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146386: MORGAN, DYFNALLT. - Y Llen. A Myfyrdodau Eraill.
155847: MORGAN, DEREC LLWYD. - Pobl Pantycelyn.
133665: MORGAN, KEITH & SIGAL, RUTH KRON. - Ruta’S Closet.
147580: (WILLIAMS) MORGAN, W. (EDITOR). - Album Williams, Pantycelyn: Yn Cynnwys Darluniau Cyssylltiedig a’I Fywyn a’I Goffadwriaeth, a Nodiadau Eglurhaol, Yn Nghyd a Detholion O’I Weithiau Barddonol.
154536: (MOORE) MORGAN, CHARLES. - Epitaph on George Moore.
146196: (PARRY-WILLIAMS) MORGAN, DYFNALLT. - Rhyw Hanner Ieuenctid. Astudiaeth O Gerddi Ac Ysgrifau T.H. Parry-Williams, Rhwng 1907 a 1928.
145061: (ROBERTS) MORGAN, DEREC LLWYD. - Tyred I’N Gwaredu. Bywyd John Roberts Llanfwrog.
147565: (ROBERTS) MORGAN, DEREC LLWYD (EDITOR). - Kate Roberts.
145993: (EDWARDS) MORGAN, D. LLWYD. - Charles Edwards.
147404: (GRUFFYDD) MORGAN, T.J. - W.J. Gruffydd.
147397: (ROBERTS) MORGAN, DEREC LLWYD. - Kate Roberts.
160120: MORGAN, J.J. - A Welais Ac a Glywais. Atogofion.
144490: MORGAN, PRYS. - Trugareddau.
152572: (COMPILERS) MORGAN, E.J.R. AND GILBERT, S.H. - Early Adelaide Architecture 1836 - 1886. A Photographic Record.
155981: MORGAN, DYFNALLT AND STODDART, JOHN. - Y Gan Yn Ei Gogoniant. Detholiad a Lieder. Trosiadau O’R Almaeneg.
160080: MORGAN, ELENA PUW. - Y Graith.
160247: MORGAN, ALUN. - The Breakwater. A Tale of Old Porthcawl.
160246: MORGAN, CHARLES. - The Fountain.
160245: MORGAN, CHARLES. - A Breeze of Morning.
158632: MORGAN, JAMES. - In the Footsteps of Napoleon. His Life and Its Famous Scenes.
160336: MORGAN, PAUL AND GRIFFITHS, JOHN. - Irb World Rugby Yearbook 2007.
160070: MORGANWG, DAFYDD. - Yr Ysgol Farddol: Yn Cynnwys Cyfarwyddiadau Eglur I Ddeall Rheolau Barddoniaeth Gymraeg.
147593: MORGI. - English and Welsh Poetry.
148971: MORILLO, STEPHEN (EDITOR). - The Battle of Hastings. Sources and Interpretations.
120450: MORISON, SAMUEL ELIOT. - The Two-Ocean War. A Short History of the United States Navy in the Second World War.
151455: MORISON, SAMUEL ELIOT. - Builders of the Bay Colony.
123039: MORISON, SAMUEL ELIOT. - “Old Bruin. ” Commodore Matthew C. Perry 1794-1858. The American Naval Office Who Helped Found Liberia, Hunted Pirates in the West Indies, Practised Diplomacy with the Sultan of Turkey and the King of the Two Sicilies; Commanded the Gulf Squadron in the Mexican War, Promoted the Steam Navy and the Shell Gun, and Conducted the Naval Expedition Which Opened Japan.
132361: MORLEY, CHRISTOPHER. - The Eighth Sin.
154515: (MILTON) MORLEY, HENRY (EDITOR). - English Prose Writings of John Milton.
129092: MORLEY, EARL OF & COWPER, EARL. - Accounts Relating to Trade and Navigation of the United Kingdom, for Each Month During the Year 1872. [a Bound Volume Comprising: ] March, May, June, July-December 1872 [and] February, May and September 1873.
160244: MORLEY, GEORGE. - Sweet Audrey. Scenes of Country Life and Town Glamour...
160243: MORLEY, CHRISTOPHER. - The Haunted Bookshop.
