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156095: (DAVIES) HUGHES, PETER. - Celf Frengig O Gymynrodd Daives. Cyfieithwyd I’R Gymraeg Gan Hywel Gealy Rees.
147643: HUGHES, J. CEIRIOG. - Gweithiau Ceiriog: Oriau’R Hwyr. Llyfr I [Only].
147644: HUGHES, J. CEIRIOG. - Gweithiau Ceiriog: Y Bardd a’R Cerddor. Llyfr IV [Only]. Gyda Hen Ystraeon Am Danynt.
150940: HUGHES, SELWYN. - The Divine Eagle.
145450: HUGHES, GLYN TEGAI. - Islwyn.
150340: HUGHES, LT.-COLONEL HENRY. - Immortal Sails. A Story of a Welsh Port and Some of Its Ships.
145689: HUGHES, MAIR WYNN. - Mel I Gyd?
145448: HUGHES, JOHN. - Alledd Neu Agoriad Paradwys I’R Cymry. J[Ohn] H[Ughes] 1670. Gyda Rhagymadrodd Gan John Fisher.
157182: HUGHES, TED. - Poetry in the Making. An Anthology of Poems and Programmes from Listening and Writing.
145557: HUGHES, GWILYM & JONES, ISLWYN (EDITORS). - Blodeugerdd Y Plant. Sef Detholiad O Farddoniaeth Newydd.
147586: HUGHES, J.G. MOELWYN. - Anfarwoldeb Yr Enaid.
147321: HUGHES, D.G. LLOYD. - Hanes Eglwys Penmount, Pwllheli.
151155: HUGHES, BEN. - They Shall Not Pass! the British Battalion at Jarama - the Spanish CIVIL War.
146479: HUGHES, T. ROWLAND. - Y Cychwyn.
145630: HUGHES, JOHN. - Briwsion Bro.
150937: HUGHES, PHILIP EDGCUMBE. - Christian Ethics in Secular Society.
129214: HUGHES, G. BERNARD. - English Pottery and Porcelain Figures.
145051: HUGHES, J. ELWYN (EDITOR). - Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Cymru: Blaenau Gwent a Blaenau’R Cymoedd 2010. Cyfansoddiau a Beirniadaethau.
144503: HUGHES, JOHN. - Hela’R Cadno.
144523: HUGHES, H.J. - Gwerthfawrogi Llenyddiaeth.
144570: HUGHES, J. ELWYN (EDITOR). - Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Cymru. Meirion a’R Cyffiniau 2009. Cyfansoddiadau a Beirniadaethau.
144590: (EISTEDDFOD GENEDLAETHOL FRENHINOL CYMRU) HUGHES, J. ELWYN (EDITOR). - Mon 1999: Cyfansoddiadau a Beirniadaethau.
155935: HUGHES, T. ROWLAND. - O Law I Law. Nofel.
155946: HUGHES, T. ROWLAND. - William Jones. Ar Gyfer Oedolion Sy’N Dysgu Cymraeg.
155994: HUGHES, T. ROWLAND. - William Jones.
127078: HUGHES, M.E.J. & MOLE, JOHN & SEDDON, NICK. (EDITORS) - Figures of Speech. An Anthology of Magdalene Writers.
160140: (DEWI) HUGHES, GARFIELD H. - Iaco Ab Dewi 1648-1722.
160077: HUGHES, GARFIELD H. (EDITOR). - Rhagymadroddion 1547-1659.
141866: HUGHES, ROBERT. - In Perilous Seas.
142759: HUGHES, LT. COLONEL HENRY. - Through Mighty Seas, or, the Romance of a Little Wind-Jammer.
159215: HUGHES, TED. - Under the North Star.
159231: HUGHES, TED. - Cave Birds. An Alchemical Cave Drama.
159270: HUGHES, TED. - River. Poems.
159466: HUGHES, RICHARD. - The Human Predicament Volume One [Only]: The Fox in the Attic.
159467: HUGHES, RICHARD. - The Human Predicament Volume Two [Only]: The Wooden Shepherdess.
159468: HUGHES, RICHARD. - A High Wind in Jamaica.
159469: HUGHES, DAVID. - The Major.
