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38868: ANON - Home & Farm Pictures: 8 Pictures In Colour [Farm, Holidays, Storytime, Country, in 4 Volumes]
39034: ANON - Chronica de Mailros e Codice Unico in Bibliotheca Cottoniana Servato Nunc Iterum in Lucem Edita Notulis Indiceque Aucta [Chronicle of Melrose]
63645: ANON - Thun, The Gateway to the Bernese Oberland
63643: ANON - Collection of Eight Photographic Postcards of People in Eritrea from 1936
63638: ANON - On.. Trial [Sutton Adult School]
60606: ANON - The Child's Own Book
56545: ANON - Henriade an Epick Poem, in Ten Canto's, Translated from the French into English Blank Verse, to Which are now Added, The Argument to each Canto, and Large Notes Historical and Critical
47102: ANON - Who's Who in Norfolk
58627: ANON - 'Biological Dictionary' in Russian
56530: ANON - Genuine Hand Coloured Antique Print of a Steam Fair
60540: ANON - Railway Directory & Year Book 1976
56542: ANON - Genuine Hand Coloured Antique Print of Various Horse's at Shows
56524: ANON - Genuine Hand Coloured Antique Print of Bray's Traction-Engine
61113: ANON - The Railway Year Book for 1922
64020: [ANON] - Catalogue De Reliures, du xv au xix siecle, en vente a la librairie Gumuchian and Cie [FINE BINDINGS]
39662: ANON - The Rivers of Great Britain, Descriptive, Historical, Pictorial: Rivers of the South and West Coasts
61153: ANON - Collection of 6 sets of small Photographs from Cities in the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark
57858: ANON - 5 Stereoscopic Photographs of India (1903)
56582: ANON - The Lady's Magazine; or, Mirror of the Belles-Lettres, Fine Arts, Music, Drama, Fashions, &c. A New Series, Vol. III. Jan-Nov 1822, & Vol. IV. Jan-Feb 1823
57044: ANON - Philochristus Memoirs of a Disciple of the Lord
57586: ANON - English Scenery
61163: ANON - Erinnerung an Wien [Memory of Vienna]
63021: ANON - Collection of 4 Menu Cards for Ladies' Evening at Summit Lodge 1961-72
48679: ANON - Wells Cathedral and Glastonbury Album of Views
56510: ANON - Genuine Hand Coloured Antique Print of Ransomes' and May's Portable Locomotive Steam-Engine
49837: ANON - The Bumper Picture Book
49842: ANON - Sunny Faces, Blessed Hands, Loving Words
62974: ANON - Select Portions of the Psalms of David, Taken from Various Versions; Together with Hymns Adapted to the Festivals, &c. &c.
63047: ANON - Two Menu Cards for Ladies' Evening at Summit Lodge, 1954
62650: ANON - Famous Fairy Tales for Children
61995: ANON - The Book of the London International Chess Congress 1899 [London 1899 International Chess Tournament]
61427: ANON - Collection of 6 Western / Cowboy Annuals
46160: ANON - Register zu den banden 51 bis 60 der sitzungsberichte der mathematisch-naturwissenschaftlichen classe der kaiserlichen akademie der wissenschaften VI.
61396: ANON - I Can Dress Myself
61397: ANON - Goosey Gander; & My Bo-Peep Book of Nursery Rhymes [2 Nursery Rhyme Cloth Books]
56525: ANON - Genuine Hand Coloured Antique Print of a Steam-Roller
61103: ANON - The Eagle Comic, 7 Issues from 1957-1959
61749: ANON - Madama Butterfly by G. Puccini [Programme]
60120: ANON - Elements of Natural Philosophy, Arranged Under the Following Heads: Matter and Motion, The Universe, The Solar System, The Fixed Stars, The Earth Considered as a Planet... And the Human Understanding
47467: ANON - The Book Of Common Prayer And Administration Of the Sacraments, And Other Rites & Ceremonies Of the Church of England, Together with the Psalter or Psalms
46903: ANON - Black's Road & Railway Traveling Map Of England
46827: ANON - Für Freiheit und Vaterland Lieder der erwachten nation
56536: ANON - Genuine Hand Coloured Antique Print of Sale of Shorthorns Cattle
56517: ANON - Genuine Hand Coloured Antique Print of Sketches at a Country Show
56520: ANON - Genuine Hand Coloured Antique Print of Agricultural Show by Ralph Cleaver
56526: ANON - Genuine Hand Coloured Antique Print of Mr Rickett's Steam-Carriage
62446: ANON - The Western Martyrology: or, Bloody Assizes. Containing the Lives, Trials, and Dying-Speeches of all those Eminent Protestants that Suffer'd in the West of England, and Elsewhere, from the Year 1678, to this Time. Together with the Life and Death of George L. Jeffreys-
51494: ANON - Tales From Over the Sea
60542: ANON - Railway Directory & Year Book 1962-63
45425: ANON - Sing a Song of Sixpence, Nursery Rhyme and Fairy Tales
60592: ANON - March's Library of Instruction & Amusement, No 7. Rural Tales for Youth
64664: ANON - In Nativitate Domini, The Office of Christmas in Latin and English according to the Benedictine Breviary
59596: ANON - Album of 81 Postcards Along Thames & Severn Canal [c. 1900-1920] + 1795 Copper Token
60941: ANON - The Bognor Observer and Visitors' List, No. 387, Wednesday, September 17, 1879
