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137003: (BERGER) SWAYZE, CAROLYN. - Hard Choices. A Life of Tom Berger.
135585: SWEARINGEN, JAMES E. & CUTTING-GRAY, JOANE (EDITORS). - Extreme Beauty. Aesthetics, Politics, Death.
136208: SWEDENBORG, EMANUEL. - The Delights of Wisdom Relating to Conjugiallove, After Which Follow the Pleasures of Insanity Relating to Scortatory Love. From the Latin.
136207: SWEDENBORG, EMANUEL. - The Apocalypse Explained, Volume VI [Only], According to the Spiritual Sense, Wherein Are Disclosed the Arcana Therein Foretold, Which Have Been Hitherto Hidden. From the Latin of a Posthumous Work. Numbers 1090-1229.
131229: SWEET, ALEX E. & KNOX, J. ARMOY. - On a Mexican Mustang Through Texas. From the Gulf to the Rio Grande.
139028: SWEET, MATTHEW. - The West End Front. The Wartime Secrets of London’S Grand Hotels.
140053: SWEET, WALDO E. - Sport and Recreation in Ancient Greece. A Sourcebook with Translations. Foreword by Erich Segal.
131691: SWEETMAN, JACK (EDITOR). - Great American Naval Battles.
138805: SWEETMAN, JOHN. - Raglan. From Peninsula to the Crimea.
143130: SWEETMAN, JOHN. - Raglan. From Peninsula to the Crimea.
124068: (STRINDBERG). SWERLING, ANTHONY. (EDITOR). - In Quest of Strindberg. Letters to a Seeker.
125089: SWETTENHAM, SR. FRANK ATHELSTANE (EDITOR). - Unaddressed Letters.
136896: SWIFT, GRAHAM. - Wish You Were Here.
137770: SWIFT, JONATHAN. - Satires and Personal Writings. Edited with Introduction and Notes by William Alfred Eddy.
127168: SWINBURNE, ALGERNON CHARLES. - Rosamund. Queen of the Lombards. A Tragedy.
137588: SWINDELLS, JULIA. - Victorian Writing and Working Women. The Other Side of Side of Silence.
116070: SYDNOR, CHARLES W. - Soldiers of Destruction. The Ss Death’S Head Division, 1933-1945.
142970: SYDNOR, CHARLES W. - Soldiers of Destruction. The Ss Death’S Head Division, 1933-1945.
139641: SYKES, BRYAN. - The Seven Daughters of Eve.
132051: SYKES, CHRISTOPHER. - Troubled Loyalty. A Biography of Adam Von Trott Zu Solz.
124062: SYMONS, JULIAN. - Critical Occasions.
137119: (CORVO) SYMONS, A.J.A. - The Quest for Corvo. With Introductions by Sir Norman Birkett and Sir Shane Leslie.
137765: SYMONS, ARTHUR. - Spiritual Adventures.
146575: SZASZ, THOMAS S. - The Ethics of Psychoanalysis. The Theory and Method of Autonomous Psychotherapy.
143936: TABB, WILLIAM K. - The Amoral Elephant. Globalization and the Struggle for Social Justice in the Twenty-First Century.
134969: TABBAA, YASSER. - The Transformation of Islamic Art During the Sunni Revival.
130088: TAFT, WILLIAM H. ET AL. - Photographic History of the CIVIL War: Complete and Unabridged. The Opening Battles; Two Years of Grim War: The Decisive Battles; the Cavalry; Forts and Artillery; the Navy; Soldier Life and Secret Service; Prisons and Hospitals; the Armies and Leaders; Poetry and Eloquence.
137797: TAGORE, RABINDRANATH. - Sadhana. The Realisation of a Life.
133217: AL-TAHAWY, MIRAL. - Brooklyn Heights. Translated by Sameh Salim.
129330: TAIBO II, PACO IGNACIO. - Returning As Shadows. Translated from the Spanish by Ezra E. Fitz.
149730: TALBOT, BRIAN. - Tales from a Forgotten Planet. Issue #1 [Only].
139088: TALBOTT, STROBE & CHANDA, NAYAN (EDITORS). - The Age of Terror. America and the World After September 11.
