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10474: FLACK, MARJORIE (TOLD AND ILLUSTRATED BY): - Angus and the Ducks
15218: FLEMING, GEORGE: - Horse-Shoes and Horse Shoeing: Their Origin, History, Uses and Abuses
15498: FLEMMING, ANTHONY: - Painting Boats and Harbours
15688: FLETCHER, IAN.: - Napoleonic Wars: Wellington's Army
16269: FLETCHER-WATSON, JAMES: - Outdoor Painting with James Fletcher-Watson
11525: FLETCHER, J S: - Anthony Everton
16176: FLETCHER, IAN & NATALIA ISHCHENKO: - The Crimean War; A Clash of Empires
15671: FLETCHER, IAN: - A Desperate Business : Wellington, the British Army and the Waterloo Campaign
16525: FLYING MAGAZINE, EDITORS OF: - Pilot Error: anatomies of aircraft accidents
10320: FOCILLON, HENRI: - Art D'occident. Le Moyen Age Roman et Gothique
15884: DE FOE, DANIEL (ILLUSTRATED BY J. J. GRANDVILLE): - The Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe
2100: FOLEY, WINIFRED: - A Child in the Forest
2172: FORBES, BRYAN: - That Despicable Race, A History of the British Action Tradition
14634: FORD, MARY: - Making Glove Puppets, Step-by-step instructions, and full size templates
1955: FORD, COREY: - Donovan of O.S.S., The untold story of William J. Donovan and America's top-secret agency for intelligence, espionage, and unorthodox warfare in World War 2
13281: FORD, WYN K.: - Chichester Diocesan Surveys 1686 and 1724
5231: FORDE-JOHNSTON, J.: - Prehistoric Britain and Ireland
16189: FOREMAN, AMANDA: - A World on Fire : An Epic History of Two Nations Divided
5040: FORMAN, PATRICK.: - Flying Into Danger the Hidden Facts About Air Safety
13812: FORMENTON, FABIO: - Oriental Rugs and Carpets
14598: FORRER, MATTHI: - Hokusai, Prints and Drawings
14087: FORRESTER,DAVID: - Young Doctor Pusey
9437: FORSHAW, AND BERGSTROM, THEO: - Smithfield, Past and Present
10992: FORSTER, E M: - The Hill of Devi being letters from Dewas State Senior
3351: FORSYTH, BRUCE: - Bruce, The Autobiography
13431: FORTY, GEORGE: - Tank Commanders: Knights of the Modern Age
14056: FOSKETT, DAPHNE: - British Portrait Miniatures, A History
14852: FOSTER, R F: - Foster's Whist Manual
2138: FOSTER, GENEVIEVE: - Augustus Ceasar's World
13888: FOSTER, VANDA: - A Visual History of Costume: The Nineteenth Century
14738: FOSTER, MAUREEN; ILLUSTRATED BY BRYAN FOSTER: - Preserved Flowers, Practical Methods and Creative Uses
14638: FOUNDED ON THE LABOURS OF JOHNSON, WALKER , WEBSTER, WORCESTER: - The Household Dictionary of the English Language
12063: FOWLER, SIR JAMES K.: - A History of Beaulieu Abbey, AD1204-1539
13762: FOX, CELINA (EDITOR): - London - World City, 1800-1840
6333: FOX, MICHAEL J.: - Lucky Man : A Memoir
16521: FOX, FRANK: - Italy
6611: FRANCILLON, RENE: - U. S. Army Air Forces in the Pacific
10551: FRANCIS, SUSAN WITH ANDREW CROFTS: - Nowhere to Hide, A Mother's Ordeal in the Killing Fields of Iraq Kurdistan
342: FRANKLAND, MARK: - The Patriots' Revolution
10406: FRANKS, NORMAN: - Hurricane at War: 2
13905: FRASER, ANTONIA: - The Weaker Vessel. Woman's Lot in Seventeenth-Century England
9610: FRASER, FLORA.: - The Unruly Queen: The Life of Queen Caroline
14609: FRAYLING, CHRISTOPHER: - The Face of Tutankhamun
12479: TURNER JOHN FRAYN: - The Battle of Britain
9403: FREE, JAMES LAMB.: - Training Your Retriever
1939: FREEMAN, ROGER: - The U.S. Strategic Bomber
12101: FREEMAN, ROGER: - Thunderbolt, A documentary history of the Republic P-47
1891: FREEMAN, ROGER A: - The Mighty Eighth, Units, Men and Machines, (A History of the U.S.8th Army Air Force)
11928: FREEMAN, ROGER A: - UK Airfields of the Ninth Then and Now
12033: FREEMAN, ROGER A.: - B-17 Fortress At War
12627: FREEMAN, RUTH: - Death of a Statesman : The Solution to the Murder of Olof Palme
5470: FREJER, B. ERNEST. (COMPILED BY): - The Edgar Cayce Companion: A Comprehensive Treatise of the Edgar Cayce Readings
2113: FRERE, SHEPPARD.: - Britannia, A History Of Roman Britain.
