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134453: WILLIAMS, SQUADRON LEADER P.F. - Canoeing Skills and Canoe Expedition Technique for Teachers and Leaders.
135496: WILLIAMS, CHARLES. - Many Dimensions.
126754: WILLIAMS, HEATHCOTE. - Falling for a Dolphin.
140876: (FROST) WILLIAMS, DAVID. - John Frost: A Study in Chartism.
140883: (FROST) WILLIAMS, DAVID. - John Frost: A Study in Chartism.
123367: WILLIAMSON, HENRY. - The Linhay on the Downs. Being Number Twelve of the Woburn Books.
125242: (OSBERT). WILLIAMSON, E.W. (EDITOR). - The Letters of Osbert of Clare Prior of Westminster.
134227: WILLIAMSON, PAUL. (EDITOR). - European Sculpture. At the Victorian and Albert Museum.
139002: WILLIAMSON, GORDON. - Companion to the Waffen-Ss, 1939-1945.
141514: (ROBERTSON) WILLIAMSON, DAVD. - A Most Diplomatic General. The Life of General Lord Robertson of Oakridge Bt, Gcb, Gbe, Kcmg, Kcvo, Dso, MC, 1896-1974.
140533: (WILKES) WILLIAMSON, AUDREY. - Wilkes: ‘a Friend to Liberty. ’
126051: WILLIAMSON, HENRY. - The Children of Shallowford.
136040: WILLIAMSON, HUGH ROSS. - The Walled Garden. An Autobiography.
133650: WILLIAMSON, GORDON. - Loyalty Is My Honour.
140225: WILLIAMSON, HUGH ROSS. - Lorenzo the Magnificent.
139309: WILLIS, ROY (EDITOR). - The Interpretation of Symbolism.
125121: WILLLIAMS, MARGARET (EDITOR). - Word-Hoard. Passages from Old English Literature from the Sixth to the Eleventh Centuries. Translated and Arranged.
118582: WILLMOTT, HP. - Grave of a Dozen Schemes. British Naval Planning and the War Against Japan, 1943 - 1945.
133751: WILLMOTT, H.P. - The Great Crusade. A New Complete History of the Second World War.
137867: WILLMOTT, ROBERT ARIS. - A Journal of Summer Time in the Country. With Introductory Memoir by His Sister.
141513: WILLMOTT, H.P. - The Great Crusade. A New and Complete History of the Second World War.
100212: WILLS, CHRISTOPHER. AND BADA, JEFFREY. - The Spark of Life. Darwin and the Primeval Soup.
139380: (DARWIN) WILLS, CHRISTOPHER & BADA, JEFFREY. - The Spark of Life. Darwin and the Primeval Soup.
138971: WILLSON, DR. LESLIE. - A Son of the Raj.
129073: WILLSON, BECKLES. - The Paris Embassy. A Narrative of Franco-British Diplomatic Relations, 1814-1920.
130111: WILMERS, MARY-KAY. - The Eitingons. A Twentieth-Century Story.
136926: WILMOT, JOHN. - The Animalis Mad. The Place of the Buzzard.
124494: (HARDY). WILSON, ELIANE & SHAW, HOWARD. - Thomas Hardy: An Autobiography in Verse.
137288: (JOHNSON) WILSON, MONA (EDITOR). - Johnson. Prose and Poetry.
137631: WILSON, EDMUND. - The Shores of Light. A Literary Chronicle of the Twenties and Thirties.
141145: WILSON, PAUL J. - Himmler’S Cavalry. Theequestrian Ss, 1930-1945.
133274: WILSON, EDMUND. - Patriotic Gore. Studies in the Literature of the American CIVIL War.
137897: (YEATS) WILSON, F.A.C. - Yeats’S Iconography.
137947: WILSON, FREDERIC WOODBRIDGE. - The Photographs of Angus Mcbean. From the Stage to the Surreal. Photographs from the Havard Theatre Collection. With an Essay by Richard Traubner.
138604: WILSON, A.N. - A History of Collyer’S School.
