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097454: MILITARY OFFICER - Instructions in all kinds of gymnastic exercises, as taught and practised in the gymnastic institutions of Germany: designed as well for colleges, schools, and other places of education, as for private use. By a military officer.
099634: MILLAR OLIVER - Pictures in the Royal Collection. Tudor Stuart and Early Georgian Pictures [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
010588: MILLER, NAOMI - Renaissance Bologna: A Study in Architectural Form and Contents
004985: MILLER THOMAS - Picturesque Sketches of London Past and Present
098641: MILLER TERRY E. - Traditional Music of the Lao
095603: MILLER PHILIP - The Gardener's and Botanist's Dictionary Containing the Best and Newest Methods of Cultivating and Improving the Kitchen, Fruit, and Flower Garden, and Nursery of Performing the Practical Parts of Agriculture of Managing Vineyards ( 4 Volumes )
095604: MILLER PHILIP - The Gardeners Dictionary Containing the Methods of Cultivating and Improving the Kitchen, Fruit and Flower Garden, as Also the Physick Garden, Wilderness, Conservatory, and Vineyard.
096305: MILLER PHILIP - The gardeners Kalendar, directing what works are necessary to be performed every month in the kitchen, fruit, and pleasure-gardens, as also in the conservatory and nursery. With Accounts I. Of the particular Seasons for the Propagation
010735: R. MILLER [ PUBLISHER ] - The Panorama of the World, or an Enquiry into the Manners and Customs of the Principal Foreign Inhabitants of the Globe [ 8 Coloured Plates ]
096765: MILLER PHILIP - The Gardeners Kalendar. Directing what Works are necessary to be done Every Month in the Kitchen, Fruit and Pleasure-Gardens, And in the Conservatory
098121: MILLET GABRIEL - L'ecole Grecque Dans L'architecture Byzantine
098506: MILLET GABRIEL - L'Ecole Grecque Dans L'architecture Byzantine
009341: MILNE JAMES JAMES - English Country Houses ( Baroque 1685-1715 )
009572: MILNER ISAAC REV - On the Precession of the Equinoxes Produced By the Sun's Attraction ( published in the 'Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London' )
008760: MINASIAN MINAS - The Armenain Alphabet
097033: MINEKA FRANCIS E. - The Earlier Letters of John Stuart Mill 1812-1848 [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
099789: MINER DOROTHY [ EDITED BY ] - Studies in Art and Literature for Bella Da Costa Greene
098773: MINOPRIO ANTHONY [ DIRECTED BY ] - Chelmsford Planning Survey 1945 a Survey and Plan for Chelmsford Borough and Rural District Sponsored By the Chelmsford Area Planning Group
099566: MINOR MARIA WILLIAMS - The Walkers of Woodberry Forest 1720-1973
010824: MINTURN WILLIAM - Travels West [ Inscribed By the Author ]
095983: MITCHELL LAWRENCE - The Meissen Collectors' Catalogue
010125: MITCHELL, STEPHEN - The Marks on Chelsea - Derby and Early Crossed-batons 'useful Wares' 1770-c1790
098690: MITFORD MARY RUSSELL - Christina, the Maid of the South Seas; a Poem
010488: MOELLER B. & BOYLE L. R. C. - Two Years at the Front with the Mounted Infantry .Being the Diary of Lieutenant B. Moeller
010526: MOENS W. J. C. - Engish Travellers and Italian Brigands a Narrative of Capture and Captivity [ 2 Volumes, Inscribed Set ]
010311: MOFFAT ROBERT - Missionary Labours and Scenes in Southern Africa
009428: MOFFATT J. M. - The History of the Town of Malmesbury and of Its Ancient Abbey
097890: MOGG EDWARD [ PUBLISHER ] - Mogg's New Map of the Country Forty-Five Miles Round London [ Including the Counties of Middlesex and Surrey; Nearly the Whole of Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Essex, and Kent , Etcetera
096796: MOGG EDWARD - Mogg's Forty-Five Miles Round London [ Large Folding Map ]
010281: MOGG EDWARD [ PUBLISHER ] - Mogg's new map of the roads : a new travelling map of England, Wales and Scotland drawn from all the surveys which have hitherto been made of particular Counties
098689: MOISTER REV WILLIAM - Conversations on the Rise, Progress, and Present State of Wesleyan Missions in Various Parts of the World [ Presentation Copy, to Rev Samuel Hardey ]
097348: MOLIERE - Oeuvres Completes De Moliere [ Complete in 8 Volumes, Leather Bound ]
099278: MOLINIER PIERRE - Le Chaman et Ses Creatures
097521: MONCUR DR JAMES - The Posthumous Papers of Dr James Moncur, Stonehaven.
010361: MONGEZ ANTONIE - Histoire De La Reine Marguerite De Valois, Premiere Femme Du Roi Henri IV
099250: MONIKA INGENHOFF-DANHÄUSER - Maria Magdalena: Heilige und Sünderin in der italienischen Renaissance : Studien zur Ikonographie der Heiligen von Leonardo bis Tizian
097996: MONNNERET DE VILLARD UGO - Le Pitture Musulmane al Soffitto della Cappella Palatina in Palermo.
010768: MONTGOMERY JEFFREY - Giappone L'arte Nel Quotidiano. Crafted Japan [ Aspects of Mingei in the Jeffrey Montgomery Collection ]
096678: MOON MARJORIE - John Harris's Books for Youth 1801-1843: With the Supplement Published in 1983: Checklist
099973: MOORE JOANNA & MACKENZIE PHYLLIS - The Story of Malaya and Singapore
004983: MOORE H. C. - Omnibuses and Cabs Their Origin and History (
095657: MOORE JOHN - A View of Society and Manners in Italy with Anecdotes Relating to Some Eminent Characters ( Complete in 2 Volumes Period Full Calf Bindings )
096953: MOORE THOMAS - Lalla Rookh an Oriental Romance
097947: MOORE MRS AMBROSE E. - New Zealand Fairyland: a Story of the Caves
095659: MOORE JOHN - A View of Society and Manners in France, Switzerland, and Germany with Anecdotes Relating to Some Eminent Characters
097153: MOORE GEORGE - The Talking Pine
010747: MOOS XAVER VON - Die Kunstdenkmaler Des Kantons Luzern [ 6 Volumes ]
099963: MORAIS J. VICTOR [ EDITED BY ] - Who's Who in Malaysia & Singapore 1979-1980
099964: MORAIS J. VICTOR [ EDITED BY ] - Who's Who in Malaysia & Brunei 1978-1979
098046: MORAND KATHLEEN - Jean Pucrelle
097436: MORANT PHILIP - The History and Antiquities of the County of Essex Compiled from the Best and Most Ancient Historians ( Complete in 2 Volumes )
009336: MORANT PHILIP - The History and Antiquities of the County of Essex ( Complete in 2 Volumes )
010133: MORANT PHILIP REV - History and Antiquities of the County of Essex [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
096477: MORE HANNAH - Sacred Dramas: Chiefly Intended for Young Persons. The Subjects Taken from the Bible
098041: MORFORD MARK - Stoics and Neostoics: Rubens and the Circle of Lipsius
008573: MORGAN T. - The mechanical practice of physick : in which the specifick method is examin'd and exploded, and the Bellinian hypothesis of animal secretion and muscular motion consider'd and refuted.
096186: MORGAN ROGER - Tennis: The Development of the European Ball Game
096476: MORGAN JOHN - Lectures on Diseases of the Eye
095796: MORIARTY, CATHERINE; ROSE, JUNE; GAMES, NAOMI - Abram Games: His Life and Work
098757: MORLEY H. FORSTER & MUIR M. M. PATTISON - Watts Dictionary of Chemistry Revised and Entirely Rewrtten [ Complete in 4 Volumes
097031: MORRIS WILLIAM & BAX E. BELFORT - Socialism Its Growth & Outcome
006030: MORRIS WILLIAM - Poems By the Way
097337: MORRIS RICHARD REV - Dan Michel's Ayenbite of Inwyt;Or, Remorse of Conscience: In the Kentish Dialect, 1340 A.D
010643: MORRIS REV. F. O. - A Series of Picturesque Views of Seats of The Noblemen and Gentlemen of Great Britain and Ireland. [ Complete in 6 Volumes ]
095602: MORTON JOHN CHALMERS - The Prince Consort's Farms an Agricultural Memoir
006060: MOSSOM R.PREACHER OF GODS WORD AT S. PET. P. WH. LONDON. - An apology in the behalf of the sequestred Clergy
010313: MOUCKE FRANCESCO - Pratica Di Ajutare a Ben Morire Raccolta Da Diversi Gravi Autori
010551: MUCHAWSKY-SCHNAPPER ESTER - Les Juifs d'Alsace: Village, tradition, emancipation (Catalogue)
010753: MUILMAN PETER ( A GENTLEMAN ) - A New and Complete History of Essex, from a Late Survey; Compared with the Most Celebrated Historians; Containing, a Natural and Pleasing Description of the Several Divisions of the County , Etcetera
098617: MULLER JOHN - A Treatise Containing the Elementary Part of Fortification Regular and Irregular, With Remarks on the Constructions of the Most Celebrated Authors Particularly of Marshall De Vauban and Baron Coehorn
097937: MUNBY LIONEL M. & CANTAB M. A. [ INTRODUCTION BY ] - All My Worldly Goods: An Insight into Family Life from Wills and Inventories, 1447-1742 - Bricket Wood, St.Albans, Herts
098743: MUNDY JENNIFER [ EDITED BY ] - Surrealism Desire Unbound
099764: MUNKACSI ERNST - Der Jude von Neapel. Die historischen und kunstgeschichtlichen Denkmäler des süditalienischen Judentums.
097156: MUNRO ROBERT - Ancient Scottish Lake-Dwellings - Or Crannogs With A Supplementary Chapter On Remains Of Lake-Dwellings In England
010204: MUNRO ALEXANDER MACDONALD - Records of Old Aberdeen [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
098270: MUNTEANU VOICHITA - The Cycle of Frescoes of the Chapel of Le Liget
096178: MURCHISON CHARLES - Clinical Lectures on Diseases of the Liver : Jaundice and Abdominal Dropsy Including the Croonian Lectures on Functional Derangements of the Liver Delivered at the Royal College of Physicians in 1874
099184: MURDIN WILLIAM - A collection of state papers relating to affairs in the reign of Queen Elizabeth, from the year 1571 to 1596
009220: MURE WILLIAM - A Dissertation on the Calendar and Zodiac of Ancient Egypt; with Remarks on the First Introduction and Use of the Zodiac Among the Greeks
008849: MURRAY ALEXANDER - Account of the Life and Writings of James Bruce, of Kinnaird, Esq. F.R.S. author of Travels to Discover the Source of the Nile in the Years 1768, 1769, 1770, 1771, 1772, & 1773.
010478: MURRAY G. W. - Sons of Ishmael a Study of the Egyptian Bedouin
099395: MYER KUTZ; KUTZ MYER - Heat Transfer Calculations
096518: MYERS ROBIN - The Stationers' Company Archive, 1554-1984: An Account of the Records (St Paul's Bibliographies)
010826: NAKOV ANDREI B. - Malevich Painting the Absolute
010228: NAKOV ANDRIE B. - Tatlin's Dream. Russian Suprematist and Constructivist Art 1910-1923.
099169: NAKOV ANDREI B. - Alexandra Exter
098559: NAOMI REED KLINE - Maps of Medieval Thought: The Hereford Paradigm
010854: NAPOLEON - Napoleonic Wars. Newspaper 1803/04/05 [ 147 Issues ]
009457: NARAYAN RUDY - Black England
099951: NASH JAY ROBERT - Encyclopedia of World Crime [ Complete in 6 Volumes ]
099459: NATALI PIETRO - Sanctorum Catalogus: Vitas, passiones et Miracula com modissime annectens, edited by Antonio Verlo,
096182: NAUNYN B. [ TRANSLATED BY ARCHIBALD E. GARROD ] - A Treatise on Cholelithiasis
098671: NAYLOR GEORGE - A Collection of Coats of Arms Borne by the Nobility and Gentry of the County of Gloucster.
098498: NEES LAWRENCE - Approaches to Early-Medieval Art
010572: NEHER, ANDRE - Jewish Thought and the Scientific Revolution of the Sixteenth Century: David Gans, 1541-1613,.
010633: NEPOMNYASHCHY CATHARINE THEIMER, AND OTHERS - Under the Sky of My Africa: Alexander Pushkin and Blackness
099772: NERSESSIAN SIRARPIE DER - Armenia and the Byzantine Empire: A Brief Study of Armenian Art and Civilization
009320: NESBIT E. - Many Voices Poems
098135: NEUBURGER ALBERT [ TRANSLATED BY HENRY L. BROSE ] - The Technical Arts and Sciences of the Ancients
098983: NEUFELD MUNCHEN DR C. A. - Illustrierter Fuhrer Durch Bosnien Und Die Hercegovina
099133: LE NEVE JOHN - Monumenta Anglicana: Being Inscriptions on the Monuments of Several Eminent Persons [ 4 Volumes ]
010212: NEVINSON JOHN L. - Catalogue of English Domestic Embroidery of the Sixteenth & Seventeenth Centuries. [ Leather Binding ]
010437: NEW TESTAMENT - He Kainè Diatheke. Novum Testamentum. Editio nova: in qua diligentius quam unquam antea variantes lectiones tam ex manuscriptis quam impressis codicibus collecta, & parallela scripturae loca annotata sunt, studio & labore Stephani Curcellaeæi.
096309: NEW TESTAMENT - New Testament. Le Nouveau Testament , C'est à dire, La nouuelle alliance de nostre Seigneur Iesus Christ. Reueu & corrigé de nouueau sur le Grec, par l'aduis des Ministres de Geneue: AVEC. Annotations reueuës & augmen- tees par M. Augustin Marlorat
099926: NEWBERRY PERCY - Egyptian Antiquities Scarabs an Introduction to the Study of Egyptian Seals and Signet Rings [ Presentation Copy, from the Author ]
096966: NEWBOLT HENRY - Collected Poems 1897-1907
098321: NEWCOMEN SOCIETY - The Newcomen Society for the Study of the History of Engineering and Technology [ Volume s 14 to 33 ]
099092: NEWITT E. J. D. - The Citizen Rifleman
009248: NEWNES GEORGE - The Sportfolio ( Complete in 6 Parts )
010815: NEWSPAPER - The Northampton Mercury [ Full Year . 1919 ]
010733: NEWSPAPER - Police. Murder.Explosion at London Bridge [ the Northampton Mercury 1884 ]
010701: NEWSPAPER - First Fleet. Warren Hastings. Slavery. Newspaper
099137: NEWTE THOMAS - Prospects and Observations; On A Tour in England and Scotland: Natural, Oeconomical, and Literary [ Complete with All Plates ]
098501: NICHOLAS DAVID - Town and Countryside: Social, Economic, and Political Tensions in Fourteenth Century Flanders
010254: NICHOLL K. I. - The History of the St. Moritz Bobsleigh Club
098675: NICHOLS JOHN GOUGH [ EDITED BY ] - The Herald and Genealogist [ Complete in 8 Volumes ]
099591: NICHOLSON SHIRLEY - An Edwardian Bachelor Roy Sambourne 1878-1946
098030: NICHOLSON A. - Ireland's Welcome to the Strangers, or an Excursion Through Ireland in 1844 & 1845, for the Purpose of Personally Investingating the Condition of the Poor
099118: NICOLAS SIR NICHOLAS HARRIS - History of the Orders of Knighthood of the British Empire [ Complete in 4 Volumes. [ Presentation Set from the Publisher ]
099485: NICOLAS RAUCH - Livres Anciens Livres Modernes Illustres [ 7 Catalogues ]
096100: NICOLL ALLARDYCE - A History of English Drama 1660-1900
095719: NIKHILANANDA SWAMI - The Upanishads ( Volume 1 )
009225: NIMROD - My Horses and Other Essays
009223: NIMROD - Nimrod's Hunting Reminiscences Comprising Memoirs of Master Hounds Notices of the Crack Riders and Characteristics of the Hunting Countries of England
009224: NIMROD - My Life and Times
009500: NIMROD [APPERLEY,CHARLES J. 1778-1843] - Memoirs of The Life of the late John Mytton, Esqre. of Halston, Shropshire. (.) with Notices of his Hunting, Shooting, Driving, Racing, Eccentric, and Extravagant Exploits. Third Edition. Reprinted (with consideral Additions) from the New Sporting Magazin
010158: NISBET ALEXANDER - A System of Heraldry Speculative and Practical: with the True Art of Blazon, according to the Most Approved Heralds in Europe. [ 2 Volumes ]
099868: NIXON CHRIS - Auto Union Album 1934-1939 [ Signed Copy ]
097392: NIXON JOHN - Among the Boers: or, Notes of a Trip to South Africa in Search
096047: NOBLE MARK - The lives of the English regicides, and other commissioners of the pretended High Court of Justice : appointed to sit in judgment upon their sovereign, King Charles the First. [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
003159: NOEL BAPTIST WRIOTHESLEY - The Rebellion in America
010369: NOEL FR - Dictionnaire de la Fable, Ou Mythologie Grecque, Latine, Egyptienne, Celtique, Persane, Syriaque, Indienne, Chinoise, Mahometane, Rabbinique, Slavonne, Scandinave, Africaine, Americaine, Iconologique, Etc [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
097555: NOEVER PETER [ EDITED BY ] - Yearning for Beauty The Wiener Werkstätte and the Stoclet House
004347: NOLDIUS CHRISTIANUS - Concordantiæ particularum Ebræo Chaldaicarum [ Bible.Appendix. Old Testament. Concordances. Hebrew ]
099158: NORDMANN MONIQUE - Eros Invaincu La Bibliotheque Gerard Nordmann
099196: NORDSTROM FOLKE - Auxerre Reliefs: Harbinger of the Renaissance in France During the Reign of Philip Le Bel
096335: NORTH THOMAS [ EDITED BY THE REV. WILLIAM BERESFORD ] - English Bells and Bell Lore: a Book on Bells
010491: NORTHCOTE REV J. SPENCER - Roma Sotterranea, or, an Account of the Roman Catacombs, especially of Cemetery of St. Callixtus, compiled from the works of Commendatore de Rossi with the consent of the author, New Edition, Rewritten and Greatly Enlarged [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
095725: NORTON CAROLINE ( THE HONOURABLE MRS NORTON ) - The Dream and Other Poems ( Dedicated to Her Grace the Duchess of Sutherland )
098935: NOVICK SHELDON M. [ EDITED BY ] - The Collected Works of Justice Holmes [ Complete in 3 Volumes ]
008879: NÚÑEZ NICOLÁS - Anthropocosmic Theatre : Rite in the Dynamics of Theatre
099978: NYERERE JULIOUS K. - Freedom and Socialism
099123: O'BRIEN M. A. - Corpus Genealogiarum Hiberniae
010618: O'CALLAGHAN JOHN CORNELIUS - History of the Irish Brigades in the Service of France from the Revolution in Great Britain and Ireland Under Jamess II, to the Revolution in France Under Louis XVI
009271: O'CONNOR MRS T. P. - Herself-Ireland
003156: O'FLAHERTY LIAM - Spring Sowing
097601: O'HAIRE REV JAMES - Recollections of Twelve Years Residence as a Missionary Priest: Viz., from July 1863 to June 1875 in the Western District of the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa
098282: O'MAHONY JOHN - The Sunny Side of Ireland. How to See it By the Great Southern and Western Railway
098459: O'NEILL EUGENE [ LAHR JOHN INTRODUCED BY ] - The Collected Plays of Eugene O'Neill
010435: O'SULLIVAN TIMOTHY DANIEL - Dunboy and Other Poems
099773: OAKESHOTT WALTER - Sigena: Romanesque Paintings in Spain and the Artist of the Winchester Bible
099056: OAKLEIGH TOM - The Oakleigh Shooting Code
003265: OATES TITUS - Eikon basilike:, or the picture of the late King James drawn to the life. In which is made manifest, that the whole course of his life hath to this day been a continued conspiracy against the Protestant religion, laws, and liberties of the Three Kingdoms.
