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34562: POSENER JULIUS - Anfänge des Funktionalismus. Von Arts and Crafts zum Deutschen Werkbund.
31618: POTTER THOMAS - Concrete. Its uses in building from foundations to finish.
33477: POTTER JAMES E - A Room with a World View: 50 years of Inter-Continental Hotels and its people 1946-1996.
34642: POTTS JOHN (EDITORIAL) - Esher's York: A Study in Conservation
33086: POULSEN LOUIS - Light of Louis Poulsen
27121: POWELL KENNETH - Stansted. Norman Foster and the architecture of flight.
21025: POWELL KEN - Deserted Sepulchres
34643: POWELL JOHN HARDMAN, WEDGWOOD ALEXANDRA (ED AND INTRODUCTION) - Pugin in His Home: Two Memoirs by John Hardman Powell (new enlarged edition)
20054: POWELL KENNETH - City Transformed. Urban Architecture at the Beginning of the 21st Century
32586: POWELL KEN - The Fall of Zion. Northern chapel architecture and its future.
15709: POWELL ROBERT - Rethinking the Skyscraper: The Complete Architecture of Ken Yeang
32021: POWELL KENNETH (INTRO) - John Lyall. Contexts and Catalysts
35066: POWELL DAVID (ED) - Quiet Revolution. The Tesco Papers, 1975-1987
34633: POWELL FE - Electric Bells and Alarms: The Model Engineer Series No. 3
34027: POWELL KENNETH - City Reborn. Architecture and Regeneration in London, from Bankside to Dulwich.
34026: POWELL ROBERT, STEPHENSON NICOLA ET AL (PRODUCTION TEAM) - Making Places. Working with Art in the Public Realm.
32845: POWELL KEN - Leeds-a lost opportunity?
18861: POWELL KENNETH (INTRO) & MOORE ROWAN (ED) - Structure, Space and Skin: the Work of Nicholas Grimshaw and Partners
31339: POWELL KENNETH - Will Alsop 1990-2000
31157: POWERS ALAN (INTRODUCTORY ESSAY) - 'Look, Stranger, at This Island Now': English architectural drawings of the 1930s
33561: POWERS ALAN - Shop Fronts
32306: PREUSS DIETER & WECKESSER HANS - Auf Achse und Schiene 100 Jahre Nahverkehr in Mannheim.
27270: DU PREY PIERRE DE LA RUFFINIÈRE - Sir John Soane: Catalogue of Architectural Drawings in the Victoria & Albert Museum.
35150: DU PREY PIERRE DE LA RUFFINIÈRE - John Soane: the Making of an Architect
34582: PRICE CEDRIC AND HOLMES ANDREW - Andrew Holmes - Addition. A folio of 20 silkscreen prints which assembled form a print 1525x1120mm published as an edition of one thousand numbered 1/1000 to 1000/1000 with twenty artist's proofs signed and numbered by the artist printed in 3 colours on 300gsm fabriano 5 liscia paper at G&B Arts, London.
34005: PRICE C MATLACK - The Practical Book of Architecture
18209: PRIOR EDWARD S - A History of Gothic Art in England
26429: PROCTER STEPHEN - Stephen Procter. Thoughts About Light
31980: PROCTOR AND MATTHEWS - Pattern Place Purpose. Proctor and Matthews Architects
34029: PROTETCH MAX - A New World Trade Center. Design Proposals from leading architects worldwide
32817: PROUST MARCEL - A la Recherche du Temps Perdu. Selections edited and with notes by H F Brookes.
33686: PRYKE R W S & DODGSON J S - The Rail Problem
26869: PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICE - CITY OF AMSTERDAM - Amsterdam in the Year 2000. an example of Town Planning.
14233: PUBLIC WORKS, ROADS & TRANSPORT CONGRESS - Rural Housing. A Selection from the Exhibition of Photographs of Rural Housing Schemes and of Houses Reconditioned under the Housing and Rural Workers Act 1926.
27802: PUGH KATE - Estate Villages. Who Cares?
32554: PUGIN AUGUSTUS WELBY - True Principles and Revival of Christian Architecture Set Forth in Two Lectures Delivered at St Martins, Oscott.
21497: PUGIN A WELBY - Details of antient timber houses of the 15th & 16th centuries selected from those existing at Rouen, Caen, Beauvale, Gisors, Abbeville, Strasbourg etc drawn on the spot and etched by..............
30139: PUGIN JANE - 'Dearest Augustus and I': The Journal of Jane Pugin. Edited & with an introduction by Caroline Stanford.
34631: PUGIN A WELBY - The True Principles of Pointed or Christian Architecture: Set Forth in Two Lectures Delivered at St. Marie's, Oscott.
30750: PUGIN AUGUSTUS WELBY - Examples of Gothic Architecture; Ancient edifices in England consisting of plans, elevations, sections, and parts at large; calculated to exemplify the various styles, and the practical construction of the admired class of architecture; accompanied by Historical and Descriptive Accounts. WITH The History and Antiquities of The Vicars' Close, Wells, Somersetshire, The History and Antiquities of The Manor House and Church at Great Chalfield, Wiltshire and The History and Antiquities of The Manor House at South Wraxhall and The Church of St Peter at Biddestone, Wiltshire. 3 uniform volumes.
33655: PUGIN AUGUSTUS AND PUGIN AUGUSTUS WELBY - Examples of Gothic Architecture (volume III only) Ancient edifices in England consisting of plans, elevations, sections, and parts at large; calculated to exemplify the various styles, and the practical construction of the admired class of architecture; accompanied by Historical and Descriptive Accounts. WITH The History and Antiquities of The Vicars' Close, Wells, Somersetshire, The History and Antiquities of The Manor House and Church at Great Chalfield, Wiltshire and The History and Antiquities of The Manor House at South Wraxhall and The Church of St Peter at Biddestone, Wiltshire. 3 uniform volumes.
32144: PUGIN A.W.N. - The Present State of Ecclesiastical Architecture in England.
5151: PUMPHREY ROLAND - Industry and Town Planning
34673: PUPIN MICHAEL - South Slav Monuments I: Serbian Orthodox Church
28792: PUPPI LIONELLO - Andrea Palladio. Opera completa.
35021: PURBECK DISTRICT COUNCIL - North East Purbeck Local Plan: Consultative Draft
29911: PURCHLA JACEK - Jan Zawiejski. Architek y Przelomu XIX i XX Wieku.
34848: PURDOM C. B. - The Building of Satellite Towns: A Contribution to the Study of Town Development and Regional Planning.
30304: PUTNOKY DR-ING - Die Technik der Schaufenster Beleuchtung. [2 volumes]
33922: PYNE GEORGE - Perspective for Beginners Adapted to Young Students and Amateurs in Architecture, Painting etc
15969: RAAB HORST &WURM KATHARINA (EDS) - Ackermann und Partner Buildings and Projects 1978-1998.
