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167317: MILL, JOHN STUART. - Collected Works Volume I [Only]: Autobiography and Literary Essays. Edited by John M. Robson and Jack Stillinger.
135704: MILL, J.S. - On Liberty, and Considerations on Representative Government. Edited with an Introduction by R.B. Mccallum.
153492: (COLERIDGE) MILL, [JOHN STUART]. - MILL on Bentham and Coleridge. With an Introduction by F.R. Leavis.
162354: MILLAR, J.P.M. - The Labour College Movement.
155634: MILLER, ALICE DUER. - The White Cliffs.
149041: MILLER, STANLEY. - Mr Christian! the Journal of Fletcher Christian, Former Lieutenant of His Majest’S Armed Vessel ‘Bounty. ’
141779: MILLER, IAN ALEXANDER. - Voyages Into Eternity. Memoirs of the Miller Family from 1812 to 1995.
162264: MILLER, HUGH. - My Schools and Schoolmasters, or, the Story of My Education. With an Introduction and Notes by W.M. Mackenzie.
162267: MILLER, HUGH. - My Schools and Schoolmasters, or, the Story of My Education.
164071: MILLER, HARRY. - Halls of Dartford 1785-1985. Founded in the Industrial Revolution, Pioneer of Refrigeration, Halls of Dartford Celebrate 200 Years of Progress.
168462: MILLER, PERRY. - The New England Mind. The 17th Century.
152825: MILLER, HUGH. - First Impressions of England and Its People.
148652: MILLER, GERRIT S. - A Second Collection of Mammals from Caves Near St. Michel, Haiti.
147190: MILLER, STEPHEN G. - Arete: Greek Sports from Ancient Sources.
170557: (LANDA) MILLER, HENRY KNIGHT; ROTHSTEIN, ERIC AND ROUSSEAU, G.S. (EDITORS). - The Augustan Milieu. Essays Presented to Louis A. Landa.
153222: (BELLOW) MILLER, RUTH. - Saul Bellow: A Biography of the Imagination.
157642: MILLER, HUGH. - Sketch-Book of Popular Geology.
158751: MILLER, DAVID. - Lady de Lancey at Waterloo. A Story of Duty and Devotion.
162410: MILLER, HUGH. - My Schools and Schoolmasters, or, the Story of My Education.
170548: MILLER, J. HILLIS. - The Disappearance of God. Five Ninteenth-Century Writers.
157942: MILLGRAM, ABRAHAM E. - Sabbath: The Day of Delight.
166627: MILLICAN, JOHN. - Mountains May Depart.
136109: MILLIGAN, GEORGE. - The New Testament and Its Transmission.
160215: MILLIN, SARAH GERTRUDE. - The Coming of the Lord.
141351: MILLIN, SARAH GERTRUDE. - The Measure of My Days.
168269: MILLINGTON, REV. T.S. - Through Fire and Through Water. A Story of Peril and Adventure.
149654: (DALTON) MILLINGTON, J.P. - John Dalton.
168359: MILLINGTON, T.S. - A Great Mistake. A Story of Adventure.
136228: MILLINGTON, ROY. - Furnival Lodge: A Centenary History 1895-1995.
167203: MILLS, WOOSNAM. - Shadow Crusade. A Secret Service Thriller of to-Day.
148295: MILLS, JANE. - Womanworlds. A Vocabulary of Culture and Patriarchal Society.
143385: MILMINE, GEORGINE. - The Life of Mary Baker G. Eddy and the History of Christian Science.
166622: MILNE, EWART. - A Garland for the Green.
155640: MILNE, EWART. - Life Arboreal
155807: MILNER, GEORGE. - From Dawn to Dusk. A Book of Verses.
153260: MILNER, LAURIE. - Royal Scots in the Gulf. 1st. Battalion the Royal Scots (the Royal Regiment) on Operation Granby 1990 - 1991.
160214: MILTON, RODERICK. - Magic City and Other Stories.
154512: MILTON, JOHN. - The Poems of John Milton. Volume I [Only]: The Latin and Greek Poems, by Douglas Bush; the Italian Poems, by J.E. Shaw and A. Bartlett Giamatti.