096867: C. O. OBERG & CO - File Manufacturers Eskilstuna
009537: OCCO ADOLF - Impp. Romanorum Numismata A Prompeio Magno Ad Heraclium Editio Altera, Multis nummorum millibus aucta.
098765: OFFER JOHN REV - Hundred of Branch and Dole [ Part of the History of Modern Wiltshire ]
099716: OFFICE OF THE U. S. HIGH COMMISSIONER FOR GERMAY - 1st Quarterly Report on Germany, September 21--December 31, 1949
096617: OGAWA K. - Sights and Scenes in Fair Japan [ 50 Coloured Plates, with an Additional 22 Illustrations ]
096020: OGDEN WILLIAM SHARP - Designs for Christian Grave Stones
098544: OGILVIE JOHN [ EDITED BY ] - The Imperial Dictionary, English, Technological and Scientific. Adapted to the Present State of Literature, Science, and Art: On the Basis of Webster's English Dictionary [ 3 Volumes, Including Supplement ]
005040: OLIPHANT MRS - William Blackwood and His Sons Signed Copy ( 3 Volumes )
009458: OLIVER WILLIAM DUDLEY - Crags and Craters Rambles in the Island of Reunion
098973: OLIVER VERE LANGFORD [ COLLECTED AND EDITED BY ] - The Monumental Inscription of the British West Indies
010089: OLIVER RICHARD - Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue (American monograph series)
097607: OLIVIER DE LA MECHE - Les Memoires de Messire Olivier de La Marche. Troisiesme edition, reveue, et augmente d'un Estat particulier de la maison du Duc Charles le Hardy, compose du mesme Auteur, et non imprime cy-devant.
097592: OLYMPIAD ROME - The Games of the XVII Olympiad Rome 1960 [ 2 Large Volumes ]
097271: OLYMPICS 1948 LONDON - The Official Report of the Organising Committee for the XIV Olympiad
097370: OLYMPICS - British Olympic Association Official Report of the Xth Olympiad 1932 [ Los Angeles ]
097369: OLYMPICS - British Olympic Association Official Report of the XI Olympiad 1936 [ Berlin ]
009533: OMAR KHAYYAM ( TRANSLATED BY EDWARD FITZGERALD ) - The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
099977: ONGKILI J. P. - The Borneo Response to Malaysia 1961-1963
099798: ONNE EYAL [ TEXT AND EDITING ] - Photographic Heritage of the Holy Land, 1839-1914
010767: OPPENHEIMER MICHAEL - The Monuments of Italy a Regional Survey of Art, Architecture and Archaeology from Classical to Modern Times [ Complete Set. 6 Volumes ]
098899: ORA SCHWARTZ-BE'ERI - The Jews of Kurdistan: Daily Life, Customs, Arts and Crafts (Magyar Nevelestortenet Forrasai,)
010135: ORD JOHN WALKER - The History and Antiquities of Cleveland Comprising the Wapentake of East and West Langbargh [ Complete with All Plates. Maps ]
097352: ORDNANCE SURVEY - Map of Aldershot and the Surrounding Country [ on the Scale of Two Inches to One Mile ]
095696: ORIENT LINE - Illustrated guide of the Orient line of steamers between England & Australia issued on behalf of the Orient Steam Navigation Company and the Pacific Steam Navigation Company by the Managers of the Line
008167: ORPEN SIR WILLIAM - Stories of Old Ireland and Myself
099361: OSBALDISTON (WILLIAM AUGUSTUS] - The British Sportsman, Or, Nobleman, Gentleman, and Farmer's Dictionary of Recreation and Amusement. Including a most Improved System of Modern Farriery, and Anatomical Dissections of a Horse; With Concise Rules for Chusing good Horses, and the Secrets of
010052: OSMAN RAGAB - An Egyptian Wedding in America
010230: OSSORIO ALFONSO - Fourteen Paintings: De Kooning, Dubuffet, Ossorio, Pollock, Still.
010287: OSWALD EUGENE - Reminiscences of a Busy Life
099237: [ AND OTHERS ] - The Pictures in the Collection of Her Majesty the Queen [ 4 Volumes. ]
099246: OTT JOACHIM - Krone und Krönung: Die Verheissung und Verleihung von Kronen in der Kunst von der Spätantike bis zum 1200 und die geistige Auslegung der Krone
099145: OTTO PACHT - The Practice of Art History: Reflections on Method (Studies in Medieval and Early Renaissance Art History)
097892: OTWAY CANON CAESAR - Sketches in Erris and Tyrawly
003349: OULD HERMON ( EDITED BY ) - The Book of the P. E. N. ( Signed By Wiliam Sansom, Susan Ertz, & Pamela Hansford Johnson )
009541: OUTRAMO GUILIELMO - De Sacrificiis Libri Duo Quorum Altero explicantur Omnia Judæorum, Nonnulla Gentium Profanarum Sacrificia : Altero Sacrificium Christi : utroque ecclesiæ Catholicæ his de rebus sententia contra Faustum Socinum, ejúsque sectatores Defenditur
009543: OUVAROFF M. - Essay on the Mysteries of Eleusis ( Translated from the French By J. D. Price )
098511: OVERY PAUL - The Rietveld Schroder House
010235: OVID - Publii Ovidii Nasonis Operum [ 3 Volumes ]
009415: OVID - P. Ovidii Nasonis Metamorphoseon libri XV / Cum notis selectiss. varior: studio B. Cnippingii
010366: OVID - Le Metamorfosi d'Ovidio ridotte da Giovanni Andrea dell'Anguillara in ottava Rima [ Complete in 3 Volumes ]
008957: OWEN ROBERT ( CLAEYS GREGORY EDITED BY ) - Selected Works of Robert Owen
008565: OWEN COLIN - Anslow the History of a Staffordshire Village
098171: OWEN-CROCKER GALE R. [ EDITED BY ] - Medieval Art: Recent Perspectives: - A Memorial Tribute to C.R.Dodwell
010119: OWEN RICHARD SIR - Descriptive and illustrated catalogue of the physiological series of comparative anatomy contained in the Museum of the Royal College of Surgeons in London [ Complete in 5 Parts ]
096336: OWEN T. M. N. REV - The Church Bells of Huntingdonshire Their Inscriptions, Founders, Uses, Traditions, Etc
010736: PACHECO, GENERAL CARLOS - Map of the City of Mexico: Authorized for Publication with the Mexican Guide
099841: PAIN WILLIAM - The Builder's Companion, and Workman's General Assistant; demonstrating ... all the principal rules of architecture ... The whole correctly engraved on 92 folio copper-plates ... The second edition, with many improvements and additions by the author.
099537: PAIN MRS J. - Baptism and Burial Register of Banbury, Oxfordshire Part Two. 1653 - 1723
098750: PAKDEEKHAM SANTI [ AND OTHERS ] - The Evolution of Phra Prangs in Siam
099410: PAL I. - Descriptive Geometry with Three-Dimensional Figures
095620: PALAFOX Y MENDOZA, JUAN. - Histoire de la Conqueste de la Chine par les Tartares:: Contenant plusieurs choses remarquables, touchant la religion, les moeurs, & les coûtumes de ces deux nations. Ecrite en espagnol . & traduit en françois par le Sieur Colle.
010159: PALEY F. A. - Euripides with an English Commentary [ Bibliotheca Classica ]
095973: PALIN WILLIAM REV. - Stifford and Its Neighbourhood Past and Present & More About Stifford and Its Neighbourhood Past and Present ( Two Volumes )
098731: PALINGÈNIO STELLATO, MARCELLO. - Le Zodiaque de la vie humaine ou Préceptes pour diriger la conduite & les moeurs des Hommes [ 2 Volumes ]
010713: PALLAVICINI MR - Devises & Emblemes d' Amour Moraliseez en vers francois, & expliquees, en sept langues par Mr. Parravicini, Professeur des Langues Etrangeres
099953: PALMER ANDREW - A Diplomat and His Birds
095667: PALMER GEOFFREY SIR - Les Reports De Sir Gefrey Palmer, Chevalier & Baronet; Attorney General A Son Tres Excellent Majesty le Roy Chales Le Second.
097734: PALMER WILLIAM [ TRIAL ] - The Queen V. Palmer verbatim report of the trial of william Palmer
010859: PALMER ALFRED NEOBARD - History of the Thirteen Country Townships of the Old Parish of Wrexham, and of the Townships of Burras, Biffri, Erlas and Erddig. Being the fifth and last part of ''A History of the Town and Parish of Wrexham''.
095737: PAMPLIN WILLAIM - A Botanical Tour in the Highlands of Perthshire
008220: PANAS PHOTINOS - Lecons Sur Les Retinites
099737: PANOFSKY ERWIN - Miscellanea
099606: PANOFSKY ERWIN - The Iconography of Correggio's Camera Di San Paolo
098966: PAPWORTH JOHN W. & MORANT ALFRED W. - An Alphabetical Dictionary of Coats of Arms Belonging to Families in Great Britain and Ireland; Forming an Extensive Ordinary of British Armorials; upon an entirely new plan. Edited from page 696 by Alfred W. Morant.[Rev. Sir Henry L. L. Denny. His Copy]
099801: PARENT PAUL - L'architecture civile à Lille au XVIIe siècle. Edition décorée par Omer Bouchery.
099558: PARFIT CLIFF - Exlibris Japan an Introductory Handbook to the Bookplates of Japan
096322: PARISSIEN STEVEN - Regency Style (Life Style)
010431: PARK MUNGO - Life and Travels of Mungo Park [ 5 Works Bound in 1 Volume ]
098265: PARKER ELIZABETH C. [ EDITED BY ] - The Cloisters: Studies in Honor of the Fiftieth Anniversary
099656: PARKER K. T. - Catalogue of the Collection of Drawings in the Ashmolean Museum [ Volume 2. Italian School ]
096167: PARKER, ROBERT; PARKER, ROBERT - Polytheism and Society at Athens
099808: PARKER J. - Thermo-Dynamics Treated with Elementary Mathematics
099108: PARKER JOHN - The Platonic Solids and Some Others
097938: PARKER ROWLAND - Cottage on the Green
097914: PARKER MRS K. LANGLOH [ INTRODUCTION BY ANDREW LANG ] - Australian Legendary Tales. Folk-Lore of the Noongahburrahs as told to the Piccaninnies. Collected by Mrs. K. Langloh Parker. With an Introduction by Andrew Lang
099857: PARKES M. B. - English Cursive Book Hands 1250-1500
095724: PARKINSON RICHARD - The English Practice Of Agriculture: Exemplified In The Management Of A Farm In Ireland, Belonging To The Earl Of Conyngham, At Slane, In The County Of Meath : With An Appendix
099845: PARSONS ROBERT - Parsons his Christian directory, being a treatise of Holy Resolution : in two Parts
098914: PARTINGTON J. R. & PARKER L. H. - The Nitrogen Industry
096449: PASCAL BLAISE - Les Provinciales : ou, Lettres ecrites par Louis de Montalte a un provincial de ses amis et aux RR. PP. Jesuites sur le sujet de la morale et de la politique de ces Pe`res
099511: PASCALL ATKEY & SON, LTD - Yacht, Launch, and Boat Fittings. Pascall Atkey & Son, Ltd. Cowes, Catalogue.
004982: PASCOE CHARLES EYRE - London of To-day an Illustrated Handbook for the Season 1890
097731: PATERSON ALEXANDER - Across the Bridges or Life By the South London River Side
009456: PATERSON ALEXANDER - Memories of Monquhitter or Reminiscences of the Early Forties
099464: PATRICK REVOL - Influences de la musique indonésienne sur la musique française du XXème siècle (Collection Univers musical)
098330: PAUL WREGLESWORTH; NEIL RICHARDSON - The Pubs and Breweries of Macclesfield
009571: PAUL WILLIAM - The Rose Garden. In two Divisions. 1. Embracing the history of the rose, the formation of the rosarium . 2. Containing an arrangement, in natural groups, of the most esteemed varieties of roses recognised and cultivated.
010626: PAUL BUSHKOVITCH - Peter the Great: The Struggle for Power, 1671-1725 (New Studies in European History)
097394: PEACOCK THOMAS LOVE [ EDITED BY RICHARD GARNETT ] - The Works [ Complete in 10 Volumes ]
010296: PEAKE MERVYN - Rhymes Without Reason
009262: PEARSON JOHN - Critici sacri : sive clarissimorum virorum in sacro-sancta utriusque foederis Biblia, doctissimae annotationes atque tractatus theologico-philologici...e` ix in vii tomos Redactum ( 7 Volumes, Without the Supplement )
009300: PEARY ROBERT E. - The North Pole with an Introduction By Theodore Roosevelt
097933: PEDERSEN KATHERINE VESTERGARD & NOSCH MARIE-LOUISE B. [ EDITED BY ] - The Medieval Broadcloth Changing Trends in Fashions, Manufacturing and Consumption
008898: PEEK HEDLEY & AFLALO F. G. - The Encyclopaedia of Sport Edited By the Earl of Suffolk and Berkshire
097509: PEEL LAWRENCE SIR - A Sketch of the Life and Character of Sir Robert Peel
096134: PENNANT THOMAS - A Tour from Downing to Alston Moor [ Bound with ] a Tour from Alston-Moor to Harrowgate and Brimham Crags
095943: PENNIE JOHN FITZGERALD - The Royal Minstrel; Or, The Witcheries of Endor, An Epic Poem, In Eleven Books
096360: PERCIVAL ROBERT - An Account of the Island of Ceylon,: containing its History, Geography, Natural History, with the Manners and Customs of its various Inhabitants; to which is added, The Journal of an Embassy to the Court of Candy.
