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158604: HAMMICK, GEORGINA. - The Arizona Game.
155598: HAMMILL, DES. - The Definitive Early History of the Small Block Ford V8 1960-1970. A Look at the Porsche 924, 944, and 968 Coupes and Cabriolets That Range from 1975 to 1995.
169466: HAMMOND, P.W. AND EGAN, HAROLD. - Weighed in the Balance a History of the Laboratory of the Government Chemist.
139447: HAMMOND, RAY. - The Modern Frankenstein. Fiction Becomes Fact.
141863: HAMPSHIRE, A. CECIL. - The Blockaders.
158448: HAMPSON, SARAH E. - The Construction of Personality: An Introduction.
138188: HAMPTON, LORD. - Scouting Sketches. Being an Apology, a Prologue, and Ten Effusions in Praise of the Game. With a Foreword by the Chief Scout.
157371: HAMPTON, LIONEL AND HASKINS, JAMES. - Hamp: An Autobiography.
170023: HANAUER, ELSIE. - Handbook of Woodcarving and Whittling.
169571: HANCOCK, COLONEL DAVID. - The Heritage of the Dog.
142124: HANCOCK, TERRY. - Directory of Britain’S Military Aircraft. Volume 2 [Only].
142125: HANCOCK, TERRY. - Directory of Britain’S Military Aircraft. [Volume I Only].
142323: HANDLEMAN, PHI8LIP. - Chicago O’Hare. The World’S Busiest Airport.
154470: (MASEFIELD) HANDLEY-TAYLOR, GEOFFREY (EDITOR). - John Masefield, O.M. The Queen’S Poet Laureate. A Bibiography and Eighty-First Birthday Tribute.
137362: (MASEFIELD) HANDLEY-TAYLOR, GEOFFREY (EDITOR). - John Masefield, O.M. The Queen’S Poet Laureate. A Bibliography and Eighty-First Birthday Tribute.
151919: HANDLO, ROBERTUS DE. - Regule/ the Rules [and] Hanboys, Johannes. Summa/the Summa. A New Critical Text and Translation on Facing Pages, with an Introduction, Annotations, and Indices Verborum and Nominum Et Rerum by Peter M. Lefferts.
151375: HANIFI, MANZOOR AHMAD. - A Survey of Muslim Institutions and Culture.
170051: HANKE, LEWIS. - Aristotle and the American Indians. A Study in Race Prejudice in the Modern World.
165705: HANLEY, GERALD. - See You in Yasukuni.
159188: HANNUM, ALBERTA. - Spin a Silver Coin. The Story of a Desert Trading Post.
138348: HANRAHAN, DAVID C. - Charles II and the Duke of Buckingham. The Merry Monarch & the Aristocratic Rogue.
166851: HANSEN, WALDEMAR. - The Peacock Throne. The Drama of Mogul India.
150938: HANSON, RICHARD P.C. - Studies in Christian Antiquity.
153899: (ELIOT) HANSON, LAWRENCE AND HANSON, ELISABETH. - Marian Evans and George Eliot. A Biography.
150358: HANSON, VICTOR DAVIS. - Why the West Has Won. Carnage and Culture from Salamis to Vietnam.
137451: HAPPE, PETER. - Cyclic Form and the English Mystery Plays. A Comparative Study of the English Biblical Cycles and Their Continental and Iconographic Counterparts.
162990: HAQUE, M. ATIQUL. - Muslim Heroes of the World.
160454: O’HARA, JOHN. - The Hat on the Bed.
160451: O’HARA, JOHN. - Ourselves to Know.
160452: O’HARA, JOHN. - The Farmers Hotel.
160450: O’HARA, JOHN. - The Big Laugh.
160449: O’HARA, JOHN. - Waiting for Winter.
160448: O’HARA, JOHN. - A Rage to Live.
167209: O’HARA, JOHN. - Pipe Night.
160453: O’HARA, JOHN. - Assembly.
