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096757: ELIOT T. S. - Geoffrey Faber 1889-1961
099132: ELISABETH DE BIEVRE - Utrecht: Britain and the Continent - Archaeology, Art and Architecture (British Archaeological Association Conference Transactions)
010025: ELKINS NORMAN - Weather and Bird Behaviour
010427: ELLES GERTRUDE LILIAN & TILLEY CECIL EDGAR - Metamorphism in Relation to Structure in the Scottish Highlands [ Inscribed Copy ]
097847: ELLIOTT JOHN & PRITCHARD JOHN [ EDITED BY ] - George Edmund Street: A Victorian Architect in Berkshire
096737: ELLIS WILLIAM - Polynesian Researches, during a residence of nearly six years in the South Sea Islands; including descriptions of the natural history and scenery of the islands-with remarks on the history, mythology, traditions, Government. [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
097178: ELLIS ROBERT - Disease in Childhood, Its Common Causes, and Directions for Its Practical Management
002515: ELLISON THOMAS - Slavery and Secession in America Historical and Economical
098640: ELSPETH LAMB - Papermaking for Printmakers (Printmaking Handbooks)
099039: ELTON W. R. - Shakespeares Troilus and Cressida and the Inns of Court Revels
098473: EMANUEL HARRY - Diamonds and Precious Stones Their History, Value, and Distinguishing Characteristics
099440: EMERSON WILLIAM - The elements of optics : In four books. Book I. Simple Optics, or Direct Vision. Book II. Catoptrics, or Reflected Vision. Book III. Dioptrics, or Refracted Vision. Book IV. The Construction of Optical Instruments
098632: EMINA CEVRO VUCOVIC - Toni Meneguzzo Frammenti
098527: EMMERSON RICHARD K. [ EDITED BY ] - Studies in Iconography. Volume 20, 1999
010635: EMMISON F. G. - Elizabethan Life [ 3 Volumes. Disorder. Morals & Church Courts. Home Work & Land ]
098490: ENDELMAN TODD M. - Radical Assimilation in English Jewish History, 1656-1945
097316: THE ENGINEER - The Engineer [ 1923 ]
095976: THE ENGINEER - The Engineer
095977: THE ENGINEER - The Engineer 1928
097313: THE ENGINEER - The Engineer [ 1928 ]
097317: THE ENGINEER - The Engineer [ 1923 ]
097312: THE ENGINEER - The Engineer [ 1926 ]
095975: THE ENGINEER - The Engineer 1933
097314: THE ENGINEER - The Engineer [ 1929 ]
097315: THE ENGINEER - The Engineer [ 1921 ]
097311: THE ENGINEER - The Engineer [ 1927 ]
097322: ENGINEERING - Engineering an Illustrated Weekly Journal [ 11 Volumes ], [ 1941 to 1946 ]
010620: ENGINEERING WEEKLY JOURNAL - Engineering: An Illustrated Weekly Journal [ a Run of 231 Volumes ]
097323: ENGINEERING - Engineering an Illustrated Weekly Journal [1947]
097321: ENGINEERING - Engineering an Illustrated Weekly Journal [ 1956 ]
097320: ENGINEERING - Engineering an Illustrated Weekly Journal [ 1955 ]
098491: ENLART CAMMILLE - Volles Mortes Du Moyen Age
095804: ENSOR JAMES - James Ensor: Catalogue raisonné des Peintures ( Complete in 2 Volumes )
010742: EPSTEIN, ISIDORE [ TRANSLATED BY ] - The Babylonian Talmud Seder Kodashim [ Complete in 6 Volumes ]
010744: EPSTEIN, ISIDORE [ TRANSLATED BY ] - The Babylonian Talmud Seder Mo'ed [ Complete in 8 Volumes ]
010741: EPSTEIN, ISIDORE [ TRANSLATED BY ] - The Babylonian Talmud. Seder Nezikin [ Complete in 8 Volumes ]
010536: EPSTEIN, RABBI DR. I [ EDITED BY ] - Moses Maimonides 1135-1204 : Anglo-Jewish papers in connection with the eighth century of his Birth
098925: EPSTEIN ISIDORE - Studies in the Communal Life of the Jews of Spain: As Reflected in the Responses of Rabbi Solomon ben Adreth and Rabbi Simon ben Zemach Duran
010743: EPSTEIN, ISIDORE [ TRANSLATED BY ] - The Babylonian Talmud Seder Nashim [ Complete in 8 Volumes ]
099066: ERASMUS, DESIDERIUS - Des. Erasmi Roterod. Colloquia nunc Emendatiora
009530: ERASMUS DESIDEROIUS - Paraphraseon Des. Erasmi Roterodami, in Nouum Testamentum : uidelicet in quatuor Euangelia, & Acta apostolorum, nunc Postremum ab autore non oscitanter recognitus.
099738: ERICH OSWALD A. - Die Darstellung Des Teufels in Der Christlichen Kunst
099563: ERITH F. H. - Ardleigh in 1796 Its Farms, Families and Local Governmemt
096323: ERLANDE-BRANDENBURG, ALAIN - The Cathedral: The Social and Architectural Dynamics of Construction (Cambridge Studies in the History of Architecture)
097989: ESLER ROBERT - Guide to Belfast, Giant's Causeway, and North of Ireland
010540: ESSEX G. W. - The Famous Thurstons 1868-1968
009451: ETCHEBASTER PIERRE - Pierre's Book the Game of Court Tennis
095756: ETIENNE VICTOR JOSEPH ( ETIENNE DE JOUY ) - L'hermite De La Chaussee Dantin ( 5 Volumes )
095757: ETIENNE VICTOR JOSEPH ( ETIENNE DE JOUY ) - Les Hermites En Prison, Par E. Jouy et A. Jay
095759: ETIENNE VICTOR JOSEPH ( ETIENNE DE JOUY ) - Guillaume Le Franc-Parleur Ou Observations Sur Les Moeurs et Les Usages Francais Au Commencement Du XIX Siecle
099173: ETTINGHAUSEN RICHARD - Aus Der Welt Der Islamischen Kunst. Festschrift Fur Ernst Kuhnel Zum 75. Geburtstag am 26.10.1957.
098687: EUCLIDE [ HENRION D. ] - Les Quinze livres des Elemens d'Euclide. Traduicts de Latin en François par D. Henrion Mathematicien. Seconde édition, Reueuë, corrigée & augmentée.
010582: EUGENE A CARROLL; ROSSO FIORENTINO - Rosso Fiorentino: Drawings, Prints, and Decorative Arts
010279: EURIPIDIS - Fabulae [ 8 Volumes. Bindings ]
098838: EUSTACE JOHN CHETWODE REV. - A Classical Tour Through Italy By the Rev. John Chetwode Eustace [ from the Sixth London Edition ] [ Complete in 2 Volumes. Vellum Bindings ]
099409: EVALD RINK - Technical Americana: A Checklist of Technical Publications Printed Before 1831
098252: EVANS JOAN - Pattern a Study of Ornament in Western Europe from 1180 to 1900 [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
010855: EVANS, DAVID E. - Ingenious Mr.Pedersen
008980: EVANS G. H. VETY-CAPT - A Treatise on Elephants Their Treatment in Health and Disease
097166: EVANS E. P. - The Criminal Prosecution and Capital Punishment of Animals
010628: EVDOKIMOVA SVETLANA [ EDITED BY ] - Alexander Pushkin's "Little Tragedies: The Poetics of Brevity
010251: EVELEIGH WILLIAM REV - The Settlers and Methodism 1820-1920 [ Inscribed Copy ]
099297: EVELYN JOHN - Memoirs of John Evelyn Comprising His Diary, from 1641 to 1705-6. And a Selection of His Familiar Letters [ Edited from the Original MSS By William Bray ] [ Complete in 5 Volumes ]
010339: EVELYN JOHN - Kalendarium hortense, or, The gard'ners almanac, directing what he is to do monthly throughout the Year
095608: EVELYN JOHN ( WITH NOTES BY A. HUNTER ) - Silva or a Discourse of Forest Trees and the Propagation of Timber in His Majesty's Dominions ( Terra A Philosophical Discourse of Earth Has a Separate Title Page )
098761: EVERARD JAMES [ BARON ARUNDELL - Hundred of Dunworth and Vale of Noddre
010103: FABER TOBIAS - Arne Jacobsen
097889: FADEN WILLIAM [ PUBLISHER ] - The Country Twenty-Five Miles Round London [ from Windsor to Basildon, and Ware to Reigate ] Large Coloured Map
099612: FAIRBANK ALFRED & WOLPE BERTHOLD - Renaissance Handwriting
096942: FAITHHORN JOHN - Facts and observations on liver complaints, and bilious disorders in general, and on those derangements of that important organ, and of its immediate or intimate connections, which most sensibly influence the biliary secretion, with practical Deductions
098280: FARCY M. LOUIS DE - La Briderie Du XIe Siecle Jusqu'a Nos Jours D'apres Des Specimens Authentiques et Les Anciens Inventaires
009045: FARNOL JEFFERY - The Amateur Gentleman
009120: FARRAR GUY B. { FOREWORD BY BERNARD DARWIN ) - The Royal Liverpool Golf Club a History 1869-1932
097180: FARROW THOMAS - The Money Lender Unmasked
095945: FAULKNER T. - An Historical and Topographical Account of Fulham Including the Hamlet of Hammersmith
098576: FAVIER JEAN [ PREFACE BY M. EDMOND LABBE ] - Exposition Internationale Paris 1937 [ Complete in 3 Volumes ]
008179: FEARNE CHARLES - The Posthumous Works of Charles Fearne . . . Consisting of A Reading on the Statute of Inrolments, Arguments in the singular Case of General Stanwix, and A Collection of Cases and Opinions. Selected from the Author's Manuscripts by Thomas Mitchell Shadwel
097546: FEARNSIDE W. G. [ EDITED BY ] - Tombleson's View of the Rhine
010454: FEARNSIDE W. G. [ EDITED BY ] - Tombleson's View of the Rhine
010525: FEAVER WILLIAM - The Art of John Martin
009531: FEDDERSEN, JUTTA - Soft Sculpture and Beyond : An International Perspective
098877: FELDMAN RABBI DR A. - The Parables and Similes of the Rabbis Agricultural and Pastoral
095873: FELLOWES W. D. - A visit to the monastery of La Trappe, in 1817: with notes, taken during a tour through Le Perce, Normandy, Bretagne, Poitou, Anjou, Le Bocage, Touraine, Orleanois, and the environs of Paris.
010442: FELLOWS COLONEL R. BRUCE - Historical Records of the Hartfordshire Militia [ Signed Copy ]
097050: FELSTEAD, ALISON; FRANKLIN, JONATHAN; PINFIELD, LESLIE - Directory of Victorian Architects, 1834-1900
009587: FENTON RICHARD - A Historical Tour Through Pembrokeshire
010233: FERGUSON ADAM - The History of the Progress and Termination of the Roman Republic
099833: FERRETTI SILVIA - Cassirer, Panofsky and Warburg: Symbol, Art and History
096401: FERUS JOHANN [ 1495-1554 ] - R.D. Ioan. Feri Moguntinae ecclesiae concionatoris, in sanctorum festa quae per totum annum in catholica celebrantur ecclesia, postillae. Nunc demùm per R.D. Ioannem à Via ... latinitate Donatae
099546: FIELD MARSHALL VISCOUNT MONTGOMERY OF ALAMEIN - A History of Warfare [ Signed Copy, with a Anecdotal Letter from Captain Tom Beldon ]
009532: FIELDING T. H. - British Castles or a Compendious History of the Ancient Military Structures of Great Britain
099756: FIKRY AHMAD - L'Art Roman du Puy et les Influences Islamiques
099538: FILLMORE MRS N. & GIBSON J. S. W. [ TRANSCRIBED & EDITED BY ] - Marriage Register of Banbury. Part Two. 1724-1790
010688: FILLMORE MRS N. & PAIN MRS J. - Marriage Register of Banbury [ Part One. 1558-1724 ]
010561: FILLMORE MRS N. & GIBSON J. S. W. [ TRANSCRIBED & EDITED BY ] - Baptism and Burial Register of Banbury, Oxfordshire Part One 1558-1653 [ the Banbury Historical Society Volume 7 ]
099923: FINBERG ALEXANDER J. - The History of Turner's Liber Studiorum with a New Catalogue Raisonne [ Signed Limited Edition ]
096008: FINCH WILLIAM COLES - Watermills & Windmills a Historical Survey of Their Rise, Decilne and Fall as Portrayed By Those of Kent
097408: FINDEN W. AND E. - Findens' Tableaux of National Characters, Beauty, and Costume. Containing a Series of Sixty-one Beautiful Illustrations. [ Complete in 2 Volumes. Fine Bindings ]
099552: FINI LEONOR - Leonor Finin
098103: FINIGUERRA MASO - A Florentine Picture-Chronicle Being a Series of Ninety-nine Drawings Representing Scenes and Personages of Ancient History Sacred and Profane Reproduced from the Originals in the British Museum
010625: FINKE MICHAEL C. & SHERBININ JULIE DE [ EDITED BY ] - Chekhov The Immigrant: Translating a Cultural Icon
010837: FIRMINGER WALTER K [ EDITED BY ] - Bengal District Records Midnapur 1763-1767 [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
010805: FIRST WORLD WAR - First World War [ the Northampton Herald 1915 ]
099437: FISH M. & HALLBERY D. - Cabaret Voltaire. The Art of the Sixth Sense
098814: M. FISH; D. HALLBERY; HALLBURY - "Cabaret Voltaire": The Art of the Sixth Sense
097633: FISHER ALEXANDER - A Journal of a Voyage of Discovery to the Arctic Regions in His Majesty's Ships Hecla and Griper in the Years 1819 & 1820
010543: FISHER ETHEL LUCIE - Clipston
097794: FISHER MICHAEL - Hardman of Birmingham Goldsmith and Glasspainter
099532: FISHWICK HENRY - The History of the Parish of St. Michaels-on-Wyre in the County of Lancaster.
096844: FLAHERTY FRANCES HUBBARD - Elephant Dance
010423: FLETT JOHN S. - Old Red Sandstone of the Orkneys [ Royal Society ]
099928: FLEURY L'ABBE - Histore Du Christianisme [ Complete in 6 Volumes ]
009070: FLINT WILLIAM RUSSEL - In Pursuit an Autobiography
095754: FLORIAN JEAN PIERRE CLARIS DE - Oeuvres De M. De Florain
098997: FLORINE JEAN - La synthèse des machines logiques et son Automatisation Preface du Professeur Hoffman.
097571: FLORO [ LUCIO ANNEO FLORO ] - Historiæ Romanæ : epitome Lucii Iulii Flori. C. Vell. Paterculi. Sex. Aur. Victoris. Sexti Rufi Festi. Messalæ Corvini. Eutropii. Paulli Diaconi. M. Aur. Cassiodori. Iornandis, et Iulii Exuperantii. Ex museo Nic: Blanckardi.
