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139344: STOCKING, GEORGE W. (EDITOR). - Observers Observed. Essays on Ethnographic Fieldwork.
142985: STOCKTON, DAVID. - The Classical Athenian Democracy.
124988: STODART-WALKER, ARCHIBALD (EDITOR). - The Day-Book of John Stuart Blackie. Selected and Transcribed from the Manuscript by His Nephew,...
126841: (HARNESS). STODDARD, RICHARD HENRY (EDITOR). - Personal Reminiscences. By Barham, Harness, and Hodder.
141439: SPIWOKS/STOEBER. - Endkampf Zwischen Mosel Und Inn. XIII. Ss-Armeekorps.
143152: (BLOMEFIELD) STOKER, DAVID A. (EDITOR). - The Correspondence of the Reverend Francis Blomefield (1705-52).
136741: STOKER, DESMOND. - Adventures of the Hebe. Sailing on Britain’S Canals between the Wars. From the Original Books. Edited by Simon Stoker.
124087: STOKES, ADRIAN. - A Game That Must Be Lost. Collected Papers.
122060: STOKES, C.S. - Sanctuary. With a Foreword by Her Royal Highness the Crown Princess of Greece, a Message from Field-Marshall the Right Homourable J.C. Smuts, P.C. , C.H. , K.C. , D.T. D. , Prime Minister, Minister of External Affairs and of Defence, and Commander-in-Chief, Union of South Africa, a Tribute from Mrs. J.C. Smuts, and Appreciation by Their Royal Highnesses Prince and Princess George of Greece and Denmark, an Appreciatory Note by the Honourable F.C. Sturrock, M.I. Mech. E. , M.P. , Minister of Transport , Union of South Africa, an Introduction by P.N. Barrett, Esquire, Chairman, “Sanctuary” Production Committee, Prefaces by Lieutenant-Colonel J. Stevenson-Hamilton, F.R. G.S. , C.M. Z.S. , LL. D. , Warden, Kruger National Park, and over Sixty Poems by C.S. Stokes.
141458: STOLFI, R.H.S. - Hitler’S Panzers East. World War II Reinterpreted.
109033: STOLLER, EZRA. - The John Hancock Center.
130069: STONE, IRVING. - Men to Match My Mountains. The Opening of the Far West 1840-1900.
132229: STONE, WILLIAM L. (TRANSLATOR). - Letters of Brunswick and Hessian Officers During the American Revolution.
132834: STONE, DAVID. - Fighting for the Fatherland. The Story of the German Soldier from 1648 to the Present Day. Foreword by Richard Holmes.
137593: STONYK, MARGARET. - Ninteenth-Century English Literature.
141463: STOPPARD, DR. MIRIAM. - Family Health Guide.
126173: SCRIBNER BOOK STORE. - Fifty Distinguised Books and Manuscripts. The Scribner Book Store.
143097: STORER, F.H. & LINDSAY, W.B. - An Elementary Manual of Chemistry. Being a Revision and Rewriting of Professor W.R. Nichols’S Abridgment of Eliot and Storer’S Manual.
143084: STORER, F.H. & LINDSAY, W.B. - An Elementary Manual of Chemistry. Being a Revision and Rewriting of Professor W.R. Nichols’S Abridgement of Eliot and Storer’S Manual.
137410: STOREY, RICHARD & MADDEN, LIONEL. - Primary Sources for Victorian Studies. A Guide to the Location and Use of Unpublished Materials.
121765: STORY, ROBERT HERBERT. - William Carstares: A Character and Career of the Revolutionary Epoch. (1649-1715).
138418: STOTT, GODFREY. - A History of Chigwell School.
124124: (STEVENSON). STOTT, LOUIS. - Robert Louis Stevenson & France.
140416: STOUGHTON, JOHN. - Church and State Two Hundred Years Ago. A History of Ecclesiastical Affairs in England from 1660-1663.
136134: STOURTON, EDWARD. - John Paul II. Man of History.
143910: STRANGE, SUSAN. - Casino Capitalism.
129124: STRANGE, K.H. - Climbing Boys. A Study of Sweeps’ Apprentices 1773-1875.
116321: (HAYNES.) STRASMAN, PETER G. - Fiat Strada Owners Workshop Manual
142565: (XENOPHON) STRASSLER, ROBERT B. (EDITOR). - The Landmark Xenophon’S Hellenika. A New Translation by John Marincola. With an Introduction by Edward Thomas.