61116: ANON - Universal Directory of Railway Officials and Railway Year Book 1943-1944
56528: ANON - Genuine Hand Coloured Antique Print of Various Machinery
61117: ANON - Railway Directory & Year Book 1969-1970
61321: ANON - Paper Cuts: Amusing and Educational, for Children
56212: ANON - An Enquiry into the Reasons of the Conduct of Great Britian, With Relation to the Present State of Affairs in Europe
56206: ANON - Two Memorials of the Abbe de la Ville, Together with the French King's Declarations, Transmitted by the said Minister to the Sates General of the United Provinces; as Likewise th Answer of their High Mightinesses to the said Pieces, as Contained in their Resolution of the 7th of November N. S. 1747
59433: ANON - Animals and Birds
59439: ANON - Norwegian Stories. Watchman Halfdan and his Little Granddaughter: and Fisherman Niels
45318: ANON - The Nursery Playmate, containing 'The Nursery Alphabet' and 'Little Bo-Peep'
60395: ANON - Our Native Land, Its Scenery and Associations: A Series of 36 Water-Colour Sketches After Rowbotham, Read, Needham, and Other Eminent Artists with Descriptive Notes
60337: ANON - The Child's Companion and Juvenile Instructor, New Series, 1850
60162: ANON - An Account of the Spirits Received into Stock by an Off Licence at 65 Worcester St. Gloucester, between 1947-56
59966: ANON - Photograph album of various cities and locations around the world, c.1900-1920
59967: ANON - Blotting Pad with Embroidered Cover c.1900-1920s
60330: ANON - The Parent's Cabinet of Amusement and Instruction [Vol. 4.]
60062: ANON - Instructions for Working Model de Luxe Lockstitch Sewing Machine with Vibrating Shuttle
60269: ANON - illustrated Ditties of the Olden Time
60063: ANON - Instructions for Working Model de Luxe Lockstitch Sewing Machine with Vibrating Shuttle
60291: ANON - Magazine For The Young 1850, Vol. IX.
56516: ANON - Genuine Hand Coloured Antique Print of Hussey's American Reaper
65892: ANON - Auntie's Little Rhyme Book (No.3 of Old Nursery Rhymes)
56514: ANON - Genuine Hand Coloured Antique Print of Steam Combined Thrashing and Stacking Machine
56515: ANON - Genuine Hand Coloured Antique Print of Messrs. Tuxford's Traction-Engine
60115: ANON - An Introduction to the Latin Tongue; for the use of Youth
57910: ANON - The Progress of Nations or the Principles of National Development in Their Relation to Statesmanship, A Study in Analytical History
60396: ANON - The Drapers' Record, 6 Issues from 1958-59
56513: ANON - Genuine Hand Coloured Antique Print of Ploughing by Steam
66280: ANON - The Perambulation of Oxford, Blenheim and Nuneham; to Which is Added, an Appendix, Containing a Description of the Models in the Picture Gallery
66281: ANON - Erorterung der Frage: ob einem erhrlichen Mann zum Heyrathen an oder da von ab Zurathen sey? Zu einem Hochzeit Geschenk Ubergeben von einem Ungenandten.
56747: ANON - Forêt de Saint-Germain-en-Laye [map of forest of Saint-Germain-en-Laye]
60196: ANON - The Magazine of Japanese Art. Vol. II. Nos. 7-12 (6 issues) 1895-1896
60249: ANON - Pang Tao (Flat Peaches): Eight Fairies Festival, A Festival Held on the 3rd. Of the 3rd. Lunar Month in Honour of the Goddess Hsi Wang-Mu
62478: ANON - La Mythologie Mis a La Portée de Tout le Monde, Ornée de cent Figures en Couleurs, ou en noir, Dessinées et Gravees par d'habiles Artistes de Paris- Tome Troisieme [Volume 3 only]
57862: ANON - 19 Stereoscopic Photographs of Europe
57863: ANON - 59 Stereoscopic Photographs in Italy
51144: ANON - Ninety-Nine Salads and How to Make Them, With Rules for Dressing and Sauce
61962: ANON - Ricordo di Genova [Memory of Genoa]
60869: ANON - Habits, Manners and Customs of all Nations: for the Instruction of the Young
62881: ANON - Missale Romanum Ex Decreto Sacrosancti Concilii Tridentini Restitutum, S. Pii V. Pontieficis Max, Jussu Editum Clementis VIII. & Urbani VIII. Auctoriate Recognitum; In Quo Missae Sanctorum ad Hanc Usque Diem Emanatae, Accuraté Disponuntur
57212: ANON - Nursery Rhymes
60205: ANON - Cousin Jack's Adventures
60151: ANON - Description Des Beautés De Gènes et De Ses Environs, Ornée de Différentes Vues, de Tailles Douce, & de la Carte Topographique de la Ville
64518: ANON - Live Jesus and Mary! The Rule of Saint Augustine and Constitutions for the religious of the congregation of our lady of charity of the good shepherd of Angers. Corrected and harmonised with the brief of Gregory XVI, and the code of Canon Law of 1918
62188: ANON - Verdadera Relacion de la gran Vitória que han Tenido los imperiales en la toma de la Inexpugnable placa Philipsburgh, que lo Executo el Muy ilustre Coronel Gaspar Bamberger en 24. de Enero deste ano mil y Seiscientos y Treinta y cinco anos.
