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137060: NICHOLSON, T.R. - The World’S Motor Museums.
141010: NICHOLSON, VIRGINIA. - Among the Bohemians. Experiments in Living, 1900-1939.
140208: NICHOLSON, DR. HELEN & NICOLLE, DR. DAVID. - God’S Warriors. Crusaders, Saracens and the Battle for Jerusalem.
130745: NICOL, MARK. - Ultimate Risk. Sas Contact Al Qaeda.
131656: NICOLAS, SIR NICHOLAS HARRIS. - A History of the Royal Navy. Volume II [Only]. From the Earliest Times to the Wars of the French Revolution.
137965: NICOLAY, MEGAN. - Generation T: Beyond Fashion. 120 New Ways to Transform a T-Shirt.
133339: NICOLL, ALLARDYCE. - A History of Late Nineteenth Century Drama, 1850-1900.
140190: NICOLLE, DAVID. - The History of Medieval Life.
138414: NICOLSON, ADAM. - Earls of Paradise.
140615: NICOLSON, HAROLD. - The Congress of Vienna. A Study in Allied Unity: 1812-1822.
140570: NICOLSON, NIGEL. - Napoleon: 1812.
134164: NIEDERMAYR, WALTER. - Titlis.
141400: NIEHAUS, WERNER. - Endkampf Swischen Rhein and Weser. Nordwestdeutschland 1945.
135569: NIELSEN, KAI & PHILLIPS, D.Z. - Wittgensteinian Fideism? with Critiques by Bela Szabados, Nancy Bauer and Stephen Mulhall.
141399: NIEPOLD, GERD. - Mittlere Ostfront Juni ‘44. Darstellung: Beurteilung: Lehren.
132117: NIMROD (APPERLEY, CHARLES JAMES). - The Life of John Mytton, Esq. , of Halston, Shropshire, M.P. For Shropshire, High Sheriff for the Counties of Salop and Merioneth, and Major of the North Shropshire Yeomany Calvalry. With His Hunting, Racing, Shooting, Driving and Extravagant Expoits.
122024: NITTI, FRANCESCO. - The Decadence of Europe. The Paths of Reconstruction. Translated from the Italian by F. Brittain.
131582: NIVEN, JENNIFER. - The Ice Master. The Doomed 1913 Voyage of the Karluk.
121555: NIXON, EDNA. - Voltaire and the Calas Case.
141186: AIR RAID PRECAUTIONS HANDBOOK NO.2. - First Aid and Nursing for Gas Casualties. Issued by the Home Office (Air Raid Precautions Department).
142597: NOAKES, F.E. - The Distant Drum. A Memoir of a Guardsman in the Great War.
134728: NOALL, CYRIL & FARR, GRAHAME. - Wreck and Rescue Round the Cornish Coast. III [Only]. The Story of the South Coast Lifeboats.
119426: NOBECOURT, JACQUES. - Hitler’S Last Gamble. The Battle of the Ardennes.
137196: (GAY). NOBLE, YVONNE (EDITOR). - Twentieth Century Interpretations of the Beggar’S Opera. A Collection of Critical Essays.
110740: NOBLE, EWARD MOORE. - A Treatise on Opthalmy.
130097: NOEL-BAKER, FRANCIS. - The Spy Web. A Study of Communist Espionage.
134979: NOEL, ANTHONY. - Terra Cotta Pots with Style.
125208: NOEL, GERARD & STANFORD, PETER. - The Anatomy of the Catholic Church Before and Since John Paul II.
141727: NOEL-BAKER, PHILIP. - The Arms Race. A Programme for World Disarmament.
134832: NOEVER, PETER (EDITOR). - Visionary Clients for New Architecture. With an Essay by Joseph Tykwert and Comments by Philip Johnson.
141398: NOFI, ALBERT A. (EDITOR). - The War Against Hitler.
141397: NOFI, ALBERT A. (EDITOR). - The War Against Hitler.
139779: NOFI, ALBERT A. - A CIVIL War Treasury. Being a Miscellany of Arms and Artillery, Facts and Figures, Legends and Lore, Muses and Minstrels, Personalities and People.
133354: NOIVILLE, FLORENCE. - Literary Miniatures. Translated by Teresa Lavender Fagan.
