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43636: MALLOY, JOHN - Complete Guide to Guns and Shooting
32598: MALMANGER, MAGNE AND CHARLES NUGENT - Fra Prospekt til Visjon: Engelske Akvareller Fra Sandby Til Turner Utlant Fra the Whitworth Art Gallery Manchester
43858: MALMSTEN, BODIL TRANS. FRANK PERRY - The Price of Water in Finisterre
44346: MALONE, CHARLES (ED.) - A Poetic Inventory of Rocky Mountain National Park
44969: MALORY, THOMAS - The Death of King Arthur
33031: MANBY, JUDITH AND RICHARD J DAVIS - Judith de Fano (1919- )
45020: MANCOFF, DEBRA N - The Return of King Arthur: The Legend through Victorian Eyes
44450: MANI, GION: TANI DOLF, ANNA CAPADRUTT, JACOB MICHAEL AND GION BATTAGLIA - Anturn igl bavregn: istorgias a poeseias sutsilvanas
40895: MANSFIELD, KATHERINE - The Escape and Other Stories (Penguin 60s)
40175: MARCEAU, MARCEL - Acht Pantomimen
45011: MARCEL, GEORG - School Marches
36723: MARCH, CLARICE - Doris's High School Days
36494: MARCHANT, BESSIE - Denver Wilson's Double: A Story of New Mexico
33322: DE LA MARE, WALTER - The Scarecrow and Other Stories
33314: DE LA MARE, WALTER - The Burning-Glass and Other Poems
33317: DE LA MARE, WALTER - Winged Chariot
33316: DE LA MARE, WALTER - The Three Mulla-Mulgars
44384: MARFFIN, KYLE - Carmilla - the Return
28553: MARGUERITTE, PAUL - Ma Grande
28127: MARKOWITZ, IRENE - Die Dusseldorfer Malerschule: Bildhefte des Kunstmuseums Dusseldorf
44523: MARKS-TARLOW, TERRY - Awakening Clinical Intuition: An Experiential Workbook for Psychotherapists [includes CD]
17659: MARLOW, TIM (INTRO) - A Calendar of Art Exhibitions 1998-99 (The Lund Humphries Calendar of Art Exhibitions in UK Galleries and Museums January 1998-July 1999)
23379: MARLOW, TIM - John Gibbons
40894: MARQUEZ, GABRIEL GARCIA - Bon Voyage, Mr President and Other Stories (Penguin 60s)
22528: MARSEEN, OSCAR - Lindholm Hoje Beskrivelse af Udgravninger og Fund
43478: MARSH, TERRY - Walks Around Lancaster: Ten Walks Under Seven Miles
31464: MARSHALL, DORIS - Silver Threads: Critical Reflections on Growing Old
44659: MARSHALL, ROSALIND K - John Knox
43566: MARTAKIES, ROBIN - Kurt Schwitters: Free Spirit
37298: MARTIN, NANCY AND INGALL - Abwa and her Picture: A Story of Africa (Nursery Books No 1)
39533: MARTIN, JANET D (ED.) - Guide to the Lancashire Record Office: A Supplement 1977-89
35182: MARTIN, AUGUSTINE - Anglo-Irish Literature (Aspects of Ireland 7)
40477: MARTYN, JOHN AND EPHRAIM CHAMBERS - The Philosophical History and Memoirs of the Royal Academy of Sciences at Paris or An Abridgement of all the Papers Relating to Natural Philosophy which have been publish'd by Members of that Illustrious Society. Volume III/3 [only]
44832: MARX, KARL AND FRIEDRICH ENGELS - The Communist Manifesto
44830: MASCARO, JUAN (TRANS.) - Buddha's Teachings
42069: MASLEN, ELIZABETH (ED.) - Comedy: Writings in Honour of Peter Dixon by Friends and Colleagues
20204: MASON, J F A - Stokesay Castle, Shropshire
35331: MASSER, I AND W T S GOULD - Inter-Regional Migration in Tropical Africa (Special Publication Number Eight)
44283: MASSINE, LEONIDE - Massine on Choreography: Theory and Exercises in Composition
40221: MATHER, J M - Rambles Round Rossendale (Second Series)
21816: MATULIONIS, A ET AL. - Sociological Research of Youth's Path of Life
38176: MAUPASSANT, GUY DE TRANS. AND ED. ERNEST BOYD - The Pedlar & Other Stories (The Collected Novels and Stories of Guy de Maupassant)
44070: MAUPASSANT, GUY DE - Une Partie De Campagne
9379: MAUREL, JULES - Le Duc de Wellington
44470: MAURIAC, FRANCOIS [BLAISE PASCAL] - The Living Thoughts of Pascal
43861: MAUROIS, ANDRE ET AL - The First Ten Penguins reproduced in Facsimile with accompanying booklet.
