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165204: “A.” - Friedrich Der Vorlaeufige, Die Sietz Und Die Anderen. Die Weimarer Nationalversammlung 1919-Februar/August 1919.
136898: [SPILLING, JAMES.] - Giles’S Trip to London. A Farm Labourer’S First Peep at the World. By the Village Schoolmaster.
164192: (BIBLE). - The Picture Bible, for the Young. Containing Sacred Narratives, in the Words of the Holy Scriptures.
146039: (PUW). - Dan Pwy, Dyn Y Parc.
152856: (ROYAL SOCIETY). - 16 Papers on Tides, Comprising: Researches on the Tides. Twelfth Series. On the Laws of the Rise and Fall of the Sea’S Surface During Each Tide, by the Rev. W. Whewell; on Tides, by the Rev. Dr. Whewell; on Tides of Dundee and Glasgow, by David Mackie; on the Mean Level of the Sea, by the Rev. W. Whewell; Researches on the Tides. Eighth Series. On the Progress of the Diurnal Inequality Wale Along the Coasts of Europe, by the Rev. William Whewell; Additional Note to the Eleventh Series of Researches on the Tides, by the Rev. W. Whewell; X. Researches on the Tides - Ninth Series. On the Determination of the Laws of the Tides from Short Series of Observations, by the Rev. W. Whewell; Researches on the Tides - Sixth Series. On the Results of an Extensive System of Tide Observations Made on the Coasts of Europe and America in June 1835, by the Rev. William Whewell; II. On the Empirical Laws of the Tides in the Port of London; with Some Reflexions on the Theory, by the Rev. William Whewell; XIV. Researches on the Tides - Twelfth Series. On the Laws of the Rise and Fall of the Sea’S Surface During Each Tide, by the Rev. W. Whewell; Researches on the Tides - Seventh Series. On the Diurnal Inequality of the Height of the Tide, Especially at Plymouth and at Singapore, and on the Mean Level of the Sea, by the Rev. William Whewell; XII. Researches on the Tides - Eleventh Series. On Certain Tide Observations Made in the Indian Seas, by the Rev. W. Whewell; Researches on the Tides - Tenth Series. On the Laws of Low Water at the Port of Plymouth, and on the Permanency Oif Mean Water, by the Rev. W. Whewell; Researches on the Tides - Fourth Series. On the Empirical Laws of the Tides in the Port of Liverpool, by the Rev. W. Whewell; XII. Researches on the Tides - Fifth Series. On the Solar Inequality and on the Diurnal Inequality of the Tides at Liverpool, by the Rev. W. Whewell.
160076: (TALIESIN). - Taliesin. Cyfrol 4.
147467: (THOMAS, J. HEYWOOD.) - Gallica. Essays Presented to J. Heywood Thomas by Colleagues, Pupils and Friends.
151295: (GRUBB) [MURRAY, LINDLEY (EDITOR).] - Some Account of the Life and Religious Labours of Sarah Grubb. With an Appendix, Containing an Account of Ackworth School, Obserbations on Christian Discipline, and Extracts from Many of Her Letters.
151278: [ANONYMOUS]. - Little Peepy.
151277: [ANONYMOUS]. - Little Frank.
151276: [HARRILD, THOMAS & WHYMPER, ELIJAH.] - Twelfth Night.
139647: (SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION). - Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections. Volume 54 (No. 1922); Volume 59, No. 17 & 18; Volume 60, No. 14; Volume 74, No. 3; Volume 82, No. 4; Volume 87, No. 20; Volume 91, Nos. 8, 15 & 23; Volume 94, No. 9; Volume 95, Nos. 4 & 13; Volume 96, No. 6; Volume 94, Nos. 10 & 12; Volume 101, Nos. 8, 12 & 18; Volume 103, No. 3; Volume 104, Nos. 11 & 20; Volume 106, Nos. 6, 8 &17-20; Volume 107, Nos. 14, 16, 17 & 18; Volume 110, Nos. 3 & 9; Volume 111, Nos. 1 (2 Copies) 3, 4, 8 & 10; Volume 116, No. 6; Volume 117, Nos. 1-3, 5, 7, 8, 13 & 15; Volume 121, Nos. 2, 3, 6 & 12; Volume 122, Nos. 2 & 14; Volume 123, No. 4; Volume 128, Nos. 1 & 7; Volume 131, Nos. 3, 4, 7 & 11; Volume 134, Nos. 3, 5, 6, 8 & 11; Volume 135, Nos. 2, 6 & 7.
