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43316: TOLSTOY, LEO TRANS. ROSEMARY EDMONDS - The Death of Ivan Ilyich (Penguin 60s Classics)
44963: TOLSTOY, LEO - The Death of Ivan Ilyich
18922: TOMA, PETER A AND ANDREW GYORGY (ED.) - Basic Issues in International Relations
45155: TOMAN, ROLF (ED.) - Vienna: Art and Architecture
36178: TOMB, ERIC - A Colouring Book of New England Authors
45632: TOMLINSON, R R - Children as Artists (King Penguin No. 16)
13659: TOMOV, EVTIM - Bulgarian Graphic Art
45024: TOOLEY, R V - English Books with Coloured Plates, 1790-1860: A Bibliographical Account
44791: TORDAY, PAUL - Salmon Fishing in the Yemen
46106: TORKINGTON, DAVID - The Mystic: From Charismatic to Mystical Prayer
41139: TRANTER, NIGEL - The Heartland: Clackmannanshire, Perthshire and Stirlingshire (The Queen's Scotland)
44563: TRIBE, LAURENCE H AND MICHAEL C DORF - On Reading the Constitution
40344: TRINE, RALPH WALDO - In The Hollow of His Hand (The High Thought Series)
36186: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - John Caldigate in Three Volumes [bound as one]
35867: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - Lady Anna
36126: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - Ralph the Heir
45851: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - Phineas Finn: The Irish Member
45849: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - Orley Farm [2 volumes bound as one]
45738: TROUTMAN, PHILIP - Goya and his Times
45536: TRUSS, LYNNE - Tennyson and his Circle (Character Sketches)
42849: BURGHLEY HOUSE PRESERVATION TRUST - Burghley House, Stamford
30418: TSCHAIKOWSKY, P, I (ARR. STEPAN ESIPOFF) [TCHAIKOVSKY] - Casse-Noisette Suite Op 71a for piano
43100: TSCHAIKOWSKY, P - 1812 Ouverture Solennelle Op 49
46018: TUCKER, W A - The Lousier War
45703: TULLY, NOLA - yes I said yes I will Yes..: A Celebration of James Joyce, Ulysses, and 100 Years of Bloomsday
30480: TUPPER, MARTIN F - Select Miscellaneous Poems of Martin F Tupper
46007: SVENSKA TURISTFORENINGENS - Stockholm Med Omgivningar - with Surroundings - et Ses Environs - Mit Umgebungen - Con Alrededores
33199: TURNER, JEFFREY S AND DONALD B HELMS - Life Span Development
44961: TWAIN, MARK - The Man that Corrupted Hadleyburg
41647: TWILLEY, L D - The Origin and Transmission of the New Testament: A Short Introduction
42884: TYERMAN, CHRISTOPHER - The Crusades: A Very Short Introduction
45445: TYLER, RON - American Canvas: Art, Eye and Spirit of Pioneer Canvas
36385: TYLOR, MATTHEW - Monastic Life
42535: TYRRELL, RAY - The King's Mistress: The First of the Niseerien Chronicles
40479: TYRWHITT, R ST JOHN - Our Sketching Club: Letters and Studies of Landscape Art. With an authorized reproduction of the lessons and woodcuts in Professor Ruskin's 'Elements of Drawing'
42589: TYRWHITT-DRAKE, HUGH - Web of Deceit: Moral Bankruptcy at the University Of Hong Kong
29161: UCHIDA, SONO - Haiku: Diario Romano
42880: UNDSET, SIGRID TRANS. BY E GUERRE - Olav Audunssoen Volume 1/Tome I
42881: UNDSET, SIGRID - Maternites: L'Age Heureux, La Bergere de Porcelaine, Simonsen
