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5907: MATHERS, POWYS AND MARDRUS, DR. J.C.: - Thousand Nights and One Night, The: Volumes I-IV
4553: MATHESON, DARLEY: - British Game Birds
7427: MATT, PAUL R.: - United States Navy And Marine Corps Fighters 1918-1962
15164: MATTHEW, GERVASE: - The Court of Richard II
7380: MATTHEWS, JOHN (CONSULTANT EDITOR): - The World Atlas of Divination, The Systems, Where they originate, How they work
11941: MATTINGLY, GARRETT: - The Defeat of the Spanish Armada
3198: MATTISON, CHRIS: - Keeping And Breeding Lizards
12220: MAUND, KARI: - The Welsh Kings, The Medieval Rulers of Wales
10129: MAURICE, MAJOR-GENERAL J. F. TRANSLATED AND EDITED BY LONG, WILFRED J AND SONNENSCHEIN, A: - The Franco-German War 1870-71 by Generals and other Officers who took part in the campaign
3990: DU MAURIER, DAPHNE: - Growing Pains: The Shaping of a Writer
10823: MAXWELL, CHARLES ALFRED: - The Wars of England and Scotland, Historical Tales of Bravery and Heroism
4594: MAXWELL, SIR HERBERT: - Memories of the Months, First Series
15069: MAXWELL, CHARLES ALFRED: - The Sea Kings of Orkney, and other Tales
10285: MAY, JOHN AND JENNIFER: - Commemorative Pottery1780-1900, A guide for Collectors
1662: MAY, ROBIN.: - A Guide ToThe Opera
15113: MAY, PHIL: - A Phil May Picture Book, Containing many hitherto Unpublished Studies and Original Drawings and some account of the "The Man and the Artist."
16002: MAYO, EILEEN & PAYNE, WYNDHAM: - The Children's Circus Book
6985: MAYOR, SUSAN: - A Collector's Guide to Fans
16070: MAYOUX,JEAN-JACQUES.: - English Painting. From Hogarth to the Pre-Raphaelites.
10311: MCCANN, GRAHAM.: - Dad's Army. The Story of a Classic Television Show
13289: MCCANN, TIMOTHY J (EDITED BY): - The Correspondence of The Dukes of Richmond & Newcastle 1724-1750
6448: MCCARTHY, JOHN: - A Ghost Upon Your Path, An Irish Journey
11218: MCCLATCHY, WILL: - Index Funds; Strategies for Investment Success
15330: MCCOMB, F. WILSON: - Aston Martin V8s DBS V8, V8, Vantage, Volante; Lagonda; Bulldog
13768: MCCOY, HORACE: - Kiss To-morrow Good-Bye (Tomorrow)
2439: MCCRUM, MARK.: - Castaway: The Full, Inside Story Of The Major TV Series.
16392: MCCUDDEN, JAMES VC: - Flying Fury, Five Years in the Royal Flying Corps
4375: MCCULLOCH, DEREK. "UNCLE MAC": - Nonsericks.
15046: MCDONALD, JOHN: - Longcase Clocks
14734: MCDOWELL, PAMELA: - Pressed Flower Collages and other ideas
14396: MCELROY, JOAN: - Joan McElroy's Dolls' House Furniture Book
2072: MCFARLAND, WILLIAM N. ET AL: - Vertibrate life.
10748: MCFEELY, MARY DRAKE: - Lady Inspectors: The Campaign for a Better Workplace, 1893-1921
1837: MCGAW SMYTH, HOWARD: - Secrets of the Fascist Era, How Uncle Sam obtained Some of the Top-Level Documents of Mussolini's Period
16325: MCGOVERN, JAMES: - Crossbow & Overcast
3798: MCGREGOR, TOM: - The People Detective: Discovering Your Family Roots
5192: MCINTOSH, JANE.: - The Practical Archaeologist, how we know what we know about the past
14367: MCINTOSH, JEAN: - Happy as Kings or Stories of Home and Holidays
7354: MCKEE, ALEXANDER: - Ice Crash, Disaster in the Arctic, 1928
15220: MCLACHLAN, DONALD: - No Case for the Crown
12940: MCLAUGHLIN, EVE: - Further Steps In Family History
14835: MCLELLAN, JOHN: - MG The Art of Abingdon
16379: MCLELLAND, TIM: - Britain's Cold War Fighters
1748: MCNAB, CHRIS. (GENERAL EDITOR): - German Paratroopers, The Illustrated History Of The Fallschirmjager in World War II
16386: MCNAB, CHRIS: - Order of Battle German Luftwaffe in WWII
9250: MCNAMARA, SHEILA AND KE, DR SONG XUAN: - Traditional Chinese Medicine
16363: MCVICAR, DON.: - Ferry Command
14737: MCWILLIAM, MOYNAAND AND SHIPMAN, DOROTHY: - Everlasting Flowers,The beauty of nature preserved in dried and pressed flower arrangements.
