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129371: MAUROIS, ANDRE. - A Voyage to the Island of the Articoles. Translated from the French by David Garnett. Wood Engravings by David Carrick.
137730: (SAND) MAUROIS, ANDRE. - Lelia. The Life of George Sand. Translated from the French by Gerard Hopkins.
129372: MAUROIS, ANDRE. - The Return of Doctor O’Grady. Translated from the French by Gerard Hopkins.
143041: MAVOR, WILLIAM. - A Circle of the Arts and Sciences, for the Use of Schools and Young Persons, Containing a Clear Yet Brief Explanation of the Principles and Objects of the Most Important Branches of Human Knowledge.
138434: MAW, WILLIAM. - The Story of Rutherford Grammar School, Formerly Rutherford College, Newcastle Upon Tyne.
138692: MAW, WILLIAM. - The Story of Rutherford Grammar School, Formerly Rutherford College, Newcastle Upon Tyne.
129712: MAWDSLEY, EVAN. - December 1941. Twelve Days That Began a World War.
146135: MYNYDD MAWR (PUBLISHER). - Moses Yn Yr Hesg.
133610: MAWSON, MICHAEL HARGREAVE (EDITOR). - Eyewitness in the Crimea. The Crimean War Letters (1854-1856) of Ltd. Col. George Frederick Dallas, Sometime Captain, 46th Foot, and Adc to Sir Robert Garrett.
138685: MAXWELL, CONSTANTIA. - A History of Trinity College, Dublin, 1591-1892. With a Foreword by G.M. Trevelyan.
125652: MAXWELL, J. LOWRY. - Half a Century of Grace. A Jubilee History of the Sudan United Mission.
124787: MAXWELL, RIGHT HON. SIR HERBERT. - Evening Memories.
137175: (GATTY) MAXWELL, CHRISTABEL. - Mrs. Gatty and Mrs. Ewing.
126627: (ELIOT). MAXWELL, D.E.S. - The Poetry of T.S. Eliot.
132007: MAXWELL, W.H. - Life of Field-Marshal His Grace the Duke of Wellington, K.G. , G.C. B. , G.C. H. &C &C.
143194: MAY, JOHN D’ARCY (EDITOR). - Pluralism and the Religions. The Theological and Political Dimensions.
135155: MAY, GEORGE S. (EDITOR). - Michigan CIVIL War History. An Annotated Bibliography.
126798: (GREY). MAY, STEPHEN J. - Zane Grey. Romancing the West.
136065: MAYCOCK, A.L. - The Inquisition. From Its Establishment to the Great Schism. An Introductory Study. With an Introduction by Father Ronald Knox.
143975: MAYER, TOM. - Analytical Marxism.
130720: MAYERS, FREDERICK J. - Carpet Designs & Designing.
130066: MAYERS, ROBERT A. - The War Man. The True Story of a Citzen-Soldier Who Fought from Quebec to Yorktown.
121573: MAYNE, ETHEL COLBURN. - Enchanters of Men.
137086: (BYRON) MAYNE, ETHEL COLBURN. - The Life and Letters of Anne Isabella, Lady Noel Byron. From Unpublished Papers in the Possession of the Late Ralph, Earl of Lovelace. With an Introduction and Epilogue by Mary, Countess of Lovelace.
126587: (CASANOVA). MAYNIAL, EDOUARD. - Casanova and His Time. Translated by Ethel Colburn Mayne.
110671: MAYO, HERBERT. - The Nervous System and Its Functions.
138076: MAYO, C.H.P. - Reminiscences of a Harrow Master. With a Foreword by the Right Reverend J.E. C. Welldon, D.D. , Dean of Durham.
135594: MAZE, JOHN. - Psychologies of Mind. The Collected Papers. Edited by Rachael Henry.
123870: (YEATS). MC CORMACK, W. J. - Blood Kindred. W.B. Yeats. The Life, the Death, the Politics.
97677: MC FERRIN, LINDA WATANBE. - The Hand of Budda.
138384: MCALEAVY, TONY. - Life in Roman Britain.