44691: UNDSET, SIGRID - Kristin Lavransdatter: Mistress of Husaby
46242: UNGER, ROBERTO MANGABEIRA - Plasticity into Power: Comparative-Historical Studies on the Institutional Conditions of Economic and Military Success
46241: UNGER, ROBERTO MANGABEIRA - Social Theory, Its Situation and Its Task: A Critical Introduction to Politic, a Work in Constructive Social Theory
37834: NATIONAL ADULT SCHOOL UNION - Life Wins Through - The Adult School Lesson Handbook 1942: A Scheme of Study for the Year 1942 for Adult Schools
39859: DARTINGTON SOCIAL RESEARCH UNIT - Community Service Volunteer's Independent Living Scheme (Bristol Papers No 10)
43578: UPDIKE, JOHN - Just Looking: Essays on Art
25011: UPTON, SYDNEY (ILLUS.) - English Domestic Architecture: A Series of Pen Drawings
41756: UPTON, DELL - Architecture in the United States (Oxford History of Art)
39888: URWIN, KENNETH (FOREWORD) - Straight Answers: A Handbook for Young People in Care
33231: UTTLEY, ALISON - Wise Owl's Story
33233: UTTLEY, ALISON - The Knot Squirrel Tied
33232: UTTLEY, ALISON - Moldy Warp the Mole
33221: UTTLEY, ALISON - Little Grey Rabbit's Party
13569: VACHAGANDHY-MASNATA, DELIA - Nous Etions Quatre: Un Recit d'Enfance
13572: VACHAGANDHY-MASNATA, DELIA - BAPU Une Simple Histoire de Mahatma Gandhi
41467: VAIZEY, MARINA (ED.) - Art: The Critic's Choice. 150 Masterpieces of Western Art
38362: VALENTINE'S - Alston: 12 Real Photographs for your Snap Shot Album (Valentine's Series)
13646: VALLEE, FRANCOIS - La Langue Bretonne en 40 Lecons
13842: VALLOTTON, BENJAMIN - Enfances: Fine et Binachon
39554: VARGIU, RICCARDO JAMES (ED.) - La Modernita: Atti del Forum Internazionale (Praxis Sviluppo informazione/Fondazione Intellectual Enterprise)
45823: VARIOUS - Discovering London: How to Find London in the City of Today (8 volumes complete)
44491: VARIOUS - Klassiker des Deutschen Liedes: Eine Auswahl von Hundert Meisterliedern. Des 17.-19. I Band Von Heinrich Albert bis Franz Schubert (Ausgabe fur hohe stimme)
44504: VARIOUS - The Hundred Best Short Songs Book 3
45983: VARLEY, E A - The Last of the Prince Bishops: William Van Mildert and the High Church Movement of the Early Nineteenth Century
42580: VASARI, GIORGIO TRANS. GEORGE BULL - Artists of the Renaissance (illustrated).
46082: VAT, DAN VAN DER - The Grand Scuttle: The Sinking of the German Fleet at Scapa Flow in 1919
37464: VAUGHAN, HENRY AND ANDREW MARVELL - The Best of Both Worlds: Poems of Spirit and Sense
45643: VAUGHAN-THOMAS, WYNFORD - South and Mid Wales (New Shell Guides)
45010: WILLIAMS R VAUGHAN - Linden Lea: A Dorset Song (No 2 in G)
45007: WILLIAMS R VAUGHAN - O Taste and See: A Motet for Unaccompanied Choir with Organ Introduction (SATB)
45085: VEITCH, JOHN ILLUS. BY GEORGE REID - The River Tweed from its Source to the Sea
45498: CANTONI. VERA - New Playwriting at Shakespeare's Globe
44638: VERDOOLAEGE, ANNELIES - Reconciliation Discourse: The Case of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission
44424: VERLAINE, PAUL WITH NOTES BY JACQUES BOREL - Jadis et naguere 1885: Parallelement 1889
