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167738: JAMES, D CLAYTON WITH WELLS, ANNE SHARP. - Refighting the Last War. Command and Crisis in Korea 1950 - 1953.
137277: JAMES, P.D. - Time to Be in Earnest. A Fragment of Autobiography.
137999: JAMES, NORMAN G. BRETT. - The History of MILL Hill School 1807-1907.
163595: JAMES, DAVID. - Qur’Ans and Bindings from the Chester Beattie Library. A Facsimile Exhibition.
141550: JAMES, LAWRENCE. - Mutiny in the British and Commonwealth Forces, 1797-1956.
163502: JAMES, GEORGE WHARTON. - Indian Basketry, and How to Make Indian and Other Baskets.
165182: JAMES, WENDY. - The Listening Ebony. Moral Knowledge, Religion, and Power Among the Uduk of Sudan.
149692: JAMES, JASON. - Johnny Repeat: The End of the Way That Was.
157098: JAMES I., KING. - De Triplici Nodo. The Corrected Copy for the Second Edition.
165145: JAMES, LAWRENCE. - The Savage Wars. British Campaigns in Africa 1870 - 1920.
137548: JAMES, LOUIS (EDITOR). - Print and the People 1819-1851. Edited with an Introduction and Commentary.
162199: JAMES, ROBERT RHODES. - Victor Cazalet: A Portrait.
159572: JAMES, NORAH C. - The Lion Beat the Unicorn.
159573: JAMES, HENRY. - Roderick Hudson. With an Introduction by Leon Edel.
138613: JAMESON, E.M. - Charterhouse.
159569: JAMESON, STORM. - The Road from the Monument.
165244: JAMIN, MATHILDE. - Zwischen Den Klassen. Zur Sozialstruktur Der Sa-Fuehrerschaft.
168945: JANET, CHARLES. - Essais de Classification Helicoidale Des Elements Chimiques.
168951: JANET, CHARLES. - Essais de Classification Helicoidale Des Elements Chimiques. Novembre 1928.
168944: JANET, CHARLES. - La Structure Du Noyau de L’Atome, Consideree Dans la Classification Periodique Des Elements Chimiques. 1927 (Novembre).
168946: JANET, CHARLES. - La Structure Du Noyau de L’Atome, Decembre 1929.
148521: JANEWAY, ELIZABETH. - Between Myth and Morning. Women Awakening.
151647: (HEIDEGGER) JANICAUD, DOMINIQUE. - The Shadow of That Thought. Heidegger and the Question of Poilitics. Translated by Michael Gendre.
153284: JANNER, GREVILLE. - One Hand Alone Cannot Clap. An Arab-Israeli Universe.
168287: JANOWITZ, TAMA. - A Cannibal in Manhattan.
169072: JANSSON, J.O. AND SHNEERSON, D. - Liner Shipping Economics.
152669: THE ENGLISH SPEAKING UNION OF JAPAN. - Japan in Their Own Words 2000 - 2007.
159567: JARMAN, ARCHIE. - High Jinks on a Low Level.
154394: (LAWRENCE) JARRETT-KERR, MARTIN. - D.H. Lawrence and Human Existence. Foreword by T.S. Eliot.
167406: JASANOFF, MAYA. - Edge of Empire. Conquest and Collecting in the East 1750 - 1850.
170265: JASEN, DAVID A. AND JONES, GENE. - Black Bottom Stomp. Eight Masters of Ragtime and Early Jazz.
165053: JASPER, GOTTHARD (EDITOR). - Von Weimar Zu Hitler 1930-1933.
149641: (BEDDOES) JAY, MIKE. - The Atmosphere of Heaven. The Unnatural Experiments of Dr. Beddoes and His Sons of Genius.
164004: JAYATILLEKE, K.N. - Early Buddhist Theory of Knowledge.
165799: JEAL, TIM. - Until the Colors Fade.
168571: JEANS, SURGEON REAR-ADMIRAL T.T. - Ford of H.M. S. Vigilant. A Tale of the Chusan Archipelago.
168350: JEANS, SURGEON REAR-ADMIRAL T.T. - On Foreign Service; or, the Santa Cruz Revolution.
152084: JEFFERIES, RICHARD. - Amaryllis at the Fair. A Novel. With an Introduction by Waveney Girvan.
154222: JEFFERIES, RICHARD. - Round About a Great Estate.