133134: NOIVILLE, FLORENCE. - Literary Miniatures. Translated by Teresa Lavender Fagan.
142429: (SMETANA) NOLAN, LIAM. - The Life of Smetana. The Pain and the Glory. From the Story and Research of J. Bernard Hutton.
142425: (ROGERS & HAMMERSTEIN) NOLAN, FREDERICK. - The Sound of Their Music: The Story of Rogers and Hammerstein.
137206: (HAMMETT) NOLAN, WILLIAM F. - Hammett. A Life at the Edge.
140781: NOLAN’S - History of the War Against Russian.
135701: NONNEMAN, GERD (EDITOR). - Political and Economic Liberalization. Dynamics and Linkages in Comparative Perspective.
134316: NOON, SIR FIROZKHAN. - India.
140332: NOONE, JOHN. - The Man Behind the Iron Mask.
141088: NORMANN, RODERICK DE. - For Fuehrer and Fatherland. Ss Murder and Mayhem in Wartime Britain.
138970: NORMANN, RODERICK DE. - For Fuhrer and Fatherland. Ss Murder and Mayhem in Wartime Britain.
129650: DE NORMANN, RODERICK. - For Fuhrer and Fatherland. Ss Murder and Mayhem in Wartime Britain.
126573: (BYRON). NORMINGTON, SUSAN. - Byron and His Children.
132256: NORRINGTON, RUTH (EDITOR). - My Dearest Minette. The Letters between Charles II and His Sister Henrietta, Duchesse D’Orleans
138285: NORRIS, JOHN. - Artillery: A History.
135602: NORRIS, CHRISTOPHER. - Fiction, Philosophy and Literary Theory: Will the Real Saul Kripke Please Stand Up?
137399: NORSE, HAROLD. - Memoirs of a Bastard Angel.
110706: NORTH, JOHN. - Practical Observations on the Convulsions of Infants.
141704: NORTHOUSE, CLAYTON. (EDITOR). - Protecting What Matters. Technology, Security, and Liberty Since 9/11.
140341: (SAINT-SIMON) NORTON, LUCY (EDITOR). - Memoirs of Duc de Saint-Simon. A Shortened Version. Volume I. 1691-1709: Presented to the King. Volume II. 1710-1715: Bastards Triumphant. Volume III. 1715-1723: Fatal Weakness.
129158: NORTON, JANE E. - Guide to the National and Provincial Directories of England and Wales, Excluding London, Published Before 1856.
141778: NORTON, LOUIS ARTHUR. - Captains Contentious. The Dysfunctional Sons of the Brine.
131666: NORTON, LOUIS ARTHUR. - Captains Contentious. The Dysfunctional Sons of the Brine.
125169: NORWICH, JOHN JULIUS. (EDITOR). - Great Architecture of the World. From Ancient Times to the Present. Foreword by Nikolaus Pevsner.
140092: (PINDAR) NORWOOD, GILBERT. - Pindar.
128426: NOTESTEIN, WALLACE. - Four Worthies. John Chamberlain, Anne Clifford, John Taylor, Oliver Heywood.
132381: (CREELEY) NOVIK, MARY. - Robert Creeley: An Inventory, 1945-1970. With a Foreword by Robert Creeley.
141632: NOWAK, JAN. - Courier from Warsaw.
133450: NOWARRA, HEINZ J. - Luftwaffeneinsatz “Barbarossa”. Russland 1941.
133453: NOWARRA, HEINZ J. - Die Bomber Kommen. Der Weg Zum Totalen Luftkrieg 1940-1944.
133452: NOWARRA, HEINZ J. - Geleitzugschlachten IM Mittelmeer.
141991: NOWARRA, HEINZ J. - Die 109. Gesamtentwicklung Eines Legendaeren Flugzeugs.
141990: NOWARRA, HEINZ. - Heinkel He111. A Documentary History.
131717: NOYCE, WILFRID. - The Springs of Adventure.
141396: NOYCE, WILFRID. - They Survived. A Study of the Will to Live.
128104: (VOLTAIRE) NOYES, ALFRED. - Voltaire.
124149: (SMOLLETT). NOYES, EDWARD S. (EDITOR). - The Letters of Tobias Smollett, M.D.
