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4498: VIETOR, WILHELM - A Shakespeare Phonology with a Rime Index to the Poems as a Pronouncing Vocabulary
025787: ALFRED DE VIGNY - Cinq-Mars : or A Conspiracy Under Louis XIII (Complete in 2 vols)
11080: VILAR, JEAN - Chronique Romanesque
020590: VILLIERS, GEORGE - Noonday and Nocturne
7721: VINCE, JOHN - The Farmer's Tools
11875: VINCENT, A. L & BINNS, CLARE - Gilles De Rais - the Original Bluebeard
16309: CHARLES W - Crime My Destiny
4786: WADDINGTONS - Waddington's Practical Guide to York - Its Cathedral and Antiquities
16029: WADE, BARRIE (EDIT) - Lines and Levels an Anthology of Poems with a Lincolnshire Setting
022733: WADE, CHRISTOPHER - More Streets of Hampstead : An Historical Survey of Streets, Houses and Residents in the Southern Sector of the Old Borough
026798: WADGE, CHRIS - The (Hands on) 400 Day Clock Repair Guide
9645: WAGSTAFF, JOHN S. - "A Tale of Two Villages" : Church with Chapel Brampton: A Perambulation
022373: WAGSTAFF, JOHN S. - "A Tale of Two Villages" : Church with Chapel Brampton: A Perambulation
16299: WAINE, CHARLTON - Sweepers
10895: WAITE, PETER BARRY - Railways of Nottingham: Incorporating the Nottingham Colwick Estates Light Railway and the L N W R Colwick Shed: A History of the Great Northern Colwick Motive Power Depot and Marshalling Yards
9375: WAITE, VINCENT - English Letter Writers (part of the English Inheritance Series)
10058: WALKER, REV. W. W - An Itinerant in the British Isles
026695: WALKER, ROLAND - Janet of the Airways
8259: WALKER, STEPHEN - Animal Thought
025583: JOAN WALLACE - Independent Street at War
022343: WALLACE, IRVING - The Fabulous Showman
9127: WALLS, JOHN - Ruston Aircraft Production
025928: PETER WALNE - Catalogue of Manuscript Maps in the Hertfordshire Record Office
6807: WALPOLE, HORACE - Letters Addressed to the Countess of Ossory from the Year 1769-1797. Now First Printed from the Original MSS (manuscripts). Complete in 2 Vols
021376: PATON WALSH, JILL - Grace a Novel
021952: WALTER, DON - Harrow the Story of a Millenium
4292: SHEPHEARD-WALWYN, E. W - The Starved Top-Knot and Other Chats with Boys and Girls
4445: WANG, OTTO. - Norske Ex Libris.
13259: BROWN D. WARBURTON - Handbook of Engineering Plastics
022936: WARD, RONALD - The Postal History of Upper Wharfedale Ilkley and Otley
11985: WARD, BRICE - Transistor Ignition Systems Handbook
9801: WARD, E. S - War-time Experiences and changes in Village Life After the Second World War
4650: WARDLE, E. E - An Old English Grammar
10517: WAREING, FATHER GREGORY - A New Life of Blessed Cyprian Michale Iwene Tansi
13304: WARING, J. S - Lantern slides and How to Make Them
10669: WARING, LILY F - Demons' Dawn
8559: WARMINGTON, E. H - Greek Geography
024612: WARNER, PHILIP - Army Life in the '90s
12988: WARNER, H. C (EDIT) - Youth in Action - a Handbook for the Youth Movement of the church of England
021166: WARREN, JOHN - Wealden Buildings : Studies in the Timber-Framed Tradition of Building in Kent, Sussex and Surrey
024176: WARREN, ADELE - Looms of Silence.