157419: JEFFERIES, MATTHEW. - Politics and Culture in Wilhelmine Germany. The Case of Industrial Architecture.
159565: JEFFERIES, RICHARD. - Amaryllis at the Fair.
139046: JEFFERS, H. PAUL. - Taking Command. General J. Lawton Collins. From Guadalcanal to Utah Beach and Victory in Europe.
168461: (EDITOR) JEFFERSON, PAUL. - The Travels of William Wells Brown. Narrative of William W. Brown, Fugitive Slave, and the American Fugitive in Europe. Sketches of Places and People Abroad.
136342: JEFFREY, A.H.G. - Immersed Tube Tunnels: A Study in Achievement.
169949: JEKYLL, GERTRUDE AND MAWLEY, EDWARD. - Roses for English Gardens.
164069: JENKINS, ALAN. - Men of Property. Knight, Frank and Rutley. The Building of a Partnership.
161990: JENKINS, HERBERT. - Malcolm Sage, Detective.
150959: JENKINS, DAVID E. - The Calling of a Cuckoo. Not Queite an Autobiography.
141007: JENKINS, INEZ. - The History of the Women’S Institute Movement of England and Wales.
169432: JENKINS, DR. SUSAN. - Compton Verney Handbook.
161991: JENKINS, HERBERT. - Malcolm Sage, Detective.
138594: JENKINS, J.B. - The Removal of Blundell’S: Town and Gown in Tiverton 1846-1882. Foreword by Sir John Palmer.
137534: (POTTER) JENKINS, ALAN. - Stephen Potter. Inventor of Gamesmanship.
151817: (PEATE) JENKINS, GERAINT (EDITOR) - Studies in Folk Life. Essays in Honour of Iorwerth C. Peate.
168937: JENKINS, J BRIAN. - Citizen Daniel (1775 - 1835) and the Call of America. Early Correspondence of the Constables of Horley.
166753: JENKINS, GERAINT H. - Hanes Cymru Yn Y Cyfnod Modern Cynnar 1530-1760. 1983.
138781: JENKINS, T.A. (EDITOR). - The Parliamentary Diaries of Sir John Trelawny, 1858-1865.
165798: JENKINS, ALAN. - Castle Avalon.
153221: (BENLOWES) JENKINS, HAROLD. - Edward Benlowes (1602-1676): Biography of a Minor Poet.
143299: (SECKER) JENKINS, A.P. (EDITOR). - The Corresponcence of Thomas Secker, Bishop of Oxford 1737-58.
159563: JENKINS, ALAN. - Absent without Leave.
148329: (LYTTON) JENKINS, LYNDSEY. - Lady Constance Lytton. Aristocrat, Suffragette, Martyr.
162463: JENNINGS, RUTH. - Lofty Aims and Lowly Duties. Three Victorian Schoolmasters.
159562: JENNINGS, G.L. - Petar Gigic.
167841: JENSEN, BERNARD. - The Science and Practice of Iridology. A System of Analyzing and Caring for the Body Through the Use of Drugless and Nature-Cure Methods.
165263: JENTSCH, GERHART. - Erp: Der Marshallplan Und Deutschlands Platz Darin.
165797: JEPSON, SELWYN. - The Angry Millionaire.
155198: CH’EN, JEROME AND BULLOCK, MICHAEL (TRANSLATORS). - Poems of Solitude. Translated from the Chinese.
154219: (JERROLD) JERROLD, WALTER (EDITOR). - The Essays of Douglas Jerrold. Edited by His Grandson.
154220: JERROLD, DOUGLAS. - Mrs. Caudle’S Curtain Lectures. With a Foreword by Anthony Burgess.
159561: JESSEY, CORNELIA. - The Plough and the Harrow.
143192: (FULLER) JESSOPP, AUGUSTUS (EDITOR). - Wise Words and Quaint Counsels of Thomas Fuller. Selected and Arranged, with a Short Sketch of the Author’S Life.
151333: JEVONS, FRANK BYRON. - An Introduction the Study of Comparative Religion. The Hartford-Lamson Lectures on the Religions of the World.
170262: JEWELL, DEREK. - The Popular Voice. A Musical Record of the 60s and 70s.
136629: JEWELL, KEREK. - The Popular Voice. A Musical Record of the 60s and 70s.
170968: JEX-BLAKE, A.J. (EDITOR). - Gardening in East Africa. A Practical Handbook by Members of the Royal Kenya Horticultural Society and of the Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyka CIVIL Services.