62189: ANON - Relacion Segunda Mas Copiosa, Yuer dadera, de la Traicion y muerte de Duque de Fridland, y todos los Complices en ella, donde sa Declara el estado de Cosas de Alemania, Embiada a esta Corte este ano de 1634.
62698: ANON - Libellus Precum et Piarum Exercitationum in Usum pie Vivere, Et Feliciter Mori Desiderantium
61872: ANON - Collins' Alternative History Reader. Book III - (Standards VI and VII): Queen Victoria and the British Empire
42806: ANON - Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor, Dean's Gold Medal Series No. 89
42790: ANON - The Promenade Waltzes. Dedicated to the Band of the Rifle Brigade [cover only]
42253: ANON - The Apocrypha, Translated out of the Greek and Latin Tongues, Being the Versions Set Forth in A.D.1611 Compared with the Most Ancient Authorities and Revised A.D.1894 [Oxford World's Classics 294]
42098: ANON - Abiding Words [a Biblical text for each day of the year]
41882: ANON - First Book of Verse, [Oxford Elementary School Books]
62479: ANON - La Mythologie Mis a La Portée de Tout le Monde, Ornée de cent Figures en Couleurs, ou en noir, Dessinées et Gravees par d'habiles Artistes de Paris- Tome Dixieme [volume 10 only]
59878: ANON - Ackroyd & Best Ltd Catalogue
44279: ANON - Engagement Diary for 1925
66381: ANON - Victorian Photograph Album of European Cathedrals
44482: ANON - The Botanic Garden , A Poem. In Two Parts , Part I Containing The Economy Of Vegetation. , Part II The Loves Of The Plants. With Philosophical Notes. [two volumes in one]
19882: ANON. - Offices de la Quinzaine De Paques A L'Usage de Rome entierement refondus d'apres les editions les plus recentes du Breviaire et du Missel romains. Augmentes de l'Exergige du Chemin de la Croix... Approuve par Monseigneur L'Archeveque de Tours
62971: ANON - Printed Books in the Library of the Society of Antiquaries of London, on March 10, 1887... Together With Supplement for 1887-1899
56535: ANON - Genuine Hand Coloured Antique Print of a Horse Show
56531: ANON - Genuine Hand Coloured Antique Print of a Steam Fair
44367: ANON - Jesus And The Children
44366: ANON - God's Love And Care
43963: ANON - The Lancing Register, The Third Edition Revised And Continued To 1932
67993: ANON - Manuscript Biographies of Notable Musicians with Postcards
67989: ANON - Album containing a collection of postcards from the Linder Family Archives
60248: ANON - Ristretto Delle Cose Più Notabili Della Città Di Firenze. Quarta Impressione. All' Altezza Reale Del Serenissimo Gio: Gastone I. Granduca Di Toscana
61176: ANON - Photograph Album of the Heanley Family and Clarabut Family from c.1890, plus related autograph Album & Pamphlet
51156: ANON - Little Folks: A Magazine for the Young
44798: ANON - The Story Of Dunlop Through the Reigns
7707: ANON - The Paris Salons of 1900
44788: ANON - Tit-Bits Monster Table Book
60857: ANON - Histoire du Petit Benjamin
62925: ANON - Anthologia Graeca ad Palatini Codicis Fidem Edita, Volumes I-III [3 volumes]
60516: ANON - Directory of Railway Officials & Year Book 1950-1951
56347: ANON - The State Hermitage Museum (St. Petersburg)
61747: ANON - La Belle Helene by J. Offenbach [Programme]
65907: ANON - Grannie's Little Rhyme Book (No. 1 of Nursery Rhymes) & Nursie's Little Rhyme Book (No.4 of Old Nursery Rhymes) [2 volumes]
62246: ANON - The Sparkler Annual 1936 &1937 [2 volumes]
12884: ANON. - Facts and Figures about Western Australia 1907, for the intending emigrant, tourist, or capitalist
58568: ANON - Im Kinder-Garten
51411: ANON - The Curious Repository; Or, Entertaining Instructor
60517: ANON - The Railway Year Book for 1930
56540: ANON - Genuine Hand Coloured Antique Print of Victorian Darming Implements
57232: ANON - The Coalition: or, an Historical Memorial of the Neogtiation for peace, Between His High Mightiness of C----M----T and His Sublime Exellency of H---Y---S with the Vouchers
61076: ANON - Holly Berries
56090: ANON - Original Album of Watercolours of Wild Flowers [Inscribed by Winifred Newton, 2nd Girl Guides, 1915]
60163: ANON - Collecion of 38 UK Railway Tour Itineraries, Letters and Related Ephemera from 1951 to 1985
60871: ANON - The British Story Briefly Told, from Early Times to the Present Period, [Little Library series]
65705: ANON - Mt. Paekdu
61102: ANON - The Chicks' Own Annual 1939
61416: ANON - 2 Photographs of Palladian Bridge, Wilton
61420: ANON - 2 Photographs of Trinity College, Cambridge
61097: ANON - Shiver and Shake Annual 1981 & 1983 [2 volumes]
60952: ANON - A New Guide to Cheltenham, and its Environs
47696: ANON - The Ocean and Its Inhabitants, with Their Uses to Man
47801: ANON - The Royal Album of Morecambe and Lancaster Views
47948: ANON - Frith's Photo. Pictures - collection of approx 40 photographs plus scraps
11671: ANON - Map of Ireland
61150: ANON - Souvenir of Luxor, 18 Views [No. 966]
60320: ANON - Little Annie; or, is church time a happy time?