138819: WILSON, BEN. - The Making of Victorian Values. Decency and Dissent in Britain, 1789-1837.
139033: WILSON, MAJOR GENERAL DARE. - Tempting the Fates. A Memoir of Service in the Second World War, Palestine, Korea, Kenya and Aden.
139049: WILSON, LIEUTENANT GENERAL SIR JAMES. - Unusual Undertakings. A Military Memoir.
131643: WILSON, MICHAEL. - A Submariners’ War. The Indian Ocean 1939-45.
126864: (JOHNSON). WILSON, MONA (EDITOR). - Johnson: Prose and Poetry.
137506: (PEPYS) WILSON, EDWARD M. & CRUIKSHANK, DON W. - Samuel Pepys’S Spanish Plays.
125220: WILSON, A.B. (EDITOR). - The Faber Book of Church and Clergy.
136037: WILSON, A.N. - Jesus.
126743: WILSON, MARY. - New Poems.
136210: WILSON, IAN. - The Blood and the Shroud. The Passionate Controversy Still Enflaming the World’S Most Famous Carbon-Dating Test.
140013: WILSON, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, III. - The Parthenon of Pericles and Its Reproduction in America.
143363: WILSON, A.N. (EDITOR). - The Faber Book of Church and Clergy.
132386: (SHAW) WILSON, COLIN. - Bernard Shaw: A Reassessment.
134244: WILSON, KENNETH M. - Mt. Washington and Pairpoint Glass. Volume I [Only]. Encompassing the History of the Mt. Washington Glass Works and Its Successors, the Pairpoint Companies.
114810: WILSON, RUTH. - Speculative Identities. Contemporary Italian Women’S Narrative.
123156: WILSON, IAN. - The Columbus Myth. Did Men of Bristol Reach America Before Columbus?
143364: WILSON, WALTER. - The History and Antiquities of the Dissenting Churches and Meeting Houses, in London, Westminister, and Southwark. Volume I [Only]. In London, Westminster, and Southwark; Including the Lives of Their Ministers, from the Rise of Nonconformity to the Present Time. With an Appendix on the Origin, Progress, and Present State of Christianity in Britain. Volume I: London.
136925: WILSON, CHRISTOPHER. - The Ballad of Lee Cotton.
129778: WILSON, EDMUND. - Apologies to the Iroquois. With a Study of the Mohawks in High Steel, by Joseph Mitchell.
135631: WILSON, SIR ROLAND K. - The Province of the State.
132994: WILSON, EDMUND. - The Triple Thinkers. Twelve Essays on Literary Subjects.
143836: WILSON, ROSS. - Scotch: Its History and Romance.
131662: WILSON, MICHAEL. - Destination Dardanelles.
143828: (SANDERSON) WILSON, ROSS. - The House of Sanderson.
136331: WILSON, EDWARD O. - Naturalist.
136214: WILSON, IAN. - Holy Faces, Secret Places. The Quest for Jesus’ True Likeness.
126432: WILSON, HAROLD. - New Deal for Coal.
131221: WILSON, JIM. - Aorangi. The Story of Mount Cook.
128863: WILSON, BECKLES. - Heartache in Canaan. And Other Poems.
140391: WILSON, JEAN. - The Archaeology of Shakespeare. The Material Legacy of Shakespeare’S Theatre.
136662: WILTON, FREDERICK C. - The Britannia Diaries 1863-1875. Selections from the Diaries of Frederick C. Wilton. Edited by Jim Davis. From the Original Manuscript in the Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales.
140370: WINCHESTER, BARBARA. - Tudor Family Portrait.
134974: WINDSOR, ALAN (EDITOR). - Handbook of Modern British Painting and Printmaking, 1900-1990.
137738: (STEIN) WINEAPPLE, BRENDA. - Sister Brother. Gertrude and Leo Stein.
137210: (GUNN) WINER, JOSHUA (EDITOR). - At the Barriers. On the Poetry of Thom Gunn.