13453: MEACHAM, STANDISH: - A Life Apart , The English Working Class 1890 - 1914
13041: MEDVED, MICHAEL: - Hollywood vs. America, Popular Culture and the War on Traditional Values
6888: MEER, FATIMA: - Higher than Hope, The authorized Biography of Nelson Mandela
14569: MELLOWS, W T (EDITOR): - The Foundation of Peterborough Cathedral A.D. 1541
13091: MENON, RAGHAVA R.: - Discovering Indian Music
16334: MENPES, MORTIMER: - The Durbar
7491: MEREDITH, GEORGE: - Odes in Contribution to the Song of French History
3476: MEREDITH, MARTIN: - The First Dance Of Freedom, Black Africa In The Post War Era
13532: MERIVALE, HERMAN AND MARZIALS, FRANK T: - Life of W M Thackeray
14145: MESSER, H. J.: - Able Seaman RNVR
15918: METCALFE, JACK; APPS, JOHN: - The Marquetry Course
10421: MEYER, FRANZ SALES: - A Handbook of Ornament, with 300 Plates, Containing about 3000 Illustrations of the Elements, and the Application of Decoration to Objects
14509: MEYER, LAURE: - Masters of English Landscape, among others Gainsborough, Stubbs, Turner, Constable, Whistler, Kokoschka
3033: BOWYER MICHAEL A F: - Aircraft for the Many: A Detailed Survey Of The RAF's Aircraft In June 1944
10377: BOWYER. MICHAEL: - Interceptor Fighters for the RAF 1935 -45
3676: SADLEIR MICHAEL: - Blessington D'Orsay a Masquerade
4261: MICHAELIS, ANDREAS: - DDR Souvenirs
14810: MICHEL-THIRIET, PHILLIPPE: - The Book of Proust
6551: MADAME MICHELET: - Nature: or, the Poetry of Earth and Sea
6939: MIDDLEMAS, KEITH: - Power to the Consumer: a history of Seeboard from nationalisation to privatisation
16016: MILEHAM, P.J.R.: - The Scottish Regiments : A Pictorial History, 1633-1987
11909: MILES, VALERIE AND PROCTER, NORMA: - A Snuffle Of Pekes
13516: MILL, JOHN: - The Visit of the King of the Belgians being an account of the National Address Presented at Buckingham Palace, November 25th 1869
15296: MILLER, PETER: - Conte Maggi's Mille Miglia
15108: MILLER, THOMAS: - Godfrey Malvern or the Life of an Author
15173: MILLIGAN, FRANK (EDITOR)/ ROBINSON, KATE (EDITOR): - Limiting Harm in Health Care: A Nursing Perspective
9754: MILLOT, BERNARD: - Divine Thunder, The Life and Death of the Kamikazes
6552: MARY ELLEN AND ANDREW MILLS: - A New Owner's Guide to Bichons Frises
10558: MILLS, STEPHEN E: - Arctic War Planes, Alaska Aviation WWII, A Pictorial History of Bush Flying with the Miliary in the Defense of Alaska and North America
6661: MILNE, A A: - The Christopher Robin Birthday Book
80: MILNE, A A: - The King's Breakfast
10883: MILNE, A.A.: - The House at Pooh Corner, a Pop-Up Book
14359: MILNER, THOMAS: - The Gallery of Geography, Pictorial and Descriptive Tour of the World
14904: MILTON, JOHN: - The Poetical Works of John Milton with Memoir and Explanatory Notes
16287: MILTON, BRIAN: - Hurricane: The Last Witnesses: Hurricane Pilots Tell the Story of the Fighter that Won the Battle of Britain
14681: MINCHIN, CAPTAIN H: - The Legion Book
7454: YAO MING-LE: - The Conspiracy and Murder of Mao's Heir
11329: AIR MINISTRY: - Pilot's And Flight Engineer's Notes Stirling I, III, IV & V
11346: AIR MINISTRY: - Pilot's Notes Blenheim V Aeroplane Two Mercury XV or 25 Engines
3253: AIR MINISTRY: - The Weather Map, An Introduction to Modern Meteorology
9245: MINTORN, JOHN AND HORATIO: - The Hand-book for modelling wax flowers. Dedicated, by special permission, to Her Grace the Duchess of Northumberland
15482: MITCHELL, VIC; SMITH, KEITH: - Branch Line to Lyme Regis
14805: MITCHELL, GORDON: - R . J. Mitchell, Schooldays to Spitfire
12688: MITCHELL, DAVID: - The Spanish Civil War. Based on the Televsion series
15787: MITCHELL, VIC; SMITH, KEITH: - Branch Line to Wantage: The Wantage Tramway
15782: MITCHELL, VIC; SMITH, KEITH: - Lines Around Wimbledon: from East Putney, Sutton and Tooting
