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ABE-1262161785: ELSE & LEE (ED) - Primate Evolution - Volume 1 of the Selected Proceedings of the Tenth Congress of the International Primatological Society in 1984 (Uk 1st Impression Pb)
ABE-11934762260: LEE, LAURIE - Two Women (Uk Pb - Signed)
ABE-17117180722: LEE, D. J. N. - The Similes of the Iliad and the Odyssey Compared (Paperback - 1964)
ABE-13516001976: LEE, LAURIE - Two Women (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-3496049794: LEE, CHRISTOPHER - The Bath Detective (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-15628419702: LEE, LAURIE - The Firstborn (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-1262161786: ELSE & LEE (ED) - Primate Ecology and Conservation - Volume 2 of the Selected Proceedings of the Tenth Congress of the International Primatological Society in 1984 (Uk 1st Impression Pb)
ABE-1586816954: LEE, LAURIE - My Many-Coated Man (Uk Hb - Signed)
ABE-10573854811: LEES, MILINE J. - Through Wood and Dale (Uk Hb in Dj)
ABE-3108165181: LEFEVRE, RENATO - IL Palazzo Aldobrandini E Dei Chigi - a Piazza Colonna (Italian Pb)
ABE-12961123781: LEFUSE, M. - The Life and Times of Arabella Stuart (Uk Hb 1st - Copy of Alfred Dodd)
ABE-1401785116: COPPIETERS & LEGVOLD (EDITORS) - Statehood and Security : Georgia After the Rose Revolution (Us Pb)
ABE-13207128709: LEHANE, DENNIS - A Drink Before the War (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-1414046185: LEHNER, PHILIP - The Handbook of Ethological Methods - Garland Series in Ethology (Us Hb)
ABE-14745634840: LEIGH, JANET; NICKENS, CHRISTOPHER - Psycho: Behind the Scenes of the Classic Thriller (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-1246700039: LEJA, MICHAEL - Reframing Abstract Expressionism : Subjectivity and Painting in the 1940s (Hb 1st Impression in Dj)
ABE-9981138732: LEJEUNE, ANTHONY - Professor in Peril (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-1042003145: LEJEUNE, ANTHONY - News of Murder (Uk 1st Impression in Dj - Rare)
ABE-11482619238: LEMARCHAND, ELIZABETH - Cyanide with Compliments (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-5928617286: LEMIRE, CH. - Voyage a Pied En Nouvelle-Caledonie Et Description Des Nouvelles-Hebrides (French Hb 1st - 1884 - Rare)
ABE-3989450473: LEMKE, UTE - LILI Korber, Von Moskau Nach Wien: Eine Osterreichische Autorin in Den Wirren Der Zeit (1915-1938)"
ABE-1757974019: LENGYEL, JOZSEF - Prenn Drifting (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-13516178131: LENZ, SIEGFRIED - The Survivor (Us Hb 1st)
ABE-10256040993: LENZ, SIEGFRIED; KAISER, ERNST; WILKINS, EITHNE - The German Lesson (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-13520938805: LENZ, SIEGFRIED - The Lightship (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-14369908154: LEON, DONNA - The Death of Faith (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-12897651033: LEON, DONNA - Blood from a Stone (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-5603306385: LEON, DONNA - Doctored Evidence (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-14401648591: LEON, DONNA - Fatal Remedies (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-5603307486: LEON, DONNA - Doctored Evidence (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-13375356673: LEON, DONNA - A Sea of Troubles (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-10268846596: LEONARD, ELMORE - When the Women Come out to Dance (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-11503029645: LEONARD, ELMORE - Comfort to the Enemy and Other Carl Webster Stories (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-11177150774: LEONARD, ELMORE - Raylan (Uk Hb in Dj)
ABE-10637307151: LEONARD, ELMORE - Mr. Paradise (Uk Hb 1st
ABE-14528539756: LEONARD, ELMORE - Hombre (Uk Hb in Dj - Signed)
ABE-15038709157: LEONARD, ELMORE - Road Dogs (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-16460506364: LEOSHKO, JANICE - Sacred Traces: British Exploration of Buddhism in India (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1014032181: LEPPMANN, WOLFGANG - Rilke - a Life (Uk 1st Impression Hb)
ABE-3834152780: LEPSCHY, GIULIO C. - BENINCA, PAOLA - UNIVERSITA DEGLI STUDI DI ROMA LA SAPIENZA - Italiano E Dialetti Nel Tempo: Saggi Di Grammatica Per Giulio C. Lepschy (Italian Pb - Signed)
ABE-11920179689: LERIS, ANTOINE DE - Dictionnaire Des Theatres (French Hb Facsimile 1970)
ABE-1374952739: LEROUX, CHARLES - A Practical Treatise on the Manufacture of Worsteds and Carded Yarns (Us Hb - 1869)
ABE-12462950246: LEROY, ARMELLE;CHOLLET, LAURENT - Sur Les Traces D'Agatha Christie ; Un Siecle de Mysteres (French Hb 1st)
ABE-14346719605: LESSING, DORIS - The Making of the Representative for Planet 8 (Uk Proof)
ABE-1132500335: LESSING, DORIS - Prisons We Choose to Live Inside (Uk 1st Impression in Dj - Scarce)
ABE-1088365301: LESSING, DORIS - Collected Stories in 2 Volumes - to Room Nineteen & the Temptation of Jack Orkney (Uk 1st Impressions in Dj)
ABE-14076387559: LESSING, DORIS - The Marriages between Zones Three, Four and Five (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-16590696470: LESSING, DORIS - Prisons We Choose to Live Inside (Uk Proof)
ABE-14261115815: LESSING, DORIS - The Golden Notebook (Uk Proof)
ABE-5103743448: LESSING, DORIS - Play with a Tiger - a Play (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-5103888276: LESSING, DORIS - African Stories (Uk Hb 1st - 1964)
ABE-17660883835: LESSING, DORIS - The Golden Notebook (Uk Hb Revised Ed)
ABE-14528584126: LETTE, KATHY - The Boy Who Fell to Earth (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-12961117652: LEVENSON, SAMUEL - James Connolly: A Biography (Uk Hb 1st - Fine)
ABE-1580028514: LEVER, JAMES - Cheeta : My Story (Uk Hb 1st Impression)
ABE-7098668710: CHEETA; LEVER, JAMES - Me Cheeta : The Autobiography (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-1317224016: LEVERE, TREVOR HARVEY - Chemists and Chemistry in Nature and Society, 1770-1878 (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)"
ABE-1317223971: LEVERE, TREVOR HARVEY - Chemists and Chemistry in Nature and Society, 1770-1878 (Uk Hb 1st)"
ABE-1138250403: LEVI, PRIMO - The Periodic Table (Uk Proof - Rare)
ABE-13282119231: MEWBURN LEVIEN, JOHN - The Garcia Family (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-1378418814: LEVINAS, EMMANUEL - Entre Nous - Thinking of the Other (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1374310698: CASTELLI - RICOEUR - GADAMER - LEVINAS - BRUN ET AL. - Demythisation Et Ideologie - Actes Du Colloque Organise Par le Centre International D'Etudes Humanistes Et Par L'Institut D'Etudes Philosophiques de Rome (French Pb)
000420: LEVINE, JUNE PERRY - A Passage to India - Creation & Criticism (Em Forster)
ABE-14783252944: LEVINE, ROBERT - Joan Collins: A Biography (Uk Pb - Signed by Collins)
ABE-4087965010: LEVINSON, ORDE - JOHN PIPER - John Piper : The Complete Graphic Works (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-1295895819: LEVINSON, ANDRE - Paul Valery - Philosophe de la Danse (French Pb 1935)
ABE-12288134102: LEVINSON, NORMA - Gloria's Birthday (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-3653864942: LEVY, ANDREA - Small Island (Uk Proof - Signed)
ABE-3653858332: LEVY, ANDREA - Small Island (Uk Pbo 1st - Signed)
ABE-11920178932: LEVY, FRANCINE - Le Mariage de Figaro: Essai D'Interpretation - Studies on Voltaire and the Eighteenth Century (Pb 1st)
ABE-11585700412: LEVY, SILVANO - Desmond Morris : 50 Years of Surrealism (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-1071897500: LEVY, DAVID - Batsford - Chess and Computers (Uk 1st Impresison Hb in Dj)
ABE-12569308609: LEVY, DEBORAH - Swimming Home (Uk Pbo 1st)
ABE-15255196219: LEVY, HYMAN - SPALDING, HELEN - Literature for an Age of Science (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-11527837310: LEWIS, C. S. - The Magician's Nephew (Uk Pb 1st - Puffin)
ABE-11336045351: LEWIS, C. S. - Out of the Silent Planet (Uk Hb in Dj - 1951)
ABE-1110777671: LEWIS, CS - The Last Battle (Uk Hb in Dj - 1966)
ABE-11061789555: LEWIS, NORMAN - The Honoured Society (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-14810267081: LEWIS, C. S. - Prince Caspian - the Return to Narnia (Uk Hb in Dj - 1966)
ABE-1227835313: LEWIS, CHERRY - The Dating Game : One Man's Search for the Age of the Earth (Uk 1st Impressioon in Dj)
ABE-13277850538: LEWIS, NORMAN - The Sicilian Specialist (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-8554467182: KELLEY & LEWIS (ED) - BROWNING - The Brownings' Correspondence Volume 14 : September 1846 - December 1847 Letters 2616 to 2716 (Hb 1st)
ABE-9312780478: LEWIS, C. S. - The Magician's Nephew (Uk Hb in Dj - 1963)