098441: PERCY ANDREW - From Dublin to Queenstown Via Liverpool, Quebec and Chicago
098222: PEREZ, JIZCHOK-LEIB - Gleichnisse
099906: PERINI GIOVANNA - Il Luogo Ed Il Ruolo Della Citta DI Bologna Tra Europa Continentale e Mediterranea
010359: PERRAULT CLAUDE. - Abrege des dix livres d'architecture de Vitruve
096025: PETER HARBISON - The Golden Age of Irish Art: The Medieval Achievement 600-1200: Medieval Achievements, 600-1200
097281: PETER THORNTON - The Italian Renaissance Interior, 1400-1600
099731: F. E. PETERS - Judaism, Christianity, and Islam: The Classical Texts and Their Interpretation
096039: PETRARACHA FRANCESCO - Chronica delle vite de pontefici et imperatori Romani / composta per M. Francesco Petrarcha allaquale sono state aggiu[n]te q[ue]lle che da tempi del Petrarcha insino al la eta nostra mancauano.
009550: PETRARACHA FRANCESCO - Il Petrarcha Colla Spositione Di Misser Giovanni Andrea Gesvaldo.
095671: PETRARACHA FRANCESCO - Chronica delle vite de pontefici et imperatori romani composta per M. Francesco Petrarcha allaquale sono state aggiunte quelle che da tempi del Petrarcha insino alla eta nostra mancauano.
099330: PETULENGRO GIPSY - A Romany Life
010546: PEVSNER NIKOLAUS - Academies of Art Past and Present
002513: PEYTON JOHN LEWIS - The American Crisis; or, Pages from the Note Book of a State Agent During the Civil War ( Complete in 2 Volumes )
010368: PFEFFEL. M. - Nouvel abrégé chronologique de l'Histoire et du Droit Public d'Allemagne [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
010703: PFEIFFER EMILY - Gerard's Monument; and Other Poems
010180: PHAEDRUS - Phaedri, Augusti liberti, Fabularum Aesopiarum libri quinque ex recensione Petri Burmanni.
096091: PHELPS REV WILLIAM - Calendarium Botanicum, or a Botanical Calendar: Exhibiting, at one view, the Generic and Specific Name, the Class, Order, and Habitat of all the British Plants, from the Class Monandria Monogynia, to Polygamia Dioecia, inclusive.
099652: PHILIP M. VAN PRAAG - Evolution of the Audio Recorder
010716: PHILIP, CARTIER DE SAINT - Melange Curieux et Interessant Ou Le Je Ne Sai Quoi [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
098995: PHILIP ALEX J. [ EDITED BY ] - Hampstead Then and Now an Historical Topography with a Foreword from A. P. Johnson
096964: PHILIPS GEORGE & SON - Philips' New Map of London. [ Linen Backed ]
098930: PHILIPS AMBROSE - The Tragedies . The Distrest Mother. The Briton. Humfrey Duke of Gloucester
098717: PHILLIPPS (SIR THOMAS) - Visitatio Heraldica Comitatus Wiltoniae, A.D. 1623..., Typis Medio-Montanis, Excudit Eduinus Offer, 1828,
095974: PHILLIPS SAMUEL - The Portrait Gallery of the Crystal Palace ( Bound with a Hand-Book to the Courts of Modern Sculpture )
097741: PHIPPS CAPTAIN [ AND OTHERS ] - A Collection of Voyages [ North Pole. Pelew Islands. Botany Bay ]
098558: PHYLLIS COHEN ALBERT - Modernization of French Jewry: Consistory and Community in the Nineteenth Century
098589: PICABIA, FRANCIS AND BEVERLEY CALTE, ARNAULD PIERRE - Francis Picabia 1999-2000 [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
097566: PICASSO PABLO & SALMON ANDRE - Le manuscrit trouvé dans un chapeau. Orné de dessins à la plume par Pablo Picasso.
096510: PICKERING THOMAS ALLOM GEORGE & ROSE T. - Westmorland, Cumberland, Durham, and Northumberland, Illustrated. From Original Drawings of Thomas Allom George Pickering, &c. with Descriptions by T. Rose.
010412: PICQUOT A. - The General Gazetteer; Or, Compendious Geographical Dictionary, In Miniature. Containing a Description of the Empires, States, Provinces, Cities, Towns, Ports, Seas, Harbors, Rivers, Mountains, Lakes & c. In The Known World.Abridged from Brookes
099433: PIERRE ALBERT-BIROT - SIC N°1 à 54, 1916-1919
097511: PIGNORIUS L. - Characteres Aegyptii, hoc est, sacrorum, quibus aegyptii utuntur, simulachorum accurata delineatio et explicatio, qua antiquissimarum superstitionum origines, progressiones, ritusque, ad Barbaram, Graecam & Romanam historiam illustrandam, enarrantur,.
097462: PIGOT AND CO'S [ PUBLISHERS ] - Pigot and Co.'s national London and provincial commercial directory for 1832-3-4 : comprising ... the merchants, manufacturers, and traders of the Metropolis .
099067: PIGOTT CHARLES - The Female Jockey Club or, a Sketch of the Manners of the Age
097587: PILES (ROGER DE) - The Art of Painting, and with the Lives of the Painters: Containing, a Compleat Treatise of Painting, Designing, and the use of Prints..., Being the Newest, and most perfect Work. [ Bound with the Lives of the Most Eminent Modern Painters ]
096914: PILGRIM TRUST - The Pilgrim Trust Annual Report Volumes 15-38 [ 24 Volumes in All ]
096563: PIRON ALEXIS [ WORKS ] - Oeuvres Complettes D'alexis Piron, Publiees Par M. Rigoley De Juvigny [ Complete in 7 Volumes ]
098975: PITCHFORD W. WATKINS [ INTRODUCTION BY ] - The Shropshire Hearth Tax Roll of 1672: Being a List of the Householders in the County
097632: PITT ROBERT - The Craft and Frauds of Physick Expos'd. The very low Prices of the best Medicins Discover'd. The Costly Medicines, now in greatest Esteem, such as Bezoar, Pearl, &c. As also the Distill'd Waters, Censur'd. And the too frequent Use of Physic prov'd
097680: PITTIS WILLIAM - Some Memoirs of the Life of John Radcliffe, M.D. Interspersed with several original letters: his two speeches in Parliament, and a true copy of his last will and testament. The second edition.
098552: PIXLEY FRANCIS W. - The Accountant's Dictionary a Comprehensive Encycopaedia and Direction on All Matters Connected with the Work of an Accountant [ Complete in 2 Volumes. Leather Bound ]
097726: PLARR VICTOR - The Collected Poems of Victor Plarr [ Edited with Introduction and Notes By Ian Fletcher ]
097611: PLATINA BATTISTA - Le Vite dei Sommi Pontefici, dal Salvator Nostro sino a Paolo II. Accresciute con quelle de Papi Moderni da Sisto Quarto fino ad Alessandro VII regnante. [ Bound with La Cronologia Ecclesiastica ]
010378: PLATO - La Republique de Platon; ou du juste, et de l'injuste. Traduit, par Mr. de La Pillonniere..
010587: PLATT COLIN - The Great Rebuildings Of Tudor And Stuart England: Revolutions In Architectural Taste
096505: PLAUTUS TITUS MACCIUS - M. Acci Plauti Comoedia : Superstites XX
010492: PLEYNET MARCELIN - Robert Motherwell
010234: PLINY THE YOUNGER - C. Plinii Cæcilii Secundi epistolarum libri X. panegyricus. Accedunt variantes lectiones.
009556: PLINY THE YOUNGER - Epistolarum libri X. Eiusdem Panegyricus Traiano Dictus.
010352: PLOSS HERMAN HEINRICH & MAX & PAUL BARTELS - Woman: An Historical, Gynaecological, and Anthropological Compendium. [ Complete in 3 Volumes ]
099257: PLOUVIER MARTINE & HEROLD MICHEL - Laon Ville Haute Aisne
095617: POCOCKE EDWARD - A Commentary on the Prophecy of Joel.
010800: PODMORE WILL - British Foreign Polocy Since 1870
010801: PODMORE WILL - Reg Birch Engineer, Trade Unionist, Communist
010457: POEMS - Poems of To-Day: An Anthology [ Bound with the Second Series ]
010745: POESCHEL ERWIN - Die Kunstdenkmaler Des Kantons Graubunden [ 7 Volumes ]
099536: POETRY - Poetry and Prose from Kettering and Parts of the County of Northamptonshire
010537: POLIAKOV LEON - The History of Anti-Semitism [ Complete in 3 Volumes ]
097512: POLLARD HUGH B. C. - Game Birds Rearing, Preservation and Shooting
004608: POLLARD JOSEPHINE - Plays and Games for Little Folks
099924: POLLEN JOHN HUNGERFORD MRS - Seven Centuries of Lace
099892: POMEROY LAURENCE [ COMMENTARY BY ] - Historic Racing Cars 1907-60
010112: PONCE DE SANCTACRUZ (ANTONIO) - De Impedimentis magnorum auxiliorum in morborum Curatione
095707: PONTEY WILLIAM - The Rotten Reviewers; or, a dressing for the morbid branches of the Anti-Jacobin and Critical Reviews: being an exposition of the ... modesty ... of certain writers in these reviews; as exemplified in their remarks on the Forest Pruner.
096828: PONTEY WILLIAM - The Profitable Planter. A Treatise on the Theory and Practice of Planting Forest Trees, in Every Description of Soil and Situation; More particularly on Elevated Sites, Barren Heaths, Rocky Soils, &c. Including Directions for the Planting and Management
095672: PONTEY WILLIAM - The Forest Pruner or Timber Owners Assistant.
098084: POOL DAVID DE SOLA - The Kaddish Inaugural Dissertation Zur Erlangung Der Doktorwurde Der Homen Philosophischen Fakultat Der Ruprecht Karls Universitat Heidelberg
010696: POOLE E. P. - The Story of Byfield [ Northampton ]
005088: POOLE MICHAEL - Gwythen Clay Mystery
097539: POOR LAW - Report from His Majesty's Commissioners for Inquiring Into the Administration and Practical Operation of the Poor Laws
097540: POOR LAW - Report from His Majesty's Commissioners for Inquiring Into the Administration and Practical Operation of the Poor Laws
007053: POPE HENNESSY JOHN - Fra Angelico
099771: POPHAM A. E. - Correggio's Drawings
099648: POPOV KONSTANTIN I. [ AND OTHERS ] - Fundamental Aspects of Electrometallurgy
097543: PORTA, GIAMBATTISTA DELLA - De humana physiognomonia Joannis Baptistae portae neapolitani libri IIII; qui ab extimis, quae in hominum corporibus conspiciuntur signis, ita eorum naturas, mores et consilia demonstrant, ut intimos animi recessus penetrare Videantur
098271: PORTER ARTHUR KINGSLEY - The Construction of Lombard and Gothic Vaults
008832: PORTER SIR ROBERT KER - A Narrative of the Campaign in Russia During the Year 1812
098227: PORTER A. KINGSLEY - Spanish Romanesque Sculpture [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
099937: POSTAN, M. M. - Medieval Trade and Finance
099087: POTTER HENRY CODMAN - The Citizen in His Relation to the Industrial Situation
096471: POUND EZRA - Ezra Pound and Music
010698: POWELL LIEUT-COLONEL ARTHUR E. - The Mental Body
010679: POWELL C. F. FOWLER P. H. & PERKINS D. H. - The Study of Elementary Particles by the Photographic Method : an Account of the Principal Techniques and Discoveries, illustrated by an Atlas of Photomicrographs
095942: POWELL HERBERT - Lyrics of the White City
009219: POWYS T. F. - Kindness in a Corner
010473: PRADT M. DE - Histoire De L'ambassade Dans Le Grand Duche De Varsovie En 1812
099904: PRAGER LEONARD - Yiddish Culture in Britain: A Guide
098751: PRAKITNONTHAKAN CHATRI - The Philosophical Constructs of Wat Arun
099014: PRAWER JOSHUA & BEN-SHAMMAI HAGGAI [ EDITED BY ] - The History of Jerusalem: The Early Muslim Period (638-1099)
009414: PRAYER BOOK - The Booke of Common Prayer and Administration of the Sacraments and Other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church of England
002271: PRESTWICH JOHN - Prestwich's Respublica; or, a display of the honors, ceremonies, and ensigns of the Common-Wealth, under the Protectorship of Oliver Cromwell; together with the names, armorial bearings, flags and pennons of the different commanders of the English, Scotch
095857: PRÉVOST ANTOINE FRANÇOIS - Manuel Lexique, ou Dictionnaire Portatif des mots françois dont la signification n'est pas familière a tout le monde. Ouvrage fort utile à ceux qui ne sont pas versés dans les Langues anciennes et modernes, et dans toutes les connoissances.
099539: PRICE F. D. [ EDITED BY ] - The Wiggington Constables Book 1691-1836
010250: PRICE EDMUND E. - The science of self defence. A treatise on sparring and wrestling, including complete instructions in training and physical development. Also, several remarks upon, and a course prescribed for the reduction of corpulency.
003256: PRICKETT FREDERICK - The History and Antiquities of Highgate Middlesex
099331: PRICW G. WARD - In Morocco with the Legion [ The Beacon Library ]
097174: PRIDDEN REV W, - Australia, Its History and Present Condition; containing an account both of the bush and of the colonies, with their respective Inhabitants
099918: PRIESTLEY JOSEPH - Hartley's Theory of the Human Mind, on the Principle of the Association of Ideas; with Essays relating to the subject of it.
095870: PRINCE ALBERT - addresses delivered on different public occasions by his royal highness the Prince Albert
099439: PRINCE A. RAYNOR G. V. & EVANS D. S. - Phase Diagrams of Ternary Gold Alloys
099493: PRINZHORN HANS [ WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY JAMES L. FOY ] - Artistry of the Mentally Ill: A Contribution to the Psychology and Psychopathology of Configuration
097202: PRISONS - Reports of the Directors of Convict Prisons on the Discipline and Management of Pentonville, Parkhurst, and Millbank Prisons, and of Portland, Portsmouth, Dartmoor, and Brixton Prisons, and the Hulks, for the Year 1854
097606: PRITCHETT ROBERT TAYLOR - '' Gamle Norge '' Rambles and Scrambles in Norway
099054: PROCTER GEORGE - The Lucubrations of Humphrey Ravelin
099293: PRONTI DOMENICO - Nuova Raccolta Rappresentante I Costumi Religiosi Civili, E Militari Degli Antichi Egiziani, Etruschi, Greci, e Romani
010591: PROSKE BEATRICE GILMAN - Castilian Sculpture Gothic to Renaissance
096343: F.R.C.S. [PSEUD. CLARKE, BENJAMIN] - Glimpses of Ancient Hackney and Stoke Newington. Being a Reprint of a Series of Articles Appearing in the Hackney Mercury, from April 23rd, 1892, to November 25th, 1893.
099072: PUBLISHED BY IMPRIMERIE NATIONALE, PARIS, (1972) [ COMPLETE IN 2 VOLUMES ] - Commission Regionale D'Alsace, Haut-Rhin - Canton Guebwiller, Illustration,
097045: PUCKETT, NEWBELL NILES - Popular Beliefs and Superstitions a Compendium of American Folklore [ Complete in 3 Volumes ]
001976: PUFENDORF SAMUEL, FREIHERR VON, 1632-1694 - S. Pufendorfii De officio hominis & civis juxta legem naturalem libri duo. Selectis variorum notis, maximeq propriis illustravit, celeberrimi Buddei Historiam Juris naturalis notis adauctam præmisit, Indicemq; rerum subjunxit Tho. Johnson,
000389: PUGIN A. WELBY - Detaile of Ancient Timber Houses of the 15th & 16th Century
096348: PUGIN AUGUSTUS WELBY N. & AYLING STEPHEN - Specimens of the Architecture of Normandy, From the XIth to the XVIth Century, engraved by John and Henry Le Keux, with Historical and descriptive Notices by John Britton; New Edition, Edited by Richard Phené Spiers.
099174: PUGLISI CATHERINE R. - Francesco Albani
010075: PUPPI LIONELLO - The Villa Badoer at Fratta Polesine
010497: PUSHKIN ALEXANDER SERGUEIEVITCH - The Queen of Spades, and other stories by Alexander Sergueievitch Pushkin. With a biography. Translated from the Russian by Mrs. Sutherland Edwards
097049: PYKE E. J. - A Biographical Dictionary of Wax Modellers
097858: QUAIN JONES [ EDITED BY ] - The Muscles of the Human Body; in a series of plates, with references and physiological comments.
008851: QUATREFAGES DE A. - The Rambles of a Naturalist on the Coasts of France, Spain, and Sicily [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
010116: QUEKETT J. T. - Descriptive and illustrated catalogue of the histological series contained in the museum of the Royal College of Surgeons of England [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
099696: QUENIOUX GASTON - les arts decoratifs Modernes
008027: DE QUINCEY THOMAS - The Collected Writings ( Complete in 14 Volumes )
098267: QUINTAVALLE ARTURO CARLO - Medioevo La Chiesa e Il Palazzo
095624: QUINTILIANUS MARCUS FABIUS - Institutionum Oratoriarum Libri Duodecim. Bound with Oratoris Eloquentissimi Declamationes Undeuiginto.