15432: MITCHINSON, DAVID: - Celebrating Moore: Works from the Collection of The Henry Moore Foundation
12756: MITTON, G E; ILLUSTRATED BY A S FORREST: - Round the Wonderful World
4990: MITTON, SIMON: - Daytime Star
15081: MITTON, G E: - The Isle of Wight, Beautiful Britain
15195: MOBERG, VILHELM: - The Emigrants: The Emigrant Novels Book 1
15729: MOFFAT, JOHN: - I Sank the Bismarck; Memoirs of a Second World War Navy Pilot
2329: MOHANTI, PRAFULLA: - Through Brown Eyes
14322: MOHR, NICOLAUS: - Excursion Through America
15663: MOIREAU, FABRICE: - Venice Sketchbook
2500: MRS MOLESWORTH: - "Us" An Old Fashioned Story
2501: MRS MOLESWORTH: - "Us" An Old Fashioned Story
7834: MOLIERE: - Oeuvres de Moliere
8196: MOLIERE: - Oeuvres de Moliere, avec des notes de tous les Commentateurs; Vol. 1 & 2
14415: MOLLER, MURIEL WITH A FOREWORD BY WALTER CRANE: - Wood-Carving Designs, Six-Sheets Comprising Thirty One Working Drawings of Panels and Frames etc with Examples of Furniture Suitable for them
8255: MOLLHAUSEN, BALDUIN.: - Diary of a Journey From the Mississippi to the Coasts of the Pacific with a United States Government Expedition.
15556: MOLLO, JOHN & MOLLO, BORIS: - Into the Valley of Death the British Cavalry Division at Balaclava 1854
3313: MOLLOY, EDWARD (GENERAL EDITOR): - Chemistry in Commerce, A Comprehensive , Practical and Authoritative Guide, Showing how Chemical Principles are Applied in Actual Practice
4389: MOLTENI, MARIO: - The Clay Modelling Handbook Learning From The Masters
4015: MONACO, JAMES: - American Film Now, The People, The Power, The Money, The Movies
9182: MONBIOT, GEORGE: - Captive State: The Corporate Takeover of Britain
5972: MONCRIEFF, A.R. HOPE, (EDITOR): - Black's Guide to Sussex and Its Watering Places
16099: MONEY BARNES, MAJOR R: - Military Uniforms of the Britain & The Empire 1742 to the present time. Imperial Services Library Volume IV
8064: MONEY BARNES, MAJOR R: - The Soldiers of London
8102: MONIER-WILLIAMS, RANDALL: - The Tallow Chandlers of London, Volume III The Guild Catholic
15962: MONKHOUSE, GEORGE: - Motoraces
15331: MONROE, TOM: - How to Rebuild your Ford V-8 351C-351M-400-429-460
5248: ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MONUMENTS: - An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in the City of Oxford
13238: MOODY, PEGGIE C: - One too many
13357: MOORE, THOMAS: - Lalla Rookh, An Oriental Romance
13248: MOORE, DOROTHEA: - Judy, Patrol Leader
15913: MOORE, THOMAS: - The Poetical Works of Thomas Moore with Life. The Landscape Series of Poets
11277: MOOREY, P R S (EDITED BY): - The Origins of Civilization, Wolfson College Lectures 1978
5463: MOORHOUSE, GEOFFREY: - Sun Dancing : A Medieval Vision
14586: MOORHOUSE, PAUL: - Anthony Caro: Sculpture towards Architecture
15909: ILLUSTRATED BY F G MOORSOM: - Dial 999, P. C. Thirteen Investigates
1579: MORGAN, M C: - Freedom and Compulsion, A Survey of European History between 1789 and 1939
15766: MORGAN, JOHN SCOTT: - Corris - A Narrow Gauge Portrait
15754: MORLAND, R.J: - The Talyllyn Railway in Colour
8387: MORLEY, FRANK: - Literary Britain, A reader's Guide to its Writers and Landmarks
11250: MORLEY, HENRY (SELECTED EDITED AND ARRANGED BY): - Illustrations Of English Religion
11253: MORLEY, HENRY (SELECTED EDITED AND ARRANGED BY): - Shorter works in English Prose
11251: MORLEY, HENRY (SELECTED EDITED AND ARRANGED BY): - Sketches of Longer Works English Verse and Prose
15915: MORRIS, REV. FO ( FRANCIS ORPEN),: - A Series of Picturesque views of Seats of Noblemen and Gentlemen of Great Britain and Ireland. Volume VI only. Picturesque views of Seats of Noblemen and Gentlemen. Incomplete
10766: MORRIS, JEREMY: - Religion and Urban Change. Croydon 1840-1914
278: MORRIS, JOHN: - Londinium - London In The Roman Empire.