44602: MAUTNER, MENACHEM - Law and the Culture of Israel
25912: MAWBY, COLIN - Songs for Many Seasons: Nine Anthems for the Church Year
38278: MAWSON, THOMAS H - An Imperial Obligation: Industrial Villages for Partially Disabled Soldiers (signed)
44683: MAYER, LAURA - Capability Brown and the English Landscape Garden
41369: MCBRIEN, RICHARD P - Lives of the Saints from Mary to St Francis of Assisi to John XXIII and Mother Teresa
24554: MCBURNEY, GERARD - Halle: Landscape, Myth and Memory
40018: MCCAFFERTY, PAUL - Living Independently: A Study of the Housing Needs of Elderly and Disabled People (Housing Research Report)
44550: MCCAHERY, JOSEPH: SOL PICCIOTTO AND COLIN SCOTT (EDS.) - Corporate Control and Accountability: Changing Structures and Dynamics of Regulation
44240: MCCALL, JUDY - Self-access: Setting up a Centre
44241: MCCALL, JUDY - Self-access: Setting up a Centre
43716: MCCARTHY, MICHAEL - Birds' Nests and Other Poems
41117: MCCLINTOCK, MARION AND DAVID SHOTTER - Serving the Region: A History of the Centre for North-West Regional Studies at Lancaster University 1970-2006
41116: MCCLINTOCK, MARION AND DAVID SHOTTER - Serving the Region: A History of the Centre for North-West Regional Studies at Lancaster University 1970-2006
31668: MCCOLL, GRAHAM - Manchester United In The Sixties: United's Rise to Championship and European Glory Contains Replica Souvenirs from the Time
38978: MCCRUDDEN, CHRISTOPHER (ED.) - Regulation and Deregulation: Policy and Practice in the Utilities and Financial Services Industries (The Oxford Law Colloquium)
17687: MCCULLOCH, TOM - Navigator to Hydrographer: A Fond Personal Look Back at the Canadian Maritime Services
43970: MCDADE, TRAVIS - The Book Thief: The True Crimes of Daniel Spiegelman
44312: MCDIARMID, LUCY - Poets and the Peacock Dinner
34934: MCDOWELL, R B (ED.) - Social Life in Ireland 1800-45 (An Saol in Eirinn 1800-45)
30590: MCEVOY, PAT - Home from the Hill
44817: MCEWAN, IAN - Atonement
44889: MCFARLANE, BRIAN - Lance Comfort
42790: MCKAY, VERONICA AND CAREW TREFFGARNE - Evaluating Impact (Education Research Serial No 35)
24342: MCKEAG, ERNEST L - Love's Sacrifice
44159: MCKELLEN, J S - Test Your Business English
44467: MCKISACK, MAY - The Fourteenth Century 1307-1399 (The Oxford History of England)
38182: MCLAINE, W REVISED W T COLYER - An Outline of Economics (Plebs Outline No 3)
40419: MCLANATHAN, RICHARD - Art in America: A Brief History
32571: MCLAREN, DUNCAN - The Strangled Cry of the Writer-in-Residence: A Grizedale Initiative from 'The Casebook of Non-Sherlock Holmes'
43834: MCLEISH, TOM - Faith and Wisdom in Science
42727: MCLELLAN, J AND P R HEATHER - Exercises in Appreciation
44823: MCMURTRY, LARRY - Dead Man's Walk
43286: MCNAMARA, FRANCES - Death at the Fair
44583: MCORMOND-PLUMMER, LOUISE ET AL. - Intimate Partner Sexual Violence: A Multidisciplinary Guide to Improving Services and Support for Survivors of Rape and Abuse
24233: MEADE, L T - Seven Maids
40979: MEASHAM, DONALD - The Last Chapter: A Study of John Ruskin's Autobiography Praeterita
37527: MEHLING, MARIANNE (ED.) - The Loire Valley (Phaidon Cultural Guide)
37530: MEHLING, MARIANNE (ED.) - Athens and Attica (Phaidon Cultural Guide)
42644: MELIA, PATRICK JAMES (ED.) - Innovations and Outcomes in English Language Teacher Education
42663: MELIA, PATRICK JAMES (ED.) - Innovations and Outcomes in English Language Teacher Education
44445: MELLON, PAUL (FOREWORD) - Selected Paintings, Drawings and Books
44115: MELROSE, ROBIN - Margins of Meaning: Arguments for a Postmodern Approach to Language and Text
40887: MELVILLE, HERMAN - Bartleby, and the Lightning-Rod Man (Penguin 60s)
41763: MENDELSON, EDWARD - The Things that Matter: What Seven Classic Novels Have to Say about the Stages of Life
30544: MENDELSSOHN, FELIX ED. HOWARD ALDRICH - Mendelssohn Songs Without Words: selected favorites for the piano
42916: MENDELSSOHN, FELIX - Funf Orchesterstucke aus dem Sommernachtstraum Op 61: Scherzo, Intermezzo, Notturno, Hochzeitsmarsch, Rupeltanz [Five Orchestral Pieces from A Midsummer Night's Dream]
25779: MENDELSSOHN-BARTHOLDY, F - Lord, How Long Wilt Thou Forget Me? (13th Psalm/Psalm XIII)
13737: MENDL, WOLF - The Study of War as a Contribution to Peace (Pamphlet 247)
13202: MERCIER, ROGER AND BATTESTINI, MONIQUE AND SIMON - Bernard Dadie: Ecrivain Ivoirien
42101: MEROLA, MICHELE: JAMES AN INGEBORG HOGG (EDS.) - La Certosa di Pavia (The Charterhouse of Pavia) Volume 2 Photographs
44134: MESKILL, CARLA - Teaching and Learning in Real Time: Media Technologies and Language Acquisition
38279: MESURIER, L LE - God's Carpet: Post-war Patterns
44067: METCALFE, FREDERICK - History of German Literature based on the German Work of Vilmar
2785: MEYRICK, SAMUEL RUSH - The History and Antiquities of the County of Cardigan
37476: MIDDLETON, CHRISTOPHER - Christopher Middleton: Selected Poems
34876: MIKESELL, MARVIN W (ED.) - Geographers Abroad
15953: MILES, W A - A Letter to His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales with a Sketch of the Prospect Before Him, Appendices and Notes (signed)
29620: MILES, EUSTACE - Cassell's Physical Educator (Special Edition specially prepared for Subscribers) 2 volumes complete
33276: MILES, DILLWYN (ED.) - The Pembrokeshire Historian: The Journal of the Pembrokeshire Local History Society No 5 1974