132046: TALIAFERRO, HENRY G.; KENAMORE, JANE A. & HALLER, ULI (EDITORS). - Cartographic Sources in the Rosenberg Library.
142996: TALL, J.J. & KEMP, PAUL. - Hm Submarines in Camera. An Illustrated History of British Submarines 1901-1996. Foreword by Rerar Admiral J.F. Perowne Obe.
140674: TANERA, CARL. - Krieg Und Frieden. Ernstes Und Heiteres.
140673: TANERA, CARL. - Krieg Und Frieden. Ernstes Und Heiteres.
131093: TANKARD, JEREMY. - Me Hungry!
148559: (BLAKE) TANNENBAUM, LESLIE. - Biblical Tradition in Blake’S Early Prophecies: The Great Code of Art.
142754: (PEPYS) TANNER, J.R. - Samuel Pepys and the Royal Navy. Lees Knowles Lectures Delivered at Trinity College in Cambridge, 6, 13, 20 and 27 Novermber, 1919.
124876: (PEPYS). TANNER, J.R. - Mr. Pepys. An Introduction to the Diary Together with a Sketch of His Later Life.
148394: TANNER, MICHAEL. - The Suffragette Derby.
139087: TANNER, STEPHEN. - The Wars of the Bushes. A Father Amd Son As Military Leaders.
140578: TARLE, EUGENE. - Bonaparte. Translated from the Russian by John Cournos.
109230: (CARLYLE, THOMAS). TARR, RODGER L. - Thomas Carlyle. A Descriptive Bibliography.
87766: TATE, CLAUDIA. - Psychoanalysis and Black Novels. Desire and Protocols of Race.
129827: TATMAN, LUCY. - Knowledge That Matters. A Feminist Theological Paradigm and Epistemology.
133894: TATTERSALL, BRUCE. - Stubbs & Wedgwood. Unique Alliance between Artist and Potter. With an Introduction by Basil Taylor.
148666: TATTERSALL, W.M. - Euphausiacea and Mysidacea Collected on the Presidentail Cruise of 1938.
150114: TAUB, HERBERT (EDITOR). - Illustrierter Fuehrer Dur Jugoslawien (Koenigreich Der Serben, Kroaten Und Slowenen). Herausgegeben IM Einvernehmen Mit Den Amtlichen Stellen Zur Foerderung Des Reiseverkehrs in Jugoslawien.
147025: (LONSDALE LIBRARY) TAVERNER, ERIC. - Trout Fishing from All Angles. A Complete Guide to Modern Methods; a Chapter on Trout Scales by G. Herbert Nall & the Legal Aspect of Fishing by Alban Bacon.
148588: (BLAKE) TAYLER, IRENE. - Blake’S Illustrations to the Poems of Gray.
141051: TAYLOER, FREDERICK. - The Downfall of Money. Germany’S Hyperinflation and the Destruction of the Middle Classes.
141878: TAYLOR, MICHAEL J.H. - Close Air Support. Armed Helicopters & Ground Attack Aircraft.
141038: (BEAVERBROOK) TAYLOR, A.J.P. - Beaverbrook.
143338: TAYLOR, JEREMY. - A Discourse of the Liberty of Prophesying 1647.
126634: (DUNBAR). TAYLOR, RACHEL ANNAND. - Dunbar. The Poet and His Period.
150444: TAYLOR, MICHAEL. - Le Tibet de Marco Polo a Alexandra David-Neel.
130665: TAYLOR, OPENSHAW. - Utilisation of Electric Energy.
131101: TAYLOR, SEAN. - Boing! Illustrated by Bruce Ingman.
133362: TAYLOR, ALICE. - The Parish.
133378: TAYLOR, H.A. - Robert Donald. Being the Authorized Biography of Sir Robert Donald, G.B. E. , LL. D. , Journalist, Editor and Friend of Statesmen. With a Foreword by the Right Honourable J. Ramsay Macdonald, M.P.
133547: TAYLOR, GEOFF. - Piece of Cake.
149204: (SEMMES) TAYLOR, JOHN M. - Confederate Raider. Raphael Semmes of the Alabama.