159560: JHABVALA, R. PRAWER. - Esmond in India. A Novel.
158964: JIAN, MA. - The Dark Road. Translated from the Chinese by Flora Drew.
152793: (EDITORS) JIH-CHANG, HSIEH AND YING-CHANG, CHUANG. - The Chinese Family and Its Ritual Behaviour.
159559: JOAD, C.E.M. - The Adventures of the Young Soldier in Search of the Better World.
137895: (YEATS) JOCHUM, K.P.S. - W.B. Yeats. A Classified Bibliography of Criticism.
162981: JODJANA, RADEN AYOU. - A Book of Self Re-Education. The Structure and Functions of the Human Body As an Instrument of Expression.
165540: JODJANA, RADEN AYOU. - A Book of Self Re-Education. The Structure and Functions of the Human Body As an Instrument of Expression.
166498: (JODL) JODL, LUISE. - Jenseits Des Endes. Leben Und Sterben Des Generaloberst Alfred Jodl.
141656: JODL, LUISE. - Jenseits Des Endes. Der Weg Des Generalobertst Alfred Jodl.
136849: JOEL, MAGGIE. - The Second-Last Woman in England.
166132: JOHE, WERNER. - Neuengamme. Zur Geschichte Der Konzentrationslager in Hamburg.
137297: JOHN, AUGUSTUS. - Finishing Touches. Edited and Introduced by Daniel George.
160726: JOHN, EVAN. - Time in the East. An Entertainment.
164314: JOHN, D.H.O. - Radiographic Processing in Medicine and Industry.
166150: JOHN, JUERGEN (EDITOR). - Quellen Zur Geschichte Thueringens 1918-1945.
159558: JOHN, EVAN. - Crippled Splendour.
137833: (WALEY) JOHNS, FRANCIS A. - A Bibliography of Arthur Waley.
151236: JOHNS, REV. C.A. - Flowers of the Field. Revised Throughout and Edited by R.A. Blakelock. With an Appendix Including the Pipe-Wort Tribe (Eriocaulaceae), the Sedge Tribe (Cyperadeae), and the Grass Tribe (Gramineae).
138086: JOHNS, CAPT. W.E. - Biggles Flies Again.
138111: JOHNS, CAPT. W.E. - Biggles Air Detective.
138110: JOHNS, CAPT. W.E. - Biggles and the Black Peril.
138084: JOHNS, CAPT. W.E. - Biggles and the Cruise of the Condor.
147169: JOHNS, CATHERINE. - Sex or Symbol. Erotic Images of Greece and Rome.
164976: JOHNSON, A.F. (EDITOR). - One Hundred Title-Pages. Selected and Arranged with an Introduction and Notes.
150976: JOHNSON, RAYNOR C. - The Imprisoned Splendour. An Approach to Reality, Based Upon the Significance of Data Drawn from the Fields of Natural Science, Psychical Research and Mystical Experience.
150975: JOHNSON-DEBAUFRE, MELANIE. - Jesus Among Her Children. Q, Eschatology, and the Construction of Christian Origins.
151649: JOHNSON, RAYNOR C. - The Imprisoned Splendour. An Approach to Reality, Based Upon the Significance of Data Drawn from the Fields of Natural Science, Psychical Research and Mystical Experience.
136666: JOHNSON, KIM K.P. & LENNON, SHARRON J. (EDITORS). - Appearance and Power. Dress, Body, Culture.
169809: JOHNSON, ANN K. - Urban Ghetto Riots, 1965 - 1968: A Comparison of Soviet and American Press Coverage.
149624: JOHNSON, NORMAN (EDITOR). - Private Markets in Health and Welfare: An International Perspective.
168131: JOHNSON, JOSEPH. - Famous Boys; and How They Became Great Men. Dedicated to Youths and Yong Men, As a Stimulus to Earnest Living.
140809: (GREVILLE) JOHNSON, REV. A.H. (EDITOR). - The Letters of Charles Greville and Henry Reeve, 1836-1865.
170837: JOHNSON, CHARLES. - Being and Race. Black Writing Since 1970.
166164: [JOHNSON, DR. SAMUEL (EDITOR). - The Works of the English Poets. Volume VIII. From Chaucer to Cowper; Including the Series Edited, with Prefaces, Biographical and Critical... : And the Most Approved Translations. The Additional Lives by Alexander Chalmers. Waller, Butler, Rochester, Roscommon, Otway, Pomfret, Dorset, Stepney, Philips, Walsh, Dryden.
