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ABE-2292509027: NARAYAN, R. K. - A Tiger for Malgudi (Uk Proof)
ABE-6955878111: NARAYAN, R. K. - The Guide (Uk Hb in Dj - 1970)
ABE-12288137924: NASH, DANIEL - A Hero's Welcome (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-3024196959: NASH, DANIEL - My Son Is in the Mountains (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-2632826793: NASSAUER, RUDOLF - The Unveiling (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-2746265675: GEORGE JEAN NATHAN - Monks Are Monks - a Diagnostic Scherzo (Us Hb - Signed Limited to 110 Copies)
ABE-5472836311: NAUGHTON, BILL - Alfie (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-5596101357: STEINER & NAUSER (ED) - Human Ecology : Fragments of Anti-Fragmentary Views of the World (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-13508525876: NAYLOR, STANLEY - GROSSMITH, GEORGE - Gaiety and Geirge Grossmith (Uk Hb 1st - Grossmith Signature Tipped in)
ABE-1381021430: NEDERMAN, CARY J. - Medieval Aristotelianism and Its Limits : Classical Traditions in Moral and Political Philosophy, 12-15th Centuries (Uk Hb 1st)"
ABE-1146078843: NEEDHAM, VIOLET - The Changeling of Monte Lucio (Uk Hb in Dj - Evergreen)
ABE-12928638569: NEEDHAM, VIOLET - The House of the Paladin (Uk Hb 1st - 1945)
ABE-10238883338: NEEL, JANET - A Timely Death (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-3446350134: DE NEGRI (ED) - Catalogo Delle Ville Genovesi (Italian Hb in Dj)
ABE-1025866051: O'NEILL, JAMIES - Disturbance (Uk 1st Impression Hb- Scarce)
ABE-13361322852: O'NEILL, TIMOTHY R. - The Individuated Hobbit : Jung, Tolkien and the Archetypes of Middle-Earth (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-13978766867: O'NEILL, JOSEPH - The Dog (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-15454236172: O'NEILL, NENA - O'NEILL, GEORGE - Open Marriage: A New Life Style for Couples (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-2565517131: O'NEILL, JOSEPH - Netherland (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-10632830701: NELSON, BOBBY JACK - The Last Station (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-17606110712: NELSON, JAMES G. - Publisher to the Decadents: Leonard Smithers in the Careers of Beardsley, Wilde, Dowson (Hb 1st)
ABE-1274369257: NELSON, LEONARD - Socratic Method and Critical Philosophy (Us Hb 1st Impression)
ABE-1758040524: NELSON, ROBERT J. - Willa Cather and France : In Search of the Lost Language (Us Hb 1st)
ABE-16459667761: NELSON, NINA - Shepheard's Hotel (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-3653863224: NEMIROVSKY, IRENE - All out Worldly Goods (Uk Proof)
000213: NEMIROVSKY, IRENE - Suite Francaise (Uk Proof Copy)
ABE-976531859: NEMIROVSKY, IRENE - Suite Francaise (Uk Proof Copy)
ABE-8502506229: NEOCLEOUS, MARK - Administering CIVIL Society : Towards a Theory of State Power (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-12926037894: NERUDA, PABLO - Isla Negra (Uk Pb 1st)
ABE-1011057627: NERUDA, PABLO - Splendor and Death of Joaquin Murietas (Uk 1st Impression Hb - Fine)
ABE-14346637477: NERUDA, PABLO - Residence on Earth (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-11161562205: NESBIT, E. - Five of Us and Madeline (Uk Hb in Dj)
ABE-2170634803: NESTLE (TRANS) - Studia Sinatica No. 4 - a Tract of Plutarch on the Advantage to Be Derived from One's Enemies (de Capeienda Ex Inimicis Utilitate) - the Syriac Version (English Paperback)
ABE-12888569863: NESVADA, JOSEF - In the Footsteps of the Abominable Snowman : Stories of Science and Fantasy (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-13730796092: NEUMANN, ALFRED - The Rebels (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-10522704998: NEUNZIG, HANS A. - Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau : A Biography (Us Hb 1st)
ABE-15906751022: TURLAY NEWBERRY, CLARE - Pandora (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-8717002181: NEWBY, P. H. - Something to Answer for (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-15762559126: NEWBY, ERIC - On the Shores of the Mediterranean (Uk Pb 1st - Signed)
ABE-1132294941: NEWBY, PH - Leaning in the Wind (Uk 1st Impression with Interesting Author Inscription)
ABE-1110777494: NEWBY, PH - Something to Answer for (Uk 1st Impression Paperback - Fine)
ABE-1095534811: NEWBY, PH - Something to Answer for (Uk 1st Impression Paperback)
ABE-3810537159: NEWBY, ERIC - Departures and Arrivals (Uk Hb 1st - Signed & Inscribed to Friends)
ABE-1404919632: NEWBY, PH - Something to Answer for (Uk Pb 1st)
ABE-7203130014: NEWBY, P. H. - Something to Answer for (Uk Pb)
ABE-12450290945: NEWMAN, STANLEY - Mailboats to Lundy (Uk Pb)
ABE-12450290985: NEWMAN, STANLEY - M.S. Oldenburg - Lundy's Supply & Mailboat (Uk Pb)
ABE-14419200555: WILLS NEWTON, BENJAMIN - David - the King of Israel (Uk Hb - 1874)
ABE-12811788604: NEWTON, ERIC (EDITOR) - War Through Artists' Eyes - Paintings and Drawings by British War Artists (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-3810544573: NGARA, EMMANUEL - Stylistic Criticism and the African Novel (Uk Pb)
ABE-3766120334: NGIEN, DENNIS - Luther As a Spiritual Advisor : The Interface of Theology and Piety in Luther's Devotional Writings (Uk Pb)
ABE-10573862641: GRIFFIN. NICHOLAS (ED) - RUSSELL, BERTRAND - The Selected Letters of Bertrand Russell Volume 2 : The Public Years, 1914-1970 (Uk Hb 1st)"
ABE-4496673175: NICHOLLS, DAVID - The Understudy (Uk Proof)
ABE-15049890631: NICHOLLS, DAVID - Us (Uk Proof)
ABE-15906701862: NICHOLS, BEVERLEY - Beverley Nichols' Cat Book (Uk Hb in Dj)
ABE-14346664131: NICHOLS, PETER - National Health, or Nurse Norton's Affair (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-10256036372: NICHOLS, RICHARD - Robert Hooke and the Royal Society (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-17462445980: NICHOLS, BEVERLEY - Powers That Be (Uk Proof)
ABE-12946242757: NICHOLS, PETER - Privates on Parade (Uk Pbo 1st + Playbill)
ABE-13542593872: NICHOLSON, REYNOLD A. - ALI B. UTHMAN AL-JULLABI AL-HUJWIRI - The Kashf Al-Mahjub - the Oldest Persian Treatise on Sufism (Uk Hb - 1970 - Gibb Memorial Series)
ABE-954513941: NICHOLSON, WILLAM - The Wind Singer (Uk True 1st Impression)
ABE-16496855230: NICKSON, ARTHUR - Sandy Creek Rustlers (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-11335944727: NICOL, JEAN - TANGYE, JEAN - Hotel Regina (Uk Hb in Dj)
ABE-11335944724: NICOL, JEAN - TANGYE, JEAN - Home Is the Hotel (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1365189608: NICOL, D. M. - Church and Society in the Last Centuries of Byzantium (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-5539680114: NICOLSON, NIGEL - Portrait of a Marriage (Uk Hb in Dj - Signed)
ABE-5549164429: FALCHERO - GIUNTINI - NIGRO - SEGRETO (EDITORS) - La Storia E L'Economia - Miscellanea Di Studi in Onore Do Giorgio Mori (Italian Pb - 2 Volumes)
ABE-1397636394: NIKLASSON, LARS; HODEN, MIKAEL - Connectionism in a Broad Perspective (Hb 1st)
ABE-10625955741: NIKLAUS, THELMA - Harlequin Phoenix - or the Rise and Fall of a Bergamask Rogue (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-7202390977: HAYS & NIKOLOPOULOU - Melodrama : The Emergence of a Literary Genre (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-2334937678: NILIN, PAVEL - Comrade Yenka (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-2171171855: NISSEN, CLAUS - Schone Vogelbucher - Ein Uberblick Der Ornithologischen Illustration Nebst Bibliographe Von Claus Nissen (German Pb Ltd to 100 Copies)
ABE-9312774952: NISSEN, BERND (ED) - Hypochondrie - Eine Psychoanalytische Bestandsaufnahme (German Pb)
ABE-17606152692: NIEBERLE & NITSCHKE (ED) - Gastlichkeit Und Okonomie: Wirtschaften IM Deutschen Und Englischen Drama Des 18. Jahrhunderts (German Hb 1st)
ABE-15952754946: NIWA, FUMIO - The Buddha Tree (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-13978722422: NIX, GARTH - Abhorsen (Uk Hb - Signed)