15304: FRERE, PAUL: - Porsche 911 Story
13831: FRITZSCH, HARALD: - Quarks, The Stuff of Matter
2391: FROST, DAVID. & SHEA, MICHAEL.: - The Rich Tide: Men, Women, Ideas & Their Transatlantic Impact.
2870: FRY, PLANTAGENET SOMERSET: - 2,000 Years of British Life, A Social History of England, Scotland and Ireland
16659: FULLER, RICHARD. & GREGORY, RON: - Military Swords of Japan 1868-1945
11904: FULLICK, ROY: - Shan Hackett. The Pursuit of Exactitude.
12366: FUNABASHI, YOICHI: - Asia Pacific Fusion, Japan's Role in APEC
1586: FURHAMMAR, LEIF. & ISAKSSON, FOLKE.: - Politics And Film
7264: FURNESS, ERIC L: - Money and Credit in Developing Africa
15929: GABBARD, ALEX; GABBARD, SQUIRE: - Fast Muscle: America's Fastest Muscle Cars
16092: GABRIEL, RICHARD A: - Genghis Khan's Greatest General: Subotai the Valiant
14858: GALE, IAIN: - Four Days in June, A battle lost, a battle won, June 1815
15590: GALINOU, MIREILLE & HAYES, JOHN: - London in Paint: Oil Paintings in the Collection at the Museum of London
14699: GALLEY, MARTIN R: - The Last Days of Steam in Kent
16566: GALLOIS, R W AND BASED ON PREVIOUS EDITIONS BY HE LATE F H EDMUNDS: - British Regional Geology The Wealden District
2816: GALLUP, GEORGE JR.: - Adventures In Immortality
14430: GALSWORTHY,JOCELYN: - White Hats and Cricket Bats, My Painting Life
13149: GALWAY, H: - Echo Sounding at Sea [British Practice]
14253: GAMBLE, CLIVE: - Timewalkers, The Prehistory of Global Conization
3415: GAMES, ALEXANDER: - Backing Into The Limelight, The Biography Of Alan Bennett
13256: GAMMOND, PETER & HORRICKS, RAYMOND - EDITORS: - The Music Goes Round. A cool look at the record industry.
13449: GANDER, TERRY J: - The Bazooka: Hand-Held Hollow-Charged Anti-Tank Weapons
10443: GARDINER, JOHN: - The Victorians, An Age in Retrospect
8371: GARDINER, JULIET: - The Edwardian Country House
11782: GARDINER, LESLIE: - Lunardi, The Story of Vincenzo Lunardi
15657: GARDINER, ROBERT (EDITOR): - The Heyday of Sail: The Merchant Sailing Ship 1650 - 1830
15658: GARDINER, ROBERT (EDITOR): - The Advent of Steam. The Merchant Steamship Before 1900
2064: GARDNER, ELDON J.: - Principles Of Genetics
9187: GARDNER, CHARLES.: - British Aircraft Corporation: A History
1079: GARDNER, J. S.: - Foreign Armour in England
12478: GARDNER, ROBERT E: - The Complete Multiengine Pilot
2476: GARDNER, WILLIAM.: - William Gardner's Book of Calligraphy
15850: GARLAND, KEN: - Mr Beck's Underground Map a history
13506: GARNETT, RICHARD: - Relics of Shelley
14272: GARRATT, COLIN ON THE WORK OF THE REV. A W V MACE: - The Golden Years of British Steam Trains LMS, London Midland and Scottish
11882: GARRETT, GERARD: - Films of David Niven
6190: GARRETT, RICHARD.: - Sky High. Heroic Pilots of the Second World War
12254: GARTON ASH, TIMOTHY.: - The File: A Personal History
784: GATES, BILL: - Business and the Speed of Thought
4634: GATES, LILLIAN F.: - After the Rebellion the later years of William Lyon Mackenzie
16887: GAULDIE, ENID: - The Scottish Country Miller, 1700-1900. A History of Water-powered Meal Milling in Scotland.
13486: GAVIN, HELEN: - The Essence of Cognitive Psychology
13360: GEISEL, THEODORE SEUSS (DR SEUSS): - The Dr Seuss Story Book
8744: GENLIS, STEPHANIE FELICITIE, COMTESSE DE. (TRANSLATED FROM): - Adelaide and Theodore; or Letters on Education: containing All the Principles relative to three different Plans of Education; to that of Princes, and to those of young Persons of both Sexes. Volume III
14462: GENTLEMAN, DAVID: - David Gentleman's Britain
14466: GENTLEMAN, DAVID: - Artwork
15720: PENN GEOFFREY: - Infighting Admirals: Fisher's Feud With Beresford And The Reactionaries.