142630: JOHNSON, BRIAN. - The Secret War.
143000: JOHNSON, DAVID. - The French Cavalry 1792-1815.
143210: JOHNSON, AUBREY R. - The Cultic Prophet in Ancient Israel.
157304: JOHNSON, JOHN AND GIBSON, STRICKLAND. - Print and Privilege at Oxford to the Year 1700.
170795: JOHNSON, R. BRIMLEY (EDITOR). - Famous Reviews. Selected and Edited with Introductory Notes.
159368: JOHNSON, ALFRED FORBES. - A Catalogue of Italian Engraved Title-Pages in the Sixteenth Century.
160092: JOHNSTON, SIR HARRY H. - The Story of My Life.
149777: JOHNSTON, ANTONY; NORTON, MIKE & BUCKLEY, LEANNE. - Closer: Distance Means Nothing.
160325: JOHNSTON, KARL (EDITOR). - ICL Irish Rugby Yearbook 1986.
144104: (ROUSSEAU) JOHNSTON, STEVEN. - Encountering Tragedy. Rousseau and the Project of Democratic Order.
165713: JOHNSTON, SIR HARRY. - The Man Who Did the Right Thing. A Romance of East Africa.
165796: JOHNSTON, FRANK. - The Fellowship of Five.
141846: JOHNSTON, JAMES W. - The Long Road of War. A Marine’S Story of Pacific Combat.
158638: (EDITOR) JOHNSTON, RM. - In the Words of Napoleon. The Emperor Day by Day.
168232: JOHNSTONE, DAVID LAWSON. - The Rebel Commodore, Being Memoirs of the Earlier Adventures Ashore and Afloat of Sir Ascott Dalrymple, Knight of the Bath.
153032: JOHNSTONE, J.K. - The Bloomsbury Group. A Study of E.M. Forster, Lytton Strachey, Virginia Woolf, and Their Circle.
168344: JOHNSTONE, DAVID LAWSON. - A Soldier of the Legion. A Romance.
141977: JOHNSTONE, AIR VICE-MARSHAL SANDY. - Diary of an Aviator. An Autobiography.
151639: (LEIBNIZ) JOLLEY, NICHOLAS. - Leibniz.
136479: JOLLIFFE, JOHN. - Glyndebourne: An Operatic Miracle.
135064: JOLLY, PENNY HOWELL. - Made in God’S Image ? Eve and Adam in the Genesis Mosaics at San Marco, Venice.
164383: JOLY, JOHN AND FRANCIS, WILLIAM. - The London, Edinburgh, and Dublin Philosophical Magazine and Journal of Science. Volume XV Sixth Series [Only]. January - June 1908.
164148: JONAS, RUDOLF. - IM Garten Der Goettlichen Nanda. Bergfahrten IM Garhwalhimilaya.
148173: JONES, MARGARET C. - Heretics & Hellraisers. Women Contributors to the Masses, 1911-1917.
139657: JONES, PROFESSOR T. RUPERT. - Catalogue of the Fossil Foraminifera in the Collection of the British Museum, (Natural History), Cromwell Road, S.W.
151645: JONES, P. MANSELL. - Tradition and Barbarism. A Survey of Anti-Romanticism in France.
152636: JONES, OLIVE R. AND SMITH, E. ANN. - Glass of the British Military, Ca. 1755-1820.
160970: JONES, NIGEL H. - The War Walk. A Journey Along the Western Front.
155529: JONES, SALLY ROBERTS. - The Forgotten Country. Poems.
135566: (BERKELEY) JONES, NICK. - Starting with Berkeley.
162185: JONES, WILLIAM H.S. - Sturmverweht. Dieses Buch Entstand Unter Mitarbeit Von P.R. Stephensen. Aus Dem Englishen Ubertragen Von Siegfried H. Engel.
157174: JONES, KATHLEEN. - A Passionate Sisterhood. The Sisters, Wives and Daughters of the Lake Poets.
164406: JONES, E. LESTER. - Hypsometry: Precise Leveling in the United States 1900-1903. With a Readjustment of the Level Net and Resulting Elevations.
137294: JONES, JACK. - Give Me Back My Heart. Final Chapters in the Autobiography.