026930: WARREN, J. LOW - Chichester Past and Present
9189: WASZAK, PETER - The Nene Valley Railway a Nostalgic Trip Through Time
025350: KEITH WATERHOUSE & WILLIS HALL - Writers' Theatre
11091: WATSON, W. - Elementary Botany - an Introduction to the Study of Plant Life
026837: WATSON, J. S. - A History of the Salters Company
7673: WATSON, W - The Classification of Lichens
17066: WATSON, F. R - Acoustics of Buildings Including acoustics of Auditoriums and Soundproofing of Rooms
10041: WATT, HANSARD - Back Numbers
023532: WATTS, BRENDA & WINYARD, ELEANOR - The History of Atherstone
5077: SHAKESESPEARE & CALDWELL WAY, AGNES - A Shakespeare Calendar
024335: WEBBER, W. H. Y. - Gas & Gas Making : Growth, Methods and Prospects of the Gas Industry
023816: WEBSTER, NEIL - Dutch Railways Traction and Travel
021826: WEBSTER, ANGUS DUNCAN - Greenwich Park : Its History and Associations: Its History and Associations
6075: WEEKLEY, ERNEST - Words and Names
019935: WEIDLING, PHILIP - Dreams my Bartender Taught Me and other Stories of Fort Lauderdale
021737: WEINSTOCK, MAUREEN - More Dorset Studies
025999: RICHARD H. WEIR - Six of the Best : A Potteries Companion
024490: A. W. BAKER WELFORD - The Law Relating to Fire Insurance
026088: BERNARD WELLER - Stage Copyright at Home and Abroad
12995: WELLS, PHILIP - The Breath Between
025160: H. G. WELLS - Evolution Fact and Theory
17349: WELLS, F. A - The British Hosiery Trade Its History and Organization
5995: WELLS, MATTHEW - First Stop Maidenhead
021169: WELLS, ROGER - Victorian Village : The Diaries of the Reverend John Coker Egerton, Curate and Rector of Burwash, East Sussex, 1857-1888
020733: WENTWORTH, PATRICIA - The Case of William Smith
4784: WERNER, HERMANN - Fuhrer Durch Tubingen (fuhrer Durch Die Universitatsstadt Tubingen
10402: WEST, MARY - Telling the Bees - Poems By Mary West
11125: WEST, TOM - Ghost Gun
024294: WEST, MARILYN - Cheltenham's Upper Bath Road : A Look Back at the Road, its shops and its traders during the 1900s
5226: WEST, SAMUEL - How to Examine the Chest - a Practical Guide for the Use of Students
023919: DOUGLAS WEST - The Second Portrait of a Seaside Town : Historic Photographs of Whitstable
5869: WEST, ALFRED S. - Earles Microcosmography
022905: WEST, JENNY - The Windmills of Kent
027353: WESTERMAN, PERCY - The Unfinished Voyage
5609: CONSTANTIN-WEYER, M - Forest Wild
021773: WHEELER, W. H - History of the Fens of South Lincolnshire
026143: WHEELER, R. C. - Maps of the Witham Fens from the Thirteenth to the Nineteenth Century (Publications of the Lincoln Record Society)
022364: WHISHAW, F. J. - The Romance of the Woods
022346: WHITAKER, J - Scribblings of a Hedgerow Naturalist
021917: WHITCOMB, OLIVIA - Invaders of Canvey
019629: WHITCOMBE, CHARLES - Charles Whitcombe on Golf
5931: WHITE, KATHLEEN. L - Rad Vale and Other Poems
023862: WHITE, H. K & THOMSON, JAMES - The Life and Remains of Henry Kirke White of Nottingham Also bound with The Seaons by James Thomson
021685: WHITE, JOHN TALBOT - The Parklands of Kent
019464: WHITE, WILLIAM - History, Gazetteer and Directory of Burgh-In-The-Marsh for the years 1826,1842, 1856, 1872, 1882 & 1892
019540: WHITE, HARRY W - The Mechanism of Speech
027122: WHITE, CAROLE - Beeston Rylands Remembered
7695: WHITE, E. G - And Flour Came in Ten Stone Sacks
024019: WHITE, WILLIAM - History, Gazetteer and Directory of Staffordshire and the City and County of the City of Lichfield
022139: WHITEHEAD, DAVID - The Book of Worcester: The Story of the City's Past
9987: WHITEHEAD, CHARLES - The Life and Times of Sir Walter Ralegh
022424: WHITEING, RICHARD - The Island or An Adventure of a Person of Quality
021099: WHITELEY, J. S. & MORRISON, G. W. - The LNER Remembered
025673: PETER WHITFIELD - Joy and Southall : Two Cycling Legends with Photographic Disc
024710: DAJMAR L. WHITING - The Wings of the Sun
021176: WHITNALL, F. G. - The Essex Bed-side Book : An Anthology in Words and Pictures for Lovers of the Essex Countryside
023357: WHITNEY, CHARLES E. - Bygone Hythe
018555: WHITTLE, JOHN - Great Prime Ministers
022802: WHITWORTH, DOUGLAS - Nottingham 1897-1947