144837: MCALEER, DAVE. - Hit Parade Heroes. British Beat Before the Beatles.
131024: MCALLISTER, ANGELA. - Salty and Button. Illustrated by Tiphanie Beeke.
126924: (MOLIERE). MCBRIDE, ROBERT. - The Sceptical Vision of Moliere. A Study in Paradox.
144230: MCBRIDE, STEPHANIE & FLYNN, RODDY (EDITORS). - Here’S Looking at You, Kid! Ireland Goes to the Pictures.
144880: (BROWN) MCBRIDE, JAMES. - Kill ‘Em and Leave ‘Em. Searching for the Real James Brown.
143247: (ROBINSON) MCBRIEN, RICHARD P. - The Church in the Thought of Bishop John Robinson.
143508: MCCAFFREE, MARY JANE & INNIS, PAULINE. - Protocol. The Complete Handbook of Diplomatic, Official and Social Usage.
124945: (RICHARDS). MCCALL, DR. PETER. - The Greyfriars Guide. A Comprehensive Who’S Who, What’S What and Where’S Where.
97452: (JONSON). MCCANLES, MICHAEL. - Jonsonian Discriminations. The Humanist Poet and the Praise of True Nobility.
138705: MCCANN, JEAN E. - Thomas Howell and the School at Llandaff, 1860-1890.
114210: (MACDIARMID) MCCAREY, PETER. - Hugh Macdiarmid and the Russians.
144015: MCCARNEY, JOSEPH. - Social Theory and the Crisis of Marxism.
90480: MCCARTHY, WILLIAM BERNARD. - The Ballad Matrix. Personality, Milieu and the Oral Tradition.
126918: MCCARTHY, MARY. - How I Grew.
140924: MCCARTHY, HELEN. - Women of the World. The Rise of the Female Diplomat.
124426: (FEIJOO). MCCLELLAND, I.L. - Benito Jeronimo Feijoo.
134792: MCCOLLOCH, JANELLE (EDITOR). - American Spaces. An Overview of What’S New.
112277: MCCOMISH, BRUCE SINCLAIR. - Antilogic. Why Businesses Fail While Individuals Succeed.
138107: MCCONNELL, J.D.R. - Eton Repointed. The New Structures of an Ancient Foundation.
139613: MCCOOK, HENRY C. - The Honey Ants of the Garden of the Gods, and the Occident Ants of the American Plains. A Monograph of the Architecture and Habits of the Honey-Bearing Ant, Myrmecocystus Melliger, with Notes Upon the Anatomy and Physiology of the Alimentray Canal; Together with a Natural History Ofthe Occident Harvesting Ants, or, Stone-Mound Builders of the American Plains.
136744: MCCORMACK, KEVIN. - London Transport in Exile. 1950s and 1960s.
135381: MCCORMICK, PETER J. - Modernity, Aesthetics, and the Bounds of Art.
128317: MCCOY, RICHARD. - Alterations of State. Sacred Kingship in the English Reformation.
109251: (FU). MCCRAW, R. DAVID - Du Fu`S Laments from the South.
134780: MCCULLOCH, JANELLE. - Dream Hotels.
134950: MCDERMOTT, CATHERINE. - Made in Britain. Tradition and Style in Contemporary British Fashion.
147163: (BACCHYLIDES) MCDEVITT, ARTHUR (EDITOR). - Bacchylides: The Victory Poems. Translated with Introduction and Commentary.
137320: MCDONALD, NICOLA F. & ORMROD, W.M. (EDITORS). - Rites of Passage. Cultures of Transition in the Fourteenth Century.
134554: MCDONALD, JAMES G. - My Mission in Israel, 1948-1951.
140000: MCDONALD, WILLIAM A. - The Discovery of Homeric Greece.
131173: MCDONOUGH, RICHARD (EDITOR). - The Korean War 1950-1953. Sound Archive Oral History Recorndings.
126118: MCDOWELL, JIM. - Jose Narvaez: The Forgotton Explorer. Including His Narrative of a Voyage on the Northwest Coast in 1788.
