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158515: FLETCHER, INGLIS. - Toil of the Brave.
167473: FLETCHER, J.S. - Trhough Storm and Stress. Being a History of the Remarkable Adventures of Richard Fletcher of York.
157594: FLEURE, H.J. - The New Naturalist: A Natural History of Man in Britain. Conceived As a Study of Changing Relations between Men and Environments.
168762: FLEXNER, JAMES THOMAS. - George Washington. The Forge of Experience 1732 - 1775.
148514: FLEXNER, ELEANOR. - Century of Struggle. The Woman’S Rights Movement in the United States.
153388: FLINT, KATE (EDITOR). - Impressionists in England. The Critical Reception.
164166: FLITCH, J.E. CRAWFORD (EDITOR). - Angelus Silesius. Selections from the Cherubinic Wanderer. Translated, with an Introduction.
155447: FLOERSHEIM, CECIL. - Collected Poems. Poems; Translations from the Greek Anthology; Epigrams.
170706: FLORNOY, BERTRAND. - Decouverte Des Sources. Des Andes a la Foret Amazonienne.
144771: FLOTHUIS, MARIUS. - Modern British Composers.
170403: FLOTTUM, KIM. - The Honey Handbook. A Guide to Creating, Harvesting and Cooking with Natural Honeys.
138570: FLOWER, RAYMOND. - Oundle and the English Public School.
158513: FLOWER, NEWMAN. - Red Harvest.
168347: FLOYER, EDITH S. - The Young Huguenots; or, the Soldiers of the Cross. A Story of the Seventeenth Century.
158512: FOA, GEORGE R. - The Blood Rushed to My Pockets. A True Storty Set Down.
149840: FOCILLON, HENRI. - The Art of the West in the Middle Ages. Volume I: Romanesque Art. Volume II: Gothic Art. Edited and Introduced by Jean Bony.
166075: (BECK) FOERSTER, WOLFGANG. - Ein General Kaempft Gegen Den Krieg. Aus Nachgelassenen Papieren Des Generalstabchefs Ludwig Beck.
158814: FOGAZZARO, ANTONIO. - The Patriot (Piccolo Mondo Antico). Translated from the Italian by M. Prichard-Agnetti.
158014: FOLGER, YECHESKEL D. - Tractate Kiddushin. According to the Meiri.
137053: FOLKARD, L.F. - British Trams; a Pictorial Survey.
162394: FOLLAIN, JOHN. - Mussolini’S Island. The Invasion of Sicily Through the Eyes of Those Who Witnessed the Campaign.
157693: FONDATION SINGER-POLIGNAC, LA. - Cahiers Du Pacifique: Les Iles Marquises.
158771: LA FONTAINE, [JEAN DE]. - La Fontaine: Selected Fables. Translated by James Michie. Introduction by Geoffrey Grigson.
166597: FONTANE, THEODOR. - Vor Dem Sturm. Roman Aus Dem Winter 1812 Auf 13.
166789: FONTENOT, COL. GREGORY. - On Point. The United States Army Operation Iraqi Freedom.
162393: FONVIEILLE-ALQUIER, FRANCOIS. - The French and the Phoney War 1939 - 40.
138249: FORBAT, JOHN. - The ‘Secret’ World of Vickers Guided Weapons.
162186: (DORE) FORBERG, GABRIELE (EDITOR). - Gustave Dore: Das Graphische Werk. Nachwort Von Gunter Metken.
167157: FORBES, DUNCAN. - The Heart of India.
165641: FORBES, COLIN. - The Stockholm Syndicate.
168666: FORBES, STANTON. - Grieve for the Past.
158510: FORBES, BRYAN. - The Distant Laughter.
168912: FORD, LESLIE. - Invitation to Murder.
141231: FORD, KEN. - Assault on Germany: The Battle for Geilenkirchen.
167667: FORD, ALICE. - John James Audubon.
134781: FORD, ALAN & HUTTON, PAUL. - A Sense of Entry. Designing the Welcoming School.
136965: FORD, JOHN. - Coachmaker. The Life and Times of Philip Godsal.
164317: FORD, BRIAN J. - Single Lens. The Story of the Simple Microscope.
158509: FORD, FORD MADDOX. - The Bodley Head. Volume II[Only]: The Fifth Queen; Privy Seal; the Fifth Queen Crowned. With an Introduction by Graham Greene.
167579: FORD, E.B. - The New Naturalist: Butterflies.
165095: (EDITOR) FORDE, DARYLL. - African Worlds. Studies in the Cosmological Ideas and Social Values of African Peoples.
165729: FORDE, DARYLL. - Yako Studies.
163515: FOREIGN LANGUAGES PRESS, PEKING (PUBLISHER). - Historical Relics Unearthed in New China.
169043: FOREMAN, AMANDA. - A World on Fire. An Epic History of Two Nations Divided.
138373: FOREMAN, MARTIN. - Further Excavations at the Dominican Priory Beverley, 1986-1989.
163862: FORESTER, F.B. - Hostage for a Kingdom.