099785: RABBINOWITZ THE REV JOSEPH - Mishnah Megillah
008880: RABEY, DAVID I. - David Rudkin : Sacred Disobedience: an Expository Study of His Drama, 1959-1994
096002: RACKHAM BERNARD - Catalogue of Italian Maiolica ( Complete in 2 Volumes )
096970: RADCLIFFE-SMITH ALAN - A Sedentary Job ? [ or Forty Years as a Botanist at Kew Gardens ]
010823: RADLEY CLIVE - Sonobuoy History from a UK Perspective RAE Farnborough's Role in Airborne Anti-Submarine Warfare
010821: RADLEY CLIVE - A History of GB Women's Competitive Rowing
098783: RAE W. FRASER - Austrian Health Resorts and the Bitter Waters of Hungary
010627: RAFFEL BURTON [ TRANSLATED BY ] - Complete Poetry of Osip Emilevich Mandelstam
098470: RAINSFORD W. S. - The Land of the Lion
095718: RAMAKRISHNA SRI - Ramakrishna Prophet of New India Abridged from the Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna Translated with an Introduction By Swami Nikhilananda
010793: RAMONS, ARTUR, ET AL. ; ESTEBAN LISA - Esteban Lisa: Retornos; Toledo, 1895 / Buenos Aires, 1983
098962: RANDOLPH VIGNE; CHARLES LITTLETON - From Strangers to Citizens: The Integration of Immigrant Communities in Britain, Ireland and Colonial America, 1550-1750
097598: RANKIN DANIEL J. - The Zambesi Basin and Nyassaland
099872: RANSONNET EUGENE DE [ THE BARON ] - Sketches of the inhabitants, animal life and vegetation in the lowlands and high mountains of Ceylon : as well as of the submarine scenery near the coast, taken in a diving Bell
098496: RAPHAEL FREDDY & WEYL ROBERT - Juifs en Alsace. Culture, société, histoire. Préface de Bernhard Blumenkranz. Postface de Jacques Schwartz
096789: RAPIN DE THOYRAS - The History of England Written in French By Mr Rapin De Thoyras Translated Into English with Additional Notes By N. Tindal. M. A. Vicar of Great Waltham in Essex
099779: RATHJENS CARL - Jewish Domestic Architecture in San'a, Yemen
099377: RAUCH NICOLAS - Nicolas Rauch [ Catalogues 1-7 ]
010834: RAUP HUGH M. - Botanical Investigations in Wood Buffalo Park [ Bulletin No 74 ]
097719: RAVEN RONALD WILLIAM - Episodes in My Life [ Limited to 100 Copies ]
095866: RAVILIOUS ERIC - The Complete Wedgwood Designs of Eric Ravilious
099470: RAYMOND HEAD - Catalogue of Paintings, drawings, engravings and Busts Catalogue in the collection of the Royal Asiatic Society
099175: READ DONALD - Press and People, 1790-1850: Opinion in Three English Cities (Modern Revivals in History)
099242: READ DONALD [ SIGNED COPY ] - The Power of the News. The History of Reuters 1849-1989. [ Leather Bound Copy ]
097433: READ W. W. - Annals of Cricket a Record of the Game Compiled from Authentic Sources, and My Own Experiences During the Last Twenty Three Years
098308: READE WINWOOD - The Martyrdom of Man
099024: RECHT ROLAND - Nicolas De Leyde et La Sculpture De Strasbourg - 1460-1525
097578: RECORD COMMISSION - Report of the Committee Appointed By the Order of the Board, Dated 30th June, 1832 to Inquire Into the Circumstances Connected with Mr. Bayley's Publication of the Calendar of the Proceedings in Chancery and His Charges for the Same
002055: RECUEIL - Recueil des meilleurs contes en Vers
098730: REDWOOD THEOPHILUS - Gray's Supplement to the Pharmacopoeia: Being a Concise But Comprehensive Dispensatory and Manual of Facts and Formulae, for the Chemist and Druggist and Medical Practitioner
099836: REEDY WILLIAM T. - Basset Charters c. 1120 to 1250
098665: REES ABRAHAM - The Cyclopaedia or Universal Dictionary of Arts, Science, and Literature [ Plate Volume 4. Naviaation - Writing By Cipher. 184 plates ]
098666: REES ABRAHAM - The Cyclopaedia or Universal Dictionary of Arts, Science, and Literature Volume 3. Plates, Hydraulics- Naval Architecture ]
098662: REES ABRAHAM - The Cyclopaedia or Universal Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, and Literature [ Atlas Volume. 61 Maps ]
098664: REES ABRAHAM - The Cyclopaedia or Universal Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, and Literature [ Volume 2. Plates Basso Relievo - Horology. 225 plates ]
096092: RELHAN RICHARD - Flora Cantabrigiensis, Exhibens Plantas Agro Cantabrigiensi Indigenas. Secundum Systema Sexuale Digestas, Cum Characteribus Genericis, Diagnosi Secierum
098176: REMNANT G. L. - A Catalogue of Misericords in Great Britain
010467: RENAUD FRANK - Contributions Towards a History of the Ancient Parish of Prestbury in Cheshire
010571: RENNEBERG MONIKA [ EDITED BY ] - Science, Technology, and National Socialism:
009461: REPTON HUMPHRY - Odd Whims and Miscellanies ( 2 Volumes )
096094: RERESBY SIR JOHN - The travels and memoirs of Sir John Reresby, Bart. The former (now first published) exhibiting a view of the governments and society in the principal states and courts of Europe, during the time of Cromwell's usurpation; the latter containing anecdotes an
098163: REUTERSWARD PATRIK - The Visible and Invisible in Art: Essays in the History of Art
098239: REYNOLDS KATHERINE [ EDITED BY ] - Attila to Charlemagne: Arts of the Early Medieval Period in the Metropolitan Museum of Art
008959: REYNOLDS DONALD MARTIN EDITED BY - Remove Not the Ancient Landmark : Public Monuments and Moral Values
099630: REYNOLDS JAMES [ PUBLISHED BY ] - Reynolds Large Coloured Map of London and Its Suburbs with Visitors' Guide Street Directory Views Etc
010506: REYNOLDS JAMES [ PUBLISHER ] - Distance Map of London with the Recent Improvements
010505: REYNOLDS J. [ PUBLISHER ] - Map of London with the Latest Improvements
097908: REYNOLDS - Reynolds Map of London with Index of Streets
008951: REYNOLDS FRANCIS - A Dialogue in the Devonshire Dialect, (In Three Parts) By A Lady : to which is added a glossary, by J. F. Palmer
096632: RHIND, NEIL - Blackheath Village and Environs, 1790-1970: Wricklemarsh and the Cator Estate, Kidbrooke, Westcombe and St.Johns Park v. 2
005037: RHODE ISLAND - Acts and Laws Of His Majesty's Colony of Rhode-Island, and Providence-plantations, In New-England, In America.
096172: RICHARD ASHER - A sense of Asher: a new miscellany
097381: RICHARD MARKS - Stained Glass in England During the Middle Ages
099156: RICHARD KERN - XXX Models
099653: RICHARDS ANN - Weaving Textiles That Shape Themselves
099154: R. J. RICHARDSON & SONS LTD - Shot and sand blasting for all Trades
098796: RICHARDSON M. A. - A Collection of the Armorial Bearings and Monumental inscriptions, in the Church of Saint Nicholas, Newcastle on Tyne. [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
098291: RICHARDSON REV ALFRED - A Guide to Ballycastle and Neighbourhood
009230: RICHEMOND STEPHANE - Terres Cuites Orientalistes et Africanistes 1860-1940
009422: RICHERET. - An abridged account of the state of religion in China and Cochinchina : during the years 1806-7
004272: RICHTER GISELA M. A. - Catalogue of Greek Sculptures in the Metropolitan Museum of Art New York
008636: RICKETTS CHARLES - Unrecorded Histories
099822: RICKMAN PHILIP - A Selection of Bird Paintings and Sketches
099832: RIEGL ALOIS - Stilfragen. Grundlegungen zu einer Geschichte der Ornamentik. 2. Auflage.
097619: RIFLEMAN - Four Years on the Western Front. Being the Experiences of a Ranker in the London Rifle Brigade, 4th, 3rd, and 56th Divisions
096340: RIGBY EDWARD [ TRANSLATED BY ] - Italy Its Agriculture &c. From the French of Mons. Chateauvieux, Being Letters Written By Him in Italy, in the Years 1812 & 1813
010575: RINGELBLUM. EMMANUEL - Polish-Jewish Relations during the Second World War
099864: RIVOIRA G. T. - Lombardic Architecture Its Origin, Development and Derivatives [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
099041: ROBERT GREENE; THOMAS NASH; THOMAS DEKKER - Three Elizabethan Pamphlets (Select Biographies Reprint)
097819: ROBERT TITTLER - Architecture and Power: The Town Hall and the English Urban Community c.1500-1640
096026: ROBERTS, KENNETH D. - Some 19th Century English Woodworking Tools. Edge And Joiner Tools And Bit Braces
096830: ROBERTS CECIL - Twenty Six Poems
009544: ROBERTS J. - Druidical Remains and Antiquities of the Ancient Britons Principally in Glamorgan
099944: ROBERTS FIELD-MARSHALL EARL - Lord Roberts' Message to the Nation
097525: ROBERTS DAVID - The Holy Land [ Complete in 3 Volumes ] Limited Collector's Edition
096634: ROBERTS DAVID - The Holy Land [ Volume 3 Only, 40 Plates ]
096431: ROBERTSON WILLIAM - An Historical Disquisition concerning the Knowledge which the Ancients had of India: and the progress of trade with that country prior to the discovery of the passage to it by the Cape of Good Hope
098301: ROBIN WHALLEY - The Great Edwardian Gardens of Harold Peto: From the Archives of "Country Life" (Country Life)
009405: ROBINSON P. F. - Designs for Ornamental Villas in Ninety Six Plates
098967: ROBINSON JOHN - The Attwood Family with Historic Notes & Pedigrees
009294: ROBINSON W. HEATH - Humours of Golf
004457: ROBINSON WILLIAM - The History and Antiquities of the Parish of Tottenham ( Two Volumes Bound in One )
009493: ROBINSON W. - The History and Antiquities of Enfield in the County of Middlesex
098934: ROBINSON W. HEATH - Bill the Minder [ Limited Edition. Leather Bound ]
005022: ROCHON ALEXIS MARIE DE - A voyage to Madagascar, and the East Indies : By the Abbe Rochon, Member of the Academies of Sciences of Paris and Petersburgh, Astronomer of the Marine, Keeper of the King's Philosophical Cabinet, Inspector of Machines, Money, &c. Translated from French
097909: RODENBERG JULIUS - A Pilgrimage Through Ireland or the Island of the Saints
098031: RODENBERG JULIUS - The Island of the Saints a Pilgrimage Through Ireland
010814: RODWELL WARWICK - The Archaeology of Wells Cathedral: Excavations and Structural Studies 1978 - 1993; [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
010206: ROESDAHL ELSE - Viking Age Denmark [ a Colonnade Book ]
099229: ROGER J.P. KAIN; WILLIAM RAVENHILL - Historical Atlas of South-West England
095918: ROGERS ANDREW - The Feadship Story Experience Counts
096198: ROGERS PETER - The Book of Hayling Island and Langstone
097812: ROLLASON DAVID [ EDITED BY ] - Anglo-Norman Durham, 1093-1193
099366: RONALD LANCASTER - Fireworks, Principles and Practice, 3rd Edition
010440: RONALD JAMES - Landmarks of Old Stirling [ Inscribed Copy ]
008414: RONCAGLIA CONSTANTINO - De Opinione Probabili Rectoque Illius Usu
097305: ROOTS GEORGE - The Charters of the Town of Kingston Upon Thames, Translated Into English with Occasional Notes
099059: ROQUEFORT J. B. B. - Glossaire de la Langue Romane, Redige d'apres les Manuscripts de la Bibliotheque Imperiale.Coutenant l'etymologie et la significantion des mots usites dans les XI, XII, XII, XIV, XV, et XVIe precede d'un Discours sur l' la Langue Fran
010016: ROSCOE WILLIAM - The Life and Pontificate of Leo the Tenth [ Complete Set in 4 Volumes ]
010330: ROSE, HEINRICH - Traité pratique d'analyse chimique, suivi de tables, servant, dans les Analyses
099051: ROSE JOHN BENSON - Fables of John Gay [ Somewhat Altered ] Affectionately Presented to Margaret Rose
002412: ROSE HENRY - A Manual of Analytical Chemistry
099016: ROSEN-AYALON MYRIAM - Studies in Memory of Gaston Wiet
098263: ROSENTHAL ERWIN I. J. - Studia Semitica [ Volume 1. Jewish Themes. Volume 2 Islamic Themes ]
099654: ROSS J. B. [ PLANNING OFFICER ] - Alnwick Town Centre an Environmental Study [ Part Two ]
010020: ROSS-LARSON BRUCE - The Politics of Federalism Syed Kechik in East Malaysia
096081: ROSS JAMES - The Graft Theory of Disease Being an Application of Mr Darwin's Hypothesis of Pangenesis to the Explanation of the Phenomena of the Zymotic Diseases
008026: ROSS MACDONALD (PSEUDONYM OF KENNETH MILLAR). - Lew Archer Private Investigator
096128: ROSSETTI DANTE GABRIEL - Hand and Soul
010057: ROSSI FRANCESCO - Bergamo, l'altra Venezia: Il Rinascimento negli anni di Lorenzo Lotto, 1510-1530
099163: ROSTON MURRAY - Renaissance Perspectives in Literature and the Visual Arts (Princeton Legacy Library)
010569: ROTH CECIL - A Short History of the Jewish People Illustrated Edition. Revised and Enlarged. [ Limited Signed Edition ]
010455: ROTH H. LING - Oriental Silverwork Malay and Chinese. With Over 250 Original illustrations. A Handbook for Connoisseurs, Collectors, Students and Silversmiths
098148: ROTH CECIL - The Great Synagogue London 1690-1940
010746: ROTHENHUSLER ERWIN - Die Kunstdenkmaler Des Kantons St. Gallen [ 5 Volumes ]
099890: ROTHFARB LEE A. [ EDITED AND TRANSLATED BY ] - Ernst Kurth: Selected Writings (Cambridge Studies in Music Theory and Analysis)
099513: ROTONDI PASQUALE - The Ducal palace of Urbino, its architecture and decoration. Il Palazzo Ducale di Urbino. La sua architettura e la sua decorazione.
002016: LE ROUGE, GEORGE LOUIS - Les Curiositez de Paris, de Versailles, De Marly, De Vincennes, De Saint Cloud, et Des Environs. Avec les antiquitez justes & précises sur chaque sujet. ( Complete in 2 Volumes )
098495: ROUHANA NADIM N. - Palestinian Citizens in an Ethnic Jewish State: Identities in Conflict
097426: ROUNDHAY PARK - Roundhay Park Estate Auction Catalogue 1876 [ Nice Plan and View ]
099254: J-P ROUX - Etudes D'Iconographie Islamique. Quelques Objets Numineux Des Turcs Et Des Mongols (Cahiers Turcica)
099581: ROWELL GEOFFREY - Hell and the Victorians: A Study of the Nineteenth-Century Theological Controversies concerning Eternal Punishment and the Future Life (Oxford Scholarly Classics)
002359: ROWLANDS HENRY - Mona Antiqua Restaurata . An Archaeological Discourse on the Antiquities Natural and Historical of the Isle of Anglesey , the Antient Seat of the British Druids
097538: ROWLANDSON, G. D. ? - Baby's Animal Book Large Coloured Pages of Favourite Animals
095702: ROWLANDSON THOMAS - The Beauties of Tom Brown Consisting of Humorous Pieces, in Prose and Verse Selected from the Works of That Satirical and Lively Writer. To Which is Prefixed a Life of the Author. By the Late Charles Henry Wilson
010532: ROYAL ENGINEERS - Map of the Island of Malta. Prepared in the Royal Engineers Office
096485: ROYAL GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY [ PUBLISHERS ] - Map of Eastern Turkey in Asia, Syria and Western Persia
097773: ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MONUMENTS - An Inventory of Nonconformist Chapels and Meeting Houses in South-west England
099717: RUBINSTEIN NICOLAI [ EDITED BY ] - Florentine Studies; Politics and Society in Renaissance Florence
098001: RUCELLAI GIOVANNI [ COMPLETE IN 2 VOLUMES ] - Il Zibaldone Quaresimale. a Florentine Patrician and His Palace
097175: RUDD JOHN - Resonating Reflex - A Critical Investigation of the Physical and Physiological Bases of Dowsing, Exploring the Potentialities of Angle Rods, With Detailed Instructions for Some Novel Practical Applications
008263: RUDDER SAMUEL - A new history of Gloucestershire Comprising the topography, antiquities, curiosities, produce, trade, and manufactures of that county; descriptions of the principal seats; descent of the manors; genealogies of families, with their arms, Monumental Etc,
009478: RUDDER SAMUEL - A New History of Gloucestershire. Comprising the Topography, Antiquities, Curiosities, Produce, Trade, and Manufactures of That County
097471: RUDOLF WITTKOWER - Studies in the Italian Baroque
098232: RUDOLPH CONRAD - The Things of Greater Importance: Bernard of Clairvaux's Apologia and the Mediaeval Attitude Toward Art
098921: RUPPIN DR ARTHUR - The Agricultural Colonisation of the Zionist Organisation in Palestine
010131: RUSH RICHARD - Narrative of a Residence at the Court of London
002577: RUSHWORTH JOHN - Historical Collections of Private Passages of State, Weighty Matters in Law, Remarkable Proceedings in Five Parliaments
096956: RUSKIN JOHN - The Art of England. Lectures Given in Oxford
096727: RUSKIN JOHN - Praeterita. Outlines of Scenes and Thoughts Perhaps Worthy of Memory in My Past Life
096506: RUSKIN JOHN [ 11 VOLUMES. VELLUM BINDINGS ] - Sesame and Lilies .