162400: (QUEEN ELIZABETH SIXTH FORM COLLEGE, DARLINGTON). - Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College, Darlington. Fire, 13th December 1987. The Refurbished Library Was Opened on 17th April 1991 by Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Kent.
129439: [WYSS, JOHANN]. - The Swiss Family Robinson. With Illustrations by H.M. Brock.
132465: (ARISTOTLE). - Aristotle: An Excerpt from the General Catalogue of Printed Books in the British Museum.
153267: - N-W.F. Province Gazetteer Dera Ismail Khan District. Part B. Statistical Tables
149684: [SURTEES, R.S.] - “Plain or Ringlets?”
138708: (EXETER SCHOOL). - Exeter School 1880-1983.
141210: (HANDBOOK). - Instructions for British Servicement in France, 1944.
146532: (METHODISTIAD CALFINAIDD). - Y Drysorfa: Cylchgrawn Misol Y Methodistiaid Calfinaidd. 1860. Llyfr XIV. O’R Gyfres Newydd, a Llyfr XXX. O’R Hen Gyfres.
146533: (METHODISTIAD CALFINAIDD). - Y Drysorfa: Cylchgrawn Misol Y Methodistiaid Calfinaidd. 1874. Llyfr XXVIII. O’R Gyfres Newydd, a Llyfr XLIV. O’R Hen Gyfres.
149676: [SURTEES, R.S.] - Hawbuck Grange; or, the Sporting Adventures of Thomas Scott.
163573: (SOTHEBY’S). - Fine Oriental Manuscripts and Miniatures. London, Thursday 22nd May 1986 at 10. 30am and 2. 30pm, and Friday 23rd May 1986 at 10. 30am.
145127: (GRIFFITHS.) - Cofio Ann Griffiths (1805: 1955).
138565: [FREETH, MISS E. (EDITOR).] - Clapham County School 1909-1959.
126711: (THOMPSON). - An Address Presented to Alexander Hamilton Thompson. With a Bibliography of His Writings.
162882: (INSTITUTE OF BREWING). - List of Members of the Insitute of Brewing 1944.
144944: (HYMN BOOK.) - Emynau’R Eglwys.
103145: [GREY, ZACHARY]. - A Free and Familiar Letter to That Great Refiner of Pope and Shakespear, the Rev Mr. William Warburton, Preacher of Lincoln’S-Inn. With Trials of Radclyffe Hallon the Epistle of Friend A.E. In Which His Unhandsome Treatment of This Celebrated Writer Is Expos’D in the Manner It Seserves. By a Country Curate.
164273: (SCRAP ALBUM). - A Victorian Album,
164274: (SCRAP ALBUM). - A Victorian Scrap Album,
151275: [WHYMPER, ELIJAH (ILLUSTRATOR).] - The Hero without Courage.
164272: (SCRAP ALBUM). - A 19th Century Album,
161612: [WHITAKER, EVELYN.] - Pomona. By He Author of ‘Laddie,’ ‘Tip-Cat,’ ‘Miss Toosey’S Mission,’ ‘Rose and Lavender,’ ‘Zoe,’ Etc.
152046: (WILLIAMSON, HENRY). - The Henry Williamson Society Journal. Number 38. September 2002.
138638: (BACUP AND RAWTENSTALL GRAMMAR SCHOOL.) - Seventy-Five Years. A History of Bacup and Rawtenstall Grammar School.
153658: (UNITED PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH). - Psalms, Hymns, and Harmonies: Consisting of the Psalms of David in Metre, and the Hymn Book of the United Presbyterian Church. Together with a Complete Collection of Music Adapted to All the Metres. By Permission of the United Presbyterian Synod.
162338: (FETTES) - Fifty Years of Fettes. Memories of Old Fettesians 1870-1920.
164373: H.M.S.O. (PUBLISHER). - Admiralty Handbook of Wireless Telegraphy. Volume I: Magnetism and Electricity. Volume II: Wireless Telegraphy Theory.
155944: (ABERCONWY). - Aberconwy. Gwlad Yr Hud a’R Chwedlau.
164152: - Another Ascent of the World’S Highest Peak - Qomolangma.
149675: [SURTEES, R.S.] - Mr. Sponge’S Sporting Tour.
