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168601: LEWIS, ROY. - A Wolf by the Ears.
144441: LEWIS, JON. - The Road to Romance & Ruin. Teen Films and Youth Culture.
140987: (ELLISON) LEWIS, DAVID R. (EDITOR). - Remembrances of Hell. The First World War Diary of Naturlaist, Wrier and Broadcaster Norman F. Ellison - ‘Nomad’ of the Bbc.
167815: LEWIS, NORMAN. - Golden Earth. Travels in Burma.
159692: LEWIS, ROY. - Cock of the Walk. A Mid-Victorian Rumpus.
163973: LEWIS, NORMAN. - The World, the World.
155621: LEWIS, C. DAY. - Poems 1943-1947.
156139: LEWIS, WH. - The Sunset of the Splendid Century. The Life and Times of Louis Auguste de Bourbon Duc Du Maine 1670 - 1736.
164079: LEWIS, GEOFFREY. - The Interflora Story 1923-1973.
167100: LEWIS, D.B. WYNDHAM AND LEE, CHARLES (EDITORS). - The Stuffed Owl. An Anthology of Bad Verse. Selected and Arranged.
165008: LEWIS, JOHN. - Such Things Happen. The Life of a Typographer.
163115: LEWIS, ROY. - Error of Judgement.
153049: (ARMSTRONG) LEWIS, SCOTT. - Boundless Life. A Biography of Andrew Joseph Armstrong.
153524: (CONNOLLY) LEWIS, JEREMY. - Cyril Connolly: A Life.
151637: LEWIS, JOHN. - Introduction to Philosophy.
166745: LEWIS, GERAINT. - Brodyr a Chwiorydd.
166749: LEWIS, CARYL. - Martha Jac a Sianco.
149215: LEWIS, EMANUEL RAYMOND. - Seacoast Fortifications of the United States.
161755: BRANT LEWIS. - Gunshot Pay-Off.
154724: (SOMERVILLE) LEWIS, GIFFORD. - Somerville and Ross. The World of the Irish R.M.
136650: (RONSARD) LEWIS, D.B. WYNDHAM. - Ronsard.
157263: LEWIS, WILMARTH S. - The Yale Collections. For the University Council on the Library and Museums.
157681: LEWIS, VICTOR. - The Iron Dale.
157921: LEWITTES, MENDELL. - Jewish Law. An Introduction.
157943: LEWITTES, MENDELL (TRANSLATOR). - The Code of Maimonides. Book Eight [Only]: The Book of the Temple Service. Translated from the Hewbrew.
144432: LEYDA, JAY (EDITOR). - Voices of Film Experience. 1894 to the Present. Research by Doug Tomlinson and John Hagan.
162815: SCHOOLBOYS’ OWN LIBRARY. - The Lure of the Golden Scarab! No. 409. By Frank Richards.
162795: SCHOOLBOYS’ OWN LIBRARY. - On Fighting Terms! No. 341. By Owen Conquest.
162800: SCHOOLBOYS’ OWN LIBRARY. - A Lion at St. Jims! No. 320. By Martin Clifford.
162799: SCHOOLBOYS’ OWN LIBRARY. - The Schoolboy Airman! No. 314. By Martin Clifford.
162798: SCHOOLBOYS’ OWN LIBRARY. - Tom Merry and Co. Declare War! No. 287. By Martin Clifford.
162797: SCHOOLBOYS’ OWN LIBRARY. - The Sneak of Rookwood! No. 356. By Owen Conquest.
162809: SCHOOLBOYS’ OWN LIBRARY. - The Greyfriars Cracksman. No. 364. By Frank Richards.
162804: SCHOOLBOYS’ OWN LIBRARY. - For Honour’S Sake! No. 293. By Martin Clifford.
162811: SCHOOLBOYS’ OWN LIBRARY. - The Master of from Scotland Yard. No. 361. By Frank Richards.
162805: SCHOOLBOYS’ OWN LIBRARY. - The Shanghaied Schoolboys! No. 293. By Martin Clifford.
162796: SCHOOLBOYS’ OWN LIBRARY. - The Boy Who Walked by Night! No. 356. By Owen Conquest.
162807: SCHOOLBOYS’ OWN LIBRARY. - Harry Wharton’S Rival! No. 289. By Frank Richards.
