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126726: (ABELARD). LLOYD, ROGER B. - The Stricken Lute. An Account of the Life of Peter Abelard.
114804: LLOYD, DAVID T. - The Urgency of Identity. Contemporary English-Language Poetry from Wales.
142804: LLOYD, ALAN. - Marathon. The Story of Civilizations on Collision Course.
124731: (LOCKHART). LOCHHEAD, MARION. - John Gibson Lockhart.
126430: LOCK, R.H. - Rubber and Rubber Planting.
141571: LOCK, J.D. - To Fight with Intrepidity... The Complete History of the U.S. Army Rangers, 1622 to Present. With a Foreword by Lieutenant General Harold G. Moore.
110503: (MANET). LOCKE, NANCY. - Manet. And the Family Romance.
136104: LOCKE, JOHN. - A Paraphrase and Notes on the Epistles of St. Paul to the Galations, Corninthians, Romans, and Ephesians. To Which Is Prefixed, an Essay for the Understanding of St. Paul’S Epistles, by Consulting St. Paul Himself.
137226: (GODWIN) LOCKE, DON. - A Fantasy of Reason. The Life and Thought of William Godwin.
140576: LOCKHART, JOHN GIBSON. - Life of Napoleon Buonaparte.
141023: LOCKHART, SIR ROBERT BRUCE. - Friends, Foes and Foreigners.
137726: (SCOTT) LOCKHART, J.G. - Memoirs of the Life of Sir Walter Scott, Bart. Volume II [Only].
139161: LOCKYER, SIR NORMAN. - Inorganic Evolution. As Studied by Spectrum Analysis.
138378: LOEW, E.A. - The Beneventan Script. A History of the South Italian Minuscule.
77275: LOEW, E.A. - The Beneventan Script. A History of the South Italian Minuscule.
130209: LOFTUS, JOHN & AARONS, MARK. - The Secret War Against the Jews. How Western Espionage Betrayed the Jewish People.
135808: LOISETTE, PROF. A. - Assimilative Memory. Or, How to Attend and Never Forget.
136858: LOKKO, LESLEY. - One Secret Summer.
142322: LONDON, JOANNE GERNSTEIN. - Fly Now! a Colourful Story of Flight from Hot Air Balloon to the 777 “Worldliner. ” the Poser Collection of the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.
142127: LONG, JACK T.C. - Three’S Company. A History of No. 3 (Fighter) Squadron Raf.
116308: (MACARTHUR) LONG, GAVIN. - Macarthur As Military Commander.
139765: LONGACRE, EDWARD G. - Mounted Raids of the CIVIL War.
132948: LONGFELLOW, HENRY WADSWORTH. - The Letters. Volumes I and II [Only]. Edited by Andrew Hillen. Volume I: 1814-1836. Volume II: 1837-1843.
138808: LONGFIELD, MOUNTIFORT. - Three Lectures on Commerce and One on Absenteeism.
142492: (BLUNT) LONGFORD, ELIZABETH. - A Pilgrimage of Passion. The Life of Wilfrid Scawen Blunt.
124727: LONGHURST, HENRY. - Only on Sundays.
98325: LONGMAN, JERE. - Among the Heroes. United Flight 93 and the Passengers and Crew Who Fought Back.
138467: LONGSTAFF, STELLA M. - Andover Grammar School 1596-1951.
140698: LONLAY, DICK DE. - Francais & Allemands Histoire Anecdotique de la Guerre de 1870-1871. Volume II [Only]. Sarrebrueck: Spickeren: La Retraite Sur Metz: Pont-a-Mousson: Borny.
141732: LONSDALE, GORDON. - Spy: Twenty Years of Secret Service. Memoirs.
132796: LOOMIS, STANLEY. - The Fatal Friendship. Marie Antoinette, Count Fersen & the Flight to Varennes.
136069: VAN LOON, HENDRIK WILLEM. - The Story of the Bible.
137352: LOOS, ANITA. - Fate Keeps on Happening. Adventures of Lorelei Lee and Other Writings. Edited by Ray Pierre Corsini.
137353: LOOS, ANITA. - Kiss Hollywood Good-by.
140785: LOPATIN-LUMMIS, NANCY & PARTRIDGE, MICHAEL - Lives of Victorian Politcial Figures III. Volume 4: Millicent Garrett Fawcett [Only]. Edited by Susie L. Steinbach.