12909: MORRIS, JOHN: - Londinium : London in the Roman Empire
2425: MORRIS, REV. M C F: - Yorkshire Folk-Talk, Characteristics of those who speak it in the North and East Ridings
13574: MORRIS, STEPHEN: - The REVOLUTIONARY and other poems
14020: MORRIS, W G, SELECTED BY: - So this is London, A Collection of Camera Studies
15082: MORRIS, JOSEPH E: - Channel Islands, Beautiful Britain
14846: MORRIS, COLIN: - History of British Bus Services: Volume One - South-East England
7940: MORRISON, J: - A New System of Domestic Cookery with Medical Advice to Parents: the whole compiled and arranged by Morrison
10069: MORRISSEY, JOE: - Wagon Train Annual
10068: MORRISSEY, JOE: - Wagon Train Annual
8563: MORSLEY, CLIFFORD: - News from the English Countryside 1750-1850
15736: MORTIMER, IAN: - 1415: Henry V's Year of Glory
15436: MORTIMER, GAVIN.: - The SBS in World War II: An Illustrated History
3631: MORTON, ANDREW: - Madonna
2642: MORTON, JAMES.: - Gangland: The Lawyers
15194: MOSCUCCI, ORNELLA: - The Science of Woman : Gynaecology and Gender in England, 1800-1929
1134: MOSLEY, LEONARD.: - Hirohito Emporer Of Japan.
15814: MOSS, W STANLEY: - Ill met by Moonlight
10030: MOSS, H W: - The Elements of Fly Fishing for Trout and Grayling
15833: STAFF OF "THE MOTOR": - Le Mans 1954
4967: MOWLAM, MO.: - Momentum, The Struggle For Peace, Politics And The People
15676: MOY, PATRICIA: - The Complete Guide to Miniature Painting
4891: MOYES,P.J.R: - RAF Jet Fighter Flypast.
15930: MOYES, PHILIP, J. R: - Junkers Ju88A, AeroData International No. 9
14909: MOYSE-BARTLETT, A. H.: - A History of the Merchant Navy
12376: MUIR, EDWIN: - We Moderns: Enigmas and Guesses, Free Lance Books IV edited by H. L. Mencken
159: MULELLY, IAN S. & SMALLWOOD, HUGH R.: - Airworthy! - Flying Vintage Aircraft.
14169: MUNCASTER, MARTIN: - The Wind in the Oaks : The Life, Work and Philosophy of the Marine and Landscape Artist Claude Muncaster
12320: MUNDAY, DON: - The Unknown Mountain
16049: MUNDELL, FRANK.: - Stories of the Fire Brigade. With a Chapter on Forest Fires.
14248: MUNN, GEOFFREY C: - Southwold, An Earthly Paradise
6923: MUNSON, KENNETH: - Airliners between the wars 1919-39
11045: MUNSON, KENNETH: - German Aircraft of World War 2 in Colour
6685: MUNTHE, AXEL: - The Story of San Michele
14768: MURPHY, BEVERLEY: - Bastard Prince: Henry VIII's Lost Son
14468: MURRAY, ELISABETH K M: - Caught in a web of words, James Murray and the Oxford English Dictionary
12874: MURRAY, NICHOLAS: - A Life of Matthew Arnold
1950: MURRAY, WILLIAMSON: - Strategy for Defeat, The Luftwaffe 1933-1945
14506: MURRAY, BRIAN: - H G Wells
10942: BRITISH MUSEUM: - A Guide to the Antiquities of the Early Iron Age of Central and Western Europe including the British Late-Keltic Period in the Department of British and Mediaeval Antiquites
14173: NATIONAL MARITIME MUSEUM: - Concise Catalogue of Oil Paintings in the National Maritime Museum
15433: NATIONAL MARITIME MUSEUM: - Concise Catalogue of Oil Paintings in the National Maritime Museum
7283: MUSGROVE, F: - The Migratory Elite.
12813: NAIPAUL, V. S.: - Letters Between A Father and Son
10865: NAPLEY, SIR DAVID: - Murder at the Villa Madeira, The Rattenbury Case
14867: NASH, EDWIN: - A Lecture on Pre-Adamite London given in the theatre of Merchant Taylor's School, Charterhous Square London, 13th February 1879
465: NATHAN, MANFRED.: - The South African Commonwealth. Constitution, Problems, Social Conditions.