ABE-1374812053: NIXON, ROB - London Calling : V.S. Naipaul, Postcolonial Mandarin (Hb 1st)"
ABE-4042853215: NIXON, MIMA - Royal Palaces & Gardens (Uk Hb 1st - 1919)
ABE-11759286954: NIZHNY, VLADIMIR - Lessons with Eisenstein (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1374952671: NOEL, GEORGES - La Logique de Hegel (French Pb)
ABE-11153627517: NOERDLINGER, HENRY - Moses and Egypt - the Documentation to the Motion Picture the Ten Commandments (Us Pb)
ABE-1372351768: NOLTE, ERNST - Nietzsche ; le Champ de Bataille (French Pb)
ABE-3010118983: NOOR (ED) - Naharaim Volume 1 (2007) Issue 2 - Zeitschrift Fur Deutsch-Judische Literatur Und Kulturgeschichte - Journal of German Jewish Literature and Cultural History (Paperback - Fine)
ABE-3010119293: NOOR (ED) - Naharaim Volume 2 (2008) Issue 2 - Zeitschrift Fur Deutsch-Judische Literatur Und Kulturgeschichte - Journal of German Jewish Literature and Cultural History (Paperback - Fine)
ABE-3010119294: NOOR (ED) - Naharaim Volume 2 (2008) Issue 1 - Zeitschrift Fur Deutsch-Judische Literatur Und Kulturgeschichte - Journal of German Jewish Literature and Cultural History (Paperback - Fine)
ABE-11935632878: NORDLUNDE, VOLMER C. - Letter from a Danish Typographer (Us Limited Edition)
ABE-13516178128: NORDSIECK, FRITZ - Die Europäischen Meeresmuscheln - Bivalvia - Vom Eismeer Bis Kapverden, Mittelmeer Und Schwarzes Meer (German Hb in Dj)
ABE-10588633088: NORFOLK, LAWRENCE - Lempriere's Dictionary (Uk Hb Limited Edition - Signed)
ABE-2929892129: NORMAN, RICHARD; SAYERS, SEAN - Hegel, Marx and Dialectic : A Debate (Uk Hb 1st)"
ABE-15038707148: NORMAN, ROGER - Albion's Dream (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-1323923796: NORRMAN, RALF - The Insecure World of Henry James's Fiction : Intensity and Ambiguity (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1323613642: NORRMAN, RALF - Techniques of Ambiguity in the Fiction of Henry James: With Special Reference to in the Cage and the Turn of the Screw (Pb - Signed)
ABE-12897065921: NORTH, CLEMENCE - A Little Summer in Assisi (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1146078943: NORTH, JOAN - The Whirling Shapes (Uk 1st Impression in Dj - Rare)
ABE-11699521149: NORTHBOURNE, LORD - Looking Back on Progress (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1379030838: NORTON, EDWARD - Homeopathic / Homoeopathic Family Medicine (Uk Hb 2nd Edition - 1860)
ABE-4965981244: NOTT, KATHLEEN - Private Fires (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-11965749724: GERMAIN NOUVEAU - PAKENHAM, MICHAEL (ED) - Pages Complementaires (Uk Pb)
ABE-3336741464: NOVY, MARIANNE - Engaging with Shakespeare : Responses of George Eliot and Other Women Novelists (Us Hb)
ABE-3108141205: NUDI, GIACINTO - Storia Urbanistica Di Livorno (Italian Hb in Dj)
ABE-1377583290: JONES & NUIRHEAD - The Life and Philosophy of Edward Caird (Uk Hb Reissue)
ABE-17481417276: NUNN, REV H. P. - A Short Syntax of Attic Greek (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-17113637315: NUSSBAUM, G. B. - Homer's Metre: Practical Guide to Reading Greek Hexameter Poetry (Uk Pb)
ABE-7951673516: NUTTGENS, PATRICK - CHARLES RENNIE MACKINTOSH SOCIETY - Mackintosh & His Contemporaries in Europe and America (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-5526907675: NYIRI, JANOS - Battlefields and Playgrounds (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-2932659913: NZEKWU, ONUORA - Wand of Noble Wood (Uk Proof)
ABE-4494782633: PARSONS COLEMAN O. - Witchcraft & Demonology in Scott's Fiction (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-5032973200: OAKLEY, ANNE - The Secret Lives of Eleanor Jenkinson (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-15906751018: OAKLEY, GRAHAM - The Church Mice at Christmas (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1330638285: OATES, JOYCE CAROL - The Edge of Impossibility: Tragic Forms in Literature: Tragic Forms in Literature (Us Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-1367106240: OBORNE, P. - Alastair Campbell (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1002595288: OBORNE, PETER - Alastair Campbell - New Labour and the Rise of the Media Class (Uk 1st Impression Hb Scarce)
ABE-4916612168: ODOJEWSKI, WLODZIMIERZ - No Island of Salvation (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-954763992: OE, KENZABURO - Teach Us to Outgrow Our Madness (Uk 1st Impression)
ABE-1296193927: OERSTED, HANS CHRISTIAN - The Soul in Nature (Uk Hb Reprint)
ABE-11909822478: PUBLIC RECORD OFFICE - List of Documents Relating to the Household and Wardrobe - John to Edward I (Uk Pb)
ABE-1035709986: OGILVIE, RM - The Library of Lactantius (Uk 1st Impression Hb)
ABE-1330239617: OKADA, SUMIE - Western Writers in Japan (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-957537296: OKRI, BEN - Starbook (Uncommon Uk Proof Signed)
ABE-13510091721: OLDEN, NORMAN - Sixty-Three Years a Movie Fan (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-12288136025: OLINTO, ANTONIO - The King of Ketu (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-15051652868: OLINTO, ANTONIO - The Water House (Uk Pb - Signed)
ABE-13986009826: RAZO OLIVA, JUAN DIEGO - Testimonios Del Viento: Cancionero Folklorico Salmantino (Mexican Paperback)
ABE-1580029975: OLIVER, JOHN ANDREW - Working at Stormont (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-15907134560: OLIVER, JUDITH H - Singing with Angels: Liturgy, Music, and Art in the Gradual of Gisela Von Kerssenbrock (Hb 1st)
ABE-11981284521: OLIVERO, OMAR - El Tambor Conga - Un Instrumento Musical Afroamericano (Pb)
ABE-1372721755: D'OLIVET, FABER - Gnostiques de la Revolution - le Cri de la France (French Pb)
ABE-13551275434: OLIVIER, J. - Alphabet de L'Imperfection Et Malice Des Femmes (French Limited Edition 1876)
ABE-12055059702: OLSEN, TILLIE - Yonnondio : From the Thirties (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-17097619389: OLSON, S. DOUGLAS - Blood and Iron: Stories and Storytelling in Homer's Odyssey (Hb 1st)
ABE-10625944091: OMESCU, ION - La Metamorphose de la Tragedie (French Pb)
ABE-15781684647: ONDAATJE, MICHAEL - Running in the Family (Uk Pb - Signed)
ABE-15781684645: ONDAATJE, MICHAEL - Coming Through Slaughter (Picador Books)
ABE-3871133249: D'ONOFRIO, CESARE - Castel S. Angelo E Borgo - Tra Roma E Papato (Italian Pb)
ABE-12907685143: ONSTOTT, KYLE - Drum (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-17467671558: OPPENHEIM, E. PHILLIPS - Advice Limited (Uk Hb 1st in Dj - 1935)
ABE-1366658413: OPPENHEIM, A. N. - The Chosen People : The Story of the 222 Transport from Bergen-Belsen to Palestine (Uk Pb 1st)
ABE-8658154888: ORAS, ANTS - Blank Verse and Chronology in Milton (Us Pb)
ABE-11153627407: ORCZY, BARONESS - Marivosa (Uk Hb in Dj)
000295: ORCZY, BARONESS - The Scarlet Pimpernel (Uk Hb in Dj - 1934)
ABE-11880325551: OREL (ED) - - The Brontes - Interviews and Recollections (Uk Pb)
ABE-10739989296: D'ORIGNY, ANTOINE - Annales Du Theatre Italien - Tomes I-II-III (French Hb Reissue)
ABE-2207808461: ZUCCAGNI-ORLANDINI, ATTILIO - Topografia Fisico-Storica Dell'Isoladi Pianosa Nel Mar Toscano (Italian Pb - 1836)
ABE-16437027107: ORLOVITZ, GIL - Milkbottle H (Us Hb 1st)
ABE-10636645824: ORSBORNE, SKIPPER - The Voyage of the Girl Pat (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-2209475351: ORTOLEVA, VINCENZO - La Tradizione Manoscritta Della Mulomedicina Di Publio Vegezio |Renato (Italian Pb)
ABE-1095183795: ORWELL, GEORGE - The Collected Essays, Journalism and Letters of George Orwell Volume 3 - As I Please (Uk 1st Impression - Nice Copy)"
ABE-15833244397: ORWELL, GEORGE - The Collected Essays, Journalism and Letters: An Age Like This, 1920-40 Colume 1 (Uk Pb 1st)
ABE-10508698888: ORWELL, GEORGE - Nineteen Eighty-Four - 1984 (Us Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-14372473583: ORWELL, GEORGE - Coming Up for Air (Uk Hb in Dj - 1959)