134639: TAYLOR, I.A. - The Life of James IV. With an Introduction by Sir George Douglas.
136050: TAYLOR, A.E. - The Faith of a Moralist. Gifford Lectures Delivered in the University of St. Andrews, 1926-1928. Series I. The Theological Implications of Morality.
136937: TAYLOR, MAUREEN A. - Scrapbooking Your Family History.
136920: TAYLOR, ELISABETH RUSSELL. - I Is Another.
138558: TAYLOR, ROSE; KAFEL, ANDREW & SMITH, RUSSELL. - Crossley Heath School.
137791: (THACKERAY) TAYLOR, D.J. - Thackeray.
141921: TAYLOR, ERIC. - Operation Millenium. ‘Bomber’ Harris’S Raid on Cologne, May 1942.
150422: TAYLOR, STEPHEN. - The Caliban Shore. The Fate of the Grosvenor Castaways.
139854: TCHERIKOVER, VICTOR. - Hellenistic Civilization and the Jews. Translated by S. Applebaum.
138626: NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF HEAD TEACHERS. - Leeds and Harrogate. Whitsuntide 1957.
136442: TEAR, ROBERT. - Singer Beware. A Cautionary Story of the Singing Class.
129440: TEGNER, ESAIAS. (BISHOP OF WEXIO IN SWEDEN). - Frithiof’S Saga, a Legend of the North. Translated from the Original Swedish by G.S. Revised and Illustrated with an Introductory Letter by the Illustrious Author Himself.
135830: TEJIRIAN, EDWARD J. - Sexuality and the Devil. Symbols of Love, Power and Fear in Male Psychology.
136052: TELLENBACH, GERD. - Church, State and Christian Society at the Time of the Investiture Contest. Translated by R.F. Bennett.
150320: TELTSCHER, KATE. - The High Road to China. George Bogle, the Panchen Lama and the First British Expedition to Tibet.
122270: TENNANT, CHARLES. - My War, My Mules and Me. Foreword by the Rt. Hon. Lord Thomson of Monifieth, K.T. , P.C.
134617: TENNENT, NORMAN. - The Islands of Scotland.
137433: TENNYSON, G.B. - Victorian Devotional Poetry. The Tractarian Mode.
143137: TERKEL, STUDS. - “the Good War. ” an Oral History of World War Two.
139069: TERLEZKI, STEFAN. - From War to Westminster. Foreword by Lord Howe of Aberavon.
138791: TERRAINE, JOHN. - To Win a War. 1918: The Year of Victory.
140961: TERRAINE, JOHN. - Impacts of War 1914 & 1918.
149460: (TAWNEY)TERRILL, ROSS. - R.H. Tawney and His Times. Socialism As Fellowship.
143305: TERTULLIANUS, QUINTUS SEPT[IMUS] FLOR[ENS]. - The Five Books of Quintus Sept. Flor. Tertullianus Against Marcion. Translated by Peter Holmes.
109349: TESNIÈRE, MARIE-HÉLENE. - Creating French Culture. Treasures from the Bibliothèque Nationale de France.
148357: TESSIER, L.J. - Dancing After the Whirlwind. Feminist Reflections on Sex, Denial, and Spiritual Transformation.
148639: THACKERAY, FRANCIS ST. JOHN &N STONE, EDWARD DANIEL (EDITORS). - Florilegium Latinum. Translations Into Latin Verse: Pre-Victorian Poets.
98093: THACKERAY, WILLIAM MAKEPEACE. - Thackeray Library. With a New Introduction by Richard Pearson. Volume I: Early Fiction and Journalism, Volume II: Early Travel Writings, Volume III: Anthony Trollope, Volume IV: Early Writings of Thackeray/Thackeray: A Study, Volume V: With Thackeray in America, Volume VI: The Life of Wiliam Makepeace Thackeray.
126727: (BELLOC). THAL, HERBERT VAN (EDITOR). - Belloc: A Biographical Anthology. Foreword by Sir Arthur Bryant.
126886: (LANDOR). THAL, HERBERT VAN (EDITOR). - Landor. A Biographical Anthology. With an Introduction by Malcolm Elwin.
134139: THEOKAS, ANDREW C. - Grounds for Review. The Garden Festival in Urban Planning and Design.
