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42710: RICHARDS, KEITH AND PETER ROE (EDS.) - Distance Learning in ELT (Review of English Language Teaching Volume 3 Number 2)
49057: RICHARDS, COLIN (ED.) - Building the Great Stone Circles of the North
48546: RICHARDS, JACK C AND THEODORE S RODGERS - Approaches and Methods in Language Teaching: A Description and Analysis
44254: RICHARDS, JACK C - Teaching English for Science and Technology (Anthology Series 2)
42717: RICHARDS, KEITH AND PETER ROE (EDS.) - Distance Learning in ELT (Review of English Language Teaching Volume 3 Number 2)
48545: RICHARDS, JACK C - The Language Teaching Matrix: Curriculum, Methodology, and Materials
48549: RICHARDS, JACK C - The Context of Language Teaching
48115: RICHARDS, I A - Principles of Literary Criticism
48442: RICHARDS, JEFFREY - Consul of God: The Life and Times of Gregory the Great
48553: RICHARDS, JACK C AND CHARLES LOCKHART - Reflective Teaching in Second Language Classrooms
22522: RICHARDSON, W B C - The Handywoman in the Home
48834: RICHARDSON, SAMUEL ED. PETER SABOR - Pamela: Or, Virtue Rewarded
42592: RICHERICH, RENE (ED.) - Case Studies in Identifying Language Needs
45326: RICHTER, MICHAEL - Giraldus Cambrensis: The Growth of a Welsh Nation
45686: RIDDY, JOHN [JOHN RUSKIN] - Praeterita: A Series of Photographs Suggested by the Autobiography of John Ruskin
48759: RIDGWAY, KEITH - The Long Falling
19350: RIDGWAY, ATHELSTAN - The World Revealed: Southern Africa
19351: RIDGWAY, ATHELSTAN - The World Revealed: Northern Africa
49235: RIDLER, ANNE (ED) - Shakespearean Criticism 1935-1960
49070: RIGGS, RANSOM - Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
26048: RIGNEY, JAMES (ED.) - Weariness: The Retreat Journal
46486: RIGOLOT, FRANCOIS - Poesie et Renaissance
47111: RIKKINEN, KALEVI - Ragnar Hult and the Emergence of Geography in Finland, 1880 - 1900 (Fennia 166: 1)
46523: RIMBAUD, ARTHUR - Pages Choisies
46524: RIMBAUD, ARTHUR - Pages Choisies
48699: RING, JIM - Erskine Childers: A Biography
33217: RITTER, J AND PRELLER, L - Historia Philosophiae Graecae
42624: RIVERA, CHARLENE (ED.) - Communicative Competence Approaches to Language Proficiency Assessment: Research and Application
48342: RIVERS, TONY: DAN CRUIKSHANK, GILLIAN DARLEY AND MARTIN PAWLEY - The Name of the Room: The History of the British House and Home
49496: ROBBINS, HAROLD - Never Leave Me
39052: COUPE ROBERT L M - Illustrated Editions of the Works of William Morris in English: A Descriptive Bibliography
28684: ROBERT, PIERRE-PHILIPPE - L'Ile de Re Au Fil Du Temps (Charente-Maritime - Les Dossiers de la Memoire)
28449: ROBERTS, JANE - Queen Victoria's Travels & Family: Watercolours from the Royal Collection
39471: ROBERTS, PAM - The Royal Photographic Society Collection
33249: ROBERTS, ELIZABETH AND TONY - Coast Path Cemaes Head to St David's [Pembrokeshire]
40024: ROBERTS, SEAN: JANE STEELE AND NICK MOORE - Finding Out About Residential Care: Results of a Survey of Users (Information Working Paper 3)
44028: ROBERTS, W - The Book-Hunter in London: Historical and Other Studies of Collectors and Collecting
44924: ROBERTSON, EDNA AND SARAH NESTOR - Artists of the Canyons and Caminos: Santa Fe: Early Twentieth Century
48248: ROBERTSON, IAN - Paris and Environs (Blue Guide)
35748: ROBINSON, HILARY - Survey Method and Questionnaire Design: Housing and Labour Mobility Study (Working Paper No 3)
34807: ROBINSON, CEDRIC - Sand Pilot of Morecambe Bay: Official Guide Over the Kent Sands
29749: ROBINSON, HAMISH AND HADRIAN PIGOTT - Rifiuti Rome July 2005 (with DVD)
46707: ROBINSON, ROBERT - Thomas Bewick: His Life and Times
32523: ROBINSON, ERIC E AND MICHAEL CROSS (FOREWORD) - Modern Chinese Prints from the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Peking
29319: ROBINSON, ALAN - The Warp and the Weft
22534: ROBINSON, ROBERT - Thomas Bewick, His Life and Times (facsimile of 1887 edition)
22540: ROBINSON, ROBERT - Thomas Bewick: His Life and Times
29322: ROBINSON, ALAN - The Valley of Dry Bones: A Meditation on the Life of Christ
44536: ROBSON, MICHELLE AND TIM CLARKE - LPC Case Study: Civil Litigation 1997-98 (Legal Practice Course Guide)
49232: ROBSON, W W - Modern English Literature
16774: ROBY, JOHN - Traditions of Lancashire (Second Series)
46950: ROBY J - Traditions of Lancashire Second Series [2 volumes]
48898: RODENBECK, CHRISTINA - Meditation for Everyday Living
45527: RODRIGUES, TERENCE AND JANE BLOOD (EDS.) - Treasures of the North: An Exhibition to Benefit The Christie Hospital Manchester
46329: RODRIGUEZ, JASON (ED.) - Colonial Comics: New England: 1620-1750
46774: ROE, SUE - The Private Lives of the Impressionists
36375: ROETHER, J AND H G SPERLICH - Jugendstil auf der Mathildenhohe: Ein Dokument des Jugendstils
46511: ROEY, JACQUES VAN: SYLVIANE GRANGER AND HELEN SWALLOW - Dictionnaire des Faux Amis: Francais-Anglais (French edition)
44906: ROHMER, SAX - White Velvet
49563: ROHR, RICHARD - Immortal Diamond: The Search for our True Self
49564: ROHR, RICHARD - The Universal Christ: How a Forgotten Reality Can Change Everything We See, Hope For and Believe
49565: ROHR, RICHARD - Breathing Under Water: Spirituality and the Twelve Steps
49566: ROHR, RICHARD - Breathing Under Water: Spirituality and the Twelve Steps. Companion Journal
29744: ROLLINSON, NEIL - Amphibians: A Pamphlet of New Poems Written by Neil Rollinson During His Residency at the Wordsworth Trust, Grasmere
48053: ROLLINSON, WILLIAM - A History of Cumberland and Westmorland
45070: ROMAINS, JULES - Knock: Le Triomphe de la Medecine: Trois Actes
44524: ROMANO, ROBERTA - Foundations of Corporate Law
49356: ROMAYA, CAROLE - Hunters and Collectors
45005: RONALD, LANDON - O Lovely Night (SATB)
48610: RONAN, FRANK - Handsome Men are Slightly Sunburnt
46551: RONSARD, PIERRE DE ED. PIERRE DE NOLHAC - Poesies Choisies (Edition Illustree)
46508: RONSARD, PIERRE DE - Discours Derniers Vers
34483: ROONEY, MARTIN AND IRENE KOWALISKA-WEGNER - Weg Ohne Heimkehr: Armin T Wegner zum 100. Geburtstag Eine Gedenkschrift
46706: ROSCOE, THOMAS WITH HISTORICAL DETAILS BY PETER LECOUNT - The London and Birmingham Railway with the Home and Country Scenes on Each Side of the Line
46721: ROSCOE, THOMAS ED. WILLIAM KENNEDY - Tourist in Italy (The Landscape Annual for 1832)
47265: ROSE, JONATHAN - Of Ambidexters and Daffidowndillies: Defamation of Lawyers, Legal Ethics, and Professional Reputation
47474: ROSE, HAROLD M - The Black Ghetto: A Spatial Behavioral Perspective
47263: ROSE, JONATHAN - The Legal Profession in Medieval England: A History of Regulation
