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ABE-5548797656: BUCHANAN, GEORGE - Inside Traffic (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-8591382248: BUCHANAN, GEORGE - Inside Traffic (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-10637666247: BUCHSBAUM, MILDRED; BUCHSBAUM, RALPH; PEARSE, VICKI; PEARSE, JOHN - Living Invertebrates (Uk Hb - Signed)
ABE-1317413302: BUCHWALD - ED - Scientific Credibility and Technical Standards - Archimedes 1996 (Hb)
ABE-12938929700: BUCK, PEARL S. - The Exile (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-1137478618: BUCKERIDGE - Jenning's Again (Uk 1st Impression in Dj - Fine)
ABE-1100529198: BUCKERIDGE, ANTHONY - Jennings' Little Hut (Uk Hardback - Signed)
ABE-2852738612: BUCKERIDGE, ANTHONY - The Jennings Report (Uk Pb - Signed)
ABE-3336740765: BUCKINGHAM, GEORGE VILLIERS; CRANE, D. E. L. - Buckingham - the Rehearsal (Uk Hb in Dj)
ABE-17454924614: BUCKNILL, JOHN CHARLES - The Psychology of Shakespeare (Uk Hb - 1859)
ABE-1276700962: BUCZACKI, STEFAN - Garden Natural History (Uk 1st Impression Pb)
ABE-1323401701: JOHN BUDD - Henry James : A Bibliography of Criticism, 1975-1981 (Hb 1st Impression)"
ABE-1323923615: BUELENS, GERT - Enacting History in Henry James : Narrative, Power, and Ethics (Uk Hb 1st)"
ABE-14000042398: BUENDIA, FELIPE - Amor a Lima - Valses Nobles Y Sentimentales (Peruvian Pb)
ABE-1812679021: BULGAKOV, SERGEI NIKOLAEVICH - The Friend of the Bridegroom : On the Orthodox Veneration of the Forerunner (Pb 1st)
ABE-1418244371: BULHOF, I.N. - Apollos Wiederkehr - Eine Untersuchung Der Rolle Des Kreises in Nietzsches Denken Uber Geschichte Und Zeit (German Pb)
ABE-1140353771: BULL, ANGELA - Noel Streatfield : A Biography (Uk 1st Impression in Dj - Scarce)
ABE-3961169345: BULL, FLORENCE - Perspective (Hb in Dj)
ABE-11176702850: BUNTEN, A. CHAMBERS - Sir Thomas Meautys, Secretary to Lord Bacon, and His Friends (Uk Hb 1st)"
ABE-10746362888: CHAMBERS BUNTEN, ALICE - Life of Alice Barnham (1592-1650) - Wife of Sir Francis Bacon (Uk Hb)
ABE-14369915360: BUNTING, BASIL - Collected Poems (Uk Hb in Dj - 1978)
ABE-2289926986: BUNTING, BASIL - Briggflatts (Uk Pb - 1966)
ABE-12872747369: BURCKHARDT, JOHN LEWIS - Travels in Arabia (Uk Hb in Dj)
ABE-2530173744: BURDICK, ERIC - Old Rag Bone (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-10226736219: BURDON, ERIC - I Used to Be an Animal But I'm All Right Now (Uk Pbo)
ABE-17462445355: IMPERIAL MINERAL RESOURCES BUREAU - Minerals of the Empire - British Empire Exhibition Wembley 1924 (Uk Pb)
ABE-10478465585: BURGESS, ANTHONY - The Wanting Seed (Uk Hb in Dj)
ABE-12145397648: BURGESS, ANTHONY - Shakespeare (Uk Hb 1st + Signed Bookplate)
ABE-2248430391: BURGESS, ANTHONY - The Doctor Is Sick (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-14810264073: BURGESS, ANTHONY - A Mouthful of Air: Language and Languages, Especially English (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-11629825651: BURGESS, ANTHONY - 1985 (Uk Hb 1st + Signed Bookplate)
ABE-11955822167: BURGESS, ANTHONY - You'Ve Had Your Time : The Second Part of the Confessions (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-16590635838: BURGESS, ANTHONY - The Pianoplayers (Uk Proof)
ABE-16583539096: BURGESS, ANTHONY - 1985 (Uk Proof)
ABE-15822780857: BURGESS, TIM - Telling Stories (Uk Hb in Slipcase - Signed)
ABE-12087961693: BURGESS, ANTHONY - Mouthful of Air : Language and Languages, Especially English (Uk Hb 1st)"
ABE-16611413357: BURGESS, ANTHONY - Little Wilson and Big God (Uk Proof)
ABE-14745637818: BURGESS, ANTHONY - Any Old Iron (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-5854008419: BURGESS, ERIC - FRIGGENS, ARTHUR - Mortorio Two (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1397284067: BURGESS, ANTHONY - Ninety-Nine Novels : The Best in English Since 1939 (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-8591647242: BURKE, JAMES LEE - Dixie City Jam (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-14076388945: BURKE, J. F. - Chastity House (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-17560509192: BURKE, JAMES LEE - Dixie City Jam (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-17561076708: BURKE, JAMES LEE - A Morning for Flamingos (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-5839928217: BURKE, JAMES LEE - A Morning for Flamingos (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-9994868012: BURKE, JAMES LEE - In the Moon of Red Ponies (Uk Proof)
ABE-17560501629: BURKE, JAMES LEE - Cadillac Jukebox (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-7034944720: BURKE, JAMES LEE - Black Cherry Blues (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-17561076775: BURKE, JAMES LEE - In the Electric Mist with Confederate Dead (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-17561055266: BURKE, JAMES LEE - Heaven's Prisoners: A Nove (Us Hb 1st - Signed)L
ABE-17560501184: BURKE, JAMES LEE - Black Cherry Blues (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-8591647666: BURKE, JAMES LEE - The Tin Roof Blowdown (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-11176704510: BURKHART, CHARLES - Charlotte Bronte : A Psychosexual Study of Her Novels (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-13734943776: BURLEY, NICOLA - Burley Cross Postbox Theft (Uk Proof)
ABE-1131912648: BRADLEY & BURLS (EDITORS) - Ethics in Public and Community Health
ABE-13581242059: BURN, GORDON - Born Yesterday : The News As a Novel (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-17606612412: BURNAND, F. C. - The A.D. C. : Being Personal Reminiscences of the University Amateur Dramatic Club, Cambridge (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-7127485200: BURNELL, R. D. - Swing Together - Thoughts on Rowing
ABE-14387877128: HODGSON BURNETT, FRANCES - Little Lord Fauntleroy (Uk Hb 1st - 1886)
ABE-11912126110: BURNS, JAMES - Sir Galahad - a Call to the Heroic (Uk Hb)
ABE-11879981030: BURNS, ALAN - Celebrations (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-17617604272: SCOTT BURNS, TOM - RIGG, MARTIN - Round and About the North Yorkshire Moors Volume 2 - a Further Glimpse of the Past (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-17113415147: BURNS, CHRISTOPHER ANDREW - English Translations of Homer's Iliad and Odyssey (Uk Pb)
ABE-11980158438: BURROUGHS, WILLIAM - Port of Saints (Uk Hb in Dj)
ABE-11698785927: BURROUGHS, WILLIAM - Exterminator (Uk Pb)
ABE-9551221384: BURTON, MILES - Situation Vacant (Uk Hb in Dj)
ABE-9551221019: BURTON, MILES - The Mystery of High Eldersham (Uk Hb - 1933)
ABE-14466282361: BURTON, MILES - Murder M.D. (Uk Hb 1st - 1943)
ABE-12865506653: BURTON, MILES - The Three Corpse Trick (Uk Hb 1st - 1944)
ABE-14467572596: BURTON, MILES - Beware Your Neighbour (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-14466310504: BURTON, MILES - The Cat Jumps (Uk Hb 1st - 1946)
ABE-14467578182: BURTON, MILES - Unwanted Corpse (Uk Proof?)
ABE-14745625890: BURTON, ELAINE - What of the Women - the Study of Women in Wartime (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-14467577128: BURTON, MILES - Death Takes the Living (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-12860693256: BURTON, MILES - Death in Shallow Water (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-14465946330: BURTON, MILES - Murder M.D. (Uk Hb)
ABE-12865501607: BURTON, MILES - Devil's Reckoning (Uk Hb 1st - 1948)
ABE-17015136883: BURTON, RICHARD - A Strong Song Tows Us: The Life of Basil Bunting (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1310174006: BURUMA, IAN - A Japanese Mirror - Heroes and Villains of Japanese Culture (Uk Hb in Dj)
ABE-2171211374: DU BUS, CHARLES - Democartographie de la France - Des Origines a Nos Jours (French Pb)
ABE-12277522963: BUSHBY, JOHN - Gunner's Moon : A Memoir of the Raf Night Assault on Germany (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-5548804306: BUSHELL, ANTHONY - Poetry in a Provisional State: : the Austrian Lyric 1945-1955 (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-11670217087: BUSSELL, DARCEY - Life in Dance (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-11894598925: BUTLER, FRANK HEDGES - Round the World (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1179499901: BUTLER, CHRISTOPHER - After the Wake : An Essay on the Contemporary Avant-Garde (Uk 1st Impression in Dj)
ABE-10324008783: BUTLER, GERALD - Slippery Hitch (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-17110743144: BUTLER, SAMUEL - The Iliad of Homer - Shrewsbury Edition 1925 (Uk Limited Edition of 750)
ABE-15759423290: BUTLER, SAMUEL - God the Known and God the Unknown (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1201863535: BUTLER, WH - The Lombard Communes (Uk 1st Edition 1906)
ABE-8594376914: BUTLER, LIEUTENANT-COLONEL C. B. - Red Cloud - the Solitary Sioux (Uk Hb - 1887)
ABE-1095742167: BUTSCHER, EDWARD - Sylvia Plath : The Woman and the Work (Uk 1st Impression in Dj)
ABE-1421173780: THE BUTTERFLY - The Butterfly - a Humorous and Artistic Monthly (10 Issues - May 1893 - Feb 1894)
ABE-4964351637: BUYSE, JUAN - ET AL. - Les 3000 Des Pyrenees (French Pb)
ABE-16590637502: BYATT, A.S. - Angels & Insects (Us Proof)
ABE-15822963676: O'BYRNE, CATHAL - As I Roved out (Irish Hb)
ABE-3955517210: BYRON, ROBERT - First Russia Then Tibet (Uk Hb 1st - 1933)
ABE-1704276369: CABOT, DAVID - Ireland : The New Naturalist (Uk Pb 1st)
ABE-17467671830: CABOT, DAVID - Wildfowl - Collins New Naturalist 110 (Uk Pb 1st)
ABE-10740688178: CADELL, ELIZABETH - Parson's House (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1057246807: CADOGAN, MARY - And Then Their Hearts Stood Still (Uk 1st Impression)
ABE-15257327111: JULIUS CAESAR - C. IULI CAESARIS - Caesar Commentariorum - Libri III de Bello CIVILI (Uk Hb in Dj)
ABE-10240632487: CAHEN, JACQUES-GABRIEL - Le Vocabulaire de Racine (French Hb)
ABE-1423236022: CAINE, HALL - The Bondman Play (Uk 1st Impression)
ABE-1595594170: CAINE, WILLIAM - A Prisoner in Spain (Uk Hb - 1926)
ABE-3805105790: CAIRNCROSS, ALEC - The Wilson Years : A Treasury Diary, 1964-1966 (Uk Hb 1st + Handwritten Letter)"
ABE-12226217318: CAIRNEY, JOHN - The Man Who Played Robert Burns : An Autobiographical Journey (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-1035710006: CAIRNS, FRANCIS - Virgil's Augustan Epic (Uk 1st Impression Hb - 1989)
ABE-3113647115: CALDWELL, GEORGE S. - Gristmill : A Novel (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-8719356209: CALDWELL, ERSKINE - Tragic Ground (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-13223444634: CALITRI, CHARLES - Strike Heaven on the Face (Uk Proof)
ABE-12518428478: CALLIL, CARMEN - Bad Faith : A Forgotten History of Family and Fatherland (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-10746805214: CALTHROP, ANNETTE - MATHEW, ARNOLD HARRIS - The Life of Sir Tobie Matthew (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-16590694876: CALVINO, ITALO - The Road to San Giovanni (Us Proof)
ABE-4994492902: CALVINO, ITALO - Under the Jaguar Sun (Uk Proof)
ABE-16614853502: CALVINO, ITALO - Under the Jaguar Sun (Uk Proof)
ABE-12038246485: CALVINO, ITALO - Mr. Palomar (Uk Hb in Dj)
ABE-4912718823: CALVO (ED) - Romancero General de Segovia (Spanish Pb)
ABE-1397600713: JOAO BETTENCOURT DA CAMARA - Analise Estrutural Contemporanea a Emergencia de Um Modelo Louis Althusser (Portuguese Pb 1st - Signed)
ABE-14244071241: CAMILLERI, ANDREA - The Voice of the Violin (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-14248013919: CAMILLERI, ANDREA - The Snack Thief (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-14401651843: CAMILLERI, ANDREA - Rounding the Mark (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-13734946178: CAMILLERI, ANDREA - The Scent of the Night (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-14076378748: CAMILLERI, ANDREA - The Scent of the Night (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-14401648527: CAMILLERI, ANDREA - The Voice of the Violin (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-14480276349: CAMILLERI, ANDREA - The Shape of Water (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-14244071244: CAMILLERI, ANDREA - Excursion to Tindari (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-9892261788: CAMILLERI, ANDREA - The Terra-Cotta Dog (Us Hb 1st)