165704: HARCOURT, PALMA. - A Sleep of Spies.
152219: (EDITOR) HARDER, KELSIE B. - Illustrated Dictionary of Place Names United States and Canada.
137307: (KOWALSKI) HARDER, JEREMY. - Love Sets You Free. (Liebe Macht Frei). The Biography of Janni Kowalski.
162427: HARDIE, DR. ROBERT. - The Burma-Siam Railway. The Secret Diary, 1942 - 45.
153377: HARDIE, MARCUS. - Black & Bulletproof. An African-American Warrior in the Israeli Army.
169465: HARDING, VANESSA AND METCALF, PRISCILLA. - Lloyd’S at Home. Part One: The Background. Part Two: The Buildings.
170566: HARDING, BERTITA. - Phantom Crown. The Story of Maximilian and Carlota of Mexico.
138689: HARDING, RICHARD D. - St. Peter’S Schook, York: A Chronology. With a Foreword by John Dronfield.
170773: HARDING, TEX. - The Devil’S Drummer.
155528: HARDS, TERENCE. - As It Was. With an Introduction by Robert Graves.
161993: HARDWICK, MICHAEL. - Prisoner of the Devil.
168597: HARDWICK, MICHAEL. - Prisoner of the Devil.
153688: (DICKENS) HARDWICK, MICHAEL AND HARDWICK, MOLLIE. (EDITORS). - The Charles Dickens Encyclopedia.
164925: HARDY, W.J. - Book-Plates.
154033: (HARDY) HARDY, EVELYN AND PINION, F.B. (EDITORS). - One Rare Fair Woman. Thomas Hardy’S Letters to Florence Henniker 1893-1922.
165942: HARDY, THOMAS. - Time’S Laughingstocks and Other Verses.
137204: HARDY, BARBARA. - The Collected Essays. Volume One [Only]. Narrators and Novelists.
165943: HARDY, THOMAS. - Selected Poetry and Non-Fictional Prose. Edited by Peter Widdowson.
165699: HARDY, THOMAS. - Two on a Tower.
165700: HARDY, THOMAS. - A Laodicean.
165701: HARDY, THOMAS. - The Well-Beloved. A Sketch of a Temperament.
165702: HARDY, THOMAS. - Tess of the D’Urbervilles, a Pure Woman. Faithfully Presented. Introduction by Robert Cantwell.
165703: HARDY, BARBARA. - London Lovers. A Novel.
135222: HARE, KENNETH. - Our Cockney Ancestors.
153904: (EDGEWORTH) HARE, AUGUSTUS J.C. (EDITOR). - The Life and Letters of Maria Edgeworth. Volume II [Only].
160046: HARE, AUGUSTUS JC. - Biographical Sketches. Being Memorials of Arthur Penrhyn Stanley, Dean of Westminster, Henry Alford, Dean of Canterbury, Mrs. Duncan Stewart Etc.
165697: HARIHARAN, GITHA. - When Dreams Travel.
155480: HARMAN, MATTHEW. - Wayside Blossoms.
144618: HARMAN, ALEC; MELLERS, WILFRID & MILNER, ANTHONY. - Man and His Music. The Story of Musical Experience in the West.
158289: HARMAN, CHRIS. - Explaining the Crisis. A Marxist Re-Appraisal.
157857: HARMER, HARRY. - Tom Paine. The Life of a Revolutionary.
155207: HARMON, WILLIAM (EDITOR). - The Oxford Book of American Light Verse. Chosen and Edited.
170338: HARPER, COLIN AND MCSHERRY, JOHN. - The Wheels of the World. 300 Years of Irish Uilleann Pipers.
153706: HARRER, HEINRICH. - Seven Years in Tibet.
152676: HARRIES, MEIRION AND SUSIE. - Soldiers of the Sun. The Rise and Fall of the Imperial Japanese Army 1868 - 1945.
161965: HARRINGTON, JOSEPH. - The Last Known Address. A Mystery Novel.