34030: RAAB REX, KLINBORG ARNE ARNE ET AL - Eloquent Concrete: How Rudolf Steiner Employed Reinforced Concrete.
34318: RABINO MHL - Le Monastère de Sainte-Catherine Mont-Sinai Souvenirs épigraphiques des anciens pélerins
34321: RABINO HYACINTH LOUIS - Le Monastère de Sainte-Catherine du Mont Sinai
34302: RABREAU DANIEL - Architectural Drawings of the Eighteenth Century
18413: RADDE BRUCE - The Merritt Parkway
34936: RADFORD ARCHITECTURAL COMPANY - The Radford Ideal Homes: 100 House Plans
13396: RADICE BARBARA - Ettore Sottsass. A Critical Biography. English translation by Rodney Stringer.
29433: RADIG WERNER - Frühformen der Hausentwicklung in Deutschland. Die frühgeschichtlichen Wurzeln des deutsches Hauses
28808: RAE ISOBEL - Charles Cameron. Architect to the Court of Russia.
34184: RAGGHIANTI CARLO (TEXT) - Il negozio Olivetti a Venezia. Architettura di Carlo Scarpa (Estratto da Zodiac 4)
34587: RAINE KATHLEEN - David Jones and the actually loved and known.
26379: RAMBERT CHARLES - Magasins. Devantres Vitrines Enseignes
33485: RAMIREZ JUAN ANTONIO - The Beehive Metaphor. From Gaudi to Le Corbusier
33489: RAMIREZ JAN SEIDLER (ED) - Painting the Town: Cityscapes of New York. paintings from the Museum of the City of New York.
32869: RAND KARDEX SERVICE CORPORATION - The Age of Vision in Business Affairs [cover title] The First Aid to Better Business. Facts and Assurance Instead of Guesswork and Argument.
34260: RANKIN, NH - Social Adjustment in a North-West Newtown (reprint from The Sociological Review, Vol 11, No 3, new series)
29983: RAPACKI M ADAM ET AL - I Miedzynarodwe Biennale Plakatu Warszawa/ Ie Biennale Internationale de l'Affiche Varsovie.
14121: RATHBONE ELEANOR F - Memorandum. The Goal of our Housing Policy.
19043: RAUDA WOLFGANG - Lebende Städtebauliche Raumbildung. Asymmetrie und Rhythmus in der deutschen Stadt.
19374: RAUDA WOLFGANG - Raumprobleme in europäischen Städtebau. Das Herz der Stadt - Idee und Gestaltung.
27622: RAVETZ ALISON - The Government of Space: Town Planning in Modern Society
34792: RAVETZ ALISON - The Housing Poor: a new appraisal
34769: RAVETZ ALISON & TURKINGTON RICHARD - The Place of the Home: English domestic environments 1914-2000
32710: READ HERBERT (INTRO) - Paintings by Felix Kelly
12831: READ HERBERT (INTRODUCTION) - Henry Moore. Sculpture and Drawings.
33782: REDDITCH DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION - Redditch New Town News Bulletin First Edition
33347: REDDITCH DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION - Redditch Development Corporation New Town
33873: REED PETER (ED) - Alvar Aalto: Between Humanism and Materialism
34721: REGIONAL STUDIES ASSOCIATION, HALL PETER AND HANCOCK TOM (EDS) - Built Environment (Vol 4, No. 3) The Use, Misuse and Abuse of Built Stock in the Inner City
8758: REIBEL DANIEL - Registration Methods for the Small Museum
27989: REICHEN & ROBERT. PELISSIER ALAIN - Reichen & Robert. Transforming Space
34571: REICHOW HANS BERNHARD - Organische Stadtbaukunst: Von der Grossstadt zur Stadtlandschaft
34572: REICHOW HANS BERNARD - Die Autogerechte Stadt. Ein weg aus dem Verkehrs-Chaos.
33016: REID AILEEN - Brentham. A history of the pioneer garden suburb 1901-2001
35104: REILLY C.H. - Scaffolding in the Sky. A semi-architectural autobiography
30016: RENNIE PAUL - Modern British Posters. Art, Design& Communications.
15675: REPS JOHN W. - Panoramas of Promise. Pacific Northwest Cities and Towns on Nineteenth-Century Lithographs.
21852: REPS JOHN W - Saint Louis Illustrated: Nineteenth-Century Engravings and Lithographs of a Mississippi River Metropolis
34941: REPS JOHN W. - Town Planning in Frontier America
15950: REPS JOHN W - Bird's Eye Views Historic Lithographs of North American Cities
33484: REPS JOHN W. - The Forgotten Frontier. Urban Planning in the American West before 1890
15940: REPS JOHN W - Washington On View: The Nation's Capital Since 1790
15952: REPS JOHN W - Cities of the American West: A History of Frontier Urban Planning
29101: REPS JOHN W. - Cities on Stone. Nineteenth Century Lithograph Images of the Urban West.
33510: REPS JOHN W WITH MACLEAN ALEX (MODERN PHOTOGRAPHS) - Cities of the Mississippi: Nineteenth-Century Images of Urban Development
15946: REPS JOHN W - Tidewater Towns: City Planning in Colonial Virginia and Maryland
19690: REYNOLDS JACK - Saltaire: An Introduction to the Village of Sir Titus Salt.
28090: REYNOLDS JOHN - Windmills & Watermills
12155: RHEIMS MAURICE - Art on the Market: Thirty-five centuries of art collecting and collectors from Midas to Paul Getty
33818: RIBA ETC (ISSUED BY) - Planning our New Schools. A Conference convened by the Royal Institute of British Architects, The National Union of Teachers and The Association of Building Technicians.
34128: RIBA - Architectural Papers: Journal of the Royal Institute of British Architects / Journal of Proceedings of the Royal Institute of British Architects Bound volume covering first half of 1893
33820: RIBA (ROYAL INSTITUTE OF BRITISH ARCHITECTS) - Office Buildings: Report of a Symposium held on 12 April 1956
35015: RIBA (PUB) - International Architecture 1924-1934. Catalogue to the Centenary Exhibition of The Royal Institute of British Architects.
31293: RIBOULET PIERRE - Naissance d'un hopital. Journal de travail
32226: RICE BRIAN AND EVANS TONY - The English Sunrise. Sonnenaugänge von..
11865: RICE UNIVERSITY (PUB) - New Schools for New Towns
33220: RICHARDS E. P. - Report by Request of the Trust on the Condition, Improvement and Town Planning of the City of Calcutta and Contiguous Areas.
33332: RICHARDS BRIAN - New Movement in Cities
27729: RICHARDSON T A - The Art of Architectural Modelling In Paper.