ABE-8554463598: KELLEY & LEWIS (ED) - BROWNING - The Brownings' Correspondence Volume 13 : May 1846 - September 1846 - Letters 2384 to 2615 (Hb 1st)
ABE-5596601553: LEWIS, ROY H. - Cock of the Walk : A Mid Victorian Rumpus (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-8554864714: KELLEY & LEWIS (ED) - BROWNING - The Brownings' Correspondence Volume 12 : January 1846 - May 1846 Letters 2178 to 2383 (Hb 1st)
ABE-8554603627: KELLEY & LEWIS (ED) - BROWNING - The Brownings' Correspondence Volume 11 : July 1845 - January 1846 - Letters 1982 to 2177 (Hb 1st)
ABE-983826708: LEWIS, DAVID - Martin Luther King - a Critical Biography (Uk Hb 1st Impression 1970)
ABE-5548796331: LEWIS, ROY - Error of Judgement (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-13516178576: LEWIS, C. S. - The Last Battle (Uk Hb 2nd in Dj - 1958)
ABE-13516180001: LEWIS, C. S. - The Horse and His Boy (Uk Hb in Dj - 1956)
ABE-12087961701: LEWIS, SINCLAIR - Main Street (Uk Hb - 1924)
ABE-17660885176: LEWIS, NORMAN - A Suitable Case for Corruption (Uk Proof)
ABE-17660885187: LEWIS, NORMAN - A Passage to Freedom - Later Cuban Passage (Uk Proof - with Different Title)
ABE-10274800437: LEWSEY, PHOEBE - Honey out of Rock (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-11981286099: LEYMARIE, ISABELLE - Cuban Fire - Musiques Populaires D'Expression Cubaine (French Pb)
ABE-10735291949: LEYMARIE, ISABELLE - Cuba - la Musique Des Dieux (French Hb + Cd)
ABE-1017483425: LEYS, NORMAN - JULIAN HUXLEY ASSOCIATION) - Kenya (Uk 2nd Edition 1925 - Inscribed to Julian Huxley)
ABE-1017483506: LEYS, NORMAN - A Last Chance in Kenya (Uk 1st Impression - Signed in Rare Dj + Review Slip - Hogarth Press)
ABE-8657628296: LI, PETER (ED) - Japanese War Crimes - the Search for Justice (Us Pb)
ABE-1428755602: LIBESKIND, DANIEL; CRICHTON, SARAH - Breaking Ground : Adventures in Life and Architecture (Us Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-12897048373: BEN GEORGE'S JUVENILE LIBRARY - A Boy Reformer an Other Stories - Reprinted from Peter Parley's Annuals (Uk Hb)
ABE-2997215401: LICHFIELD, PATRICK - Lichfield in Retrospect (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-14244073047: LIDDELL, ROBERT - Elizabeth and Ivy (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-14100870606: LIEBERMANN, F. - Uber Die Leges Anglicorum - Saeculo XIII. Ineunte - Londonis Collectae (German Hb - 1894)
ABE-1397284088: LIEBMAN, HERBERT - The Dramatic Art of David Storey : The Journey of a Playwright (Us Hb 1st)
ABE-17476532193: LIGHTFOOT, G. C. (ED) - LUCRETIUS - Titi Lucreti Cari - de Rerum Natura Liber Quintus - Lucretius Book V (Uk Hb - 1934)
ABE-11964525692: DE LIGNE, CHARLES-JOSEPH - GUY, BASIL - Les Enlevements (Uk Pb)
ABE-3109752248: LIIVAK, ANU;TREIER, HEIE - Valiku Vabadus: Vaatenurki 1990. Aastate Eesti Kunstile = Freedom of Choice Perspectives on Estonian Art of the 1990s (Hb 1999)
ABE-1323613639: LILJEGREN, SB - American and European in the Works of Henry James (Pb - 1920)
ABE-11629839158: GROVE, LILLY ET AL - Dancing - the Badminton Library (Uk Hb - 1895)
ABE-15853284294: LIMBU, RAMBAHADUR VC - V. C. - My Life Story (Signed & Dated)
ABE-1318990149: TOWNSON & MERCER LIMITED - Catalogue of Physical Apparatus and Laboratory Equipment - 21st Edition 1931 (Uk Hb)
ABE-1317413129: WB NICHOLSON SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS LIMITED - School Science Apparatus - a Catalogue (Hb Approx 1958 -216pp)
ABE-15780648489: LIMONOV, EDWARD - It's Me, Eddie (Uk Hb 1st + Release Sheet)
ABE-1805806071: LIND, JAKOV - Numbers : A Further Autobiography (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-17601175632: LINDGREN, ASTRID - Karlson Flies Again (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-15009932207: LINDGREN, ASTRID - The Brothers Lionheart (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-4273728990: LINDLEY, KENNETH - Of Graves and Epitaphs (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-2249336301: LINDSAY, JACK - Caesar Is Dead (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-2609570620: LINDSAY, JACK - Death of a Spartan King and Two Other Stories of the Ancient World (Limited Edition - Signed)
ABE-1384339936: LINDSEY, DAVID - In the Lake of the Moon (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-13509179709: LINKLATER, ERIC - The Impregnable Women (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-1587355238: LINTON, RALPH - Witches of Andilamena and Other Essays (Us Hb - 1957)
ABE-11889498433: LIONNI, LEO - Parallel Botany (Us Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-4599102027: LIOT, THIERRY - Les Maisons D'Ecrivains En France de 1807 a 1914 : Histoire, Architecture, Decoration (French Pb)"
ABE-10238885374: LIPPMAN, LAURA - The Sugar House (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-3108164040: LISE, GIORGIO - L'Incisione Erotica Del Rinascimento (Italian Hb in Dj)
ABE-10011301075: LISPECTOR, CLARICE - MONTERO, TERESA (ED) - FERREIRA, LUIZ - Aprendendo a Viver - Imagens (Hb 1st)
ABE-1772756606: LISPECTOR, CLARICE - The Hour of the Star (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1580046771: HERBERT G. DE LISSER - The White Witch of Rosehall (Uk Hb 1st - 1929)
ABE-1374529957: ROYAL SOCIETY OF LITERATURE - First Annual Report of the Proceedings of the British Committee for Promoting an Intellectual Entente Among the Allied and Friendly Countries (Slim Leaflet)
ABE-1366221584: LITTELL, JONATHAN - The Kindly Ones (Uk Proof - Scarce)
ABE-1759870326: LITTELL, JONATHAN - The Kindly Ones (Uk Proof)
ABE-7216418970: LITTLE, CONYTH - The Black Honeymoon (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-13520938836: LITTLE, CONYTH - The Black Goatee (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-7052667017: LITTLE, CONYTH - The Black Lady (Uk Hb 1st - 1944)
ABE-13325629426: LITTLE, CONYTH - The Black House (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-14466290894: LITTLE, CONYTH - The Black Stocking (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-7052673487: LITTLE, CONYTH - The Black Eye (Uk Hb 1st - 1946)
ABE-1773032659: LITTLE, KENNETH - Sociology of Urban Women's Image in African Literature (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-17481398296: LITVINOFF, VALENTINA - The Use of Stanislavsky Within Modern Dance (Us Hb)
ABE-12929309647: LITVINOV, IVY - His Master's Voice : A Detective Story: By Ivy Litvinov (Uk Hb Reissue)
ABE-13542283663: YARON LIVAY - FLYING SUGAR PRESS - The Song of Songs (Limited Edition - 1995)
ABE-15832666645: LIVELY, PENELOPE - Corruption (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-15837814033: LIVELY, PENELOPE - City of the Mind (Uk Hb 1st - Signed Association Copy))
000508: LIVELY, PENELOPE - City of the Mind
ABE-885249117: LIVELY, PENELOPE - Oleander Jacaranda (Uk Proof Signed)
ABE-8717513364: LIVELY, PENELOPE - Boy without a Name (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-5103737763: LIVELY, PENELOPE - The Photograph (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-5102679607: LIVELY, PENELOPE - Heat Wave (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-14982622313: LIVELY, PENELOPE - A House Unlocked (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-5078473633: LIVELY, PENELOPE - Nothing Missing But the Samovar - and Other Stories (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-1295746557: LIVELY, PENELOPE - Next to Nature, Art (Uk Proof - Scarce)"
ABE-5077970171: LIVELY, PENELOPE - The Road to Lichfield (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-10226993082: LIVINGSTON, ARMSTRONG - In Cold Blood (Uk Hb)
ABE-10614591920: LIVINGSTON, ARMSTRONG - In Cold Blood (Uk Hb in Dj)
ABE-14982624736: LIVINGSTONE, ANGELA (ED) - Pasternak on Art and Creativity (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-9883976207: M LLER, HERTA - The Land of Green Plums (Uk Pbo 1st)
ABE-7097792833: M LLER, HERTA - The Land of Green Plums (Uk Pbo 1st)
ABE-10583981879: LLEWELLYN, RICHARD - A Man in a Mirror (Uk Proof)
ABE-10238883440: LLEWELLYN, SAM - Blood Knot (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-4931857316: LLEWELLYN, SAM - Thunderbolt from Navarone (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-12088457737: LLEWELLYN, SAM - Gurney's Revenge (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-14456238178: VARGAS LLOSA, MARIO - The War of the End of the World (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-13982284329: VARGAS LLOSA, MARIO - In Praise of Stepmother (Uk Proof)
ABE-9892263464: VARGAS LLOSA, MARIO - The Storyteller (Uk Proof - Signed)
ABE-12926334737: LLOYD, JEREMY - MICHELL, KEITH (ILLUSTRATIONS) - Captain Beaky (Uk Hb 1st - Signed by Illustrator)
