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15722: UNSWORTH, WALT - Otztal Alps : A Selection Of Climbs Compiled By Walt Unsworth
9463: UNWIN, CHAS W. J - Sweet Peas Their Culture in a Nutshell
024709: RICHARD UPTON & J. K. RALSTON - The Custer Adventue : As told by its Participants
16598: URLIN, R. DENNY - A Handy book of law of Trustees Their Duties and Liabilities
024492: JAMES WARD USHER - The Collection of Objects of Art formed by James Ward Usher of Lincoln A.D. 1886-1900 : Portrait Miniatures, Gold Boxes containing Miniatures &c, Antique Gold Watches and Rings
10371: USILL, G. W - Practical Surveying - a Text Book for Students Preparing for Examinations or For Survey Work in the Colonies
12959: VACHER, FRANCIS - The Food Inspector's Handbook
7933: VALCANOVER, FRANCESCO - The Treasures of the Accademia Picture Gallery in Venice
4371: VALE, EUGENE - Chaos Below Heaven
11086: VALENTINE - The Longest Way Round
025102: DOUGLAS VALLANCE - Man in the Lubianka
5429: VANN, GERALD - The Eagle's Word - a Presentation of the Gospel According to St John
17366: VANSTONE, EX-DETECTIVE SUPT. CHARLES - A Man in Plain Clothes
019712: VARIOUS - A Century of Nottingham History 1851-1951
025754: VARIOUS - Flying Tales from "Blackwood" Series 2
020411: VARIOUS - The Book of Capel Celebrating the Centenary of Capel St Mary Parish Council 1894-1994
026831: VARIOUS - The Family Friend Vol 1
026172: VARIOUS - Restoration Theatre (Statford-Upon-Avon Studies 6)
025297: VARIOUS - The History and Topography of Hertfordshire & Walker's Map of Hertfordshire (slipcase set)
022821: VARIOUS - The Fourth Series of the Gospel Magazine and Theological Review Volume the Seventh 1832
13603: VARIOUS - The Catholic Bedside Book
025737: VARIOUS - The Genius of the Hearth : A Book of Cats and Kittens
14313: VARMA, BAIDYA NATH (EDIT) - Contemporary India
023696: VAUGHAN, KARL - Aylesbury Past and Present
15579: VEASEY, E. A - Nuneaton in the Making - Part 1 - Industrial Growth (one, I)
15578: VEASEY, E. A - Nuneaton in the Making - Part 1 - Industrial Growth (one, I)
15577: VEASEY, E. A - Nuneaton in the Making Part 3 : Social Change (three, III)
15576: VEASEY, E. A - Nuneaton in the Making - Part 2 - Town Growth (two, II)
15114: VEASEY, E. A - Nuneaton in the Making Part 3 Social Change (III, three)
018857: VEEN, VERONICA AND VAN DER BLOOM, ADRIAN - The First Maltese Origins, Character and Symbolism of the Ghar Dalam Culture
15465: VELIZ, CLAUDIO - Obstacles to change in Latin America
15461: VELIZ, CLAUDIO - Latin America and the Caribbean : a Handbook (Handbooks to the Modern World)
018552: VENABLES, ETHEL - The Young Worker at College : a study of a local Tech.
