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33847: EICHENDORFF, JOSEPH VON - Meistererzahlungen
40176: EKMAN, STIG AND KLAS AMARK - Sweden's Relations with Nazism, Nazi Germany and the Holocaust: A Survey of Research
1312: ELEY, GEOFFREY - Mona: Enchanted Isle
45815: ELGAR, EDWARD ARR. W H HARRIS - Nimrod arranged for Organ
1344: ELIOT, GEORGE - The Spanish Gypsy: A Poem
40943: ELIOT, GEORGE - The Mill on the Floss (The Works of George Eliot in Twelve Volumes)
40944: ELIOT, GEORGE - Scenes of Clerical Life and A Life of George Eliot (The Works of George Eliot in Twelve Volumes)
32402: ELIOT, GEORGE - The Mill on the Floss
28872: ELIOT, GEORGE - The Mill on the Floss
43976: ELIOT, T S - The Confidential Clerk: A Play
43975: ELIOT, T S - The Cocktail Party: A Comedy
40942: ELIOT, GEORGE - Essays (The Works of George Eliot in Twelve Volumes)
44983: ELIOT, GEORGE - The Lifted Veil
21911: ELLIOTT, W E - Too Low They Build Who Build Beneath the Stars
46131: ELLIOTT, PATRICK - Felicitas Vogler: World of Light
44132: ELLIS, ROD - SLA Research and Language Teaching
45898: ELLIS, C HAMILTON - The Royal Trains
45858: ELLMANN, RICHARD - Ulysses on the Liffey
43145: ELTON, CHARLES ISAAC AND MARY AUGUSTUS ELTON - The Great Book Collectors (Book Collecting and Bibliomania, Great British Book Collectors and their Libraries)
34154: ELWOOD, ROGER - Reise in die Unendlichkeit: Der Beste Mann
40051: ELY, AMANDA - Looking After HIV: Considering the Needs of HIV Positive Looked After Children
46164: ELYTIS, ODYSSEUS TRANS JEFFREY CARSON AND NIKOS SARRIS - The Collected Poems of Odysseus Elytis
39631: EMSLEY, CLIVE AND BARBARA WEINBERGER (EDS.) - Policing Western Europe. Politics, Professionalism and Public Order 1850-1940
45657: UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY - Atmospheric Nuclear Weapons Testing 1951-1963 (Battlefield of the Cold War, The Nevada Test Site) Volume 1
44999: ENGEN, RODNEY - Pre-Raphaelite Prints: The Graphic Art of Millais, Holman Hunt, Rossetti and their Followers.
45152: ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MONUMENTS ENGLAND - An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in Westmorland
45990: ENTERLINE, JAMES ROBERT - Viking America the Norse Crossings and Their Legacy
34541: ENTWISTLE, STELLA - Could Time Stand Still
30587: ENTWISTLE, STELLA - The Latent Power
31583: ENTWISTLE, STELLA - The Latent Power
40262: EPICETUS - Enchiridion: The Stoic's Manual for Living (Idea Buk No.21)
41727: D'EPIRO, PETER AND MARY DESMOND PINKOWISH - What are the Seven Wonders of the World? And Other Great Cultural Lists
35530: ERBEN, WALTER - Joan Miro 1893-1983: The Man and his Work
35340: ERIXON, SIGURD - Svenska Byar: Utan Systematisk Reglering and Kartor Till Svenska Byar (with 29 maps and summary in English)
46145: D'ESTE, JESSICA - Wine, Women and Song
45495: ETIENNE, ANNE AND THIERRY DUBOST (EDS.) - Perspectives on Contemporary Irish Theatre: Populating the Stage
46006: EVANS, NICHOLAS - The Horse Whisperer
45972: EVANS, M BASIL - Buying and Selling a House
45019: EVANS, ERIC J AND JEFFREY RICHARDS - A Social History of Britain in Postcards 1870-1930
40059: EVANS, CLARE ET AL - Users' Best Value: A Guide to User Involvement Good Practice in Best Value Reviews
10427: EVANS, THOMAS - Midland Grammar
27338: EVANS, ERNEST - To the Romans: An Exposition of the Epistle
46230: EVANS, KEITH - Advocacy In Court: A Beginner's Guide
22378: EWALD, CARL (TRANSLATED FROM THE DANISH BY G C MOORE-SMITH) - The Queen Bee and Other Nature Stories
45354: FABER, MICHAEL - The Book of Strange New Things
22672: FABRA, PAUL - Y a-t-il un Marche Commun?