023293: WHITWORTH, DOUGLAS - A Century of Nottingham
8797: WHYTE, DOROTHY - Teaching Your Child Right from Wrong
019205: WILD, JOHN A - Cost Accounting : An Explanation of Principles and a Guide to Practice for the Hosiery Industry
026425: WILDE, W. R. - Wilde's Loch Coirib, its shores and islands: With notices of Loch Measga
024454: WILDMAN, STEPHEN - British Watercolours from Birmingham : 150 Outstanding Works from the Permanent Collection of Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery
021907: WILKINS, HARRY - Greenhill from Village to Harrow Town Centre
024919: REV. HENRY MUSGRAVE WILKINS - A Manual of Latin Prose Composition for the Use of Schools and Colleges
10839: WILLIAMS, R. T - The Biochemical Reactions of Chemical Warfare Agents
020861: WILLIAMS, PHYLLIS - Bromyard, Minster, Manor and Town
022628: WILLIAMS, DANIEL - Leicester the Dignity of a City 655-1926 : Leicester's City Status, its loss and its regaining over Thirteen Centuries
12448: WILLIAMS, REV. ROBERT - The Attack on the Church in Wales - Evidence and Facts Collated and Sifted Against Disestablishment and Disendowment
16234: CRAWSHAY-WILLIAMS, ELIOT - Flak : a collection of Poems
11961: WILLIAMS, ELEANOR - Historic Churches of Penwith
6898: WILLIAMS, C. KINGSLEY - Sixth Form Talks
7508: WILLIAMS, W. W - Coastal Changes
9421: WILLIAMS, R. JAMES - The House That Jack Built - the Merry Old Rhyme of
11890: WILLIAMSON, MRS C. N - The lure of Monte Carlo
6891: WILLIAMSON, MYRTLE - One out of Four
022806: WILLIS, NIGEL - Meton Mowbray in Style
10317: WILLS, N. T - The History of the parish and Church of Gedney Lincolnshire
024527: NORMAN THOMAS WILLS - The History of the Parish and Church of Long Sutton Lincolnshire
15737: WILLSON, JOHN; HOPE, DAVID E. - Wye Valley : Volume I : Wintour's Leap; Symonds Yat; Western Cliffs : From the Rock Climbs of South West Series
15206: WILLSON, WINGROVE (EDIT) - More adventures with Robin Hood
15060: WILLSON, WINGROVE (EDIT) - Big adventures with Buffalo Bill
15053: WILLSON, WINGROVE (EDIT) - Robin of Sherwood
023362: WILSHERE, A. M - An Analysis of Taswell-Langmead's English Constitutional History
024677: CHARLES WILSON - A Census Handbook for Lancaster District: Some Useful Statistics from the 1981 Census
14105: WHITAKER-WILSON, C - Had You Lived in London Then
021606: WILSON, A. - Short Studies In Shakespeare
026301: WILSON, THEODORA WILSON - The Children of Trafalgar Square
022917: WILSON, RICHARD - The Approach to Shakespeare
9663: WILSON, JOHN ARTHUR - Modern Practice in Leather Manufacture
022103: WINBOLT, S. E. - American Independence and the French Revolution (1760-1801)
7587: WINDASS, STAN - The Rite of War
020922: WINDLE, DR. R. - City of Portsmouth Records of the Corporation 1966-74
025561: MARTIN WINDROW & GERRY EMBLETON - Military Dress of the Peninsular War 1808-1814
12984: WINSTANLEY, BARBARA R - Children and Museums
023572: WINSTONE, REECE - Bath as it Was
023997: WINTERBOTTOM, DEREK - Bertrand Hallward First Vice-Chancellor of the University of Nottingham 1948-1965 : A Biography
022053: WINTERBOTTOM, DEREK - Doctor Fry : A Study of Thomas Charles Fry : Headmaster of Berkhamstead School 1888-1910 : Dean of Lincoln 1910-1930
4963: WINTERSGILL, PETER - Music Makers - Maladies and Melodies
4931: WINTERSGILL, PETER - More Music Makers - Conductors
025125: WINE WISDOM - Wine What to Buy and How to Serve
022405: WISEMAN, ISABEL - Wimbush Through the Centuries
019694: WITHERS, BILL - 100 Years of Service : Nottinghamshire County Council
4447: WITTAL, CLAUS. - Eignerverzeichnis Zum Exlibris Des Gutenberg-museums 1. Teil
022828: WIX, DON & KEIL, IAN - Charnwood's Silver Jubilee : How Technical, Social and Environmental Changes have Influenced the Borough of Charnwood's development from 1974-1999
024792: WIX, DON & KEIL, IAN - Charnwood's Silver Jubilee : How Technical, Social and Environmental Changes have Influenced the Borough of Charnwood's development from 1974-1999
026998: WODEHOUSE, P. G. - Jill the Reckless
027458: WODEHOUSE, P. G. - Sam the Sudden
027456: WODEHOUSE, P. G. - Pigs Have Wings