151895: JONES, MARY MUNSLOW. - The Lookers-out of Worcestershire. A Memoir of Edwin Lees, Worcester Naturalist, and the History of the First Hundred Years of the Worcestershire Naturalists’ Club, Which He Founded with Two Friends in 1847.
151409: JONES, P. MANSELL. - Emile Verhaeren. A Study in the Development of His Art and Ideas.
166701: JONES, MOSES GLYN. - Perthyn. (Darlith a Draddodwyd Yn Ysgol Botwnnog Ar Nos Fercher, 25ain Mawrth, 1992).
166702: JONES, R. TUDUR. - Tan Yn Eifionydd. (Darlith a Draddodwyd Yng Ngwesty’R George, Cricieth. Nos Fercher, Tachwedd 9fed, 1988).
143483: JONES, W.T. - Masters of Political Thought. Volume Two [Only]: Machiavelli to Bentham.
134835: JONES, FREDERIC H. - The Concise Dictionary of Architectural and Design History.
146825: JONES, ERNEST. - Papers on Psycho-Analysis.
164419: JONES, STEVE. - Almost Like a Whale. The Origin of Species Updated.
160267: JONES, ROBERT AND RICHARDS, HUW. - Raising the Dragon. A Clarion Call to Welsh Rugby.
138069: JONES, MARTIN D.W. - Brighton College 1845-1995.
153282: JONES, MARTIN. - Failure in Palestine. British and United States Policy After the Second World War.
140044: JONES, H. STUART. (EDITOR). - Select Passages from Ancient Writers Illustrative of the History of Greek Sculpture. With Introduction, Bibliography and Index by Al. N. Oikonomides.
166167: JONES, BRIAN. - Interior.
151648: JONES, HENRY. - The Working Faith of the Social Reformer, and Other Essays.
153272: JONES, CAPT. OLIVER J., R.N. - Recollections of a Winter Campaign in India 1857 - 58.
148308: JONES, VIVIEN (EDITOR). - The Yong Lady’S Pocket Library, or Parental Monitor. With a New Introduction.
166748: JONES, GERAINT PERCY AND JONES, GERAINT VAUGHAN (EDITORS). - Yn Fyw Mewn Geiriau. Detholiad O Gerddi Addas Ar Gyfer Tgau.
170847: (ALLINGHAM) JONES, JULIA. - The Adventures of Margery Allingham. With a Foreword by Nicci Gerrard.
170069: JONES, ANDREW AND GEORGE, CLIVE. - Stickmaking: A Complete Course.
165794: JONES, MADISON. - An Exile.
165795: JONES, RUSSELL CELYN. - Soldiers and Innocents.
152924: JONES, R.M. - Highlights in Welsh Literature. Talks with a Prince.
164738: JONES, TRISTAN. - Ice!
150157: JONES, TERRY. - Erik the Viking.
147260: JONES, GWILYM. - Deunydd I Noson Lawen.
141869: JONES, GUY PEARCE. - Two Survived. The Story of Tapscott and Widdicombe, Who Were Torpedoed in Mid-Atlantic and Survived Seventy Days in an Open Boat. With an Intorduction by William Mcfee.
141982: JONES, GEOFFREY P. - Raider. The Halifax and Its Flyers.
157589: JONES, F. WOOD. - Arboreal Man.
158192: JONES, R.J. BARRY. - The World Turned Upside Down? Globalization and the Future of the State.
159301: JONES, SALLY ROBERTS. - Strangers and Brothers. A Radio Poem.
159545: JONES, L.E. - Father Lascuat Hits Back.
159546: JONES, JAMES. - The Pistol.
159547: JONES, JAMES. - Some Came Running.
159548: JONES, JACK. - Bidden to the East.
159550: JONES, JACK. - Give Me Back My Heart. Final Chapters in the Autobiography.
159551: JONES, JACK. - Me and Mine. Further Chapters in the Autobiography.
159553: JONES, GWYN. - The Buttercup Field.
159555: JONES, DORA M. - Camilla of the Fair Towers.
152065: JORDAN, DENHAM. - In the Green Leaf and the Sere. By a Son of the Marshes. Edited by J.A. Owen.
138271: JORDAN, DAVID; HADDON-REECE, DAVID & BAYLISS, ALEX (EDITORS). - Radiocarbon Dates from Sames Funded by English Heritage and Dated Before 1981.