136329: (WATSON) MCELHENY, VICTOR K. - Watson and Dna. Making a Scientific Revolution.
82658: (WHITMAN). MCELROY, JOHN HARMON. (EDITOR). - The Sacrificial Years. A Chronicle of Walt Whitman’S Experiences in the CIVIL War. With an Introduction by the Editor.
126289: MCELROY, ROBERT MCNUTT. - The Winning of the Far West. A History of the Regaining of Texas, of the Mexican War, and the Oregon Question; and of the Successive Additions to the Territory of the United States, Within the Continent of America; 1829-1867.
141568: MCELWEE, WILLIAM. - The Art of War: Waterloo to Mons.
121736: MCELWEE, WILLIAM. - England’S Precedence.
139832: MCFEELY, WILLIAM S. - Ulysses S. Grant. An Album.
143735: MCGILL, ANGUS (EDITOR). - Pub: A Celebration.
135406: MCGILL, KATE. - Koi Appreciation. The First Step.
128564: MCGONAGALL, WILLIAM. - More Poetic Gems. Selected from the Works of William Mcgonagall, Poet and Tragedian. With Biographical Sketch and Reminscences by the Author.
139659: MCGOWAN, CHRISTOPHER. - The Dragon Seekers. How an Extraordinary Circle of Fossilits Discovered Teh Dinosaurs and Paved the Way for Darwin.
138554: MCGREGOR, GORDON. - A Church College for the Twenty-First Century? 150 Years of Ripon and York St. John 1841-1991. A Study of Policy and Its Absence. Foreword by the Archbishop of York.
142752: (HARGOOD) MCGRIGOR, MARY. - Defiant and Dismasted at Trafalgar. Based on the Original Biography of Sir William Hargood by James Allen, 1841.
135572: (ERNAUX) MCILVANNEY, SIOBHAN. - Annie Ernaux.
136867: MCINNERY, JAY. - The Good Life.
137945: MCINTOSH, WILLIAM S. - Classic Portrait Photography. Techniques and Images from a Master Photographer.
132161: MCKALE, DONALD M. - The Nazi Party Courts. Hitler’S Management of Conflict in His Movement, 1921-1945.
141600: MCKAY, SINCLAIR. - The Secret Life of Bletchley Park. The History of the Wartime Codebreaking Centre and the Men and Women Who Were There.
137543: MCKAY, BARRY; HINKS, JOHN & BELL, MAUREEN (EDITORS). - Light on the Book Trade. Essays in Honour of Peter Isaac.
138175: MCKAY, HERBERT. - The Scout’S Desert Island Book.
142758: MCKEE, ALEXANDER. - Against the Odds. Battles at Sea: 1591-1949.
143566: MCKENNA, JOSEPH. - Warwickshire Breweries.
143565: MCKENNA, JOSEPH. - Black Country Breweries.
134939: MCKENZIE, JOY. - The Best in Swimwear Design.
141683: MCKENZIE, MARY M. & LOEDEL, PETER H. (EDITORS). - The Promise and Reality of European Security Cooperation. States, Interests, and Institutions. Foreword by Ernst-Otto Czempiel.
90701: MCKENZIE, ALAN T. - Certain Lively Episodes. The Articulation of Passion in Eighteenth-Century Prose.
134143: MCKENZIE, JOY. - The Best in Sportswear Design. Foreword by Sally Gunnell.
139472: MCKENZIE, A.E.E. - The Major Achievements of Science.
124816: (O’CONNOR). MCKEON, JIM. - Frank O’Connor: A Life.
129489: MCKERGOW, PETER. - Astride Two Centuries. The Life of Bob Mckergow.
124226: MCKIBBEN, BILL. - Enough. Genetic Engineering and the End of Human Nature.
142994: MCKIE, ROBIN. - Face of Britain. Foreword by Neil Oliver. Introduction by Sir Walter Bodmer.
126916: (MACNEICE). MCKINNON, WILLIAM T. - Apollo’S Blended Dream. A Study of the Poetry of Louis Macneice.