14699: DU VENCT, HONEY - The Loving Couple a French Guide to Love
16456: VENN, J - Early Collegiate Life
026048: NORMAN VENNING - Exeter the Blitz and Rebirth of the City : A Pictorial History
025973: ARTHUR BATE VENNING & ARTHUR WILLS - Launceston (Yesterday's Town)
025940: NORMAN VENNING - Exeter the Blitz and Rebirth of the City : A Pictorial History
023350: VERDEN, JOANNE - Ten Walks Around Pinnner Including Ruislip, Northwood, Eastcote, Rayers Lane, North Harrow, Hatch End, Harrow Weald
7224: VERNE, JULES - Captain Antifer
023072: VERONELLI, LUIGI - The Wines of Italy
5849: VERULAM, FRANCIS LORD - BACON, FRANCIS - Novum Organum or Their Suggestions for the Interpretation of Nature
11445: PROF METHODIE VESSELINOV - Bulgarian Tobaccos
18388: VIDOCQ - Vidocq the French Police Spy
4498: VIETOR, WILHELM - A Shakespeare Phonology with a Rime Index to the Poems as a Pronouncing Vocabulary
025787: ALFRED DE VIGNY - Cinq-Mars : or A Conspiracy Under Louis XIII (Complete in 2 vols)
019427: VIGOR, P. H. - Soviet Blitzkrieg Theory
11080: VILAR, JEAN - Chronique Romanesque
020590: VILLIERS, GEORGE - Noonday and Nocturne
7721: VINCE, JOHN - The Farmer's Tools
11875: VINCENT, A. L & BINNS, CLARE - Gilles De Rais - the Original Bluebeard
4142: VIVANTE, LEONE. - English Poetry and Its Contribution to the knowledge of the Creative Principle
16309: CHARLES W - Crime My Destiny
4786: WADDINGTONS - Waddington's Practical Guide to York - Its Cathedral and Antiquities
16029: WADE, BARRIE (EDIT) - Lines and Levels an Anthology of Poems with a Lincolnshire Setting
022733: WADE, CHRISTOPHER - More Streets of Hampstead : An Historical Survey of Streets, Houses and Residents in the Southern Sector of the Old Borough
026798: WADGE, CHRIS - The (Hands on) 400 Day Clock Repair Guide
027133: WAGGOTT, ERIC - Jackson's Town. The Story of the Creation of West Hartlepool and the Success and Downfall of its Founder, Ralph Ward Jackson
9645: WAGSTAFF, JOHN S. - "A Tale of Two Villages" : Church with Chapel Brampton: A Perambulation
022373: WAGSTAFF, JOHN S. - "A Tale of Two Villages" : Church with Chapel Brampton: A Perambulation
16920: WAGSTAFF, JOHN S. - "A Tale of Two Villages" : Church with Chapel Brampton: A Perambulation
019578: WAGSTAFFE, CATHERINE - The Beauty Specialist
16299: WAINE, CHARLTON - Sweepers
024486: PETER BARRY WAITE - Loco Village : The Birth and Growth of Netherfield
10895: WAITE, PETER BARRY - Railways of Nottingham: Incorporating the Nottingham Colwick Estates Light Railway and the L N W R Colwick Shed: A History of the Great Northern Colwick Motive Power Depot and Marshalling Yards
9375: WAITE, VINCENT - English Letter Writers (part of the English Inheritance Series)
11390: WALKER, ROBIN - Under Fire : A History of Tobacco Smoking in Australia
10058: WALKER, REV. W. W - An Itinerant in the British Isles
021110: WALKER, DEREK - Eakring's Thousand Years
026695: WALKER, ROLAND - Janet of the Airways
023982: WALKER, RICHARD - The Nelson Portraits Limited Edition One of 500 Signed copies
023388: WALKER, KATHERINE SORLEY - Robert Helpmann
8259: WALKER, STEPHEN - Animal Thought
025583: JOAN WALLACE - Independent Street at War
022343: WALLACE, IRVING - The Fabulous Showman
9127: WALLS, JOHN - Ruston Aircraft Production
025928: PETER WALNE - Catalogue of Manuscript Maps in the Hertfordshire Record Office
021648: WALPOLE, HUGH - The Fortress : A Novel
6807: WALPOLE, HORACE - Letters Addressed to the Countess of Ossory from the Year 1769-1797. Now First Printed from the Original MSS (manuscripts). Complete in 2 Vols
021376: PATON WALSH, JILL - Grace a Novel
021952: WALTER, DON - Harrow the Story of a Millenium
023937: WALTON, COLIN - Changing Face of Doncaster
4292: SHEPHEARD-WALWYN, E. W - The Starved Top-Knot and Other Chats with Boys and Girls
4445: WANG, OTTO. - Norske Ex Libris.