ABE-15780584205: METHUEN-CAMPBELL, JAMES - Denton Welch: Writer and Artist (Uk Limited Edition)
ABE-12866911744: CAMPBELL, ALICE - Travelling Butcher (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-9328415332: CAMPBELL, RONALD - Marked for Murder (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-2742148679: MAXWELL CAMPBELL, IAN - Wayward Tendrils of the Vine (Uk Hb 1st - Limited Edition)
ABE-14467572539: CAMPBELL, ALICE - The Murder of Caroline Bundy (Uk Hb 1st - 1933)
ABE-3495373316: CAMPBELL, LADY COLIN - A Matter of Influence (Uk Hb 1st - Fine)
ABE-8719356499: CAMPBELL, MICHAEL - The Princess in England (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-5850815146: CAMPBELL, MARION - The Dark Twin (Uk Hb in Dj)
ABE-5842156428: CAMUS, ALBERT - The Possessed - a Play in Three Acts (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-11981285357: PAREDES CANDIA, ANTONIO - La Danza Folklorica En Bolivia (Pb - 1966)
ABE-5100193642: CANDY, EDWARD - Voices of Children : A Nove (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-5032928945: CANDY, EDWARD - Parents' Day (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-16590646709: CANETTI, ELIAS - The Conscience of Words (Uk Proof)
ABE-2233943011: CANETTI, ELIAS - Crowds and Power (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-12931696893: CANFIELD, JOHN V. (EDITOR) - Philosophy of Meaning, Knowledge and Value in the 20th Century - Routledge History of Philosophy Volume X - 10 (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-11637542281: CANKAR, IVAN - The Bailiff Yerney (Uk Hb 1st - in Dj)
ABE-17467105578: M'CANN, JAMES - Autobiography of a Soul (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-2249336253: CANNAN, GILBERT - Windmilss - a Book of Fables (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-9960216704: CANNING, VICTOR - The Immortal Wound (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-5581221609: CANNON, MICHAEL - Lachlan's War (Uk Proof + Signed Card)
ABE-5168582679: CANTARELLA, RAFFAELLE - UNIVERSITA DI MILANO - CONCA, FABRIZIO (ED) - Ricordando Raffaele Cantarella: Miscellanea Di Studi (Italian Pb)
ABE-15257194557: CANTARELLI (PREFACE) - FORMISANO, MARCO (ED) - La Passione Di Perpetua E Felicita (Italian Pb)
ABE-3107805491: CANTONE, GAETANA - IL Palazzo Maddaloni Allo Spirito Santo (Italian Pb)
ABE-5168579953: CAPASSO, MARIO (ED) - Papiri Letterari Greci E Latini (Italian Pb)
ABE-6990184763: CAPON, PAUL - Winderbolt (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-11880914001: CAPOTE, TRUMAN - Summer Crossing (Us Proof)
ABE-16614859943: CAPOTE, TRUMAN - Answered Prayers (Uk Proof)
ABE-11743633957: CAPPER, ALFRED - A Rambler''s Recollections & Reflections (Uk Hb - 1915)
ABE-1323613650: CARAMELLO, CHARLES - Henry James, Gertrude Stein, and the Biographical Act (Us Hb 1st)"
ABE-7202337411: CARAVALE, GIORGIO - Forbidden Prayer - Ecclesiastical Censorship and Devotional Literature in Renaissance Italy (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1416328037: CARD, ORSON SCOTT - Songmaster (Us Hb 1st)
ABE-12086235064: CARDEW, MICHAEL - A Pioneer Potter : An Autobiography (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-15780618638: CARDINAL, MARIE - The Words to Say It (Uk Hb 1st + Release Sheet)
ABE-3452387335: GIULIO LENSI ORLANDI CARDINI - Le Ville Di Firenze - 2 Volumes - Di Qua D'Arno & Di la' D'Arno (Italian Hb Set in Slipcase)
ABE-10937414210: CAREY, PETER - Oscar & Lucinda (Us Proof)
ABE-16590687293: CAREY, PETER - Oscar & Lucinda (Uk Proof)
000432: CAREY, PETER - True History of the Kelly Gang
ABE-3989463905: CAREY, PETER - Parrot and Olivier in America (Uk Proof)
ABE-1049921104: CAREY, PETER - The Unusual Life of Tristan Smith (Uk 1st Impression - Signed)
ABE-5472038287: CAREY, PETER - Parrot and Olivier in America (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-13223188352: CAREY, PETER - Theft : A Love Story (Uk Hb 1st - Signed & Dated)
ABE-1039503437: CARGAS, HARRY JAMES (EDITOR) - Holocaust Scholars Write to the Vatican (Us First Impression Hardback - Fine)
ABE-1839989408: CARLSTEAD, KATHY - Motivational Influences on Individual and Species Differences in Responses to Conspecifics in Three Haplochromis Species (Bound Phd)
ABE-5144199663: CARLYLE, THOMAS - Montaigne and Other Essays Chiefly Biographical (Uk Hb - Large Paper Edition 45/75)
ABE-8785913898: CARLYLE, THOMAS - CARLYLE, JANE W. - SANDERS, CHARLES RICHARD - The Collected Letters of Thomas and Jane Welsh Carlyle 1840 - Volume 12 (Us Hb)
ABE-6990185285: CARMICHAEL, HARRY - Flashback (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-2334933464: CARMICHAEL, HARRY - Alibi (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-7052044746: CARNAC, CAROL - Long Shadows (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-13510096957: CARNAC, CAROL - Death of a Lady Killer (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-11964220567: CARNER, MOSCO - Giacomo Puccini : Tosca (Uk Pb 1st)
ABE-17476529087: CARPENTER, HUMPHREY - The Joshers (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-1839989397: CARPENTER, C. R. (ED) - Proceedings from the Second International Congress of Primatology Atlanta 1968 - Two Volumes - Volume 1 Behavior & Volume 2 Recent Advances in Primatology (Us Hb)
ABE-14480275597: CARPENTER, DAVID JOHN - Dockland Apprentice (Uk Pb)
ABE-16590646715: CARPENTIER, ALEJO - The Chase (Uk Proof)
ABE-11521248136: CARR, GORDON - The Angry Brigade - a History of Britain's First Urban Guerilla Group (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-8717003895: LE CARR?, JOHN - The Constant Gardener (Uk Hb - Signed)
ABE-12518398681: CARR, VIRGINIA SPENCER - The Lonely Hunter : A Biography of Carson Mccullers (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-14468083733: DICKSON CARR, JOHN - Till Death Do Us Part (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-13223366702: CARR, CALEB - The Angel of Darkness (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-1155795390: CARRARO, CARLO; EGENHOFER, CHRISTIAN - Climate and Trade Policy : Bottom-Up Approaches Towards Global Agreement (Hb 1st Impression in Dj)
ABE-14372473569: CARRDUS, ANNA - Classical Rhetoric and the German Poet: 1620 to the Present - Study of Opitz, Burger and Eichendorff (Uk Pb)
ABE-13995594518: LE CARRE, JOHN - Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-14810267073: LE CARRE, JOHN - The Night Manager (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-1876125348: LE CARRE, JOHN - The Russia House (Uk Proof)
ABE-14771442874: LE CARRE, JOHN - Nervous Times: An Address Given at the Savoy Hotel at the Annual Dinner of the Anglo-Israel Association on 10th November 1997 (Signed Limited Edition)
ABE-12961120750: LE CARRE, JOHN - The Quest for Karla (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-15762548207: LE CARRE, JOHN - Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (Uk Pb - Signed)
ABE-15781688428: LE CARRE, JOHN - The Little Drummer Girl (Uk Pb - Signed Limited Advance Edition)
ABE-12931718063: LE CARRE, JOHN - A Perfect Spy (Uk Hb - Signed)
ABE-15758641319: LE CARRE, JOHN - The Honourable Schoolboy (Uk Pb - Signed - Fine)
ABE-1295896658: CARROLL, JOHN W. - Laws of Nature (Uk Hb )
ABE-5055795439: CARROLL, JONATHAN - A Child Across the Sky (Us Hb Limited Edition - Signed)
ABE-7202301901: DES CARS, GUY - The Brute (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-10277398082: CARTER, ANGELA; UGLOW, JENNIFER S. - Shaking a Leg : Journalism and Writings (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1216549754: CARTER, ANGELA - Fireworks (Uk Proof - Scarce)
ABE-2406434060: WILL CARTER - RAMPANT LIONS PRESS - The Ceremony of the Lilies and the Roses - 21st May 6: 30 P. M (Pb - Rampant Lions Press)
ABE-17145065293: CARTER, ANGELA - Heroes and Villains (Uk Proof)
ABE-13360596564: CARTER, ASHLEY - The Outlanders (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-5853428996: CARTER, R. M. H. - The Dream Killers (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-17561122238: CARTER, FORREST - Watch for Me on the Mountain (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-10277397230: CARTER, ANGELA - Black Venus's Tale
ABE-13541976661: CARTER, WILL - D'AVIGDOR-GOLDSMID, SARAH - BEATON, CECIL (PHOTOS) - CONNOLLY CYRIL ET. AL - Sarah by Her Friends and for Them (Rampant Lions Press Limited Edition of 300)
ABE-16611413360: CARTER, ANGELA - American Ghosts & Old World Wonders (Uk Proof + Publicity Letter)
ABE-17605320479: CARTER, ANGELA - Nights at the Circus (Uk Pb 1st - Signed)
ABE-15937119125: CARTER, ERNESTINE - The Changing World of Fashion (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-871941689: CARTLAND, BARBARA - An Angel Runs Away (Uk 1st Impression Signed)
ABE-2133272539: CARTLAND, BARBARA - Love at the Helm (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-11527436983: CARTWRIGHT, JUSTIN; CLEMENS, BRIAN - The New Avengers - Fighting Men (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-11767826334: CARTWRIGHT, JUSTIN - Freedom for the Wolves (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-7905748206: CARTWRIGHT, JUSTIN - This Secret Garden : Oxford Revisited (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-1164439429: CARTWRIGHT, AP - The First South African - the Life and Times of Sir Percy Fitzpatrick (South African 1st Impression in Dj)
ABE-5847182236: CARTWRIGHT, JUSTIN - This Secret Garden : Oxford Revisted (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-1366933780: CARTWRIGHT, JUSTIN - To Heaven by Water (Uk Proof)
ABE-1563004133: LUCRETIUS CARUS - SISSON, C. H. (TRANS) - De Rerum Natura - the Poem on Nature (Uk Hb in Dj)
ABE-1331729946: CARVER, CAROLINE - Blood Junction (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-10502615138: CARY, JOYCE - The Horse's Mouth (Uk Hb 1st in Dj + Wraparound Band)
ABE-16459679061: CASANOVA, GIACOMO - TRASK, WILLARD R. - History of My Life (Uk Hb in Dj)
ABE-10011395738: CASBON, ELEANOR - The Incurable Optimists - Chris and Dan Sandford in Ethiopia Uk Hb 1st(
ABE-17606096665: CASH, ARTHUR H. - Laurence Sterne: The Later Years (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1855781685: CASS, JOAN - The Dance : A Handbook for the Appreciation of the Choreographic Experience (Hb 1st)
ABE-3872885422: CASTAGNOLI (ED) - Studi Di Urbanistica Antica - Quaderni Dell-Istituto Di Topografia Antica Della Universita Di Roma II (Italian Paperback)
ABE-11223441182: CASTANEDA, CARLOS - The Second Ring of Power (Uk Proof)
ABE-13551256173: CASTELLI, ENRICO - Demitizzazione E Immagine (Italian Pb - 1962)
ABE-5549095535: CASTRO, JOSE LUCIANO DE - MOREIRA, FERNANDO - Jose Luciano de Castro - Correspondencia Politica 1858-1911 (Portuguese Pb)
ABE-13995591709: CATAROCHE, JENNY - The History and Archaeology of Jethou (Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-15937128196: CATHER, WILLA - Lucy Gayheart (Tauchnitz Edition in Dj - 1936)
ABE-3007055267: CATTAUI, GEORGES - Marcel Proust (French Pb - Signed)
ABE-1057418171: CATULLUS, GAIUS VALERIUS - RAPHAEL, FREDERIC - MCLEIGH, KENNETH - The Poems of Catullus (Uk Hb 1st Impression Thus)
ABE-1870032839: CAUDWELL, SARAH - The Sirens Sang of Murder (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-1957841660: CAVALIERI (ED) - Etica & Animali - the Great Ape Project - Special Issue 8/96 (Pb)
ABE-2741496041: CAVE, TERENCE C. - Devotional Poetry in France, 1570-1613 (Uk Hb 1st)"
ABE-1784125836: CAVE, A. J.;INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR ECOLOGY;INTERNATIONAL UNION OF BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES - Structure, Functioning and Management of Ecosystems: Proceedings of the First International Congress of Ecology, the Hague, the Netherlands, September 8-14, 1974"