165183: (EDITORS) HARRINGTON, PETER AND SHARF, FREDERIC A. - Omdurman 1898: The Eye-Witnesses Speak. The British Conquest of the Sudan As Described by Participants in Letters, Diaries, Photos, and Drawings.
162378: HARRIS, REV. ISIDORE. - Jews’ College Jubilee Volume. Comprising a History of the College. And Essays by Teachers and Former Students of the Institution.
154030: HARRIS, FRANK. - Contemporary Portraits. Fourth Series.
154031: HARRIS, FRANK. - My Life and Loves. Edited and with an Introduction by John F. Gallagher.
137927: HARRIS, CAROL. - Miller’S Collecting Fashion & Accessories.
136739: HARRIS, MICHAEL. - Keighley and Worth Valley Railway.
154027: HARRIS, FRANK. - His Life and Adventures: An Autobiography. With an Introduction by Grant Richards.
161966: HARRIS, THOMAS. - Hannibal.
152332: HARRIS, ALEXANDER. - The Emigrant Family. The Story of an Australian Settler.
165695: HARRIS, OLIVER. - Deep Shelter.
148397: HARRIS, H. WILSON. - Human Merchandise. A Study in the International Traffic in Women.
157298: HARRIS, JOHN AND DAVIES, E. JOHN. - A Bibliogrpahical Guide to Twenty-Four Modern Anglo-Welsh Writers.
158620: HARRIS, WILSON. - Resurrection at Sorrow Hill.
158624: HARRIS, GEORGE WASHINGTON. - Sut Lovingood. Edited with an Introduction by Brom Weber.
158625: HARRIS, GERALDINE. - White Cranes Castle.
158626: HARRIS, FRANK. - Montes the Matador and Other Stories.
159391: HARRIS, JOEL CHANDLER. - Balaam and His Master.
162373: HARRISON, JOHN R. - History of Rastrick Grammar School 1621-1985.
153696: (DE MAISSE) HARRISON, G.A. (EDITOR). - De Maisse. A Journal of All That Wwas Accomplished by Monsieur de Maisse, Ambassador in England from King Henri IV to Qeuun Elizabeth, Anno Domini 1597. Translated from the French and Edited with an Introduction.
161960: HARRISON, RAY. - Deathwatch.
138046: HARRISON, J.F.C. - A History of the Working Men’S College 1854-1954.
138471: HARRISON, J.F.C. - A History of the Working Men’S College 1854-1954.
161958: HARRISON, COLIN. - The Havanna Room.
137559: HARRISON, JAMES (EDITOR). - Printing Patents. Abridgements of Paten Specificiations Relating to Printing, 1617-1857. First Published in 1859 and Now Reprinted with a Prefatory Note.
157219: HARRISON, S.J. (EDITOR). - Living Classics. Greece and Rome in Contemporary Poetry in English.
166185: HARRISON, CLIFFORD. - On Common Chords. Verses.
165694: HARRISON, F. BAYFORD. - A Good Copy and Other Stories.
169018: HARRISON, RAY. - French Ordinary Murder.
158618: HARRISON, FREDERICK. - Rupert Dudleigh: A Story of Old Brighton.
138568: HARROP, SYLVIA. - The Merchant Taylors’ School for Girls, Crosby. One Hundred Years of Achievement, 1888-1988.
157269: HARROP, DOROTHY A. (EDITOR). - Catalogue of the William Ridler Collection of Fine Printing.
154000: (HAMILTON) HARSENT, DAVID (EDITOR) - Another Round at the Pillars. Essays, Poems, and Reflections on Ian Hamilton.
137870: (WILDE) HART-DAVIS, RUPERT (EDITOR). - More Letters of Oscar Wilde.
161957: HART, JEANNE. - Some Die Young.
137236: HART-DAVIS, RUPERT. - Halfway to Heaven. Concluding Memoirs of a Literary Life.
142510: HART-DAVIS, RUPERT. - Halfway to Heaven. Concluding Memoirs of a Literary Life.