162813: SCHOOLBOYS’ OWN LIBRARY. - The Fugitive Schoolboy! No. 295. By Frank Richards.
162803: SCHOOLBOYS’ OWN LIBRARY. - St. Jim’S in Revolt! No. 281. By Martin Clifford.
162801: SCHOOLBOYS’ OWN LIBRARY. - Grundy Takes the Lead! No. 350. By Martin Clifford.
162802: SCHOOLBOYS’ OWN LIBRARY. - The Stick at Nothing Schoolboy! No. 260. By Martin Clifford.
162814: SCHOOLBOYS’ OWN LIBRARY. - The Boy without a Name! No. 263. By Frank Richards.
162808: SCHOOLBOYS’ OWN LIBRARY. - The Menace of Tang Wang! No. 269. By Frank Richards.
162806: SCHOOLBOYS’ OWN LIBRARY. - A Gunman at St. Jim’S! No. 395. By Martin Clifford.
162810: SCHOOLBOYS’ OWN LIBRARY. - The Terror of the Form. No. 322. By Frank Richards.
162817: SCHOOLBOYS’ OWN LIBRARY. - The Mystery of Study No. 1! No. 407. By Frank Richards.
165818: LIDDELL, ROBERT. - The Deep End. A Novel.
165821: LIDDELL, ROBERT. - Kind Relations.
162004: LIDEGAARD, BO. - Countrymen. The Untold Story of How Denmark’S Jews Escaped the Nazis, of the Courage of Their Fellow Danes - and of the Extraordinary Role of the Ss.
156759: LIEBERMAN, LEO AND BERINGAUSE, ARTHUR F. - Classics of Jewish Literture.
166523: LIEBESCHUETZ, HANS AND PAUCKER, ARNOLD (EDITORS). - Das Judentum in Der Deutschen Umwelt 1800-1850. Studien Zur Fruehgeschichte Der Emanzipation.
150171: LIEFELD, ROB & CASEY, JOE. - Youngblood Maximum Edition. Volume 1 Issue 1 [Only].
150278: LIEFER, WALTER. - Himalaya. Mountains of Destiny. Translated by Ursula Prideaux.
142621: LIEMPT, AD VAN. - Hitler’S Bounty Hunters. The Betrayal of the Jews. Translated by S.J. Leinbach.
169047: LIEN, MARIANNE ELISABETH. - Marketing and Modernity.
134895: LIGHT, MICHAEL. - Ranch.
134989: LIGHT, M.R. - The Diy Decorator’S Handbook. Preparation. Painting. Paper-Hanging. Troubleshooting. Decorator’S Dodges. Written and Illustrated by an Experienced Professional.
166548: LILL, RUDOLF (EDITOR). - Der Kulturkampf. Herausgegeben Und Erlaeutert Von Rudolf LILL Unter Mitarbeit Von Wolfgang Altgeld Und Alexia K. Haus.
158220: LILLA, MARK. - New French Thought: Political Philosophy.
164043: LILLY, DORIS. - Those Fabulous Greeks. Onassis, Niarchos, and Livanos.
151675: LILLY, WILLIAM SAMUEL. - On Right and Wrong.
163558: MUSEO DE ARTE DE LIMA (PUBLISHER). - Art in Peru. Works from the Collection of the Museo de Arte de Lima.
170026: EVANS BROTHERS LIMITED (PUBLISHER). - Woodworker Volume 71. Twelve Monthly Copies, January - December, 1967.
170027: EVANS BROTHERS LIMITED (PUBLISHER). - Woodworker Volume 66. Being the Twelve Monthly Copes, January - December, 1962.
156725: LIMON, JERZY. - Gentlemen of a Company. English Players in Central and Eastern Europe 1590-1660.
170561: LIMON, JERZY. - Dangerous Matter. English Drama and Politics in 1623/24.
159338: LINDEMANN, ALBERT S. - The Jew Accused. Three Anti-Semitic Affairs Dreyfus, Beilis, Frank, 1894 - 1915.
155141: (WORDSWORTH) LINDENBERGER, HERBERT. - On Wordsworth’S Prelude.
158225: LINDGAARD, JADE AND PORTE, XAVIER DE LA. - The Impostor: Bhl in Wonderland. Translated by John Howe.