35736: VERRIERE, JACQUES - Urban Migration in the Republic of Ireland (Social Sciences Research Centre, University College, Galway, Research Paper No 6)
30847: VETH, CORNELIS - Revolutionnaire Beeldende Kunst (Kleine Cultuur Bibliotheek) [Revolutionary Visual Arts]
13853: VEZINET, P - Pages Africaines 3
27882: VICINI, DONATA - Il Castello Visconteo Di Pavia E I Suoi Musei - Guida
45852: VICKERS, SALLEY - Mr Golightly's Holiday
13260: VIERAGALLO, JOSE-ANTONIO - The Security Trap, Arms Race, Militarism and Disarmament: a Concern for Christians
44582: VINEY, LINDA - Life Stories: Personal Construct Therapy With the Elderly
35582: VINYCOMBE, JOHN ET AL. - A Guide to Belfast and the Counties of Down & Antrim prepared for the Meeting of the British Association by the Belfast Naturalist' Field Club
6197: VISSCHER, PATRICIA AND GUY SEGERS - Tijl Uilenspiegel: Een Verhaal van Vijf Eeuwen
42121: VOADEN, ROSALYNN (ED.) - Prophets Abroad: The Reception of Continental Holy Women in Late-Medieval England
42288: VOLEK, TOMISLAV AND IVAN BITTNER TRANS. Z HORN - The Mozartiana of Czech and Moravian Archives
32517: VOUSDEN, ROBIN - The Granada Collection: Recent British Paintings and Drawings
36645: HENNER WACHHOLTZ - Alte und Moderne Kunst: Zeitgenossische Kunst: Werkverzeichnisse - Photographien (Auktion 1, 19 September 1992)
44136: WADHAM-SMITH, NICK - British Studies Now Anthology Issues 6-10
44135: WADHAM-SMITH, NICK - British Studies Now Anthology Issues 1-5
45592: WAGNER, ANTHONY - Heraldry in England (King Penguin No. 22)
45576: WAGNER, ANTHONY - Heraldry in England (King Penguin No. 22)
44490: WAGNER, RICHARD - Oeuvres de Richard Wagner: Album, 14 Pot Pourris pour Piano a 2 mains
45018: WAGNER, RICHARD - Die Meistersinger (The Mastersingers of Nuremberg) Words and Music
46154: WAGNER, FRANCIS DE SALES (ED.) - Sacred Rhythms: The Monastic Way Every Day
43104: WAGNER, RICHARD - Ouverture to Tannhauser
40028: WAGNER, GILLIAN (FOREWORD) - Training for Social Care: Achieving Standards for the Undervalued Service. A Report on Training and Staff Development for People Working in the Residential Care of Adults
40029: WAGNER, GILLIAN (FOREWORD) - A Golden Opportunity: A Report on Training and Staff Development for People Working in Residential Services for Children and Young People
45303: WAINWRIGHT, ALFRED - Pictorial Guide to the Lakeland Fells Book Three: The Central Fells
45296: WAINWRIGHT, ALFRED - Pictorial Guide to the Lakeland Fells Book 6: The North Western Fells
46217: WAINWRIGHT, ALFRED - Welsh Mountain Drawings
45295: WAINWRIGHT, ALFRED - Pictorial Guide to the Lakeland Fells Book 7: The Western Fells
45299: WAINWRIGHT, ALFRED - Pictorial Guide to the Lakeland Fells Book Four: The Southern Fells
45298: WAINWRIGHT, ALFRED - Pennine Way Companion
45093: WAINWRIGHT, ALFRED - A Bowland Sketchbook
20077: WAKEFIELD, HUGH (FOREWORD) - Indian Sculpture: A Travelling Exhibition
32487: WALKER, JAMES FAURE - James Faure Walker South Gallery Show 2
22764: WALKER, DAVID - The State of Britain: An introduction to a Joint ESRC/RSA seminar series
45893: WALKER, R A (ED.) - The Best of Beardsley
26039: WALKER, CHRISTOPHER - St Augustine's Gloria