096507: RUSKIN JOHN - Modern Painters [ Complete in 6 Large Volumes ]
097273: RUSSELL BERTRAND - German Social Democracy Six Lectures. With an Appendix on Social Democracy and the Woman Question in Germany
097332: RUSSELL JOHN, [ LORD ] - Essays, and sketches of life and character. By a gentleman who has left his lodgings.
097894: RUSSELL T. O. - Beauties and Antiqities of Ireland
097181: RYAN WILLIAM BURKE - Infanticide Its Law, Prevalence, Prevention, and History
010658: RYFA JURAS T. [ EDITED BY ] - Collected Essays in Honor of the Bicentennial of Alexander Pushkin's Birth (Slavic Studies, 4)
097458: SABELLICO MARCO ANTONIO - Dell'historia venitiana di Marco Antonio Sabellico libri XXXIII
099280: SABRETACHE - Hunting the Fox
010563: SACKS JONATHAN [ EDITED BY ] - Tradition and Transition: Essays Presented to Chief Rabbi Sir Immanuel Jakobovits to Celebrate Twenty Years in Office
010042: SADIE STANLEY [ EDITED BY ] - The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians [ Complete Set. 20 Volumes ]
098719: SAINT-MARTIN M. DE - Histoire Du Bas-Empire Par Lebeau [ Complete Set 21 Volumes ]
008199: SAINT YVES CHARLES DE - Nuovo trattato delle malattie degli occhi Seconda edizione accresciuta d'un particolare Trattato dell'Anatomia del dottor Colombier
096022: SAINTE MAURE CHARLES - Nouveau voyage de Grece, d'Egypte, de Palestine, d'Italie, de Suisse, d'Alsace, et des Pais-Bas : Fait en 1721, 1722, & 1723.
010172: SALLUSTIUS CRISPUS GAIUS - C. Crispus Sallustius et L. Annæus Florus
096979: SALTER WILLIAM MACKINTIRE - Nietzsche the Thinker a Study
099672: SALTER H. E. REV - Survey of Oxford [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
098879: SALZMAN MARCUS - The Chronicle of Ahimaaz [ Columbia University Oriental Studies Vol XVIII ]
098504: SAMPAOLESI PIERO - La Chiesa Di S. Sofia a Costantnopoli
010812: SAMUEL, RAPHAEL - East End Underworld: Chapters in the Life of Arthur Harding (History Workshop Series)
007078: SAMUELSON JAMES - Bulgaria Past and Present Historical, Political, Descriptive
010047: SANDER AUGUST - Menschen Des 20. Jahrhunderts. [ People of the 20th Century ] [ Complete Set in 7 Volumes ]
096741: SANDERS VALERIE - Records of Girlhood: An Anthology of Nineteenth-Century Women's Childhoods (Nineteenth Century Series (Ashgate))
097246: SANDERUS ANTONIUS - Flandria illustrata : sive descriptio comitatus istius per totum terrarum orbem celeberrimi, iii tomis absoluta ab Antonio Sanderno ...
099722: SANDOZ MARC - Theodore Chasseriau 1819-1856 Catalogue Raisonne Des Peinture et Estampes
097903: SANDRED KAQRL INGE - The Place-Names of Norfolk [ Complete in 3 Volumes ]
099295: SANNAZARIUS JACOBUS - Poemata Ex antiquis editionibus accuratissime descripta. Accessit ejusdem vita, Jo. Antonio Vulpio auctore, item Gabrielis Altilii et Honorati Fascitelli. Carmina nonnulla.
010634: SANNE SANNES - Sanne Sannes : Copyright / Archief
099317: SANSOVINO FRANCESCO - Cronologia del Mondo Di M. Francesco Sansouino Divisa in Tre Libri. Nel Primo De'quali S'abbraccia, Tutto Quelloch'd Auuenuto Cosi in Tempo Di Pace Come Di Guerra Fino All' Anno Presente
099465: SANTOLI CARLO - Le théâtre français de Gabrielle d'Annunzio et l'art décoratif de Léon Bakst : La mise en scène du Martyre de saint Sébastien, de La Pisanelle et de Phèdre à travers Cabiria
097565: SARAH LUCAS - Sarah Lucas: A Catalog Raisonne
099337: SARHANGI REZA & BARRALLO JAVIER [ EDITED BY ] - Bridges Donostia: Mathematical Connections in Art, Music and Science
009013: SARRATT J. H. - A Treatise on the Game of Chess Containing a Regular System of Attack and Defence Also Numerous Rules and Examples Teaching the Most Approved Method of Playing Pawns at the End of Game
008938: SASSONIA LANDOLFO DI - Vita di Giesu Christo Nostro redentore Scritta da Landolfo di Sassonia Dell' Ordine Certosino. Et nuouo tradotta do M. Francesco Sansovino
096475: SAUNDERS WILLIAM - A Treatise on the Structure, Economy, and Diseases of the Liver: Together with an Inquiry into the Properties and Component Parts of the Bile and Bilary Concretions.
096177: SAUNDERS WILLIAM - A Treatise on the Structure, Economy, and Diseases of the Liver: Together with an Inquiry into the Properties and Component Parts of the Bile and Bilary Concretions.
009462: SAUVAGET, JEAN - Introduction to the History of the Muslim East : A Bibliographical Guide
099706: SAVORY H. S. - Geometric Turning: Comprising a Description of the New Geometric Chuck Constructed By Mr. Plant, of Birminham
009568: SCARAMELLI, GIOVANNI BATTISTA - Directorium mysticum, sive Norma dirigendi animas ad perfectionem Christianam per vias contemplationis extraordinarias. In lat. conversa.
010583: SCHAPIRO MEYER - Romanesque Architectural Sculpture: The Charles Eliot Norton Lectures
010229: SCHIELE EGON - Egon Schiele 1890-1918. Oils, Watercolours, Drawings and Graphic Works
009002: SCHILLER FRIEDRICH ( JOHN HERMAN MERIVALE ) - The Minor Poems of Schiller of the Second and Third Periods with a Few of Those of Earlier Date
098695: SCHILLER FRIEDRICH - Schillers sämmtliche Werke [ Complete Set. 12 Volumes ]
099811: SCHMID PETER - Regensburg: Stadt der Könige und Herzöge im Mittelalter (Regensburger historische Forschungen) [ Band 6 ]
099735: SCHMITT OTTO - Form und Inhalt : Kunstgeschichtliche Studien
097125: J. A SCHMOLL - Rodin-Studien: Persönlichkeit, Werke, Wirkung, Bibliographie (Studien zur Kunst des neunzehnten Jahrhunderts)
009443: SCHOTTUS FRANCISCUS - Itinerari italiae rerumque romanarum libri tres
098472: SCHREINER OLIVER - Trooper Peter Halket of Mashonaland
006033: SCHREINER OLIVER - Stories, Dreams, and Allegories
097926: SCHROEDER HENRY - The Annals of Yorkshire from the Earliest Period to the Present Time [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
099948: SCHUBERT, URSULA & KURT - Jüdische Buchkunst (Buchkunst im Wandel der Zeiten)
009395: SCHUCHHARDT DR. C. - Schliemann's Excavations an Archaeological and Historical Study
008803: SCHWABE JOHANN JOACHIM - Allgemeine Historie der Reisen zu Wasser und zu Lande, oder Sammlung aller Reisebeschreibungen
009465: SCHWABE JOHANN JOACHIM - Allgemeine Historie Der Reisen Zu Wasser Und Lande Oder Sammlung Aller Reisebeschreibungen Welche Bis Itzo in Verschiedenen Sprachen, Etctera ( Volume 11 Japan )
098322: SCHWARZ RABBI JOESPH - A Descriptive Geography and Brief Historical Sketch of Palestine
098564: SCHWARZBAUM HAIM - Jewish Folklore Between East and West Collected Papers
099998: SCHWARZER MITCHELL - German Architectural Theory and the Search for Modern Identity
099003: SCHWITTERS KURT - Kurt Schwitters. Centre Georges Pompidou.
099466: SCHWITTERS, KURT, TZARA, TRISTAN, GOHR, - Kurt Schwitters: 'I is Style'
010439: SCOTLAND - Empire Exhibition Scotland 1938 [ Bellahouston Park, Glasgow ] [ Official Guide ]
009307: SCOTT SIR WALTER - The Poetical Works of Sir Walter Scott, Baronet.. Complete in 10 Volumes. Leather Bound
010494: SCOTT PETER - Sir Peter Scott at 80 a Retrospective [ Signed, Leather Bound Copy ]
096895: SCOTT G. P. W. - Tales and Traditions of Tenby
004146: SCOTT SIR WALTER - The Poetical Works of Sir Walter Scott Bart, Introduction Etc By J. G. Lockhart ( Complete in One Volume, 24 Steel Engraved Plates )
097662: SCOTT SIR WALTER - Waverley Novels [ 48 Volumes, Leather Bindings ]
097257: SCOTT SIR WALTER - Novels and Romances [ 7 Volumes, Complete ]
095789: SCOTT SIR WALTER - The Works of Sir Walter Scott ( Historical Romances. Novels and Tales. Novels and Romances. Poetical
097258: SCOTT SIR WALTER - Historical Romances [ Complete in 6 Volumes ]
096803: [SCRIPT BY VIC REID]. - Buildings in Jamaica
096975: SCULL N. & HEAP G. - A Map of Philadelphia and Parts Adjacent
010199: SCULLARD H. H. - Scipio Africanus: Soldier and Politician
098526: SEARS ELIZABETH [ EDITED BY ] - Reading Medieval Images: The Art Historian and the Object
097961: SEDDON RICHARD JOHN [ PRIME MINISTER OF NEW ZEALAND ] - Thomas H. Hamer [ Private Secretary to Seddon ]
099955: SEEBOHN HENRY - Coloured Figures of the Eggs of British Birds
098260: SEGAL J. B. - The Hebrew Passover from the Earliest Times to A.D. 70 [ London Oriental Series. Volume 12 ]
098098: SEGURADO JORGE - Francisco D'Ollanda. Da sua vida e obras. Arquitecto da Renascença ao serviço de D.João III, Pintor, Desenhor,Escritor, Humanista, «Fac-simile» da Carta a Miguel Ângelo - 1553 e dos seus tratados sobre Lisboa e Desenho -1571
009536: SELDEN JOHN - Tituli Honorum Autore Clarissimo & Eruditissimo Antiquario Joanne Seldeno Juxta editionem tertiam Londinensem anni 1672. cui accessisse dicuntur Seldeni emendationes & additamenta Latine vertit notasque addidit Simon Johannes Arnold.
096542: SELEEM, DR. RAMSES - Egyptian Book Of The Dead
010795: SELLINK MANFRED - Bruegel Par Le Detail
099667: SEMENOFF N. - Chemical Kinetics and Chain Reactions
010177: SENECA LUCIUS ANNAEUS - L. Annaei Senecae philosophi Opera omnia ex ult. I. Lipsii & I.F. Gronovii emendat. Et M. Annaei Senecae rhetoris quae exstant ex And. Schotti recens.
099686: SERVILIUS (JOANNES) - Geldrogallica Conjuratio in totius Belgicae clarissimam Civitatem Antwerpiam, duce Martino Rosheymio,
096479: SEVERINO MARCO AURELIO - Vipera pythia. Id est, de viperae natura, veneno, medicina, demonstrations, &c. experimenta nova.
096925: SEWELL ANNA - Black Beauty the Autobiography of a Horse
010049: SHADRINA I. [ EDITOR ] - Valentin Yudashkin. Albom
099052: SHADWELL THOMAS [ EDITED BY MONTAGUE SUMMERS ] - The Complete Works of Thomas Shadwell [ Limited to 90 Signed Sets ]
010592: SHAFER L. A. - The Cup Races Being a History in Pictures of Contests in the Winning and Defence of the America'a Cup
099303: SHAKESPEAR WILLIAM - The Plays of William Shakspeare [ Complete in 6 Volumes ]
010257: SHAKESPEAR WILLIAM - The Works of Mr William Shakespeare [ Volume 2 ]
099626: SHAKESPEARE WILLIAM - The Complete Works of William Shakespeare [ The Bijou Shakespeare ] [ Complete in 6 Volumes ]
097356: SHAKESPEARE WILLIAM - The Handy-Volume Shakspeare [ Complete in 13 Volumes ]
096257: SHAKESPEARE WILLIAM [ RUDOLF MELANDER HOLZAPFEL ] - Shakespeare's Secret a New & Correct Interpretation of Shakespeare's Sonnets, Which are Now for the First Time Fully Explained
097291: SHAKESPEARE WILLIAM - The Works of William Shakspere Dramatic and Poetical with an Account of His Life and Writings [ Knights Cabinet Edition. With Additional Notes ]. [ in 12 Volumes ]
097457: SHAKESPEARE WILLIAM - The poems and sonnets of Shakspere. With an introduction by Edward Dowden
096618: SHAKESPEARE WILLIAM - William Shakespeare [ Bindings ] [ 7 Volumes ]
099625: SHAKSPEARE WILLIAM - The Works of William Shakspeare with Life and Glossary [ Complete in 12 Volumes ]
098311: SHAKSPEARE WILLIAM [ BY THOMAS BOWDLER ] - The Family Shakspeare in Which Nothing is Added to the Original Text, But Those Words and Expressions are Omitted Which Cannot with Propriety be Read Aloud in a Family [ Complete in 8 Volumes ]
097207: SHAKSPEARE WILLIAM - The Plays of William Shakspeare, Accurately Printed From the Text of the Corrected Copies Left by the Late Georged Steevens, Esq., and Edmond Malone, Esq., With Mr. Malone?s Various Readings; A selection of Explanatory and Historical Notes,. [ 8 Volumes ]
099632: SHAKSPEARE WILLIAM - The Plays of William Shakspeare Accurately Printed from the Text of the Corrected Copy Left By the Late George Steevens, Esq. With a Series of Engravings from Original Designs of Henry Fuseli, Esq. R. A. Professor of Paintings. [ Complete in 10 Volumes ]
097255: SHAKSPERE WILLIAM - The Complete Concordance to Shakspere Being a Verbal Index to All the Passages in the Dramatic Works of the Poet [ New and Revised Edition By Mrs Cowden Clarke ]
098086: SHAMAILOV LIYA MIKDASH - Mountain Jews: Customs and Daily Life in the Caucasus
008899: SHARP GRANVILLE - Remarks Concerning the Encroachments on the River Thames Near Durham Yard Addressed to the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor the Worshipful the Aldermen and the Common Council of the City of London
000580: SHARP THOMAS - The Works of Thomas Sharp Late Archdeacon of Northumberland and Prebendary of Durham ( Complete in 6 Volumes )
096882: SHARP DENNIS [ EDITED BY ] - The Architectural Association 125th Anniversary. Special Commemorative Publication
097188: J. A. SHARPE - Crime and the Law in English Satirical Prints, 1600-1832 (The English satirical print, 1600-1832)
098655: SHARPE EDMUND - The Mouldings of the Six Periods of British Architecture from the Conquest to the Reformation
009063: SHAW BERNARD - The Works of Bernard Shaw ( Complete in 33 Volumes ) ( Limited Edition )
010307: SHAW WILLIAM - Memoir of the Rev. William Shaw : Late General Superintendent of the Wesleyan Missions in South-Eastern Africa
097393: SHAW WILLIAM - The Story of My Mission in South Eastern Africa: Comprising Some Account of the European Colonists; with Extended Notices of the Kaffir and Other Native Tribes
009234: SHAW ROS BYAM - Perfect English
010024: SHEPPARD, FRANCIS - THE TREASURY OF LONDON'S PAST: An Historical Account of the Museum of London and Its Predecessors, The Guildhall Museum and The London Museum.