13259: BROWN D. WARBURTON - Handbook of Engineering Plastics
021346: WARD, H. SNOWDEN - The land of Lorna Doone
021633: WARD, GLADYS A. - A History of South Weald and Brentwood
022936: WARD, RONALD - The Postal History of Upper Wharfedale Ilkley and Otley
11985: WARD, BRICE - Transistor Ignition Systems Handbook
9801: WARD, E. S - War-time Experiences and changes in Village Life After the Second World War
14869: WARDE, BEATRICE - Some Notes on the British Typographical Reformation 1919 - 1939
4650: WARDLE, E. E - An Old English Grammar
027193: WARE, JOHN - An Account of the Several Charities and Estates Held in Trust for the use of the Poor of the Parish of Shoreditch Middlesex and of Benefactions to the same compiled in the Years 1833, 1834, 1835
10517: WAREING, FATHER GREGORY - A New Life of Blessed Cyprian Michale Iwene Tansi
13304: WARING, J. S - Lantern slides and How to Make Them
10669: WARING, LILY F - Demons' Dawn
8559: WARMINGTON, E. H - Greek Geography
024612: WARNER, PHILIP - Army Life in the '90s
022110: WARNER, OLIVER - Hero of the Restoration : A Life of General George Monck, 1st Duke of Albermarle K.G.
12988: WARNER, H. C (EDIT) - Youth in Action - a Handbook for the Youth Movement of the church of England
021166: WARREN, JOHN - Wealden Buildings : Studies in the Timber-Framed Tradition of Building in Kent, Sussex and Surrey
024176: WARREN, ADELE - Looms of Silence.
026930: WARREN, J. LOW - Chichester Past and Present
022321: WARRINGTON, REV. C. E. - The History of a Parish
11376: WARTON, THOMAS - The History of English Poetry from the Eleventh to the Seventeenth Century
9189: WASZAK, PETER - The Nene Valley Railway a Nostalgic Trip Through Time
025350: KEITH WATERHOUSE & WILLIS HALL - Writers' Theatre
7620: WATERHOUSE, GORDON - Wildlife of the Salcombe & Kingsbridge Estuary
020960: WATSON, RICHARD C. AND MCCLINTOCK, MARION E. - Traditional Houses of the Fylde
11091: WATSON, W. - Elementary Botany - an Introduction to the Study of Plant Life
026837: WATSON, J. S. - A History of the Salters Company
7673: WATSON, W - The Classification of Lichens
17066: WATSON, F. R - Acoustics of Buildings Including acoustics of Auditoriums and Soundproofing of Rooms
10041: WATT, HANSARD - Back Numbers
023532: WATTS, BRENDA & WINYARD, ELEANOR - The History of Atherstone
024218: WAUGH, ALEC - In Praise of Wine
5077: SHAKESESPEARE & CALDWELL WAY, AGNES - A Shakespeare Calendar
024343: WEBBER, WHY - Gas Supply in Principles and Practice
13823: WEBBER, RICHARD - Fifty Years of Hancock's Half Hour
024335: WEBBER, W. H. Y. - Gas & Gas Making : Growth, Methods and Prospects of the Gas Industry
023816: WEBSTER, NEIL - Dutch Railways Traction and Travel
021826: WEBSTER, ANGUS DUNCAN - Greenwich Park : Its History and Associations: Its History and Associations
6075: WEEKLEY, ERNEST - Words and Names
019935: WEIDLING, PHILIP - Dreams my Bartender Taught Me and other Stories of Fort Lauderdale
024384: LADY ROSE WEIGALL (ED) - Correspondence of Lady Burghersh with the Duke of Wellington
021737: WEINSTOCK, MAUREEN - More Dorset Studies
12892: WEIR, CECIL - Civilian Assignment
025999: RICHARD H. WEIR - Six of the Best : A Potteries Companion
026117: WELBY, JOHN - Memoirs of the Belvoir Hounds from their Earliest Records to the Present Day
024490: A. W. BAKER WELFORD - The Law Relating to Fire Insurance
026088: BERNARD WELLER - Stage Copyright at Home and Abroad
4417: WELLINGS, E.M. - No Ashes for England - The Story of the Australian Tour 1950-1
9752: WELLINGTON, MAUD - The Wife of Wellington - a Fantasy founded on Fact and Treated with Liberty