148648: THERIOT, I. - Mexican Mosses Collected by Brother Arsene Brouard.
135835: THERIVEL, WILLIAM A. - Teh Gan/Dp Theory of Personality and Creativity. Vollume IV [Only]. Genetic Endowment, Assistances, Misfortunes, Division of Power.
147324: THICKENS, JOHN. - Howel Harris Yn Llundain: Y Gyfrol Gy Neu Gyfraniad Cymru I’R Mudiad Methodistaidd Yn Y Brifddinas. Darlith Daives Yn 1934. Y Gyfrol Gyntaf: 1739-1740.
135599: (HEIDEGGER) THIELE, LESLIE PAUL. - Timely Meditations. Martin Heidegger and Postmodern Politics.
140602: THIERS, A. - Histoire Du Consulat Et de L’Empire.
149611: THIN, ROBERT. - College Portraits. Being Biographical Sketches on Portraits in the Hall of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh.
137790: THIRKELL, ANGELA. - Coronation Summer.
148939: THIRSK, JOAN (EDITOR). - History of Lincolnshire. Volume V [Only]. Church and Society in Medieval Lincolnshire, by Dorothy M. Owen.
140881: THOLFSEN, TRYGVE R. - Working Class Radicalism in Mid-Victorian England.
143133: THOMAS, DONALD. - Charge! Hurrah! Hurrah! a Life of Cardigan of Balaclava.
147508: (EVANS) THOMAS, PARCH. BENJAMIN. - Dafydd Evans, Ffynonhenry.
147310: THOMAS, JOSIAH. - Ar Y Groesffordd.
144912: THOMAS, DAVID. - Y Werin a’I Theyrnas.
144931: THOMAS, J. LLOYD. - Gwydderig Pigion Allan O’I Weithiau. Wedi’U Deithol Ynghyd a Rhagymadrodd.
149319: (DAVIES) THOMAS, IVOR. - Top Sawyer. A Biography of David Davies of Llandinam.
144978: THOMAS, NED. - Bydoedd Cofiant Cyfnod.
149044: THOMAS, GWYN. - Cadwynau Yn Y Meddwl.
147430: (BIRD) THOMAS, HILARY M. (EDITOR). - The Diaries of John Bird of Cardiff, Clerk to the First Marquess of Bute, 1790-1803.
145495: (JONES) THOMAS, OWEN. - Cofiant Y Parchedig John Jones, Talsarn, Mewn Cysylltiad a Hanes Duwinyddiaeth a Phregethu Cymru.
143146: THOMAS, BEN BOWEN. - “Aber” 1872-1972.
146226: (DAVIES) THOMAS, DAVID J. - Hanes Bywyd a Gwaith Cennech Davies.
140861: THOMAS, JOHN BIRCH. - Shop Boy: An Autobiography.
145690: THOMAS, RHIANNON. - Byw Celwydd.
130058: THOMAS, EMORY M. - Travels to Hallowed Ground. A Historian’S Journey to the American CIVIL War.
145035: (SCHWEITZER) THOMAS, T. GLYN. - Albert Schweitzer: Cyfaill Dioddefwyr.
147241: THOMAS, ISAAC. - Y Testament Newydd Cymraeg 1551-1620.
149069: THOMAS, HILARY M. - St. Hilary. A History of the Place and Its People.
147861: THOMAS, GWYN. - Llenyddiaeth Y Cymry Cyflwyniad Darluniadol. Cyfrol I [Only]. O Tua 500 I Tua 1500.
145455: (STEPHENS) THOMAS, JOHN. - Cofiant Y Tri Brawd, Sef Y Parchedigion J. Stephens, Byrchgoed, D. Stephens, Glantaf, Ac N. Stephens, Liverpool.
145486: THOMAS, GWYN. - Duwiau’R Celtiaid.
147334: (REES) THOMAS, JOHN. - Cofiant Y Parch. T. Rees, D.D. , Abertawe.
149490: THOMAS, NORMAN LEWIS. - The Story of Swansea’S Districts and Villages. Volume II, Parts IV-VIII [Only]. With an Abridged Volume I, Parts I-III.