097080: FLOUD RODERICK [ EDITED BY ] - The Cambridge Economic History of Modern Britain [ Complete in 3 Volumes ]
097306: FLOWERS DESMOND & MUNBY A. N. L. - English Poetical Autographs [ with Letter to Mrs Robert Bridges, '' Thank You Very Much for the Spendid Ms of the Larks ] ]
097516: FOLKARD HENRY TENNYSON - Wigan Free Public Library : its rise and progress, a list of some of its treasures, with an account of the celebration of the twenty-first anniversary of its opening by the conferment of the freedom of the County Borough upon the Right Honourable
010221: FOLZ, ROBERT - The Coronation of Charlemagne 25 December 800
010110: FONTENELLE M. DE (BERNARD LE BOVIER) - Jugement de Pluton, sur les deux parties des Nouveaux dialogues des Morts
099704: FOOTWEAR ORGANISER [ SHOES ] [ FULL YEAR. 1936 ] - The Footwear Organiser and Shoe and Leather Trades Export Journal
096620: FORBES JAMES D. - Travels through the Alps of Savoy and other parts of the Pennin Chain with observations on the phenomena of glaciers. Second edition, Revised
098320: FORD BORIS [ EDITED BY ] - The Cambridge Guide to the Arts in Britain [ Complete in 9 Volumes ]
097279: FORD RICHARD [ COMPLETE IN 3 VOLUMES ] - A hand-book for travellers in Spain and readers at home, describing the country and cities, the natives and their manners, the antiquities, religion, legends, fine arts, literature, sports, and gastronomy, with notices on Spanish History
096850: FORD TREVOR - I Lead the Attack
096982: FORD EMILY E. - My Recreations. Verses
099461: S. FORDHAM - High Explosives and Propellants
095881: FOREST JEAN CLAUDE - Barbarella
010723: LA FOREST M. DE - Methode d' Instruction Pour Ramener Les Pretendus Reformes a Leglise Romaine et Confirmer Les Catholiques Dans Leur Croyance
099915: FORESTER THOMAS - Rambles in the Islands of Corsica and Sardinia
099469: FORGET THOMAS - The Construction of Drawings and Movies: Models for Architectural Design and Analysis
097052: FORRER L. - Biographical Dictionary of Medallists Coin Gem and Seal-Engravers [ Complete in 8 Volumes ]
095875: FORSYTH ROBERT - The Principles and Practice of Agriculture, Systematically Explained in Two Volumes: Being a Treatise Compiled for the Fourth Edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica, and Revised and Enlarged
003245: FORTEGUERRI NICOLO - The First Canto of Ricciardetto : translated from the Italian of Forteguerri: with an introduction, concerning the principal romantic, burlesque, and mock-heroic poets ; and notes, Critical and Philological
009209: FORTNUM C. DRURY E. - A Descriptive Catalogue of the Maiolica Hispano Moresco, Persian Damascus, and Rhodian Wares in the South Kensington Museum
008699: FOSKETT, DAPHNE - Miniatures : Dictionary and Guide
099875: FOSS EDWARD - The Judges of England; with Sketches of Their Lives, and Miscellaneous Notices Connected with the Courts at Westminster, from the Time of the Conquest [ Complete Set. 9 Volumes ]
097508: FOSTER J. W. & WHITNEY J. D. - Report] Report on the Geology and Topography of a Portion of the Lake Superior Land District, in the State of Michigan [ Complete in 2 Parts ]
098965: FOSTER JOSEPH - Pedigrees Recorded at the Heralds' Visitations of the Counties of Cumberland and Westmorland, Made By Richard St. George, Norroy, King of Arms in 1615, and By William Dugdale, Norroy, King of Arms in 1666.
098050: FOSTER ANDREW - Tamara Karsavina: Diaghilev's Ballerina
010443: FOTIADE, RAMONA - Andre Breton - The Power of Language
099573: FOUNTAIN ROBERT - Travelling Ireland: 1000 Miles with Horse and Carriage
010062: FOX CHARLES JAMES. RIGHT HON - A History of the Early Part of the Reign of James the Second with an Introductory Chapter
010860: FOX SIR CYRIL - Offa's Dyke : A Field Survey of the Western Frontier-Works of Mercia in the Seventh and Eighth Centuries A.D.
096615: FOXE JOHN - Acts and monuments of matters most speciall and memorable, happening in the Church, with an vniuerall historie of the same. Wherein is set forth at large the whole race and course of the Church, from the primitiue age to these later times of Ours.
096578: FOXWELL ARTHUR - The Enlarged Cirrhotic Liver
008866: FRANCE, CHRISTINE - The Art of Marea Gazzard
098151: FRANCO PRATESI - La splendida basilica di San Miniato a Firenze: Il Rinascimento inizia da qui
098048: FRANZ HEINRICH GERHARD - Niederländische Landschaftsmalerei im Zeitalter des Manierismus. [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
096822: FRANZOI UMBERTO - The Grand Canal
097978: FRASER JAMES - Hand Book for Travellers in Ireland descriptive of its Scenery, Towns, Seats, Antiquities, etc. with all the railways now open and various statistical tables. Also an outline of its mineral structure, a brief of view its Botany and information for Anglers
098769: FRASER JAMES - Guide through Ireland descriptive of its Scenery, Towns, Seats, Antiquities etc. with Various Statistical Tables. Also an outline of its mineral structure, and a brief view of its Botany
099691: FRASER MRS HUGH - A Diplomatist's Wife in Many Lands [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
098686: FRASER ROBERT WINCHESTER - Turkey Ancient and Modern a History of the Ottoman Empire from the Period of Its Establishment to the Present Time with Appendix
097307: FRAY KATHERINE - History of the East and West Ham [ Edited and Revised By G. Pagenstecher ]
010783: FRAYLING CHRISTOPHER [ INTRODUCTION BY ] - David Mellor Master Metalwork
098594: FREDDIE WILHELM - Freddie: Wilhelm Freddie, værker 1957-1995 (Danish Edition)
099895: FREDDIE WILHELM - Wilhelm Freddie
099699: FREDDIE WILHELM - Braendende Blade af Jens Jorgen Thorsen. Privattryk.
098326: FREEMAN RAY [ COMPLIED BY ] - Wrens-Eye View of Wartime Dartmouth (Dartmouth History Research Group Paper)
098853: FRESENIUS C. REMIGIUS - Anleitung zur quantitiven chemischen analyse fu¨r anfa¨nger und Geu¨btere. von Carl Remigius Fresenius. [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
099022: FRIEDMANN HERBERT - A Bestiary for Saint Jerome Animal Symbolism in European Religious Art
098993: FROST THOMAS - Reminiscences of a Country Journalist
004314: FRY CAROLINE - The Listener ( Complete in 2 Volumes )
099584: FRYER MIKE & HORLOCK BOB - Maps & Images of Mistley, Manningtree & Lawford Circa 1769-1926
010534: FSASSI, ¦ALLSAL - The independence movements in Arab North Africa
097916: FURNISS HARRY - Australian Sketches Made on Tour
096206: FUSELI HENRY - Lectures on painting : delivered at the Royal Academy by Henry Fuseli. With additional observations and notes.
010720: GAILLARD GABRIEL-HENRI - Rhétorique françoise à l'usage des jeunes demoiselles, avec Des Exemples tirées, pour la plûpart, De nos meilleurs Orateurs & Poètes modernes.
010531: GAILLARD M. - Histoire de François 1er, Roi de France
010395: GAILLARD GEORGES - Etudes D'art Roman
010396: GAILLARD GEORGES - La sculpture romane Espagnole. De Saint Isidore de Leon à Saint Jacques de Compostelle.
010006: GALBRAITH V. H. & TAIT JAMES [ EDITED BY ] - Herefordshire Domesday Circa 1160-1170
010018: GALE BRUCE - Musa Hitam a Political Biography
097288: GALL & INGLIS [ PUBLISHERS ] - Gall & Inglis Handy Map of London. Scale 3 1/2 Inches to a Mile. With Illustrated Guidebook and Index to Streets
096985: GALLENGA A. - Italy Revisited [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
096371: GALLENKAMP - Laboratory Apparatus and Equipment
098061: GALLET MICHEL & BOTTINEAU YVES - Les Gabriel: Ouvrage Collectif
097675: GALTON FRANCIS - Finger Prints
098191: GAMESON RICHARD - The Role of Art in the Late Anglo-Saxon Church
098487: GAMESON RICHARD - The Earliest Books of Canterbury Cathedral Manuscripts and Fragments to C. 1200
098225: GANGLER ANETTE - Ein traditionelles Wohnviertel im Nordosten der Altstadt von Aleppo in Nordsyrien
098820: GARCON NATHALIE - Balcons
004185: GARDEN GEORGE ? - A Letter to Mr. James Webster, (in name of the episcopal clergy) concerning a sermon preached by him at Edinburgh, July 25. 1703. : Before Her Majesties High Commissioner, and the honourable estates of Parliament
099495: GARDNER J. STARKIE - English Ironwork of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
099292: GARNEREY, JEAN FRANÇOIS - Collection des nouveaux costumes des autorités constituées, civils et militaires: Costumes des législateurs, et des autres fonctionnaires Publics
010599: GARNETT DAVID - A Rabbit in the Air
095959: GARRICK MR - Dramatic Micellanies Consisting of Critical Observations on Several Plays of Shakspeare
010650: GASPAROV BORIS, AND OTHERS [ EDITED BY ] - Cultural Mythologies of Russian Modernism: From the Golden Age to the Silver Age (California Slavic Studies)
098667: GASTER MOSES - Studies and Texts in Folklore, Magic, Mediaeval Romance, Hebrew Apocrypha and Samaritan Archaeology [ Completev in 3 Volumes ]
096585: GAULD TOM & LIA SIMONE - Second
096768: GAUNT MARY - Dave's Sweetheart
099489: GEDDE WALTER - A Booke of Sundry Draughtes, principaly serving for Glasiers, and not impertinent for Plasterers, and Gardiners
098784: GEE GEORGE E. - The Jeweller's Assistant in the Art of Working in Gold
098303: GEIKIE ARCHIBALD - Geological Map of Scotland
096378: GELFAND MICHAEL - Christian Doctor and Nurse: The History of Medical Missions in South Africa From, 1799-1976
098622: GENNIFER WEISENFELD - MAVO: Japanese Artists and the Avant-Garde, 1905-1931 (Twentieth Century Japan: The Emergence of a World Power)
097811: GEOFF BRANDWOOD - Temple Moore: An Architect of the Late Gothic Revival
010697: GEOGRAPHERS' MAP CO LTD - Geographers' premier map of London and Suburbs. Published under the directorship of Alexander Gross. [ Including Index ]
097144: GEOGRAPHICAL JOURNAL - The Geographical Journal [ July to December, 1912 ]
097146: GEOGRAPHICAL JOURNAL - The Geographical Journal [ January to June, 1909 ]
097147: GEOGRAPHICAL JOURNAL - The Geographical Journal [ July to December, 1914 ]
099878: GEOLOGY - Congres Geologique International Comptes Rendus De La Dix - Neuvieme Session Alger 1952-1954 [ 21 Parts ]
097994: GEORGE W. DAVISON AND HARRIET R. B. DAVISON - Our Fortnight in Ireland [ Signed Limited, with Christmas Card ]
099382: GEORGE CHARLES HENRY VICTOR PAGET,MARQUESS OF ANGLESEY - All the Queen's Horses: The Art of Lynne Gleason
010528: GEORGE PHILIPS [ PUBLISHER ] - Cyclist's Map of the Country Round London
098803: GEORGE E. MARTIN - Geometric Constructions (Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics)
010328: GEORGE VI [ FINE BINDING ] - The Form and Order of the Service that is to be performed and the Ceremonies that are to be observed in the Coronation of Their Majesties King George VI and Queen Elizabeth in the Abbey Church of S. Peter, Westminster, on Wednesday, the 12th day of May, 1
098813: GERDES PAULUS - Otthava: Making Baskets and Doing Geometry in the Makhuwa Culture in the Northeast of Mozambique
098775: GERHARDT M. CHARLES - Traité de chimie Organique [ Complete in 4 Volumes ]
099438: GERNSHEIM HELMUT - Incunabula of British Photography: Bibliography of British Photographic Literature, 1839-75, and British Books Illustrated with Original Photographs
099540: GERNSHEIM HELMUT AND ALISON - The History of Photography from the Camera Obscure to the Beginning of the Modern Era
099432: GERNSHEIM HELMUT AND ALISON - The Origins of Photography
008675: GESSNER SALOMON - New Idylles Translated by W. Hooper MD. With a letter to M: Fuslin, on landscape painting, and The Two Friends of Bourbon, a moral tale, by M. Diderot
096876: GIBBERD FREDERICK - Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King, Liverpool
096591: GIBBONS THOMAS - Juvenilia: Poems on Various Subjects of Devotion and Virtue.
003327: GIBBS A. E. - The Corporation Records of St Albans
009578: GIBSON EDMUND - A preservative against popery, in several select discourses upon the principal heads of controversy between Protestants and Papists
095906: GIBSON EDMUND THE RIGHT REV - A preservative against Popery, in several select discourses upon the principal heads of controversy between Protestants and Papists : being written and published by the most eminent divines of the Church of England, chiefly in the reign of King James II /
010562: GIBSON J. S. W. - Marriage Register of Banbury Part Three 1790-1837 [ the Banbury Historical Society Volume 5 ]
096033: GIFFORD JOHN - The history of France, from the earliest times, to the present important era. From the French of Velly, Villaret, Garnier, Mezeray, Daniel, and other eminent historians; with Notes, critical and explanatory by John Gifford.
008955: GILBERT JOHN ( TRANSLATOR ) - Omar Al-Mukhtar the Italian Reconquest of Libya
098323: GILL ERIC - Das Hohe Lied Salomo. The Song of Solomon.
097862: GILLIAN HUTCHINSON - Medieval Ships and Shipping (Archaeology of Medieval Britain)
098597: GILLIAN GREEN - Traditional Textiles of Cambodia: Cultural Threads and Material Heritage
010232: GILLIES JOHN - The History of Ancient Greece, Its Colonies & Conquests, from the Earliest Accounts till the Division of the Macedonian Empire in the East: Including the History of Literature, Philosophy, & the Fine Arts
099840: GILLRAY JAMES - The Works of James Gillray [ 582 Plates and a Supplement Containing the 45 So-Called '' Suppressed Plates ]
097900: GILPIN WILLIAM - Remarks on Forest Scenery and Other Woodland Views, [ Relative Chiefly to Picturesque Beauty ] Illustrated By the Scenes of New-Forest in Hampshire
010610: GILPIN WILLIAM - Observations, Relative Chiefly to Picturesque Beauty, Made in the Year 1776, on Several Parts of Great Britain; Particularly the High-Lands of Scotland. [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
099775: GINIO ALISA MEYUHAS [ EDITED BY ] - Jews, Christians, and Muslims in the Mediterranean World after 1492
099143: GINOUVES RENE - Mosaique: Recueil dhommages à Henri Stern
002053: GIOVANNI, BOCCACCIO. (PLUCHON-DESTOUCHES) - Le Petit-Neveu De Bocace, Ou Contes Noveaux En Vers Nouvelle Edition
004772: GIRAUD RICHARD - Bibliotheque sacree, ou, Dictionnaire universel historique, dogmatique, canonique, ge ographique et chronologique des sciences eccle siastiques, par les re ve rends pe`res Richard et Giraud.
