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2506: GLIKSON ARTUR - Regional Planning and Development: Six Lectures delivered at the Institute of Social Studies, at the Hague 1953
32061: GLOAG JOHN - Colour & Comfort. With illustrations and original designs by Palmer-Jones.
25936: GLOUCESTERSHIRE CC FOR THE MINISTRY OF TRANSPORT AND THE WELSH OFFICE - The Severn Bridge. The story of its History and Construction.
34068: GLUSBERG JORGE (ED) - Vision of the Modern
4050: F.R. GOBBAERTS (PUBL) - Palais de Fêtes et Réunions Publiques dans L'Agglomération Bruxelloise: Projet de la Compagnie Immobilière de Belgique.
25962: GOBEL KARIN, KOHLMANN THEODOR ET AL - Auf's Ohr geschaut. Ohrringe aus Stadt und Land vom Klassizismus bis zur neuen Jugendkultur.
19313: GOLANY GIDEON - New-Town Planning: Principles and Practice
32083: GOLDBERGER PAUL (INTRO) - Renzo Piano and Building Workshop Buildings and Projects 1971-1989
26612: GOLLWITZER GERDA (HGB), ORTNER RUDOLF (MITWIRKUNG) - Kinderspielplätze Heft 2 der Schriftenreihe der Deutschen Gessellschaft für Gartenkunst und Landschaftspflege.
3989: GOODFELLOW JAMES - Leeds House Improvements, Heating Efficiency and Clean Air Handbook
34661: GOODING MEL - Promenade: Bauman Lyons/Bruce McLean - An Architectural Collaboration for Bridlington
32899: GOODWAY DAVID (EDITOR IN INTRO) - Herbert Read. A One-Man Manifesto and other writings for Freedom Press
33225: GOTTWALD FRANS - Berlin Einst und Jetzt. Geschichte Berlins in Bildern mit begleitendem text. 1. folge. Inneres Berlin Erste Auflage
33186: GOWAN JAMES - Style and Configuration
34230: GRAEME SHANKLAND ASSOCIATES - Bolton: Draft Town Centre Map
33858: GRAHAM DAN - The Suburban City
26483: LES GRANDS RESEAX DE CHEMIN DE FER FRANCAIS - Stations Thermales Francaises
30987: GRANGER FRANK - The Council House Nottingham: a review of the Council House & Exchange Buildings. [Cover title: Nottingham New Exchange Buildings & Council House 1929]
34999: GRANT IAN (ED), SMITH EDWIN (PHOTOS) - Great Interiors
28349: GRANVILLE A B - Spas of England and Principal Sea-Bathing Places. Vol 1: The North: vol 2: The Midlands and South
35045: GRAVES CHARLES - Collected Poems
33453: GRAVETTE ANDREW - Architectural Heritage of the Caribbean. An A-Z of Historic Buildings
33588: GRAY GEORGE HERBERT - Housing and Citizenship: a study of low-cost housing.
34817: GRAY BENNIE AND BOOKER CHRISTOPHER - The Recurrent Crisis of London: CIS Anti Report on the Property Developers
33335: GRAY, RICHARD - Cinemas in Britain
33557: GRAY W S - Reinforced Concrete Resevoirs and Tanks
34204: GREATER LONDON COUNCIL (PUBL) - Greater London Development Plan: Report of Studies
35193: GREATER LONDON COUNCIL (PUB) - GLC Architecture 1965/70: The work of the GLC's Department of Architecture and Civic Design
35145: GREATER LONDON COUNCIL - Greater London Development Plan: Statement
35050: GREATER LONDON COUNCIL, DEPARTMENT OF ARCHITECTURE AND CIVIC DESIGN - Conservation in Spitalfields: Preliminary Report June 1977 (Revised Text)
25470: GREBE WILHELM - Handbuch für das Bauen auf dem Lande.
22067: GREEN E R R - The Industrial Archaeology of County Down
33350: GREENBERG CARA - Op to Pop: Furniture of the 1960's
21165: GREENWOOD CHARLES - A Plan for Redevelopment
23202: GREENWOOD CHARLES - A Plan for Redevelopment
33746: GREENWOOD CHARLES - A Plan for Redevelopment
31574: GREEVES IVAN S - London Docks 1800-1980 a civil engineering history.
34384: GREGORI MINA (ED) - Mural Painting in Italy: The Late 16th Century
34383: GREGORI MINA (ED) - Mural Painting in Italy: The Late 13th to the Early 15th Centuries
34379: GREGORI MINA (ED) - Mural Painting in Italy: The 17th and 18th Centuries
34922: GREGOTTI VITTORIO (ED) - Casabella 509-510 I terreni della tipologia (The Grounds of Typology)
34946: GREIFF CONSTANCE M (ED) - Lost America: Vol 1 From the Atlantic to the Mississippi; Vol 2 From the Mississippi to the Pacific
23814: GRENIER LISE - Villes D'Eaux en France
33992: GRESLERI GIULIANO - Josef Hoffmann
34874: GREY ARTHUR L, BONSTEEL DAVID, WINKEL GARY, PARKER ROGER - People and Downtown: Use, Attitudes, Settings
32872: DE GREY ROGER (FOREWORD) - Kisho Kurokawa. Recent Projects - 4 Museums
29109: GREYSMITH BRENDA - Wallpaper
19127: GRIEVE R & ROBERTSON D. J. - The City and the Region
23194: GRIFFITH-BOSCAWEN SIR ARTHUR - A Plan for Post-War Transport.
34593: GRIFFITHS BILL - A Preliminary Account of Nordrhein-Westfalen etc
34594: GRIFFITHS BILL - A Preliminary Account of Nordrhein-Westfalen etc
34403: GRIGSON GEOFFREY - Visionary Poems and Passages or The Poet's Eye. Chosen by Geoffrey Grigson with Original Lithographs by John Craxton
32009: GRIMSHAW NICK (INTRODUCTION) - Nicholas Grimshaw & Partners (2 uniform vols): Book 1, Product, Book 2, Process
34084: GRIMSHAW NICHOLAS - Nicholas Grimshaw & Partners: Product + Process. Mock-ups, models, drawings, photographs.
32481: GRIMSHAW NICK (INTRODUCTION) - Nicholas Grimshaw & Partners (2 uniform vols): Book 1, Product, Book 2, Process
22002: GRISEBACH AUGUST - Der Garten. Eine geschichte seiner künsterlischen gestaltung.
32610: GROSSMANN F - Pieter Bruegel. Complete Edition of the Paintings
32961: GROSVENOR GALLERY - Paule Vezelay retrospective. Drawings, collages, paintings, sculptures and constructions 1916-1968.
34859: GROVE A. B. & CRESSWELL R.W. (EDS) - City Landscape
10570: GRUBER ALAIN (ED) - Classicism and the Baroque in Europe.
34833: GRUEN VICTOR - The Heart of our Cities. The urban crisis: diagnosis and cure
21243: GUEDES PEDRO (INTRO) - Taller de Arquitectura. Ricardo Bofill
20172: GUMBLEY EDWIN - Bournville. A Portrait of Cadbury's Garden Village in Old Picture Postcards.
34723: GUMMER JOHN SELWYN (INTRODUCTION) - Quality in Town and Country
33578: GUNN EDWIN - Economy in House Design
33696: GUNTHER HARRI UND HARKSEN SIBYLLE - Peter Joseph Lenné. Pläne für Berlin.
33880: GUNTON AND HAVERS LIMITED - Builders' and Plumbers' Merchants, Catalogue No. 60
8759: GUTHE CARL - The Management of Small History Museums
33876: GUTHEIM FREDERICK - Alvar Aalto
35065: GUTKIND E A - Creative Demobilization Vol II - Case Studies in National Planning
33794: GUTSCHOW KONSTANTY - Stadtmitte Hannover. Beiträge zur Aufbauplanung der Innenstadt
20696: GUTTON ANDRÉ - Conversations Sur l'Architecture: cours de théorie de l'architecture professé a l'École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-arts (2 uniform volumes).