33275: MILES, DILLWYN (ED.) - The Pembrokeshire Historian: The Journal of the Pembrokeshire Local History Society No 4 1972
33274: MILES, DILLWYN (ED.) - The Pembrokeshire Historian: The Journal of the Pembrokeshire Local History Society No 3 1971
38263: MILLAR, JEREMY - Zugzwang (almost complete) [with 3 DVDs]
44883: MILLER, DAVID - The Peter Cushing Companion
26266: MILLER, CHARLES E - Living in Christ: Sacramental and Occasional Homilies
42952: MILLER, ROSS - The Great Chicago Fire
9958: MILLER, PETER - People of the Great Plains (signed)
44610: MILLER, THOMAS W (ED.) - Handbook of Stressful Transitions Across the Lifespan
44668: MILLIGAN, SPIKE ED. JACK HOBBS - Mussolini: His Part in My Downfall
44669: MILLIGAN, SPIKE - Goodbye Soldier
44667: MILLIGAN, SPIKE ED. JACK HOBBS - 'Rommel?' 'Gunner Who?': A Confrontation in the Desert
39490: MILLON, DAVID (ED.) - Select Ecclesiastical Cases From the King's Court 1272-1307 Volume CXXVI/126
41902: MILLS, M (ED.) - Lybeaus Desconus (Early English Text Society)
38800: MILLS, KEN - The Cumbrian Yew Book
44369: MILNE, A A - Now We are Six
43140: MILNER, ELIZABETH - The Twins or Home Scenes
44317: MILOSZ, CZESLAW TRANS. STANLEY BILL - The Mountains of Parnassus
38317: MING-LEE, YAO - The Conspiracy and Murder of Mao's Heir
42204: MINNIS, A J (ED.) - Middle English Poetry: Texts and Traditions
42398: MINNIS, A J AND CHARLOTTE BREWER (EDS.) - Crux and Controversy in Middle English Textual Criticism
34998: MISRA, V C: N P AYYAR AND PRAMILA KUMAR - Essays in Applied Geography in memory of the late Professor Syad Muzafer Ali
40019: MITCHELL, STEPHEN - Managing Policy Change in Home Help Services
43485: MITCHELL, FRANK - A Short History of Sunderland Point
43479: MITCHELL, W R - Around Morecambe Bay From Lune's Mouth to Walney
42358: MITCHELL, A G - Spoken English
35021: MITTELBACH, FRANK G - The Changing Housing Inventory 1950-1959 (Profile of the Los Angeles Metropolis: Its People and Its Homes Part 2)
44888: MIYAO, DAISUKE - Sessue Hayakawa Silent Cinema and Transnational Stardom
25616: MOFFETT, EMMA (ED.) - Lectures Historiques (1610-1815)
35314: MOLDOVAN, TAMAS (ED.) - Shalom: Jewish Relics in Hungary
44145: MOLKA-DANIELSON, JUDITH AND MATS DEUTSCHMANN (EDS.) - Learning and Teaching in the Virtual World of Second Life
29551: MOLNAR, JOSEF - Plane Geometry
44203: MONIZ, ANTONIO, DAVID MARSH, JOHN NAYSMITH ET AL - Millenilang: Professores de Linguas face a Mudanca: Fremdsprachenlehrer/Innen in Wandel: Les Professeurs de Langue Face aux Changements: Language Teachers Facing Change
44703: MONK, RAY - Inside The Centre : The Life Of J Robert Oppenheimer
14633: MONK, LORRAINE - The Female Eye: Coup d'Oeil Feminin
9606: MONMARCHE, MARCEL - Provence
40643: ROYAL COMMISSION ON THE ANCIENT & HISTORICAL MONUMENTS OF WALES AND MONMOUTHSHIRE - An Inventory of the Ancient Monuments of Wales and Monmouthshire III County of Radnor
40645: ROYAL COMMISSION ON THE ANCIENT & HISTORICAL MONUMENTS OF WALES AND MONMOUTHSHIRE - An Inventory of the Ancient Monuments of Wales and Monmouthshire IV County of Denbigh
40646: ROYAL COMMISSION ON THE ANCIENT & HISTORICAL MONUMENTS OF WALES AND MONMOUTHSHIRE - An Inventory of the Ancient Monuments of Wales and Monmouthshire I County of Montgomery
40644: ROYAL COMMISSION ON THE ANCIENT & HISTORICAL MONUMENTS OF WALES AND MONMOUTHSHIRE - An Inventory of the Ancient Monuments of Wales and Monmouthshire II County of Flint
29183: MONTEATH, PAT - Who Pays the Ferryman? (signed)
13607: MONTESQUIEU - Lettres Persanes suivies de Arsace et Ismenie et de Pensees Diverses
41642: MONTGOMERY, L M - Kilmeny of the Orchard
41640: MONTGOMERY, L M - Anne of Ingleside
44238: MOORE, CAROLINE - Self-access: Appropriate Technology
31492: MOORE-GWYNN, DAVID, JAMES HAMILTON ET AL. - Turner: Modern Rome - Campo Vaccino
13894: MOORE, W - Corneille's 'Horace' and the interpretation of French Classical Drama
28168: MOORE, BARBARA (INTRO) - American Painting: The Corcoran Gallery of Art
33048: MOORE, THOMAS - The Poetical Works of Thomas Moore with Life with engravings on steel
44239: MOORE, CAROLINE - Self-access: Appropriate Technology
44649: MOOREY, CHRIS - A Glimpse of Heaven
43484: MOORHOUSE, SYDNEY - 20 Miles Round Morecambe Bay
13729: MOREAU, PIERRE [MONTAIGNE] - Montaigne: L'Homme et L'Oeuvre
44824: MORGAN, BILL AND NANCY J PETERS (EDS.) - Howl on Trial: The Battle for Free Expression
13847: MORIKE, EDUARD - Lucie Gelmeroth: Die Hand der Jezerte
40784: MORLAND, HAROLD - In My Mind's Eye: Poems in the Japanese Style
43718: MORNEAU, ROBERT - A New Heart: Eleven Qualities of Holiness
38441: MORRIS, PATRICK - Hedgehogs (Forestry Commission Forest Record 77)
36565: MORRIS, WILLIAM (PREFACE) - Arts and Crafts Essays by Members of the Arts and Crafts Exhibition Society
39938: MORRISON, A C: M M WELLS, E ETON AND L G BANWELL - The Children Act, 1948 and The Nurseries And Child-Minders Regulation Act, 1948
44908: MORTIMER, RAYMOND (FOREWORD) AND NORDLINGER-RIEFSTAHL (ESSAY) - Marcel Proust 1871-1922: An Exhibition of Manuscripts, Books, Pictures and Photographs with an essay on Proust and Ruskin
44909: MORTIMER, RAYMOND (FOREWORD) AND NORDLINGER-RIEFSTAHL (ESSAY) - Marcel Proust 1871-1922: An Exhibition of Manuscripts, Books, Pictures and Photographs with an essay on Proust and Ruskin
44848: MORTIMER, RAYMOND - Duncan Grant (The Penguin Modern Painters)
44073: MOSER, HANS JOACHIM - Ein Bachscher Familientag