159534: HUGHES, RICHARD. - The Human Predicament Volume Two [Only]: The Wooden Shepherdess.
159535: HUGHES, RICHARD. - In Hazard. A Sea Story.
160381: HUGMAN, BARRY J. (EDITOR). - The British Boxing Board of Control Boxing Yearbook 2002. ‘the Boxing Bible. ’
157667: (EDITOR) HUISH, ROBERT, ESQ. - Memoirs of Her Late Royal Highness Charlotte Augusta, Princess of Wales, Etc. (from Infancy to the Period of Her Much Lamented Death, Funeral Rites, Etc. Etc. ) and of Her Illustrious Consort Prince Leopold of Saxe-Coburg Saalfeld; Including a Variety of Anecdotes, Hitherto Unpublished, with Specimens of Her Royal Highness’S Compositions in Prose, Poetry and Music, and Fac-Similes of Her Hand-Writing; Comprising Also an Historical Memoir of the House of Saxe-Coburg Saalfeld.
140202: HULL, M.R. - Reports of the Research Committee of the Society of Antiquaries of London. No. XX. Roman Colchester.
159533: HULL, HELEN. - Hardy Perennial.
131607: HUMBLE, RICHARD. - The Rise and Fall of the British Navy.
157695: HUMBOLDT, ALEXANDER VON. - Cosmos. Volume I [Only]: A Sketch of a Physical Diescription of the Universe. Translated from the German by E.C. Otte.
151599: HUME, DAVID. - Enquiries Concerning the Human Understanding and Concerning the Principles of Morals. Reprinted from the Posthumous Edition of 1777 and Edited with Introduction, Comparative Tables of Contents, and Analytical Index by L.A. Selby-Bigge.
140345: HUME, MARTIN. - Queens of Old Spain.
132030: HUME, MARTIN. - The Court of Philip IV. Spain in Decadence.
126135: HUME, IVOR NOEL. - Martin’S Hundred.
156231: HUMFREY, BELINDA (EDITOR). - The New Welsh Review 5. Volume II No. 1 [Only]. Summer 1989. Special Issue.
156225: HUMFREY, BELINDA (EDITOR). - The New Welsh Review 9. Volume III No. 1 [Only]. Summer 1990.
156226: HUMFREY, BELINDA (EDITOR). - The New Welsh Review 8. Volume II No. 4 [Only]. Children’S Literature. Spring 1990.
156235: HUMFREY, BELINDA (EDITOR). - The New Welsh Review 11. Volume III No. 3 [Only]. Winter 1990-91.
147369: (DYER) HUMFREY, BELINDA. - John Dyer.
156234: HUMFREY, BELINDA (EDITOR). - The New Welsh Review 12. Volume III No. 4 [Only]. Spring 1991.
156233: HUMFREY, BELINDA (EDITOR). - The New Welsh Review 7. Volume II No. 3 [Only]. Winter 1989/90. Gerard Manley Hopkins.
156228: HUMFREY, BELINDA (EDITOR). - The New Welsh Review 2. Volume I No. 2 [Only]. Autumn 1988.
156224: HUMFREY, BELINDA (EDITOR). - The New Welsh Review 10. Volume III No. 1 [Only]. Summer 1990.
156229: HUMFREY, BELINDA (EDITOR). - The New Welsh Review 3. Volume I No. 3 [Only]. Winter 1988.
156230: HUMFREY, BELINDA (EDITOR). - The New Welsh Review. Volume I No. 4 [Only]. Spring 1989.
148346: HUMM, MAGGIE. - Practising Feminist Criticism: An Introduction.
151926: ART & HUMOUR (PUBLISHER). - Animal Fun.
136980: HUMPHREY, WILLIAM. - The Spawning Run.
152777: HUMPHREY, JOHN (EDITOR). - P.J. F. : The Pharmaceutical Journal Formulary. A Register of Formulae for Medicinal Preparations Sold by Chemists and Druggists, and Regarded by the Board of Inland Revenue As “Known, Admitted, and Approved” Remedies, Together with Collections of Useful Recipes for Galenical Preparations, Verterinary Medicines, Photographic Solutions, Dental Preparations, Perfumes, Toilet Requisites, and Various Other Preparations in Every-Day Use/
159529: HUMPHREY, WILLIAM. - Proud Flesh.