163269: HART-DAVIS, DUFF. - Man of War. The Secret Life of Captain Alan Hillgarth, Officer, Adventurer, Agent.
160284: HARTE, CHRIS. - Old Gold. A Season with Carmarthen Town.
165758: HARTE, BRET. - A Sappho of Green Springs and Other Tales.
165759: HARTE, BRET. - Select Works in Prose and Poetry. With an Introduction by Rev. J. Montesquieu Bellew.
165693: HARTE, BRET. - A Protege of Jack Hamlins, Etc.
165692: HARTE, BRET. - The Complete Works. In Prose and Poetry. Now First Collected. With Introductory Essay by J.M. Bellew.
158617: HARTE, BRET. - Sally Dows, Etc.
159415: HARTE, BRET. - Clarence.
159416: HARTE, BRET. - Tales of Trail and Town.
159417: HARTE, BRET. - Sally Dows Etc.
159418: HARTE, BRET. - Devil’S Ford Etc.
159419: HARTE, BRET. - In a Hollow of the Hills.
151793: HARTFORD, WILLIAM F. - Where Is Our Responsibility? Unions and Economic Change in the New England Textile Industry, 1870 - 1960.
151602: (BERGERAC) HARTH, ERICA. - Cyrano de Bergerac and the Polemics of Modernity.
164936: HARTHAN, JOHN P. - Victoria and Albert Museum: Bookbindings.
157305: HARTHAN, JAMES. - The History of the Illustrated Book: The Western Tradition.
152027: HARTING, JAMES EDMUND. - British Animals Extinct Within Historic Times. With Some Account of the British Wild White Cattle.
140158: HARTLEY, BRIAN & WACHER, JOHN (EDITORS). - Rome and Her Northern Provices. Papers Presented to Sheppard Frere in Honour of His Retirement from the Chair of the Archaeology of the Roman Empire, University of Oxford.
154478: (EDITOR) HARTLEY, CECIL. - Travels of Rolando. Or, a Tour Round the World.
148475: HARTMAN, JOAN E. & MESSER-DAVIDOW, ELLEN (EDITORS). - (En)Gendering Knowledge. Feminists in Academe.
155133: (WORDSWORTH) HARTMAN, GEOFFREY H. - The Unremarkable Wordsworth. Foreword by Donald G. Marshall.
167844: HARTMANN, ARTHUR. - The Diseases of the Ear and Their Treatment. Translated from the Third German Edition by James Erskine.
165568: DE HARTOG, JAN. - The Peaceable Kingdom.
152969: HARVEY, A.D. - English Literature and the Great War with France. An Anthology and Commentary.
160775: HARVEY, AD. - A Muse of Fire. Literature, Art and War.
138673: HARVEY, R.A. - The Story of the School of Grace, Lady Manners, Bakewell, Founded 1636.
161753: HARVEY, JOHN B. - The Skinning Place.
163096: HARVEY, ROBERT. - The Mavericks. The Military Commanders Who Changed the Course of History.
162903: HARVEY, JOHN. - Keeping a Head? the Institute and Guild of Brewing - Aisa Pacific Section 1952-2002.
168595: HARVEY, MARION. - The Clue of the Clock.
170983: HARVEY, ROBERT. - Romantic Revolutionary. Simon Bolivar and the Struggle for Independence in Latin America.
157570: HARVEY, WILLIAM. - Movement of the Heart and Blood in Animals. An Anatomical Essay. Translated Form the Original Latin by Kenneth J. Franklin and Now Published for the Royal College of Physicians of London.
144138: HARWOOD, SARAH. - Family Fictions. Representations of the Family in 1980s Hollywood Cinema. Foreword by Janet Thumim.
165735: HARWOOD, ALAN. - Witchcraft, Sorcery, and Social Categories Among the Safwa.
136634: (DIAGHILEFF) HASKELL, ARNOLD & NOUVEL, WALTER. - Diaghileff. His Artistic and Private Life.