140783: LOPATIN-LUMMIS, NANCY & PARTRIDGE, MICHAEL - Lives of Victorian Politcial Figures III. Volume 3: Annie Besant [Only]. Edited by Nancy Fix Anderson.
140784: LOPATIN-LUMMIS, NANCY & PARTRIDGE, MICHAEL - Lives of Victorian Politcial Figures III. Volume 2: Florence Nightingale [Only]. Edited by Deborah Anna Logan.
133718: LORD, WALTER. - Lonely Vigil. Coastwatchers of the Solomons.
133810: LORD, CLIFF. - The Royal Corps of Signals. Supplementary Volume. Unit Histories of the Corps (1920-2001) and Its Antecedents.
140900: LORD, WALTER. - The Good Years. From 1900 to the First World War.
138817: LORNE, MARQUIS OF. - Viscount Palmerston, K.G.
123084: LOSSING, BENSON J. - Seventeen Hundred and Seventy-Six, or the War of Indepencence; a History of the Anglo-Americans, from the Period of the Union of the Colonies, to the Inauguration of Washington, the First President of the United States of America.
135540: LOSSKY, N.O. - History of Russian Philosophy.
134655: LOUGHREY, PATRICK (EDITOR). - The People of Ireland.
126592: (COOPER). LOUNSBURY, THOMAS R. - James Fenimore Cooper.
129359: LOUYS, PIERRE. - Collected Works.
129358: LOUYS, PIERRE. - The Woman the Puppet. Translated with Introduction by Arthur Symons. Illustrated by J. Yunge.
129360: LOUYS, PIERRE. - Collected Works.
135399: LOVE, RICHARD. - Carl W. Peters. American Scene Painter from Rochester to Rockport.
121810: LOVEDAY, ARTHUR F. - Sir Hilrove Turner, 1764-1843. Soldier and Courtier Under the Georges.
140930: (MEZRAB) LOVELL, MARY S. - A Scandalous Life. The Biography of Jane Digby El Mezrab.
131692: LOVETTE, LELEAND P. - School of the Sea. The Annapolis Tradition in American Life.
142674: LOW, CHARLES RATHBONE. - The Great Battles of the British Army. With Continuation to the Present Time, Including the Soudan Campaign.
137743: (SPARROW) LOWE, JOHN. - The Warden. A Portrait of John Sparrow.
141920: LOWE, KEITH. - Inferno. The Devastation of Hamburg, 1943.
129075: LOWE, C.J. - Salisbury and the Mediterranean 1886-1896.
140813: LOWE, JOSEPH. - The Present State of England, in Regard to Agriculture, Trade & Finance.
139838: LOWENFELS, WALTER (EDITOR). - Walt Whitman’S CIVIL War. Compiled & Edited from Published & Unpublished Sources. With the Assistance of Nan Braymer.
140521: (CAVENDISH) LOWER, MARK ANTHONY (EDITOR). - The Lives of William Cavendishe, Duke of Newcastle, and of His Wife, Margaret, Duchess of Newcastle. Written by the Thrice Noble and Illustrious Princess, Margaret, Duchess of Newcastle. Edited with a Preface and Occasional Notes.
138963: LOWRY, BERNARD. - The Shropshire Home Guard.
141842: LOWRY, THOMAS P. & WELLHAM, JOHN W.G. - The Attack on Taranto. Blueprint for Pearl Harbor.
139271: LOWRY, T.M. - Historical Introduction to Chemistry.
141083: LOZOWICK, YAACOV. - Hitler’S Bureaucrats. The Nazi Security Police and the Banality of Evil. Translated by Haim Watzman.
134849: LPA. - Mainstream Green. Sustainable Design.
126438: G. & T. EARLE LTD. - The Making & Testing of Portland Cement.
134794: IMAGES PUBLISHING GROUP PTY LTD. - 50 of the World’S Best Apartments.
131679: SOUTH GWALIA STEAMSHIP COMAPANY LTD. - [a Ledger of the South Gwalia Steamship Company. Dating from March 3rd 1931 to March 27th 1933 (?). Containing Handwritten Pages Detailing Domestic Expenditure.
137919: LU, XIN. - China, China... Western Architects and City Planners in China.
137441: LUCAS, JOHN. - The Literature of Change. Studies in the Nineteenth-Century Provincial Novel.