ABE-3452375302: ORESTE TARQUINIO LOCCHI - La Provincia Di Pesaro Ed Urbino (Italian Pb - 1934)
ABE-1955795429: LOCK, JOAN - Dead Fall (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-15852290635: LODER, VERNON - The Case of the Dead Doctor (Uk Hb 1st - 1935)
ABE-10522704903: LODGE, DAVID - The Year of Henry James : The Story of a Novel (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1374811922: LODGE, DAVID - The Modes of Modern Writing : Metaphor, Metonymy, and the Typology of Modern Literature (Uk Hb 1st)"
ABE-1224152950: LODGE, DAVID - The Modes of Modern Writing : Metaphor, Metonymy, and the Typology of Modern Literature (Uk 1st Impression in Dj)"
ABE-17454924626: LODGE, OLIVER (ED) - MANY CONTRIBUTORS - Phases of Modern Science: Published in Connexion with the Science Exhibit Arranged by a Committee of the Royal Society in the Pavilion of His Majesty's Government at the British Empire Exhibition, 1925 (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-14983370989: PRINCE HUBERTUS FRIEDRICH OF LOEWENSTEIN - A Catholic in Republican Spain (Uk Pb - 1937)
ABE-12202475115: LOGUE, CHRISTOPHER - HOMER - Patrocleia - Book XVI of Homer's Iliad - Adapted by Christopher Logue (Hb in Dj)
ABE-17117928699: HOMER - LOMBARDO, STANLEY (TRANSLATION) - MURNAGHAN, SHEILA - Homer: The Essential Iliad (Us Hb 1st)
ABE-8546979276: LONDON, JACK - The Cruise of the Dazzler (Uk Hb in Dj - Arco)
ABE-2207941339: LONG, GEORGE (TRANS) - MARCUS AURELIUS - The Thoughts of Marcus Aurelius Antoninus the Emperor (Uk Hb)
ABE-7987613651: LONGFORD, ELIZABETH (ED) - The Oxford Book of Royal Anecdotes (Pb - Signed by Elizabeth Longford)
ABE-11902654784: LONGRIGG, STEPHEN H. - Iraq 1900 to 1950 - a Political, Social and Economic History (Uk Hb 1st)"
ABE-15937119010: LONGSTREET, STEPHEN (INTRODUCTION) - The Dance in Art - Master Draftsman Series (Us Pb)
ABE-13375372002: LONN, OYSTEIN - Tom Reber's Last Retreat (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-12066021007: LOOKER, SAMUEL (ED) - Float and Fly - a Little Book for Anglers (Uk Hb - 1922)
ABE-1280596182: LOONEY, DENNIS - Compromising the Classics : Romance Epic Narrative in the Italian Renaissance (Hb 1st Impression)
ABE-14163644944: MEZA - ROMERO - ROCA REY - MITRANI - LOPEZ-MARTINEZ (EDITORS) - Enciclopedia Tematica Del Peru - Musica, Danza Y Tradiciones (Peruvina Hb)
ABE-14466281089: LORAC, E. C. R. - Part for a Poisoner (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-998020310: LORAC, ECR - Murder on a Monument (Uk 1st Impression in Dj)
ABE-5560072268: LORAC, E. C. R. - Relative to Poison (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-9551221392: LORAC, E. C. R. - Checkmate to Murder (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-14467577270: LORAC, E. C. R. - Accident by Design (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-11261589872: LORAINE, PHILIP - Photographs Have Been Sent to Your Wife (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1317224038: LORCH, RICHARD - Arabic Mathematical Science : Instruments, Texts, Transmission (Uk Hb 1st)"
ABE-17390825123: LOREN, SOPHIA - Women and Beauty (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-3403299221: LORENZONI, GIOVANNI - Lorenzo Da Bologna (Italian Hb in Dj)
ABE-1366933772: LORGE, PETER A. - The Asian Military Revolution : From Gunpowder to the Bomb (Uk Pb)
ABE-11913925490: LORRAIN, JEAN - Quelques Hommes (French Pb - Early 20th Century)
ABE-11913249267: LORRAIN, JEAN - Lettres a Ma Mere - 1864-1906 (French Pb)
ABE-1374952779: LOSSKY, NO - The Intuitive Basis of Knowledge - an Epistemological Enquiry (Uk Hb)
ABE-11964243636: LOTI, PIERRE - KELLY, K. A. - Vers Ispahan (Uk Pb)
ABE-12296181507: LOTT, TIM - Rumours of a Hurricane (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-17147270133: LOUDEN, BRUCE - The Odyssey: Structure, Narration, and Meaning (Us Hb 1st)
ABE-17476531209: LOUGH, JOHN - France Observed in the Seventeenth Century by British Travellers (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-15937129430: LOUGH, JOHN - DIDEROT - D'ALEMBERT - The Encyclopedie of Diderot and D'Alembert - Selected Articles (Uk Hb in Dj - 1954)
ABE-1416328145: O'LOUGHLIN, ED - Not Untrue and Not Unkind (Uk Proof)
ABE-3400004111: LOUKOMSKI, G. K. - Les Sangallo - Leur Vie, Leur Oeuvre (French Pb)"
ABE-12966470904: H. H. R. LOVE - The Monash Swift Collection - Swift and His Publishers (Pb - Signed)
ABE-1404919254: LOVELACE, RICHARD - HAZLITT (ED) - Lucasta - the Poems of Richard Lovelace (Uk Hb 1897)
ABE-12309588811: LOVELL, MARY S. - A Rage to Live : A Biography of Richard and Isabel Burton (Uk Hb 1ts - Signed)
ABE-10738106417: LOVESEY, PETER - Wobble to Death (Uk Pb 1st - Signed)
ABE-9981136215: LOVESEY, PETER - On the Edge (Limited Edition Proof of 250 - Signed)
ABE-13739856558: LOWE, JEFF - Jeff Lowe - Catalogue Raisonne 2009/2010 (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-17481417107: LOWWE, W. D. (ED) - LONGUS - The Story of Daphnis and Chloee - a Greek Pastoral by Longus (Uk Hb - 1908)
ABE-9312267743: PAZ LOZANO, OCTAVIO - Sor Juana : Her Life and Her World (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-11260964115: EL LOZI, SALIM - The Emigres (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-7656491554: LUBIS, MOCHTAR - A Road with No End (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-1257572552: BERESFORD LUCAS, S. - Stolen Documents (Uk 1st Impression in Dj - Scarce 1938)
ABE-14395323902: LUCAS, JEREMY - Whale (Uk Hb 1st - Fine Leather Binding)
ABE-12038245853: LUCAS, RUTH - Who Dare Live (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-4340322978: LUCAS, COLIN R. - The Structure of the Terror - the Example of Javogues and the Loire (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1414632501: LUCAS, HENRY S. - Dutch Immigrant Memoirs and Related Writings (Us Pb 1st)
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ABE-8562074378: LUDLUM, ROBERT - The Scarlatti Inheritance (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-12443502121: LUDLUM, ROBERT - The Rhinemann Exchange (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-1781203550: BOGUE LUFFMAN, C. - Quiet Days in Spain (Uk Hb 1st)
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ABE-16412479399: LUMUMBA, PATRICE - Congo My Country (Uk Hb 1st)
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ABE-1396642120: LUNDGREN, LARS J. - Acid Rain on the Agenda: A Picture of a Chain of Events in Sweden, 1966-1968 (Hb 1st Impression)"
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ABE-13223186893: LUNN, JONATHAN - Killigrew R.N. (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-13223350975: LUNN, JONATHAN - Killigrew and the North-West Passage (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-13223366581: LUNN, JONATHAN - Killigrew and the Golden Dragon (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-13223189801: LUNN, JONATHAN - Killigrew and the Sea Devil (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-8573018141: LUNN, JONATHAN - Killigrew R.N. (Uk Hb 1st in Dj - 2000)
ABE-5596117663: JONES LUONG, PAULINE - Institutional Change and Political Continuity in Post-Soviet Central Asia : Power, Perceptions, and Pacts (Uk Hb 1st)"
ABE-9960216875: LUSSIER, BETTY - One Woman Farm - a Moroccan Adventure (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1323923423: LUSTIG, T. J. - Henry James and the Ghostly (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-10574705897: LUYTENS, MARY - Edwin Lutyens - by His Daughter Mary Lutyens (Uk Hb 1st)
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ABE-14745634168: LYNN, DAME VERA - Some Sunny Day: My Autobiography (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-12295234284: LYNN, VERA - Vocal Refrain : An Autobiography (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
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ABE-14083890426: LYSENKO, L. D. - Heredity and Its Variability (Pb 1st)
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ABE-14466281127: COLE M. & COLE, G. D. H. - Toper's End (Uk Hb 1st - 1942)
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ABE-11372502708: COLT MACDONALD, WILLIAM - Action at Arcanum (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
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ABE-1296194024: MACH, ERNST - Principles of the Theory of Heat - Vienna Circle Collection Volume 17 (Hb Original in Dj - Not Pod)
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ABE-12847423091: MACKINNON, KENNETH - Greek Tragedy Into Film (Uk Hb 1st)
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ABE-1023207640: MACLAVERTY, BERNARD - Cal (Uk 1st Impression - Nice Copy)