16841: GEORGE, J N: - English Guns and Rifles. Being an Account of the Development, Design and Usage of English Sporting Rifles and Shotguns--from their Introduction during the Fifteenth Century until the Advent of the Metallic Cartridge in the Nineteenth Century
11424: GERBIG, WERNER: - Six Months To Oblivion: The Eclipse Of The Luftwaffe Fighter Force
12766: GERHARD, POUL: - The Pillow Book or, A History of "Naughty" Pictures
13344: GERRITSEN, WILLEM P. AND MELLE, ANTHONY G.VAN: - Dictionary of Medieval Heroes, A: Characters in Medieval Narrative Traditions and Their Afterlife in Literature, Theatre and the Visual Arts
7474: GERSTNER, LOUIS V JR,: - Who Says Elephants Can't Dance? Inside IBM's Historic Turnaround
3349: GERTEIS, MARGARET ; EDGMAN-LEVITAN, SUSAN; DALEY, JENNIFER AND DELBANCO, THOMAS L. (EDITORS: - Through the Patient's Eyes, Understanding and Promoting Patient-Centered Care
13241: GERVAISE, MARY: - Golden Path Adventure
10998: GETTY, J. PAUL, MUSEUM STAF: - The J. Paul Getty Museum Handbook of the Collections
15371: MADARO GIANCENZO (EDITED BY): - Ferrarissima 3
8995: GIBB, D E W: - Lloyd's of London, A study in Individualism
10598: GIBSON, CHARLES R: - The Romance of Modern Electricity. Describing in Non-Technical Language what is known about Electricity and many of its Interesting Applications.
13257: GIDDINS, GARY: - Faces in the Crowd, Players and Writers
13100: GIDDINS, GARY: - Rhythm-a-ning; Jazz Tradition and Innovation in the '80s
5568: GIFFARD, INGARET: - The Way Things Happen: A Memoir
16275: GILBERT, MARTIN: - Never Again. A History of the Holocaust
1857: GILBERT, ADRIAN.: - Germany's Lightning War, From The Invasion Of Poland To El Alamein 1939-1943
695: GILBERT, MARTIN. (INTRODUCTION BY): - Marching To War 1933 -1939
16730: GILBERT, CHRISTOPHER: - The Life and Work of Thomas Chippendale
15722: GILES. (RONALD CARL): - Giles Annual: Sunday Express & Daily Express Cartoons. Number 1, 1946. SIGNED
9404: GILL, MICHAEL.: - Image of the Body, Aspects of the Nude
16466: GILLHAM, ROGER: - Scalextric. Cars and Equipment, Past and Present. 5th edition
15357: GILLIES, MIDGE: - The Barbed-wire University - the Real Lives of Prisoners of War in the Second World War
9878: GILLIES, JOHN: - The History of Ancient Greece Its Colonies and Conquests from the Earliest Accounts Till the Division of the MacEdonian Empire in the East Including The history of Literature Philosophy and the Fine Arts
1850: ROBERT HEIDE AND JOHN GILMAN: - Cartoon Collectables
7265: GINSBERG, MORRIS: - Essays in Sociology and Social Philosophy Volume One - On the Diversity of Morals
7266: GINSBERG, MORRIS: - Essays in Sociology and Social Philosophy, Volume Two Reason and Unreason in Society
7267: GINSBERG, MORRIS: - Essays in Sociology and Social Philosophy. Volume Three: Evolution and Progress
5735: GITTINGS, ROBERT.: - The Odes of Keats & Their Earliest Known Manuscripts in Facsimile
2271: GIULIANO, GEOFFREY: - Lennon in America 1971-1980, Based in part on the lost Lennon diaries.
15057: NO AUTHOR GIVEN (CUMMINS, MARIA S.): - The Lamplighter
15060: NO AUTHOR GIVEN. (COTTON, NATHANIEL): - Visions in Verse for the Entertainment and Instruction of Younger Minds
13251: NO AUTHOR GIVEN: - Squire Bentley's Treat and The Card on the Nosegay
16665: GJERTSEN, DEREK: - The Newton Handbook
8879: GLADSTONE, E.W.: - The ShropshireYeomanry MDCCXCV-MCMXLV, The Story of a Volunteer Cavalry Regiment
16324: GLANCEY, JONATHAN: - Spitfire : The Biography
15423: GLANCEY, JONATHAN: - Spitfire: The Biography
4230: GLASCOCK, CAPTAIN W. N.: - The Naval Officer's Manual, for every grade in her Majesty's ships. To which is added A Notice on Steam and Steam Ships.
1489: GLAZIER, R: - Historic Fabrics, A Short History of the Tradition and Development of Pattern in Woven & Printed Stuffs
10917: GLEES, ANTHONY: - The Stasi Files - East Germany's Secret Operations Against Britain
6621: GLENDINNING, VICTORIA.: - Jonathan Swift
12711: GLOTZ, GUSTAVE: - The Aegean Civilization, Translated by M. R. Dobie and E. M. Riley
15215: GLYNN, IAN; AND GLYNN, JENIFER: - The Life and Death of Smallpox
2683: GNADE, MICHAEL.: - Perfect Nude Photography
2320: GODDEN, RUMER: - Fu-Dog
1272: GODDEN, RUMER: - The Tale of the Tales
10653: JACQUES LE GOFF: - Medieval Civilisation
7115: GOHM, RICHARD VAN DE.: - Collecting Small Antiques & Bygones
13260: GOLDMAN, ALBERT: - Sound Bites
14301: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER: - The Vicar of Wakefield, A Tale
9919: GOLDSTEIN, E. BRUCE: - Sensation and Perception
2571: GOLLANCZ, VICTOR: - Journey Towards Music, a memoir
12368: GOMPERT, DAVID C.; LARRABEE, F. STEPHEN: - America and Europe: A Partnership for a New Era
831: GOOCH, STAN.: - The Paranormal.