010002: GIRAULT-DUVIVIER, CH.-PRE. - LEMAIRE, P.-AUGUSTE. - Grammaire des grammaires ou analyse raisonnée des meilleurs traités sur la langue française. Dix-neuvième édition entièrment revue et corrigée [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
096935: GIRLS' FRIEND - The Girls' Friend a Home Story Paper for Readers of All Ages [ 25 Issues ]
096936: GIRLS' FRIEND - The Girls' Friend a Home Story Paper for Readers of All Ages [ 25 Issues ]
096934: GIRLS' FRIEND - The Girls' Friend a Home Story Paper for Readers of All Ages [ 25 Issues ]
096933: GIRLS' FRIEND - The Girls' Friend a Home Story Paper for Readers of All Ages [ 25 Issues ]
098307: GIROUARD MARK, CRUICKSHANK DAN, SAMUE; RAPHAEL - The Saving of Spitalfields
010529: GLADSTONE W. E. - The State in Its Relations with the Church
098978: GLAUBER JOHN (JOHANN) RUDOLPH - Works of the Highly Experienced and Famous Chymist, John Rudolph Glauber. Containing, Great Variety of Choice Secrets in Medicine and Alchymy in the Working of Metallick Mines, and the Separation of Metals: also, Various Cheap and Easie Ways of Making
010614: GLOVER STEPHEN - The History, Gazetteer, and Directory of the County of Derby: drawn up from actual observation and from the best authorities; containing a variety of Geological, Mineralogical, and Statistical Information [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
002458: GLRALDUS CAMBRENSIS: BARRI GIRALDUS DE - Itinerarium Cambriae Seu Laboriosae Baldvini Cantuariensis Archiepiscopi Per Walliam Legationis Accurata Description Auctore Silv Giraldo Cambrense Cum Annotationibus Davidis Poweli
099908: GODFREY J. H. - Palestine and Transjordan [ B. R. 514 Geographical Handbook Series ]
009155: GOESIUS WILHELM - Rei agrariæ auctores legesque variæ : quædam nunc primum, cætera emendatiora prodeunt cura W. Goesii, cujus accedunt, indices, antiquitates agrariæ et notæ: una cum N. Rigaltii notis et observationibus, nec non glossario ejusdem.
009565: GOETHE JOHANN WOLFGANG VON - Goethe-Gallerie : nach Original-Cartons
097486: GOETHE - Goethe: From My Life, Poetry and Truth. [ 2 Volumes, Parts 1-4 ] [ Volumes 4 & 5 of a 12 Volume Set ]
098486: GOLDBERG SYLVIE ANNE - Crossing the Jabbok: Illness and Death in Askenazi Judaism in Sixteenth - through Nineteenth-Century Prague (Contraversions: Critical Studies in Jewish Literature, Culture, and Society)
099224: GOLDMAN J. W. - Cricketers and the Law
004306: GOLDSMID EDMUND ( EDITED BY ) - The Voyages of the English Nation to America Before the Year 1600 from Hakluyt's Collection of Voyages ( 1598 -1600 ) ( 4 Volumes Bound in 3 )
096048: GOLDSMITH DR - The History of England from the Earliest Times to the End of the Reign of George II. By Dr Goldsmith. And Contined to the Present Period By Mr Morell [ Complete in 2 Volumes ] [ Published Bungay. Suffolk ]
008635: GOLDSMITH OLIVER - The Vicar of Wakefield
097570: GOLOVNIN, VASILII MIKHAILOVICH; PETR IVANOVICH RIKORD - Narrative of My Captivity in Japan, During the Years 1811, 1812 & 1813; with Observations on the Country and the People. To Which Is Added an Account of Voyages to the Coasts of Japan, and of Negotiations with the Japanese. [ Volume 1 Only ]
099585: GOODWIN HARVEY - Trifles for My Grandchildren
099104: GOODWIN GODREY - Sinan: Ottoman Architecture and Its Values Today
099695: GORDON ALASAIR - Spaced Out Radical Environments of the Psychedelic Sixties
010784: GOSLING DAVID - Gordon Cullen Visions of Urban Design [ Foreword By Sir Norman Foster
098857: GOTCH J. ALFRED - Squires Homes and Other Buildings of Northamptonshire
099038: GOULD JEREMY - Modern Houses in Britain, 1919-1939 [ Archiectural History Monographs: No 1 ]
098503: GRABAR ANDRE - Les Voies De La Creation En Iconographie Chretienne Antiquite et Moyen Age
098507: GRABAR ANDRE - L'iconoclasme Byzantin Le Dossier Archeologique
098205: GRABAR ANDRE - Empereur dans l'Art Byzantin
098140: GRABAR OLEG - Studies in Medieval Islamic Art
010807: GRAEME WILLIAMS - Death of a Circuit: Being Some Account of the Oxford Circuit and How It Was Abolished
099796: GRAFF WERNER - Innenräume. Räume und Inneneinrichtungsgegenstände aus der Werkbundausstellung Die Wohnung , insbesondere aus den Bauten der städtischen Weißenhofsiedlung in Stuttgart.
099285: GRAFTON RICHARD - Grafton's chronicle, or, History of England. To which is added his table of the bailiffs, sheriffs, and mayors, of the city of London. From the year 1189, to 1558, inclusive : [ Complete in 2 Volumes. Fine period Bindings ]
095698: GRANGER JAMES - Letters Between the Rev James Granger, M. A. Rector of Shiplake and Many of the Most Eminent Literary Men of His Time: Composing a Copious History and Illustration of His Biographical History of England
099561: GRANJON H. - Fundamentals of Welding Metallurgy (Woodhead Publishing Series in Welding and Other Joining Technologies)
099754: GRANSDEN ANTONIA - Legends, Tradition and History in Medieval England
096862: GRANT JOHN E. - The Problem of War And Its Solution
096548: GRAPHIC NEWSPAPER - The Graphic Newspaper [ Long Run, from December 1869 to September 1921. 104 Volumes. ]
096939: THE GRAPHIC NEWSPAPER 1878 - The Graphic Newspaper 1878
005087: GRATTAN SMITH T. E. - The Cave of a Thousand Columns
096474: GRAY SAMUEL FREDERICK - A supplement to the pharmacopoeia : being a treatise on pharmacology in general; including not only the drugs and compounds which are used by practitioners of Medicine, Etc,
099542: GREEN R. ELLIOT & PARSLOW R. D. - Computer Graphics in Management Case Studies of Industrial Applications
099060: GREEN J. R. - A Short History of the English People
099213: GREEN CHRISTOPHER - Leger and the Avant-Garde
004589: GREENAWAY KATE - Marigold Garden, Pictures and Rhymes,
096424: GREG THOMAS - A LETTER TO SIR JOHN SINCLAIR, BART. M.P. President of the Board of Agriculture; containing a statement of the system, under which a considerable farm is profitably managed in Hertfordshire. Second edition, with an appendix containing a subsequent Corresp
008698: GREGO JOSEPH - Rowlandson the Caricaturist a Selection from His Work with Anecdotal Descriptions of His Famous Caricatures and a Sketch of His Life, Times, and Contemporaries ( Complete in 2 Volumes )
010224: GREGORY JOHN - A father's legacy to his daughters by the late Dr. Gregory, of Edinburgh [ Long Period Annotations ]
010632: GREGORY SERGE - Antosha And Levitasha - The Shared Lives And Art Of Anton Chekhov And Isaac Levitan
010798: GREIMAS ALGIRDAS JULIEN - On Meaning Selected Writings in Semiotic Theory
010637: GRENVILLE GEORGE NUGENT - Portugal a Poem in Two Parts
009027: GREY RICHARD - A System of English Ecclesiastical Law Extracted from the Codex Juris Ecclesiastica
010799: GRIEMAS, ALGIRDAS JULIAN; FONTANILLE, JACQUES - The Semiotics of Passion: From States of Affairs to States of Feeling
099075: GRIERSON MAJOR-GENERAL J. M. - Records of the Scottish Volunteer Force 1859-1908
096370: GRIFFIN & TATLOCK LTD - Griffin and Tatlock Ltd Chemical Apparatus Laborratory Equipment and Technical Testing Apparatus [ Griffex A. R. Chemicals ] [ Catalogue No 72L ]
010198: GRIFFITH G. T. [ EDITED BY ] - Alexander the Great: The Main Problems
095629: GRIFFITH JOHN - Albi Rosenthal : M.A. Oxon
096180: GRIFFITH CHARLES - An essay on the common cause and prevention of hepatitis, or disorder of the liver. With an appendix, ... recommending the old submuriates of mercury, etc. Second Title Page [ Obervations on the Calomel, or Hydrargyrus Submuriatus ]
097157: GRIFFITHS ARTHUR - Secrets of the Prison House or Gaol Studies and Sketches [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
096374: GRIFIN & TATLOCK LTD - A Catalogue of Scientific Apparatus for Lecture and Laboratory Use in the Study of Physics Chemistry Biology and General Science for University and Other Examinations [ Catalogue Number 54 AB ]
010612: GRIMM BROTHERS [ TRANSLATED BY MRS EDGAR LUCAS - The Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm
096006: GROHMAN W. A. BAILLIE - Fifteen Years Sport and Life in the Hunting Grounds of Western and British Columbia
010796: GROOM GLORIA - Beyond The Easel: Decorative Paintings By Bonnard, Vuillard, Denis & Roussel 1890-1930
009371: GROSE FRANCIS ( DARRELL REV W. ) - The History of Dover Castle with 10 Views, Anda Plan of the Castle ( Bound with A Provincial Glossary; with a Collection of Local Proverbs, and Popular Superstitions By Francis Grose. A New Edition, Corrected )
010450: GROSE FRANCIS - The Antiquities of England and Wales [ Nice Full Calf Bindings ]
096624: GROSE FRANCIS - The Antiquarian Repertory: A Miscellaneous Assemblage of Topography, History, Biography, Customs, and Manners
096987: GROSIER JEAN BAPTISTE - Description Generale De La Chine
099152: GROSZ GEORGE - Interregnum
099741: GROTIUS HUGO [CANON WILLIAM MURNANE. HIS COPY ] - Opera Omnia Theologica [ 3 Volumes, Bound in 4 ] Vellum Bindings [ Canon William Murnane His Copy ]
000549: GROTIUS HUGO - De Veritate Religionis Christianae
099715: GROUSSET RENE - In the Footsteps of the Buddha
099420: GROVE PUBLISHING - Belfast. See Belfast By Tram, Trolley, and Omnibus
095851: GRUBER ALAIN - Classicism and the Baroque in Europe (History of Decorative Arts)
010208: GRUBER DOROTHY WHITNEY - A Rare Architectural Heritage Old Houses of Chappaqua and Millwood
099636: GRUNWALD JULIUS - The Theory and Practice of Enamelling on Iron and Steel with Historical Notes on the Use of Enamel
004358: GUARINI BATTISTA - Rime del molto illustre Signor Caualiere Battista Guarini., Bound Together with Verie Poesie Di Molti .
010463: GUEST, KEEN & NETTLEFOLDS, LIMITED - Catalogue [ Screws. Nuts. Bolts. Etc ]
097296: GUICCIARDINI FRANCESCO - Delle Istorie D'Italia Di Francesco Guicciardini [ Complete in 8 Volumes ]
010702: GUICHARD, AMI [ EDITED BY ] - Annual Automobile Review
004191: GUIZOT M. - The History of France from the Earliest Times to the Year 1789. Related for the Rising Generation ( Translated By Robert Black Complete in 8 Volumes )
009564: GULIELMUM FORBESIUM ( WILLIAM FORBES ) - Considerationes modestæ et pacificæ controversiarum : de justificatione, purgatorio, invocatione sanctorum et Christo mediatore, eucharistia. Per Gulielmum Forbesium S.T.D. & Episcopum Edenburgensem primum. Opus posthumum, diu desideratum.
097745: GURNEY JOSEPH JOHN - Some account of John Stratford, who was executed after the last assizes for the city of Norwich, for the crime of Murder
099685: GUTHRIE G. J. - A Practical Treatise on the Operative Surgery of the Eye
010165: GUTHRIE WILLIAM - An Atlas to Guthrie's Geographical Grammar.
097905: GUTKIND E. A. - International History of City Development [ Complete in 4 Volumes ]
099774: GUTMANN JOSEPH [ EDITED BY ] - Beauty in Holiness: Studies in Jewish Ceremonial Art
099344: GUY CAREL - Paul Delvaux - His Life
099305: GYLL GORDON WILLOUGHBY JAMES - History of the Parish of Wraysbury Ankerwyche Priory and Magna Charta Island with the History of Horton and the Town of Cowbrook Bucks
009391: HAAGEN LOA ( EDITOR ) - Ferdinand Hodler Towards a Masterpiece
010374: HABSHUSH, HAYYIM. - Travels in Yemen : an account of Joseph Halevy's journey to Najran in the year 1870 / written in Santhani Arabic by his guide Hayyim Habshush ; edited with a detailed summary in English and a glossary of vernacular words by S. D. Goitein.
010416: MRS W. C. HADLEY ? - The Bulletin of the Hadley Laboratory of the University of New Mexico [ Volume 2, Part 2 ]
004365: HAGGARD H. RIDER - Dr Therne
099151: HAJIME SORAYAMA - Sorayama Hajime - Latex Galatea
099061: HALES WILLIAM THE REV - New Analysis of Chronology In Which an Attempt is Made to Explain the History and Antiquities of the Primitive Nations of the World, and the Prophecies Relating to Them, on Principles Tending to Remove the Imperfection [ Complete 4 Volume Set ]
097673: HALL S. C. - The Book of Gems from the Poets and Artists of Great Britain [ 18th & 19th Century. Wordsworth to Tennyson ]
095738: HALL SPENCER T. - The Peak and the Plain Scenes in Wooldland, Field, and Mountain
010708: HALL WINIFRED - Canting And Allusive Arms Of England And Wales
097075: HALL JOHN WHITNEY [ EDITED BY ] - The Cambridge History of Japan [ Complete in 6 Volumes ]
010421: HALL A. L. [ GENERAL SECRETARY ] - South Africa Compte Rendu of the XV Session, South Africa 1929 [ International Geological Congress ] [ 2 Volumes. Many Maps ]
098674: HALLEN A. W. CORNELIUS [ TRANSCRIBED BY ] - The Registers of St. Botolph, Bishopsgate London. [ 3 Volumes ]
099776: HALLO RUDOLF - Jüdische Kunst aus Hessen und Nassau
008345: HAMILTON A. COUNT - Memoirs of Count Grammont ( Translated From the French )
097183: HAMON A. - The Universal Illusion of Free Will and Criminal Responsibility
097500: HAMPER WILLIAM - The Life Diary and Correspondence of Sir William Dugdale, Knight, Sometime Garters Principal King of Arms with an Appendix Containing an Account of His Published Works
097377: HANDLEY HENRY [ INSCRIBED GEORGE SILVERTO CLOVERDALE ] - A letter to Earl Spencer, (President of the Smithfield Club) on the formation of a National Agricultural Institution.