ABE-13385108653: OSADA, DR. ARATA (EDITOR) - Children of the a-Bomb (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-13317285619: OSBORN, DAVID - Open Season (Uk Pb 1st - Pan Books)
ABE-13281686738: OSBORNE, JOHN - A Patriot for Me (Signed Programme - 1965)
ABE-11605847292: OSHIMA, NAGISA - L'Empire Des Sens: Un Film de Nagisa Oshima (Japanese Hb in Dj)
ABE-1414046187: OSTROUMOFF, IVAN - The History of the Council of Florence (Us Pb)
ABE-5570279521: OSTWALD, PETER - Vaslav Nijinsky : A Leap Into Madness (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-15952754960: OTERO, LA BELLE - My Story (Uk Hb)
ABE-13280425890: OULD, HERMON - Between Sunset and Dawn (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-7962020630: OWEN, CHARLIE - Two Tribes (Uk Pb - Signed)
ABE-14388501354: OWEN, WALTER - BOULTENHOUSE, CHARLOTTE - Ballerinas of the New York City Ballet (Us Pb)
ABE-12144590004: OWEN, ORVILLE W. - Sir Francis Bacon's Cipher Story - Volume 3 (Us Pb - 1894)
ABE-16496867143: OWENS, IRIS - After Claude (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-14417690288: OXENHAM, ELSIE - Sylvia of Sarn (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-12896486917: OXENHAM, ELSIE - Schoolgirls and Scouts (Rare Early Hb)
ABE-1955796045: OZDAMAR, EMINE SEVGI - Life Is a Caravanserai : Has Two Doors I Came in One I Went out the Other (Uk Pb)
ABE-12847414713: OZDEMIR, ADIL - FRANK, KENNETH - Visible Islam in Modern Turkey (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-11925948531: GREENWOOD M. P., G. G. - In Re Shakespeare Beeching V Greenwood - Rejoinder on Behalf of the Defendant (Uk Hb 1st - 1909)
ABE-17097618447: PAGE, DENYS L. - Folk Tales in Homer's Odyssey (Us Hb 1st)
ABE-1401785145: PAGE, EMMA - Family and Friends (Uk Proof)
ABE-17097619236: PAGE, DENYS - The Homeric Odyssey Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-14100839236: PAINTER, SIDNEY - The Scourge of the Clergy - Peter of Dreux, Duke of Brittany (Us Hb)
ABE-4965114242: GARBER PALACHE, JOHN - Four Novelists of the Old Regime - Crebillon, Laclos, Diderot and Restif de la Bretonne (Uk Hb in Dj)"
ABE-1099298968: MIMMO PALADINO - Orchestration and Extemporisation (Hardback)
ABE-8120253861: PALAHNIUK, CHUCK - Choke (Uk Proof - Signed)
ABE-2133272551: PALAHNIUK, CHUCK - Survivor : A Novel (Uk 1st - Pbo)
ABE-13378679948: PALANDRI, ENRICO - Allegro Fantastico (Italian Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-9892247306: PALAZZESCHI, ALDO - Materassi Sisters (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-17110743347: PALEY,F. A. - HOMER - The Iliad of Homer (Uk Hb - 2 Volumes - 1866 & 1871)
ABE-7216191314: PALEY, MORTON D. - Energy and the Imagination : A Study of the Development of Blake's Thought (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-4340039077: CEVESE (ED) - PALLADIO, ANDREA - CENTRO INTERNAZIONALE DI STUDI DI ARCHITETTURA ANDREA PALLADIO - Bolletino Del Centro Internazionale Di Studi Di Architettura Andrea Palladio (Italian Pb - 25 Volumes)
ABE-10927510460: PALLETT, ROY - Goodnight Sweetheart - Life and Times of Al Bowlly (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-11183481770: PALMER, E. H. (TRANSLATOR) - The Koran - the Sacred Books of the Eats Series (Uk Hb - 1900)
ABE-16460503637: PALMER, RICHARD - Such Deliberate Disguises: The Art of Philip Larkin (Hb 1st)
ABE-10519856840: PALMER, ROB - Mr. P.C. - the Life and Music of Paul Chambers (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-17601173367: PALMER, TONY - Julian Bream: A Life on the Road (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-12966297198: PALUSZAK, ELIAS - Guilty or Not Guilty - the Case of Dr. Rudolf Kasztner - a Challenge to the Jewish Conscience (Pb in Herbrew - Signed Inscirbed to Wolf| Mankowitz)
ABE-5033878303: PAMUK, ORHAN - Other Colours (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-1027602117: PAMUK, ORHAN - Other Colours (Uk 1st Impression - Signed)
ABE-1558714355: PAMUK, ORHAN - The Museum of Innocence (Uk Proof)
ABE-1230158690: PAMUK, ORHAN - My Name Is Red (Uk 1st Impression in Dj)
ABE-1330638318: PAMUK, ORHAN - Other Colours (Uk Proof)
ABE-979240225: PAMUK, ORHAN - The Black Book (Uk 1st Impression Hardback Rare)
ABE-1036587719: PAMUK, ORHAN - My Name Is Red (Uk 1st Impression Pbo in Dj)
ABE-3111510360: PANIMOLLE, GIUSEPPE - Gli Acquedotti Di Roma Antica (Italian Pb - 1968)
ABE-1281573492: PANT, GOVIND BALLABH - NANDA (ED) - Selected Works of Govind Ballabh Pant Volume 2 (Hb 1st Impression)
ABE-4916630662: PANZA (PREFACE) - La Biblioteca Di Luigi Maria Foschini (Italian Pb)
ABE-1192970138: PAOLINI, CHRISTOPHER - Eldest (Uk 1st Impression in Dj)
ABE-12566843422: PARGETER, EDITH - PETERS, ELLIS - The Coast of Bohemia (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-1377103315: PARK, M. SYDNEY - Submission Within the Godhead and the Church in the Epistle to the Philippians : An Exegetical and Theological Examination of the Concept of Submission in Philippians 2 and 3 (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-10268846601: PARKER, ROBERT B. - Widow's Walk (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-11474490079: PARKER, ROBERT B. - The Godwulf Manuscript (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-10637324177: PARKER, ROBERT B. - The Judas Goat
ABE-10637307971: PARKER, ROBERT B. - Valediction (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-10637307897: PARKER, ROBERT B. - Perchance to Dream (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-5548784725: WILLIAMS - PARKER - RIORDAN (EDITORS) - German Literature and the Cold War 1945-61 (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1226096633: PARKER, ROBERT B. - Ceremony (Uk 1st Impression Hardback - Scarce)
ABE-14272157770: PARKIN, MICHAEL - Louis Wain's Edwardian Cats (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-1397283817: PARNELL, CHRISTINA - Frauenbilder Und Weiblichkeitsentwurfe in Der Russischen Frauenprosa: Materialien Des Wissenschaftlichen Symposiums in Erfurt 1995 (German Pb 1st)
ABE-12945489757: PARRIS, MATTHEW - So Far So Good : Selected Pieces (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-10632489724: PARRISH, HELEN - Religion and Superstition in Reformation Europe (Uk Pb)
ABE-7052688597: PARRISH, FRANK - Fly in the Cobweb (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-8551403901: BLOCH & PARRY (ED) - Death and the Regeneration of Life (Uk Pb)
ABE-1152545876: PARRY, BENITA - Delusions and Discoveries : Studies on India in the British Imagination, 1880-1930 (Uk 1st Impression I Ndj)"
ABE-17117182291: PARRY, CHRISTOPHER - The Retrun of Odysseus and Becket of Canterbury - Two Plays (Uk Pb)
ABE-8629347455: PARTNER, PETER - Arab Voices : The Bbc Arabic Service 1938-1988 (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-15822781611: PARTRIDGE, FRANCES - Life Regained: Diaries 1970-72 (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-3805109791: PARVU, ILEANA - La Peinture En Visite : Les Construction Cubistes de Picasso (French Pb)
ABE-10839521644: PASSAGE, CHARLES - The Russian Hoffmannists (Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-1296193881: PASSMORE, JOHN - Ralph Cudworth : An Interpretation (Us Hb)
ABE-12088163692: DOS PASSOS, JOHN - Rosinante (Us Hb 1st)
ABE-1310174673: DOS PASSOS, JOHN - Most Likely to Succeed (Uk 1st in Dj - Nice Copy)
ABE-16460503643: PASTERNAK, BORIS - Doctor Zhivago (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-12926320514: PATCHETT, MARY ELWYN - Return to the Reef (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-2638205703: PATEL, JASHU; KUMAR, KRISHAN - Libraries and Librarianship in India (Us Hb 1st)
ABE-1366657835: PATEL, VIKRAM - Culture and Common Mental Disorders in Sub-Saharan Africa (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-11975957987: PATER, WALTER - Essays from the Guardian - by Walter Pater (Hb Limited Edition - 1898 in Dj!)