8525: GOOD, TIMOTHY: - Alien Base; Earth's Encounters with Extraterrestrials
15018: GOOD, RICHARD & BRITTEN, F. J.: - Britten's Watch and Clock Maker's Handbook, Dictionary and Guide
10342: GOODCHILD, GEORGE: - The Blinded Soldiers and Sailors Gift Book
16682: GOODSELL, DAVID: - The Machinery of Life
15443: GOODWIN, JOHN: - The Military Defence of West Sussex. 500 Years of Fortifications of the Coast Between Brighton and Selsey
13222: GOODWIN, CLIFF: - Behaving Badly: The Life Of Richard Harris 1930-2002
14826: GOODWIN, GORDON G: - The Book of the Austin Seven, A Complete Guide for Owners of All Models with details of changes in Design and Equipment since 1927
14892: GOODWIN, GORDON: - British Mezzotinters, James McArdell
2321: GORDON, LESLEY: - Poorman's Nosegay, Flowers from a Cottage Garden
3125: GORDON, LYNDALL.: - Elliot's New Life
6536: GOSCINNY, R & UDERZO, A, ILLUSTRATED BY UDERZO, A.: - Asterix aux jeux Olympiques
6540: GOSCINNY, R & UDERZO, A, ILLUSTRATED BY UDERZO, A.: - Asterix le cadeau de Cesar
6541: GOSCINNY, R & UDERZO, A, ILLUSTRATED BY UDERZO, A.: - Asterix le Devin
6543: GOSCINNY, R & UDERZO, A, ILLUSTRATED BY UDERZO, A.: - Asterix les lauriers de Cesar
12658: GOSS, CHRIS: - The Luftwaffe Bombers' Battle of Britain, The inside story: July-October 1940
4635: GOSSE, EDMUND.: - Portraits From Life.
15171: GOSSE, PHILIP HENRY: - The History of the Jews from The Christian Era to the Dawn of the Reformation
13869: GOTTSHALL, FRANKLIN H: - How to Design Period Furniture
15177: GOULD, TONY: - A Summer Plague. Polio and Its Survivors
4581: GOW, JAMES: - A Companion to School Classics.
10496: GOWAN, DOUGLAS: - Slurry and farm waste disposal
2812: GOWDA, H. H. ANNIAH: - The Idiot Box, Early American Television Plays
16550: CAROL BELANGER GRAFTON (EDITED BY): - 300 Art Nouveau Designs and Motifs in Full Color
16553: GRAHAM,, STEPHEN.: - With the Russian Pilgrims to Jerusalem.
16200: GRAHAM, STEPHEN.: - Peter the Great: A Life of Peter I of Russia called the Great
7161: GRAHAM, THOMAS J.: - Modern Domestic Medicine: A Popular Treatise, illustrating the symptoms, causes, distinction, and correct treatment of the diseases inident to the human frame, embracing the modern improvements in Medicine
7213: GRAHAM, TIM AND ARCHER, PETER: - William, HRH Prince William of Wales
16482: GRAHAM, STEPHEN: - Ivan The Terrible: Life of Ivan IV of Russia Called the Terrible
5191: GRANT, MICHAEL (EDITED BY): - Greece and Rome, The Birth of Western Civilization
11035: GRANT, MICHAEL.: - The Visible Past. Greek And Roman History From Archaeology 1960 - 1990
6419: GRANT, R G: - Flight, One hundred years of Aviation
13451: GRASSO, TONY: - Bakelite Jewelry, A Collector's Guide
7222: GRAVES, CHARLES.: - Italy Revisited
1245: GRAVES, ROBERT.: - The Isles Of Unwisdom.
15613: GRAVES, DOUGLAS R.: - Figure Painting in Oil
11166: GRAY, J D ALLAN & DISCOMBE, GEORGE: - Clinical Pathology Clinical Microbiology and the Processes of Disease
16655: GREAVES, RICHARD HENRY. & WRIGHTON, HAROLD,: - Practical Microscopical Metallography
5692: GREBANIER, BERNARD.: - The Great Shakespeare Forgery: a new look at the career of William Henry Ireland
14778: GREEN, KEN: - Chichester: An Illustrated History
9218: GREEN, CANDIDA LYCETT: - John Betjeman: Letters Volume Two 1951-1984
16749: GREEN, LAWRENCE G: - Strange Africa
15659: GREEN, IAIN: - Wild Tigers of Bandhavgarh: Encounters in a Fragile Forest
6899: GREENE, HANK.: - Square and Folk Dancing, a Complete Guide for Students, Teachers and Callers.