160242: MORLEY, CHRISTOPHER. - The Ironing Board.
160241: MORLEY, IRIS. - Rack. A Novel.
157432: MORLEY, JOHN. - Oliver Cromwell.
160420: MORLEY, JOHN. - The Life of Richard Cobden. Twelfth Thousand of the Popular One Volume Edition.
129381: MORLIERE, JACQUES-ROCHETTE DE LA. - Angola: An Eastern Tale. Translated by H.B. V. With an Introduction by Augustus John.
149621: MOROWITZ, HAROLD J. AND TRFIL, JAMES S. - The Facts of L.I. F.E. Science and the Abortion Controversy.
137687: MORRAH, PATRICK. - A Royal Family. Charles I and His Family.
140801: (GREVILLE) MORRELL, PHILIP (EDITOR). - Leaves from the Greville Diary. Arranged with Introduction and Notes.
160240: MORRELL, DAVID. - Last Reveille. A Novel.
154751: (STEVENSON) MORRIS, DAVID B. - Robert Louis Stevenson and the Scottish Highlanders.
146547: (DURKHEIM) MORRIS-JONES, HUW. - Durkheim.
153478: (CLEVELAND) MORRIS, BRIAN. - John Cleveland (1613-1658). A Bibliography of His Poems.
154554: (CLEVELAND) MORRIS, BRIAN. - John Cleveland (1613-1658). A Bibliography of His Poems.
147860: MORRIS, E. RONALD (EDITOR). - Atlas Hanesyddol Maldwyn Hyd at 1966.
123332: MORRIS, LEWIS. - Odatis: An Old Love-Tale. A Poem. Illustrated by Alice Havers and G.P. Jacomb Hood.
139226: MORRIS, HENRY. - Essentials of Materia Medica, Therapeutics and Prescription Writing, Arranged in the Form of Questions and Answers Prepared Especialy for Students of Medicine. Edited by W.A. Bastedo.
155653: MORRIS, WILLIAM. - The Life and Death of Jason. Edited with Introduction and Notes by E. Maxwell,
125396: MORRIS, JEREMY. - The Church in the Modern Age.
138830: MORRIS, RICHARD. - The Man Who Ran London During the Great War. The Diaries and Letters of Lieutenant General Sir Francis Lloyd, Gcvo, Ckb, Dso (1853-1926).
147864: MORRIS, TERRY. - Cool Cymru Collection.
133353: MORRIS, KEVIN L. - The Image of the Middle Ages in Romantic and Victorian Literature.
160083: MORRIS, WILLIAM. - Atgof a Phrofiad. Sgyrsau a Cherddi.
148997: MORRIS, JOSEPH E. - Beautiful Britain: Westminster Abbey.
147732: MORRIS, WILLIAM. - Atgof a Phrofiad. Sgyrsiau a Cherddi.
157209: MORRIS, C.B. - A Generation of Spanish Poets 1920-1936.
151822: MORRIS, DAVID. - The Masks of Lucifer. Technology and the Occult in Twentieth-Century Popular Literature.
147582: MORRIS, JOHN HUGHES. - Ystoriau Cenhadol O Bob Gwlad.
147823: MORRIS, JOHN HUGHES. - Hanes Methodistiaeth Liverpool.
149377: MORRIS, A. - Cambridge County Geographies: Merionethshire.
147825: (DAVIES) MORRIS, PARCH. WILLIAM. - Crist Y Bardd (Darlith Davies).
147833: MORRIS, JOHN HUGHES. - Hanes Cenhadaeth Dramor Y Methodistiaid Calfinaidd Cymreig, Hyd Diwedd Y Flwyddyn 1904.
138609: MORRIS, L.F. - A History of St. Dunstan’S College.
152677: MORRIS, JOHN. - The Phoenix Cup. Some Notes on Japan in 1946.
152225: MORRIS, JAN. - Sydney.
160239: MORRIS, I.V. - Marching Orders.
157483: [MORRIS, REV. F.O. - A History of British Birds. Volume III [Only]. ]
158678: MORRIS, WILLIAM (TRANSLATOR). - Old French Romances. Done Into English by William Morris. With an Introduction by Joseph Jacobs.