35147: RICHARDSON MARGARET AND STEVENS MARYANNE (EDS) - John Soane Architect. Master of Space and Light.
34198: RICHARDSON A - Development Plan for the County Borough of Burnley: Written analysis forming part of the report of the survey.
23636: RICKARDS MAURICE (INTRO) - Design for Savings. An exhibition of poster art to mark the 125th year of National Savings.
33693: RIETDORF WERNER - Stadterneuerung. Innerstäadtisches Bauen als Einheit von Erhaltung und Umgestaltung mit 168 Zeichnungen und 343 Fotos
35183: RIETVELD GERRIT (HEIRS OF) - Rietveld Schröder House/Huis (Paper Model Kit 1:50)
9037: RIEWOLDT OTTO - Intelligent Spaces: architecture for the information age
8765: RIPLEY DILLON - The Sacred Grove: Essays on Museums
19112: RITCHIE, MATTHEWS AND LONG (PREPARED AND BROUGHT IN BY) - Housing of the Working Classes Acts Consolidation. A Bill to consolidate the Acts relating to Artisans and Labourers Dwellings and the Housing of the Working Classes
33688: RITTER PAUL - Planning for Man and Motor.
34851: RITTER PAUL - Planning for Man and Motor.
33828: RITTER JOACHIM - Paysage : Fonction de l'esthétique dans la société moderne Accompagné de "L'Ascension du mont Ventoux de Pétarque" et "La Promenade de Schiller"
31453: RIVOIRA G T - Lombardic Architecture. Its Origin, Development and Derivatives. Translated by G McN Rushforth. Two Uniform Volumes
25517: RIZZI RENATA - Mistico Nulla. L'opera di Peter Eisenman
25937: ROADS & STREETS. REINER W - Handbuch der neuen Strassenbauweisen mit Bitumen, Teer und Portlandzement als Bindemittel.
32569: ROBERTS M HUGH P - Urban Profile of the Middle East
34031: ROBERTSON HOWARD & YERBURY F. R. - Travels in Modern Architecture 1925-1930.
3553: ROBERTSON SIR JOHN - The House of Health: what the modern dwelling needs to be.
33079: ROBERTSON BRYAN - Elisabeth Frink. Sculptures and Drawings 1950-1990
27847: ROBINSON P F - An Attempt to Ascertain the Age of the Church of Mickelham, in Surrey, with Remarks on the Architecture of that Building.
13477: ROBINSON ALBERT J - Economics and New Towns: A Comparative Study of the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia
21799: ROBINSON W - Garden Beautiful. Home Woods and Home Landscape.
34986: ROBINSON CERVIN & BLETTER ROSEMARIE HAAG - Skyscraper Style: Art Deco New York
33333: ROBINSON JOHN MARTIN - The Latest Country Houses
31682: ROBINSON H P - Pictorial Effect in Photography, being hints on composition and chiaroscuro for photographers
31116: ROBSON EDWARD ROBERT - School Architecture: being Practical Remarks on the planning, designing, building, and furnishing of school-houses.
29671: ROBSON PHILIP A - School-Planning Being a Practical Treatise on the Planning of British Training Colleges and Schools
18000: RODGER RICHARD (ED) - Scottish Housing in the Twentieth Century.
27172: RODIGER-DIRUF ERIKA AND BIEBER SYLVIA (EDS) - Gründerzeit-Adolf Loos. Jahrhundertwende: Rückblick und Ausblick im Spiegel der Wiener Architecktur. inter Einbeziehung der Gründerzeit-architecture Josef Durms
34150: RODRIGUES CARLOS - A Historia de Brasilia / History of Brasilia
33692: RODRIGUEZ-LORES JUAN & FEHL GERHARD (HRSG.) - Die Kleinwohnungsfrage: zu den Ursprüngen des sozialen Wohnungsbaus in Europa.
34880: RODWIN LLOYD (ED) - The Future Metropolis
27569: ROGER TYME & PARTNERS - An Evaluation of the Stockbridge Village Trust Initiative.
34270: ROGERSON FREDERICK AND O HUIGINN PÁDRAIG - Pleanáil in Eirinn / Planning in Ireland
34556: ROH JULIANE - Die Moderne Wohnung
23816: ROHDE ELEANOUR SINCLAIR - A Garden of Herbs
34085: ROLOFF-MONIN, ULRICH (INTRO) - Ein Museum für Berlin: Positionen zum Erweiterungsbau des Berlin Museums mit Jüdischem Museum von...
33162: ROSE R W - The landscaping of roads
2616: ROSENAU HELEN - The Ideal City: in its architectural evolution
1620: ROSENAU HELEN - The Ideal City: Its Architectural Evolution
18109: ROSENAU HELEN - The Ideal City: Its Architectural Evolution in Europe
17400: VAN ROSSEM VINCENT - Civil Art: Urban Space as Architectural Task. Rob Krier in the Hague.
23149: THE ROTARY CLUB [KINGSPORT] - Kingsport. The Planned Industrial City.
33871: ROTH ALFRED - La Nouvelle Architecture/ Die Neue Architektur/ The New Architecture
32674: ROTHENSTEIN JOHN (INTRO) - Edward Burra Watercolours and Drawings October 7th-31st 1970
34557: ROTHENSTEIN JOHN - John Nash
34628: ROTHENSTEIN JOHN - The Life and Death of Conder
26799: ROUBIQUET JEAN (TEXT) - Société Anonoyme des Magasins Réunis [cover title "S.A.M.R. en son Hotel du Grand Veneur de Louis XV")
33891: ROUBO JACOB - L'Art de Menuisier (4 original tomes published in three uniform volumes)
34410: ROUGHTON ROGER - 3 Surrealist Poems
12714: ROWE COLIN & KOETTER FRED - Koetter Kim & Associates: Place Time
33459: ROWE COLIN & KOETTER FRED - Koetter Kim & Associates: Place/Time
33672: ROWE WILLIAM T - Hankow. Conflict and Community in a Chinese City, 1796-1895.
34192: ROWNTREE B SEEBOHM (EDITED BY R. L. REISS) - Portrait of a City's Housing. Being the results of a detailed Survey in the City of York 1935-9.
34375: ROWORTH WENDY WASSYNG (ED) - Angelica Kauffman: A Continental Artist in Georgian England
34200: ROWSE E, ET AL. - Plans of the Cities of Europe
33703: ROYAL COMMISSION ON THE DISTRIBUTION OF THE INDUSTRIAL POPULATION - Report presented to Parliament by command of His Majesty January 1940.
32189: ROYAL ACADEMY OF ARTS (PUBL) - Lord Leverhulme: Founder of the Lady Lever Art Gallery and Port Sunlight on Merseyside. A Great Edwardian Collector and Builder. Paintings Ceramics Furniture Architecture.