ABE-10944649366: CAZALET, MARK - DAVEY, REVEREND RICHARD - Mark Cazalet - a New Sacred Art (Signed Ltd Edition)
ABE-17599524066: CAZOTTE, JACQUES - The Devil in Love (Uk Limited Edition - 1925)
ABE-1140353778: CECIL, HENRY - Fathers in Law (Uk 1st Impression in Dj - Signed)
ABE-10614593452: CELA - BAREA, ARTURO (INTRODUCTION) - The Hive (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-1264393345: HULTEN & CELANT (ED) - Italian Art - 1900-1945 (Large Pb)
ABE-15780579477: CELINE, LOUIS-FERDINAND - Death on Credit (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-12811803260: CENTURION - MILLS, REGINALD (PICTURES) - In the Service of the Nation - the N.F. S. Goes Into Action (Slim Hb - 1944 + Leaflet and Letter on Flying Bomb 'Exhibition)
ABE-11964243927: CEROU, PIERRE - GASTON HALL, H. - L'Amant Auteur Et Valet (Uk Pb)
ABE-2170644113: CERVANTES - Cervantes - an Excerpt from the General Catalogue of the Printed Books in the British Mueseum (Uk Pb 1942)
ABE-13983440710: CHABON, MICHAEL - Werewolves in Their Youth (Uk Pbo 1st)
ABE-1035709954: CHADWICK, NK - Poetry and Letters in Early Gaul (Uk 1st Impression in Dj - Signed & Inscribed)
ABE-1262161769: CHADWICK, A. C.;SUTTON, S.L. - Tropical Rain-Forest: The Leed Symposium (Hb 1st Impression in Dj)
ABE-10747718245: CHAGALL, MARC - Ville de Menton - Septieme Biennale de Peinture 1968. - Dediee a Marc Chagall. - 10 Juillet-15 Septembre 1968 (French Pb)
ABE-10518630999: CHAGALL, MARC - La Mia Vita (Italian Pb)
ABE-13371387186: CHAHINE, SAMIA ASSAD - Regards Sur le Theatre D'Arthur Adamov (French Pb)
ABE-4494048667: CHAKRAVARTY, PRASANTA - Like Parchment in the Fire : Literature and Radicalism in the English CIVIL War (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-11612285047: CHALIAPIN, FEODOR - Man and Mask : Forty Years in the Life of a Singer (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-11909896349: BLACK & CHALLIS (ED) - Henry VIII to His Ambassadors at the Diet of Ratisbon 17th June 1541 (Uk Pb)
ABE-10568470494: CHALMERS, HERO; SANDERS, JULIE; TOMLINSON, SOPHIE - Three Seventeenth-Century Plays on Women and Performance : The Wild-Goose Chase; the Bird in a Cage; the Convent of Pleasure (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-3876789871: CHAMBERS, NANCY (ED) - Signal 70 - January 1993 - Approaches to Children's Books (Uk Pb)
ABE-14100839975: CHAMBERS, E. K. - Shakespearean Gleanings (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1252271500: CHAMPA, KERMIT SWILER - Mondrian Studies (Us Hb 1st Impression)
ABE-11913250818: CHAMPFLEURY - Les Excentriques (French Pb - 1993)
ABE-1046129675: CHANDLER, RAYMOND - The Smell of Fear (Uk 1st Impression)
ABE-1405296257: CHANDLER, JOHN - Endless Street : History of Salisbury and Its People (Uk Hb in Dj)
ABE-1004943054: JUNG CHANG - Wild Swans - Three Daughters of China (Chivers Audiobook Unabridged)
ABE-15845481519: CHANG, HSIN-PAO - Commissioner Lin and the Opium War (Us Hb 1st)
ABE-14388653496: CHAO, E.Y.S - Biomechanics of the Hand: A Basic Research Study (Hb 1st)
ABE-5078472554: CHAPLIN, PATRICE - Having It Away (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-11202340882: CHAPMAN, STANLEY D. - CHASSAGNE, SERGE - European Textile Printers in the Eighteenth Century: A Study of Peel and Oberkampf (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-10738109577: MURRAY CHAPMAN, OLIVE - Across Iceland - the Land of Frost and Fire (Uk Hb 1st in Dj) Bgttgnhhb
ABE-10586437289: CHAPMAN, JOHN - Antonin Dvorak - Musician & Craftsman (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-1324085981: CHAPMAN, SARA S. - Henry James's Portrait of the Writer As Hero (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-5526905297: CHAPMAN, KIT - An Innkeeper's Diary (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-11965753952: CHAPPUZEAU, SAMUEL - CROW, JOAN (ED) - Le Cercle Des Femmes Et L'Academie Des Femmes (Uk Pb)
ABE-15914294036: CHARBONNEAUX, JEAN - Classical Greek Art, 480-330 B.C. - Arts of Mankind (Uk Hb in Dj)
ABE-15914552817: CHARBONNEAUX, JEAN - Hellenistic Art : 330-50 Bc (Uk Hb 1st in Dj and Slipcase)
ABE-5033272604: CHARLES, PAUL - I Love the Sound of Breaking Glass : An Inspector Christy Kennedy Mystery (Uk Pbo 1st - Signed + Cd)
ABE-1402303860: CHARLES, GERDA - The Destiny Waltz (Uk Hb in Dj)
ABE-10576220022: CHARLES, PAUL - I'Ve Heard the Banshee Sing (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-1772753955: CHARLES, GERDA - The Destiny Waltz (Uk Hb in Dj - 1971)
ABE-876445551: CHARLES, GERDA - The Destiny Waltz (Rare Uk Proof Copy)
ABE-1376465011: CHARLES, GERDA - The Crossing Point (Uk Hb - Signed)
ABE-8693093189: CHARLTON, JACK - Jack Charlton : The Autobiography (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-3834141254: CHARPIER, FREDERIC - Histoire de L'Extreme Gauche Trotskiste: De 1929 a Nos Jours (French Pb)
ABE-14800685786: HADLEY CHASE, JAMES - A Lotus for Miss Quon (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-14800686681: HADLEY CHASE, JAMES - One Bright Summer Morning (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-14804754938: HADLEY CHASE, JAMES - Twelve Chinks and a Woman (Uk Hb in Dj)
ABE-1220148972: CHATWIN, BRUCE - The Songlines (Uk Proof - Scarce)
ABE-4970614494: CHATWIN, BRUCE - The Songlines (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-10586437053: CHAUDHURI, NIRAD C. - The Autobiography of an Unknown Indian (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-8717513753: CHAUDHURI, NIRAD C. - Thy Hand, Great Anarch - India 1921-1952 (Uk Hb 1st - Signed with Charming Inscription)"
ABE-984635675: CHAUDHURI, AMIT - Afternoon Raag (Uk Proof in Jacket)
ABE-5608895939: CHAUSSON, ANDRE ; LAPIDUS, MICHEL - Les Propheties de L'Egypte Ancienne
ABE-13962470205: CHAUVET, MARIE - Dance on the Volcano (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-17660892514: CHECKLAND, SARAH JANE - Ben Nicholson: The Vicious Circles of His Life and Art (Uk Proof)
ABE-1006846703: CHEEK, MAVIS - Dog Days (Uk 1st Impression Hb Signed)
ABE-13503718081: CHEEK, MARTIN - Mosaic Art : Design and Inspiration (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-1246560418: CHEETHAM, MARK A. - The Rhetoric of Purity : Essentialist Theory and the Advent of Abstract Painting (Uk 1st Impression in Dj)
ABE-15780870646: CHEKHOV, ANTON - HELLMAN (ED) - The Selected Letters of Anton Chekhov (Uk Hb + Release Sheet)
ABE-14083889331: CHENEY, C.R. - The Papacy and England, 12th to 14th Centuries: Historical and Legal Studies (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-11964533266: DE CHENIER, MARIE-JOSEPH - COOK, MALCOLM (ED) - Jean Calas (Uk Pb)
ABE-13581226963: CHERKOVSKI, NEELI - Ferlinghetti, a Biography (Us Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-10923263232: CHESHIRE, LEONARD - The Light of Many Suns : The Meaning of the Bomb (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-12818143259: CHESHIRE, LEONARD - The Hidden World (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-10485715770: CHESNEY, MARION - The Viscount's Revenge (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-15937128474: CHESTERTON, G. K. - The Outline of Sanity (Tauchnitz Pb 1st)
ABE-8601710476: CHESTERTON, G. K.;CONLON, D.J. - G.K. Chesterton: The Critical Judgments - Part 1 - 1900-1937
ABE-1805812722: CHEVALIER, TRACY - Remarkable Creatures (Uk Proof - Early Proof)
ABE-981937172: CHEVALIER, MAURICE - I Remember It Well (Uk 1st Signed)
ABE-15952756240: CHEVALIER, LOUIS - Le Cholera: La Premiere Epidemie Du XIX Siecle (Bibliotheque de la Revolution de 1848, Tome XX)
ABE-3398672035: CHEVALLIER, RAYMOND - DUFOURNET, PAUL - UNIVERSITE DE TOURS -CENTRE DE RECHERCHES A. PIGANIOL;ACADEMIE D'ARCHITECTURE (FRANCE) - Presence de L'Architecture Et de L'Urbanisme Romains: Actes Du Colloque Des 12, 13 Decembre 1981 Paris, Academie D'Architecture Hommage a Paul Dufournet (French Pb)"
ABE-2250662866: CHEVALLIER, GABRIEL - Clochemerle (Uk Hb in Dj - 1940)
ABE-13983459952: CHEYNEY, PETER - Dressed to Kill (Uk Hb in Dj)
ABE-2742122280: CHIARI, JOSEPH - Symbolisme from Poe to Mallarme: The Growth of a Myth (Us Hb)
ABE-11975964667: CHICHESTER, JOHN JAY - The Porcelain Mask (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-14881791457: CHILD, LEE - One Shot - a Jack Reacher Novel (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-7987043725: CHILDISH, BILLY - Chatham Town Welcomes Desperate Men (Hb Limited Edition - One of 100 Signed)
ABE-15010291622: CHILTON, JOHN - The Song of the Hawk (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-3495409366: CHISHOLM, P. F. - A Season of Knives (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-2910804344: CHISHOLM, RODERICK M. - On Metaphysics (Us Hb 1st)
ABE-3495410786: CHISHOLM, P. F. - A Surfeit of Guns (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-11880325048: CHITHAM, EDWARD - Birth of Wuthering Heights : Emily Bronte at Work (Uk Pb)
ABE-1295896598: CHOMSKY, NOAM - Cartesian Linguistics (Us Hb 1st)
ABE-1295896663: CHOMSKY, NOAM - Cartesian Linguistics (Us Hb 1st)
ABE-1367615667: CHOUDHURY, MITA - Covents and Nuns in Eighteenth-Century French Politics and Culture (Us Hb 1st)
ABE-15454247707: MOHAMED CHOUKRI - BOWLES, PAUL (TRANSLATION) - For Bread Alone (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-2709006879: CHOULANT, D. LUDWIG - Die Anatomischen Abbildungen Des XV. Un XVI. Jahrhunderts (German Hb)
ABE-12590405223: CHRISTENSEN, BODIL;MARTI, SAMUEL - Witchcraft and Pre-Columbian Paper (Pb - 1979)
ABE-14465944900: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Sparkling Cyanide (Uk Hb 1st - 1945)
ABE-17660883726: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Why Didn't They Ask Evans ? (Uk Hb 1st - 1934)
ABE-11903859496: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (Uk Hb Ca 1928)
ABE-11903845756: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Partners in Crime (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-11903316551: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Cards on the Table (Uk Hb - 1936)
ABE-11894602404: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Appointment with Death (Uk Hb 1st - 1938)
ABE-11160838751: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Murder on the Orient Express (Uk Hb in Dj)
ABE-17660884739: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Hercule Poirot's Christmas (Uk Hb 1st - 1939)
ABE-14466307768: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Murder in the Mews (Uk Hb in Dj - 1940 - Good Copy)
ABE-10256035519: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - The Sittaford Mystery (Uk Hb 1st - 1931)
ABE-12931716492: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - The Mysterious Mr. Quin (Uk Hb - 1940)
ABE-12590415524: CHRISTIE'S - Model Railway Rolling Stock from the Collection of the Late R.W. Head - Tuesday 1st Aril 2003 (Uk Pb)
ABE-15019625758: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - The Sittaford Mystery (Uk Hb - 1932)
ABE-16384478222: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Ten Little Niggers (Uk Hb 1st - 1939)
ABE-12085341472: CHRISTOPHER, JOHN - A Wrinkle in the Skin (Uk Hb in Dj)
ABE-2994776046: CHRISTY, DAVID - Pulpit Politics - or Ecclesiastical Legislation on Slavery in Its Disturbing Influences on the American Union (Us Hb - 1969)
ABE-982951171: CHURCHILL, WINSTON - The Age of Revolution - Volume III of a History of the English-Speaking People (Rare Uk Proof)
ABE-982951176: CHURCHILL, WINSTON - The Great Democracies - Volume IV of a History of the English-Speaking People (Rare Uk Proof)
ABE-13452900339: CHURCHILL, SARAH - Keep on Dancing (Us Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-1376465242: CHURCHILL, RANDOLPH - 21 Years (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-2209492179: CHYDENIUS, ANDERS - PETANDER (ED) - Den Nationnale Winsten (Swedish Hb - 1929)
ABE-10739561861: CICERO - FROST ABBOTT, FRANK - Selected Letters of Cicero (Us Hb in Dj)
ABE-2687339484: CICERO - GOLLANCZ (ED) - Cicero's Book of Friendship, Old Age, and Scipio's Dream (Uk Hb 1907 - King's Classic)"