165822: LINDOP, AUDREY ERSKINE. - The Self-Appointed Saint.
152932: LINDSAY, MAURICE. - History of Scottish Literature.
159686: LINDSAY, JACK. - Rising Tide. A Novel of the British Way.
153333: (BURNS) LINDSAY, MAURICE. - The Burns Encylopedia.
159684: LINDSAY, JACK (EDITOR). - Giuliano the Magnificent.
137489: LINDSAY, JACK. - Decay and Renewal. Critical Essays on Twentieth Century Writing.
148565: (BLAKE) LINDSAY, DAVID W. - Blake: Songs of Innocence and Experience.
167780: LINDSAY, JACK. - To Arms! a Story of Ancient Gaul.
159687: LINDSAY, JACK. - Fires in Smithfield. A Novel of Mary Tudor’S Reign.
159688: LINDSAY, JACK. - The Moment of Choice. A Novel of the British Way.
155618: LINDSAY, MAURICE. - Snow Warning and Other Poems.
159972: LINDSAY, PHILIP. - Here Comes the King.
159971: LINDSAY, PHILIP. - Jack Laughs at Locksmiths.
153295: (BUNYAN) LINDSAY, JACK. - John Bunyan: Maker of Myths.
148585: (BLAKE) LINDSAY, DAVID W. - Blake: Songs of Innocence and Experience.
159973: LINDSEY, JACK. - Men of Forty-Eight.
158912: LINDSTEDT, LAURA. - Oneiron. A Fantasy About the Seconds After Death. Translated by Owen F. Witesman.
155424: LINEHAM, RAY S. - The Street of Human Habitations. An Account of Man’S Dwelling Places, Customs, Utensils, Etc. , in Prehistoric Times, and in Ancient Egypt, Assyria and Chaldea, Phoenicia, Persia, India, and Japan.
170761: LINES, KATHLEEN (EDITOR). - Three Bodley Head Monographs. Hugh Lofting, by Edward Blishen; Geoffrey Trease, by Margaret Meek; J.M. Barrie, by Roger Lancelyn Green.
170760: LINES, KATHLEEN (EDITOR). - Three Bodley Head Monographs. Arthur Ransom, by Hugh Shelley; Rudyard Kipling, by Rosemary Sutcliffe; Walter de la Mare, by Leonard Clark.
136560: (SOUSA) LINGG, ANN M. - John Philip Sousa.
162372: LINGING, EDWARD WM. - History of the City of London School.
156188: LATUDE AND LINGUET. - Memoirs of the Bastille.
163543: LINK, HOWARD A. - The Theatrical Prints of the Torii Masters. A Selection of Seventeenth Eighteenth-Century Ukiyo-E.
154453: (MACKENZIE) LINKLATER, ANDRO. - Compton Mackenzie: A Life.
159967: LINKLATER, ERIC. - The Faithful Ally.
159961: LINKLATER, ERIC. - The Sailor’S Holiday.
165839: LINKLATER, ERIC. - A Man over Forty. A Novel.
159969: LINKLATER, ERIC. - The Sailor’S Holiday.
159968: LINKLATER, ERIC. - Juan in China.
159966: LINKLATER, ERIC. - The Corpse on Clapham Common. A Tale of Sixty Years Ago.
158909: LINNA, VAINO. - The Unknown Soldier. A Novel.
162024: LINSCOTT, GILLIAN. - A Healthy Body.
162025: LINSCOTT, GILLIAN. - Murder, I Presume.
157947: (MONTEFIORE) LIPMAN, SONIA AND LIPMAN, V.D. (EDITORS). - The Century of Moses Montefiore.
151669: LIPPMANN, WALTER. - A Preface to Morals.
165785: LIPSCOMB, JF. - We Built a Country.
157748: LISHMAN, WILLIAM. - Father Goose. The Adventures of a Wildlife Hero.
159965: LISTER, STEPHEN. - Eight Oaks.
136188: LITTLE, W.J. KNOX. - St Francis of Assisi. His Times, Life and Work.
159963: LITTLE, W.J. KNOX. - The Broken Vow. A Story of Here and Hereafter.
159964: LITTLE, FRANCES. - The Lady and Sada San. A Sequel to the Lady of the Decoration.