123009: WINFIELD, PAMELA. - Sentimental Journey. The Story of the Gi Brides. In Collaboration with Brenda Wilson Hasty.
128862: WINGFIELD, SHEILA. - Collected Poems 1938-1983. With a Preface by G.S. Fraser.
134255: WINKEL, BERTIE & WINKEL, DOS. - Vanishing Beauty. Indigenous Body Art and Decoration. Texts by Berenice Geoffroy-Schneiter.
131546: WINKLARETH, ROBERT J. - Naval Shipbuilders of the World. From the Age of Sail to the Present Day.
142830: WINKLER, JOHN J. - The Constraints of Desire. The Anthropology of Sex and Gender in Ancient Greece.
141510: WINKLER, JOHAN. - September 1938. Met Een Inleiding Van Dr. H.B. Wiardi Beckman.
143344: (TAULER) WINKWORTH, SUSANNA (EDITOR). - The History and Life of the Reverend Doctor John Tauler of Strasbourg; with Twenty-Five of His Sermons. Translated from the German, with Additional Notices of Tauler’S Life and Times. Preface by Charles Kingsley.
139942: (PLATO) WINSPEAR, ALBAN DEWES. - The Genesis of Plato’S Thought.
140515: WINSTANLEY, D.A. - Lord Chatham and the Whig Opposition.
130784: WINSTEN, JOSEPH. - Moses Meets Israel. The Origins of One God.
135450: WINTER, JOHN. - East Asian Paintings. Materials, Structures and Deterioration Mechanisms.
117207: WINTERBOTHAM, F.W. - The Nazi Connection.
138442: WINTERBOTTOM, DEREK. - Clifton After Percival. A Public School in the Twentieth Century.
131664: WINTON, JOHN (EDITOR). - The Submariners. Life in British Submarines 1901-1999. An Anthology of Personal Experience.
141636: WINTON, JOHN. - Ultra at Sea.
141509: WINTRINGHAM, TOM. - Deadlock War.
142018: WIRGHT, STUART J. - An Emotional Gauntlet. From Life in Peacetime America to the War in European Skies.
136923: WIRGHT, STEPHEN. - The Amalgamation Polka.
142321: WIRGHT, STUART J. - An Emotional Gauntlet. From Life in Peacetime America to the War in European Skies.
130110: WISE, DAVID & ROSS, THOMAS. - The Espionage Establishment.
140116: WISE, TERENCE & HEALY, MARK. - Hannibal’S War with Rome. The Armies and Campaigns 216 Bc.
95580: (SHELLEY). WISE, THOMAS. - Hellas; a Lyrical Drama by Percy Bysshe Shelley. With the Author’S Prologue and Notes by Mary W. Shelly.
141619: WISE, DAVID & ROSS, THOMAS. - The Espionage Establishment.
141729: WISE, DAVID & ROSS, THOMAS. - The Espionage Establishment.
138479: WISEMAN, F.J. - The Recent History of St. Peter’S School, York.
134846: WISEMAN, CARTER. - Shaping a Nation. Twentieth Century American Architecture and Its Makers.
126131: WISHY, BERNARD. - The Child and the Republic. The Dawn of Modern American Child Nurture.
141508: WISKEMANN, ELIZABETH. - Undeclared War.
137854: (WEST) WISKER, ALISTAIR. - The Writing of Nathanael West.
134783: WISNIEWSKA, KARINA. - Bewegte Stille/Silent Dynamism.
122200: WITHERBY, H.F.; JOURDAIN, REV. F.C.R.; TICEHURST, NORMAN F. & TUCKER, BERNARD W. - The Handbook of British Birds.
129298: WITHERBY, DIANA. - Collected Poems.
143104: WITTHAUS, R.A. - General Medical Chemistry for the Use of Practitioners of Medicine.
143106: WITTHAUS, R.A. - Essentials of Chemistry, Inorganic and Organic. For the Use of Students in Medicine.
138074: WITTING, CLIFFORD (EDITOR). - The Glory of Sons. A History of Eltham College School for the Sons of Missionaries.
