Conservation Today
29646: PEARCE, CHARLES W. [ EDITOR ] - Organ Recital Pieces - Book XXX Schubert selection from Grand Symphony in C, - Book XXXI Wagner Overture Tannhauser & - Book XXXIV Anton Vodorinski 4 pieces
32375: PEARCE, THOMAS - The Locomotive Its Failures and Remedies
59702: PEARCE, ST. JOHN - How Tom Made Good, a Public School Story
56067: PEARSALL, W. H.; STAMP, L. DUDLEY; DARLING, F. FRASER; BOYD, J. MORTON; YONGE, C. M. - Fontana New Naturalist Boxed Set [4 volumes]
36738: PEARSE, PADRAIC - The Singer and other plays
64505: PEARSON, KARL - The Skull and Portraits of George Buchanan
57930: PEARSON, HENRY GREENLEAF - James S. Wadsworth of Geneseo
52067: PEARSON, ALEXANDER - The Doings of Country Solicitor: Being an Account of a Few of the Happenings with Which the Author was Concerned in the Course of a Long and Happy Life in Kirkby Lonsdale
62221: [PEARSON, HESKETH] - The Whispering Gallery: Being Leaves from the Diary of an Ex-Diplomat
35743: PEART, M.A. - Over the Moon
30471: PEASE, ALFRED E - Hunting Reminiscences
44295: PEASE, R S, LYNDEN-BELL, D, ET AL. - Biographical Memoirs Of Fellows Of The Royal Society, Volume 44
56560: PECK, WINIFRED F.; WESTWOOD, A. M.; TALBOT, ETHEL, ET AL. - The Girls' Budget
43854: PECKNER, DONALD, [EDITOR] - The Strengthening of Materials
45018: PECSI, MARTON AND SARFALVI, BELA - The Geography Of Hungary
43071: PEEL, H I F - Elements of Radio Engineering
10356: PEEL, MRS NEVILLE - The Autobiography Of A Bull-Dog
62448: PEEL, DORIS - Five on Parade
34271: PEIRCE, JAMES - A Paraphrase and Notes on the Epistle to the Hebrews
46953: PEISSON, EDOUARDO - The Liner
64321: PEJIC, BOJANA AND ELLIOT, DAVID (EDITORS) - After the Wall: Art and Culture in Post-Communist Europe, Volume I and II
34466: PEKIN, ERSU - Turkish Flat Weaves and Carpets
62890: PELEGROMIUS, SIMON - Synonymorum Sylva-
46259: PELIKAN, JAROSLAV, [EDITOR] - Christianity: The Apocrypha and The New Testament, [Sacred Writings series No. 2]
56633: PELLAPRAT, HENRI-PAUL - The Pellaprat of the 20th. Century, L'Art Culinaire Moderne
52354: PELLING, ROWEN, KIN, CATASHA, [EDITORS] - The Erotic Review, 9 issues from 2004
50669: PENDELL, DALE - Pharmako/Poeia: Plant Powers, Poisons, and Herbcraft
36958: PENDRAGON, J {EDITOR] - Tribal Messenger & Freedom Festivals 1987
63955: PENNANT, THOMAS - The Journey from Chester to London
56832: PENNANT, THOMAS - Of London
60414: PENNANT, THOMAS - The History of the Parishes of Whiteford, and Holywell
44631: PENNANT, THOMAS - The Journey From Chester To London
7876: PENNEL, JOSEPH. INTRODUCTION - The Work of Charles Keene, with comments on the drawings illustrating the artists methods, to which is added a bibliography of the books Keene illustrated, and a catalogue of his etchings by W H Chesson
24060: PENNELL, JOSEPH - Pen Drawings and Pen Draughtsmen Their Work and Their Methods a Study of the Art Today With Technical Suggestions
38567: PENNSYLVANIA ACADEMY OF THE FINE ARTS - Cecilia Beaux: Portrait of an Artist
51118: PENZER, N M - Poison-Damsels and Other Essays in Folklore and Anthropology
59549: PEPLER, DOUGLAS - The Devil's Devices or Control Versus Service
18536: PEPYS, SAMUEL [ EDITED BY HENRY B. WHEATLEY ] - The Diary of Samuel Pepys M.A. F.R.S. Clerk of the Acts and Secretary to the Admiralty - Transcribed from the shorthand manuscript in the Pepysian Library Magdalene College Cambridge by the Rev. Mynors Bright with Lord Braybrooke's notes - in 10 volumes
64457: PEPYS, SAMUEL - The Diary of Samuel Pepys in three volumes in the Everyman Library
63018: PEPYS, SAMUEL AND MORSHEAD, O. F. [EDITOR] - Everybody's Pepys: The Diary of Samuel Pepys 1660-1669
34399: PERCIVALL, MR [EDITOR] - The Veterinarian, monthly journal of Veterinary Science July 1847-December 1848, [Vols XX & XXI ], the Veterinary Record for July 1845, and The Veterinary Surgeon, 2 volumes
61001: PERCY, DR. THOMAS - The Hermit of Warkworth, a Northumberland Tale, in Three Fits
51136: PERCY, THOMAS - Reliques of Ancient English Poetry: Consisting of Old heroic Ballads, Songs, and Other Pieces, of our Earlier Poets, Together with Some Few of Later Date, and a Copious Glossary
42049: PERCY, THOMAS - Reliques of Ancient English Poetry, in 2 Volumes [The Everyman Library 148 and 149]
62372: PEREIRA, W. D. - Arrow in the Air
64676: PERESS, GILLES - Telex Iran
61813: "PERISCOPE" [GODARD, JOHN GEORGE] - A Continental Scamper. Being Reminiscences of a Rush Through Holland, Rhenish Prussia, Bavaria and Switzerland. What I Saw, and What I Thought
63711: PERKIN AND CO. LTD. - Abridged catalogue of high-class new machinery, tools, &c. [catalogue No. 134]
45668: PERKINS, KEN - A Fortunate Soldier
63784: PEROT, BENEDICTE (EDITOR) - La Bibliotheque Oulipienne, Volumes 7 and 8 [2 volumes]
61806: PERRAULT, CHARLES; DE SAINT-GERMAIN, J. T. [PREFACE] - Les Contes de Perrault
60828: PERRIN, J. B. - La Bonne Mere. Contenant De Petites Pieces Dramatiques, Precedees Chacune de la Definition, & Suivies de la Morale; Entre la Bonne Mere & les deux Filles, avec des Traits Historiques, & des Anecdotes interessantes a L'usage de la Jeunesse
60336: PERRIN, JOHN, [REVISED BY C. GROS] - The Elements of French Conversation, with Familiar and Easy Dialogues, Each Preceded by Suitable Vocabulary, in French and English. Designed Particularly for the Use of Schools
49387: PERRINS, CHRISTOPHER - British Tits, [The New Naturalist 62]
45220: PERRY, BRUCE - Road to Glory: The Story of Gloucestershire County Cricket Club's Gillette Cup Win 1973
35833: PERRY, WALTER COPLAND - The Boy's Iliad
48175: PERRY, R. (WITH THORPE, M.J. - FOREWORD) - The Woollen Industry in Gloucestershire to 1914
31136: PERVSNER, NIKOLAUS - Yorkshire The West Riding [ Buildings of England ]
33500: PESCO WORKERS - The Pesco Quotation Book
46029: PESSOA, FERNANDO, [EDITED BY ISABEL PASCOAL] - Poems de Fernando Pessoa, [Textos Literarios 46]
32015: PETANO, D K - Pensees from The Journal Intime of Henri-Frederic Amiel
56118: PETAVIUS, DIONYSIUS [PETAU, DENNIS] - Dionysii Petavii Aurelianensis, E Societate Jesu, Opus De Doctrina Temporum: Auctius in hac Nova Editione notis & emendationibus quamplurimis, quas manu sua codici adscripserat Dionysius Petavius. Cum praefatione & dissertatione de LXX. Hebdomadibus Joannis Harduini, S.J.P. Tomus I., II., & III. [3 volumes in 2]
43092: PETER PARLEY - Peter Parley's Annual For 1870, The Christmas & New Year's Present For Young People
62905: PETER O'DONNELL, ENRIC BADIA ROMERO AND JOHN BURNS - Modesty Blaise: Yellowstone Booty
64096: [PETER, FRANCIS] - Our River: The Little Avon in The Berkeley Vale in Gloucestershire
59244: PETER BROTHERHOOD LIMITED - Self-Contained Turbo-Generating Sets
62251: "PETER QUIZ-ALL" - The Fun Box Broke Open: Being the Most Choice Selection of Diverting Stories, Wise Sayings, Droll Adventures, Irish Bulls, Strange Whims, Original Jests, Uncommon Conceits and Comical Blunders, Ever Published
62894: PETER O'DONNELL, ENRIC BADIA ROMERO AND JIM HOLDAWAY - Collection of 8 Modesty Blaise Books
49544: PETER RUSSELL'S HOT RECORD STORE - the good noise Jazz Book and Magazine Guide
63215: PETER OF BLOIS [TRANSLATED BY HENRY T. RILEY] - Ingulph's Chronicle of the Abbey of Croyland with the continuations of Peter of Blois and Anonymous Writers [Bohn's Antiquarian Library]
61098: PETER HOGAN, RICHARD BURTON AND OTHERS - 2000 A.D. Annual 1978 & Rogue Trooper Annual 1991 [2 volumes]
50264: PETER, WEST - Cricketers from India 1952: The Official Tour Souvenier
3332: PETERS, ELIZABETH - Legend In Green Velvet.
