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14724: OLIVER, COVEY & TONDEL, LYMAN (EDIT) - The Inter-American Security System and the Cuban Crisis
026082: D. E. OLIVER - The English Stage : Its Origins and Modern Developments : A Critical and Historical Study
018462: OLIVER, DAVID - Fighter Command : 1939-1945 from the Battle of Britain to the fall of Berlin
022043: OLLARD, RICHARD LAWRENCE - Cromwell's Earl: A Life of Edward Mountagu, 1st Earl of Sandwich
7958: OLLIFF, JOHN - Olliff on Tennis
14504: ARMY ORDERS (ISSUED WITH) - Price List of Clothing and Necessaries prices of Materials &c, Issued to Volunteer Corps; Rates for Making-up, Fitting, Completing, Providing and Marking Clothing; Rates for Worn Out Clothing 1900 & 1901
7674: ORMEROD, R. N - Nuclear Shelters a Guide to Design
024439: ORNE, JERROLD - The Language of the Foreign Book Trade - Abbreviations - Terms - Phrases
16351: ORTON, J. LOUIS & BADEN-POWELL, LORD (SPECIAL CONTRIBUTION) - The Cure of Stammering, stuttering and Other Functional Speech Disorders
022040: OSBORN, NEIL - The Story of the Hertfordshire Police
9254: OSBORN, E. B - Anthology of Sporting Verse
9849: OSBORN, JAMES M - Neo-Philobiblon - Ruminations on Manuscript Collecting
019043: OSBORNE, JOHN - A Bond Honoured : a Play
019044: OSBORNE, JOHN - The Right Prospectus
019046: OSBORNE, JOHN - The End of Me Old Cigar: A Play and Jill and Jack a Play for Television
019049: OSBORNE, JOHN - Time Present and The Hotel in Amsterdam
019052: OSBORNE, JOHN - Watch It Come Down
019134: OSBORNE, JOHN - Plays for England
019063: OSBORNE, JOHN - West of Suez : A Play
019064: OSBORNE, JOHN - The Gift of Friendship : A Play for Television
025931: D. J. OSBORNE - A View of Thetford Past (Second Series)
019055: OSBORNE, JOHN - You're Not Watching Me, Mummy, and Try a Little Tenderness: Two Plays for Television
7635: OSBOURN, G, PIRIE, J, & WALLIS, M - A Report on the Land and Freshwater Mollusca of Northamptonshire
026300: OSMOND, PERCY H. - A Life of John Cosin Bishop of Durham 1660-1672
16214: OTTER, ANTHONY - From Atoms to Infinity
023370: OTTEWELL, DAVID - Sherwood Forest in Old Photographs
025922: DAVID OTTEWELL - Long Eaton in Old Picture Postcards
10429: OTTEWELL, DAVID - Nottingham's Lost Landmarks on Old Picture Postcards
024313: OTTEWELL, DAVID - Nottinghamshire Inns and Pubs on Old Picture Postcards Volume 2 Yesterday's Nottinghamshire Series no31
024317: OTTEWELL, DAVID - Nottingham's Lost Landmarks on Old Picture Postcards
024312: OTTEWELL, DAVID - Nottinghamshire Inns and Pubs on Old Picture Postcards
9359: OTTEWELL, DAVID - Burton Joyce on Old Picture Postcards
025527: FREDERICK OUGHTON - Ace with one eye: The life and combats of Major Edward Mannock, V.C., D.S.O(2 bars), M.C.(1 bar), Royal Flying Corps and Royal Air Force
15711: O'SULLIVAN, PETE - Cornwall-West Penwith
023322: OUSBACK, ANDERS - The Australian Wine Browser
025051: OUTRAM, A. - The Limitations of Science
10379: OVERTON, LOUIS J - Heating and Ventilating
019100: OWEN, P. J - Berridge the school's First One Hundred Years
022036: OWEN, HAROLD - The Staffordshire Potter
025446: DAVID E OWEN - Kirstall Abbey
022489: OWEN, WILLIAM - Owen's New Book of Fairs & Owen's New Book of Roads
026845: OWEN, A. E. B - The Records of the Commissioners of Sewers in the Parts of Holland 1547-1603 Volume III
024141: OXENHAM, JOHN - The Loosing of the Lions Whelps and other stories
6559: OXENHAM, ERICA - Scrap-book of Jo
6088: OXENHAM, JOHN - The Recollections of Roderic Fyfe
020183: CITY OF OXFORD - City of Oxford Handbook on Religious Education
10278: OXLEY, E. L - What Came of a Tiger Hunt
11630: PACE, VALENTINO - Treasures of Christian Art in Bulgaria
024832: JERROLD PACKARD - Farewell to Splendour : The Death of Queen Victoria and her Age
026260: FLORENCE A. PAGDEN - History of Alfriston
025386: PAGE, EDNA & PENFOLD, NORA - Baldock Voices : The Town as Remembered by Baldock People in Conversation with Edna Page and Nora Penfold
6405: PAGE, HAROLD - Poems of Transition
023939: PAGE, R - Norwich Census 1851 Part One : St. Martin at Palace St. Martin at Oak
019863: PAGE, DR. F. M. - History of Hertford
022288: PAIGE, R. T. - The Tamar Valley and its People : The Years of Change 1840-1940
6736: PAINE, THOMAS - Thomas Paine Cottage and Grounds New Rochelle NY
6455: PALARDY, JEAN - The Early Furniture of French Canada
14810: PALGRAVE, SIR REGINALD F. D. - A Handbook to Reigate, and the Adjoining Parishes of Gatton, Mershtham, Chipstead, Betchworth and Leigh
019869: PALMER, MARILYN - The Present State of Knowledge Vol 3 Industrial Archaeology
15702: PALMER, STAN - Fitness for Alpine Skiing
15665: PALMER, STAN - Fitness for Alpine Skiing
10463: PALMER, W. M - Cambridge Borough Documents Volume 1 (one, I)
025607: JOYCE & MAURICE PALMER - A History of Wellinborough from Roman Times to the Present Day
024701: M. PALMER - Industrial Archaeology Vol 3 (Leicestershire Museums Publications)
6363: PALMER, FREDERICK - With the New Army on the Sommer
9487: PALMER, RICHARD & TAYLOR, JEAN - The Huntarian Society - a Catalogue of Its Records and Collections Relating to John Hunter and the Huntarian Tradition with a History of the Society
15646: PANDEY, TRIPTI - Ou Le Silence Chante : Les Sons et Les Rhythmes Du Rajasthan
026150: PANSY - Side by Side and Other Tales
9284: PARBURY, KATHLEEN - The Hermits of the house of Farne
11491: PARDOE, F. E - Industry and Genius or the Origin of Birmingham
11492: PARDOE, F. E - Industry and Genius or the Origin of Birmingham
026181: PARDOE, F. E. - Industry and Genius : Or, The Origin of Birmingham. A Fable. Attempted in the Manner of SPENCER. Inscribed to Mr. B.
026037: BARRY PARDUE - Norwich Streets
026807: PARES, MARTIN - A Pioneer in Memory of Delia Bacon
16202: PARKER, DR. ERNEST - In and out of My Consulting Room
15815: PARKER, MALCOLM - Grande Traverse and Mount Blanc Tour
12987: PARKER, REV JAMES - Reasons for Churchmen
026815: PARKER, DEREK & CHANDLER, JOHN - Wiltshire Churches: an Illustrated Guide
3886: PARKER, J.W. - The Idea of Salvation in the Worlds Religions.