16629: GREENGRASS, MARK; LESLIE, MICHAEL; RAYLOR TIMOTHY. (EDITED BY): - Samuel Hartlib and Universal Reformation: Studies in Intellectual Communication.
14400: GREENHILL, BASIL AND GIFFARD, ANN: - Victorian and Edwardian Sailing Ships from Old Photographs
1000: GREENWALL,H. J.: - Mirrors Of Moscow.
15529: GREENWALL, RYNO: - Artists & Illustrators of the Anglo-Boer War
12927: GREENWOOD, VAL D.: - The Researcher's Guide to American Genealogy
16869: GREENWOOD, MARTIN: - The Designs of William de Morgan
15746: GREINER, BERND: - War without Fronts. The USA in Vietnam
13945: GREY, AMY: - Dick's Debt, The Sheldon Series
12308: GREY, C G (EDITED AND COMPILED BY): - Jane's all the world's Aircraft 1919, A reprint of the 1919 Edition of All the World's Aircraft
5393: GRIBBIN, JOHN: - Space, our final frontier
13773: GRIEHL, MANFRED.: - Heinkel Combat Aircraft
14844: GRIEVES, ROBERT: - Scotland's Motoring Century
11887: GRIGSON, GEOFFREY AND GIBBS-SMITH, CHARLES HARVARD (GENERAL EDITOR): - A Volume of Things, The Objects devised by Man's Genius which are the Measure of His Civilization
13718: GRIMSTON, A V; LYONS, M C AND LYONS, URSULA: - Meredith Dewey, Diaries, Letters, Wirtings
11481: GRINSELL, R,: - Messerschmitt Bf 109.
13358: CHOSEN BY JOHN GROSS: - The Oxford Book of Aphorisms
5892: GROSSER, MORTON: - Gossamer Odyssey: The Triumph of Human-Powered Flight
16142: GRUBER, RUTH ELLEN: - Upon The Doorposts of Thy House: Jewish Life in East-Central Europe, Yesterday and Today
33: DE GRUMMOND, JANE LUCAS (EDITOR): - Caracas Diary 1835-1840 The journal of John A Williamson first diplomatic representative of the United States to Venezuela.
10431: GRUNDY, FRED: - The New Public Health, An introduction for Midwives, Health Visitors and Social Wrokers
13402: R C GUCCIONE (EDITORIAL): - Penthouse Magazine, The Magazine for Men, Vol. 1, No.12, August, 1966
13393: R C GUCCIONE (EDITORIAL): - Penthouse Magazine, The Magazine for Men, Vol. 1, No.2. Apr-May 1965
13394: R C GUCCIONE (EDITORIAL): - Penthouse Magazine, The Magazine for Men, Vol. 1, No.3. June-July, 1965
13396: R C GUCCIONE (EDITORIAL): - Penthouse Magazine, The Magazine for Men, Vol. 1, No.5. October, 1965
13398: R C GUCCIONE (EDITORIAL): - Penthouse Magazine, The Magazine for Men, Vol. 1, No.7. December, 1965
13400: R C GUCCIONE (EDITORIAL): - Penthouse Magazine, The Magazine for Men, Vol. 1, No.9, May, 1966
13401: R C GUCCIONE (EDITORIAL): - Penthouse Magazine, The Magazine for Men, Vol. 1, No.11, July, 1966
3403: GUEST, JOHN (SELECTED BY): - The Best of Betjeman
12172: GUILLAN, ROBERT: TRANSLATED BY WILLIAM BYRON: - I Saw Tokyo Burning: an eyewitness narrative from Pearl Harbour to Hiroshima.
15945: GUINNESS, DR HARRY: - These Thirty Years, The Story of the R.B.M.U.
16859: GUNSTON, BILL: - Night Fighters: A Development & Combat History
15811: GURDON, JOHN E: - The Sky Trackers
16582: GUVVIONR, BOB: - Penthouse, The Magazine for Men, Speical Edition Midwinter Volume 2 No.3
14097: GUY, ALAN J. - EDITED BY: - The Road to Waterloo: British Army and the Struggle Against Revolutionary and Napoleonic France, 1793-1815
16657: GWYNN, ROBIN D.: - Huguenot Heritage The History and Contribution of the Huguenots in Britain
13308: HABBERTON, JOHN: - Helen's Babies with Some Account of their Ways, Witching and Repulsive
7017: HADLEY, GUY: - Citizens And Founders citizens, A history of the worshipful company of founders, London 1365 - 1975.
16698: HADLEY, DUNSTAN.: - Only Seconds to Live: Pilots' Tales of the Stall and the Spin
11873: HAGENBACH, ARNOLD: - Pilot Tex, The Adventures of a Californian Transport Pilot
7789: HAGGARD, JOHN: - Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Consistory Court of London containing the judgements of the Right Hon. Sir William Scott, Volumes I and II
7465: HAGGIS, D.R.: - The French Renaissance and Its Heritage: Essays Presented to Alan Boase
178: HAIG JNR, ALEXANDER M.: - Caveat
11284: HAINES, ALLAN & CAMPBELL, MAC.: - The Angling Times Book Of Coarse Fishing.