62495: PETERS, ELLIS - Collection of 33 novels by Ellis Peters
64282: PETERSEN, AD (EDITOR) - De Stijl, volumes 1 & 2
47932: PETERSON, O. A. - Memoirs of the Carnegie Museum, Vol. VII, No. 6.: The American Diceratheres
18080: PETERSON, VICKI - The Natural Food Catalogue
58074: PETHERICK, H W - Hector The Dog
36182: PETIT, ROBERT - How To Build An Aeroplane
51237: PETOFI, SANDOR - Osszes Koltemenyei. Uj nepies es ifjusagi tljes kiadas egy kotetben. A szoveget ellenorizte es bevezetessel ellatta Kardos Albert. A kolto arckepevel
16639: PETRIE, SIR FLINDERS - Egyptian Tales translated from the Papyri - First Series IVth to XIIth Dynasty
35137: PETRIE, SIR FLINDERS [EDITOR] - Journal Ancient Egypt 1925 September Part III
46426: PETRIE, GEORGE - The Ecclesiastical Architecture of Ireland, anterior to the Anglo-Norman invasion, comprising an essay on the Origins and Uses of The Round Towers of Ireland
63811: PETTER - Petter Diesel Engines, Type AAI [Operator's Handbook]
15681: PETTIGREW, THOMAS JOSEPH - On Superstitions Connected with The History and Practice of Medicine and Surgery
52491: PETTY, MARY - This pretty Pace, A Book of Drawings
7713: PETTY & SONS - Petty & Sons Limited, 1865 - 1965
45099: PETTY, SIR WILLIAM, LAMB, F R, ANDREWS J H [INTRODUCTION] - Hiberniae Delineatio and Geographical Description of Ye Kingdom of Ireland
57896: PEVERIL - Roger and Antony, a tale of two young apprentices
30599: PEVSNER, NIKOLAUS - Bedfordshire And The County Of Huntingdon And Peterborough
59831: PEVSNER, NIKOLAUS - 8 Volumes from The Buildings of England Series
48579: PEVSNER, NIKOLAUS - The Buildings of England: North Devon
32173: PHAEDRUS [ ANOTATED BY JOHANNIS SCHEFFERI & FRANCISCI GUYETI ] - Phaedri - Fabularum Aesopiarum, Libri Quinque cum Annotationibus Johannis Schefferi, argentoratensis, et Francisci Guyeti Notis, nunquam antea publicatis Editio Quinta....
29671: PHELPS, BARRY - P G Wodehouse, Man and Myth
46620: PHELPS, JOHN DELAFIELD - Collectanea Glocestriensia; or a catalogue of Books, Tracts, Prints, Coins, &c. Relating to the county of Gloucester; in the possession of John Delafield Phelps, Esq. Chavenage House
39212: PHELPS, BARRY - P.G. Wodehouse: Man and Myth
51782: PHELPS, REV. WILLIAM - Calendarium Botanicum, or a Botanical Calendar: Exhibiting, at one view, the Generic and Specific Name, the Class, Order, and Habitat of all the British Plants, from the Class Monandria Monogynia, to Polygamia Dioecia, inclusive. Arranged according to their time of flowering under each month of the year
62732: [PHILBY, HARRY ST JOHN BRIDGER] - 'Iraq in War Time
44129: PHILBY, ST JOHN, MITCHELL, J B, PELHAM, R A, HEAWOOD, EDWARD, WYATT, A G N AND OTHERS - The Geographical Journal Vol. LXXXI. No. 1 January 1933
15719: PHILIP, BRIAN - The Roman House With Bacchic Murals At Dover ( Fifth Research Report in the Kent Monograph Series ISSN 0141-2264 )
30654: PHILIP, NEIL [SELECTED BY] - Christmas Fairy Tales
19302: PHILIP, GEORGE - Map of France in Departments
19303: PHILIP, GEORGE - Map of England and Wales
19306: PHILIP, GEORGE - Map of Prussia ( Preussen )
24672: PHILIP, GEORGE - Philips' Atlas of the Counties of England, including Maps of North & South Wales, The Channel Islands and the Isle of Man
35269: PHILIP & SON - Philips' Authentic map Ireland
64785: PHILIP, LOTTE BRAND - The Ghent Altarpiece and the Art of Jan van Eyck
37038: PHILIP, GEORGE - Map: Russia In Europe From Philip's Comprehensive School Atlas Of Ancient And Modern Geography
63664: PHILIP, A. P. W. - A Treatise on Indigestion and its Consequences, Called Nervous and Bilious Complaints; With Observations on the Organic Diseases in which they Sometimes Terminate
62185: [PHILIP IV] - Copia de una Carta embiada a un Ministro de su Magestad, en que se le dá Cuenta de la Vitoria que tuuo la Caualleria delas Ordenes Militares, Auiendo Passado el Col de Valaguer, Sobre Cambriles, Placa de Armas de Cataluna. Conlicencia en Madrid por Diego Diaz, Ano 1640.