027147: PARKER, CHARLES STUART - Life and Letters of Sir James Graham Second Baronet of Netherby P.C. G.C.B. 1792-1861
14386: PARKES, ROGER - Riot
14247: PARKES, ROGER - An Abuse of Justice
14719: PARKINSON, F. - The Philosophy of International Relations : A Study in the History of Thought
021074: PARR, DONALD A. - Images of the Isle of Wight
16727: PARRATT, JEAN - Yesterday Today : More of Around Farnham in Old Photographs
16751: PARRATT, JEAN - Yesterday Today : More of Around Farnham in Old Photographs
6524: PARRISH, JAMES - Cheapside a Play in Three Acts of Old London in the year of the Great Plague
024799: BRYNN PARRY, ROBERT WILLIAMS & CLEDWYN FLYNN-HUGHES - Hen Dref Caernarfon the Old Town
3816: PARRY, JUDGE. - Gamble Gold.
3814: PARRY, JUDGE. - The Scarlet Herring.
10966: PARSONS, J. HERBERT - The Pathology of the Eye (complete in 4 vols)
5507: LABOUR PARTY (GREAT BRITAIN) - The Dilemma of Eurocommunism
1X: PASCAL, DOMINIQUE. - Collectible Toy Soldiers
14801: PASCOE, JOHN - Great Days in New Zealand Exploration
8251: PATEL, DR. J & TALWALKER, DR N. G - Diabetes in the Tropics - Proceedings of the World Congress on Diabetes in The Tropics Held Under the Auspices of Scientific Section of Diabetic Association of India - Bomaby 20-22nd January 1966
12520: PATEMAN, JOHN - Orpington and the Great War
13641: JOHN PATERSON- SMYTH - The Old Documents and the New Bible: An Easy Lesson for the People in Bible Criticism : the Old Testament
025580: M. PATRICK - The Woulds : A Look Back
17596: PATTERSON, ANNIE W. - The Profession of Music and How to Prepare for it
6365: PATTERSON, DR F. L - Fox Island Nature Notes
025793: ARTHUR H. PATTERSON - Nature in Eastern Nofolk
021066: PATTON, MARCUS - Bangor : An Historical Gazetteer
10052: PATTY, BUDGE - Tennis My Way
15716: PAUL, BARBARA - But He Was Already Dead When I Got There
11043: PAUL, ERNEST - The Komespi Affair
9707: PAUL, THOMAS - Britain's Queen Victoria - the Story of Her Life and Reign 1819 - 1837 - 1901
3893: PAULL, MRS HENRY - Walter Stanley's Essay
15829: PAUSE, WALTER - Bergsteigen Band 1 Klassische Alpengipfel
025885: MILAN PAVASOVIC - No Mean City : A History of Dukinfield
025755: AIR COMMODORE L.G.S. PAYNE - Air Dates
026060: LAURENCE DU GARDE PEACH - Meet Mrs. Beeton : A Culinary Comedy in One Act (Year Book Press Series of Plays)
022474: PEACH, L. DU GARDE AND HUTCHINSON, VICTOR HELY - The Charcoal Burner's Son : A Dramatic Story for Children with Music and a Dragon
024438: PEACOCK, JOHN - Book Production
14029: PEARCE, MICHAEL - The Mamur Zapt and the Return of the Carpet
021277: PEARCE, PHILIPPA - The Shadow-Cage and Other tales of the Supernatural
8830: OVID & PEARCE, J. W. E (EDIT) - Selections from Ovid's Metamorphoses
9599: PEARN, JOHN - In the Capacity of a Surgeon : A Biography of Walter Scott - Surgeon and Australian Colonist and First civilian of Queensland
022812: PEARSE, E (E.P) - Mr. Pearse's Last Legacy : Two Discourses, (viz) I A Dream of Divine Glory II The Soul's Rest in God
6369: PEARSON, MARY - More Poems in Passing
026012: ROBIN PEARSON - Tipton, Wednesbury and Darlston in Old Photographs (Britian in Old Photographs)
6402: PEARSON, MARY - Poems in Passing
6367: PEARSON, MARY - Poems in Passing
6368: PEARSON, MARY - Still More Poems
6411: PEARSON, MARY - Still More Poems
6371: PEARSON, MARY - More Poems in Passing
027222: PEARSON, F. S. & TAYLOR, R - Compound Fractured French
027223: PEARSON, F. S. & TAYLOR, R - Fractured French
022939: PEATY, IAN P. - Essex Brewers and the Malting and Hop Industries of the County
15679: PEDERSON, TAGE - Getting In Shape to Ski
7591: PEDGLEY, D. E - The Summer Sea-Breeze At Ismailia (air Ministry Meteological office)
13064: PEERS, ROBERT - Adult Education a Comparative Study
16433: PEETERS, PETER - Can We Avoid a Third World War Around 2010? : The Political, Social and Economic Past and Future of Humanity
13838: PEIN, MALCOLM - Developments in The Grunfeld 1985-87
026092: C. PELLIIZZI - English Drama
10176: PELTZ, RAKHMIEL - From Immigrant to Ethnic Culture : American Yiddish in South Philadelphia
023039: PEMBERTON, MAX - The Lady Evelyn
9301: PENALUNA, ALISON M & THE STITHIANS LOCAL HISTORY SOCIETY - Always Something Interesting Still More Aspects of History in Stithians IV (four)
7645: PENHALLURICK, R.D. - Turtles Off Cornwall : the Isles of Scilly and Devonshire
019028: CLUTSOM-PENN - Short Dictionary for the Elastic Textile Industry in English - German - French
5940: PENNEY, W. G - The Quantum theory of Valency (Methuens Monographs on Chemical Subjects)
4968: PEPYS, SAMUEL JNR - A Last Diary of the Great Warr
024291: CHARLES THOMAS PERFECT - Ye Olde Village of Hornchurch : Being an Illustrated Historical Handbook of the Village and Parish of Hornchurch
4164: PERKINS, - Lamps New and Old - a Book of French Unseens for Matriculation
021614: PERRIAM, DENNIS - Carlisle : The Archive Photographs Series
16248: PERRY, PATRICIA - Trims From Vogue Patterns : Everything About Sewing
10387: PERRY, GORDON & PARK, MICHAEL - A Visitor's Guide to the North Norfolk Railway (The Poppy line)
018599: PERRY, GEORGE G - Croyland Abbey : an Historical Survey
9250: PERRY, STEPHEN - Queen Street Remembered
021761: PETERS, GEORGE H. - The Vanished Village
16115: PETERSON, RUSSELL - Silently, By Night
15203: PETERSON, HAROLD F. - Diplomat of the Americas : A Biography of William I. Buchanan, 1852-1909
12048: PETKOV, KRASTYA ; THIRKELL, J. E. - Labour Relations in Eastern Europe : Organisational Design and Dynamics
024382: SIR CHARLES PETRIE - Wellington a Reassessment
021623: PETTY, MIKE - Memory Lane Cambridge
026290: PEVSNER, NIKOLAUS - The Choir of Lincoln Cathedral : An Interpretation (Charlton Lectures on Art)
027106: PEYTON, S. A. - Minutes of Proceedings in Quarter Sessions Held for the Parts of Kesteven in the County of Lincoln 1674-1695 Volume II
027127: PEYTON, S. A (EDIT) - Minutes of Proceedings in Quarter Sessions Held for the Parts of Kesteven in the County of Lincoln 1674 - 1695 Volume 1, One, i (Volume 25)
7706: PEYTON, S. A (EDIT) - Minutes of Proceedings in Quarter Sessions Held for the Parts of Kesteven in the County of Lincoln 1674 - 1695 Volume 1, One, i (Volume 25)
025418: C. H. PHILIPS & LORD WILLIAM CAVENDISH BENTINCK - The Correspondence of Lord William Cavendish Bentinck Governor General of India 1828-1835 Volume II 1832-1835
6477: PHILLIMORE, W. P W & ROBERTSON, G. C - Nottinghamshire Parish Registers Marriages Vol V (five)