26664: GWATHMEY & SIEGEL. GWATHMEY CHARLES (INTRO) - Zumikon Residence Gwathmey Siegel.
35168: GYFFORD E - Designs for Small Picturesque Cottages and Hunting Boxes, adapted for Ornamental Retreats for Hunting and Shooting; also Some Designs for Park Entrances, Bridges, &c carefully studied and thrown into perspective.
25071: HAASE GISELA (CATALOGUE) - Lausitzer Glas Geschichte und Gegenwart
34505: HAFERKORN CORNELIA (ED). - Helmut Jahn: Vier Projekte, Skizzen and Pläne
33594: HAGMAN TORE, HAMMARSTOM TOMMY & WASTBERG, PER - True North: The Grand Landscapes of Sweden
34372: HALL ZILLAH - Machine-Made Lace in Nottingham in the 18th and 19th centuries
35177: HALL PETER - Good Cities, Better Lives: How European Discovered the Lost Art of Urbanism
30107: HAMER MICK - Wheels Within Wheels. A Study of the Road Lobby.
27870: HAMILTON GASTON, MORRIS MOREAU, TOLMAN WM HOWE - Report on Public Baths and Public Comfort Stations by The Mayor's Committee of New York City.
13354: HAMILTON C MARK - Nineteenth-Century Mormon Achitecture and City Planning.
35164: HAMILTON WILLIAM, KIRK THOMAS - Outlines from the Figures and Compositions upon the Greek, Roman, and Etruscan Vases of the late Sir William Hamilton : with engraved borders. Drawn and engraved by the late Mr. Kirk.
26630: HAMON RAY L - Playgrounds
33787: HAMPSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL (PUBLISHED) - Romsey Conservation Study.
34178: HAMPSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL - South Hampshire Structure Plan: summary of the main proposals of the plan
20564: HAMPSTEAD GARDEN SUBURB TRUST & LONDON BOROUGH OF BARNET - Hampstead Garden Suburb. Design Guidance.
15548: HANAFORD PHEBE A - The Life of George Peabody: Containing a record of those princely acts of benevolence which entitle him to the esteem and gratitude of all friends of education and the destitute, both in America, the land of his birth, and in England, the place of his death
33749: HANCOCK HAWKES (CONSULTANTS) - Greater Peterborough Master Plan
33544: HANDLER, RICHARD AND GABLE, ERIC - The New History in an Old Museum Creating the Past at Colonial Williamsburg
33265: HANNEFORD-SMITH W. - The Architectural Work of Sir Banister Fletcher
32750: HANOVER GALLERY - Pen Pencil and Paper
25207: HANSEN JOAN MARIA - Lewis Foreman Day (1845-1910). Unity in Design and Industry.
34490: HANSESTADT HAMBURG (ISSUED BY) - Skizzen zum Generalbebauungsplan 1947.
32871: HAPPOLD - Buro Happold Twenty Five Years 1976-2001
18051: HARBESON JOHN F - The Study of Architectural Design. With special reference to the program of the Beaux-Arts Institute of Design
35003: VON HARBOU THEA - Metroplis
32917: HARDERN DONALD B ET AL - Glass of the Ceasars
35153: HARRIS JOHN - The Palladians: RIBA Drawings Series
35154: HARRIS JOHN - The Palladian Revival: Lord Burlington, His Villa and Garden at Chiswick
34538: HARRISON MARTIN, POWELL KENNETH CLARKE BRIAN (ESSAYS) - Brian Clarke Architectural Artist.
8727: HARROGATE MEDICAL SOCIETY - A brief account of the nature of Spa Treatment followed by a description of the Harrogate waters, and baths, and the accessory treatments employed with them. Compiled by the .... For The Medical Profession Only
30205: HARTNELL A P. - Shop Planning and Design.
28218: HARVEY JOHN - An Introduction to Tudor Architecture
24859: HARVEY JOHN - Old Buildings - Problem and Challenge
31517: HARWOOD ELAIN AND POWERS ALAN (EDS) - Festival of Britain
34712: HARWOOD ELAIN, POWERS ALAN (EDS) - Houses: Regional Practice and Local Character
34711: HARWOOD ELAIN, POWERS ALAN (EDS) - Housing the Twentieth Century Nation
34709: HARWOOD ELAIN, POWERS ALAN (FOREWORD) - The Sixties. Life: Style: Architecture
33481: HARWOOD ELAIN, POWERS ALAN (EDS) - The Sixties. Life - Style - Architecture
33832: HAUPT STEPHAN - Individualerziehung u. Drill Individualerziegung und Drill oder Sollen wir die Jugend mit Milde oder Strenge erziehen
33990: HAUSSER JURGEN (PUBL) - 6 Projects for 4 Cities.
32847: HAUTALA HANNU - A Year in Kuusamo. Diary of a Finnish bird photographer
12226: HAUTECOEUR LOUIS - Architecture et aménagement des musées
23832: HAVELAAR JUST - Dr. H. P. Berlage
33637: HAVERFIELD F. - Ancient Town-Planning
33659: HAVERFIELD F. - Ancient Town-Planning
33114: HAVINDEN MICHAEL, CLARK GENEFER ET AL - Visions for Oxford in the 21st Century.
30095: HAVINDEN ASHLEY (FOREWORD) - Posters 1890-1920.
33074: HAVINDEN MICHAEL, CLARK GENEFER ET AL (EDITORS) - Visions for Oxford in the 21st century.
8728: HAVINS PETER J. NEVILLE - The Spas of England
31564: HAWKES DEAN AND FORSTER WAYNE - Architecture, Engineering and Environment
34374: HAWKINS DAISY WATERHOUSE - Old Point Lace and How to Copy It
24381: HAWTREE MARIN - "The Emergence of the Planning Profession". [offprint article]
34622: HAYWARD CHARLES H - English Rooms & Their Decoration at a Glance: a simple review in pictures, from the eleventh to the eighteenth centuries (two volumes: 1066-1620 and 1620-1800)
31733: HAYWARD R A - Sir William Fairbairn
33252: HEARN MICHAEL PATRICK - The Art of the Broadway Poster.
34494: HECKER HERMANN (TEXT) - Der Krupp'sche Kleinwohnungsbau. Mit 150 Bildertafeln und vielen Texabbildungen. Herausgegeben von der Gesellschaft für Heimatkultur E. D. in Wiesbaden. Mit begleitendem Text der Bauberatungsstelle.....
34920: HECKSCHER AUGUST - Open Spaces: The Life of American Cities
29410: HEDERER OSWALD - Karl von Fischer. Leben und Werk
22815: HEGEMANN WERNER - City Planning Housing. First volume of text: Historical and Sociological.
30367: HEGEMANN WERNER & PEETS ELBERT - The American Vitruvius: The Architect's Handbook of Civic Art.
33709: HEILIG WILHELM - Wende im Städtebau. Erster Band: Altstadt und Neuzeit Zweiter Band: Wirtschaft und Soziologie
34660: HEISE VOLKER, HOLSTEIN SUSANNE - Realisierungswettbewerb. Erweiterung Berlin Museum mit Abteilung Jüdisches Museum. Voraussetzungen, Verfahren, Ergebnisse.
33986: HEJDUK JOHN - Architecture in Love. Sketchbook Notes
31725: HELPS SIR ARTHUR - Life and Labours of Mr Brassey. With an introduction by Jack Simmons
33730: HEMEL HEMPSTEAD D C - Hemel Hempstead: New Town from Old.
33728: HEMEL HEMPSTEAD D C - Hemel Hempstead: New Town from Old.
34553: HEMELRIJK LIESBETH (GUEST CURATOR) - Van Kandinsky tot Corneille. Linoluem in de kunst van de twintigste eeuw. From Kandinsky to Corneille. Linoleum in the art of the twentieth century
31110: HEMMING REV. PETER - Windmills in Sussex. A Description of the Construction and Operation of Windmills exemplified by Up-to-Date Notes on the still existing Windmills in Sussex with photographic illustrations,
3966: HENDERSON ARTHUR, AND MADDOCK LESLIE - Henderson and Maddock's Housing Acts 1899 to 1935 ...