47091: G. PHILIP & SON - Philips' Library Map of British South Africa
41003: PHILIP, GEORGE, [EDITOR] - Philips
52556: PHILIPS, D. RHYS - Lady Charlotte Guest and The Mabinogion
50326: PHILLIPOTTS, EDEN - A West Country Pilgrimage
30367: PHILLIPPS-WOLLEY, CLIVE. [ EDITED BY DUKE OF BEAUFORT WITH ALFRED E.T. WATSON ] - The Badminton Library of Sports and Pastimes - Big Game Shooting [Volume 2 only]
64088: PHILLIPPS-WOLLEY, CLIVE - Big Game Shooting [The Badminton Library, in 2 volumes]
37091: PHILLIPS, STEPHEN - Christ in Hades
58543: PHILLIPS, JOCELYN - Mickey and Minnie at Saint Moritz
43533: PHILLIPS, STEPHEN - Paolo & Francesca: A Tragedy in Four Acts, Herod: A Tragedy, and Ulysses: A Drama in a prologue & three acts, [in 3 volumes]
48818: PHILLIPS, SIR RICHARD, [EDITOR] - The Monthly Magazine; or, British Register, Volume 20, No.132 - 138, Aug. 1805 to Jan. 1806
48820: PHILLIPS, SIR RICHARD, [EDITOR] - The Monthly Magazine; or, British Register, Volume 23, Part 1 for 1807
46851: PHILLIPS, H W - Thornbury, [Pages from the Past series]
49123: PHILLIPS, RICHARD, [EDITOR] - The Monthly Magazine; Or, British Register; Volume XXII Part II for 1806
49124: PHILLIPS, RICHARD, [EDITOR] - The Monthly Magazine And British Register, For 1797 From July To December, Inclusive, Vol. IV.
49125: PHILLIPS, RICHARD, [EDITOR] - The Monthly Magazine; Or, British Register, Vol. XIV. Part II. For 1803, from July to December
48912: PHILLIPS, PAMELA - The Chestnut Pony, [The Junior Country Life Library]
48684: PHILLIPS, CHARLES - Curran and his Contemporaries
48821: PHILLIPS, SIR RICHARD, [EDITOR] - The Monthly Magazine, Vol. 21 No. 5, & Vol. 22 No. 1, 2, 3, & 5, [in one volume]
51637: PHILLIPS, CHRISTOPHER - Steichen at War
35686: PHILLPOTTS, HENRY, PHILLPOTTS, JAMES, PHILLPOTTS, EDEN AND TEMPLE, BISHOP FREDERICK - Letters 6 letters relating to the Phillpotts Family 1830 - 1921
44090: PHILLPOTTS, EDEN - Dark Horses, [A New Story of Devon]
28755: PHILOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF LONDON - The European Magazine and London Review Containing the Literature, History, Politics, Arts, Manners & Amusements of the Age Volume V for 1784 [January to June ]
56201: PHILP, ROBERT KEMP [EDITOR] - The Corner Cupboard; a Family Repository
63016: PHILPOTT, IAN M. - The Royal Air Force: An Encyclopedia of the Inter-War Years, Volume I: The Trenchard Years 1918 to 1929, & Volume II: Re-Armament 1930 to 1939 [2 volumes]
43699: PHIPPS, JOHN, [EDITOR] - The BeeKeepers Quarterly No.42 Summer 95, No.43 Autumn 1995 and No.45 Spring 96, [3 Volumes]
46661: PHOTO ALBUM - Bound collection of 85 Victorian Photographs
43858: PHOTO ALBUM - The Lake District
63822: PHOTOCHROM CO. - Snapshots [Real Photos]: A Set of Twelve Camera Studies of Torquay, Set A.
45342: PHOTOCROM - Coronation of King George VI and of Queen Elizabeth
52510: PHOTOGRAPH ALBUM - Les Groffes de Betharram
49170: PHOTOGRAPH ALBUM - Album of original photographs c.1886-1897, including various scenes of Ashlyns in Herts, family moments, yachts, and the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria 1897
59943: PHOTOGRAPH ALBUM - Album containing 149 original photographs of soldiers, local people, and views in Egypt in 1918-1919
44496: PHOTOGRAPH ALBUM - Album of 48 original photographs of English Cathedrals
48803: PHOTOGRAPH ALBUM - Photograph album of scenes from English and Scottish countryside, castles and churches
48687: PHOTOGRAPH ALBUM - Collection of black & white and sepia photographs of churches, cathedrals, and other views of Peterborough, Yorkshire, Lancashire, etc.
56494: PICASSO - Picasso: 347 Engravings
64527: PICAZO, GLORIA - Riera i Arago
56233: PICCARD, BERTRAND; & JONES, BRIAN; HEMPLEMAN-ADAMS, DAVID; & UHLIG, ROBERT - The Greatest Adventure: The Balloonists' Own Epic Tale of their Round-the-world Voyage; & At the Mercy of the Winds: Two Remarkable Journeys to the North Pole, [in 2 volumes]
7862: PICCHIO, CARLO - Freedom Fighter
38093: PICENI, ENRICO, DINI, PIERO, ET AL. - Catalogo Bolaffi della Pittura Italiana dell' Ottocento, No.3 [The Bolaffi Catalogue of Nineteenth-Century Italian Paintings, No. 3]
60244: PICTET, J. P. - Nouvel Itineraire des Vallees Autour du Mont-Blanc, Avec une Carte Topographique des Environs de la Source Thermale Decouverte en 1806 pres St. Gervais
57880: PIDGEON, MONICA [EDITOR] - The Architectural Design, 8 Issues from 1961-62
64364: PIERCE EGAN AND OTHERS - London Journal, 6th March 1858 to January 8th 1859
19583: PIERNE, GABRIEL [ PREFACE BY MADAME EDMOND ROSTAND ] - Sonnez les Matines - Chansons de Jeu et Rondes Enfantines
64450: PIETRO RUGA - Pianta Topografica Della Citta di Roma Dell' Anno 1829 [Folding map of Rome]
58404: PIETSCH, LUDWIG - Contemporary German Art At The Centenary Festival Of The Royal Academy Of Arts, Berlin, in 2 volumes
60760: PIGANIOL DE LA FORCE, JEAN-AYMAR - Nouvelle Description des Chateaux et Parcs de Versailles et de Marly... Tome I & II [2 volumes]
33760: PIGGOTT, STUART - Ruins in a Landscape Essays in Antiquarianism
64534: PIGGOTT, JAN (EDITOR) - Shackleton: The Antarctic and Endurance
46750: PIGGOTT, LESTER - Lester: The Autobiography of Lester Piggott
29717: PIGOT - Huntingdonshire - steel engraved map with outline colour
62099: PIGOT & CO - A Pocket Topography and Gazetteer of England: with Historical and Statistical Descriptions, and Distance, Parochial, Population, & Other Tables... In Two Volumes [2 volumes in 1]
58625: PIGOTT, SIR DIGBY - The Changeling: What a Boy Whose Eyes had Been Opened saw of the Real Life of the Wild Creatures Round his Home
62737: PIKE, W. T. [EDITOR] - Sussex in the Twentieth Century, Contemporary Biographies
52165: PILCHER, PERCY S - Gliding, [Aeronautical Classics No.5]
35483: PILGRIM, JANE - Blackberry Farm: Poor Mr. Nibble, Naughty George, Postman Joe, Saturday at Blackberry Farm
28820: PILKINGTON, MATTHEW - A General Dictionary of Painters; containing Memoirs of the Lives and Works of the most Eminent Professors of the Art of Painting, from its revival, by Cimabue, in the year 1250, to the present time, in Two Volumes
51776: PILKINGTON, MATTHEW, [REVISED BY R. A. DAVENPORT] - A General Dictionary of Painters; Containing Memoirs of the Lives and Works of the most Eminent Proffessors of the Art of Painting, From its Revival by Cimabue, in the Year 1250, to the Present Time
57671: PILKINGTON, JOHN - An Englishman in Patagonia