098157: SHEPPARD JENNIFER M. - The Giffard Bible: Bodleian Library MS Laud Misc. 752
097573: SHERWOOD MRS [ MARY MARTHA ] - The Lady of the Manor [ Inscribed By Mrs Sherwood ]
096071: SHI LU - Shi Lu Painting & Calligraphy
009424: SHIELD WILLIAM - An Introduction to Harmony
099334: SHIRREFF EMILY - Intellectual Education, and Its Influence on the Character and Happiness of Women
097720: SHONE BRIAN - The Devil in Finchampstead
099501: SHORTER ALFRED H. [ EDITED BY RICHARD L. HILLS ] - Studies on the History of Papermaking in Britain
009382: SHOWER JOHN - A Funeral Sermon Occasion'd By the Sudden Death of the Reverend Mr. Nathanael Taylor Late Minister of the Gospel, in London
096490: SHROFF K. D. - Department of Agriculture Burma [ 24 Leaflets Bound in One Volume ]
099165: SHULAMITH BEHR - Expressionism Reassessed
010647: SICHER EFRAIM - Babel' in Context: A Study in Cultural Identity. Borderlines: Russian and East European-Jewish Studies.
010285: SICILIANOS DEMETRIOS - Old and New Athens
095788: SIGONIO CARLO & GOLTZ HUBERT - Fasti Consulares Ac Triumphi Acti a Romulo Rege Usque Ad Ti Caesarem & Bound with Fastos Magistatum et Triumphorum Romanorum
099619: SILVER ABBA HILLEL - History of Messianic Speculation in Israel from the First to the Seventeenth Centuries
003121: SIMES THOMAS - The military guide for young officers, containing a system of the art of war : parade, camp, field-duty, manoeuvres, standing and general orders, warrants, regulations, returns, tables, forms, extracts from military acts of parliament, for His Majesty's l
098906: SIMMONDS CHARLES - Alcohol Its Production, Properties, Chemistry, and Industrial Applications. With Chapters on Methyl Alcohol, Fusel Oil, and Spirituous Beverages
008014: SIMMONS DAN - Summer Sketches
008018: SIMMONS DAN - Children of the Night
099670: SIMMONS ELEANOR [ INTRODUCTION BY ] - Les Heures De Nuremberg
097936: SIMON ANDRE L. - Art of Good Living a Contribution to the Better Understanding of Food and Drink Together with a Gastronomic Vocabulary and a Wine Dictionary
000822: SIMPSON CHARLES - The Fields of Home
009331: SIMPSON SIDRACH - Reformations Preservation: Opened in a Sermon Preached at Westminster Before the Honourable House of Commons, at the Late Solemne Fast, July 26. 1643
096354: SINCLAIR SIR JOHN - Essays on Miscellaneous Subjects [ Observations on the Nature and Advantages of Statistical Inquiries with a Sketch of an Introduction to the Proposed Analysis Of Ithe Statistical Account of Scotland, Etcetera ]
096358: SINCLAIR SIR JOHN - The Code of Agriculture; Including Observations on Gardens, Orchards, Woods, and Plantations
008837: SINGER DR - General View of the Agriculture State of Property and Improvements in the County of Dumfries Drawn Up Under the Direction of the Board of Agriculture and at the Request of the Landholders of the County
098076: SINGER CHARLES, HOLMYARD E. J, HALL A. R. & WILLIAMS TREVOR I. - A History of Technology [ Complete in 8 Volumes, with Index ]
099747: SINGH KHUSHWANT & CLARKE JUDITH STEINAU [ EDITORS ] - Voices from Religions on Sustainable Development
096099: SKAIFE THOMAS - A key to civil architecture; or the universal British Builder, Etc, Etc.
096721: SKELTON JOSEPH - Engraved Illustrations of Antient Arms and Armour, From the Collection of Goodrich Court, Herefordshire; After the Drawings, and with the Descriptions of Sir Samuel Rush Meyrick
097335: SKELTON SIR JOHN - Charles First
010556: SLATER - Slater's (late Pigot & Co.) royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of [ Warwickshire ]
097772: T.R. SLATER & GERVASE ROSSER - The Church in the Medieval Town
010806: SLAVE TRADE - Fire Houses of Parliament . Irish Titthes Bill West Indies [ The Northampton Mercury 1834 ]
097971: SLEVOGT MAX - The Magic Flute. Marginal Sketches to Mozart's Manuscript
098213: SLOMANN VILHELM - Bicorporates Studies in Revivals and Migrations of Art Motifs [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
098828: SMART STEPHEN F. - Charles A. Gillig's Tours and Excursions in the British Isles: a Day, Week, or Month on Rail, Road, and Water
097944: SMITH ANDREW - Andrew Smith's Journal of His Expedition Into the Interior of South Africa 1834-1836
096637: SMITH JOHN CHALONER - British Mezzotinto Portraits: Being a Descriptive Catalogue of These Engravings from the Introduction of the Art to the Early Part of the Present Century : Arranged According to
098723: SMITH H. L. NORTON - A Collection of Armorials of the County of Orkney [ Limited to 200 Copies ]
098901: SMITH L. M. - Cluny in the Eleventh and Twelfth Centuries
099515: SMITH ARNOLD C. [ EDITED BY PHILIP P. ARGENTI ] - The Architecture of Chios Subsidiary Buildings, Implements and Crafts
010286: SMITH, J.RILEY- - Feudal Nobility and the Kingdom of Jerusalem, 1174-1277
099613: SMITH RONALD - Alkan : The Music:[ Volume 2]
010029: SMITH JOHN - A Catalogue Raisonne of the Works of the Most Eminent Dutch, Flemish, and French Painters [ Complete Set. Leather Bound ]
097907: C. SMITH [ PUBLISHER ] - London [ Map of the Country Twelve Miles Round London ]
010856: SMITH PETER - Houses of the Welsh Countryside: A Study in Historical Geography [ with 2 Letters Signed By Smith ]
097293: SMITH C. [ PUBLISHER ] - New Plan of London, Westminster and Southwark. 1837. [ an Alphabetical List of 350 Principal Streets with Reference to Their Situation ]
097187: SMITH JOHN THOMAS - The Cries of London: Exhibiting Several of the Itinerant Traders of Antient and Modern Times. Copied from Rare Engravings, or Drawn from Life
099582: SMITH JAMES HORATIO] - Horace in London, Consisting of Imitations of the First Two Books of the Odes of Horace. + Rejected Addresses, or the New Theatrum Poetarum
096331: SMITH C. - A New Map of the County of Essex Divided Into Hundreds and the Parliamentary Divisions
097699: J. J. SMITS [ PUBLISHED BY ] - Dictionnaire De L'academie Francoise, Revu, Corrige et Augmente Par L'academie Elle-meme [ Complete 2 Volumes ]
097497: SMYTH JAMES CARMICHAEL - The effect of the nitrous vapour, in preventing and destroying contagion: ascertained, from a variety of trials, made chiefly by surgeons of His Majesty's Navy, in prisons, hospitals, and on board of ships
002461: SMYTHE ROBERT - Historical Account of Charter House; Compiled from the Works of Hearne and Bearcroft, Harleian, Cottonian, and Private Mss. And from Other Authentic Sources
003195: SNAFFLES - More Bandobast
009239: SNODIN MICHAEL & STYLES JOHN - Design & the Decorative Arts Britain 1500-1900
010009: SNOW, PHILIP - Light and Flight: A Hebridean Wildlife and Landscape Sketchbook
010393: SOKOLOW NAHUM - Hibbath Zion (The Love for Zion). Stating the Principles and Activities of the Pre Herzl Palestinophile (Hovevey-Zion = Lovers of Zion) Movement in Religion Literature and Life About 1840 - 1897
010656: SOKOLOWSKA KATARZYNA - Conrad And Turgenev - Towards The Real
099810: SOLTESZ ELIZABETH - Flemish Calendar. Introductory Essay to the Facsimile Edition of Cod.Lat. 396 of the National Szechenyi Library Budapest.
097618: SOMERS LORD - The War History of the Sixth Tank Battalion
099640: SOMERVELL JOHN - After 90 Years the Evolution of K Shoes
095723: SOMERVILLE JOHN LORD - The System Followed During the Last Two Years By the Board of Agriculture Further Illustrated with Dissertations on the Growth and Produce of Sheep and Wool as Well Spanish as English, Also Observations Upon, and a New Plan for the Poor and Poor Laws
008814: SOMERVILLE ALEXANDER - The Whistler at the Plough; containing travels, statistics, and descriptions of scenery & agricultural customs in most parts of England: with letters from Ireland: also, "Free Trade and the League"; a biographical history
099830: SONDHEIMER JANET - Castle Adamant in Hampstead: A history of Westfield College 1882-1982
096699: SOOP HANS - Power and the Glory: Sculptures of the Warship "Wasa"
097689: SOPHOCLES - Sophoclis tragoediae septem. Una cum omnibus Graecis scholiis, & cum Latinis Ioach. Camerarii. Annotationes Henrici Stephani in Sophoclem & Euripidem, seorseum excusae, simul Prodeunt
099048: SOTERIOU ALEXANDRA - Gifts of Conquerors: Hand Papermaking in India
099122: SOTHEBY'S - The Ortiz Patino Estate Geneva
097591: SOUCHAL FRANCOIS - French Sculptors of the 17th and 18th Centuries [ the Reign of Louis XIV } [ 3 Volumes ]
099057: SOULE RICHARD - A dictionary of English synonymes and synonymous or parallel expressions, designed as a practical guide to aptness and variety of phraseology, by Richard Soule
099381: SOUTH ROBERT - Animadversions upon dr. Sherlock's book, entituled A vindication of the holy and ever-blessed Trinity, &c.
099286: SOUTHESK THE EARL OF - Saskatchewan and the Rocky Mountains. a Diary and Narrative of Travel, Sport, and Adventure, During a Journey through the Hudson's Bay Company's Territories, in 1859 and 1860
002451: SOUTHEY ROBERT - The Expedition of Orsua; and the Crimes of Aguirre
096369: SOUTHWARD JOHN - Modern Printing. A Treatise on the Principles and Practice of Typography and the Auxiliary Arts.
099707: SOWERBY ARTHUR DE CARLE - A Sportsman's Miscellany
010153: SPALDING CLUB - The Miscellany of the Spalding Club [ 5 Volumes ]
098286: SPARKS MAY - Inns and Taverns of Old Kilkenny
008064: SPARROW WALTER SHAW - Henry Alken ( Limited Edition )
008065: SPARROW WALTER SHAW - George Stubbs and Ben Marshall ( Limited Edition )
097749: SPECTATOR - Our Old Ally:'' or the Why and the Wherefore of the War
098767: SPEED JOHN - The history of Great Britaine under the conquests of ye Romans, Saxons, Danes and Normans. Their originals manners, habits, warres, coines, and seales, with the successions, lines, acts, and issues of the English Monarchs
001771: SPEILBERGEN JORIS VAN - The East and West Indian Mirror, Being an Account of Joris Van Speilbergen's Voyage Round the World (1614-1617)
010711: SPEKE JOHN HANNING - Journal of the Discovery of the Source of the Nile
009490: SPELMANNO HENRICO - Glossarium Archaiologicum: continens Latino-Barbara, peregrina, obsoleta, et novatae significationis Vocabula; quae post labefactatas a Gothis, Vandalisq;, res Europaeas in Ecclesiasticis, profanisq; Scriptoribus
010666: SPENSER EDMUND - The Faerie Queene. With an Exact Collation of the Two Original Editions, Published By Himself at London in Quarto; the Former Containing the First Three Books Printed in 1590, and the Latter the Six Books in 1596. [ 3 Volumes ]
010740: SPERLING HARRY & SIMON MAURICE [ TRANSLATED BY ] - The Zohar [ Complete in 5 Volumes ]
096745: SPICER ANDREW - Typical Men: The Representation of Masculinity in Popular British Cinema (Cinema and Society)
010516: SPIELMANN M. H. & JERROLD WALTER - Hugh Thomson His Art His Letters His Humour and His Charm [ with a Letter from Spielmann ]
009508: SPRAT THOMAS - A true account and declaration of the horrid conspiracy against the late King His Present Majesty and the government. As it was order'd to be published by His late Majesty
096372: SPROULE JOHN [ EDITED BY ] - The Irish Farmer's Journal, and Magazine of Rural and Domestic Economy
010686: SRI RAMAKRISHNA - The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna [ Translated Into English with an Introduction By Swami Nikhilananda ] [ Signed By Nikhilananda ]
098672: ST GEORGE, HENRY SI - The visitation of Somersetshire, 1623 : With additions from earlier visitation and continuations, by R. Mundy
010308: STACPOOLE H. DE VERE - In a Bonchurch Garden
097029: STALLARD J. H. - London Pauperism amongst Jews and Christians : An Inquiry into the Principles and Practice of Out-Door Relief in the Metropolis and the Result upon the Moral and Physical Condition of the Pauper Class
096912: STAM MART - Mart Stam Decumentation of His Work 1920-1965
008933: STANDING PERCY CROSS - Cricket of Today and Yesterday with Special Articles By Famous Cricketers Etc, ( Gift Inscription By Jack. N. Crawford )
010056: STANFIELD J. A. & SIMPSON GRACE - Central Gaulish Potters
099392: STANFORD [ PUBLISHED BY ] - A Map of the Countries Between Constantinople and Calcutta, Including Turkey in Asia, Persia, Afghanistan, and Turkestan
010411: STANFORD WILLIAM - A Sectional Map of the River Thames from Oxford to Richmond
096308: STANFORD EDWARD - Stanford's Map of 12 Miles Round London
010691: STANFORD [ PUBLISHED BY ] - Fieldpath Map of the Watford District, Prepared By the Watford Fieldpath Association
096482: STANFORD EDWARD [ PUBLISHER ] - Large Scale Map of the Nile from Dongola to Khartum [ Linen Backed Folding Map ]
096442: STANFORD EDWARD [ PUBLISHER ] - Plan Showing the Distribution of Churches & Chapels Within the City of London
010240: STANFORD [ PUBLISHED BY ] - General Post Office Circulation Map for England and Wales 1900
010804: STANLEY GIBBON CATALOGUE - Stamps of the World. Simplified Catalogue [ Complete Set in 5 Volumes ]
009416: STANLEY MONICA M. - My Diary in Serbia April 1, 1915- Nov. 1, 1915
009439: STANLEY THOMAS - The History of Philosophy
010594: STANLEY HENRY M. - Coomassie and Magdala the Story of Two British Campaigns in Africa
010648: STANTON REBECCA JANE - Isaac Babel and the Self-Invention of Odessan Modernism
009208: STAPLETON THOMAS - Principiorum Fidei Doctrinalium Demostratio Methodica Per Controversias Septem in Libris Duodecim Tradita, Etc.
005084: STARR CLAY ( CHARLES M. MARTIN ) - Double or Nothing
099713: STEADMAN DAVID W. - Abraham Van Diepenbeeck: 17th Century Flemish Painter (Studies in baroque art history)
099583: STEBBING W. P. D. - The Invader's Shore; Some Observations on the Physiography, Archaeology, History and Sociology of Deal and Walmer
099697: STEEDS W. - A History of Machine Tools 1700-1910.
010828: STEEL STRIKE - Investigation of Strike in Steel Industries Hearings Before the Committee on Education and Labor United States Senate [ 66th Congress. First Session in 2 Parts ]
098003: STEFFI ROETTGEN - Anton Raphael Mengs 1728-1779: And His British Patrons
010692: STEINBERG SAUL - Discovery of America
010417: STEINHARDT, E. TH. G. - Beiträge zur Naturkunde Preussens, hrsq. von der Physikalisch-Oekonomischen Gesellschaft zu Königsberg ; 3
099517: STEPHEN J. K. - Quo Musa Tendis
096472: STEPHENS JAMES - Letters
009388: STEPHENSON ROBERT ( INSCRIBED TO GEORGE BIDDELL AIRY ) - Description of the Patent Locomotive Engine
008596: STERNE LAURENCE - A Sentimental Journey Through France And Italy By Mr Yorick
096147: STERRY WASEY - Annals of the King's College of Our Lady of Eton Beside Windsor
010749: STETTLER MICHAEL - Die Kunstdenkmaler Des Kantons Aargau [ 6 Volumes ]
098913: STEWART D. J. REV - On the Architectural History of Ely Cathedral
099088: STOKES SIR WILFRID - A Short Record of the East Anglian Munitions Committee in the Great War 1914-1918
099258: STOKSTAD MARILYN & STANNARD JERRY - Gardens of the Middle Ages
098715: STONEHOUSE REV W. B. - The History and Topography of the Isle of Axholme: Being That Part of Lincolnshire which is West of the Trent.
002429: STONHOUSE JAMES - Frendly Advice to a Patient: And Spiritual Directions for the Uninstructed
097237: STONHOUSE JAMES - Friendly advice to a patient : calculated more particularly for the sick belonging to the infirmaries, as well the out-patients as those within the house, though the greatest part is suitable and of equal service to every sick Person
097955: STOOKS REV CHARLES DRUMMOND - A History of Crondall and Yateley
005091: STOPPARD TOM - Albert's Bridge
099522: STORNAJOLO COSIMO - Miniature Delle Omilie Di Giacomo Monaco
099402: STOUFFER HANNAH [ EDITED BY ] - Juxtapoz New Contemporary
098489: STOW KENNETH R. - Alienated Minority: Jews of Medieval Latin Europe
096652: STRAND MARK - Art of the Real Nine Contemporary Figurative Painters
099524: STRATOS ANDREAS N. - Byzantium in the seventh Century [ Volume 2, 634-641 ]
096252: STREATFEILD NOEL - The Painted Garden
097097: STRICKLAND WALTER GEORGE [ INTRODUCTION BY THEO J. SNODDY ] - A Dictionary of Irish Artists [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
010164: STRUART JOHN [ MATHEMATICAL PROFESSOR IN MARISCHAL COLLEGE, ABERDEEN. ] - A Complete Collection of the papers relating to the Union of the King's and Marischal Colleges of Aberdeen.