022126: PATEK PHILLIPE - Patek Phillipe Catalogue 2004
6015: PHILLIPPS, L. MARCH - In the Desert
16868: PHILLIPS, STEPHEN - The King : a Tragedy in a Continuous series of Scenes
018887: PHILLIPS, EVELYN MARCH - The Gardens of Italy
13953: PHILLIPS, BARTY - Conran and the Habitat Story
026977: PHILLIPS, T. R. - Digest of Acts of Parliament 1880-1899 Relating to Brewers (United Kingdom)
6408: PHILLPOTTS, EDEN - Miniatures
16505: PHIPSON, DR. T. L - Famous Violinists and Fine Violins : Historical Notes, Anecdotes, and Reminiscences
14211: PICKARD, NANCY - Dead Crazy
13061: PICKFORD, R. W - The Analysis of an Obsessional
026785: PICKFORD, IAN - By Ian Pickford - Starting to Collect Antique Silver
16399: PIETERS, DR H. A. J. & CREYGHTON, DR J. W - Safety in The Chemical Laboratory
025412: JOYCE PIGGOTT - Ilford Old and New: Pictures 1890-1987 v. 2
025087: MARGARET PIGGOTT - The Man and his Pig - First Steps for Tiny Folk
025397: JOYCE PIGGOTT - Ilford Old and New: Pictures 1886-1989 v. 5
025411: JOYCE PIGGOTT - Ilford Old and New: Pictures 1860-1986 v. 1
022441: PIKE, JOHN R - Torquay (Torbay's Heritage)
024230: PIKE, JOHN R - Portrait of Torbay
9384: PIKE, E. ROYTON - Royal Elmbridge - a Silver Jubilee Tribute
022337: PILLSBURY, MARY - Peter and Wendy See the New York World's Fair in Pop Up Action Pictures
021285: AN EXPERIENCED PILOT - Brown's Tidal Streams in Twelve Charts for Each Hour of the Tide at Dover showing How the Tide is Running at any hour around the Whole of the British Coasts, Ireland and the North Sea
025689: IAN PINDAR - The Folio Book of Historic Speeches
7851: PINERO, ARTHUR W - Pinero's Plays - The Notorious Mrs Ebbsmith, The Benefit of the Doubt & The Princess and the Butterfly or the Fantastics
020182: PINION, F.B. - George Eliot Companion : Literary Achievement and Modern Significance
025905: CANON D. PINK - A Watch in the Night : Pages from the History of Swarby
7390: PINKEL, BENJAMIN - Consciousness, Matter and Energy - the Emergence of Mind in Nature
022310: PIPER, A. CECIL - A History of the Parish Church of St. Mary Magdelene, Richmond, Surrey
12990: PIRIE, GEORGE A - Notes on Health and Temperence
7979: PIRIE, ELIZABETH - Early Norman Coins in the Yorkshire Museum
022780: PITCHER, ANNE - Old Basing
024842: GRANT PITCHES & HELEN BOYNTON - Desirable Locations : Leicester's Middle Class Suburbs 1880-1920 (A Living History Unit Publication)
025948: GERALD PITMAN - Sherbone Observed or Fortune's Fold
026838: PITMAN (M. WRIGHT) - The Friendship of Cannock Chase
13507: PITT, FRANCIS - Birds and the Sea
023013: DEPARTMENT OF PLANNING - Buildings of Local Architectural or Historic Interest
018980: DEPARTMENT OF PLANNING AND TRANSPORTATION - What's Next for Notts? Nottinghamshire Structure Plan
11685: COPE'S TOBACCO PLANT - The Smoker's Garland Number Two (2, II) (Copes Smokeroom Booklets)
025715: CHARLES PLATT - Mieaou
021750: PLATTS, BERYL - A Literary Exploration of Greenwich
6661: PLOUGHSHARE, ZECHARIAH - Straight Furrows
021213: PLUMB, R. T. - A Pebble from Rome
023865: PLUMPTRE, THE REVD JAMES - A Collection of Songs Moral, Sentimental, Instructive and Amusing
021853: PLUNKET, IERNE - At the Sign of the Windmill
026355: POCHIN, ERIC - A Nature Lover's Handbook
025725: TOM POCOCK - Chelsea Reach : The Brutal Friendship of Whistler and Walter Greaves
13204: POELS, JOHN - Without Let or Hindrance
026870: POINTER, MICHAEL - Windows on Grantham
4885: POINTER, MARY - The Grantham book of Recipes
025700: ELIZA F. POLLARD - Avice : A Story of Imperial Rome
024116: POLLARD, HUGH B. C. - Game Birds Rearing, Preservation and Shooting
13141: POLMAN, DR A. D. R - The Word of God according to St. Augustine (Saint)
022814: POMFRET, MR JOHN - Poems Upon Several Occasions
019537: POND, CHARLES - Evings's Dorg 'Ospital
5073: POND, MAJOR - Eccentricities of Genius
8450: POND, ALONZO W - Afoot In the Desert - a Contribution to Basic Survival
025303: KENNETH G. PONTING - Wool & Water: Bradford-on-Avon and the River Frome
020119: POOLE, LYNN & GRAY - History of Ancient Olympic Games
023464: E. H. LANE POOLE - Damerham & Martin
15047: COPE'S POOLS - Cope's Football Annual 1936-1937
12262: POPE, P. C (EDIT) - Coal - Production - Distribution - Utilisation
020327: POPHAM, DAVID; POPHAM, RITA M. - The Book of Bournemouth
022390: WORKS COMMITTEE OF METROPOLITAN BOROUGH OF POPLAR - List of Streets, Places and Subsidiary Names in the Borough of Poplar
026424: PORTEOUS, ALEXANDER - Annals of St. Fillans Including Its Topography, Ecclesiology, Botany, Place Names, Legends, etc
13251: PORTER, GENE STRATTON - Moths of the Limber Lost
15809: POSTGATE, RAYMOND - An alphabet of choosing and Serving Wine
019564: POTE, R. G - Nineveh : its Ancient History and Modern Explorers
026097: HERMAN POTGIETER & WILLEM STEENKAMP - Aircraft of the South African Airforce
020997: POTKIN, BERYL - Explore Around the Thames
023945: POTTER, T. F - Lancaster and Morecambe in Times Past
025640: MIKE POTTER - Wines & Wineries of South Australia
026375: POTTS, WILLIAM - A History of Banbury
022244: POTTS, WILLAIM - A History of Banbury : The Story of the Development of a Country Town
8608: POUND, OMAR - Arabic and Persian Poems
023650: POUPON, PIERRE - Toute La Bourgogne : Portrait D'une Province
023352: POUPON, PIERRE - Plaisirs de la Degustation
8337: POVEY, K - Working to Rule 1600 - 1800 - a Study of Pressmen's Practice
026755: POWELL, NEIL - George Crabbe: An English Life
025174: LORD BADEN-POWELL - Birds and Beasts in Africa
019432: POWELL, F. E. - Mechanical Drawing Simply Explained
025331: W. R. POWELL - Bradford-on-Avon A History to 1950
021037: POWELL, GEOFFREY - The Book of Campden : History in Stone
022166: POWELL, P. E. - Windmills and Wind Motors
4189: POWERS, TOM - Lady with Butterflies
024877: J. W. POYNTER - Rome at Close Quarters : An Intimate and Impartial Study from Personal Experience
9285: PRATT, EDITH - .... As is it Were Yesterday
17037: PRATT, ROBERT - Perspective, including the projection of shadows and reflections. Specially prepared for art students
018522: PREHODA, ROBERT W. - Extended Youth : The Promise of Gerontology, How Science Is Reversing the Ageing Process
025818: THE INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEE FOR BIRD PRESERVATION - Factors Affecting the General Status of Wild Geese and Wild Duck (International Wildfowl Enquiry Volume I)
022181: PRESNAIL, JAMES - Chatham : The Story of a Dockyard Town and the Birthplace of the British Navy