ABE-7987049840: PATERSON, MICHAEL - Voices from Dickens' London (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-3431303501: PATETTA (ED) - I Longhi - Una Famiglia Di Architetti Tra Manierismo E Barocco (Italian Pb)
ABE-11176702329: PATRIARCHE, VALANCE S. - Life's a Bubble - Life of Francis Bacon in Dramatic Form (Uk Pb - Signed)
ABE-10285373484: PATTEN, MARGUERITE - Learing to Cook with Marguerite Patten (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-1041517129: NORTH PATTERSON, RICHARD - Private Screening (Uk 1st Impression Hb - Scarce)
ABE-984635700: PATTERSON, JAMES - Kiss the Girls (Uk Hb 1st Impression)
ABE-1048447698: NORTH PATTERSON, RICHARD - The Race (Uk Proof)
ABE-3182643113: PATTERSON, P. J. S. - The East India Company and Medicine in India (Uk Hb in Dj - Signed)
ABE-955730049: PATTERSON, JAMES - Black Market (Uk Hb 1st Impression Scarce)
ABE-7029426916: PATTERSON (ED) - A Companion to Philosophy of Law and Legal Theory
ABE-1330239376: PATTERSON, JAMES - MAXINE PAETRO - The 8th Confession (Uk Proof)
ABE-7912405083: PATTISON, ELIOT - The Skull Mantra (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-1236824461: PAUL, JEREMY - Sing Willow (Uk 1st Impression in Dj)
ABE-943056380: STEWART, PAUL & RIDDELL, CHRIS - Midnight over Sanctaphrax (Uk 1st Impression)
ABE-1413421842: STEWART, PAUL & RIDDELL, PAUL - Stormchaser - Edge Chronicle Volume 2 (Uk Hb 1st Impression)
ABE-1372720840: PAULHAN, JEAN;ZYLBERSTEIN, J. C.;LEUILLIOT, BERNARD;AURY, DOMINIQUE - Choix de Lettres - 1917-1936 - la Litterature Est Une Fete (French Pb)
ABE-1422379891: PAYNE, JOHN - Intaglios (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-17617666583: PAYNE, CYNTHIA - Cynthia Payne - Entertaining at Home (Uk Pbo - Signed)
ABE-1160942132: PAZ, OCTAVIO - The Monkey Grammarian (Uk Proof in Dj)
ABE-10256041721: PAZ, OCTAVIO; LANE, HELEN R. - Conjunctions and Disjunctions (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-11964240043: PEACOCK, NOEL (ED) - Moliere - Depit Amoureux (Uk Pb - Signed)
ABE-1192970160: PEAKE, MERVYN - Titus Groan (Unabridged Isis Audiobook - on 16 Cassettes)
ABE-11165830039: PEAKE, MERVYN LAURENCE;GILMORE, MAEVE - Peake's Progress: Selected Writings and Drawings of Mervyn Peake (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-838747416: PEARCE, MICHAEL - The Mamur Zapt and the Men Behind (Uk 1st Fine)
ABE-3495413417: PEARS, IAIN - The Last Judgement (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1224092935: PEARS, DAVID - Hume's System : An Examination of the First Book of His Treatise (Uk 1st Impression in Dj)
ABE-10933234758: PEARSON, HESKETH - Doctor Darwin - a Biography (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-1580732757: PEARSON, EDWARD - With Love from R (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-15404166756: AHNIGHITO PEARY, MARIE - Snow Baby (Uk Hb in Dj - 1935)
ABE-1247629123: PECK, JOHN - Maritime Fiction : Sailors and the Sea in British and American Novels, 1719-1917 (Uk 1st Impression Hb)"
ABE-2250671969: SAN PEDRO, DIEGO DE - Petit Traite de Arnalte Et Lucenda ; 1546 (French Hb)
ABE-12818142962: PEGRAM, LORNA - Summer Fires (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-10574721285: PELECANJOS, GEORGE P. - The Way Home (Uk Proof)
ABE-5056115405: PELECANOS, GEORGE P. - Hard Revolution (Uk Hb - Signed Limited Edition)
ABE-9981135821: PELECANOS, GEORGE P. - King Suckerman (Uk Proof)
ABE-15009922963: PELLI, CESAR - Observations for Young Architects (Us Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-10614983333: PELTZ, DANIEL - Blood Ties (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-12897644258: PEMBER, ELIZABETH - Living One's Life (Uk Hb in Dj)
ABE-1099299276: PENNEY, STEF - The Tenderness of Wolves (Uk 1st Impression in Dj)
ABE-979240301: PENNEY, STEF - The Tenderness of Wolves (Uk 1st Impression)
ABE-10588636972: PENNEY, STEF - The Invisible Ones (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
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ABE-17097613318: PERADOTTO, JOHN - Man in the Middle Voice: Name and Narration in the Odyssey (Us Hb 1st)
ABE-14745637128: PERCIVAL, NORMAN - PARCELL, NORMAN H. - The Smoking Mountain and Other Talks to Children (Uk Hb - Signed)
ABE-11879980837: PERCY, WALKER - The Second Coming (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1397636444: PEREC, GEORGES - Life a Users Manual : Fictions (Uk Proof)
ABE-13375357212: PEREIRA, W. D. - The Charon Tapes (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-3393378734: PERER (ED) - Arte Lombarda - Rivista Di Storia Dell'Arte 10 - Anno X - Primo Semestre 1965 (Italian Pb)
ABE-5596117355: PERIVOLARIS, JOHN; JAMES, CONRAD - The Cultures of the Hispanic Caribbean (Us Hb 1st)
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ABE-3024334133: PERRAULT - Histories or Tales of Past Times, Told by Mother Goose - with Morals (Nonesuch Press Limited Edition)"
ABE-11183964525: PERRY, T. M. - The Discovery of Australia : The Charts and Maps of the Navigators and Explorers (Australian Hb 1st)
ABE-1226096645: PERRY, ANNE - Death in the Devil's Acre (Uk 1st Impression in Dj)
ABE-1226096680: PERRY, ANNE - Cardington Crescent (Uk 1st Impression in Dj)
ABE-11964243496: DE LA PERUSE, JEAN - COLEMAN, JAMES - La Medee (Uk Pb)
ABE-11964533295: DE LA PERUSE, JEAN - COLEMAN, JAMES - Poesies Completes (Uk Pb)
ABE-15780550708: PESCE, DOLORES (EDITOR) - Hearing the Motet: Essays on the Motet of the Middle Ages and Renaissance (Hb 1st)
ABE-1025865855: CAREY, PETER ET AL - Joe - in Australian New Writing 1973 (Australian 1st Hb Impression Signed by Carey)
ABE-11183485905: PETERS, F. E. - Jerusalem and Mecca : The Typology of the Holy City in the Near East (Us Hb 1st)
ABE-979938290: PETERS, ELLIS - An Excellent Mystery (Uk 1st Impression)
ABE-1049266539: PETERS, ELLIS - The Virgin in the Ice (Uk 1st Impression Hb)
ABE-5472841968: PETERS, ELIZABETH - The Last Camel Died at Noon (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-5100531191: PETERS, ELIZABETH - Silhouette in Scarlet (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-5839943073: PETERS, ELIZABETH - The Deeds of the Disturber (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1366506112: PETERS, ELLIS - Mourning Raga (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-14983374321: PETERSEN, JAN - Our Street (Uk Pb - 1938)
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ABE-3734124903: PETRAKIS, HARRY MARK - A Dream of Kings (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-10238880955: PETRO, PETER - Modern Satire : Four Studies (Hb in Dj)
ABE-3732703462: PETTERSON, PER - To Siberia (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1101312436: PETTERSON, PER - To Siberia (Uk 1st Impression in Dj - Fine)
ABE-15274010208: PEYREFITTE, ROGER - The Exile of Capri (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-10241400848: HORNE, PHILIP & WOODHOUSE, JOHN (ED) - ROSSETTI, GABRIELE - LYELL, CHARLES - Lettere Familiari - Gabriele Rossetti a Charles Lyell (Italian Language Pb Inscribed by Editor)
ABE-1036587703: HOOK, PHILIP & POLTIMORE, MARK - Popular 19th Century Painting - a Dictionary of European Genre Painters (Uk Hb 1st Impression 1986)
ABE-3482881552: DE MORNAY, PHILIPPE & HIS WIFE - CRUMP, LUCY (TRANSLATION) - A Huguenot Family in the XVI Century - the Memoirs of Philippe de Mornay Written by His Wife (Uk Hb in Dj)
ABE-11176702335: HALLIWELL-PHILLIPPS, J. O - Outlines of the Life of Shakespeare - Volume 1 (Uk Hb - 1886)