136187: LITTLE, W.J. KNOX. - St. Francis of Assisi. His Times, Life and Work. Lectures Delivered in Substance in the Ladye Chapel of Worcester Cathedral in the Lent of 1896.
149588: LITTLE, ERNEST MUIRHEAD (EDITOR). - History of the British Medical Association 1832-1932.
151676: LITTLE, ANDREW GEORGE. - An Address Presented to Andrew George Little, with a Bibliography of His Writings.
139589: LITTMANN, MARK; WILLCOX, KEN & ESPENAK, FRED. - Totality: Eclipses of the Sun.
151247: LITVINOFF, BARNET. - The Burning Bush. Antisemitism and World History.
163888: LIVENS, HERBERT MANN. - Earth and Her Children.
155626: LIVERMORE, RICHARD. - Meltdown.
162023: LIVINGSTONE, NANCY. - Mayhem in Parva.
134701: LIVOCK, D.M. (EDITOR). - City Chamberlains’ Accounts in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries.
160347: BOOKS LLC (PUBLISHER). - Stormers Rugby Union Players: Luke Watson, Bryan Habana, Schalk Burger, Percy Montgomery, Jaque Fourie, Bobby Skinstad, Pat Barnard, Jean de Villiers, Breyton Paulse, Sireli Naqelevuki, Contrad Jantjes, Brent Russell, Andries Bekker, Joe Van Niekerk, Tonderai Chavhanga, Dan Van Zyl, Justin Melck, Ricky Januarie, Eddie Andrews.
160337: LLEWELLYN, DAVID. - A Century of Twickenham Legends.
150290: LLEWELLYN, BRIONY. - The Orient Observed. Images of the Middle East from the Searight Collection.
162039: LLEWELLYN, RICHARD. - White Horse to Banbury Cross.
159951: LLEWELLYN, RICHARD. - White Horse to Banbury Cross.
159952: LLEWELLYN, RICHARD. - A Few Flowers for Shiner.
159953: LLEWELLYN, RICHARD. - A Hill of Many Dreams.
147054: LLEWELLYN, H.M. (EDITOR). - Foxhunter in Pictures. Chosen, Introduced and Captioned.
134789: LLINAS, JOSE & SARRA, JORDI. - Josep Maria Jujol.
159950: LLOYD, ELLIS. - Scarlet Nest.
136742: LLOYD, JOHN & BROWN, MURRAY. - Preserved Railway Carriages. The Complete Stock-Book of All Known Standard Guage Carriages and Passenger-Related Vans Preserved in Great Britain and Ireland.
149839: LLOYD, DAVID & MORAN, MADGE. - The Corner Shop. The History of Bodenhams from the Middle Ages.
160479: LLOYD, TREVOR. - Empire. The History of the British Empire.
155965: LLWYD, ALAN (EDITOR). - Y Flodeugerdd O Ddyfyniadau Cymraeg.
167180: LO, IRVING YUCHENG AND SCHULTZ, WILLIAM (EDITORS). - Waiting for the Unicorn.
159956: LOCK, NAN K. - Flourish for Coronation.
137226: (GODWIN) LOCKE, DON. - A Fantasy of Reason. The Life and Thought of William Godwin.
159960: LOCKE, WILLIAM J. - The Demagogue and Lady Phayre.
144727: LOCKE, RALPH P. - Music, Musicians and the Saint-Simonians.
136104: LOCKE, JOHN. - A Paraphrase and Notes on the Epistles of St. Paul to the Galations, Corninthians, Romans, and Ephesians. To Which Is Prefixed, an Essay for the Understanding of St. Paul’S Epistles, by Consulting St. Paul Himself.
158223: LOCKE, JOHN. - The Second Treatise on CIVIL Government.
158303: LOCKE, JOHN. - The Second Treatise of CIVIL Government, and, a Letter Concerning Toleration. Edited with an Introduction by J.W. Gough.
137726: (SCOTT) LOCKHART, J.G. - Memoirs of the Life of Sir Walter Scott, Bart. Volume II [Only].
159955: LOCKHART, J.G. - Some Passges in the Life of Mr. Adam Blair, Minister of the Gospel at Cross-Meikle. With an Introduction by David Craig.
168280: LOCKHART, J.G. - Here Are Mysteries.
154706: (SCOTT) LOCKHART, J.G. - The Life of Sir Walter Scott, Bart. 1771-1832.