159171: MORRIS, ALICE TALWIN. - The Troubles of Tatters and Other Stories.
132761: MORRISON, N. BRYSSON. - King’S Quiver. The Last Three Tudors.
160238: MORRISON, T.J. - The Cairn.
114671: MORROW, JOHN (EDITOR). - Young England. The New Generation. A Selection of Primary Texts.
149346: MORSE, R.G. - The Naked Mountain. An Adventure to the Deadliest Peak in the Himalaya.
135426: MORTERS, PETER ET AL (EDITORS). - Analysis and Stochastics of Growth Processes and Interface Models.
154551: MORTIMER, JOHN. - The Summer of a Dormouse.
154552: MORTIMER, PENELOPE. - About Time: An Aspect of Autobiography.
156335: MORTIMER, RAYMOND (INTRODUCTION BY). - The Seven Deadly Sins. Angus Wilson; Edith Sitwell; Cyril Connolly; Patrick Leigh Fermor; Evelyn Waugh; Christopher Sykes; W.H. Auden.
160237: MORTIMER, ARTHUR. - The Wall.
160236: MORTIMER, JOHN. - Quite Honestly.
160235: MORTIMER, JOHN. - The Sound of Trumpets.
160234: MORTIMER, PENELOPE. - Long Distance.
160233: MORTIMER, PENELOPE. - The Handyman.
160232: MORTIMER, PENELOPE. - Saturday Lunch with the Brownings. Stories.
138715: MORTIMORE, M.J.A. - Bridlington School: A History. Vitai Lampada Tradunt. They Hand on the Torch of Life.
151171: MORTON, JOHN. - On the Nature and Property of Soils: Their Connexion with the Geoloical Formation on Which They Rest; the Best Means of Permanently Increasing Their Productiveness, and on the Rent and Profits of Agriculture.
139393: (MASKELYNE) MORTON, VANDA. - Oxford Rebels. The Life and Friends of Nevil Story Maskelyne, 1823-1911, Pioneer Oxford Scientist, Photographer and Politician.
137379: MORTON, J.B. - Cram Me with Eels! the Best of Beachcomber’S Unpublished Humour. Edited and Introduced by Mike Barfield, with a Preface by Richard Ingrams and Drawings by Steven Appleby.
160231: MORTON, FREDERIC. - Thunder and Twilight. Vienna 1913/1914.
142709: MORTON, HARRY. - The Wind Commands. Sailors and Sailing Ships in the Pacific.
157567: MORTON, EUGENE S. AND PAGE, JAKE. - Animal Talk. Science and the Voices of Nature.
158360: MORTON, JAMES. - Gangland: The Early Years.
158363: MORTON, JAMES. - Gangland: The Lawyers.
160419: MORTON, J.B. - Springtime. Tales of the Cafe Rieu.
160289: MOSES, ANTHONY J. AND MOSES, BRENDA C. - A History of Dinas Powys Ruby Football Club and Its Associations with the Village 1882-1982.
141613: MOSLEY, LEONARD. - The Druid.
141592: MOSS, W. STANLEY. - ILL Met by Moonlight. Introduction by M.R. D. Foot. Prologue and Epilogue by Iain Moncreiffe. Afterword by Patrick Lee Fermor.
151785: MOSS, PETER & KEETON, JOE. - Encounters with the Past. How Man Can Experience and Relive History.
153510: (CROCE) MOSS, M.D. - Benedetto Croce. Essays on Literature and Literary Criticism. Annotated and Translated from the Italian, with an Introduction.
160418: MOSSMAN, JAMES. - Beggars on Horseback.
158355: MOTION, ANDREW. - Wainewright: The Poisoner.
85508: MOTION, ANDREW (INTRODUCTION BY ...) - The Ring of Words. Poems from the Daily Telegraph Arvon International Poetry Competition 1998 in Association with Duncan Lawrie Limited.
155643: MOTT, ELIZABETH. - Dryad’S Trove and Other Poems.
154523: (MERTON) MOTT, MICHAEL. - The Seven Mountains of Thomas Merton.
143382: MOTT, MICHAEL. - The Seven Mountains of Thomas Merton.
160415: MOTTRAM, R.H. - The Spanish Farm. With a Preface by John Galsworthy.