61440: ANON - Visitors Book for The Red Lion, Blewbury (Oxfordshire Village Inn)
61421: ANON - 2 Photographs of Ashburnham House, Westminster
61418: ANON - 6 Photographs of Houses at Stamford, Lincolnshire
61417: ANON - 4 Photographs of Belton House, Grantham
61436: ANON - Whoopee! Annual 1975, 1977 & 1985 [3 volumes]
61443: ANON - Plan Topographique de la Ville de Marseille, et de ses Faubourgs avec les Plans particuliers de son Lazaret, de tous ses principaux Monumens, Edifices et Endroits Remarquables [Topographical Map of the City of Marseille and its Suburbs]
58273: ANON - Collection of 6 Victorian Colour Prints Relating to Sheep
58271: ANON - Collection of 8 Victorian Landscape Colour Prints of Family Outings and Gatherings
48166: ANON - A Winter To Remember: December 1981 - January 1982
48674: ANON - 13 Permanent Photographs of Winchester
59734: ANON - Collection of 17 Plates from Mudie's British Birds - "The Feathered Tribes of the British Isles"
61081: ANON - Le Livre Des Petits Enfants, Abecedaire Simple et Facile
65343: ANON - Mounted Bookplate belonging to Eric Gill
65342: ANON - Collection of Eric Gill memorabilia
65291: ANON - Intelligence Notes On China
65265: ANON - The Westminster Hymal (Complete Words)
65111: ANON - Kendal. Between the Mountains, Moors and Sea. A Gateway to the Lakes.
65112: ANON - La Vie Parisienne
58080: ANON - The Worcester A B C railway Guide and Motor Coach and Bus Services, June 30 to July 31, 1952 No. 859
49648: ANON - The Book of Trades; or, Circle of the Useful Arts
62187: ANON - Relacion de las Solemnes Fiestas que la casa Prosessa de la Compania de Jesus Hizo en la Imperial Villa y Corte de Madrid al ano Centesimo, y Primer Siglo de Su Fundacion en este de 1640.
58286: ANON - Collection of 6 Victorian Portrait Prints of Young Women
58284: ANON - Collection of 3 Victorian & Antique Colour Prints Relating to Horses
58287: ANON - Collection of 4 Victorian Prints of Children on Farms
62254: ANON - Essays from "The Times." Being a Selection from the Literary Papers which have Appeared in that Journal [First Series]
57974: ANON - The Englishwoman's Domestic Magazine. An Illustrated Journal, Combining Practical Information, Instruction, and Amusement.. New Series, Volume 8 & Part of Volume 9. January - December 1864
60274: ANON - Woodland Rambles. Uncle Ben's Conversations with his Nephews on the Beauty and Utility of English Timber Trees
58274: ANON - Collection of 5 Victorian & Antique Colour Prints Relating to Sheep
58275: ANON - Collection of 4 Victorian Hand Coloured Prints Relating to Pigs
58276: ANON - Collection of 4 Victorian & Antique Colour Prints Relating to Pigs
58277: ANON - Collection of 5 Large Antique Colour Prints Relating to Cattle
58278: ANON - Collection of 5 Small Victorian Engraved Prints Relating to Cattle
58279: ANON - Collection of 5 Small Victorian Colour Prints Relating to Cattle
58280: ANON - Collection of 5 Victorian Prints Relating to Cattle
58281: ANON - Collection of 4 Victorian & Antique Large Colour Prints Relating to Farming
58282: ANON - Collection of 4 Victorian Large Hand Coloured Prints Relating to Farming
58283: ANON - Collection of 3 Victorian Colour Prints Relating to Farm Life (1903)
58189: ANON - The Gentleman's Diary, or the Mathematical Repository; An Almanack for the Year of our Lord, 1792 - 1798 [7 vols in 1]
17539: ANON. - Perky and His Pup
58285: ANON - Collection of 4 Victorian Hand Coloured Prints Relating to Poultry
61151: ANON - Small Album of Original Photographs of Hunt Meetings 1913-14 including New Chapel Green, Colman's Hatch, Dorman's and others
58493: ANON - Scripture Natural History; Containing a Description of Quadrupeds, Birds, Reptiles, Amphibia, Fishes, Insects, Molluscous Animals, Corals, Plants, Trees, Precious Stones, and Metals, Mentioned in The Holy Scriptures
63533: ANON - What and How of The Eternal Worker: The Work and the Plan?