141783: HASKELL, W.A. - Shadows on the Horizon. The Battle of Convoy Hx-233. Foreword by Prof. Dr. Juergen Rohwer.
157368: HASKELL, HARRY. - The Early Music Revival: A History.
148297: HASLUCK, MRS. ALICE (EDITOR). - Recitations for Ladies. Compiled and Adapted.
155482: HASSALL, CHRISTOPHER. - The Red Leaf. Poems.
155487: HASSALL, CHRISTOPHER. - Devil’S Dyke with Compliment and Satire.
140592: HASSALL, ARTHUR. - The Life of Napoleon.
154002: (HAGGARD) HASSALL, CHRISTOPHER. - The Timeless Quest: Stephen Haggard.
138991: HASSELL, ULRICH VON. - The Ulrich Von Hassell Diaries, 1938-1944. The Story of the Forces Against Hitler Inside Germany. Foreword by Agostino Von Hassell. Introduction by Richard Overy. Translated by Geoffrey Brooks.
170124: HASSIG, ROSS. - Trade, Tribute, and Transportation. The Sixteenth Century Political Economy of the Valley of Mexico.
139833: HASSLER, WARREN W. - With Shield and Sword. American Military Affairs, Colonial Times to the Present.
164172: HASTINGS, JAMES; SELBIE, JOHN A. ET AL (EDITORS). - Dictionary of the Bible.
168592: HASTINGS, MACDONALD. - Cork on the Water.
149186: HASWELL, JOCK. - Citizen Armies.
141260: HAUPT, WERNER. - Heeresgruppe Mitte 1941-1945.
167602: HAUSER, WILLIAM B. - Economic Institutional Change in Tokugawa Japan. Osaka and the Kinai Cotton Trade.
165755: HAUSER, ETHAN. - The Measures between Us.
166614: HAUSKELLER, MICHAEL. - Was Ist Kunst? Positionen Der Aesthetik Von Platon Bis Danto.
140051: HAVELOCK, CHRISTINE MITCHELL. - Hellenistic Art. The Art of the Classical World from the Death of Alexander the Great to the Battle of Actium.
136654: HAVEN, TOM DE. - Our Hero. Superman on Earth.
154026: HAVERGAL, FRANCES RIDLEY. - Swiss Letters and Alpine Poems. Edited by Her Sister, J. Miriam Crane.
167145: HAWES, M.W. (ILLUSTRATOR). - A Book of Heroic Verse.
151136: HAWKE, PETER & WOOD, EMMA. - Our Agricultural Heritage. A Selection of Farm Machinery Restored.
152573: HAWKER, G.N. - The Parliament of New South Wales 1856 - 1965.
159413: HAWKES, JOHN. - The Goose on the Grave. Two Short Novels.
168101: HAWKINGS, DAVID T. - Bound for Australia.
152335: HAWKINGS, DAVID T. - Bound for Australia. A Guide to the Records of Transported Convicts and Early Settlers.
160331: (EDITORS) HAWKINS, ANGUS AND POWELL, JOHN. - The Journal of John Wodehouse First Earl of Kimberley for 1862 - 1902. Camden Fifthe Series Volume 9.
141773: HAWKINS, NIGEL. - The Starvation Blockades.
154216: (JOHNSON) HAWKINS, SIR JOHN. - The Works of Samuel Johnson, LL. D. Volume I [Only]. Together with His Life, and Notes on His Lives of the Poets.
161971: HAWKINS, JOHN AND HAWKINS, WARD. - Death Watch.
143372: HAWLEY, JOHN STRATTON (EDITOR). - Saints and Virtues.
163338: HAWORTH, PETER (EDITOR). - Before Scotland Yard. Classic Tales of Roguery and Detection. Collected and Arranged.
162389: HAY, IAN. - The Lighter Side of School Life.
159411: HAY, IAN. - The Lighter Side of School Life.
161715: HAYCOCK, ERNEST. - Son of the West.