163972: MILTON, GILES. - The Riddle and the Knight. In Search of Sir John Mandeville.
155651: MILTON, JOHN. - The Poetical Works. Edited After the Orginal Texts by the Rev. H.C. Beeching, M.A.
138352: MILTON, GILES. - Big Chief Elizabeth. How England’S Adventurers Gambled and Won the New World.
140400: MILTON, GILES. - Big Chief Elizabeth. How England’S Adventurers Gambled and Won the New World.
168712: MILTON, JOHN. - The Poetical Works of... With Notes of Various Authors; and with Some Account of Milton, Derived Principally from Original Documents in Her Majesty’S State-Paper Office. By the Rev. Henry John Todd, M.A. , Chaplain in Ordinary to Her Majesty, and Archdeacon of Cleveland.
152286: MINCOFF, ELIZABETH AND MARRIAGE, MARGARET S. - Pillow Lace: A Practical Hand-Book.
151423: MINDLIN, MURRAY & BERMANT,CHAIM (EDITORS). - Explorations: An Annual on Jewish Themes.
164941: MINET, PAUL. - Late Booking. My First Twenty-Five Years in the Secondhand Book Trade.
166631: MINOT, LAURENCE. - The Poems. Edited with Introduciton and Notes by Joseph Hall.
166071: MINTZEL, ALF. - Die Csu. Anatomie Einer Konservativen Partei 1945-1972. Mit Einem Vorwort Von Otto Stammer.
151372: MIRSKY, JEANNETTE. - Houses of God.
153279: MISHAL, SHAUL. - The Plo Under Arafat. Between Gun and Olive Branch.
162067: MISHANI, D.A. - The Man Who Wanted to Know. Translated by Todd Hasak-Lowy.
157457: MITCHAM, TERRY. - The Birds of Rutland and Its Reservoirs.
162474: MITCHAM, SAMUEL W., JR. - The Men of Barbarossa. Commanders of the German Invasion of Russia, 1941.
160212: MITCHELL, JULIAN. - A Circle of Friends.
156732: MITCHELL, P.M. - A History of Danish Literature. With an Introductory Chapter by Mogens Haugsted.
166623: MITCHELL, ADRIAN. - Poems.
168725: MITCHELL, GLADYS. - The Saltmarsh Murders. New Introduction by Patricia Craig and Mary Cadogan.
167447: MITCHELL, ELIZABETH HARCOURT. - The King’S Stirrup. A Tale of the Forest.
160391: MITCHELL, KEVIN, - Jacobs Beach. The Mob, the Garden and the Golden Age of Boxing.
169531: MITCHELL, WILLIAM SMITH (EDITOR). - Catalogue of the Incunabula in Aberdeen University Library.
138005: MITCHELL, S.J.D. - Perse. A History of the Perse School 1615-1976.
164105: MITCHELL, OLIVIA S. AND SMETTERS, KENT (EDITORS). - The Pension Challenge. Risk Transfers and Retirement Income Security.
154819: (TRESSELL) MITCHELL, JACK. - Robert Tressell and the Ragged Trousered Philanthropists.
137806: (TOYNBEE) MITFORD, JESSICA. - Faces of Philip. A Memoir of Philip Toynbee.
151755: MITFORD, JESSICA. - The Trial of Dr. Spock.
167201: MITFORD, BERTRAM. - The Curse of Clement Waynflete. A Tale of Two Wars.
151877: MITFORD, MARY RUSSELL. - Our Village [First Series]: Sketches of Rural Character and Scenery.
154540: MITFORD, MARY RUSSELL. - Recollections of a Literary Life; and Selections from My Favourite Poets and Prose Writers.
151878: MITFORD, MARY RUSSELL. - Our Village [Second Series]: Sketches of Rural Character and Scenery.
168279: MITFORD, BERTRAM. - The Induna’S Wife.
163536: MITSUDA, YURI AND KONO, CHIEKO (EDITORS). - Counter-Photography. Japan’S Artists Today.