63517: ANON - Easy Lessons in Reading and Spelling for the use of the Younger Classes in Primary Schools
49487: ANON - A Select Collection Of Interesting Autograph Letters Of Celbrated Persons, English and Foreign, From The Sixteenth Century To The Present Time, Comprising Nearly Three Hundred Valuable Documents And Autographs, Engraved In Exact Fac-simile Of The Originals. With Short Biographical Notices
49488: ANON - Granny's Album of postcards, including India, Burma, New Zealand, and wartime pictures
63309: ANON - The Railway Diary and Officials' Directory 1914 & 1918 [two volumes]
56051: ANON - The Great Earthquake of Japan October 28th, 1891, Being a Full Description of the Disasters Resulting from the Recent Terrible Catastrophe, Taken from the Accounts in the "Hyogo News" by its Special Correspondent, and from other Sources
63219: ANON - The Child's Companion, and Juvenile Instructor 1861 & 1862 [2 volumes in 1]
17851: ANON. - Figaro Album
62955: ANON - Flowers of Piety, Devotions and Prayers Compiled from Approved Sources
56507: ANON - Genuine Old Colour Print of 4 dogs
63033: ANON - First Grammar Book for Children
62972: ANON - An Antidote to Dr. L-----s's [Dr. Lucas's] Address; Addressed to the Merchants of the City of Dublin
60539: ANON - Railway Directory & Year Book 1973
61415: ANON - 4 Photographs of Hampton Court Palace
58418: ANON - Roma I Serie, 20 Vere Fotografie a Colore [The Rome Series, 20 True Colors Photography]
61287: ANON - The Juvenile Plutarch; Containing Accounts of the Lives of Celebrated Children and of the Infancy of Persons who have been illustrious for their Virtues or Talents. Part the First
62951: ANON - Stories and Lessons on the Festivals, Fasts, and Saints' Days, Vol. I. The Greater Festivals
51401: ANON - Ayr Auld Kirk Kalendar
56828: ANON - An Introduction to Vegetable Physiology with References to the Works of De Candolle Lindley Etc. [Small Books on Great Subjects, No. IX]
56661: ANON - Evelina, or, The History of a Young Lady's Entrance into World, In Three Volumes
56511: ANON - Genuine Hand Coloured Antique Print of Steam Threshing
49871: ANON - Hieroglyphic Bible; being a careful selection of the most interesting and important passages in the Old and New Testaments; regularly arranged from Genesis to Revelations
49900: ANON - The Court and City Register, or, Gentleman's complete annual kalendar [calendar], for the year 1771-
50620: ANON - Daily Food for Christians, Being a Promise, and Another Scriptural Portion, for Every Day in the Year. Together with a Verse of a Hymn.
50699: ANON - The Young Student's Self-Instructing Drawing Book; containing progressive lessons in the art of drawing in pencil, chalk, indian ink, &c,. With directions for copying each subject, including essays by the most eminent artists on perspective, architecture, design, light and shade, &c.,
58659: ANON - Large Victorian Photograph of a Women Entitled 'Grandma', Nice example of a Upper Body Portrait Using Props
58658: ANON - Large Victorian Photograph of a Women Entitled 'Grandma', Nice example of a Head and Shoulder Portrait
58684: ANON - A Brief History and Description of Old Paphos (Kouklia)
62548: ANON - The British Chronologist; Comprehending Every Material Occurrence, Ecclesiastical, Civil, Or Military, Relative to England and Wales, From the Invasion of the Romans to the Present Time: Interspersed with Processions at Coronations, Instalments of the Military Honours, Marriages, Funerals of Sovereigns, &c. &c.... In Three Volumes, Vol. I (of 3)
57107: ANON - For Humanity and Freedom: The Uprising of the People in the Soviet Sector of Berlin and in Soviet Occupied Central Germany on June 16 and 17, 1953
62530: ANON - Picture Building Series
56541: ANON - Genuine Hand Coloured Antique Print of The Christmas Cattle Show
56522: ANON - Genuine Hand Coloured Antique Print of Leicester Agricultural Show
56523: ANON - Genuine Hand Coloured Antique Print of Bipeds and Quadrupeds at Barnet Fair
56959: ANON - Collection of 8 Slides of the UK
56509: ANON - Genuine Hand Coloured Antique Print of Combinded Thrashing and Stacking Machine
58372: ANON - Roma 32 Tavole Pittura Parte I
58778: ANON - Knock-Out Fun Book 1945
62390: ANON - The Administrative Class of the Home Civil Service
57651: ANON - Koniglich Grosbritannisch - Hannoverscher, Staats-Kalender auf Das Jahr 1818
61084: ANON - Small Booklet of Embroidery Patterns
61111: ANON - The British Isles Depicted by Pen and Camera, Volume II. Section I.