137610: NUGENT, ELIZABETH M. (EDITOR). - The Thought & Culture of the English Renaissance. An Anthology of Tudor Prose, 1481-1555. Introduced by Douglas Buis, Eloise L. Pafort, W. Gordon Zeeveld, Gertrude Annan, W.E. Campbell, F.S. Boas, H.S. Bennett.
136369: NUMBERS, RONALD L. & ROSENBERG, CHARLES E. (EDITORS). - The Scientific Enterprise in America. Readings from Isis.
122907: NUNNELEY, JOHN. - Tales from the King’S African Rifles.
121920: NUSSBAUM, FREDERICK L. - Commercial Policy in the French Revolution. A Study of the Career of G.J. A. Ducher.
131929: NUTMAN, P.S. (EDITOR). - Symbiotic Nitrogen Fixation in Plants.
140073: (JUVENAL) NUTTALL, P. AUSTIN (EDITOR. - Satirae: With a Linear Verbal Translation and Gifford’S Poetical Version Accompanying the Text. The Prose Translation Having Been Critically Revised, Improved, and Linearly Arranged, from the Original Version of the Rev. John Stirling, D.D. To Which Are Prefixed a Dissertation on the Life, Genius, and Writings of Juvenal; a Biographical Sketch of the Late William Gifford, Esq. ; and a Treatise on Latin Versification. The Whole Accompanied by Illustrative Notes and a Copious Explanatory Index.
139825: NYE, WILBUR STURTEVANT. - Here Come the Rebels!
130396: NYESSEN, DR. D.J.H. - The Passing of the Frisians. Anthropology of Terpia.
121550: VAN NYVELT, BARONESS SUZETTE VAN ZUYLEN. - Court Life in the Dutch Republic, 1638-1689.
135546: OAKESHOTT, MICHAEL. - The Concept of a Philosophical Jurisprudence: Essays and Reviews 1926-51. Edited by Luke O’Sullivan.
137398: OATES, JOYCE CAROL. - On Boxing.
133671: OBERMAIER, ERNST & HELD, WERNER. - Jagdflieger Oberst Werner Molders.
136606: (PARAVICINI) OCKELFORD, ADAM. - In the Key of Genius. The Extraordinary Life of Derek Paravicini.
141128: FOREIGN & COMMONWEALTH OFFICE. - Nazi Gold. The London Conference 2-4 December 1997.
126620: (DISRAELI). OGDEN, JAMES. - Isaac Disraeli.
138458: OGILVIE, VIVIAN. - The English Public School.
124325: (D’ARGENSON). OGLE, ARTHUR. - The Marquis D’Argenson: A Study in Criticism; Being the Stanhope Essay: Oxford, 1893.
135703: OGRODNICK, MARGARET. - Instinct and Intimacy: Political Philosophy and Autobiography in Rousseau.
140718: OHLES, FREDERIK. - Germany’S Rude Awakening. Censorship in the Land of the Brothers Grimm.
136877: OHLSSON, BENGT. - Gregorius. Translated from the Swedish by Silbester Mazzarella. With a Preface by Margaret Atwood.
134545: OHRI, R.K. - Long March of Islam. The Future Imperfect.
142826: OIKONOMIDES, AL.N. - The Two Agoras in Ancient Athens. A New Commentray on Their Histroy and Development. Topography and Monuments.
133030: OJETTI, UGO. - As They Seemed to Me. Translated by Henry Furst. With an Introduction by Gabriele D’Annunzio.
135418: OJHA, C.S.P.; BERNDTSSON, R. & BHUNYA, P. - Engineering Hydrology.
139327: OKELY, JUDITH. - Own or Other Culture.
129544: OLDEN, RUDOLF. - Streseman. Translated by R.T. Clark.
138120: OLDHAM, J.B. - Headmasters of Shrewsbury School 1552-1908.
139617: OLDROYD, H. - The Horse-Flies (Diptera: Tabanaidae) of the Ethiopian Region. Volume I [Only]. Haematopota and Hippocentrum.
139969: OLIVA, PAVEL. - The Birth of Greek Civilization.
138631: OLIVE, GEO. W. - A School’S Adventure. With a Foreword by Marshall of the R.A. F. Lord Tedder, Chairman of the Governing Body.