44066: [RASPE, RUDOLF ERICH] ED. ROSE, WILLIAM - The Travels of Baron Munchausen: Gulliver Revived or The Vice of Lying Properly Exposed (Broadway Translations)
47264: ROSE, JONATHAN - The Ambidextrous Lawyer: Conflict of Interest and the Medieval and Early Modern Legal Profession
46222: ROSE, CAROL M - Property And Persuasion: Essays On The History, Theory, And Rhetoric Of Ownership
47266: ROSE, JONATHAN - Medieval Attitudes Towards the Legal Profession: The Past as Prologue
49487: ROSEMAN, MARK - The Villa, The Lake, The Meeting: Wannsee and the Final Solution
46292: ROSENBLUM, NANCY L - Bentham's Theory of the Modern State
42079: ROSS, ALAN S C - The Essentials of Anglo-Saxon Grammar
49098: ROSS, ALEXANDER M AND WILLIAM BEATTIE - William Henry Bartlett: Artist, Author & Traveller. Containing a reprint of Dr William Beattie's Brief Memoir of the Late William Henry Bartlett
46959: ROSSETTI, DANTE GABRIEL - The Collected Works of Dante Gabriel Rossetti edited with Preface and Notes by William M Rossetti (two volumes complete)
47874: ROSSETTI, CHRISTINA - Sing-Song: A Nursery Rhyme Book
46951: ROSSETTI, DANTE GABRIEL - The Poems of Dante Gabriel Rossetti Cheyne Walk Edition [2 volumes]
47436: ROSSINI, G - The Carnovale (Chorus for SSTB)
40119: ROTHWELL, CATHERINE - Garstang in Times Past
47783: ROTOGRAPHIC - Check Your Change No 1
47784: ROTOGRAPHIC - The Check Your Change Companion
31183: ROUSSEAU, JEAN-JACQUES (ED. J LABBE) - Morceaux Choisis: La Lettre a D`Alembert Sur Les Spectacles, Precedes d`une Notice et Accompagnes De Notes Historiques et Litteraires
44956: ROUSSEAU, JEAN-JACQUES - Meditations of a Solitary Walker
46465: ROUSSET, JEAN - Anthologie de la Poesie Baroque Francaise, Bibliotheque de Cluny Tome I, Tome II
13896: ROUSTAN, MARIO - La Litterature Francaise Par la Dissertation: Tome IV Moyen Age et XVIe Siecle Sujets Generaux
13895: ROUSTAN, MARIO - La Litterature Francaise Par la Dissertation: Tome II Le Dix-Huitieme Siecle
13897: ROUSTAN, MARIO - La Litterature Francaise Par la Dissertation: Tome III Le Dix-Neuvieme Siecle
48013: ROUTH, C R N REVISED PETER HOLMES - Who's Who in Tudor England
44389: ROWLETT, GEORGE - Ruskin Revisited: George Rowlett at Chamonix and Coniston
36378: ROWLEY, BRIAN A - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832): Catalogue of an Exhibition to Mark the 150th Anniversary of Goethe's Death on 22 March 1832
45497: ROZNOWSKI, ROB - Roadblocks in Acting
32578: RUBIN, DAVID S - Black and White are Colours: Paintings of the 1950s-1970s
47240: RUBINSTEIN, CATHERINE (ED.) - UK and Japan: Government and Society Series II
45502: RUDAKOFF, JUDITH (ED.) - Performing Exile: Foreign Bodies
47273: RUDDEN, BERNARD - The New River: A Legal History
42741: RUDDOCK, KAREN - An Argument for the Use of Authentic Texts with Beginners of Japanese as a Foreign Language (CLCS Occasional Paper No 58)
8230: RUDIGER, M TRANS. SOPHY G COLVIN - Waldtraut: A Story of the Forest
47198: RUFFERT, MATTHIAS (ED.) - The Public-private Law Divide: Potential for Transformation?
47455: RUNGE, JOHN - Sweet was the Song (SATB)
48499: RUSKIN, JOHN - Mornings in Florence Being Simple Studies of Christian Art for English Travellers II The Golden Gate
41784: RUSKIN, JOHN - The Relation between Michael Angelo and Tintoret: Seventh of the Course of Lectures on Sculpture Delivered at Oxford 1870-71
35862: RUSKIN, JOHN - Letters to the Clergy on The Lord's Prayer and the Church: with replies from clergy and laity, and an epilogue by Mr. Ruskin
41629: RUSKIN, JOHN - Inaugural Address Delivered at the Cambridge School of Art, October 29th 1858
41817: RUSKIN, JOHN - Fors Clavigera: Letters to the Workmen and Labourers of Great Britain. Letter the 85th January 1878 Unique Dogmatism
41816: RUSKIN, JOHN - Fors Clavigera: Letters to the Workmen and Labourers of Great Britain. Letter the Eighty-Fourth December 1st 1877
41815: RUSKIN, JOHN - Fors Clavigera: Letters to the Workmen and Labourers of Great Britain. Letter the Eighty-Third November 1st 1877
41813: RUSKIN, JOHN - Fors Clavigera: Letters to the Workmen and Labourers of Great Britain. Letter the Sixth June 1st 1871
41812: RUSKIN, JOHN - Fors Clavigera: Letters to the Workmen and Labourers of Great Britain. Letter the Fifth May 1st 1871
41811: RUSKIN, JOHN - Fors Clavigera: Letters to the Workmen and Labourers of Great Britain. Letter the Fourth April 1st 1871
41810: RUSKIN, JOHN - Fors Clavigera: Letters to the Workmen and Labourers of Great Britain. Letter the Third March 1st 1871
41809: RUSKIN, JOHN - Fors Clavigera: Letters to the Workmen and Labourers of Great Britain. Letter the Second February 1st 1871
41806: RUSKIN, JOHN - Prosperina: Studies of Wayside Flowers Part IX
41805: RUSKIN, JOHN - Prosperina: Studies of Wayside Flowers Part VIII
41804: RUSKIN, JOHN - Prosperina: Studies of Wayside Flowers Part VII
41803: RUSKIN, JOHN - Prosperina: Studies of Wayside Flowers Part III
41802: RUSKIN, JOHN - Prosperina: Studies of Wayside Flowers Part II
43274: RUSKIN, JOHN ED. JAMES OSBORNE WRIGHT - Poems by John Ruskin
41036: RUSKIN, JOHN - Sesame and Lilies: Three Lectures
35937: RUSKIN, JOHN - Three Letters and an Essay by John Ruskin 1836-1841 Found in his Tutor's Desk
41620: RUSKIN, JOHN - Modern Painters [6 volumes including index]
44434: RUSKIN, JOHN EDITED BY BERNARD RICHARDS - The Vision: Ruskin's Mental Breakdown of 1878 (Being Chapter 11 of 'Praeterita Continued' Compiled from John Ruskin's materials by Bernard Richards)
48500: RUSKIN, JOHN - Mornings in Florence Being Simple Studies of Christian Art for English Travellers III Before the Soldan
39370: RUSKIN, JOHN ED. F A MALLESON - The Lord's Prayer and the Church: Letters to the Clergy with replies from clergy and laity, and an epilogue by Mr. Ruskin
40436: RUSKIN, JOHN - Praeterita: Outlines of Scenes and Thought Perhaps Worthy of Memory in My Past Life Volume II [only]
44437: RUSKIN, JOHN EDITED BY BERNARD RICHARDS - Shakespeare's Cliff (Being Chapter 14 of 'Praeterita Continued' Compiled from John Ruskin's materials by Bernard Richards)
48493: RUSKIN, JOHN - Examples of the Architecture of Venice Selected and Drawn to Measurement From the Edifices
45750: RUSKIN, JOHN - The Art of England: Lectures Given in Oxford by John Ruskin, During his Second Tenure of the Slade Professorship
46709: RUSKIN, JOHN - The Poetry of Architecture: or, The Architecture of the Nations of Europe Considered in its Association with Natural Scenery and National Character
46610: RUSKIN, JOHN - The Elements of Perspective Arranged for the Use of Schools and Intended to be Read in Connexion with the First Three Books of Euclid.