142128: MCLACHLAN, IAN. - Usaaf Fighter Stories. A New Selection.
124079: (STEVENSON). MCLAREN, MORAY. - Stevenson and Edinburgh. A Centenary Study.
146860: MCLAREN, MORAY & STEWART, MAJOR-GENERAL R. N. - Fishing As We Find It.
139783: MCLAUGHLIN, JACK. - Gettysburg: The Long Encampment.
139476: MCLEAN, ANTONIA. - Humanism and the Rise of Science in Tudor England.
142921: (ARISTOPHANES) MCLEISH, KENNETH. - The Theatre of Aristophanes.
135499: (WEIL) MCLELLAN, DAVID. - Utopian Pessimist. The Life and Thought of Simone Weil.
140409: MCLEOD, KIRSTY. - Drums and Trumpets. The House of Stuart.
124872: (PIZAN). MCLEOD, ENID. - The Order of the Rose. The Life and Ideas of Christine de Pizan.
122067: MCLUHAN, T.C. - Dream Tracks. The Railroad and the American Indian, 1890-1930. With Photographs from the William E. Kopplin Collection.
141567: MCLYNN, FRANK. - Heroes & Villains. Inside Teh Minds of the Greatest Warriors in History.
95514: (MILTON). MCMAHON, ROBERT. - The Two Poets of Paradise Lost.
135133: MCMANUS, STEPHEN; THOMPSON, DONALD & CHURCHILL, THOMAS. - CIVIL War Research Guide. A Guide for Researching Your CIVIL War Ancestor.
109453: (FOWLER). MCMORRIS, JENNY. - The Warden of English. The Life of H.W. Fowler, Author of Fowler’S Modern English Usage. With a Foreword by Simon Winchester.
131015: MCNAUGHTON, COLIN. - Cushie Butterfield (She’S a Little Cow).
137741: (SPENSER) MCNEIR, WALDO F. & PROVOST, FOSTER. - Edmund Spenser. An Annotated Bibliography, 1937-1972.
132083: MCNISH, ROBIN. - Iron Division. The History of the 3rd Division.
141364: MCNISH, ROBIN. - Iron Division. The History of 3rd Division.
144676: MCNUTT, RANDY. - Guitar Towns. A Journey to the Crossroads of Rock’N’Roll.
138789: MCPHAIL, HELEN & GUEST, PHILLIP. - On the Trail of the Poets of the Great War: Edmund Blunden.
139770: MCPHERSON, JAMES M. - Crossroads of Freedom: Antietam.
135159: MCPHERSON, JAMES M. - Marching Toward Freedom. Blacks in the CIVIL War, 1861-1865.
139003: MCQUAID, SALLY MOORE (EDITOR). - Singapore Diary. The Hidden Journal of Captain R.M. Horner.
135773: (MARX) MCQUARIE, DONALD (EDITOR). - Marx: Sociology/Social Change/Capitalism.
142554: MCSWEENEY, KERRY. - The Language of the Senses. Sensory-Perceptual Dynamics in Worldsworth, Cioleridge, Thoreau, Whitman, and Dickinson.
126562: (BURNS). MCVIE, JOHN. - Burns and Stair.
140199: MCWHIRR, ALAN; VINER, LINDA & WELLS, CALVIN. - Romano-British Cemeteries at Cirencester.
140786: MCWILLIAM, ROHAN. - The Tichborne Claimant: A Victorian Sensation.
141674: MEACHAM, JON. - Franklin and Winston. An Intimate Portrait of an Epic Friendship.
128673: MEAD, MATTHEW. - Identities. And Other Poems.
138131: MEAD, A.H. - A Miraculous Draught of Fishes. A History of St. Paul’S School.