167775: (EDITORS) MITSUKUNI, YOSHIDA; IKKO, TANAKA AND TSUNE, SESOKO. - Asobi the Sensibilities at Play.
170735: MIYOSHI, MASAO. - The Divided Self. A Perspective on the Literature of the Victorians.
153937: (FORD) MIZENER, ARTHUR. - The Saddest Story. A Biography of Ford Maddox Ford.
156756: MIZRUCHI, SUSAN L. - The Science of Sacrifice. American Literature and Modern Social Theory.
161291: MOA, PIO. - Los Mitos de la Guerra CIVIL.
155806: MOAT, JOHN. - A Standard of Verse. With Nine Poems by Baldwin, Barker, Hughes, Larkin, Levi, Middleton, Murphy, Thomas, Tonks.
168094: MOCKLER-FERRYMAN, LT.-COL. A.F. - Lads of the Light Division. A Tale of the Peninsular War.
164327: MODELL, BERNADETTE AND MODELL, MICHAEL. - Towards a Healthy Baby. Congenital Disorders and the New Genetics in Primary Care.
144444: (HITCHCOCK) MODLESKI, TANIA. - The Women Who Knew Too Muc. Hitchcock and Feminist Theory.
162069: MOEHRINGER, J.R. - Sutton.
166561: MOELLER, JUERGEN (EDITOR). - Historische Augenblicke. Deutsche Briefe Des Zwanzigsten Jahrhunderts.
167838: MOELLER, DOROTHY. - Speech Pathology and Audiology. Iowa Origins of a Discipline.
170979: MOERMAN, DANIEL E. - Native American Medicinal Plants. An Ethnobotanical Dictionary.
168525: MOFFAT, GWEN. - Miss Pink at the Edge of the World. A Crime Novel.
136255: MOHADDESSIN, MOHAMMAD. - Islamic Fundamentalism. The New Global Threat.
165231: MOHAMED, ABBAS AHMED. - White Nile Arabs. Political Leadership and Economic Change.
138009: MOHOLY-NAGY, L. (PHOTOGRAPHS BY). - Portrait of Eton. With an Introduction by Bernard Fergusson.
156422: VON MOHRENSCHILDT, DIMITRI S. - Russia in the Intellectual Life of Eighteenth-Century France.
154866: (WAUCH) MOIR, D.M. (EDITOR). - The Life of Mansie Wauch, Tailor in Dalkeith, Written by Himself.
165775: MOIR, FRED LM. - After Livingstone. An African Trade Romance.
162177: MOLDEN, FRITZ UND POGANY, EUGEN. - Ungarns Freiheitskampf.
163927: MOLESWORTH, MRS. - The Ruby Ring.
163896: MOLESWORTH, MRS. - The Cuckoo Clock.
168301: MOLESWORTH, MRS. - Christmas-Tree Land.
168299: MOLESWORTH, MRS. - Lettice.
167200: MOLESWORTH, MRS. - The Tapestry Room. A Child’S Romance.
168300: MOLESWORTH, MRS. - The Cuckoo Clock.
163956: MOLESWORTH, MRS. - The Blue Baby and Other Stories.
160778: MOLLO, BORIS. - The Sharpshooters. 3rd. County of London Yeomanry 1900 - 1961 Kent and County of London Yeomanry 1961 - 1970.
160258: MOLLOY, PAT. - A Legacy of Demons.
170019: MOLLOY, TOM. - The World Is Our Witness. The Historic Journey of the Nisga’a Into Canada.
166066: MOLTKE, HELMUTH JAMES VON. - Briefe an Freya 1939-1945. Herausgeben Vom Beate Ruhm Von Oppen.
165121: MOMMSEN, HANS. - Alternative Zu Hitler. Studien Zur Geschichte Des Deutschen Widerstandes.
165208: MOMMSEN, HANS AND WILLEMS, SUSANNE (EDITORS). - Herrschaftsalltag IM Dritten Reich. Studien Und Texte. Mit Beitraegen Von Ralph Angermund, Ian Kershaw, Hans Mommsen, Delia Und Gerd Nixdorf, Dieter Obst Und Tilla Siegel.