12995: WELLS, PHILIP - The Breath Between
025160: H. G. WELLS - Evolution Fact and Theory
17349: WELLS, F. A - The British Hosiery Trade Its History and Organization
5995: WELLS, MATTHEW - First Stop Maidenhead
021169: WELLS, ROGER - Victorian Village : The Diaries of the Reverend John Coker Egerton, Curate and Rector of Burwash, East Sussex, 1857-1888
020733: WENTWORTH, PATRICIA - The Case of William Smith
4784: WERNER, HERMANN - Fuhrer Durch Tubingen (fuhrer Durch Die Universitatsstadt Tubingen
10402: WEST, MARY - Telling the Bees - Poems By Mary West
11125: WEST, TOM - Ghost Gun
024294: WEST, MARILYN - Cheltenham's Upper Bath Road : A Look Back at the Road, its shops and its traders during the 1900s
5226: WEST, SAMUEL - How to Examine the Chest - a Practical Guide for the Use of Students
023919: DOUGLAS WEST - The Second Portrait of a Seaside Town : Historic Photographs of Whitstable
5869: WEST, ALFRED S. - Earles Microcosmography
022905: WEST, JENNY - The Windmills of Kent
14469: RAY WESTLAKE - Kitchener's Army : A Pictorial History, 1914-1918
5609: CONSTANTIN-WEYER, M - Forest Wild
021773: WHEELER, W. H - History of the Fens of South Lincolnshire
026143: WHEELER, R. C. - Maps of the Witham Fens from the Thirteenth to the Nineteenth Century (Publications of the Lincoln Record Society)
4137: WHERRY, ALBINIA - Greek Sculpture with story and Song
022364: WHISHAW, F. J. - The Romance of the Woods
022346: WHITAKER, J - Scribblings of a Hedgerow Naturalist
021917: WHITCOMB, OLIVIA - Invaders of Canvey
019629: WHITCOMBE, CHARLES - Charles Whitcombe on Golf
5931: WHITE, KATHLEEN. L - Rad Vale and Other Poems
023862: WHITE, H. K & THOMSON, JAMES - The Life and Remains of Henry Kirke White of Nottingham Also bound with The Seaons by James Thomson
021685: WHITE, JOHN TALBOT - The Parklands of Kent
019188: WHITE, CHRISTOPER - The Flower Drawings of Jan Van Huysum
019464: WHITE, WILLIAM - History, Gazetteer and Directory of Burgh-In-The-Marsh for the years 1826,1842, 1856, 1872, 1882 & 1892
019540: WHITE, HARRY W - The Mechanism of Speech
025423: L. F. W. WHITE - The Story of Gosport
027122: WHITE, CAROLE - Beeston Rylands Remembered
7695: WHITE, E. G - And Flour Came in Ten Stone Sacks
8809: WHITE, D. J. B - An Annotated List of the Flowering Plants and ferns on Blakeney Point, Norfolk
024019: WHITE, WILLIAM - History, Gazetteer and Directory of Staffordshire and the City and County of the City of Lichfield
022139: WHITEHEAD, DAVID - The Book of Worcester: The Story of the City's Past
9987: WHITEHEAD, CHARLES - The Life and Times of Sir Walter Ralegh
022424: WHITEING, RICHARD - The Island or An Adventure of a Person of Quality
021099: WHITELEY, J. S. & MORRISON, G. W. - The LNER Remembered
63X: TALBOT & WHITEMAN. - The Garden of England.
025673: PETER WHITFIELD - Joy and Southall : Two Cycling Legends with Photographic Disc
024710: DAJMAR L. WHITING - The Wings of the Sun
021176: WHITNALL, F. G. - The Essex Bed-side Book : An Anthology in Words and Pictures for Lovers of the Essex Countryside
023357: WHITNEY, CHARLES E. - Bygone Hythe
8781: WHITTING, PHILIP - Coins, Tokens and Medals of the East Riding of Yorkshire
018555: WHITTLE, JOHN - Great Prime Ministers
022802: WHITWORTH, DOUGLAS - Nottingham 1897-1947
023293: WHITWORTH, DOUGLAS - A Century of Nottingham
8797: WHYTE, DOROTHY - Teaching Your Child Right from Wrong
026880: WICKHAM, A. K. - Churches of Somerset (Limited Edition)
027070: WILCOX, BARBARA - Bunty of the Flying Squad
019205: WILD, JOHN A - Cost Accounting : An Explanation of Principles and a Guide to Practice for the Hosiery Industry