ABE-9810150747: M. T. CICERONIS - CICERO - REID (ED) - M.T. Ciceronis Pro L. Cornelio Balbo Oratio Ad Iudices (Uk Hb - 1908)
ABE-9810150832: M. T. CICERONIS - CICERO - PRETOR (ED) - Cicero - Letters to Atticus - Book II (Uk Hb - 1918)
ABE-14075787734: CINTRON, CONCHITA - Torera! Memoirs of a Bullfighter (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-14395323607: CINTRON, CONCHITA - Torera - Memoirs of a Bullfighter (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1202095317: CARLO MARIA CIPOLLA (ED) - Banchieri E Mercanti Di Siena (Italian First Edition in Dj)
ABE-1327604316: LE CLAIR, ROBERT - Young Henry James (Us Hb in Dj)
ABE-1245807533: CLANCY, TOM - The Bear and the Dragon (Us 1st Impression - Signed)
ABE-16940770920: CLAPP, SAMUEL F; DORE, GUSTAVE - Gustave Dore 1832-1883 - Watercolours, Drawings, Prints and Sculpture (Uk Pb)
ABE-11633605521: CLARE, JOHN - The Midsummer Cushion (Uk Hb 1st - 1979)
ABE-1011841373: CLARE, JOHN - John Clare - a Midsummer Cushion (Uk 1st Impression Hb)
ABE-1026838694: CLARK, ALAN - Summer Season - an Entertainment (Uk Proof - Very Rare)
ABE-11503030413: COULTHARD-CLARK, C. D. - The Third Brother : The Royal Australian Air Force 1921-39 (Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-11160838981: CLARK, GARTH; COURTNEY, CATHY - Richard Slee (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-15823456712: VAN TILBURG CLARK, WALTER - The Ox-Bow Incident (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-13466847886: CLARK, CUMBERLAND - A Study of Macbeth (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-16423345619: CLARK, GREGORY - In Fear of China (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-7098666076: CLARK, ALAN - Tories and the Nation State : The Conservative Party in Power, 1922-1997 (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)"
ABE-13722877291: CLARK, AUDREY - The Vedor Sampler (Uk Hb in Dj - 1946)
ABE-1412134863: CLARK, STEVE H. - Sordid Images : The Poetry of Masculine Desire (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1773035532: CLARK, ALAN - The Fall of Crete (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-17119665811: CLARKE, HOWARD (EDITOR) - The Odyssey : A Collection of Critical Essays (Us Pb)
ABE-4275996971: CLARKE, DAVID L. - Mesolithic Europe : The Economic Basis (Uk Hb)
ABE-17598353010: CLARKE, PETER - The Keynesian Revolution in the Making, 1924-1936 (Uk Pb)
ABE-4265929482: CLARKE, DAVID - Analytical Archaeologist : Collected Papers of David L. Clarke (Uk Hb - 1979)
ABE-1374811953: CLARKE, BENJAMIN JAMES - Orwell in Context : Communities, Myths, Values 9uk Hb 1st)"
ABE-1322559775: CLARKE, GRAHAM (ED) - HENRY JAMES - Henry James : Critical Assessments (Hb 4 Volumes in Slipcase)
ABE-17110364036: CLARKE, HOWARD W. - Homer's Readers: Historical Introduction to the Iliad and the Odyssey (Us Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-13812028075: CLARKE, ARTHUR C. - Tales from the White Hart (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-12818213106: CLARKE, MOLLY - The Smallest Mouse - I Can Read Story 6 (Uk Pb)
ABE-11637533400: CLAUSEN, CARL - Jaws of Circumstance (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-17607561339: CLAVEL, BERNARD - Meurtre Sur le Grandvaux (French Pb - Signed)
ABE-17607562741: CLAVEL, BERNARD - La Revolte a Deux Sous (French Pb - Signed)
ABE-15011918742: CLAVELL, JAMES - Noble House (Uk Pb 1st - Signed)
ABE-2633456973: CLEARY, MARK C. - Peasants, Politicians and Producers : The Organisation of Agriculture in France Since 1918 (Uk Hb 1st)"
ABE-12553484659: CLEBERT, JEAN-PAUL - The Blockhouse (Uk Hb in Dj)
ABE-11934785287: CLELAND, JOHN - Experiment on Brute Animals (Uk Pb - 1883)
ABE-15887869507: CLEVELY, HUGH - Heroic Blood (Uk Proof)
ABE-14163616284: CLEVERLY, BARBARA - The Last Kashmiri Rose (Uk Hb 1st Impression)
ABE-10588637364: CLEVERLY, BARBARA - The Bee's Kiss (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-2637098418: LE CLEZIO, J. M. G. - Le Proces-Verbal (French Pb - 1963)
ABE-12938941039: CLIFFORD, FRACNIS - Ten Minutes on a June Morning (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-10937196385: CLINGMAN, STEPHEN - Bram Fischer : Afrikaner Revolutionary (Hb 1st)
ABE-12875174134: CLIVE, WILLIAM - Dando and the Mad Emperor (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-9301457334: CLOETE, STUART - Watch for the Dawn (Uk Hb 1st in Dj - 1939)
ABE-13541759938: CLOETE, STUART - The Thousand and One Nights of Jean Macaque (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-3734124690: CLOGAN, PAUL MAURICE - Humanist Educational Theory - Gregory the Great - Culinary Comedy - in Medievalia Et Humanistica - Studies in Medieval Renaissance Culture Issue 30 (Us Hb in Dj)
ABE-10240630794: CLOSS, AUGUST - German Life and Letters - Volume XLI No. 4 - a Special Number for August Closs (Pb)
ABE-2170760610: BURLINGTON FINE ARTS CLUB - Florentine Painting Before 1500 - Catalogue of an Exhibition (Uk Hb)
ABE-11934768549: BURLINGTON FINE ARTS CLUB - Catalogue of a Collection of Counterfeits, Imitations and Copies of Works of Art (Paperback 1924)"
ABE-4496034826: WIMBLEDON LAWN TENNIS CLUB - ROCHE. TONY (SIGNED) - Wimbledon Programme - the Lawn Tennis Championships 1968 - Wednesday 3rd July - the Ninth Day (Signed by Tony Roche - Finalist)
ABE-1374811980: CLUTTERBUCK, CHARLOTTE - Encounters with God in Medieval and Early Modern English Poetry (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-9981142702: CLYNES, MICHAEL - The Poisoned Chalice (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-1280596177: COAKLEY, JOHN; LAFFAN, BRIGID; TODD, JENNIFER - Renovation or Revolution? : New Territorial Politics in Ireland and United Kingdom (Irish Pb)
ABE-1296642644: COBB, RICHARD - A Sense of Place (Uk Hb 1st Impresion)
ABE-17113637320: INGLIS COCHRANE, JAMES - HOMER - Homer's Iliad - Book First (Uk Pb - 1862)
ABE-17111176241: INGLIS COCHRANE, JAMES - HOMER - Homer's Iliad - Translated Into English Hexameters (Uk Hb 1st - 1867 - for Private Circulation)
ABE-11886821433: COCTEAU, JEAN - The Miscreant (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-2236427256: COCTEAU, JEAN - Le Sand D'Un Poete (French Pb 1st)
ABE-12055703822: COCTEAU, JEAN - Poesie de Journalisme - 1935-1938 (French Pb)
ABE-9994870146: CODY, LIZA - Gimme More (Uk Pbo 1st - Signed)
ABE-10490562525: CODY, LIZA - Ballad of a Dead Nobody (Us Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-17391857222: COE, SEBASTIAN - MILLER, DAVID - Running Free (Uk Hb 1st Signed + Signed Programme)
ABE-5581507838: COE, JONATHAN - The Closed Circle (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-17462449556: COE, JONATHAN - What a Carve Up! (Uk Pbo 1st)
ABE-11261269310: COE, JONATHAN - What a Carve Up (Uk Proof)
ABE-17391860168: COE, JONATHAN - Expo 58 (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-12926380413: COE, JONATHAN - What a Carve Up (Uk Proof)
ABE-1377103312: COELHO, PAULO - The Devil and Miss Prym : A Novel of Temptation (Uk Proof)
ABE-1374812400: COENEN, ETIENNE - La Konjunkturforschung En Allemagne Et En Autriche 1925-1933 (French Pb)
ABE-1416328357: COETZEE, J. M. - Age of Iron (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1152546497: COETZEE, JM - Diary of a Bad Year (Uk Proof)
ABE-15822778691: COETZEE, J. M. - Foe (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-11611819283: COGNIAT, RAYMOND - GEORGE, WALDMAR - Oeuvre Complete de Roger de la Fresnaye (French Pb + Portfolio of Prints)
ABE-17015106932: COHEN, JOSHUA - Book of Numbers (Uk Proof)
ABE-17117887268: COHEN, BETH (ED) - The Distaff Side: Representing the Female in Homer's Odyssey (Hb 1st)
ABE-13765118161: COHEN, LEONARD - Death of a Lady's Man (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-12309712023: COHEN, MARK - The Fractal Murders (Us Pbo 1st - Signed)
ABE-15038709151: COHEN, ARTHUR A. - A Hero in His Time (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-16459026423: L.H.L. COHEN - Cohens in War and Peace (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-11521920102: COKER, JOHN - Sun, Sea and Lights - the Memoirs of an Inspector of the Imperial Lighthouse Service (Uk Hb 1st)"
ABE-12897637247: COLBECK, C. - The Public Schools Historical Atlas (Uk Hb - 1907)
ABE-11521273433: COLE, THOMAS - A World of Saints (Us Limited Edition - Signed)
ABE-3854023011: COLE, HUGO - Malcolm Arnold : An Introduction to His Music (Uk Hb in Dj)
ABE-5102677524: COLEGATE, ISABEL - News from the City of the Sun (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
000539: COLEGATE, ISABEL - Agatha
ABE-2639990206: COLEMAN, VERNON - Bilbury Grange (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-13542282067: COLERIDGE, SAMUEL TAYLOR - The Devil's Thoughts and Apologia Pro Vita Sua (Limited Edition of 60 Copies)
ABE-17467671357: COLES, MANNING - Night Train to Paris (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-13467192957: COLES, MANNING - A Knife for the Juggler (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-17467665082: COLES, MANNING - Alias Uncle Hugo (Uk Hb 1st - Signed by Both)
ABE-13467199502: COLES, MANNING - The Man in the Green Hat (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-17467103553: COLES, MANNING - Death of an Ambassador (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-17467102903: COLES, MANNING - Among Those Absent (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-17467669494: COLES, MANNING - Diamonds to Amsterdam (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-17467669839: COLES, MANNING - Let the Tiger Die (Us Hb 1st - Signed by Both Authord)
ABE-13467216194: COLES, MANNING - The Three Beans (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-17481417256: COLES, MANNING - Now or Never (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-13731193512: COLES, MANNING - No Entry (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-13467193461: COLES, MANNING - No Entry (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-9972081294: COLETTE - Claudine and Annie (Uk Proof)
ABE-997438143: COLFER, EOIN - Artemis Fowl (Uk 1st Impression 2001)
000010: COLFER, EOIN - Artemis Fowl the Eternity Code (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-11637541553: COLLECTIF - La Communaute Johannique Et Son Histoire (French Pb 1st)
ABE-7102435897: COLLECTIF - L'Alimentation En Foret Tropicale Volume 1 - Les Ressources Aalimentaires : Production Et Consommation (Volume 1 - French Pb)
ABE-7878438520: COLLEY, IAIN - Dos Passos and the Fiction of Despair (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-11880902248: COLLIER, IRIS - Evil in the Sun (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-12066035206: PAYNE COLLIER, J. - Memoirs of Edward Alleyn - Founder of Dulwich College - Including Some New Particulars Respecting Shakespeare, Ben Jonson, Massinger, Marston, Dekker Etc. (Uk Hb 1st - 1841)"
ABE-1428755683: COLLINGS, MICHAEL - The Many Facets of Stephen King (Us Hb 1st - Nice Copy)
ABE-1373676433: COLLINGWOOD, ROBIN GEORGE - Essays in Political Philosophy (Uk Pb)
ABE-8546435961: COLLINI, STEFAN - Matthew Arnold - a Critical Portrait (Uk Pb)
ABE-15758641112: COLLINS, JACKIE - Hollywood Wives (Uk Pb - Signed)
ABE-15758682208: COLLINS, JACKIE - Hollywood Husbands (Uk Pb - Signed)
ABE-17117887256: COLLINS, LESLIE - Studies in Characterization in the Iliad (Hb - 1988)
ABE-17467671822: COLLINS, MICHAEL - LINDBERGH, CHARLES (FOREWORD) - Carrying the Fire: An Astronaut's Autobiography (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-15758325429: COLLINS, JACKIE - Chances (Uk Pb - Signed)
ABE-1309856503: COLLINS, JAMES DANIEL;THRO, LINUS J. - History of Philosophy in the Making: A Symposium of Essays to Honor Professor James D. Collins on His 65th Birthday (Us Pb)
ABE-4286800008: COLLODI, CARLO - GOUGH, PHILLIP (ILLUS) - Pinnochio (Uk Hb in Dj - 1947)
ABE-3452381760: DU COLOMBIER, PIERRE - Jean Goujon (French Pb)
ABE-14419194977: BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA - BRITISH EMPIRE EXHIBITION 1924 - British Columbia, Canada at the British Empire Exhibition 1924 (Promotional Souvenir Booklet)