153116: MONAGHAN, LOUISE AND KINSELLA, YVONNE. - Stolen: Escape from Syria. A Mother’S Terrifying Journey to Rescue Her Kidnapped Child.
158734: MONCRIF, AUGUSTIN-PARADIS. - The Adventures of Zeloide and Amanzarifdine. Translated with an Introduction by C.K. Scott Moncrieff.
135856: MONEY-KYRLE, R.E. - Man’S Picture of His World. A Psycho-Analytic Study.
142291: MONEY, BARRY & MONEY, ANN. - The Warlords: U.S. Eighth Air Force Fighter Colours of World War II. Volume I [Only]. The 4th, 20th & 55th Fighter Groups.
158208: MONGIA, PADMINI (EDITOR). - Contemporary Postcolonial Theory: A Reader.
138262: MONIN, LYDIA & GALLIMORE, ANDREW. - The Devil’S Gardens. A History of Landmines.
154323: (KIPLING) MONKSHOOD, G.F. - The Less Familiar Kipling, and Kiplingana.
151206: [MONOD, THEODORE. - Phanerogames. ]
164807: (EDITOR) MONOD, THEODORE. - Pastoralism in Tropical Africa. Les Societes Pastorales En Afrique Tropicale.
158957: MONOGATARI, HEIKE. - The Tale of the Heike. Volume I. Books 1-6; Volume II. Books 7-12 and Epilogue. Translted by Hiroshi Kitagawa, Bruce T. Tsuchida.
166626: MONRO, HAROLD. - The Collected Poems. Edited by Alida Monro, with a Biographical Sketch by F.S. Flint and a Critical Note by T.S. Eliot.
164078: MONTAGU OF BEAULIEU, LORD. - Rolls of Rolls-Royce. A Biography of the Hon C.S. Rolls. Research by Michael Sedgwick.
156464: MONTEFIORE, SIMON SEBAG. - The Life of Potemkin. Prince of Princes.
158768: MONTEILHET, HUBERT. - Neropolois. A Novel of Nero’S Rome. Translated by Christopher Robinson.
158653: MONTERO, MAYRA. - Dancing to ‘Almendra. ’ Translated from the Spanish by Edith Grossman.
158767: MONTESQUIEU, [BARON DE, CHARLES DE SECONDAT]. - Persian Letters. Translated by John Davidson. With an Introduction.
170030: POPULAR SCIENCE MONTHLY (EDITED BY). - Wood Carving and Whittling. A Practical Handbook of Drawings and Detailed Instructions That Will Show You How to Strart and to Acquire Skill in the Fascinating Hobby and Art of Wood Carving. Prepared by the Editorial Staff of Popular Science Monthly.
169748: AMAZING STORIES MONTHLY. - Amazing Stories: Science Fiction. April 1933. Volume 8 Number 1.
169744: AMAZING STORIES MONTHLY. - Amazing Stories: Science Fiction. February 1930. Volume 4 Number 11.
169746: AMAZING STORIES MONTHLY. - Amazing Stories: Science Fiction. Fall-Winter 1932. Volume 5 Number 3.
169757: AMAZING STORIES MONTHLY. - Amazing Stories: Science Fiction. October 1930. Volume 5 Number 7.
169743: AMAZING STORIES MONTHLY. - Amazing Stories: Science Fiction. March 1930. Volume 4 Number 12.
169741: AMAZING STORIES MONTHLY. - Amazing Stories: Science Fiction. December 1929. Volume 4 Number 9.
169745: AMAZING STORIES MONTHLY. - Amazing Stories: Science Fiction. Spring-Summer 1933. Volume 6 Number 4.
164720: MONTROSS, DAVID. - Troika.
168514: MOODY, SUSAN. - Penny Black.
168513: MOODY, SUSAN. - Penny Dreadful.
157702: MOODY, B.E. - Packaging in Glass.
162080: MOODY, JOHN. - Moscow Magician. A Thriller.