026772: WILD, J. M. - Clock Wheel and Pinnion Cutting
026425: WILDE, W. R. - Wilde's Loch Coirib, its shores and islands: With notices of Loch Measga
024454: WILDMAN, STEPHEN - British Watercolours from Birmingham : 150 Outstanding Works from the Permanent Collection of Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery
026869: WILDRIDGE, T. TINDALL - Animals of the Church in Wood, Stone and Bronze
021907: WILKINS, HARRY - Greenhill from Village to Harrow Town Centre
024919: REV. HENRY MUSGRAVE WILKINS - A Manual of Latin Prose Composition for the Use of Schools and Colleges
025991: HARRY WILKINS - Greenhill from Village to Harrow Town Centre
024060: WILLARD, NANCY - The Sorcerer's Apprentice
10839: WILLIAMS, R. T - The Biochemical Reactions of Chemical Warfare Agents
020861: WILLIAMS, PHYLLIS - Bromyard, Minster, Manor and Town
022628: WILLIAMS, DANIEL - Leicester the Dignity of a City 655-1926 : Leicester's City Status, its loss and its regaining over Thirteen Centuries
12448: WILLIAMS, REV. ROBERT - The Attack on the Church in Wales - Evidence and Facts Collated and Sifted Against Disestablishment and Disendowment
023783: WILLIAMS, JUDITH - Leigh-On-Sea : A History
5133: WILLIAMS, TERRICK - Landscape Painting in Oil Colour
16234: CRAWSHAY-WILLIAMS, ELIOT - Flak : a collection of Poems
12287: STUART-WILLIAMS, CHARLES - Railways, Roads and the Public
11961: WILLIAMS, ELEANOR - Historic Churches of Penwith
6898: WILLIAMS, C. KINGSLEY - Sixth Form Talks
7508: WILLIAMS, W. W - Coastal Changes
9421: WILLIAMS, R. JAMES - The House That Jack Built - the Merry Old Rhyme of
11890: WILLIAMSON, MRS C. N - The lure of Monte Carlo
6891: WILLIAMSON, MYRTLE - One out of Four
025918: EDWARD P. WILLINGHAM - From Construction to Destruction : An Authentic History of the Colne Valley and Halstead Railway
022806: WILLIS, NIGEL - Meton Mowbray in Style
9822: WILLMOTT, PHYLLIS - Growing up in a London Village : Family Life Between the Wars
020271: WILLS, SAMUEL - Musings Moorland and Marsh
10317: WILLS, N. T - The History of the parish and Church of Gedney Lincolnshire
024527: NORMAN THOMAS WILLS - The History of the Parish and Church of Long Sutton Lincolnshire
15737: WILLSON, JOHN; HOPE, DAVID E. - Wye Valley : Volume I : Wintour's Leap; Symonds Yat; Western Cliffs : From the Rock Climbs of South West Series
15206: WILLSON, WINGROVE (EDIT) - More adventures with Robin Hood
15060: WILLSON, WINGROVE (EDIT) - Big adventures with Buffalo Bill
15053: WILLSON, WINGROVE (EDIT) - Robin of Sherwood
023362: WILSHERE, A. M - An Analysis of Taswell-Langmead's English Constitutional History
024677: CHARLES WILSON - A Census Handbook for Lancaster District: Some Useful Statistics from the 1981 Census
16123: WILSON, JOHN C - The Parish Church of St. Nicholas, Bradfield
15980: WILSON, R. MCNAIR - Women of the French Revolution
8478: WILSON, ROMER - Green Magic a Collection of the World's Best Fairy Tales from All Countries
14105: WHITAKER-WILSON, C - Had You Lived in London Then
13831: WILSON, ELLEN GIBSON - The Clarksons of Wisbech and the abolition of the Slave Trade
021606: WILSON, A. - Short Studies In Shakespeare
026301: WILSON, THEODORA WILSON - The Children of Trafalgar Square
022917: WILSON, RICHARD - The Approach to Shakespeare
9663: WILSON, JOHN ARTHUR - Modern Practice in Leather Manufacture
022103: WINBOLT, S. E. - American Independence and the French Revolution (1760-1801)
7587: WINDASS, STAN - The Rite of War
020922: WINDLE, DR. R. - City of Portsmouth Records of the Corporation 1966-74