129742: STRATEGICUS [H.C. O’NEILL]. - From Dunkirk to Benghazi.
138490: STRATFORD, JOAN. - A History of Totley All Saints Church of England School, Sheffield 1827-2000.
139358: STRATHERN, MARILYN. - Women in between. Female Roles in a Male World: Mount Hagen, New Guinea.
133381: STRATMANN, LINDA. - The Marquess of Queensberry. Wilde’S Nemesis.
138776: STRATMANN, LINDA. - Whiteley’S Folly. The Life and Death of a Salesman.
109277: ASCHER / STRAUS. - ABC Street.
135611: STRAUSS, LEO. - The Rebirth of Classical Political Rationalism. An Introduction to the Thought of Leo Strauss. Essays and Lectures. Selected and Introduced by Thomas L. Pangle.
142956: STRAUSS, BARRY S. - Fathers and Sons in Athens. Ideology and Society in the Era of the Peloponnesian War.
142713: STRAWSON, JOHN. - Beggars in Red. The British Army 1789-1889.
131875: STRAWSON, JOHN. - If by Chance.
140693: STRAWSON, JOHN. - The Duke and the Emperor. Wellington and Napoleon.
141102: STRAWSON, JOHN. - Hitler As Military Commander.
142545: STRAY, CHRISTOPHER. - The Mushri-English Pronouncing Dictionary. A Chapter in 19th-Century Public School Lexicography. The Text of the ‘Seventh’ Edition (1901) with an Introduction and Notes.
132395: STREATFEILD, D. - Persephone: A Study of Two Worlds.
139063: STREATHER, ADRIAN. - Soviet General & Field Rank Officer Uniforms: 1955-1991. (Land, Air, Border & Intelligence Services).
139342: STRECKER, IVO. - The Social Practice of Symbolization. An Anthropological Analysis.
125618: STREETER, DANIEL W. - Denatured Africa.
141685: STREETER, MICHAEL. - Behind Closed Doors. The Power and Infuluence of Secret Societies.
121735: STRICKLAND, AGNES. - The Lives of the Seven Bishops Committed to the Tower in 1688. Enriched and Illustrated with Personal Letters, Now First Published, from the Bodleian Library.
129449: STRINDBERG, AUGUST. - Getting Married. Parts I and II. Translated from the Swedish , Edited and Introduced by Mary Sandbach.
129730: STRINGER, HELEN DANN. - Letters of Love and War. A World War II Correspondence.
143276: (NEWMAN) STROLZ, M.K. ET AL (EDITORS). - John Henry Newman. Commemorative Essays on the Occasion of the Centenary of His Cardinalate, 1879-May-1979.
135526: STROMEYER, C.E. - Unity in Nature. An Ananlogy between Music and Life.
138577: STRONG, RUTH. - A History of Fulneck Girls’ School 1741-1994.
143575: (CHARRINGTON) STRONG, L.A.G. - A Brewer’S Progress 1757-1957. A Survey of Charrington’S Brewery on the Occasion of Its Bicentenary.
127039: (STEVENSON). STRONG, ISOBEL & OSBOURNE, LLOYD. - Memories of Vailima.
129728: STROUP, RICHARD CARTWRIGHT (EDITOR). - Letters from the Pacific. A Combat Chaplain in World War II. With an Introduction.
132430: STRUDWICK, NIGEL & STRUDWICK, HELEN. - Thebes in Egypt. A Guide to the Tombs and Temples of Ancient Luxor.
116430: STUART-JONES, TONY - Toyota Carina Celica Auto Data Car Manual 1971-81. Care, Repair, Maintenance
140026: STUART, DUANE REED. - Epochs of Greek and Roman Biography.
124114: (STEVENSON). STUBBS, LAURA. - Stevenson’S Shrine. The Record of a Pilgrimage.
138713: STURGE, H. WINIFRED & CLARK, THEODORA. - The Mount School, York, 1785 to 1814: 1831-1931.
125090: STURROCK, JOHN. - The Language of Autobiography. Studies in the First Person Singular.
142130: STYLES, DAVID G. - Two Flights to Victory. From the Doolittle Raid to the Enola Gay.
132965: STYRON, WILLIAM. - Inheritance of Night. Early Drafts of Lie Down in Darkness. With a Preface by the Author and an Introduction by James L.W. West III.