116374: (HAYNES.) MEAD, JOHN S. - Renault 9 & 11 Owners Workshop Manual Petrol Engines. 1982 to 1989; 1108cc, 1237cc, 1387cc, 1721cc
116364: (HAYNES.) MEAD, JOHN S. - Austin Montego Owners Workshop Manual 1984 to 1994. 1275cc, 1598cc
116359: (HAYNES.) MEAD, J. S. - Morris Ital Owners Workshop Manual 1980 to 1982. All Models, 1275cc
116309: (HAYNES.) MEAD, JOHN S. - Vauxhall Nova Service and Repair Manual.
116302: (HAYNES.) MEAD, JOHN S. - Renault 9 & 11 Owners Workshop Manual
139555: MEADOWS, A.J. - The High Firmament. A Survey of Astronomy in English Literature.
144790: O’MEALLY, ROBERT G. (EDITOR). - The Jazz Cadence of American Culture.
140052: MEASHAM, TERENCE; SPATHARI, ELISABETH & DONNELLY, PAUL. - 1000 Years of the Olympic Games. Treasure of Ancient Greece.
143103: MECKLENBURG, PROF. DR. WERNER. - Kurzes Lehrbuch Der Chemie. Zugleich 12. Auflage Von Roscoe-Schorlemmers Kurzem Lehbuch Der Chemie.
136287: (INSTITUTE OF CONTEMPORARY JEWRY, THE HEBREW UNIVERSITY OF JERUSALEM) MEDDING, PETER Y. (EDITOR). - Israel: State and Society, 1948-1988. Volume V [Only]. Studies in Contemporary Jewry: An Annual.
141019: MEDLICOTT, W.N.: DAKIN, DOUGLAS & BENNETT, GILLIAN (EDITORS). - Documents of British Foreign Policy 1919-1939. First Series Volume XXIII [Only].
127716: MEE, ARTHUR. (EDITOR). - Norfolk. Green Pastures and Still Waters.
145539: MEEK, ELIN. - O’R Tir. Byw Yn Y Wlad.
112419: (STEVENSON). MEHEW, ERNEST (EDITOR). - Selected Letters of Robert Louis Stevenson.
146941: AL-MEHRI, A.B. (EDITOR). - The Qur’an. With Surah Introductions and Appendices. Saheeh International Translation.
142518: MEHTA, VED. - Remembering Mr. Shawn’S New Yorker. The Invisible Art of Editing.
88888: MEHTA, VED. - The Craft of the Essay. A Ved Mehta Reader.
144217: (CHACHAJI) MEHTA, VED. - The Photographs of Chachaji. The Making of a Documentary Film.
142512: MEHTA, VED. - Dark Harbour. Building House and Home on an Enchanted Island.
144218: (CHACHAJI) MEHTA, VED. - The Photographs of Chachaji. The Making of a Documentary Film.
142668: MEINE, KARL-HEINZ (EDITOR). - Internationales Jahrbuch Fuer Kartographie/International Yearbook of Cartography/Annuaire International de Cartographie. Volume XXIX. [Only]. 1989.
142645: MEINE, DIP.-GEOGR. DR.-ING. KARL-HEINZ (EDITOR). - Internationales Jahrbuch Fuer Kartographie/International Yearbook of Cartography/Annuaire International de Cartographie. Volume XXX [Only]. 1990.
142651: MEINE, KARL-HEINZ (EDITOR). - Internationales Jahrbuch Fuer Kartographie/International Yearbook of Cartography/Annuaire International de Cartographie. Volume XXVIII. [Only]. 1988.
124065: (TATE). MEINERS, R. K. - The Last Alternatives. A Study of the Works of Allen Tate.
124184: (SHAW). MEISEL, MARTIN. - Shaw and the Nineteenth-Century Theater.
137492: MELADA, IVAN. - The Captain of Industry in English Fiction 1821-1871.
134247: MELLBY, JULIE. - Splendid Pages. The Molly and Walter Bareiss Collection of Modern Illustrated Books.
144433: MELLEN, JOAN. - Big Bad Wolves. Masculinity in the American Film.
122163: MELLOR, JOHN. - Forgotton Heroes. The Canadians at Dieppe.
141702: MELMAN, YOSSI. - The Master Terrorist. The True Story of Abu-Nidal.