124607: (JOHNSON CLUB) - Johnson Club Papers. By Various Hands. Second Series.
149910: (STUDIO). - The Studio. Volume XXXVII [Only]. An Illustrated Magazine of Fine and Applied Art.
145050: [VARIOUS.] - Newydd a Hen. Detholion O Lenyddiaeth Gymraeg Rhyddiaith a Barddoniaeth.
149679: [SURTEES, R.S.] - Mr. Facey Romford’S Hounds.
126177: [GROLIER CLUB.] - Catalogue of Original and Early Editions of Some of the Poetical and Prose Works of English Writers from Langland to Wither. With Collations & Notes, & Eighty-Seven Facsimiles of Title-Pages and Frontispieces. Being a Contribution to the Bibliography of English Literature.
156683: [CHARLES, ELIZABETH.] - The Draytons and the Davenants. A Story of the CIVIL Wars.
152855: (ROYAL SOCIETY). - The Atoll of Funafuti: Borings Into a Coral Reef and the Results. Being the Report of the Coral Reef Committee of the Royal Society. Section XI [Only]: Report on the Materials from the Borings at the Funafuti Atoll, by George Jennings Hinde.
151765: (THOMPSON). - An Address Presented to Alexander Hamilton Thompson, with a Bibliography of His Writings.
162379: (KENDAL HIGH SCHOOL). - An Honourable History. The Story of Kendal High School.
144549: (Y DIWYGIWR). - Y Diwygiwr; Yn Cynwys Cofiantau, Duwinyddiaeth, Gwleidiadaeth, Barddioeth, Peroriaeth, Oaolydiadau, Hanesion Cartrefol a Thramor, &C. 1849. Dan Nawdd Gweinidogion Yr Anymddibynwyr. Cyfrol XIV.
144468: (OPEN UNIVERSITY). - Film and Television History. Resource Book 2. Aa310 Rb 2.
149820: [HOFLAND, BARBARA.] - The History of a Clergyman’S Window and Her Young Mammals. By the Author of the Officer’S Window, Merchant’S Window, Daughter-in-Law, Sisters, Woofy Bow-Ows, Meowers Madness, Panorama of Europe, Rude Picture of a Beedle, &C.
146834: (NATIONAL SMALL-BORE RIFLE ASSOCIATION). - The Rifleman. Volume XL. Nos. 395-398. The Journal of the National Small-Bore Rifle Association.
144466: (OPEN UNIVERSITY). - Film and Television History. Hollywood. Aa310 Book 2.
144467: (OPEN UNIVERSITY). - Film and Television History. Resource Book I. Aa310 Rb 1.
124640: (KIPLING). - Kipling Calendar.
140679: - C19th Miscellany I [Only].1. Von Lettow-Vorbeck “ Kriegsgeschichteliche Beispiele” (Berlin, 1896) [Extracts].2. Salperin “in Wehr Und Waffen. Wehrbuerger, Soeldner Un Soldaten in Oldenburgh Und Den Hansestaedten. ” (Stuttgart, 1983) [Extracts].
162917: (ALLIED BREWERIES LTD.) - Allied’S World.
160081: (TALIESIN). - Taliesin. Cyfrol 3.
162914: (POWELL AND SCHOLEFIELD LIMITED). - Aids to Better Brewing. Published As a Contribution to the Modern Production of Brilliant and Stable Beers of Character.
152048: (WILLIAMSON, HENRY). - The Henry Williamson Society Journal. Number 35. September 1999.
152049: (WILLIAMSON, HENRY). - The Henry Williamson Society Journal. Number 33. September 1997.
137723: (SCHILLER) - The Life of Friedrich Schiller: Comprehending an Examination of His Works.
137182: (GIDE). - The Correspondence 1899-1926 between Paul Claudel and Andre Gide. Introduction and Notes by Robert Mallet. Prefaced and Translated by John Russell.
138098: (MERCHANT TAYLORS’ SCHOOL). - Merchant Taylors’ School: Its Origin, History and Present Surroundings.
138183: [SPARROW, KENNETH C.] - The Boy Scouts’ Complete Signalling Instructor.
138099: (BATH COLLEGE). - Thomas William Dunn. Fellow and Dean of Peterhouse, Assistant Master at Clifton College, Founder and Head Master of Bath College.