167944: LOCKLEY, R.M. - The Island Farmers.
162027: LOCKRIDGE, RICHARD. - Or Was He Pushed?
139161: LOCKYER, SIR NORMAN. - Inorganic Evolution. As Studied by Spectrum Analysis.
164384: LODGE, SIR OLIVER JOSEPH; THOMSON, SIR JOSEPH JOHN, JOLY, JOHN; FOSTER, GEORGE CAREY AND FRANCIS, WILLIAM. - The London, Edinburgh, and Dublin Philosophical Magazine and Journal of Science. Volume XXIX Sixth Series [Only]. January - June 1915.
159959: LODWICK, JOHN. - Myrmyda. A Novel of the Aegean.
148659: LOEBLICH, ALFRED R. & TAPPAN, HELEN. - Revision of Some Recent Foraminiferal Genera.
168655: LOESCHER, BURT GARFIELD. - Genesis Rogers’ Rangers. The First Green Berets. Volume III.
165249: LOEST, ERICH. - Es Geht Seinen Gang. Oder Muehen in Unserer Ebene. Roman.
153618: (MONTEFIORE) LOEWE, DR. LOUIS (EDITOR).. - Diaries of Sir Moses and Lady Montefiore. Introduced by Professor Raphael Loewe. With a New Index by Walter Schwab.
166595: LOEWENBERG, DR. J. (EDITOR). - Von Goldnen Ueberfluss. Ein Auswahl Aus Neuern Deutschen Dichtern Fuer Schule Und Haus. IM Auftrage Und Unter Mirwirkung Der Literatischen Kommission Der “Hamburger Lehrervereinigung Zur Pflege Der Kuenstlerische Bildung”.
154702: (SHAW) LOEWENSTEIN, F.E. (EDITOR). - Bernard Shaw Through the Camera. 238 Photogrpahs, Including Many Taken by Mr. Shaw, Selected and Introduced by His Bibliographuer and Remembrancer.
165058: LOEWENTHAL, RICHARD AND MUEHLEN, PATRIK VON ZUR. - Widerstand Und Verweigerung in Deutschland 1933 Bis 1945.
163874: LOFTING, HUGH. - Doctor Dolittle’S Puddleby Adventures.
148462: LOGAN, HARRIET. - Unveiled. Voices of Women in Afghanistan.
164356: LOKE, Y.W. - Life’S Vital Link. The Astonishing Role of the Placenta.
136858: LOKKO, LESLEY. - One Secret Summer.
159958: LOLOS, KIMON. - Respite.
165838: LONDON, JACK. - The Red One.
165834: LONDON, JACK. - The Strength of the Strong.
165836: LONDON, JACK. - Smoke and Shorty.
142322: LONDON, JOANNE GERNSTEIN. - Fly Now! a Colourful Story of Flight from Hot Air Balloon to the 777 “Worldliner. ” the Poser Collection of the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.
157464: LONDON NATURAL HISTORY SOCIETY, THE. - The Birds of the London.
167647: LONG, WILLIAM J. - Fowls of the Air.
165939: LONG, BK. - In Smut’S Camp.
142127: LONG, JACK T.C. - Three’S Company. A History of No. 3 (Fighter) Squadron Raf.
165196: (HITLER) LONGERICH, PETER. - Hitler: Biographie.
165197: (GOEBBELS) LONGERICH, PETER. - Joseph Goebbels: Biographie.
165259: LONGERICH, PETER. - Die Braunen Bataillone. Geschichte Der Sa.
155617: LONGFELLOW, HENRY WADSWORTH. - The Works. Poems and Prose. Including Outre-Mer, Hyperion, Davanagh, the Poets and Poetry of Europe, &C.
166199: LONGFELLOW, HENRY WADDSWORTH. - Poetical Works. With Biographical Note.
166613: LONGFELLOW, HENRY WADSWORTH. - Hyperion: A Romance.
155616: LONGFELLOW, HENRY W. (EDITOR). - Poems of Places. Volume I: England. Volume II: England and Wales.
163872: LONGFELLOW, HENRY WADSWORTH. - Evangeline.
138808: LONGFIELD, MOUNTIFORT. - Three Lectures on Commerce and One on Absenteeism.
159938: LONGFORD, ELIZABETH. - A Pilgrimage of Passion. The Life of Wilfred Scawen Blunt.