4875: NATKIEL, RICHARD: - War Maps, Campaigns & Battles of World War II
4912: NEILL, PETER. (EDITED AND INTRODUCED BY): - Maritime America: Art and Artifacts from America's Great Nautical Collections
16152: NEILLANDS, ROBIN: - The Old Contemptibles: The British Expeditionary Force, 1914
9633: NEILLANDS, ROBIN AND DE NORMANN, RODERICK: - D-Day 1944: Voices from Normandy,
11804: NELSON, THE EARL: - There is life on Mars
15633: NELSON, SHERRY C.: - Painting Garden Birds With Sherry C. Nelson
2120: NESBIT, ROY CONYERS: - RAF An illustrated History from 1918
12043: NESBIT, ROY CONYERS: - Woe To The Unwary - A Memoir Of Low Level Bombing Operations In 1941
1988: NESBIT, ROY CONYERS ASSISTED BY HOARE, OLIVER: - The R.A.F. in Camera, Archive Photographs from the Public Record Office and the Ministry of Defence 1946-1995
4768: NESBIT, ROY CONYERS.: - The RAF in Camera - Archive Photographs from the Public Record Office and the Ministry of Defence 1903-1939
16294: NESBIT, ROY CONYERS: - Armed Rovers: Beauforts and Beaufighters over the Mediterranean
10436: NESBITT-DUFORT, JOHN: - Open Cockpit, Flying Pre-War Fighting and Training Aircraft
5841: NEW, ANTHONY S. B.: - The Observer's Book of Cathedrals
12980: NEWARK , TIM: - Medieval Warlords
8066: NEWARK, TIM: - Warlords. Ancient, Celtic, Medieval
10062: NEWBERRY, PETER: - The Vectis Connection, Pioneering Isle of Wight Air Services
4070: NEWBY, ERIC: - On the Shores of the Mediterranean
1681: NEWHALL, NANCY: - A Contribution to theHeritage of Every American, The Conservation Activities of John D. Rockefeller, JR.
8539: NEWMAN, BERNARD: - Hosanna !
13606: NEWMAN, BERNARD ('THE REMARKABLE NOVEL BY BERNARD NEWMAN'): - HOSANNA! The Most Controversial Novel of Our Time
11320: NEWNES, GEORGE (EDITOR): - The Strand Magazine : An Illustrated Monthly. Vol. VII: January to June 1894
11321: NEWNES, GEORGE (EDITOR): - The Strand Magazine : An Illustrated Monthly. Vol. VIII: July to December 1894
9805: NEWTON,VERNE W.:: - The Butcher's Embrace. The Philby conspirators in Washington.
1256: NICHOLAS, ANNA KATHERINE.: - The Book Of The Labrador Retriever
14177: NICHOLLS, ANDREW: - English Bracket and Mantel Clocks
1234: NICHOLLS, F.F.: - Honest Thieves. The Violent Heyday Of English Smuggling.
14377: NICHOLLS, HELLER (ARRANGED BY): - Ten Little Nigger Tunes, Easily arranged for the pianoforte
10132: NICHOLS, ROGER: - Ravel Remembered
6622: NICHOLS, ROGER.: - Mendelssohn Remembered
13107: NICHOLSON, STUART.: - A Portrait of Duke Ellington, Reminiscing in Tempo
2285: NIELSEN, JERRI.: - Ice Bound: One Woman's Incredible Battle For Survival At The South Pole.
9617: NIXON, EDNA.: - Mary Wollstonecraft. Her Life and times
1763: EMIS DATAREVIEWS SERIES NO.1: - Properties of Amorphous Silicon
15237: NOAKES, VIVIEN: - The Painter Edward Lear
1247: NOBLE, PETER: - British Ballet
4262: NOCK, O.S.: - One Facet of an Autobiography
6509: NOORTHOUCK, JOHN: - An Historical and Classical Dictionary: Containing The Lives and Characters of the Most Eminent and Learned Persons Volumes 1 & 2
4501: NORMAN, PHILIP: - Shout! The True Story Of The Beatles.