ABE-17467668160: HALLIWELL-PHILLIPPS, J. O - Outlines of the Life of Shakespeare - Volume 2 (Uk Hb - 1886)
ABE-17467668241: HALLIWELL-PHILLIPPS, J. O - Outlines of the Life of Shakespeare - Volume 1 (Uk Hb - 1887)
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ABE-5090928255: PHILLIPS, JAYNE ANNE - Fast Lanes (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-12087961119: PHILLIPS, ADAM - Houdini's Box : On the Arts of Escape (Uk Pbo 1st - Signed)
ABE-979603062: PHILLIPS, CARYL - The European Tribe (Uk 1st Impression Signed)
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ABE-997438471: PHILLIPS, CARYL - A State of Independence (Uk 1st Impression Signed & Dated Publication Day)
ABE-15049413747: PHILLIPS, LESLIE - Hello - the Autobiography of Leslie Phillips
ABE-17551743528: PHILLIPS, LESLIE - Leslie Phillips - the Autobiography: Hello (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-15402859015: PHILLPOTTS, EDEN - A Mixed Grill (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-15312456391: PHILLPOTTS, EDEN - Widecombe Fair (Uk Hb Limited Edition - Signed)
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ABE-1227645644: OXFORD STUDIES IN ANCIENT PHILOSOPHY - Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy 1988 (Uk Pb)
ABE-1216549495: OXFORD STUDIES IN ANCIENT PHILOSOPHY - Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy Vol. V : 1987 (Uk 1st Impression Hb in Dj)
ABE-1216549487: OXFORD STUDIES IN ANCIENT PHILOSOPHY - Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy Vol. VII : 1989 (Uk 1st Impression Hardback in Dj)
ABE-15937530598: PIAGET, JEAN - On the Development of Memory and Identity (Us Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-11979909241: PICARD, L. B. - Theatre Choisi de L. -B. Picard - Orne de Quatre Dessins En Couleur (French Pb - 1881)
ABE-11912263459: PICHOIS, CLAUDE - Auguste Poulet-Malassis: L'Editeur de Baudelaire (French Pb)
ABE-5953820575: PICK, ALISON - Far to Go (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-5953820565: PICK, ALISON - Far to Go (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-17395742911: PICKENS, T. BOONE - The First Billion Is the Hardest (Signed Limited Edition - Leather)
ABE-12872738470: PICKERING, WILLIAM (COMPILER) - NEWCASTLE COURANT - The Rebellion of 1745 - an Old Story Re-Told from the Newcastle Courant (Uk Hb - 1881)
ABE-3504558439: PIERRE, DBC - Vernon God Little (Uk Proof)
ABE-3436748035: PIERRE, DBC - Vernon God Little (Uk Proof)
ABE-1049624968: PIERRE, DBC - ALI, MONICA - MAN BOOKER - The Man Booker Prize : 35 Years of the Best in Contemporary Fiction, 1969-2003 (Uk Hb - Signed by Dbc Pierre & Monica Ali)"
ABE-8597647825: PIERRE, D. B. C. - Vernon God Little (Uk Proof)
ABE-7205332952: PIERRE, D. B. C. - Vernon God Little (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-10011653224: PILKINGTON, HILARY - Russia's Youth and Its Culture : A Nation's Constructors and Constructed (Uk Pb)
ABE-7205338658: PIMLOTT, BEN - Hugh Dalton (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1164194074: PINCHER, CHAPMAN - The Skeleton at the Villa Wolkonsky (Uk 1st Impression - Fine)
ABE-1229466389: PINKUS, BENJAMIN - The Jews of the Soviet Union : The History of a National Minority (Uk 1st Impression - Fine Copy)
ABE-13515998801: PINNELL, ANDREW (EDITOR) - SASSOON, SIEGFRIED - Siegfried Sassoon : A Celebration of a Cricketing Man (Uk Limited Edition)
ABE-1378418844: PINNOCK - A Catechism of Medicine - or Golden Rules for the Preservation of Health and the Attainment of Long Life (Uk 5th Edition - 1825)
ABE-1044038491: PINSENT, MATTHEW - A Lifetime in a Race (Uk 1st Impression - Signed)
ABE-9971586457: PINSKY, ROBERT - Landor's Poetry (Us Hb 1st)
ABE-9994035104: PINTER, HAROLD - Landscape and Silence (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-12812168879: PIOZZI, HESTER LYNCH - INGRAMS, RICHARD - Dr. Johnson by Mrs. Thrale: The Anecdotes of Mrs. Piozzi in Their Original Form (Uk Hb 1st - Signed by Ingrams)
ABE-5101196863: PIRANDELLO, LUIGI - A Character in Distress (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-12293369332: WATKINS-PITCHFORD, DENYS - BB - Indian Summer (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-11767144090: WATKINS-PITCHFORD, DENYS - BB - Wild Lone - the Life of a Pytchley Fox (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-15255616613: WATKINS-PITCHFORD, DENYS - BB - The Little Grey Men (Folio Society Hb)
ABE-959118954: WATKINS-PITCHFORD, DENYS (BB) - The Wayfaring Tree (Uk Hb 1946 in Nice J)
ABE-11979911716: PITOU, SPIRE - The Text and Sources of Chateaubrun's Lost Ajax - Analecta Romanica Heft 23 (Pb - 1969)
ABE-11183481373: PITT, JOHN MARSH - Reciprocals - an Original Treatise (Hb - Signed)
ABE-5134634119: PITTS, DENIS - Target Manhattan : A Novel (Uk Hb 1st + Signed Letter to Keith Waterhouse)
ABE-15780707514: DE PIZAN, CHRISTINE - The Book of the City of Ladies (Uk Hb 1st + Release Sheet)
ABE-1017483287: PIZER, LAURETTE - Voyage (Uk 1st Impression in Dj)
ABE-13509797491: PLAIDY, JEAN - The Thistle and the Rose (Us Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-14468083001: LA PLANTE, LINDA - Cold Shoulder (Uk Proof - Signed)
ABE-5548793793: WINKELMAN & PLANTE (ED) - Foundations of Psychiatric Sleep Medicine (Hb 1st)
ABE-10508668674: PLATER, ALAN - Misterioso (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-12677280451: PLATER, ALAN - Misterioso (Uk Proof)
ABE-12677280459: PLAYER, ROBERT - The Ingenious Mr Stone, or, the Documents in the Langdon-Miles Case (Uk Hb in Dj - 1975)
ABE-3004007845: PLAYFAIR, GILES - The Prodigy - the Strange Life of Master Betty (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-12285720811: PLEIJEL, AGNETA - The Dog Star (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-10746358164: PLINY - WESCOTT, I. H. - Selected Letters of Pliny (Us Hb in Dj)
ABE-1281573447: PLOMER, WILLIAM - Taste and Remember (Uk 1st Impression - Signed)
ABE-5052121159: PLOMER, WILLIAM - A Speak of Africa (Uk Hb 1st in Dj - 1927)
ABE-5052932782: PLOMER, WILLIAM - Museum Pieces (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-3106915727: PLON, EUGENE - Benvenuto Cellini - Orfevre, Medailleur, Sculpteur - Recherches Sur Sa Vie Et Sur Son Oeuvre (Large French Hb - Signed"
ABE-1227645664: PLOTNITSKY, ARKADY - Reconfigurations : Critical Theory and General Economy (Us Pb)
ABE-17601175625: PLOYE, PHILIPPE - The Prenatal Theme in Psychotherapy (Uk Pbo)
ABE-3732701035: PLUMMER, T. ARTHUR - The Yellow Disc Murders (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-12086533653: PLUMMER, ARTHUR T. - The Hospital Thief (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-12086533643: PLUMMER, ARTHUR T. - Creaking Gallows (Uk Hb)
ABE-1330638268: POAGUE, LELAND - Another Frank Capra (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-4993600061: POAGUE, LELAND - Another Frank Capra (Hb 1st)
ABE-12818573010: POCHOCKI, ETHEL - The Attic Mice (Us Hb 1st)
ABE-17117180828: POCO - The Landfalls of Odysseus - Clue and Detection in the Odyssey (Pb - 1955 - Signed)
ABE-17113417017: POCOCK, L. G. - The Sicilian Origin of the Odyssey - a Study of the Topographical Evidence (Nz Pb)
ABE-17113637324: POCOCK, L. G. - More Argument Concerning the Elymi and the Odyssey (Pb - Signed)
ABE-10739560510: POGSON, BERYL - In the East My Pleasure Lies (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-7102951652: POGSON, BERYL - In the East My Pleasure Lies (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-12128443593: LE POIDEVIN, ROBIN (ED) - Questions of Time and Tense (Hb 1st)