32534: HENDERSON JUSTIN - Museum Architecture
32905: HENDRY J F - The Orchestral Mountain. A symphonic Elegy
34788: HENSLOWE PHILIP - Ninety Years On. An account of the Bournville Village Trust
25652: HENVAUX EMILE - Condition de l'Architecture
35030: HERBERT DAVID (ED), PEARS PETER (PREFACE) - The Operas of Benjamin Britten. The complete librettos illustrated with designs of the first productions.
34487: HERLITZ-GEZELIUS ANN MARIE - Orrefors. A Swedish Glassplant.
32971: HERMAN JOSEF, TAYLOR BASIL (INTRO) - Josef Herman: Drawings
34901: HERTFORDSHIRE ASSOCIATION OF ARCHITECTS - Architecture in Hertfordshire, 1929-1979. Exhibition Catalogue
34897: HERTFORDSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL - Building for Education 1948-61
27650: HEUSS THEODOR (INTO) - Das Haus der Freundschaft in Konstantinopel. Ein Wettbewerb Deutscher Architeckten. Herausgegeben vom Deutschen Werkbund und der Deutsch-Türkischen Vereinigung.
28965: HEUSS THEODOR (INTRO) - Das Haus der Freundschaft in Konstantinopel. Ein Wetttbewerb Deutscher Architeckten. Herausgegeben vom Deutschen Werkbund und der Deutsch-Türkischen Vereinigung.
27586: HEYER PAUL - Mexican Architecture: the work of Abraham Zabludovsky and Teodoro González de León
4720: HIESINGER KATHRYN BLOOM (ED) - Art Nouveau in Munich. Masters of Jugendstil from the Stadtmuseum, Munich and other Public & Private Collections
15438: HILDEBRAND GRANT - Origins of Architectural Pleasure
34644: HILL ROSEMARY - Rugin and Ramsgate
34893: HILL WILLIAM THOMSON - Octavia Hill: Pioneer of the National Trust and Housing Reform.
18635: HILLIER BEVIS - The Style of the Century
32785: HILLIER TRISTRAM - Leda and the Goose. An Autobiography
13012: HILLMAN JUDY - The Bournville Hallmark: Housing People for 100 Years
33719: HILLMAN JUDY - The Bournville Hallmark: Housing People for 100 Years
34664: HIND C LEWIS - Stanhope A Forbes, Royal Academician. Christmas Number of the Art Journal
19348: HINDLEY GEOFFREY - A History of Roads
34629: HIRST DAMIEN AND BURN GORDON - On the Way to Work
34263: HM GOVERNMENT - Policy for the Inner Cities
34284: HM GOVERNMENT (FOREWORD BY CROSLAND ANTHONY) - Transport: A Consultation Document (vol 1).
35077: HMSO - Town and Country Planning Act, 1947. Explanatory Memorandum. Part II -Notes on Sections.
28706: HMSO (PUBL) - Report of Committee on Schemes of Assistance to Necessitous Areas.
28652: HMSO - National Parks and Access to the Countryside Act, 1949.
32228: HMSO (PUB) - Living in Flats: Report of the Flats Sub-Committee of the Central Housing Advisory Committee
23144: HMSO (PUBL) - Report of Committee on Schemes of Assistance to Necessitous Areas.
9019: HMSO (PUB) - Machines and Appliances in Government Offices
9020: HMSO (PUB) - Machines and Appliances in Government Offices
33976: HODGE BROOKE (ORGANIZED BY) - FOG: flowing in all directions
25481: HODGES HENRY - Technology in the Ancient World
34325: HODGKIN THOMAS - Narrative of a Journey to Morocco, in 1863 and 1864, with Geological Annotations.
32709: HODGKINSON ANTHONY W AND SHERATSKY RODNEY E - Humphrey Jennings-More Than a Maker of Films
29991: HOFFMAN BARRY - The Fine Art of Advertising. Irreverent, Irrepressible, Irresistibly Ironic.
33982: HOFFMAN VON OT & REPENTHIN CHRISTOPH - Neue urbane Wohnformen. Gartenhofhauser, Teppichsiedlungen, Terrassenhauser
33988: HOFFMANN DONALD - The Architecture of John Wellborn Root
21172: HÖGER. TASCH DIETER - Zeuge einer stürmischen Zeit
29298: HOHL REINHOLD - Office Buildings: An International Survey
33776: HOLDEN DR C H & HOLFORD PROFESSOR W G - Reconstruction in the City of London: Final Report to the Improvements and Town Planning Committee by the Joint Consultants. (Draft version)
34127: HOLDEN ARTHUR C - Planning Recommendations for the Washington Square Area
34808: HOLE WV AND ATTENBURROW JJ - Houses and People: A Review of User Studies at the Building Research Station.
21159: HOLFORD WILLIAM & WRIGHT H. MYLES - Cambridge Planning Proposals: A Report to the Town and Country Planning Committee of the Cambridgeshire County Council. [2 vols].
3057: HOLFORD WILLIAM - Proposals for the Development of a Site for the University of Liverpool TOGETHER WITH The Report of the Development Committee to the Council and Senate of the University on Building Progress 11949-1954 (The First Quinquennial Review of the Post-War development plan) 2 uniform volumes.
34694: HOLLAMBY EDWARD - Vauxhall Bridgefoot: European Ferries Site
33082: HOLLAND F G, GREGORY M A AND PARRISH MARGARET - Wires Pipes Pylons. Guide to landowners and their advisers.
33457: HOLLANDER ANNE - Sex and Suits: The Evolution of Modern Dress
34973: HOLLEIN HANS - Eine Ausstellung. (Sonderausstellung des Historischen Museums der Stadt Wien, 9. März - 30. April 1995)
33295: HOLLEY STEPHEN - Washington: Quicker by Quango. The History of Washington New Town 1964-1983
34255: HOLLIDAY JOHN (ED) - City Centre Redevelopment: a study of British city centre planning and case studies of five English city centres.
34826: HOLMAN HUNT W - Oxford Union Society. The Story of the Painting of the Pictures on the Walls and the Decorations on the Ceiling of the Old Debating Hall (now the Library) in the Years 1857-8-9
34670: HOLME CHARLES (ED) - The Studio, Volume 59, No. 245
21459: HOLMES J MACDONALD - The Geographical Basis of Government: specially applied to New South Wales.
19691: HOLROYD ABRAHAM - Saltaire and its Founder
33761: HOLT SIR HERBERT (CHAIRMAN) - Report of the Federal Plan Commission on a General Plan for the Cities of Ottawa and Hull
33650: HOOD FREDERIC - The Chapel of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire
31005: HOOD CHARLES - A Practical Treatise on Warming Buildings by Hot Water and upon Heat and Heating Appliances in General with an enquiry respecting ventilation, the cause and action of draughts in chimneys or flues, and the laws relating to combustion by..... re-written by Frederick DYE
35149: HOPE THOMAS - Household Furniture and Interior Decoration executed by designs from...... A complete reprint of the 1807 edition.
33590: HOPKINS R THURSTON - Old Watermills and Windmills
29964: HORNBECK JAMES S - Design for Modern Merchandising. Stores Shopping Centers Showrooms.
33896: HORNER JOSEPH G - Brassfounding A Practical Treatise
30436: HORNIG NORBERT - Leipziger Plakatkunst. Ansichten zu einer alltäglichen Kunstgattung.
33924: HORTON RICHARD - The Complete Measurer Setting forth the measurement of boards, glass, etc etc, unequal-sided, square sided, octagonal-sided, round timber and stone; and standing timber...