130132: OLIVER, ANNE MARIE & STEINBERG, PAUL F. - The Road to Martyrs’ Square. A Journey Into the World of the Suicide Bomber.
138746: OLIVER, MICHAEL & PARTRIDGE, RICHARD. - The Battle of Albuera 1811. ‘Glorious Field of Grief. ’
121811: OLIVER, F.S. - The Endless Adventure.
135420: OLIVER, SUSAN M. (EDITOR). - Oxford Handbook of Musculoskeletal Nursing.
124530: (HOWARD). OLIVER, H.J. - Sir Robert Howard (1626-1698). A Critical Biography.
137664: (PYTHAGORAS) D’OLIVET, FABRE. - The Golden Verses of Pythagoras. Translated and Foreword by Nayan Louise Redfield.
128470: OLLARD, RICHARD. - The Image of the King. Charles I and Charles II.
140435: OLLARD, RICHARD. - Clarendon and His Friends.
137680: (ROWSE) OLLARD, RICHARD (EDITOR). - The Diaries of A.L. Rowse.
124069: (STRINDBERG). OLLEN, GUNNAR. - August Strindberg. Translated from the Original German by Peter Tirner.
122032: OLNEY, R.J. & MELVIN, JULIA (EDITORS). - Prime Minister’S Papers Series: Wellington. II. [Only] Political Correspondence November 1834-April 1835.
97695: OLSON, TOBY. - Unfinished Building.
139640: OLSON, STEVE. - Mapping Human History. Discovering the Past Through Our Genes.
109247: OLSON, STEVEN. - The Prairie in Nineteenth-Century American Poetry.
134556: OMAAR, RAGEH. - Revolution Day. The Human Story of the Battle for Iraq.
140617: OMAN, CAROLA. - Britain Against Napoleon.
128055: OMAN, SIR CHARLES. - The Legionary Coins of Victorinus, Carausius, and Allectus. Reprinted from the ‘Numismatic Chronicle’ Fifth Series, Vol. IV.
128053: OMAN, C. - The Decline and Fall of the Denarius in the Third Century, A.D. Reprinted from the ‘Numismatic Chronicle’ Fourth Series, Vol. XVI.
128785: OMAN, CAROLA. - Napoleon’S Viceroy. Eugene de Beauharnais.
142835: ONIANS, JOHN. - Art and Thought in the Hellenistic Age. The Greek World View 350-50 Bc.
123164: ONNEN, DR. H. - Natuurkundig Tijdscrift Voor Nederlandsch-Indie, Volume 48. Uitgegeven Door de Koninklijke Natuurkindige Vereeniging in Nederlandsch-Indie. Deel XLVIII. Achtste Serie. Deel IX.
140295: ONSLOW, THE RT. HON. THE EARL. - The Dukes of Normandy and Their Origin.
141703: ONTIVEROS, SUZANNE ROBITAILLE (EDITOR). - Global Terrorism. A Historical Bibliography.
131650: (MONSON) OPPENHEIM, M. (EDITOR). - The Naval Tracts of Sir William Monson. Volume V [Only]. In Six Books. Edited with a Commentary Drawn from the State Papers and Other Original Sources.
131620: (MONSON) OPPENHEIM, M. (EDITOR). - The Naval Tracts of Sir William Monson. Volume IV [Only]. In Six Books. Edited with a Commentary Drawn from the State Papers and Other Original Sources.
140118: L’ORANGE, H.P. - Art Forms and CIVIC Life in the Late Roman Empire.
142035: ORANGE, VINCENT. - Ensor’S Endeavour. A Biography of Wing Commander Mick Ensor, Dso & Bar, Afc, Rnzaf & Raf.
131491: ORANGE, VINCENT. - Johnny Checketts: The Road to Biggin Hill. A Gripping Story of Courage in the Air and Evasion on the Ground.
127068: (BYRON). ORIGO, IRIS. - The Last Attachment. The Story of Byron and Teresa Guiccioli As Told in Their Unpublished Letters and Other Family Papers.
128681: ORMEROD, R. C. - Ferns in the Waste.
138335: ORTENBERG, VERONICA. - In Search of the Holy Grail. The Quest for the Middle Ages.