33638: PILOWSKY, ISSY - Cultures in Collision - based on the proceedings of the 25th Anniversary World Mental Health Congress of the World Federation for Mental Health held in Sydney, Australia 8 - 12 Oct. 1973
32704: PILTZ, ANDERS [EDITOR] - Studium Upsalense, Specimens of the oldest lecture notes taken in the Mediaeval University of Uppsala, Critically edited, with an introduction, a description of the MMS., a list of abbreviations, and indices [Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis, Skrifter rorande Uppsala universitet, C. Organisation och historia; 36]
51120: PIMBLETT, W - True Stories From African History, From the First Egyptian Dynasty to the Present Day
63889: PINAROLO, DI GIACOMO [INTRODUCTORY NOTE: BATTISTA VACCONDIO] - L'Antichita di Roma con le cose piu memorabili tanto antiche, che moderne. Aggiuntevi le spiegazioni di bassi rilievi, & iscrizioni, che sono nelle chiese, palazzi, e giardini, e i diporti delle ville fuora di essa città, con quanto in essa di raro si osserva. L'origine de fiumi Tevere, & Aniene. Opera divisa in due tomi
28639: PINCHES, THEO G - Note of some of the Recent Discoveries in the Realm of Assyriology
57301: PINCHIN, JOHNSON & CO. LTD. - English Domestic Architecture From a Series of Pen Drawings by Sydney Upton; & Examples of the Work of Famous Architects a Series of Pen Drawings by Sydney Upton [2 volumes]
62953: PINDAR; WEISE, CAR. HERM. [EDITOR] - Pindari Epinicia. Adiectis Metrorum Schematibus Notisque Criticis [Works of Pindar]
62914: PINDAR; HEYNE, CHR. GOTTL. - Pindari Carmina. Ex Editione Chr. Gottl. Heyne. [Works of Pindar]
62602: PINDAR, PETER - The Works of Peter Pindar, Complete in 5 Volumes
34780: PINE, L.G. [ EDITOR ] - Burke's Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Peerage Baronetage & Knightage
25596: PINERO, ARTHUR W - The Schoolmistress, a Farce in 3 Acts
61198: PINNEY, PETER - Dust on my Shoes
23083: PINNOCK - A Catechism of Astronomy, Containing a concise explanation of the nature and properties of the Heavenly Bodies [ Pinnock's Catechisms ]
43396: PINNOCK, WILLIAM - Pinnock's Catechisms. A Catechism of Geography; being an easy introduction to the knowledge of the world, and its inhabitants. The whole of which may be committed to memory at an early age
61437: PINNOCK, WILLIAM AND WILKIN, S. - Pinnock's Catechism of General Knowledge; Pinnock's Catechism of British Geography Parts I & II; Pinnock's Catechism of Trade & Commerce; & A Catechism of the use of Globes Part II. The Celestial Globe. [5 volumes in 1]
50383: PINNOCK, WILLIAM, DELAVOYE, M J G - Pinnock's Catechisms; including French Grammar, Astronomy, British Geography, Geogrpahy, & Universal History, [5 volumes in 1]
64894: PINTO, EDWARD H. - Treen or Small Woodware Throughout the Ages
6490: PIOZZI, HESTHER LYNCH - Anecdotes Of The Late Samuel Johnson, LL.D. during the last Twenty Years of His Life
49969: PIP, CHRIS - BodyWork: Confessions from the Funeral Trade
56898: PIPE, HELEN; NASH, PAUL W. - The Lord Of The Dance
64256: PIPER, JOHN - Romney Marsh [King Penguin Books 55]
59338: PIPER, JOHN; COTMAN, BYLAND, ET AL. - The Architectural Review: A Magazine of Architecture & Decoration Vol. XCII, No. 547, July 1942
31185: PIRANDELLO, LUIGI - A Character in Distress
51397: PIRANESI, GIOVANNI BATTISTA - The Prisons [Le Carceri], The Complete First and Second States
58419: PIRIPATA, HEMI - Ten Maori Songs, Arranged by Hemi Piripata
57534: PIRSIG, ROBERT M - Zen & the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry into Values
32925: PISCHEDDA, GIOVANNI - 2 Volumes Bice Vivio, T'ho Chiamata Poesia
3972: PITMAN, IAN - And Clouds Flying, A Book of Wild Fowl
34459: "PITMAN" [M. WRIGHT, J P] - The Friendship of Cannock Chase
51570: PITMAN, BENN AND PROSSER, R. P. - The Reporter's Companion
58889: PITT, FRANCES - Hounds Horses & Hunting
63659: PITT, WILLIAM [COMPILED BY JOHN ALMON] - Anecdotes of The Life of the Right Hon. William Pitt, Earl of Chatham, In 3 Volumes
62652: PITT, FRANCES - Tommy White-Tag The Fox
37669: PITTALUGA, MARY - Acquafortisti Veneziani Del Settecento
27715: PITTER, RUTH - Urania
30586: PITTER, RUTH - Collected Poems
35426: THE EDITOR OF PIUS GLEANINGS [COMPILIER] - The Poetical Forget - Me - Not.
47929: PIVETEAU, JEAN - Traité de Palaéontologie, [in two volumes]
64416: FR. PLACID CONWAY, O.P. [TRANSLATOR], FR BEDE JARRETT O.P. [EDITOR] - Lives of the Brethren of the Order of Preachers 1206-1259
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56449: POVEY, CHARLES - Advice to the Freeholders of Great Britain: Now Apon the Election of a New Parliament, In This Work the Author Hath Reprinted his Treatise Intitled, An Inquiry into the Miscarri-ages of Queen Anne's Four Last Years Reign..
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56924: PRENDERGAST, PETER AND BROWN, DAVID [INTRODUCTION] - Len Tabner: Paintings & Drawings 1970-1989
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60009: PRICE, ROBERT - The Hidden Airdrome and Uncollected Poems
43920: PRICE, BARBARA PRADAL - Ancient Egypt from A to Z
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52276: PRICHARD, JAMES COWLES - The Natural History Of Man; Comprising Inquiries Into The Modifying Influence Of Physical And Moral Agencies On The Different Tribes Of The Human Family
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62153: PRIOR, THOMAS - A List of the Absentees of Ireland, and the Yearly Value of Their Estates and Incomes Spent Abroad. With Observations on the Present Trade and Condition of that Kingdom
50689: PRIOR, MATTHEW - Poems on Several Occasions
48194: PRISHVIN, MIKHAIL - Shiptimber Grove
13721: PRITCHETT, V.S. - The Table Bearers, essays in English, American and other writers
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41935: PYKE, WILLIAM THOMAS - Conduct And Duty: A Treasure-Book Of Intellectual, Physical, Social And Moral Advice, Selected From The Teachings of Thinkers and Writers Of All Times And Countries
64617: QUADRUPANI - The Christian Instructed: Precepts for living Christianly in the world
63870: QUARLES, FRANCIS - Emblemes
59947: QUARLES, FRANCIS - Emblems Divine And Moral together with Hieroglyphics of the Life of Man; & The School of The Heart, or The Heart, (of itself gone away from God) Brought back again to him and instructed by him, in 47 Emblems to which is added The Learning of The Heart [2 volumes in 1]