158934: MOOR, MARGRIET DE. - The Virtuoso. Translated from the Dutch by Ina Rilke.
160255: MOORCOCK, MICHAEL. - The Laughter of Carthage.
160254: MOORCOCK, MICHAEL. - Byzantium Endures.
139105: MOORCRAFT, PAUL (EDITOR). - Axis of Evil. The War on Terror.
139516: MOORE, PATRICK. - Watchers of the Stars. The Scientific Revolution.
167784: MOORE, F. FRANKFORT. - Highways and High Seas. Cyril Harley’S Adventures on Both.
160250: MOORE, GEORGE. - Ulick and Soracha
138258: MOORE, DARREN. - The Soldier. A History of Courage, Sacrifice and Brotherhood.
137336: (LAWRENCE) MOORE, HARRY T. - The Life and Works of D.H. Lawrence.
144766: MOORE, JERROLD NORTHROP. - Philharmonic Jubilee 1932-1982. A Celebration of the London Philharmonic Orchestra’S Fiftieth Anniversary.
140904: MOORE, KATHARINE. - Victorian Wives.
153353: (BYRON) MOORE, DORIS LANGLEY. - The Late Lord Byron. Posthumous Dramas.
140902: OLD MOORE’S - Almanack, for the Year 1906, and the Sixth of the Reign of His Present Most Gracious Majesty King Edward VII: With Numerous Beautiful Engravings, All the Principal Fairs, a Correct Tide Table for the Principal Ports in the United Kingdom, Eclipses for 1906, Phases of the Moon, from the Best Authority. Old Moore’S Heiroglyphics for the Eventful Year 1906. Predicitions of Coming Events. Post Office Regulations, Parcel Post. Splendid Double-Page Principal Hieroglyphic. Grand Portraits of His Most Gracious Majesty King Edward VII. , H.R. H. The Prince of Wales and Admiral Sir John Fisher. In Fact It Is the Best Penny Almanack Published.
137384: MOORE, F. FRANKFORT. - The Lighter Side of English Life.
160251: MOORE, GEORGE. - Evelyn Innes.
166651: MOORE, [THOMAS]. - Moore’S Irish Melodies. Lalla Rookh; National Airs; Legendary Ballads; Songs, &C. With a Memoir by J.F. Waller.
168296: MOORE, F. FRANKFORT. - Under Hatches: Or, Ned Woodthorpe’S Adventures.
167523: MOORE, F. FRANKFORT. - The “Great Orion. ”
167298: MOORE, DERRY. - Evening Ragas. A Photographer in India.
165142: (EDITORS) MOORE, HENRIETTA L. AND SANDERS, TODD. - Magical Interpretations, Material Realities. Modernity, Witchcraft and the Occult in Postcolonial Africa.
165709: MOORE, HENRIETTA L. - Space, Text and Gender. An Anthropological Study of the Marakwet of Kenya.
148416: MOORE, LINDY. - Bajanellas and Semilinas. Aberdeen University and the Education of Women 1860-1920.
157479: MOORE, ROBERT. - The Birds of Devon.
166639: MOORE, THOMAS. - The Poetical Works. Edited by A.D. Godley.
154527: (EDITOR) MOOREHEAD, LUCY. - Freya Stark Letters. Volume Four: Bridge of the Levant 1940 - 43.
163971: MOORHOUSE, GEOFFREY. - Apples in the Snow. A Journey to Samarkand.
142914: MOORHOUSE, GEOFFREY. - Great Harry’S Navy. How Henry VIII Gave England Sea Power.
138051: MOORMAN, F.W. - Tales of the Ridings. With a Memoir of the Author by Professor C. Vaughan.
167386: MOORMAN, JOHN. - A History of the Franciscan Order. From Its Origins to the Year 1517.
167199: MOORSOM, SASHA. - In the Shadow of the Paradise Tree.
160248: MOPELI-PAULUS, A.S. AND BASNER, MIRIAM. - Turn to the Dark.
151849: MORAN, JAMES (EDITOR). - Printing in the 20th Century. A Penrose Anthology.