149173: (WARREN) JORDAN, DAVID M. - “Happiness Is Not My Companion. ” the Life of General G.K. Warren.
157478: JORDAN, DAVID STARR AND EVERMANN, BARTON WARREN. - The Fishes of North and Middle America. A Descriptive Catalogue of the Species of Fish-Like Vertebrates Found in the Waters of North America, North of the Isthmus of Panama.
159613: JORDAN, HUMFREY. - This Island Demands.
140567: JORDON, DAVID P. - The King’S Trial. The French Revolution Vs. Louis XVI. With a New Preface.
155526: JOSEPH, JENNY. - Beyond Descartes.
155527: JOSEPH, JENNY. - The Thinking Heart.
136848: JOSEPH, MANU. - Serious Men.
152998: JOSEPHS, JEREMY. - Dr Jack. Calcutta’S Pavement Doctor.
163541: JOURDAIN, MARGARET AND JENYNS, R. SOAME. - Chinese Export Art in the Eighteenth Century.
156710: JOURDAIN, ELEANOR F. - An Introduction to the French Classical Drama.
158193: JOUVENEL, BERTRAND DE. - Sovereignty. An Inquiry Into the Politcal Good. Translated by J.F. Huntington.
138082: JOYCE, PATRICK. - The History of Morden College, Blackheath, 1695 to the Present. Patronage and Poverty in Merchant Society.
158304: JOYCE, PATRICK. - The Rule of Freedom. Liberalism and the Modern City.
161736: JOYSON, AL. - Morgan Takes a Hand.
140910: JUDD, DENIS. - Empire. The British Imperial Experience, from 1765 to the Present.
159609: JUDD, ALAN. - Legacy.
159610: JUDD, ALAN. - Uncommon Enemy.
158316: JUDGE, TONY. - The Force of Persuasion.
154768: (SPENSER) JUDSON, ALEXANDER C. - The Life of Edmund Spenser.
151399: JUERGENSMEYER, MARK & BARRIER, N. GERALD (EDITORS). - Sikh Studies. Comparative Perspectives on a Changing Tradition. Working Papers from the Berkeley Conference on Sikh Studies.
141292: JUERS, EVELYN. - House of Exile. War, Love and Literature, from Berlin to Los Angeles.
168141: (EDITOR) JUILLERAT, BERNARD. - Shooting the Sun. Ritual and Meaning in West Sepik.
152095: JUMARS, PETER A. - Concepts in Biological Oceanography. An Interdisciplinary Primer.
162131: JUNG, HERMANN. - Bier-Kunst Und Brauchtum.
157913: JUNG, LEO. - Business Ethics in Jewish Law. With a Concluding Section on Jewish Business Ethics in Contemporary Society, by Aaron Levine.
154876: (WERFEL) JUNGK, PETER STEPHAN. - A Life Torn by History: Franz Werfel 1890-1945.
154344: JUNOR, JOHN. - Memoirs: Listening for a Midnight Tram.
169032: KABEER, NAILA. - Reversed Realities. Gener Hierarchies in Development Thought.
166551: KAELBLE, HARTMUT (EDITOR). - Geschichte Der Sozialen Mobilitaet Seit Der Industriellen Revolution.
162133: KAFKA, FRANZ. - Die Romane. Amerika; Der Prozess; Das Schloss.
156480: KAFKA, FRANZ. - Die Romane. Amerika; Der Prozess; Das Schloss.
156475: KAFKA, FRANZ. - Das Schloss. Roman.
140594: KAFKER, FRANK A. & LAUX, JAMES M. (EDITORS). - Napoleon and His Times: Selected Interpretations.
150973: KAFTAN, JULIUS. - The Truth of the Christian Religion. Volume I [Only]. Translated from the German, Under the Author’S Supervision by George Ferries. With a Prefatory Note, by Robert Flint.
153578: KAGANOF, BENZION C. - A Dictionary of Jewish Names and Their History.
169485: KAGANOV, GRIGORY. - Images of Space. St. Petersburg in the Visual and Verbal Arts. Translated by Sidney Monas.
163444: KAHN, DAVID. - Seizing the Enigma. The Race to Break the German U-Boat Codes, 1939 - 1943.
169059: KAHN, HERMAN AND PEPPER, THOMAS. - The Japanese Challenge. The Success and Failure of Economic Success.
152984: KAHRL, STANLEY J. AND BUEHLER, CURT F. (EDITORS). - A.B. Of Phisike Doctour, Merie Tales of the Mad Men of Gotam and R.I. , the History of Tom Thumb.