ABE-11965763342: POISSON, RAYMOND - NAVAILLES, LOUISETTE (ED) - La Hollande Malade (Uk Pb)
ABE-3403290552: POLICHETTI (ED) - IL Palazzo Di Federico Da Montefeltro - Restauri E Ricerche (Italian Pb in Slipcase)
ABE-7962673190: DE POLNAY, PETER - The Plaster Bed (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-7962466766: POLNAY, PETER DE - A Tower of Strength (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-7962003572: DE POLNAY, PETER - It's Cold Next Door (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-7962755292: DE POLNAY, PETER - The Uninvolved (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-7964554372: DE POLNAY, PETER - A Life of Ease (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-7962003569: DE POLNAY, PETER - A Tale of Two Husbands (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1418244350: POLONSKY (ED) - Polin - Journal of Polish-Jewish Studies - Volume 6 (Uk Hb in Dj)
ABE-1418244354: POLONSKY (ED) - Polin - Journal of Polish-Jewish Studies - Volume 7 (Uk Hb in Dj)
ABE-5833694116: ALLEN - DEPUYDT - POLOTSKY - SILVERMAN (ED) - Essays on Egyptian Grammar (Us Pb)
ABE-1298967211: POLYBIUS - Polybius on Roman Imperialism
ABE-1295896653: POMPA, LEON - Human Nature and Historical Knowledge : Hume, Hegel and Vico (Uk Hb in Dj)"
ABE-3106822335: HARTE & PONTING (ED) - Cloth and Clothing in Medieval Europe : Essays in Memory of E.M. Carus-Wilson (Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-3007055273: POOLE (ED) - A Catalogue of the Library of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Worcestershire (Uk Hb - 1934)
ABE-17119942567: HOMER; POPE, ALEXANDER - ROSSLYN, FELICITY - Pope's Iliad - a Selection with Commentary by Felicity Rosslyn (Uk Pb)
ABE-12888567926: POPE, DUDLEY - Ramage and the Saracens (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-17145289880: HOMER - POPE, ALEXANDER (TRANSLATION) - BUCKLEEY, THEODORE (INTRO) - The Iliad of Homer (Us Hb 1st Thus)
000263: POPE, DUDLEY - Ramage and the Drum Beat (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-2208234664: POPOFF, IRMIS B. - Gurdjieff - His Work - on Myself . - with Others . - for the Work (Pb Limited Edition 17/40)
ABE-1252271602: POPPER, FRANK - Art of the Electronic Age (Uk 1st Impression in Dj)
ABE-17015256269: POPPER, KARL - MILLER, DAVID (ED) - Popper I Urval - Kunskapsteori Vetenskapsteori Metafysik Samhällsfilosofi
ABE-1246560111: POPPER, FRANK - Art Action Participation 1 - le Declin de L'Objet (Hb 1st Impression - Rare Signed)
ABE-2248430368: PORTER, JOYCE - Dover and the Unkindest Cut of All (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-5841559178: PORTER, JOYCE - Who the Heck Is Sylvia (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-1402303867: BYNUM - PORTER - SHEPHERD (ED) - The Asylum and Its Psychiatry - the Anatomy of Madness - Essays in the History of Psychiatry Volume 3 (Uk Hb in Dj)
ABE-1279695271: PORTER, HARRY CULVERWELL - The Inconstant Savage : England and the North American Indian, 1500-1660 (Uk Hb - Scarce)"
ABE-11650934380: PORTER, H. C. - The Inconstant Savage : England and the North American Indian, 1500-1660 (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)"
ABE-2248430598: PORTER, JOYCE - Sour Cream with Everything (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-2248430370: PORTER, JOYCE - Dover 3 (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-7963293325: PORTER, IAN - Whitechapel (Us Pbo 1st - Signed)
ABE-16436510552: PORTUNE, ROBERT - Show Me the Way (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1323613387: POSNOCK, ROSS - Henry James and the Problem of Robert Browning (Us Hb 1st)
ABE-1366657959: KENNEDY & POSSEHL (ED) - Studies in the Archaeology and Palaeoanthropology of South Asia (Indian Hb)
ABE-4495183062: POST, EMILY - Etiquette (Uk Facsimile Hb in Dj - 1969)
ABE-1246700506: VAN DER POST, LAWRENCE - In a Province (Uk Hb in Dj - 1971)
ABE-12708187120: VAN DER POST, LAWRENCE - A Bar of Shadow (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-12847422104: VAN DER POST, LAWRENCE - Venture to the Interior (Uk Hb - Signed)
ABE-5169776930: POSTGATE, R. W. - That Devil Wilkes (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-17117934001: POSTLETHWAITE, NORMAN - HOMER - LATTIMORE, RICHARD - Homer's Iliad: A Commentary on the Translation of Richmond Lattimore (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1295746574: POTEAT, WILLIAM H. - Polanyian Meditations: In Search of a Post-Critical Logic
ABE-14491396432: POTT, MRS. HENRY - Obiter Dicta of Bacon and Shakespeare - Mind, Manners, Morals (Uk Hb 1st - 1900)
ABE-5144001222: LEE-POTTER, LYNDA - Class Act (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-1310686683: POTTER, DENNIS - Pennies from Heaven (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-15038661256: POTTER, JEREMY - A Trail of Blood (Uk Hb in Dj - Signed)
ABE-12445965063: POTTLE, FREDERICK - Boswell and the Girl from Botany Bay (Uk Hb - 1938)
ABE-15822949380: POTVIN, JOHN - MYZELEV, ALLA - Material Cultures, 1740-1920: The Meanings and Pleasures of Collecting (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1317224003: POULLE, EMMANUEL - Astronomie Planetaire Au Moyen Age Latin (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-11902663334: POUND, EZRA - A Selection of Poems (Uk Hb 1st - 1940)
ABE-982951054: POWELL, ANTHONY - At Lady Molly's (Uk Proof Scarce in Dj)
ABE-17145028611: POWELL, J. ENOCH - Freedom and Reality (Uk Pb 1st - Signed)
ABE-6994193648: POWELL, ANTHONY - From a View to a Death (Uk Hb in Dj - 1948)
ABE-954763828: BADEN POWELL - Paddle Your Own Canoe (Uk 1st Impression in Dj)
ABE-1405296347: POWELL, VIOLET (ED) - POWELL, ANTHONY (PREFACE) - The Album of Antony Powell's Dance to the Music of Time (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-7987031804: POWELL, ANTHONY - Hearing Secret Harmonies (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-12038281669: POWELL, ANTHONY - Infants of the Spring (Uk Proof)
ABE-5100530197: POWER, RHODA - Redcap Runs Away (Uk Hb 1st in Dj - 1952)
ABE-14163615891: POWERS, RICHARD - Orfeo (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-7962004885: COWPER POWYS, JOHN - Ducdame (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-7969406183: COWPER POWYS, JOHN - Wolf Solent (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-7962007401: COWPER POWYS, JOHN - The Art of Growing Old (Uk Hb 1st in Dj - 1944)
ABE-7962011001: COWPER POWYS, JOHN - Wolf's Bane (Us Hb 1st)
ABE-12081667960: POWYS, THEODORE FRANCIS - Soliloquies of a Hermit (Uk Pb - 1975)
ABE-7962014189: COWPER POWYS, JOHN - Paddock Calls (Uk Hb 1st)
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ABE-11372548594: QUEST, ERICA - BUCKINGHAM, NANCY - SAWYER, JOHN - The Silver Castle (Us Hb 1st - Signed by Both)
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ABE-1424625351: VALLERY RADOT, RENE - The Life of Pasteur (Uk Hb - 2 Volumes 1902)
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ABE-1247629071: RAHMAN, MOMIN - Sexuality and Democracy : Identities and Strategies in Lesbian and Gay Politics (Uk Pb)
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ABE-9981142694: RAINE, CRAIG - History of the Home Movie (Uk Pb - Signed)
ABE-1173833330: RAISIN, ROSS - God's Own Country (Uk Proof)