142492: (BLUNT) LONGFORD, ELIZABETH. - A Pilgrimage of Passion. The Life of Wilfrid Scawen Blunt.
158981: LONGFORD, ELIZABETH. - Wellington. The Years of the Sword.
149859: LONGO (PUBLISHER). - Fifteenth Century Italian Woodcuts. From Biblioteca Classense in Ravenna.
156693: LONGWORTH, PHILIP - Alexis. Tsar of All the Russias.
158282: LOOMIS, STANLEY. - Paris in the Terror. June 1793 - July 1794.
136069: VAN LOON, HENDRIK WILLEM. - The Story of the Bible.
137352: LOOS, ANITA. - Fate Keeps on Happening. Adventures of Lorelei Lee and Other Writings. Edited by Ray Pierre Corsini.
137353: LOOS, ANITA. - Kiss Hollywood Good-by.
140785: LOPATIN-LUMMIS, NANCY & PARTRIDGE, MICHAEL - Lives of Victorian Politcial Figures III. Volume 4: Millicent Garrett Fawcett [Only]. Edited by Susie L. Steinbach.
140784: LOPATIN-LUMMIS, NANCY & PARTRIDGE, MICHAEL - Lives of Victorian Politcial Figures III. Volume 2: Florence Nightingale [Only]. Edited by Deborah Anna Logan.
140783: LOPATIN-LUMMIS, NANCY & PARTRIDGE, MICHAEL - Lives of Victorian Politcial Figures III. Volume 3: Annie Besant [Only]. Edited by Nancy Fix Anderson.
162621: LOPEZ, JOHN. - 39-40 la Campagne de France.
168765: LORAINE, PHILIP. - Ask the Rattlesnake.
170328: LORD, ALBERT B. - The Singer of Tales.
150158: MATTOTTI. LORENZO. - Le Signor Spartaco.
159349: LOROMER, DAVID G. - Merchants and Reform in Livorno 1814 - 1868.
160044: LORTZ, RICHARD. - Bereavements.
169528: LOSADA, JOSE MANUEL (EDITOR). - Bibliography of the Myth of Don Juan in Literary History.
165248: LOSCHER, KLAUS UND HAHN, UDO. - “Ich Habe Nicht Verleugnet. ” Georg Maus: Leben Und Wirken Eines Religionslehrers IM Dritten Reich.
170810: LOTH, DAVID. - The Erotic in Literature. A Historical Survey of Pornography As Delightful As It Is Indiscreet.
166560: LOTH, WILFRIED. - Das Kaiserreich. Obrigkeitsstaat Und Politische Mobilisierung.
169010: LOTHROP, THORNTON KIRKLAND. - William Henry Seward.
167616: LOTI, PIERRE. - Japan. Madame Chrysanthemum.
153364: (CAMUS) LOTTMAN, HERBERT R. - Albert Camus. A Biography.
166148: LOTZE, DR. R. - Volkstod?
156189: LOUGH, JOHN. - Paris Theatre Audiences in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries.
155658: LOUGH, JOHN. - Writer and Public in France. From the Middle Ages to the Present Day.
153215: LOUGH, JOHN. - Writer and Public in France. From the Middle Ages to the Present Day.
160699: LOUGHER, THELMA J. - Lest We Forget. A Collection of Verse.
156776: LOUIS, CAMERON (EDITOR). - Records of Early English Drama: Sussex.
170974: LOUSLEY, J.E. - The New Naturalist: Wild Flowers of Chalk and Limestone.
170973: LOUSLEY, J.E. - The New Naturalist: Wild Flowers of Chalk and Limestone.
170971: LOUSLEY, J.E. - Flora of Surrey. Based on Records Collected by the Surrey Flora Committee 1957-1974. With a Chapter on Geology and Soils by A.J. Stevens.
135399: LOVE, RICHARD. - Carl W. Peters. American Scene Painter from Rochester to Rockport.
150149: LOVECRAFT, H.P. - At the Mountsins of Madness. A Graphic Novel. Adapted from the Original Novel. Text Adapted and Illustrated by I.N. J. Culbard.
165848: LOVELACE, EARL. - Salt.
157651: LOVELL, BERNARD. - Astronomer by Chance.