62208: ANON - Versalles et Les Trianon [Versailles and Trianon]
62337: ANON - The Council School Hymn Book, with Prayers
62156: ANON - A Description of the Machine for the Fireworks, with all its Ornaments: and a Detail of the Manner in Which they were Exhibited in St. James's Park on Thursday the 27th of April, 1749, on Account of the General Peace, Signed at Aix la Chapelle, October the 7th, 1748
56518: ANON - Genuine Hand Coloured Antique Print of The Dairy Exhibits at a Country Show
62892: ANON - The National Gallery of British Art, Thirty Line Engravings After Eminent Painters
62155: ANON - Letters, &c. From Friends of the People: or, The Last Words and Dying Advice of a Weaver to His Children
56529: ANON - Genuine Hand Coloured Antique Print of a Steam Fair
61743: ANON - The Mame Souvenir Programme & Regular Programme [2 volumes]
61742: ANON - Khartoum Souvenir Film Programme
61914: ANON - Two Issues of the Weekly Illustrated [magazine] featuring King George V, from January 1936
61979: ANON - Half Hours in Many Lands, [The Half Hour Library of Travel, Nature, and Science for Young Readers]
58526: ANON - The Little Kitten Who Would Not Wash its Face
58499: ANON - Mycetes Seven July 1963
56519: ANON - Genuine Hand Coloured Antique Print of Agricultural Show
56949: ANON - 12 Photogravure London View Postcards, Series A, B + C [26 postcards]
58616: ANON - Pacata Hibernia; or, a History of the Wars in Ireland, During the Reign of Queen Elizabeth. Taken from the Original Chronicles. Volumes I & II
60541: ANON - Railway Directory & Year Book 1963-64
56508: ANON - Genuine old printed of a Musician playing a a stringed instrument
65340: ANON - Guide to the Festival Pleasure Gardens Battersea Park
65341: ANON - 4 menu cards illustrated by David Cobb
56534: ANON - Genuine Hand Coloured Antique Print of a Steam Fair
62442: ANSARI, DR SARAH; DE BLOIS, CHARLOTTE [EDITORS] - Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, 19 Parts from 2008-2014
33210: ANSELMI, ANGELO TITO, AND BOSCARELLI, LORENZO [EDITORS] - Tipo 166, The Original Sports Ferrari
47105: I'ANSON, BRYAN - The History of The Chapman Family, (Vol.1)
27498: ANSTEY, F - Voces Populi first and second series, 2 volumes - each has been dedicated by the artist B.J. Ottewell and one has a tipped in original watercolour by Ottewell
60594: ANSTEY, JOHN - The Pleader's Guide: A Didactic Poem, in Two Parts: Containing the Conduct of a Suit at Law, with the Arguments of Counsellor Bother'um and Counsellor Bore'um, in an Action Betwixt John-a-Gull, and John-a-Gudgeon, for Assault and Battery, at a late Contested Election
63518: ANSTEY, CHRISTOPHER - The New Bath guide; or Memoirs of the B-N-R-D Family, in a Series of Poetical Epistles
65548: M. ANT DE MURET - Les Six Comedies De Terence Corrigees en Presque Infinis Endroits
52840: ANTELOPE COMPANY - Antelope Tested Recipes
67687: ANTHONY TROLLOPE - The Chronicles of Barsetshire 1, The Warden, 2 Barchester Towers, 3 Doctor Thorne and 4 Framley Parsonage (4 volumes)
63479: ANTHONY HUXLEY, MARK GRIFFITHS, & MARGOT LEVY [EDITORS] - The New Royal Horticultural Society Dictionary of Gardening, Complete in 4 Volumes
62505: ANTHONY TROLLOPE, CHARLOTTE BRONTË AND OTHERS - The Cornhill Magazine Volumes 1-16 (1860-1867)
60499: ANTLER, DR. ARTHUR S. - A.V.R.O 1938
60801: ANTON, NORMAN - Junior Cutting Out Book; & Senior Cutting Out Book [2 volumes]
35276: ANTONINUS, MARCUS AURELIUS [TRANSLATED BY JOHN JACKSON] - The Thoughts of Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, [Oxford World's Classics LX]
67923: AP RHYS, GWEIRYDD - Hanes y Brytaniaid A'r Cymry (Yn Wladol, Milwrol, Cymdeithasol, Masnachol, Llenorol, a Chrefyddol, O'r Amseroedd Boreuaf Hyd Yn Bresennol) [2 volumes]
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44305: ATKINSON GALLERY - The Ida Branson Memorial Bequest Exhibition 2003 , M.A. And Other Post Graduates Selected Works Painting, Printmaking, Photography, Sculpture And Multimedia
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65153: AUTHOR NOT STATED - The Oeconomy of Human Life, Translated from an Indian Manuscript written by an Ancient Bramin, To which is prefixed an Account of the manner in which the said Manuscript was dicover'd
33209: AUTO EDITORS OF CONSUMER GUIDE - Lamborghini, Supercar Supreme
47800: THE AUTOCAR - The Autocar Route-Finder Map of Great Britain with Table of Distances from and to London, Correct Routes and Exits From London to any Destination in Great Britain
57991: AUTOGRAPH BOOK - Small album with some pretty drawings in black & white and colour
32208: AUTON, CLIVE A. - Mineral Assessment Report 117 - Sand and Gravel Resources of the country round Redgrave Suffolk description of 1:25000 sheet TM07/08