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ABE-13224298699: MACLEAN, ALAISTAIR - Fear Is the Key (Uk Proof)
ABE-15913685167: MACLEAN, ALISTAIR - Goodbye California (Uk Proof)
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ABE-4497330762: MACPHAIL, CATHERINE - Run, Zan, Run (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)"
ABE-1227835619: MACQUITTY, WILLIAM - Life to Remember (Uk Pbo - Signed)
ABE-8602115140: MACVICAR, ANGUS - Murder at the Open (Uk Hb in Dj)
ABE-11637487177: DE MADARIAGA, SALVADOR - The World's Design (Uk Hb 1st in Dj - Ted Heath's Copy)
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ABE-11605848191: MIRO - FONDATION MAEGHT - DUPIN, JACQUES - Miro (1968 Paperback - Loose Gatefold Lithograph Present)
ABE-1048447101: MAGILL, FRANK (EDITOR) - Masterpieces of Latino Literature (Hb 1st Impression)
ABE-14486552944: MAGLIOLA, ROBERT - Derrida on the Mend (Us Hb 1st)
ABE-7951673857: MAGNUS, PHILIP - King Edward the Seventh (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-15833338704: MAGUBANE, PETER - Dress and Adornment (Pb 1st)
ABE-9981142711: MAGUIRE, MICHAEL - Shot Silk (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-2514627385: MAHER, JOHN C. - Diversity in Japanese Culture and Language (Uk
ABE-5167874547: MAHFOUZ, NAGUIB - Thebes at War (Hb 1st)
ABE-17598425720: O'MAHONEY, JOHN SEAN - WILDE, OSCAR - The Musical Importance of Being Earnest: A Musical : Based on the the Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde (Uk Pb 1stt)
ABE-1421173624: MAILER, NORMAN - Tough Guys Don't Dance (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-10569008481: MAIMANE, ARTHUR - Victims : A Novel (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1329435367: MAITLAND, BARRY - Marx Sisters (Uk Proof)
ABE-1231216825: MAITY, SK - The Imperial Guptas and Their Times (Hb in Dj)
ABE-10233787273: MAKINE, ANDRE - The Crime of Olga Arbyelina (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-3293436304: MAKKAI, ADAM (ED) - In Quest of the Miracle Stag : The Poetry of Hungary - an Anthology of Hungarian Poetry from the 13th Century to the Present in English Translation - Volume 1 (Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-15628416985: MALAMUD, BERNARD - The Assistant (Uk Proof)
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ABE-14000446943: MALDONADO, PEDRO - Danzantes de San Benito En Timotes (Venezuela Pb)
ABE-2708772099: MALFATTI (ED) - Cuatro Documentos Italianos En Materia de la Expedicion de la Armada Invencible (Italian Language Pb)
ABE-11880912108: ABDUL MALIK, MICHAEL - From Michael de Freitas to Michael X (Uk Hb 1st)
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ABE-1137568785: MALLINSON, ALLAN - The Nizam's Daughters (Uk 1st Impression in Dj)
ABE-903278705: MALLINSON, ALLAN - An Act of Courage (Uk 1st Impression Signed)
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ABE-13466290711: MALLORY, PETER - A Killing Matter (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1396642140: MALMGREEN, GAIL - Religion in the Lives of English Women, 1760-1930 (Uk Hb 1st)"
ABE-981936803: MALOUF, DAVID - Remembering Babylon (Uk Proof)
ABE-1036949618: MALOUF, DAVID - Remembering Babylon (Uk 1st Impression - Signed - Fine)
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ABE-5852435071: BY A WORKING MAN - Reminiscences of a Stonemason (Uk Hb 1st - 1908)
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ABE-15937079608: MANCHESTER, P. W. - GRAHAM, SHEILA (ILLUSTRATIONS) - The Rake's Progress - English Ballet Folio Number 1
ABE-15937079666: MANCHESTER, P. W. - GRAHAM, SHEILA (ILLUSTRATIONS) - The Prospect Before Us - English Ballet Folio Number 3 (Uk Pb - 1945
ABE-10747721361: MANDANNA, SARITA - Tiger Hills (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-17601180140: MANDER, RAYMOND - MITCHENSON, JOE - Theatrical Companion to Shaw (Uk Hb 1st)
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ABE-7905726428: MANGUEL, ALBERTO - A History of Reading (Uk Pbo - Signed)
ABE-7987049820: MANGUEL, ALBERTO - Into the Looking-Glass Wood (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-1072341580: MANKELL, HENNING - Sidetracked (Uk Proof)
ABE-7029433753: MANKELL, HENNING - The Dogs of Riga (Uk 1st Pb)
ABE-13363670582: MANKOWITZ, WOLF - MORE, JULIAN - NORMAN, MONTY - The Israeli Story - in Words and Usic (Uk Hb)
ABE-1805815335: MANKOWITZ, WOLF - Mazeppa - the Lives Loves and Legends of Adah Isaacs Menken (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
000405: MANN, THOMAS - Doctor Faustus
ABE-10508298284: MANN, RODERICK - Foreign Body (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-15273913720: MANNIN, ETHEL - At Sundown, the Tiger (Uk Hb 1st in Dj + Bookmark)
ABE-12946244413: MANNING, OLIVIA - The Great Fortune (Uk Hb in Dj)
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ABE-16437027110: MANO, D. KEITH - Bishop's Progress (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-2168778024: MANOUKIAN (ED) - GIORGIO DI CHIRICO - Giorgio Di Chirico - Betraying the Muse : Giorgio Di Chirico and the Surrealists (English Language Paperback)
ABE-15887866300: MANSFIELD, KATHERINE - The Memories of LM (Uk Proof)
ABE-7097787730: MANSFIELD, KATHERINE - The Aloe (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-2208232717: MANTEL, HILARY - Giving Up the Ghost (Us Proof)
ABE-3847155469: MANTEL, HILARY - A Place of Greater Safety (Uk Proof)
ABE-14419192676: NONPAREIL VELVET MANUFACTURERS - BRITISH EMPIRE EXHIBITION 1924 - Nonpareil Velvet Manufacturers - Souvenir Booklet from British Empire Exhibition Wembley 1924 (Slim Pb)
ABE-10011302269: MARAI, SANDOR - Embers (Uk Proof)
ABE-2633113769: MARAI, SANDOR - Embers (Uk Proof)
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ABE-14074094840: MARCH, HILARY - Either / or (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-11637549174: MARCHANT, BESSIE - Lesbias Little Blunder (Uk Hb 1st - 1934)
ABE-1192753308: CATHERINE COOKSON AS CATHERINE MARCHANT - The Iron Facade (Uk 1st Impression in Dj)
ABE-13503680279: MARCHESI, BLANCHE - Singer's Pilgrimage (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-3431380868: MARCHINI, GIUSEPPE - Ghiberti Architetto (Italian Hb)
ABE-11165828356: MARCOTTI, GABRIELE; VIALLI, GIANLUCA - The Italian Job (Uk Hb 1st - Signed by Both)
ABE-2934899390: MARCOTTI, GABRIELE - Capello - Portrait of a Winner (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-1397284064: MARCUS, JANE (ED) - Suffrage and the Pankhursts - Women's Source Library (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-12872718116: DE LA MARE, WALTER - TAYLOR, MARJORIE (WOODCUTS) - BIRMINGHAM SCHOOL OF PRINTING - The Sunken Garden (Slim Paperback - 1931)
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ABE-13379207762: DE LA MARE, WALTER - FREEDMAN, BARNETT - Behold, This Dreamer! (Uk Hb in Dj - 1945)
ABE-15906411688: BAKER, MARGARET & BAKER, MARY - Tomson's Halloween (Uk Hb in Dj)
ABE-15833332804: MARIAS, JAVIER - Bad Nature, or with Elvis in Mexico (Uk Pb - Signed)
ABE-5554058373: MARION, JEAN-LUC - Etant Donne: Essai D'Une Phenomenologie de la Donation (French Pb)
ABE-12872761100: MARKHAM, SARA H.;HIND, PENELOPE - A Testimony of Her Times: Based on Penelope Hind's Diaries and Correspondence, 1787-1838 (Uk Hb 1st + 2 Letters)
ABE-7878345248: MARKHAM, EDWARD ARCHIBALD - Mad & Other Poems (Uk Hb 1st)
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ABE-11637541567: MARKS, IVAN; GOODWIN, JOHN - Match Fishing (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-15845504236: MARKS, JEANETTE - The Family of the Barrett - a Colonial Romance (Us Hb 1st)
ABE-12569313504: MARKS, JAMES MACDONALD; ROBERTS, BRUCE - Ayo Gurkha! (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-13509207231: MARLOWE, DEREK - Do You Remember England? (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-4917101198: MARLOWE, JOHN - Milner : Apostle of Empire (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1175150367: MAROWITZ, CHARLES - The Marowitz Shakespeare - a Collage Version of Shakespeare's Play (Uk 1st Impression - Signed)
ABE-1025866110: GARCIA MARQUEZ, GABRIEL - Of Love & Other Demons (Uk Proof)
ABE-1036617387: GARCIA MARQUEZ, GABRIEL - The General in His Labyrinth (Uk Proof)
ABE-10274800175: MARRECO, ANNE - The Boat Boy (Uk Proof)
ABE-7061368736: MARREN, PETER - The New Naturalists (Uk Pb)
ABE-11521252543: MARRON, PETER - The New Naturalists (Uk Pb 1st)
ABE-6955521334: MARSDEN, PHILIP - The Bronski House (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-15906763992: MARSH, JAN - Pre-Raphaelite Sisterhood (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-5839938305: MARSH, D. E. - The Rajah of Gungra (Uk Hb in Dj)