45847: FAGAN, BRIAN M - Ancient North America: The Archaeology of a Continent
27853: FAILLE, RENE - Les Trois Plus Anciens Phares De France: Cordouan, Les Baleines, Chassiron
43642: FAIRBROTHER, J - Fundamentals of Vehicle Bodywork
31667: FAIZANT, JACQUES - Les Uns et les Autres et Reciproquement
45464: FARFAN, PENNY - Performing Queer Modernism
35650: INTER-DEPARTMENTAL COMMITTEE ON THE PROBLEMS OF SMALL WESTERN FARMS - Inter-Departmental Committee on the Problems of Small Western Farms: Report on Pilot Area Development
20643: FARNDALE, JAMES (ED.) - Trends in Social Welfare
35206: O'FARRELL, PATRICK N - Regional Industrial Development Trends in Ireland 1960-1973 (Publication Series Paper 1)
40290: FARRER, WILLIAM AND J BROWNBILL (EDS.) - The Victoria History of the County of Lancaster Volume One/1 (The Victoria History of the Counties of England Lancashire)
40296: FARRER, WILLIAM AND J BROWNBILL (EDS.) - The Victoria History of the County of Lancaster Volume Seven/7 (The Victoria History of the Counties of England Lancashire)
44762: FARRER, WILLIAM AND J BROWNBILL (EDS.) - The Victoria History of the County of Lancaster Volume EIGHT (The Victoria History of the Counties of England Lancashire)
32052: FAULKNER, ROSALEEN - Thirty Assemblies for Infants
20185: FAWCETT, RICHARD - The Palace of Holyroodhouse: Official Guide
22563: FEARON, HENRY - Around Royal Windsor (Footpath Guides No 99)
28496: FEAVER, WILLIAM - Celia Paul - Stillness: Paintings, Works on Paper and Prints
28504: FEAVER, WILLIAM - Sean Scully: Paintings and Works on Paper
45478: FELDMAN, ALEXANDER - Dramas of the Past on the Twentieth-Century Stage: In History's Wings
46259: FELTHAM, COLIN - Counselling and Counselling Psychology: A Critical Examination
45660: FENTON, RICHARD - A Historical Tour Through Pembrokeshire with Portrait of the Author and a biography written by Ferrar Fenton. To which are now added the notes made for a second edition by Richard and John Fenton
43886: FENTON, RICHARD ED. JOHN FISHER - Tours in Wales (1804-1813)
30673: FERGUSON, DON - Never Swear at a Chrysanthemum or How To Talk to Your Potted Plant Friends
13330: FERGUSON, WALTER D - The Influence of Flaubert on George Moore
39628: FERGUSON, ROBERT A - Law and Letters in American Culture
26814: FERLITA, ERNEST - The Paths of Life Cycle B
46195: FERMOR, PATRICK LEIGH ED. ADAM SISMAN - Dashing for the Post: The Letters of Patrick Leigh Fermor
45897: FERRERO, GUGLIEMO - The Women of the Caesars
33346: FERRO, ROSSANO (ED.) - Milan: City of Museums, Museums of the City
30621: FEUVRE, AMY LE - Roses
44280: FICK, RICHARD - Praktische Grammatik der Sanskrit-Sprache mitt Ubungsbeispielen, Lesestucken und Glossaren
45820: FIELD, JOHN ED. HENRY DUKE - Nocturne No 5 in B flat
35751: FIELDING, A J - Internal Migration in England and Wales: A Presentation and Interpretation of City-Region Data (Research Paper CES UWP 14)
44917: FIELDS, GRACIE - Sing as We Go: The Autobiography of Gracie Fields
27855: FIJALKOWSKI, WOJCIECH - Wilanow: Rezydencja Krola Zwyciezcy
35557: FINCH, T - Western Ireland: Guide Book for Excursion C16
44211: FINEGAN, EDWARD - Language, Its Structure and Use
42372: FINLAYSON, JOHN (ED.) - Morte Arthure (York Medieval Texts)
39944: FISHER, ALAN (FOREWORD) - A NUPE Working Party Report and Recommendations on Residential Homes in the 80s
44611: FISHER, SHIRLEY AND CARY L COOPER - On the Move: Psychology of Change and Transition
45280: FISHMAN, JOSHUA A (ED.) - Can Threatened Languages Be Saved? Reversing language Shift, Revisited: A 21st Century Perspective
16754: FISHWICK, LIEUT-COLONEL AND DITCHFIELD, REV P H (EDS.) - Memorials of Old Lancashire in Two Volumes [complete]
44786: HOMER TRANS. ROBERT FITZGERALD - The Odyssey (Everyman's Library)
46017: FITZGERALD, F SCOTT - The Great Gatsby (Penguin Modern Classics)
24313: FITZGERALD, EDWARD (COLLECTED BY GEORGE BENTHAM AND INTRO BY EDMUND GOSSE) - The Variorum and Definitive Edition of the Poetical and Prose Writings of Edward Fitzgerald (7 volumes complete)
40049: FITZGERALD, JOHN - The Hurt and the Healing: A Study of the Therapeutic Communities for Children and Young People Comprising the Charterhouse Group
8233: FITZGERALD, EDWARD - Euphranor
44128: FITZGERALD, HELEN - How Different Are We?: Spoken Discourse in Intercultural Communication
45106: FITZGERALD, CAROL ED. JEAN FITZGERALD - The Rivers of America: A Descriptive Bibliography Including Biographies of the Authors, Illustrations, and Editors [2 volumes complete]
44982: FLAUBERT, GUSTAVE - A Simple Heart
42711: FLAVELL, ROGER (ED.) - ELT Policy and its Impact: A Case Study (Review of English Language Teaching Volume 4 Number 1)
13066: FLEMING, DR ROBERT L SR. AND FLEMING, DR ROBERT L JR. - Birds of Kathmandu Valley and Surrounding Hills: A Checklist
45456: FLEMING, JOHN - Davies and Penhall's Sunny Afternoon (The Fourth Wall)
43146: FLETCHER, WILLIAM Y - English Book Collectors (Book Collecting and Bibliomania, Great British Book Collectors and their Libraries)
37278: FLEURE, H J AND E ESTYN EVANS (EDS.) - South Carpathian Studies: Roumania II
37277: FLEURE, H J AND R A PELHAM (EDS.) - Eastern Carpathian Studies: Roumania. Being a summary of the work undertaken by a group of the Le Play Society's members in 1933.