160416: MOTTRAM, R.H. - The Boroughmonger.
160417: MOTTRAM, R.H. - The New Providence.
134620: MOULD, D.D.C. POCHIN. - The Roads from the Isles. A Study of the North-West Highland Tracks.
141002: MOULTON, HAROLD G. & PASVOLSKY, LEO. - War Debts and World Prosperity.
138326: MOUNT, FERDINAND. - Full Circle. How the Classical World Came Back to Us.
155809: MOUNTAIN, JACOB. - Poetical Reveries.
112402: MOWAT, FARLEY. - A Farley Mowat Reader. With Selections from Born Naked, the Dog Who Wouldn’T Be, Owls in the Family, the Boat Who Wouldn’T Float, and Many Others.
148302: MOXON, STEVE. - The Woman Racket. The New Science Explaining How the Sexes Relate at Work, at Play and in Society.
158993: MUCHA, JIRI. - The Problems of Lieutenant Knap. Translated from the Czech by E. Osers.
126196: MUDDIMAN, BERNARD. - The Men of the Nineties.
157506: MUDDIMAN, JG. - The King’S Journalist 1659 - 1689. Studies in the Reign of Charles II.
125062: MUDFORD, PETER. - The Art of Celebration.
153271: MUDFORD, PETER. - Birds of a Different Plumage. A Study of British-Indian Relations from Akbar to Curzon.
131561: MUDIE, R. - Autumn; or, the Causes, Appearances, and Effects of the Seasonal Decay and Decomposition of Nature.
152866: MUEGGLER, ERIK. - The Age of Wild Ghosts. Memory, Violence and Place in Southwest China.
153246: (BRECHT) MUENSTERER, HANNS OTTO. - The Young Brecht. Translated and Introduced by Tom Kuhn and Karen J. Leeder. Preface by Michael Morley. With Further Perspectives by the Translators.
107837: (ABDOH). MUFSON, DAINEL (EDITOR). - Reza Abdoh.
135977: MUGGERIDGE, MALCOLM. - A Third Testament.
126577: (BUTLER). MUGGERIDGE, MALCOLM. - The Earnest Atheist. A Study of Samuel Butler.
159347: MUHLSTEIN, ANKA. - Baron James. The Rise of the French Rothschilds.
143095: MUIR, M.M. PATTISON. - A Treatise on the Principles of Chemistry.
160414: MUKERJEE, RUCHIRA. - Toad in My Garden.
156182: MUKERJI, CHANDRA. - Territorial Ambitions and the Gardens of Versailles.
151677: MULDER, JESSE MERIJN. - Conceptual Realism. The Structure of Metaphysical Thought.
158214: MULHALL, STEPHEN AND SWIFT, ADAM. - Liberals and Communitarians.
125992: MULHALLEN, DAVID. - Songs and Stories of Australia.
156476: MULLER, PROF. DR. K. A. - Musaeus’ Marchen. Fur Die Jugend Erzahlt.
124830: MULLER, THE RT. HON. PROFESSOR F. MAX. - Auld Land Syne.
138039: MULLINGER, JAMES BASS. - The University of Cambridge. From the Earliest Times to the Royal Injunctions of 1535. ; from the Royal Injunctions of 1535 to the Accession of Charles the First. ; from the Election of Buckingham to Hte Chancellorship in 1626, to the Decline of the Platonist Movement.
160413: MULOCK, DINAH MARIA. - John Halifax, Gentleman.
131947: MULVEY, CHRISTOPHER. - Anglo-American Landscapes. A Study of Nineteenth-Century Anglo-American Travel Literature.
160412: MULVIHILL, MARGARET. - Natural Selection.
158104: MUMM, SUSAN (EDITOR). - Religion Today: A Reader.
158215: MUNCK, RONALDO. - Globalisation and Labour. The New ‘Great Transformation. ’
153570: MUNELES, OTTO. - Bibliographical Survey of Jewish Prague.
138259: MUNRO, BILL. - Humvee.
140080: (CATULLUS) MUNRO, H.A.J. - Criticisms and Elucidations of Catullus.
155805: MUNRO, NEIL. - The Poetry. With a Preface by John Buchan.