39369: RUSKIN, JOHN ED. WILLIAM C WARD, - John Ruskin's Letters to William Ward with a short biography of William Ward
44439: RUSKIN, JOHN EDITED BY BERNARD RICHARDS - The March of the Scarlet Lancers: The Story of John Ruskin's Association with Winnington School, Cheshire (Being Chapter 1 of 'Praeterita Continued' Compiled from John Ruskin's materials by Bernard Richards)
49600: RUSKIN, JOHN - The Stones of Venice Volume II
33138: RUSKIN, JOHN - St Mark's Rest First Supplement: The Shrine of the Slaves being A Guide To The Principal Pictures By Victor Carpaccio In Venice
41628: RUSKIN, JOHN - Salsette and Elephanta (1879): Inaugural Address Delivered at the Cambridge School of Art (1879): Notes on the Construction of Sheepfolds (1879): (the Relation Between Michaelangelo and Tintorette (1879): (Elements of English Prosody (1880): Guild of St George Master's Report (1885)
18262: RUSKIN, JOHN - Love's Meine: Lectures on Greek and English Birds given before the University of Oxford. Lecture 2 The Swallow
44440: RUSKIN, JOHN EDITED BY BERNARD RICHARDS - The Rainbows of Giessbach (Being Chapter 4 of 'Praeterita Continued' Compiled from John Ruskin's materials by Bernard Richards)
48502: RUSKIN, JOHN - Mornings in Florence Being Simple Studies of Christian Art for English Travellers V The Strait Gate
39728: RUSKIN LIBRARY, UNIVERSITY OF LANCASTER [JOHN RUSKIN] - Treasures of the Ruskin Library Part 2
39729: RUSKIN LIBRARY, UNIVERSITY OF LANCASTER [JOHN RUSKIN] - Treasures of the Ruskin Library Part 1
45708: RUSKIN, JOHN - Studies in Both Arts Being Ten Subjects Drawn and Described
41627: RUSKIN, JOHN - Ruskin on Pictures: A Collection of Criticisms by John Ruskin not heretofore re-printed. Vol. 1 Turner at the National Gallery and in Ruskin's Collection
41623: RUSKIN, JOHN - The Pleasures of England: Lectures given in Oxford [in four parts bound as one]
41839: RUSKIN, JOHN - Notes on the Principal Pictures Exhibited in the Rooms of the Royal Academy No V 1859
45252: RUSKIN, JOHN - The Queen of the Air: Being the Study of the Greek Myths of Cloud and Storm
44435: RUSKIN, JOHN EDITED BY BERNARD RICHARDS - Via Gellia (Being Chapter 7 of 'Praeterita Continued' Compiled from John Ruskin's materials by Bernard Richards)
30962: RUSKIN, JOHN AND INTRO BY EUGENE A NOBLE - The King of the Golden River or The Black Brothers
30963: RUSKIN, JOHN - The King of the Golden River
45830: RUSKIN, JOHN - Notes by Mr Ruskin on his Collection of Drawings by the Late J M W Turner RA Exhibited at The Fine Art Society's Galleries also a list of the engraved works of that Master shown at the same time
27011: RUSKIN, JOHN - Proserpina: Studies of Wayside Flowers Volume I/1
45743: RUSKIN, JOHN - Ariadne Florentina: Six Lectures on Wood and Metal Engraving with Appendix
45250: RUSKIN, JOHN - Time and Tide by Weare and Tyne: Twenty-Five Letters to a Working Man of Sunderland on the Laws of Work
48193: RUSKIN, JOHN - Our Fathers Have Told Us: Sketches of the History of Christendom for Boys and Girls Part I: The Bible of Amiens
44436: RUSKIN, JOHN EDITED BY BERNARD RICHARDS - Juliet's Tomb (Being Chapter 5 of 'Praeterita Continued' Compiled from John Ruskin's materials by Bernard Richards)
45749: RUSKIN, JOHN - The Laws of Fesole: A Familiar Treatise on the Elementary Principles and Practice of Drawing and Painting as Determined by Tuscan Masters Volume 1 [only]
44413: RUSKIN, JOHN - A Walk in Chamouni (The Hull Booklets 1)
45255: RUSKIN, JOHN AND HENRY W ACLAND - The Oxford Museum
45272: RUSKIN, JOHN (ED.) - Bibliotheca Pastorum Volume IV: A Knight's Faith Parts III, II bound in with Vol. II Rock Honeycomb Part I: Broken Pieces of Sir Philip Sidney's Psalter
45813: RUSKIN, JOHN ED. FREDERICK WEDMORE - Turner and Ruskin: An Exposition of the Work of Turner from the Writings of Ruskin with a biographical note on Turner in Two Volumes [complete]
41619: RUSKIN, JOHN - Modern Painters in 5 volumes [complete]
41786: RUSKIN, JOHN - Salsette and Elephanta: A Prize Poem Recited in the Theatre, Oxford June 12 1839
14084: RUSKIN, JOHN - The Art of England: Lectures Given in Oxford
45744: RUSKIN, JOHN - Three Letters and an Essay on Literature found in his Tutor's Desk 1836-41
31153: RUSKIN, JOHN - Modern Painters, Volumes 1-5 [complete]
30985: RUSKIN, JOHN - The King of the Golden River or The Black Brothers
40852: RUSKIN, JOHN - Letters Addressed to a College Friend During the Years 1840-1845
18263: RUSKIN, JOHN - Love's Meine: Lectures on Greek and English Birds given before the University of Oxford. Lecture 1 The Robin
48501: RUSKIN, JOHN - Mornings in Florence Being Simple Studies of Christian Art for English Travellers IV The Vaulted Book
13931: RUSKIN, JOHN - On the Old Road Volume I Pt 1 - Art only (vol 1)
40461: RUSKIN, JOHN - 'Yewdale and its Streamlets: Report of a Lecture by Mr Ruskin' bound together with 'John Ruskin: A Study' by R P Downes and 'General Statement Explaining the Nature and Purposes of St George's Guild'
41037: RUSKIN, JOHN - The Works of John Ruskin Volume I: Sesame and Lilies Three Lectures. 1. Of King's Treasures. 2. Of Queen's Gardens; 3. Of the Mystery of Life
40848: RUSKIN, JOHN - The Arrows of the Chace Being a Collection of Scattered Letters Published Chiefly in the Daily Newspapers 1840-1880 [2 volumes complete]
44872: RUSKIN, JOHN - Hortus Inclusus: Messages from the Wood to the Garden, sent in Happy Days to the Sister Ladies of the Thwaite, Coniston
30021: RUSKIN, JOHN (ILLUS. RICHARD DOYLE) - The King of the Golden River or the Black Brothers: A Legend of Stiria
14063: RUSKIN, JOHN - Letters to the Clergy on The Lord's Prayer and the Church
14105: RUSKIN, JOHN - On the Old Road. 2 Volumes (Volume 1 - Art Parts I and II)
14152: RUSKIN, JOHN - Selections from the Writings of John Ruskin
45202: RUSKIN, JOHN - The Contemptible Horse. The text of John Ruskin's letter to 'My Dear Tinie' written from the Bridge of Allan on 31 August 1857
46711: RUSKIN, JOHN - Verona and Other Lectures
46710: RUSKIN, JOHN COLLECTED BY W G COLLINGWOOD - The Poems of John Ruskin Volume I Poems Written in Boyhood 1826-35 Volume II Poems Written in Youth 1836-45 and Later Poems
12835: RUSKIN, JOHN - The Art of England: Lectures Given in Oxford
45271: RUSKIN, JOHN (ED.) TRANS. ALEXANDER O WEDDERBURN AND W GERSOM COLLINGWOOD - Bibliotheca Pastorum Volume 1: The Economist of Zenophon
48480: RUSKIN, JOHN ED. THOMAS J WISE - Letters from John Ruskin to Rev F A Malleson MA, Vicar of Broughton-in-Furness
40437: RUSKIN, JOHN - Modern Painters: Volume II Part III Sections 1 and 2: Of the Imaginative and Theoretic Faculties
45261: RUSKIN, JOHN - Arrows of the Chace Being a Collection of Scattered Letters Published Chiefly in the Daily Newspapers 1840-1880 [2 volumes complete]
31112: RUSKIN, JOHN - On the Old Road: Literature, Economy, Theology etc. Volume 2/II
22448: RUSKIN, JOHN - The Crown of Wild Olive: Three Lectures on Work Traffic, and War
41526: RUSKIN, JOHN - Salsette and Elephanta: A Prize Poem Recited in the Theatre, Oxford June 12 1839
46605: RUSKIN, JOHN - Giotto and His Works in Padua being an Explanatory Notice of the Frescoes in the Arena Chapel
48903: RUSKIN, JOHN ED. THOMAS J WISE - Letters on Art and Literature
45770: RUSKIN, JOHN - Lectures on Landscape Delivered at Oxford in Lent Term 1871
41790: RUSKIN, JOHN - The Art of England: Lectures Given in Oxford [7 volumes complete with Appendix and Index]
41744: RUSKIN, JOHN - Praeterita: Outlines of Scenes and Thoughts perhaps Worthy of Memory in My Past Life (in original 28 separate parts)
35863: RUSKIN, JOHN - Letters to the Clergy on The Lord's Prayer and the Church: with replies from clergy and laity, and an epilogue by Mr. Ruskin
40541: RUSKIN, JOHN - Three Lakeland Poems [Skiddaw, Helvellyn and Derwent Water]
48481: RUSKIN, JOHN - Some Stray Letters of Professor Ruskin to a London Bibliophile
44438: RUSKIN, JOHN EDITED BY BERNARD RICHARDS - The Field Under the Wood (Being Chapter 15 of 'Praeterita Continued' Compiled from John Ruskin's materials by Bernard Richards)
41788: RUSKIN, JOHN - Notes by Mr Ruskin Part 1 On His Drawings by the Late J M W Turner RA Part II On His Own Handiwork Illustrative of Turner Being Exhibited at the Fine Art Society's Galleries, 148 New Bond Street
47774: RUSKIN, JOHN TRANS. MARCEL PROUST - La Bible d'Amiens
45254: RUSKIN, JOHN - The Ethics of the Dust: Ten Lectures to Little Housewives on The Elements of Crystallisation
48498: RUSKIN, JOHN - Mornings in Florence Being Simple Studies of Christian Art for English Travellers I Santa Croce
48503: RUSKIN, JOHN - Mornings in Florence Being Simple Studies of Christian Art for English Travellers VI The Shepherd's Tower
30848: RUSSELL, BERTRAND; DAVID GARNETT, ANDRE MAUROIS, PANTELIMON ROMANOV ED. DESMOND MACCARTHY - Life and Letters Volume 1 No 6 November 1928: Lord Oxford, An Appreciation etc.