159530: HUMPHREY, WILLIAM. - Open Season. Sporting Adventures.
159531: HUMPHREY, WILLIAM. - The Last Husband and Other Stories.
159532: HUMPHREY, WILLIAM. - My Moby Dick.
145937: (BEBB) HUMPHREYS, ROBIN (EDITOR). - Lloffion O Ddyddiaduron Ambrose Bebb 1920-1926.
138628: HUMPHREYS, GORDON. - Goodly Heritage. A History of Eing Edward’S School, Witley, 1553-1953. A Quater-Centenary Tribute to the Foundation of the Hospital of King Edward VI, King of England, Bridewell.
151397: HUMPHREYS, CHRISTMAS. - Both Sides of the Circle. The Autobiography.
147834: HUMPHREYS, GWILYN E. - Heyrn Yn Y Tan. Atgofion Addysgwr.
149869: HUMPHREYS, HENRY NOEL. - The Illuminated Books of the Middle Ages; an Account of the Development and Progress of the Art of Illumination, As a Distinct Branch of Pictorial Ornamentation, Fromt He Ivth to the Xviith Centuries.
144910: HUMPHREYS, B. - Hanes Bedyddwyr Felinfoel. Cyfrol Goffa [Only]. 1709-1909.
139814: HUMPHREYS, CHARLES A. - Field, Camp, Hospital and Prison in the CIVIL War, 1863-1865.
146142: HUMPHREYS, EMYR. - Darn O Dir. Trosiad Cymraeg Gan W.J. Jones (Gwilym Fychan).
159525: HUMPHREYS, EMYR. - Salt of the Earth.
159526: HUMPHREYS, EMYR. - Natives.
159527: HUMPHREYS, EMYR. - National Winner.
159528: HUMPHREYS, EMYR. - Outside the House of Baal.
153583: HUNDERT, GERSHON DAVID AND BACON, GERHSON C. - The Jews in Poland and Russia. Bibliographical Essays.
153589: HUNDERT, GERSHON DAVID (EDITOR). - Essential Papers of Hasidism. Origins to Present.
157872: HUNDERT, GERSHON DAVID (EDITOR). - Jews in Early Modern Poland. Published for the Institute for Polish-Jewish Studies.
154066: HUNEKER, JAMES. - Painted Veils.
134902: HUNNISETT, BASIL. - Engraved on Steel. The History of Picture Production Using Steel Plates.
149209: HUNT, O.E (EDITOR). - Photographic History of the CIVIL War: Volume 2 [Only]. Complete and Unabridged. Two Volumes in One. The Decisive Battles; the Cavalry.
149208: HUNT, O.E (EDITOR). - Photographic History of the CIVIL War: Volume 3 [Only]. Complete and Unabridged. Two Volumes in One. Forts and Artillery; the Navies.
140882: (ENGELS) HUNT, TRISTAM. - The Frock-Coated Communist. The Revolutionary Life of Friedrich Engels.
153269: HUNT, ROLAND AND HARRISON, JOHN. - The District Officer in India 1930 - 1947.
149737: HUNT, GERRY. - In Dublin City. Part One [Only].
158230: HUNT, LYNN. - The Family Romance of the French Revolution.
158670: (BALZAC) HUNT, HERBERT J. - Balzac’S Comedie Humaine.
136480: HUNTER, DAVID. - Opera and Song Books Published in England 1703-1726. A Descriptive Bibliography.
139341: HUNTER, GUY. - Modernizing Peasant Societies. A Comparative Study in Asia and Africa.
154770: (THACKERAY) HUNTER, SIR WILLIAM WILSON. - The Thackerays in India and Sone Calcutta Graves.
139839: HUNTER, JERRY. - Sons of Arthur, Children of Lincoln. Welsh Writing from the American CIVIL War.
136173: HUNTER, SIR WILLIAM W. - The Old Missionary.
156808: HUNTER, MICHAEL. - Editing Early Modern Texts. An Introduction to Principles and Practice.