154534: MORAVIA, ALBERTO. - Man As an End. A Defence of Humanism. Literary, Social and Political Essays. Translated from the Italiam by Bernard Wall.
159302: [MORE, HANNAH.0 - Valley of Tears, a Vision. In Two Parts.
153059: (AGEE) MOREAU, GENEVIEVE. - The Restless Journey of James Agee. Translated from the French by Miriam Kleiger with the Assistance of Morty Schiff.
160249: MORECAMBE, ERIC. - Mr. Lonely.
167198: MOREL, JANE. - Crime in Heaven.
170460: MORENO, ANTONIO MARTIN. - Historia de la Musica Espanola 4: Sigo XVIII. Bajo la Direccion de Pablo Lopez de Osaba.
148316: MOREWEDGE, ROSMARIE THEE (EDITOR). - The Role of Woman in the Middle Ages. Papers of the Sixth Annual Conference of the Center for Medieval and Early Renaissance Studies, State University of New York at Binghamton, 6-7 May 1972.
149843: MOREY, CHARLES RUFUS. - Mediaeval Art.
166747: MORGAN, ELENA PUW. - Y Wisg Sidan.
152809: MORGAN, S.C. - The Geology of the Gaika Gold Mine, Que Que, S. Rhodesia. Issued by Authority.
160247: MORGAN, ALUN. - The Breakwater. A Tale of Old Porthcawl.
168133: (COMPILERS) MORGAN, EJR AND GILBERT, SH. - Early Adelaide Architecture. 1836 to 1886
160245: MORGAN, CHARLES. - A Breeze of Morning.
152572: (COMPILERS) MORGAN, E.J.R. AND GILBERT, S.H. - Early Adelaide Architecture 1836 - 1886. A Photographic Record.
160731: MORGAN, JANET. - The Secrets of Rue St. Roche. Intelligence Operations Behind Enemy Lines in the First World War.
138067: MORGAN, ALEXANDER (EDITOR). - University of Edinburgh: Charters, Statutes, and Acts of the Town Council and the Senatus, 1583-1858. With Historical Introductions by Robert Kerr Hannay.
160336: MORGAN, PAUL AND GRIFFITHS, JOHN. - Irb World Rugby Yearbook 2007.
161588: MORGAN, DJ. - Changes in British Aid Policy 1951 - 1970.
151663: MORGAN, CHARLES. - Liberties of the Mind.
158632: MORGAN, JAMES. - In the Footsteps of Napoleon. His Life and Its Famous Scenes.
161944: MORHANGE-BEGUE, CLAUDE. - Chamberet. The True Story of a Jewish Family in Wartime France.
168729: MORICE, ANNE. - Murder by Proxy.
168730: MORICE, ANNE. - Sleep of Death.
168518: MORICE, ANNE. - Death of a Wedding Guest.
168519: MORICE, ANNE. - Death and the Dutiful Daughter.
168520: MORICE, ANNE. - Murder in Outline.
168523: MORICE, ANNE. - Murder in Outline.
168521: MORICE, ANNE. - Death in the Round.
168522: MORICE, ANNE. - Murder in Mimicry.
164743: MORICE, ANNE. - Killing with Kindness.
164742: MORICE, ANNE. - Death of a Heavenly Twin.
164744: MORICE, ANNE. - The Men in Her Death.
164745: MORICE, ANNE. - Scared to Death.
167197: MORIER, JAOMES. - The Adventures of Hajji Baba of Ispahan. With an Introduction by Charles E. Becket.
151455: MORISON, SAMUEL ELIOT. - Builders of the Bay Colony.
165124: MORITSCH, ANDREAS (EDITOR). - Vom Ethnos Zur Nationalitaet. Der Nationale Differenzierungsprozess Am Beispiel Ausgewaehlter Orter in Kaernten Und IM Burgenland.
160244: MORLEY, GEORGE. - Sweet Audrey. Scenes of Country Life and Town Glamour...
160243: MORLEY, CHRISTOPHER. - The Haunted Bookshop.
154515: (MILTON) MORLEY, HENRY (EDITOR). - English Prose Writings of John Milton.