ABE-15938124614: LUCIUS JUNIUS MODERATUS COLUMELLA - RODGERS, R. H. (ED) - L. Iuni Moderati Columellae Res Rustica: Incerti Auctoris Liber de Arboribus (Uk Hb in Dj)
ABE-11183969772: COLVILLE, W. J. - Creative Thought - Being Essays in the Art of Self-Unflodment (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1374812018: COMITINI, PATRICIA - Vocational Philanthropy and British Women's Writing, 1790-1810 : Wollstonecraft, More, Edgeworth, Wordsworth (Uk Hb 1st)"
ABE-11889481959: COMPARATO, VITTOR IVO - Giuseppe Valletta - Un Intellettuale Napoletano Della Fine Del Seicento (Italian Pb)
ABE-1366658431: COMTE, PHILIPPE - Paul Klee (Us Hb 1st)
ABE-1372721662: CONFORD (ED) - The Personal World : Self and Society in the Thought of John Macmurray 9uk Pb 1st)
ABE-15628410377: CONNELLAN, MARGUERITE - Gypsy's Earth (Uk Hb 1st - Rare)
ABE-1048447773: CONNELLY, MICHAEL - The Overlook (Uk Proof)
ABE-955959451: CONNELLY, MICHAEL - The Black Ice (Uk 1st Impression Rare)
000564: CONNELLY, MICHAEL - Trunk Music
000565: CONNELLY, MICHAEL - The Poet
ABE-1855781680: CONNER (ED) - The Aesthetics of Toni Morrison : Speaking the Unspeakable (Us Pb)
ABE-17606115645: CONNERY, BRIAN A. (ED) - Representations of Swift (Us Hb 1st)
ABE-14345154409: CONNINGTON, J. J. - Death at Swaythling Court (Penguin Pb)
ABE-7912404046: CONNOLLY, JOSEPH - Winter Breaks (Uk Pbo 1st - Signed)
997: CONNOLLY, JOSEPH - Collecting Modern First Editions (Very First One from 1977)
ABE-1331729937: CONNOLLY, JULIAN W. - Nabokov's Early Fiction : Patterns of Self and Other (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1329435282: CONNOLLY, THOMAS F. - George Jean Nathan and the Making of Modern American Drama Criticism (Us Hb 1st)
ABE-7905756993: CONNOLY, JOSEPH - Summer Things (Uk Pbo 1st - Signed + Postcard)
ABE-7102951578: O'CONNOR, D. - Hamlet's Note-Book (Us Hb - 1886)
ABE-17471692947: O'CONNOR, JOHN - Father Brown on Chesterton (Uk Hb - 1938)
ABE-12469778398: O'CONNOR, JOHN - A Pattern of People (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-4130784907: O'CONNOR, JOHN - Twins (Uk Hb 1st - Signed Limited to 350 Copies)
ABE-14528553025: O'CONNOR, MGR. JOHN - Father Brown on Chesterton (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-2742140654: CONNORS, LESLEY - The Emperor's Adviser : Saionji Kinmochi and Prewar Japanese Politics (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-8552817388: CONRAD, PETER - The Everyman History of English Literature (Uk Hb in Dj)
ABE-12875155032: CONROY, PAT - The Great Santini (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-15780571500: CONSOLO, VINCENZO - The Smile of the Unknown Mariner (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-15837506428: CONSTANTINE, MURRAY - Proud Man (Uk Hb 1st)
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ABE-17147276843: COOK, ERWIN F. - Odyssey in Athens: Myths of Cultural Origins (Us Hb 1st)
ABE-14237753374: COOK, DAVID - Albert's Memorial (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-11965758043: COOK, MALCOLM (ED) - Contes Revolutionnaires (Uk Pb)
ABE-13466823465: COOK, R. M. - The Greeks - Until Alexander - Ancient Peoples and Places Volume 24 (Us Hb 1st)
ABE-14237760215: COOK, DAVID - Winter Doves (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-17551790501: COOK, BERYL - Beryl Cook: The Bumper Edition (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-17617605304: COOK, BERYL - One Man Show (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-11964533246: COOK, MALCOLM (ED) - Dialogues Revolutionnaires (Uk Pb)
ABE-2170768414: GEORGE WILLIS COOKE - George Eliot - a Critical Study of Her Life, Writings and Philosophy (Uk Hb 1st)"
ABE-4231141282: COOKE, ARTHUR O. - Ben's Adventure (Uk Hb in Dj)
ABE-5091192220: COOKSON, CATHERINE - The Devil and Mary Anne (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-10614353523: COOKSON, CATHERINE - The Long Corridor (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1310686779: COOKSON, CATHERINE - The Round Tower (Uk 1st Impression in Dj - Rare Signed)
ABE-1262161794: COOLIDGE, HAROLD JEFFERSON - A Revision of the Genus Gorilla - Memoirs of the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard College Vol. 1 No. 4 (Large Format Pb)
ABE-9106487462: COONEY, BLANCHE - In My Own Sweet Time : A Memoir (Us Hb 1st)
ABE-1043178743: COOPER, WILLIAM - HARRY HOFF - The Struggles of Albert Woods (Uk Hb - Signed)
ABE-11181941806: COOPER, SUSAN - Silver on the Tree (Us Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-11182024768: COOPER, SUSAN - The Grey King (Uk Hb 1st Impression - Signed)
ABE-11181938756: COOPER, SUSAN - King of Shadows (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-11181915625: COOPER, SUSAN - Green Boy (Uk Pb - Signed)
ABE-11181915645: COOPER, SUSAN - The Boggart (Unabridged Audio Cassettes)
ABE-11180714316: COOPER, SUSAN - The Boggart (Us Hb 1st - Lovely Inscription)
ABE-11181915514: COOPER, SUSAN - The Boggart and the Monster (Us Hb 1st - Unique Inscribed Copy)
ABE-11180366009: COOPER, SUSAN - Green Boy (Us Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-11629835007: COOPER, LETTICE - Three Lives (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-15833348542: COOPER, FREDERICK - Plantation Slavery on the East Coast of Africa (Us Hb 1st)
000510: COOPER, WILLIAM (HARRY HOFF) - Immortality at Any Price
ABE-9981437145: COOPER, NATASHA - Poison Flowers (Us Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-1384339911: COOPER, JOHN XIROS - T.S. Eliot and the Ideology of Four Quartets (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-9974125769: COOPER, WILLIAM - Scenes from Married Life (Uk Proof)
ABE-17462447840: COPE, E. M. - An Introduction to Aristotle's Rhetoric - with Analysis Notes and Appendices (Uk Hb - 1867)
ABE-13520942944: COPE, WENDY - Serious Concerns (Uk Pb)
ABE-7881206873: COPPENS, WILLY - Days on the Wing (Uk Hb in Dj)
ABE-11743173312: COPPERFIELD, DAVID - RITTS, HERB - David Copperfield by Herb Ritts (Us Pb - 1992)
ABE-12872196933: COREN, ALLAN - The Dog It Was That Died (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-13467187221: CORLEY, ELIZABETH - Requiem Mass (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-3106906142: CORNARO, LUIGI - MILANI, MARISA - Scritti Sulla Vita Sobria: Elogio E Lettere
ABE-10735291813: DUMONT-LE CORNEC, ELISABETH - Compostelle - Chants Des Chemins de Saint-Jacques Compostelle (French Hb + Cd)
ABE-11956959892: CORNEILLE, THOMAS - WATTS, DEREK - Camma (Uk Pb)
ABE-11956541263: CORNEILLE - Theatre Complet 2 -Volumes (French Hb 1950)
ABE-11964243504: CORNEILLE, THOMAS - CLARKE, JANET - Circe (Uk Pb)
ABE-1028451985: CORNER, PAUL - Fascism in Ferrara 1915-1925 (Uk 1st Impression - Signed by Author)
ABE-11176889512: CORNISH, DOROTHY HELEN - These Were the Brontes (Us Hb 1st)
ABE-838210916: CORNWELL, PATRICIA - Hornet's Nest (Uk 1st Signed)
ABE-10586670783: CORNWELL, BERNARD - Stormchild (Uk Proof)
ABE-10586670786: CORNWELL, BERNARD - Rebel (Uk Proof)
ABE-1039503293: CORNWELL, PATRICIA - Isle of Dogs (Uk 1st Impression - Signed)
ABE-12314071433: CORNWELL, PATRICIA - Body of Evidence (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-13207129157: CORNWELL, PATRICIA - Postmortem (Uk Hb in Dj)
ABE-7172977934: CORNWELL, BERNARD - Scoundrel (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-5137500486: CORNWELL, PATRICIA D. - Cruel and Unusual (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-15887863073: CORNWELL, BERNARD - Stormchild (Uk Proof in Proof Jacket)
ABE-2640589545: CORNWELL, BERNARD - Sharpe's Devil : Richard Sharpe and the Emperor, 1820-1821 (Uk Hb 1st)"
ABE-2490850187: CORNWELL, BERNARD - Sharpe's Battle (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-7987045995: CORVO, FREDERICK ROLFE BARON - The Desire and Pursuit of the Whole (Uk Hb in Dj)
ABE-4340322685: COSSA, LUIGI - Histoire Des Doctrines Economiques (French Pb Bound in Hb - 1899)
ABE-12144589542: COSSERY, ALBERT - If All Men Were Beggars (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-15628405563: COST, MARCH - After the Festival (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-1281573497: COTTERILL, RODNEY - Enchanted Looms : Conscious Networks in Brains and Computers (Uk 1st Impression in Dj)
ABE-14419188589: NATIONAL MILK PUBLICITY COUNCIL - BRITISH EMPIRE EXHIBITION 1924 - The Milk Cooking Book 100 Good Milk Recipes the National Milk Publicity Council's Dairy Exhibit British Empire Exhibition 1924 (Paperback + Bookmark)
ABE-14895289089: COUNTY, JAYNE - Man Enough to Be a Woman (Uk Pb)
ABE-1112260359: COURT, ARTELIA - Puck of the Droms : The Lives and Literatures of the Irish Tinkers (Hb 1st Impression in Dj)
ABE-15780531512: COUSINS, E. G. - Give Me That Man (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-15048453315: COUSINS, E. G. - Untimely Frost (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-15446185643: COUSTEAU, CAPTAIN J. Y. - The Silent World (Uk Hb 1st Impression in Dj)
ABE-3293010010: COUTO, MARIA - Graham Greene : On the Frontier: Politics and Religion in the Novels (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-3336740772: COUTO, MARIA - Graham Greene : On the Frontier: Politics and Religion in the Novels (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-17591110364: COWARD, NOEL - Star Quality (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-17591111435: COWARD, NOEL - Nude with Violin (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-17595563337: COWARD, NOEL - Private Lives (Uk Hb 1st - 1930)
ABE-982950940: COWARD, NOEL - Quadrille (Uk Proof in Rare Proof Dj)
ABE-17591111441: COWARD, NOEL - Not Yet the Dodo (Us Hb 1st)
ABE-14894955882: COX, GARY - The Efficient Secret - the Cabinet and the Development of Political Parties in Victorian England (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1224014209: COX, JAMES L. - Rational Ancestors : Scientific Rationality and African Indigenous Religions (Uk 1st Impression - Signed)
ABE-14983373735: COX, GEOFFREY - Defence of Madrid (Uk Pb - 1937)
ABE-15682092772: CRABTREE, REV. STEPHEN - The Dons - the Amazing Journey (Uk Hb Limited Edition)
ABE-14163627188: CRACE, JIM - The Gift of Stones (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-2705755845: CRACE, JIM - Die Versuchung in Der Wuste (German Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-958709881: CRACE, JIM - Arcadia (Uk Proof Fine)
ABE-12088457731: CRACE, JIM - Six (Uk Proof + Press Release)
ABE-2210041815: TUDOR-CRAIG, MAJOR ALGERNON - Catalogue of Manuscripts and Library at Freemasons' Hall in the Possession of the United Grand Lodge of England (Uk Hb - 1938)
ABE-1247281817: CRAIK, ELIZABETH (ED) - Owls to Athens : Essays on Classical Culture Presented to Sir Kenneth Dover (Uk 1st Impression in Dj)
ABE-9298639757: CRAIS, ROBERT - Stalking the Angel (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1421173442: CRAMP, C. T. - The Worker's Point of View - a Symposium (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-10574723444: CRANE, DAVID - Lord Byron's Jackal - a Life of Edward John Trelawny (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-3623689750: CRANE, SUSAN - The Performance of Self : Ritual, Clothing, and Identity During the Hundred Years War (Us Pb)"
ABE-14389481151: WALER CRANE - Mother Hubbard - Her Picture Book - Containing Mother Hubbard - the Three Bears - the Absurd ABC - Walter Crane's Picture Books Volume II (Hb - Undated)
ABE-1206087700: KIMMEL & CRAWFORD (EDITORS) - Innovations in Feminist Psychological Research (Uk Pbo)
ABE-1232266906: CRAWFORD, ROBERT - The Savage and the City in the Work of T.S. Eliot (Uk 1st Impression Hardback in Dj)
ABE-1224152944: CRAWFORD, ROBERT - Devolving English Literature (Uk 1st Impression)
ABE-3106906250: ORIGO & CREA (ED) - Theatrum Marcelli - 'El Quliseo de' Saveli' (Italian Hb in Slipcase)
ABE-1132294894: CREASEY, JOHN - Thunder in Europe (Uk Hb in Dj)
ABE-1257813659: CREASEY, JOHN - The Flying Stowaway (Uk Hb in Dj)
ABE-8546595584: CREASEY, JOHN - The Toff Among the Millions (Uk Hb - 1943?)