025561: MARTIN WINDROW & GERRY EMBLETON - Military Dress of the Peninsular War 1808-1814
020694: "WINGSHAFT - The Story of Chesterfield from the Roman Invasion to Domesday
12984: WINSTANLEY, BARBARA R - Children and Museums
023572: WINSTONE, REECE - Bath as it Was
023078: WINSTONE, REECE - Bristol as it Was 1937-1939
023997: WINTERBOTTOM, DEREK - Bertrand Hallward First Vice-Chancellor of the University of Nottingham 1948-1965 : A Biography
022053: WINTERBOTTOM, DEREK - Doctor Fry : A Study of Thomas Charles Fry : Headmaster of Berkhamstead School 1888-1910 : Dean of Lincoln 1910-1930
4963: WINTERSGILL, PETER - Music Makers - Maladies and Melodies
4931: WINTERSGILL, PETER - More Music Makers - Conductors
020930: WINTON, JOHN - Ultra at Sea
025125: WINE WISDOM - Wine What to Buy and How to Serve
022405: WISEMAN, ISABEL - Wimbush Through the Centuries
019694: WITHERS, BILL - 100 Years of Service : Nottinghamshire County Council
4447: WITTAL, CLAUS. - Eignerverzeichnis Zum Exlibris Des Gutenberg-museums 1. Teil
022828: WIX, DON & KEIL, IAN - Charnwood's Silver Jubilee : How Technical, Social and Environmental Changes have Influenced the Borough of Charnwood's development from 1974-1999
024792: WIX, DON & KEIL, IAN - Charnwood's Silver Jubilee : How Technical, Social and Environmental Changes have Influenced the Borough of Charnwood's development from 1974-1999
026998: WODEHOUSE, P. G. - Jill the Reckless
027230: WODEHOUSE, P. G. - The Prince and Betty
026493: WODESHOUE, P. G. - Love Among the Chickens
15902: WOLF, JOSEPH J.;ATLANTIC COUNCIL'S WORKING GROUP ON THE CREDIBILITY OF THE NATO DETERRENT - Strengthening Deterrence: NATO and the Credibility of Western Defense in the 1980s the Atlantic Council's Working Group on the Credibility of the NATO Deterrent
16374: ASHTON-WOLFE, H - The Thrill of Evil
12039: WOLLASTON, NICHOLAS - China in the Morning : Impressions of a Journey through China and Indo-China
13150: WOLSTENHOLME, G. E. W & CAMERON, MARGARET P - CIBA Foundation Symposium on Experimental Tuberculosis Bacillus and Host with an Adendum on Leprosy
8210: WOLSTENHOLME, G. E. W - Pain and Itch - Nervous Mechanisms in honour of Prof. Med Dr. Y. Zotterman
025294: EVELYN WOOD - From Midshipman to Field Marshal
024731: WOOD, F. HAROLD - All Over Britain with the Author
019665: WOOD, ALFRED CECIL - A History of Nottinghamshire
17340: WOOD, ANDREW DICK & LINN, THOMAS GRAY - Plywoods : Their Development, manufacture and Application
14201: WOOD, TED - When the Killing Starts
024062: DON AND AUDREY WOOD - Piggies
018978: WOOD, A.C. - A History of Nottinghamshire
17739: WOOD, G. BERNARD - Historic Homes of Yorkshire
16325: WOOD, A. J. - Drug Dependence
8522: WOOD, HARRIET HARVEY (EDIT) - James Watson's Choice Collection of Comic and Serious Scots Poems Volume 1 (I, one)
024553: WOODALL, JOY & VARLEY, MOLLIE - Looking Back at Solihull
020253: WOODGATE, PATRICIA - Ipswich : Past and Present
17736: WOODHEAD, RICHARD - The Strange Case of R. L. Stevenson
6667: WOODHEAD, T. W - Scenery of Huddersfield and Its Significance
023577: WOODHOUSE, ROBERT - Middlesborough a Pictorial History
022156: WOODHOUSE, ROBERT - Stockton-On-Tees: A Pictorial History
018521: WOODROFFE, GORDON - Wildlife Conservation and the Modern Zoo
7359: WOODS, FREDRIC - Shooting Star
019555: WOODWARD, EMMA HOSKINS - Men, Women and Progress
7927: WOODWARD, JOHN - A Picture History of British Painting
026894: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - Contemporary Writers
4415: WOOLLEY, FRANK. - The King of Games
9469: WOOLMAN, JOHN - Woolman's Book on Chrysanthemums
9847: WYNKEN DE WORDE - Some Odd Characters