11892: OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS - Oxford Special Number February 1937
023714: EASTERN DAILY PRESS - Images of King's Lynn
10136: THE FLEECE PRESS - Books From the Fleece Press Displayed at Six Hereford & Worcester Libraries
026183: THE GOLDEN COCKEREL PRESS - The Golden Cockerel Press : Private Press and its Books : Printed fro the Exhibition Autumn 1937
10135: THE FLEECE PRESS - Books From the Fleece Press Displayed at Six Hereford & Worcester Libraries
022848: PRETTY, EDWARD - Wetton's Guide-Book to Northampton and Its Vicinity
7931: PREYER, DAVID C - The Art of the Netherland Galleries Being a History of the Dutch School of Painting Illuminated By Critical Descriptions of the Great Paintings in the Many Galleries
027214: PRICE, EVADNE - Jane at War
027212: PRICE, EVADNE - Jane the Unlucky
027211: PRICE, EVADNE - Jane the Patient
027213: PRICE, EVADNE - Jane Gets Busy
024696: VICTOR J. PRICE - Handsworth Remembered
026556: PRICE, CLIVE - They Returned to Waddington : The Story of the Memorial Clock in the Village of Waddington, Lincolnshire
9360: PRICE, KATHLEEN - A Nottingham Woman Remembers
022311: PRIDEAUX, EDITH K - The Figure Sculpture of the West Front of Exeter Cathedral : A Complete Photographic Record with Notes
4659: PRIMMER, BRIAN - The Berlioz Style
7821: PRIOR, MARIE - A Passing Parade of Cornish Legends - Stories for All in These Kernow Folk
024170: ILLUSTRATED BY IFOR PRITCHARD - Rail, Water and Tramways : Three Walks in North East Cheshire
023528: PRIVETT, GEORGE L - The Story of Fareham
13662: PROBYN, ELISE - Amazing Schoolgirl from America (Schoolgirl's Own Library No 285)
019568: PROCTOR, MARK - The Impatience of the People
13050: SANDVIK TUBE PRODUCTS - Stainless Steel Tubes
12947: CORNWALL HERITAGE PROJECT - Bodmini Moor North Driveabout - Circular Drive Around Bodmin Moor
12948: CORMWALL HERITAGE PROJECT - Bodmini Moor South Driveabout - Circular Drive Around Bodmin Moor
024524: HISTORY OF BOSTON PROJECT - Aspects of Nineteenth Century Boston and District (History of Boston Series)
027148: PROTZ, ROGER - A Brewery in Bedford: The Charles Wells Story
027065: PRYME, ANDREW & THE SURTEES SOCIETY - The Diary of Abraham De La Pryme, the Yorkshire Antiquary
9486: PRZEDSIEBIORSTWO, PANSTWOWE - The Historical Atlas of Poland
14902: LANGRIDGE'S MILITARY PUBLICATIONS (LANGRIDGE) - The Dress Distinctions of the 3rd Carabiniers (P.O.W.D.G.)
14636: LANGRIDGE'S MILITARY PUBLICATIONS (LANGRIDGE) - The Dress Distinctions of the 7th Queen's Own Hussars as Worn at the time of the Amalgamation of the Regiment in 1958
14633: LANGRIDGE'S MILITARY PUBLICATIONS (LANGRIDGE) - The Dress Distinctions of the 3rd Carabiniers (P.O.W.D.G.)
14632: LANGRIDGE'S MILITARY PUBLICATIONS (LANGRIDGE) - The Dress Distinctions of the 4th/7th Royal Dragoon Guards
14623: LANGRIDGE'S MILITARY PUBLICATIONS (LANGRIDGE) - The Dress Distinctions of the Queen's Bays (2nd Dragoon Guards)
14626: LANGRIDGE'S MILITARY PUBLICATIONS (LANGRIDGE) - The Dress Distinctions of the 3rd Carabiniers. (P.O.W.D.G.)
14631: LANGRIDGE'S MILITARY PUBLICATIONS (LANGRIDGE) - The Dress Distinctions of the 15th/19th the King's Royal Hussars
14224: PUCKETT, ANDREW - Bed of Nails
14218: PUCKETT, ANDREW - Terminus
025305: R. B. PUGH - The Victoria History of the County of Stafford Volume XVII
021718: PULLAN, ROBERT A. & BURNLEY, KENNETH J - Set Upon a Hill : The Story of St Mary's Church and Parish Upton, Wirral
13408: PULLEN, GRAEME - Sea Angling in the isles of Scilly
13920: PUNCH - Punch Vol CLXXVII - July - December 1929 - Vol 177 Including the June Summer Number Largely in Colour
019222: PUNCH - Punch Volume 15 (XV, fifteen)
5321: PUSEY, REV. E. B - A Letter to His Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury on Some Circumstances Connected With the Present Crisis in the English Church
4664: PUTTENHAM, GEORGE (ARBER, EDWARD EDIT) - The Arte of English Poesie 1589
025825: W. P. PYCRAFT - The Signficance of the Condition of Young Birds at Birth
10868: QUELLE, FERDINAND - Gottingens Moosvegetation
019112: LE QUEUX, WILLIAM - The Tickencote Treasure
019129: LE QUEUX, WILLIAM - The German Spy a present day story
024358: WILLIAM LE QUEUX - Fatal Fingers
019231: LE QUEUX, WILLIAM - Secrets of the Foreign Office: Describing the doings of Duckworth Drew, of the Secret Service
019119: LE QUEUX, WILLIAM - The Idol of the Town
026715: QUINN, HUBERT - Mother Machree
018504: QUINN, ARTHUR HOBSON - A history of the American drama, from the beginning to the civil war
13636: T. H. R - Reflections on the Prophetic Word in the New Testament
4170: MCCARTHY. R. - Canoeing.
021979: RADFORD, FREDERICK HENRY - The Art and Craft of Hairdressing Including Beauty Culture and Therapy : Volume I A Standard and Complete Guide to Modern Techniques and Salon Management
14838: RADHAKRISHNAN, S - East and West in Religion
021082: UNION PACIFIC RAILROAD - Eighty Four Forty Four (Union Pacific 8444)
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14200: RAMSAY, DIANA - Four Steps to Death
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5094: RANN, ERNEST. H - The Homeland of English Authors
16601: RAO, NINA - Himalayan Desert
026099: ELEANOR RAPER - The Little Lost Girl: A Tale for Little Girls
022054: RAPP, JEAN - Memoires Du General Rapp Aide-De-Camp De Napoleon (Premier Livraison of Memories Des Contemporains Pour Servir a L'Histoire De La Republique et De L'Empire)
10344: THE RATING AND VALUATION ASSOCIATION - How to deal with your new rating assessments: A small booklet dealing with the assessment of properties,the appeals procedure and the general rate
13380: RAVIONIERI, SUSANNA - La Gioventu Di Giovanni Colacicchi
8827: RAWE, DONALD R (TRANSL FROM CORNISH) - The Creation of the World (Gwryans an Bys)
16085: RAWLINGS, G. P. - The Slide Rule in Theory and Practice
13708: RAWLINSON, THE REV GEORGE - Egypt and Babylon from Scripture and Profane Sources
12875: RAWLINSON, W. G & FINBERG, A. J - The Water-Colours of J. M. W. Turner (water Colours J.M.W. Turner)
025923: JOAN READ - Read About Lewisham
025924: JOAN READ - Read About Sydenham Wells
14176: READER, JOHN - Man on Earth
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027084: REASON, JOYCE - Bishop Jim : The Story of James Hannington
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026108: DOUGLAS REEMAN - To Risks Unknown
026113: DOUGLAS REEMAN - Go In and Sink
4238: REES, GRACE A. - Character Reading from the Face.