32861: HOSKINGS R G (CHAIRMAN) - Technical College Buildings. A report by a Joint Committee of the Association of Technical Institutions and the Association of Principals of Technical Institutions with representatives of the Royal Institute of British Architects and the Institution of Builders ....
10721: HOSKINS LESLEY (ED) - The Papered Wall: history, pattern, technique
33657: HOSKINS, WG - The Making of the English Landscape
34858: HOUGHTON-EVANS WILLIAM - Planning Cities: Legacy and Portent
33821: HOURTICQ, LOUIS - Paris Vu Du Ciel
25293: HOUSTON JOHN - Caroline Broadhead. Jewellery in Studio
34322: HOWARD FE - Fan-Vaults
10162: HOWARD DEBORAH - The Architectural History of Scotland: Reformation to the Restoration 1560-1660.
34517: HOWELL PETER - Victorian Churches
33682: HOWSON H. F. - London's Underground
33681: HUBBARD EDWARD & SHIPPOBOTTOM MICHAEL - A Guide to Port Sunlight Village including two tours of the village
30012: HUBER F X (ED) - Das Internationale Plakat. Ausstellung zum Kongress der Werbung 1954.
33461: HUGHES GRAHAM - Gerald Benney Goldsmith. The story of fifty years at the bench.
33243: HUGHES FRANCESCA (ED) - The Architect: Reconstructing her Practice
32782: HUGHES GLYN - The Stanedge Bull and other poems. Mica poets no.2
35138: HUGHES W R (ED) - New Town. A Proposal in Agricultural, Industrial, Educational, Civic and Social Reconstruction.
10171: HUGHES ROBERT - The Shock of the New
20358: HUGHES THOMAS P AND AGATHA C (EDS) - Lewis Mumford. Public Intellectual.
33713: HULL BRIAN G (PLANNING OFFICER, N. HERTS DC) - Letchworth Conservation Area.
33802: HUNT JOHN DIXON - William Kent: Landscape garden designer. An assessment and catalogue of his designs.
34871: HUNT JOHN DIXON (ED) - The Anglo-Dutch Garden in the Age of William and Mary (Special double issue of "Journal of Garden History", Vol 8, 2&3, Apr-Sept, 1988).
34830: HURTWOOD LADY ALLEN OF - Design for Play...the youngest children
34870: HUSAIN ALI AKBAR - Scent in the Islamic Garden. A Study of Deccani Urdu Literary Sources
34963: HUSE NORBERT (ED) - Siedlungen der zwanziger Jahre-heute. Vier Berliner Grosssiedlungen 1924-1984.
32637: HUSK NICHOLAS - Zoo for Zanies. A selection of his Didactic Verse and Worse edited by Jonathan Curling. With sixty drawings by BIRO
21681: HUTCHINSON R. D. - Marford. A Present from the Past
34357: HUTH HANS - Roentgen Furniture: Abraham and David Roentgen: European Cabinet-makers.
34956: HUXLEY JULIAN - TVA: Adventure in Planning
25672: HYATT FOUNDATION - The Pritzker Architecture Prize 1993. Presented to Fumihiko Maki
33994: HYLAND G.J. - The Architectural Works of A. W. N. Pugin: A Catalogue.
32295: S. IKIN C.W., WITH GREEN BRIGID GRAFTON - Hampstead Garden Suburb: Dreams and Realities.
33795: L'ILLUSTRATION - L'Automobile, le Tourisme à l'Exposition, la Gastronomie.
35180: L'ILLUSTRATION - L'Automobile et le Tourisme
34560: IMBERT DOROTHÉE - The Modernist Garden in France.
33087: IMPERIAL WAR MUSEUM - A concise catalogue of Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture of the First World War 1914-1918
34908: IND ROSEMARY - Emberton
8823: INDIRA GANDHI NATIONAL CENTRE FOR THE ARTS (PUB) - Concepts and Responses: International Architectural Design Competition for the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, New Delhi
8999: INDUSTRIAL WELFARE SOCIETY (PUB) - Management and Maintenance of Industrial and Commercial Buildings
34288: INNER CITIES DIRECTORATE - Industry in the Inner City. Case studies of mixed use development.
33558: INNOCENT C F - The Development of English Building Construction.
28980: INSALL DONALD W & ASSOCIATES/ CHESTERTON & SONS - Winchester Westgate Study. A Report for Winchester City Council Hampshire County Council.
28728: INSTITUTE OF CIVIL ENGINEERS - Congestion---Kill or Cure?
34791: INSTITUTE OF HOUSING/ RIBA (PUBL) - Homes for the Future: standards for new housing development.
26629: INSTITUTE OF MUNICIPAL ENGINEERS - The Provision of Sports Buildings. A Report published by...
34889: INSTITUTION OF CIVIL ENGINEERING - The Aesthetic Aspect of Civil Engineering Design. A Record of Six Lectures delivered at The Institution.
34164: INSTITUTO UNIVERSITARIO STATALE DI ARCHITETTURA DI REGGIO CALABRIA - Carlo Scarpa: Disegni. Soprintendenza Archeologica della Calabria. Museo Nazionale di Reggio Calabria. Maggio - Giugno 1981.
8975: INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL OF MUSEUMS (PUBL) - Training of Museum Personnel: La Formation du Personnel des Musées
33705: INTERNATIONAL LABOUR OFFICE - Wartime Transference of Labour in Great Britain
8761: INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR CONSERVATION OF HISTORIC AND ARTISTIC WORKS - Conservation in Museums and Galleries: A Survey of Facilities in the United Kingdom
23560: INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION OF MASTER COTTON SPINNERS' & MANUFACTURERS ASSOCIATION - Official Report of the International Congress Held in Egypt, 1927 by the....
34209: INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENCE SCHOOLS - Architects' and Builders' Pocketbook
30000: THE INTEROVEN STOVE CO LTD - The "Super Interoven" Pascall's Patent
28078: INUI YOSHIAKI - Moderne Japanische Keramik.
33555: D.E.S. (ISSUED BY) - Comprehensive Schools From Existing Buildings.
21190: T.C.&E.C. JACK (PUBL) - International Competition of the Carnegie Foundation. The Palace of Peace at The Hague. The 6 Premiated and 40 other designs chosen by the Society of Architecture at Amsterdam and reproduced under its direction
34362: JACKSON MRS F NEVILLE WITH JESURUM ERNESTO - A History of Hand-Made Lace: Dealing with the Origin of Lace, the Growth of the Great Lace Centres, the Mode of Manufacture, the Methods of Distinguishing and the Care of Various Kinds of Lace.
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21987: LUX JOSEPH AUG - Schöne Garetenkunst.
21694: LUX JOSEPH AUG. - Der Geschmack im Alltag. Ein Buch zur Pflege des Schönen von ................
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33099: LYKIARD ALEXIS - Lifelines
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34010: MACAULAY JAMES - The Gothic Revival 1745-1845
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32635: MACDIARMID HUGH - Cornish Heroic Song for Vlada Trevlyn and Once in a Cornish Garden
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21129: MAGNE HENRI MARCEL - L'Architecture
30934: MAHAN D H - An Elementary Course of Civil Engineering
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33466: MAIRET PHILIP - Pioneer of Sociology: The Life and Letters of Patrick Geddes.
27739: MAITLAND FOWLER - Building Estates. A rudimentary treatise on the development, sale, purchase, and general management of building land including the formation of streets and sewers, and the requirements of sanitary authorities
27837: MAITLAND FOWLER - Building Estates. A rudimentary treatise on the development, sale, purchase, and general management of building land including the formation of streets and sewers, and the requirements of sanitary authorities
30169: MAKOWSKI Z S - Räumliche Tragwerke aus Stahl.
34645: MAKOWSKI ZYGMUNT STANISLAW - A Survey of Recent Three-Dimensional Structures
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33554: MARKHAM S F - A report on the Museums & Art Galleries of the British Isles (other than the national museums) by ....... to the Carnegie United Kingdom Trustees
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18348: MAXWELL SIR HERBERT - Half-a-Century of Successful Trade. Being a Sketch of the Rise and Development of the Business of W&A Gilbey 1857-1907.