13609: FONTENELLE - Pages Choisies des Grands Ecrivains, Fontenelle (Lectures Litteraires)
13592: FONTENELLE, BERNARD LE BOVIER DE (ED EMILE FAGUET) - Fontenelle: Textes Choisis et Commentes (Bibliotheque Francaise, XVIII siecle)
39861: FOORD, HILARY - Access: Children in Care and Their Families (Bristol Papers No 5)
41853: FORD, HUGH - Published in Paris: American and British Writers, Printers and Publishers in Paris, 1920-1939
45639: FORD, E B - British Butterflies (King Penguin No. 41)
46216: FORD, FORD MADOX - Parade's End
45265: FORMAN, H BUXTON - The Books of William Morris Described with Some Account of his Doings in Literature and in the Allied Crafts
46079: REID FORREST - Peter Waring
8921: FORRESTER, GLENN - The Falls of Niagara: A Picture of its Beauty with the Story of its Being
43081: FORT, TOM - Channel Shore: From the White Cliffs to Land's End
46144: FOSTER, RICHARD J - Prayer: Finding the Heart's True Home (Large Print Edition)
45288: FOWLER, CORINNE - Chasing Tales: Travel Writing, Journalism and the History of British Ideas about Afghanistan
1513: FOWLER, SIR JAMES K - The Sthenics: The Chord Invisible
43971: FOWLER, ALASTAIR - From the Domain of Arnheim: Poems
38324: FOWLES, JOHN AND BARRY BRUKOFF - The Enigma of Stonehenge
13728: LE FRANC, MARIE - Dans L'Ile - Roman D'Ouessant
37567: FRANCE, ANATOLE - Les Desirs de Jean Servien
39534: FRANCE, R SHARPE - Guide to the Lancashire Record Office
45833: FRANCIS, GAYNOR - The First Stonehenge
41966: FRANCIS, W NELSON (ED.) - The Book of Vices and Virtues (Early English Text Society)
40876: FRANCIS, DICK - Racing Classics (Penguin 60s)
44011: FRANCK, CESAR - String Quartet D Major for 2 violins, viola and violoncello
42241: FRANK, ROBERT WORTH - Piers Plowman and the Scheme of Salvation: An Interpretation of Dowel, Dobet and Dobest
36534: FRANK, ALAN (ED.) - The Year's Work in Music 1949-50
35513: FRANKEN, H J - Palestine in the Time of the Nineteenth Dynasty (b) Archaeological Evidence (Revised edition of Volumes I and II)
35510: FRANKFORT, HENRI REVISED AND REARRANGED BY LERI DAVIES - The Last Predynastic Period in Babylonia (Revised edition of Volumes I and II)
35509: FRANKFORT, HENRI REVISED AND REARRANGED BY LERI DAVIES - The Last Predynastic Period in Babylonia (Revised edition of Volumes I and II)
44981: FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN - The Means and Manner of Obtaining Virtue
42756: FREEMAN, WILLIAM - Writing for Pleasure and Profit
30044: FRENCH, ALLEN - Old Concord (Souvenir Edition)
34396: FREYBERGER, G H - Abkurzungen der Kernkraftwerkstechnik Englisch-Deutsch Deutsch-Englisch; Abbreviations of Nuclear Power Plant Engineering English-German, German-English
13392: FRIIS, FINN - Hans Christian Andersen und die Schweiz
29582: FRIZZELL, MARTHA ET AL - Garden Sass: a collection of recipes by the growing seasons
13727: FROMENTIN, EUGENE - Les Maitres D'Autrefois Belgique-Holland
46065: FROMM, ERICH - To Have or to Be?
45701: FROST, ROBERT ED. DONALD SHEEHY, MARK RICHARDSON AND ROBERT FAGGEN - The Letters of Robert Frost Volume 1 1886-1920
32573: FROW, EDMUND AND RUTH - William Morris in Manchester and Salford
43588: FRY, ROGER - Art-History as an Academic Study
44639: FUJIKURA, KOICHIRO (ED) - Japanese Law and Legal Theory
42712: FULCHER, GLENN (ED.) - Writing in the English Classroom (Review of English Language Teaching Volume 6 Number 2)
42713: FULCHER, GLENN (ED.) - Writing in the English Classroom (Review of English Language Teaching Volume 6 Number 2)
29390: FULLARD, HAROLD (ED.) - Elementary Atlas: Nottingham and Nottinghamshire
35779: FULLER, GARY (ED.) - A Curriculum Guide for Population Geography prepared by participants in Geography Workshops of the Fourth and Fifth Summer Seminars in Population
43995: FULLER, JOHN - Who is Ozymandias? and Other Puzzles in Poetry
30494: FUX, JOHANN JOSEPH - Sonate (Kanon) fur Zwei Gamben (Bratschen) und Basso Continuo [Sonata for 2 violas and basso continuo]
37759: GABB, W J - Tales of Tokuzan: Illustrating the Teaching of Zen Buddhism
30152: GABRIELI, GIOVANNI ED. HEINRICH BESSELER - Drei Motetten fur 8 stimmigen Doppelchor (Das Chorwerk 10) [Three-part double choir motets for 8]
35498: GADD, C J - Babylonia c 2120-1800 B.C. (Revised edition of Volumes I and II)
35499: GADD, C J - Hammurabi and the End of his Dynasty (Revised edition of Volumes I and II)
39277: CITY OF MANCHESTER ART GALLERIES - Pre-Raphaelite Paintings
32549: WHITWORTH ART GALLERY - English Artist Potters 1870-1910
45331: NATIONAL GALLERY - The National Gallery Postcard Collection: 32 Ready-to-Send Postcards
37977: GAMBIER, GERALD - Murs Peints de Lyon d'hier et d'aujourd'hui
41746: GARBER, MARJORIE - Shakespeare's Ghost Writers: Literature as Uncanny Causality
43406: GARDEN, GRAEME (ED.) - Stovold's Mornington Crescent Almanac 2002
42816: GARDENER, HELEN L - Walter Hilton and the Authorship of the Cloud of Unknowing reprint from the Review of English Studies Vol. IX No 34 April 1933)
45465: GARDNER, COLIN - Joseph Losey (British Film Makers)