162038: LOVESEY, PETER. - The Last Detective.
162033: LOVESEY, PETER. - Skeleton Hill.
162034: LOVESEY, PETER. - The Sedgemoor Strangler.
162032: LOVESEY, PETER. - Diamond Dust.
168718: LOVESEY, PETER. - Keystone.
152154: LOVETT, RICHARD. - James Chalmers. His Autobiography and Letters.
168984: LOW, BETTY-BRIGHT AND HINSLEY, JACQUELINE. - Sophie Du Pont: A Young Lady in America. Sketches, Diaries, & Letters 1823 - 1833.
140813: LOWE, JOSEPH. - The Present State of England, in Regard to Agriculture, Trade & Finance.
167655: LOWE, PETER. - Great Britain and Japan, 1911 - 1915. A Study of British Far Eastern Policy.
166612: LOWELL, JAMES RUSSELL. - The Poems. Containing, the Vision of Sir Launfal; a Fable for Critics; Under the Willows; the Biglow Papers; and Other Poems.
154537: (MONTAIGNE) LOWENTHAL, MARVIN (EDITOR). - The Autobiography of Michel de Montaigne, Comprising the Life of the Wisest Man of His Times: His Childhood, Yourth, and Prime; His Adventures in Live and Marriage, at Court, and in Office, War, Revolution, and Plague; His Travels at Home and Abroad; His Habits, Tastes, Whims and Opinions. Composed, Prefaced, and Translated from the Essays, Letters, Travel Diary, Family Journal, Etc. , Withholding No Signal or Curious Detail.
170834: LOWENTHAL, LEO. - Literature and the Image of Man.
156342: LOWES, JOHN LIVINGSTON. - The Road to Xanadu. A Study in the Ways of the Imagination.
160043: LOWNDES, MRS. BELLOC. - Duchess Laura. Certain Days of Her Life.
165847: LOWNDES, MRS. BELLOC. - Duchess Laura: Certain Days of Her Life.
168263: LOWNDES, MRS. BELLOC. - Told in Gallant Deeds. A Child’S History of the War.
139271: LOWRY, T.M. - Historical Introduction to Chemistry.
134849: LPA. - Mainstream Green. Sustainable Design.
156259: THOMAS NELSON AND SONS LTD. - The Bumper Budget for Boys and Girls.
157238: BERTRAM ROTA LTD. (PUBLISHER). - The Printer and the Artist. A Catalogue of Private Press Books and Illustrated Books from the United Kingdom, Europe and America.
134794: IMAGES PUBLISHING GROUP PTY LTD. - 50 of the World’S Best Apartments.
163554: THOMAS GIBSON FINE ART LTD. - Feather Masterpieces of the Ancient Andean World, 26th September-2nd November, 1990.
170071: GUILD OF MASTER CRAFTSMAN PUBLICATIONS LTD. (PUBLISHER). - Carving Birds and Beasts. The Best from Woodcarving Magazine.
144729: MAGGS BROS. LTD. - Florence & Tuscany Music: Catalogue.
164932: MAGGS BROS. LTD. - Bookbinding in Great Britain. Sixteenth to the Twentiety Century. Summer 1975. Catalogue 966.
164931: MAGGS BROS. LTD. - Bookbinding in Great Britain. Sixteenth to the Twentiety Century. Spring 1964. Catalogue 893.
170070: GUILD OF MASTER CRAFTSMAN PUBLICATIONS LTD. (PUBLISHER). - Woodcarving Tools and Equipment Test Reports: Book One [Only].
157266: MAGGS BROS. LTD. - A Catalogue of Illuminated Mss. Imniatures and Printed Books Illustrated in Colour. Seven Centuries of Colour, 14th to 20th Century.
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167030: (COMPILERS) MESSRS. DODWELL AND MILES. - Alphabetical List of the Officers of the Bombay Army. With the Dates of Their Respective Promotion, Retirement, Resignation or Death, Whether in India or in Europe, from the Year 1760 to the Year 1834 Inclusive (Corrected to September 30, 1837).
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162225: DEUTSCHER MILITARVERLAG (PUBLISHER). - Militartopographie. Lehrbuch Fur Offiziere.
143507: MILL, J.S. - On Liberty and Considerations on Representative Government. Edited with an Introduction by R.B. Mccallum.

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