027457: WODEHOUSE, P. G. - Leave it to Psmith
027230: WODEHOUSE, P. G. - The Prince and Betty
027462: WODEHOUSE, P. G. - Ring for Jeeves
026493: WODESHOUE, P. G. - Love Among the Chickens
16374: ASHTON-WOLFE, H - The Thrill of Evil
12039: WOLLASTON, NICHOLAS - China in the Morning : Impressions of a Journey through China and Indo-China
13150: WOLSTENHOLME, G. E. W & CAMERON, MARGARET P - CIBA Foundation Symposium on Experimental Tuberculosis Bacillus and Host with an Adendum on Leprosy
8210: WOLSTENHOLME, G. E. W - Pain and Itch - Nervous Mechanisms in honour of Prof. Med Dr. Y. Zotterman
025294: EVELYN WOOD - From Midshipman to Field Marshal
024731: WOOD, F. HAROLD - All Over Britain with the Author
17340: WOOD, ANDREW DICK & LINN, THOMAS GRAY - Plywoods : Their Development, manufacture and Application
024062: DON AND AUDREY WOOD - Piggies
16325: WOOD, A. J. - Drug Dependence
8522: WOOD, HARRIET HARVEY (EDIT) - James Watson's Choice Collection of Comic and Serious Scots Poems Volume 1 (I, one)
024553: WOODALL, JOY & VARLEY, MOLLIE - Looking Back at Solihull
6667: WOODHEAD, T. W - Scenery of Huddersfield and Its Significance
023577: WOODHOUSE, ROBERT - Middlesborough a Pictorial History
7359: WOODS, FREDRIC - Shooting Star
019555: WOODWARD, EMMA HOSKINS - Men, Women and Progress
7927: WOODWARD, JOHN - A Picture History of British Painting
9469: WOOLMAN, JOHN - Woolman's Book on Chrysanthemums
9847: WYNKEN DE WORDE - Some Odd Characters
13149: WORK, THOMAS S & WORK, ELIZABETH - The Basis of Chemotherapy
11507: HANSFORD WORTH, R - The Stone Rows of Dartmoor Part I
021673: WORTHY, CHARLES - The History of the Suburbs of Exeter
13861: WORTLEY, ISABEL - The Little Builders and Other Train Stories for Little Travellers
9672: WRATISLAW, A. H - Bohemian Poems Ancient and Modern Translated from the Original Slavonic with an Introductory Essay
17307: WRAY, J. JACKSON - Simon Holmes : The Carpenter of Aspendale
15499: WRIGHT, THEODORE PAUL - American Support of Free Elections Abroad
025072: W. ALDIS WRIGHT & INGRAM BYWATER - The Journal of Philology Vol X No 19
025073: W. ALDIS WRIGHT & INGRAM BYWATER - The Journal of Philology Vol XI No 21
14184: WRIGHT, ERIC - A Question of Murder
024204: WRIGHT, REV. G. N - Life & Campaigns of Wellington Third Division
024205: WRIGHT, REV. G. N - Life & Campaigns of Wellington Fourth Division
10354: WRIGHT, H. E. - Welsh Railways : Rheilffyrdd Cymru
027455: WRIGHT, DARE - Holiday for Edith and the Bears
18251: WRIGHT, COLIN - Post Office Stores and Telephone Vehicles : trucks in Britain Volume 6
022900: WRIGHT, A. P. M - A History of the County of Cambridge and the Isle of Ely Volume VI Chilford, Radfield & Whittlesfield Hundreds
6962: WYNANTS, MICHE - Charlotte and Fortuna
17277: WYNNE, MAY - Three Bears and Gwen a Story for Children
4565: WYNNE, MAY (KNOWLES, MABEL WINIFRED) - Dare-all Jack and the Cousins (dare all)
15502: WYTHE, GEORGE - The United States and Inter-American Relations
026317: YARRELL, WILLIAM - A History of British Fishes (Complete in 2 volumes with both Supplements ie, 4 vols in total)
022736: YATES, E. M. - A History of the Landscapes of the Parishes of South Harting and Rogate
7564: YATES, E. M - History in a Map
027395: WEST & COUNTY OF LONDON YEOMANRY - Kent & County of London Yeomanry Sharpshooters The Journal Issue 30th April 1962
027396: WEST & COUNTY OF LONDON YEOMANRY - Kent & County of London Yeomanry Sharpshooters The Journal Issue 30th April 1962
9736: YONGE, CHARLOTTE M - Historical Ballads Part II (two, 2) Standards IV & V
7750: YOUARD, G. B - Farm Roads
019930: YOUNG, BARBARA & JENKINS, J. G. - A History of Longton
023764: YOUNG, ARTHUR - General View of Agriculture of the County of Lincolnshire
027481: YOUNG, CHARLES R - The Royal Forests of Medieval England
6901: YOUNG, FILSON - The Wagner Stories
018853: ZAMMIT, VINCENT - Tarxien Prehistoric Temples
11937: ZASADA, KRYS A.; SMITH, ELUNED H. - Freshwater Invertebrates of the Sheffield District (Sorby Record Special Series No 4)
12609: ZATLOUKAL, PETR - Gaudeamus

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