132707: MELTON, JAMES VAN HOORN. - Abolutism and the Eighteenth-Century Origins of Compulsory Schooling in Prussia and Austria.
146822: MELTZER, DONALD. - Dream-Life. A Re-Examinationof the Psycho-Analytical Theory and Technique.
124150: (SMOLLETT). MELVILLE, LEWIS. - The Life and Letters of Tobias Smollett (1721-1771).
131360: MELVIN, JULIA. - James Colquhoun Irvine. St. Andrews’ Second Founder.
136289: MENDELS, DORON. - The Rise and Fall of Jewish Nationalism.
141675: MENDELSSOHN, PETER DE. - The Age of Churchill. Volume I [Only]. Heritage and Adventure, 1874-1911.
109342: (NERUDA). MÉNDEZ-RAMÍREZ, HUGO. - Neruda’S Ekphrastic Experience. Mural Art and Canto General.
144692: (VALENS) MENDHEIM, BEVERLY. - Richie Valens: The First Latino Rocker.
139515: MENDOZA, RAMON. - The Acentric Labyrinth. Giordano Burno’S Prelude to Contemporary Cosmology.
130632: (WILSON) MENNIM, ELEANOR. - Reid’S Heirs. A Biography of James Simms Wilson.
143991: MEPHAN, JOHN & RUBEN, DAVID-HILLEL (EDITORS). - Issues in Marxist Philosophy. Volume III (Only). Epistemology, Science, Ideology.
128085: MEREDITH, GEORGE. - The Tragic Comedians. A Study in a Well-Known Story.
146163: MEREDITH, DAVID. - Pwy Fase’N Meddwl.
137302: (KAUFMAN) MEREDITH, SCOTT. - George S. Kaufman and the Algonquin Round Table.
131708: MERIAN, MATTHAEUS. - Die Schoensten Schloesser, Burgen Und Gaerten. Sus Den Topographien Und Dem Theatrum Europaeum Mit Einer Einleitung Von Elisabeth Hoepker-Herberg.
131709: MERIAN, MATTHAEUS. - Die Schoensten Staedte Bayerns. Aus Den Topographien Und Dem Theatrum Europaeum Mit Einer Einleitung Von Horst Moennich. .
138153: MERRIMAN, A.D. - The Night Sky.
138161: MERRIMAN, A.D. - The Night Sky.
132176: MERRIMAN, ANDY. - Greasepaint and Cordite. The Story of Ensa and Concert Party Entertainment During the Second World War.
128989: MERRIMAN, JOHN M. (EDITOR). - French Cities in the Nineteenth Century.
144722: MERRIMAN, NICK. - Beyond the Glass Case. The Past, the Heritage and the Public in Britain.
143251: MERTON, THOMAS. - Seeds of Contemplation.
141542: MERULLO, ANNABEL & WENBORN, NEIL (EDITORS). - British Military Greats. Introduction by Peter Snow.
131012: MESERVE, JESSICA. - Can Anybody Hear Me?
145157: MESKELL, LYNN (EDITOR). - Archaeologies of Materiality.
122848: MESSENGER, CHARLES. - ‘Bomber’ Harris’ and the Strategic Bombing Offensive, 1939-1945.
141355: MESSENGER, CHARLES. - The Art of Blitzkrieg.
141124: (DIETRICH) MESSENGER, CHARLES. - Hitler’S Gladiator. The Life and Times of Oberstgruppenfuehrer and Panzergeneral-Oberst Der Waffen-Ss Sepp Dietrich.
142644: MESSURIER, BRIAN LE. - Crossing’S Guide to Dartmoor. The 1912 Edition Reprinted with New Introduction.
131008: METCALF, PAULA. - We Love Bunk Beds!
131010: METCALF, PAULA. - Norma Snows.
141068: METELMANN, HENRY. - Through Hell for Hitler. A Dramatic First-Hand Account of Fighting with the Wehrmacht.
133266: MEUR, DIANE. - In Dreams. Translated by Teresa Lavender Fagan.