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29944: RACKHAM, BERNARD - The Ancient Glass of Canterbury Cathedral, with a foreword by the late Archbishop Lord Lang of Lambeth
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61490: RAG BOOK - Tots' Happy Picture Book
64858: RAG BOOK - Fun & Frolic Picture Book: "Spot" on Guard
64859: RAG BOOK - Tots' Happy Picture Book
64500: RAGGE, DAVID R. - Grasshoppers, Crickets and Cockroaches of the British Isles
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48224: U.S. RAILWAY MAP - Map showing Great Northern Railway System, Chicago, Burlington & Quincy R.R. System, Spokane, Portland & Seattle Railway
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26853: RAINE, CRAIG - Haydn & The Valve Trumpet - Literary Essays
27385: RAINE, CRAIG - A Free Translation
30700: RAINE, KATHLEEN - Fifteen Short Poems
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49297: RALEIGH, ALAN, PSEUD. [I.E. ELIJAH BROWN] - The Man in the Car
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38866: RALSTON, W. - Letters From A Grandfather About Billy
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30864: RAMDAS - Poems
30510: RAMDAS AND SHUKLA, DR M K [COMPILED BY] - The Sayings of Ramdas
62567: RAMIÉ, GEORGES - Ceramics of Picasso
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16587: RAMSAY, DEAN - Reminiscences of Scottish Life and Character
64655: RAMSAY, E.B. - Reminiscences of Scottish Life and Character
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43846: RAMSBOTHAM, OLIVER - Modernizing NATO's Nuclear Weapons: 'No Decisions Have Been Made'
43193: RAMSDEN, LEWIS - The Quest Of The Luck
64304: RAMSHAW, WENDY; VAIZEY, MARINA, ET AL. - Picasso's Ladies: Jewellery by Wendy Ramshaw
31280: RAMZAN ALI SHAH - The Student's Desk Dictionary, English To English and Hindustani
33792: RAND, MCNALLY & CO. - Rand McNally Pocket Map of the Dominion of Canada and Newfoundland
62858: RANDALL-STEVENS, H. C. - A Voice Out of Egypt: An Adventure in Clair-Audience
62827: RANDALL-STEVENS, H. C. - Atlantis to the Latter Days; & The Wisdom of the Soul [2 volumes]
62842: RANDALL-STEVENS, H. C. [EL EROS] - The Book of Truth or The Voice of Osiris
57023: RANDALL, DAVID A. - Aspects of Book-Collecting: Collection American First Editions 1900-1933
61020: VON RANKE, LEOPOLD [REVISED BY G. R. DENNIS] - History of the Latin and Teutonic Nations (1494 to 1514)
48726: RANKIN, IAN - The Complaints [SIGNED]
51731: RANKINE, W F AND W M, DIMBLEBY, G W - Futher Excavations at a Mesolithic Site at Oakhanger, Selborne, Hants. Part I: Archaeology, Part II: Fossil Pollen and Charcoal
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61405: RANSOME, ARTHUR, BROGAN, HUGH, ET AL. - Collection of 6 books by or about Arthur Ransome
60687: RANSOME, ARTHUR - Swallowdale
45352: RANSON, RON - Modern Oil Impressionists
44329: RANSON, RON - Watercolour Painting , The Ron Ranson Technique
52783: 'RAPHAEL' [ROBERT CROSS SMITH] - The Book of Fate: Whereby all Questions may be Answered Respecting the Present and Future
60792: RAPHAEL TUCK - My Book of Nursery Rhymes
51793: RAPHAEL - Raphael's Astronomical Ephemeris of the Planets' Places for 1850 - 1869, [20 years in one volume]
56156: RAPHAEL TUCK - Cinderella
60808: RAPHAEL TUCK - Busy Hours
60790: RAPHAEL TUCK - My Book of Nursery Rhymes
50578: RAPHAEL TUCK - Little Red Riding Hood, Animated Pictures
21565: RAPIN DE THOYRAS, PAUL & TINDAL, N. - Menin - A very strong town in the Earldom of Flanders taken by ye Allies in the year 1706 and retaken by the French in 1744 [ Map of Menin taken from Mr Tindal's continuation of Mr. Rapin's History of England ]
21566: RAPIN DE THOYRAS, PAUL & TINDAL, N. - Ypres a strong City and Castle in Flanders, restored to the Emperor by the Treaty of Utrecht [ Map of Ypres taken from Mr Tindal's continuation of Mr. Rapin's History of England ]
21568: RAPIN DE THOYRAS, PAUL & TINDAL, N. - Plan of the Country and Camps of Almanar, the one under Charles III and the other in the Enemy under the D.of Anjou, who was defeated by 16 Squadrons commanded by Lieut.Genl. Stanhope July 27 1710 [ Battle plan taken from Mr Tindal's continuation of Mr. R
21569: RAPIN DE THOYRAS, PAUL & TINDAL, N. - Plan of Toulon, with a View of its Road, and the Situation of its towns, &c.[ Battle plan taken from Mr Tindal's continuation of Mr. Rapin's History of England ]
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21572: RAPIN DE THOYRAS, PAUL & TINDAL, N. - Plan of ye Battle of Wynendale between ye Troops of ye Allies commanded by Major Gen. Webb & those of France under Count de La Motte Sept. 28 1708 [ Battle plan taken from Mr Tindal's continuation of Mr. Rapin's History of England ]
21574: RAPIN DE THOYRAS, PAUL & TINDAL, N. - Plan of the City of Doway [ Battle plan taken from Mr Tindal's continuation of Mr. Rapin's History of England ]
21575: RAPIN DE THOYRAS, PAUL & TINDAL, N. - Plan of the City of Dendermonde, and the manner in which it was blocked by troops of the Allies [ Battle plan taken from Mr Tindal's continuation of Mr. Rapin's History of England ]
21576: RAPIN DE THOYRAS, PAUL & TINDAL, N. - Plan of the City and Citadel of Dunkirk [ Battle plan taken from Mr Tindal's continuation of Mr. Rapin's History of England ]
21578: RAPIN DE THOYRAS, PAUL & TINDAL, N. - Intrenchment of the Army of the Allies to cover the Siege of Douay against the French Army that came to raise it in June 1710 [ Battle plan taken from Mr Tindal's continuation of Mr. Rapin's History of England ]
21579: RAPIN DE THOYRAS, PAUL & TINDAL, N. - Plan of the City of Bouchain situated upon the Rivers Sensette and Scheld in the County of Hainault [ Battle plan taken from Mr Tindal's continuation of Mr. Rapin's History of England ]
21580: RAPIN DE THOYRAS, PAUL & TINDAL, N. - Plan of the Incampment of the Allies at Prats Del Rey under the command of Count Staremberg... 1711 [ Battle plan taken from Mr Tindal's continuation of Mr. Rapin's History of England ]
58894: RAPPOPORT, DR ANGELO S. - The Fair Ladies of the Winter Palace
38115: RASMUSSEN, M - Fortællinger og sagn af Fædrelandets historie. Til underholdende læsning om vinteraftener for gamle og unge af alle stænder, [Tales and Traditions from the history of the homeland, for pleasant reading for old and young on winter evenings.]