ABE-11956960405: DE CREBILLON, PROSPER JOLYOT - Electre (Uk Pb)
ABE-13210539310: CREECH, SHARON - Ruby Holler (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-13385115800: CRICHTON, MICHAEL - Rising Sun (Uk Hb in Dj - Signed)
ABE-1423236100: CRIMMINS, JAMES - Utilitarians and Religion (Us Pb 1st)
ABE-3781907281: CRIPPA (ED) - Luoghi E Modernita - Pratiche E Saperi Dell'Architettura (Italian Pb)
ABE-9147101032: CRISP, N. J. - Yesterday's Gone (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-1397117653: BUCOLO - CRISP - SCHULTZ (ED) - Henry Sidgwick - Happiness and Religion - Proceedings of the World Congress on Henry Sidgwick - Also - Henry Sidgwick Felicita E Religione (Uk - Italian Dual Language Pb - Rare)
ABE-15039139838: CRISP, QUENTIN - Love Made Easy (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-4909964394: CROCE, BENEDETTO - Goethe (Uk Hb in Dj - 1923)
ABE-13730796069: CROFT, L. R. - Darwin and Lady Hope: The Untold Story (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-8623121266: CROFTS, FREEMAN WILLIS - Enemy Unseen (Uk Hb in Dj - 1952)
ABE-8658161523: WILLS CROFTS, FREEMAN - Death of a Train (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-14468083741: WILLS CROFTS, FREEMAN - Inspector French and the Starvel Tragedy (Uk Hb 1st - 1927)
ABE-7203123694: CROLL, ELISABETH - China's New Consumers : Social Development and Domestic Demand (Uk Pb)
ABE-1318168724: CROMBIE - ED - Scientific Change - Historical Studies in the Intellectual, Social and Technical Conditions for Scientific Discovery and Technical Invention, from Antiquity Ot Present (Uk Hb)"
ABE-14417687868: CROMPTON, RICHMAL - Wiseman's Folly (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-2910804350: CROMPTON, RICHMAL - William and A.R. P. (Uk Hb in Dj - 1939)
000046: CROMPTON, RICHMAL - What's Wrong with Civilizashun and Other Important Ritings (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-5472738935: CROOK, D. M - Pursuit of Passy (Uk Hb in Dj)
ABE-13783209642: CROSBY, ELLEN - Moscow Nights (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-13562247227: CROSBY, FANNY J. - Memories of Eighty Years (Uk Hb 1st - 1907)
ABE-2988659941: CROSLAND, T. W. H. - The Fine Old Hebrew Gentleman (Uk Hb - 1922)
ABE-1317223988: CROSLAND, MAURICE - Studies in the Culture of Science in France and Britian Since the Enlightment (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1324085987: CROSS, MARY - Henry James : The Contingencies of Style (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-14804763123: CROTCH, WALTER - The Soul of Dickens (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1036101325: CROW, WB - The Nature Mysteries - Mysteries of the Ancients No. 17 - Only 500 Copies (Uk 1st Impression)
ABE-1098121450: CROW, GERALD - William Morris - Designer (Uk Hb in Dj - Studio Special 1934)
ABE-16629167224: CROW, T. J. - The Speciation of Modern Homo Sapiens (Proceedings of the British Academy) (Uk Pb)
ABE-10573858304: LEWIS-CROWN, PETER - House of Lachasse : The Story of a Very English Gentleman (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-15845493211: CRUICKSHANK, CHARLES - Soe : Special Operations Executive in Scandinavia (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-16435732812: CUDDON, J. A. - Acts of Darkness (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-1229466586: CUETO, RONALD - Souls in Anguish: Religion and Spirituality in Lorca's Theatre (Uk 1st Impression)
ABE-2241364521: CULOTTA, NINO - They'Re a Weird Mob (Uk Hb in Dj - 1959)
ABE-3961169064: UFFICIO CENTRALE PER I BENI LIBRARI E GLI ISTITUTI CULTURALI - IL Caffe - Storia E Cultura (Italian Large-Format Pb)
ABE-1174566762: CUMMING, ANNE - The Love Quest : A Sexual Odyssey (Uk 1st Impression in Dj)
ABE-1373527557: CUMMINGS, EE - Gaston Lachaise - in the Dial Magazine February 1920 (Pb Magazine LXVIII No. 2)
ABE-13379203917: CUNNINGHAM, VALENTINE - Everywhere Spoken Against : Dissent in the Victorian Novel (Uk Hb in Dj)
ABE-1192753157: CUNNINGHAM, MICHAEL - The Hours (Uk Proof - Rare)
ABE-12206266027: CUNNINGHAM, J. V. - The Journal of John Cardan (Us Hb 1st)
ABE-12206265059: CUNNINGHAM, J. V. - The Judge Is Fury (Us Hb 1st)
ABE-10233777471: CUPIT, GEOFFREY - Justice As Fittingness (Uk Pb)
ABE-1397116840: CURIE, EVE - Madame Curie (Uk Hb 1st Impression - Scarce)
ABE-2168784550: CURIGER, BICE - OPPENHEIM, MERET - Meret Oppenheim - Defiance in the Face of Freedom (Uk Pb)
ABE-15948519074: CURLE, J. H. - This World First (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-2210067618: CURLE, RICHARD - Characters of Dostoevsky (Us Hb)
ABE-4503008495: MICHAEL CURRAN (DESIGN) - Dwang - Outsider Poetry, Prose, Graphics - Second Issue 2010 (Uk Hb 1st - Limited Edition - Signed)"
ABE-6869867320: CURTIS, TONY; GOLDENBOCK, PETER - American Prince : My Autobiography (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-9552139017: CURZON, CLARE - The Blue-Eyed Boy (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-3412857446: CUSAE, NICOLAI (NICHOLAS OF CUSA) - NICHOLAS OF KUES - NICOLAUS CUSANUS - Nicolai Cusae - Cardinalis Opera (3 Volume Facsimile Edition - 1962)
000528: CUSK, RACHEL - In the Fold (Proof Copy)
ABE-1179499963: CUSSEN, ANTONIO - Bello and Bol¶Var : Poetry and Politics in the Spanish American Revolution (Hb 1st Impression in Dj)
ABE-8717513362: MARSON. CYRIL D. - Fishing for Slamon (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-17390826541: ALDERSON DR. J.D. - RUSHTON D.M. - Morgan Sweeps the Board; the Three Wheeler Story (Uk Hb - 1984)
ABE-15255239829: DACRE, RICHARD - Money with Menaces (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-15255616494: DACRE, RICHARD - The Blood Runs Hot (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-1367106601: DACYL, JANINA WIKTORIA - Between Compassion and Realpolitik: In Search of a General Model of the Responses of Recipient Countries to Large-Scale Refugee Flows with Reference to the South-East Asian Refugee Crisis (Pb 1st)
ABE-1247629097: DAHL, ROALD - Kiss Kiss (Uk Proof - Scarce)
000415: DAHL, ROALD - Switch Bitch
ABE-1049266545: DAHL, ROALD - Rhyme Stew (Uk Proof)
ABE-1373675835: DAHMEN, KF - Kf Dahmen - Galerie Hennemann Series No. 19 (German Pb)
ABE-12129055891: DALBY, ANDREW - Bacchus : A Biography (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-4963346194: DALBY, DAVID (ED) - Language and History in Africa : Collected Papers Presented to the London Seminar on Language and History in Africa (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-1063650161: DALRYMPLE, WILLIAN - City of Djinns (Uk 1st Impression with Interesting Inscription)
ABE-12297627324: DALRYMPLE, WILLIAM - White Mughals (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-9551527153: DALRYMPLE, RAWDON - Continental Drift : Australia's Search for a Regional Identity (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1041516919: DALRYMPLE, WILLIAM - The Age of Kali (Uk 1st Impression)
ABE-1247629128: DALRYMPLE, WILLIAM - White Mughals (Uk Proof)
ABE-3495374457: DALRYMPLE, THEODORE - So Little Done : The Testament of a Serial Killer (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-17551766783: DALRYMPLE, WILLIAM - The Last Mughal: The Fall of a Dynasty, Delhi, 1857 (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-7203095728: DALTON, ELIZABETH - Unconscious Structure in Dostoevsky's "the Idiot" : A Study in Literature and Psychoanalysis (Us Hb 1st)"
ABE-10614493645: DAMS, JEANNE M. - Trouble in the Town Hall (Us Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-11965755520: DANCOURT, FLORENT CARTON - CRAWSHAW, ROBERT H. (ED) - Le Chevalier a la Mode (Uk Pb)
ABE-14813601771: DANE, EVA - The Vaaldorp Diamond (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1037640627: DANGOR, ACHMAT - Bitter Fruit (Uk 1st Impression Pbo)
ABE-2126587713: DANGOR, ACHMAT - Kafka's Curse : A Novella and Three Other Stories (South African Pbo 1st)
ABE-2335290071: DANIELEWSKI, MARK - Only Revolutions (Us Proof - Signed)
ABE-11637491876: CORTAZZI & DANIELS (ED) - Britain and Japan, 1859-1991 : Themes and Personalities (Uk Hb 1st - Ted Heath's Copy)"
ABE-13783235293: DANTICAT, EDWIDGE - Krik? Krak! (Us Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-10735288955: ROOKE. DAPHNE - Mittee (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-2742110159: DARBISHIRE, HERBERT DUKINFIELD - Reliquiae Philologicae - Essays in Comparative Philology (Uk Hb - 1895)
ABE-1366506014: DARDO, MAURO - Nobel Laureates and Twentieth-Century Physics (Uk Pb 1st)
ABE-16413390601: DARLING, APRIL - Family Feeling (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-14237758350: DARRIEUSSECQ, MARIE - Pig Tales (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1780080391: CANTARELL DART, J. - Una Visita a Espana (Argentinian Pb)
ABE-12897644236: DARWIN, CHARLES - The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life (Uk 6th Edition 1906)
ABE-14882175291: DARWIN, CHARLES - THINKER'S LIBRARY - The Origin of the Species - 6th Edition - Thinker's Library (Hb in Dj - 1929 - Uncommon)
ABE-1375234865: DARWIN, CHARLES - Handlist of Darwin Papers at the University Library Cambridge (Uk Slim Pb)
ABE-1236824516: DAS, G.K.;BEER, JOHN B. - E.M. Forster, a Human Exploration: Centenary Essays (Hb 1st Impression in Dj)"
ABE-4494782735: DASGUPTA, B. N - The Life & Times of Rajah Rammohun Roy (Indian Hb 1st)
ABE-11912881394: DAUMAL, RENE - VARIOUS - Rene Daumal, Ou, le Retour a Soi: Textes Inedits de Rene Daumal Etudes Sur Son Uvre (French Pb)"
ABE-1264351806: DAVEY, JOCELYN - A Treasury Alarm (Us 1st Impression - Signed)
ABE-11062262827: DAVID, ELIZABETH - French Provincial Cooking (Folio Society Hb)
ABE-2993457140: HADLAND DAVID, L. - Myths & Legends of Japan (Us Hb)
ABE-12518395975: DAVID, JANINA - A Part of the Main (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-9551801808: DAVIDSON, DONALD - Inquiries Into Truth and Interpretation (Uk Pb)
ABE-1374811975: DAVIDSON, JOHN - Selected Poems and Prose of John Davidson (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-2171171872: DAVIDSON, RODNEY - A Book Collector's Notes on Items Relating to the Discovery of Australia : The First Settlement and the Early Coastal Exploration of the Continent (Australian Hb in Dj)
ABE-15913682179: DAVIE, MICHAEL - WAUGH, EVELYN - The Evelyn Waugh Diaries (Uk Proof)
ABE-4285883961: DAVIE, DONALD - Collected Poems
ABE-2249754208: GRIFFITH DAVIES, J. D. - Honest George Monck (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-2250654090: JONES-DAVIES (ED) - Culture, Collections, Compilations - Actes Du Colloque de Paris 2001-2002 (French Pb)"
ABE-11980145993: DAVIES, ROBERTSON - The Cunning Man (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-13207508004: DAVIES, MARTIN - The Conjuror's Bird (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-10739561826: DAVIES, STEVIE - Emily Bronte - the Artist As Free Woman (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-11880324538: DAVIES, STEVIE - Emily Bronte : The Artist As a Free Woman (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-11061290030: DAVIES, ROBERTSON - A Mixture of Frailties (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-16436521749: DAVIES, L. P. - Give Me Back Myself (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1428755634: DAVIES, ROBERTSON - Murther & Walking Spirits (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-12562103146: DAVIES, W. H. - The Autobiography of a Super-Tramp (Uk Hb - 1908)
ABE-16459667769: DAVIES, L. P. - Stranger to Town (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1228995044: DAVIES, MARTIN - Les Primitifs Flamands - 1. Corpus de la Peinture Des Anciens Pays-Bas Meridonaux Au Quinzieme Siecle - the National Gallery London (2 Volumes in Hb)
ABE-9665110318: DAVIES, ELIZABETH - TOPOLSKI, FELIKS - The Dancers (Uk Limited Edition of 180 - Signed)
ABE-1029775278: HO DAVIES, PETER - The Ugliest House in the World (Uk 1st Impression Pbo)
ABE-11964243487: DAVIES, SIMON - CHAMFORT - Mustapha Et Zeanor (Uk Pb)
ABE-16436857179: DAVIES, L. P. - The Shadow Before (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-7960766924: DAVIES, ROBERTSON - Murther & Walking Spirits (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-16436857070: DAVIES, L. P. - The Alien (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-15832621715: DAVIES, L. P. - What Did I Do Tomorrow? (Us Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-995945945: DAVIES, ROBERTSON - Murther & Walking Spirits (Uk 1st Impression Signed)
ABE-16413391091: DAVIES, LESLIE PURNELL - Dimension a (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1366506430: HO DAVIES, PETER - Equal Love (Uk Pb 1st - Signed)
ABE-1112063528: DAVIS, LINDSEY - Scandal Takes a Holiday (Uk 1st Impression in Dj - Signed)
ABE-3989463900: DAVIS (ED) - Real Voices : On Reading (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-13982287273: DAVIS, LINDSEY - The Iron Hand of Mars (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1297717447: DAVIS, COLIN - Levinas : An Introduction (Uk Pb 1st)
ABE-17606827927: DAVIS, ANGELA - Angela Daivs - an Autobiography (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1262161789: JEFFERIES & DAVY (ED) - Ecological Processes in Coastal Environments : The First European Ecological Symposium and the 19th Symposium of the British Ecological Society, Norwich, 12-16 September, 1977 (Hb 1st Impression in Dj)"
ABE-11743637235: DAWES, EDWIN A. - Harry Leat (Uk Pb)
ABE-1574385180: DAWKINS, RICHARD - A Devil's Chaplain : Reflections on Hope, Lies, Science, and Love (Uk Hb 1st)"