ABE-15009923060: CALDER-MARSHALL, ARTHUR - SEARLE, RONALD (DJ DESIGN) - The Fair to Middling (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
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ABE-4495183463: MARSTON, EDWARD - The Amorous Nightingale (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-4494620244: MARSTON, A.E. - The Wolves of Savernake (Uk Hb 1st)
000328: MARTEL, YANN - The Facts Behind the Helsinki Roccamatios (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-964171607: MARTEL, YANN - Self (Uk 1st Impression Pbo)
ABE-17481503722: MARTELL, CARL - The Modern Manipulator (Uk Pb - 1910)
ABE-10937199053: MARTER, IAN - Doctor Who, the Reign of Terror (Uk Hb 1st)"
ABE-10233773476: MARTER, IAN - Doctor Who, the Rescue (Uk Hb 1st)"
ABE-10735293833: MARTI, SAMUEL - Canto, Danza Y Musica Precortisianos (Mexican Hb)"
ABE-15914492548: MARTIN, JOHN RUPERT - The Farnese Gallery (Us Hb in Dj)
ABE-4323758564: MARTIN, DOUGLAS - Book Design: A Practical Introduction (Us Pb)
ABE-12897030196: DUNCAN, MARTIN & DUNCAN, L. T. - Spiders and Scorpions - Wonders of Insect Life Series (Uk Hb )
ABE-1322916065: MARTIN, WALTER R.; OBER, WARREN - Henry James' Apprenticeship : The Tales, 1864-1882 (Canadian Hb 1st)"
ABE-1883602794: GIVENS - MARTIN - NETTLESHIP (ED) - Discussions on War and Human Aggression (Us Hb 1st)
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ABE-11521244802: MARTINEZ, D. P. (ED) - The Worlds of Japanese Popular Culture : Gender, Shifting Boundaries and Global Cultures (Uk Pb)"
ABE-13986009926: MARTINEZ, MAYRA A. - Cubanos En la Musica (Paperback 1993)
ABE-3834140242: CACHINERO - JIMENEZ - MARTINEZ - FERRER - Aves Acuaticas de la Provinicia de Granada (Spanish Pb)
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ABE-1247083157: MARTINS, CARLOS; ALCANTARA, DORA - Museus Castro Maya: Museu Do Acude, Chacara Do Ceu = Castro Maya Museums (Large Two-Language Hardback)"
ABE-3286169918: MARX, KARL - ENGELS, FREDERICK - Collected Works - Volume 28 - Marx : 1857-1861 (Hb in Dj)
ABE-15937139141: MARX, KARL - Revolution and Counter-Revolution (Uk Pb - 1920)
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ABE-2258338573: MASEFIELD, JOHN - William Shakespeare (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-1050017036: MASON, ANITA - The War Against Chaos (Uk 1st Impression Hb)
ABE-10626894980: MASON, HAYDN TREVOR (ED) - VOLTAIRE - Pour Encourager Les Autres: Studies for the Tercentenary of Voltaire's Birth, 1694-1994 (Hb in Dj)"
ABE-10626893230: MASON, HAYDN (ED) - Voltaire and the English
ABE-10626870256: MASON, HAYDN - Pierre Bayle and Voltaire (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-12518399681: MASON, DOUGLAS RANKINE - The Phaeton Condition (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-976531872: MASON, DANIEL - The Piano Tuner (Uk Proof with Wraparound Cover and Review Letter)
ABE-13459661466: MASPERO, GEORGES - Grammaire de la Langue Khmere (French Edition - 1915)
ABE-11920174715: MASSON, BERNARD - Musset Et le Theatre Interieur (French Ob)
ABE-16940435104: MASTAI, M.L.D'OTRANGE - Illusion in Art: Trompe L'Oeil, a History of Pictorial Illusion (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-10839846804: MASTERS, ANTHONY - Murder Is a Long Time Coming (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-15009922965: MASTERS, JOHN - Bugles and a Tiger (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-15682720066: MASTERS, JOHN - Bugles and a Tiger (Uk Hb in Dj - Signed)
ABE-5833706571: MASTERSON, WHIT - The Man with Two Clocks (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-2990440340: MASTERTON, GRAHAM - Flesh and Blood (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-17016118584: MASUR, HAROLD Q. - The Mourning After (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-10001791045: MATANE, PAULIAS - My Childhood in New Guinea (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-1057418022: MATAR, HISHAM - In the Country of Men (Uk Proof)
ABE-1002595423: MATAR, HISHAM - In the Country of Men (Uk Proof)
ABE-4967025712: MATAR, HISHAM - In the Country of Men (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-1377103282: MATAR, FUAD - Saddam Hussein : The Man, the Cause and the Future (Hb in Dj)"
ABE-1027602151: MATAR, HISHAM - In the Country of Men (Uk Proof - Fine)
ABE-2250009487: CORREDOR-MATHEOS, J. - Tamayo Rufino (English Language Hb)
ABE-1295746602: COHEN MATIN & WESTPHAL (ED) - Studies in the Philosophy of J.N. Findlay (Us 1st Impression)
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ABE-10625946632: MATTHES, LOTHAR - Vaudeville: Untersuchungen Zu Geschichte Und Literatursystematischem Ort Einer Erfolgsgattung (German Pb)
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ABE-1329435275: MATTHIESSEN, PETER - Partisans (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-4100194635: BUCHNER-MATTMANN, HELENE (ED) - BODMER, MARTIN - Inkunabeln Der Bodmeriana - Katalog (German Hb)
ABE-1139498830: RYKOWSKI - MATUSZEWSKI - LENART (EDITORS) - Evaluation of the Impact of Forest Management Practices on Biological Diversity in Central Europe - a Case Study on the Polish Forest Act and Other Regulations (Large Format Paperback)
ABE-12518424908: MAUDE, AYLMER - Marie Stopes - Her Work and Play (Uk Hb in Dj - 19
ABE-16384515976: MAUGHAM, SOMERSET - Don Fernando (Uk Limited Edition - Signed)
ABE-17362357013: MAUGHAM, SOMERSET - The Summing Up (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-5055541337: MAUGHAM, ROBIN - Testament - Cairo 1898 (Uk Limited Edition - Signed)
ABE-17361060580: MAUGHAM, SOMERSET - Catalina (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-12293272656: MAUGHAM, SOMERSET - Cosmopolitans (Uk Limited Edition of 175 - Signed)
ABE-17362355810: MAUGHAM, SOMERSET - A Writer's Notebook (Uk Hb 1st - Signed - Not Limited Edition)
ABE-1843790494: MAUPASSANT, GUY DE - Oeuvres Posthumes 2 - Les Dimanches D'Un Bourgeois de Paris - la Vie D'Un Paysagiste - Etude Sur Gustave Flaubert - Etude Sur Emile Zola - L'Ame Etrangere - L'Angelus (French Pb - Volume from Oeuvres Completes de Maupassant)
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ABE-15948782362: DU MAURIER, ANGELA - It's Only the Sister (Uk Hb 1st(
ABE-7987242301: MAURIES, PATRICK - LACROIX, CHRISTIAN - Chrisitan Lacroix - the Diary of a Collection (Hb in Slipcase + Signed Etching by Lacroix)
ABE-14387505568: MAUROIS, ANDRE - Ni Ange Ni Bete (French Limited Edition 1927)
ABE-14387839413: MAUROIS, ANDRE - Dialogues Sur le Commandement (French Pb - Signed + Letter)
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ABE-12818143268: MAVOR, ELIZABETH - The Redoubt (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-3183042540: MAVOR, ELIZABETH - KEMBLE, FANNY - Fanny Kemble - the American Journals (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-13516004494: MAVOR, ELIZABETH - Summer in the Greenhouse (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-11261592509: MAWER, SIMON - The Glass Room (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-12913922666: MAWER, SIMON - The Bitter Cross (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-11894051491: MAWSON, PAQUITA - Mawson of the Antarctic (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-13551228250: MAXWELL, WILLIAM - SCOTTISH CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY - Addresses by William Maxwell - Chairman of the Scottish Cooperative and Wholesale Society Ltd - 1880-1908 (Hb 1st)
ABE-11617596945: MAY, GEORGES - D'Ovide a Racine (French Pb)
ABE-12590407939: MAY, COMMANDER W. E. - Compass Adjustment - a Handbook for Ships' Officers and Yachtsmen (Uk Hb - 1951)
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ABE-15781709491: MAY, JULIAN - The Nonborn King (Uk Pb - Signed)
ABE-15824626358: LE MAY, ALAN - The Unforgiven 9us Hb 1st)
ABE-17561075320: LE MAY, ALAN - The Searchers (Us Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-15758649782: MAY, JULIAN - The Golden Torc (Uk Pb - Signed)
ABE-15758649258: MAY, JULIAN - The Many-Coloured Land (Uk Pb - Signed)
ABE-15781709497: MAY, JULIAN - The Adversary (Uk Pb 1st - Signed)
ABE-2405933517: MAYALL (ED) - The New Interventionism, 1991-1994 : United Nations Experience in Cambodia, Former Yugoslavia and Somalia (Uk Pb)"
ABE-11176931860: MAYNARD, JOHN - Charlotte Bronte and Sexuality
ABE-12919433059: MAYNE, WILLIAM - Cathedral Wednesday (Uk Hb in Dj)
ABE-16436857165: MAZOR, JULIAN - Washington and Baltimore: Stories
ABE-1201863602: MAZZAOUI, MAUREEN F. - The Italian Cotton Industry in the Later Middle Ages - 1100-1600 (Hb 1st Impression - Scarce)
ABE-1109362943: MAZZAWI, MUSA - Palestine and the Law : Guidelines for the Resolution of the Arab-Israel Conflict (Uk 1st Impression in Dj - Signed)