132944: (BENJAMIN) WIZISLA, ERDMUT. - Walter Benjamin and Bertolt Brecht - the Story of a Friendship. Translated by Christine Shuttleworth.
141573: WODDIS, JACK. - Armies and Politics.
135762: WODICZKO, KRZYSZTOF. - The Abolition of War. With a Contribution by Douglas Fry.
143034: WOEHLER, FRIEDRICH; LIEBIG, JUSTUS & KOPP, HERMANN (EDITORS). - Annalen Der Chemie Und Pharmacie. Band CVI. Neue Reihe. Band XXX.
143019: WOEHLER, FRIEDRICH; LIEBIG, JUSTUS & KOPP, HERMANN (EDITORS). - Annalen Der Chemie Und Pharmacie. Band CV. Neue Reihe. Band XXIX.
143091: WOEHLER, FRIEDRICH; LIEBIG, JUSTUS & KOPP, HERMANN (EDITORS). - Annalen Der Chemie Und Pharmacie. Band CXIX.
98112: WOJCIEHOWSKI, DOLORA A. - Old Masters, New Subjects. Early Modern and Poststructuralist Theories of Will.
137190: (GILBRAN) WOLF, MARTIN L. (EDITOR). - A Treasury of Kahlil Gibran. Translated from the Arabic by Anthony Rizcallah Ferris.
137862: (WOLF) WOLF, NAOMI. - The Treehouse. Eccentric Wisdom from My Father on How to Live, Love, and See.
142477: WOLF, HUGO. - Letters to Melanie Koechert. Edited by Franz Grasberger. English Edition and Translation by Louise Mcclelland Urband. Foreword by Martin Katz.
137625: WOLFE, TOM (EDITOR). - Tom Wolfe: The Purple Decades. A Reader.
137885: WOLFE, TOM. - From Bauhaus to Our House.
137884: WOLFE, TOM. - Hooking Up.
123930: (WHARTON). WOLFF, CYNTHIA GRIFFIN. - A Feast of Words. The Triumph of Edith Wharton.
140564: (OUVRARD) WOLFF, OTTO. - Ouvrard: Speculator of Genius, 1770-1846. Translated by Stewart Thomson. With an Introduction and Notes by T.A. B. Corley.
141798: WOLFF, GEOFFREY. - The Hard Way Around. The Passages of Joshua Slocum.
134142: KUNSTMUSEUM WOLFSBURG. - Interieur Exterieur: Living in Art. From Romantic Interior Painting to the Home Design of the Future.
136486: WOLFSON, JOHN. - Final Curtain: The Last Gilbert and Sullivan Operas. Including the Umpublished Rehearsal Librettos and Twenty Unpublished Gilbert Lyrics.
139851: WOLLE, MURIEL SIBELL. - Stampede to Timberline. The Ghost Towns and Mining Camps of Colorado.
126301: WOLLE, MURIEL SIBELL. - The Bonanza Trail. Ghost Towns and Mining Camps of the West.
128934: WOLLMAN, MAURICE. (COMPILER). - Poems of the War Years. An Anthology.
140584: WOLOCH, ISSER. - Napoleon and His Collaborators. The Making of a Dictatorship.
143369: WOOD, IAN. - The Missionary Life. Saints and the Evangelisation of Europe, 400-1050.
132792: WOOD, ALEXANDER. - Thomas Young, Natural Philosopher 1773-1829. Completed by Frank Oldham. With a Memoir of Alexander Wood by Charles E. Raven.
134682: WOOD, HENRY. - Borough by Prescription. A History of the Municipality of Tamworth.
139993: WOOD, MICHAEL. - In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great. A Journey from Greece to Asia.
137957: WOOD, DOROTHY. - Quick & Clever Beading.
138186: WOOD, EDWARD G.W. (EDITOR). - Picture Log of the Jubilee Jamboree Indaba Moot, Sutton Park, England, 1957.
138487: WOOD, PETER. - Olicana’S Childred. Ilkley Grammar School 1607-2007.
138588: WOOD, ETHEL M. - A History of the Polytechnic.