33622: GARDNER, EDMUND - Italian Literature (Benn's Sixpenny Library)
41723: GARFIELD, SIMON - To The Letter: A Journey Through a Vanishing World
45835: GARLICK, RAYMOND - An Introduction to Anglo-Welsh Literature
45880: GARLICK, TOM - Yorkshire Castles
46224: GARNETT, EMMELINE - John Marsden's Will; The Hornby Castle Dispute 1780-1840
46223: GARNETT, EMMELINE - John Marsden's Will; The Hornby Castle Dispute 1780-1840
36211: GASKELL, ELIZABETH CLEGHORN WITH INTRO AND NOTES BY A STANTON WHITFIELD - The Sexton's Hero and Other Tales [The Squire's Story, The Manchester Marriage, The Half-Brothers]
27065: GASKELL, E C - The Life of Charlotte Bronte (Thornton Edition)
46213: GASS, WILLIAM H - Omensetter's Luck
24132: GASSIN, JUNE AND SMITH, MIKE (EDS.) - Innovations in Language Teaching: The Horwood Language Centre Occasional Papers No 1 July 1994
44898: GASSNER, JOHN AND DUDLEY NICHOLS - Twenty Best Film Plays Volume 1
44899: GASSNER, JOHN AND DUDLEY NICHOLS - Best Film Plays 1943-44
44690: GATTO, LUDOVICO - Le invasioni barbariche
45806: GAUNT, WILLIAM - Victorian Olympus
45808: GAUNT, WILLIAM - The Pre-Raphaelite Tragedy
45053: GAUTIER, THEOPHILE - Emaux et Camees
20239: PALL MALL GAZETTE - The Pictures of 1914 - Pall Mall Magazine May 1914: The Royal Academy
44146: GEE, JAMES PAUL AND ELISABETH R HAYES (EDS.) - Language and Learning in the Digital Age
46141: GEOHEGAN, JEFFREY AND MICHAEL HOMAN - The Bible for Dummies
32568: GERETTI, ALESSIO AND SERENELLA CASTRI - Genesi: Il Mistero delle Origini
44521: GERMAIN, RANDALL D - The International Organization of Credit : States and Global Finance in the World-Economy
42888: GERMAN, EDWARD (MUSIC) AND CHAS H TAYLOR (WORDS) - Tom Jones (Final Edition) Vocal Score
36164: GIBBON, EDWARD - Gibbon's History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire in Six Volumes Quarto Abridged in Two Volumes Octavo [2 volumes complete]
44980: GIBBON, EDWARD - Reflections on the Fall of Rome
10406: GIBBON, EDWARD - The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire: A New Edition in One Volume with Some Account of the Life and Writings of the Author
45621: GIBBONS, STELLA - My American: A Romance
37692: GIBSON, STRICKLAND - Some Oxford Libraries
27442: GILBERT, KATE - Love-in-a-Mist and Other Poems (signed)
45431: GILBERT, HENRY - King Arthur's Knights: The Tales Re-told for Boys and Girls
43619: GILBERT, CLIVE - The Moseley Trail (Brum Trail 8)
40044: GILCHRIST, CAROLINE - Turning Your Back On Us: Older People and the NHS
45924: GILES, FRANK - The Locust Years, 1946-58: The Story of the Fourth French Republic
45517: GILES, J A - William of Malmesbury's Chronicle of the Kings of England: From the earliest period to the reign of King Stephen
46190: GILL, A A - Lines in the Sand: Collected Journalism
40998: GILLON, EDMUND V - Cut and Assemble the Old Sturbridge Village Meetinghouse: An H-O Scale Model in Full Color
44979: GILMAN, CHARLOTTE PERKINS - The Yellow Wallpaper
44609: GILMORE, SUSAN K - The Counselor-in-Training
44692: GINZBURG, CARO - Caro Michele
44022: GIOVANNI, NORMAN THOMAS DI - Georgie and Elsa: Jorge Luis Borges and His Wife: The Untold Story
13610: GIRAUD, VICTOR - Pascal: L'Homme, L'Oeuvre, L'Influence
38022: GIROLAMINI, ADA AND MARIA RITA LORENZETTI - Sulla Strada del Merletto, Ricamo e Tessuto in Umbria
46115: GIUSSANI, LUIGI: STEFANO ALBERTO AND JAVIER PRADES TRANS PATRICK STEVENSON - Generating Traces in the History of the World: New Traces of the Christian Experience
45687: ORADOUR SUR GLANE - Oradour sur Glane - Souviens-Toi Remember
44156: GLAZIER, TERESA FERSTER - The Least You Should Know About Vocabulary Building: Word Roots
44448: GLEADOWE, REGINALD M Y - Albert Rutherston (Contemporary British Artists)
35045: LORD GLENTORAN (FOREWORD) - Who Makes What in Northern Ireland 1957
40070: GLITHERO, E (FOREWORD) - Services for the Elderly: The Admission Process
30773: GLOVER, DAVID CARR - Three Sonatinas and a Sonata for Piano Solo
43469: GLOVER, JOHN - BR Diary 1978-85
45705: DANIEL GLYN - The Prehistoric Chamber Tombs of France: A Geographical, Morphology and Chronological Survey
44214: GOATLY, ANDREW - Critical Reading and Writing: An Introductory Coursebook
44595: GOBERT, JAMES AND MAURICE PUNCH - Rethinking Corporate Crime
44978: GOETHE - Letters from Italy
44276: GOETHE, JOHANNA WOLFING ED. W H BRUFORD - Faust: Der Tragedie erster Teil
44282: GOETHE, JOHANN WOLFGANG VON AND RUDOLF STEINER - Das Marchen/Goethes Geistesart
36557: GOETHE, JOHANN WOLFGANG - Fruhe Dramen - Gotz von Berlichingen: Clavigo
44746: GOHN, PAT - All In: Why Belonging to the Catholic Church Matters
43325: GOLDING, WILLIAM - The Spire
38265: GOLDMAN, PAUL (TEXT) AND TESSA SIDEY (ESSAY) - Lely till Turner Brittiska Teckningar och Akvareller 1640-1860 fran Birmingham Museer och Konsthall. Lely to Turner British Drawings and Watercolours 1640-1860 from Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery
45814: GOLDMARK, CARL - Goldmark Album Lieder und Gesange fur Eine Singstimme mit Klavierbegleitung for high Voice
44281: GOLDSCHMIDT, H E (ED.) - German Poetry with the English Version of the Best Translators
36749: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER WITH NOTES BY THOMAS BROWN - A History of the Earth and Animated Nature with Copious Notes to which is subjoined an appendix by Capt. Thomas Brown Volumes 1 & 2
13774: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER (ED CHARLES DUKE YONGE) - Essays of Oliver Goldsmith
10407: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER - The Vicar of Wakefield [incl. The Deserted Village: A Poem]
44336: GOLDSTONE, LAWRENCE AND NANCY - Warmly Inscribed: The New England Forger and Other Book Tales
39109: GOMME, GEORGE LAURENCE (ED.) - The Gentleman's Magazine Library being a Classified Collection of the Chief Contents of The Gentleman's Magazine from 1731-1868: Literary Curiosities and Notes
27954: GOODCHILD, CHARLES F AND NORA - The Restless Stream
22238: GOODE, STEVE - Children and Divorce: The Role of Statutory Supervision
23387: GOODING, MEL - Panayiotis Kalorkoti: An Exhibition of Acrylics, Watercolours & Etchings
23378: GOODING, MEL - Medieval and Early Renaissance Treasures in the North West
34377: GOPEL, WILFRIED - 25 Jahre die Mauer: Eine Dokumentation
28344: GORDON, GEORGE - Shakespearean Comedy and Other Studies
19860: O'GORMAN, JAMES F - The Perspective of Anglo-American Architecture
13205: GOS, FRANCOIS (ED. JULIEN GROSJEAN) - Decouvertes et Promenades in 4 volumes
33362: GOSSE, EDMUND (INTRO) - The Splendour of France [2 Volumes complete]
45190: GOTTFRIED, BRADLEY M - The Maps of Gettysburg: An Atlas of the Gettysburg Campaign, June 3-July 13, 1863
41028: GOTTHELF, JEREMIAS TRANS. JULIA FIRTH ED. JOHN RUSKIN - Ulric The Farm Servant: A Story of the Bernese Lowland
43579: GOULD, CECIL - The Raising of Lazarus by Sebastiano Del Piombo
28683: GOWAN, HUGH AND JUDY - Blue and Grey Cookery: Authentic Recipes from the Civil War Years
22436: GOWANS, ADAM L (ED.) - A Book of Ballads Old and New (Pocket Anthologies No 9)
30333: GOWING, LAWRENCE - An Exhibition of Paintings by Cezanne
19222: GRAEME, JOHN - The Fortunes of Harold Borlase: A Story of the Days of Blake
39844: GRAHAM, BOB - Compassionate Strangers
35666: GRAHAM, B J - Medieval Irish Settlement: A Review (Historical Geography Research Series Number 3 May 1980)
45818: GRAINGER, PERCY ALDRIDGE - British Folk-Music Settings No 4 Shepherd's Hey Piano (Original Version)
45056: GRAMMONT, MAURICE - Petit Traite de Versification Francaise
33436: GRANASZTOI, PAL - Budapest Vu Par Un Architecte
45746: GRANT, R G (ED.) - 1001 Battles That Changed The Course of History
40821: GRANT, PAMELA - The Fortunes of Doria
44540: GRASSO, DAMION J - Clinical Exercises for Treating Traumatic Stress in Children and Adolescents
42666: GRAVES, DONALD H - A Researcher Learns to Write
36382: GRAY, JOSEPH FREDERICK (FOREWORD) - Seven Centuries of Guild History being the latest edition of the history of the Guild Merchant of Proud Preston (Preston Guild 1972)
36170: GRAY, RICHARD AND OWEN ROBINSON (EDS.) - A Companion to the Literature and Culture of the American South
23841: GRAY, JULIE AND ILDIKO, MELIS - Little Red Writing Book: A Handbook for ELTE's First Year Writing Course
45446: GRAY, THOMAS - Poems by Mr Gray: A New Edition
38803: GRAY, JOSEPH FREDERICK - 1972: Seven Centuries of Guild History...being the latest history of the Guild Merchant of Preston
11694: GRAY, PETER - D Day (Historical Events Series)
29179: GRAYSON, DAVID - Essays of To-Day and Yesterday
45323: GREEN, NANCY E - Byrdcliffe: An American Arts and Crafts Colony
35439: GREEN, E R R - The Lagan Valley 1800-1850: A Local History of the Industrial Revolution
40813: GREEN, EVELYN EVERETT - His Mother's Book (Honour Series)
37551: GREEN, CHRIS - John Betjeman and the Railways: A Centenary Celebration 1906-2006
42768: GREENALL, G M AND J E PRICE - 109 Study Modes and Academic Development of Overseas Students (ELT Documents)
41794: GREENAWAY, KATE - Alphabet par Kate Greenaway
41793: GREENAWAY, KATE - Almanach de Kate Greenaway Pour 1888
41792: GREENAWAY, KATE - Almanach de Kate Greenaway Pour 1889
45779: GREENE, GRAHAM - The Third Man and The Fallen Idol
44768: GREENE, GRAHAM - Twenty-one Stories
46186: GREENSPAN, JAY SETH - Hebrew Calligraphy: A Step-by-Step Guide
46219: GREENSTEIN, DANIEL I - A Historian's Guide to Computing
39901: GREENWELL, STEWART - Whose Home is it Anyway: An Action Research Project Surrounding the Development of a Residential and Day-Care Facility for Older People (Continuing Education in Social Work)
45415: GREENWELL, WILLIAM AND GEORGE ROLLESTON - British Barrows: A Record of the Examination of Sepulchral Mounds in Various Parts of England Together with a Description of Figures of Skulls, General Remarks on Prehistoric Crania and an Appendix
40584: GREENWOOD, JEREMY, INTRO BY SIMON BRETT - Wood Engravings of Paul Nash: Catalogue of the Wood Engravings, Pattern Papers, Etchings and an Engraving on Copper [Special edition]