151628: HAYCOCK, DAVID BOYD. - Mortal Coil. A Short History of Living Longer.
167730: HAYENS, HERBERT. - A Fighter in Green. A Tale of Algeria.
167726: HAYENS, HERBERT. - An Emperor’S Doom, Ir, the Patriots of Mexico.
167760: HAYENS, HERBERT. - Clevely Sahib. A Tale of the Khyber Pass.
168335: HAYENS, HERBERT. - The British Legion. A Tale of the Carlist War.
168210: HAYENS, HERBERT. - Paris at Bay. A Story of the Siege and the Commune.
168213: HAYENS, HERBERT. - Scouting for Buller.
166205: (EDITOR) HAYES, JOHN R. - The Genius of Arab Civilisation. Source of Renaissance.
165234: HAYES, AJ. - The Source of the Blue Nile. A Record of a Journey Through the Soudan to Lake Tsana in Western Abyssinia, and of the Return to Egypt by the Valley of the Atbara with a Note on the Religion, Customs, Etc. Of Abyssinia.
151736: HAYLOCK, JOHN. - Uneasy Relations.
165753: HAYLOCK, JOHN. - A Touch of the Orient.
165752: HAYLOCK, JOHN. - Uneasy Relations.
137034: (BRECHT) HAYMAN, RONALD. - Brecht: A Biography.
156762: HAYNES, JOHN EDWARD. - Pseudonyms of Authors; Including Anonyms and Initialisms.
154028: HAYNES, E.S.P. - The Enemies of Lliberty.
157683: HAYNES, EDWIN. - Timber Technicalities. Definitions of Terms Used in the Timber and Correlative Trades and Wood Consuming Industries. Revised and Enlarged by Thomas J. Stobart.
158201: HAYNES, JEFF. - Religion in Global Politics.
157757: (EDITOR) HAYTER, TONY. - An Eighteenth Century Secretary at War. The Papers of William, Viscount Barrington.
140548: HAYTHORNTHWAITE, PHILIP J. - Weapons and Equipment of the Napoleonic Wars.
158746: HAYTHORNTHWAITE, PHILIP J. - Who Was Who in the Napoleonic Wars.
169502: HAYWARD, CHARLES H. - English Rooms and Their Decoration at a Glance. Volume II [Only]: 1620-1800. A Simple Review in Pictures of English Rooms and Their Decoration from the Eleventh to the Eighteenth Centuries.
157905: HAYYIM, HACHAM YOSEF. - The Halachoth of the Ben Ish Hai. Volume One [Only]: First Year: Bereshith-Shemoth. Translated by Shmuel Hiley.
157612: HAZEN, ROBERT M. - The New Alchemists. Breaking Through the Varriers of High Pressure.
169584: HAZLEHURST, CAMERON; WHITEHEAD, SALLY AND WOODLAND, CHRISTINE. - A Guide to the Papers of British Cabinet Ministers 1900-1864.
138204: HAZLEWOOD, REX (EDITOR). - The Scout Annual 1967.
154034: HAZLITT, W. CAREW. - Studies in Jocular Literature. A Popular Subject More Closely Considered.
151137: HEAD, VIVIAN. - Keeping Chickens and Other Poultry. Looking After Hens, Ducks, Geese and Turkeys.
157257: HEAD, RICHARD AND KIRKMAN, FRANCIS. - The English Rogue. Described in the Life of Meriton Latroon a Witty Extravagant, Being a Complete History of the Most Eminent Cheats of Both Sexes.
170881: (ED.) HEADLAM, CECIL. - Calendar of State Papers Colonial Series. America and West Indies 1726 - 1727, Preserved in the Public Record Office.
165777: HEALD, SUZETTE. - Controlling Anger. The Anthropology of Gisu Violence.
161961: HEALD, TIM. - Murder at Moose Jaw.
164098: HEALEY, EDNA. - Coutts and Co. : 1692-1992. The Portrait of a Private Bank.