127064: (PEARSON). HUNTER, IAN. - Nothing to Repent. The Life of Hesketh Pearson.
159524: HUNTER, EVAN. - Streets of Gold.
160091: HUNTLY, MARQUIS OF. - Milestones.
138275: HURCOMBE, L.M. - Use Wear Analysis and Obsidian: Theory, Experiments and Results.
149766: HURD, DAMON & GILL, TATIANA. - Pictures of You.
159522: HURD, DOUGLAS AND OSMOND, ANDREW. - Send Him Victorious.
153702: HUREWITZ, J.C. - Middle East Politics: The Military Dimension.
136649: HUROK, S. & GOODE, RUTH. - Impresario. A Memoir.
136395: HURST, DAVID. - Historia Universalis. A First Draft. With a Foreword by Sir Peregrine Worsthorne.
142726: HURST, ALEX. A. (INTRODUCTION BY). - The Medley of Mast and Sail. Volume II [Only]. A Camera Record.
154677: (SCOTT) HUSBAND, M.F.A. - A Dictionary of the Characters in the Waverley Novels of Sir Walter Scott.
142416: (MOZART) HUTCHINGS, ARTHUR. - A Companion to Mozart’S Piano Concertos.
159521: HUTCHINS, MAUDE. - Honey on the Moon.
124571: HUTCHINSON, R.C. - Origins of Cathleen. A Diversion.
149451: (VAUGHAN) HUTCHINSON, F.E. - Henry Vaughan. A Life and Interpretation.
157134: HUTCHINSON, ROBERT. - The Audacious Crimes of Colonel Blood. The Spy Who Stole the Crown Jewels and Became the King’S Secret Agent.
154845: (VAUGHAN) HUTCHINSON, F.E. - Henry Vaughan. A Life and Interpretation.
159518: HUTCHINSON, R.C. - Testament. A Novel.
159519: HUTCHINSON, R.C. - Image of My Father. A Novel.
159520: HUTCHINSON, FRANK I. - The Wise Thrush.
159516: HUTH, ANGELA. - Invitation to the Married Life.
159517: HUTH, ANGELA. - South of the Lights.
141117: HUTTON, REV. W. - Buffon’S Natural History
141063: HUTTON, WILL. - Them and Us. Changing Britain - Why We Need a Fair Society.
135216: HUTTON, WILLIAM HOLDEN. - By Thames and Cotswold. Sketches of the Country.
138839: HUTTON, JOHN. - Kitchener’S Men. The King’S Own Royal Lancasters on the Western Front 1915-1918.
141157: (HESS) HUTTON, J. BERNARD. - Hess: The Man and His Mission. Introduction by Airey Neave.
138698: HUTTON, R.B.M. - Trhough Two Centuries. An Accouont of the Origin and Growth of Fulneck School, 1753-1953.
135718: HUTTON, WILL & GIDDENS, ANTHONY (EDITORS). - On the Edge. Living with Global Capitalism.
142822: HUTTON, C.A. - Greek Terracotta Statuettes. With a Preface by A.S. Murray.
143221: HUTTON, RICHARD HOLT. - Essays on Some of the Modern Guides to English Thought in Matters of Faith.
145950: (DINGWELL) HUWS, ELIN (TRANSLATOR). - Cofio Medi. Addiasiad O Nofel Saesneg Gan Joyce Dingwell.
145610: HUWS, ELERI. - Dyma Fi! Cofnod O Flynyddoedd Cyntaf.
154064: HUXLEY, ALDOUS. - The Olive Tree. And Other Essays.
137286: HUXLEY, JULIETTE. - Leaves of the Tulip Tree. Autobiography.
139120: HUXLEY, THOMAS H. - Lessons in Elementary Physiology.
154062: HUXLEY, ALDOUS. - Proper Studies.
130643: HUXLEY, LEONARD. - Life and Letters of Thomas Henry Huxley.
154389: (LAWRENCE) HUXLEY, ALDOUS (EDITOR). - The Letters of D.H. Lawrence. Edited and with an Introduction.
149647: (HUXLEY) HUXLEY, LEONARD. - Life and Letters of Thomas Henry Huxley.
154063: HUXLEY, ALDOUS. - Adonis and the Alphabet. And Other Essays.