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34210: MCCALLUM IAN (ED) - Physical Planning: The ground work of a new technique.
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24507: MCWILLIAM COLIN - Scottish Townscape.
31175: MEAKIN BUDGETT - Model Factories & Villages: Ideal Conditions of Labour and Housing.
31580: MEAKIN BUDGETT - Model Factories & Villages: Ideal Conditions of Labour and Housing.
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24240: MEYEROWITZ PATRICIA - Jewelry and sculpture through unit construction
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13000: MIEROP CAROLINE - Skyscrapers. Higher and Higher
9533: MIGNOT CLAUDE - Architektur des 10. Jahrhunderts
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35060: MILTON KEYNES DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION (PUBL) - The Plan for Milton Keynes: Volume Two Main Consultants Llewelyn-Davies Weeks Forestier-Walker & Bor
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34717: MINISTRY OF TRANSPORT - Traffic in Towns: A study of the long term problems of traffic in urban areas.
32305: MINISTRY OF EDUCATION - Community Centres
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21164: MINOPRIO ANTHONY - Chelmsford Planning Survey 1945: A Survey and Plan for Chelmsford Borough and Rural District. Sponsored by the Chelmsford Area Planning Group
24438: MINOPRIO ANTHONY - Chelmsford Planning Survey 1945: A Survey and Plan for Chelmsford Borough and Rural District. Sponsored by the Chelmsford Area Planning Group.
34188: MIOTTO MURET LUCIANA - Carlo Scarpa
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8792: MOAT EDWARD - Memoirs of an Art Thief
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33668: MOHOLY-NAGY SIBYL - Matrix of Man: An Illustrated History of Urban Environment
31887: MOND ALFRED (TEXT) - A Review of the Work in the Manufacturer of Synthetic Fertilizers by Synthetic Ammonia and Nitrates Limited at Billingham with a Summary of the Research and Advisory Activities of Nitram Ltd. Prepared for the Members of the Imperial Agricultural Research Conference on the occasion of their visit to Billingham October 29th, 1927.
31327: MONNIER GÉRARD - Le Temps de L'Oeuvre. Approches chronologiques de l'edification des batiments
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34253: MORISON MARGARET PITT & WHITE JOHN (EDS) - Western Towns and Buildings
34254: MORISON MARGARET PITT & WHITE JOHN (EDS) - Western Towns and Buildings
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35146: MÜLLER JÖRG - The Changing Countryside
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34008: MÜLLER-WULCKOW WALTER - Bauten der Arbeit und des Verkehrs aus Deutscher Gegenwart.
26468: MULLER GEORG - Garagen in ihrer Bedeutung für Kraftverkehr und Städtebau. Privater und gewerblicher Garagenbau in Plannung und Gestaltung.
32030: MÜLLER-WULCKOW WALTER - Bauten der Gemeinschaft
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29702: MULTIPLE SHOPS FEDERATION - The Planning of Shopping Centres
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34421: MUMFORD LEWIS - Values for Survival
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19642: MURRAY PETER AND STEVENS MARYANNE (EDS) - New Urban Environments. British Architecture and its European Context
34337: MURRAY PETER - Renaissance Architecture
32488: MURRAY PETER (INTRO) - Chapman Taylor Partners
32471: MURRAY PETER (INTRO) - Expressing Corporate Responsibility
34704: MURRAY PETER AND SUDJIC DEYAN (EDS) - Rediscovering the Public Realm: An Exhibition at the Heinz Gallery
28835: MUSEE DE L'AFFICHE (PUBL) - L'Affiche Japonaise. Des Origines a Nos Jours.
26176: MUSEUM OF MODERN ART - Alvar Aalto: Furniture and Glass.
22608: MUSEUM OF MODERN ART - Alvar Aalto: Furniture and Glass.
32282: MUSEUM BOYMANS (PUBL) - Bouwen voor een open samenleving
34689: MUSSON NOVERRE AND HEUSINKVELD HELEN - Buildings for the Elderly
33044: MUTHESIUS ECKART - Hermann Muthesius 1861-1927
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25478: MUTHESIUS HERMANN - Kann Ich Auch Jetzt Noch Mein Haus Bauen? Richlininen für dem wirklichen sparsamen bau des bürgerlichen einfamilien hauses unter dem wirtschaftlichen beschränkungen der gegenwart mit beispielen.
33472: MUTHESIUS HERMANN - Style-Architecture and Building Art: Transformations of Architecture in the Nineteenth Century and its Present Condition. Introduction and translation by Stanford ANDERSON
34104: MUTHESIUS HERMANN - Wie Baue ich mein Haus?
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26414: NAGEL WOLFGANG UND FEIRIESS KRISTIN - Positionen. Berliner Forum junger Architektinnen und Architekten.
27027: NAGEL S AND LINKE S - Bauten des Handels. Läden. Warenhäuser. Einkaufszentrum
34235: NAIRN IAN - Counter-Attack against Subtopia.
35192: NAIRN IAN - Your England Revisited
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30353: NASSTROM GUSTAF - Svensk Funktionalism
26625: NATIONAL PLAYING FIELDS ASSOCIATION - Making the Most of School Playing Fields. How greater use of out of school hours can help to alleviate the shortage of public playing space.
14310: NATIONAL LAND & HOME LEAGUE - Cottages for Country People and How to get them.
35074: NATIONAL FEDERATION OF COMMUNITY ASSOCIATIONS - Community Centres: Living Communities
27558: NATIONAL SOCIETY OF POTTERY WORKERS - Reconstruction in the Pottery Industry
34106: NATIONAL GALLERY - The Tate Gallery's Wartime Acquistions Second Exhibition
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34952: NATIONAL RESOURCES COMMITTEE - Regional Planning. Part II - St Louis Region
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34119: NATIONAL HOUSING AND TOWN PLANNING COUNCIL - The Housing and Planning News-Bulletin No. 46, April 1947-May 1947
34120: NATIONAL HOUSING AND TOWN PLANNING COUNCIL - The Housing and Planning News-Bulletin No. 47, June 1947-July 1947
34121: NATIONAL HOUSING AND TOWN PLANNING COUNCIL - The Housing and Planning News-Bulletin No. 48, August 1947-September 1947
34951: NATIONAL RESOURCES COMMITTEE - Regional Factors in National Planning
33589: NELSON GEORGE & WRIGHT HENRY - Tomorrow's House: A complete guide for the home-builder
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33580: NETTLEFOLD J S - Practical Housing
21630: NEUFFER W - Die Eisenbeton-Senkkasten der neuen Rheinbrücke zwischen Ludwigshafen und Mannheim.
33452: NEUMEYER FRITZ (INTRODUCTION) - Friedrich Gilly: Essays on Architecture 1796-1799
35148: NEVOLA FRANCESCO - Soane's Favourite Subject: The Story of Dulwich Picture Gallery
33721: NEW LANARK CONSERVATION TRUST (PUBL) - New Lanark Heritage Trail
35085: NEWCOMB ROBINSON AND WEHRLY MAX S - Mobile Home Parks (2 uniform vols) 1: " An analysis of characteristics": 2: "An analysis of communtites"
34015: NEWMAN JOHN - North East and East Kent.
32941: NEWPORT MUSEUM AND ART GALLERY - Merlyn Evans: Etchings 1930-73
33780: NEWS CHRONICLE (PUBL) - Adventure in Planning: Your Town: A Plan for Expansion - the Knutsford Example
34911: NEWS CHRONICLE (PUBL) - Adventure in Planning: Your Town: A Plan for Expansion - the Knutsford Example
31419: NEWTON WILLIAM GODFREY - Prelude to Architecture
20124: NICHOLAS GRIMSHAW & PTNS (PUBLISHED BY) - Fusion. Nicholas Grimshaw & Partners. Industrial Design
33743: NICHOLAS R - Manchester and District Regional Planning Committee: Report on the Tentative Regional Planning Proposals.