13349: WORDSWORTH, WILLIAM - The Poetical Works of William Wordsworth
13149: WORK, THOMAS S & WORK, ELIZABETH - The Basis of Chemotherapy
11507: HANSFORD WORTH, R - The Stone Rows of Dartmoor Part I
021673: WORTHY, CHARLES - The History of the Suburbs of Exeter
13861: WORTLEY, ISABEL - The Little Builders and Other Train Stories for Little Travellers
9672: WRATISLAW, A. H - Bohemian Poems Ancient and Modern Translated from the Original Slavonic with an Introductory Essay
17307: WRAY, J. JACKSON - Simon Holmes : The Carpenter of Aspendale
15499: WRIGHT, THEODORE PAUL - American Support of Free Elections Abroad
020863: WRIGHT, BEN - Fragments of Capel : A Pictorial View of the History of Capel St. Mary
025072: W. ALDIS WRIGHT & INGRAM BYWATER - The Journal of Philology Vol X No 19
025073: W. ALDIS WRIGHT & INGRAM BYWATER - The Journal of Philology Vol XI No 21
14217: WRIGHT, ERIC - A Sensitive Case
14191: WRIGHT, ERIC - A Body Surrounded by Water : An Inspector Charlie Salter Novel
14184: WRIGHT, ERIC - A Question of Murder
14174: WRIGHT, L. R. - Sleep While I Sing
024204: WRIGHT, REV. G. N - Life & Campaigns of Wellington Third Division
024205: WRIGHT, REV. G. N - Life & Campaigns of Wellington Fourth Division
13767: WRIGHT, JAMES - The Cherry Red Non-League Newsdesk Annual 2008
10354: WRIGHT, H. E. - Welsh Railways : Rheilffyrdd Cymru
14173: WRIGHT, ERIC - A Single Death : An Inspector Charlie Salter Novel
18251: WRIGHT, COLIN - Post Office Stores and Telephone Vehicles : trucks in Britain Volume 6
8087: WRIGHT, M. E. S - A Medley of Weather Lore
022900: WRIGHT, A. P. M - A History of the County of Cambridge and the Isle of Ely Volume VI Chilford, Radfield & Whittlesfield Hundreds
6962: WYNANTS, MICHE - Charlotte and Fortuna
17277: WYNNE, MAY - Three Bears and Gwen a Story for Children
4565: WYNNE, MAY (KNOWLES, MABEL WINIFRED) - Dare-all Jack and the Cousins (dare all)
15502: WYTHE, GEORGE - The United States and Inter-American Relations
026317: YARRELL, WILLIAM - A History of British Fishes (Complete in 2 volumes with both Supplements)
026061: NIGEL YATES - The Oxford Movement and Parish Life : St. Saviour's Leeds 1839-1929 (Borthwick Papers)
022736: YATES, E. M. - A History of the Landscapes of the Parishes of South Harting and Rogate
7564: YATES, E. M - History in a Map
13001: YAZDANI, ZUBAIDA - Hyderabad during the Residency of Henry Russell 1811 - 1820 - a Case Study of the Subsidiary Alliance System
024309: IAN ARMOUR YEARSLEY - Manchester Tramway Diary 1940-1951 : A Record of Tramway Events in East Lancashire and North Cheshire from 1940 to 1951
12941: CHARLES DUKE YONGE - An Introduction to the Latin Tongue For the use of Youth - Eton - a New Edition
9736: YONGE, CHARLOTTE M - Historical Ballads Part II (two, 2) Standards IV & V
7750: YOUARD, G. B - Farm Roads
019930: YOUNG, BARBARA & JENKINS, J. G. - A History of Longton
023764: YOUNG, ARTHUR - General View of Agriculture of the County of Lincolnshire
026164: YOUNG, PETER & SETTE OF ODD VOLUMES - Will Shakespeare Top Military Expert : A Paper Read Before the 672nd Meeting of the Sette of Odd Volumes on 23rd April 1968
6901: YOUNG, FILSON - The Wagner Stories
018853: ZAMMIT, VINCENT - Tarxien Prehistoric Temples
11937: ZASADA, KRYS A.; SMITH, ELUNED H. - Freshwater Invertebrates of the Sheffield District (Sorby Record Special Series No 4)
12609: ZATLOUKAL, PETR - Gaudeamus
026974: DR. ZEUSS - On Beyond Zebra
8322: ZUREIK, ELIA T. - The Palestinians in Israel : A Study in Internal Colonialism

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