143942: WOOD, ELLEN MEIKSINS. - Citizens to Lords. A Social History of Western Political Thought from Antiquity to the Middle Ages.
107681: WOOD, GHISLAINE. - Essential Art Deco.
140636: WOOD, GENERAL SIR EVELYN. - Cavalry in the Waterloo Campaign.
132922: (BROWNING) WOOD, SARAH. - Robert Browning: A Literary Life.
139806: WOOD, W. BIRKBECK & EDMONDS, BRIGADIER-GENERAL SIR JAMES E. - The CIVIL War in the United States. With Special Reference to the Campaigns of 1864 and 1865.
137046: (BORGES) WOODALL, JAMES. - The Man in the Mirror of the Booki. A Life of Jorge Luis Borges.
135086: WOODCOCK, SALLY (EDITOR). - Big Pictures. Problems and Solutions for Treating Outsize Paintings.
126823: (GODWIN). WOODCOCK, GEORGE. - William Godwin. A Biographical Study.
142779: WOODFORD, SUSAN. - The Art of Greece and Rome.
141480: WOODFORD, KEVIN. - Planet Cook Cookbook. Recipes.
134923: WOODHAM, JONATHAN M. - A Dictionary of Modern Design.
113422: WOODRING, CARL (EDITOR). - The Columbia History of British Poetry.
140846: WOODRUFF, DOUGLAS. - The Tichborne Claimant: A Victorian Mystery.
139887: WOODS, MICHAEL. - Four Prague Lectures and Other Texts.
142976: WOODWARD, BOB. - State of Denial.
132881: WOODWARD, SIR LLEWELLYN. - The Age of Reform.
138100: WOODWARD, FRANCES J. - The Doctor’S Disciples. A Study of Four Pupils of Arnold of Rugby. Stanley, Gell, Clough, William Arnold.
123537: WOODWARD, DAVID. - The Collapse of Power. Mutiny in the High Seas Fleet.
132295: WOODWARD, E.L. - War and Peace in Europe, 1815-1870.
142534: WOOLF, VIRGINIA & BELL, QUENTIN. - Teh Charleston Bulletin Supplements.
135696: WOOLF, LEONARD. - Principia Politica. A Study of Communal Psychology.
137603: (LEIBNIZ) WOOLHOUSE, R.S. & FRANCKS, RICHARD (EDITORS). - Leibniz’S ‘New System’ and Associated Contemporary Texts.
139228: WOOLLEY, S.W. & FORRESTER, G.P. (EDITORS). - Pharmaceutical Formulas. Volume I [Only]. Being Th”the Chemist and Druggist” Book of Selected Fromulas from the British, United States and Other Pharmacopoeias, Together with Non-Official Formulas from Various Sources, Including Numerous Description of Practical Methods Employed in the Manufacture of Pharmaceutical Preparations and Other Information of Use to Pharmacists and Manufacturers, Comprising Also a Selection of Formulas for “Known, Admitted, and Approved Remedies” from Former Editions and from “the Chemist and Druggist” Diaries.
137962: WOOLMAN, MARK. - Type in Motion 2.
136359: WOOLTORTON, F.L.D. - The Scientific Basis of Road Design.
111647: WORDSWORTH REFERENCE LIBRARY. HALLEY, NED (EDITOR). - Dictionary of Modern English Grammar. Grammar, Syntax and Style for the 21st Century.
143346: WORDSWORTH, CHRISTOPHER. - Diary in France, Mainly on Topics Conderning Education and the Church.
131210: WORGAN, GEORGE B. - Journal of a First Fleet Surgeon.
130116: WORLEY, D. ROBERT. - Shaping U.S. Military Forces. Revolution of Relevance in a Post-Cold War World.
143524: WORMALD, H. - Diseases of Fruits and Hops. A Centenary Celebration 1893-1993. Foreword by G.H. Pethybridge.
131123: WORMELL, CHRIS. - Henry and the Fox.
139800: WORSHAM, JOHN H. - One of Jackson’S Foot Calvalry. Edited by James I. Robertson, Jr.