32217: ROYAL COMMISSION ON THE DISTRIBUTION OF THE INDUSTRIAL POPULATION - Report presented to Parliament by command of His Majesty January 1940.
35190: ROYAL INSTITUTE OF BRITISH ARCHITECTS - Industrial Housing in Wartime. Results of the Competition Organised by...........
34219: ROYAL TOWN PLANNING INSTITUTE - Planning and the Future
34080: ROYAL INST. OF BRITISH ARCHITECTS - The Architecture of Gustav Peichl. Exhibition Catalogue
34818: ROYAL INSTITUTE OF BRITISH ARCHITECTS - High Flats: Report of a Symposium held on 15 February 1955
31620: RSA - The Channel Tunnel. A Public Discussion. Supplement to the Society's Journal containing the proceedings of a conference entitled....
34033: RUBINO LUCIANO - Frank O Gehry Special.
34183: RUDI ARRIGO AND ROSSETTO VALTER - La Sede Centrale della Banca Popolare di Verona; nel progetto e nella realizzazione di Carlo Scarpa e Arrigo Rudi.
34990: RUDOFSKY BERNARD - Behind the Picture Window
32575: RUF WALTER - Das Gemeinnützige Baugennossenschaftswesen des Schweiz.
34356: RUHMER EBERHARD - Cosimo Tura: Paintings and Drawings
21464: RURAL RECONSTRUCTION COMMISSION (PUBL.) - First - Eighth Reports, [8 uniform volumes] I, "A General Rural Survey; II, Settlement and Employment of Returned Men on the Land"; III, "Land Utilization and Farm Settlement"; IV, "Financial and Economic Reconstruction of Farms"; V, "Rural Credit"; VI, "Farming Efficiency and Costs and Factors Relating Thereto"; VII, "Rural Amenities"; VIII, "Irrigation, Water Conservation and Land Drainage".
29156: RUSSELL GORDON AND GRAOG JACQUES - The Story of Furniture
35010: RUSSELL GORDON - Designer's Trade: Autobiography of Gordon Russell.
34072: RUSSELL FRANK (ED) - Architecture in Progress: Internationale Bauausstellung Berlin 1984
10968: RUSSELL SIR GORDON - Looking at Furniture.
34146: RUSSELL RONALD - Lost Canals of England and Wales
34522: RUSSELL JOHN - Francis Bacon
31554: RUSSELL FRANK (ED) - Architectural Monographs: Terry Farrell
33486: RYBCZYNSKI, WITOLD - The Look of Architecture
13332: RYKWERT JOSEPH - Vittorio Gregotti & Associates.
14843: RZHEKHINA O. I. & BUROVA R. G. (EDS) - Andre Konstantinovich Burov.
34011: SAFRAN YEHUDA & WANG WILFRED - The Architecture of Adolf Loos: An Arts Council Exhibition.
26274: SAIDMAN BROS (PUBL) - Blackpool Illuminations Souvenir
34549: SAIKI MAGGIE KINSER - 12 Japanese Masters
33369: SAINSBURY'S - Car Parking for Supermarkets A Policy Statement 1982
34034: SAINT ANDREW - Richard Norman Shaw
28188: SALKIELD T - Road Making and Road Using.
32428: SALMON FRANK - The Persistence of the Classical. Essays on Architecture presented to David Watkin
32701: SAMPERI FRANK - The Kingdom
28974: SAMSON G GORDON - Houses Planned for Comfort and with Special Conveniences For Invalids and the Aged.
33568: SAMUEL GRATRIX JUNR. & BRO. LTD - Fireside Charm
34036: SANCHEZ MIGUEL - Bahnhöfe der Zukunft
29190: SANDAKER BJORN NORMANN AND EGGEN ARNE PETTER - The Structural Basis of Architecture
35024: SANDALACK BEVERLY A, NICOLAI ANDREI - Urban Structure - Halifax: An Urban Design Approach
12298: SANDERS S. E. & RABUCK A. J. - New City Patterns: the analysis of and a technique for urban reintegration.
12704: SANDERS JOEL (ED) - Stud: Architecture of Masculinity
29566: SANDERSON IVAN (TEXT) - A Century of Sanderson 1860-1960.
26762: SANDYS DUNCAN (FOREWORD) - Shop Front. Some thoughts on the design of shopfronts presented in pictures.
35029: SANOFF HENRY ET AL - Gibson Design Workbook
32743: SARION MARTINEZ (INTRO) - José Hernández
34136: SATRA (SERVICE D'AMÉNAGEMENT DU TERRITOIRE DE LA RÉGION AÉROPORTUAIRE) - A Territory; Atlas of the Airport Region (vol 1); A Territory - It's (sic) People (vol 2); A Territory - Its People - Its Plan (vol 3)
33563: SAUNDERS, MATTHEW - The Historic Home Owner's Companion
34868: SCARFE NORMAN - The Suffolk Landscape
26753: SCARZELLA PATRIZIA - Steel & Style. The story of Alessi household ware
34037: SCHACHE WOLFGANG AND SZYMANSKI NORBERT - Das Reichssportfeld. Architektur im Spannungsfeld von Sport und Macht
31790: SCHAFER ROBERT (ED) - Plätze Urban Spaces. Plätze und städtische Freieräume von 1993 bis heute. Recent European promenades, squares and city centres.
34934: SCHAFER ROBERT (ED) - Plätze Urban Spaces. Plätze und städtische Freieräume von 1993 bis heute. Recent European promenades, squares and city centres.
21626: SCHAPER G - Die Gründungsarbeiten für die Brucke über den Kleinen Belt in Dänemark.
30939: SCHAPER GOTTWALT - Einiges über Mauerwerk, Widerlager, Pfeiler und die Gestaltung von steinernen und stählernen Brücken.
26917: SCHEFFLER KARL - Moderne Baukunst
31793: SCHILLING RUDOLF - Der Hang und Zwang zum Einfachen. Ausblick auf eine andere Wohnarchitektur.
32656: SCHIMANSKI STEFAN AND TREECE HENRY (EDS) - Transformation. Transformation two, Transformation 3 and Transformation 4 Four volumes, complete set.
27620: SCHIMMELMAN JANICE G - Architectural Books in Early America. Architectural Treatises and Building Handbooks available in American Libraries and Bookstores through 1800.
27580: SCHIMMELMAN JANICE G - Architectural Books in Early America. Architectural Treatises and Builidng Handbooks Available in American Libraries and Bookstores through 1800.
29428: SCHLAGEHECKE WILHELM - Holzhaus im Landschaftsraum. Reichsarbeitsdienst in Tirol.