14488: HAINING, PETER (EDITED BY): - The H G Wells Scrapbook, articles, essays, letters, anecdotes, illustrations, photographs and memorabilia about the prophetic genius of the twentieth century
15026: HAINS, B A & HORTON, A: - British Regional Geology; Central England
2199: BERNARD HAITINK: - The Magic Flute
13105: HAJDU, DAVID: - Lush Life: A Biography of Billy Strayhorn
7268: HALBWACHS, MAURICE.: - Psychology of Social Class
16704: HALE, J. R.: - Renaissance War Studies
14085: HALES, E.E.Y.: - Revolution and Papacy 1769-1846
16641: HALEY, K.H.D.: - The British and The Dutch - Political and Cultural Relations through the Ages
15065: HALIBURTON, THOMAS CHANDLER: - The Clockmaker; or The Sayings and Doings of Samuel Slick of Slickville
16087: HALL; DONALD IN ASSOCIATIONS WITH WINGATE, CHRISTOPHER: - British Orders, Decorations and Medals
6883: HALL, CHRISTINE AND HAYES, JAMES: - Recipes for the Nation's Favourite Food, Britain's top 100 dishes
11477: HALL, FIELDING H: - The Soul of a People
7259: HALL, KENNETH: - The Origins of the English-Speaking People
16627: HALL, RUPERT A.: - All Was Light: An Introduction to Newton's Opticks
16818: HALL, MRS. S.C.: - Sketches of Irish Character, Illustrated Edition.
15494: HALL, STEVE, AND MILES, BARRY: - Edward Wesson the Master's Choice
11052: HALLAM, ELIZABETH (GENERAL EDITOR): - Chronicles of the Age of Chivalry
11053: HALLAM, ELIZABETH.: - The Plantagenet Encyclopedia. An Alphabetical Guide to 400 Years of English History
3697: HALLION, RICHARD P.: - Legacy of Flight: The Guggenheim Contribution To American Aviation
11997: HALLION, RICHARD P.: - Strike from the Sky: The History of Battlefield Air Attack 1911-1945
13880: HALM A. (EDITED BY): - The Gift of Life, A Commemorative Book of The Holocaust Gathering May 1985 Sydney Australia
6050: HALSALL, ERIC.: - Sheepdog Trials
1609: HALSTEAD, L. B.: - Hunting The Past; Fossils, Rocks, Tracks and Trails, The Search For The Origin Of Life.
8551: HAMERTON, P G: - The Portfolio, 1894, Monographs on Artistic Subjects
12905: HAMILTON, IAN: - A Gift Imprisoned : The Poetic Life of Matthew Arnold
260: HAMILTON, NIGEL.: - JFK Life And Death Of An American President.Volume One:Reckless Youth
12505: HAMILTON, PETER: - Doisneau : Retrospective
7908: HAMILTON-EDWARDS, GERALD.: - In Search of Scottish Ancestry
11078: HAMMERTON, SIR JOHN: - Aerial Wonders of our Time, War in the Air
14452: HAMMOND, J R: - H G Wells and Rebecca West
8366: HANBURY-TENISON, ROBIN.: - The Oxford Book of Exploration
15223: HANDFORD,BASIL: - Lancing College History and Memoirs
16633: HANKINS, THOMAS L. & SILVERMAN, ROBERT J: - Instruments and the Imagination
5590: HARDESTY, VON.: - Red Phoenix: the Rise of Soviet Air Power, 1941-1945
11042: HARDING, STEPHEN: - U.S. Army Aircraft since 1947: An Illustrated Directory
16445: HARDING, ROBERT (EDITOR): - The Boy's Own Annual Volume 58 1935-36
14771: HARDY, SHEILA: - Frances, Lady Nelson: The Life and Times of An Admirable Wife
836: HARDY, ERIC.: - The Naturalist In Lakeland.
11438: HARDY, M J: - Sea, Sky and Stars, An Illustrated History of Grumman Aircraft
11451: HARDY, M. J.: - Sea,Sky and Stars: An Illustrated History of Grumman Aircraft
16910: HARDY, ALISTER: - The Open Sea The World Of Plankton
16911: HARDY, ALISTER: - The Open Sea: II Fish and Fisheries
14783: HARE, CHRIS: - Historic Worthing. The Untold Story
14491: O'HARE, COLETTE AND COOK, BERYL: - Seven Years and a Day
14808: HAREWOOD, THE EARL: - Kobbe's Complete Opera Book
6545: HARKNESS, ROGER & MURDOCH, COLIN. ILLUSTRATED BY ROGER HARKNESS & COLIN MURDOCH.: - Birds of Prey int he Field, A Guide to the British and European Species
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16893: MCLACHLAN, IAN: - Flights Into History: Final Missions Retold By Research and Archaeology
15220: MCLACHLAN, DONALD: - No Case for the Crown
12940: MCLAUGHLIN, EVE: - Further Steps In Family History
14835: MCLELLAN, JOHN: - MG The Art of Abingdon
16379: MCLELLAND, TIM: - Britain's Cold War Fighters
1748: MCNAB, CHRIS. (GENERAL EDITOR): - German Paratroopers, The Illustrated History Of The Fallschirmjager in World War II
9250: MCNAMARA, SHEILA AND KE, DR SONG XUAN: - Traditional Chinese Medicine
16363: MCVICAR, DON.: - Ferry Command
14737: MCWILLIAM, MOYNAAND AND SHIPMAN, DOROTHY: - Everlasting Flowers,The beauty of nature preserved in dried and pressed flower arrangements.