ABE-1137478721: DAWKINS, RICHARD - River out of Eden : A Darwinian View of Life (Uk 1st Impression in Dj - Scarce)
ABE-10839520222: DAWKINS, RICHARD - River out of Eden : A Darwinian View of Life (Uk Hb in Dj - Signed)
ABE-9892270337: DAWKINS, RICHARD - Climbing Mount Improbable (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-15948508000: DAWKINS, R. M. - Norman Douglas (Uk Pb)
ABE-15400273099: RICHARD DAWKINS - The God Delusion (Uk Hb 1st Impression)
ABE-8655065729: DAWKINS, R. M. - Norman Douglas (Uk Pb - 1952)
ABE-9959889514: DAWKINS, RICHARD - A Devil's Chaplain : Reflections on Hope, Lies, Science, and Love (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)"
ABE-1384406904: DAWKINS, RICHARD - River out of Eden : A Darwinian View of Life (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-2514693333: DAWKINS, RICHARD - Climbing Mount Improbable (Uk Hb - Signed)
ABE-8038340123: DAWSON, JENNIFER - Hospital Wedding : Stories (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-8786015884: DAWSON, JENNIFER - Strawberry Boy (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1228994873: DAYE, ANGELL - ANGEL DAY - Daphnis & Chloe - the Shepherd's Holiday (Uk Ltd Ed of 500 - the Tudor Library)
ABE-4912645338: DEAVER, JEFFERY - The Lesson of Her Death (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-5077970177: DEAVER, JEFFERY - The Lesson of Her Death (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1027602136: DEEMING, DC (EDITOR) VARIOUS CONTRIBUTORS - Improving Our Understanding of Ratites in a Farming Environment - Papers from an International Conference, University of Manchester 1996 (Hb Bound 166 Pages of Papers)"
ABE-12897048365: DEFOE, DANIEL - The Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe (Uk Hb - 1883 - 20 Colour Illus)
ABE-5580134869: DEFONSECA, MISHA - Surviving with Wolves (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-12553485562: DEIGHTON, LEN - London Match (Uk Proof - Signed)
ABE-15906405466: DEJONG, MEINDERT - The Cat That Walked a Week (Uk Hb 1st)
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ABE-12314385839: DELAVIGNE, CASIMIR - Oeuvres Completes de Casimir Delavigne - Theatre Volume 3 (French Pb - 1874)
ABE-10632493929: DELBOUILLE, PAUL - Poesie Et Sonorites - la Critique Contemporaine Devant le Pouvoir Suggestif Des Sons (French Pb)
ABE-14000033525: GORRITI DELGADILLO, RENAN - Voces Criollas - Montana de Autores E Interpretes (Peruvian Pb)
ABE-1422976700: DELILLO, DON - Underworld : A Novel (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-1428755677: DELILLO, DON - End Zone (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-1040425111: DELILLO, DON - Libra (Uk 1st Impression)
ABE-17605314230: DELILLO, DON - Mao II (Uk Hb 1st)
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ABE-954513949: DENBY, JOOLZ - Stone Baby (Uk 1st Impression Signed & Incribed)
ABE-16629167220: DENDLE, PETER - Satan Unbound: The Devil in Old English Narrative Literature (Canadian Pb)
ABE-1099299345: DENHAM, BERTIE - The Man Who Lost His Shadow (Uk 1st Impression - Signed)
ABE-9981135694: DENHAM, BERTIE - Foxhunt (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
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ABE-10632494660: DENIS, ANDREE - La Fortune Litteraire Et Theatrale de Kotzebue En France Pendant la Revolution, le Consulat Et L'Empire (French Pb)"
ABE-6870001451: DENIS, ARMAND - On Safari (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-2677070071: ELAM & DENLEY (ED) - Florence and Italy : Renaissance Studies in Honour of Nicolai Rubinstein (Uk Hb 1st + Handwritten Letter)
ABE-11527456329: DENNIS, PATRICK - Around the World with Auntie Mame (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-14249124032: DENNIS, NIGEL - Cards of Identity (Uk Hb 1st Impression in Dj)
ABE-2292502646: DENSELOW, ROBIN - When the Music's over : The Story of Political Pop (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-15906404049: DEROIN, NANCY - Jataka Tales (Us Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-1295896502: DERRIDA, JACQUES - Memoires for Paul de Man
ABE-8576466866: DESAI, KIRAN - The Inheritance of Loss (Uk Proof)
ABE-809689949: DESAI, ANITA - The Village by the Sea (Uk 1st Impression)
ABE-1257572492: DESAI, KIRAN - Hullabaloo in the Guava Orchard (Uk 1st Impression in Dj)
ABE-943056245: DESAI, KIRAN - The Inheritance of Loss (Penguin India Pbo Signed)
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ABE-2208232729: DESAI, ANITA - Clear Light of Day (India Hb in Dj - Scarce)
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ABE-10625945702: DESCOTES, MAURICE - Histoire de la Critique Dramatique En France (French Pb)
ABE-10245932891: DESCOTES, MAURICE - Le Public de Theatre Et Son Histoire (French Pb)
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ABE-11673835648: DESMOND, SHAW - You Can Speak with Your Dead (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1198336761: DIETER DETTKE (EDITOR) - The Challenge of Globalization for Germany's Social Democracy : A Policy Agenda for the 21st Century (Hb 1st Impression)
ABE-13278177719: DEVAS, NICOLETTE - Nightwatch (Us Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-3738780863: DEVISCH, RENE; BRODEUR, CLAUDE - Law of the Lifegivers : The Domestication of Desire (Hb 1st)
ABE-15781689653: DEWDNEY, A. K. - The Planiverse: Computer Contact with a Two Dimensional World (Uk Pb - Signed_
ABE-14468081650: DEXTER, COLIN - Service of All the Dead (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-15758681980: DEXTER, COLIN - The Dead of Jericho (Uk Pb 1st - Signed + Tv Stickers)
ABE-11585713311: DIAMOND, JARED M. - Guns, Germs, and Steel : A Short History of Everybody for the Last 13,000 Years (Uk Hb 1st)"
ABE-11165830032: DIAMOND, JARED M. - Why Is Sex Fun - the Evolution of Human Sexuality (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-14388645893: DIAMOND, JARED M. - Guns, Germs and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies (Uk Hb 1st)
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ABE-5168579931: MONTERO-DIAZ, SANTIAGO - DUPLA, ANTONIO - De Calicles a Trajano - Estudios Sobre Historia Politica Del Mundo Antiguo (Spanish Hb - Signed by Editor)
ABE-2133299312: DIAZ, JUNOT - The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao (Uk 1st Pbo)
ABE-17015112307: DIBBEN, DAMIAN - The History Keepers: The Storm Begins (Uk Hb 1st Impression - Signed)
ABE-11475964605: DIBDIN, MICHAEL - Ratking (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-10506915853: DIBDIN, MICHAEL - Cos Fan Tutti (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1043178762: DIBDIN, MICHAEL - The Tryst (Uk 1st Impression)
ABE-7903507160: DIBDIN, MICHAEL - Medusa (Uk Hb St - Signed)
ABE-7903507158: DIBDIN, MICHAEL - Thanksgiving (Uk Hb St - Signed)
ABE-1405296308: DICAMILLO, KATE - The Magician's Elephant (Uk Proof)
ABE-9981135814: DICK, ROBERT - The Bagman (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-14387883851: DICK, KAY - Pierrot (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-11767146127: DICK, PHILIP K. - In Milton Lumky Territory (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-2681776602: DICK, STEWART - The Heart of Spain - an Artist's Impressions of Toledo (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-9994868030: DICK, ROBERT - The Bagman (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-15853276620: DICKENS, CHARLES - Mugby Junction - the Extra Christmas Number of All the Year Round (Uk Pb 1st - 1866)
ABE-1230158674: DICKENS, MONICA - Enchantment (Uk 1st Impression - Signed)
ABE-15852728930: DICKENS, CHARLES - The Haunted Man and the Ghost's Bargain - a Fancy for Christmas-Time (Uk Hb - 1848)
ABE-7175816207: DICKENS, MONICA - The Angel in the Corner (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-7203123699: DICKINSON, PETER - King and Joker (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-17606217057: DICKS, TERRANCE - Doctor Who and the Carnival of Monsters (Uk Hb 1st - 1977)
ABE-2248430607: WILLIAM KIRK DICKSON (ED) - JAMES BUTLER - The Jacobite Attempt of 1719 (Uk Hb 1st - 1895)
ABE-1198679183: DICKSON, RJ - Ulster Emigration to Central America 1718-1775 (Uk 1st Impression in Dj)
ABE-13375566179: DICKSON, CARTER - My Late Wives : Another Adventure of Sir Henry Merrivale (Uk Hb Reissue)
ABE-15308552465: DIDEROT, DENIS - Memoirs of a Nun (Uk Hb in Dj- 1928)
ABE-11527436995: DIDION, JOAN - Run, River (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)"
ABE-5549095851: RODRIGUEZ DE DIEGO, J. - Coleccion Diplomatica de Santa Maria de Aguilar de Campoo 852-1230 (Spanish Pb)
ABE-4275741832: HAYDN'S BOOK OF DIGNITIES - Haydn's Book of Dignities 1894 (Uk Hb Reissue)
ABE-15780870631: DILLARD, ANNIE - Teaching a Stone to Talk (Uk Hb 1st + Release Sheet)
ABE-1330638254: DILLON, MATTHEW; GARLAND, LYNDA - Ancient Greece : Social and Historical Documents from Archaic Times to the Death of Socrates (Uk Pb)
ABE-3107806613: DIMIER, LOUIS - Le Primatrice (French Pb - 1928 Limited Edition)
ABE-12055710761: DINESEN, ISAK - Seven Gothic Tales (Uk Hb in Dj - 1957)
ABE-11176886579: DINGLE, HERBERT - The Mind of Emily Bronte (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-11767289682: DISCH, THOMAS M. - The Prisoner (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-9551211411: DISCHE, IRENE - Sad Strains of a Gay Waltz (Us Proof - Signed)
ABE-5842156766: DIXON, DAVID - From Prohibition to Regulation : Bookmaking, Anti-Gambling, and the Law (Uk Hb 1st)"
ABE-5077977855: DOBBS, MICHAEL - Winston's War (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-1247629075: DOBSON, LYNN - Supranational Citizenship (Uk 1st Impression Hb)
ABE-10749577268: DODD, ALFRED - Francis Bacon's Personal Life Story - the Age of Elizabeth (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-10739562805: DODD, ALFRED - The Marriage of Elizabeth Tudor (Uk Hb 1st + Leaflet)
ABE-10739562107: DODD, ALFRED - The Martyrdom of Francis Bacon (Uk Hb)
ABE-17601175345: DODD, ALFRED - Francis Bacon's Personal Life-Story (Uk Hb in Dj)
ABE-17467107537: DODD, ALFRED - The Secret of Shake-Speare (Uk Hb 1st - 1941)
ABE-14479634781: DODD, ALFRED - The Secret Shake-Speare (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-12872216908: DODDS, ERIC R. - Missing Persons : An Autobiography (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-10614615743: OTTEWANGER (ED) - VAN DOESBURG, THEO - KOK, ANTHONY - 'de Stijl Overal Absolute Leiding' - de Briefwisseling Tussen Theo Van Doesburg En Antony Kok (Dutch Pb)
ABE-3316131691: DOHERTY, P. C. - The Rose Demon (Uk Proof - Fine)
ABE-11650881531: DOHERTY, P. C. - The Waxman Murders (Us Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-9994863161: DOHERTY, PAUL C. - A Haunt of Murder : The Clerk of Oxford's Tale of Mystery and Murder As He Goes on Pilgrimage from London to Canterbury (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-3827812072: DOHRN, TOBIAS - Die Schwarzfigurigen Etruskischen Vasen Aus Der Zweiten Halfte Des Sechsten Jahrhunderts (German Pb)
ABE-13986013392: RODRIGUEZ DOMINGUEZ, EZEQUIEL - Trio Matamoros - Treinta Y Cinco Anos de Musica Popular Cubana (Cuban Paperback)
ABE-11981285964: DOMINGUEZ, LUIS ARTURO - SALAZAR QUIJADA, ADOLFO - Fiestas Y Danzas Folkloricas de Venezuela (Pb - 1969)
ABE-14783540735: DOMINICK, RICHARD; SPRINGER, JERRY - Jerry Springer's Wildest Shows Ever (Uk Pb - Signed)
ABE-2912080563: DONAHUE, ARTHUR GERALD - Last Flight from Singapore (Uk Hb 1st - 1944)
ABE-15852330060: DONALDSON,. WILLIAM - From Winchester to This (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-14783535518: DONLAN, YOLANDE - Shake the Stars Down (Uk Pb - Signed)
ABE-1421173577: DONLEAVY, J. P. - A Singular Man (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-16590687788: DONLEAVY, J. P. - That Darcy, That Dancer, That Gentleman (Uk Proof)
ABE-17606103462: DONLEAVY, J. P. - The History of the Ginger Man (Us Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-7987619775: DONLEAVY, J. P. - The Ginger Man (Hb in Dj - Olympia Press 1958)
ABE-1101312481: LEON. DONNA - The Girl of His Dreams (Uk Proof - Fine)
ABE-11474822133: DONOGHUE, EMMA - Stir-Fry (Uk Pbo 1st)
ABE-10583983392: DONOGHUE, EMMA - Room (Uk Proof)
ABE-9300158216: O'DONOVAN, JOAN - Shadows on the Wall (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-9300158209: O'DONOVAN, JOAN - She, Alas! (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)"
ABE-9300158214: O'DONOVAN, JOAN - The Middle Tree (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-5580566586: DONOVAN, PAUL - All Ourtodays (Uk Hb 1st - Signed X3)
ABE-17591857244: DOPSCH, ALFONS - The Economic and Social Foundations of European Civilization (Uk Hb in Dj)
ABE-1227645636: DOREY, CLAIRE; BIANCHINI, ELLEN - History of Italian Art - 2 Volumes (Uk Pb Volumes 1 & 2)
ABE-7077169507: DOSTOYEVSKY, FYODOR - The Village of Stepanchikovo and Its Inhabitants (Uk Hb in Dj)
ABE-2342614922: DOUBINSKY, SEBASTIEN - MOORCOCK, MICHAEL (INRO) - The Babylonian Trilogy (Uk Hb - Signed)
ABE-2342617248: DOUGAN, DEREK - Doog (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-17117843708: DOUGHERTY, CAROL - The Raft of Odysseus: The Ethnographic Imagination of Homer's Odyssey (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-13516006717: LORD ALFRED DOUGLAS - Lyrics and Sonnets (Uk Limited Edition - Right-Hand Press)
ABE-15945406891: DOUGLAS, NORMAN - In the Beginning (Uk Hb 1st - 1928)
ABE-4324622575: MARTIN. DOUGLAS - Nigel Lambourne - Draughtsman, Printmaker, Illustrator 1919-1988 (Uk Pb)"