160241: MORLEY, IRIS. - Rack. A Novel.
149621: MOROWITZ, HAROLD J. AND TRFIL, JAMES S. - The Facts of L.I. F.E. Science and the Abortion Controversy.
167165: MORPURGO, MICHAEL. - All Round the Year. New Poems by Ted Hughes.
160240: MORRELL, DAVID. - Last Reveille. A Novel.
140801: (GREVILLE) MORRELL, PHILIP (EDITOR). - Leaves from the Greville Diary. Arranged with Introduction and Notes.
169559: MORRELL, WP. - The Gold Rushes.
167196: MORRIS, J. MALCOLM. - The Wise Bamboo.
139226: MORRIS, HENRY. - Essentials of Materia Medica, Therapeutics and Prescription Writing, Arranged in the Form of Questions and Answers Prepared Especialy for Students of Medicine. Edited by W.A. Bastedo.
155653: MORRIS, WILLIAM. - The Life and Death of Jason. Edited with Introduction and Notes by E. Maxwell,
154751: (STEVENSON) MORRIS, DAVID B. - Robert Louis Stevenson and the Scottish Highlanders.
138830: MORRIS, RICHARD. - The Man Who Ran London During the Great War. The Diaries and Letters of Lieutenant General Sir Francis Lloyd, Gcvo, Ckb, Dso (1853-1926).
160239: MORRIS, I.V. - Marching Orders.
154554: (CLEVELAND) MORRIS, BRIAN. - John Cleveland (1613-1658). A Bibliography of His Poems.
153478: (CLEVELAND) MORRIS, BRIAN. - John Cleveland (1613-1658). A Bibliography of His Poems.
166620: MORRIS, SIR LEWIS. - Harvest-Tide.
157209: MORRIS, C.B. - A Generation of Spanish Poets 1920-1936.
138609: MORRIS, L.F. - A History of St. Dunstan’S College.
162791: MORRIS, ERIC. - Salerno. A Military Fiasco.
169526: MORRISH, P.S. - Bibliotheca Higgsiana: A Catalogue of the Books of Dr. Griffin Higgs (1589-1659).
160238: MORRISON, T.J. - The Cairn.
167075: MORROW, ANN. - Highness. The Maharajahs of India.
135426: MORTERS, PETER ET AL (EDITORS). - Analysis and Stochastics of Growth Processes and Interface Models.
162107: MORTIMER, JOHN. - Felix in the Underworld.
160236: MORTIMER, JOHN. - Quite Honestly.
160237: MORTIMER, ARTHUR. - The Wall.
162106: MORTIMER, JOHN. - Quite Honestly.
160233: MORTIMER, PENELOPE. - The Handyman.
160234: MORTIMER, PENELOPE. - Long Distance.
154551: MORTIMER, JOHN. - The Summer of a Dormouse.
154552: MORTIMER, PENELOPE. - About Time: An Aspect of Autobiography.
160235: MORTIMER, JOHN. - The Sound of Trumpets.
156335: MORTIMER, RAYMOND (INTRODUCTION BY). - The Seven Deadly Sins. Angus Wilson; Edith Sitwell; Cyril Connolly; Patrick Leigh Fermor; Evelyn Waugh; Christopher Sykes; W.H. Auden.
162085: MORTIMER, PENELOPE. - My Friend Says It’S Bullet-Proof.
138715: MORTIMORE, M.J.A. - Bridlington School: A History. Vitai Lampada Tradunt. They Hand on the Torch of Life.
139393: (MASKELYNE) MORTON, VANDA. - Oxford Rebels. The Life and Friends of Nevil Story Maskelyne, 1823-1911, Pioneer Oxford Scientist, Photographer and Politician.
164388: MORTON, LESLIE T. - A Medical Bibliography. (Garrison and Morton). An Annotated Check-List of Texts Illustrating the History of Medicine.
164389: MORTON, LESLIE T. - A Medical Bibliography. (Garrison and Morton). An Annotated Check-List of Texts Illustrating the History of Medicine.