125072: SULLEROT, EVELYNE. - Women on Love. Eight Centuries of Feminine Writing. Translated by Helen R. Lane.
126706: (SMART). SULLIVAN, ROSEMARY. - By Heart. Elizabeth Smart: A Life.
140103: SULLIVAN, J.P. (EDITOR). - Critical Essays on Roman Literture. Edited with an Introduction.
137954: O’SULLIVAN, JOANNE. - Creative Stitching on Paper. 40 Beautiful Projects, from Scrapbook Pages to Chinese Lanterns.
138380: SULLIVAN, DAVID. - The Westminster Corridor. An Exploration of the Anglo-Saxon History of Westminster Abbey and Its Nearby Lands and People.
135786: SULLIVAN, VICKIE (EDITOR). - The Comedy & Tragedy of Machiavelli. Essays on the Literary Works.
129729: SUMMERS, JULIE. - The Colonel of Tamarkan. Philip Toosey and the Bridge on the River Kwai.
140650: SUMMERVILLE, CHRISTOPHER. - March of Death. Sir John Moore’S Retreat to Corunna, 1808-09.
142572: SUMMERVILLE, CHRISTOPHER. - Campaign Chronicles: Napoleon’S Polish Gamble. Eylau and Friedland 1807.
140993: SUNDERS, NICHOLAS J. - Killing Time. Archaeology and the First World War.
137678: (RUSKIN) SURTEES, VIRGINIA (EDITOR). - Reflections of a Friendship. John Ruskin’S Letters to Pauline Trevelyan 1848-1866. Foreword by Raleigh Trevelyan.
137675: (RUSKIN) SURTEES, VIRGINIA (EDITOR). - Sublime & Instructive. Letters from John Ruskin to Louisa, Marchioness of Waterford, Anna Blunden and Ellen Heaton.
137774: SURTEES, ROBERT SMITH. - Scenes and Characters. Edited and Introduced by Cyril Ray.
140669: [FERNYHOUGH, THOMAS] ‘THE SURVIVOR.’ - Military Memoirs of Four Brothers. Engaged in the Service of Their Country, As Well in the New World and Africa As on the Continent of Europe.
139012: SUTHERLAND, JON & CANWELL, DIANE. - Images of War: Malta Gc. Rare Photographs from Wartime Archives.
137793: (THACKERAY) SUTHERLAND, J.A. - Thackeray at Work.
129044: SUTHERLAND, GILLIAN (EDITOR). - Studies in the Growth of Nineteenth-Century Government.
134455: SUTHERLAND, CHARLES. - Modern Canoeing.
136467: SUTHERLAND, ROBERT. - Maria Callas. Diaries of a Friendship.
138598: SUTTON, ROLAND. - The Herbert Strutt School, Belper, 1909-1959.
139470: SUTTON, GEOFFREY V. - Science for a Polite Society. Gender, Culture, and the Demonstation of Enlightenment.
142102: SUTTON, CAPTAIN A.W.F. - Seven Seas, Nine Lives.
128642: SVEDENSTIERNA, ERIC T. - Svedenstierna’S Tour of Great Britain 1802-3. The Travel Diary of an Industrial Spy. Translated from the German by E.L. Dellow. With a New Introduction by M.W. Flinn.
137567: SWAN, BRADFORD F. - Gregory Dexter of London and New England 1610-1700.
139610: SWAN, LESTER A. & PAPP, CHARLES S. - The Common Insects of North America. Foreword by Evert I. Schlinger.
143883: SWANK, DUANE. - Global Captial, Political Institutions, and Policy Change in Developed Welfare States.
133295: SWANSON, PHILIP (EDITOR). - Landmarks in Modern Latin American Fiction.
129763: SWANTON, JOHN R. - A Structural and Lexical Comparison of the Tunica, Chitimacha, and Atakapa Languages.
137003: (BERGER) SWAYZE, CAROLYN. - Hard Choices. A Life of Tom Berger.
135585: SWEARINGEN, JAMES E. & CUTTING-GRAY, JOANE (EDITORS). - Extreme Beauty. Aesthetics, Politics, Death.
116454: SWEARINGEN, BEN E. - The Mystery of Hermann Goering’S Suicide.
136208: SWEDENBORG, EMANUEL. - The Delights of Wisdom Relating to Conjugiallove, After Which Follow the Pleasures of Insanity Relating to Scortatory Love. From the Latin.