145509: MEURYN. - Ar Goll. Nofel Dditectif.
124786: MEWSHAW, MICHAEL. - Do I Owe You Something? a Memoir of a Life.
139163: MEYER, DR. LOTHAR. - Die Atome Und Ihre Eigenschaften.
143509: MEYER, BIRGIT & GESCHIERE, PETER (EDITORS). - Globalization and Identity: Dialectics of Flow and Closure.
139269: MEYER, DR. LOTHAR. - Modern Theories of Chemistry. Translated from the German by P. Phillips Bedson and W. Carleton Williams.
139249: MEYER, DR. LOTHAR. - Die Modernen Theorien Der Chemie Und Ihre Bedeutung Fur Die Chemische Mechanik.
143113: MEYER, DR. LOTHAR. - Die Modernen Theorien Der Chemie Und Ihre Bedeutung Fuer Die Chemische Mechanik.
143502: MEYERS, PETER ALEXANDER. - Abandoned to Ourselves, Being an Essay on the Emergence and Implications of Sociology in the Writings of Mr. Jean-Jacques Rousseau, with Special Attention to His Claims About the Moral Significance of Dependence in the Compoistion and Self-Transformation of the Social Bond, & Aimed to Uncover the Tension between Those Two Perspectives - Creationism & Social Evolution - That Remaims Embedded in out Common Sense & Which Still Impedes the Human Science of Politics.
124782: MEYERS, JEFFREY. - Privileged Moments. Encounters with Writers.
137355: (LEWIS) MEYERS, JEFFREY. - The Enemy. A Biography of Wyndham Lewis.
126900: (LAWRENCE). MEYERS, JEFFREY. - D.H. Lawrence: A Biography.
126907: (MANSFIELD). MEYERS, JEFFREY. - Katherine Mansfield: A Biography.
134840: MEYHOFER, DIRK (EDITOR). - Made in Germany. Best of Contemporary Architecture.
124002: (THOMPSON). MEYNELL, EVERARD. - The Life of Francis Thompson.
135386: MEYNELL, HUGO. - Freud, Marx and Morals.
144946: MIALL, TOM. - Cyw Dol.
137971: MICHAEL, URSULA. - Cross Stitch by the Sea.
139074: CURTIS. MICHAEL. - A Pilgrimage of Remembrance. An Anthology of the History of a Scots Guards Company in the Italian Campaign 1944-45. Also Incorporating Passages from the Diary of Major Richard Coke Dso MC. Foreword by Professor Richard Holmes.
128697: MICHAUD, ABBE PIERRE. - Life of the Venerable Louis Marie Baudouin. Translated by W.A. Phillipson. With an Introduciton by the Right Rev. Bishop Hedley.
133476: MICHEL, HENRI. - The Shadow War. Resistance in Europe 1939-1945. Translated from the French by Richard Barry.
140117: MICHELL, RICARDO. - Orationes Crewianae. In Memoriam Publicorum Benefactorum Academiae Oxoniensis, Habitae in Theatro Sheldoniano: Quibus Adjectae Sunt Orationes Duae Inaugurales.
142986: MICHELL, H. - Sparta.
109286: (KROETZ, FRANZ XAVER.). MATTSON MICHELLE. - Franz Xaver Kroetz. The Construction of a Political Aesthetic.
139040: MICHELLI, ALISON. - Commando to Captain-Generall. The Life of Brigadier Peter Young.
110074: (TWAIN). MICHELSON, BRUCE. - Mark Twain on the Loose. A Comic Writer and the American Self.
122887: MICHIE, ALLAN A. - Every Man to His Post.
141927: MIDDLEBROOK, MARTIN. - The Berlin Raids. R.A. F. Bomber Command Winter 1943-44.
132206: MIDDLEBROOK, MARTIN & MAHONEY, PATRICK. - Battleship. The Loss of the Prince of Wales and the Repulse.
123551: MIDDLEBROOK, MARTIN & MAHONEY, PATRICK. - Battleship. The Loss of the Prince of Wales and the Repulse.