138020: (REPTON SCHOOL). - Repton School. Schemes of Work. Michaelmas Term, 1912.
137192: (GIBRAN). - The Treasured Writings of Kahlil Gibran.
139097: (WAR FACSIMILES, THE). - Ocean Front. The Story of the War in the Pacific 1941-44.
138061: (CHRIST’S HOSPITAL SCHOOL). - Some More Gleanings. A Selection of Pieces in Prose & Verse, from the Pages of “the Blue” 1870-1895.
138189: (BOY SCOUTS ASSOCIATION). - The Diamond Jubilee Book of Scouting 1907-1967. Publication Approved by the Boy Scouts Association.
137807: (TOMLINSON). - In Black & White. The Graphics of Charles Tomlinson. With an Introduction by Octavio Paz.
124429: [FAIRBRIDGE, KINGSLEY.] - Kingsley Fairbridge: His Life and Verse. Reprint of the 1927 Edition of the Autobiography of Kingsley Fairbridge, with Additional Text and New Illustrations; and Slections Form the 1909 and 1928 Editions of His Veld Verse.
138092: (WYGGESTON SCHOOL). - The Wyggeston Grammar School for Boys. Jubilee 1927.
138052: O.E. - Eton Under Hornby. Some Reminiscences & Reflections.
138001: (RENSSELAER POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE). - The Centennial Celebration of Renssleaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York. October 3rd and 4th, 1924.
146207: [VARIOUS]. - Ar Y Cyd.
164206: (TOLKIEN.) - J.R. R. Tolkien: Complete Catalogue 1989/90.
155347: (BRM). - Brm in Motorsport. The Story of the Bourne Car-Maker.
165106: (HITLER). - Die Reden Hitlers Am Parteitag Der Freiheit 1935.
156084: (Y CYMMRODORION). - Y Bywgraffiadur Cymreig 1951-1970. Gydag Atodiad I’R Bywgraffiadur Cymreig Hud 1940 a’R Bywgraffiadur Cymraeg 1941-1950. Paratowyd Dan Nawddy Anthydeddus Gymdeithas Y Cymmrodorion.
156085: (Y CYMMRODORION). - Y Bywgraffiadur Cymreig Hyd 1940. . Paratowyd Dan Nawddy Anthydeddus Gymdeithas Y Cymmrodorion.
148486: (FEMINIST REVIEW). - Feminist Review. No. 44 [Only]. Summer 1993. Nationalisms and National Identities.
149674: [SURTEES, R.S.] - Handley Cross; or, Mr. Jorrocks’S Hunt.
157222: (GILL, ERIC.) - Printed by Hague and Gill. A Checklist Prepared in Conjunction with the Exhibit a Responsible Workman Observing Eric Gill’S Centenary. Ucla Library, 26 April-16 July 1982.
155446: [FREEMAN, KENNETH JOHN] “K.J.F.” - Poems.
141572: (VERSAILLES). - Galeries Historiques Du Palais de Versailles. Tome Septieme, Deuxieme Partie [Only]. Connetables Et Marechaux de France.
141681: [ANONYMOUS.] - What Men Know About Women.
155531: [HART, FANNY WHEELER.] - Harry. By the Author of ‘Mrs. Jerningham’S Journal. ’
162894: (CARLSBERG). - The Carlsberg Breweries.
146296: [JONES, GWILYN H. (EDITOR).] - Llawlyfr Y Beibl.
161557: [WEBB-PEPLOE, ANNIE.] - Oliver Wyndham. A Tale of the Great Plague. By the Author of “Naomi. ”
162902: (ANONYMOUS). - The Public House Under Brewer-Ownership.
163572: (BONHAM’S). - Islamic and Indian Art. Thursday 15 April 2010, London.
152045: (WILLIAMSON, HENRY). - The Henry Williamson Society Journal. Number 37. September 2001.
138659: (KING EDWARD VII SCHOOL). - “Tha’LL Never Gerr in Theer... ” a Living History of King Edward VII School.
156324: (BRITISH LEYLAND). - Vanden Plas Princess 4-Litre-R: Workshop Manual.
157035: [DISRAELI, BENJAMIN.] - Endymion. By the Author of ‘Lothair. ’
165109: (SOZIALDEMOKRATISCHEN PARTEI DEUTSCHLANDS.) - Deutschland-Bericht Der Sozialdemokratishcen Partei Deutschlands (Sopade). Siebter Jahrgang 1940 Und Register.