56742: AVEBURY, LORD - Prehistoric Times, As Illustrated by Ancient Remains and the Manners and Customs of Modern Savages
34391: AVERY, HAROLD - The Chartered Company , A Tale of Cailthorpe College
42812: AWDRY, THE REV W. - The Railway Series - Branch Line Engines, The Little Old Engine, Main Line Engines, Four Little Engines, Percy The Small Engine, [5 volumes]
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13777: AXFORD, BARRIE, BROWNING, GARY K. ET AL - Politics, an introduction
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36132: AYE, NILA - Nila's Little Blue, Green, and Yellow Book of Nursery Rhymes, [in 3 volumes]
59276: AYRTON, EDWARD R.; LOAT, W. L. S - Pre-Dynastic Cemetery at El Mahasna; Thirty-First Memoir of the Egypt Exploration Fund
25874: AYSCOUGH, JOHN - On Kali's Shoulder, a brief notice of what befel at Katara, in the Deccan, to an officer of the 92nd Mahratta Cavalry
50682: AYSCOUGH, FLORENCE, LOWELL, AMY - Fir-Flower Tablets: Poems translated from the Chinese
65616: AYTOUN, WILLIAM EDMONDSTOUNE - Poems of William Edmondstoune Aytoun
58585: AYTOUN, WILLIAM EDMONDSTOUNE - Lays of the Scottish Cavaliers and Other Poems
36019: BABA - Japanese children's book - 11 Cats in the Bag
58912: BABCOCK & WILCOX - Marine Boilers Bulletin M-4-B; Spare Parts, Repair Parts, Tools, Boiler Units for United States Maritime Commission Design EC-2 Cargo Ships Bulletin M-5-1; Care and Operation of Babcock & Wilcox Marine Boilers [3 volumes]
47999: BABIN, GUSTAVE, VAUCHER, ROBERT, LAVEDAN, HENRI, ET AL. - L' illustration La Guerre, Juillet - Decembre 1918, Tome CLII
48000: BABIN, GUSTAVE, VAUCHER, ROBERT, LOTI, PIERRE, ET AL. - L' illustration La Guerre, Janvier - Juin 1915, Tome CXLV
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46071: BABINGTON, CHURCHILL, LUMBY, REV. JOSEPH RAWSON, [EDITORS] - Polychonicon Ranulphi Higden Monachi Cestrensis; together with the English translations of John Trevisa and of an unknown writer of the fifteenth century, Vol I. to IX., [The Chronicles and Memorials of Great Britain and Ireland during the Middle Ages, c
29850: BACH, J. S.[ ARRANGED BY HARVEY GRACE, C.H. TREVOR, FRANCIS JACKSON... ] - 6 Pieces of Organ Music from Oxford Organ Music Series including Be Thou But Near, Jesu Joy...( 2 arrangements ) , Menuetto & Polacca, etc.
29868: BACH, J.S. [ EDITED BY SIR FREDERICK BRIDGE, JAMES HIGGS, J.D. BOWER, WALTER EMERY & ERNEST NEWMAN ] - The Organ Works of J. S. Bach - Books 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 16, 17, 18, & 19 [ 15 of 20 volumes ]
29892: BACH, JOHN [JOHANN] SEBASTIAN - S Wesley and C F Horn's New and Correct Edition of the Celebrated Forty-Eight Preludes and Fugues-in Four Books
64495: J S BACH, JOAN LOVELL, VAN GOENS, FAURÉ, AND OTHERS - 17 pieces for Cello including, Papillon [Fauré], Hungarian Rhapsody [Popper], Sonata 6 [Boccherini], Concerto in D [Haydn], Sonata [Gaspar Cassadó], Concerto in LA min [Vivaldi], Concerto in G minor [Vivaldi], Jesu, Joy of-[Bach], Adagio und Allegro [Schumann], Adagio in Sol Minore [Giazotto], Prayer [Bloch], Andante etc [Haydn], Scherzo [Van Goens], Four Strings and a Bow [Lovell], Concerto 1 [Bach], Violoncello Music for beginners [Milan et al], High School of Cello Playing [Popper]
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60301: BARKER, MARY CICELY - Spring Songs With Music From "Flower Fairies of the Spring", Music by Olive Linnell
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27678: BARTLETT, W.H. & F.A. - Jerusalem Revisited
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67542: R. BARTOLINI & E. FIUMI - Florence and its Surroundings
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60742: BERQUIN, ARNAUD - The Looking-Glass for the Mind; or, Intellectual Mirror. Being an Elegant Collection of the Most Delightful Little Stories, and Interesting Tales, Chiefly Translated from that Much Admired Work, L'Ami des Enfans
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35995: BESTALL, ALFRED - The New Rupert Book - The Daily Express Annual [ 1951 ]
35996: BESTALL, ALFRED - The New Rupert Book [ 1946 ]
35997: BESTALL, ALFRED - Rupert Winter Adventure - Two exciting new stories in full colour [ Adventure Book No. 35 ]
52406: BESTALL, ALFRED - The Rupert Book
60987: BESTALL, ALFRED - Rupert and the Seaside Mystery; & Rupert and the Brithday Surprise; [Adventure Series Nos. 24 & 26]
52944: BETJEMAN, JOHN - Uncollected Poems
52381: BETJEMAN, SIR JOHN AND LARKIN, PHILIP [INTRODUCTION] - An Exhibition of Works by Sir John Betjeman, from the Collection of Ray Carter in the Art Gallery of St Paul's School, February-March MCMLXXXIII
52694: BETJEMAN, JOHN [EDITOR] - Collins Guide to English Parish Churches, including the Isle of Man
48545: BETTANY, G T - Eminent Doctors: Their Lives and their Work, in 2 volumes