47568: RUSSELL, RAYMOND REVISED HOWARD SCHOTT - The Harpsichord and Clavichord: An Introductory Study
42352: RUSSELL, PETER - Malice Aforethought or The Tumour in the Brain
47479: RUSSELL, J C - The Fontana Economic History of Europe: Population in Europe 500-1500 (Volume 1 Section 1)
39727: RUSSELL, ANDREW [JOHN RUSKIN] - Ruskin and the Book: A Display in the Ruskin Today Programme
41798: RUSSELL, ANDREW - Ruskin and the Book: A Display in the Ruskin Today Programme
49006: RUSSO, RICHARD - On Helwig Street: A Memoir
49330: RUTHERFORD, ANNA (ED.) - Aboriginal Culture Today
39829: RYAN, TONY - The Cost of Opportunity: Purchasing Strategies in the Housing and Support Arrangements of People with Learning Difficulties
47428: SAARINEN, THOMAS F - Environmental Planning: Perception and Behaviour
47000: SAAVEDRA, MIGUEL DE CERVANTES TRANS. J M COHEN - The Adventures of Don Quixote (Penguin L10)
46507: SABLAYROLLES, G AND M BOUET - Clement Marot: Poesies Choisies
42394: SACCHETTI, FRANCO (ILLUS.) - Venice Through English and American Eyes
47067: SACHER, PAUL - 60 Jahre Basler Kammerorchester: Kammerchor und Kammerorchester unter Leitung von Paul Sacher 1976-1987
47469: SACK, ROBERT DAVID - Conceptions of Space in Social Thought
49401: SACKS, OLIVER - Awakenings
37033: SADEGHI, ELKE - Antiquarian Book Monthly Review (ABMR) Issue No 10 November 1974
37017: SADEGHI, ELKE - Antiquarian Book Monthly Review (ABMR) Issue No 9 for October 1974
37018: SADEGHI, ELKE - Antiquarian Book Monthly Review (ABMR) Volume II No 2 Issue No 12 February 1975
37013: SADEGHI, ELKE - Antiquarian Book Monthly Review (ABMR) June 1974 (London Fair Issue)
37014: SADEGHI, ELKE - Antiquarian Book Monthly Review (ABMR) Issue No 6 for July 1974
48868: SADLEIR, MICHAEL - Things Past
18386: SAFRAN, YEHUDA - Arturo Di Stefano: The Body and the Cloth
47030: SAGDEEV, R Z: D A USIKOV AND G M ZASLAVSKY TRANS. IGOR R SAGDEEV - Nonlinear Physics: From the Pendulum to Turbulence and Chaos
41952: SALDA, MICHAEL N AND JEAN E JOST (EDS.) - Chaucer Yearbook Vol. 2 1995
37592: SALE, RICHARD AND TONY OLIVER - Arctic Odyssey: Travelling Arctic Europe
35777: SALT, JOHN - Migration and Population Change in Europe (Research Papers/Travaux de recherche No 19)
49425: SALVATORE, R A - Homeland (Forgotten Realms)
43801: SAMPSON, PETER - One from the Road
47183: SAMUEL, GEOFFREY AND JAE RINKES - Contractual and Non-contractual Obligations in English Law
42145: SANCHEZ, JAVIER (ED.) - Proceedings of the I National Conference of the Spanish Society for English Renaissance Studies
13600: SAND, GEORGE - Elle et Lui
45075: SAND, GEORGE - Valentine
45505: SANDBURG, CARL - Storm over the Land: A Profile of the Civil War
47101: SANDERCOCK, LEONIE - Towards Cosmopolis: Planning for Multicultural Cities
45492: SANDERS, GRAHAM - Elizabethan and Jacobean Reappropriation in Contemporary British Drama 'upstart crows'
29182: SANDS, RONALD - Poetry of Lakeland: A Colour Souvenir in Verse (signed)
46592: SANSOM, IAN - The Norfolk Mystery (The County Guides)
49357: SANSOM, PETER - Taking a 125 as Paradigm
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40021: DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND SOCIAL SECURITY - A Lifestyle for the Elderly: Report of a Seminar held in Conjunction with Coventry Social Services Department at Craven House Home for the Elderly July 1974
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44141: SHERIDAN, MARY P AND JENNIFER ROWSELL - Design Literacies: Learning And Innovation In The Digital Age
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49578: SIDGWICK, A (ED.) - Sidgwick's Greek Prose Composition
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48456: SIMS, GEORGE - My Life: Sixty Years' Recollections of Bohemian London 1917
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44896: SINCLAIR, ANDREW - John Ford A Biography
46531: SINE - Les Chats de Sine
4338: SINGER, KURT (ED.) - Kurt Singer's Horror Omnibus
21391: SINGH, SUPRIYA - On the Sulu Sea: An Indian Woman Lives in a Borneo Village
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49321: SIVAKUMARAN, ANITA - Sips that make a Poison Woman
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48809: SMITH, ELISABETH - Teach Yourself Instant French
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32503: SMITH, ALISTAIR - Under Heaven: A Chinese Odyssey: Sculpture and Drawings by Michael Lyons
48058: SMITH, KENNETH - Early Prints of the Lake District
42760: SMYTH, ELIZABETH (INTRO) - Projects in Materials Design (English Language Teaching [ELT] Special)
42765: SMYTH, ELIZABETH (INTRO) - 106 - Team Teaching in ESP (ETIC Publications/ELT Documents)
49350: SMYTHE, TONY (FOREWORD) - Northern Ireland: The Mailed Fist. A Record of Army and Police Brutality from Aug 9 - Nov 9 1971
29174: SNAITH, J C - The Hoop
44334: SNOW, EDWARD ROWE - The Lighthouses of New England
49148: SNOWDEN, RUTH - Green Dusk for Dreams
35735: SOCIAL SCIENCES RESEARCH CENTRE, UNIVERSITY COLLEGE, GALWAY - Industrial Relations at Galway Docks (Social Sciences Research Centre, University College,Galway, Research Paper No 2)
48223: BRONTE SOCIETY - Bronteana: A Century of Collecting
45747: PEMBROKESHIRE ARCHAEOLOGICAL SOCIETY - Pembrokeshire Archaeological Society 1896-1907: Preface, Index and Tabular Key to Maps
45346: BRONTE SOCIETY - The Bronte Parsonage Museum
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39306: SOTHEBY'S - Sotheby's Preview April/May 1989
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42798: SOTHEBY'S - Important Jewels (New York June 13 2001)
32617: SOTHEBY'S BELGRAVIA - Highly Important Victorian Paintings and Drawings 2, which will be sold by auction on Monday 19th March 1979
32619: SOTHEBY'S BELGRAVIA - Highly Important Victorian Paintings and Drawings 5, which will be sold by Auction on Monday 6th October 1980
32618: SOTHEBY'S BELGRAVIA - Highly Important Victorian Paintings and Drawings 4, which will be sold by Auction on Wednesday 9th April 1980
32616: SOTHEBY'S BELGRAVIA - Highly Important Victorian Paintings and Drawings which will be sold by auction on Tuesday 24th October 1978
44277: SOTKE, FRITZ (ED.) - Unsere Lieder: En Liederbuch fur die wanderende Jugend
47180: SOUBRIAN-PAILLEY, FRANCINE - L'invention du syndicat (1791-1884). Itineraire d'une categorie juridique
13648: SOUVESTRE, EMILE - En Bretagne
44547: SPACAPAN, SHIRLYNN AND STUART OSKAMP (EDS.) - The Social Psychology of Aging
39528: SPADONI, CLAUDIO (ED.) - Turner, Monet, Pollock: From Romanticism to Informal Art. Tribute to Francesco Arcangeli
48916: SPARKE, ANDREW - Abuse, Cocaine and Soft Furnishings
46583: SPATES, JAMES L - John Ruskin's Dark Star: New Lights on his Life Based on the Unpublished Biographic Materials and Research on Helen Gill Viljoen