ABE-14388641291: MAZZETTI, LORENZA - Rage (Uk Hb 1st + Bodley Head Slip)
ABE-10586437506: MCALLISTER, M. I. - Urchin and the Heartstone (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
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ABE-11062714653: MCBAIN, ED - Doll (Uk Hb 1st in Dj - 1966)
ABE-12297626212: MCBAIN, ED - Kiss (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-3810530393: MCBAIN, ED - Goldilocks (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-3003454944: MCCABE, PATRICK - The Stray Sod Country (Uk Proof)
ABE-1044038331: MCCABE, PATRICK - The Dead School (Uk Proof - Signed)
ABE-1044038337: MCCABE, PATRICK - Mondo Desperado (Uk Proof - Signed)
ABE-2705185607: MCCABE, PATRICK - Breakfast on Pluto (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-12309589361: MCCAFFREY, VINCENT - Hound : A Novel
ABE-13371387852: MCCAFFREY, ANNE - Dragondrums (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1412134921: MCCAFFREY, ANNE; MOON, ELIZABETH - Sassinak (Uk Hb 1st Impression)
ABE-1772760590: MCCAFFREY, ANNE - The Worlds of Anne Mccaffrey - Restoree - Decision at Doona - the Ship Who Sang (Uk Hb 1st Thus)
ABE-17265785427: MCCANN, GRAHAM - Dad's Army : The Story of a Classic Television Show (Uk Hb 1st - Signed by Madoc and Lavender)
ABE-11545769045: MCCANN, COLUM - Transatlantic (Uk Proof)
ABE-13362608699: MCCANN, COLUM - Fishing the Sloe-Black River : Stories (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-13542969010: MCCANN, THOMAS - Come out, Come out, Whoever You Are (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-3527560125: MCCARTHY, TOM - Tintin and the Secret of Literature (Uk Proof - Signed)
ABE-11527894763: MCCARTHY, CORMAC - No Country for Old Men (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-11165830034: MCCARTHY, CORMAC - The Sunset Limited (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-15255218808: MCCARTHY, CORMAC - The Road (Uk Hb 1st Impression)
ABE-10576277197: MCCARTHY, TOM - C (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-10614349956: MCCARTHY, TOM - C (Uk Proof)
ABE-17607564064: MCCARTHY, TOM - Satin Island (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-13360604202: MCCARTHY, TOM - Tintin and the Secret of Literature (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-5104115634: MCCARTHY, MARY - A Source of Embarrassment (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-811529055: MILLS MCCARTNEY, HEATHER - Out on a Limb (Signed Autobiography)
ABE-823593252: MCCAUGHREAN, GERALDINE - Peter Pan in Scarlet (Uk Airport Edition - Full Number Line)
ABE-6877440742: MCCAUGHREAN, GERALDINE - Peter Pan in Scarlet (Uk Hb 1st Impression - Signed Limited Edition)
ABE-1296642594: MCCAUGHREAN, GERALDINE - Gold Dust (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-10614493650: MCCAUGHREAN, GERALDINE - The Death-Defying Pepper Roux (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-978853046: MCCAUGHREAN, GERALDINE - Peter Pan in Scarlet (Uk 2nd Impression Signed + Bookmark)
ABE-1396642158: MCCLELLAND, J. S. - The Crowd and the Mob : From Plato to Canetti (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1179499813: MCCLINTOCK, N. C. - Kingdoms in the Sand and Sun : An African Path to Independence (Uk 1st Impression in Dj - Scarce)
ABE-17467671720: MCCLOY, HELEN - The Early Mccloy: Dance of Death - Deadly Truth - Who's Calling (Uk Hb in Dj)
ABE-5167872477: MCCLUSKEY, FERGUS - Fenians and Ribbonmen - the Development of Republican Politics in East Tyrone 1898-1918 (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1377583268: MCCOSH, REV. JAMES - The Intuitions of the Mind - Inductively Investigated (Uk Hb 1865)
ABE-1049921264: MCCOURT, FRANK - Angela's Ashes (Uk Proof)
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ABE-1906615380: MCCRACKEN, ELLEN - Decoding Women's Magazines : From "Mademoiselle" to "Ms" (Uk Pb)"
ABE-15682145632: TONY MCCRUM - Sunk by Stukas, Survived at Salerno: The Memoirs of Captain Tony Mccrum Rn (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-11183965115: MCCUBBIN, CHARLES - Australian Butterflies (Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-11164419916: MCCULLERS, CARSON - Clock without Hands (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-1424625345: MCCULLOCH, J. R. - A Catalogue of Books, the Property of a Political Economist (Uk Hb Reissue)"
ABE-2135371838: MCCULLOUGH, KATE - Regions of Identity : The Construction of America in Women's Fiction, 1885-1914 (Us Hb 1st)"
ABE-11527448458: MCCUTCHAN, PHILIP - The Kid (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-954764135: MCCUTCHEON, MARTINE - Martine - Autobiography - Who Does She Think She Is (Uk Hb 1st Signed)
ABE-1210510774: COLLEEN MCDANNELL (ED) - Catholics in the Movies (Uk Hb 1st Impression)
ABE-9994868128: MCDERMID, VAL - Kick Back (Uk Proof)
ABE-9981135611: MCDERMID, VAL - Blue Genes (Uk Proof - Fine)
ABE-12297630043: MCENEANEY, KEVIN T. - Tom Wolfe's America : Heroes, Pranksters, and Fools (Us Hb 1st)"
ABE-2171418208: MCEVEY, ALLAN - John Gould's Contribution to British Art : An Essay on Its Authenticity (Australian Pb - Signed)
ABE-17595563328: MCEWAN, IAN - Saturday (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-11063362485: MCEWAN, IAN - The Imitation Game and Other Plays (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-2530177992: MCEWAN, IAN - Atonement (Uk Hb 1st Impression)
ABE-15009931200: MCEWAN, IAN - Amsterdam (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-12038285583: MCEWAN, IAN - Amsterdam - or the Spoiler - a Comi-Tragedy (Uk Proof)
ABE-1033289010: MCEWAN, IAN - The Innocent (Uk Proof)
ABE-2168778011: MCEWEN, JOHN - Paula Rego (Uk Hb 1st)
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ABE-13361303651: MCGAHERN, JOHN - The Dark (Uk Hb in Dj - 1966)
000323: MCGAHERN, JOHN - Collected Stories (Uk Proof - 1992)
ABE-1366506116: MCGAHERN, JOHN - Memoir (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-10937195023: MCGERR, PAT - Die Laughing (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-14467577981: MCGERR, PAT - Die Laughing (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-4909964604: MCGERR, PAT - Catch Me If You Can (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-13693954294: MCGINLEY, PATRICK - The Devil's Diary (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-14491656553: MCGINN, DONALD JOSEPH - The Admonition Controversy (Hb 1st)
ABE-10574715186: MCGINNESS, IAN - Bannock (Uk Pbo 1st)
ABE-1428755754: MCGIVERN, CAROLYN - John Wayne : A Giant Shadow (Uk Pbo - Signed)
ABE-9552139030: MCGOWN, JILL - The Murders of Mrs. Austin and Mrs. Beale (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-3308120727: MCGOWN, JILL - The Stalking Horse (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-10588637217: MCGRATH, PATRICK - Port Mungo (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-5104114103: MCGRATH, PATRICK - Port Mungo
ABE-8574316481: MCGREGOR, EWAN; BOORMAN, CHARLEY - Long Way Down : An Epic Journey by Motorcycle from Scotland to South Africa (Uk Hb 1st - Signed X2)
ABE-10238804632: MCGREGOR, EWAN; BOORMAN, CHARLEY - Long Way Down : An Epic Journey by Motorcycle from Scotland to South Africa (Uk Hb - Signed)
ABE-1022443465: MCGREGOR, JON - So Many Ways to Begin (Uk Special Proof for Ottakar's Managers' Conference - Scarce)
ABE-12818143541: MCGUIGAN, BARRY - Cyclone : My Story (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-1281573307: MCINERNEY, JAY - Ransom (Uk Proof - Signed)
ABE-982951085: MCINERNEY, JAY - Bright Lights, Big City (Uk Proof)"
ABE-3309514737: MCINTYRE, IAN - Hester - the Remarkable Life of Dr. Johnson's 'Dear Mistress' (Uk Proof)
ABE-12297641441: MCKEEN, WILLIAM - Tom Wolfe (Us Hb 1st)
ABE-14389469088: MCKELVEY, WILLIAM - Lakeland Impressions (Uk Pb 1st - Signed)
ABE-14745629934: VIRGINIA MCKENNA - The Life in My Years (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-12314985262: MCKENNA, STEPHEN - The Datchley Inheritance (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-1205187997: MCKENNA, LAMBERT - Bardic Poems from the Yellow Book of Lecan - Volume 2 - Translations, Notes , Vocabulary (Hb)"
ABE-10581616419: MCKNIGHT, TOM - The Camel in Australia (Hb 1st)
ABE-8717517267: MCLAREN, JOHN - Journey without Arrival : The Life and Writing of Vincent Buckley (Australian Pb)
ABE-10933241876: MCLEAN, MERVYN; ORBELL, MARGARET R. - Traditional Songs of the Maori (Pb - 2004)
ABE-10583983526: MCLUCKIE, CRAIG (ED) - COLBERT, PATRICK (ED) - Critical Perspectives on Dennis Brutus (Uk Pb)
ABE-14076372971: MCMILLAN, DOUGALD - FEHSENFELD, MARTHA - Beckett in the Theatre (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-5102674873: MCMILLAN, TERRY - Mama (Uk Hb 1st - Signed?)