133580: WORSLEY, JOHN & GIGGAL, KENNETH. - John Worsley’S War.
124669: (KIPLING). WORSTER, W. - Merlin’S Isle. A Study of Rudyard Kipling’S England.
138987: WORT, STANLEY. - Prisoner of the Rising Sun.
137339: (LAWRENCE) WORTHEN, JOHN. - D.H. Lawrence and the Idea of the Novel.
124702: (LAWRENCE). WORTHEN, JOHN. - D.H. Lawrence: The Early Years, 1885-1912.
128998: WORTMAN, RICHARD. - The Crisis of Russian Populism.
129196: WOTTON, MABEL E. - The Little Browns.
141782: WRAGG, DAVID. - Fighting Admirals of the Second World War.
136126: WRAGG, ARTHUR (ILLUSTRATOR). - Thy Kingdom Come, a Prayer in Black and White for Ourselves and the World to-Day. With an Introduction by the Artist.
142118: WRAGG, DAVID. - World Air Power Guide.
142320: WRAGG, DAVID. - Bombers: From the First World War to Kosovo.
142316: WRAGG, DAVID. - Swordfish. The Story of the Taranto Raid.
141865: WRAGG, DAVID. - Second World War Carrier Campaigns.
137365: (MARLOWE) WRAIGHT, A.D. - In Search of Christopher Marlowe. A Pictorial Biography.
140765: WRANGEL, BARON N. - The Memoirs of Baron N. Wrangel 1847-1920. From Serfdom to Bolshevism. Translated by Brian and Beatrix Lunn.
132797: WRAXALL, N. WILLIAM. - Memoirs of the Courts of Berlin, Dresden, Warsaw, and Vienna, Volume I [Only], in the Years 1777, 1778, and 1779.
129147: WRIGHT, THOMAS. - The Great Unwashed. By the Journeyman Engineer.
109372: WRIGHT JR, J. W AND ROWSON, EVERETT. K. - Homoeroticism in Classical Arabic Literature.
138049: WRIGHT, SIMON. - Waterfield’S School. A Preparatory School in Its Victorian Heyday.
138527: WRIGHT, SIMON. - Waterfield’S School. A Preparatory School in Its Victorian Heyday.
139005: WRIGHT, DERRICK. - Pacific Victory. Tarawa to Okinawa 1943-1945. Foreword by Brig-Gen E.H. Simmons.
132898: WRIGHT, THOMAS. - Our New Masters.
140327: WRIGHT, CONSTANCE. - A Royal Affinity. The Lives of Frederick the Great and Wilhelmina of Bayreuth.
111134: WRIGHT, ROCHELLE. - The Visible Wall. Jews and Other Outsiders in Swedish Film.
111980: WRIGHT, ELIZABETH. - Lacan and Postfeminism.
133638: WRIGHT, DERRICK. - To the Far Side of Hell. The Battle for Peleliu, 1944.
128860: WRIGHT, DAVID. - To the Gods the Shades. New and Collected Poems.
128861: WRIGHT, DAVID. - Moral Stories.
123227: WRONG, GEORGE M. - A Canadian Manor and Its Seigneurs. The Story of a Hundred Years, 1761-1861.
137877: WROTH, LAWRENCE C. - The Oath of a Free-Man. With Historical Study by Lawrence C. Wroth and a Note on the Stephen Daye Press by Melbert B. Cary, Jr.
134172: WUNSCHE, ISABEL (EDITOR). - Galka E. Scheyer & the Blue Four. Correspondence 1924-1945.
139170: WURTZ, AD. - The Atomic Theory. Translated by E. Cleminshaw.
142980: WYCHERLEY, R.E. - How the Greeeks Built Cities.
141506: (GOERING) WYLLIE, JAMES. - The Warlord and the Renegade. The Story of Hermann and Albert Goering.
139035: WYLLIE, JAMES. - The Warlord and the Renegade. The Story of Hermann and Albert Goering.