133279: LUCAS, SCOTT. - The Betrayal of Dissent. Beyong Orwell, Hitchens and the New American Century.
133634: LUCAS, JAMES. - Storming Eagles. German Airborne Forces in World War Two.
120555: LUCAS, JAMES. - The Third Reich.
136608: (BEECHAM) LUCAS, JOHN. - Thomas Beecham. An Obsession with Music.
142126: LUCAS, JOHN. - The Silken Canopy. A History of the Parachute.
133622: LUCAS, LADDIE. - Thanks for the Memory. Unforgettable Characters in Air Warfare, 1939-45.
128993: LUCAS-DUBRETON, J. - The Restoration and the July Monarchy. Translated from the French by E.F. Buckley.
122147: LUCAS, JAMES. - Battle Group! German Kanpfgruppe Action of World War Two.
126887: (LAMB). LUCAS, E.V. (EDITOR). - Charles Lamb and the Lloyds.
133363: LUCAS, F.L. - The Drama of Chekhov, Synge, Yeats, and Pirandello.
133626: LUCAS, JAMES. - World War Two Through German Eyes.
128542: LUCIE-SMITH, EDWARD. - Towards Silence.
135398: LUCIE-SMITH, EDWARD. - Adam. The Male Figure in Art.
130441: LUCK, CHRISTOPHER. - Figures of War and Fields of Honour: Isaak Babel’S Red Cavalry.
126617: (DOS PASSOS). LUDINGTON, TOWNSEND (EDITOR). - The Fourteenth Chronicle. Letters and Diaries of John Dos Passos. Edited and with a Biographical Narrative.
138419: LUDLAM, HARRY. - The History of Rishworth School. Preface by His Grace the Archbishop of York.
141039: LUDOVICI, ANTHONY M. - The Sanctity of Private Property.
121917: LUDWIG, EMIL. - Napoleon.
140613: LUDWIG, EMIL. - Napoleon. Translated by Eden and Cedar Paul.
142540: (WOOLF) LUEDEKING, LEILA & EDMONDS, MICHAEL. - Leonard Woolf: A Bibliography.
98355: LUFTIG, VICTOR. - Seeing Together. Friendship between the Sexes in English Writing, from MILL to Woolf.
130160: LUKACS, JOHN. - Churchill: Visionary. Statesman. Historian.
116056: LUKACS, JOHN. - The Hitler of History.
138964: LUKACS, JOHN. - Blood, Toil, Tears and Sweat.
122515: LUKACS, JOHN. - The Hitler of History.
124152: (SOLZHENITSYN). LUKACS, GEORG. - Solzhenistyn. Translated from the German by William David Graf.
125892: LUM, PETER. - Six Centuries in East Asia. China, Japan and Korea from the 14th Century to 1912.
137864: (WILLOBIE) LUNA, B.N. DE. - The Queen Declined. An Interpretation of Willobie His Avisa. With the Text of the Original Edition.
131416: LUND, PAUL & LUDLAM, HARRY. - Nightmare Convoy. The Story of the Lost Wrens.
141806: LUNN, GEOFF. - And the Crew Went Too. The £10 Assisted Passage.
132075: LUNT, JAMES. - John Burgoyne of Saratoga.
129123: LUTYENS, LADY EMILY (EDITOR). - The Birth of Rowland. An Exchange of Letters in 1865 between Robert Lytton and His Wife. Edited by Their Daughter.
137674: (RUSKIN) LUTYENS, MARY. - The Ruskins and the Grays.
124753: LUTYENS, DAVID BULWER. - The Creative Encounter.
139198: LUTZOW, THE COUNT. - Lectures on the Historians of Bohemia. Being the Ilchester Lectures for the Year 1904.
139776: LUVAAS, DR. JAY & NELSON, COL. HAROLD W. (EDITORS). - The U.S. Army War College Guide to the Battles of Chancellorsville & Fredericksburg.
128553: LYLE, ROB. - Poems from Limbo.
119713: LYNAR, ALEXANDER. - Lost to the World. The Remarkable Story of a Buried Wartime Treasure.
140421: LYNCH, JOHN. - For King & Parliament. Bristol and the CIVIL War.
133664: LYNE, MAJOR-GENERAL L.O. (INTRODUCTION BY). - History of 7th Armoured Division. June 1943-July 1945.