151020: MUNSON, THOMAS. - The Challenge of Religion: A Philosophical Appraisal.
158959: MURAKAMI, RYU. - From the Fatherland, with Love. Translated from the Japanese by Ralph Mccarthy, Charles de Wolf, and Ginny Tapley Takemori.
160411: MURARI, T.N. - Taj. A Novel.
156185: MURAT, INES. - Colbert.
160405: MURDOCH, IRIS. - The Green Knight.
160406: MURDOCH, IRIS. - The Message to the Planet.
160407: MURDOCH, IRIS. - The Book and the Brotherhood.
160410: MURDOCH, IRIS. - The Good Apprentice.
150225: MURLAND, CAPTAIN J.R.W. - The Royal Armoured Corps.
131073: MURPHY, JILL. - Five Minute’S Peace.
154207: (JOHNSON) MURPHY, ARTHUR (EDITOR). - The Works of Samuel Johnson, LL. D. Volume I [Only]. With an Essay on His Life and Genius.
126237: MURPHY, TERESA ANNE. - Ten Hours’ Labor. Religion, Reform and Gender in Early New England.
131638: MURPHY, WILLAM SCANLAN. - Father of the Submarine. The Life of the Reverend George Garrett Pasha.
154208: (JOHNSON) MURPHY, ARTHUR (EDITOR). - The Works of Samuel Johnson, LL. D. Volume II [Only]. With an Essay on His Life and Genius.
154547: MURPHY, MAURA. - Don’T Wake Me at Doyles. A Memoir.
142762: MURPHY, HUGH & ODDY, DEREK J. - The Mirror of the Seas. Centenary History of the Society for Nautical Research.
158373: MURPHY, ROBERT. - Smash and Grab. Gangsters in the London Underworld 1920-60.
135764: (DE MIST) MURRAH, A.H. - The Political Philosophy of J.A. De Mist, Commissioner-General at the Cape 1803-1805. A Study in Political Pluralism.
147811: (LLOYD-JONES) MURRAY, IAIN H. - David Martyn Lloyd-Jones. The First Forty Years 1899-1939.
138837: MURRAY, NICHOLAS. - The Red Sweet Wine of Youth. British Poets of the First World War.
135384: MURRAY, THE REV. ROBERT H. - Studies in the English Social and Political Thinkers of the Nineteenth Century. Volume I [Only]. From Malthus to Kingsley.
152662: (EDITOR) MURRAY, TIM. - Archaeology of Aboriginal Australia. A Reader.
154498: (MARVELL) MURRAY, NICHOLAS. - World Enough and Time. The Life of Andrew Marvell.
159683: MURRAY, CRAIG. - Sikunder Burnes Master of the Great Game.
142513: (MARVELL) MURRAY, NICHOLAS. - World Enough and Time. The Life of Andrew Marvell.
160408: MURRAY, JOHN. - A Few Short Notes on Tropical Butterflies. Stories.
160409: MURRAY, D.L. - Trumpeter, Sound!
154511: (MANSFIELD) MURRY, JOHN MIDDLETON (EDITOR). - Katherine Mansfield’S Letters to John Middleton Murry 1913-1922.
154418: (LAWRENCE) MURRY, JOHN MIDDLETON. - Son of Woman. The Story of D.H. Lawrence.
139571: MURTHY, T.K.S. & MUNCH, R.E. (EDITORS). - Computer Applications in Spacecraft Design and Operation.
109340: MUSCATINE, CHARLES. - Medieval Literature, Style, and Culture.
135231: BRITISH MUSEUM (NATURAL HISTORY). - The John Murray Expedition 1933-34. Scientific Reports. Volume VIII Nos. 1-3 [Only].
147905: J. PAUL GETTY MUSEUM. - Greek Vases in the J. Paul Getty Museum. Volume 5 [Only].
135227: BRITISH MUSEUM (NATURAL HISTORY). - The John Murray Expedition 1933-34. Scientific Reports. Volume VII [Only]. Zoology.
135228: BRITISH MUSEUM (NATURAL HISTORY). - The John Murray Expedition 1933-34. Scientific Reports. Volume IX Nos. 1-3 [Only].