160299: HUXLEY, JOHN AND HOWES, DAVID (EDITORS). - Encyclopaedia of Rugby League Football. Based on the First Edition, Compiled by A.N. Gaulton. Foreword by the Earl of Derby, MC, President of the Rugby Football League.
159507: HUXLEY, ALDOUS. - Ape and Essence.
159510: HUXLEY, ELSPETH. - The Merry Hippo. A Novel.
159511: HUXLEY, ELSPETH. - The Prince Buys the Manor. An Extravaganza.
159512: HUXLEY, ALDOUS. - The Olive Tree and Other Essays.
159514: HUXLEY, ALDOUS. - Eyeless in Gaza.
159515: HUXLEY, ALDOUS. - Point Counter Point.
149838: HUYGHE, RENE (EDITOR). - Larousse Encyclopedia of Byzantine and Medieval Art.
141163: HYAMS, JOSEPH. - A Field of Buttercups.
134279: HYATT, PETER (EDITOR). - Masters of Light. Designing the Luminous House.
154017: HYATT, STANLEY PORTAL. - The Old Transport Road.
159509: HYATT, STANLEY PORTAL. - Black Sheep.
147459: HYDE, H.A. - Welsh Timber Trees. Native and Introduced. Revised by S.G. Harrison.
137720: (SHAW) HYDE, MARY (EDITOR). - Bernard Shaw and Alfred Douglas. A Correspondence.
154051: (HERBERT) HYDE, A.G. - George Herbert and His Times.
130194: HYDE, H. MONTGOMERY. - Secret Intelligence Agent.
147476: HYDE, H.A. & WADE, A.E. - Welsh Ferns, Clubmosses, Quillworts and Horsetails. A Descriptive Handbook. Revised, Expanded and Rearranged by S.G. Harrison.
149162: HYDRICK, BLAIR D. (EDITOR). - A Guide to the Microfiche Edition of CIVIL War Unit Histories, Regimental Histories and Personal Narratives. Part 5 [Only]. The Union-Higher and Independent Commands and Naval Forces.
149161: HYDRICK, BLAIR D. (EDITOR). - A Guide to the Microfiche Edition of CIVIL War Unit Histories, Regimental Histories and Personal Narratives. Part 4 [Only]. The Union-Midwest and West.
149160: HYDRICK, BLAIR D. (EDITOR). - A Guide to the Microfiche Edition of CIVIL War Unit Histories, Regimental Histories and Personal Narratives. Part 3 [Only]. The Union-Mid-Atlantic.
134356: HYLAND, PAUL. - Indian Balm. Travels in South West India.
153586: HYMAN, LOUIS. - The Jews of Ireland. From the Earliest Times to the Year 1910.
157874: HYMAN, MAVIS. - Jews of the Raj.
159508: HYNE, CUTCLIFFE. - Adventures of Captain Kettle.
137852: (WEST) HYNES, SAMUEL (EDITOR). - Rebecca West: A Celebration. Selected from Her Writings. Critical Introduction.
156045: HYWEL, EMYR (EDITOR). - Annwyl D.J. Detholiad O’R Ohediaeth Rhwng D.J. Williams, Kate Roberts a Saunders Lewis 1924-69.
145567: HYWYN, GWENNO. - Dydi Pethanu’N Gwella Dim!
147845: HYWYN, GWENNO (ADDASIAD CYMRAEG). - Gwledd Hud a Lledrith.
145617: HYWYN, GWENNO. - Hwyl Hud a Lledrithy.
158367: IANNI, FRANCIS A.J. AND REUSS-IANNI, ELIZABETH. - A Family Business. Kinship and Social Control in Organized Crime.
158658: IBANEZ, VICENTE BLASCO. - The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (Los Cuatro Jinetes Del Apocalipsis). From the Spanish. Authorized Translation by Charlotte Brewster Jordan.
158659: IBANEZ, VICENTE BLASCO. - Mare Nostrum (Our Sea). A Novel. Authorized Translation from the Spanish by Charlotte Brewster Jordan.
138417: ICELY, H.E.M. - Bromsgrove School Through Four Centuries. With a Chapter by R.G. Routh.