ABE-1421173676: MCMURTRY, LARRY - OSSANA, DIANA - Pretty Boy Floyd (Uk Hb 1st - Signed by Both)
ABE-17561102066: MCMURTRY, LARRY - Film Flam: Essays on Hollywood (Us Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-15823458730: MCMURTRY, LARRY - OSSANA, DIANA - Pretty Boy Floyd (Uk Hb 1st - Signed X2)
ABE-15823975082: LARRY MCMURTRY - Moving on (Us Hb 1st)
ABE-11177067927: MCNEES, ELEANOR - CLARKE, GRAHAM (ED) - BRONTE SISTERS - The Bronte Sisters : Critical Assessments (4 Volumes in Case)
ABE-6870974219: MCTELL, RALPH - Angel Laughter : Autobiography Volume One (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-1629346276: MCTELL, RALPH - Angel Laughter : Autobiography Volume One (Uk Hb)
ABE-1384406885: MCTELL, RALPH - Angel Laughter : Autobiography Volume One (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-13551233537: MCWHIRTER, NORRIS - Ross : The Story of a Shared Life (Uk Hb 1st - Signed + Inscription)
ABE-14369048304: ELLEN MCWILLIAMS - Margaret Atwood and the Female Bildungsroman (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-13452897974: MEAD, MARGARET - Coming of Age in Samoa. A Psychological Study of Primitive Youth for Western Civilisation (Uk Hb 1st - 1929)
ABE-17117180741: MEAKIN, ANNETTE - HOMER - Nausikaa - the Sixth Book of the Odyssey Done Into English Hexameter (Pb - 1926)
ABE-1155639435: MEANS, GORDON P. - Malaysian Politics : The Second Generation (Uk 1st Impression)
ABE-4496032049: O'MEARA, BARRY - Napoleon En Exil - Recueillies Par Barry O'Meara, Son Dernier Chirurgien Tome II - Complement Du Memorial de Sainte-Helene (French Pb - 1824)"
ABE-1861846202: MEDWIN, THOMAS - The Angler in Wales or Days and Nights of Sportsmen (Two Volumes Bound in Hb)
ABE-12875152762: MEE, ARTHUR - Arthur Mee's Wonderful Day (Uk Hb - Signed)
ABE-12875182240: MEE, ARTHUR - Arthur Mee's Book of One Thousand Beautiful Things (Uk Hb - Signed)
ABE-2677064213: MEEK, CHRISTINE - The Commune of Lucca Under Pisan Rule (Us Hb 1st)
ABE-10574715530: MEEK, JAMES - Mcfarlane Boils the Sea (Uk Pbo 1st)
ABE-14076373211: MEEK, JAMES - Last Orders and Other Stories (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-4094126152: MEEK, JAMES - Last Orders - and Other Stories (Uk Pbo 1st)
ABE-979239650: MEEK, JAMES - The People's Act of Love (Uk Proof Signed)
ABE-2742010363: MEGROZ, R. L. - The Real Robinson Crusoe - Being the Life and Strange Surprising Adventures of Alexander Selkirk of Largo, Fife - Mariner (Uk Hb 1st)"
ABE-2637097495: MEGROZ, R. L. - Ronald Ross (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-2336029764: MEHTA, GITA - Karma Cola (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1098896221: MAURO MEI - GENTILUCCIO ROCCHI - Trompe L'Oeil Di Gentiluccio Rocchi (Italian Language First Impression)
ABE-3024196968: MEIER (ED) - Erich K§Stner Jahrbuch Band 5 (German Pb)
ABE-15906404057: MEIGHN, MOIRA - Children of the Moon (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-11617648179: MELDOLESI, CLAUDIO - Gli Sticotti - Comici Italiani Nei Teatri D'Europa Del Settecento (Italian Pb)
ABE-12367509665: MELLISH, CHRIS - A Mile High (Pb 1st)
ABE-1784056764: THIAGO DE MELLO, MILTON (ED) - A Primatologia No Brasil - 1 Congresso Brasileiro de Primatologia (Brasilian Paperback)
ABE-14783538275: MELLY, GEORGE - DORIN, WALTER - Great Lovers (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-9810151237: MENANDER - CAPPS (ED) - Four Plays of Menander - the Hero - Epitrepontes, Periceiromene and Samia (Us Hb - 1910)"
ABE-2988339700: MENCKEN, H. L. - Prejudices - Sixth Series (Hb Signed Limited Edition - 34/140)
ABE-5051188795: MENDELSON, CHARLOTTE - When We Were Bad (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-13510098250: MENEGHINI, GIOVANNI B. - My Wife Maria Callas (Us Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-11913926241: MENEVAL, BARON DE - Napoleon Et Marie-Louise - Souvenirs Historiques - Seconde Edition Corrigee Et Augmentee - Tome Troisieme - Volume Three Only
ABE-1296194076: MENGER, KARL - Morality, Decision and Social Organization - Vienna Circle Collection Volume 6 (Hb Original in Dj - Not Pod)"
ABE-11964587591: MENNELL, STEPHEN (ED) - Lettre D'Un Patissier Anglois - Et Autres Contributions a Une Polemique Gastronomique Du XVIII Siecle (Uk Pb)
ABE-3406040761: MERCATI, MICHELE - Gli Obelischi Di Roma (Italian Hb in Dj)
ABE-10614979745: MERCER, JOHN - Mike Target (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-7175815781: MERCHANT, MOELWYN - Fragments of a Life (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-11964518518: MERCIER, LOUIS-SEBASTIEN - DAVIES, SIMON - Le Deserteur (Uk Pb)
ABE-12966792392: DE LA MERE, WALTER - Poems : 1901-1918 (2 Volumes Uk Hb 1st in Dj - Signed)
ABE-1140353770: MERLE, ROBERT - The Island (Uk 1st Impression in Dj - Signed by Translator
ABE-10626886129: MERON, EVELYNE - Tendre Et Cruel Corneille: Le Sentiment de L'Amour Dans le Cid, Horace, Cinna, Et Polyeucte"
ABE-13278171933: MERRILL, ROBERT;JARVIS, FRED G. - The Divas: A Novel (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-12293355225: MESSNER, REINHOLD - FAUC, RONALD - A High Ambition (Uk Special Edition - Signed X2)
ABE-1366221615: MESSUD, CLAIRE - When the World Was Steady (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-17469761471: DEL CARMEN MESTAS, MARIA - Pasion de Rumbero (Spanish Pb)
ABE-10614349969: MEYER, STEPHENIE - New Moon (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-7962003755: MEYER, GORDON - Sweet Water and Bitter (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-9118779468: CROWTHER - GINSBERG - SCHUNEMANN - MEYER - LOTTENBERG (EDITORS) - Evidence-Based Hematology (Uk Hb - 2008)
ABE-5100530192: MEYER, STEPHENIE - Eclipse (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-11670213844: MEYNELL, LAURENCE - The Dangerous Year (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-11759284099: MEYNELL, LAURENCE - Silver Guilt (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-3293420492: MEYNELL, LAWRENCE - The Imperfect Aunt (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-14187359234: AGOSTA-MEYNIER (ED) - Le Prestidigitateur - Mai 1931 No. 140 - 13 Annee - Monthly Magazine for Conjurers, Printed in French and English Language (French Paperback 1931)
ABE-9665101196: MICHAEL, GEORGE - PARSONS, TONY - Bare : George Michael, His Own Story (Uk Hb 1st - Signed by George Michael)"
ABE-10944741916: MICHAUX, HENRI;HELLENS, FRANZ;CLERICI, LEONARDO - Sitot Lus: Lettres a Franz Hellens, 1922-1952 (French Pb)"
ABE-15780571099: BLOCH-MICHEL, JEAN - The Witness (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-2207880272: MICHELI, HORACE - State Purchase of Railways in Switzerland - Economic Studies Colume 3 No. 6 (Us Hb)
ABE-13753772190: MICHENER, JAMES - South Pacific (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-11062262819: MICINSKA, ANNA - Witkacy ; la Vie Et L'Oeuvre (Hb in Dj)
ABE-17617605297: MIDDA, SARA - Growing Up and Other Vices (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-10614591924: MIDDLETON, STANLEY - In a Strange Land (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-964171571: MIDDLETON, STANLEY - A Man Made of Smoke (Uk 1st Midway Original Signed)
ABE-13768069815: MIDDLETON, CHRISTOPHER - The Swallow Diver: Twenty Five Poems (Us Limited Edition)
ABE-14074089321: MIDGLEY, JOHN - Donovan (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-13827003693: MIDGLEY, JOHN - Nimrod (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-10277388928: MIERS, RICHARD - Shoot to Kill (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1374811999: MIESZKOWSKI, GRETCHEN - Medieval Go-Betweens and Chaucer's Pandarus (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-7077168774: MIEVILLE, CHINA - The City & the City (Uk Proof - Limited Edition of 555)
ABE-15255218812: MIEVILLE, CHINA - The City & the City (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-15780571524: MIGHALL, ROBERT - A Geography of Victorian Gothic Fiction: Mapping History's Nightmares (Uk Pb)
ABE-1310685969: HOLTON & MIHAILOVICH - Serbian Poetry from the Beginnings to the Present (Us Hb 1st)
ABE-11181915562: MIKKELSEN, NINA - Susan Cooper (Us Hb 1st - Signed by Cooper)
ABE-11955786219: MILBURN, JACKIE - Golden Goals (Uk Hb in Dj - 1957)
ABE-1297717166: MILHAUD, GASTON - Etudes Sur Cournot (French Pb)
ABE-1036587673: DE MILLE, NELSON - Cathedral (Uk Hb 1st Impression)
ABE-8255821272: MILLER, A. D. - Snowdrops (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-3909261347: MILLER, HENRY - BELMONT & CHABRIER (TRANSLATED) - Insomnia - Ou le Diable En Liberte (French Limited Edition + Signed Lithograph)
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ABE-1131912630: MILLER, ANDREW - Singing Like a Bird (Uk Proof)
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ABE-9988071615: MILLETT, LARRY - Sherlock Holmes and the Red Demon (Us Proof)
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ABE-17265782313: MILLIGAN, SPIKE - Robin Hood According to Spike Milligan (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-14783253612: MILLIGAN, SPIKE - Black Beauty According to Spike Milligan (Uk Pb - Signed)
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ABE-17551787301: MILLIGAN, SPIKE - The Goon Cartoons (Uk Hb - Signed)
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ABE-3732703333: MILLS, HEATHER; COCKERILL, PAMELA - Out on a Limb (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
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ABE-6877437338: MILLS, JOHN - Still Memories : An Autobiography in Photography (Uk Hb 1st - Signed + Event Ticket)
ABE-17598270071: MILNE, CHRISTOPHER - The Enchanted Places (Uk Hb - Signed)
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ABE-1422976735: MORLAND, HAROLD - Lakeland Ballads - Tales in Verse (Uk Pb - Signed)
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000143: MORRIS, JAN - Pleasures of a Tangled Life (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