35120: NICHOLAS R & HELLER M J - South Lancashire and North Cheshire Advisory Planning Committee. An Advisory Plan.
30372: NICHOLAS R & HELLER M J - South Lancashire and North Cheshire Advisory Planning Committee. An Advisory Plan.
9854: NICHOLS KAREN VOGEL, BURKE PATRICK J ET AL (EDS) - Michael Graves: Buildings and Projects 1982-1989.
33905: NICHOLS T.B. - An Introduction to Masonry
33210: NICHOLSON SIR CHARLES & SPOONER CHARLES - Recent English Ecclesiastical Architecure A Series of Illustrations of Notable Modern Work with Prefatory Articles
35068: NICHOLSON GEORGE (INTRO) - The Future of Planning: London's Proposals
35162: NICHOLSON PETER - The Student's Instructor in Drawing and Working the Five Orders of Architecture Fully Explaining the Best Methods etc etc...
34863: NICHOLSON SIMON - Community Participation in City Decision Making
29416: NICOLA GUNTHER AND MAGON BIRGIT (EDS) - III Biennale der Deutschen Textilkunst 1982
34442: NICOLIN PIERLUIGI AND CHASLIN FRANÇOIS - Mario Botta: 1978-1982: Il laboratoria di architettura
32559: NIEMIEJER J AND OVERVOORDE CHR. (BOOKLET COMPILED BY) - Chess Table. Paris 1925. Paper Model, Scale 1:7. Including a booklet of Rodchenko's furniture designs
25185: NIKULA RIITTA - Bebaute Landschaft. Finnlands Architektur im Überblick.
13528: NOBILI RICCARDO - The Gentle Art of Faking: a history of the methods of producing imitations & spurious works of art from the earliest times to the present day
27487: NOEVER PETER (ED) - Philip Johnson. Turning Point
33475: NOEVER PETER (ED) - The End of Architecture? Documents and Manifestos
34017: NOEVER PETER (ED) - The End of Architecture? Documents and Manifestos
21613: NOOTEBOOM CEES - Unbuilt Netherlands
34338: NORBERG-SCHULZ CHRISTIAN - Baroque Architecture
33669: NORDHOFF CHARLES - The Communistic Societies of the United States; from personal visit and observation: including details of the Economists, Zoarites, Shakers, the Amana, Oneida, Bethel, Aurora, Icarian, and other existing societies, their religious creeds, social practices (etc)....
23719: NORMEIR LTD. NORMEIR. - The First Twenty Five Years.
34019: NORRIS CHRISTOPHER & BENJAMIN ANDREW - What is Deconstruction?
32868: NORTH ARTHUR TAPPAN - The Office Building. The Relation of Construction to the Maintenance of Value
33708: NORTH LONSDALE JOINT TOWN PLANNING COMMITTEE (PUBL) - The North Lonsdale Joint Regional Planning Scheme: Explanatory Memorandum
19119: NORTH F J - Industrial Planning and Research. Catchwords or Realities?
35099: NORTH WEST ECONOMIC PLANNING COUNCIL - Strategy II: The North West of the 1970s.
14112: NORTHAMPTONSHIRE CC - Rural Housing
35140: NORTHERN ECONOMIC PLANNING COUNCIL - Challenge of the Changing North: A Preliminary Study
32253: NORTON & ALLWORTH - City of Oxford. Proposed Extension of Boundaries
32677: NORWICH MUSEUMS COMMITTEE - City of Norwich Catalogue of A Loan Exhibition of The Modern Movement in British Water-Colour Painting at Norwich Castle Museum
34075: NOTHHELFER KARL (INTRO) - Ein Vorfabriziertes Serienhaus Une Maison de Série Préfabriquée/ A Prefabricated Serial House.
31586: NOTTINGHAM COUNTY PLANNING DEPT - Newark. Action for Conservation
33852: NURSERY SCHOOL ASSOCIATION OF GREAT BRITAIN - Planning Rural Schools for Children under Seven.
32740: NUTTALL JEFF - The Usual Stringency
33767: NUTTGENS, PATRICK - York City Buildings Series
27406: OBERHUBER OSWALD - Frühes Industriedesign Wien 1900-1908. Wagner-Kolo Moser-Loos-Hofmann-Olbrich-Ofner.
33373: THE OBSERVER - Must Britain be a Mess?
35137: ÖDMANN ELLA, DAHLBERG GUN-BRITT - Urbanization in Sweden: Means and Methods for the Planning
34938: ODUM HOWARD W AND MOORE HARRY E - American Regionalism: A Cultural-Historical Approach to National Integration.
34937: ODUM HOWARD W - Southern Regions of the United States
33141: OHIO DEPARTMENT OF HIGHWAYS - Thirtieth Short Course on Roadside Development
34942: OHNO KATE - Wilson County's Architectural Heritage
30239: OJEDA OSCAR RIERA (ED) - Ten Houses. Gwathmey Siegel
27298: OKA HIDEYUKI - Comment Embalier Cinq Ouefs. L'Art de L'Emballage au Japon
10413: OKELY W SEBASTIAN - Development of Christian Architecture in Italy
25635: OLBRICH JOSEPH MARIA - Idee. Architecture e Interni Viennesi. Introduzione di Enzio Godoli.
31013: A. OLBY & SON LTD - Olson Fireplaces
26634: OLEY HANS AND HELLWIG JOACHIM - Bilderbuch vom starken Mann
33574: OLINS WALLY - The Wolff Olins Guide to Design Management. Adapted from a paper by Wally Olins delivered to the Royal Society of Arts on 7 November 1984.
32989: OLIVER FERNANDO FENOL - 150 Modelos de Casas de Campo.
33959: OLMO CARLO AND DE MAGISTRIS ALESSANDRO (EDS) - Jakov Cernichov: Sowjetischer Architekt der Avantgarde
32186: OLSEN DONALD J - Town Planning in London: The eighteenth & nineteenth centuries.
35040: OLSON CHARLES - In Cold Hell, In Thicket: Poems by...
34930: OLYMPIA & YORK - Canary Wharf: Explore the Unexpected
34931: OLYMPIA & YORK - Canary Wharf: Explore the Unexpected
34924: OLYMPIA & YORK - Canary Wharf: A New District for Central London
34624: OMAN CC - Victoria and Albert Museum, Catalogue of Wall-Papers
33404: ONDERDONK FRANCIS S, JR - The Ferro-Concrete Style: Reinforced Concrete in Modern Architecture
29493: OOSTERHUIS KAS, LENARD ILONA, NOVAK MARCUS (TEXT) - Kas Oosterhuis Architect. Ilona Lénàrd Visual Architect
33732: OPHER PAUL & BIRD CLINTON - Runcorn and Warrington
32991: ORDON STANISLAW - Fire Over Warsaw. Translated by F C Anstruther
33476: ORSO STEVEN N - Art and Death at the Spanish Hapsburg Court. The Royal Exequies for Philip IV
32990: ORUI N AND TOBA M - Castles in Japan Tourist Library 9
35131: ORWIN CS - Problems of the Countryside (Current Problems 26)
14193: OSBORN FREDERICK J - Genesis of Welwyn Garden City: Some Jubilee memories
11712: OSBORN FREDERIC J - Green-Belt Cities
19246: OSBORN F. J. - Green-Belt Cities
33670: OSBORN F. J. - Green-Belt Cities: The British Contribution
15375: OSMON FRED LINN - Patterns for Designing Children's Centres
30872: ÖSTBERG RAGNAR - The Stockholm Town Hall.
34108: OSTWALD WILHELM - Kunst und Wissenschaft Vortrag gehalten zu Wien am 27. November 1904.