158949: IDRIS, YUSUF. - The Cheapest Nights and Other Stories. Translated from the Arabic by Wadida Wassef.
98120: CH’IEN, HSIAO. - Traveller without a Map. Translated by Jeffrey C. Kinkley.
147531: IFAN, WIL. - Where I Belong. With the Vocies of River, Wood and Counterpane. This Poem Is Based on the Author’S “Bro Fy Mebyd. ”
145702: IFAN, DAFYDD GUTO. - Gri O’R Glannau.
144899: IFAN, WIL. - Colofnau Wil Ifan.
146064: IFANS, DAFYDD. - Eira Gwyn Yn Salmon. Casgliad O Lythyrau Dychmygol Sion Prys O Gaergrawnt at Aelodau O’I Deulu Yng Nghymru Rhwng 1623 a 1633.
145985: IFANS, ALUN. - Swyn Sir Benfro. 24 O Deithiau Hudol.
147875: IFANS, DAFYDD (EDITOR). - Annwyl Kate, Annwyl Saunders. Gohebiaeth 1923-1983.
147830: IFANS, DAFYDD. - Ofn.
159251: WILLIAM II. - My Ancestors.
158111: IIDA, SHOTARO. - Facets of Buddhism.
155174: ILES, NORMAN. - Who Really Killed Cock Robin? Nursery Rhymes and Carols Restored to Their Original Meanings.
157197: ILES, NORMAN. - The Restoration of Cock Robin. Nursery Rhymes and Carols Restored to Their Original Meanings.
158842: ILLIES, FLORIAN. - 1913: The Year Before the Storm. Translated by Shaun Whiteside and Jamie Lee Searle.
149731: ILYA. - Skidmarks: The Complete Bic Cycle. Introduction by Joe Casey.
142656: IMHOF, PROFESSOR DR. H.C. EDUARD (EDITOR). - Internationales Jahrbuch Fuer Kartographie/International Yearbook of Cartography/Annuaire International de Cartographie. Volume V. [Only]. 1965.
142658: IMNOF, PROFESSOR DR. H.C. EDUARD (EDITOR). - Internationales Jahrbuch Fuer Kartographie/International Yearbook of Cartography/Annuaire International de Cartographie. Volume VI. [Only]. 1966.
135226: DIRECTOR OF THE ZOOLOGICAL SURVEY OF INDIA (EDITOR). - Memoirs of the Indian Museum Volume VIII [Only]. 1924-1928.
128967: INDRA, ALOIS. - Ballistik Der Handfeuerwaffen in Tabellen. Kritischer Vergleich Der Ballistischen Eigenschaften Der Ordonnanz-Gewehre Europa’S.
137284: INFANTE, G. CABRERA. - Mea Cuba. Translated by Kenneth Hall with the Author.
131465: INFIELD, GLENN B. - The Poltava Affair. The Secret World War II Operation That Foreshadowed the Cold War.
138993: MINISTRY OF INFORMATION. - What Britain Has Done. 1939-1945. A Selection of Outstanding Facts and Figures. Introduction by Richard over.
159384: INGLESANT, DAVID. - The Prisoners of Voronesh. The Diary of Sergeant George Newman 23rd Regiment of Foot the Royal Welch Fusiliers Taken Prisoner at Inkerman.
160265: INGLIS, SIMON. - The Football Grounds of England and Wales.
157489: INGLIS, VALERIE; ROBERTS, RONALD J. AND BROMAGE, NIALL R. (EDITORS). - Bacterial Diseases of Fish.
159488: INGLIS, KS. - Churches and the Working Classes in Victorian England.
159506: INGRAHAM, REV. J.H. - The Pillar of Fire; or, Israel in Bondage.
153472: (CHATTERTON) INGRAM, JOHN H. - Chatterton and His Poetry.
148507: INGRAMS, DOREEN. - The Awakened: Women in Iraq.
156869: INKPEN, MICK. - Kipper’S New Pet.
156875: INKPEN, MICK. - Kipper.
156876: INKPEN, MICK. - Kipper’S Monster.
156877: INKPEN, MICK. - Kipper’S Beach Ball.