135229: BRITISH MUSEUM (NATURAL HISTORY). - The John Murray Expedition 1933-34. Scientific Reports. Volume II Nos. 1-5 [Only]. Meteorological, Chemical and Physical Investigations.
135230: BRITISH MUSEUM (NATURAL HISTORY). - The John Murray Expedition 1933-34. Scientific Reports. Volume IV Nos. 1-9 [Only]. Zoology.
151283: IMPERIAL WAR MUSEUM. - Home Guard List 1941 South Eastern Command. Kent. Surrey. Sussex.
151284: IMPERIAL WAR MUSEUM. - Home Guard List 1941 Scottish Command.
142747: NATIONAL MARITIME MUSEUM. - Historic Photographs at the National Maritime Museum. An Illustrated Guide.
155639: MUSGRAVE, SUSAN. - Entrance of the Celebrant.
151238: MUSGRAVE, TOBY; GARDNER, CHRIS & MUSGRAVE, WILL. - The Plant Hunters. Two Hundred Years of Adventure and Discovery Around the World.
151220: MUSSON, CHRIS. - Radnorshire from Above. Images of Landscape and Archaeology.
133797: MYATT, FREDERICK. - British Sieges of the Peninsular War.
137552: MYERS, ROBIN; HARRIS, MICHAEL & MANDELBROTE, GILES (EDITORS). - Lives in Print: Biography and the Book Trade from the Middle Ages to the 21st Century.
158217: MYERS, PATRICK R. - Succession between International Organizations.
160404: MYERS, ELIZABETH. - Mrs. Christopher.
142984: MYRES, JOHN L. - Geographical History in Greek Lands.
158992: MYSLIWSKI, WIESLAW. - The Palace. Translated from the Polish by Ursula Phillips.
159007: NABOKOV, VLADIMIR. - The Gift. Translated from the Russian by Michael Scammell with the Collaboration of the Author.
136304: NACHMAN OF BRESLEV, RABBI. - Tales of Ancient Times.
158905: NAESS, KRISTINE. - Only Human. Translated from the Norwegian by Sean Kinsella.
137298: (JEWETT) NAGEL, GWEN L. & NAGEL, JAMES. - Sarah Orne Jewett: A Reference Guide.
158094: NAGEL, SUSAN. - Marie-Therese. The Fate of Marie Antoinette’S Daughter.
154542: NAIPAUL, V.S. - Finding the Centre. Two Narratives.
124823: NAIPAUL, SHIVA. - An Unfinished Journey.
154545: NAIPAUL, V.S. - The Writer and the World. Esaays. Edited by Pankaj Mishra.
154544: NAIPAUL, SHIVA. - Black and White.
160403: NAIPAUL, V.S. - The Suffrage of Elvira.
133418: NAISH, GEORGE P.B. (EDITOR). - The Spanish Armada. Documents Illustrating the History of the Spanish Armada. Reprinted from the Naval Miscellany, Vol. IV.
82645: (WARREN). NAKADATE, NEIL. (EDITOR). - Robert Penn Warren. Critical Perspectives.
158930: NANA, JAGUA. - Cyprian Ekwensi.
141928: NANCARROW, F.G. - Glasgow’S Fighter Squadron. With a Foreword by Sir Patrick J. Dollan.
139671: NANCE, JOHN. - The Gentle Tasaday. A Stone Age People in the Philippine Rain Forest. Foreword by Charles A. Lindbergh.
150560: NANNI, PAOLO (EDITOR). - Olivi Di Toscana/Tuscan Olive Tree.
126747: NANSEN, FRIDTJOF. - “Farthest North. ” Being the Record of a Voyage of Exploration of the Ship Fram 1893-96 and of a Fifteen Months’ Sleigh Journey by Dr. Nansen and Lieut. Johansen with an Appendix by Otto Sverdrup, Captain of the Fram.
128808: NAPIER, W.F.P. - History of the War in the Peninsula and in the South of France. Volume III [Only], from the Year 1807 to the Year 1814.
140614: NAPIER, LIEUT.-GEN. SIR WILLIAM. - English Battles and Sieges in the Peninsula.
158144: NAQVI, SYED NAWAB HAIDER. - Islam, Economics, and Society.