136207: SWEDENBORG, EMANUEL. - The Apocalypse Explained, Volume VI [Only], According to the Spiritual Sense, Wherein Are Disclosed the Arcana Therein Foretold, Which Have Been Hitherto Hidden. From the Latin of a Posthumous Work. Numbers 1090-1229.
125942: SWEE-HOCK, SAW. - Singapore: Population in Transition.
140053: SWEET, WALDO E. - Sport and Recreation in Ancient Greece. A Sourcebook with Translations. Foreword by Erich Segal.
139028: SWEET, MATTHEW. - The West End Front. The Wartime Secrets of London’S Grand Hotels.
131229: SWEET, ALEX E. & KNOX, J. ARMOY. - On a Mexican Mustang Through Texas. From the Gulf to the Rio Grande.
131691: SWEETMAN, JACK (EDITOR). - Great American Naval Battles.
143130: SWEETMAN, JOHN. - Raglan. From Peninsula to the Crimea.
135066: SWEETMAN, JOHN. - The Artist and the Bridge 1700-1920.
140749: SWEETMAN, JOHN. - Raglan. From Peninsula to the Crimea.
138805: SWEETMAN, JOHN. - Raglan. From Peninsula to the Crimea.
124068: (STRINDBERG). SWERLING, ANTHONY. (EDITOR). - In Quest of Strindberg. Letters to a Seeker.
125089: SWETTENHAM, SR. FRANK ATHELSTANE (EDITOR). - Unaddressed Letters.
137770: SWIFT, JONATHAN. - Satires and Personal Writings. Edited with Introduction and Notes by William Alfred Eddy.
136896: SWIFT, GRAHAM. - Wish You Were Here.
127168: SWINBURNE, ALGERNON CHARLES. - Rosamund. Queen of the Lombards. A Tragedy.
143307: SWINBURNE, RICHARD. - Was Jesus God?
137588: SWINDELLS, JULIA. - Victorian Writing and Working Women. The Other Side of Side of Silence.
116070: SYDNOR, CHARLES W. - Soldiers of Destruction. The Ss Death’S Head Division, 1933-1945.
142970: SYDNOR, CHARLES W. - Soldiers of Destruction. The Ss Death’S Head Division, 1933-1945.
132051: SYKES, CHRISTOPHER. - Troubled Loyalty. A Biography of Adam Von Trott Zu Solz.
139641: SYKES, BRYAN. - The Seven Daughters of Eve.
137119: (CORVO) SYMONS, A.J.A. - The Quest for Corvo. With Introductions by Sir Norman Birkett and Sir Shane Leslie.
137076: (CARLYLE) SYMONS, JULIAN (EDITOR) - Carlyle: Selected Works, Reminiscences and Letters.
137765: SYMONS, ARTHUR. - Spiritual Adventures.
124062: SYMONS, JULIAN. - Critical Occasions.
135456: SYNGE, LANTO. - Mallett Millennium. Fine Antique Furniture and Works of Art.
143936: TABB, WILLIAM K. - The Amoral Elephant. Globalization and the Struggle for Social Justice in the Twenty-First Century.
134969: TABBAA, YASSER. - The Transformation of Islamic Art During the Sunni Revival.
135422: TABERNACLE, BEVERLEY; HONEY, MARIE & JINKS, ANNETTE. - Oxford Handbook of Nursing Older People.
130088: TAFT, WILLIAM H. ET AL. - Photographic History of the CIVIL War: Complete and Unabridged. The Opening Battles; Two Years of Grim War: The Decisive Battles; the Cavalry; Forts and Artillery; the Navy; Soldier Life and Secret Service; Prisons and Hospitals; the Armies and Leaders; Poetry and Eloquence.
137797: TAGORE, RABINDRANATH. - Sadhana. The Realisation of a Life.
133217: AL-TAHAWY, MIRAL. - Brooklyn Heights. Translated by Sameh Salim.
129330: TAIBO II, PACO IGNACIO. - Returning As Shadows. Translated from the Spanish by Ezra E. Fitz.
143379: BENEDICTINES OF TALACRE. - St. Paula. Adapted from the Tenth Edition of the French of Mgr. F. Lagrange. With Foreword by the Right Reverend Francis Vaughan.
126407: TALBOT, FREDERICK . - The Oil Conquest of the World.
131673: TALBOT, FREDERICK A. - Steamship Conquest of the World.
139088: TALBOTT, STROBE & CHANDA, NAYAN (EDITORS). - The Age of Terror. America and the World After September 11.