30685: MOZART, WOLFGANG AMADEUS (ARR MAX ROSTAL) - Violin-Konzert KV219 A-Dur/La Majeur/A Major [Violin Concerto No.5 in A Major K219] (score and part)
43101: MOZART, WOLFGANG AMADEUS - Ouverture zur Oper Zie Zauberflote
42912: MOZART, W A - Ouverturen No 3: Figaros Hochzeit [Marriage of Figaro: Overture]
42913: MOZART, W A - Symphonien No 4 G moll - Sol mineur - G Minor K 550 [Symphony No 40]
23696: MUCHIRI, MARY N - Communication Skills: A Self-Study Course for Universities and Colleges
22035: MULES, P H - George Doggett Keeper: A Story of a Devonshire Manor Thirty Years Ago [signed]
37026: MULKEY, S W - Antiquarian Book Monthly Review (ABMR) Volume IV Number 2 Issue No 34 February 1977
37027: MULKEY, S W - Antiquarian Book Monthly Review (ABMR) Volume IV Number 4 Issue No 36 April 1977
37028: MULKEY, S W - Antiquarian Book Monthly Review (ABMR) Volume IV Number 9 Issue No 41 September 1977
37035: MULKEY, S W - Antiquarian Book Monthly Review (ABMR) Volume IV Number 5 Issue No 37 May 1977
37020: MULKEY, S W - Antiquarian Book Monthly Review (ABMR) Volume II No 4 Issue No 14 April 1975
37021: MULKEY, S W - Antiquarian Book Monthly Review (ABMR) Volume II No 5 Issue No 15 May 1975
44680: MULLER, RICHARD - Nemesis: The Death Star - Story of a Scientific Revolution
34424: MULLER, HENNING - Der Judische Arzt und Kommunist Dr Friedrich Wolf: Dokumente des Terrors und der Verfolgung 1931-1944
42376: MULLETT, MICHAEL (ED.) - Early Lancaster Friends (Centre for North-West Regional Studies)
43438: MUNBY, A N L (INTRO) - E M Forster 1879-1970 (Heffer Catalogue Seven)
42044: MUNDY, ANTHONY ED. J H P PAFFORD - Chruso-thriambos: The Triumphs of Gold
35659: MUNTON, RICHARD (INTRO) - Geography at University College London: A Centennial Report (1903-2003)
25597: MURDOCH, WALTER AND H DRAKE-BROCKMAN (EDS.) - Australian Short Stories (Oxford World's Classics No 525)
29664: MURDOCH, J AND J A BARNES - Basic Statistics: Laboratory Instruction Manual
11197: MURGER, HENRI (FOREWORD BY D WYNDHAM LEWIS) - Latin Quarter: Scenes de la Vie de Boheme
39798: MURRAY, ULRIC AND DEREK BROWN - They Look After Their Own, Don't They? Inspection Of Community Care Services For Black And Ethnic Minority Older People
28330: MUHAMMED MUSTAFA - Uman Qabus
24399: MYERS, DAVID (ED.) - The Great Literacy Debate: English in Contemporary Australia
44453: MYRES, J N L - The English Settlements (The Oxford History of England)
43533: MYSKOW, NINA (FOREWORD) - The Best of Jackie
43611: NAIFEH, STEVEN AND GREGORY WHITE SMITH - Jackson Pollock: An American Saga
35251: NAUKKARINEN, ARVO - Population Development in Northern Finland 1950-1965 (Nordia 1969 No 8)
36556: NAUMANN, EMIL - Deutsche Tondichter von Sebastian Bach bis Richard Wagner
28439: NEALE, HANNAH AND EDWARD KING - Pictures of Innocence: Children in 18th Century Portraiture
32625: NEDUNGATT, GEORGE ET AL. - The Jurist: 61 (2001):1-2 (Studies in Church Law and Ministry)
35599: O'NEILL, THOMAS P - Sources of Irish Local History: 1st Series
44426: NERVAL, GERARD DE - Poesies
33901: NESTROY, JOHANN - Unverhofft: Posse mit Gesang in Drei Aufzugen
33899: NESTROY, JOHANN - Die Verbannung aus dem Zauberreich oder Dreissig Jahre aus dem Leben eines Lumpen
33900: NESTROY, JOHANN - Das Haus der Temperamente: Posse mit Gesang in Zwei Akten
36399: NEUNZIG, HANS A TRANS. PATRICIA CRAMPTON - A New European Music: Heinrich Schutz 1585-1672, George Frederic Handel 1685-1759, Johann Sebastian Bach 1685-1750
44890: NEVE, BRIAN - The Many Lives of Cy Endfield: Film Noir, the Blacklist, and Zulu
42347: NEWBOLT, HENRY (INTRO) - Devotional Poets of the XVIIth Century
36452: NEWBOULT, F J - Abe Clegg in War Time
34924: NEWMAN, JEREMIAH - New Dimensions in Regional Planning: A Case Study of Ireland
38287: NEWMAN, BERNARD - Yours For Action 1903-1953
16012: NEWNES, GEORGE (ED.) - The Strand Magazine: An Illustrated Monthly. Volume XI: (January to June 1896) (vol. 11)
30551: NEWSIDLER, HANS AND CRAXTON, HAROLD (ARRANGER) - The Queen's Dance and Dance of the Jews from a sixteenth-century lute book arranged for oboe and piano (score and part)
38326: NEWTON, A EDWARD - A Magnificent Farce, and Other Diversions of a Book-Collector
44852: NEWTON, ERIC - Stanley Spencer (The Penguin Modern Painters)
40915: NEWTONO, ISAACO [ISAAC NEWTON] ED. JOHN WRIGHT. - Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica [The Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy] 4 Volumes Complete.
7760: NICCODEMI, DARIO - La Casa Segreta: Commedia in Tre Atti
24900: NICHOLLS, STEPHEN CAMERON JALIL - Some Jewish Soldiers and Officers: A Personal Dedication
39059: NICHOLSON, JOYCE - Man Against Mutiny: The Story of Vice-Admiral William Bligh (Courage and Conquest Series No 5)
13143: NICHOLSON, E M - Report on the Lapwing Habitat Inquiry 1937 (Reprint from 'British Birds' No 6 Vol. XXXII November 1938 and No 7, Vol. XXXII December 1938: Vol. 8 Vol. XXXII, January 1939) (volume 32)
35761: NICOLLET, JEAN-MICHEL - B B King (2 CDs and book)
44124: NIEDERLANDER, CAROL: DAVID KVERNES AND SAM SUTHERLAND - Practical Writing: A Process Approach to Business and Technical Communication
42218: NIELSEN, JORGEN ERIK AND ARNE ZETTERSTEN - A Linguistic Miscellany: Proceedings of the Otto Jespersen Symposium April 29-30 1993
44934: NIETZSCHE, FRIEDRICH - Zarathustra
44940: NIETZSCHE, FRIEDRICH - Zarathustra's Discourses
29173: NIGHTINGALE, REV B - Fidelity to an Ideal: Or the Story of a Successful Life