160386: HEALY, THOMAS. - A Hurting Business.
163217: (POPPER) O’HEAR, ANTHONY. - Karl Popper.
159410: HEARNE, JOHN. - The Autumn Equinox.
155430: HEATH-STUBBS, JOHN. - The Blue-Fly in His Head. Poems.
164174: HEATH, CHARLES AND WESTALL, RICHARD (ILLUSTRATORS). - The Holy Bible, Containing the Old and New Testaments.
159321: HEATH-STUBBS, JOHN. - Time Pieces.
159369: (SULPICIA) HEATH-STUBBS, JOHN (TRANSLATOR). - The Poems of Sulpicia.
159441: HEATH, THOMAS EDWARD. - Tales in Prose and Verse, and Dramas.
134802: HEATHCOTE, EDWIN. - Bank Builders.
157444: HEATHCOTE, E.; GRIFIN, D. AND SALMON, H. MORREY (EDITORS). - The Birds of Glamorgan. Compied for the Orntihological Section of the Society and Printed As an Annex to the Transactions Volume XCIV in the Centenary Year of the Society, 1967.
157751: HECHT, J. JEAN. - The Domestic Servant in Eighteenth-Century England.
164156: HEENAN, JOHN C. - Not the Whole Truth.
158889: HEEPE, EVELYN AND HELTBERT, NIELS (EDITORS). - Modern Danish Authors. Translated by Evelyn Heepe.
147906: HEGE, WALTER & RODENWALDT, GERHART. - Die Akropolis.
166175: HEHL, ULRICH VON. - Nationalsozialistische Herrschaft.
161768: HEIBER, HELMUT. - Goebbels.
166151: (GOEBBELS) HEIBER, HELMUT (EDITOR). - Das Tagebuch Von Joseph Goebbels 1925/26. Mit Weitere Dokumenten.
158405: HEIJDEN, A.H.C. VAN DER. - Short-Term Visual Information Forgetting.
159440: HEILGERS, LOUISE. - Somewhere in France. Stories of the Great War.
150936: HEIM, KARL. - The Transformation of the Scientific World View.
150948: HEIM, KARL. - Christian Faith and Natural Science.
168334: HEIMANN, JIM. - Sins of the City. The Real Los Angeles Noir.
156482: HEINE, HEINRICH. - Heinrich Heines Samtliche Werke. Herousgegeben Von Prof. Dr. Ernst Elster. Kritishce Durchgefehene Und Erlauterterte Ausgabe.
165751: HEINEMANN, LARRY. - Paco’S Story.
167741: HEINL, ROBERT DEBS. - Victory at High Tide. The Inchon Seoul Campaign.
154437: HEISER, VICTOR, MD. - An American Doctor’S Odyssey. Adventures in Forty-Five Countries.
143235: (INGHAM) HEITZENRATER, RICHARD P. (EDITOR). - Diary of an Oxford Methodist Benjamin Ingham, 1733-1734.
162261: HELBERT, LIONEL. - Memoirs of Lionel Helbert, Founder and Head of West Downs, Winchester.
143466: HELD, DAVID & MCGREW, ANTHONY (EDITORS). - The Global Transformations Reader. An Introduction to the Globalization Debate.
143479: HELD, DAVID. - Global Covenant. The Social Democratic Alternative to the Washington Consensus.
169065: HELD, DAVID; MCGREW, ANTHONY; GOLDBLATT, DAVID AND PERRATON, JONATHAN. - Global Transformations. Politics, Economics and Culture.
161952: HELEY, VERONICA. - False Picture. An Abbot Agency Mystery.
135352: (LUKACS) HELLER, AGNES (EDITOR). - Lukacs Revalued.
156423: HELLIE, RICHARD. - Slavery in Russia 1450 - 1725.
154020: HELLMAN, LILLIAN. - Scoundrel Time. Introductionby James Cameron. Commentary by Garry Wills.
137700: HELM, P.J. - Jeffreys.