45468: GREENWOOD, JOSEPH - Hear My Song: Irish Theatre and Popular Song in the 1950s and 1960s
13265: GREGH, FERNAND - Portrait de La Poesie Moderne de Rimbaud a Valery
45885: GREGOROVIUS, FERDINAND - Lucretia Borgia, The Daughter of Pope Alexander VI: A Chapter From the Morals of the Italian Renaissance
44810: GREGORY, NUALA ET AL - Nuala Gregory: Exploded View
44986: GRENIER, ROGER - Palace of Books
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42662: LEITHWOOD, K A: M HOLMES AND D J MONTGOMERY - Helping Schools Change: Strategies Derived from Field Experience
45074: LEMAITRE, JULES - En Marge des Vieux Livres. Premiere Serie and Deuxieme Serie [2 volumes]
43894: LEMIRE, EUGENE D - A Bibliography Of William Morris
27562: LEON-DUFOUR, XAVIER - Dictionary of the New Testament
32037: LEONARD, GRAHAM (THE RT. REVD BISHOP OF WILLESDEN) - To Every Man's Conscience: Comments on the Report of the Anglican Methodist Unity Commission
40354: LEONARD, JOHN C - The Higher Spiritualism: Volume 2
37557: LEOSTER, H ILLUS. C SICHULSKY - Das Hohe Haus in der Karikatur: Max und Moritz im Parlament
32737: LESINSKI, HENRYK - Szczecin (Wydanie II)
45895: LESLIE, ANITA - Cousin Randolph. The Life of Randolph Churchill
45966: LESLIE, ANITA - Edwardians in Love
35548: LESTER, ALAN - Colonial Discourse and the Colonisation of Queen Adelaide Province, South Africa (Historical Geography Research Series No 35 October 1998)
45057: LESTRINGANT, FRANK - Agrippa D'Aubigne: Les Tragiques
45221: LEUNG, CONSTANT AND BRIAN V STREET (EDS.) - English: A Changing Medium for Education
45702: LEVIN, HARRY - James Joyce: A Critical Introduction
39170: LEVIN, HARRY TRANS. CLAUDE TARNAUD - James Joyce: Traduit de l'americain par Claude Tarnaud
31151: LEVIS, HOWARD C - A Descriptive Bibliography of The Most Important Books in the English Language relating to the Art & History of Engraving and the collecting of Prints (limited edition 2 volumes in 1)
32580: LEVY, WENDY - Dawn Rowland FRBS: Sculptor
45622: LEWESDON, JOHN - The Ladybird Book Of London
43278: LEWINGTON, ANNA AND EDWARD PARKER - Ancient Trees: Trees That Live For 1,000 Years
37055: LEWIS, EMMA - Antiquarian Book Review Volume XXX Number 4 Issue No 338 May 2003
46233: LEWIS, NORMAN D - Choice and the Legal Order: Rising above Politics
46218: LEWIS, M J AND ROGER LLOYD-JONES - Using Computers in History: A Practical Guide
40043: LEWIS, SHIRLEY - Health of the Retired and the Elderly (Manifesto Series No 6)
37052: LEWIS, EMMA - Antiquarian Book Review Volume XXIX Number 7 Issue No 331 August/September 2002
40025: LEWIS, DAVID - An Information Design Audit of information about Residential Care (Information Working Paper 2)
44093: LEWIS, SINCLAIR - Arrowsmith
44666: LEWIS, SINCLAIR - Elmer Gantry
46069: VIRGIL TRANS. C DAY LEWIS - The Aeneid of Virgil
44200: LEWIS, MICHAEL - Project in Britain
35100: LEWIS, ROY C (ED.) - Urban Essays for Harold Carter: Welsh Geographical Review (Cambria Volume 16 1991)
44126: LEWIS, ROGER - How to Write Flexible Learning Materials
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37058: LEWIS, EMMA - Antiquarian Book Review Volume XXX Number 7 Issue No 341 August/September 2003
37056: LEWIS, EMMA - Antiquarian Book Review Volume XXX Number 5 Issue No 339 June 2003
37057: LEWIS, EMMA - Antiquarian Book Review Volume XXXI Number 7 Issue No 341 July 2003
37050: LEWIS, EMMA - Antiquarian Book Review Volume XXIX Number 5 Issue No 329 June 2002
37059: LEWIS, EMMA - Antiquarian Book Review Volume XXX Number 8 Issue No 343 October 2003
40845: LEYLAND, ERIC - Wild Animals
36147: LHOYD, HUMFREY AUGMENTED BY DAVID POWEL - The History of Cambria now called Wales
45153: NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARIES - Catalog of Special and Private Presses in the Rare Book Division: The Research Libraries, The New York Public Libraries Vols. 1 A-L and 2 M-Z [2 volumes complete]
39738: RUSKIN LIBRARY [JOHN RUSKIN] - Ruskin's Organic Vision: Nature, Life and Art
39733: RUSKIN LIBRARY [JOHN RUSKIN] - Exhibitions at the Ruskin Library 2000
39737: RUSKIN LIBRARY [JOHN RUSKIN] - The Story of the Whitehouse Collection and the Ruskin Library: The Collection and a Brief Life of John Ruskin
46252: BRITISH LIBRARY - The Spoken Word: American Writers
35812: LICHFIELD, NATHANIEL - The Report and Advisory Outline Plan for the Limerick Region: Interim Report on the Limerick-Ennis-Shannon District
34679: LICHFIELD, NATHANIEL AND ASSOCIATES - The Shannon Estuary: Report and Plan for the Development of Tourism and Recreation
34686: LICHFIELD, NATHANIEL AND ASSOCIATES - Report and Advisory Outline Plan for the Limerick Region. Volume II-Advisory Outline Plan, with additional material from volume I-report
44600: LIEDMAN, SVEN-ERIC: MARTIN PETERSON AND PAUL RUDNY (EDS.) - Ideological Changes in Europe: A Symposium (Report Nr 2)
42960: LIGGETT, ERIC - British Political Issues [Volumes One and Two complete]
36341: LIGGETT, E - What is a University?