42648: NISTAL, PURIFICATION FERNANDEZ AND JOSE BRAVO GOZALO (EDS.) - Proceedings of the VIth International Conference of the Spanish Society for Medieval English Language and Literature
36472: NISTOR, FRANCISC - Iarna Maramureseana: Winter in Maramures: L'hiver au Maramures: Winter in der Maramuresch
43573: NOACH, ARNOLD - Tiepolo Frescoes from the Palazzo Porto, Vicenza
44772: NOAKES, VIVIEN - Voices of Silence, the Alternative Book of First World War Poetry
43564: NOCK, O S - The Railways of Britain
43565: NOCK, O S - The Railway Race to the North
44255: NOLASCO, ROB AND LOIS ARTHUR - Large Classes
27605: NORTH, HERBERT L - The Old Churches of Arllechwedd
39562: NORTON, JOSEPH J AND JONATHAN RICKFORD (WITH JAN KLEINEMAN) (EDS.) - Corporate Governance Post-Enron - Comparative and International Perspectives
44035: NOVALIS - Die Christenheit Oder Europa: Ein Fragment
25176: O NUALLAIN, SEAN - Survey of the Megalithic Tombs of Ireland Volume V County Sligo (vol. 5)
35440: O NUALLAIN, LABHRAS - Ireland: Finances of Partition
44223: NUNAN, DAVID - Understanding Language Classrooms: A Guide for Teacher-Initiated Action
42829: NUNAN, DAVID: ROGER BERRY AND VIVIEN BERRY (EDS.) - Bringing About Change in Language Education
42833: NUNAN, DAVID: ROGER BERRY AND VIVIEN BERRY (EDS.) - Language Awareness in Language Education
39874: NUNN, E - English Monasteries (History Bookshelves)
44429: NUSSBAUMER, HANNY - Craquelee- und Lackarbeiten
12998: OAKEY, GEORGE - Text Book of Counterpoint
44645: OBERSKI, JONA - A Childhood
44606: ODITAH, FIDELIS (ED.) - The Future for the Global Securities Market. Legal and Regulatory Aspects
41281: OESER, HERMANN TRANS. ELSA NOAK - Meditation on Marriage
44076: OEZAKIN, AYSEL - Deine Stimme gehort dir
39994: HOME OFFICE - Children in Trouble (Cmnd 3601)
35198: CENTRAL STATISTICS OFFICE - Census of Population of Ireland 1971 Volume 1
35199: CENTRAL STATISTICS OFFICE - Agricultural Statistics 1934-1956
42075: OKA, FUMIKO - Investigations on Courtly Words and Others
42043: OKA, SABURA - Researches in English Medieval and Modern Literature
3646: OLCOTT, CHARLES S - George Eliot: Scenes and People in her Novels
25567: OLDROYD, GEORGE - Polyphonic Writing for Voices in Six and Eight Parts
3645: OLIPHANT, MRS MARGARET - The Literary History of England in the End of the 18th and Beginning of the Nineteenth Century in 3 volumes [complete]
41857: OLIPHANT, MRS [MARGARET] - The Makers of Florence. Dante, Giotto, Savonarola And Their City (Extra Illustrated Edition)
42587: OLLER, JOHN W AND PATRICIA A RICHARD-AMATO (EDS.) - Methods That Work: Ideas for Literacy and Language Teachers
3658: ONIONS, OLIVER [GEORGE OLIVER] - The Italian Chest and other Stories
44857: ORDOVAS, PILAR, (TEXT) AND JOHN DEAKIN (PHOTOS) - Lucian Freud: Girl Reading
40184: ORFF, CARL - Sprechstucke fur Sprecher, Sprechcor und Schlagwerk (ED 6711)
43893: ORTIZ, LUIS (ED.) - The Monkey's Other Paw
42406: OSBORN, MARIJANE - Beowulf: A Verse Translation with Treasures of the Ancient North
35069: OSBORNE, BRIAN S AND DONALD SWAINSON - Kingston: Building on the Past
44535: OSBORNE, CRAIG - Civil Litigation 1997-98 (Legal Practice Course Guide)
41343: OSGERBY, J R - Six Modern Poets: An Anthology
44960: OVID - Orpheus in the Underworld
36245: OWEN, HENRY - Old Pembroke Families in the Ancient County Palatine of Pembroke
42220: OWEN, ERIC WYNN - Vice Versa (Dramascripts)
41020: OWEN, EDWARD ET AL. - Y Cymmrodor; The Magazine of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion Volume XLIII
32081: PACE, GEORGE G - Post-war Church Buildings: An Exhibition arranged by the Central Council for the Care of Churches
28490: PACKER, WILLIAM - Nicola Hicks: Sculpture, Drawing and Light
39995: PACKMAN, J: J RANDALL AND N JACQUES - Into the Net? Child Care Admissions
45017: PADEREWSKI, I J - Menuet in G Op 14, No 1 (Piano Solo)
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41067: GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY - South Wales: The Country of Castles. Its Annals, Antiquities and Attractions
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42782: ROBINSON, PAULINE M (ED.) - Academic Writing: Process and Product: (ELT Documents 129)
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13897: ROUSTAN, MARIO - La Litterature Francaise Par la Dissertation: Tome III Le Dix-Neuvieme Siecle
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32724: ROWLEY, ALLEN - Leeds - Memory Lane, A Second Look: A Collection of Pictorial Memories from the Archives of Yorkshire Evening Post
36378: ROWLEY, BRIAN A - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832): Catalogue of an Exhibition to Mark the 150th Anniversary of Goethe's Death on 22 March 1832
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32578: RUBIN, DAVID S - Black and White are Colours: Paintings of the 1950s-1970s
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4338: SINGER, KURT (ED.) - Kurt Singer's Horror Omnibus
21391: SINGH, SUPRIYA - On the Sulu Sea: An Indian Woman Lives in a Borneo Village
42742: SINGLETON, DAVID SILE HARRINGTON AND ALISON HENRY - At the Sharp End of Language Revival: English-speaking parents raising Irish-speaking children (CLCS Occasional Paper No 57)
42988: SIWEK, THOMAS - Titanic zum Selberbauen: The Complete Guide to Building the Titanic [Build-it-Yourself card model kit.]