29796: SPECT, MATHILDE - Kochbuchlein fur den Praktischen Haushaltungsunterricht an Volks und Fortbildungsschulen
49470: SPECTOR, CAROLINE - Worlds Without End (Shadowrun 18)
41023: SPENCE-JONES, H D M ET AL - Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion Session 1913-1914
45646: SPENCER, BRIAN - North-East England: Northumberland, Co. Durham, Cleveland and Tyne & Wear (New Shell Guides)
48785: SPENCER, LLOYD AND ANDRZEJ KRAUZE - Introducing The Enlightenment: A Graphic Guide
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18069: SPIKE, JOHN T - Italian paintings in the Cincinnati Art Museum
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49302: SPINDLER, MICHAEL (ED.) - The Interpreter's House 21: Retrospective Issue
42379: SPODE - The Story of the Original Fine Bone China
43093: SPOHR, LOUIS - Ottet in E major Op 32
43094: SPOHR, LOUIS - Nonet in F major Op 31
22972: THE SPORTSMAN - British Sports and Sportsmen: Cricket and Football
49612: SRI, EDWARD - A Biblical Walk Through The Mass: Understanding What We Say and Do In The Liturgy
27902: SROCZYNSKA, KRYSTYNA AND JADWIGA JAWORSKA - Widoki Zamku Krolewskiego w Warszawie
45223: ST CLAIR, RALF - Why Literacy Matters: Understanding the Effects of Literacy Education for Adults
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49157: STAFFORD, WILLIAM T - Perspectives on James's the Portrait of a Lady
19734: STALEY, FRANK W - Staley's Views of Philadelphia 1911
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49154: STEBBINGS, JULIE (ED) - Hot Pot of Passion: A Sensual Celebration of Food. Wild Women Poems, Recipes and Spells
25218: STEELE, MAX - The Goblins Must Go Barefoot [originally titled 'Debby'] (Perennial Library)
49031: STEELE, HUNTER - Lord Hamlet's Castle
47818: STEERS, J A - The Coastline of England and Wales
44987: STEIN, GERTRUDE - Three Lives
30310: STEIN, GUSTAV AND EDUARD TRIER (EDS.) - Ars Viva Koln 61: Kulturkreis im Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie
38943: STELMACH, JERZEGO AND WACLAWA URUSZCZAKA - Zlota Ksiega Wydzialu Prawa i Administracji: Liber Aureus Facultatis Luris Administrationisque
18552: STENGEL, H W - Wasserwirtschaft: Waterwese - Water Affairs in SWA
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46619: STEPHENS, THOMAS - The Literature of the Kymry: Being a Critical Essay on the History of the Language and Literature of Wales
47279: STERETT, SUSAN - Creating Constitutionalism? The Politics of Legal Expertise and Administrative Law in England and Wales
48750: STERNE, LAURENCE - The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman
48819: STERNE, LAURENCE - A Sentimental Journey
30334: STETTLER, MICHAEL - Meisterwerke der Gottfried Keller-Stiftung: Schweizer Kunst aus neun Jahrunderten
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46764: STEVENS, JOHN E - Discovering Wild Plant Names
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46098: STEVENSON, KENNETH W - The Lord's Prayer: A Text in Tradition
46663: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - Poems Including Underwoods, Ballads, Songs of Travel
48544: STEVICK, EARL W - Teaching and Learning Languages
47250: STEWART, JAMES B - The Partners
48908: STINTON, C S - Ragnarok (The Echo Case Files Volume 1)
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44242: STURTRIDGE, GILL - Self-access: Preparation and Training
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47088: TIMES - The Times Su Doku Book 3
47087: TIMES - The Times Su Doku Book 4
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46581: TIMPSON, JOHN - Requiem for a Red Box
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47045: TIPPETT, MICHAEL - A Child of our Time: Oratorio (Vocal Score)
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48203: TOBIN, VERA - Elements of Surprise: Our Mental Limits And The Satisfactions Of Plot
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48998: TOIBIN, COLM - The Penguin Book of Irish Fiction
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47541: TOMKINS, THOMAS ED. EDMUND FELLOWES - Oyez! Has Any Found a Lad? (SATB)
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48721: O'TOOLE, FINTAN - Meanwhile Back at the Ranch: The Politics of Irish Beef
48713: O'TOOLE, FINTAN - Ship of Fools: How Stupidity and Corruption Sank the Celtic Tiger
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48009: TREASURE, GEOFFREY - Who's Who in Early Hanoverian Britain 1714-1789
47157: TREBILOCK, MICHAEL J - The First Industrial Nation. An Economic History of Britain, 1700 - 1914
48608: TREMAIN, ROSE - Evangelista's Fan and Other Stories
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48622: TREVOR, WILLIAM - Fools of Fortune
48994: TREVOR, WILLIAM - Excursions in the Real World
48619: TREVOR, WILLIAM - The Old Boys
48977: TRIFONAS, PETER PERICLES - Umberto Eco and Football
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46948: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - Ralph the Heir [3 volumes complete]
45738: TROUTMAN, PHILIP - Goya and his Times
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47788: HORNBY VILLAGE TRUST - Pocket Guide to Hornby [Lancaster]
48068: CIVIC TRUST - Conservation Areas: Preserving the Architectural and Historic Scene. A Survey by the Civic Trust
30418: TSCHAIKOWSKY, P, I (ARR. STEPAN ESIPOFF) [TCHAIKOVSKY] - Casse-Noisette Suite Op 71a for piano
43100: TSCHAIKOWSKY, P - 1812 Ouverture Solennelle Op 49
47369: TSOUROS, AGID D ET AL - Health Promoting Universities: Concept, Experience and Framework for Action
48807: TUBRIDY, RYAN - The Irish are Coming
46018: TUCKER, W A - The Lousier War
30480: TUPPER, MARTIN F - Select Miscellaneous Poems of Martin F Tupper
46007: SVENSKA TURISTFORENINGENS - Stockholm Med Omgivningar - with Surroundings - et Ses Environs - Mit Umgebungen - Con Alrededores
46713: TURNER, J M W - The Rivers of France
48135: TURNER, KEITH - Constable Country
49038: TURNER, STEVE - The Man Called Cash: The Life, Love and Faith of an American Legend
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42884: TYERMAN, CHRISTOPHER - The Crusades: A Very Short Introduction
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36385: TYLOR, MATTHEW - Monastic Life
40479: TYRWHITT, R ST JOHN - Our Sketching Club: Letters and Studies of Landscape Art. With an authorized reproduction of the lessons and woodcuts in Professor Ruskin's 'Elements of Drawing'
42589: TYRWHITT-DRAKE, HUGH - Web of Deceit: Moral Bankruptcy at the University Of Hong Kong
49494: TZU, SUN - The Art of War
29161: UCHIDA, SONO - Haiku: Diario Romano
49283: CROSS CULTURAL FOUNDATION OF UGANDA - Speaking Out: Creative Writing by Uganda's Ethnic Minority Groups