16373: REESE, PETER - Homecoming Heroes : An Account of the Re-Assimilation of British Military Personnel into Civilian Life
021600: REEVE, JOYCE - Breaking the Mould : From the Waveney to Wider Horizons
020949: REGER, A. J. C - A Short History of Emsworth and Warblington
020219: REID, ALAN - Royal Dunfermline : A Historical Guide to the City and its Antiquities
15488: REIDY, JOSEPH W - Strategy for the Americas
7302: O'REILLY, PETER - Trout and Salmon Loughs of Ireland
9763: REINACH, THEODORE - Jewish Coins
16147: REINFELD, FRED - The Modern fundamentals of Chess
7980: REINFELD, FRED - How to Play King Pawn Openings
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024804: RENDELL, JOAN - Gateway to Cornwall
14308: RENNER, GINGER K - Charlie russell and the ladies of His Life
023336: RENOY, GEORGES - Les Memoires Du Bourgogne
7872: RETALLACK, GREGORY J. - Soils of the Past : An Introduction to Paleopedology
021209: REUTERSWARD, MAUD - Noah Is My Name
026096: ALEX REVELL - British Fighter Units Western Front 1914-16 (Aircam Airwar)
018621: THE EDINBURGH REVIEW - General Index to the Edinburgh Review from its commencement in October 1802 to the end of the Twentieth Volume published November 1812
15960: REX, PETER & ROSSKOPF, DR CHRISTIAN - Spalding South Holland Speyer
13569: REX, PETER & ROSSKOPF, DR CHRISTIAN - Spalding South Holland Speyer
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13929: REYNOLDSON, FIONA - Women's War 1939 - 1945
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024851: RHODES, MARY - Hunstanton Born & Bred
025617: GRAHAM A. RHODES - York's Visible History : Walls & Windows - Bars & Bridges
12967: RIACH, MARGARET - England at Work and Play
4474: DE RIBAUMONT, MARGARET - Stray Pearls - Memoirs of Margaret De Ribaumont Viscountess of Bellaise
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3863: RICE, EDWARD, P. - A History of Kanarese Literature.
12557: RICE, CALE YOUNG - Selected Plays and Poems By Cale Young Rice - the Definitive Edition
16320: RICE, ROBERT - The Business of Crime
16324: RICE, ROBERT - The Business of Crime
7991: RICE, ELMER - See Naples and Die - a Comedy in Three Acts
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17608: RICHARDS, H. W - Church Choir Training
027066: RICHARDS, FRANK & VARIOUS - Knockout Fun Book 1954
027067: RICHARDS, FRANK & VARIOUS - Knockout Fun Book 1955
024629: RICHARDS, WILLIAM - A Practical Treatise on the Manufactre and Distribution of Coal Gas
026971: RICHARDS, FRANK - Jack of all Trades
027051: RICHARDS, FRANK - Billy Bunter Gets the Boot!
027052: RICHARDS, FRANK - Bunter the Bad Lad!
11973: RICHARDS, PHILIP L - Bainton a Village Profile
15484: RICHARDS, FRANK - The Cruise of the "Silver Scud" - Schoolboys' Own Library No 177
11654: RICHARDSON, MARGARET - Plant Papers - Handmade Papers from Garden Plants and Re-Cycled Papers with Domestic Equipment - Includes Making Paper at Home with Domestic Equipment Making Pulp from Plants
11556: RICHARDSON, CHARLES FRANCIS - The Choice of Books
11090: RICHARDSON, J. L - Arithmetical Wrinkles for Teachers and Students
10142: RICHARDSON, MRS HERBERT - The Old English Newspaper
023294: RICHARDSON, HEATHER - Burwell a Stroll Through History
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11068: RICHMOND, LILLIE - Domestic & Economical Cookery Recipes with Special Hint for Gas Cooking
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12115: COMPTON-RICKETT, ARTHUR - I Look Back - Memories of Fifty Years
8299: RIDEOUT, ERIC H & COLLINS, THE REV MAURICE - The Ockley Visitor & The Church
10148: RIDLER, WILLIAM - British Modern Press Books - a Descriptive Check List of Unrecorded Items
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020947: RILEY, DR R. C. - Portsmouth, 1975-1979 : A History Based on the Records of the City Council
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026734: RINEHART, MARY ROBERTS - Familiar Faces : Short Stories
16460: THE RING - The Ring 11 Volumes from Early & Mid 1930's Bound Up in Hardback.
026982: RIPIN, EDWIN M - Early Keyboard Instruments (The New Grove musical instruments series)
15328: RIPMAN, CHARLIE - Why Do We Hunt with Hounds?
022714: RIPPER, BEN - Ribbons from the Pedlar's Pack
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020594: RISPOLI, GIULIO - Positano "ieri e Oggi"
5490: RITCHIE, J. M - Concerning the Blind - Being a Historical Sketch of Organised Effort on Behalf of the Blind of Great Britain and Some Thoughts Concerning the Mental Life of a Person Born Blind
4820: RITCHIE, LILY MUNSELL - The Giant's Journeys
019955: RIVERS, THE REV. ELPHINSTOWE - Some Records of Eltham 1060-1903
025316: ALICE E. ROBBINS - A Book of Duchesses : Studies in Personality
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15018: ROBERTS, RANDY - Papa Jack : Jack Johnson and the Era of White Hopes
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11868: ROBERTS, HAROLD - A Fragment from the Unpublished Reminiscences of an Old man of Equity
13626: ROBERTS, ROBERT - The Slain Lamb a Controversial and Expository Lecture on the True Nature of the Sacrifice of Christ Delivered in the Temperence Hall, Birmingham on Friday July 29the 1873
13260: ROBERTS, NORMAN H - Mathematical Methods in Reliability Engineering
11878: ROBERTS, S. C - Samuel Johnson - Writer - a Selection Edited with an Introduction
021232: ROBERTS, DOROTHEA - Two Royal Lives : Gleaning from Berlin and from the Livers of Their Imperial Highness The Crown Prince and Princess of German
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8040: ROBERTS, MICHAEL - Elizabethan Prose
026946: ROBERTS, S. C. - British Universities
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027161: ROBERTS, MICHAEL - On Aristocratic Constitutionalism in Swedish History, 1520-1720 (1965)
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16232: ROBINSON, E. A. G - The Structure of Competitive Industry
025917: D. H. ROBINSON - The Sleepy Meese
14728: ROBINSON, E. & SMITH, E - Biblical Researches in Palestine, Mount Sinai and Arabia Petraea - a Journal of Travels in the Year 1838 (Complete in 3 vols)
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020757: ROBINSON, ERIC - One Dark Mile: A Widower's Story
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9083: ROBINSON, ROBERT LEE - Blinded Veterans of the Vietnam Era
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024081: ROBINSON, BRUCE - Passing Seasons : Watching Brief on 50 Years of Football
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018573: ROCKEFELLER, JOHN W. - The Poor Rockefellers
7908: RODRIGUEZ, J. L - Gibraltar the Story of Gibraltar and Her Stamps
10205: ROE, COLIN D - A Manual of Aquarium Plants
10462: ROE, E. P - He fell in Love with His Wife
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024698: WILLIAM PERCY ROE - Glimpses of Chiswick's Development
5061: ROE, W. N. & WARNER, SIR PELHAM (FOREWARD) - Public Schools Cricket 1901-1950
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14260: ROGER, F. & MINTER, P - Goats
019666: ROGERS, ALAN (EDIT) - Approaches to Nottingham's History - a Reprint of the Three "Radio Nottingham" Local History Booklets - Themes from Nottingham's History", Old Nottingham from the Castle to St Mary's & Nottingham and Its Villages 1750 - 1850
018993: ROGERS, DR. A. - Themes from Nottingham's History
16904: ROGERS, HOWARD & SPECTOR, ROY - An Introduction to Mechanisms in Pharmacology and Therapeutics
020746: ROY ROGERS - Roy Rogers Cowboy Annual 1958
022785: ROGERS, ALAN (EDIT) - Approaches to Nottingham's History - a Reprint of the Three "Radio Nottingham" Local History Booklets - Themes from Nottingham's History", Old Nottingham from the Castle to St Mary's & Nottingham and Its Villages 1750 - 1850
11994: ROGOW, ARNOLD A - Victim of Duty - a study of James Forrestal
9499: CARSE ROLAND - Monarchs of Merrie England (William I (1) to Henry II (11)
018442: ROLFE, MEL - Hell on Earth: Dramatic Firsthand Experiences of Bomber Command at War
4106: ROLLIN, JACK (EDIT). - Rothmans Football Yearbook 1993-94 No24
022596: ROMANOS, JOSEPH - A Sporting Life : The Best of Broadcaster Peter Sellers
16177: RONAN, COLIN A - Their Majesties' Astronomers - a Survey of Astronomy in Britain Between the Two Elizabeths
5294: ROOKE, NOEL - Woodcuts and Wood Engravings being a Lecture Deliverd to the Print Collectors Club on Janurary 20th 1925 on the Origin and Character of the Present School of Engraving and Cutting
8079: ROOM, ADRIAN - Dictionary of Astronomical Names
025208: JOHN ROPER - Wolverhampton as it Was v. 2
026619: ROSCOE, THOMAS - Summer Tour in the Isle of Wight including Portsmouth, Southampton, Winchester, the South Western Railway, &c : The Tourist
026782: ROSE, RONALD E - Looking after your Antique Clock
024871: ROSE, H. J. - Ancient Greek Religion
026781: ROSE, RONALD E - Looking after your Antique Clock
3806: ROSENTHAL, HOPE. - Happy for the Child.