ABE-12367532990: RALLS, ALICE M. - Glory Which Is Yours - a Tribute to Pioneer Ancestors (Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-14790734000: GARY RALSTON - Rangers 1872: The Gallant Pioneers (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1374130563: RAMBERG, BJORN T. - Donald Davidson's Philosophy of Language : An Introduction (Uk Pb)
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ABE-1072583928: RANKIN, ROBERT - The Most Amazing Man Who Ever Lived (Uk 1st Impression Hb)
ABE-9312254289: RANKIN, IAN - Black and Blue (Uk Hb 1st - in Priced Jacket)
000404: RANKIN, IAN - Territory - in Scottish Short Stories 1987 (Signed by Rankin)
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000311: RANSOME, ARTHUR - The Picts and the Martyrs or Not Welcome at All (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
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ABE-5831483577: RAUSCH (ED) - La Gloire D'Alexandrie (French Pb)
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ABE-1211663815: RAVEN, SIMON - The Rich Pay Late (Uk Proof - Rare)
ABE-1281421907: RAVEN, SIMON - Bird of ILL Omen (Uk Pb)
ABE-1295896588: RAVEN, JE - Pythagorians and Eleatics (Uk Hb in Dj)
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ABE-17598342091: RAVEN, SIMON - The Troubadour (Uk Hb 1st)
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ABE-4041675613: RAWLINSON, GEORGE - BLAKENEY, E. H. - The Egypt of Herodotus - New Aldine Library Volume 4 (Uk Hb)
ABE-1428755484: RAWSON, PENNY - Short-Term Psychodynamic Psychiatry : An Analysis of the Key Principles (Uk Pb 1st)
ABE-13364161425: RAY, SHEILA - The Blyton Phenomenon : The Controversy Surrounding the World's Most Successful Children's Writer (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-2207943070: RAY, JOHN - Synopsis Methodica Stirpium Britannicarum 1724 - Carl Linnaeus Flora Anglica 1754 & 1759 (Uk Hb)
ABE-3782167375: RAYNER, CLAIRE - Postscripts (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-11553644981: RAYNOR, GEORGE - Football Ambassador at Large (Uk Hb in Dj)
ABE-3643249259: RAZ, JOSEPH - Ethics in the Public Domain : Essays in the Morality of Law and Politics (Uk Pb)
ABE-1137478691: READ, MISS - Farewell to Fairacre (Uk 1st Impression - Signed)
ABE-12202262872: READ, MISS - Tyler's Row (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-12288133234: READ, MISS - Farther Afield (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-12202469759: MISS READ - Fresh from the Country (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-1428755735: READMAN, ALAN;SUSSEX RECORD SOCIETY - West Sussex Land Tax, 1785 (Uk Hb)"
ABE-1048447783: BURNS & REAGAN (EDITORS) - Concepts of the Hero in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance - Eleven Essays (Uk First Impression in Dj)
ABE-6955518455: FISCHER, REAL & WOOLLEY (EDITORS) - Swift and His Contexts
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ABE-5604753623: REDFORD, DONALD B. - Egypt, Canaan, and Israel in Ancient Times (Us Pb)"
ABE-5604737652: REDFORD, DONALD B. - Akhenaten the Heretic King (Us Pb)
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ABE-13361269389: REED, EDWIN A. M. - Bacon Vs. Shakspere - Noteworthy Opinions, Pro and Con (Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-5090937025: REED, JEREMY - Chasing Black Rainbows : A Novel Based on the Life of Artaud (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-13279520131: REED, WILLIAM H. - Elgar As I Knew Him (Uk Hb - with Reed Signature Inserted)
ABE-15051485437: REED, KIT - The Better Part (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-15781711540: REEMAN, DOUGLAS - In Danger's Hour (Uk Pb - Signed)
ABE-11177000803: REES, JOAN - Profligate Son : Branwell Bront? and His Sister (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
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ABE-9962076790: REEVE, ADA - Take It for a Fact - a Record of My Seventy-Five Years on Stage (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-11165838302: REEVES, JAMES - ARDIZZONE, EDWARD (ILLUSTRATOR) - The Blackbird in the Lilac (Uk Hb in Dj)
ABE-17390831489: REEVES, VIC - Me: Moir, - Memoir Volume One (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-5065505738: REGENERY, HENRY - LEWIS WYNDHAM - Wyndham Lewis - a Man Against His Time (Us Pb + Typescript)
ABE-7051183534: REICHL, KARL - Singing the Past : Turkic and Medieval Heroic Poetry
ABE-5582153049: REICHS, KATHY - Death Du Jour (Uk Hb 1st - Signed + Band)
ABE-4274030423: REICHSLUFTFAHRTMISNISTERIUM - Flieger IM Kampf - Bilddokumente Von Kriegsberichterstattern Der Luftwaffe (German Hb - 1939)
ABE-1374952784: REID, THOMAS - An Inquiry Into the Human Mind on the Principles of Common Sense (Uk Hb - 6th Ed. 1804)
ABE-13282129182: REID, CHARLES - Malcolm Sargent : A Biography (Uk Hb 1st - Signed + Sargent Signature)
ABE-12945489872: REID, VERA W. - The Silver Unicorn (Uk Pb 1st)
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ABE-1402303891: ROTH, PHILIP - The Plot Against America (Uk Proof)
ABE-1145723688: ROTH, PHILIP - The Human Stain (Uk Proof)
ABE-11171931603: ROTH, JOSEPH - Hotel Savoy, Fallmerayer the Stationmaster and the Bust of the Emperor (Uk Hb 1st)"
ABE-10923257584: ROTH, JOSEPH - The String of Pearls (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-3010102622: ROTH, JOSEPH - Confession of a Murderer (Uk Hb - 1985)
ABE-9974979806: ROTH, JOSEPH - The Radetzky March (Uk Hb in Dj)
ABE-14509691522: ROTH, PHILIP - Portnoy's Complaint (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-10569030218: ROTH, JOSEPH - Collected Shorter Fiction of Joseph Roth (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-9147768754: ROTH, PHILIP - Patrimony (Uk Proof)
ABE-13978722776: ROTH, PHILIP - American Pastoral (Uk Hb 1st Impression)
ABE-2133272532: ROTH, JOSEPH - The Spider's Web and Zipper and His Father (Uk Hb 1st + Review Sip)
ABE-12296173610: ROTHCHILD, LOREN R. (ED) - MAUGHAM, SOMERSET - The Maugham Duff Letters - Letters of William Somerset Maugham to Lady Juliet Duff (Us Hb Limited Edition)
ABE-16460505790: DE ROTHSCHILD, EDMUND - Window on the World (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-15682619738: ROTHSCHILD, MIRIAM - Dear Lord Rothschild: Birds, Butterflies and History (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-15852329617: ROTHSTEIN, ANDREW - The Soldiers' Strikes of 1919 (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-3398668745: ROTTA, PAOLO - IL Cardinale Nicolo Di Cusa - la Vita Ed IL Pensiero (Italian Hb)
ABE-11964196830: DE ROUGEMONT, MARTINE - Le Vie Theatrale En France Ay XVIII Siecle (French Pb)
ABE-2708773413: ROUSCHAUSSE, JEAN - Erasmus and Fisher - Their Correspondence 1511-1524 (Pb)
ABE-17462444509: ROUSE, W. H. D. - A Greek Boy at Home (Uk Hb)
ABE-9325292936: ROUSE, W. H. D. - Stories of the Old Greeks (Uk Hb 1st - 1931)
ABE-1281573281: ROUSSEAU, PHILIP - Basil of Caesarea (Us Pb 1st)
ABE-15852729501: ROUSSEAU, JEAN-JACQUES - STEEG, JULES - Emile - or Concerning Education (Us Hb - 1883)
ABE-1375234812: ROUSSEAU, J-J - DUFOUR, THEOPHILE - Correspondance Generale de Jj Rousseau - Tome Cinquieme (French Pb)
ABE-12818195901: ROUX, MICHEL - Michel Roux : Life Is a Menu - Reminiscences and Recipes from a Masterchef (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-16436857170: ROWDON, MAURICE - Afterwards (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-9551199675: ROWE, ALICK - Voices of Danger (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-1327604391: ROWE, JOHN C. - Henry Adams and Henry James : The Emergence of a Modern Consciousness (Us Hb 1st)
ABE-1322916009: ROWE, JOHN C. - The Other Henry James (Us Pb 1st)