132046: TALIAFERRO, HENRY G.; KENAMORE, JANE A. & HALLER, ULI (EDITORS). - Cartographic Sources in the Rosenberg Library.
142996: TALL, J.J. & KEMP, PAUL. - Hm Submarines in Camera. An Illustrated History of British Submarines 1901-1996. Foreword by Rerar Admiral J.F. Perowne Obe.
123211: TALLANT, HAROLD D. - Evil Necessity. Slavery and Political Culture in Antebellum Kentucky.
140673: TANERA, CARL. - Krieg Und Frieden. Ernstes Und Heiteres.
140674: TANERA, CARL. - Krieg Und Frieden. Ernstes Und Heiteres.
131093: TANKARD, JEREMY. - Me Hungry!
139034: TANNER, R.E.S. & TANNER, D.A. - Burma 1942: Memories of a Retreat. The Diary of Ralph Tanner, 2nd Battalion the King’S Own Yorkshire Light Infantry.
139087: TANNER, STEPHEN. - The Wars of the Bushes. A Father Amd Son As Military Leaders.
142754: (PEPYS) TANNER, J.R. - Samuel Pepys and the Royal Navy. Lees Knowles Lectures Delivered at Trinity College in Cambridge, 6, 13, 20 and 27 Novermber, 1919.
121752: TANNER, J.R. - English Constitutional Conflicts of the Seventeenth Century, 1603-1689.
124876: (PEPYS). TANNER, J.R. - Mr. Pepys. An Introduction to the Diary Together with a Sketch of His Later Life.
141456: TAPERT, ANNETTE (EDITOR). - Lines of Battle. Letters from American Servicemen, 1941-1945.
140578: TARLE, EUGENE. - Bonaparte. Translated from the Russian by John Cournos.
139995: TARN, W.W. - Alexander the Great and the Unity of Mankind. The Raleigh Lecture on History Founded by Sir Charles C. Wakefield, Bart. On the Occasion of the Releigh Tercetenary, 29 October 1918, British Academy 1933.
109230: (CARLYLE, THOMAS). TARR, RODGER L. - Thomas Carlyle. A Descriptive Bibliography.
133632: TARRANT, V.E. - The U-Boat Offensive, 1914-1945.
143889: TARROW, SIDNEY. - Power in Movement. Social Movements and Contentious Politics.
87766: TATE, CLAUDIA. - Psychoanalysis and Black Novels. Desire and Protocols of Race.
129827: TATMAN, LUCY. - Knowledge That Matters. A Feminist Theological Paradigm and Epistemology.
133894: TATTERSALL, BRUCE. - Stubbs & Wedgwood. Unique Alliance between Artist and Potter. With an Introduction by Basil Taylor.
142474: TAVERNER, JOHN & THEKLA, MOTHER. - Ikons: Meditations in Words and Music. With Ivan Moody.
141051: TAYLOER, FREDERICK. - The Downfall of Money. Germany’S Hyperinflation and the Destruction of the Middle Classes.
130665: TAYLOR, OPENSHAW. - Utilisation of Electric Energy.
125136: TAYLOR, JOHN. - Paths to Contemporary French Literature.
136937: TAYLOR, MAUREEN A. - Scrapbooking Your Family History.
140803: TAYLOR, JAMES. - The Age We Live in: A History of the Nineteenth Century, from the Peace of 1815 to the Present Time.
134639: TAYLOR, I.A. - The Life of James IV. With an Introduction by Sir George Douglas.
128111: TAYLOR, I.A. - The Making of a King.
138492: TAYLOR, J.P.G. - Queen Margaret’S School, York, 1901-2001.
138558: TAYLOR, ROSE; KAFEL, ANDREW & SMITH, RUSSELL. - Crossley Heath School.
137791: (THACKERAY) TAYLOR, D.J. - Thackeray.
139320: TAYLOR, RALPH B. - Human Territorial Functioning. An Empirical, Evolutionary Perspective on Individual and Small Grooup Territorial Cognitions, Behaviors, and Consequences.
136920: TAYLOR, ELISABETH RUSSELL. - I Is Another.
133362: TAYLOR, ALICE. - The Parish.
141038: (BEAVERBROOK) TAYLOR, A.J.P. - Beaverbrook.
133378: TAYLOR, H.A. - Robert Donald. Being the Authorized Biography of Sir Robert Donald, G.B. E. , LL. D. , Journalist, Editor and Friend of Statesmen. With a Foreword by the Right Honourable J. Ramsay Macdonald, M.P.