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39859: DARTINGTON SOCIAL RESEARCH UNIT - Community Service Volunteer's Independent Living Scheme (Bristol Papers No 10)
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25011: UPTON, SYDNEY (ILLUS.) - English Domestic Architecture: A Series of Pen Drawings
47386: URRY, JOHN - Global Complexity
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33231: UTTLEY, ALISON - Wise Owl's Story
33233: UTTLEY, ALISON - The Knot Squirrel Tied
33221: UTTLEY, ALISON - Little Grey Rabbit's Party
13569: VACHAGANDHY-MASNATA, DELIA - Nous Etions Quatre: Un Recit d'Enfance
13572: VACHAGANDHY-MASNATA, DELIA - BAPU Une Simple Histoire de Mahatma Gandhi
46281: VADI, VALENTINA - Cultural Heritage in International Investment Law and Arbitration
38362: VALENTINE'S - Alston: 12 Real Photographs for your Snap Shot Album (Valentine's Series)
13646: VALLEE, FRANCOIS - La Langue Bretonne en 40 Lecons
13842: VALLOTTON, BENJAMIN - Enfances: Fine et Binachon
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45007: WILLIAMS R VAUGHAN - O Taste and See: A Motet for Unaccompanied Choir with Organ Introduction (SATB)
45085: VEITCH, JOHN ILLUS. BY GEORGE REID - The River Tweed from its Source to the Sea
45498: CANTONI. VERA - New Playwriting at Shakespeare's Globe
46734: VEREY, DAVID - Wiltshire: A Shell Guide
44424: VERLAINE, PAUL WITH NOTES BY JACQUES BOREL - Jadis et naguere 1885: Parallelement 1889
46547: VERLAINE, PAUL ED. JACQUES ROBICHEZ - Verlaine: Oeuvres Poetiques
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35736: VERRIERE, JACQUES - Urban Migration in the Republic of Ireland (Social Sciences Research Centre, University College, Galway, Research Paper No 6)
30847: VETH, CORNELIS - Revolutionnaire Beeldende Kunst (Kleine Cultuur Bibliotheek) [Revolutionary Visual Arts]
13853: VEZINET, P - Pages Africaines 3
46539: VIANEY, JOSEPH - Les Regrets de Du Bellay
46538: VIANEY, JOSEPH - Les Regrets de Du Bellay
13260: VIERAGALLO, JOSE-ANTONIO - The Security Trap, Arms Race, Militarism and Disarmament: a Concern for Christians
48065: TRUSTEES OF BOURNVILLE VILLAGE - Sixty Years of Planning: The Bournville Experiment
48155: VILLIERS, G H - Hans Holbein the Younger: The Ambassadors in the National Gallery, London
46566: VILLON, FRANCOIS ED. ANDRE MARY - Francois Villon: Oeuvres
35582: VINYCOMBE, JOHN ET AL. - A Guide to Belfast and the Counties of Down & Antrim prepared for the Meeting of the British Association by the Belfast Naturalist' Field Club
6197: VISSCHER, PATRICIA AND GUY SEGERS - Tijl Uilenspiegel: Een Verhaal van Vijf Eeuwen
49136: VIVAN, ITALA (ED.) - The Flawed Diamond: Essays on Olive Schreiner
49526: VOGUE, DE, ADALBERT DE - The Rule of Saint Benedict: A Doctrinal and Spiritual Commentary
49045: VONNEGUT, KURT - Bagombo Snuff Box: Uncollected Short Fiction
32517: VOUSDEN, ROBIN - The Granada Collection: Recent British Paintings and Drawings
49052: VOZNESENSKAYA, JULIA TRANS. W B LINTON - The Women's Decameron
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47316: WADDINGTON, IVAN - The Medical Profession in the Industrial Revolution
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44490: WAGNER, RICHARD - Oeuvres de Richard Wagner: Album, 14 Pot Pourris pour Piano a 2 mains
45018: WAGNER, RICHARD - Die Meistersinger (The Mastersingers of Nuremberg) Words and Music
43104: WAGNER, RICHARD - Ouverture to Tannhauser
40028: WAGNER, GILLIAN (FOREWORD) - Training for Social Care: Achieving Standards for the Undervalued Service. A Report on Training and Staff Development for People Working in the Residential Care of Adults
40029: WAGNER, GILLIAN (FOREWORD) - A Golden Opportunity: A Report on Training and Staff Development for People Working in Residential Services for Children and Young People
48021: WAGNER, CHARLES - The Heritage Dividend 2002: Measuring the Results of English Heritage Regeneration 1999-2002
48902: WAGNER, HANK: CHRISTOPHER GOLDEN AND STEPHEN R BISSETTE - Prince of Stories: The Many Worlds of Neil Gaiman
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46891: WAINWRIGHT, ALFRED - A South Wales Sketchbook
20077: WAKEFIELD, HUGH (FOREWORD) - Indian Sculpture: A Travelling Exhibition
47394: WAKEFORD, JOHN AND JOHN WHITELEGG - The Ribblesdale Project: Feasibility Study September 1986
48400: WAKELIN, F H - Wakelin's Handy Table Book of Arithmetic, Money Weights and Measures Including Full Tables of the Metric System and a Variety of Useful Information
48593: WALBERT, KATE - Our Kind
32487: WALKER, JAMES FAURE - James Faure Walker South Gallery Show 2
33081: WALKER, HUGH - Selected English Short Stories (Nineteenth Century) (Oxford World's Classics No CXCIII/193)
22764: WALKER, DAVID - The State of Britain: An introduction to a Joint ESRC/RSA seminar series
46806: WALKER, T E C AND SYDNEY - The King's England: Durham
48543: WALLACE, MICHAEL J - Training Foreign Language Teachers: A Reflective Approach
48275: WALLACE, DAVID FOSTER - Both Flesh and Not: Essays-
42257: WALLNER, BJORN - A Commentary on the Benedictus Edited from the Two Extant Middle English Manuscripts
49483: WALSER, ROBERT - The Assistant
49521: WALSH, MAURICE - Trouble in the Glen
48993: WALSH, STEPHEN - Heartache Spoken Here
44534: WALSH, FRANCIS AND SHEILA V MALKANI (EDS.) - The Insider's Guide to Law Firms
49533: WALTHER, JAMES ARTHUR - New Testament Greek Workbook: An Inductive Study of the Complete Text of the Gospel of John
49456: WALTON, ANNE - Farmhouse Christmas
49124: WANGUSA, AYETA ANNE AND VIOLET BARUNGI - Tears of Hope: A Collection of Short Stories by Ugandan Rural Women
49114: WANGUSA, AYETA ANNE - Memoirs of a Mother
49116: WANGUSA, TIMOTHY - A Pattern of Dust: Selected Poems 1965-1990
49344: WANGUSA, TIMOTHY TRANS. CLAUDIO GORLIER - Inno per L'Africa (Anthem for Africa)
47218: WARD, IAN - Shakespeare and the Legal Imagination
47844: WARD, MRS HUMPHRY (MARY AUGUST WARD) - Marcella (Westmoreland Edition Volumes V and VI) [Westmorland] 2 volumes complete
47837: WARD, MRS HUMPHRY (MARY AUGUST WARD) - The Case of Richard Meynell (Westmoreland Edition Volume XVI) [Westmorland]
40066: WARD, PAUL - Quality of Life in Residential Care: A Review of Measures of Quality of Life and Quality of Environment in Residential Institutions for Elderly People
47847: WARD, MRS HUMPHRY (MARY AUGUST WARD) - The History of David Grieve (Westmoreland Edition Volumes III and IV) [Westmorland] 2 volumes complete with 3 leaves of MS notes
49371: WARD, DAVID - Tree
48479: WARD, C S - Surrey and Sussex (including Tunbridge Wells) (Thorough Guide Series)
40065: WARD, PAUL - Quality of Life in Residential Care: A Review of Measures of Quality of Life and Quality of Environment in Residential Institutions for Elderly People