156878: INKPEN, MICK. - Kipper’S Toybox.
156864: INKPEN, MICK. - Kipper’S Snowy Day.
156863: INKPEN, MICK. - Kipper’S Birthday.
156865: INKPEN, MICK. - Kipper.
156862: INKPEN, MICK. - One Year with Kipper.
156860: INKPEN, MICK. - Hide Me, Kipper!
156866: INKPEN, MICK. - Kipper’S Monster.
156861: INKPEN, MICK. - Kipper’S Little Friends.
156867: INKPEN, MICK. - Kipper’S Beach Ball.
156868: INKPEN, MICK. - Kipper’S Toybox.
159505: INMAN, PHILIP. - The Golden Cup.
141468: INNES, MIRANDA. - The Country Home Decorating Book. A Practical Guide to Restoring, Styling and Furnishing.
150513: INNES, HAMMOND. - The Last Voyage. Captain Cook’S Lost Diary.
157669: INNES, WILLIAM T. - Exotic Aquarium Fishes. A Work of General Reference.
159500: INNES, HAMMOND. - Delta Connection.
159501: INNES, HAMMOND. - Golden Soak.
159502: INNES, HAMMOND. - Solomon’S Seal.
159503: INNES, HAMMOND. - The Mary Deare.
159504: INNES, HAMMOND. - Atlantic Fury.
152754: (EDITOR) INOGUCHI, TAKASHI. - Human Beliefs and Values in Incredible Asia. South and Central Asia in Focus; Country Profiles and Thematic Analyses Based on the Asiabarometer Survey of 2005.
158962: INOUE, YASUSHI. - Confucius. A Novel. Translated from the Japanese by Roger K. Thomas.
151093: AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS RESEARCH INSTITUTE. - Miscellaneous Papers in Agricultural Economics. Volume V [Only]. 1928-1929.
151095: AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS RESEARCH INSTITUTE. - Miscellaneous Papers in Agricultural Economics. Volume IX [Only]. 1938-1941.
151097: AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS RESEARCH INSTITUTE. - Miscellaneous Papers in Agricultural Economics. Volume VI [Only]. 1930-1931.
151096: AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS RESEARCH INSTITUTE. - Miscellaneous Papers in Agricultural Economics. Volume VII [Only]. 1931-1934.
151094: AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS RESEARCH INSTITUTE. - Miscellaneous Papers in Agricultural Economics. Volume VIII [Only]. 1935-1938
122046: ROYAL COMMISSION ON UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE. - Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence Taken Before the Royal Commssion on Unemployment Insurance. Part I. Written Evidence Submitted by: Local Authorities, Public Assistance Officers, Etc. ; Part II. Special Returns from Poor Law Authorities in Respect of Unemployed Persons in Receipt of Domiciliary Poor Relief During the Week Ended 7th February, 1931. Part III. Reports of a Special Investigation in Eight Industrial Areases Into the Subsequent History of Persons with Disallowed Claims to Unemployment Benefit. Part IV. Memoranda by the Ministry of Labour on Unemployment Insurance in Overseas Countries. Part V. Statistical Analyses by the Ministry of Labour of (I) Persons Insured Against Unemployment in Great Britain at July, 1930, and (II) Persons on the Registers of Employment Exchanges at 2nd February, 1931. Part VI. Written Evidence Submitted with Regard to the Inclusion of Certain Classes of Employments Within the Scope of the Unemployment Insurance Acts. Part VII. Written Evidence Submitted with Regard to Tests of Need. Part VIII. Memoranda Received with Particular Reference to Arrangements (Other Than Insurance) for Able-Bodied Unemployed Workers. Part IX. Written Evidence Received Dealing with Miscellaneous Aspects of the Unemployment Insurance Scheme.
152723: (BANK FOR INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENTS) BANQUE DES REGLEMENTS INTERNATIONAUX. - 60eme Rapport Annuel. 1er Avril 1989-31 Mars 1990. Bale, 11 Juin 1990.
131174: INWOOD, KRISTIAAN. - Siamese Bestiary.
144547: IONESCO, EUGENE. - Y Dyn Unig. Nofel a Droswyd I’R Gymraied Gan John Watkins.
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