167792: MORTON, RICHARD. - Come Day, Go Day, God Send Sunday. The Songs and Life Story, Told in His Own Words, of John Maguire, Traditional Singer and Farmer from Co. Fermanagh. Collated by... Musical Transcription by John Blackling.
160231: MORTON, FREDERIC. - Thunder and Twilight. Vienna 1913/1914.
137379: MORTON, J.B. - Cram Me with Eels! the Best of Beachcomber’S Unpublished Humour. Edited and Introduced by Mike Barfield, with a Preface by Richard Ingrams and Drawings by Steven Appleby.
162087: MORTON, ANTHONY. - Blame the Baron.
162790: MOSHENSKA, GABRIEL. - The Archaeology of the Second World War. Uncovering Britain’S Wartime Heritage.
167664: MOSLEY, LEONARD. - Hirohito Emperor of Japan.
162068: MOSLEY, WALTER. - Black Betty.
141592: MOSS, W. STANLEY. - ILL Met by Moonlight. Introduction by M.R. D. Foot. Prologue and Epilogue by Iain Moncreiffe. Afterword by Patrick Lee Fermor.
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165261: PICKER, DR. HENRY. - Hitlers Tischgespraeche IM Fuehrerhauptquartier. Vollstaendig Ueberarteitete Und Erweiterte Neuausgabe Mit Bisher Unbekannten Selbstzeugnissen Adolf Hitlers, Abbildungen, Augenzeuegenberichten Und Erlaeuterungen Des Autors: Hitler, Wie Er Wirklich War.
167510: PICKERING, EDGAR. - The Fortunes of Claude. A Story of Adventure for Boys.
167697: PICKERING, EDGAR. - A Stout English Bowman. Being a Story of Chivalry in the Days of Henry III.
144890: PICKERING, MICHAEL & GREEN, TONY (EDITORS). - Everyday Culture. Popular Song and the Vernacular Milieu.
168390: PICKERING, EDGAR. - Silas Verney. Being the Story of His Adventures in the Days of King Charles the Second. A Tale for Boys.
167532: PICKERING, EDGAR. - The Dogs of War. A Romance of the Great CIVIL War.
168994: PICKERING, R.E. - Himself Again.
140376: PICKTHORN, KENNETH. - Early Tudor Government: Henry VII.
163272: PIEKALKIEWICZ, JANUSZ. - Secret Agents, Spies and Saboteurs. Famous Undercover Missions of World War II.
139451: PIEL, GERARD. - The Age of Science. What Scientists Learned in the 20th Century.
162214: PIENDL, ANTON UND MAYER, WOLFGANG A. - Brauereimuseen in Deutschland, Osterreich Und Der Schweiz.
154209: (JOHNSON) PIERCE, CHARLES E. - The Religious Life of Samuel Johnson.
144125: PIERRE, D.B.C. - Lights out in Wonderland.
166051: PIESCHE, MARGARETE (EDITOR). - Deutschland IM Zweiten Weltkrieg. Bibliographie Der Geschichtswissenschaftlichen Literatur Der Ddr.
158251: PIETERSE, JAN NEDERVEEN (EDITOR). - Global Futures: Shaping Globalization.
150580: PIETROSKI, PAUL M. - Events and Semantic Architecture.
154782: (STUKELEY) PIGGOTT, STUART. - William Stukeley. An Eighteenth-Century Antiquary.
166517: PIKART, EBERHARD. - Theodor Heuss Und Konrad Adenauer. Die Rolle Des Bundespraesidenten in Der Kanzlerdomokratie.
138225: PIKE, HEW. - From the Front Line. Family Letters and Diaries - 1900 to the Falklands and Afghanistan.
135775: PIKE, CHRISTOPHER (EDITOR). - The Futurists, the Formalists, and the Marxist Critique. Translated by Christopher Pike and Joe Andrew. Prefaces, Notes and Afterword Provided by Gerard Conio and Translated by Rupert Swyer.
160539: PILGRIM, DAVID. - The Grand Design.
163035: PILKINGTON, JOHN. - The Ruffler’S Child. A Thomas the Falconer Mystery.

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