108: NORRIS, MALCOLM: - Brass Rubbing
219: NORTON, LUCY. (EDITED BY): - Saint-Simon At Versailles
12535: NOVE, ALEC. (EDITED BY): - The Stalin Phenomenon
15421: NOWARRA, H J AND BROWN, KIMBROUGH S (COMPILED BY), ROBERTSON, BRUCE (EDITIED BY): - von Richthofen and the "Flying Circus"
2585: NOWARRA, HEINZ J: - Die 109 Gesamtentwicklung eines legendaren Flugzeugs
11403: NOWARRA, HEINZ.: - Heinkel He 111 A Documentary History
11640: NUNN, JOAN: - Fashion In Costume 1200-1980
16403: NYE, DOUG: - The Story of Lotus '61-'71 Growth of a Legend
15282: NYE, DOUG: - Powered by Jaguar: The Cooper, HWM, Tojeiro and Lister Sports-racing Cars
15310: NYE, DOUG AND FRERE, PAUL: - World Supercars 1: Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona
16401: NYE,DOUG.: - Theme Lotus. 21 years of Grand Prix and Indianapolis Cars from Lotus 12 to John Player Special Mark IV.
2726: NYREN, JOHN: - The Young Cricketer's Tutor: 1833
9724: OAKLEY, DEREK: - Fiddler on the March, The biography of Lt. Col.Sir Vivian Dunn
16261: OAKLEY, E.R.: - London County Council Tramways Vol. 1: South London
2469: MASS-OBSERVATION: - Browns and Chester, A Portrait of a Shop 1780-1946
14711: ISSUED BY THE HOME OFFICE: - Air Raid Precautions, Handbook No.4, Decontamination of Materials
16264: OGILVIE, MALCOLM: - Grebes of the World
14379: OGLEY, BOB: - Biggin on the Bump, the most famous fighter station in the world
4823: OGLEY, BOB: - Doodlebugs and Rockets, The Battle of the Flying Bombs
13270: OGREN, KATHY J.: - The Jazz Revolution - Twenties America & the Meaning of Jazz
2437: OKUDA, M. & D. AND MIREK, D.: - The Star Trek Encyclopedia: A Rference Guide To The Future.
16109: OLDFIELD, MOLLY: - The Secret Museum, Some Treasures are too Precious to Display
15885: OLFERS, SIBYLLE V: - Etwas von den Wurzelkindern
16428: OLIVER, MICHAEL: - Lotus 72 Formula One Icon
13092: OLIVER, MICHAEL: - Igor Stravinsky
15288: OLIVER, GEORGE: - Cars and Coachbuilding: One hundred years of road vehicle development
15045: OLIVER, PETER.: - Bird Watching on the North Kent Marshes
10870: OLLARD, RICHARD AND TUDOR-CRAIG, PAMELA: - For Veronica Wedgwood: These Studies in Seventeenth-Century History.
271: OLSEN, MAGNUS L.: - Saga Of The White Horizon
4610: OMOND, G. W. T.: - Belgium
10356: VAN OOSTERZEE, J.J.: - Christian Dogmatics: A Text Book for Academical Instruction and Private Study.
15922: ORLEBAR, CHRISTOPHER: - The Concorde Story Sixth Edition
13210: ORWELL, GEORGE: - Road to Wigan Pier
15048: OSLER, MIRABEL: - The Rain Tree, A Memoir
3972: OSMAN, AHMED: - The House of the Messiah; Controversial Revelations on the Historical Jesus
8820: DAY EVELYN: JONES JOAN CLEMENT: HORNBY JOHN: AND OTHERS: - The Pleasure Book for Boys and Girls
13990: OTTAWAY, ROBERT (EDITOR): - Picturegoer Film Annual 1958-59
16270: OVERY, RICHARD: - Interrogations. The Nazi Elite In Allied Hands, 1945
1509: OWEN, CHERYL: - Salt Dough, How To Make Beautiful And Lasting Objects From Flour, Salt And Water.
12073: NAYLER AND OWER: - Flight To-Day
13246: OXENHAM, ELSIE J: - Stowaways in the Abbey
13929: OXENHAM, ELSIE J: - The Abbey Girls in Town
14675: OXTOBY, FRED (EDITED BY): - Burma, A Miracle in Military Achievement
15400: PACKER, WILLIAM: - Henry Moore - An Illustrated Biography
4858: PADFIELD, PETER.: - The Titanic and the Californian
15365: PADFIELD, PETER: - Maritime Supremacy and the Opening of the Western Mind: Naval Campaigns That Shaped the Modern World, 1588-1782
15741: PAGE, R.I.: - Runes and Runic Inscriptions: Collected Essays on Anglo-Saxon and Viking Runes
16199: PAGE, GWENDOLINE (EDITED BY): - We Kept The Secret Now It Can Be Told. Some Memories Of Pembroke V Wrens
10596: PAIN, HJ: - The Physics of Vibrations and Waves
9553: PAINTON, E T: - Small Electric Motors D.C. and A.C.