010222: HANHAM, ALISON - Richard III and His Early Historians, 1483-1535
097484: HANS KELLER; CHRISTOPHER WINTLE - Music and Psychology: From Vienna to London, 1939-52. (Hans Keller Archive)
004183: HANWAY JONAS - Letters on the importance of the rising generation of the labouring part of our fellow-subjects; being an account of the miserable state of the infant parish poor; the great usefulness of the hospital for exposed and deserted young children properly Etc
098007: HARASZTI-TAKACS MARIANNA - Spanish Genre Painting in the Seventeenth Century
004465: HARDY THOMA DUFFUS - Rotuli normanniae in Turri londinensi asservati : Johanne et Henrico quinto, Angliæ regibus. / Accurante Thoma Duffus Hardy ... Vol. 1. De annis 1200-1205, necnon de anno 1417 ( Volume One All Published )
097696: HARDY THOMAS DUFFUS - Descriptive Catalogue of Materials relating to the History of Great Britain and Ireland, to the end of the Reign of Henry VII. [ Complete Set, 4 Volumes ]
097863: HARE JOHN - A Prospering Society. Wiltshire in the Later Middle Ages [ Studies in Regional and Local History. Volume 10 ]
098864: HAREL YARON - Syrian Jewry in Transition 1840-1880
096579: HARLEY GEORGE - Jaundice: its Pathology and Treatment with the Application of Physiological Chemistry to the Detection and Treatment of Diseases of the Liver and Pancreas
097067: HARLEY J. B. & O'DONAGHUE YOLANDE [ INTRODUCTION BY ] - The Old Series Ordnance Survey Maps of England and Wales. [ complete in 8 Volumes ]
010605: HARLING ROBERT [ EDITED BY ] - Image a Quarterly of the Visual Arts [ Complete in 8 Volumes ]
008796: HARMON ROBERT B. - John Steinbeck and the Saturday review: An annotated and documented guide to information Sources
097600: HARRIS MAJOR W. CORNWALLIS - The Highlands of Ethiopia
098760: HARRIS MR RICHARD & HOARE SIR RICHARD COLT - Hundred of Westbury. Hundred of Warminster. [ the History of Modern Wiltshire ]
009176: HARRIS JOHN & HIGGOTT GORDON - Inigo Jones Complete Architectural Drawings
002336: HARRIS WILLIAM - An Historical and Critical Account of the Life of Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England, Scotland and Ireland
004447: HARRIS WALTER B. - From Batum to Baghdad Via Tiflis, Tabriz, and Persian Kurdistan
095663: HARRIS PERCY W. EDITED BY - Home Movies and Home Talkies Official Organ of the Instittute of Amateur Cinematographers Ltd
002315: HARRIS WILLIAM - An Historical and Critical Account of the Life and Letters of Charles I. King of Great Britain.After the Manner of Mr. Bayle. Drawn from Original Writers and State Papers to Which is Added an Appendix of Original Papers Now First Published
004678: HARRISON R. T. - A Digested Index to All the Reported Decisions in the Several Courts of Law and Equity and in the Admiralty and Ecclesiastical Courts with the Judgments of the Lord Chancellor of Ireland 1844 to 1850 ( 7 Volumes )
010244: HARRISON FLORENCE - Elfin Song:A Book Of Verse and Pictures
099669: HARTOG E. DEN - Romanesque architecture and sculpture in the Meuse Valley (Maaslandse monografieën. Groot formaat)
098977: HARTOPP HENRY - Calendars Of Wills And Administrations Relating To The County Of Leicester, Proved In The Archdeaconry Court Of Leicester, 1495 - 1649, And In Particular Of St. Margaret Leicester, Rothley, Groby, Evington, And The Unproved Wills, Etc., Previous To 1801
096326: HARVEY P. D. A. [ EDITED BY ] - Manorial Records of Cuxham, Oxfordshire, c.1200-1359: No. 50 (Joint publications / Great Britain. Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts)
098458: HARVEY WILLIAM - De Motv Locali Animalivm 1627
010185: HARWOOD, ELAIN; POWERS, ALAN - Tayler and Green, Architects 1938-1973: The Spirit of Place in Modern Housing
099177: HASELOFF ARTHUR - Pre-Romanesque Sculpture in Italy
010140: HASTED EDWARD - The History and Topographical Survey of the County of Kent containing the antient and present state of it, civil and ecclesiastical [ 4 Folding Maps ]
010143: HASTED EDWARD - The History and Topographical Survey of the County of Kent containing the antient and present state of it, civil and ecclesiastical
010142: HASTED EDWARD - The History and Topographical Survey of the County of Kent containing the antient and present state of it, civil and ecclesiastical [ 3 Folding Maps ]
096067: HATCH GEORGE - General Illustrated Catalogue [ Everything for Engineers ]
097931: HATTON W. H. - The Churches of Yorkshire Illustrated with Full Descriptions of Their Styles of Architecture, Extracts from the Registers
098590: HATTORI KATSUKICHI - treasures of japanese architecture Castles [Ed. and published by Shokoku-sha under the supervision of the National Commission for Protection of Cultural Properties].
009489: HAUGH DAVID R. - Searching for Perfection an Encyclopedia of US Army T-Series Vehicle Development 1925-1958
096288: HAUSEN MARIKA [ AND OTHERS ] - Eliel Saarinen Projects 1896-1923
099049: HAUSLER JOSEF - Spiegel der neuen Musik, Donaueschingen: Chronik, Tendenzen, Werkbesprechungen
098819: HAUSMANN RAOUL - Raoul Hausmann [ 10 Febrero / 24 Abril 1994 ]
099727: HAUSSHERR REINER - Der tote Christus am Kreuz zur Ikonographie des Gerokreuzes
099523: HAVARD HENRY - Histoire De La Faience De Delft
007042: HAVARD HENRY - Dictionnaire De L'ameublemnet et De La Decoration Depuise Le XIII Siecle Jusqu'a Nos Jours
097173: HAW GEORGE - No Room to Live the Plaint of Overcrowded London [ Introduction By Sir Walter Besant ]
010073: HAWKES DEAN [ EDITED BY ] - Modern Country Homes in England: The Arts and Crafts Architecture of Barry Parker
010522: HAWKESWORTH JOHN - Almoran and Hamet an Oriental Tale [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
098994: HAWORTH WALTER NORMAN - The Constitution of Sugars
008060: HAY ALEXANDER - The History of Chichester Interspersed with Various Notes and Observations on the Early and Present State of the City
010809: HAYES KEVIN J. [ EDITED BY ] - Henry James: The Contemporary Reviews (American Critical Archives)
095922: HAYLEY WILLIAM - The Life and Posthumous Writings of William Cowper with an Introductory Letter to the Right Honourable Earl Cowper
099121: HAYN HUGO & GOTENDORF ALFRED N. - Bibliotheca Germanorum Erotica & Curiosa [ Volumes 1 to 8, Without the Supplementary Volume ]
099040: HAYTHORNTHWAITE JOHN PARKER - The Parish of King's Langley: its ancient church and its historic Associations
097429: HAYWARD LINDA - Big Bird's Sesame Street Dictionary [ Complete in 8 Volumes ]
096216: HAZIOT DAVID - Chateau Pichon-Longueville Comtesse de Lalande:
099176: HEARN RONALD - Ronald Hearn: Medium a Yeoman of England
095644: HEARNE THOMAS - Reliquiae Hearnianae the Remains of Thomas Hearne M. A. Of Edmund Hall Being Extracts from His MS Diaries, Collected with a Few Notes By Philip Bliss
095923: HEATH MR CHARLES - Illustrations to the Works of Lord Byron ( 36 Full Page Engraved Plates, 15 Partially Coloured )
010317: HEATH CHARLES - Beauties of the Court and Times of Queen Victoria [ 32 Engraved large Plates ]
096004: HEBER RIGHT REV REGINALD - Narrative Of A Journey Through The Upper Provinces Of India, From Calcutta To Bombay, 1824-1825 (With Notes Upon Cyelon); An Account Of A Journey To Madras And The Southern Provinces, 1826; And Letters Written In India
010238: HEDIN SVEN - Riddles of the Gobi Desert
098068: HEIDE A. VAN DER & VOOLEN E. VAN - The Amsterdam Mahzor: History, Liturgy, Illumination
099487: HEINZ-KLAUS METZGER, RAINER RIEHN (EDS.) - Giacinto Scelsi (Musik-Konzepte)
099071: HEITZ CAROL - L'Architecture religieuse carolingienne : Les formes et leurs Fonctions
098243: HELLER IMRE & VAJDA ZSIGOND - The Synagogues of Hungary an Album
009022: HELM MARTIN - Long Wavelength Infrared Emitters Based on Quantum Wells and Superlattices
001760: HELME ELIZABETH - Instructive Rambles in London and Adjacent Villages. Designed to Amuse the Mind and Improve the Understanding of Youth
010012: HENDERSON M. R. - Malayan Wild Flowers Monocotyledons
010011: HENDERSON M. R. - Malayan Wild Flowers Dicotyledons
097579: HENNESSY WILLIAM M. [ EDITED, WITH A TRANSLATION ] - Chronicum Scotorum a Chronicle of Irish Affairs, from the Earliest Times to A. D. 1135; with a Supplement Containing the Events from 1141 to 1150
010291: HENREY MRS ROBERT [ WITH LETTES FRON THE AUTHOR ] - The Virgin of Aldermanbury Rebirth of the City of London [ Inscribed with Letters ]
099363: HENRI ESTIENNE. - Oratorum veterum orationes : Aeschinis, Lysiae, Andocidis, Isaei, Dinarchi, Antiphontis, Lycurgi, Herodis, et aliorum : Graece, cum interpretatione Latina Quarundam. H. Stephanus.
099733: HENRIQUES ROSE L. [ TRANSLATED INTO ENGLISH BY HERBERT LOEWE ] - Mediaeval Hebrew Minstrelsy Songs for the Bride Queen's Feast Sixteen Zemiroth Arranged According to the Traditional Harmonies
099389: HENRIQUES MAJOR J. Q. - The War History of the 1st Battalion Queen's Westminster Rifles 1914-1918
009057: HENRY J. - The Judgment of the Court of Demerare in the Case of Odwin v Forbes
097430: HENSON JIM - The Sesame Street Library with Jim Henson's Muppets [ Complete Set in 15 Volumes ]
095887: HENTY G. A. - At Agincourt a Tale of the White Hoods of Paris
095889: HENTY G. A. - With Frederick the Great a Story of the Seven Years War
004334: HERBERT LORD & EUGENE PRINCE - Autobiography a Collection of the Most Instructive and Amusing Lives Ever Published, Written By the Parties Themselves ( Two Works Bound in One Volume )
008177: HERBINIO M. JOHANNE - Dissertationes de admirandis mundi cataractis supra & subterraneis, earumque principio, elementorum circulatione, ubi eadem occasione Aestus Maris reflui vera ac genuina causa asseritur, nec non terrestri ac primigenio paradiso lotus situsque verus in Pal
099728: HERMAN JOSEF - Josef Herman Paintings and Drawings 1940-1956 [ 14th March - 23rd April 1956 ]
099424: HERMITE LOUIS - Hommage a Guanabara La Superbe L'ambassade De France a Rio De Janeiro
099820: HERNANDEZ MARIO - Line of Light and Shadow: The Drawings of Federico Garcia Lorca
099750: HIBBARD HOWARD - Memoirs of the American Academy in Rome
002051: HIGGINS, W. MULLINGER - Alphabet of Electricty
097723: HIGHMORE A. - Philanthropia Metropolitana; A View of The Charitable Institutions established in and near London, chiefly during the last Twelve Years
096799: HIGMAN B. W - Jamaica surveyed: Plantation maps and plans of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries
099015: HILL SIR FRANCIS - Medieval Lincoln
098673: HILL JOHN HARWOOD - The History of the Parish of Langton and that portion of the Hundred of Gartree, Leicestershire
099029: HILLEL J. KIEVAL - The Making of Czech Jewry: National Conflict and Jewish Society in Bohemia, 1870-1918 (Studies in Jewish History)
009318: HILLIARDS MRS - Lights and Shadows in a Canine Life, with Sketches of Travels
097376: HILTON JAMES [ SIGNED COPY ] - Time and Time Again
010186: HINDMAN SANDRA - Medieval & Renaissance Miniature Painting
099274: HIROMI NAKAMURA; WILLY RONIS - Willy Ronis, 1934-1987
099311: HOARE SIR RICHARD COLT - The History of Modern Wiltshire. Hundreds of Everley, Ambresbury, and Underditch
098766: HOARE SIR RICHARD COLT - Hundred of Heytesbury [ Part of the History of Modern Wiltshire ]
010344: HOARE RICHARD COLT SIR - The modern history of South Wiltshire / by Richard Colt Hoare ; Old and new Sarum, or Salisbury, by Robert Benson and Henry Hatcher.
096196: HOBBES THOMAS - Thomæ Hobbes Angli Malmesburiensis philosophi vita.
010507: HOBHOUSE ARTHUR SIR - The Official Map of Epping Forest Reduced from the Epping Forest Arbitration Map Authenticated By the Signature of the Arbitrator Sir Arthur Hobhouse K. C. S. I. 1882 with Additions to 1934
098650: HOCH HANNAH - Die fantastische Welt der Hannah Höch. Die Puppe Balsamine und der Zauberbusch.
099491: HOCHENEGG FRIEDRICH - Theorie zur allgemeinen Auflösung der bestimmten algebraischen Gleichungen; nebst kritisch-analytischer Untersuchung der bis jetzt bekannten, und Aufstellung neuer, wissenschaftlich begründeter Auflösungen.