16132: ROSS, JOHN - The RFC to the RAF India, 1919
5225: ROSS, JOAN M - Post-Mortem Appearances
020057: ROSSER, ANTHONY N - The Quinton and Round About Volume Two A History
16327: ROUGHEAD, WILLIAM - Glengarry's way and Other Studies
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024738: ROWLAND, HARRY - Bygone Morpeth (Bygone Series)
023935: MARIE B. ROWLANDS - A History of Industry in Birmingham
021620: ROWLEY, NORMAN - Essex Elections and the Great Reform Bill in Documents, Maps, Pictures and Photographs
026808: ROWLEY, CHARLES DUNFORD - The lotus and the dynamo: A traveller in changing South-East Asia
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022746: ROWLEY, N. - Education in Essex c1710-1910 in Documents, Maps, Prints and Pictures
019682: ROWORTH, LILIAN - A Second Nottingham Anthology of Original Poetry
11943: ROWSE, A. L - Cornish Stories
022727: ROXBOROUGH, A. L. P - Know Your Town : Stafford Being a Reprint with Revisions of Articles Published in "The Staffordshire Chroncile"
019068: ROYE - Constellation : A Galaxy of British Stars
8199: RUBIN, EDMUND JOSEPH - Abstract Functioning in the Blind
11543: RUDLAND, E. M - Three Poems - Chamberlain Poems
11508: RUDLAND, EM - Birmingham Poetry and Poets : An Address delivered at the Birmingham Library 26th June 1947
026481: RUELL, PATRICK (PSEUD OF HILL, REGINALD) - Death of a Dormouse
026086: HENRY ST. JOHN RUMSEY - Clear Speech for Stage, Platform and Pulpit
16742: RUSBRIDGER, JAMES; NAVE, ERIC - Betrayal at Pearl Harbor : How Churchill Lured Roosevelt into War
8579: RUSKIN, JOHN - St. Mark's Rest - the History of Venice - Including CORRECT FIRST EDITION FIRST ISSUE SUPPLEMENTS - The Shrine of the Slaves (1877) & The Place of Dragons (1879)
019736: RUSSELL, J. W. - Basford Guardians 1815-1930 Records and Recollections
020081: RUSSELL, PERCY - Ancient Dartmouth
022838: RUSSELL, GEORGE - The Abominations of the Jesuits Exposed or their Doctrines and Morality Contrasted with the Principles and Maxims of the Ancient Heathens
12870: RUSSELL, SIR DAVID - Forewords
026221: RUSSELL, PETER - Visons and Ruins
4109: RUST, DORIS. - Tales of Magic from Far and Near.
021212: RUSTHVELI, SHOTHA - The Knight in the Tiger Skin
022352: RUTHERFORD, CONSTANCE - The Lily Field
10586: RYAN, DESMOND - The Sword of Light - from the Four Masters to Douglas Hyde 1636 - 1938
5142: RYFFEL, B. M - Links in the Chain of European History
8476: SABINE, PETER AUBREY - Geochemistry of Sedimentary Rocks 1 Petrography and Chemistry of Arenaceous Rocks
12249: SADLER, REV M. F - The Lost Gospel and Its Contents
024606: SAGAR, JOHN - Steam in Action : Bulleid Pacifics
022206: SALTER, REV. H. E. - Survey of Oxford Volume II (Oxford Historical Society New Series Vol XX)
025263: JUNE SAMPSON - Characters of Kingston
025264: JUNE SAMPSON - Hidden Kingston
7362: SAMPSON, REV. GERARD - The Layman's book of Saints for Every Day in the Year Volume One (1) Jan Feb March
025232: FRANK SAMS - Scoutmaster!