46134: WALLACE, DANIEL B AND GRANT G EDWARDS - A Workbook for New Testament Syntax: Companion to Basics of New Testament Syntax and Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics
42257: WALLNER, BJORN - A Commentary on the Benedictus Edited from the Two Extant Middle English Manuscripts
44534: WALSH, FRANCIS AND SHEILA V MALKANI (EDS.) - The Insider's Guide to Law Firms
19609: WALTERS, THOMAS - Art Deco
40066: WARD, PAUL - Quality of Life in Residential Care: A Review of Measures of Quality of Life and Quality of Environment in Residential Institutions for Elderly People
40065: WARD, PAUL - Quality of Life in Residential Care: A Review of Measures of Quality of Life and Quality of Environment in Residential Institutions for Elderly People
41101: WARD, LOCK - Guide to London
45319: WARD, MRS HUMPHRY - The History of David Grieve [3 volumes complete]
8971: WARD, MRS HUMPHRY - The Testing of Diana Mallory
8974: WARD, MRS HUMPHRY - Marcella (2 volumes)
8975: WARD, MRS HUMPHRY - Sir George Tressady (2 volumes)
44993: WARRELL, IAN - Turner on the Loire
44994: WARRELL, IAN - Turner and Venice
40329: WARREN, P W T - Reader's Companion to Sesame and Lilies
44237: WARSCHAUER, MARK AND RICHARD KERN (EDS.) - Network-based Language Teaching: Concepts and Practice
43314: WATER, FREDERIC F VAN DE - Rudyard Kipling's Vermont Feud
45979: WATERFIELD, GORDON - What Happened to France
20783: WATTS, LEWIS G ET AL - The Middle-Income Negro Family Faces Urban Renewal: A Study of Families During the Rehabilitation of a Boston Neighborhood
32442: WATTS-DUNTON, THEODORE - Aylwin (Oxford World's Classics No LII/52)
45876: WAUGH, EVELYN - Ronald Knox: A Biography
45928: WAUGH, EVELYN - Men at Arms
45965: WAUGH, EVELYN - Brideshead Revisited The Sacred and Profound Memories of Captain Charles Ryder: A Novel
45976: WAUGH, EVELYN - Unconditional Surrender: The Conclusion of Men at Arms and Officers and Gentlemen
45911: WAUGH, EVELYN - Edmund Campion
45927: WAUGH, EVELYN - Officers and Gentlemen
45906: WAUGH, EVELYN - Ronald Knox: A Biography
35204: WEBB, JOHN W: AVRON NAUKKARINEN AND LESZEK A KOSKINSKI - Policies of Population Redistribution
35575: WEBB, JOHN W: ARVO NAUKKARINEN AND LESZEK A KOSINSKI - Policies of Population Redistribution
35576: WEBB, JOHN W: ARVO NAUKKARINEN AND LESZEK A KOSINSKI - Policies of Population Redistribution
30528: WEBER, C M VON ARR. GWILYM BEECHEY - Rondo in B flat arr. for Clarinet in B flat and Piano
42907: WEBER, C M VON - Oberon Overture No 7
30163: WEBER, CARL MARIA VON ARR. JULIUS HARRISON - Invitation to the Dance transcribed for Mixed Voices with accompaniment for orchestra or piano (vocal score)
45656: WEBSTER, T B L - Greek Terracottas (King Penguin No 54)
38356: WEBSTER, NOAH ENLARGED BY CHAUNCEY A GOODRICH - A Critical Pronouncing Dictionary of the English Language: New and Improved Edition
32183: WEBSTER, T B L ET AL - Robbins and the Classics (JACT Pamphlet 1)
37688: WEI-FU, CHENG (INTRO) - Selections of Zhanghao's Pictures (2) The Second Part: Flower, Figure, Nature [Zhang Gao]
24543: WEINMANN, GEORG - Britische Wege Nach Europa: Der integrationspolitische Wandel der Labour Party und Gewerkschaften Grossbritanniens