142615: LYNN, DAME VERA. - Some Sunny Day. My Autobiography.
142535: (WELLS) LYNN, ANDREA. - Shadow Lovers. The Last Affairs of H.G. Wells.
123973: (TWAIN). LYNN, KENNETH S. - Mark Twain and Southwestern Humor.
137857: (WELLS) LYNN, ANDREA. - Shadow Lovers. The Last Affairs of H.G. Wells.
127230: LYNNE, JAMES BROOM. - The Trigon.
99163: LYON, JOHN HENRY HOBART. - A Study of the Newe Metamorphosis.
90951: (MARSTON). LYON, JOHN HENRY HOBART. - A Study of the Newe Metamorphosis Written by J.M. 1600.
142527: (MARSTON) LYON, JOHN HENRY HOBART. - A Study of the Newe Metamorphosis. Written by J.M. , Gent, 1600.
137838: (TWAIN) LYSTRA, KAREN. - Dangerous Intimacy. The Untold Story of Mark Twain’S Final Years.
126919: LYTTELTON, THE REV. THE HON. E. - Memories and Hopes.
136594: LYTTELTON, HUMPHREY. - I Play As I Please. The Memoirs of an Old Etonian Trumpeter.
129142: LYTTLETON, EDITH. - Alfred Lyttelton. An Account of His Life.
133396: MAAS, JEREMY. - The Prince of Wales’S Wedding. The Story of a Picture.
139655: MABEY, RICHARD. - Fencing Paradise. Reflections on the Myths of Eden.
132109: MABIRE, JEAN. - La Panzerdivision Wiking. La Lutte Finale: 1943-1945.
132081: MABIRE, JEAN. - Mourir a Berlin. Les Ss Francais.
141368: MABIRE, JEAN. - Les Jeunes Fauves Du Fuehrer. La Division Ss Hitlerjugend Dans la Bataille de Normandie.
141367: MABIRE, JEAN. - Les Paras Du Matin Rouge.
141363: MABIRE, JEAN. - Les S.S. Francais: La Division Charlemagne.
140556: MACALPINE, IDA & HUNTER, RICHARD. - George III and the Mad-Business.
125642: MACARTHUR, WILSON. - Auto Nomad in Barbary.
138293: MACAULAY, LORD. - History of England. Introduced and Selected by John Burrow.
124713: MACBETH, GEORGE. - A Child of War.
131029: MACCABE, CATHERINE. - Teddy Bear, Piglet, Kitten & Me. Pictures by Clive Scruton.
136793: MACCARTHY, FIONA. - William Morris: A Life for Our Time.
132911: MACCARTHY, MARY. - The Festival, Etc.
132912: MACCARTHY, MARY. - Winter Visitors.
140666: MACCARTHY, CAPTAIN. - Recollections of the Storming of the Castle of Badajos. By the Third Division, Under the Command of Lieut. Gen. Sir Thomas Picton, G.C. B. On the 6th of April, 1812.
132913: MACCARTHY, MARY. - Sights and Spectacles 1937-1958.
135987: MACCOBY, HYAM. - The Mythmaker. Paul and the Invention of Christianity.
142526: (ROSENBERG) MACCOBY, DEBORAH. - God Made Blind. Isaac Rosenberg: His Life and Poetry.
134619: MACCULLOCH, J.A. - The Misty Isle of Skye. Its Scednery, Its People, Its Story.
124756: (BURNS). MACDIARMID, HUGH. - The Uncanny Scot. A Selection of Prose. Edited with an Introduction by Kenneth Buthlay.
136552: (PUCCINI) MACDONALD, RAY S. - Puccini: King of Verismo.
140524: MACDONALD, JOHN. - Memoirs of an Eighteenth-Century Footman. Travels (1745-1779) with an Introduction by John Beresford.
128674: MACDONALD, CYNTHIA. - I Can’T Remember. Poems.
138124: MACDONALD, ALASDAIR. - Stowe House and School.
138465: MACDONALD, H.F. (EDITOR). - A Hundred Years of Fettes. Memories of Old Fettesians 1870-1970.
142787: MACDONALD, JANET. - Feeding Nelson’S Navy. The True Story of Food at Sea in the Georgian Era.
125757: MACDONALD, ALEXANDER W. - Essays on the Ethnology of Nepal and South Asia.