165253: KAIENBURG, HERMANN. - Das Konzentrationslager Neuengamme 1938-1945.
163111: (EDITORS) KALDOR, MARY AND VASHEE, BASKER. - Restructuring the Global Military Sector. Vol. I: New Wars.
158180: KALETSKY, ANATOLE. - Capitalism 4.0. The Birth of a New Economy.
156807: KALINKE, MARIANNE E. - The Book of Reykjaholar: The Last of the Great Medieval Legendaries.
161985: KALLEN, LUCILLE. - C.B. Greenfield: A Little Madness.
161984: KALLEN, LUCILLE. - C.B. Greenfield: The Piano Bird.
162050: KALLEN, LUCILLE. - G.B. Greenfield: A Little Madness.
161924: KALLEN, LUCILLE. - C.B. Greenfield: The Piano Bird.
159608: KAMAL, AHMAD AND BOOTH, CHARLES G. - The Excommunicated.
168623: KAMENSKY, JANE. - Governing the Tongue. The Politics of Speech in Early New England.
162360: KAMM, JOSEPHINE. - Indicative Past. A Hundred Years of the Girls’ Public Day School Trust. Foreword by Dame Kitty Anderson.
149977: KANAN, NABIEL. - The Birthday Riots.
165399: KANDIL, HAZEM. - Soldiers, Spies, and Statesmen. Egypt’S Road to Revolt.
157859: KANIEL, MICHAEL. - The Art of World Religions: Judaica.
165679: KAPCHAN, DEBORAH. - Gender on the Market. Moroccan Women and the Revoicing of Tradition.
152078: KAPLAN, MARTHA. - Neither Cargo Nor Cult. Ritual Politics and the Colonial Imagination in Fiji.
137112: (CHATTERTON) KAPLAN, LOUISE J. - The Family Romance of the Impostor-Poet Thomas Chatterton.
154835: (TWAIN) KAPLAN, JUSTIN. - Mr. Clemens and Mark Twain. A Biography.
158182: KAPLINSKY, RAPHAEL. - Globalization, Poverty and Inequality. Between a Rock and a Hard Place.
158175: (EDITOR) KAPLOW, JEFFRY. - New Perspectives on the French Revolution. Readings in Historical Sociology.
165160: KARDORFF, URSULA. - Berliner Aufzeichnungen. Aus Den Jahren 1942 Bis 1945.
162042: KARDOS, MICHAEL. - The Three Day Affair.
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166110: INSTITUT FUER MARXISMUS-LENINISMUS (EDITED BY). - Spartakusbriefe. Herausgegeben Vom Institut Fuer Marxismus-Leninismus Beim Zentralkomitee Der Sozialistischen Einheitspartei Deutschlands.
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165823: LENT, JEFFREY. - In the Fall.
158838: LENZ, SIEGFRIED. - An Exemplary Life.
167341: LEO, ALAN (EDITOR). - Casting the Horoscope. Formerly Issued As “Astrology for All, Part II. ,” of Which Work the Present Volume Constitutes the Third Revised Edition. A Conscise Exposition of the Method of Casting Ahroscope, with a Detailed Explanation of All Technical Terms Likely to Be Met with in Course of Reading; Including Also a Table of Ascendeants for All Latitudes from 1o to 70o and a Condensed Ephemeris for the Years 1850 to 1913 Inclusive, with Simple Instructions for Using the Same in Calculating a Nativity; Tobether with Tables of Lagarithms, Etc. , Etc. Altogether a Vade-Mecum Indispensable Alike for the Advanced Student and for the Beginner. The Various Chapters Are by Several Contributors to “Modern Astrology,” the Whole Being Edited and Supervised by...
167342: LEO, ALAN. - The Key to Your Own Nativity. Analytical Readings of Every Position in a Nativity, Based on Scientific Principles.
167340: LEO, ALAN. - How to Judge a Nativity. Part 1 [Only]: The Reading of the Horoscope.
167343: LEO, ALAN. - The Progressed Horoscope. A Sequel to the Art of Synthesis, Wherein the Progression of the Horoscope Is Exhaustively Considered, Both in Principle and in Practice. Including Also, a Full Delineation of Every Possible Progressed Aspect, with Its Influence on Character and Destiny, the Effect of Transits, Etc. To Which Is Added a Complete Treatise on Primary Directions.