29856: SCHMIDT RUDOLF - Architekturplastik. Bildhauer Richard Kuöhl
26853: SCHMITT PETER (FOREWORD) - Glaskunst der Gegnwart
32551: SCHMITT PETER - Glas Silber 1980
25465: SCHNECK ADOLF G - Das Möbel als Gebrauchsgegenstand, Ausgeführte möbel mit genauen angaben über herstellung und konstruktion von...
34012: SCHNEIDER BERNHARD (TEXT) MULLER STEFAN (PHOTOS) - Daniel Libeskind Jewish Museum Berlin
33490: SCHNEIDERMAN DR RICHARD S & RAYSOR FRANK W, II - The Catalogue Raisonné of the Prints of Charles Meryon
26260: SCHNELL ERIC AND HAAKE ULRICH - Kleinsiedlung von Morgen.
21687: SCHOFIELD ARTHUR H (TOWN PLANNING CONSULTANT) - The West Sussex Coast and Downs: Report of the Arundel, Littlehampton, East Preston and District Joint Town Planning Advisory Committee
34486: SCHOMBURGK MEG GEHRTS - Negertypen Des Schwarzen Erdteils
34451: SCHRAENEN GUY - Les Peupliers: Guiette Le Corbusier
19947: SCHRANK GILBERT - An Orkney Estate. Improvement at Graemeshall 1827-1888
34038: SCHUHMACHER ADOLF - Ladenbau: Anordnung, Einbau und Ausgestaltung kleiner und grosser Läden aller Geschäftszweige.
25636: SCHUITEN ROBERT - Concevoir sa Maison
34305: SCHULER STANLEY - The Cape Cod House: America's Most Popular Home
27965: SCHULTZE-NAUMBURG PAUL - Die Einrichtung Des Wohnhauses
8779: SCHULZ PROFESSOR DR. FRITZ TRAUGOTT - Das Germanische Museum von 1902-1927: Festschrift zur Feier seines 75 jährigen Bestehens: Im Auftrag der Direktion verfasst von.... Hauptkonservator am Germanischen Museum
27205: SCHULZE FRANZ - Mies van der Rohe: A Critical Biography
21980: SCHUMACHER FRITZ - Stromungen in Deutscher Baukunst seit 1800.
34816: SCHUMACHER EF - Think About Land
21983: SCHUMACHER FRITZ - Zum Wiederaufbau Hamburgs.
34039: SCHUMACHER ADOLF - Ladenbau. Anordnung, Einbau und Ausgestaltung kleiner und grosser Läden in alten und neuen Häausern. An deutschen und ausländischen Beispielen in 491 Ansichten und Grundrissen und 70 Blatt Werkzeichungen dargestellt von..
18528: SCHUSTER PETER-CLAUS (CURATOR) - Peter Behrens und Nurnberg. Geschmackswandel in Deutschland Historismus, Jugendstil und die Anfange der Industrieform.
32890: SCIOLLA GIANNI C - Canova, la trilogia dell'amore, della morte, dell'eroismo
34773: SCOFFHAM E R - The Shaping of British Housing
20281: SCOLARI MASSIMO (INTRO) - Gustav Peichl
31732: SCOTT BURN ROBERT - Mechanics and Mechanism: being Elementary Essays and Examples for the use of Schools and Students.
34940: SCOTT MEL - American City Planning Since 1890. A history commemorating the Fiftieth Anniversary of the American Institute of Planners.
14293: SCRATCHLEY ARTHUR - A Practical Treatise on Benefit Building Societies and Local Enterprise Encouragement Companies.
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29009: "UBIQUE" - Modern Warfare or How Our Soldiers Fight
27304: UHL OTTAKAR - Moderne Architecktur in Wien von Otto Wagner bis heute.
33783: UMBDENSTOCK, GUSTAVE - Recueil de Compositions Architecturales par G. Umbdenstock
33722: UML LTD (PUBL) - Port Sunlight Village
15396: UNESCO - Planning Buildings and Facilities for Higher Education
34886: UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE - A Proposed Program for Scenic Roads & Parkways. Prepared for the President's Council on Recreation and Natural Beauty.
35027: UNIVERSITY OF CALGARY - Making Better Civic Places: Urban Design at the University of Calgary
31897: UNIVERSITY COLLEGE LONDON - New Ash Green Until September 1967.
33331: UNIVERSITY OF LIVERPOOL - Neighbourhood and Community: an enquiry into social relationships on housing estates in Liverpool and Sheffield
28267: UNRAU JOHN - Ruskin and St. Marks
30427: UNWIN RAYMOND - Grundlagen des Städtebaues: Eine Anleitung zum Entwerfen Städtebaulicher Anlagen.
34637: USGSA - John Joseph Moakley United States Courthouse and Harborpark, Boston, Massachusetts
34638: USGSA - A Model of Excellence: The New Federal Building, San Francisco, California
34639: USGSA - Sandra Day O'Connor United States Courthouse, Phoenix, Arizona
26507: USSR - PRE WAR PAMPHLETS. SLOAN PAT (ANNOTATED BY) - The Draft Constitution of the Soviet Union.
33671: USSR. PARKINS MAURICE FRANK - City Planning in the Soviet Union. With an Interpretive Bibliography
34448: UYEDA MAKOTO (PHOTOGRAPHY BY SHIMOMURA JUNICHI) - Japan Houses in Ferroconcrete
34336: VAES SCHMITZ MARCEL - "L'Artisan et les Arts Liturgiques". Revue trimestrielle d'art sacre publiee par les Benedictins de l'Abbaye de Saint-Andre. Special issue on L'Abbaye d'Orval [nos 2 and 3 XVIe Année, 1947]
28333: VAHLEFELD ROLF UND JACQUES FRIEDRICH - Garagen-und Tankstellenbau. Anlage Bau Ausstattung.
34579: VAIZEY MARINA (INTRO) - Zoe Zenghelis. Shapes in Space. [cover title]
34291: VALE BRENDA AND ROBERT - Green Architecture: Design for a sustainable future
34632: VALLANCE AYMER - Greater English Church Screens: being great roods, screenwork & rood-lofts in cathedral, monastic & collegiate churches in England & Wales
34473: VANNELLI VALTER - Economia dell'architettura in Roma liberale in centro urbano
33528: VARIOUS. - PARU: L'actualité littéraire (Juillet 1945, no 9)
34683: VENTURI ROBERT (TEXT) & SCULLY VINCENT (INTRO) - Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture
33591: VERDERBER STEPHEN AND FINE DAVID J - Healthcare Architecture in an era of Radical Transformation
5184: VEREENIGING VAN NEDERLANDSCHE GEMEENTEN EN NEDERLANDSCH INSTITUUT VOOR VOLKSHUISVESTING EN STEDEBOUW - Netherlands. Rapport Over De Wettelijke Regeling Van Het Gewestelijk Plan: Uitgebracht door een commissie denoemd door de ...