141878: TAYLOR, MICHAEL J.H. - Close Air Support. Armed Helicopters & Ground Attack Aircraft.
141921: TAYLOR, ERIC. - Operation Millenium. ‘Bomber’ Harris’S Raid on Cologne, May 1942.
136055: TAYLOR, MARK C. - Rewiring Teh Real. In Conversation with William Gaddis, Richard Powers, Mark Danielewski, and Don Delillo.
131101: TAYLOR, SEAN. - Boing! Illustrated by Bruce Ingman.
130747: (DOUGHTY). TAYLOR, ANDREW. - God’S Fugitive. The Life of C.M. Doughty.
131808: TAYLOR, JAMES STEPHEN. - Jonas Hanway, Founder of the Marine Society. Charitiy and Policy in Eighteenth-Century Britain.
126634: (DUNBAR). TAYLOR, RACHEL ANNAND. - Dunbar. The Poet and His Period.
133547: TAYLOR, GEOFF. - Piece of Cake.
133371: TAYLOR, ANNE. - Laurence Oliphant, 1829-1888.
136050: TAYLOR, A.E. - The Faith of a Moralist. Gifford Lectures Delivered in the University of St. Andrews, 1926-1928. Series I. The Theological Implications of Morality.
143338: TAYLOR, JEREMY. - A Discourse of the Liberty of Prophesying 1647.
139854: TCHERIKOVER, VICTOR. - Hellenistic Civilization and the Jews. Translated by S. Applebaum.
138626: NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF HEAD TEACHERS. - Leeds and Harrogate. Whitsuntide 1957.
136442: TEAR, ROBERT. - Singer Beware. A Cautionary Story of the Singing Class.
139286: TEDLOCK, DENNIS & MANNHEIM, BRUCE (EDITORS). - The Dialogic Emergence of Culture.
129440: TEGNER, ESAIAS. (BISHOP OF WEXIO IN SWEDEN). - Frithiof’S Saga, a Legend of the North. Translated from the Original Swedish by G.S. Revised and Illustrated with an Introductory Letter by the Illustrious Author Himself.
135830: TEJIRIAN, EDWARD J. - Sexuality and the Devil. Symbols of Love, Power and Fear in Male Psychology.
136052: TELLENBACH, GERD. - Church, State and Christian Society at the Time of the Investiture Contest. Translated by R.F. Bennett.
143340: (PERCIVAL) TEMPLE, WILLIAM. - Life of Bishop Percival.
143890: TEMPLETON, KENNETH S. (EDITOR). - The Politicization of Society. Essays by Herbert Butterfield, Robert L. Carneiro, Donald M. Dozer, Jacques Ellul, F.A. Hayek, Jonathan R.T. Hughes, John A. Lukacs, William Marina, Felix Morley, Robert A. Nisbet, Michael Oakeshott, Murray N. Rothbard, Giovanni Sartori, and Butler D. Shaffer. Introduction by R.M. Hartwell.
122270: TENNANT, CHARLES. - My War, My Mules and Me. Foreword by the Rt. Hon. Lord Thomson of Monifieth, K.T. , P.C.
134617: TENNENT, NORMAN. - The Islands of Scotland.
133075: TENNYSON, ALFRED. - The Holy Grail. And Other Poems.
137433: TENNYSON, G.B. - Victorian Devotional Poetry. The Tractarian Mode.
143137: TERKEL, STUDS. - “the Good War. ” an Oral History of World War Two.
139069: TERLEZKI, STEFAN. - From War to Westminster. Foreword by Lord Howe of Aberavon.
140961: TERRAINE, JOHN. - Impacts of War 1914 & 1918.
138791: TERRAINE, JOHN. - To Win a War. 1918: The Year of Victory.
143305: TERTULLIANUS, QUINTUS SEPT[IMUS] FLOR[ENS]. - The Five Books of Quintus Sept. Flor. Tertullianus Against Marcion. Translated by Peter Holmes.
109349: TESNIÈRE, MARIE-HÉLENE. - Creating French Culture. Treasures from the Bibliothèque Nationale de France.
142564: TEUTSCH, CHRISTIAN. - Victory at Poitiers. The Black Prince and Teh Medieval Art of War.