160402: NARAYAN, R.K. - Swami and Friends; the Bachelor of Arts; the Dark Room; the English Teacher. With an Introduction by Alexander Mccall Smith.
149883: NARKISS, BEZALEL. - The Golden Haggadah.
148384: NASH, JAY ROBERT. - Look for the Women. A Narratiave Encyclopedia of Female Poisoners, Kidnappers, Thieves, Extortionists, Terrorists, Swindlers and Spies from Elizabethan Times to the Present.
155797: NASH, OGDEN. - The Private Dining-Room and Other New Verses.
149036: NASH-WILLIAMS, V.E. - The Roman Legionary Fortress at Caerleon, Monmouthshire.
140988: NASH, DAVID (INTRODUCTION BY). - German Army Handbook April 1918.
126083: NASH, STEPHEN EDWARD. - Time, Trees, and Prehistory. Tree-Ring Dating and the Development of North American Archaeology 1914-1950.
150367: NASH, N.S. - Chitral Charlie. The Life and Times of a Victorian Soldier. The Slow Rise and Swift Fall of Major General Sir Charles Townshend Kcb Dso.
157832: NASH, JUDY. - Thatchers and Thatching.
147913: REUNION DES MUSEES NATIONAUX (PUBLISHER). - Euphronios. Peintre a Athenes Au Vie Siecle Avant J. -C. Musee Du Louvre, Paris, 18 Septembre-31 Decembre 1990.
148923: NAUERT, CHARLES G. - Humanism and the Culture of Renaissance Europe.
154213: (JOHNSON) NAUGLE, HELEN HARROLD AND SHERRY, PETER B. (EDITORS). - A Concordance to the Poems of Samuel Johnson.
143271: NAVONE, JOHN J. - History and Faith in the Thought of Alan Richardson.
154591: NAVROZOV, ANDREI. - The Gingerbread Race. A Life in the Closing World Once Called Free.
138243: NAYLOR, MURRAY. - Among Friends. The Scots Guards 1956-1993.
157519: NEAL, ERNEST. - New Naturalist Monograph: The Badger.
151657: NEALE, STEPHEN. - Descriptions.
143501: NEDHAM, MARCHAMONT. - The Excellencie of a Free State; or, the Right Constitution of a Commonwealth. Edited and with an Introduction by Blair Worden.
87657: NEES, LAWRENCE. - A Tainted Mantle. Hercules and the Classical Tradition at the Carolingian Court.
131605: NEESER, ROBERT WILDEN. - Our Many-Sided Navy.
146347: NEFYN-WILLIAMS, TOM. - Yr Ymchwil.
135567: NEGRI, ANTONIO. - Time for Revolution. Translated by Matteo Mandarini.
158314: NEGRI, ANTONIO. - Pipeline. Letters from Prison. Translated by Ed Emery.
141405: NEHRING, GENERAL. - Die Geschichte Der Deutschen Panzerwaffe, 1916-1945.
154468: (MANN) NEIDER, CHARLES (EDITED). - The Stature of Thomas Mann.
150150: O’NEIL, DENNY & KALUTA, MICHAEL. - The Shadow: 1941 - Hitler’S Astrologer.
150354: NEILL, ELIZABETH. - Fragile Fortunes. The Origins of a Great British Merchant Family.
122187: O’NEILL, RICHARD. - Suicide Squads. Axis and Allied Special Attack Weapons of World War II: Their Development and Their Missions.
155796: O’NEILL, EUGENE. - Poems 1912-1944. Edited by Donald Gallup.
133536: O’NEILL, RICHARD. - Suicide Squads. Axis and Allied Special Attach Weapons of World War II: Their Development and Their Missions.
138397: NEILL, ELIZABETH. - Fragile Fortunes. The Origins of a Great British Merchant Family.
155392: NEILL, WILLIAM J.V., FITZSIMONS, DIANA S., AND MURTAGH, BRENDAN. - Reimagining the Pariah City. Urban Development in Belfast and Detroit.
152968: O’NEILL, MICHAEL (EDITOR). - Literture of the Romantic Period. A Bibliographical Guide.
97952: O’NEILL, RICHARD. - Suicide Squads. The Men and Machines of World War II Special Operations.
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