42343: WEINSTOCK, HORST - Kleine Schriften. Ausgewahlte Studien zur alt-, mittel- und fruhneuenglischen Sprache und Literatur.,
27488: WELCH, JAMES W - The Ten Commandments
35571: WELCH, RUTH L - Migration Research and Migration in Britain (Centre for Urban and Regional Studies Occasional Paper No 14)
35572: WELCH, RUTH L - Migration in Britain: Data Sources and Estimation Techniques (Centre for Urban and Regional Studies Occasional Paper No 18)
26254: WELLDON, J E C - Characters of the Passion Including Addresses on the Seven Last Words
44796: WELLS, H G - Ann Veronica
40902: WELTY, EUDORA - Why I Live at the P.O. and Other Stories (Penguin 60s)
44106: WENDEN, ANITA AND JOAN RUBIN - Learner Strategies in Language Learning
20875: WENDT, EVE M (TRANS.) - Housing in the Northern Countries
44820: WENDT, CHRISTOPH - Monschau: Monshauer Land und Hohes Venn
24855: WESKER, ARNOLD - Love Letters on Blue Paper: Three Stories
36009: WESLEY, JOHN - Primitive Physick: or, an Easy and Natural Method of Curing Most Diseases
43248: WEST, THOMAS AND WILLIAM CLOSE - The Antiquities of Furness
45873: WHARTON, EDITH - Ethan Frome
43053: WHARTON, MICHAEL - A Nation's Security: The Case of Dr J Robert Oppenheimer
45923: WHEELER-BENNETT, JOHN - Special Relationships: America in Peace and War
30344: WHEELING, KENNETH EDWARD - Horse-Drawn Vehicles at the Shelburne Museum (The Forge Ahead Series No 1)
40068: WHITAKER, DOROTHY: LESLEY ARCHER AND LESLIE HICKS - The Prevailing Cultures and Staff Dynamics in Children's Homes: Report to the Department of Health (Revised Version)
45943: WHITE, EDMUND - Proust
35946: WHITE, GABRIEL (FOREWORD) - Ruskin and his Circle (Arts Council Gallery 17 January-15 February)
45613: WHITE, GWEN - A Book of Toys (King Penguin No. 26)
32599: WHITE, JOHN (FOREWORD) - Master Drawings from the Witt and Courtauld Collections
26091: WHITE, BERNARD - Out of the Flames: The Rebuilding of Newquay Parish Church 1993-1996
46200: WHITE, JERRY (ED.) - London Stories (Everyman's Pocket Classics)
32530: WHITE, JOHN - Exhibition of Drawings by Jonathan Skelton
45519: WHITE, GLEESON - English Illustration: The Sixties 1855-70
45726: WHITE, GABRIEL (INTRO) - Johann Zoffany
21587: WHITEHEAD, MALCOLM (ED) - The Very Nearly Official BASW Benevolent Song Book
40616: WHITEHOUSE, J HOWARD - Poems to Ruskin
14087: WHITEHOUSE, J HOWARD (ED.) - Youth, and Other Poems
13962: WHITEHOUSE, J HOWARD (ED) - Ruskin: Renascence
18258: WHITEHOUSE, J HOWARD (ED.) - Youth, and Other Poems
14217: WHITEHOUSE, J HOWARD (ED) - To the Memory of Ruskin
14215: WHITEHOUSE, J HOWARD (ED) - Ruskin: Renascence
18257: WHITEHOUSE, J HOWARD - The Boy of To-Day: A Defence
21300: WHITEHOUSE, P B (ED) - Steam Alive No 0003: Preserved Standard Gauge Railways
21301: WHITEHOUSE, P B (ED) - Steam Alive No 0002: Preserved Narrow Gauge Steam
21298: WHITEHOUSE, P B (ED) - Steam Alive No 0009: Main Line Steam Engines in Aspic
18255: WHITEHOUSE, J HOWARD (ED.) - America and Our Schools
14213: WHITEHOUSE, J HOWARD (ED.) - America and Our Schools