13308: SAMSON, E. HOPE (EDIT) - Everybody's Pocket Travel Guide to Switzerland
13121: SANDERS, J. H - Atomic Masses and Fundamental Constants 4 Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Atomic Masses and Fundamenteal Constants Held at Teddington England September 1971
024010: SANDERS, JAMES - The Story of Ironmaking in Northamptonshire 200 BC-1980 AD
026125: SANDERS, THE LATE REV. HENRY - The History and Antiquities of Shenstone in the County of Stafford illustrated together with the Pedigrees of all the Families and Gentry both Antient and Modern of that Parish
024741: SANDFORD, ANNE - Herefordshire in Old Photographs (Britain In Old Photographs)
021368: SANDIER, LOUIS - Modern French Pronouncing Book or Parisian Pronunciation Exemplified Through the Medium of English Sounds
022792: SANDYS, JENNIFER - Thrussington a Village Story
021863: SANSONE, ANTONELLA - Working With Parents and Infants: A Body-Mind Integration Approach
7391: SANTVOORD, SEYMOUR VAN - Saint Francis the Christian Exemplar
021800: SAPPER - The Return of Bull-Dog Drummond
022915: SARGEAUNT, W. D. - Macbeth : A New Interpretation of the Text of Shakespeare's Plays
6945: SARGEAUNT, G. M - Classical Studies
018465: SARKAR, DILIP - A Few of the Many : Air War 1939-45: A Kaleidoscope of Memories
6188: SAROOP, NARINDAR - The Last Indian - the Destruction of Two Cultures
026039: STEPHEN SARTIN - Preston Past and Present
023928: SAUNDERCOCK, V G - Plymouth Yesterday - Today (SIGNED COPY)
024786: ALAN SAVIDGE & OLVIER MASON - Wadhust Town of the High Weald
13677: SAWARD, JOHN, FOREMAN, JACK & CARVELL, IAN (CONTRIB) - Diamond Jubilee 1918 - 1978 Sixty years of the Royal Air Force
025300: JOHN SAWYER - Cheltenham Parish Church Its Architecture & its History
12979: SAXTON, PATRICK VINCENT - Allured to Adventure : Insurance
026516: SCANNLAIN, EIBHLIN NI - Land and People :Land Uses and Popluation Change in North West Connemara in the 19th century
16952: SCHARBLIEB, MARY - What Mothers Must Tell Their Children
11542: FREDERICK SCHILLER - The Works of Frederick Schiller
11343: SCHLEWINSKI, HORST - East of Watford North of Penge
11656: N. SCHOFIELD - Pictures and Prints By the Filmetch Process (Dryad Leaflets : No 151)
026852: SCHOFIELD, MARY - The Red Rose of Lancaster: a story of Christchurch, Hants (founded on fact)
10239: SCHOLEFIELD, ARTHUR - The Treatment of Brewing Water
4150: SCHOLZ, ROY O - Sight a Handbook for Laymen
11995: SCHONFIELD, HUGH J - Ferdinand De Lesseps
16208: ACKWORTH SCHOOL - So Numerous a Family : 200 years of Quaker Education at Ackworth 1779-1979
022339: NOTTINGHAM HIGH SCHOOL - Nottingham High School List of Old Boys Serving in His Majesty's Forces 1914-1919
14119: MASTERS & BOYS OF SHERBORNE SCHOOL - A Guide to the Neighbourhood of Sherborne Yeovil
16255: ACKWORTH SCHOOL - So Numerous a Family : 200 years of Quaker Education at Ackworth 1779-1979
12377: BEDFORD SCHOOL - A Brief history of Bedford School Issued In Connection with the Fourth Centenary Celebrations
019688: THE MANNING SCHOOL - The Manning School Diamond Jubilee 1931-1991 Souvenir Brochure
9761: MONKTON COMBE SCHOOL - The Valley - an Anthology of Verse By Members of Monkton Combe School
14951: SCHOOR, GENE - The Jack Dempsey Story
022484: SCHRECK, EVERETT M. - Principles and Styles of Acting
8027: SCHUCKLING, L. L - The Sociology of Literary Taste
15677: SCHULMAN, MICHEL - Fontainebleau Escalades et Randonnees
019182: SCHWARTZ, P. R - A Century of French Fabrics 1850-1950
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15498: SCHWARZENBERGER, GEORG & KEETON, GEORGE W. - The Year book of World Affairs 1984
4451: SCHWENCKE, JOHAN. - Het Exlibris in Italie
4452: SCHWENCKE, JOHAN. - Het Exlibris in Tsjechoslowakije
4453: SCHWENCKE, JOHAN. - Het Exlibris in Duitsland
4449: SCHWENCKE, JOHAN. - Het Exlibris in De Skandinavische Landen
12162: BULGARIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCES - Documents and Materials on the History of the Bulgarian People
024063: SCIESZKA, JON - The Book that Jack Wrote
7638: SCOFFERN, JOHN - Elementary Chemistry of the Imponderable Agents and of Inorganic Bodies (Complete in Two volumes)
024390: AMORET AND CHRISTOPHER SCOTT - Wellington an Illustrated Life of Arthur Wellesley First Duke of Wellington 1769-1852
4315: SCOTT, TOM (EDIT.). - 50 Miles of Golf Around London (fifty)
024022: PETER SCOTT AND HUGH BOYD - Wildfowl Trust Twelfth Annual Report 1959-1960
023960: SCUTT, ROBERT C - Refrigeration Simplified
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025532: PETER SEDDON - Steve Bloomer : The Story of Football's First Superstar
025530: PETER SEDDON - Steve Bloomer : The Story of Football's First Superstar
027172: SEDDON, P. R. - The Letter Book of Sir Anthony Oldfield, 1662-1667 (Publications of the Lincoln Record Society)
025657: R R M SEE - English Pastels 1750 - 1830
025814: HENRY SEEBOHM - Siberia in Europe : A Visit to the Valley of the Petchora in North-East Russia
15883: SELCHER, WAYNE A. - Brazil's Multilateral Relations: Between First and Third Worlds
027198: SELFRIDGES - Selfridge's Schoolgirls' Story Book Fifth Year 1932
16353: DE SELINCOURT, BASIL - Giotto
020348: SELLAR, ALEXANDER CRAIG - Manual of the Education Act for Scotland 35 & 36 Victoria, Chap. 62 (1872)
022232: SEMERDZHIEV, STEFAN G. - Metal-To-Metal Adhesive Bonding
019215: SEMPER, E. SEYMOUR - Oxygen Cutting
11028: NASSAU WILLIAM SENIOR & MARY CHARLOTTE MAIR SENIOR - Historical and Philosophical Essays edited by M. C. M Senior afterwards Simpson
11663: AUSTRALIANS FOR COMMON SENSE - Smoking in a Free Society - Lets Take a Look at - an Anthology of Essays on the Anti-Smoking Movement in the Context of the Governments Role in an Open Democratic Society - Essays By Ron Brunton, Ronald Conway, L. J. M. Cooray et al
14193: SERAFIN, DAVID - Port of Light
026830: ROYAL SCHOOL SERIES - The Royal Prince Readers (First Book)
13625: CHRISTADELPHIAN SCRIPTURE STUDY SERVICE - Sister Jane Roberts to Younger Sisters Centennial Edition December 1881 January 1883
026893: I.C.I. GAME SERVICES - How to Brail a Bird
10327: MARKETING MEDIA SERVICES - Apple Pie - an Anthology of Members' Work By Grantham Writers
021964: SEWELL, LIEUT. - COL J. P. C - Personal Letters of King Edward VII
15596: SHAINBERG, LAWRENCE - Memories of Amnesia
7315: SHAKESESPEARE - Shakespeare an Excerpt from the General Catalogue of Printed Books in the British Museum
12129: SHAKESPEARE, EARL OF SURREY & GILFILLAN, REV GEORGE (MEMOIRS, NOTES ETC) - The Poetical Works of William Shakspeare and the Earl of Surrey (shakespeare)
4852: SHANKS, EDWARD - Elizabeth Goes Home
7450: SHANNON, DELL - Chance to Kill
13107: SHAPTON, D. A & GOULD, G. W - Isolation Methods for Microbiologists
021603: SHARP, TIM - Poets in Eastern England
5494: SHARP, R. FARQUHARSON - A Dictionary of English Authors
020680: SHARP, JEAN - Kendal: A Photographic Recollection
5986: SHARPE, G.W. - Lineside Camera : Pennine Steam
019103: SHAW, HAROLD WATKINS - Musical Education : A Symposium
021248: SHAW, J. C. M - The Bexley Heath Phenomenon
018879: SHAW, SAMUEL - Shaw's National and Local Riddle Book
18271: SHAW, MARGARET - A Flora of the Sheffield Area (two Hundred Years of Plant records)
12217: SHAXBY, W. J - The Case Against Picketing
023947: SHAYLOR, G - Saltley/Washwood Heath Inner Area Study Birmingham City Council 1982/3
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024498: JOHN SWAN - Pedigree of the Swan Family Descended from Henry Swan of Swinderby, Lincolnshire, Surgeon who was born at Glasgow 1687, and was Buried at Swinderby, 31st January 1755