23935: SJOHOLM, KAJ AND OSTER, ANNA (EDS.) - Perspectives on Language and Communication in Multilingual Education
43918: SKELTON, JOHN ED. JOHN SCATTERGOOD - John Skelton: The Complete English Poems
37936: SKERRY'S COLLEGE - Skerry's College History Companion: A Synopsis and Analysis from 55 BC
40818: SKINNER, WILLIAM - Musical Andy: The Story of a Kidnapped Boy
44625: SKLAIR, LESLIE - Sociology of the Global System: Social Change in Global Perspective
44549: SKLAR, MARTIN J - The Corporate Reconstruction of American Capitalism, 1890-1916: The Market, the Law, and Politics
30682: SKRIABIN, ALEXANDER NIKOLAYEVICH [SCRIABIN] - Etrangete Opus 63 No 2 (Piano Solo)
44208: SLATER, MAYA (ED.) - Women Voice Men: Gender in European Culture
26998: SLATER, PHILEMON - History of the Ancient Parish of Guiseley with Introductory Chapters on the Antiquities of the District
36778: SLAUGHTER, MARTIN - Scenic Colorado in Colors
35173: SMEDS, HELMER (ED.) - Fennia 84: Three Faces of Finland - Guidebooks Prepared for the Three Finnish Excursions at the XIX International Geographical Congress 1960
29284: SMILEY, NORA K AND LOUISE V WHITE - Hurricane Road: The Road the Henry M Flagler Built
36492: SMITH, J E - Tyneside Dialect Poems on Topical Subjects
32503: SMITH, ALISTAIR - Under Heaven: A Chinese Odyssey. Sculpture and Drawings by Michael Lyons
39786: SMITH, RICHARD - Mental Health: The Social Worker's Role (Bristol Papers No 14)
35786: SMITH, VIC - Birds, Beasts and Bature
44209: SMITH, DAVID GORDON AND ERIC BABER - Teaching English with Information Technology
32338: SMITH, WILLIAM - A System of Prayer composed chiefly of Scriptural Expressions for the Assistance of those who take the lead in Social Worship
21661: SMITH, LORNA J F - Crime in Hospitals: Diagnosis and Prevention (Crime Prevention Unit Paper 7)
45023: SMITH, WALTER E - Elizabeth C. Gaskell: A Bibliographical Catalogue of First and Early Editions, 1848-1866
34307: SMITH, W J - A Dictionary of Musical Terms in Four Languages: Un Dictionnaire des Termes Musicaux: Un Dizionario dei Termini Musicali: Ein Worterbuch der Musikalischen Ausdrucke
32555: SMITH, ALISTAIR AND JOCHEN LUCKHARDT - Von Gainsborough bis Turner: Englische Aquarelle aus der Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester
44343: SMITH, DAVID NICHOL (ED.) - The Oxford Book of Eighteenth Century Verse
29403: SMITH, JO D - A History of High Bridge
20578: SMITH, DAVID AND WHALLEY, ANNE - Racial Minorities and Public Housing (PEP Vol. XLI Broadsheet No 556) (volume 41)
39787: SMITH, RICHARD - Mental Health: The Social Worker's Role (Bristol Papers No 14)
32597: SMITH, ALISTAIR (FOREWORD) - Travelogue: Views of Britain by Seven Contemporary Artists
31072: SMITH, WALTER E - Anthony Trollope: A Bibliography of his First American Editions 1858-1884
36374: SMITH, CECIL (PREFACE) - Guide to the English Costumes Presented by Messrs. Harrods Ltd. (V & A M Publn No 90 T)
44726: SMITH, MAURICE FULLARD - This is It: The Art of Happily Going Nowhere
32529: SMITH, GREG, JENNIFER HARRIS AND BRENDA KING - It Came to Pass: Art and Design at the Whitworth. Drawn to Paper - A Selection of British Drawings and Watercolours 1900-1939: The Last Hundred Years - The Magic Influence of Mr Kydd, Blocked and Stencilled Wallpapers 1900-1925: The People were Astonished - Modern Art in Textile Design 1930-1980
27023: SMITH, R A L - Bath (The Face of Britain)
32519: SMITH, GREG AND SARAH HYDE - Bolshevik Posters 1917-1925: The Russian Lubok, 200 Years of Popular Prints (Leningrad in Manchester)
42760: SMYTH, ELIZABETH (INTRO) - Projects in Materials Design (English Language Teaching [ELT] Special)
42765: SMYTH, ELIZABETH (INTRO) - 106 Team Teaching in ESP (ETIC Publications/ELT Documents)
29174: SNAITH, J C - The Hoop
44334: SNOW, EDWARD ROWE - The Lighthouses of New England
44840: SOBY, JAMES THRALL - Ben Shahn (The Penguin Modern Painters)
35735: SOCIAL SCIENCES RESEARCH CENTRE, UNIVERSITY COLLEGE, GALWAY - Industrial Relations at Galway Docks (Social Sciences Research Centre, University College,Galway, Research Paper No 2)
43436: THOMAS HARDY FESTIVAL SOCIETY - Thomas Hardy Festival July 7th-20th 1968: Official Handbook
44730: CATHOLIC TRUTH SOCIETY - The Gospel According to Luke: Larger Print Edition
14220: SOLWAY, DAVID - The Anatomy of Arcadia
45016: SOMERVELL, ARTHUR (WORDS BY HAROLD BOULTON) - The Gentle Maiden (No 2 in F)
25778: SOMERVELL, ARTHUR - The Seven Last Words from The Passion of Christ
39306: SOTHEBY'S - Sotheby's Preview April/May 1989
41474: SOTHEBY'S - Works by Artists in the Circle of John Ruskin, Early British, Victorian and Architectural Drawings and Watercolours
36822: SOTHEBY'S - Joseph Haydn: The Autograph Manuscript of the String Quartets Op 50, Nos. 3, 4, 5 and 6 (Auction Sale Catalogue 18th May 1995)
22872: SOTHEBY'S - Sotheby's Japanese Prints and Paintings, York Avenue Galleries Friday June 26 1981
42798: SOTHEBY'S - Important Jewels (New York June 13 2001)
32619: SOTHEBY'S BELGRAVIA - Highly Important Victorian Paintings and Drawings 5, which will be sold by Auction on Monday 6th October 1980
32617: SOTHEBY'S BELGRAVIA - Highly Important Victorian Paintings and Drawings 2, which will be sold by auction on Monday 19th March 1979
32618: SOTHEBY'S BELGRAVIA - Highly Important Victorian Paintings and Drawings 4, which will be sold by Auction on Wednesday 9th April 1980
32616: SOTHEBY'S BELGRAVIA - Highly Important Victorian Paintings and Drawings which will be sold by auction on Tuesday 24th October 1978
44277: SOTKE, FRITZ (ED.) - Unsere Lieder: En Liederbuch fur die wanderende Jugend
13648: SOUVESTRE, EMILE - En Bretagne
44547: SPACAPAN, SHIRLYNN AND STUART OSKAMP (EDS.) - Later Life: The Social Psychology of Aging: Social Psychology of Ageing
39528: SPADONI, CLAUDIO (ED.) - Turner, Monet, Pollock: From Romanticism to Informal Art. Tribute to Francesco Arcangeli