095971: STRUVE BURKHARD GOTTHELF 1671-1738. - Bibliotheca historica selecta / in suas classes distributa cuius primas lineas duxit B. Burc. Gotthelfius Struvius emendavit et copiose locupletavit Christian. Gottlieb Buder.
099333: STRYPE JOHN - Annals of the Reformation and Establishment of Religion and Other Various Occurrences in the Church of England; During the First Twelve Years of Queen Elizabeth's Happy Reign [ Complete in 3 Volumes ]
095713: STRYPE JOHN - Annals of the Reformation and Establishment of Religion and Other Various Occurrences in the Church of England:
099332: STRYPE JOHN - Ecclesiastical memorials : relating chiefly to religion, and its reformation, under the reigns of King Henry VIII, King Edward VI, and Queen Mary the First [ Complete in 3 Volumes ]
007071: STRYPE JOHN - Ecclesiastical memorials relating chiefly to religion, and the reformation of it : and the emergencies of the Church of England, under King Henry VIII. King Edward VI. and Queen Mary the I. : with large appendixes, Etc ( 3 Volumes Bound in Six )
095714: STRYPE JOHN - Annals of the Reformation and Establishment of Religion and Other Various Occurrences in the Church of England:
099799: STRZYGOWSKI JOSEF - Kleinasien ein Neuland der Kunstgeschichte. Achtung Fotokopie! Kirchenaufnahmen von J.W. Crowfoot und J.I. Smirnov.
008615: STUBBE HENRY - Legends no histories: or, A specimen of some animadversions upon the History of the Royal Society: Wherein, besides the several errors against common literature, sundry mistakes about the making of salt-petre and gun-powder are detected, and rectified:
097694: STUBBS WILLIAM [ EDITED BY ] - Chronicles and Memorials of the Reign of Richard 1st [ Itinerarium Peregrinorum et Gesta [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
010665: STUDIO MAGAZINE - The Studio: An Illustrated Magazine of Fine and Applied Art. [ Run from 1893 to 1970 ]
010566: STYLIANOU A. & J. - By This Conquer [ Publication of the Society of Cypriote Studies, No 4 ]
098229: SUIDA WILLIAM E. - Studies in the History of Art Dedicated to William E. Suida on His Eightieth Brithday
010256: SULLIVAN EDMUND - Rosalynde. Euphues Golden Legacie, found after his death in his Cell at Silexedra [ Signed Limited Edition ]
099109: SUN RA - Sun Ra Palmiers et Pyramides
010750: SURTEES R. S. AND E. D. CUMING - Robert Smith Surtees [ Creator of '' Jorrock ''] 1803-1864 [ Duke of Gloucester's Copy ]
097686: SURTEES R. S. - The Analysis of Hunting Field; being A Series of Sketches of The Principal Characters that Compose One. The Whole Forming a Slight Souvenir of the Season, 1845-6
010613: SURTEES R. S. - The Works. Handley Cross; Plain Ringlets; Hawbuck Grange; Ask Mamma; Mr. Romford's Hounds; & Mr. Sponge's Sporting Tour. [ Complete Set in 6 Volumes. Bound By Bayntun ]
010738: SURTEES ROBERT SMITH - The Works 6 Volumes. [ First Editions ] Coloured Plates
095893: SUTCLIFFE CHARLES E. ( COMPILED BY ) - The Story of the Football League 1888-1938
009128: SUTCLIFFE C. E. & HARGREAVES F. ( COMPILED BY } - History of the Lancashire Football Association 1878-1928
095637: SVERDRUP OTTO - New Land Four Years in the Arctic Regions ( Complete in 2 Volumes )
097197: SWAHILI - Hekaya Za Abunuwas Na Hadithi Nyingine
010246: SWEET, WALDO E. - Sport and Recreation in Ancient Greece: A Sourcebook with Translations
010557: SWEETING W. D. THE REV [ EDITED BY ] - Northamptonshire Notes & Queries a Quarterly Journal Devoted to The Antiquities, Famility History Traditions Parocial Records Folk Lore Quaint Customs of the County [ Volumes 1 to 6 ]
099687: SWETE C. J. - A Hand-Book of Epsom, with Illustrations on Wood and Steel, Embracing the Villages of Ewell, Letherhead, Ashtead, Banstead and Chessington
098313: SWIFT JONATHAN [ HAROLD WILLIAMS. EDITED BY ] - The Poems of Jonathan Swift
096302: SWIFT JONATHAN - The works of J. S, D.D, D.S.P.D. in four volumes. Containing, I. The author’s miscellanies in prose. II. His poetical writings. III. The travels of Captain Lemuel Gulliver. IV. His papers relating to Ireland, consisting of several Treatises; among which a
096438: SWIFT DEAN - An Essay Upon the Life, Writings, and Character of Dr. Jonathan Swift. Interspersed with Some Occasional Animadversions Upon the Remarks of a Late Critical Author, and Upon the Observations of an Anonymous Writer on Those Remarks To Which is Added.
099326: SWIFT JONATHAN - Letters Written By the Late Jonathan Swift Dean of St. Patrick's Dublin and Several Friends from the Year 1703 to 1740 [ Complete in 3 Volumes, with an Addition Fourth Volume ]
099666: SWIFT JONATHAN - Gulliver's Travels Into Several Remote Nations of the World
099708: SWIFT JONATHAN - Travels Into Several Remote Nations of the World By Lemuel Gulliver [ Coloured Illustrations. Nice Binding ]
010324: SWINNERTON FRANK [ WITH LETTERS ] - R. L. Stevenson a Critical Study [ Bookplate of Isaac Foot ]
010260: SYBEL HEINRICH VON [ EDITED BY LADY DUFF GORDON ] - The History and Literature of the Crussades
009053: SYMSON ANDREW - Lexicon Anglo-GrÆco-Latinum Novi Testamenti. Or, A complete alphabetical concordance of all the words contained in the New Testament, both English, Greek, and Latine : In three distinct tables: the I. English, II. Greek, III. Latine, whereby any word may
010631: TABACHNIKOVA OLGA - Russian Irrationalism from Pushkin to Brodsky: Seven Essays in Literature and Thought
095908: TACITUS CORNELIUS - C. Cornelii Taciti Opera, recognovit, emendavit, supplementis explevit, notis, dissertationibut, illustravit, Gabriel Brotier.
098938: TACITUS PUBLIUS CORNELIUS - Opera, Quae Extant. Integris J. Lipsii, Rhenani, Ursini, Mureti, Pichenae, Merceri, Gruteri, Acidalii, Grotii, Freinshemii, & selectis aliorum commentariis illustrata. Joh. Fred. Gronovius recensuit, & suas notas passim adjecit. [ 2 Volumes ]
010342: TAFRALI, O - Le Tresor Byzantin et Roumain du Monastere de Poutna
099508: K. TAJIMA; F. NAKAMICHI; H. SUGIURA - Chiyogami
097733: TAKAKUSU J. - A Pail Chrestomathy with Notes and Glossary Giving Sanskrit and Chinese Equivalents
096453: TALON NICOLAS & PONCET AIME DU - Les peintures chrestiennes diuise´es en deux parties. Par le P. Nicolas Talon ...
006070: TANGYE DEREK - Sun on the Lintel
095947: TARBOTTON M. O. - History of the Old Trent Bridge, with a Descriptive Account of the New Bridge, Nottingham. Illustrated by Photographs.
097066: TARDY [ HENRI LENGELLE ] - French Clocks the World Over [ 4 Volumes ]
010050: TATIANA MUNTIAN [ AND OTHERS ] - Diamonds Of Russia XX Century
010678: TAVERNER JOHN - Tudor Church Music Volume 111. John Taverner c 1495-1545 [ Michael S. Howard. His Copy ]
010262: TAYLER ALISTAIR & HENRIETTA - Jacobite Letters to Lord Pitsligo
009378: TAYLOR TOM - Leicester Square Its Associations and Its Worthies
010298: TAYLOR, SHEPHARD THOMAS. - Opercula : (London coal plates) sketched by Aesculapius Junior.
099350: TAZELAAR, KEES/ DE HEER, JAN - From Harmony to Chaos - Le Corbusier, Varese, Xenakis. and La Poeme Electronic: Le Corbusier, Varèse, Xenakis and Le poème Électronique
096769: TEGG THOMAS - A Present for an Apprentice to Which is Added, Franklin's Way to Wealth
010418: TELLER FRIEDRICH - Uber den Schädel eines Fossilen Dipnoërs Ceratodus Sturii Nov. Spec. aus den Schichten der Oberen Trias der Nordalpen
096015: TEMKIN ANN ( EDITED BY ) - Barnett Newman
010316: TEMPLE WILLIAM SIR - Miscellanea [ Parts 1 & 2 ]
010070: TEMPLE WILLIAM - Memoirs. Part III. From the Peace concluded 1679. To The Time of the Author's Retirement from Publick Business.
006020: TEMPLE JOHN SIR - The Irish Rebellion: Or, A History of the Attempts of the Irish Papists to extirpate the Protestants in the Kingdom of Ireland. Together with the barbarous cruelties and bloody massacres which ensued Thereupon
097641: TENNENT (SIR JAMES EMERSON). - Sketches of the Natural History of Ceylon, with Narratives and Anecdotes Illustrative of the Habits and Instincts of the Mammalia, Birds, Reptiles, Fishes, Insects &c., Including a Monograph of the Elephant and a Description of the Modes of Capturing
097269: TENNYSON ALFRED LORD - The Works of Alfred Lord Tennyson
002568: TENSCHERT HERIBERT - Botanik & Zoologie Illustrierte Bucher Und Farbige Tafelwerke Von 1485 Bis 1885 (katalog xxxiv & xxx )v
010179: TERENTIUS PUBLIUS AFER - Publii Terentii Afri Comoediae
099650: TERRY JONES - Electroplating of the Lesser-known Precious Metals: Rhodium, Ruthenium, Iridium, Rhenium, Osmium
004360: THACKERAY MISS - A Book of Sibyls. Mrs Barbauld, Miss Edgworth, Mrs Opie, Miss Austen
004582: THACKERAY WILLIAM MAKEPEACE - The History of Henry Esmond, Esq. a Colonel in the Service of Her Majesty Q. Anne. Written by Himself - ( Complete in 3 Volumes )
096529: THAMES TUNNEL - Sketches of the works for the tunnel under the Thames, from Rotherhithe to Wapping.
097295: THATCHER MARGARET - The Downing Street Years; The Path to Power; Statecraft. Strategies for a Changing World; The Collected Speeches' [ 3 Volumes Signed, with a Typed Letter Inscribed in Hand By Thatcher ]
098774: THÉNARD, LOUIS JACQUES BARON 1777-185 - Traite´ de chimie e´le´mentaire, the´orique et pratique, suivi d'un essai sur la philosophie chimique et d'un pre´cis sur L'analyse [ Complete in 6 Volumes, with Atlas ]
098812: THEOPHILE BELIN [ PUBLISHED BY ] - Livres des XV. et XVI. Siècles dans leurs reliures originales.
010498: THEOPHRASTUS - Theophrasti Characteres Ethici
097687: THEOPHYLACTUS BULGARIAE ARCHIEPISCOPUS - In omnes Divi Pauli epistolas Ennarationes (translated into Latin by Chr. Porsena)
097760: THEOPHYLACTUS, ARCHBISHOP OF OCHRIDA - Quatuor Euangelia Enarrationes ("Commentaries on the Four Gospels")
097652: THESIGER WILFRED - The Life of My Choice
099931: THIERRY AUGUSTIN - Histoire De La Conquete De L'angleterre Par Les Normands [ Complete Set. 5 Volumes ]
099298: THIERS M. ADOLPHE - History of the French Consulate and Empire, Forming a Sequel to the History of the French Revolution [ Translated from the Paris Edition, By Thomas W. Redhead, Esq ] [ Complete in 4 Volumes ]
010362: THIERS M. ADOLPHE - Histoire Du Consulat et De L'empire [ 20 Volumes ]
010544: THOBY DR PAUL - Le crucifix des origines au Concile de Trente. Etude iconographique. [ Bound with the Supplement ]
097455: THOM WALTER - Pedestrianism; or, an account of the performances of celebrated pedestrians during the last and present century: with a full narrative of Captain Barclay's public and private matches; and an essay on training.
097691: THOMAS DUNHAM WHITAKER - The History and Antiquities of the Deanery of Craven, in the County of York
097522: THOMAS MORGAN THOMAS - Eleven Years in Central South Africa a Journey Into the Interior
099604: THOMAS MARCEL [ INTRODUCTION BY ] - The Hunting Book of Gaston Phebus. Manuscrit Francais 616,
009332: THOMAS CHRISTOPHER BANKS - The Mysterious Heir or Who is Mr. Walter Howard? Stating the Copy of His Petition to the King, Etcetera
097190: THOMAS EDWARD W. - Twenty Five Years Labour Among the Friendless and Fallen
097245: THOMAS MARCEL [ INTRODUCTION AND LEGENDS BY ] - The Grandes Heures of Jean, Duke of Berry. Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris
099405: THOMPSON DAVE - Industrial Revolution
098986: THOMPSON G. CATON - The Tombs and Moon Temple of Hureidha [ Hadhramaut ]
010379: THOMSON WILLIAM SIR - Popular Lectures and Addresses [ Complete in 3 Volumes. Nature Series ]
098950: THOMSON ROBERT DUNDAS - Cyclopaedia of Chemistry, with Its Applications to Mineralogy, Physiology, and the Arts
010489: THOMSON D. CROAL [ EDITED BY ] - The Paris Exhibition 1900
006009: THOMSON JAMES - The Seasons By James Thomson with His Life, By Mr Murdoch, an Essay on the Plan and Manner of the Poem By J. Aiken, M. D. And a Complete Glossary and Index. Embellished with Engraved Frontis and Four Full Page Engraved Plates
002274: THOMSON JOHN - Etymons of English Words
000985: THOMSON ROBERT - The Plagues of Egypt and Their Relation to the Natural Phenomena of the Land
098466: THOMSON J. B. - Joseph Thomson African Explorer
010304: THOMSON JAMES - The Seasons
098726: THORNE JAMES - Handbook to the Environs of London, alphabetically arranged, containing an account of every town and village, and of all places of interest, within a circle of twenty miles round London.
098845: THORNE JAMES - Handbook to the Environs of London, alphabetically arranged, containing an account of every town and village, and of all places of interest, within a circle of twenty miles round London.
010472: THORNTON PERCY MELVILLE - Foreign Secretaries of the XIX. century to 1834 [ Complete in 2 Volumes. Inscribed Copy ]
095689: THORP JOHN T. - French prisoners' Lodges a Brief Account of Fifty Lodges and Chapters of Freemasons
095948: THROSBY JOHN - The history and antiquities of the town and county of the town of Nottingham : containing the whole of Thoroton's account of that place, and all that is valuable in Deering
099601: THROSBY JOHN - Select Views in Leicestershire from Original Drawings: Containing Seats of the Nobility and Gentry, Townviews [ with The Supplementary Volume to the Leicestershire Views: Containing A series of Excursions in the Year 1790 ]
096263: THURAH, LAURIDS DE 1706-1759. - Den danske Vitruvius [ Complete in 3 Volumes ]
096452: TICKELL RICHARD [ WILLIAM PITT ] - The Rolliad, in two parts : Probationary odes for the Laureatship; and Political miscellanies: with criticisms and Illustrations. Revised, corrected and enlarged by the original authors.
009348: TIEFFENTHALER JOSEPH - Description Historique et Geographique De L'inde ( Volume 3 Only )
099800: TIETZE HANS, & TIETZE CONRAT E. - Drawings of the Venetian Painters in the 15th and 16th Centuries
097999: TIM MOWL; BRIAN EARNSHAW - Architecture without Kings: Rise of Puritan Classicism Under Cromwell
099608: TIMBS JOHN - Anecdote Lives of Wits and Humourists [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
099761: TIMMS EDWARD - Karl Kraus, Apocalyptic Satirist: The Post-War Crisis and the Rise of the Swastika
096626: TINDAL N. - The Continuation of Mr Rapin de Thoyras's History of England from the Revolution to the Accession of King George II [ 2 Volumes ]
096825: TIRADRITTI FRANCESCO - Egyptian Treasures from the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.