119082: (PIRANDELLO) ORTOLANI, BENITO (EDITOR). - Love Letters to Marta Abba.
130124: OSANKA, FRANKLIN MARK (EDITOR). - Modern Guerrilla Warfare. Fighting Communist Guerrilla Movements, 1941-1961. Introduction by Samuel P. Huntington.
135584: OSBORNE, PETER & SANDFORD, STELLA (EDITORS). - Philosophies of Race and Ethnicity.
136582: (VERDI) OSBORNE, CHARLES. - Verdi: A Life in the Theatre.
142485: OSBORNE, CHARLES (EDITOR). - The Dictionary of Composers.
112018: OSBORNE, CHARLES. - The Dictionary of the Opera.
138104: OSBORNE, C.H.C.; JAMES, J.C. & JAMES, K.L. (EDITORS). - A History of Rendcomb College. Foreword by Douglas Dakin.
126210: OSBORNE, BRIAN D. & ARMSTRONG, RONALD. - The Clyde at War.
136585: (VERDI) OSBORNE, CHARLES. - Verdi: A Life in the Theatre.
142768: OSBORNE, ROBIN. - Greece in the Making 1200-479 Bc.
136581: (VERDI) OSBORNE, CHARLES. - Verdi: A Life in the Theatre.
140766: OSSENDOWSKI, FERDINAND. - From President to Prison. In Collaboration with Lewis Stanton Palen.
139592: OSSERMAN, ROBERT. - Poetry of the Universe.
112434: OSTLE, ROBIN ET AL (EDITORS). - Writing the Self. Autobiographical Writing in Modern Arabic Literature.
124955: OSTROFF, ANTHONY (EDITOR). - The Contemporary Poet As Artist and Critic. Eight Symposia.
125819: OSTROVSKY, VICTOR & HOY, CLAIRE. - By Way of Deception. The Making and Unmaking of a Mossad Officer.
139255: OSTWALD, W. - Solutions. Translated by M.M. Pattison.
139485: OTTE, DANIEL & ENDLER, JOHN A. (EDITOR). - Speciation and Its Consequences.
141955: OTTER, PATRICK. - Yorkshire Airfields in the Second World War.
124760: OUDEYER, PIERRE-YVES. - Self-Organization in the Evolution of Speech. Translated by James R. Hurford.
142619: OVEN, WILFRED VON. - Hitler’S Storm Troopers: A History of the Sa. The Memoirs of... Introduction by Eleanor Hancock. Translated by Geoffrey Brooks.
137500: OVERTON, GRANT. - American Nights Entertainment.
141671: OVERY, RICHARD. - Interrogations. The Nazi Elite in Allied Hands, 1945.
138342: OVID. - The Serpent’S Teeth. Translated by Mary M. Innes.
141045: OWEN, GEOFFREY. - From Empire to Europe. The Decline and Revival of British Industry Since the Second World War.
139606: OWEN, D.F. - Tropical Butterflies. The Ecology and Behaviour of Butterflies in the Tropics with Special Reference to African Species.
142029: OWEN, RODERIC. - The Desert Air Force. An Authoritative Hsitory Published in Aid of the Royal Air Force Benelovent Fund. With a Foreword by Marshal of the Royal Air Froce the Lord Tedder, G.C. B. , Chief of the Air Staff.
121502: OWEN, DOROTHY M. (EDITOR). - John Lydford’S Book. Edited with an Introduction.
140219: OWEN, D.D.R. - The Legend of Roland. A Pageant of the Middle Ages.
137568: OWENS, L.T. - J.H. Mason 1875-1951, Scholar-Printer.
133022: OZ, AMOS. - The Story Begins. Essays on Literature. Translated by Maggie Bar-Tura.
133209: OZ, AMOS. - The Same Sea. Translated from the Hebrew by Nicholas de Lange in Collaboration with the Author.
133211: OZ, AMOS. - Fima. Translated from the Hebrew by Nicholas de Lange.
132647: PAASSEN, PIERRE VAN. - A Crown of Fire. The Life and Times of Girolamo Savonarola.
134555: PACHACHI, ADNAN. - Living to Some Purpose. Memoirs of a Secularist Iraqi and Arab Statesman. Foreword by Peter Sluglett.