137817: THOMAS, GWYN. - High on Hope. Extracts from the Western Mail Articles Edited by Jeffrey Robinson and Brian Mccann.
147701: THOMAS, JENNIE & WILLIAMS, J.O. - Llyfr Mawr Y Plant 4.
149092: THOMAS, W.S.K. - The History of Swansea. From Rover Settlement to the Restoration.
147376: (LLWYD) THOMAS, M. WYNN. - Morgan Llwyd.
147434: THOMAS, BEN BOWEN. - “Aber” 1872-1972.
144749: THOMAS, MICHAEL TILSON. - Viva Voce. Conversations with Edward Seckerson.
149866: THOMAS, MARCEL. - The Golden Age. Manuscript Painting at the Time of Jean, Duke of Berry.
149310: (BIRD) THOMAS, HILARY M. (EDITOR). - The Diaries of John Bird of Cardiff, Clerk to the First Marquess of Bute, 1790-1803.
133704: THOMAS, DAVID. - An Underworld at War. Spivs, Deserters, Racketeers & Civilians in the Second World War.
133518: THOMAS, CHARLES S. - The German Navy in the Nazi Era.
146490: THOMAS, AWSTIN MAXIMILIAN (TRANSLATOR). - Cyffesion Awstin Sant. Cyfieithiad O’R Lladin Gwreiddiol.
149178: (LOGAN) THOMAS, SAMUEL N. & SILVERMAN, JASON H. (EDITORS). - “a Rising Star of Promise. ” the CIVIL War Odyssey of David Jackson Logan, 17th South Carolina Volunteers, 1861-1864.
149027: (THOMAS) THOMAS, M. WYNN (EDITOR). - R.S. Thomas: Y Cawr Awenydd.
139139: THOMAS, J. (EDITOR). - Muter’S Short Manual of Analytical Chemistry. Qualitative and Quantitative - Inorganic and Organic.
141850: THOMAS, DAVID A. - Japan’S War at Sea. Pearl Harbor to the Coral Sea.
144928: THOMAS, GWYN. - Chwerwder Yn Y Ffynhonnau.
138447: THOMAS, D.H. - A Short History of St. Martin-in-the-Fields High School for Girls. Compiled from the Old Minute Books. With a Foreword by the Rev. H.R. L. Sheppard.
141907: THOMAS, GORDON & MORGAN-WITTS, MAX. - Voyage of the Damned.
146077: (LLOYD) THOMAS, GWYN. - Byd D. Tecwyn Lloyd. Golwg Ar Ei Ysgriau Mwyaf Personol.
149054: THOMAS, NORMAN LEWIS. - The Story of Swansea’S Districts and Villages. Volume II, Parts IV-VIII [Only]. With an Abridged Volume I, Parts I-III.
146280: THOMAS, PARCH. THOMAS. - Y Geiriadur Ysgrythyrol a Duwinyddol: Yn Cynwys - Sylwadau Cynhwysfawrar Y Geirau a’R Enwau Tywyll a Dyrus, Athrawiaethau a Dyledswyddau Crefydd, Yr Holl Bersonau, Gwledydd a Dinasoedd, Y Mynyddoedd, Afonydd a’R Llynedd, Y Defodau a’R Arferion, Amseryddiath, Y Mesurau a’R Pwysau, Y Sectau a’R Pieddliau, Y Creaduriaid Byw, Y Coed a’R Llysieu, Y Galwedigaethau a’R Mwau, Y Gwisgoedd, Y Dodren, a’R Llestri, a’R Amrywiol Bethua Ereill Ag Y Sonir Am Danynt Yn Y Beibl.
147620: THOMAS, R.S. - The Echoes of Return Slow.
147626: (VAUGHAN) THOMAS, NOEL KENNEDY. - Henry Vaughan. Poet of Revelation.
147618: THOMAS, R.S. - Collected Poems 1945-1990. Foreword by Andrew Motion.
145122: (GRIFFITHS) THOMAS, DAVID. - Ann Griffiths a’I Theulu. Stori Dditectif a Gwers Mewn Chwilota.