156397: [DUNNE, FINLEY PETER.] - Observations by Mr. Dooley.
144559: [JONES, THOMAS (EDITOR).] - Rhyddiaith Gymraeg. Yr Ail Gyfrol. Detholion O Lawysgrifau a Llyfrau Printiedig 1547-1618.
125627: (MOFFAT, ROBERT.) - Rivers of Water in a Dry Place, or, from Africaner’S Kraal to Khama’S City.
163329: (SEXTON BLAKE). - The Seventh Sexton Blake Omnibus. Book One: The Case of the Bismarck Memoirs, by Pierre Quiroule. Book Two: The Sniper by Richard Williams.
162850: (PERONI). - Peroni Gran Riserva. Doppio Malto Birra.
146835: (NATIONAL SMALL-BORE RIFLE ASSOCIATION). - The Rifleman. Volume XL. Nos. 391-394. The Journal of the National Small-Bore Rifle Association.
151279: [WHYMPER, ELIJAH]. - Much Ado About Nothing, or, a Day at the Gardens.
147724: (DYFED). - Gwaith Barddonol Dyfed. Cyf. II [Only].
152944: [ANONYMOUS]. - Fir Tree’S Story. From the German.
162371: (WIGAN GRAMMAR SCHOOL). - Wigan Grammar School 1597-1947. 35oth Anniversary of Foundation Volume.
162852: (TETLEY). - The Company Brochure of Joshua Tetley and Son Limited.
147537: (VARIOUS). - Beirdd Ein Canrif. Llyfr I [Only]. Detholiad O Farddoniaeth I’R Ysgolion.
134290: (MINARDI). - Bruno Minardi. Architectural Monographs No. 51.
134800: (KOVAC). - Tom Kovac. Architectural Monographs No. 50.
154857: (WARD). - In Memoriam Adolphus William Ward, Master of Peterhouse (1900-1924).
145618: (CLWYD). - Yr Eisteddfod/the Eisteddfod. Ei Thwf a’I Pharhad Yng Nghlwyd/a Living Clwyd Tradition.
161445: [THACKERAY, W.M.] - The Newcomes. Memoirs of a Most Respectable Family. Edited by Arthur Pendennis.
146276: [THOMAS, WILLIAM.] - Gwaith Barddonol Islwyn 1832-1878.
116453: (HAYNES.) - Renault 14 Owners Workshop Manual 1977 to 1983. All Models; 1218cc, 1360cc
156645: [BUSSY, DOROTHY.] - Olivia. By Olivia.
162889: (DB CENTRAL BREWERY). - The Best Little Brewery in Australasia. Db Central Brewery Centennial 1889-1989.
156682: [CHARLES, ELIZABETH.] - Chronicles of the Schonberg-Cotta Family.
164387: (HARVEY SOCIETY). - The Harvey Lectures. Series XXVII [Only]. Deliverd Under the Auspices of the Harvey Society of New York, 1931-1932. Under the Patronage of the New York Academy of Medicine. By Dr. W.W. Swingle, Dr. E.D. Adrian, Dr. W.H. Taliaferro, Dr. S.J. Crowe, Dr. A.C. Ivy, Dr. L.T. Webster, Dr. Ludwig Pick, Dr. A. Policard.
138671: (SADDLEWORTH UPPERMILL SECONDARY MODERN SCHOOL). - The First Fifty Years 1911-1961.
138735: (RYDAL SCHOOL). - Rydal School, 1885-1935.
149680: [SURTEES, R.S.] - Mr. Sponge’S Sporting Tour.
162881: (ALLIED LYONS). - This Is Allied Lyons.
164376: (LINNEAN SOCIETY). - Catalogue of the Printed Books and Pamphlets in the Library of the Linnean Society of London.
133336: (LEWIS). - Wyndham Lewis, 1882-1957. The Collection of Wayne Hugo Green, M.D.
118972: [AMBROSE, TOM.] - Hitler’S Loss. What Britain and America Gained from Europe’S Cultural Exiles.
146324: [GENINEN.] - Y Geninen: Cylchgrawn Chwarterol Cenedlaethol. Cyfrol XVIII [Only]: 1900.
160733: - The National Roll of the Great War 1914 - 1918: Section IV Southampton. Contained Within the Pages of This Volume Will Be Found the Names and Records of Service of Those Who Helped to Secure Victory for the Empire During the Great War of 1914 - 1918.