15048: OTTO KARL - 1) School Buildings 1. Examples and Developments in Primary and Secondary School Buildings 2) School Buildings 2 Technical Schools, Training Colleges and Colleges of Higher Education
27653: OXENAAR R.W.D. (ED) - Rijksmuseum Kröller-Müller. Nieuwbouw 1970-1977/ Extension 1970/1977. W Quist, architect
34024: PACE PETER G - The Architecture of George Pace 1915-75
17685: PAGE DILYS AND MUIR TOM - New Housing for the Elderly. A study of housing schemes for the elderly provided by the Hanover Housing Assoc.
13527: PAINE CRISPIN - The Local Museum: Notes for amateur curators
35166: PALLADIO ANDREA - Andrea Palladio's Architecture, in four books...carefully revised and redelineated by EDW. HOPPUS...and embellished with a large variety of chimney pieces collected from the works of Inigo Jones and others. (one volume with Books I and II only)
33857: PALLASMAA JUHUNI (ED) - Alvar Aalto kuvataiteilijana som bildkonstnar as artist
33525: PAPADAKI STAMO (ED) - Le Corbusier. Architect Painter Writer
34748: PAPADAKIS ANDREAS (ED), JENCKS CHARLES (GUEST EDITOR) - The Architecture of Democracy: The Phoenix Municipal Government Center Design Competition (AD Profile 69) Vol 57 No 9/10
8825: PAPADAKIS ANDREAS C (ED) - New Museology
34756: PAPADAKIS ANDREAS (PUBLISHER), SPRING MARTIN AND BECK HAIG (EDS) - Tafuri/Culot/Krier (Architectural Design Vol 47, 3)
34727: PAPADAKIS ANDREAS (ED) - Paris Biennale: Urbanity (AD Profiles 31) Architectural Design Vol 50, 11/12
34728: PAPADAKIS ANDREAS (ED) , PORPHYRIOS DEMETRI (GUEST EDITOR) - Building and Rational Architecture (AD Profile 53) Architectural Design Vol 54, 5/6
34730: PAPADAKIS ANDREAS (ED), STERN ROBERT AND MASSENGALE JOHN MONTAGUE (GUEST EDITORS) - The Anglo-American Suburb (AD Profile 37) Architectural Design Vol 51, 10/11
34729: PAPADAKIS ANDREAS (ED) , KLOTZ HEINRICH (GUEST EDITOR) - Revision of the Modern (AD Profile 58) Architectural Design Vol 55, 3/4
34073: PAPADAKIS ANDREAS - Architectural Design Vol 56, 6
31984: PAPADAKIS ANDREAS - Pop Architecture. A sophisticated interpretation of popular culture? Vol 62 No 7-8
34739: PAPADAKIS ANDREAS (PUBLISHER), BECK HAIG (ED) - Post-Modern History (AD Profile 10) Architectural Design Vol 48, 1.
34738: PAPADAKIS ANDREAS (PUBLISHER), SPRING MARTIN AND BECK HAIG (EDS) - Post-Modernism (AD Profile 4) Architectural Design Vol 47, 4.
34648: PAPADAKIS ANDREAS & TOY MAGGIE - Deconstruction. A Pocket Guide.
34742: PAPADAKIS ANDREAS (ED), MIOTTO LUCIANA (GUEST EDITOR) - Les Halles (AD Profile 30) Architectural Design Vol 50, 9/10
34962: PAPADAKIS ANDREAS (ED) - Centre Pompidou (AD Profiles no. 2)
34743: PAPADAKIS ANDREAS (ED) - Prince Charles and the Architectural Debate (AD Profiles 79) Architectural Design Vol 59, 5/6.
34733: PAPADAKIS ANDREAS (ED) - Rob Krier/Leo Krier (AD Profiles 18) Architectural Design Vol 49, 1.
34731: PAPADAKIS ANDREAS (ED) - Reconstruction-Deconstruction: Peter Eisenman versus Leon Krier - "My ideology is better than yours". Architectural Design Vol 59, 9/10
34959: PAPADAKIS ANDREAS (ED) , GEDDES ROBERT, CLELLAND DOUG (GUEST EDITOR) - The Forest Edge / Post-War Berlin (AD Profile 44) Architectural Design Vol 52, 11/12
34749: PAPADAKIS ANDREAS (ED), JENCKS CHARLES (GUEST EDITOR) - Post-Modern Classicism: The New Synthesis (AD Profile 28) Vol 50 No 5/6
34753: PAPADAKIS ANDREAS (ED) - British Architecture (AD Profiles 52) Architectural Design Vol 54, 3/4
34750: PAPADAKIS ANDREAS (ED) , PORPHYRIOS DEMETRI (GUEST EDITOR) - Classicism is Not a Style (AD Profile 41) Architectural Design Vol 52, 5/6
34752: PAPADAKIS ANDREAS (PUBLISHER), BECK HAIG (ED) - British Architecture (AD Profile 8) Architectural Design Vol 47, 9/10
34732: PAPADAKIS ANDREAS (ED) - The National Gallery (AD Profiles 63) Architectural Design Vol 56, 1/2
34745: PAPADAKIS ANDREAS (ED), TZONIS ALEXANDER (GUEST EDITOR) - Drawings from the Le Corbusier Archive: Villas, Public Buildings, Ronchamp. Architectural Design (AD Profile 60) Vol 55 No 7-8
34751: PAPADAKIS ANDREAS (ED) , BALSLEV JORGENSEN LISBET, PORPHYRIOS DEMETRI (GUEST EDITORS) - Neoclassical Architecture in Copenhagen and Athens (AD Profile 66) Architectural Design Vol 57, 3/4
34757: PAPADAKIS ANDREAS (EDITOR) - Architectural Design Vol 56, 4
34741: PAPADAKIS ANDREAS - Architectural Design Vol 56, 7
34740: PAPADAKIS ANDREAS (PUBLISHER), BECK HAIG (ED) - America Now (AD Profile 6) Architectural Design Vol 47, 6.
34725: PAPADAKIS ANDREAS (ED) - Centre Pompidou (AD Profiles no. 2)
34755: PAPADAKIS ANDREAS (ED) , KRIER ROB (GUEST EDITOR) - Elements of Architecture (AD Profile 49) Architectural Design Vol 53, 9/10
34737: PAPADAKIS ANDREAS (ED) - Handbuilt Hornby (AD Profile 14) Architectural Design Vol 48, 7.
34754: PAPADAKIS ANDREAS (ED), GOSLING DAVID AND MAITLAND BARRY (GUEST EDS) - Urbanism (AD Profiles 51) Architectural Design Vol 54, 1/2
34758: PAPADAKIS ANDREAS (ED) - Paternoster Square and the New Classical Tradition (AD Profile 97) Architectural Design Vol 62, 5/6
34746: PAPADAKIS ANDREAS (PUBLISHER), MIDDLETON ROBIN (GUEST EDITOR) - The Beaux-Arts (AD Profile 17) Vol 48 No 11/12
34744: PAPADAKIS ANDREAS (ED), JENCKS CHARLES (GUEST EDITOR) - Post-Modern Triumphs in London (AD Profile 30) Architectural Design Vol 61, 5/6
32727: PARISH JAMES - The Londoners. A Narrative Version of the Radio Play
33209: PARKER JOHN HENRY (COMPILER) - A Glossary of Terms used in Grecian, Roman, Italian and Gothic Architecture. 2 volumes bound in 3.
28113: PARKER PHILIP A MORLEY - The Control of Water. As applied to irrigation power and town water supply purposes.
31228: PARKER JOHN HENRY (PUBL) - Some Remarks upon the Church of Great Haseley Oxfordshire. Read at a meeting of the Oxford Society for promoting the study of Gothic Architecture, November 19, 1839. Together with Extracts from Delafield's Ms. in the Bodleian Library, entitled 'Notitia Hasleiana'
35163: PARKER JOHN HENRY (COMPILER) - A Glossary of Terms used in Grecian, Roman, Italian and Gothic Architecture. 2 volumes bound in 3.