15645: RASPE, RICHARD - The Travels and Surprising Adventures of Baron Munchausen
27528: RASPE, RUDOLF E. - The Adventures of Baron Munchausen from the best English and German editions with illustrations printed in colours from original designs by A. Bichard
51922: RASPE, R E - The Surprising Travels and Adventures of Baron Munchausen
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47160: RATHKEY, W. A. - A Questionnaire for God
30504: RATIU, ION - Policy for the West
44806: RATTENBURY, JOHN - Grace, The Preparation for Glory: Exemplified in Memoirs of Miss Anne Hill, of Fallybroom, Daughter of the late Rev. William Hill. With a Sermon preached on occasion of her death, in Sunderland Street Chapel, Macclesfield, May 29, 1837
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56423: RATUSHINSKAYA, IRINA - No, I'm Not Afraid
24941: VON RAUMER, FREDERICK [ TRANSLATED BY SARAH AUSTIN & H. E. LLOYD ] - England in 1835 - Being a series of Letters written to Friends in Germany, during a residence in London and excusions to the provinces
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9141: RAUSCH, JANE M - A Tropical Plains Frontier: The Llanos of Colombia 1531-1831
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64887: RAWNSLEY, H. D. AND WATTS, G. F. - Ballads of Brave Deeds
51258: RAY, CHARLES [EDITOR] - The Boy's Book of Mechanics and Experiment
52721: RAYMOND, GEORGE FREDERICK - A New, Universal, and Impartial History of England, from the Earliest Authentic Records, and Most Genuine Historical Evidence, to the End of the Present Year-
62517: RAYMOND JAEBERNS, W. W. COLPITTS AND OTHERS - Sunday Reading for the Young 1900
59615: RAYNAL, ABBE [TRANSLATED BY J. O. JUSTAMOND] - A Philosophical And Political History Of The Settlements And Trade Of The Europeans In The East And West Indies. Complete in 8 volumes
57330: RAYNOR, HENRY - Music in England
45090: RAZZELL, A W, ET AL. - Federation of Master Builders, South West Region: Year Book 1959
57751: RE, ARUNDELL DEL [INTRODUCTION] - The History of Pompey the Little, or, The Life and Adventures of a Lap-Dog
16186: READ, HERBERT [INTRODUCTION] - Barbara Hepworth, Carvings and Drawings,
45560: READ, HERBERT - Collected Poems
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47694: READ, JOHN - Farmer's Joy
61453: READ, ROBERT, JUNR. - Modern Leicester: Jottings of Personal Experience and Research, With an Original History of Corporation Undertakings, and of Each Regular, Militia, Yeomanry, & Rifle Regiment Localised at The New Military Centre
34107: READE, CHARLES - A Good Fight, The Original Version of the Cloister and the Hearth [Oxford Miscellany]
52459: READE, CHARLES - "It Is Never Too Late To Mend." A Matter of Fact Romance, in Three Volumes
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51736: READE, CHARLES - Peg Woffington, [Temple Classics]
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56705: RHODES, THOMAS - Map of the River Severn extending from near the lower parting in the County of Gloucester to Gladder or Whitehouse Brook within the parish of Areley Kings and County of Worcester, shewing the proposed cuts or canals and the sites of the proposed locks and weirs for improving the the navigation of the same
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24826: THE RIGHT HONORABLE EARL CADOGAN, K.G. - A Photographic Portrait Print of George Henry Cadogan - The Right Honorable Earl Cadogan, K.G.
24827: THE RIGHT HONORABLE WALTER HUME LONG - A Photographic Portrait Print of The Right Honorable Walter Hume Long
24832: THE RIGHT HONORABLE GEORGE NATHANIEL CURZON - A Photographic Portrait Print of The Right Honorable George Nathaniel Curzon
24833: THE RIGHT HONORABLE HENRY CHAPLIN - A Photographic Portrait Print of The Right Honorable Henry Chaplin
24834: THE RIGHT HONORABLE GEORGE JOACHIM GOSCHEN - A Photographic Portrait Print of The Right Honorable George Joachim Goschen
24835: THE RIGHT HONORABLE JAMES LOWTHER - A Photographic Portrait Print of The Right Honorable James Lowther
24836: THE RIGHT HONORABLE VISCOUNT CROSS G.C.B. - A Photographic Portrait Print of Richard Assheton Cross - The Right Honorable Viscount Cross G.C.B.
24840: THE RIGHT HONORABLE LORD BALFOUR OF BURLEIGH - A Photographic Portrait Print of Alexander Hugh Bruce - The Right Honorable Lord Balfour of Burleigh
24842: THE RIGHT HONORABLE ARTHUR JAMES BALFOUR - A Photographic Portrait Print of The Right Honorable Arthur James Balfour
24843: THE RIGHT HONORABLE ARTHUR JAMES BALFOUR - A Photographic Portrait Print of The Right Honorable Arthur James Balfour
24844: THE RIGHT HONORABLE GERALD WILLIAM BALFOUR - A Photographic Portrait Print of The Right Honorable Gerald William Balfour
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24848: THE RIGHT HONORABLE LORD GEORGE HAMILTON - A Photographic Portrait Print of The Right Honorable Lord George Hamilton
24849: THE RIGHT HONORABLE SIR MATTHEW WHITE RIDLEY - A Photographic Portrait Print of The Right Honorable Sir Matthew White Ridley
24850: THE RIGHT HONORABLE SIR JOHN ELDON GORST - A Photographic Portrait Print of The Right Honorable Sir John Eldon Gorst
24851: THE RIGHT HONORABLE LORD JAMES OF HEREFORD - A Photographic Portrait Print of Henry James - The Right Honorable Lord James of Hereford
24852: THE RIGHT HONORABLE SIR JAMES FERGUSSON BARONET - A Photographic Portrait Print of The Right Honorable Sir James Fergusson Baronet
24853: THE RIGHT HONORABLE SIR MICHAEL EDWARD HICKS-BEACH BARONET - A Photographic Portrait Print of The Right Honorable Sir Michael Edward Hicks-Beach Baronet
24854: THE RIGHT HONORABLE LORD HALSBURY - A Photographic Portrait Print of The Right Honorable Hardinge Stanley Giffard - Lord Halsbury
24855: THE RIGHT HONORABLE CHARLES THOMSON RITCHIE - A Photographic Portrait Print of The Right Honorable Charles Thomson Ritchie
24856: THE RIGHT HONORABLE VISCOUNT LLANDAFF - A Photographic Portrait Print of The Right Honorable Henry Matthews - Viscount Llandaff
24858: THE RIGHT HONORABLE LORD ASHBOURNE - A Photographic Portrait Print of The Right Honorable Edward Gibson - Lord Ashbourne
24859: THE RIGHT HONORABLE SIR WILLIAM HART DYKE BARONET - A Photographic Portrait Print of The Right Honorable Sir William Hart Dyke Baronet
24865: THE RIGHT HONORABLE LORD RANDOLPH SPENCER CHURCHILL - A Photographic Portrait Print of The Right Honorable Lord Randolph Spencer Churchill
24866: THE RIGHT HONORABLE LORD RANDOLPH SPENCER CHURCHILL - A Photographic Portrait Print of The Right Honorable Lord Randolph Spencer Churchill
49027: RIHBANY, ABRAHAM MITRIE - Wise Men from the East and from the West
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64710: RILEY, TERENCE - Yoshio Taniguchi: Nine Museums