131677: CANADIAN PACIFIC. - Two Mediterranean Cruises. Seventh Season. Empress of Scotland: 25150 Tons Gross Register, 37700 Tons Displacement, from New York February3, 1930, 73 Days Duration. Empress of Frnace: 18350 Tons Gross Register, 27500 Tons Displacement, from New York February 13, 1930, 73 Days Duration. First Class Only - No Other Class Carried. Fares from $900, Including Shore Excursions.
126246: PACK, JAMES. - The Man Who Burned the White House. Admiral Sir George Cockburn, 1772-1853.
141395: PACK, S.W.C. - Operation ‘Husky. ’ the Allied Invasion of Sicily. Introduction by Vice-Admiral Lord Ashbourne.
140901: PACKARD, JERROLD M. - Farewell in Splendor. The Passing of Queen Victoria and Her Age.
142710: PACKER, GEORGE. - The Unwinding. An Inner History of New America.
90631: PADEN, WILLIAM D. - The Future of the Middle Ages. Medieval Literature in the 1990’S.
131684: PADFIELD, PETER. - Broke and the Shannon.
141561: PAGDEN, ANTHONY. - Worlds at War. The 2,500-Year Struggle between East and West.
135030: PAGE, JUTTA-ANNETTE. - The Art of Glass. Toledo Museum of Art. Foreword by Don Bacigalupi.
91045: (COLMAN). PAGE, EUGENE R. - George Colman the Elder. Essayist, Dramatist and Theatrical Manager, 1732-1794.
130404: PAGE, J.W. - Primitive Races of to-Day.
140651: PAGE, JULIA V. - Intelligence Officer in the Peninsula. Letters and Diaries of Major the Hon. Edward Charles Cocks, 1786-1812. Foreword by David Chandler.
137241: (HARDY) PAGE, NORMAN. - Thomas Hardy.
128164: PAGE, WILLIAM (EDITOR). - A History of the County of Buckingham. Part 8 [Only]. The Buckinghamshire Domesday. Itnroduction by J. Horace Round M.A. , LL. D. Text by the Rev. F.W. Ragg M.A. Index.
125944: PAGE, CAROLINE. - U.S. Official Propaganda During the Vietnam Wr, 1965-1973. The Limits of Persuasion.
130794: PAGONIS, LT. GENERAL WILLIAM G. - Moving Moutains. Lessons in Leadership and Logistics from the Gulf War.
121915: PAIN, WELLESLEY. - Richard Martin. (1754-1834).
134589: PAINTER, K.S. - The Severn Basin.
134968: PAINTER, COLIN (EDITOR). - Contemporary Art and the Home.
139645: PAINTER, JOHN THOMAS. - Ethnology: Or, the History and Genealogy of the Human Race.
140604: PAKENHAM, SIMONA. - In the Absence of the Emperor. London-Paris 1814-1815.
138387: PALAGIA, OLGA & TRACY, STEPHEN V. (EDITORS). - The Macedonians in Athens 322-229 B.C. Proceedings of an International Conference Held at the University of Athens, May 24-26, 2001.
142838: PALAGIA, OLGA & CHOREMI-SPETSIERI, ALKESTIS (EDITORS). - The Panathenaic Games. Proceedings of an International Conference Held at Hte University of Athens, May 11-12, 2004.
130789: PALGI, MICHAL & REINHARZ, SHULAMIT. - One Hundred Years of Kibbutz Life. A Century of Cirses and Reinvention.
130125: PALMER, AMBASSADOR MARK. - Breaking the Real Axis of Evil. How to Oust the World’S Last Dictators by 2025.
131988: PALMER, ALAN. - An Encyclopaedia of Napoleon’S Europe.
140714: PALMER, ALAN. - Twilight of the Habsburgs. The Life and Times of Emperor Francis Joseph.
138272: PALMER, DOUGLAS; PETTITT, DR. PAUL & BAHN, DR. PAUL G. - Unearthing the Past. The Great Archaeological Discouveries That Have Changed History.
138303: PALMER, DOUGLAS; JAMES, NICHOLAS & SPARROW, GILES. - Fortune and Glory. Tales of History’S Greatest Archaeological Adventurers.