43473: SPARTINA - Looking at South Lancashire
41677: SPATES, JAMES L - The Imperfect Round: Helen Gill Viljoen's Life of Ruskin
29796: SPECT, MATHILDE - Kochbuchlein fur den Praktischen Haushaltungsunterricht an Volks und Fortbildungsschulen
36143: SPECTOR, ROBERT DONALD (INTRO) - Seven Masterpieces of Gothic Horror
39310: SPENCE, MARGARET E - Ruskin's Correspondence with Miss Blanche Atkinson
41023: SPENCE-JONES, H D M ET AL - Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion Session 1913-1914
39312: SPENCE, MARGARET E - Ruskin's Friendship with Mrs Fanny Talbot
44096: SPENGLER, OSWALD - The Decline of the West Volume 1 1880-1936
44097: SPENGLER, OSWALD - The Decline of the West: Perspectives of World History Volume 2
23040: SPICER, ALBERT - Albert Spicer 1847-1934: A Man of His Time
10937: SPIELBERGER, WALTER J AND FEIST, UWE - Panzerkampfwagen V: Panther
40475: SPIELMANN, M H - John Ruskin: A Sketch of His Life, His Work, and His Opinions With Personal Reminiscences
18069: SPIKE, JOHN T - Italian paintings in the Cincinnati Art Museum
42379: SPODE - The Story of the Original Fine Bone China
43091: SPOHR, LOUIS - Double Quartet in E flat Op 77
43092: SPOHR, LOUIS - Double Quartet in E minor Op 87
43093: SPOHR, LOUIS - Ottet in E major Op 32
43094: SPOHR, LOUIS - Nonet in F major Op 31
43089: SPOHR, LOUIS - Double Quartet in G minor Op 136
43090: SPOHR, LOUIS - Double Quartet in D minor Op 65
22972: THE SPORTSMAN - British Sports and Sportsmen: Cricket and Football
27902: SROCZYNSKA, KRYSTYNA AND JADWIGA JAWORSKA - Widoki Zamku Krlewskiego w Warszawie
42307: ST THOMAS AQUINAS ED. AUMANN, JORDAN - Summa Theologiae Volume 46 Action and Contemplation (2a2ae:179-182): Latin Texts and English Translation
4453: STACPOOLE, H DE VERE - The Order of Release
30034: STAEL-HOLSTEIN, GERMAINE - Corinne ou I'Italie - Tome Troisieme (Volume 3)
19734: STALEY, FRANK W - Staley's Views of Philadelphia 1911
31577: STATHAM, S M - The Black Letter Saints in 2 volumes (complete)
41187: STEAD, JULIAN - St Benedict: A Rule for Beginners
43674: STEAD, JULIAN - St Benedict: A Rule for Beginners
25218: STEELE, MAX - The Goblins Must Go Barefoot [original titled 'Debby'] (Perennial Library)
37322: STEENS, ANDREW - Bromeliads for the Contemporary Garden
30310: STEIN, GUSTAV AND EDUARD TRIER (EDS.) - Ars Viva Koln 61: Kulturkreis im Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie
44987: STEIN, GERTRUDE - Three Lives
38943: STELMACH, JERZEGO AND WACLAWA URUSZCZAKA - Zlota Ksiega Wydzialu Prawa i Administracji: Liber Aureus Facultatis Luris Administrationisque
18552: STENGEL, H W - Wasserwirtschaft: Waterwese - Water Affairs in SWA
30334: STETTLER, MICHAEL - Meisterwerke der Gottfried Keller-Stiftung: Schweizer Kunst aus neun Jahrunderten
43044: STEVENSON, DAVID - The Hunt for Rob Roy: The Man and the Myths
41124: STEVENSON, R L - A Child's Garden of Verses (The Olive Classics)
44955: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
43853: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
39991: STEVENSON, OLIVE (ED.) - Trends in Social Work Education: The Relationship Between Theoretical and Practice Teaching
44676: STEWART, IAN - Concepts of Modern Mathematics
39411: STEWART, DOUGLAS AND BEATRICE DAVIS - Best Australian Short Stories
13566: STEWART, H F (ED.) [BLAISE PASCAL] - Les Provinciales de Blaise Pascal
43120: STILLMAN, FRANCES (ED.) - Whitfield's University Rhyming Dictionary
42242: STOKES, MYRA - Justice and Mercy in Piers Plowman: A Reading of the B Text Visio
42076: STONE, LOUISE W AND WILLIAM ROTHWELL - Anglo-Norman Dictionary Fascicle 1 A-Cyvere
44036: STORM, THEODOR - Der Schimmel Reiter: Novelle
31126: STOWE, HARRIET BEECHER - Sunny Memories of Foreign Lands in Two Volumes [complete]
10663: STRACHEY, MARJORIE - Mazzini, Garibaldi and Cavour
42809: STRANKS, C J - Durham Cathedral
40901: STRAUB, PETER - Blue Rose (Penguin 60s)
26458: STRICKER, REMY - La Musique Francaise du Romantisme a Nos Jours
38778: STRICKLAND, RENNARD - The Indians of Oklahoma
38936: STRICKLAND, RENNARD - Fire and the Spirits: Cherokee Law from Clan to Court
40031: STUART, MARIAN AND CATHERINE BAINES - Safeguards for Vulnerable Children: Three Studies on Abusers, Disabled Children and Children in Prison
30325: STUBBE, WOLF (FOREWORD) - Philipp Otto Runge: Zeichnungen und Scherenschnitte. Gedachtnis-Austelling in der Hamburger Kunsthalle aus Anslass der 150. Wiederkehr seines Todestages
28484: STURGIS, MATTHEW - Walter Richard Sickert: The Human Canvas
44243: STURTRIDGE, GILL - Self-access: Preparation and Training
44242: STURTRIDGE, GILL - Self-access: Preparation and Training
40920: SUAREZ, MICHAEL J AND H R WOUDHUYSEN (EDS) - The Oxford Companion to the Book [2 volumes complete]
43890: SUMNER, ANNE (ED.) - John Brett: A Pre-Raphaelite on the Shores of Wales
35209: SUNDIN, JAN AND ERIK SODERLUND (EDS.) - Time, Space and Man: Essays on Microdemography
45000: SURIANO, GREGORY R - The Pre-Raphaelite Illustrators
41761: SURTEES, VIRGINIA - Reflections of a Friendship: John Ruskin's Letters to Pauline Trevelyan 1848-1866
30481: SURTEES, R S (JOHN JORROCKS) - Jorrocks' Jaunts and Jollities
43577: SUSSMAN, HERBERT - Victorian Masculinities: Manhood and Masculine Poetics in Early Victorian Literature and Art
35424: SUTCLIFFE, HALLIWELL - The Striding Dales
28216: SUTTON, DENYS (ED.) - Apollo: The Arts of the Edo Period. January 1982
28097: SUTTON, DENYS - Delights of a Dilettante (signed by the author)
44923: SUTTON, IAN - Western Architecture: A Survey from Ancient Greece to the Present
44142: SWARTZ, OMAR (ED.) - Communication and Creative Democracy: Interdisciplinary Perspectives
35196: SWERDLOFF, CARL N ET AL. - Highway Research Record Number 207: Urban Land Use - Concepts and Models
41026: SWETT, LUCIA GRAY - John Ruskin's Letters to Francesca and Memoirs of the Alexanders