14086: WHITEHOUSE, J HOWARD (ED.) - Ruskin: Prophet of the Good Life
44874: WHITEHOUSE, J HOWARD - Vindication of Ruskin
18266: WHITEHOUSE, J HOWARD (ED.) - Ruskin: Prophet of the Good Life
18267: WHITEHOUSE, J HOWARD (ED.) - Ruskin: Renascence
21297: WHITEHOUSE, P B (ED) - Steam Alive No 0001: Preserved Express Steam
18256: WHITEHOUSE, J HOWARD (ED) - Broadcasting and Education
39287: WHITEHOUSE, J HOWARD (ED.) - Ruskin and Brantwood: An Account of the Exhibition Rooms
39289: WHITEHOUSE, J HOWARD (ED.) - Ruskin's Influence To-day
39288: WHITEHOUSE, J HOWARD (ED.) - Ruskin: Prophet of the Good Life
40614: WHITEHOUSE, J HOWARD (ED.) - To the Memory of Ruskin
44789: WHITESIDE, SHAUN (ED.) - Paris Stories (Everyman's Library Pocket Classics)
44937: WHITMAN, WALT - Song of Myself
29488: WHITNEY, A D T - Faith Gartney's Childhood
36187: WHITTIER, JOHN GREENLEAF - Poems of Whittier
35669: WHYTE, I D AND K A WHYTE - Sources for Scottish Historical Geography: An Introductory Guide (Historical Geography Research Series Number 6 February 1981)
44557: WIENER, JARROD - Globalization and the Harmonization of Law
34471: WIESE, BENNO VON - Deutsche Dramaturgie vom Barock bis zur Klassik (Deutsche Texte 4)
22723: WIESNER, HANS J - Die Britischen Parteien und Die Europaische Integration (1956-1964)
41615: WIGHTMAN, ANDREW - My Child, I Love You: A Collection of Heartfelt Poems
40219: WIGHTMAN, PETER - Barrowford in Old Picture Postcards
44527: WIJFFELS, ALAIN - Albertico Gentili and Thomas Crompton: An Encounter between an Academic Jurist and a Legal Practitioner
44528: WIJFFELS, ALAIN (ED) - Consilium Facultatis Juridicae Tubingensis: A Legal Opinion on a Case of Maritime Warfare (1593)
43912: WILCOX, ELLA WHEELER - Poems of Ella Wheeler Wilcox
36188: WILCOX, ELLA WHEELER - Poems of Power
32528: WILDE, ELIANE DE - Landscape in Flemish and Dutch Drawings of the 17th Century from from the Collections of the Musees Royaux des Beaux-Arts de Belgique, Brussels
44936: WILDE, OSCAR - The Portrait of Mr W H
27732: WILLCOCKS, JONATHAN - Can You Count the Stars? (SATB)
45568: WILLIAMSON, REGINALD ROSS - Ackermann's Cambridge (King Penguin No. 59)
44263: WILLING, KEN - Teaching How to Learn: Learning Strategies in ESL A Teachers Guide
35809: WILLIS, JEFFREY - Population Growth and Movement (Working Paper CES UWP 12)
41721: WILLMAN, CHRIS - Rednecks and Bluenecks The Politics of Country Music
45798: WILMER, CLIVE - New and Collected Poems
43643: WILMER, CLIVE - The Mystery of Things
43644: WILMER, CLIVE - New and Collected Poems
32526: WILMES, ULRICH AND GERHARD RICHTER - Gerhard Richter: An Introduction to His Work
44275: WILSON, NOEL AND SALLY MCALLEN - Questionnaire Design: A Practical Introduction
22031: WILSON, J OLIVER - Birds of Westmorland and the Northern Pennines [Westmoreland]
38228: WILSON, RICHARD (ED.) - The Muse of Quiet: A Book of Familiar Verses
42046: WILSON, EDWARD - A Descriptive Index of the English Lyrics in John of Grimestone's Preaching Books
24035: WILSON, P M - English Swahili Classified Vocabulary
45045: WILSON, DUDLEY (ED.) - French Renaissance Scientific Poetry