14430: PARLIAMENTARY ACTS - Housing: Artisans Dwellings, Common Lodging Houses, Building Society Housing: 26 important 19th century official Acts regulating these developments.
31109: PARRY JOHN P - Graining and Marbling
32079: PATERNOSTER ASSOCIATES - Paternoster Square
31424: PATERNOSTER ASSOCIATES (PUB) - Paternoster Square: the Masterplan.
35070: PATON ALAN (TEXT), WEINER DAN (PHOTOGRAPHS) - South Africa in Transition
34970: PAVLOV ZOREN - Macedonian Cultural Monuments: Ottoman Monuments
29268: PAWLEY MARTIN - Theory and Design in the Second Machine Age
34995: PAWLEY MARTIN - Architecture versus Housing
16508: PAWLEY MARTIN - Terminal Architecture
34768: PAWLEY MARTIN - Architecture versus Housing
22314: PAWSON JOHN - Minimum
32695: PAZ OCTAVIO - In Black & White. The Graphics of Charles Tomlinson
32830: PEAKE MERVYN - Shapes and Sounds
33989: PEARMAN HUGH - Stephen Hodder
31877: PEARSE INNES H & CROCKER LUCY H - The Peckham Experiment: a study of the living structure of society
34023: PEATE IORWERTH C - The Welsh House. A Study in Folk Culture.
21273: PEDDER LIEUT.-COL. D.C. - The Secret of Rural Depopulation.
29485: PEHNT WOLFGANG - Hans Hollein Museum in Mönchengladbach. Architecktur als Collage.
27445: PEHNT WOLFGANG - Karljosef Schattner. Ein Architekt aus Eichstätt
33807: DU PELERIN MANUEL - Notre-Dame Du Haut a Ronchamp par M. le Chanoine Belot; Curé de Ronchamp
20135: PELKONEN EEVA-LIISA - Achtung Architektur. Image and Phantasm in Contemporary Austrian Architecture.
13370: PELLETIER LOUISE & PEREZ-GOMEZ ALBERTO (EDS) - Architecture, Ethics and Technology. English and French texts.
33581: PENN COLIN - Houses of To-day: a practical guide.
33731: PENNANCE F.G. (PREFACE) - Housing, Town Planning and the Land Commission
32598: PERCY CLAYRE AND RIDLEY JANE (EDS) - The Letters of Edwin Lutyens to his wife Lady Emily
31773: PEREIRA JOSÉ RAMON ALONSO - Ingleses y Espanoles. La Arquitectura de la Edad de Plata.
13424: PEREZ-GOMEZ ALBERTO & PARCELL STEPHEN (EDS) - Chora: Intervals in the Philosophy of Architecture (2 vols).
33478: PERMANYER LLUIS (TEXT) - Josep Puig i Cadafalch
23672: PERSE SAINT-JOHN - Genèse. 50 photographies sur le themes d'Amers choisis par.....
15487: PETER JOHN - The Oral History of Modern Architecture: Interviews with the Greatest Architects of the Twentieth Century.
29448: PETERS PAULHANS (ED) - Fussgängerstadt. Fussgängergerechte Stadtplanung und Stadtgestaltung
33434: PETIT JEAN (REALISÉ PAR) - Un Couvent de Le Corbusier.
33714: PETTIGREW W. W. - "The Influence of Air Pollution on Vegetation". Paper read.. at the "Smoke Abatement League of Great Britain" Conference, Harrogate...1928.
34960: PEVSNER NIKOLAUS - Alton Estate. Roehampton SW15 [cover title]
22502: PEVSNER N B L - The Planning of the Elizabethan Country House. An inaugural lecture delivered at Birkbeck College 23rd May 1960
25648: PEY INICKE & BOERSMA TJEERD (EDS) - J.H.W. Leliman (1878-1921). Architect en Publicist
34022: PFEIFFER BRUCE BROOKS (SELECTION AND COMMENTARY) - Frank Lloyd Wright. The Guggenheim Correspondence
33616: PFEIFFER BRUCE BROOKS (SELECTION AND COMMENTARY) - Frank Lloyd Wright. The Guggenheim Correspondence
19671: PHILLIPS LISA (INTRO) - High Styles: Twentieth -Century American Design
33716: PHILLIPS DR HUGH STOWELL - Town Development. (A Summary of the Principles of Town and Nation Planning)
32075: PHILLIPS R RANDAL (TEXT) - The Modern English House
12278: PHILLIPS ALAN - The Best in Science, Office and Business Park Design
33068: PIANO RENZO - Renzo Piano un regard construit
34500: PIDGEON MONICA (ED) - Taller de Arquitectura (AD XLV, July)
34690: PIDGEON MONICA (ED) - Architectural Design Magazine Volume 40 November 1970 ("Instant City" issue)
34726: PIDGEON MONICA (ED) - Chicago à la carte: The City as an Energy System AD (vol 40, December)
34761: PIDGEON MONICA (ED) - Low and Medium Rise Housing Primer AD (vol 37, No 9, September 1967)
34489: PIEPER HANS (STÄDTBAUDIREKTOR), PIEPER KLAUS (BEARBEITER UND HSGB) - Lübeck - Städtebauliche Studien zum Wiederaufbau einer historischen deutschen Stadt.
33085: PIERINI SIMONA - Giorgio Grassi. Progetti per la citta antica.
33146: PILCHER R STUART - Road Passenger Transport Survey and Development
34018: PINCHON JEAN-FRANCOIS - Edouard & Jean Niermans. Du Tracedero a la Maison de la Radio/From Tracadero to the Radio Center.
30432: PINK LOUIS H AND SMITH ALFRED E - The New Day In Housing
32833: PIPER JOHN AND BETJEMAN JOHN - Shropshire. A Shell Guide
34561: PIPER JOHN - British Romantic Artists
27517: PIRONNE GIOVANNI, MARSIGLIA NUNZIO ET AL - Teatro Massimo V. E. di Palermo. Progretto di intervento 1980.
20181: PISANI MARIO - Architecture. Studio. Rites de Passage
34262: PLAID CYMRU - TVA for Wales
35191: PLANAHOME - The Planahome Book of House Plans: 33 Exciting Designs for Homes From £1250
21277: PLANNING BOARD, VILLAGE OF MINEOLA - Report on a Master Plan for the Village of Mineola. Nassau County New York.
33147: PLOWDEN STEPHEN - Taming Traffic
30144: POCOCK W. F. - Designs for Churches and Chapels.
33691: POËTE MARCEL - Une Vie de Cité Paris. De sa Naissance a Nos Jours [3 uniform volumes]. Tome 1- La Junesse; Tome 2 - La Cité de la Renaissance; Album.
29413: POL KRZYSZTOF - Pracownia plakatu frontowego
29985: POL KRZYSZTOF - Pracownia plakatu frontowego.
7884: POLLARD SIDNEY & SALT JOHN (EDS) - Robert Owen: Prophet of the Poor. Essays in Honour of the Two-Hundredth Anniversary of his Birth.
34467: POMA MARIA CHRISTINA - Le Corbusier, Pittore e Scultore: Museo Correr
26476: POMMIER MARCEL (TEXT) - Plombières-Les-Bains
33772: POOL PHOEBE & STEPHENSON FLORA - A Plan for Town and Country
34770: POOL PHOEBE & STEPHENSON FLORA - A Plan for Town and Country
34860: POOL PHOEBE & STEPHENSON FLORA - A Plan for Town and Country
27120: POPLE NICHOLAS - Experimental Houses
34300: POPLE NICOLAS - Experimental Houses
35041: PORLOCK KIT - The Naked City: The Book of the Film
31429: PORT M H - Six Hundred New Churches: A Study of the Church Building Commission, 1818-1856, and its Church Building Activities.
23914: PORT M. H. - Six Hundred New Churches. The Church Building Commission 1818-1856.
28364: PORTEOUS COLIN & SHARPE TIM (AUTHORS) - Building Health in Glasgow. The exhibition, Glasgow Royal Infirmary, August-November 1999.

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