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168264: LESLIE, EMMA. - The Martyr’S Victory. A Tale of Danish England.
159929: LESLIE, DAVID STUART. - Snap Crackle Pop.
165541: LESLIE-SMITH, L.H. (EDITOR). - The Universal Flame. Commemorating the Centenary of the Theosophical Society.
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168024: LESLIE, EMMA. - Peter the Apprentice. A Tale of the Reformation in England.
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164230: (STANFORD WHITE) LESSARD, SUZANNAH. - The Architect of Desire. Beauty and Danger in the Stanford White Family.
154412: LESSING, DORIS. - Under My Skin. Volume One of My Autobiography, to 1949.
154413: LESSING, DORIS. - The Memoirs of a Survivor.
151449: LESTER, TOBY. - The Fourth Part of the World. The Race to the Ends of the Earth, and the Epic Story of the Map That Gave America Its Name.
151671: LETH, PALLE. - Paraphrase and Rhetorical Adjustment. An Essay on Contextualism and Cohesion.
148301: (RUSSIER) LETHBRIDGE, NEMONE (EDITOR). - The Affair of Gabrielle Russier. With an Introduction by Nemone Lethbridge and Esssays by Raymond Jean and Mavis Gallant. The Letters and M. Jean’S Preface Translated from the French by Ghislaine Boulanger.
150359: LEVENE, MARK. - The Rise of the West and the Coming of Genocide. Volume II: Genocide in the Age of the Nation State.
137273: LEVENSON, LEAH & NATTERSTAD, JERRY. - Granville Hicks. The Intellectual in Mass Society.
159925: LEVER, CHARLES. - Lord Kilgobbin.
159922: LEVER, CHARLES. - The Knight of Gwynne; a Tale of the Time of the Union.
137669: (SADE) LEVER, MAURICE. - Sade: A Biography. Translated by Arthur Goldhammer.
159924: LEVER, CHARLES. - Charles O’Malley. The Irish Dragon.
159923: LEVER, CHARLES (EDITOR). - Our Mess: Tom Burke of “Ours. ”
166074: LEVER, EVELYNE. - Ludwig XVI.
153120: LEVERETT, FLYNT. - Inheriting Syria. Bashar’S Trial by Fire.
155620: (GUILLEVIC) LEVERTOV, DENISE. - Guillevic: Selected Poems. Translated.
138339: LEVETT, BRAD. - Sophocles: Women of Trachis.
168543: LEVI, PETER. - Grave Witness.
155619: LEVI, PETER. - Water, Rock and Same. Poems.
155506: LEVI, PETER. - The Gravel Ponds. Poems.
153777: LEVI, PETER. - The Light Garden of the Angel King. Journeys in Afghanistan.
159294: (JONES) LEVI, PETER. - In Memory of David Jones. The Text of a Sermon Delivered in Westminster Cathedral at the Solemn Requiem for the Poet and Painter, David Jones, on 13 December 1974.
157944: LEVIANT, CURT (EDITOR). - Masterpieces of Hebrew Literature. A Treasurey of 2000 Years of Jewish Creativity. Edited with Introductions.
153207: LEVINS, JOHN. - Days of Fear. The Inside Story of the Iraqi Invasion and Occupation of Kuwait.
150269: LEVY, ADRIAN & SCOTT-CLARK, CATHY. - The Meadow. Kashmir 1995 - Where the Terror Began.
162056: LEVY, ERNEST. - Just One More Dance. A Story of Degredation and Fear, Faith and Compassion from a Survivor of the Nazi Death Camps.
159492: LEVY, MJ. - The Mistresses of King George IV.
153607: LEW, REV. MYER S. - The Jews of Poland. Their Political, Economic, Social and Communal Life in the Sixteenth Century As Reflected in the Works of Rabbi Moses Isserls.
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168542: LEWIN, MICHAEL Z. - Ask the Right Question.
167846: LEWIN, WALPOLE. - Changing Attitudes to the Management of Severe Head Injuries. The Victor Horsley Lecture 1975.
162966: LEWINSOHN, RICHARD (MORUS). - Prophets and Prediction. The History of Prophesy from Babylon to Wall Street. Translated by Arnold J. Pomerans.
159918: LEWIS, HILDA. - Imogen Under the Glass.
159694: LEWIS, OSCAR. - A Death in the Sanchez Family.

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