115779: WYNDHAM LEWIS, D.B. - King Spider. Ome Aspects of Louis XI of France and His Companions,
141975: WYNN, HUMPHREY. - Desert Eagles.
138343: XENOPHON. - ‘the Sea, the Sea. ’ Translated by Rex Warner.
139943: YADIN, YIGAEL. - Hazor. The Head of All Those Kingdoms. Joshua 11: 10. With a Chapter on Israelite Megiddo. The Schweich Lectures of the British Academy, 1970.
136131: YALLOP, DAVID. - The Power and the Glory. Insice the Dark Heart of John Paul II’S Vatican.
143357: YALLOP, DAVID A. - In God’S Name.
142801: YALOURIS, ATHANASIA & YALOURIS, NICOLAOS. - Olympia. The Museum and the Sanctuary.
135844: YAPKO, MICHAEL D. - When Living Hurts. Directives for Treating Depression.
123126: YARDLEY, CAPTAIN J.H.R. - Before the Mayflower.
128897: YATES, PETER. - The Motionless Dancer. And Other Poems.
133238: YEHOSHUA, A.B. - The Liberated Bride. Translated from the Hebrew by Hillel Halkin.
141507: YEIDE, HARRY. - Steel Victory. The Heroic Story of America’S Independent Tank Battalions at War in Europe.
143588: YENNE, BILL. - The Field Guide to North America’S Breweries and Microbreweries.
129507: YESHOSHUA, A. B. - Mr. Mani. Translated from the Hebrew by Hillel Halkin.
138280: YOE, CRAIG (EDITOR). - The Great Anti-War Cartoons. Introduction by Dr. Muhammad Yunus. Foreword by Sara W. Duke.
131122: YOKOCOCO. - Little Ghost Wicky.
136999: YONGE, C.M. - The New Naturalist: The Sea Shore.
134293: YOUNES, SAMIR. - The True, the Fictive, and the Real: The Historical Dictionary of Architecture of Quatremere de Quincy. Introductory Esssays and Selected Translations.
130206: YOUNG, A.P. - The ‘X’ Documents. The Secret History of Foreign Office Contacts with the German Resistance, 1937-1939. Edited by Sidney Aster.
126269: YOUNG, ERNEST. - North American Excursion.
128899: YOUNG, EDWARD. - Young’S Night Thoughts. With Life, Critical Dissertation and Explanatory Notes, by the Rev. George Gilfillan.
128893: YOUNG, ANDREW. - Out of the World and Back. Into Hades & a Traveller in Time. Two Poems.
128632: YOUNG, ARTHUR. - The Autobiography. Edited by M. Bethan-Edwards.
132313: YOUNG, FRANCIS BRETT. - The Island.
141505: YOUNG, GORDON. - Outposts of Peace.
141504: YOUNG, PETER. - Storm from the Sea.
142306: (BEETHOVEN) YOUNG, PERCY M. - Beethoven: A Victorian Tribute. Bsed on the Papers of Sir George Smart.
137345: (MACAULAY) YOUNG, G.M. (EDITOR). - Macaulay: Prose and Poetry.
143744: YOUNG, JIMMY. - A Short History of Ale.
112397: YOUNG, JIMMY. - Jimmy Young: Forever Young. The Autobiography.
117736: YOUNG, ROBERT J. - Power and Pleasure. Louis Barthou and the Third French Republic.
141215: YOUNG, BRIGADIER PETER (EDITOR). - The Almanac of World War II.
116505: YOUNG, BRIGADIER PETER, (ED.) - The Almanac of World War II
137344: (MACAULAY) YOUNG, G.M. (EDITOR). - Macaulay: Prose and Poetry.
137890: YOUNG, FILSON. - New Leaves.
133700: YOUNGER, MAJOR-GENERAL A.E. - Blowing Our Bridges. The Memories of a Young Officer Who Finds Himself on the Beaches at Dunkirk, Landing at H-Hour on D-Day and Then in Korea.