099120: HODKINSON AND CLARKE - Lifts, Hoists, Cranes, Revolving Shutters, and Window Blinds, Manufactured By Hodkinson and Clarke, Canada Works, Small Heath, Birmingham
010284: HOFFMAN HERBERT - Lettering Old and New a Collection of Drawn and Printed Letters of Many Types and Forms
096690: HOFMANNI JOHANN JACOBI - Joh. Jacobi Hofmanni ... lexicon universale : historiam sacram et profanan omnis aevi omniumque gentium, chronologiam ad haec usque tempora, geographiam et veteris et novi orbis [ Complete in 4 Volumes ]
097487: HOFMANNSTHAL HUGO VON - Selected Prose. Translated By Mary Hottinger and Tania & James Stern. Introduction By Hermann Broch
010609: HOGARTH WILLIAM - The works of William Hogarth : in a series of engravings : with descriptions, and a comment on their moral Tendency. by the Rev. John Trusler ; To which are added anecdotes of the author and his Works. by J. Hogarth and J. Nichols. [ 108 Engraved Plates ]
098335: HOHL J. G. - Travels in Ireland
098456: HOLCROFT THOMAS - The Theatrical Recorder [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
095621: HOLE RICHARD - Remarks on the Arabian Night's Entertainments; in Which the Origin of Sindbad's Voyages and Other Oriental Fictions, is Particularly Considered
097214: HOLE JAMES - The Homes of the Working Classes with Suggestions for Their Improvement
010446: HOLLAND W. LANCELOT - Walled Up Nuns and Walled in
096165: HOLLAND, R. F.; MARKIDES, DIANA; HOLLAND, ROBERT - The British and the Hellenes: Struggles for Mastery in the Eastern Mediterranean 1850-1960
098858: HOLLOWAY B. G. [ EDITED BY ] - The Northamptonshire Home Guard 1940 - 1945 A History Of The Services Of The Men & Women Of Northamptonshire Who In The World War Of 1939-45 ForsookTheir Rest And Leisure To Rally In Defence Of The Homeland And Defenc
096248: HOLT GAVIN - Valse Caprice
099403: HOLYOKE JULIE - Digital Jacquard Design
099899: HOMER [ ALEXANDER POPE ] - The Iliad of Homer [ Complete in 5 Volumes ]
096903: HOMILIES - Certain sermons or homilies appointed to be read in churches, in the time of Queen Elizabeth of famous memory: and now thought fit to be reprinted by authority from the Kings most Excellent Majesty
098106: HONEY WILLIAM BOWYER - European Ceramic Art from the End of the Middle Ages to About 1815. [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
009250: HOOD THOMAS - The Works of Thomas Hood Comic and Serious, in Prose and Verse, with All the Original Illustrations. With Memorials Prefixed. Edited , with Notes, By His Son and Daughter ( Complete in 10 Volumes )
097405: HOOK THEODORE - Gilbert Gurney [ Complete in 3 Volumes. Bound in Original Publishers Boards ]
095970: HOOK THEODORE - Maxwell
010677: HOPKINSON CECIL - Collecting Golf Books 1743-1938: To which has been added Bibliotheca Golfiana together with some notes and commentary by Joseph S. F. Murdoch
001953: HORACE - The Lyricks of Horace Comprising His Odes, Epodes, and Secular Ode in English Verse ( Complete in 2 Volumes )
096580: HORACZEK, PAUL JOSEPH - Die gallige Dyscrasie (Icterus) mit acuter gelber Atropie der Leber.
009023: HORIKOSHI, KOKI - Alkaliphiles
010636: HORNECK ANTHONY [ EDWARD G. BROWNE'S COPY ] - The Fire of the Altar: Or, Certain Directions how to Raise the Soul into Holy Flames, Before, At, and After, the Receiving the Blessed Sacrament of the Lord's Supper With Suitable Prayers and Devotions To which is prefix'd, A Dialogue Betwixt a Christian
005065: HORSEMAN ELAIN - The Hubbles and the Robot
099505: HORSFIELD T. W. THE REV - The History and Antiquities of Lewes and Its Vicinity [ Volume 2 Only ]
009110: HOSE G. ELLIOT - Natural Man a Record from Borneo
095785: HOTTINGER JOHANN HEINRICH - Thesaurus Philologicus seu Clavis Scripturae:: qua quic quid fere orientalium, Bebraeorum inaxime, & Arabum, habent monumenta de religione, ejusque variis speciebus, Judaismo, Samaritanismo, Christianismo, Muhammedismo.
099183: HOULBROOK WILLIAM - The rump emissaries : Or, the loyal black-smith of Marlborough no Jesuit. Being A Faithful Account of the Artifices practised by the Standing Army of the Regicides to extirpate Liberty and Property:
098483: HOURIHANE COLUM [ EDITED BY ] - Spanish Medieval Art: Recent Studies
098532: HOURIHANE, COLUM - Pontius Pilate, Anti-Semitism, and the Passion in Medieval Art
099233: HOURIHANE COLUM [ EDITED BY ] - Romanesque Art And Thought In The Twelfth Century: Essays in Honor of Walter Cahn
010460: HOURIHANE COLUM [ EDITED BY ] - King David in the Index of Christian Art (Publications of the Department of Art and Archaeology, Princeton University)
009349: HOUSSAIE AMELOT DE LA - Histoire du gouvernement de Venise ( Part One Only )
010547: VAN HOUTS, E - Exile in the Middle Ages: Selected Proceedings from the International Medieval Congress, University of Leeds, 8-11 July 2002 (International Medieval Research)
099081: HOWARD JAMES - Continental Farming and Peasantry
099703: HOWARD JOSEPH JACKSON [ EDITED BY ] - Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica [ 24 Volumes. First to Fifth Series ] [from the Library of Lord Cullen ]
010327: HOWARD JOHN - The Works of John Howard, Containing the State of the Prisions in England and Wales and an Account of the Principal Lazarettos in Europe [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
096496: HOWE JOHN - The Blessedness of the Righteous Opened, and further recommended from the consideration of The Vanity of this Mortal Life: and, The Vanity of this Mortal Life or of Man, considered only in his Present Mortal State. [ Two Works in One Volume ]
010008: HOWITT WILLIAM - The Northern Heights of London or Historical Associations of Hampstead, Highgate, Muswell Hill, Hornsey, and Islington
010642: HOWITT WILLIAM - The Northern Heights of London or Historical Associations of Hampstead, Highgate, Muswell Hill, Hornsey, and Islington
098710: HOWMAN KEITH - Pheasants of the World Their Breeding and Management [ Signed Limited Edition ]
097603: HUARTE, JUAN [ 1529?-1588 ] - The examination of mens wits. In which, by discouering the varietie of natures, is shewed for what profession each one is apt, and how far he shall profit therein. By Iohn Huarte. Translated out of the Spanish tongue by M. Camillo Camilli. Englished
096367: HUBER MICHEL - Notices Generales des Graveurs Divises par Nations, et des Peintres Ranges par Ecoles, Precedees de L'Histoire de la Gravure et de la Peinture Depuis L'Origine de Ces Arts Jusqu'a Nos Jours, et Suivies d'un Catalogue Raisonne d'une Collection Choisie
099783: HUBERT JEAN - L'Art Pré-Roman
007092: HUDSON W. H. - Green Mansions a Romance of the Tropical Forest
098296: HUGHES EMILY LADY - Change: Thoughts Suggested By a Visit to the Fort of Roslare, County Wexford
098825: M. HUGHES [ PUBLISHER ] - The Business Directory of London and Suburban, Provincial & Foreign Trade Guide
099050: HUGHES DAVID - "A Bottle of Guinness Please" : The Colourful history of Guinness
099349: HUGHES J. QUENTIN - Le Fabbriche e i Disegni di Andrea Palladio, Raccolti ed Illustrati da Ottavio Bertotti Scamozzi Vicenza 1796
095860: HUGHSON DAVID - London Being an Accurate History and Description of the British Metropolis and Its Neighbourhood To Thirty Miles Extent from an Actual Perambulation
095859: HUGHSON DAVID - London Being an Accurate History and Description of the British Metropolis and Its Neighbourhood To Thirty Miles Extent from an Actual Perambulation
095861: HUGHSON DAVID - London Being an Accurate History and Description of the British Metropolis and Its Neighbourhood To Thirty Miles Extent from an Actual Perambulation
099411: HUGO BALL - Seven Sound Poems
009383: HUISH ROBERT - A Treatise on the Nature, Economy, and Practical Management of Bees; in which the Various Systems of the British and Foreign Apiarians are Examined
010444: HULTEN, PONTUS - Surrealists Look at Art. Eluard Aragon. Soupauly breton/ Tzara
096661: HULTEN PONTUS [ ORGANIZED BY ] - Futurism & Futurisms
000138: HUME W. F. - Geology of Egypt the Fundamental Pre Cambrian Rocks of Egypt and the Sudan Their Distribution Ange and Character ( Volume 2, Part 1 )
097912: HUME FERGUS - Madame Midas: Realistic and Sensational Story of Australian Mining Life
009019: HUMPHERUS HENRY - History of the Origin and Progress of the Company of Watermen and Lightermen of the River Thames with Numerous Historical Notes ( Complete in 3 Volumes )
099921: HUMPHREYS NOEL - The Parables of Our Lord
096861: HUMPHREYS NOEL - The Miracles of Our Lord
002455: HUNT LEIGH - The Old Court Suburb; or, Memorials of Kensington, Regal, Critical, and Anecdota (complete in 2 Volumes)l
003297: HUNT LEIGH - The Old Court Suburb; or, Memorials of Kensington, Regal, Critical, and Anecdotical
099655: HUNT DAVID - A History of Walton-le-Dale and Bamber Bridge
096359: HUNTER GEORGE LELAND - Decorative Textiles An Illustrated Book on Coverings for Furniture, Walls and Floors, Including Damasks, Brocades and Velvets, Tapestries, Laces, Embroideries, Chintzes, Cretonnes, Drapery and Furniture Trimmings, Wall Papers, Carpets and Rugs, Etcetera
099651: HURST STEVE - Metal Casting: Appropriate technology in the small foundry
098991: HUTCHINGS & CROWSLEY [ PUBLISHERS ] - The Paddington and Bayswater Directory for 1884
097677: HUTCHINS JOHN - The History and Antiquities of the County of Dorset: Compiled from the best and most ancient Historians, Inquisitiones post Mortem, and other valuable Records and MSS. in private Hands
010607: HUTCHINSON W. - An Excursion to the Lakes in Westmoreland and Cumberland; With a Tour Through Part of the Northern Counties, in the Years 1773 and 1774
098777: HUTCHINSON FRANCIS, LORD BISHOP OF DOWN AND CONNOR, - A Defence of Ancient Historians: With a particular Application of it to the History of Ireland and Great Britain, and other Northern Nations. In a Dialogue between a Protestant and a Papist, an Englishman and an Irishman.
097461: HUXLEY LEONARD [ SIGNED COPY ] - Life and Letters of Thomas Henry Huxley [ Complete in 3 Volumes ]
099228: HUZAYYIN S. A. - Arabia and the Far East Their Commercial and Cultural Relations in Greco Roman and Irano Arabian Times
099760: HYAMSON ALBERT M. [ EDITED BY ] - The British Consulate in Jerusalem 1838-1914 [ Complete in 2 Parts ]
098795: HYMERS J. - The Elements of the Theory of Astronomy
098896: IGNAZ MAYBAUM - Trialogue Between Jew, Christian and Muslim (Littman Library of Jewish Civilization)
097972: MRS INCHBALD [ PLAYS AND FARCES ] - Plays and Farces. [ 27 Leather Bound Volumes ]
010107: INGLEBY C. M. - THE SHAKSPERE ALLUSION BOOK A Collection of Allusions to Shakspere from 1591 to 1700 [ 2 Volume Set ]
008942: INGLIS JAMES ( MAORI ) - Sport and Work on the Nepaul Frontier or Twelve Years Sporting Reminiscences of an Indigo Planter
010684: INMAN THOMAS - Ancient Faiths Embodied in Ancient Names : or an attempt to trace the Religious Belief, Sacred Rites and Holy Emblems of certain Nations, by an interpretation of the names given to children by Priestly authority, or assumed by Prophets, Kings
096233: INTERIANO PAOLO - Ristretto delle historie Genovesi di Paolo Interiano.
098630: INWARD RICHARD - William Ford Stanley His Life and Work
010406: IORGA N. - Les Arts Mineurs En Romanie [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
098033: IRELAND - Ulster for the Motorist. Golfing in Ulster. Angling in Ulster Waters .
097727: IRELAND - first report of the royal agricultural improvement society of Ireland [ 5 Reports ]
004319: IRVING WASHINGTON - Oliver Goldsmith: a Biography
098187: ISLAMIC GARDENS - Les Jardins De L'islam Islamic Gardens
099460: ISOCATRES - Isocratis Scripta, quae quidem nunc extant, omnia
005009: IZACKE RICHARD & SAMUEL - Remarkable antiquities of the city of Exeter. Giving an account of the laws and customs of the place . the titles and privileges of the several corporations, and their distinct coats of arms engrav'd on copper plates.
099627: JACKSON ROGER & ASHLEY WILLIAM E. [ EDITED BY ] - Henry Miller: v. 2: A Bibliography of Primary Sources (Alyscamps Literary Bibliographies)
096079: JACKSON ROBERT - An exposition of the practice of affusing cold water on the surface of the body, as a remedy for the cure of fever : to which are added, remarks on the effects of cold drink, and of gestation in the open air in certain conditions of that Disease
099462: JACKSON LESLEY - 20th Century Pattern Design: Textile & Wallpaper Pioneers. Lesley Jackson
099490: JACKSON FRANK G. - Metal Work Chasing and Repousse for Home Art Workers
002057: JACQUES, VERGIER - Oeuvres diverses de mr vergier, 1742
097485: JACQUES LEFÈVRE D`ETAPL; EUGENE RICE JR. - Prefatory Epistles of Jacques Lefevre D'Etaples: And Related Texts
097634: JAMES ROBERT - A dissertation on fevers, and inflammatory distempers. The eighth edition. To which are now first added, from papers which he was preparing to publish before his death, A vindication of the fever powder, and A short treatise on the disorders of children.
001836: JAMES GRACE - Green Willow and Other Japanese Fairy
098039: JAMES D. BURKE - Jan Both: Paintings, Drawings and Prints (Outstanding Dissertations in the Fine Arts)
097663: JAMES WYLD [ PUBLISHER ] - New Plan of London and Its Vicinity [ Large Coloured Map ]
095811: JAMES G. P. R. - Philip Augustus or the Brothers in Arms
010128: JANIN JULES - Le mois de mai à Londres et L'Exposition de 1851
095876: JANNSON JAN - Suffolciae Nova Et Accurata Delineatio
010074: JASON NEVILLE - The Sculpture of Frank Dobson
098522: JEAN CHARLES LEONARD DE SISMONDI - Histoire des republiques italiennes du moyen Age
008860: JEAN LUC D' IHARCE - Erreurs populaires sur la me´decine : ouvrage compose´ pour l'instruction de ceux qui ne professent pas cette Science
095883: JEFFERIES RICHARD - Wild Life in a Southern County.