145599: (DICTIONARY) THOMAS, R.J. & BEVAN, GARETH A. (EDITORS). - Geiriadur Prifysgol Cymru. Rhan XXII-XXXVI [Only]. G-Llyys. A Dictionary of the Welsh Language.
146557: (JONES) THOMAS, OWEN. - Cofiant Y Parchedig John Jones, Talsarn, Mewn Cystlltiad a Hanes Duwinyddiaeth a Phregethu Cymru.
146464: THOMAS, W.J. - Ffiolau Cwm-Yr-Haf.
147773: THOMAS, AMANDA. - A Welsh Miscellany.
137566: THOMAS, ISAIAH. - The History of Printing in America. With a Biography of Printers & an Account of Newpapers. Edited by Marcus A. Mccorison.
146379: THOMAS, T. GLYN. - Ar Derfyn Dydd.
147479: THOMAS, REV. CHANCELLOR J.R. - Moth of Phoenix? St. David’S College and the University of Wales and the University Grants Committee.
147769: THOMAS, GWYN. - A Welsh Eye.
120545: THOMAS, GORDON AND WITTS, MAX MORGAN. - Voyage of the Damned.
147615: (DAVIES) THOMAS, M. WYNN. - James Kitchener Davies.
145482: THOMAS, J.H. - Yng Nghwmni’R Meddyg.
144911: THOMAS, PARCH. EVAN. - “Llaeth Y Gair. ” Pregethau.
144906: THOMAS, E.H. FRANCIS. - Hyd Eithaf Y Ddaear. A Storiau Eraill.
146531: (REES) THOMAS, PARCH. OWEN. - Cofiant Y Parchedig Henry Rees, Yn Cynnwys Casgilad Helaeth O’I Lythyrau.
147702: THOMAS, GWYN. - Ymarfer Ysgrifennu.
128508: THOMAS, EDWARD. - The Life of the Duke of Marlborough.
147657: (THOMAS) THOMAS, OWEN & REES, J. MACHRETH. - Cofiant Y Parchedig John Thomas, D.D. , Liverpool.
147212: THOMAS, GWYN. - Eisteddfodau Caerwys. 1968.
146108: (LLWYD) THOMAS, M. WYNN (EDITOR). - Morgan Llwyd: Ei Gyfeillion a’I Gyfnod.
141659: THOMAS, NORMAN. - Appeal to the Nations.
147233: (SALESBURY) THOMAS, ISAAC. - William Salesbury and His Testament.
144998: THOMAS, MAIR ELVET. - Afiaith Yng Ngwent. Hanes Cymdeithas Cymreigyddion Y Fenni 1833-1854.
149917: THOMAS, HARRY. - Prestatyn Through Time.
145996: (LLYWELYN-WILLIAMS) THOMAS, GWYN. - Alun Llywelyn-Williams.
146279: THOMAS, T. GLYN. - Ar Ddechrau’R Dydd.
145962: THOMAS, ISAAC. - Hanes Cristionogaeth.
136653: THOMAS, DANA. - Deluxe. How Luxury Lost Its Lustre.
123207: THOMAS, HUGH. - The Slave Trade. The History of the Atlantic Slave Trade: 1440-1870.
145205: THOMAS, CHRIS (EDITOR). - London’S Archaeological Secrets. A World City Revealed.
147457: THOMAS, D. ANEURIN (EDITOR). - The Welsh Elizabethan Catholic Martyrs. The Trial Documents of Saint Richard Gwyn and of the Venerable William Davies.
145600: (DICTIONARY) THOMAS, R.J. (EDITOR). - Geiriadur Prifysgol Cymru. Cyfrol I-XXI [Only]. A-Ffysur. A Dictionary of the Welsh Language.
124083: (STIEGLITZ). THOMAS, F. RICHARD. - Literary Admirers of Alfred Stieglitz.
147383: (HUGHES) THOMAS, PETER. - Richard Hughes.
147385: (WYNNE) THOMAS, GWYN. - Ellis Wynne.
146360: THOMAS, ISAAC. - Yr Hen Destament Cymraeg 1551-1620.
137784: THOMAS, DYLAN. - A Prospect of the Sea and Other Stories and Prose Writings. Edited by Daniel Jones.