122552: MACDONALD, N.P. - Hitler over Latin America.
140989: MACDONALD, LYN. - To the Last Man: Spring 195.
124674: (KIPLING). MACDONALD, MERYL. - The Long Trail: Kipling Around the World.
140970: MACDONALD, LYN. - 1914.
128572: MACDONALD, CYNTHIA. - Living Wills. New & Selected Poems.
140333: MACDONALD, ROGER. - The Man in the Iron Mask. The True Story of the Most Famous Prisoner in History and the Four Musketeers.
141875: MACDONELL, A.R.D. - From Dogfight to Diplomacy. A Spitfire Pilot’S Log 1932-1958.
122144: MACDONNELL, FRANCIS. - Insidious Foes. The Axis Fifth Column and the American Home Front.
117577: (TROTT ZU SOLZ) MACDONOGH, GILES. - A Good German. Adam Von Trott Zu Solz.
139217: MACEK, IVANA. - War Within. Everyday Life in Sarajevo Under Siege.
139238: MACEWAN, PETER (EDITOR). - The Art of Dispensing: A Treatise on the Methods and Processes Involved in Compounding Medical Prescriptions. With Dictionaries of Abbreviations and Terms Used in British and Foreign Prescriptions, Incompatibles and New Remedies, and Numberous Memoranda for Dispensers and Prescribers.
132943: (BRODSKY) MACFADYEN, DAVID. - Joseph Brodsky and the Baroque.
142832: MACGREGOR, DAVID R. - Square Rigged Sailing Ships.
126913: MACGREGOR, ALASDAIR ALPIN. - The Golden Lamp. A Portrait of a Landlady.
136417: MACHLIS, JOSEPH. - Introduction to Contemporary Music.
141104: MACHTAN, LOTHAR. - The Hidden Hitler. Translated by John Brownjohn. Notes Translation by Susanne Ehlert.
141588: (CHAPMAN) MACINTYRE, BEN. - Agent Zigzag. The True Wartime Story of Eddie Chapman: Lover, Betrayer, Hero, Spy.
139018: MACINTYRE, BEN. - Double Cross. The True Story of the D-Day Spies.
139929: MACKAIL, J.W. - Lectures on Greek Poetry.
132756: MACKAY, JAMES. - In My End Is My Beginning. A Life of Mary, Queen of Scots.
135806: MACKAY, CHARLES. - Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds. With a Foreword by Bernard M. Baruch.
127021: (STEVENSON). MACKAY, MARGARET. - The Violent Friend. The Story of Mrs. Robert Louis Stevenson 1840-1914.
134384: MACKAY, JOHN. - Wild Rivers.
137065: (BURNS) MACKAY, JAMES. - A Biography of Robert Burns.
126108: MACKENTHUN, GESA. - Metaphors of Dispossession. American Beginnings and the Translation of Empire, 1492-1637.
137846: (WELLS) MACKENZIE, NORMAN & MACKENZIE, JEANNE. - The Time Traveller. The Life of H.G. Wells.
133179: (EULENSPIEGEL) MACKENZIE, K.R.H. (TRANSLATOR) - Master Tyll Owlglass. His Marvellous Adventures and Rare Conceits.
130438: MACKENZIE, ANDREW. - Archaeology in Romania. The Mystery of the Roman Occupation.
141365: MACKENZIE, HECTOR. - Observations.
124757: MACKENZIE, COMPTON. - All over the Place. Fifty Thousand Miles by Sea, Air, Road and Rail.
133808: MACKENZIE, NORMAN. - The Escape from Elba. The Fall and Flight of Napoleon 1814 - 1815.
141824: MACKENZIE, S.P. - Bader’S War. ‘Have a Go at Everything. ’
140892: MACKENZIE, NORMAN & MACKENZIE, JEANNE. - The First Fabians.
139235: MACKIE, HENRY B. - Principles of Pharmacy.
137690: MACKIE, J.D. - Negotiations between King James VI. And I. And Ferdinand I. , Grand Duke of Tuscany. A Selection of Documents Transcribed from the Denmilen Manuscripts in the National Library of Scotland and from a Manuscript in the Staats-Bibliothek at Munich.
135697: MACKIEWICZ, JOZEF. - The Triumph of Provocation. Translation by Jerzy Hauptmann, S.D. Lukac, and Martindewhirst. Foreword by Jeremy Black.