009270: JEFFERSON ROBERT L. - Roughing it in Siberia with Some Account of the Trans-Siberian Railway, and the Gold-Mining Industry of Asiatic Russia
097877: JEFFERY PAUL - England's Other Cathedrals
096897: JEFFREY GREY - The Australian Centenary History of Defence: Volume 1: The Australian Army: Australian Army v. 1
096007: JENKINS J. GILBERT - A History of the Parish of Penn in the County of Buckingham
000125: JENKINS DAVID - Jenkinsius redivivus, or, The vvorks of that grave, learned, truly-loyal, and courageous Judge Jenkins, whilst a prisoner in the Tower, and Newgate, by command of the rebellious Long-Parliament, began at Westminster, Nov. 3, 1640 : wherein is plainly set
010831: JENNESS DIAMOND - The Ojibwa Indians of Parry Island, Their Social and Religious Life
010832: JENNESS DIAMOND - The Sekani Indian of British Columbia Canada Department of Mines and Resources Bulletin No 84
098016: JENNIFER MONTAGU - Roman Baroque Sculpture: The Industry of Art
098127: JEROEN GILTAIJ - Perspectives: Saenredam and the Architectural Painters of the 17th Century
099219: JERPHANION G. DE - La Voix Des Munuments Notes et Etudes D'archeologie Chretienne
007061: JESSE J. HENEAGE - London and Its Celebrities a Second Series of Literary and Historical Memorials of London ( Complete in 2 Volumes )
010026: JEYARAJASINGAM ALLEN; & PEARSON, ALAN - A Field Guide to the Birds of West Malaysia and Singapore
098718: JOAN OF ARC - process de condamnation et de Rehabilitation de Jeanne d'Arc, dite La Pucelle [ Complete Set 5 Volumes ]
099991: JOEDICKE JURGEN [ EDITED BY ] - Candilis. Josic. Woods. a Decade of Architecture and Urban Design
008918: JOHANNES CHRYSOSTOMUS - Opera ( 5 Volumes Bound in 4 )
008168: JOHANNIS REGIS - Rotulus Cancellarii Vel Antigraphum Magni Rotuli Pipae
096516: JOHN E. THORNES - John Constable's Skies: A Fusion of Art and Science
096210: JOHN A. RYLE - Natural History of Disease
099422: JOHN K. ROMBACH [ PUBLISHER ] - Drogheda. Rombach's Cheap Pocket Edition of a Guide to Drogheda
099315: JOHN LORD BISHOP OF CHESTER - An Exposition of the Creed By John Lord Bishop of Chester
098985: JOHNSON SAMUEL - The Life of Samuel Johnson Comprehending an Account of His Studies and Numerous Works in Chronological Order [ Complete in 4 Volumes ]
009546: JOHNSON SAMUEL ( COMPLETE IN 2 VOLUMES ) - A Dictionary of the English Language in Which the Words are Deduced from Their Originals and Illustrated in Their Different Significations By Examples from the Best Writers. To Which are Prefixed a History of the Language and an English Grammar
095635: JOHNSON SAMUEL - A dictionary of the English language: in which the words are deduced from their originals . to which are prefixed a history of the language, and an English grammar.
097386: JOHNSON A. F. - Decorative Initial Letters Collected and Arranged with an Introduction By A. F. Johnson
010640: JOHNSON SAMUEL - A Dictionary of the English Language in Which the Words are Deduced from Their Originals Explained in Their Different Meanings [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
006016: JOHNSON SAMUEL - A dictionary of the English language : in which the words are deduced from their originals, explained in their different meanings, and authorized by the names of the writers in whose works they are found. / Abstracted from the folio edition, by the Author
098787: JOHNSTON JAMES F. W. - The Chemistry of Common Life [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
008827: JOHNSTONE CAPT. H. M. - A History of Tactics
099607: JOKAI MAURUS [ TRANSLATED BY R. NISBET BAIN ] - Midst the Wild Carpathians
009569: JONATHAN EDWARDS ( PUBLISHED BY ) - An Account of the life of Mr David Brainerd. & The Journal of a two months tour with a view of promoting religion among the frontier inhabitants of Pensylvania. ( 2 Works Bound in 1 Volume )
010064: JONES ANTHONY L. - Heraldry in Glamorgan [ Various Issues ]
099994: JONES PETER BLUNDELL - Hans Scharoun a Monograph
010146: JONES INIGO - Inigo Jones on Palladio Being the Notes By Inigo Jones in the Copy of I Quattro Libri Dell Architettura Di Andrea Palladio
099106: JONES STANLEY [ AND OTHERS ] - The Survey of Ancient Houses in Lincoln. [ Complete in 4 Volumes ] [ 1. Priorygate to Pottergat. 2. Houses to the South and Wset of the Minster. 3. Houses in Eastgate. 4. Houses in the Bail ]
010227: JONES, P. J. - The Malatesta of Rimini and the Papal State
008626: JONES D. - The Secret History Of White-Hall From The Restoration Of Charles II, Down to the Abdication of the late K. James
097951: JONES-BAKER DR DORIS [ EDITED BY ] - Hertfordshire in history: Papers presented to Lionel Munby
097554: JONES STEPHEN - Hats an Anthology [ Limited Edition ]
098628: JONES & WILLIS, LTD - A Book of Designs of Ecclesiastical Art By Jones & Willis, Ltd
097857: JONES QUAIN AND WILLIAM J.E. WILSON [ EDITORS ] - The Nerves of the Human Body; Including the Brain and Spinal Marrow, and Organs of Sense; in a Series of Plates, with References and Physiological Comments.
010003: JONES ADRIAN CAPT - Memoirs of a Soldier Artist
097547: JORROCKS JOHN - Jorrocks's Jaunts and Jollities; or the Hunting, Shooting, Racing, Driving, Sailing, Eating, Eccentric, and Extravagant Exploits of That Renowned Sporting Citizen
098047: JOSEPH FINK - The day was short, the work was vast: A memoir 1944-1949
099762: JOSEPH SAMUEL - History of the Baron De Hirsch Fund: Americanisation of the Jewish Immigrant
010730: JOSEPH FRANCOIS - Lavie De Messire Joseph Francois De Salvador Second Superieur De La Congregation Des Pretres De Notre Dame De Saint Garde
097236: JOUVENCI JOSEPH - Recueil de pieces touchant l'Histoire de la Compagnie de Jesus, composée par le pere Joseph Jouvenci, jesuite, et supprimée par Arrêt du Parlement de Paris du 24. Mars 1713..
096944: JOVELLANOS, GASPAR MELCHOR DE - Informe de la Sociedad Económica de esta Corte al Real y Supremo Consejo de Castilla en el expediente de Ley Agraria, extendido por su individuo de número
098924: JOWELL J. L. - Lord Denning: The Judge, the Law
097930: JUDGES E. A. - In and Around Guildford. Old and New
097514: JUDITH LEGROVE. - A Musical Eye: The Visual World of Britten and Pears.
009311: JULES-ROSETTE, BENNETTA - The Messages of Tourist Art : An African Semiotic System in Comparative Perspective
097853: JULIAN M. LUXFORD - The Art and Architecture of English Benedictine Monasteries, 1300-1540: A Patronage History (25) (Studies in the History of Medieval Religion)
099846: JURY DAVID [ EDITED BY ] - Book Art Object
097650: JUSTINIANUS - Novellarum Constitutionum...quae extant et ut extant, Volumen
010503: JUVENAL. A TRANSLATION, BY SIR ROBERT STAPYLTON, OF: JUVENAL. WORKS. - Mores hominum : The manners of men, described in sixteen satyrs, by Juvenal: as he is published in his most authentick copy, lately printed by command of the King of France. Whereunto is added the invention of seventeen designes in picture: with Arguments
099749: KADOI YUKA & SZANTO IVAN - The Shaping of Persian Art: Collections and Interpretations of the Art of Islamic Iran and Central Asia
008622: KALINOWSKI WOJCIECH - City development in Poland up to mid-19th century (Research Institute for Town Planning and Architecture ( Text and Illustrations )
010295: KAMMERER A. - Pétra et la Nabatène. L Arabie Pétrée et les Arabes du Nord dans leurs rapports avec la Syrie et la Palestine jusqu à l Islam. [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
099677: KAPRALSKI SLAWOMIR [ EDITED BY ] - The Jews in Poland [ Volume . 2 ]
096583: KARASIK PAUL - Bad News [ Number 3 ]
098621: KAREL SRP - Jindrich Styrsky (Fototorst)
099010: KATHRYN BRUSH - The Shaping of Art History: Wilhelm Vöge, Adolph Goldschmidt, and the Study of Medieval Art:
099949: KATZ DOVID - Origins of the Yiddish Language & Dialects of the Yiddish Language [ 2 Volumes ]
099025: KAUFFMANN, GEORG UND WILLIBALD SAUERLÄNDER HERAUSGEGEBEN VON - Walter Friedlaender Zum 90. Geburtstag Eine Festgabe seiner europaischen Schüler, Freunde und Verehrer
002440: KEATS JOHN - Odes Sonnets & Lyrics of John Keats
098927: KEILL JOHN - An Introduction to Natural Philosophy : Or, Philosophical Lectures Read in the University of Oxford, Anno Dom 1700, To which are added The Demonstrations of Monsieur Huygen's Theorems, concerning the Centrifugal Force, and Circular Motion.
096724: KELLER DR FERDINAND [ TRANSLATED AND ARRANGED BY JOHN EDWARD LEE ] - The Lake Dwellings of Switzerland and Other Parts of Europe
097158: KELLEY E. G. - The Philosophy of Existence, the reality and romance of histories in four Books
098894: KELLY HAMERTON - Jews Greeks and Christians (Studies in Judaism in late antiquity)
095711: KELLY T. W. - Menana a Romance of the Red Indians in Ten Cantos, with Notes to Which are Added the Death Robe and Two Other Poems of the American Woods
098826: KELLY [ PUBLISHER ] - The Post Office London Directory for 1919 Comprising, Amongst Other Information, Volume 1, Official, Streets, Law Courts, Parliamentary, Postal, City, Municipal and Clerical, Conveyance and Banking Directories .
099316: KEN FORD - Who Traded Where? Stamford's Tradespeople 1800 to 2000
098114: KENDALL HENRY - Jerusalem - The City Plan: Preservation and Development during the British Mandate 1918-194
099806: KENDALL HENRY - Village Development in Palestine During the British Mandate
010425: KENDALL P. F. & BAILEY MR E. B. - The Glaciation of East Lothian South of the Garleton Hills [ Inscribed Copy ]
095739: KENDALL JOHN - An Elucidation of the Principles of English Architecture, Usually Denominated Gothic
096417: KENNA MARGARET E. - The Social Organization of Exile: Greek Political Detainees in the 1930s
010166: KENNEDY WILLIAM - Annals of Aberdeen, from the reign of King William the Lion to the end of the year 1818, with an account of the city, cathedral and university of Old Aberdeen. [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
096984: KENNEDY CLAUDIUS - A Few Chaperts in Astronomy
099575: KENYON L. R. - A Suffolk Village Stratford St. Mary 1312-1946. The Church Traffic Environment and Conditions of Life in Bygone Times
097070: KERSLAKE JOHN - Early Georgian Portraits ( Complete in 2 Volumes )
099244: KESSLER CHARLES S. - Max Beckmann's Triptychs
010558: KEY RUSSELL - Newnham the Story of a Northamptonshire Village
098735: KHANDALAVALA KARL - Indian Sculpture and Painting an Introductory Study
010100: KIDD ERIC - Some Notes on the Birds of Brunei
099805: KIER HILTRUD - Der mittelalterliche Schmuckfußboden.
099398: EDITOR KIM WILLIAMS - Nexus II : Architecture and Mathematics (Collana "Gli studi")
097151: KIMBALL RICHARD B. - Cuba, and the Cubans; Comprising a History of the Island of Cuba, Its Present Social, Political, and Domestic Condition; Also, Its Relation to England and the United States
096221: KING HENRY THE EIGHTH - State Papers [ 5 Parts in 11 Volumes ] [ Complete Set ]
096467: KING CHARLES 1ST - Eikon Basilike: Or the King's Book [ the Pourtraicture of His Sacred Majestie in His Solitudes and Sufferings ]
097453: KING GEORGE & QUEEN ELIZABETH - Official Souvenier Program for "The Coronation of Their Majesties King George VI & Queen Elizabeth ," May 12th. 1937.
010432: KINGLAKE ALEXANDER WILLIAM - The Invasion of the Crimea: Its Origin and an Account of Its Progress Down to the Death of Lord Raglan [ Complete 10 Volumes, Bound in 5 ]
010542: KINGSTON P. B. - Blakesley Then and Now an Account of the Ecclesiastical Parish of Blakesley. Cum-Woodend
097193: KIPLIN ERNEST F. [ EDITED BY ] - The Cape of Good Hope Civil Service List 1888 : containing the official return of the civil and military establishments of the colony, pension lists, acts and regulations, services and duties of officers, particulars of the government and Parliament.
010061: KIRSCHNER ANN - Letters to Sala: A Young Woman's Life in Nazi Labor Camps
095980: KLEIN WILLIAM R. - Close Up
098524: KLING MANUEL - Romanische Zentralbauten in Oberitalien: Vorläufer und Anverwandte
010097: KLOSS C. BODEN [ AND OTHERS ] - Bulletin of the Raffles Museum Singapore, Straits SettlementsI. No 7. December 1932.