137746: (SOLZHENITSYN) THOMAS, D.M. - Alexander Solzhenitsyn. A Century in His Life.
146367: THOMAS, ISAAC. - Y Testament Newydd Cymraeg 1551-1620.
147801: THOMAS, WYN. - Llyfryddieth: Cerddoriaeth Draddodiadol Yng Nghymru/a Bibliography: Traditional Music in Wales.
145033: THOMAS, DEWI W. - Pedair Pedol Arian.
147445: THOMAS, REV. LAWRENCE. - The Reformation in the Old Diocese of Llandaff.
144525: THOMAS, W. - Geiriau Gwirionedd a Sobrwydd. Pregethau.
144585: THOMAS, R.S. - Neb. Golygwyd Gan Gwenno Hywyn.
150388: THOMISSEN, J.J. - Le Socialisme Et Ses Promessses.
140879: THOMPSON, DOROTHY. - The Early Chartists.
139100: THOMPSON, LEROY. - The Illustrated History of the American Soldier, His Uniform and His Equipment: America’S Commandos. U.S. Special Operations Forces of World War II and Korea.
138953: THOMPSON, E.P. - Beyond the Frontier. The Politics of a Failed Mission; Bulgaria 1944.
139102: THOMPSON, LEROY. - The Illustrated History of the American Soldier, His Uniform and His Equipment: U.S. Airborne Forces of the Cold War.
91285: (WAILBLINGER). THOMPSON, LAWRENCE S. - Wilhelm Waiblinger in Italy.
132319: THOMPSON, EDWARD. - The Thracian Stranger.
134990: THOMPSON, FRANK. - The Dinky Toy Price Guide.
136053: THOMPSON, R.J. - Penitence and Sacrifice in Early Israel Outside the Levitical Law. An Examination of the Fellowship Theory of Early Israelite Sacrifice.
143374: THOMPSON, FRANCIS. - Saint Ignatius Loyola. Edited by John H. Pollen.
138652: THOMPSON, J. - A History of Daniel Stewart’S College 1855-1955.
138703: THOMPSON, KEITH M. - Ruthin School. The First Seven Centuries.
122268: THOMPSON, LAURENCE. - The Greatest Treason. The Untold Story of Munich.
142702: THOMPSON, LOGAN. - Daggers and Bayonets: A History.
148966: THOMPSON, PETER E. (EDITOR). - Contemporary Chronicles of the Hundred Years War. From the Works of Jean le Bel, Jean Froissart & Enguerrand de Monstrelet.
129741: THOMPSON, JULIAN. - The Imperial War Museum Book of War Behind Enemy Lines.
140197: THOMPSON, F.H. & WHITWELL, J.B. - The Gates of Roman Lincoln. Communicated to the Society of Antiquaries.
137039: (BRIDGES) THOMPSON, EDWARD. - Robert Bridges 1844-1930.
136516: (DEBUSSY) THOMPSON, OSCAR. - Debussy: Man and Artist.
148941: THOMPSON, MICHAEL. - Cloister Abbot & Precinct in Medieval Monasteries.
141387: (MONTGOMERY) THOMPSON, R.W. - Montgomery: The Field Marshall. A Critical Study of the Generalship of Field-Marshal, the Viscount Montgomery of Alamein, K.G. And of the Campaign in North-West Europe, 1944/45.
141679: THOMPSON, R.W. - Generalissimo Churchill.
149409: THOMPSON, HERBERT M. - Cardiff. From the Coming of the Romans to Hte Dominance of Cromwell, with a Supplementary Chapter on the Transition Which Took Place in the 19th Century When Cardiff Ceased to Be a Small Country Town.
139428: THOMSON, KEITH. - The Watch on the Heath. Science and Religion Before Darwin.
125762: THOMSON, THOMAS. - Western Himalayas and Tibet. A Narrative on Ladakh and Mountains of Northern India.
122686: THOMSON, BASIL. - Queer People.
121799: THOMSON, GLADYS SCOTT. - The Russells in Bloomsbury, 1669-1771.
127048: (TENNYSON) THOMSON, J.C. (EDITOR). - Bibliography of the Writings of Alfred, Lord Tennyson.
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