34113: VEREY DAVID - Herefordshire a Shell Guide
8740: VERGO PETER (ED) - The New Museology
34363: VERHEYEN EGON - The Palazzo Del Te in Mantua: Images of love and politics.
34364: VERHEYEN EGON - The Paintings in the Studiolo of Isabella d'Este at Mantua
25143: VERNIERS LOUIS - Bruxelles. Esquisse Historique.
19945: VERNON ANNE - A Quaker Business Man. The Life of Joseph Rowntree 1836-1925
34339: VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM - Early Christian and Byzantine Art
27136: VIDLER ANTHONY - Ledoux
33773: VINCENT LEONARD G - Stevenage Master Plan 1966. A summarised report of the Stevenage Master Plan Proposals prepared by.........
33775: VINCENT LEONARD AND GORBING RAYMOND - Swindon. A Plan for Expansion
31223: VIOLLET-LE-DUC M EUGÈNE-EMMANUEL - Rational Building. Being a translation of the article "Construction" in the Dictionnaire Raisonné de l'Architecture Francaise George Martin HUSS
34047: VOGT-GOKNIL ULYA - Les Mosquees Turques.
34443: VOGT ADOLF MAX - Le Corbusier, the Noble Savage. Towards an Archaeology of Modernism
30265: VORONOV N AND RACHUK E - Soviet Glass. Verre Sovietique. Sowjetisches Glas.
33796: VU - Exposition Coloniale Internationale de Paris
35178: VU - Fin d'une Civilisation
35179: VU - L'Amérique Lutte...
33502: WAGNER OTTO - Modern Architecture. A Guidebook for his students to this Field of Art
32947: WAKEFIELD CITY ART GALLERY - Michael Ayrton. Paintings Drawings Theatre Design
1863: WALCOTT MACKENZIE E C - Church and Conventual Arrangements: with copious references, a complete glossary, and an index....
34563: WALES ROD (TEXT) - Jon Shaw. Designer and Maker of Fine Furniture
33897: WALKER T - Foundry Sands with Special Reference to Steel Foundry Practice
3484: WALKER ALAN - Coaltown. A Social Survey of Cessnock, N.S.W.
21802: WALL DONALD (COMMENTARY & GRAPHICS) - Visionary Cities: the arcology of Paolo Soleri.
34281: WALL PAPER MANUFACTURERS LTD - A Service for Architects. A description of the services and products available to the architect, interior designer and decorator.
34280: WALL PAPER MANUFACTURERS LTD - Specifications for Wallpaper
8742: WALLACH ALAN - Exhibiting Contradiction: Essays on the Art Museum in the United States
20422: WALLER P. J. - Town, City and Nation. England 1850-1914.
33264: WALLICK EKIN - The Small House for a Moderate Income
33565: WALPAMUR COMPANY LIMITED (PUB) - Decorative Schemes No. 4: Offices & Factories
33266: WALPOOLE GEORGE AUGUSTUS - The New British Traveller; A Complete Modern Universal Display of Great Britain and Ireland: being a new, complete, accurate, and extensive Tour through England, Wales and Ireland, the Isles Man, Scilly, Jersey, Guernsey, Wight, Hebrides, Sark, Alderney..................also a complete list of the roads, a list of all the fairs etc
6800: WALTER MACFARLANE & CO (ISSUED BY) - Illustrated Catalogue of Macfarlane's Castings. Eighth Edition. Volume I.
35186: WALTHAM & CO, ARTISTS IN METAL - Church Screens and Rails (and other sheets)
26475: WALTON JAMES - Homesteads of the Yorkshire Dales
16826: WARD COLIN - Influences. Voices of Creative Dissent.
30717: WARD PAMELA (ED) - Conservation and Development in Historic Towns and Cities.
34378: WARRELL IAN - Turner on the Loire
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33346: WASHINGTON DEV. CORP. - Washington New Town [cover title. Inside title: Washington Tomorrow]
29990: WASNIEWSKI JERZY (INTRO) - Plakat Polski The Polish Poster.
31854: WATKINS E S - How Will Planning Affect Land Ownership?
10587: WATSON THOMAS LENNOX - The Double Choir of Glasgow Cathedral
33105: WATSON F R - Acoustics of Buildings including Acoustics of Auditoriums and Soundproofing of Rooms.
24066: WATSON HENRY - Street Traffic Flow
33506: WEAVER LAWRENCE TREVELYAN - Lawrence Weaver 1876-1930: an annotated bibliography
35185: WEAVER LAWRENCE - The Scottish National War Memorial: A Record and Appreciation by...
35184: WEAVER LAWRENCE - The Scottish National War Memorial: A Record and Appreciation by...
32993: WEAVER SIR LAWRENCE - Tradition and Modernity in Plasterwork
11350: WEAVER SIR LAWRENCE - Cottages: Their Planning, Design and Materials
34213: WEAVER SIR LAWRENCE - Cottages: Their Planning, Design and Materials
29800: WEAVER SIR LAWRENCE - High Wycombe Furniture
34380: WEAVER WILLIAM - A Legacy of Excellence: The Story of Villa I Tatti
29798: WEAVER LAWRENCE - Gas Fires and their Settings
33582: WEAVER SIR LAWRENCE - Cottages: Their Planning, Design and Materials.
33875: WEAVER LAWRENCE - The 'Country Life' Book of Cottages. Costing from £150 to £600
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35006: WEBB JON (ED), WEBB LOUISE (ASSOC ED) - The Outsider, Vol. 2, No. 4/5 (Winter 1968/69)
35108: WEBB WILLIAM - Garden First in Land Development
35004: WEBB JON (ED), WEBB LOUISE (ASSOC ED) - The Outsider, Vol. 1, No. 3 (Spring, 1963)
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32161: WEIDAUER WALTER - Inferno Dresden. Uber Lügen und Legenden um die Aktion "Donnerschlag".
34584: WEIL DANIEL - Light Box
20672: WEIR L H (ED) - Parks. A Manual of Municipal and County Parks Compiled as a result of a nation-wide study of municipal and country parks conducted by the Playground and Recreation Association of America in co-operation with the American Institute of Park Executives at the request of the National Conference on Outdoor Recreation. The study was made possible through funds granted by the Laura Spelman Rockefeller Memorial
25660: WEISNER ULRICH (HG.) - Böhm: Väter und Söhne. Architekturzeichnungen von Domenikus Böhm, Gottfried Böhm, Stephan, Peter und Paul Böhm.
31239: WELCH CHARLES, BARRY J WOLFE AND BENHAM REV CANON - History of The Tower Bridge and of other bridges over the Thames built by the Corporation of London. Including an account of the Bridge House Trust from the Twelfth Century, based on the Records of the Bridge House Estates Committee.