33120: SWIFT, JONATHAN ED. THOMAS SHERIDAN AND JOHN NICHOLS - The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift DD Arranged by Thomas Sheridan AM with Notes, Historical and Critical. A New Edition in Twenty-Four Volumes Corrected and Revised by John Nichols Volume XIII Tracts Relative to Ireland [Vol 13 ONLY]
28515: SYNGE-CRAVEN, LAWRENCE - The Synge-Craven Collection of Regional Slipware
37815: SZEKELY, EDMOND - The Teaching of Buddha (Pan Pamphlets No 4)
42209: SZPERKOWICZ, JERZY TRANS. EUGENE LEPA - Nicolaus Copernicus 1473-1973
32614: SZUBSKI, MICHAL AND PREZES ZARZADU - Mezczyzna W Tle: Obrazy i rzezby z kolekcji Muzeum Narodowego w Warszawie
27037: TACITO, G CORNELIO AND BERNARDO DAVANZATI - Opere di G Cornelio Tacito Tradotte da Bernardo Davanzati Tomo Secondo
44954: TACITUS - Nero and the Burning of Rome
24931: TALIANIS, DIMITRIS - Orientations to the Aegean - Photographic Poetics: A Photographic Approach to Odysseus Elytis's Book of Poetry Orientations
8405: TAMVAKI, ANGELA - The Old Testament in European Painting 1500-1930: Paintings and Engravings from the National Gallery (Athens)
13893: TANQUEREY, F J - Le Heros Cornelien (extrait de la 'Revue des Cours et Conferences')
24330: TAPPAN, EVA MARCH - Wonders of Science (The Children's Hour Volume XIV) (vol. 14)
27426: TARAMELLI, ENNERY - De Chirico: I Classici Della Pittura
13580: TASSONI, MARIO - Vedute Metafisiche E Religiose (signed)
44443: TAUCHELT, GERHARD - Die Historie vom dornigen Aufstieg des Lehrer-Standes
41045: TAYLOR, MICHAEL WAISTELL - The Old Manorial Halls of Westmorland & Cumberland (Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian & Archaeological Society Extra Series Vol. VIII)
11977: TAYLOR, W COOKE - Life and Times of Sir Robert Peel 3 volumes in 8 divisions (8 volumes)
26846: TAYLOR, MARY - Meditations on the Stations of the Cross Inspired by the Hanging Crucifix above the High Altar in the Church of St Michael the Archangel Letchworth
44460: TAYLOR, A J P - English History 1914-1945 (The Oxford History of England)
31030: TAYLOR, MRS [ANNE MARTIN] AND JANE TAYLOR - Correspondence Between a Mother and Her Daughter at School
40010: NATIONAL UNION OF TEACHERS - Children in Care: Evidence Submitted to the House of Commons Committee on Social Service by the National Union of Teachers
32904: TEBBUTT, MELANIE AND JOHN WILSON (EDS.) - Manchester Region History Review Volume XVII (i) 2004 (Vol 17 No 1)
36474: YORKSHIRE TELEVISION - The Story of Emmerdale Farm: 15th Anniversary Special
41355: TERRY, CHARLES SANFORD (ED.) - The Forty-Five: A Narrative of the Last Jacobite Rising by Several Contemporary Hands
44790: TESDELL, DIANA SECKER(ED.) - Love Stories (Everyman's Library Pocket Classics)
42757: TETSUHITO, SHIZUKA - New Horizons in Computerized Testing of Reading
30128: THEIS, ALEX DE - Politique des Nations Tome I/1 [of 2]
30112: THIERRY, AUGUSTIN - Lettres sur L'Histoire de France pour Servir d'Introduction a L'Etude de Cette Histoire
39867: THIRSK, JOAN - Tudor Enclosures (General Series 41)
43587: THISTLEWOOD, DAVID - Herbert Read: Formlessness and Form. An Introduction to His Aesthetics
27307: THODE, HENRY - Correggio (Kunstler-Monographien XXX/30)
40961: THOMAS, CHARLES AND PETER POOL - The Principal Antiquities of the Land's End District (Field Guide 2)
44953: THOMAS, R S - Love Poems
41546: KINKADE. THOMAS - Romantic Hideaways
22497: THOMAS, D M - The Flute Player (signed)
33257: THOMAS, FLORA - Neighbours and Foreigners
36302: THOMAS, ANABEL - Illustrated Dictionary of Narrative Painting
35614: THOMAS, COLIN (ED.) - Rural Landscapes and Communities: Essays Presented to Desmond McCourt
44513: THOMAS, R MURRAY - Counselling and Life-Span Development
29709: THOMASON, DAVID AND ROBERT WOOF - Derwentwater - The Vale of Elysium: An Eighteenth-century Story
32707: THOMPSON, R V (FOREWORD) - Institute of Marine Engineers Centenary Handbook and List of Members 1989
44099: THOMSON, KATRINA - Turner and Sir Walter Scott: The Provincial Antiquities and Picturesque Scenery of Scotland
44735: THOMSON, IAN - Primo Levi
44964: THOREAU, HENRY DAVID - Civil Disobedience and Reading
22279: THORNTON, ROBERT JOHN WITH GEOFFREY GRIGSON, HANDASYDE BUCHANAN AND WILLIAM THOMAS STEARN - Thornton's Temple of Flora with Plates Faithfully Reproduced from the Original Engravings and the work described by Geoffrey Grigson with Bibliographical Notes by Handasyde Buchanan. (signed)
44391: THORPE, JAMES - Henry Edward Huntington: A Brief Biography
37458: THORPE, JAMES - Henry Edwards Huntington: A Biography
43897: THUBRON, COLIN - In Siberia
42807: THURLOW, GILBERT - Norwich Cathedral
33802: TIANCHOU, FU - L'Armee en Terre Cuite de L'Empereur Qin Shi Huang
37066: TICE, BRUCE - Antiquarian Book Monthly Volume XXVI Number 3 Issue No 294 March 1999
44910: TICE, RICO AND BARRY COOPER - Christianity Explored
37062: TICE, BRUCE - Antiquarian Book Monthly Volume XXV Number 7 Issue No 287 July 1998
37069: TICE, BRUCE - Antiquarian Book Monthly Volume XXVI Number 6 Issue No 297 June 1999
37070: TICE, BRUCE - Antiquarian Book Monthly Volume XXVI Number 7 Issue No 298 July 1999
37068: TICE, BRUCE - Antiquarian Book Monthly Volume XXVII Number 5 Issue No 296 May 1999
37071: TICE, BRUCE - Antiquarian Book Monthly Volume XXVI Number 8 Issue No 299 August/September 1999
37060: TICE, BRUCE - Antiquarian Book Monthly Volume XXVI Number 2 Issue No 293 February 1999
37067: TICE, BRUCE - Antiquarian Book Monthly Volume XXVII Number 4 Issue No 295 April 1999
37063: TICE, BRUCE - Antiquarian Book Monthly Volume XXV Number 9 Issue No 289 October 1998
37064: TICE, BRUCE - Antiquarian Book Monthly Volume XXV Number 10 Issue No 290 November 1998
43337: TICKNER, F J (ED.) - Restoration Dramatists: Selections from Dryden, Etheredge, Otway, Congreve, Vanbrugh, and Farquhar

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