98093: THACKERAY, WILLIAM MAKEPEACE. - Thackeray Library. With a New Introduction by Richard Pearson. Volume I: Early Fiction and Journalism, Volume II: Early Travel Writings, Volume III: Anthony Trollope, Volume IV: Early Writings of Thackeray/Thackeray: A Study, Volume V: With Thackeray in America, Volume VI: The Life of Wiliam Makepeace Thackeray.
126727: (BELLOC). THAL, HERBERT VAN (EDITOR). - Belloc: A Biographical Anthology. Foreword by Sir Arthur Bryant.
126886: (LANDOR). THAL, HERBERT VAN (EDITOR). - Landor. A Biographical Anthology. With an Introduction by Malcolm Elwin.
136415: THAL, HERBERT VAN (EDITOR). - Fanfare for Ernest Newman.
110818: (PRANT, KARL). THAMAN-OBERHOFER, ELISABETH. - Karl Prantl Sculpture. Yorkshire Sculpture Park.
125845: THAPAR, ROMILA. - Asoka and the Decline of the Mauryas. With a New Afterword, Bibliography and Index.
112303: THAYER, NANCY. - Custody.
142776: THELWALL, JOHN. - The Politics of English Jacobinism. Writings. Edited with an Introducition and Notes by Gregory Claeys.
134139: THEOKAS, ANDREW C. - Grounds for Review. The Garden Festival in Urban Planning and Design.
144004: THERBORN, GORAN. - From Marxism to Post-Marxism?
135835: THERIVEL, WILLIAM A. - Teh Gan/Dp Theory of Personality and Creativity. Vollume IV [Only]. Genetic Endowment, Assistances, Misfortunes, Division of Power.
135599: (HEIDEGGER) THIELE, LESLIE PAUL. - Timely Meditations. Martin Heidegger and Postmodern Politics.
140602: THIERS, A. - Histoire Du Consulat Et de L’Empire.
137790: THIRKELL, ANGELA. - Coronation Summer.
135839: THODAY, J.M. & PARKES, A.S. (EDITORS). - Genetic and Environmental Influences on Behaviour. A Symposium Held by the Eugenics Society in September 1967.
140881: THOLFSEN, TRYGVE R. - Working Class Radicalism in Mid-Victorian England.
124083: (STIEGLITZ). THOMAS, F. RICHARD. - Literary Admirers of Alfred Stieglitz.
130058: THOMAS, EMORY M. - Travels to Hallowed Ground. A Historian’S Journey to the American CIVIL War.
141850: THOMAS, DAVID A. - Japan’S War at Sea. Pearl Harbor to the Coral Sea.
137821: THOMAS, CAITLIN. - Leftover Life to Kill.
137817: THOMAS, GWYN. - High on Hope. Extracts from the Western Mail Articles Edited by Jeffrey Robinson and Brian Mccann.
137818: THOMAS, D.M. - Memories and Hallucinations.
137566: THOMAS, ISAIAH. - The History of Printing in America. With a Biography of Printers & an Account of Newpapers. Edited by Marcus A. Mccorison.
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130854: WILCOX, WAYNE A. - India, Pakistan and the Rise of China.
107683: WILCOX, CLAIRE. - Bags.
131125: WILD, MARGARET & BLACKWOOD, FREYA. - Harry & Hopper.
92831: WILDER, BILLY. - Stalag 17. The Complete Screenplay, with an Introduction by Jeffrey Meyers.
112953: WILDER, BILLY. - The Lost Weekend. The Complete Screenplay, with an Introduction by Jeffrey Meyers.
129772: WILFONG, CHERYL. - Following the Nez Perce Trail. A Guide to the Nee-Me-Poo National Historic Trail with Eyewitness Accounts.
138443: WILKINS, HAROLD T. - Great English Schools.
139849: WILKINS, FREDERICK. - Defending the Borders: The Texas Rangers, 1848-1861.
140113: (VIRGIL) WILKINSON, L.P. - The Georgics of Virgil. A Critical Survey.
134843: WILKINSON, PHILIP. - Restoration Village.
143461: WILKINSON, RORDEN & HUGHES, STEVE (EDITORS). - Global Governance. Critical Perspectives.
138312: WILKINSON, TOBY. - The Thames & Hudson Dicitionary of Ancient Egypt.
138653: WILKINSON, A.M. - Ripon College 1862-1962. The First Hundred Years.
143941: WILKINSON, PAUL. - The New Facists.