136374: HELMAN, CECIL. - The Body of Frankenstein’S Monster. Essays in Myth and Medicine.
163853: HELME, ELEANOR E. AND PAUL, NANCE. - The Joker and Jerry Again.
153208: HELMS, S.W. - Jawa. Lost City of the Black Desert.
155493: HEMANS, FELICIA. - The Forest Sanctuary 1825.
137029: (ALMQVIST) HEMMING-SJOBERG, A. - A Poet’S Tragedy. The Trial of C.J. L. Almqvist.
170768: HEMMING, JOHN. - Red Gold. The Conquest of the Brazilian Indians.
153345: (BUTLER) HENDERSON, PHILIP. - Samuel Butler. The Incarnate Bachelor.
141630: HENDERSON, PAUL. - The Unlikely Spy. An Autobiography.
138062: HENDERSON, JAMES L. - Irregularly Bold. A Study of Bedales School.
168214: HENDERSON, FLORENCE L. - Andy’S Friend.
161534: HENDERSON, NICHOLAS. - Mandarin. The Diaries of an Ambassador 1969 - 1982.
139906: (ARISTOPHANES) HENDERSON, JEFFREY (EDITOR). - Yale Classical Studies. Volume XXVI. Aristophanes: Essays in Interpretation.
138621: HENDERSON, ANDREW. - The Stone Phoenix. Stonyhurst College 1794-1894.
168329: HENDERSON, HELEN W. - A Loiterer in New England.
138691: HENDERSON, NORAH J. - The Story of Allerton. Chapter Seven by Alice M. Adamson.
157515: HENDERSON, JUNIUS AND CRAIG, ELBERTA L. - Economic Mammalogy.
156844: HENDRA, SUE. - Barry: The Fish with Fingers and the Hairy Scary Monster.
155485: HENDRIKS, ROSE ELLEN. - Chit Chat. A Poem.
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170013: JACOBS, MELVILLE. - The Content and Style of an Oral Literature. Clackamas Chinook Myths and Tales.
159576: JACOBS, W.W. - The Night-Watchman and Other Longshoremen. Fifty-Seven Stories.
159577: JACOBS, W.W. - Dialstone Lane.
159578: JACOBS, W.W. - The Skipper’S Wooing and the Brown Man’S Servant.
165115: JACOBSEN, HANS-ADOLF (EDITOR). - Opposition. Band 2 [Only]. Gegen Hitler Und Der Staatsstreich Vom 20. Juli 1944. Geheime Dokumente Aus Dem Ehemaligen Reichssicherheitshauptamt.
165969: JACOBSEN, HANS-ADOLF. - 1939-1945: Der Zweite Weltkrieg in Chronik Und Dokumenten.
151735: JACOBSON, HOWARD. - The Finkler Question.
151741: JACOBSON, HOWARD. - J.
149154: JACOBSON, DORANNE. - The CIVIL War in Art: A Visual Odyssey.
166034: JAECKEL, EBERHARD. - Hitlers Weiltanschauung. Entwurf Einer Herrschaft.
166513: (KIDERLEN-WAECHTER) JAECKH, ERNST (EDITOR). - Kiderlen-Waechter: Der Staatsmann Und Mensch. Briefwechsel Und Nachlass.
163588: JAFFE, IRMA B. - Trumbull: The Declaration of Independence.
165678: JAGER, OTTO A. AND PEARCE, IVY. - Antiquities of North Ethiopia. A Guide.
160052: (EDITOR) JAGGER, PETER J. - Gladstone, Politics and Religion. A Collection of Founder’S Day Lectures Delivered at St. Deiniol’S Library, Hawarden, 1967 - 83.
134807: MURPHY/JAHN. - Millenium: Six Works.
165116: JAHNKE, KARL HEINZ AND BUDDRUS, MICHAEL. - Deutsche Jugend 1933-1945. Eine Dokumentation.
164013: JAMES, JEREMY. - Vagabond.
161987: JAMES, RUSSELL. - Underground.

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