097402: KNAPP ANDREW & BALDWIN WILLIAM - The Newgate Calendar; Comprising Interesting Memoirs of the Most Notorious Characters who have been convicted of outrages on The Laws of England. [ Complete in 6 Volumes ]
097303: KNAPP ARTHUR JOHN - Roots And Ramifications; Or, Extracts From The Various Books Explanatory Of The Derivation Or Meaning Of Divers Words
009350: KNIGHT CHARLES ( EDITED BY ) - London
004793: KNIGHT RICHARD PAYNE - The Progress of Civil Society a Didactic Poem in Six Books
008994: KNIGHT CHARLES - London ( Complete in 6 Volumes )
099961: KNIGHT E. F. - The Awakening of Turkey a History of the Turkish Revolution
099883: KNORRINGA HEIMAN - Emporos Date on Trade and Trader in Greek Literature from Homer to Aristotle
099729: KNOX BRIAN - Bohemia and Moravia an Architectural Companion
010469: KOCH F. - Mémoires pour servir à l'histoire de la Campagne de 1814 [ 3 Volumes. Without Atlas ]
098192: KOEHLER WILHELM R. [ EDITED BY ] - Medieval Studies in Memory of A. Kingsley Porter [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
099502: KOGAN, LEE - Morton Bartlett Secret Iniverse 3
099882: KONSTAN, DAVID - Greek Comedy and Ideology
008048: KOONTZ DEAN R. - Nightmare Journey
099068: KOPP ANATOLE - Town and Revolution: Soviet Architecture and City Planning, 1917-35
099240: KRISTIAN BJERKNES - The stave churches of Kaupanger: The present church and its predecessors (Norwegian antiquarian bulletin)
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009183: LACKINGTON JAMES - Memoirs of the forty-Five First Years of James Lackington, the Present Bookseller in Chiswell Street, Moorfield, London
009460: LACOSTE RENE - Lacoste on Tennis
099690: LACROIX CHRISTIAN - Pieces of a Pattern: Lacroix by Lacroix
098161: LADIS ANDREW [ EDITED BY ] - A Discerning Eye: Essays on Early Italian Painting
096854: BY A LADY - Beauty What it is, and How to Retain it
098618: LADY'S PICTORIAL - Lady's Pictorial a Newspaper for the Home [ 1883 ]
007011: LAKE CHARLES S. - The world's locomotives: A digest of the latest locomotive practice in the railway countries of the World
009161: LAMBERT RICHARD C. - The Parliamentary History of Conscription in Great Britain Being a Summary of the Parliamentary Debates Etcetera
098279: LAMBERT B. - The History and Survey of London and Its Environs from the Earliest Period to the Present Time [ Complete in 4 Volumes ]
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010617: LANDMANN GEORGE - A Universal Gazetteer or Geographical Dictionary of the World. Founded on the Works of Brookes and Walker
010624: LANE TORA - Andrey Platonov: The Forgotten Dream of the Revolution
099005: LANG ANDREW [ AND OTHERS ] - Highways & Byways [ 27 Volumes. Soft Leather Bindings. ]
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096977: LANGFORD JOHN ALFRED - The Lily of the West and Other Poems
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096929: LARMESSIN, NICOLAS - Les augustes répresentations de tous les roys de France depuis Pharamond, jusqu'a Louys XIIII, dit. Le Grand, a present regnant, 1679, avec un abrege historique sous chacun, contenant leurs naissances, inclinations, et actions plus remarquables pendant Le
097718: LARREY BARON D. J. - Observations on wounds, and their complications by erysipelas, gangrene and tetanus, and on the principal diseases and injuries of the head, ear and Eye
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098238: LAVEDAN PIERRE - L'architecture Gothique Religieuse En Catalogne, Valence et Baleares
099045: LAVIN MAUD - Cut with the Kitchen Knife: Weimar Photomontages of Hannah Hoch
096949: LAW JOY - Captain Cook's Florilegium a Note on Its Production
010501: LAWRENCE T. E. - Seven Pillars of Wisdom a Triumph
097639: LAWSON J. A. CAPTAIN - Wanderings in the Interior of New Guinea
009117: LAWSON TANCRED THOMAS SIR - Records of a Yorkshire Manor
099989: LAYARD JOHN - Stone Men of Malekula Vao
097142: LEAR EDWARD - Journal of a Landscape Painter in Corsica
010475: LEBER CONSTANT - Histoire Critique du Pouvoir Municipal, de la condition des Cités, des Villes et des Bourgs, et de l'administration comparée des Communes, en France
099193: LEE FABRICS - Panel Designs [ Fabrics ]
099971: LEE EDWIN - The Towkays of Sabah Chinese Leadership and Indigenous Challenge in the Last Phase of British Rule
010580: LEEDY, WALTER C. - Fan Vaulting: Study of Form, Technology and Meaning
097593: LEGGE JOHN - Memorials of John Legge, M. A. Minister of the Congregational Church, Brighton, Victoria, Australia [ with a Memoir By James Legge ]
098518: LEHRMAN JONAS - Earthly Paradise: Courtyard and Garden in Islam
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099207: LEJEUNE RITA & STIENNON JACQUES - The Legend of Roland in the Middle Ages [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
099850: LELAND CHARLES GODFREY [ PLANNED BY ] - Useful Arts and Handicrafts [ Complete Series. 52 Issues ]
099876: LEMERY, LOUIS - A treatise of all sorts of foods, both animal and vegetable: also of drinkables: Giving an account how to chuse the best sort of all kinds; of the good and bad effects they produce; the principles they abound with; the time, age, and constitution they are
010622: LENNOX CHARLOTTE - Shakespear Illustrated: or the Novels and Histories, on which the Plays of Shakespear are founded, collected and translated from the Original Authors. With Critical Remarks,. [ 2 Volumes ]
008962: LENTZ CAROLA EDITED BY - Changing Food Habits : Case Studies from Africa, South America, and Europe
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096905: LEON BRUNO [ EDITED BY ] - Student Publications of the School of Design North Carolina State College Spring 1955. [ No 2 ]
096906: LEON BRUNO [ EDITED BY ] - Student Publications of the School of Design North Carolina State College Spring 1955. [ No 3 ]
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002039: LETI GREGORIO - La Vie Du Pape Sixte Cinquie'me ( Complete in 2 Volumes )
010037: LEVI LEONE - Wages and Earnings of the Working Classes
010548: LEVIN M. G. & POTAPOV L. P. - The Peoples of Siberia
010027: LEVINE MOCHE - Le Tabernacle Sa Structure et Ses Ustensiles
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098898: LEVY ARNOLD - History of the Sunderland Jewish Community 1755-1955
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098918: LIEBIG JUSTUS VON - Familiar Letters on Chemistry, in its relations to Physiology, Dietetics, Agriculture, Commerce, and Political Economy
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097242: LIGHTBOWN RONALD - Sandro Botticelli Life and Work
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099320: LILY WILLIAM - A short introduction of grammar. : Compiled and set forth for the bringing up of all those that intend to attain to the knowledge of the Latin tongue.
010348: LIMA MANUEL - Visual Complexity: Mapping Patterns of Information
010770: LINDEMAN E. & BOLTON L. L. [ COMPILED BY ] - Iron Ore Occurrences in Canada [ Complete in 2 Volumes. 52 Maps, Many Large Folding ]
097915: LINDSAY JACK [ LIMITED TO 25 COPIES ] - Death of a Spartan King and Two Other Stories of the Ancient World
097917: LINDSAY JACK - Hyperborea Two Fantastic Travel Essays
098732: LINGUET SIMON NICOLAS HENRI - Essai philosophique sur le Monachisme
010193: LINTOTT A. W. - Violence in Republican Rome
098844: LION FOUNDRY COMPANY LTD - Illustrated Catalogue of Cast Iron Manufactures [ Volume 1 ]
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097523: LIVY - Titi Liuii Patauini Romanae historiæ principis, libri omnes, quotquot ad nostram ætatem peruenerunt, post varias doctorum virorum emendationes, & veterum & recentium exemplarium collatione summa fide ac diligentia recogniti, & ad publicam vtilitatem denuò
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010726: LOCKE JOHN - De L'education Des Enfans Traduit De L'anglois
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010129: LONDON DIRECTORY 1890 - Post Office London Trades Directory
097891: LONDON - The London Passenger Transport Map 1933 [ Large Linen Backed Map. 87 x 67 Inches ]
097967: ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS - The Illustrated London News 1957
096066: LONGRIDGE CAPTAIN C. C. - Gold Dredging
010013: LORIMER E. O. [ INTRODUCTION BY ] - Tales from the Arabian Nights
009464: LOUBERE SIMON DE LA - Du Royaume De Siam Par Monsr. De La Loubere Envoye Extraordinaire Du Roy Aupres Du Roy De Siam En 1687-1688 ( Volume 1 Only )
098880: LOUISE LONDON - Whitehall and the Jews, 1933-1948: British Immigration Policy, Jewish Refugees and the Holocaust
097594: LOW CHARLES RATHBONE - History of the Indian Navy [ 1613-1863 ] [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
007066: LOWE E. J. - A Natural History of British Grasses
010706: LOWER MARK ANTONY - The Chronicle of Battle Abbey, from 1066 to 1176. Now first translated, with notes, and an abstract of the subsequent history of the Establishment
008755: LOWKE W. J. BASSETT - The Model Railway Handbook a Practical Guide to the Purchase and Installation of the Equipment of Model Railway [ Bound with. Model Railways Engines and Ships ]
096755: LUCAS F. L. - Poems 1935
010280: LUDEN HEINRICH - Histoire d'Allemagne, par Luden; traduite et continuée jusqu'à nos jours, d'après Schmidt, Pfefel, Menzel, Schiller, Posselt, Heinrich, Pfiste, etc., Etc [ 5 Volumes ]
006018: LUDLOW EDMUND GENERA - Three Tracts Published At Amsterdam,In The Years 1691 and 1692 Under The Name of Letters Of General Ludlow To Sir Edward Seymour and Other Persons Comparing The Oppresive Government of King Charles I In The First Four Years Of His Reign
008737: LUDLUM ROBERT - The Scarlatti Inheritance
098006: LUDWIG H. HEYDENREICH - Leonardo-Studien
010553: LUZZATI MICHELE - Le tre sinagoghe. Edifici di culto e vita ebraica a Livorno dal seicento al Novecento
098242: LUZZATTO SAMUEL DAVID - Machazor Di Rito Italiano [ Limited Edition. Complete in 2 Volumes ]
098802: LYONS RICHARD G. [ EDITED BY ] - Streamlining Digital Signal Processing: A Tricks of the Trade Guidebook
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010149: MACAULAY THOMAS BABINGTON - Critical and Historical Essays, Contributed to the Edinburgh Review [ 3 Volumes. Leather Bound ]
010433: MACAULAY THOMAS BABINGTON - The History of England from the Accession of James the Second [ Complete 10 Volumes Bound in 5 ]
001005: MACCARTHY .J.H - Arabian Nights ( Complete in 6 Volumes )
001480: MACDONALD FREDERIKA - The Secret of Charlotte Bronte
010554: MACDOUGALL ELISABETH B. [ EDITED BY ] - Fons Sapientiae Renaissance Garden Fountains
096130: MACERONE FRANCIS - Defensive Instructions for the People: Containing the new and improved combination of Arms, called Foot Lancers: with miscellaneous instructions on the subject of Arms and Ammunition, Street and house Fighting
004067: MACGOWAN KENNETH & ROSSE HERMAN - Masks & Demons
097575: MACGREGORY JOHN - An account of the sepulchers of the antients, and a description of their monuments, from the creation of the world, to the building of the pyramids, and from thence to the destruction of Jerusalem; in two parts: the first comprehending those that are in
098471: MACHIAVELLI NICCOLO - Oeuvres de Machiavel. Traduction nouvelle, par T. Guiraudet. [ Complete in 9 Volumes ]
097918: MACINNES COLIN - June in Her Spring
099419: D. MACKAY [ PUBLISHER ] - Mackay's Complete Tourist's Guide to Oban and Vicinity. Walks Around Oban and Tours to Staffa, Iona, Glencoe, Loch Awe, Ben Cruachan, Ben Nevis, Etc
097832: MACKENZIE COMPTON - Greek Memories
010069: MACKINNON NEIL J. & HEISE DAVID R. - Self, Identity, and Social Institutions
097531: MACKINTOSH JAMES - Vindiciae Gallicae. Defence of the French Revolution and its English admirers against the accusations of the Right Hon. Edmund Burke; including some strictures on the late production of Mons. De Calonne
099172: MACLEOD ROBERT - Style and Society Architectural Ideology in Britain 1835-1914
010401: MACLER FREDERIC - Manuscrits arméniens de Transylvanie [Collection : Langues Orientales Vivantes]
010400: MACLER FREDERIC - Notices de manuscrits armeniens vus dans quelques bibliotheques de l'Europe Centrale
098982: MACMILLAN [ PUBLISHED BY ] - Guide to Egypt and the Sudan
096996: MACPHERSON DAVID - Annals of Commerce, Manufactures, Fisheries, and Navigation, with brief notices of the Arts and Schences connected with them. Containint ghe commercial transactions of the British Empire and other Countries. [ Complete in 4 Volumes ]
004489: MACQUID PERCY - A History of English Furniture With plates in colour after Shirley Slocombe, and numerous illustrations selected and arranged by the author. ( Age of Walnut )
004490: MACQUID PERCY - A History of English Furniture With plates in colour after Shirley Slocombe, and numerous illustrations selected and arranged by the author. ( Age of Mahogany )
004503: MACRAY WILLIAM DUNN - A Register of the Members of St. Mary Magdalen College, Oxford from the Foundation of the College ( Volumes 1-7, Years 1520-1910 )
096528: MACROBIUS AMBROSIUS THEODOSIUS - Opera. Accedunt integrae I. Pontani, J. Meursii, J. Gronovii notae & animadversiones. Ed. novissima cum indice rerum & vocum Locupletissimo
008720: MADAN FALCONER - Books in Manuscript a Short Introduction to Their Study and Use with a Chapter on Records
009299: MADSEN A. P. - Antiquites Prehistoriques Du Danemark
010515: MAGGS J. C. - Famous Old Coaching Inns of England
096173: MAGNAN DR V. [ TRANSLATED BY W. S. GREENFIELD ] - On alcoholism The various forms of alcoholic delirium and their treatment
009562: MAGNUS CRUSIUS - Magni Crusii, S.R.M. Danicæ legationis in Gallia pastoris, singularia Plessiaca, sive Memorabilia de vita et meritis, fatis, controversis et morte Philippi Mornæi de Plessis : maximam partem ex ipsis Mornæi scriptis, præcipue vero ejus Memoriis, Etcetera
008214: MAGNUS HUGO DR - Die Anatomie Des Auges Bei Den Griechen Und Romern
097637: MAGNUSSON EIRIKR & MORRIS WILLIAM [ TRANSLATORS ] - Grettis Saga. The Story of Grettir the Strong
097896: MAHONY - Hand-Book to Galway, Connemara, And the Irish Highlands [ the Tourist's Illustrated Hand-Book for Ireland with Six Maps, and Sixty-Six Illustrations ]
010223: MAHTAB B. C. - Impressions the Diary of a European Tour [ Inscribed By Mahtab ]
008261: MAIDEN J. H. - The Forest Flora of New South Wales ( Fine Decorative Leather Bindings )
097712: MAKINS GEORGE HENRY - Surgical Experiences in South Africa 1899-1900. Being Mainly a Clinical Study of the Nature and Effects of Injuries Produced By Bullets of Smal Calibre [ Inscribed Cipy ]
099970: MALAYSIA - Who's Who in Malaysia & Profiles of Singapore 1982
009599: MALCOLM JAMES - A Compendium of Modern Husbandry Principally Written During a Survey of Surrey Made at the Desire of the Board of Agriculture Illustrative Also of the Best Practices in the Neighbouring Counties Kent Sussex, Etcetera ( Complete in 3 Volumes )
099673: MALINO FRANCES - Jew in French Revolution the Life of Zalkind Hourwitz
010063: MALLALIEU H. L. - The Dictionary of British Watercolour Artists Up to 1920 [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
096602: MALLET DAVID - Edwin and Emma
009523: MALLORY JOHN - Quare impedit. In two parts. Part I. Containing an abridgment of the law concerning the patronages of churches, the titles of ecclesiastical persons . Part II. Containing precedents of Pleading
098992: MALORY SIR THOMAS [ KING ARTHUR ] - Le Morte Darthur the History of King Arthur and of His Noble Knights of the Round Table
010694: MALORY SIR THOMAS [ EDITED BY EUGENE VINAVER ] - The Works of Sir Thomas Malory [ Complete in 3 Volumes ]
099190: MALRAUX ANDRE - Psychologie de l'art. I: Le Musée Imaginaire. 2: La Création Artistique. 3: La Monnaie de L'absolu. [ Complete in 3 Volumes ]
097395: MAN JOHN - The History and Antiquities Ancient and Modern of the Borough of Reading in the County of Berks [ Bound with the Rare Supplement ]
095852: MAN FONG LEE - Paintings and Statues from the Collection of President Sukarno of the Republic of Indonesia ( Complete in 5 Volumes )
096726: MANDEY VENTERUS - Mellificium Mensionis or the Marrow of Measuring Wherein a New and Ready Way is Shown How to Measure Glazing, Painting, Plastering, Masonry, Joyners, Carpenters and Bricklayers Works [ Six Books in One Volume ]
002379: MANGEY THOMAS - Practical Discourses Upon the Lord's Prayer
010340: MANLEY ROGER SIR - The history of the rebellions in England, Scotland and Ireland : wherein, the most material passages, sieges, battles, policies and stratagems of war, are impartially related on both sides : from the year 1640 to the beheading of the Duke of Monmouth
010794: MANN PETER & SARGY MANN - Sargy Mann ' Probably the Best Blind Paited in Peckham '
098485: MANN VIVIAN B. [ EDITED BY ] - Jewish Texts on the Visual Arts
098556: MANN JACOB - The Jews in Egypt and in Palestine Under the Fatimid Caliphs [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
010644: MANNING REV OWEN - The History and Antiquities of the county of Surrey; compiled from the best and most Authentic Historians, valuable Records, and Manuscripts in the public Offices and Libraries, and in private hands. [ Complete in 3 Volumes ]
096077: MANSON ALEXANDER - Medical researches on the effects of iodine, in bronchocele, paralysis, chorea, scrophula, fistula lachrymalis, deafness, dysphagia, white swelling, and distortions of the spine.