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46087: RILEY, HENRY THOMAS, [EDITOR] - Chronica Monasterii S. Albani. Willelmi Rishanger, quondam monachi S. Albani, et quorundum anonymorum, Chronica et Annales, regnantibus Henrico Tertio et Edwardo Primo. A.D. 1259-1307, [The Chronicles and Memorials of Great Britain and Ireland during the
62619: RILEY II, CHARLES A. - The Art of Peter Max
51228: RILEY, W E - The Architectural Work of the London County Council
47739: RILEY, HENRY THOMAS, [EDITOR] - Chronica Monasterii S. Albani. Annales Monasterii S. Albani, a Johanne Amundesham, Monacho, ut videtur, conscripti, (A.D. 1421-1440) Vol. I. & II. [Chronicles and Memorials of Great Britain and Ireland during the Middle Ages, in 2 volumes]
19190: RIMBAULT, EDWARD F. [ EDITOR ] - Chappell's Musical Magazine, No. XXIV - Thirteen Popular Songs and Ballads, composed by Gearge Barker, Linley, Charles W. Glover, Walter Maynard, S. Lover &c. with Pianoforte accompaniments
33689: RIMMER, ALFRED - Ancient Stone Crosses of England
64494: RIMSKY KORSAKOV, FAURE, DOTZAUER, AND OTHERS - 23 pieces for Cello including, Excersizes for Violoncello [Dotzauer], Minuet [Haydn], Fanfare [Couperin], Sonate 1 [Strauss], Sonaten Op 5 Nr 1 [Beethoven], Trio 4 [Beethoven], Score Reading Exercises [Lang], Six Airs [Barbirolli], Daily Exercises [Grutzmacher], Violoncello Concerto op 49 [Kabalewski], The Swing [Lovell], Tarantelle [Fitzenhagen], Kol Nideri [Bruch], Concerto 1 [Lalo], Introduction et Polonaise Brillante [chopin], Sonata 1 [Shostakovich ], Sonata [Handel], Concerto 2 [Davidoff], 42 Studi [Kreutzer Silva, 2 vol], Rokoko Variationen [Tschaikowsky], Drei Sonaten [Bach], Fileuse [Fauré], Flight of the Bumble Bee [Rimsky Korsakov], 113 Exercises [Dotzauer], Easy Classics [Forbes]
64163: RIPA, CESARE; MASER, EDWARD A. (EDITOR) - Baroque and Rococo Pictorial Imagery
32831: RIPLEY, S DILLON AND OLSON, STORRS, L - Rails of the World, A Monograph of the Family Rallidae
64780: RIPMAN, WALTER - A Handbook of the Latin Language, Being a Dictionary, Classified Vocabulary, and Grammar
45696: RISDON, P. J. - Wireless
33342: RITCHER, MADAME EVA - The A.B.C. of Millinery
60478: RITCHIE, ARTHUR S. - Chromatography in Geology
43247: RITCHIE, LEITCH, JESSE, EDWARD - Windsor Castle, and its Environs; including Eton College
60453: RITCHIE, WALLACE - Billiard Secrets
63143: RITCHIE, LEITCH - Heath's Picturesque Annual for 1832: Travelling Sketches in the North of Italy, the Tyrol, and on the Rhine
60454: RITCHIE, WALLACE - Billiards and Snooker Secrets
52124: RITCHIE, ANNA; WALKER, BRUCE; RITCHIE, GRAHAM; HARMAN, MARY; CLOSE-BROOKS, JAMIE AND STEVENSON, J. B. - Exploring Scotland's Heritage: Orkney and Shetland, Fife and Tayside, Argyll and the Western Isles, The Highlands, The Clyde and Central Region [5 volumes]
59369: RITLAND, KARE N. - Cutty Sark Bergen
11265: RITSCHER, EVE , REILLY, JOHN , LAMBE, JANET , MACARTHUR, ROS (EDITORS) - Light Dimensions, The Exhibition of the Evolution of Holography
61853: RITTER, DOROTHEA AND NORWICH, JOHN JULIUS - Venice in Old Photographs 1841-1920
61755: RITTER, R. M. - The Oxford Guide to Style
64574: RITTS, HERB - Duo and Notorious, [2 volumes]
58739: RIVER SEVERN DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION - Sites on the River Severn: England's Longest River
56492: RIVERS, VICTORIA Z. - The Shining Cloth: Dress and Adornment that Glitters
59779: RIVES, AMELIA (PRINCESS TROUBETZKOY) - Shadows of Flames: A Novel
62055: RIVIÉRÉ, P-LOUIS - Une Promenade au Pays de la Science [A Walk in the Country of Science]
38087: RIZZI, ALDO - Luca Carlevarijs
37658: RIZZI, ALDO, [CURATOR] - Biennali Udinesi D'Arte Antica, I Maestri Della Pittura Veneta Del '700: Gorizia Palazzo Attems
37648: RIZZI, ALDO (WITH PALLUCCHINI, RODOLFO) - Mostra Della Pittura Veneta Del Settecento In Friuli
52037: ROBARTS, EDITH [EDITOR] - Favourite Nursery Stories
43339: ROBB, COLIN - Metals Databook
29172: ROBBE-GRILLET, ALAIN - The Voyeur
45644: ROBBINS - David Whitfield Souvenir Album
33308: ROBELLO, G - Grammaire Italienne, Elementaire, Analytique et Raisonnee, suivie D'un Apercu de la Versification Italienne [Italian Grammar book in French]
31297: ROBERT BURNS - The Poetical Works of Robert Burns
37381: ROBERT, CHARLES [EDITOR] - The Naturalist's Diary: A Day-Book of Meteorology, Phenology, and Rural Biology
60310: ROBERT BRIAN TATE, DEREK W. LOMAX, ROBERT PLOTZ, JOHN DURANT AND OTHERS - Collection of 8 books on the El Camino de Santiago (Way of St. James) Pilgrimage
63174: ROBERT BROWNING, AUGUSTINE BIRRELL, JOHN KEATS, ARTHUR SYMONS, HENRY WADSWORTH LONGFELLOW, GEORGE SAINTSBURY, SAMUEL TAYLOR COLERIDGE AND EDWARD DOWDEN - Poems of Browning, Poems of Keats, Poems of Longfellow, & Poems of Coleridge [4 Volumes from the Golden Poets series]
20456: ROBERTS, JOHN W. - Handsworth Public Library. Birchfield Branch. Catalogue of the Books in the Library
31082: ROBERTS, EMMA - A New System of Domestic Cookery: founded upon Principles of Economy; and adapted to the Use of Private Families. By a Lady (Mrs Rundell)
36201: ROBERTS, PETER - Purnell's Great World Of Performance Cars
37086: ROBERTS, JOE - The House of Blue Lights
4779: ROBERTS, DAISY OKE - How Do We Live? By Some Who Know: Letters from Writers in the Spirit World
58866: ROBERTS, LORD, OF KANDAHAR - Forty-One Years in India from Subaltern to Commander-in-Chief
63513: ROBERTS, EMMA - Hindostan: Its Landscapes, Palaces, Temples, Tombs; The Shores of the Red Sea; and The Sublime and Romantic Scenery of The Himalaya Mountains, illustrated in a series of views, Vol. I. & II. [2 volumes in 1]
46322: ROBERTS, REV. PETER - Christianity Vindicated, in a Series of Letters, addressed to Mr Volney, in Answer To His Book Called Ruins, or a Survey of the Revolution of Empires; A Review of the Policy and Peculiar Doctrines of the Modern Church of Rome..., [2 volumes in 1]
45923: ROBERTS, E. L. [EDITOR] - Test Cricket and Cricketers 1877-1934
60241: ROBERTS, I. - The Young Cook's Guide; with Practical Observations. A New Treatise on French and English Cookery, Combining Economy with Elegance
52150: ROBERTS, HARRIET IDE KEEN - Nana: A Memory of an Old Nurse
44255: ROBERTS, BRIAN, VINCENT, J, GEORGI, DR. J, ET AL. - The Geographical Journal, Vol. LXXXI No. 4, April 1933
45008: ROBERTS, D ANDREW - Planning The Documentation Of Museum Collections
44913: ROBERTS, TREVOR - A Canal Walk Through Stroud [Eastington to Sapperton]