139153: PALMER, W.G. - Valency. Classical and Modern.
124505: PALMER, KENNETH NICHOLLS. - Ceremonial Barges on the River Thames. A History of the Barges of the City of London Livery Companies and the Crown.
131955: PALMER, ALAN. - Napoleon in Russia.
132864: PALMER, ALAN. - The Banner of Battle. The Story of the Crimean War.
131447: PALMER, ALFRED B. - The Private of Tobruk. A Sailor’S Life on the Seven Seas, 1916-1948.
141839: PALMER, JOHN. - Luck on My Side. The Diaries and Reflections of a Young Wartime Sailor 1939-45.
80532: PALMER, ALAN. - An Encyclopedia of Napoleon’S Europe.
81147: PALMER, R. R. - From Jacobin to Liberal. Marc-Antoine Jullien, 1775-1848.
139295: PALSSON, GISLI (EDITOR). - Beyond Boundaries. Understanding, Translation and Anthropological Discourse.
129379: PANCRAZI, JEAN-NOEL. - Vagabond Winter. Translated by James Kirkup.
140981: PANICHAS, GEORGE A. (EDITOR). - Promise of Greatness. The War of 1914-1918. Foreword by Sir Herbert Read.
136391: PANTIN, C.F.A. - The Relations between the Sciences. Edited and with an Introduction and Notes by A.M. Pantin and W.T. Thorpe. Based Upon the Tarner Lectures of Trinity College, 1959.
134162: PAOLUZZO, MARCO. - Ethiopia.
141998: PAPE, RICHARD. - Boldness Be My Friend. Foreword by Marshal of the Royal Air Force Lord Tedder. Introduction by Sir Archibald Mcindoe.
135574: (BOBBIO) PAPUZZI, ALBERTO (EDITOR). - A Political Life: Norbeto Bobbio.
138004: PARAVICINI, FRANCES DE. - Early History of Balliol College.
128270: PARES, BERNARD. - A History of Russia.
121827: PARGELLIS, STANLEY & MEDLEY, D.J. (EDITORS). - Bibliography of British History: The Eighteenth Century, 1714-1789. Issued Under the Direction of the American Historical Association and the Royal Historical Society of Great Britain.
109999: PARISI, JOSEPH & YOUNG, STEPHEN. (EDITORS). - Dear Editor. A History of Poetry in Letters. The First Fifty Years 1912-1962. With a Foreword by Billy Collins.
126209: PARKER, DANNY S. (EDITOR). - Hitler’S Ardennes Offensive. The German View of the Battle of the Bulge.
131301: PARKER, JAMES A. - The Scottish Mountaineering Club Guide: The Western Highlands.
142542: PARKER, ALEXANDER A. - The Philosophy of Love in Spanish Literature. 1480-1680. Edited by Terence O’Reilly.
136094: PARKER, ERIC. - Anthology of the Bible. With a Foreword by the Very Rev. C.A. Alington, M.A. , D.D. , Dean of Durham, Chaplain to H.M. The King, Sometime Headmaster of Eton.
133462: PARKER, CAPTAIN ROBERT. - Military Memoirs of Marlborough’S Campaigns, 1702-1712. Edited by David Chandler.
125199: PARKER, T.M. - Christianity & the State in the Light of History. Bampton Lectures.
116075: PARKER, GEOFFREY,ED. - At the Court of the Borgia. Being an Account of the Reign of Pope Alexander VI Written by His Master of Ceremonies Johann Burchard.
131414: PARKER, CAPTAIN HARRY. - Britain Afloat and Ashore. Pictures and Engravings of Our National Life and Achievements. Being a Lecture Delivered to the Print Collectors’ Club on October 27th, 1942.
142707: PARKER, GEOFFREY. - The Military Revolution. Military Innovation and the Rise of the West, 1500-1800.
131862: PARKER, JOHN. - The Gurkhas. The Inside Story of the World’S Most Feared Soldiers.
132697: PARKER, GEOFFREY & SMITH, LESLEY M. (EDITORS). - The General Crisis of the Seventeenth Century.
134767: PARKER, ERIC. - Highways and Byways in Surrey.
137968: PARKINS, WENDY (EDITOR). - Fashioning the Body Politic. Dress, Gender, Citizenship.
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