15340: PAKENHAM, ELIZABETH: - JAMESON'S RAID an Extraordinary Episode in Our History and the Prelude to the Boer War 1899
7303: PAKULA, HANNAH.: - An Uncommon Woman: The Empress Frederick; Daughter of Queen Victoria, Wife of the Crown Prince of Prussia, Mother Of Kaiser Wilhelm.
16014: PALIN, MICHAEL: - Happy Holidays: The Golden Age of Railway Posters.
15889: PALMER, W T: - The English Lakes
228: PALMER, R. R.: - The World Of The French Revolution.
11551: PALMER, ROBERT: - Dancing in the Street
15891: PALMER, RICHARD (ENGRAVED BY): - The Bible Atlas: Or Sacred Geography Delineated in a Complete Series of Scriptural Maps: Drawn fromt the best authories Ancient and Modern
14567: PAM, DAVID OWEN: - A History of Enfield Volume One - Before 1837 - A Parish Near London
3947: PAOLI, XAVIER: - My Royal Clients
2014: PAPE, RICHARD: - Boldness be my Friend
15879: PARHAM, JACK: - The Beginner's Guide to Flying
7659: PARISH, JAMES ROBERT: - The Slapstick Queens
10773: PARKER , JOHN HENRY: - ABC of Gothic Architect ure
7660: PARKER, DEREK: - Familiar to All - William Lilly and Astrology in the Seventeenth Century.
7547: PARKER, DEREK: - Radio: The Great Years
5491: PARKER, JOHN.: - Strike Command, The Inside Story Of The RAF's Wartime Heroes
15939: PARKER, LOUIS N: - Drake, A Pageant-Play
14451: PARKER, ERIC: - Highways & Byways in Surrey
15961: PARKYN, MAJOR H G (COMPILED AND EDITED BY): - The Rifle Brigade Chronicle for 1935 (Fory-Sixth Year)
15960: PARKYN, MAJOR H G (COMPILED AND EDITED BY): - The Rifle Brigade Chronicle for 1934 (Forty-Fifth Year)
1910: PARSONS, R H: - History of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, 1847-1947
15281: PASCAL, DOMINIQUE: - Ferraris at Le Mans
6191: GIBBS. WING-COMMANDER PATRICK: - Not Peace but a Sword.
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10366: TURNBALL, PATRICK: - Eugenie of the French
14168: TURNBULL, HARRY: - Yorkshire Artists a Short Dictionary (Artists Born Before 1921)
10714: ILLUSTRATED BY GEORGE TURNER: - Monster 123 A Spooky Lift-the-Flap Book
12822: TURNER, ADMIRAL STANSFIELD: - Secrecy & Democracy, The CIA in Transition
11934: TURNER, JOHN FRAYN: - Douglas Bader, A Biography of the legendary World War II Fighter Pilot
6516: TURNER, JOHN FRAYN: - Famous Air Battles
7479: TURNER, JOHN FRAYN: - Famous Flights
2087: TURNER, JOHN FRAYN.: - The Bader Wing
3133: TURNER, P. ST JOHN. & NOWARRA, HEINZ J.: - Junkers, An Aircraft Album
13291: TUSA, JOHN AND ANN TUSA: - The Berlin Blockade
2440: TUSSAUD, JOHN T: - The Romance of Madame Tussaud's
14313: TWAIN, MARK, AND BLAIR, WALTER (EDITED BY): - Mark Twain's West: The Author's Memoirs About His Boyhood, Riverboats and Western Adventures
14363: TWISS, HORACE: - The Public and Private Life of Lord Chancellor Eldon with selections from his Correspondence, Volume II
15598: TYLER, TOM: - Malcolm Root's Pageant of Transport A Treasury of Transport Paintings from Times Past.
15660: TYLER, TOM: - Malcolm Root's Railway Paintings
5744: TYNAN, KENNETH.: - Show People: Profiles In Entertainment
14068: O'CONNOR ULICK: - Celtic Dawn, a Portrait of the Irish Literary Renaissance
16213: UPSTONE, ROBERT.: - William Orpen, Politics Sex & Death.
507: UPWARD, EDWARD.: - In The Thirties.
14813: URBAN, MARK: - Fusiliers Eight Years with the Redcoats in America
14278: URESOVA, LIBUSE: - European Clocks, an illustrated History of Clocks and Watches
16093: URICH, MIKE; FISHER, BILL: - Holley Carburetors & Manifolds
14880: URQUHART, FRED: - W.S.C. A Cartoon Biography
2891: USSHER, ARLAND.: - Spanish Mercy.