67436: BETTELHEIM, BRUNO - The Children of the Dream, The Uses of Enchantment The Meaning and Importance of Fairy Tales [2 volumes by Bruno Bettelheim]
16185: BETTESWORTH, W.A., THORTON, PERCY M., CHALLEN, J.B., PERKINS, HENRY ET AL - The Cricket Field - An illustrated record and review. Volume II 1893 ( bound copies of the magazine published weekly in the cricket season, otherwise monthly )
60827: BEULER, J. - Songs, Humorous and Satirical, to Popular Tunes, 1st - 9th Collections [9 volumes in 1]
44822: BEUYS, JOSEPH - Aktioner, Moderna Museet Stockholm Jan-Feb 1971
32771: BEVAN, BRYAN - Edward III , Monarch of Chivalry
64091: BEVAN, EDWARD - The Honey-Bee, its natural history, physiology and management
67150: BEVAN JONES, V R AND L - Woman in Islam (A Manual with Special Reference to Conditions in India)
63414: BEVAN, THEODORE, F., WHITEHOUSE, COPE., ARDAGH, C., SURTEES, COLONEL CONYERS., BROWN, CAPTAIN, R.H. AND FRESHFIELD, DOUGLAS, W. - Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society and Monthly Record of Geography, Vol. IX, No. 10., October, 1887
42063: BEVERIDGE, REV. WILLIAM - Private Thoughts Upon Religion
52829: BEWICK, THOMAS - Memoir of Thomas Bewick, Written by Himself 1822-1828
35729: BEWICK, PAULINE - Ireland , An Artists's Year
65029: BEWICK, THOMAS - Memorial Edition of Thomas Bewick's Works: A History of British Birds (Volume 1: Land Birds, Volume 2: Water Birds), A General History of Quadrupeds, The Fables of Aesop and Others, A Memoir of Thomas Bewick [5 volumes]
67179: BEWICK, THOMAS - A History of British Birds (Vol I, Vol II) [2 volumes]
65125: BEWICK, T - History of British Birds, Volume 1, Containing the History and Description of Land Birds
50866: BEWICK, THOMAS & OTHERS - Bewick Archive, consisting of 39 books and ephemera
42017: BEYER, VICTOR - La Cathedrale de Strasbourg [Chefs-d'ouvre du Vitrail europeen]
43852: BHADESHIA, H K D H - Worked examples in the Geometry of Crystals
32182: BIART, LUCIEN [ TRANSLATED BY MARY DE HAUTEVILLE ] - My Rambles in the New World
67793: BIART, LUCIEN ET AL - La Lecture en Famille
61564: BIBESCO, PRINCESS MARTHE - Lord Thomson of Cardington, A Memoir and some Letters
61676: BIBLE IN DANISH - Bibele: Den Hellige Skrifts Kanoniske Boger; Udgivet af det Danske Bibelselskab Kobenhavn
67988: BIBLE - The Holy Bible
50377: BIBLE - La Sainte Bible Content le Vieil et le Nouueau Testaments Enrichie de plusieurs belles figures Sacra Biblia nouo et Velere testamneto con stana eximiis sculpturis, et imagibus illustrata
48264: BIBLIOGRAF - Vox Concise English-Spanish & Spanish-English Dictionary
52260: BICKESTAFF, ISAAC [RICHARD STEELE] - The Tatler; or, Lucubrations of Isaac Bickerstaff, in four volumes
63422: BIDDULPH, C.E.; NURSE, LIEUT, CHARLES G.; HOUTUM-SCHINDLER, A., THOMPSON, JOHN. AND TANNER, H.C.B. - Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society and Monthly Record of Geography, Vol. XIII., No. 11, November, 1891
63292: BIDDULPH, GENERAL SIR MICHAEL A. - Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society and Monthly Record of Geography, Vol. II., No. 4., April, 1880
67651: BIERMANN, G. ROLAND [ARTIST] - G. Roland Biermann: Metamorphosis
36709: BIGGS, E J, GAUNT, W, ET AL. - The Studio, An illustrated Magazine of Fine and Applied Art, Volume 106, No. 484-489, July to Dec. 1933 [ one hundred and six ]
60610: BIGLAND, J. - A System of Geography, for the Use of Schools, on a New and Perfectly Easy Plan, in Which the European Boundaries are Stated, as Settled by the Peace of Paris, November 1815
47527: BIGLAND, J - Dr. Goldsmith's Abridged History of England, from the Invasion of Julius Caesar, to the Death of George II. To Which Is Added, A very Extensive and Faithful Continuation To The Death Of George III., And Also Of The First Seven Years of The Reign of George
45655: BILBO, JACK - Carrying A Gun For Al Capone
67591: VAN BILJON, W J, (EDITED BY) - Transactions of The Geological Society of South Africa (Vol LXV, Part 1, Containing the Papers and Discussions Presented From January to June 1962)
25634: BILL, LEDYARD - Minnesota, its Character and Climate, likewise sketches of other resorts favourable to in invalids, together with copious notes on health, also hints to tourists and emigrants
28239: BING, S. [ EDITOR ] - Artistic Japan - Illustrations and Essays Numbers 8, 9, 10, 12, 19 - 26 [ 12 issues of the monthly journal bound together ]
47236: BINGHAM, CLIFTON - Full of Fun
59875: BINGHAM, CLIFTON; WEEDON, L. L. ET AL. - Quiet Moments
51586: BINGHAM, J. K. W AND HAUPT, WERNER - North African Campaign 1940-1943
61398: BINGHAM, CLIFTON, ET AL. - Tiny Words and Pretty Pictures
61659: BINGHAM, CLIFTON - Let's Pretend, A Children's Play Book

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