48476: WARD, C S ED. W BAXTER - Isle of Wight including Notes for Geologists (Thorough Guide Series)
47838: WARD, MRS HUMPHRY (MARY AUGUST WARD) - Helbeck of Bannisdale (Westmoreland Edition Volume IX) [Westmorland]
47460: WARD, JOHN ED. EDMUND FELLOWES - Out from the Vale (SSATBB)
47551: WARD, JOHN ED. EDMUND FELLOWES - O My Thoughts, My Thoughts Surcease (TTBB)
48478: WARD, C S - North Devon (including West Somerset) and North Cornwall from Exmoor to the Scilly Isles with a Description of The Various Approaches (Thorough Guide Series)
45319: WARD, MRS HUMPHRY - The History of David Grieve [3 volumes complete]
49169: WARD, MARK - Thunder Alley: Sonnets and Other Poems
47496: WARD, STEPHEN V (ED.) - The Garden City: Past, Present and Future
48477: WARD, C S AND M J B BADDELEY - South Devon (including W Dorset Coast from Weymouth) and South Cornwall with a full description of Dartmoor and the Scilly Isles (Thorough Guide Series)
47846: WARD, MRS HUMPHRY (MARY AUGUST WARD) - Sir George Tressady (Westmoreland Edition Volumes VII and VIII) [Westmorland] 2 volumes complete
48856: WARD, PHILIP - A Dictionary of Common Fallacies
47839: WARD, MRS HUMPHRY (MARY AUGUST WARD) - The Marriage of William Ashe (Westmoreland Edition Volume XII) [Westmorland]
47365: WARD, J T - Factory System: Birth and Growth Volume 1
47842: WARD, MRS HUMPHRY (MARY AUGUST WARD) - Fenwick's Career: The Story of Bessie Costrell (Westmoreland Edition Volume XIII) [Westmorland]
47836: WARD, MRS HUMPHRY (MARY AUGUST WARD) - Lady Rose's Daughter (Westmoreland Edition Volume XI) [Westmorland]
48263: WARD, LYND - Vertigo: A Novel in Woodcuts
47840: WARD, MRS HUMPHRY (MARY AUGUST WARD) - Eleanor (Westmoreland Edition Volume X) [Westmorland]
47843: WARD, MRS HUMPHRY (MARY AUGUST WARD) - Daphne (Marriage a la Mode): Canadian Born (Lady Merton, Colonist) (Westmoreland Edition Volume XV) [Westmorland]
47841: WARD, MRS HUMPHRY (MARY AUGUST WARD) - The Testing of Diana Mallory (Westmoreland Edition Volume XIV) [Westmorland]
47039: WARLOCK, PETER - Peter Warlock's Book of Magic
40329: WARREN, P W T - Reader's Companion to Sesame and Lilies
46925: WARRINGTON, REV. WILLIAM - The History of Wales, in Nine Books, with an Appendix [2 volumes complete]
46585: WASHINGTON, GEORGE AND THOMAS B ALLEN - Acts Passed at a Congress of the United States of America 1789 with A Gift for President Washington
43314: WATER, FREDERIC F VAN DE - Rudyard Kipling's Vermont Feud
49103: WATERS, JOHN - Jiving at the Crossroads
46741: WATSON, BRIAN - Devon: A Shell Guide
49085: WATSON, JAMES D - The Double Helix: A Personal Account of the Discovery of the Structure of DNA
20783: WATTS, LEWIS G ET AL - The Middle-Income Negro Family Faces Urban Renewal: A Study of Families During the Rehabilitation of a Boston Neighborhood
47420: WATTS, MICHAEL R - The Chapel And The Nation: Nonconformity And The Local Historian
47424: WATTS, MICHAEL R - The Chapel And The Nation: Nonconformity And The Local Historian
45965: WAUGH, EVELYN - Brideshead Revisited The Sacred and Profound Memories of Captain Charles Ryder: A Novel
35204: WEBB, JOHN W: AVRON NAUKKARINEN AND LESZEK A KOSKINSKI - Policies of Population Redistribution
35575: WEBB, JOHN W: ARVO NAUKKARINEN AND LESZEK A KOSINSKI - Policies of Population Redistribution
35576: WEBB, JOHN W: ARVO NAUKKARINEN AND LESZEK A KOSINSKI - Policies of Population Redistribution
30528: WEBER, C M VON ARR. GWILYM BEECHEY - Rondo in B flat arr. for Clarinet in B flat and Piano
42907: WEBER, C M VON - Oberon Overture No 7
30163: WEBER, CARL MARIA VON ARR. JULIUS HARRISON - Invitation to the Dance transcribed for Mixed Voices with accompaniment for orchestra or piano (vocal score)
47619: WEBSTER, N W - Beetham [Cumbria] and the Parish Church of Saint Michael and All Angels
45656: WEBSTER, T B L - Greek Terracottas (King Penguin No 54)
38356: WEBSTER, NOAH ENLARGED BY CHAUNCEY A GOODRICH - A Critical Pronouncing Dictionary of the English Language: New and Improved Edition
47618: WEBSTER, N W - Beetham [Cumbria] and the Parish Church of Saint Michael and All Angels
32183: WEBSTER, T B L ET AL - Robbins and the Classics (JACT Pamphlet 1)
47454: WEELKES, THOMAS - When David Heard (SSAATB)
37688: WEI-FU, CHENG (INTRO) - Selections of Zhanghao's Pictures (2) The Second Part: Flower, Figure, Nature [Zhang Gao]
24543: WEINMANN, GEORG - Britische Wege Nach Europa: Der integrationspolitische Wandel der Labour Party und Gewerkschaften Grossbritanniens
42343: WEINSTOCK, HORST - Kleine Schriften. Ausgewahlte Studien zur alt-, mittel- und fruhneuenglischen Sprache und Literatur
49334: WEIR, JANE - The Way I Dressed During the Revolution
35571: WELCH, RUTH L - Migration Research and Migration in Britain (Centre for Urban and Regional Studies Occasional Paper No 14)
27488: WELCH, JAMES W - The Ten Commandments
35572: WELCH, RUTH L - Migration in Britain: Data Sources and Estimation Techniques (Centre for Urban and Regional Studies Occasional Paper No 18)
26254: WELLDON, J E C - Characters of the Passion Including Addresses on the Seven Last Words
44796: WELLS, H G - Ann Veronica
48024: WELLS, COLIN - Buxton (Francis Frith's Town and City Memories)
49100: WELLS, GABRIEL - The Carter-Pollard Disclosures
40902: WELTY, EUDORA - Why I Live at the P.O. and Other Stories (Penguin 60s)
48880: WEMYSS, MRS GEORGE - Priscilla
44106: WENDEN, ANITA AND JOAN RUBIN - Learner Strategies in Language Learning
20875: WENDT, EVE M (TRANS.) - Housing in the Northern Countries
44820: WENDT, CHRISTOPH - Monschau: Monshauer Land und Hohes Venn
49441: WENTWORTH, PATRICIA - Lonesome Road
49437: WENTWORTH, PATRICIA - The Girl in the Cellar
43248: WEST, THOMAS AND WILLIAM CLOSE - The Antiquities of Furness
46735: WEST, ANTHONY REVD. DAVID VEREY - Gloucestershire: A Shell Guide
46926: WEST, THOMAS - The Antiquities of Furness: or an Account of the Royal Abbey of St. Mary, in the Vale of Nightshade, near Dalton in Furness
48106: WESTHOLM, MARTIN - Billy - 30 Years of BILLY
43053: WHARTON, MICHAEL - A Nation's Security: The Case of Dr J Robert Oppenheimer
30344: WHEELING, KENNETH EDWARD - Horse-Drawn Vehicles at the Shelburne Museum (The Forge Ahead Series No 1)
46825: WHISTLER, JAMES MCNEILL - Whistler's Peacock Room
49579: WHITACRE, RODNEY A - Using and Enjoying Biblical Greek: Reading the New Testament With Fluency and Devotion
40068: WHITAKER, DOROTHY: LESLEY ARCHER AND LESLIE HICKS - The Prevailing Cultures and Staff Dynamics in Children's Homes: Report to the Department of Health (Revised Version)
48562: WHITE, T H - The Once and Future King
49276: WHITE, LANDEG - Traveller's Palm
35946: WHITE, GABRIEL (FOREWORD) - Ruskin and his Circle (Arts Council Gallery 17 January-15 February)