34207: WELWYN GARDEN CITY LIMITED - ABC Guide to Welwyn Garden City
34929: WELWYN GARDEN CITY DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION - Report of the Welwyn Garden City Development Corporation: as submitted to the Minister of Town and Country Planning: upon the Outline Plan prepared by Louis de Soissons...
34566: WEMBER PAUL - Die Jugende der Plakate 1887-1917.
34100: WENGRAF PAUL (ED) - English and French Romantic Painting. Apropos number 4.
33991: WERNER FRANK (FOREWORD) - Coop Himmelblau. Die Faszination der Stadt/The Power of the City.
29690: WEST ANTHONY, VEREY DAVID (REVISED BY) - Gloucestershire a Shell Guide
35118: WEST MIDLANDS GROUP ON POST-WAR RECONSTRUCTION AND PLANNING - English County: A Planning Survey of Herefordshire
34850: WEST MIDLANDS GROUP ON POST-WAR RECONSTRUCTION AND PLANNING - English County: A Planning Survey of Herefordshire
33748: WEST MIDLANDS GROUP ON POST-WAR RECONSTRUCTION AND PLANNING - English County: A Planning Survey of Herefordshire
33747: WEST MIDLAND GROUP - Conurbation: A Planning Survey of Birmingham and the Black Country.
27764: WESTERMAN ALLAN (CATALOGUE) - Swedish Planning of Town Centres Exhibition Catalogue.
30014: WESTPHAL REGELINDAS (HRG) - Die Frau im Politischen Plakat.
34824: WESTWOOD BRYAN & NORMAN - The Modern Shop
34055: WESTWOOD BRYAN AND NORMAN - Smaller Retail Shops
33572: WHEATLEY DENNIS - 1749-1949. The Seven Ages of Justerinis
34969: WHIFFEN MARCUS - Stuart and Georgian Churches. The Architecture of the Church of England outside London 1608-1837
34484: WHISTLER LAURENCE - Rex Whistler: The Königsmark Drawings. Reproduced in facsimile in Sepia and Colour With an introduction, and the story in brief, derived from A.E.W. Mason's novel.
33505: WHITAKER CRAIG - Architecture and the American Dream.
26534: WHITE JOSEPH H - Houses for Mining Towns
32642: WHITE KENNETH - The Coast Opposite Humanity. An Essay on the Poetry of Robinson Jeffers
32644: WHITE KENNETH - The Cold Wind of Dawn
26362: WHITE L. E. - New Towns: Their Challenge and Opportunity.
32636: WHITE KENNETH - Life Technique of John Cowper Powys
35194: WHITEHEAD RUSSELL F - Good Houses: Typical Historic Architectural Styles For Modern Wood-Built Homes
10145: WHITESON LEON - The Watts Towers of Los Angeles
35007: WHITING PENELOPE - New Single-Storey Houses.
33734: WHITTICK ARNOLD - Civic Design and the Home
33679: WHITTICK ARNOLD - F.J.O. - Practical Idealist. A biography of Sir Frederic J Osborn
33920: WHYATT H GILBERT - Streets, Roads and Pavements A treatise on the materials, equipment, and methods employed in the construction and maintenance of roads and footways...
28857: WICHMANN HANS (ED) - Polnische Plakate der Nachkriegszeit. Eine Auswahl aus den verborgenen Depots.
25640: WIESENMAYER INGRID - Erich Buchholz 1891-1972. Architecturentwürfe, Innenraumgestaltung und Typographie eines Universalkünstlers der frühen zwanziger Jahre.
34053: WIJDEVELD PAUL - Ludwig Wittgenstein; Architect
33815: WILCOX ROBERT - Metropolitan Los Angeles: A Study in Integration (vol IV: Law Enforcement)
33816: WILCOX ROBERT - Metropolitan Los Angeles: A Study in Integration (vol VII: Law Enforcement)
34052: WILHIDE ELIZABETH - The Millennium Dome.
34615: WILK CHRISTOPHER (ED) - Modernism: Designing a New World 1914-1939
30967: WILLIAM DIBBEN & SONS, LTD - William Dibben & Sons Ltd Builders' Merchants and Ironmongers Southampton. Catalogue No. 36
31047: WILLIAM MIDDLETON - Hinges, Locks, Ironfoundry
34915: WILLIAMS JENNIFER (PREFACES), BIRCH ROGER (PHOTOS) - The Artist in the Changing City
34965: WILLIAMS-ELLIS CLOUGH & AMABEL - The Pleasures of Architecture
33645: WILLIAMS-ELLIS CLOUGH (ED) - Britain & the Beast
34050: WILLIAMS STEPHANIE - Hongkong Bank: The building of Norman Foster's masterpiece
34864: WILLIAMS GWYNDAF - The Enterprising City Centre: Manchester's Development Challenge
33508: WILLIS PETER - Charles Bridgeman and the English Landscape Garden. Reprinted with supplementary plates and a catalogue of additional documents, drawings and attributions
6196: WILMERDING JOHN - A History of American Marine Painting
20673: WILMORE DAVID (ED) - Edwin O. Sachs: Architect, Stagehand, Engineer & Fireman. Collected essays on his life and satellites.
31896: WILSON HUGH, & WOMERSLEY LEWIS - Expansion of Northampton: Consultant's proposals for designation
34287: WILSON HUGH AND WOMERSLEY LEWIS IN ASSOCIATION WITH DRIVERS JONAS AND JAMIESON AND MACKAY - Inner Areas Study: Liverpool. Progress Report (Report to the Steering Committee)
34245: WILSON HUGH AND WOMERSLEY LEWIS (CONSULTANTS) - Change or Decay. Final Report of the Liverpool Inner Area Study
33411: WILSON HUGH, & WOMERSLEY LEWIS - Northampton, Bedford and North Bucks study: An assessment of inter-related growth
34240: WILSON HUGH AND WOMERSLEY LEWIS IN ASSOCIATION WITH DRIVERS JONAS AND JAMIESON AND MACKAY - Inner Areas Study: Liverpool. Area Resource Analysis: Methodology and Tables (2 vols)
34790: WILSON ROGER - Difficult Housing Estates
8725: WILTON BRIAN - A Cornucopia of Fascination and Delight celebrating One Hundred and Twenty Five Years of Crieff Hydro Hotel
33836: WINDMILLS - Seven Pamphlets on Windmills North Leverton Windmill: History and Guide, 1970; Stansted Windmill: a pictorial guide, 1966; Saxted Green Mill, by Rex Wailes (incl. 3 post cards), 1960; Nutley Windmill Restoration, Phase One, 1979 (vg photos and diagrams); Stevington Mill by A F Cirket, 1966 (good photos etc); Ballycopeland Windmill, County Down, 1962 (incl nice fold-out diagram); Danske Mollers Venner, Regnskab 1972/3 (on Danish windmills).