024495: JOHN SWAN - Pedigree of the Swan Family Descended from Henry Swan of Swinderby, Lincolnshire, Surgeon who was born at Glasgow 1687, and was Buried at Swinderby, 31st January 1755
024496: JOHN SWAN - Pedigree of the Swan Family Descended from Henry Swan of Swinderby, Lincolnshire, Surgeon who was born at Glasgow 1687, and was Buried at Swinderby, 31st January 1755
024494: JOHN SWAN - Pedigree of the Swan Family Descended from Henry Swan of Swinderby, Lincolnshire, Surgeon who was born at Glasgow 1687, and was Buried at Swinderby, 31st January 1755
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019527: SWEARS, HERBERT - Petticoat Perfidy : a Comedietta in One Act
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020241: TAMES, RICHARD - Brentwood Past
020811: TANNER, GRAHAM - Highworth (Towns and Villages of England)
7479: TANQUERAY, BERTRAM - Hoya Corney
022446: TANSWELL, JOHN - The History and Antiquities of Lambeth
026867: TARRANT, MARGARET W. - Spring Blossoms Take from the Poets : The Book of Spring
026866: TARRANT, MARGARET W. - A Summer Garlard Culled from the Poets : The Book of Summer
026865: TARRANT, MARGARET W. - Winter Thoughts Garnered From the Poets : The Book of Winter
16482: TATTERSALL, IAN - The Fossil Trail : How We Know What We Think We Know about Human Evolution
14749: TAVERNER, ERIC - The Making of a Trout Stream
020350: TAVERNER, ERIC - Divers Ways to Tackle Trout
12620: TAYLOR, C. J. A & MARSK, S (EDIT) - Solvents, Oils, Resins and Driers Part II (2, two) (paint Technology manuals)
023648: TAYLOR, D. B - The Counties of Perth & Kinross (Third Statistical Account of Scotland)
024229: RALPH PENNISTON TAYLOR - A Collection of the View of Old Stapleford Nottinghamshire
025852: GEOFF TAYLOR - Piece of Cake
13850: TAYLOR, DAVID - A Suitcase Full of Dreams : An Aeronautical Journey
024248: TAYLOR, KEITH - Old Nottinghamshire Remembered
16441: TAYLOR, J (EDIT) - The Rutland Review Number Two
021341: TAYLOR, FRANK - The Gallant Way
10919: TAYLOR, PETER - Illustrated Companion to the History of Watford (and district)
17139: TAYLOR, LADY - Introduction to the birds of Jamaica
6006: TAYLOR, IAIN CAMERON - On Telling the Culloden Story
026238: TAYLOR, RICHARD - Painting Houses and Gardens in Watercolour
022843: TAYLOR, NICHOLAS; BOOTH, PHILIP - A Guide to Cambridge New Architecture : Three Walks from the Market Place
024262: TAYLOR, HUGH PAGE - Uniforms of the SS Volume 2 Germanische-SS 1940-1945
7902: ALAN FAULKNER TAYLOR - Naturalists Third Eye
9277: TAYLOR, ALISON - Prehistoric Cambridgeshire
022927: TAYLOR, KATE - Aspects of Wakefield 2 : Discovering Local History
11377: TAYLOR, JOSEPH - The Instructive Pocket Companion Containing a Great Variety of Anecdotes, Observations, Maxims, Calculations and Experiments Philosophical, Historical, Literary and Scientific from the Most Eminent Authors
020277: NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF HEAD TEACHERS - Lincoln - National Association of Head Teachers 1936 Conference Souvenir
024772: DENISE TEAGUE & ELIZABETH HAMMETT - Barnstaple a History & Celebration (Ottaker's History & Celebration Series)
023435: AUSTRALIAN CRICKET TEAM - Group and Individual Photos of the Tenth Australian Team
025457: LOUISA A. TEBBS - Tebbs' Art of Bobbin Lace Including the Supplement the Art of Bobbin Lace
14172: TELUSHKIN, JOSEPH - The Unorthodox Murder of Rabbi Moss
9976: A WOMAN OF TEMPERAMENT - Sixteen to Forty
10686: TEMPEST, EVELYN - The McArdle Peerage
022149: TEMPLE, WILLIAM - Life of Bishop Percival
026960: TENNYSON, HALLAM - Jack and the Bean-Stalk English Hexameters
12730: TERRY, ELIZABETH - Organised Games for the Playground - Suitable for Elementary and Secondary Schools
020609: THACKERAY, ANNE ISABELLA - Toilers and Spinsters and other Essays
021901: VAN THAL, HERBERT - Ernest Augustus Duke of Cumberland & King of Hanover
027115: THARBY, W. G. - The history of Coulsdon West
021334: THAYER, JANE - The Cat That Joined the Club
027124: BY THE PEPPLE WHO LIVE THERE - Llanfair Waterdine and Lloyney
8402: THOM, DAVID - The Three Grand Exhibitions of Man's Enmity to God
025357: A.G. THOMAS & P.J.H. RATA - Aluminium Busbar
17344: THOMAS, A. J - Tasmanian Woods Bulletin No 1
13820: THOMAS, A. R. - Chess Techniques
13817: THOMAS, A. R. - Chess Techniques
13819: THOMAS, A. R. - Chess Techniques
13796: THOMAS, A. R. - Chess Techniques
025702: PETER THOMAS - Sixty Years of Princesshay : Construction to Destruction
10415: THOMAS, LOWELL - Tall Stories - the Rise and Fall of the Great American Whopper
13628: THOMAS, JOHN - Herald of the Kingdom and Age to Come - a Periodical Devoted to the Interpretation of the Law and Testimony and to the Defence of The Faith Once Delivered to the Saints Volume One (1, I)
13630: THOMAS, JOHN - Herald of the Kingdom and Age to Come - a Periodical Devoted to the Interpretation of the Law and Testimony and to the Defence of The Faith Once Delivered to the Saints - a Facsimile of Volume I Number One Issued in 1851
12438: THOMAS, J. A - Lectures on the Holy Communion
5100: YANCEY THOMAS, DAVID - A History of Military Government in Newly Acquired Territory of the United States
13629: THOMAS, JOHN - Herald of the Kingdom and Age to Come - a Periodical Devoted to the Interpretation of the Law and Testimony and to the Defence of The Faith Once Delivered to the Saints - a Facsimile of Volume I Number One Issued in 1851
12163: THOMAS, EDWARD JOESPH - The History of Buddhist Thought
8122: THOMAS, KATHLEEN - Table Poultry - Plucking, Marketing and Cooking of Chicken, Duck, Geese, Turkey and Game
023304: THOMPSON, ROY - Chesterfield : The Old Photographs Series
023029: KENYON-THOMPSON, - Welcome to Rhuthun
021755: THOMPSON, CANON - A History of Hayes in the County of Kent
026988: THOMPSON, A. HAMILTON - Visitations in the Diocese of Lincoln 1517-1931 Volume I Visitations of Rural Deaneries by William Atwater, Bishop of Lincoln and his Commissaries 1517-1520
023065: ALEXANDER HAMILTON THOMPSON - The History of the Hospital and the New College of the Annunciation of St. Mary in the Newarke, Leicester
021732: THOMPSON, GIBSON - Wolfe-Land : A Handbook to Westerham and its Surroundings
027103: THOMPSON, A. HAMILTON - Visitations in the Diocese of Lincoln 1517-1531 Volume II
5117: SIR HENRY THOMPSON - Food and Feeding
026696: THOMPSON, DORA OLIVE - Kathleen and Peter
4476: CLOUDSLEY-THOMPSON, J. L. - Animal Behaviour.
7529: THOMPSON, M.KEITH - Care of the Elderly in General Practice
8000: THOMPSON, ALEX M. "DANGLE - Towards Conscriptions
026989: THOMPSON, A. HAMILTON - Visitations in the Diocese of Lincoln 1517-1931 Volume III Visitations of Religious Houses (concluded) by Bishop Atwater and Longland and by his Commissaries 1517-1520
026993: THOMSON, WALTER SINCLAIR - Lincolnshire Assize Roll for 1298 (PRO Assize roll no. 505) (Publications of the Lincoln Record Society)
023483: THOMSON, A. A. - Hutton and Washbrook
5348: THOMSON, M. A - Some Developments in English Historiography During the Eighteenth Century
019573: THOMSON, JAMES C. - How to Obtain Healthy Hair
020943: THOMSON, WINIFRED HOPE - Someone to Dinner : Chef Cooking for Little Kitchens
14278: THOREAU, HENRY - A week on the Concord and Merrimac Rivers
023957: THORNBER, CYRIL - Deep Litter System of Poultry Keeping....Fourth Edition

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