39278: WILSON, OLIVE (ED.) - My Dearest Dora: Letters to Dora Livesey, her family and friends 1860-1900, from John Ruskin
45320: WINCHESTER, SIMON - The River at the Centre of the World: A Journey Up the Yangtze, and Back in Chinese Time
45130: WINDER, SIMON (COMPILER) - Night Thoughts (Penguin Classics)
42683: WINETROUBE, SIMON (CO-ORDINATOR) - Test Construction: Programme on Training Manages and Executives of National Economy of the Russian Federation Entry Test 2000
44580: WINOKUER, HOWARD R AND DARCY L HARRIS - Principles and Practice of Grief Counseling
45551: WINTER, CARL - Elizabethan Miniatures (King Penguin Books No. 8)
9587: WINTER, DAVID ET AL - The Church of the Air: Celebrating 60 Years of BBC Radio's Daily Service
18312: WISE, THOMAS J (ED.) WITH INTRO BY K I D MASLEN [ALEXANDER POPE] - A Pope Library: A Catalogue of Plays, Poems, and Prose Writings
14641: WISE, THOMAS JAMES - The Ashley Library: a Catalogue of Printed Books, Manuscripts and Autograph Letters collected by Thomas James Wise Volume XI (volume 11)
14642: WISE, THOMAS JAMES - The Ashley Library: a Catalogue of Printed Books, Manuscripts and Autograph Letters collected by Thomas James Wise Volume VI (volume 6)
44478: WITHINGTON, ROGER AND B R JAMES - The New 10 Note and Charles Dickens
40683: WITHINGTON, JOHN - A Disastrous History Of The World: Chronicles of War, Earthquake, Plague and Flood
31014: WITT, ROBERT (INTRO) - Exhibition of Flemish and Belgian Art (1300-1900) - Illustrated Souvenir, Burlington House, London
44566: WITTE, BRUNO AND CAROLINE FORDER (EDS.) - The Common Law Of Europe And The Future Of Legal Education: Le droit commun de l'Europe et l'avenir de l'enseignement juridique
25675: WOELLER, WALTRAND AND CASSIDAY, BRUCE - The Literature of Crime and Detection: An Illustrated History from Antiquity to the Present
14551: WOLF, ROBERT ERICH AND RONALD MILLEN - Il Rinascimento e il Manierismo
37222: WOLFE, NORMAN - Troubadour: Bing Crosby and the Invention of Pop Singing
40342: WOOD, FREDERIC H - Through the Psychic Door The Facts About Death and Human Survival
36688: WOOD, MRS HENRY - The Channings (Doughty Library No 5)
45832: WOOD, ERIC S - Collins Field Guide to Archaeology in Britain
31520: WOOD, CHARLES H (ED.) - Chatsworth: The Derbyshire Home of the Dukes of Devonshire
42152: WOOD, F T - Exercises in Literary Appreciation
40035: WOOD, RACHEL AND MARION BAIN - The Health and Well-Being of Older People in Scotland: Insights from National Data
40820: WOOD, HENRY - Mrs Halliburton's Troubles
45875: A RUSSIAN WITH INTRO BY ALAN WOOD - Russian Court Memoirs, 1914-16
30427: WOODFORDE-FINDEN, AMY (WORDS BY LAURENCE HOPE) - Four Indian Love Lyrics from 'The Garden of Kama' (No 2 for Soprano and Tenor)
29788: WOODHEAD, SALLY - The Thorn Apple
32392: WOODRUFF, B R (FOREWORD) - Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Plan 1977-1982
13579: WOODS, DOROTHEA E - Messages
29694: WOOF, ROBERT - Tennyson 1809-1892: A Centenary Celebration
29771: WOOF, ROBERT AND CONRAD ATKINSON - Conrad Atkinson: Common Sights
29689: WOOF, ROBERT - Treasures of the Wordsworth Trust
32116: WOOF, ROBERT - Shelley: An Ineffectual Angel?