141214: MACKINTOSH, J.M. (EDITOR). - War and the Doctor. Essays on the Immediate Treatment of War Wounds.
131834: MACKSEY, KENNETH. - Commando Strike. The Story of Amphibious Raiding in World War II.
141594: MACKSEY, KENNETH. - The Searchers. How Radio Interception Changed the Course of Both World Wars.
141362: MACKSEY, KENNETH. - Godwin’S Saga. A Commando Epic.
129703: MACKSEY, KENNETH. - Crucible of Power. The Fight for Tunisia, 1942-1943.
142624: MACKSEY, KENNETH. - Guderian: Panzer General.
109702: (GALILEI, GALILEO). MACLACHLAN. - Galileo Galilei. First Physicist.
134220: MACLAREN, NEIL. - National Gallery Catalogues: The Dutch School, 1600-1900.
84280: MACLEAN, GILLEASBUIG. - The Long, Long Years.
132312: MACLEISH, ARCHIBALD. - Poems.
134633: MACLEOD, JOHN. - Highlanders. A History of the Gaels.
136992: MACLEOD, FIONA. - Where the Forest Murmurs. Nature Esssays.
141697: MACLEOD, ANDREW. - A Life Half Lived. Surviving the World’S Emergency Zones.
134654: MACMANUS, SEUMAS. - The Story of the Irish Race. A Popular History of Ireland.
110670: MACMICHAEL, WILLIAM. - The Goldheaded Cane.
140739: MACMILLAN, JAMES F. - Napoleon III.
139086: MACMILLAN, MARGARET. - Seize the Hour. When Nixon Met Mao.
126882: (KIPLING). MACMILLAN & CO., LTD. (PUBLISHER). - Something of Rudyard Kipling and His Works. With an Index to the Volumes Published by...
134859: MACMILLAN, NEIL. - An a-Z of Type Designers.
126879: (KIPLING). MACMUNN, LIEUT.-GENERAL SIR GEORGE. - Rudyard Kipling: Craftsman.
138003: MACNAGHTEN, HUGH. - Fifty Years of Eton. In Prose and Verse.
138080: MACNAGHTEN, HUGH. - Fifty Years of Eton. In Prose and Verse.
123873: (YEATS). MACNEICE, LOUIS. - The Poetry of W.B. Yeats.
138582: MACPHERSON, VIOLET MARY. - The Story of S. Anne’S, Abbots Bromley, 1874-1924.
136528: (LEHAR) MACQUEEN-POPOE, W. & MURRAY, D.L. - Fortune’S Favourite. The Life and Times of Franz Lehar.
79456: MACQUEEN, JOHN. - The Rise of the Historical Novel. The Enlightenment and Scottish Literature.
139865: MACQUITTY, WILLIAM. - Abu Simbel. Foreword by Dr. I.E. S. Edwards.
141022: MACQUITTY, WILLIAM. - A Life to Remember.
130413: MACROBERT, C.M.; SMITH, G.S. & STONE, G.C. (EDITORS). - Oxford Slavonic Papers. New Series. Volume XXV.
124851: (O’HARA). MACSHANE, FRANK. - The Life of John O’Hara.
140365: MADARIAGA, ISABEL DE. - Russian in the Age of Catherine the Great.
139928: MADDISON, CAROL. - Apollo and the Nine. A History of the Ode.
115239: MADDOCKS, NICK. - The West at War 1939-45.
137324: (LAWRENCE) MADDOX, BRENDA. - D.H. Lawrence. The Story of a Marriage.
137893: (YEATS) MADDOX, BRENDA. - George’S Ghosts. A New Life of W.B. Yeats.
125793: MADDY-WEITZMAN, BRUCE. - The Crystallization of the Arab State System, 1945-1954. Published in Cooperation with the Mose Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies, Tel Aviv University.
141360: MADEJ, W. VICTOR (EDITOR). - The Russo-German War, June 1941-June 1943.
141361: MADEJ, W. VICTOR. - Hitler’S Dying Ground: Description and Destruction of the German Army.
123169: MADSEN, HERMAN. - Johannes Larsens Tegninger. En Bibiografi Af Tage la Cour.
139895: (BACCHYLIDES) MAEHLER, HERWIG (TRANSLATOR). - Bakchylides: Lieder Und Fragmente. Griechisch Und Deutsch.