ABE-14100831804: DOUIE, D. L. - Archbishop Geoffrey Plantagenet and the Chapter of York (Uk Pb)
ABE-1057418166: DOVE, RICHARD - Journey of No Return : Five German-Speaking Literary Exiles in Britain, 1933-1945 (Uk Hb 1st Impression - Fine)"
ABE-16460506892: DOVEY, TERESA - The Novels of J.M. Coetzee (Pb 1st)
ABE-12907688622: LORD DOWDING, AIR CHIEF MARSHAL - Lychgate - the Entrance to the Path (Uk Hb 1st in Dj - 1945)
ABE-12314071439: DOWDING, WALTER - Red & White Services - 30 Years of Progress in Passenger Road Transport (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-1164194036: DOYLE, ARTHUR CONAN - The Final Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Uk 1st Impression in Dj)
ABE-11545769094: DOYLE, RODDY - The Guts (Uk Proof)
ABE-1132295051: DOYLE, RODDY - Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha (Uk 1st Impression in Dj)
ABE-1006759597: DOYLE, RODDY - Paula Spencer (Uk Proof)
ABE-1585164019: CONAN DOYLE, ARTHUR - The Stark Munro Letters (Uk Pb - Daily Mail Sixpenny Nove)
ABE-988626484: CONAN DOYLE, ARTHUR - The Conan Doyle Historical Romances (Uk 1st Omnibus Edition in Dj)
ABE-16413350244: DRABBLE, MARGARET - The Garrick Year (Uk Hb in Dj - 1964)
ABE-13504089253: DREES, WILLEM B. - Religion, Science and Naturalism (Uk Pb)
ABE-14137381679: DREW, PHILIP - The Masterpiece - Jorn Utzon: A Secret Life (Hb 1st)
ABE-3872872595: DREYER, PETER - Vignolas Planungen Fur Eine Befestigte Villa Cervini (Pb Extracted from Romisches Jahrbuch Fur Kunstgeschichte 21/1984)
ABE-17590605915: DRINKWATER, JOHN - ELTON, HUGH (EDITORS) - Fifth-Century Gaul: A Crisis of Identity? (Uk Hb)
ABE-3024197302: DRIVER, C. J. - Patrick Duncan (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-12055700585: DROUGHT, JAMES - Drugoth (Us Pb - Signed)
ABE-14982625088: DRUON, MAURICE - The Lily and the Lion (Uk Hb 1st - 1961)
ABE-14982623793: DRUON, MAURICE - The Poisoned Crown (Uk Hb in Dj - 1965)
ABE-14982978321: DRUON, MAURICE - The Royal Succession (Uk Hb in Dj - 1965)
ABE-14982625401: DRUON, MAURICE - The She-Wolf of France (Uk Hb in Dj - 1965)
ABE-13224914973: DRUON, MAURICE - The She-Wolf of France (Uk Proof)
ABE-14982622654: DRUON, MAURICE - The Strangled Queen (Uk Hb in Dj - 1958)
ABE-3739146630: DRURY, ALLEN - A God Against the Gods (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1421173797: DRURY, JOHN - TRISSEL, JAMES - Fire in the Wax Museum (Limited Edition 80/150 - Signed by Drury & Trissel)
ABE-12877822984: DRURY, ALLEN - The Roads of Earth (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1812679562: DRUSKIN, MIKHAIL S. - Igor Stravinsky : His Personality, Works and View (Uk Hb 1st)"
ABE-14417690027: DRYDEN, LINDA - The Modern Gothic and Literary Doubles - Stevenson, Wilde and Wells (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-8546595431: DRYHURST, EDWARD - Gilt Off the Gingerbread - the Inside Story of a Moviemaker's Life (Uk Pbo 1st)
ABE-15780629864: DUBUS, ANDRE - We Don't Live Here Anymore (Uk Hb 1st + Release Sheet)
ABE-15780550591: DUBUS, ANDRE - Selected Stories (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-11880902246: DUCKETT, R.J. (ED) - The Bronte Novels : 150 Years of Literary Dominance: Papers from the Brontý Society Weekend Conference, Leeds, October 1998 (Uk Pb)"
ABE-1033289699: DUCKWORTH, MARILYN - Camping on the Faultline (New Zealand 1st Impression Pbo - Signed)
ABE-15887866496: DUFFY, MAUREEN - Housespy (Uk Proof)
ABE-1374812313: DUFFY, SEAN - Medieval Dublin I - Volume 1 - 1999 (Pb 1st)
ABE-1855789214: DUFFY, MAUREEN - The Single Eye (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-878991605: DUFFY, MAUREEN - Gor Saga (Uk 1st Impression)
ABE-4270507665: DUFFY, MARGARET - Music in the Blood (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-11183485888: DUFRENNE, MIKEL - Phenomenology of Aesthetic Experience (Us Hb 1st)
ABE-11965754823: DUFRESNY, CHARLES - DUNKLEY, JOHN (ED) - Amusemens Serieux Et Comiques (Uk Pb)
ABE-9900953669: DULHUNTY, ROMA - When the Dead Heart Beats Lake Eyre Lives (Hb in Dj)
ABE-11925958574: DUMAS, ALEXANDRE - Gil Blas in California (Uk Hb in Dj - 1947)
ABE-11925948501: DUMAS, ALEXANDRE - The Corsican Brothers and Otho the Archer (Uk Hb - 1920)
ABE-5139180100: DUMAS, ALEXANDRE - The Bird of Fate - and Other Stories (Uk Hb - 1922)
ABE-9301465433: DUMAS, ALEXANDRE - The Taking of Calais (Uk Hb - 1920)
ABE-5186481929: DUMAS, ALEXANDRE - Acte (Uk 1st) - the Snowball - Snow Ball and the Sultanetta - the Corsican Brothers and Otho the Archer - the Prince of Thieves (Uk 1st) - Robin Hood the Outlaw (Uk 1st) - Catherine Blum & Other Stories (Hb Bound Volume of 6 Dumas Novels - Methuen Ca. 190
ABE-10506915133: DUMAS, ALEXANDRE - PETER FARMER (ILLUSTRATIONS) - When Pierrot Was Young (Uk Hb in Dj + Card Signed by Illustrator)
ABE-12518408744: DUMAS, ALEXANDRE - My Memoirs (Uk Hb 1st - 1961)
ABE-17551743523: DUMAS, ALEXANDRE - The Flight to Varennes (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-5181736546: DUMAS, ALEXANDRE - MERRILL, FRANK T. (ILLUSTRATIONS) - Chicot the Jester (la Dame de Monsoreau) (Uk Hb - Davis & Porter)
ABE-1089989986: DUNANT, PETER - PEN NAME PETER BUSBY & SARAH DUNANT - Intensive Care (Uk 1st Impression - Signed & Dated)
ABE-13371355996: DUNCAN, JANE - My Friend Madame Zora (Uk Pb - Pan X566)
ABE-11181935014: DUNCAN, ROBERT - The Opening of the Field (Us Pb 1st - Signed)
ABE-10749560234: DUNCAN, RONALD - Man - Part One (Limited Edition - Signed to Ted Heath)
ABE-8558163787: DUNCAN, JANE - My Friend Annie (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-5077499340: DUNCAN, DAVID DOUGLAS - PICASSO, PABLO - Picasso's Picassos - the Treasures of la Californie (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-10240665421: DUNKLEY, J.; KIRTON, W. - Voices in the Air : French Dramatists and the Resources of Language (Uk Ob)
ABE-7203096426: DUNMORE, HELEN - In the Money (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-2911964028: DUNN, MARY - Lady Addle at Home (Uk Hb 1st in Dj - Signed)
ABE-1229466589: DUNN, DOUGLAS (ED) - SEAMUS HEANEY - SEAMUS DEANE - LORNA SAGE - TOM PAULIN - Two Decades of Irish Writing : A Critical Survey (Uk 1st Impression in Dj)
ABE-3482964105: DUNN, JENNIFER; STYLES, MORAG; WARBURTON, NICK - In Tune with Yourself : Children Writing Poetry - a Handbook for Teachers (Uk Hb in Dj)
ABE-9149268002: DUNN, STEPHEN - The Light of the Body (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1298818682: DUNN, JOHN - Interpreting Political Responsibility : Essays 1981-1989 (Us Pb 1st)
ABE-12070461644: DUNNETT, DOROTHY - Pawn in Frankincense (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-12070436536: DUNNETT, DOROTHY - The Game of Kings (Uk Hb in Dj - 1962)
ABE-11670217086: DUNPHY, EAMON - Only a Game: The Diary of a Professional Footballer (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-8573223957: DUNSANY, LORD - Plays of Gods and Men (Hb 1st)
ABE-15759230074: LORD DUNSANY - DE NARDI, CLAUDIO (ED) - IL Libro Delle Meraviglie (Italian 1st - Signed by Editor)
ABE-8573222084: DUNSANY, LORD - Tales of Three Hemispheres (Uk Hb 1st - 1920)
ABE-12553484654: DUPAIN, MAX;WHITE, JILL;CAWOOD, MATTHEW - Dupain's Beaches (Pb)
ABE-5168586053: DURAS, MARGUERITE - Suzanna Adler, la Music & L'Amante Anglaise (Uk Hb 1st)"
ABE-15938108537: DURAS, MARGUERITE - The Square (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-15906765060: DURER, ALBRECHT - WERNER, ALFRED (EDITOR) - The Writings of Albrecht Durer (Uk Hb 1st in Dj - 1957)
ABE-982951114: DURRELL, LAWRENCE - Tunc (Uk Proof)
ABE-15937139228: DURRELL, LAWRENCE - The Black Book (Olympia Press - 1959)
ABE-13360610657: DURRELL, LAWRENCE - Clea (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-15887858427: DURRELL, GERALD - Birds, Beasts and Relatives (Uk Proof)
ABE-15887864908: DURRELL, GERALD - Fillets of Plaice (Uk Proof)
ABE-3847470399: DWYER, JOHN - Virtuous Discourse : Sensibility and Community in Late Eighteenth-Century Scotland (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-12309590235: DWYER, K. R. - Dragonfly (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-12314071470: DWYER, K. R. - The Face of Fear (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-14163616411: DWYER, K.R. - The Face of Fear (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-9111086995: EAGLE, RODERICK - The Secrets of the Shakespeare Sonnets (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-7108150659: EAGLE, RODERICK L. - The Secrets of the Shakespeare Sonnets (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-1160942201: EASSIE, RM - Odes to Trifles and Other Rhymes (Hb 1st Impression)
ABE-15833335479: EATON, HORACE (INTRRODUCTION) - DE QUINCEY, THOMAS - A Diary of Thomas de Quincey - Written in the Year 1803 (Uk Limited Edition in Dj)
ABE-8629657992: EATWELL, JOHN; MILGATE, MURRAY - Keynes's Economics and the Theory of Value and Distribution (Uk Pb)
ABE-12865509158: EBERHART, MIGNON G. - Wings of Fear (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-14465946495: EBERHART, M. G. - Escape the Night (Uk Hb 1st - 1945)
ABE-12086533681: EBERHART, M. G. - From This Dark Stairway (Uk Hb in Dj - 1938)
ABE-4909968768: EBERHART, M. G. - The Mystery of Hunting's End (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-12865501495: EBERHART, M. G. - 5 Passengers from Lisbon (Uk Hb 1st in Dj - 1946)
ABE-15852290629: EBERHART, MIGNON G. - Hand in Glove (Uk Hb 1st - 1937)
ABE-1046129648: ECCLES, MARJORIE - Late of This Parish (Uk 1st Impression Hb)
ABE-16583638324: ECO, UMBERTO - Foucault's Pendulum (Uk Proof)
ABE-7586966018: ECO, UMBERTO - A Theory of Semiotics (Uk Hb 1st in Dj)
ABE-15837388158: ECO, UMBERTO - The Island of the Day Before (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-14417689064: UMBERTO ECO - The Infinity of Lists - from Homer to Joyce (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-14417687949: ECO, UMBERTO - Kant and the Platypus (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-13459378043: ECO, UMBERTO - Baudolino (Us Proof - Signed)
ABE-1161644816: SUZANNE NALBANDIAN ED) - Anais Nin : Literary Perspectives (Uk 1st Impression in Dj)
ABE-2209514002: ED - Relations D'Orient - Syrie, Egypte, Armenie (French Periodical - Late 19th Century?)"
ABE-1580041475: HADEN GUEST (ED - JONES, CHESTER - The Writings and Diary of Chester Jones - Psyche Monograph 8 (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1418244344: ED - Polin - Journal of Polish-Jewish Studies - Volume 5 (Uk Hb in Dj)
ABE-1876121448: NISH (ED) & CORTAZZI (ED) - British Envoys to Japan 1859-1972 & Japanese Envoys to Britain 1862-1964 (Uk Pb - 2 Vloumes)
ABE-1323613648: EDEL, LEON - Henry James - Les Annees Dramatiques (French Pb 1st - Signed - 1931)
ABE-1323401655: EDEL, LEON - Henry James in Westminster Abbey (Us Limited Edition 244/300 - Signed)
ABE-15845502379: EDEN, MATTHEW - The Murder of Lawrence of Arabia : A Novel (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-1164439739: EDEN, ANTHONY - Another World (Uk 1st Impression in Dj)
ABE-1327604348: PELHAM EDGAR - Henry James - Man and Author (Us Hb Reissue 1964)
ABE-1063319641: EDIC, ROBERT - Gathering the Water (Uk 1st Impression - Signed)
ABE-1428755731: EDITED - Las Bellas Artes En El Siglio XX - Valencia 1940-1990 (Spanish Hb)
ABE-5100531673: EDMONDS, GILL - The Album : A Novel (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-7174452565: EDSON, J. T. - Wanted ! Belle Starr (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-13360610680: EDUGYAN, ESI - Half-Blood Blues (Uk Pbo 1st - Fine)
ABE-1179499893: EDWARDS, MICHAEL - Of Making Many Books : Essays on the Endlessness of Writing (Hb 1st Impression in Dj)
ABE-17606136144: EDWARDS, ROBB - Life-Style (Also Lifestyle) (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-15832605068: EDWARDS, TRYSTAN - Good and Bad Manners in Architecture - an Essay in the Social Aspects of CIVIC Design (Uk Hb in Dj)
ABE-4323810671: TALCOTT - PHILIPPAKI - EDWARDS - GRACE - Small Objects from the Pnyx : II (Us Pb)
ABE-13510104110: EDWARDS, ROBERT (FOREWORD) - Visions of Mowanjum - Aboriginal Writings from Kimberley (Hb in Dj)
ABE-1279695289: EDWARDS, JOHN R. - The Jews in Christian Europe 1400-1700 (Uk 1st Impression in Dj)
ABE-17476542625: EDWARDS, HARRY - The Mediumship of Jack Webber (Uk Hb)
ABE-1330239633: ALLADINA & EDWARDS (ED) - Multilingualism in the British Isles - the Older Mother Tongues & Europe (Uk Pb)
ABE-5548797074: EDWARDS, YVETTE - A Cupboard Full of Coats (Uk Proof)
ABE-12576144701: EGGLESTONE, WILLIAM MORLEY - Stanhope Memorials of Bishop Butler (Uk Hb 1st - 1878)
ABE-11964243493: D'EGLANTINE, P. FABRE - PROUD, JUDITH K. - Le Philinte de Moliere (Uk Pb)
ABE-4510341374: EICHBAUM, WILHELM - KURTH, WOLFRAM - Genie, Irrsinn Und Ruhm - Genie-Mythus Und Pathographie Des Genies (German Hb in Dj)"
ABE-2169506335: D'EICHENTHAL, EUGENE - John Stuart MILL - Correspondance Inedite Avec Gustave D'Eichenthal (French Pb)
ABE-1331764933: EISEN, ARLENE - Women and Revolution in Vietnam (Uk Hb 1st)
ABE-2170626760: EKELOF (ED) - Catalogue of Books & Papers Realting to the History of Electricity in the Library of the Institute for Theoretical Electricity Chalmers University of Technology - Part 1 Historical Collection (Up to 1820) (Hb 1964)
ABE-12039490788: EKWENSI, CYPRIAN - Jagua Nana (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-12039490878: EKWENSI, CYPRIAN - People of the City (Uk Hb 1st - Signed)
ABE-12966295590: ELATH, ELIAHU - Israel and British Zionism - an Address (Uk Pb 1st)

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