13453: MEACHAM, STANDISH: - A Life Apart , The English Working Class 1890 - 1914
16882: MEARNS, DAVID; WHITE, ROB: - Hood and Bismarck: The Deep-Sea Discovery of an Epic Battle
13041: MEDVED, MICHAEL: - Hollywood vs. America, Popular Culture and the War on Traditional Values
6888: MEER, FATIMA: - Higher than Hope, The authorized Biography of Nelson Mandela
14569: MELLOWS, W T (EDITOR): - The Foundation of Peterborough Cathedral A.D. 1541
13091: MENON, RAGHAVA R.: - Discovering Indian Music
7491: MEREDITH, GEORGE: - Odes in Contribution to the Song of French History
3476: MEREDITH, MARTIN: - The First Dance Of Freedom, Black Africa In The Post War Era
13532: MERIVALE, HERMAN AND MARZIALS, FRANK T: - Life of W M Thackeray
14145: MESSER, H. J.: - Able Seaman RNVR
16545: INTRODUCTION BY DAVID MESSUM]: - Martyn R Mackrill. Home Waters II.
10421: MEYER, FRANZ SALES: - A Handbook of Ornament, with 300 Plates, Containing about 3000 Illustrations of the Elements, and the Application of Decoration to Objects
14509: MEYER, LAURE: - Masters of English Landscape, among others Gainsborough, Stubbs, Turner, Constable, Whistler, Kokoschka
3033: BOWYER MICHAEL A F: - Aircraft for the Many: A Detailed Survey Of The RAF's Aircraft In June 1944
10377: BOWYER. MICHAEL: - Interceptor Fighters for the RAF 1935 -45
3676: SADLEIR MICHAEL: - Blessington D'Orsay a Masquerade
4261: MICHAELIS, ANDREAS: - DDR Souvenirs
14810: MICHEL-THIRIET, PHILLIPPE: - The Book of Proust
6551: MADAME MICHELET: - Nature: or, the Poetry of Earth and Sea
16822: MIDDLEBROOK, MARTIN: - The Berlin Raids R.A.F. Bomber Command Winter 1943-44
16821: MIDDLEBROOK, MARTIN: - The Schweinfurt-Regensburg Mission American Raids on 17Th August 1943
16798: MIDDLEBROOK, MARTIN: - The Peenemünde Raid. The Night of 17-18 August 1943
6939: MIDDLEMAS, KEITH: - Power to the Consumer: a history of Seeboard from nationalisation to privatisation
16016: MILEHAM, P.J.R.: - The Scottish Regiments : A Pictorial History, 1633-1987
11909: MILES, VALERIE AND PROCTER, NORMA: - A Snuffle Of Pekes
13516: MILL, JOHN: - The Visit of the King of the Belgians being an account of the National Address Presented at Buckingham Palace, November 25th 1869
15108: MILLER, THOMAS: - Godfrey Malvern or the Life of an Author
15173: MILLIGAN, FRANK (EDITOR)/ ROBINSON, KATE (EDITOR): - Limiting Harm in Health Care: A Nursing Perspective
9754: MILLOT, BERNARD: - Divine Thunder, The Life and Death of the Kamikazes
6552: MARY ELLEN AND ANDREW MILLS: - A New Owner's Guide to Bichons Frises
10558: MILLS, STEPHEN E: - Arctic War Planes, Alaska Aviation WWII, A Pictorial History of Bush Flying with the Miliary in the Defense of Alaska and North America
80: MILNE, A A: - The King's Breakfast
10883: MILNE, A.A.: - The House at Pooh Corner, a Pop-Up Book
14904: MILTON, JOHN: - The Poetical Works of John Milton with Memoir and Explanatory Notes
16287: MILTON, BRIAN: - Hurricane: The Last Witnesses: Hurricane Pilots Tell the Story of the Fighter that Won the Battle of Britain
7454: YAO MING-LE: - The Conspiracy and Murder of Mao's Heir
11329: AIR MINISTRY: - Pilot's And Flight Engineer's Notes Stirling I, III, IV & V
11346: AIR MINISTRY: - Pilot's Notes Blenheim V Aeroplane Two Mercury XV or 25 Engines
9245: MINTORN, JOHN AND HORATIO: - The Hand-book for modelling wax flowers. Dedicated, by special permission, to Her Grace the Duchess of Northumberland
14805: MITCHELL, GORDON: - R . J. Mitchell, Schooldays to Spitfire
12688: MITCHELL, DAVID: - The Spanish Civil War. Based on the Televsion series
15787: MITCHELL, VIC; SMITH, KEITH: - Branch Line to Wantage: The Wantage Tramway
15432: MITCHINSON, DAVID: - Celebrating Moore: Works from the Collection of The Henry Moore Foundation