34585: WINES JAMES - Museum of Modern Art Frankfurt. Drawings by James Wines for the unpremiated competition submission by SITE
28153: WINKLER OSZKAR - Alvar Aalto
27972: WINTHER FRITZ - Kroppsutbildningen Som Konst Och Plikt
24072: WISEMAN CARTER - The Architecture of I M Pei with an illustrated catalogue of the buildings and projects.
35033: WISSENBACH VICENTE, TSUKUMO VIVALDO - Cadernos Brasileiros De Arquitetura 5: Paisagismo
35034: WISSENBACH VICENTE, TSUKUMO VIVALDO - Cadernos Brasileiros De Arquitetura 11: Paisagismo II
33289: WOHL ROBERT - A Passion For Wings. Aviation and the Western Imagination 1908-1918.
18971: WOHL MARTIN & MARTIN BRIAN V - Traffic System Analysis for Engineers and Planners.
31528: WOHL ROBERT - A Passion For Wings. Aviation and the Western Imagination 1908-1918.
30196: WOJTOWICZ JERZY AND FAWCETT WILLIAM - Architecture: Formal Approach
31184: WOLFE LAWRENCE - The Reilly Plan - A New Way of Life
2701: WOOD EDITH ELMER - Introduction to Housing Facts and Principles.
30761: WOOD MARGARET - The English Mediaeval House
33261: WOOD MARGARET - The English Mediaeval House
32605: WOOD REV J G - The Common Objects in The Country
31852: WOODWARD CHARLES (ED) - Digest of War-Time Legislation of Interest to Architects
33034: WORSLEY GILES - Architectural Drawings of the Regency Period 1790-1837
10739: WREDE STUART - Mario Botta
26552: WRIGHT FRANK LLOYD - The Future of Architecture
3997: WRIGHT COUNCILLOR R - The Housing Problem of the Small Authority. A paper presented at the 4th Annual General Meeting and Conference of the Institution.
33911: WRIGHT CLARKE J - Hydraulic Rams, Their Principles and Construction A Handbook for Practical Men
24279: WRIGHT LANCE AND BROWNE KENNETH - A Future for Dublin.
34276: WRIGHT LAWRENCE - Clean and Decent: The History of the British Bathroom and WC. Together with sundry illustrations of the habits, fashions and accessories of the toilet. A Descriptive Souvenir of the Exhibit at the Building Exhibition, Olympia, November 13-27, 1957.
19958: WRIGHT FRANK LLOYD - A Testament
27459: WRIGHT FRANK LLOYD - Architecture: Man in possesion of his earth Man in possession of his earth
33680: WRIGLEY NEIL (ED) - Store choice, store location and market analysis
34056: WYLIE DONOVAN - The Maze
34964: WYLSON ANTHONY AND PATRICIA - Theme Parks, Leisure Centres, Zoos and Aquaria
30839: XARAIT (PUB) - Antonio Fernandez Alba Arquitecto 1957-1980
34947: XAVIER ALBERTO, LEMOS CARLOS, CORONA EDUARDO - Arquitetura Moderna Paulistana
34149: XXIE. CONGRÈS INTERNATIONAL DE L'HABITATION ET DE L'URBANISME - Evolution de l'Urbanisme au Portugal Exemples du passé. Point actuel. Perspectives de l'avenir.
33069: YANKER GARY - Prop Art. Over 1000 Contemporary Political Posters.
24614: YARWOOD DOREEN - Robert Adam
28693: YELLING J A - Slums and Redevelopment. Policy and practice in England, 1918-45, with particular reference to London.
25532: YELTON MICHAEL & SALMON JOHN - Anglican Church-Building in London 1915-1945.
34567: YORKE MALCOLM - Keith Vaughan. His Life and Work
34825: YORKE F R S AND WHITING PENELOPE - The New Small House
34577: YORKE MALCOLM - The Spirit of Place. Nine Neo-Romantic artists and their times
34982: YORKE FRANCIS W B - The Planning and Equipment of Public Houses.
34611: YOUDS BRYN - Susie Cooper: An Elegant Affair
22281: YOUNG TONY AND CRESSWELL ROY (EDS) - The Urban Transport Future. A contribution to the Council of Europe's European Campaign for Urban Renaissance.
31664: YOUNG OSMOND & YOUNG - Heating & Ventilating by Electricity.
23906: YPMA HERBERT - London Minimum
33643: ZANZIBAR LANIER, ROYCE ET AL - The Stone Town of Zanzibar: A Strategy for Integrated Development Technical Report Commissioned by the United Nations Center for Human Settlements
25519: ZAPATKA CHRISTIAN (TEXT) MISS MARY (PHOTOS) - Mary Miss Costruire luoghi.
34454: ZARDINI MIRKO (TEXT), FUTAGAWA YUKIO (PHOTOS) - Mario Botta: GA Architect 3
27514: ZDRAZIL HEDWIG - Biedermeier rund um Wien.
33697: ZEUCHNER GERD - Stadtgestaltung. Herausgegeben vom Institut für Städtebau und Architektur der Bauakademie der DDR
27315: ZEVI BRUNO - Frank Lloyd Wright
30813: ZEVI BRUNO - Erich Mendelsohn. Opera Completa, Architetture e Immagini Architettoniche. Con note biografiche di Louise Mendelsohn.
31389: ZEVI BRUNO - Architectura in Nuce
9414: ZEVI BRUNO - Sert's Architecture in the Miró Foundation
33583: ZIETZSCHMANN ERNST UND DAVID GERTRUD - Wie wohnen? Homes and Housing/Mon Habitation
26412: ZIMMER ERICH - Rudolph Steiner als Architekt von Wohn-und Zweckbauten.
34059: ZOELLY PIERR (TEXT) AND SCHUTZ CHRISTOPH (PHOTOS) - Anybody Home? Architectural Notes by.....
34877: ZUBE ERVIN, BRUSH ROBERT, FABOS JULIUS - Landscape Assessment
14614: ZUCKER PAUL - Raumdarstellung und Bildarchitekturen im Florentiner Quattrocento
30276: ZUKOWSKY JOHN - Japan 2000. Architecture and Design for the Japanese Public.
33494: ZUKOWSKY JOHN (ED) - Building for Air Travel: Architecture and Design for Commercial Aviation.
20287: ZUKOWSKY JOHN, WITH LANEY-LUPTON, KENNIE ANNE ET AL - The Many Faces of Modern Architecture: Building in Germany between the World Wars.
34734: ZWIERS L - Kleine Woningen.
25362: ZWIRNER W. G. O (CATALOGUE) - Scharoun 1893-1972.
34961: ZWIRNER W. G. O (CATALOGUE) - Scharoun 1893-1972.

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