29729: WOOF, ROBERT - Byron: A Dangerous Romantic?
46095: WOOF, ROBERT AND FAY GODWIN - A Perfect Republic of Shepherds
29792: WOOF, ROBERT (FOREWORD) - Daniel Buren (with accompanying CD)
29734: WOOF, PAMELA - William, Mary and Dorothy: The Wordsworths' Continental Tour of 1820
29794: WOOF, ROBERT (INTRO AND NOTES) - Thomas de Quincey: An English Opium Eater 1785-1859
29818: WOOF, ROBERT (ED) - William Hazlitt: Spirit of the Age & My First Acquaintance with Poets
42532: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - A Room of One's Own
43271: WOOLFORD, JOHN (ED.) - Sale Catalogues of Libraries of Eminent Persons, Volume 6: Poets and Men of Letters - Robert Browning, John Ruskin, Algernon Swinburne and Theodore Watts-Dunton
45612: WOOLLEY, LEONARD - Ur: The First Phases (King Penguin No. 25)
45416: WORDSWORTH, WILLIAM - Our English Lakes, Mountains, and Waterfalls as seen by William Wordsworth
45522: WORDSWORTH, WILLIAM AND MARY ED. IN FACSIMILE BETH DARLINGTON - My Dearest Love: Letters of William and Mary Wordsworth 1810
40062: WORKING PARTY ON EDUCATION FOR RESIDENTIAL SOCIAL WORK - Social Work: Residential Work is a Part of Social Work: Report of the Working Party on Education for Residential Social Work (CCETSW Paper 3)
45329: WRIGHT, G N AND THOMAS ALLEN - Lancashire: Its History, Legends and Manufactures [Two volumes in one]
46156: WRIGHT, TOM - Ephesians: For Everyone Bible Study Guides
41032: WURTZBURG, CAROLINE (SELECTED AND ARRANGED) [JOHN RUSKIN] - Pen Pictures from Ruskin with Portrait (Volume 1)
46016: WYNDHAM, JOHN ED. ANGUS WELLS - The Best of John Wyndham, 1951-1960
35326: WYNDHAM, HENRY PENRUDDOCKE - A Gentleman's Tour Through Monmouthshire and Wales in the Months of June and July
44119: SHI-XU - Cultural Representations: Analyzing the Discourse about the Other
43654: YATES, MICK - Artefacts
44952: YEATS, W B - Sailing to Byzantium
36753: YEATS-BROWN, F - The Army From September 1939 to December 1940 (Britain at War)
45437: YEE, CHIANG - The Silent Traveller in Boston
45438: YEE, CHIANG - The Silent Traveller in New York
18388: YOUNG, GORDON - Sculpture in a Country Park (Welsh Sculpture Trust): Cerfluniau Mewn Parc Gwledig (Ymddiriedoleath Cerfluniau Cymru) - An Outdoor Exhibition in the Grounds of Margam
23409: YOUNG, ANDREW MCLAREN (INTRO) - Glasgow University's Pictures
27652: YOUNG, ISABEL R - A Picnic on the Hills
46004: ZAMOYSKI, ADAM - The Forgotten Few : The Polish Air Force In The Second World War
36523: ZERMATTEN, MAURICE - Rilkes Letzte Lebensjahre
42180: ZETTERSTEN, ARNE - Studies in the Dialect and Vocabulary of the Ancrene Riwle (Lund Studies in English)
34579: ZIBDEH, ABLA MUHTADI - The Christian Holy Sites in Jordan: Jordan 1999-2000

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