098635: MAPPIN & WEBB - Mappin & Webb [ Catalogue for 1938 ]
098332: MARC MICHAEL EPSTEIN - Dreams of Subversion in Medieval Jewish Art and Literature
098893: MARCEL SIMON - Versus Israel: A Study of the Relations Between Christians and Jews in the Roman Empire (135-425) (Littman Library of Jewish Civilization)
097882: MARCUS VITRUVIUS POLLIO - I dieci libri dell'architettura di M. Vitruuio
098123: MARETO FELICE DA - Parma e Piacenza Nei Secoli
003124: MARGOLIOUTH THE REV M. - Vestiges of the Historical Anglo Hebrews in East Anglia
098648: MARK FLEMING - Firework Art
097659: MARK JAN - Two Stories (Childermas and Mr. & Mrs. Johnson)
097448: MARKS EDWARD N. - The Royal Road To Spelling and Reading; An Illustrated Spelling-book, in which all the Peculiarities of English Spelling and Pronounciation are Explained on the "Step by Step" Principle.
008582: MARMONTELL, JEAN-FRANCOISE - Contes Moraux
098903: MARMORSTEIN A. - Studies in Jewish Theology [ the Arthur Marmorstein Memorial Volume ]
008637: MARQUES EMMANUELE - Defensio cultus SS. Cordis Jesu injuria oppugnati a doct. Camillo Blasio,... ejusque gregalibus, auctore Emmanuele Marques
099036: MARROW JAMES H. - Passion Iconography in Northern European Art of the Late Middle Ages and Early Renaissance. A Study of the Transformation of Sacred Metaphor into Descriptive Narrative.
096971: MARSHALL WILLIAM - Planting and Ornamental Gardening a Practical Treatise
096972: MARSHALL WILLIAM - Planting and Ornamental Gardening a Practical Treatise
095979: MARSHALL F. H. - Catalogue of the Jewellery, Greek, Etruscan, and Roman, in the Departments of Antiquities, British Museum.
009596: MARSHALL MR - On Planting and Rural Ornament a Practical Treatise ( Complete in 2 Volumes )
097643: MARSHALL F. REV [ EDITED BY ] - Football the Rugby Union Game
010321: MARSHALL A. W. - The Golden Hammer and Other Engineering Stories [ Inscribed Copy ]
010717: MARSOLLIER M. - Histoire de Henry de la Tour d'Auvergne, Duc de Bouillon, ou l'on trouve ce qui s'est passé de plus remarquable sous les Règnes de François II, Charles IX, Henry III, Henry IV, la minorité & les premières années du Règne de Louis XIII (Complete 3 Vols ]
010781: MARTIN GUY - Le Grand Véfour
095871: MARTIN R. MONTGOMERY - The British Colonies Their History, Extent, Condition, and Resources
004190: MARTIN HENRI - Histoire De France Depuis Les Temps Les Plus Recules Jusqu'en 1789 ( Complete in 17 Volumes )
099107: MARTIN DAVID & BARBARA - New Winchelsea Sussex: A Medieval Port Town (Field Archaeology Unit Monograph - Institute of Archaeology, London)
099602: MARTIN ERNST - Die Schreibmaschine und ihre Entwicklungsgeschichte,
097645: MARTIN JOHN & MARINER WILLIAM - An Account of the Natives of the Tongan Islands, in the South Pacific Ocean, with an Original Grammar and Vocabulary of Their Language, Compiled and Arranged from the Extensive Communications of Mr. William Mariner, Several Years Resident in Those Islands
010661: MARTIN BRIAN P. - The Pheasant Studies in Words and Pictures [ Limited to 26 Copies ]
097527: MARTIN FRANK - Shadowland Pictures from a Silent Screen
010655: MARTIN ALEXANDER M. - Enlightened Metropolis: Constructing Imperial Moscow, 1762-1855
098753: MARTIN ELIAS - Akvareller Och Teckningar Av Elias Martin
099378: MASATOSHI; RAYMOND BUSHELL - The Art of Netsuke Carving
002272: MASEFIELD JOHN - Some Memories of W. B. Yeats
095701: MASON RICHARD ( ANGELUS OF ST. FRANCIS MASON ) - A Liturgical Discourse of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass Containing a Clear, Solid Explanation in General and Particular, Etcetera ( 2 Part Complete )
096146: MASON MICHAEL - The Paradise of Fools. Being an Account by a Member of the Party, of the Expedition which covered 6,300 miles of the Libyan Desert by Motor-car in 1935.
001538: MASON W. - The Poems of Mr. Gray. To Which are Prefixed Memoirs of his Life and Writings by W. Mason, M. A.( Complete in 4 Volumes )
097985: MASON HENRY JOSEPH MONCK - Reasons and authorities, and facts afforded by the history of the Irish Society, respecting the duty of employing the Irish language as a more general medium for conveying scriptural instruction to the native peasantry of Ireland
099510: MASSON ANDRE - Exhibition of Works By Andre Masson [ February 12th - March 6th, 1936
098854: MASSON DAVID - The British Museum Historical and Descriptive with Numerous Wood-Engravings
098932: MASSON ANDRE - Nimes Ete 85
010114: MASTIN JOHN REV - The History and Antiquities of Naseby in the County of Northampton
098917: MATHEWS J. - The Bristol Guide Being a Complete Ancient and Modern History of the City of Bristol, the Hotwells and Clifton; Including a Description of the Interesting Curiosities of Their Vicinity
096218: MATTEI CESAR COUNT - Electro-homœopathic medicine : a new medical system, being a popular and domestic guide founded on experience / by Count Cesar Mattei. translated by R. M. Theobald
098688: MATTHEWS W. [ PUBLISHED BY ] - Bristol. The New History, Survey and Description of the City and Suburbs of Bristol, or Complete Guide, and informing and useful Companion for the Residents and visitants of this ancient, extensive and increasing City, the Hotwells and Clifton.
097942: MAUCH CARL [ TRANSCRIBED MRS. E. BERNHARD ] - The Journals of Carl Mauch His Travels in the Transvaal and Rhodesia 1869-1872
010320: MAUNDRELL HENRY - A Journey from Aleppo to Jerusalem at Easter A.D. 1697.
008241: MAUNOIR JEAN PIERRE - Observations and Cases Relation to the Operation for Artificial Pupil in a Letter from Mr. Maunoir of Geneva ( Second Title Further Account of the Result of an Operation for Forming an Artificial Pupil )
099034: MAURER-KUHN FRANCOIS: - Romanische Kapitellplastik in der Schweiz. Basler Studien zur Kunstgeschichte.Herausgehgeben von Joseph Gantner. Neue Folge, Band XI.
097528: MAURIES PATRICK - Christian Lacroix the Diary of a Collection [ Limited with an Original Etching ]
097584: MAUROIS, ANDRE; LEGER, FERNAND - La Figure Dans L'Oeuvre De Leger
008210: MAUTHNER LUDWIG DR - Lehrbuch Der Ophthalmoscopie
097866: MAVIS E. MATE - Trade and Economic Developments, 1450-1550: The Experience of Kent, Surrey and Sussex (0)
098328: MAVIS SAPPLE - A Salford Childhood: Memories of Mavis Hermione Sapple, Who Lived at New Barnes Farm, Weaste, 60 Years Ago
097704: MAWE THOMAS AND ABERCROMBIE JOHN - The Universal Gardener and Botanist: A General Dictionary of Gardening and Botany. Exhibiting in Botanical Arrangement, according to the Linnaean System.
098771: MAY THOMAS CHESTER - Warwickshire pedigrees : selected from The visitation of the county of Warwick
006021: MAY THOMAS - The History of the Parliament of England Which Began November 3rd 1640 with a Short and Necessary View of Some Precedent Years
097956: MAY PHIL - Phil May's A.B.C. Fifty Two original designs forming two humorous alphabets from A to Z [ Limited Edition. Proofs ]
010484: MAYER N. - The Jews of Turkey : a lecture delivered before the Jewish Literary Society, at the Beth hamidrash, on Saturday, March 29th, 1913 [ Inscribed By the Author ]
097636: MAYHEW HENRY - London Labour and the London Poor; Cyclopaedia of the Condition and Earnings of Those That Will Work, Those That Cannot Work, and Those That Will No Work [ Complete in 4 Volumes ]
097767: MAYHEW HENRY & HORACE - Whom to Marry and How to Get Married! Or the Adventures of a Lady in Search of a Good Husband [ Plates in 2 States ]
009160: MAYNARD JOHN - The Parish of Waltham Abbey Its History and Antiquities
096174: MCBRIDE C. A. - The Modern Treatment of Alcoholism and Drug Narcotism
098285: MCCRAITH L. M. - The Suir from Its Source to the Sea
010825: MCDOUGALL HARRIETTE - Sketches of Our Life at Sarawak
004993: MCINTOSH DR ELIZABETH & WALTON DR DAVID W. H. - Environmental Management Plan for South Georgia
010664: MCKELVIE COLIN LAURIE - The Partridge Studies in Words and Pictures [ Limited to 26 Copies ]
099226: MCKELVIE COLIN LAURIE - The Woodcock Studies in Words and Pictures
099147: MCKELVIE COLIN LAURIE - The Snipe Studies in Words and Pictures
098701: MCKELVIE COLIN LAURIE - Sporting Wildfowl of the British Isles Studies in Words and Pictures
098702: MCKELVIE COLIN LAURIE - The Pheasant Studies in Words and Pictures
099073: MCKELVIE COLIN LAURIE - The Grouse Studies in Words and Pictures
010662: MCKELVIE COLIN LAURIE - The Woodcock Studies in Words and Pictures [ Limited to 26 Copies ]
098704: MCKELVIE COLIN LAURIE - The Woodcock. Snipe. Grouse. Partridge. Pheasant. Sporting Wildfowl. [ Complete Set ] [ 6 Volumes ]
098699: MCKELVIE COLIN LAURIE - The Partridge Studies in Words and Pictures
010663: MCKELVIE COLIN LAURIE - The Grouse Studies in Words and Pictures [ Limited to 26 Copies ]
010660: MCKELVIE COLIN LAURIE - The Snipe Studies in Words and Pictures [ Special Edition of 26 Copies ]
098478: MCLEAN, RUARI [ EDITED BY ] - Motif [ Volumes 1-9 ]
099376: MCLEOD ROBIN J. Y. - Geometry and Interpolation of Curves and Surfaces
099497: MCLEOD W. W. - Motoring in Ulster: a Guide to a Series of Tours with Maps and Illustrations, Routes Described with Historical Notes
096865: MCNAUGHTON ARNOLD [ COMILED BY ] - The Book of Kings a Royal Genealogy
099114: MCNEILL, CHARLES - The Tanner Letters. Original Documents and Notices of Irish Affairs in the Sixteenth & Seventeenth Centuries
097829: MEE MARGARET - Flowers of the Brazilian Forests Collected and Painted By Margaret Mee [ Foreword on the Brazilian Forests By Roberto Burle Marx with a Preface By Sir George Taylor ] [ Limited to 500 Copies ]
097200: MEERUT TENT CLUB - The Log of the Meerut Tent Club [ Volume 2. a Reprint of the Records from 1899 to 1905 ]
010413: MEISTERMAN BARNABAS - New Guide to the Holy Land with 23 Coloured Maps, and 110 Plans of Towns and Monuments Either in the Text or on Fly-Leaves
099543: MELARAGNO MICHELE - An Introduction to Shell Structures: The Art and Science of Vaulting
098038: MELION WALTER S. - Shaping the Netherlandish Canon: Karel Van Mander's Schilder-Boeck
009401: MELLADO DON FRANCISCO DE P. - Guia Del Viagero En Espana
098475: MELMOTH WILLIAM - Sketches of the Natural, Civil, and Political State of Swisserland in a Series of Letters to William Melmoth.
098071: MENDELSOHN EZRA - Class Struggle in the Pale the Formative Years of the Jewish Workers Movement in Tsarist Russia
010038: MENGER ANTON DR [ TRANSLATED BY M. E. TANNER ] - The Right to the Whole Produce of Labour. The origin and development of the theory of labour's claim to the whole product of industry.
010517: MENZIES MRS STUART - Women in the Hunting Field
006032: MEREDITH GEORGE - Selected Poems
010447: MEREDITH EDWIN - Reminiscences and Experiences of an Early Colonist
097265: METASTASIO PIETRO (PIETRO TRAPASSI) - Opere Di Pietro Metastasio [ Complete in 16 Volumes ]
008230: MEYER EDOUARD LE DOCTEUR - Maladies Des Yeux Lecons Sur La Refraction et L'accommodation
098878: MICHAEL PERRY WEITZMAN - From Judaism to Christianity: Studies in the Hebrew and Syriac Bible (Journal of Semitic Studies Supplement)
098099: MICHAEL KAUFFMANN - Studies in Medieval Art
099933: MICHAUD MR J. - Bibliotheque Des Croisades [ Complete in 4 Volumes ]
098482: MICHAUD M. M. & POUJOULAT - Histoire Des Croisades [ Complete in 6 Volumes ]
099932: MICHAUD M. M. & POUJOULAT - Nouvelle Collection Des Memoires Pour Servir a L'histoire De France [ 18 Volumes. Leather Bound ]
098832: MICHEL DE MONTAIGNE [ TRANSLATED AND EDITED BY W. G. WATERS ] - The Journal of Montaigne's Travels in Italy By Way of Switzerland and Germany [ Fine Vellum Bindings
099227: MICHEL REGIS - Gericault [ Complete in 2 Volumes ]
098996: MICHEL CAZENAVE; PATRICK GRAINVILLE - Louedin (Collection maitres d'hier et d'aujourd'hui)
098598: MICHEL DELON - Sade : Un athée en Amour
008017: MICHENER JAMES A. - Iberia Spanish Travels and Refections
099313: MIDDLETON ERASMUS - The New Complete Dictionary of Arts and Sciences : or, an universal system of useful knowledge. Containing A full Explanation of every Art and Science
098543: MIDDLETON ERASMUS - The New Complete Dictionary of Arts and Sciences : or, an universal system of useful knowledge. Containing A full Explanation of every Art and Science
009082: MIDDLETON SIR ARTHUR E. - Sir Gilbert De Middleton and the Part he Took in the Rebellion in the North of England in 1317
009079: MIGEOD FREDERICK WILLIAM HUGH - Through Nigeria to Lake Chad
002327: MILBOURN THOMAS (REVISED & EDITED) - The Vintners Company , Their Miniments, Plates, and Eminent Members, with Some Account of the Ward of Vintry

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