134660: MAGAN, WILLIAM. - Umma-More. The Story of an Irish Family.
133422: MAGAN, MAXINE. - In the Service of Empire. When the Maps of a Quarter of the World Were Coloured Pink.
137100: (CHEKOV) MAGARSHACK, DAVID. - Chekov.
139027: MAGENER, ROLF. - Our Chances Were Zero.
141369: MAGENHEIMER, HEINZ. - Abwehrschlacht an Der Weichsel 1945. Vorbereitung, Ablauf, Erfahrungen.
110667: MAGITOT, EMILE. - Treatise on Dental Caries. Experimental and Therapeutic Investigations.
138028: MAGNUS, LAURIE. - The Jubilee Book of the Girls’ Public Day School Trust, 1873-1923.
138095: MAGNUSSON, MAGNUS. - The Clacken and the Slate. The Story of the Edinburgh Academy 1824-1974.
138474: MAGNUSSON, MAGNUS. - The Clacken and the Slate. The Story of the Edinburgh Academy 1824-1974.
135142: MAHAN, A.T. - The Navy in the CIVIL War. The Gulf and Inland Waters.
139348: MAHIEU, WAUTHIER DE. - Structures Et Symboles. Les Structures Sociales Du Groupe Komo Du Zaire Dans Leur Elaboration Symbolique.
141152: MAIER, CHARLES S. - The Unmasterable Past. History, Holocaust, and German National Identity.
124747: MAILER, NORMAN. - Pieces and Pontifications.
132946: MAILER, NORMAN. - Cannibals and Christians.
137370: MAILER, NORMAN. - The Time of Our Time.
124748: MAILER, NORMAN. - The Spooky Art. Some Thoughts on Writing.
136350: MAINE, SIR HENRY SUMNER. - Lectures on the Early History of Institutions.
138721: MAINS, BRIAN & TUCK, ANTHONY (EDITORS). - Royal Grammar School, Newcastle Upon Tyne. A History of the School in Its Community.
126321: MAIOLO, JOE. - Cry Havoc. The Arms Race and the Second World War, 1931-41.
125641: MAIR, LUCY. - African Kingdoms.
141940: MAITLAND, SQUADRON LEADER ANDREW. - Through the Bombsight.
141299: MAJDALANY, FRED. - The Battle of El Alamein.
129702: MAJDALANY, FRED. - The Fall of Fortress Europe.
128930: MAJID, FARIDA. - Take Me Home Rickshaw. Poems by Contemporary Poets of Bangladesh. Selected and Translated by Farida Majid.
139015: MALCOLMSON, PATRICIA & MALCOLMSON, ROBERT. - Women at the Ready. The Remarkable Story of the Women’S Services on the Home Front.
124416: MALET, ORIEL. - Marjory Fleming.
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136232: NELSON, GEOFFREY K. - Cults, New Religions & Religious Creativity.
131280: NELSON, GEORGE - My First Years in the Fur Trade. The Journals of 1802-1804. Edited by Laura Peers and Theresa Schenck.
126409: NEMCHENKO, N.N. - Selected Works on Oil and Gas Geology.
109403: NEMET-NEJAT, MURAT. - The Peripheral Space of Photography.
125366: NEPAULSINGH, COLBERT I. - Apples of Gold in Filigrees of Silver. Jewish Writing in the Eye of the Inquisition.
141941: NESBIT, ROY CONYERS. - Woe to the Unwary. A Memoir of Low Level Bombing Operations 1941.
141155: NESBIT, ROY CONYERS & ACKER, GEORGES VAN. - The Flight of Rudolf Hess. Myths and Reality.
125133: NEUBURG, VICTOR E. - The Batsford Companion to Popular Literature.
133552: NEUBURG, VICTOR. - Gone for a Soldier. A History of Life in the British Ranks from 1642.
137455: NEUBURG, VICTOR E. - The Penny Histories. A Study of Chapbooks for Young Readers over Two Centuries.
141984: NEULEN, HANS WERNER. - In the Skies of Europe. Air Forces Allied to the Luftwaffe 1939-1945. Translated by Alex Vanags-Baginskis.
141112: NEUMANN, ROBERT & KOPPEL, HELGA. - Hitler. Aufstieg Und Untergang Des Dritten Reiches.