45237: LILLIS, THERESA M - Student Writing: Access, Regulation, Desire
28618: LING, T O - The Yogi and the Commissar Revisited (reprinted from the Bulletin of the John Rylands Library, University of Manchester Vol. 57 No 2 Spring 1975)
45767: LINGARD, JOHN - The History of England from the first Invasion by the Romans to the Accession of William and Mary in 1688 [10 volumes complete]
43263: LINKLATER, ANDRO - Measuring America
33839: LIPP, FRANZ CARL - Herzhafter Haustrunk Most
13787: LISLE, LECONTE DE - Oeuvres de Leconte de Lisle: Poemes Antiques
39468: LITERSKY, DOROTHY M GROBE - Derleth: Hawk...and Dove: A Biography
44247: LITTLE, DAVID AND HELMUT BRAMMERTS (EDS.) - A Guide to Language Learning in Tandem via the Internet (CLCS Occasional Paper No 46)
45418: LITTLE, CARL - Paintings of New England
44248: LITTLE, DAVID ET AL - Evaluating Tandem Language Learning by E-mail: Report on Bilateral Project (CLCS Occasional Paper No 55)
44971: LIVY - Hannibal's Crossing of the Alps
18247: LOBE, MIRA - El Nas de Moritz
30934: LOCHNAN, KATHARINE (ED.) - Turner Whistler Monet: Un Dialogue Artistique
38237: WARD LOCK - A Pictorial and Descriptive Guide to the English Lake District with an Outline Guide for Pedestrians
44919: LOCKHART. J G - Memoirs of the Life of Sir Walter Scott, Bart. [10 volumes complete]
40431: LONGFELLOW, HENRY WADSWORTH - The Longfellow Birthday Text Book
44325: LOO, TESSA DE TRANS. ANDY BROWN - In Byron's Footsteps
39780: LORENZ-MAYER, DAGMAR - The Other Side of the Generation Contract
13662: LOUIS, JEANNE HENRIETTE - Les Concepts de Guerre Psychologique aux Etats-Unis 1939-1943. L'Engrenage de la Violence
46157: LOUTH, ANDREW - Introducing Eastern Orthodox Theology
45458: LOVE, CATHERINE - Tim Crouch's An Oak Tree (The Fourth Wall)
44489: LOVECRAFT, H P - The Horror in the Burying Ground
40958: LOVEGROVE, E W - The Cathedral Church of St Davids: A Pictorial Guide
35426: LOVETT, VERNEY - The Nations of Today: India
45402: LOWE, W BEZANT - The Heart of Northern Wales As it Was and As it Is Volume 1
45403: LOWE, W BEZANT - The Heart of Northern Wales As it Was and As it Is Volume 2
28803: LOZAC'HMEUR, PIERRE - Camaret: Son Histoire, Ses Monuments Religieux
43291: LES CAHIERS DE LOZERE 2 - Dolmens et Menhirs en Lozere
43518: IAN ALLAN LTD - Western Region: British Rail in the Fifties: Number Six
32413: LUCAS, RICHARD - An Enquiry after Happiness in Three Parts [2 volumes complete]
22020: LUCAS, E V - The Ameliorator
32557: SMITH ALISTAIR AND JOCHEN LUCKHARDT - Von Gainsborough bis Turner: Englische Aquarelle aus der Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester
45220: LUCKIN, ROSEMARY - Redesigning Learning Contexts
41422: LUTYENS, MARY - The Ruskins and the Grays
39303: LYDEKKER, RICHARD (ED.) - The Royal Natural History: Volume 3 Part 18
39302: LYDEKKER, RICHARD (ED.) - The Royal Natural History: Volume 1 Part 5 (Vol. I Pt V)
45826: LYNCH, FRANCES AND COLIN BURGESS (EDS.) - Prehistoric Man In Wales and the West, essays in honour of Lily F Chitty
45115: LYONS, MARTYN - Books: A Living History
42045: LYONS, JOHN - Chomsky (Fontana Modern Masters)
32318: LYTTON, EDWARD BULWER - My Novel or, Varieties in English Life by Pisistratus Caxton
36071: MABLE, NORMAN - Popular Hymns and Their Writers
35734: MAC AODHA, BREANDAN S - An Outline Plan for Galway City (Social Sciences Research Centre, University College,Galway, Research Paper No 1)
19137: MACCOLL, JAMES E ET AL (EDS. WILLIAM A ROBSON, T E M MCKITTERICK AND LEONARD WOOLF) - The Political Quarterly Volume 30 No 1 (Jan - March 1959): Special Number - British Attitudes to Politics
41375: MACDONALD, GEORGE - At the Back of the North Wind (New Children's Classics)
46229: MACDONELL, DIANE - Theories of Discourse: An Introduction
37165: MACHEN, ARTHUR (TRANS.) - The Chronicle of Clemendy or The History of the IX Joyous Journeys. In which are Contained the Amorous Inventions and Facetious Tales of Master Gervase Perrot, Gent.