164167: (BIBLE). - The Holy Bible. Containing the Old and New Testaments: Translated out of the Original Tongues: And with the Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised, by His Majesty’S Special Command. Appointed to Be Read in Churches.
164382: (ROYAL INSTITUTION, THE). - Proceedings of the Royal Institution of Great Britain. Volume 46 [Only]: 1973.
122653: (H.M.S.O.) - Miscellaneous No. 9 (1939). Documents Concerning German-Polish Relations and the Outbreak of Hostilities between Great Britain and Germany on September 3, 1939. Presented by the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs to Parliament by Command of His Majesty.
163545: (CIMAM JAPAN MEETING, THE.) - 1994 Cimam Japan Meeting. Official Program Monday, 26 September - 30 September 1994. Optional Program Saturday, 1 October - 2 October 1994.
147747: (WELSH ARTS COUNCIL TOURING EXHIBITION). - 10 Crochenwyr Potters. A Welsh Arts Council Touring Exhibition, with the Support of Thecrafts Advisory Committee, in Conjunction with the Royal National Eisteddfod of Wales, Cardiff, 1978.
161415: [SWINTON, MAJOR-GENERAL SIR ERNEST DUNLOP.] - The Great Tab Dope and Other Stories. By “Ole Luk-Oie. ”
151922: (MAGNET). - The Magnet Companion. A Collective Biography, Index and Directory.
149673: [SURTEES, R.S.] - Mr. Romford’S Hounds.
162438: (KING’S COLLEGE). - The Calendar of King’S College, London, for 1891-92.
129797: [ANON.] - The Pastor’S Address; or, Shall We Meet in Heaven?
138427: (WHITCLIFFE MOUNT SCHOOL). - Whitcliffe Mount School. Justly, Skilfully, Magnanimously.
149909: (STUDIO). - The Studio. Volume XXXVIII [Only]. An Illustrated Magazine of Fine and Applied Art.
153707: [DUNNE, FINLEY PETER.] - Dissertations by Mr. Dooley. By the Author of “Mr. Dooley’S Philosophy,” “Mr. Dooley’S Opinions,” Etc.
144462: (ELECTRIC SHEEP). - Electric Sheep: A Deviant View of Cinema. Winter 09. I Fought the Law. Gangsters, Thieves, Bikers and Banned Filmmakers: What Makes a Cinematic Outlaw. Also in This Issue: Pop Art Kafka: The Prisoner; Interview with John Hillcoatt; Film Noir Comic Strips; the Art of Polish Film Posters.
156194: U.C.W. - Students’ Sing-Song Selections. Profits for C.U.
163677: [ANONYMOUS]. - A Silver Cord. By the Author of “the Dean’S Little Daughter,” “with Wind and Tide,” “the Squire of Bratton,” “Little Lady Maria,” Etc.
146833: (NATIONAL SMALL-BORE RIFLE ASSOCIATION). - The Rifleman. Volume XXXIX. Nos. 387-390. The Journal of the National Small-Bore Rifle Association.
163681: [PRENTISS, ELIZABETH.] - Little Susy’S Six Teachers. By Her Aunt Susan.
138068: (GEORGE PEABODY COLLEGE). - The Semicentennial of George Peabody College for Teachers 1875-1925. The Proceedings of the Semicentennial Celebration, February 18, 19, and 20, 1925.
136209: (RELIGIOUS SOCIETY OF FRIENDS). - Rules of Discipline of the Religious Society of Friends, with Advices: Being Extracts from the Minutes and Epistles of Their Yearly Meeting, Held in London, from Its First Institution. [Bound with: -] Supplement to the “Rules of Discipline of the Religious Society of Friends, with Advices. ”
162880: (WORLDWIDE BREWING ALLIANCE). - Global Social Responsibility Initiatives. An Initiative of the Worldwide Brewing Alliance: Australasian Associated Brewers Inc. , Beer Institute, Brewers Association of Canada, the Brewers of Europe (Whose Membership Encompasses European Brewing Trade Associations), British Beer and Pub Association, Cerveceros Latinoamericanos (Whose Membership Includes Latin American Brewers and Trade Associations), Brewers Association of Japan, Union of Russian Brewers, Beer Wine and Spirit Council of New Zealand (Until Its Closure in 2006).