141402: NEUMANN, JOACHIM. - Die 4. Panzerdivision 1943-1945. Bericht Und Betrachtung Zu Den Zwei Letzten Kriegsjahren IM Osten.
126026: NEUMANN, FRANK ET AL. - Department of Commerce, U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey: Seismological Reports. 1925-1927. [with] United States Earthquakes. 1928-40.
121833: NEVE, JOHN LE. - Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae, 1541-1857. IV. York Diocese. Compiled by Joyce M. Horn & David M. Smith.
135983: NEVE, JOHN LE. - Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1300-1541. V [Only]. St. Paul’S, London. Compiled by Joyce M. Horn.
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140939: (NEVILL) NEVILL, RALPH (EDITOR). - The Reminiscences of Lady Dorothy Nevill. Edited by Her Son.
121818: NEVILL, RALPH. - The Merry Past.
129299: NEVILLE, DEREK. - Breaking Through.
122189: NEVILLE, PETER. - Hitler and Appeasement. The British Attempt to Prevent the Second World War.
131231: NEVINS, JOSEPH. - A Not-So-Distant Horror. Mass Violence in East Timor.
122906: NEWARK, TIM. - The Mafia at War. Allied Collusion with the Mob.
133559: NEWARK, PETER. - Sabre & Lance. An Illustrated History of Cavalry.
133505: NEWBOULD, CHRISTOPHER & BERESFORD, CHRISTINE. - The Glosters. An Illustrated History of a Country Regiment.
131457: NEWBY, LEROY W. - Target Ploesti. View from a Bombsight.
129723: NEWCOURT-NOWODWORSKI, STANLEY. - Black Propaganda in the Second World War.
130352: NEWELL, ABM. - A Hillside View of Industrial History. A Study of Industrial Evolution in the Pennine Highlands. With Some Local Records.
123036: NEWHALL, J.B. - A Glimpse of Iowa in 1846; or, the Emigrant’S Guide, and State Directory; with a Description of the New Purchase: Embracing Much Practical Advice and Useful Information to Intending Emigrants. Also, the New State Constitution.
128675: NEWLIN, MARGARET. - The Fragile Immigrants.
142304: (BEETHOVEN) NEWMAN, ERNEST. - The Unconscious Beethoven. An Essay in Musical Psychology. With an Introduction by Neville Carus.
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112314: NEWMAN, EDWARD. - Applied Ecology.
139950: NEWMAN, JOHN KEVIN. - The Classical Epic Tradition.
108239: NEWMAN, M.E.J AND PALMER, R.G. - Modeling Extinction.
123234: NEWMAN, PETER C. - The Canadian Revolution, 1985-1995. From Deference to Defiance.
122782: (STRAND). NEWNES, GEORGE. (EDITOR). - The Strand Magazine. An Illustrated Monthly.
140913: NEWSHOLME, SIR ARTHUR. - The Ministry of Health.
138125: NEWSOME, DAVID. - A Hsitory of Wellington College 1859-1959.
141716: NEWTON, VERNE W. - The Butcher’S Embrace. The Philby Conspirators in Washington.
129260: NEWTON, A.P. - A Hundred Years of the British Empire.
134833: NGO, DUNG. - World House Now. Contemporary Architectural Directions.
126059: NIALL, IAN. - Fresh Woods.
142676: NICHOL, JOHN & RENNELL, TONY. - Tail-End Charlies. The Last Battkes If Tge Binber War 1844-45,
122191: NICHOL, JOHN & RENNELL, TONY. - The Last Escape. The Untold Story of Allied Prisoners of War in Europe 1944-45.
138782: NICHOLAS, T.E. - Tros Ryddid Daear. Casgliad O Gerddi Gwleidyddol/a Collection of Political Poems.
140623: NICHOLLS, DAVID. - Napoleon: A Biographical Companion.
131602: NICHOLLS, PETER. - Final Voyage. A Story of Arctic Disaster and One Fateful Whaling Season.
124821: NICHOLS, PETER. - Diaries 1969-1977.
124781: (MAUGHAM). NICHOLS, BEVERLEY. - A Case of Human Bondage.
118633: NICHOLSON, ARTHUR. - Hostages to Fortune. Winston Churchill and the Loss of the Prince of Wales and Repulse. Foreword by Admiral of the Fleet Sir Henry Leach.
130859: NICHOLSON, LOUISE. - The Red Fort, Delhi.

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