32599: WHITE, JOHN (FOREWORD) - Master Drawings from the Witt and Courtauld Collections
26091: WHITE, BERNARD - Out of the Flames: The Rebuilding of Newquay Parish Church 1993-1996
46200: WHITE, JERRY (ED.) - London Stories (Everyman's Pocket Classics)
32530: WHITE, JOHN - Exhibition of Drawings by Jonathan Skelton
48204: WHITE, GILBERT - The Natural History of Selborne in the County of Southampton (Oxford World's Classics No 22)
45726: WHITE, GABRIEL (INTRO) - Johann Zoffany
47504: WHITEHAND, J W R - The Making of the Urban Landscape
21587: WHITEHEAD, MALCOLM (ED) - The Very Nearly Official BASW Benevolent Song Book
40616: WHITEHOUSE, J HOWARD - Poems to Ruskin
14087: WHITEHOUSE, J HOWARD (ED.) - Youth, and Other Poems
13962: WHITEHOUSE, J HOWARD (ED) - Ruskin: Renascence
18258: WHITEHOUSE, J HOWARD (ED.) - Youth, and Other Poems
14217: WHITEHOUSE, J HOWARD (ED) - To the Memory of Ruskin
14215: WHITEHOUSE, J HOWARD (ED) - Ruskin: Renascence
21300: WHITEHOUSE, P B (ED) - Steam Alive No 0003: Preserved Standard Gauge Railways
21301: WHITEHOUSE, P B (ED) - Steam Alive No 0002: Preserved Narrow Gauge Steam
21298: WHITEHOUSE, P B (ED) - Steam Alive No 0009: Main Line Steam Engines in Aspic
18255: WHITEHOUSE, J HOWARD (ED.) - America and Our Schools
14213: WHITEHOUSE, J HOWARD (ED.) - America and Our Schools
14086: WHITEHOUSE, J HOWARD (ED.) - Ruskin: Prophet of the Good Life
44874: WHITEHOUSE, J HOWARD - Vindication of Ruskin
18266: WHITEHOUSE, J HOWARD (ED.) - Ruskin: Prophet of the Good Life
18267: WHITEHOUSE, J HOWARD (ED.) - Ruskin: Renascence
21297: WHITEHOUSE, P B (ED) - Steam Alive No 0001: Preserved Express Steam
18256: WHITEHOUSE, J HOWARD (ED) - Broadcasting and Education
39287: WHITEHOUSE, J HOWARD (ED.) - Ruskin and Brantwood: An Account of the Exhibition Rooms
39289: WHITEHOUSE, J HOWARD (ED.) - Ruskin's Influence To-day
39288: WHITEHOUSE, J HOWARD (ED.) - Ruskin: Prophet of the Good Life
40614: WHITEHOUSE, J HOWARD (ED.) - To the Memory of Ruskin
47430: WHITELEGG, JOHN - Inequalities in Health Care: Problems of Access and Provision
47293: WHITMAN, JAMES Q - The Legacy of Roman Law in the German Romantic Era: Rhetorical Vision and Legal Change
29488: WHITNEY, A D T - Faith Gartney's Childhood
36187: WHITTIER, JOHN GREENLEAF - Poems of Whittier
46440: WHITTON, DAVID - Stage Directors in Modern France
35669: WHYTE, I D AND K A WHYTE - Sources for Scottish Historical Geography: An Introductory Guide (Historical Geography Research Series Number 6 February 1981)
22723: WIESNER, HANS J - Die Britischen Parteien und Die Europaische Integration (1956-1964)
47461: WILBYE, JOHN ED. EDMUND FELLOWES - Stay Corydon, Thou Swain (SSATTB)
47440: WILBYE, JOHN ED. EDMUND H FELLOWES - Sweet Honey-Sucking Bees (SSATB)
36188: WILCOX, ELLA WHEELER - Poems of Power
32528: WILDE, ELIANE DE - Landscape in Flemish and Dutch Drawings of the 17th Century from from the Collections of the Musees Royaux des Beaux-Arts de Belgique, Brussels
44936: WILDE, OSCAR - The Portrait of Mr W H
49551: WILKES, ANGELA - Welsh For Beginners (Internet Linked with Audio CD)
46635: WILKINSON, GEORGE THEODORE - The Newgate Calendar Improved being Interesting Memoirs of Notorious Characters [6 volumes complete]
49556: WILKINSON, DAVID - When I Pray What Does God Do?
48944: WILKOMIRSKI, BINJAMIN - Fragments: Memories of a Childhood 1939-1948
47563: WILLIAMS, R VAUGHAN - Darest Thou Now, O Soul (voice and piano)
49261: WILLIAMS, NATHANAEL - The Unloved
47456: WILLIAMS, RALPH VAUGHAN - A Farmer's Son so Sweet (SSATBB)
47401: WILLIAMS, GLYN - Metropolitan Manchester: A Social Atlas
47451: WILLIAMS, RALPH VAUGHAN - The Hundredth Psalm for SATB chorus and orchestra
46875: WILLIAMS, HENRY SMITH (ED.) - The Historians History of the World in 25 volumes [25 volumes complete]
49324: WILLIAMS, MERRYN (ED.) - The Interpreter's House 19: Poems and Short Stories
47450: WILLIAMS, RALPH VAUGHAN - Three Shakespeare Songs for SATB Unaccompanied
49602: WILLIAMS, ROWAN - God With Us: The Meaning Of The Cross And Resurrection - Then And Now
49413: WILLIAMS, TAD - Tailchaser's Song
48817: WILLIAMS, NIALL - The Fall of Light
49084: WILLIAMS, CONRAD (ED.) - Dead Letters: An Anthology of the Undelivered, the Missing, the Returned...
49208: WILLIAMS, F J - Reading Lessons in the Lifer's Wing
49447: WILLIAMS, TAD AND NINA KIRIKI HOFFMAN - Child of an Ancient City
48796: WILLIAMS, NIALL - As it is in Heaven
44263: WILLING, KEN - Teaching How to Learn: Learning Strategies in ESL A Teachers Guide
48559: WILLIS, TED - Death May Surprise Us
41721: WILLMAN, CHRIS - Rednecks and Bluenecks The Politics of Country Music
47922: WILLS, F H - Fundamentals of Layout for Newspaper and Magazine Advertising, for Page Design of Publications and for Brochures
43643: WILMER, CLIVE - The Mystery of Things
32526: WILMES, ULRICH AND GERHARD RICHTER - Gerhard Richter: An Introduction to His Work
44275: WILSON, NOEL AND SALLY MCALLEN - Questionnaire Design: A Practical Introduction
49359: WILSON, ANITA AND LUCY ROBERTSHAW - Epic: Engaging People in Change. Examining the Value Arts Activity can add to Service Delivery in Doncaster
49239: WILSON, ANTHONY WITH SIAN HUGHES - The Poetry Book for Primary Schools
38228: WILSON, RICHARD (ED.) - The Muse of Quiet: A Book of Familiar Verses
46433: WILSON, DUDLEY (ED.) - French Renaissance Scientific Poetry
42046: WILSON, EDWARD - A Descriptive Index of the English Lyrics in John of Grimestone's Preaching Books
24035: WILSON, P M - English Swahili Classified Vocabulary
45045: WILSON, DUDLEY (ED.) - French Renaissance Scientific Poetry
48455: WILSON, A E - Playgoer's Pilgrimage
46871: WILTON, ANDREW - Constable's English Landscape Scenery
42683: WINETROUBE, SIMON (CO-ORDINATOR) - Test Construction: Programme on Training Manages and Executives of National Economy of the Russian Federation Entry Test 2000
49407: WINSTONE, HAROLD (ED.) - The Sunday Missal Sunday Masses for the Entire Three-year Cycle Complete in One Volume. Text Approved for use in England & Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Africa
49390: WINSTONE, HAROLD (ED.) - The Sunday Missal Sunday Masses for the Entire Three-year Cycle Complete in One Volume. Text Approved for use in England & Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Africa
49382: WINSTONE, HAROLD (ED.) - The New Jerusalem Bible Pocket Edition
49539: WINTER, DAVID - Old Words, New Life: Reflections on 40 Key Old Testament Words
47478: WINTER, ANNE - Divided Interests, Divided Migrants. The Rationales of Policies Regarding Labour Mobility in Western Europe c 1550-1914
48692: WINTER, ANDY AND NATALIE SANDELLS - Devil Child Volume 1: Hell is Round the Corner

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