ABE-1027064138: ROWLING, JK - Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (Ted Smart 3rd - Fine in Fine Dj)
ABE-981936485: ROWLING, JK - Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Uk 1st Ted Smart Impression)
ABE-955730177: ROWLING, JK - Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Uk Pb 1st - Fine)
ABE-10323999744: ROWSON, PAULINE - Footsteps on the Shore (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-1297928048: ROY, ARUNDHATI - The God of Small Things (Uk Proof)
ABE-2207943044: ROZE, ERNEST - Charles de L'Escluse D'Arras - le Propagateur de la Pomme de Terre Au XVI Siecle - Sa Biographie Et Sa Correspondance (French Pb Reissue 1976 Ltd to 250)
ABE-11905727269: ROZEWICZ, TADEUSZ - The Card Index & Other Plays - Playscript 8 (Uk Hb 1st - Fine)
ABE-13207508323: RUBENFELD, JED - The Interpretation of Murder (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-5102674774: RUBENS, BERNICE - The Waiting Game (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-11634913186: RUBENS, BERNICE - A Solitary Grief (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-5101196872: RUBENS, BERNICE - Mother Russia (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-5100196591: RUBENS, BERNICE - A Solitary Grief (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-5100527401: RUBENS, BERNICE - Brothers (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-1227835593: RUBENS - I Dreyfus (Uk 1st Impression - Signed - Interesting)
ABE-3436746283: RUBENS, BERNICE - Mate in Three (Uk Pb - Signed)
ABE-995946025: RUBENS, BERNICE - The Sergeants' Tale (Uk 1st Impression Signed)
ABE-1374812066: RUBENS, BERNICE - Mate in Three (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-5100193869: RUBENS, BERNICE - The Ponsonby Post (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-15913681586: RUBENS, BERNICE - Yesterday in the Back Lane (Uk Proof)
ABE-5104113861: RUBENS, BERNICE - I, Dreyfus (Uk Hb 1st - Inscribed to Beryl Bainbridge)"
ABE-5104102914: RUBENS, BERNICE - Kingdom Come (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-2334937671: RUBENS, BERNICE - Mate in Three (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-10614594126: RUBINO, JANE - Death of a Dj (Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-11617646961: RUDLER, GUSTAVE - Les Techniques de la Critique Et de L'Histoire Litteraires En Litterature Francaise Moderne (Hb 1st)
ABE-14000454438: ZULEMA B. W. DE RUIZ - Esencia de MI Tierra - Del Folkloro Tarijeno (Bolivian Paperback)
ABE-13207124578: RUNCIE, JAMES - The Discovery of Chocolate (Uk Hb 1st - Signed + Bookmark)
ABE-15308551888: RUNCIE, JAMES - Sidney Chambers and the Perils of the Night (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-14982984920: RUNCIMAN, STEVEN - The Medieval Manichee: A Study of the Christian Dualist Heresy (Uk Pb)
ABE-1381021432: RUNIA, DAVID T. - Exegesis and Philosophy : Studies on Philo of Alexandria (Uk Hb 1st - Scarce)
ABE-17606137595: RUSHDIE, SALMAN - Two Years Eight Months & Twenty-Eight Nights (Uk Proof)
ABE-4496688603: RUSHDIE, SALMAN - Luka and the Fire of Life (Uk Proof)
ABE-1101312483: RUSHDIE, SALMAN - Shalimar the Clown (Uk Proof - Fine)
ABE-979240317: RUSHDIE, SALMAN - East, West (Uk Proof)"
ABE-981936891: RUSHDIE, SALMAN - Haroun and the Sea of Stories (Uk Proof Fine)
ABE-2632917468: RUSHDIE, SALMAN - The Enchantress of Florence (Uk Proof)
ABE-1310686663: RUSHDIE, SALMAN - The Moor's Last Sigh (Uk Proof - Signed)
ABE-13459378047: RUSHDIE, SALMAN - Shalimar the Clown (Uk Proof - Signed)
ABE-8594356091: RUSHDIE, SALMAN - The Satanic Verses : A Novel (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-14783536191: RUSHTON, WILLIAM - The Filth Amendment (Uk Hb - Signed)
ABE-1188935373: RUSKIN, JOHN - Aratra Pentelici - Seven Lectures on the Elements of Sculture & Ariadne Florentina - Six Lectures on Wood and Metal Engraving (Uk Hb 1890)
ABE-1329781992: RUSSELL, MARTIN - Dial Death (Uk Proof)
ABE-1276137603: RUSSELL, JOYCELYNE G. - Peacemaking in the Renaissance (Uk Hb - Signed)
ABE-979240328: RUSSELL, MARTIN - Catspaw (Uk 1st Impression Signed)
ABE-1329781991: RUSSELL, MARTIN - Double Deal (Uk Proof)
ABE-15823389460: RUSSELL, BERTRAND - Roads to Freedom - Socialism, Anarchism and Syndicalism (Uk Hb 1st - 1918)
ABE-14790739753: RUSSELL, MARTIN - The Search for Sara (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-15049448140: RUSSELL, MARTIN - The Darker Side of Death (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-3406040870: RUSSO, MARIA - Andrea Pozzo a Montepulciano 1 - la Chiesa Del Gesu (Italian Pb)
ABE-4494026578: RUSTON, JIM - A Cockney Kid in Green Wellies (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1236824542: RUTHERFORD, DOUGLAS - Collision Course (Uk 1st Impression - Signed + Rare Wraparound Band)
ABE-11650881538: RUTHERFURD, EDWARD - Sarum (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-13753771911: RYAN, JOHN FERGUS - The Redneck Bride (Us Hb 1st - Signed + Long Inscription)
ABE-14811086770: SABATINI, RAFAEL - The Black Swan (Uk Hb in Dj - 1930s)
ABE-15938106574: SABATINI, RAFAEL - Anthony Wilding (Uk Hb 1st - 1910)
ABE-12872216768: SACKS, OLIVER - A Leg to Stand on (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-1227645242: DE SADE, MARQUIS - The Gothic Tales of the Marquis de Sade (Uk Hb in Dj)
ABE-1374130574: SAFFREY, H. D. - Recherches Sur le Neoplatonisme Apres Plotin (French Pb)
ABE-13542595629: SAGAR, KEITH M. (EDITOR) - HUGHES, TED - The Achievement of Ted Hughes (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1161851905: SAGE, LORNA - Bad Blood (Uk Proof- Scarce)
ABE-12309036155: LE SAGE - Oeuvres de le Sage - Volume 12 - Theatre, Melanges (French Hb 1821)"
ABE-12309036306: LE SAGE - Oeuvres de le Sage - Volume 11 - Theatre, (French Hb 1821)"
ABE-17607565788: SAHOTA, SUNJEEV - The Year of the Runaways (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-11909900285: SAINTY, SIR JOHN - A List of English Law Officers, King's Counsel and Holders of Patents of Prudence (Uk Hb 1st)"
ABE-15952755648: SALAMAN, ESTHER - A Collection of Moments (Uk Hb 1st + Letter from Author)
ABE-12966295587: SALAMAN, CHARLES KENSINGTON - Jews As They Are (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-5604286817: SALAZAR, RAFAEL - Antologia Musical Venezolana (Hb + 2 Cds)
ABE-13277847774: SALCROFT, ARTHUR - The Mystery of the Walled Garden (Uk Hb)
ABE-15936760088: JILL SALEN - Vintage Lingerie: Historical Patterns and Techniques (Uk Pb)
ABE-11880912381: SALES, HERBERTO - The Werewolf Ad Other Tales (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-1161421682: KUSNIERZ & SALESKI - Stalin and the Poles (Uk 1st Impression in Dj)
ABE-14388988494: SALINGER, J. D. - Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters and Seymour - an Introduction (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-12820483358: SALKEY, ANDREW - A Quality of Violence (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-9551527763: SALKEY, ANDREW - Riot (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-17601175627: SALKEY, ANDREW - Earthquake (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-10614353527: SALKEY, ANDREW - The Adventures of Catullus Kelly (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1375897211: SALKEY, ANDREW - Earthquake (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-1295896004: SALKOVSKIS (ED) - Trends in Cognitive and Behavioural Therapies (Hb 1st)

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