142824: WILKINSON, D.C. (EDITOR). - Greek Sculpture. Edited with an Introduction.
132893: WILKINSON-LATHAM, R.J. - From Our Special Correspondent. Victorian War Correspondents and Their Campaigns.
142692: WILKINSON-LATHAM, ROBERT. - British Artillery on Land and Sea 1790-1820.
141624: WILKINSON, PETER. - Foreign Fields: The Story of an Soe Operative.
136506: (BEETHOVEN) WILLETTS, PAMELA J. - Beethoven and England. An Account of Sources in the British Museum.
139991: WILLETTS, R.F. - Ancient Crete a Social History. From Early Times Until the Roman Occupation.
107644: WORDSWORTH WORLD LITERATURE. SHAKESPEARE WILLIAM. - Four Great Comedies a Midsummer Night’S Dream; Much Ado About Nothing; As You Like It; Twelfth Night. With Introductions by Judith Buchanan.
137062: WILLIAMS, STEWART (EDITOR). - Vintage Buses & Trams in South Wales.
140078: WILLIAMS, GORDON. - Figures of Thought in Roman Poetry.
140111: (VIRGIL) WILLIAMS, R.D. & PATTIE, T.S. - Virgil: His Poetry Through the Ages.
140938: (SELLON) WILLIAMS, THOMAS JAY. - Priscilla Lydia Sellon. The Restorer. After Three Centuries of the Religious Life in the English Church.
142479: WILLIAMS, RALPH VAUGHAN. - Folk Songs. Collected by Ralfp Vaughan Williams. Edited by Roy Palmer.
126912: WILLIAMS, JOHN STUART & STEPHENS, MEIC (EDITORS). - The Lilting House. An Anthology of Anglo-Welsh Poetry, 1917-67. With an Introduction by Raymond Garlick.
138364: WILLIAMS, MARK. - Fiery Shapes. Celestial Portents and Astrology in Ireland and Wales, 700-1700.
138371: WILLIAMS, HYWEL. - Sun Kings. A History of Magnificent Kingship.
138453: WILLIAMS, J. GWYNN. - The University College of North Wales: Foundations 1884-1927.
143124: WILLIAMS, J.E.D. - From Sails to Satellites. The Origin and Development of Navigational Science.
136927: WILLIAMS, POLLY. - A Good Girl Comes Undone.
141781: WILLIAMS, THOMAS B. - Titanic and the Californian. Edited and Revised by Rob Kamps.
143939: WILLIAMS, ELIZABETH M. - The Politics of Race in Britain and South Africa. Black Britis Solidarity and the Anti-Apartheid Struggle.
136328: (WALLACE) WILLIAMS-ELLIS, AMABEL. - Darwin’S Moon. A Biography of Alfred Russel Wallace.
142888: WILLIAMS, ANDREW. - The Battle of the Atlantic.
131254: WILLIAMS-JONES, KEITH (EDITOR). - A Calendar of the Merioneth Quarter Sessions Rolls. Volume I [Only]. 1733-65. With a Foreword by Col. J.F. Williams-Wynne.
140387: WILLIAMS, NEVILLE. - A Royal History of England: The Tudors. Edited by Antonia Fraser.
132720: WILLIAMS, H. NOEL. - A Rose of Savoy. Marie Adelaide of Savoy, Duchesse de Bourgogne, Mother of Louis XV.
139254: WILLIAMS, GEORGE HUNTINGTON. - Elements of Crystallography. For Students of Chemistry, Physics and Mineralogy.
123122: WILLIAMS, SELMA R. - Kings, Commoners, and Colonists. Puritan Politics in Old New England, 1603-1660.
143924: WILLIAMS, ANDREW. - Failed Imagination? New World Orders of the Twentieth Century.
78825: WILLIAMS, ROGER L. - Manners and Murders in the World of Louis-Napoleon.
136928: WILLIAMS, POLLY. - The Rise and Fall of a Yummy Mummy.
143361: WILLIAMS, W. MOSES. - Selections from the Welch Piety. With Introduction and Appendices.
131682: WILLIAMS, GREG. - CIVIL and Merchant Vessel Encounters with United States Navy Ships, 1800-2000. Foreword by Captain Channing M. Zucker, U.S. Navy (Ret. ).
132027: WILLIAMS, H. NOEL. - The Love-Affairs of the Condes (1530-1740).
133840: WILLIAMS, KATE. - Josephine. Desire, Ambition, Napoleon.

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