31044: MACHEN, ARTHUR (TRANS.) - Casanova's Escape from the Leads
33357: MACHEN, ARTHUR - The Heptameron Or Tales And Novels Of Marguerite Queen Of Navarre
10697: MACINTOSH, REV WILLIAM (TRANS.) - Gleanings from the Talmud selected and newly translated into English
23366: MACKINNON-DAY, PATRICIA - Inland Waters
16058: MACLEOD, R D - [William] Morris without [J W] Mackail (As seen by his Contemporaries)
37791: MACPHEE, EARLE DOUGLAS - Footsteps: An Autobiography
45263: MAFFEI, SCIPIONE - Animadversiones in Historiam Theologicam Dogmatum et Opinionum de Divina Gratia
38308: YORKSHIRE RIDINGS MAGAZINE - The Brontes: Their Lives, Books - and the Sites associated with Yorkshire's Great Literary Family
46087: NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM/BBC WILDLIFE MAGAZINE - Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year Portfolio 2006
45788: MAHER, JOHN AND JUDY GROVES - Chomsky for Beginners
42193: MAHON, JOHN W AND THOMAS A PENDLETON - Fanned and Winnowed Opinions: Shakespearean Essays Presented to Harold Jenkins
42630: MAK, KORALJKA AND E M HARRISON-PAJ - Graphic Communication Reader for Design/Technically Orientated Schools
37889: MALAVAL, FRANCOIS TRANS. LUCY MENZIES - A Simple Method of Raising the Soul to Contemplation in the Form of a Dialogue
42291: MALDEN, R H - Religion and the New Testament
32598: MALMANGER, MAGNE AND CHARLES NUGENT - Fra Prospekt til Visjon: Engelske Akvareller Fra Sandby Til Turner Utlant Fra the Whitworth Art Gallery Manchester
43858: MALMSTEN, BODIL TRANS. FRANK PERRY - The Price of Water in Finisterre
44346: MALONE, CHARLES (ED.) - A Poetic Inventory of Rocky Mountain National Park
44969: MALORY, THOMAS - The Death of King Arthur
45483: MALPEDE, KAREN - Plays in Time: The Beekeeper's Daughter, Prophecy, Another Life, Extreme Whether
33031: MANBY, JUDITH AND RICHARD J DAVIS - Judith de Fano (1919- )
45020: MANCOFF, DEBRA N - The Return of King Arthur: The Legend through Victorian Eyes
44450: MANI, GION: TANI DOLF, ANNA CAPADRUTT, JACOB MICHAEL AND GION BATTAGLIA - Anturn igl bavregn: istorgias a poeseias sutsilvanas
45650: MANN, JAMES - Monumental Brasses (King Penguin No 75)
40895: MANSFIELD, KATHERINE - The Escape and Other Stories (Penguin 60s)
40175: MARCEAU, MARCEL - Acht Pantomimen
45011: MARCEL, GEORG - School Marches
36723: MARCH, CLARICE - Doris's High School Days
36494: MARCHANT, BESSIE - Denver Wilson's Double: A Story of New Mexico
33317: DE LA MARE, WALTER - Winged Chariot
28553: MARGUERITTE, PAUL - Ma Grande
28127: MARKOWITZ, IRENE - Die Dusseldorfer Malerschule: Bildhefte des Kunstmuseums Dusseldorf
44523: MARKS-TARLOW, TERRY - Awakening Clinical Intuition: An Experiential Workbook for Psychotherapists [includes CD]
45681: MARKS, PAULA MITCHELL - And Die in the West: The Story of the O.K. Corral Gunfight
23379: MARLOW, TIM - John Gibbons
17659: MARLOW, TIM (INTRO) - A Calendar of Art Exhibitions 1998-99 (The Lund Humphries Calendar of Art Exhibitions in UK Galleries and Museums January 1998-July 1999)
40894: MARQUEZ, GABRIEL GARCIA - Bon Voyage, Mr President and Other Stories (Penguin 60s)
46202: MARQUEZ, GABRIEL GARCIA TRANS GREGORY RABASSA - One Hundred Years of Solitude (Everyman's Library 223)
45840: MARSDEN, BARRY M - The Early Barrow Diggers
22528: MARSEEN, OSCAR - Lindholm Hoje Beskrivelse af Udgravninger og Fund
31464: MARSHALL, DORIS - Silver Threads: Critical Reflections on Growing Old
43566: MARTAKIES, ROBIN - Kurt Schwitters: Free Spirit
37298: MARTIN, NANCY AND INGALL - Abwa and her Picture: A Story of Africa (Nursery Books No 1)
45964: MARTIN, BRIAN - John Henry Newman: His Life and Work
40477: MARTYN, JOHN AND EPHRAIM CHAMBERS - The Philosophical History and Memoirs of the Royal Academy of Sciences at Paris or An Abridgement of all the Papers Relating to Natural Philosophy which have been publish'd by Members of that Illustrious Society. Volume III/3 [only]
44832: MARX, KARL AND FRIEDRICH ENGELS - The Communist Manifesto
42069: MASLEN, ELIZABETH (ED.) - Comedy: Writings in Honour of Peter Dixon by Friends and Colleagues
20204: MASON, J F A - Stokesay Castle, Shropshire
45133: MATHIAS, ROLAND - The Hollowed-Out Elder Stalk: John Cowper Powys as Poet
45363: MATSCHAT, CECILE HULSE - Suwannee River: Strange Green Land (Rivers of America)
21816: MATULIONIS, A ET AL. - Sociological Research of Youth's Path of Life
45910: MAUGHAM, W SOMERSET - Catalina: A Romance
45908: MAUGHAM, W SOMERSET - The Moon and Sixpence
45917: MAUGHAM, W SOMERSET - Of Human Bondage [2 volumes complete]
45914: MAUGHAM, W SOMERSET - Creatures of Circumstance
45913: MAUGHAM, W SOMERSET - Christmas Holiday
45919: MAUGHAM, W SOMERSET - The Moon and Sixpence
38176: MAUPASSANT, GUY DE TRANS. AND ED. ERNEST BOYD - The Pedlar & Other Stories (The Collected Novels and Stories of Guy de Maupassant)
44070: MAUPASSANT, GUY DE - Une Partie De Campagne
9379: MAUREL, JULES - Le Duc de Wellington
45072: MAUROIS, ANDRE - Quatre Etudes Anglaises: Mme du Deffand et Horace Walpole, Lord Byron et le demon de la tendresse de Ruskin a Wilde. La jeune littererature anglaise
44602: MAUTNER, MENACHEM - Law and the Culture of Israel
25912: MAWBY, COLIN - Songs for Many Seasons: Nine Anthems for the Church Year
38278: MAWSON, THOMAS H - An Imperial Obligation: Industrial Villages for Partially Disabled Soldiers (signed)
45794: MAXWELL, GLYN - Hide Now
45795: MAXWELL, GLYN - The Nerve
45516: MBUE, IMBOLO - Behold the Dreamers

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