099894: TISSOT (SAMUEL AUGUSTE DAVID), TRANSLATED BY J. KIRKPATRICK]. - Advice to the People in General, with Regard to Their Health: With a Table of the Most Cheap, Yet Effectual Remedies
099692: TOLLEMACHE LIONEL A. HON - Old and Odd Memories
097810: TOM WILLIAMSON - Transformation Of Rural England: Farming and the Landscape 1700-1870
008052: TOMLINSON H. M. - The Sea and the Jungle
099124: TORELLI MARIO - The Etruscans
096608: TOSI, PAOLO ANTONIO - Fac-Simile Di Alcune Imprese Di Stampatori Italiani Dei Secoli XV e Xvi. [ Facsimile of some Italian companies printers of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries ]
009419: TOTTENHAM - The Tottenham and Edmonton Weekly Herald 1909
099570: TOTTI POMPILIO - Ritratti et elogii di capitani illustri. Dedicati Al'Altezza di Francesco D'Este Duca di Modona.
009059: TOURNELY HONORE - Praelectiones Theologicae De Deo et Divinis Attrubtis Quas in Scholis Habuit ( 8 Volumes ) ( Vellum Bindings )
009060: TOURNELY HONORE - Praelectionum Theologicarum Honorati Tournely Continuatio ( 7 Volumes ) ( Vellum Bindings )
010495: TOVEY D'BLOSSIERS - Anglia Judaica: or the History and Antiquities of the Jews in England, collected from all our Historians, both printed and manuscript, as also from the Records in the Tower, and other publick Repositories, by D'blossiers Tovey LL.D. and Principal of New-I
098077: TOWNSEND W. G. PAULSON - The Art Workers Quarterly [ 5 Volumes, Many Folding Plates ]
098989: TOY SIDNEY - The Fortified Cities of India
010084: TRACY, CHARLES - English Gothic Choir-Stalls 1200-1400
010685: TRADE UNIONS - Trades' Societies and strikes : report of the Committee on Trades' Societies, appointed by the National Association for the Promotion of Social Science, presented at the fourth annual meeting of the Association, at Glasgow, September, 1860
010424: TRAQUAIR RAMSAY H. - On Fossil Fish-Remains from the Old Red Sandstone of Shetland
099694: TREBIN, HANS-RAINER [EDITOR] - Quasicrystals: Structure and Physical Properties (Physics)
009488: TREGELLES J. A. - A History of Hoddesdon in the County of Hertfordshire Being a Survey of That Hamlet from the Earliest Times.
010729: TREUVE SIMON MICHEL - Instruction Sur Les Dispositions Qu'on Doit Apporter Aux Sacremens De Penitence Et D'eucharistie.
009098: TROLLOPE ANTHONY - The Struggles of Brown, Jones, and Robinson By One of the Firm
010464: TROMANS NICHOLAS - Hope: The Life and Times of a Victorian Icon [ Studies in the Art of George Frederic Watts ]
099859: TRONZO WILLIAM - Intellectual Life at the Court of Frederick II Hohenstaufen (Studies in the History of Art Series)
008836: TROTTER JAMES - General View of the Agriculture of the County of West Lothian with Observations on the Means of Its Improvement Drawn Up for the Consideration of the Board of Agriculture and Internal Improvement
097798: TROTTER JOHN BERNARD - Walks Through Ireland in the Years 1812,1814,and 1817; Described in a Series of Letters to an English Gentleman
002326: TRUC GONZAGUE - Histoire Illustree De La Femme ( Complete in 2 Volumes )
005013: TRUEMAN EDWIN & MARSTON R. WESTLAND - History of Ilkeston Together with Dale Abbey, Kirk Hallam, West Hallam, Shipley, and Cossall
097576: TRUMAN JOSEPH - Poems
097210: TRUMBO DALTON - Eclipse
098742: TUCKETT JOHN - Devonshire Pedigrees Recorded in the Herald's Visitation of 1620; With Additions from the Harleian Manuscripts, and the Printed Collections of Westcote and Pole.
008759: TUDMAN DR FRANJO - Borders of Croatia on Maps from 12th to 20th Century
095670: TULL JETHRO - The Horse-Hoing Husbandry: or, an Essay on the Principles of Tillage and Vegetation. Bound with A Supplement to the Essay on Horse-Hoing Husbandry.
099199: TUMMERS H. A. - Early Secular Effigies in England: The Thirteenth Century
098867: TUNNICLIFFE C. F. - Tunnicliffe's Birds [ Limited to 80 Copies ] [ with an Introduction, Commentary and Memoir of the Artist By Noel Cusa ]
010385: TURNER J. M. W. - A Selection from the Liber Studiorum of J.M.W. Turner, R.A. for Artists, Art Students, and Amateurs. A Drawing-Book Suggested by the Writings of Mr. Ruskin, with a Historical Introduction by Frederick Wedmore and Practical Notes by Frank Short.
099530: TURNER J. HORSFALL - The Coats of Arms of the Nobility & Gentry of Yorkshire. Giving References to the Works where the Families and Pedigrees are mentioned; And indicating where the Arms are to be found -- on buildings tombs and windows, &c. And also the Heraldic Descriptions
010533: TURNER WILLIAM & RUSKING JOHN - The Harbours of England
098592: TURNER SILVIE & SKIOLD BIRGIT - Handmade Paper Today. A Worldwide Survey Of Mills, Papers, Techniques And Useds [ Limited Edition. 200 Copies ]
099919: TURNER S. - Siberia a Record of Travel, Climbing and Exploration
010381: TURNER J. M. W. - The Turner Gallery a Series of Sixty Engravings from the Principal Works of Joseph Mallord William Turner with a Memoir and Illustrative Tex By Ralph Nicholson Wornum .
010675: TURNER JANE [ EDITED BY ] - The Dictionary of Art [ Complete Set in 34 Volumes ]
099705: TURNOR LEWIS - History of the Ancient Town and Borough of Hertford [ Very Nice Copy, with Hand Coloured Plates ]
009374: TUSSER THOMAS - Five Hundred Points of Husbandry: directing what corn, grass, &c. is proper to be sown; what trees to be planted; how land is to be improved: with whatever is fit to be done for the benefit of the farmer in every month of the year. To which are added Note
099979: TYERS RAY - Singapore Then & Now [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
097738: TYTLER SARAH - The Life of Her Most Gracious Majesty the Queen [ Edited, with an Introduction, By Lord Ronald Gower ] [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
099549: UBAC RAOUL - Retrospective Raoul Ubac [1910-1985]
010108: UHLAND LUDWIG - Gedichte [ Chatsworth Bookplate ]
010419: UHLIG V. - Die Fauna der Spiti-Schiefer des Himalaya, ihr geologisches Alter und ihre Weltstellung.
010567: ULLENDORFF EDWARD - The Two Zions: Reminiscences of Jerusalem and Ethiopia
099443: ULRICH SCHUBERT - Synthesis of Inorganic Materials, 2nd, Revised and Updated Edition
010034: UNIVERSITÄTSBIBLIOTHEK ERLANGEN-NÜRNBERG - Cranach: Meisterwerke auf Vorrat : die Erlanger Handzeichnungen der Universitätsbibliothek : Bestands- und Ausstellungskatalog (Schriften der Universitätsbibliothek Erlangen-Nürnberg)
098790: UNWIN STANLEY - The Truth About Publishing
010382: USHER JAMES WARD - An Art Collector's Treasures Illustrated and Described by Himself : being a record historical and descriptive of the art collection formed by James Ward Usher (of Lincoln) 1886-1914.
004594: UZANNE OCTAVE - The Sunshade the Glove the Muff
004595: UZANNE OCTAVE - L'ombrelle-Le Gant-Le Manchon
097595: LE VAILLANT, FRANÇOIS - Travels from the Cape of Good-Hope, into the interior parts of Africa, including many interesting anecdotes. With elegant plates, descriptive of the country and inhabitants: inscribed by permission to his grace the duke of Montagu.
099821: VAIZEY MARINA AND OTHERS - Illustrating Alice: An International Selection of Illustrated Editions of Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass
099649: VALENSTEIN SUZANNE G. - Handbook of Chinese Ceramics
098108: VALENTINER W. R. - Tino Di Camaino a Sienese Sculptor of the Fourteenth Century
010036: VALENTINER W. R. - Rembrandt and Spinoza a Study of the Spiritual Conflicts in Seventeenth Century Holland
099359: VARIOUS CONTRIBUTORS - The New Survey of London Life & Labour ( Complete in 9 Volumes )
010681: VARIOUS CONTRIBUTORS - Ecyclopedia of World Art [ Complete Set in 15 Volumes ]
099130: VARTY KENNETH - Reynard, Renart, Reinaert: and Other Foxes in Medieval England The Iconographic Evidence
099909: VASELLARI ROLF - Judasjesus
010376: VATTEL, EMER DE - Le droit des gens, ou, Principes de la loi naturelle, applique´s a` la conduite et aux affaires des nations et des Souverains [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
010066: VAUGHAN E. L. - List of Etonians Who Served in South Africa Between October 11, 1899, and May 31, 1902
009102: VEGEE ALBERT - Alfsten the Last of the Mastiffs
098142: VERGO PETER. WRIGHT BARNABY [ EDITED BY - Egon Schiele the Radical Nude
008343: VERNE JULES ( TRANSLATED BY ELLEN E. FREWER ) - Hector Servadac or the Career of a Comet
009238: VERROUST JACQUES - Le Paris Des Connaisseurs Les Boutiques Qui Font L'ame De Paris
097640: VETCH THOMAS - The Amber City Being Some Account of the Adventures of a Steam Crocodile in Central Africa
009542: VEYSSIERE DE LA CROZE, MATHURIN - Histoire du Christianisme d'Ethiopie, et d'Armenie.
095673: VIALARDI FRANCESCO MARIA - Della famosissima compagnia della lesina Dialogo,Capitoli e Ragionamenti Con la giunta d'una nuova Riforma, Additione, Assottigliamento in tredici Punture della punta d'essa Lesina Alla quale s'? rifatto il Manico in trenta modi & dopo quelli in venti.
099012: VICKI CARON - Between France and Germany: Jews of Alsace-Lorraine, 1871-1918
098451: VICTOR H ELBERN - Fructus Operis: Kunstgeschichtliche Aufsatze Aus Funf Jahrzehnten: 1
010207: VIERNEISEL-SCHLÖRB, BARBARA - Klassische Skulpturen des 5. u. 4. Jh. v. Chr. [ Band II ]
099099: VIERO TEODORO [ PUBLISHED BY ] - Nuova Pianta Iconografica dell'Inclita Città di Venezia.
008766: VIETZEN RAYMOND C. - The Ancient Ohioans and Their Neighbors
099874: VIGFUSSON GUDBRAND & POWELL F. YORK ( EDITORS & TRANSLATORS ) - Origines Islandicae a Collection of the More Important Sages and Other Native Writings Relating to the Settlement and Early History of Iceland
098833: VILLARS P. - England Scotland & Ireland. a Picturesque Survey of the United Kingdom and Its Institutions
010357: VILLEGOMBLAIN, FRANÇOIS RACINE - Les memoires des troubles arriuez en France. : Sovs les regnes des roys, Charles IX. Henry III. & Henry IV. Avec les voyages des sieurs de Mayenne & de Ioyeuse, au Leuant & en Poictou
010380: VILLEHARDOUIN GEOFFROY DE, & VALENCIENNES HENRI DE - De la conqueste de Constantinoble par Joffroi de Villehardouin et Henri de Valenciennes
098172: VILLIERS GEORGE - The Works of His Grace, George Villiers, Late Duke of Buckingham. Containing a Compleat Collection of all his Dramatick Pieces, that were acted, with several design'd for the Stage, from the Original M.S. Also his Poems, Dialogues, Satyrs,etcetera
097520: VILLIERS M. J. F. DE - La Medecine Pratique de Londres: Ouvrage Dans Lequel on a Expose La Definition Et Les Symptomes Des Maladies, Avec La Methode Actuelle de Les Guerir.
096418: VILLIERS, GEORGE ; SECOND DUKE OF BUCKINGHAM ECITED BY ROBERT D. HUME AND HAROLD LOVE THE 2 -VOLUME SET - Plays, Poems, and Miscellaneous Writings associated with George Villiers, Second Duke of Buckingham
099569: VIMERCATO (GIOVANNI BATTISTA) - Dialogo degli Horologi Solari
098083: VINCENT PP. H. & ABEL F. M. - Bethleem Le Sanctuaire De La Nativite
097160: VINCENT W. T. - In Search of Gravestones Old and Curious [ with 102 Illustrations ]
098746: VIOLLET LE DUC EUGENE - Dictionnaire Raisonné du mobilier français de l'époque carlovingienne à la Renaissance [ Complete in 6 Volumes ]
099818: VIOLLET LE DUC M. - Dictionnaire Raisonne du Mobilier Francais: de L'Epoque Carlovingienne a la Renaissance [ Complete in 6 Volumes ]
099287: VIRTUE AND CO [ PUBLISHED BY ] - The National Gazetteer a Topographical Dictionary of the British Islands. Compiled from the Latest and Best Sources and Illustrated with a Complete County Atlas, and Numerous Maps. [ Complete Set, with 68 Coloured Maps. ]
099679: VISICK JACQUEY [ TEXT BY ] - 3a Palace Green Kensington Palace Gardens [ Prospectus. Sale Catalogue . Bound By Zaehnsdorf ]
099161: VITAL DAVID - Origins of Zionism
010338: VITRY PAUL & BRIERE GASTON - Documents De Sculpture Francaise Renaissance and Moyen Age [ 3 Volumes ]
004597: VIVA DOMINICO - Damnatae theses ab Alexandro VII., Innocentio XI. & Alexandro VIII. nec non Jansenii .
096491: VOELCKER JOHN AUGUSTUS - Report on the Improvement of Indian Agriculture
096034: VOISINS DE J. F. D'AUBUISSON [ TRANSLATED FROM THE FRENCH BY JOSEPH BENNETT ] - A Treatise on Hydraulics for the Use of Engineers
001991: VOLTAIRE FRANC¸OIS MARIE AROUET DE - Siecles De Louis XIV et De Louis XV ( Complete in 4 Volumes )
010714: VULSON MARC DE - Traite Des Elections d' Heritier Contractuelles et Testamentaires
099763: VYLETA DANIEL M. - Crime, Jews and News: Vienna 1890-1914 (Austrian and Habsburg Studies)
010604: VYSE CHARLES - The Tutor's Guide, being a Complete System of Arithmetic; with Various Branches in the Mathematics , in Six Parts [ Bound with Appendix ]
099308: WACHTERI JOHANNIS GEORGII - Glossarium Germanicum, Continens Origines & Antiquitates Totius Linguae Germanicae, et Omnium Pene Vocabulorum, Vigentium et Desitorum.
004448: WADD WILLIAM - Comments On Corpulency: Lineaments of Leanness: Mems On Diet And Dietetics
099421: WAKEMAN W. F. - The Tourists' Picturesque Guide to Ireland
098798: WAKEMAN W. F. - Lough Erne, Enniskillen, Belleek, Ballyshannon, and Bundoran, with routes from Dublin to Enniskillen and Bundoran, by rail or by Steamboat
097194: WAKEMAN ANNIE - The autobiography of a charwoman as chronicled by Annie Wakeman
099031: WALCH NICOLE - Die Radierungen des Jacques Bellange. Chronologie und kritischer Katalog. Mit Abbildung sämtlicher Radierungen.
010687: WALEY DANIEL - Siena and the Sienese in the Thirteenth Century
097670: WALFORD EDWARD - Greater London a Narrative of Its History Its People and Its Places
096162: WALFORD EDWARD - Greater London. a Narrative of Its History, Its People, and Its Places
098275: WALICKIEGO MICHALA - Drzwi Gnieznienskie [ Complete in 3 Volumes ]
099547: WALKER GULIELMUS SIDNEY [ EDITED BY ] - Corpus Poetarum Latinorum
099506: WALKER DONALD - Defensive Exercises; Comprising Wrestling, As In Cumberland, Westmorland, Cornwall, and Devonshire; Boxing, Both in the Usual Mode and in A Simpler One, Defence Against Brute Force, By Various Means .
099058: WALKER JOHN - A critical pronouncing dictionary and expositor of the English language. To which are prefixed, principles of English pronunciation.
010174: WALLACE GEORGE - The Nature and Descent of Ancient Peerages, connected with the State of Scotland, the origin of tenures, the succession of fiefs, and the constitution of parliament in that country:
010217: WALLACH LUITPOLD - Alcuin and Charlemagne: Studies in Carolingian History and Literature. Volume XXXII. Cornell Studies in Classical Philology.
008906: WALLIS JOHN - London; Being a Complete Guide to the British Capital; Containing an Accurate and Succinct Account of its Origin, Rise, and Progress, the Increase and Extent of its Buildings, its Commerce, Curiosities, Exhibitions, Amusements, Public Calamities etc.
097120: WALPOLE HORATIO - The Works of Horatio Walpole Earl of Orford [ 8 Volumes ] [ with the Extra Volumes. Memoires of the Last Ten Years of the Reign of George the Second ]
009323: WALPOLE HORACE - A Catalogue of the Royal and Noble Authors of England with Lists of Their Works [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]

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