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ABE-11955796472: MORTENSEN, STANLEY - Football Is My Game (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
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ABE-1049266531: MOSSE, KATE - Labyrinth (Uk 1st Impression Hb)
ABE-968987868: MOSSE, KATE - Labyrinth (Uk 1st Impression Signed)
ABE-968987871: MOSSE, KATE - Labyrinth (Uk 1st Impression Signed)
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ABE-1559248117: MOTION, ANDREW - The Poetry of Edward Thomas (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-10576216814: MOTION, ANDREW - The Poetry of Edward Thomas (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-885520542: MOTION, ANDREW - The Pale Companion (Uk Hb 1st Impression Signed)
ABE-885520558: MOTION, ANDREW - Famous for Creatures (Uk 1st Impression Signed)
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ABE-5052362858: MUEENUDDIN, DANIYAL - In Other Rooms, Other Wonders (India Hb 1st)"
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ABE-1559249997: MUGGERIDGE, MALCOLM - Chronicles of Wasted Time - the Infernal Grove (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-4122915301: MUGGERIDGE, MALCOLM - Like It Was - a Selection from the Diaries of Malcolm Muggeridge (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-7904484878: MUIR, FRANK (ED) - The Oxford Book of Humorous Prose (Hb - Signed by Muir)
ABE-11981283825: MUJICA, SOLEDAD - La Huaconada de Mito (Chilean Pb + Dvd)
ABE-14163615940: NEEL MUKHERJEE - The Lives of Others (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1298967000: MULHALL, STEPHEN - Inheritance and Originality : Wittgenstein, Heidegger, Kierkegaard (Uk Pb)"
ABE-14509898662: MULISCH, HARRY - The Assault (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1331764912: MULLALLY, MARGARET - A Crown in Darkness : A Novel About Lady Jane Grey (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-5133576229: MULLEN, PETER - Blessed Assurance (Uk Hb 1st + Promotional Letter)
ABE-1275727757: MAX MULLER (ED) - THIBAUT (TRANS) - Vedanta Sutras - Three Volumes - Sacred Books of the East 34 38 and 48 (Indian Hb Reprints)
ABE-12897642073: MULLER, ELIZABETH - DE LA FONTAINE - Fables de la Fontaine - Choisies Pour Les Enfants - Accompagnees de Notes Explicatives Et Precedees D'Un Apercu Sur la Fable Et Les Principaux Fabulistes Par Elizabeth Muller (French Hb - 1843
ABE-1558714232: MULLER, HERTA - Land of Green Plums (Uk Pbo)
ABE-4418552019: MULLER, NICOLE - Agents in Early Welsh and Early Irish (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-14344846399: MULLER, HERTA - The Passport (Uk Pbo 1st)
ABE-3805103589: MULLER, HERTA - Land of Green Plums (Uk Pbo 1st)
ABE-1322916022: MULVEY, CHRISTOPHER - Anglo-American Landscapes : A Study of Nineteenth-Century Anglo-American Travel Literature (Hb 1st)
ABE-16423788662: MULVILLE, FRANK - Terschelling Sands (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-9147107217: MUNIF, ABD AL-RAHMAN - Cities of Salt (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-16435735170: MUNRO, JAMES - The Money That Money Can't Buy (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-12897031391: MUNRO, H. H. - SAKI - The Unbearable Bassington (Uk Hb 1st - 1912)
ABE-2406423249: MUNRO (TRANS) - CARTER, SEBASTIAN - The Song of Deborah and Barak (Rampant Lions Press No. 5 / 150)
ABE-13503679976: MUNRO, ALICE - The Moons of Jupiter (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1131912576: MURAKAMI, HARUKI - Kafka on the Shore (Uk Proof - Rare)
ABE-1228455860: MURAKAMI, HARUKI - The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle (Uk 1st Impression Pbo)
ABE-14345160063: MURAKAMI, HARUKI - Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman (Uk Proof + Harvill Release)
ABE-1297928416: MURAKAMI, HARUKI - Kafka on the Shore (Unabridged Naxos Audiobook)
ABE-1247629061: MURAKAMI, HARUKI - Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman (Uk Proof - Scarce)"
ABE-3504558429: MURAKAMI, HARUKI - Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman (Uk Proof)"
ABE-7172933238: MURAKAMI, HARUKI - After the Quake (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-12144589582: MURAKAMI, HARUKI - Sputnik Sweetheart (Uk Pbo 1st)
ABE-1198336740: MURAKAMI, HARUKI - Dance Dance Dance (Uk Pbo - 1994 - Rare Collectable Copy)
ABE-7963291885: MEDIEVAL MURDERERS - King Arthur's Bones (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-8623121260: MURDOCH, IRIS - The Message to the Planet (Uk Proof)
ABE-14345156133: MURDOCH, IRIS - An Accidental Man (Uk Proof)
ABE-1754918318: MURDOCH, IRIS - Under the Net (Uk Hb First Impression)
ABE-13510102095: MURDOCH, WILLIAM - Chopin : His Life (Uk Hb 1st in Dj - Signed)
ABE-1428864981: MURDOCH, IRIS - The Green Knight (Us Hb 1st - Signed + Inscription)
ABE-979603044: MURDOCH, IRIS - Jackson's Dilemma (Uk Proof)
ABE-1754909472: MURDOCH, IRIS - The Flight from the Enchanter (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-1226096734: MURPHY, RICHARD (ED) - St Thomas Aquinas - Summa Theologiae - Volume 54 (3a 46-52) the Passion of Christ (Uk Hb 1st Impression in Dj)
ABE-14345139031: MURRAY, TIFFANY - Happy Accidents (Uk Pbo 1st - Signed)
ABE-7098668426: MURRAY, TIFFANY - Diamond Star Halo (Uk Pbo 1st - Signed)
ABE-12919433062: MURRAY, PAUL - Free Agent (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-12070439512: MURRAY, ALBERT - South to a Very Old Place (Us Hb 1st)
ABE-1037640113: MURRELL, RCHAEL - Sharpe's Triumph - the Story of a Hero's Triumph (Uk 1st Impression Pbo - Fine)
ABE-11913924990: MURRI, TULLIO - L'Enfer Du Bagne (French Pb)
ABE-1203233935: MURTON, RK - Birds and Men - New Naturalist (Uk 1st Impression 1951)
ABE-3827414018: J. PAUL GETTY MUSEUM - Papers on the Amasis Painter and His World (Large Pb)
ABE-1317413237: DEUTSCHES MUSEUM - Wissenschaftliches Jahrbuch 1991 (German Hb)
ABE-1317413197: DEUTSCHES MUSEUM - Wissenschaftliches Jahrbuch 1992/1993 (German Pb)
ABE-1317413233: DEUTSCHES MUSEUM - Wissenschaftliches Jahrbuch 1990 (German Hb)
ABE-1174566336: MUSHRAFI, MOKHDUM-E-MULK - Pakistan and Bangladesh: Political Culture and Parties (Hb 1st Impression in Dj)
ABE-7175851415: MUSIL, ROBERT - The Man without Qualities - Volume 1 - a Sort of Introduction & the Like of It Now Happens (Uk Hb in Dj - 1961)
ABE-1275386720: MUSIL, ROBERT - On Mach's Theories (Hb 1st Impression in Dj)
ABE-3412300653: MUTNJAKOVIC, ANDRIJA - Ranorenesansni Grad - Fruhrenaissancestadt (Croatian - English Pb)
ABE-3412300652: MUTNJAKOVIC, ANDRIJA - Vojvodska Palaca U Urbinu - Rekonstrukcija Gradenja - the Ducal Palace of Urbino - a Reconstruction of the Building (Croatian - English Pb)
ABE-1132500372: NABB, MAGDALEN - The Marshal and the Madwoman (Uk 1st Impression in Dj - Nice Copy)
ABE-17016118989: NABB, MAGDALEN - The Marshal's Own Case (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-979602553: NABB, MAGDALEN - The Marshal's Own Case (Uk 1st Impression Rare)
ABE-7034937284: NABB, MAGDALEN - Death of a Dutchman (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-7034944551: NABB, MAGDALEN - Death in Autumn (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-10933239884: NABNEY, JANET - Machine-Knitted Fabrics: Felting Techniques (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-1036949002: NABOKOV, VLADIMIR - Mary (Uk 1st Impression Hb - Unfaded)
ABE-7964554362: NABOKOV, VLADIMIR - Nabokov's Quartet (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-14346635485: NABOKOV, VLADIMIR - The Real Life of Sebastian Knight (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-15009931198: NABOKOV, VLADIMIR - Lolita (Uk Hb in Nice Dj - 1960)
ABE-15833401066: NADEL, S. F. - A Black Byzantium (Uk Hb in Dj)
ABE-979788916: NADOLNY, STEN - Die Entdeckung Der Langsamkeit (Deutsche Erstauflage Signiert Mit Bauchband)
ABE-11183485529: SHAYK NAFZAWI - The Glory of the Perfumed Garden - the Missing Flowers (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-11767133505: NAIPAUL, V. S. - In a Free State (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-11673834218: NAIPAUL, V. S. - Mr Stone and the Knights Companion (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1264393397: NAIPAUL, SHIVA - Black and White (Uk 1st Impression - Scarce Signed)
ABE-2705942787: NAIPAUL, V. S. - Magic Seeds (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-979239735: NAIPAUL, SHIVA - A Hot Country (Uk Proof + Advance Info Publicity Sheet)
ABE-2705872801: NAIPAUL, V. S. - Magic Seeds (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-1206087687: NAIPAUL, VS - The Overcrowded Barracoon & Other Stories (Uk Proof - Rare + Deutsch Slip)
ABE-1023692121: NAIPAUL, SHIVA - Beyond the Dragon's Mouth (Uk 1st Impression)
ABE-15012641635: NAIRNE, W. P. - Gilmour of the Mongols (Uk Hb in Dj - 1932)
ABE-1276137123: NAJEMY, JOHN M. - Corporatism and Consensus in Florentine Electoral Politics, 1280-1400 (Us Hb)"
ABE-7202406341: FORD-INMAN, NANCY & NUTTING, MARION - Spinsters in Spain ! (Uk Hb 1st in Dj - Signed Limited to 250)
ABE-7049747908: NANSEN, FRIDTJOF - Through the Caucasus to the Volga (Uk Hb 1st - 1931)
ABE-1017483468: NANSEN, FRIDTJOF - Adventure and Other Papers (Uk 1st Impression in Rare Dj - Hogarth Press 1927)
ABE-1366505873: NARAJAN, RK - The World of Nagaraj (Indian 1st Impression)
ABE-9960189342: NARAYAN, R. K. - The Man-Eater of Malgudi (Uk Hb 1st - 1962)
ABE-1101312452: NARAYAN, RK - The Sweet-Vendor (Uk 1st Impression in Dj)
ABE-16590637496: NARAYAN, R. K. - Under the Banyan Tree (Proof)
ABE-1033289801: NARAYAN, RK - The Painter of Signs (Uk 1st Impression - Scarce)
ABE-3643252815: NARAYAN, R. K. - The English Teacher (Uk Hb in Dj 1947)
ABE-3643251857: NARAYAN, R. K. - The Bachelor of Arts (Uk Hb in Dj - E&S 1948)
ABE-15822893390: NARAYAN, R. K. - The Writerly Life - Secleted Non-Fiction (Indian Hb 1st)
ABE-1000630875: NARAYAN, RK - My Days - an Autobiography (Uk 1st Impression Hb)
ABE-5560847672: NARAYAN, R.K. - The Bachelor of Arts

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