7471: UYENISHI, S. K.: - The Text-Book of Ju-Jutsu, As Practised in Japan
1061: VAJDA, STEPHAN: - Felix Austria, Eine Geschichte Osterreichs
15796: VALE, VIVIEN & PATRICIA: - The Parish Book of Cerne Abbas Abbey & After
15605: VALENTINE, HELEN: - Art in the Age of Queen Victoria. Treasures from the Royal Academy of Arts Permanent Collection.
4904: VANDENBERG, PHILIPP.: - The Forgotten Pharoah. The Discovery of Tutankhamun
8971: VANDERBILT JNR, CORNELIUS: - The Vanderbilt Feud: The Fabulouos Story of Grace Wilson Vanderbilt
2162: VANSITTART, PETER: - Green Knights Black Angels, The Mosaic of History
14270: VASSALL-ADAMS, RORY: - The Victorian Watercolour
8918: VAUGHAN, ROGER: - Herbert Von Karajan, A Biographical Portrait
16127: VAUGHAN, ADRIAN: - Railway Blunders
15784: VAUGHN WILLIAMS, URSULA: - R.V.W.: A Biography of Ralph Vaughan Williams
16098: VEATCH, A. C.: - Quito to Bogota
14385: VAN DE VELDE, CARL (RESEARCHED AND WRITTEN BY): - JAN WIERIX The Creation and the Early History of Man 1607-1608
15379: VENABLES, RALPH: - British Trials Motorcycles "The Men and Their Machines"
15975: VENNING, BARRY: - Constable, The Masterworks
7330: VENTRY, LORD AND KOLESNIK, EUGENE M: - Airship Saga : The History of Airships Seen Through the Eyes of the Men Who Designed, Built and Flew Them
4814: VERIER, MIKE: - Yeovilton: Defenders Of The Fleet
8975: VERMA, MAJ GEN ASHOK KALYAN: - Rivers of Silence, Disaster on River Nam Ka Chu, 1962 and the Dash to Dhaka Across River Meghna during 1971
15500: VERNET, CARLE: - Uniforms of Napoleon's Army
13285: VICKERS, J A.: - The Religious Census of Sussex 1851
15781: VINCENT, ALEX: - Roman Roads of Sussex
15107: VINCENT, BENJAMIN: - Haydn's Dictionary of Dates and Universal Information relating to all ages and Nations
15681: VINCENT, ADRIAN: - 100 Years of Traditional British Painting
15506: VINCENT, ADRIAN: - 19th Century Maritime Watercolours
4786: VINES, MIKE: - WIind in the Wires: A Golden Era of Flight 1909-1939
1902: VINEY, NIGEL (COMPILED BY): - The Great Paintings of England
16424: VIZARD, DAVID: - Tuning Twin-cam Fords
485: NABOKOW VLADIMIR: - The Man from the USSR and other plays.
12942: VOGT, PER: - Fridtjof Nansen: Explorer - Scientist - Humanitarian
12571: VOLKMAN, ERNEST: - Spies: The Secret Agents Who Changed the Course of History
16221: VOLPE, TOD M & CATHERS, BETH & DUNCAN, ALASTAIR: - Treasures of the American Arts and Crafts Movement 1890-1920
3453: VOS, DR. GEORGE H.: - Birds and their nests and eggs, found in and near great towns
8107: VUKSIC, V AND GRBASIC, Z.: - The History of Cavalry, The History of a Fighting Elite 650BC-AD1914
14254: WADDELL, J K EDITOR: - The History and Register of Aldenham School
14276: WADDELL, J. K. AND LIDDIARD, B N: - The Register of Aldenham School
14726: WAGSTAFF, J S: - The London Country Bus
13951: WAINWRIGHT, A.: - Pictorial Guide to the Lakeland Fells, being an illustrated account of a study and exploration of the mountains in the English Lake District. Book Three++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
12827: WAITE, HERBERT T: - Waite's Compendium Natal Astrology and Universal Ephemeris
11145: WAKE, ROY: - The Nightingale Training School 1860-1996
2761: WALBANK, F ALLAN (EDITED BY)C: - Wings of War, An Air Force Anthology
13696: WALFORD, EDWARD: - London Recollected, Its History, Lore and Legend, Volume IV
16335: WALKER, DIANA BARNATO: - Spreading My Wings: One Of Britain's Top Women Pilots Tells Her Remarkable Story
16415: WALKER, DAVE: - Engine Management Optimising Carburettors, Fuel Injection and Ignition Systems
8435: WALKER, ANN.: - The Stone of the Plough: The Search for the Secret of Giza
15906: REV NORMAN L WALKER: - Under His Shadow In Memoriam Mrs Burns Kirkliston, A Sermon Preached in Kirkliston Free Church on 27th October 1884
969: WALLACE, CHRISTINE.: - Germaine Greer, Untamed Shrew.

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