131934: (COULTER, JOHN MERLE). - A Record of the Doctors in Botany of the University of Chicago, 1897-1916, Presented to John Merle Coulter, Professor and Head of the Department of Botany by the Doctors in Botany, at the Quarter-Centennial of the University, June, 1916.
162428: R.P.H. - R.P. H. ’S Crazy Pages. From ‘Victory’.
165217: (SOZIALDEMOKRATISCHEN PARTEI DEUTSCHLANDS.) - Deutschland-Bericht Der Sozialdemokratishcen Partei Deutschlands (Sopade). Vierter Jahrgang 1937.
156006: (VARIOUS). - Hoff Gerddi Cymru.
162895: (BASS, RATCLIFF AND CRETTON LIMITED.) - Excursion to Great Yarmouth (Vauxhall Station), by the Midland and Great Eastern Railways, Via Peterborough, on Friday, June 16th, 1893.
149683: [SURTEES, R.S.] - Jorrocks’ Jaunts and Jollities. The Hunting, Shooting, Racing, Driving, Sailing, Eccentric and Extravagant Exploits of the Renowned Sporting Citizen, Mr. John Jorrocks. With an Introduction by Michael Wharton.
163574: (SOTHEBY’S). - Arts of the Islamic World. Including Fine Carpets and Textiles. Art of the Middle East and Turkey. Auction in London, Wednesday 24 April 2013, 10am. And 2pm.
162377: (MANSFIELD COLLEGE). - Mansfield College Essays. Presented to the Reverend Andrew Martin Fairbairn, D.D. , on the Occasion of His Seventieth Birthday, November 4, 1908. With a Bibliography.
149681: [SURTEES, R.S.] - Hillingdon Hall, or, the Cockney Squire. A Tale of Country Life.
149682: [SURTEES, R.S.] - “Ask Mama;” or, the Richest Commoner in England.
164393: (SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION). - Annual Report of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution, Showing the Operations, Expenditures, and Condition of the Institution for the Year Ending June 30, 1896. Report of the U.S. National Museum.
162892: (SIMONDS FARSONS CISK LTD.) - Farsons Beers. Quality Beers with a Mediterranean Heritage.
157019: [DEFOE, DANIEL.] - The Life and Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe of York, Mariner. Edited by John Major.
164381: (SOCIETE ROYALE DES ARTS ET DES SCIENCES). - Centenaire de la Societe Royale Des Arts Et Des Sciences de L’Ile Maurice, 1829-1929.
138132: (MANCHESTER GRAMMAR SCHOOL). - A Biographical Register of Old Mancunians 1910-1993. The Manchester Grammar School.
147172: [KALOYEROPOYLOY, A. (EDITOR).] - Acta of the 1st International Scientific Congress on the Volano of Thera. Held in Greece, 15th-23rd September 1969.
165218: (SOZIALDEMOKRATISCHEN PARTEI DEUTSCHLANDS.) - Deutschland-Bericht Der Sozialdemokratishcen Partei Deutschlands (Sopade). Sechster Jahrgang 1939.
160116: (PRIFYSGOL CYMRU). - Orgraff Yr Iaith Gymraeg. Adroddiad Pwyllgor Llen Bwrdd Gwybodau Celtaidd, Prifysgol Cymru.
144760: [HUNT, EDGAR (EDITOR).] - Instructions & Tunes for the Treble Recorder from the Modern Music Master C. 1731.
154656: [RUSSELL, GEORGE WILLIAM.] “A.E.” - The Living Torch. Edited by Monk Gibbon, with an Introductory Essay.
132392: [RAWLINGS, SAM (EDITOR).] - Time. Time. Time.
140708: (ANNUAL REGISTER). - The Annual Register [1822], or, a View of the History, Politics, and Literature, of Hte Year M. Dccc. XXII.
164269: (SCRAP ALBUM). - A Victorian Scrap Album,
164270: (SCRAP ALBUM). - A Victorian Scrap Album,
164271: (SCRAP ALBUM). - A 19th/20th Century Album,
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159395: (PLOUGH PRESS). - Etching.
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156895: WHAT’S SO SPECIAL ABOUT: - Diplodocus?
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156954: ADAMSON, JEAN & ADAMSON, GARETH. - Topsy and Tim Go to the Dentist.
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163539: ADDISS, STEPHEN. - Nanga Paintings. Catalogue.
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