56791: ROBERTS, W WRIGHT. WRIGHT, J D. ZAMICK, M. - 3 Books: 1. Charles And Fanny Burney In The Light Of The New Thrale Correspondence In The John Rylands Library. 2. Some Unpublished Letters To And From Dr. Johnson. 3. Three Dialogues By Hester Lynch Thrale (unpublished original manuscript). Reprinted from "The Bulletin of the John Rylands Library," Vol. 16, No. I, January, 1932
48165: ROBERTS, TREVOR - Eastington To Sapperton: A Canal Walk Through Stroud
49604: ROBERTS, E. NOEL, BARNES, RICHARD, HEARNE, WARWICK, ET AL. - Pip and Squeak Annual 1935
60679: [ROBERTS, JOHN S.] - The Life and Explorations of David Livingstone, LL,D., Volume I. & II. [in 2 volumes]
14229: ROBERTSON, MERLE GREENE - The Sculpture of Palenque, volume 3 The Late Buildings of the Palace and the Wall Paintings
24591: ROBERTSON, JOHN - Anzac and Empire , The Tragedy & Glory of Gallipoli
64470: ROBERTSON, WILLIAM - The History of America
64855: ROBERTSON, C. GRANT AND BARTHOLOMEW, J. G. - An Historical Atlas of Modern Europe from 1789 to 1914
44648: ROBERTSON, MARTIN - Greek Painting
46583: ROBERTSON, WILLIAM - The History of Scotland During The Reigns of Queen Mary and of King James VI, Till His Accession to the Crown of England, With a Review of the Scottish History previous to that Period; And an Appendix containing Original Papers, In Two Volumes
51538: ROBERTSON, WILLIAM - The History of the Reign of the Emperor Charles V. with a View of the Progress of Society in Europe from the Suberversion of the Roman Empire, to the Beginning of the Sixteenth Century, in Four Volumes
59762: ROBERTSON, WILLIAM - An Historical Disquisition Concerning the Knowledge Which the Ancients Had of India; and the Progress of Trade with that Country Prior to the Discovery of the Passage to it by the Cape of Good Hope. With an Appendix, Containing Observations on the Civil Policy - The Laws and Judicial Proceedings - the Arts - The Sciences - and Religious Institutions, of Indians
44712: ROBERTSON, DAVID - Sir Charles Eastlake And The Victorian Art World
48723: ROBERTSON, DAVID - George Mallory
58388: ROBERTSON, THOMAS WILLIAM - The Principal Dramatic Works of Thomas William Robertson, with Memoir by his Son, Volumes I & 2
58300: ROBERTSON, EDWIN - My Soul Finds Rest in God Alone: Sermons on the Psalms
58900: ROBERTSON, WILLIAM AND STEWART, DUGALD - The Works of William Robertson, D.D. Fellow of the Royal Society, and Principal of the University, of Edinburgh, Historiographer to his Majesty for Scotland, and Member of the Royal Academy of History at Madrid.. In Twelve Volumes
24302: ROBIN KLEIN, NAN HUNT, LIBBY HATHORN AND JUNE EPSTEIN - A Teddy Bear's Picnic , A Collection of Original Stories About Teddy Bears
43659: ROBIN HOOD - Robin Hood and the Curtall Fryer
6438: ROBINSON, GERALD T. - Steam Days
20853: ROBINSON, W.J.. - West Country Churches - Volume 1
28731: ROBINSON, W. HEATH - Uncle Lubin
32085: ROBINSON, LENNOX - Pictures in a Theatre, A Conversation Piece
33255: ROBINSON, JOHN ROBERT - 'Old Q' A Memoir of William Douglas Fourth Duke of Queensberry K.T.
33497: ROBINSON, JOHN ROBERT - 'Old Q' A Memoir Of William Douglas Fourth Duke Of Queensberry K T
34523: ROBINSON, WILLIAM - The Garden - An Illustrated Weekly Journal of Gardening In All its Branches. Volumes XI Jan. - June 1877 & XII July - Dec. 1877 [ 2 books ]
34524: ROBINSON, WILLIAM - The Garden - An Illustrated Weekly Journal of Gardening In All its Branches. Volumes XIII Jan. - June 1878 & XIV July - Dec. 1878 [ 2 books ]
34529: ROBINSON, WILLIAM - The Garden - An Illustrated Weekly Journal of Gardening In All its Branches. Volumes XXIII Jan. - June 1883 & XXIV July - Dec. 1883 [ 2 books ]
34530: ROBINSON, WILLIAM - The Garden - An Illustrated Weekly Journal of Gardening In All its Branches. Volumes XXV Jan. - June 1884 & XXVI July - Dec. 1884 [ 2 books ]
34532: ROBINSON, WILLIAM - The Garden - An Illustrated Weekly Journal of Gardening In All its Branches. Volume XXVIII July - Dec 1885
38054: ROBINSON, VINCENT - Eastern Carpets, Twelve Early Examples [second series]
59521: ROBINSON, W. HEATH - The W. Heath Robinson Calendar 1940
63125: ROBINSON, W. - The Wild Garden, or the Naturalization and Natural Grouping of Hardy Exotic Plants with a Chapter on the Garden of British Wild Flowers
59960: ROBINSON, W. J. - West Country Churches, Volumes I & II [2 vols]
46967: ROBINSON, REV. CHARLES HENRY - Hausaland or Fifteen Hundred Miles Through the Central Soudan [Sudan]
60441: ROBINSON, DOCTOR; J. M. C.; BARTON, BERNARD, ET AL. - Companion for Leisure Hours
64179: ROBINSON, TOM - The Longcase Clock
63116: ROBINSON, W. J. - West Country Manors
48963: ROBINSON, B W. - Persian Paintings in the John Rylands Library.
48414: ROBINSON, COMMANDER CHARLES N [EDITOR] - Navy & Army illustrated: A Magazine Descriptive and Illustrative of Everyday Life in the Defensive Services of the british Empire. Vol. I. & II. [in 2 volumes]
63094: ROBINSON, W. J. - West Country Churches, Vols. I-IV [Complete in 4 volumes]
14758: ROBINSON, ARTHUR H. - Elements of Cartography
58433: ROBINSON, THEODORE H.; OESTERLEY, W. O. E. - A History of Israel Vol. I From the Exodus to the Fall of Jerusalem, 586 B.C.; & Vol. II From the Fall of Jerusalem, 586 B.C. to the Bar-Kokhba Revolt, A.D. 135 [2 volumes]
48710: ROBINSON, H P - Picture-Making by Photography
57975: ROBINSON, CHRIS - 150 Years of the Co-operative in Plymouth
50222: ROBINSON, JOHN - The New English Spelling Book; Or, A Key To The Spelling, Accentuation, And Pronunciation, Of The English Language-
16599: ROBOZ, ZSUZSI , LUCIE-SMITH, EDWARD & WYKES-JOYCE, MAX - British Art Now, A Personal View
36173: ROBSON, GRAHAM - Rallying: The 4 Wheel Drive Revolution
51450: ROBSON, PHILIP AND OTHERS - The Architectural Review, February 1899, vol 5, number 27
26745: ROBUCHON, JOEL - Larousse Gastronomique
42036: ROCACHER, ABBE JEAN - Saint-Sernin
44578: ROCHE, JOHN, [EDITOR] - Physicists Look Back: Studies in the History of Physics
64124: LA ROCHEFOUCAULD - Maximes [The Royal Library Belles Lettres Series]
63469: [ROCHEFOUCAULD, FRANÇOIS DE LA] - Maximes la Rochefoucauld [The Royal Library, Belles Lettres Series]
60157: ROCHEFOUCAULT, DUKE DE LA - Maxims, and Moral Reflections
45513: ROCK BROS. LTD - Ninety-Six Fine Art Photographs [Bath and District]
58618: ROCQUE, JOHN; PARR, RICHARD AND MARGARY, HARRY [EDITOR] - An Exact Survey of the City's of London Westminsterey Borough of Southwark and the Country Near Ten Miles Round Begun in 1741 & Ended in 1745, an unbound copy
47121: RODDIE, STEWART - Peace Patrol
51864: RODEN, CLAUDIA - Arabesque: A Taste of Morocco, Turkey & Lebanon
43069: RODENWALDT, GERHART - The Acropolis
13707: RODIMTSEVA, IRINA AND OTHERS - English Silver Treasures From the Kremlin, catalogue to a loan exhibition at Sotheby's London January 1991

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