131192: YOUNGER, MAJOR-GENERAL A.E. - Blowing Our Bridges. The Memories of a Young Officer Who Finds Himself on the Beaches at Dunkirk, Landing at H-Hour on D-Day and Then in Korea.
137459: YOURCENAR, MARGUERITE. - That Mighty Sculptor, Time. Translated by Walter Kaiser in Collaboration with the Author.
122902: YUNG-DE PREVAUX, AUDE. - Jacques and Lotka. A Resistance Story. Translated from the French by Barbara Wright.
138381: ZACZEK, IAIN. - The Art of the Celts. Origins; History; Culture.
126582: (CHRETIEN). ZADDY, Z.P. - Chretien Studies. Problems of Form and Meaing in Erec, Yvain, Cliges and the Charrete
139945: (MENANDER) ZAGAGI, NETTA. - The Comedy of Menander. Convention, Variation and Originality.
140288: ZAGORIN, PEREZ. - Rebels and Rulers, 1500-1600. Volume I: Society, States, and Early Modern Revolution; Agrarian and Urban Rebellions. Volume II: Provincial Rebellion; Revolutionary CIVIL Wars, 1560-1660.
140066: ZAIDMAN, LOUISE BRUIT & PANTEL, PAULINE SCHMITT. - Religion in the Ancient Greek City. Translated by Pau Cartledge.
139946: ZANKER, G. - Realism in Alexandrian Poetry: A Literature and Its Audience.
141162: ZAWODNY, J.K. - Nothing But Honour. The Story of the Warsaw Uprising, 1944.
138016: ZELLER, DOM HUBERT VAN. - Downside by and Large. A Double Fugue in Praise of Things Lasting and Gregorian.
138437: ZELLER, DOM HUBERT VAN. - Downside by and Large. A Double Fugue in Praise of Things Lasting and Gregorian.
141502: ZIEB, PAUL W. - Logistische Probleme Der Kriegsmarine.
140773: (LAMB) ZIEGLER, PHILIP. - Melbourne. A Biography of William Lamb, 2nd Viscount Melbourne.
142506: (HOWE) ZIEGLER, VALARIE H. - Diva Julia. The Public Romance and Private Agony of Julia Ward Howe.
135597: ZIMMERMAN, DEAN W. (EDITOR). - Oxford Studies in Metaphysics. Volume 4 [Only].
131434: ZIMMERMAN, DAVID. - The Great Naval Battle of Ottawa.
143932: ZIMMERN, ALFRED. - Learning and Leadership. A Study of the Needs and Possibilities of International Intellectual Co-Operation.
139941: ZIMMERN, ALFRED. - Solon & Croesus. And Other Greek Essays.
136922: ZINK, MICHELLE. - Prophecy of the Sisters.
130841: ZINKIN, MAURICE & ZINKIN, TAYA. - Britain and India. Requiem for Empire.
130426: ZINNER, PAUL E. (EDITOR). - National Communism and Popular Revolt in Eastern Europe. A Selection of Documents on Events in Poland and Hungary, February-November, 1956.
144028: ZINOVIEV, ALEXANDER. - The Reality of Communism. Translated by Charles Janson.
136305: ZIPPERSTEIN, STEVEN J. - Elusive Prophet. Ahad Ha’Am and the Origins of Zionism.
129530: ZUCKERMAN, SOLLY. - Monkeys, Men and Missiles. An Autobiography, 1946-88.
141044: ZUCKERMANN, SOLLY. - Monkeys, Men, and Missiles. An Autobiography 1946-88.
137888: ZUCKMAYER, CARL. - A Part of Myself. Translated from the German by Richard and Clara Winston.
112073: ZUG, JAMES (EDITOR). - The Last Voyage of Captain Cook. The Collected Writtings of John Ledyard.
129456: ZWERENZ, GERHARD. - Little Peter in War & Peace. Translated by William Whitman.
135759: ZWERIN, MICHAEL. - A Case for the Balkanization of Practically Everyone... The New Nationalism.
98313: ZWICKER, STEVEN. - Lines of Authority. Politics and English Literary Culture, 1649-1689.

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