12756: MITTON, G E; ILLUSTRATED BY A S FORREST: - Round the Wonderful World
4990: MITTON, SIMON: - Daytime Star
15081: MITTON, G E: - The Isle of Wight, Beautiful Britain
15195: MOBERG, VILHELM: - The Emigrants: The Emigrant Novels Book 1
15729: MOFFAT, JOHN: - I Sank the Bismarck; Memoirs of a Second World War Navy Pilot
2329: MOHANTI, PRAFULLA: - Through Brown Eyes
14322: MOHR, NICOLAUS: - Excursion Through America
2500: MRS MOLESWORTH: - "Us" An Old Fashioned Story
2501: MRS MOLESWORTH: - "Us" An Old Fashioned Story
7834: MOLIERE: - Oeuvres de Moliere
8196: MOLIERE: - Oeuvres de Moliere, avec des notes de tous les Commentateurs; Vol. 1 & 2
14415: MOLLER, MURIEL WITH A FOREWORD BY WALTER CRANE: - Wood-Carving Designs, Six-Sheets Comprising Thirty One Working Drawings of Panels and Frames etc with Examples of Furniture Suitable for them
8255: MOLLHAUSEN, BALDUIN.: - Diary of a Journey From the Mississippi to the Coasts of the Pacific with a United States Government Expedition.
3313: MOLLOY, EDWARD (GENERAL EDITOR): - Chemistry in Commerce, A Comprehensive , Practical and Authoritative Guide, Showing how Chemical Principles are Applied in Actual Practice
4389: MOLTENI, MARIO: - The Clay Modelling Handbook Learning From The Masters
4015: MONACO, JAMES: - American Film Now, The People, The Power, The Money, The Movies
9182: MONBIOT, GEORGE: - Captive State: The Corporate Takeover of Britain
16099: MONEY BARNES, MAJOR R: - Military Uniforms of the Britain & The Empire 1742 to the present time. Imperial Services Library Volume IV
8064: MONEY BARNES, MAJOR R: - The Soldiers of London
8102: MONIER-WILLIAMS, RANDALL: - The Tallow Chandlers of London, Volume III The Guild Catholic
15962: MONKHOUSE, GEORGE: - Motoraces
5248: ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MONUMENTS: - An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in the City of Oxford
13238: MOODY, PEGGIE C: - One too many
16888: MOON, NIGEL: - Windmills of Leicestershire and Rutland
13248: MOORE, DOROTHEA: - Judy, Patrol Leader
15913: MOORE, THOMAS: - The Poetical Works of Thomas Moore with Life. The Landscape Series of Poets
5463: MOORHOUSE, GEOFFREY: - Sun Dancing : A Medieval Vision
14586: MOORHOUSE, PAUL: - Anthony Caro: Sculpture towards Architecture
15909: ILLUSTRATED BY F G MOORSOM: - Dial 999, P. C. Thirteen Investigates
1579: MORGAN, M C: - Freedom and Compulsion, A Survey of European History between 1789 and 1939
8387: MORLEY, FRANK: - Literary Britain, A reader's Guide to its Writers and Landmarks
11250: MORLEY, HENRY (SELECTED EDITED AND ARRANGED BY): - Illustrations Of English Religion
11253: MORLEY, HENRY (SELECTED EDITED AND ARRANGED BY): - Shorter works in English Prose
11251: MORLEY, HENRY (SELECTED EDITED AND ARRANGED BY): - Sketches of Longer Works English Verse and Prose
10766: MORRIS, JEREMY: - Religion and Urban Change. Croydon 1840-1914
278: MORRIS, JOHN: - Londinium - London In The Roman Empire.
12909: MORRIS, JOHN: - Londinium : London in the Roman Empire
2425: MORRIS, REV. M C F: - Yorkshire Folk-Talk, Characteristics of those who speak it in the North and East Ridings
13574: MORRIS, STEPHEN: - The REVOLUTIONARY and other poems
14020: MORRIS, W G, SELECTED BY: - So this is London, A Collection of Camera Studies
15082: MORRIS, JOSEPH E: - Channel Islands, Beautiful Britain
14846: MORRIS, COLIN: - History of British Bus Services: Volume One - South-East England
7940: MORRISON, J: - A New System of Domestic Cookery with Medical Advice to Parents: the whole compiled and arranged by Morrison
10069: MORRISSEY, JOE: - Wagon Train Annual
10068: MORRISSEY, JOE: - Wagon Train Annual
8563: MORSLEY, CLIFFORD: - News from the English Countryside 1750-1850

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