141917: MIDDLEBROOK, MARTIN. - The Schweinfurt-Regensburg Mission. American Raids on 17 August 1943.
141931: MIDDLEBROOK, MARTIN. - The Nuremberg Raid. 30-31 March 1944.
122899: MIDDLEBROOK, MARTIN. - The Battle of Hamburg. Allied Bomber Forces Against a German City in 1943.
146503: MIDLETON, WILIAM. - Barddoniaeth New Brydyddiaeth. Yn Ol Argraffiad 1593, Gyda Chasgliad O’I Awdlau a’I Gywyddau. Golygwyd Gan G.J. Williams.
123075: MIERS, EARL SCHENCK (EDITOR). - New Jersey and the CIVIL War. An Album of Contemporary Accounts. With an Introduction.
126622: (DINESEN). MIGEL, PARMENIA. - Titania. The Biography of Isak Dinesen.
145178: MIGNON, MOLLY RAYMOND. - Dictionary of Concepts in Archaeology.
141721: MILANO, COL. JAMES V. & BROGAN, PATRICK. - Soldiers, Spies, and the Rat Line. America’S Undeclared War Against the Soviets.
145584: (NICHOLAS) MILES, DILLWYN. - Atgofion Hen Arywddfardd. Cyflwyniad Gan Jams Nicholas.
146402: MILES, DILLWYN. - Atgofion Henarwyddfardd. Cyflwyniad Gan Jams Nicholas.
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143874: PAUL, WILLIAM. - The State: Its Origin and Function. With Introduction to the 1974 Edition by the Communist Organisation in the British Ilses and Preface by Harry Mcshane.
141393: PAUL, WOLFGANG. - Der Endkampf Um Deutschland.
134934: PAUL, TESSA. - Tiffany.
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131841: PAUL, W. PRATT. - The Lowland Regiments.
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145109: PAULL, JOHN & PAUL DOROTHY. - [Ladybird Book] Cemeg Syml.
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141776: PEACOCK, ALAN. - The Enigmatic Sailor. Memoirs of a Seagoing Intelligence Officer.
123539: PEARCE, FRANK. - Sea War. Great Naval Battles of World War II.
138013: PEARCE, E.H. - Annals of Christ’S Hospital.
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134651: PEARCE, EDWARD. - Lines of Most Resistance.
143743: PEARL, CYRIL. - Beer, Glorious Beer. With Incidental Observations on Great Beer Myths, Pubs and Publicans, Barmaids and Breathalysers, Mum, Flip, Beery Bards, and Beer in the Kitchen, Etc. , Etc.
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144832: (FOSMAN) PECORARO, JOSEPH MICHAEL. - Fosman’S Specialized Catalogue of Doo-Wop, Rockabilly and a Touch of Soul. 2013. Price Guide of Rare 45 Rpm Vinyl 7’’ Discs Records.
142931: PEDLEY, JOHN GRIFFITHS. - Greek Art and Archaeology.
147191: PEDLEY, JOHN. - Sanctuaries and the Sacred in the Ancient Greek World.
130165: PEDRAZA, HOWARD. - Winston Churchill, Enoch Powell and the Nation.
144431: PEDULLA, GABRIELE. - In Broad Daylight. Movies and Spectators After the Cinema. Translated by Patricia Gaborik.
129064: PEEL, MRS. C.S. - A Hundred Wonderful Years: Social and Domestic Life of a Century, 1820-1920.
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143721: LA PENSEE, CLIVE & PROTZ, ROGER. - Homebrew Classics: India Pale Ale. The Authentic History of India Pale Ale. Recipes from the Past Made Ready for You to Brew at Home.
143625: LA PENSEE, CLIVE & PROTZ, ROGER. - Homebrew Classics: Stout and Porter. The Authentic History of Two Global Beer Styles: Recipes from the Past Made Ready for You to Brew at Home.
133776: PENTA, KARL. - A Mercenary’S Tale.
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109150: PÉREZ ROSALES, VICENTE. - Time Gone by. Memoirs of a Man of Action.

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