149830: FORMAGGIO, DINO & BASSO, CARLO (EDITORS). - A Book of Miniatures. Translated by Peggy Craig.
137392: (MEREDITH) FORMAN, MAURICE BUXTON. - A Bibliography of the Writings in Prose and Verso of George Meredith.
138981: FORMAN, DENIS. - To Reason Why.
136647: FORRESTER, F.S. - Ballet in England: A Bibliography and Survey C. 1700-June 1966. With a Foreword by Ivor Guest.
157422: FORRESTER, HARRY. - The Timer-Framed Houses of Essex. A Short Review of Their Types and Details, 14th to 18th Centuries.
136191: FORRISTAL, DESMOND. - The Man in the Middle. St. Laurence O’Toole, Patron Saint of Dublin.
166497: (JUNG) FORSCHBACH, EDMUND. - Edgar J. Jung. Ein Konservatier Revolutionaer 30. Juni 1934. Berichtet.
154403: FORSTER, R.P. - A Collection of the Most Celebrated Voyages and Travels, from the Discovery of America to the Present Time. Arranged in Systematic Order, Geographical and Chronological. The Whole Exhibiting a Faithful and Lively Delineation of the World. Carefully Selected from Writers of Different Nations. Volume III Only.
154402: (EDITOR) FORSTER, R.P. - A Collection of the Most Celebrated Voyages and Travels. From the Discovery of America to the Present Time. Arranged in Systematic Order, Geographical and Chronological. The Whole Exhibiting a Faithful and Lively Delineation of the World. Carefully Selected from Writers of Different Nations. Volume II Only.
153931: FORSTER, E.M. - The Hill of Devi. Being Letters from Dewas State Senior.
153934: FORSTER, E.M. - Marianne Thornton 1797-1887. A Domestic Biography.
154803: (THACKERAY) FORSTER, MARGARET (EDITOR). - William Makepeace Thackeray: Memoirs of a Victorian Gentleman.
153691: (DICKENS) FORSTER, JOHN. - The Life of Charles Dickens.
158504: FORSTER, WILLIAM J. - A Terrible Fix: And Other Stories.
163049: FORTESCUE, THE HON. J.W. - A History of the British Army. Second Part Continued - from the Fall of the Bastille to the Peace of Amiens. Vol. IV. 1789 - 1801.
158874: FORTESCUE, JOHN. - Wellington.
164429: FORTEY, RICHARD. - Life: An Unauthorised Biography. A Natural History of the First Four Thousand Million Years of Life on Earth.
168187: FORTUNE, RF. - Sorcerers of Dobu. The Social Anthropology of the Dobu Islanders of the Western Pacific.
138920: FORTY, GEORGE. - U.S. Marine Corps Handbook 1941-5.
162352: FORTY, GEORGE. - Fortress Europe. Hitler’S Atlantic Wall.
162353: FORTY, GEORGE. - Japanese Army Handbook 1939 - 1945.
168098: FOSS, MICHAEL. - Beyond the Black Stump. Tales of Travellers to Australia 1787 - 1850.
155177: FOSS, MICHAEL. - Poetry of the World Wars.
151850: FOSTER, RICHARD. - Patterns of Thought. The Hidden Meaning of the Great Pavement of Westminster Abbey.
137073: (CARY) FOSTER, MALCOLM. - Joyce Cary. A Biography.
150648: FOSTER, RAYMOND S. - The Restoration of Israel. A Study in Exile and Return.
170096: FOSTER, BIRKET AND TAYLOR, TOM. - Birket Foster’S Pictures of the English Landscape. With Pictures in Words.
167942: (BERNARD) FOSTER, MICHAEL. - Claude Bernard.
158503: FOSTER, GEORGE C. - Full Fathom Five.
158536: FOSTER, GEORGE C. - One Sunday Morning.
163563: FOUCHET, MAX-POL. - The Erotic Sculpture of India. Translated by Brian Rhys.
162861: UNITED STATES BREWERS FOUNDATION. - Barley, Hops and History.
151763: VOLTAIRE FOUNDATION. - Transactions of the Ninth International Congress on the Enlightenment. Volume III [Only].
151762: VOLTAIRE FOUNDATION. - Transactions of the Eighth International Congress on the Enlightenment. Volume II [Only].
151761: VOLTAIRE FOUNDATION. - Transactions of the Ninth International Congress on the Enlightenment. Volume I [Only].
163606: PALACE ARTS FOUNDATION (PUBLISHER). - Palace of Gold and Light. Treasures from the Topkapi, Istanbul. The Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, Dc, March 1-June 15, 2000. San Diego Museum of Art, San Diego, Ca, July 14-September 24, 2000. Museum of Art, Fort Lauderdale, Fl, October 15, 2000-February 28, 2001.
162145: (GENTZ) FOURNIER, AUGUST UND WINKLER, ARNOLD (EDITORS). - Tagebucher Von Friedrich Von Gentz (1829-1831).
170327: FOWLER, DAVID C. - A Literary History of the Popular Ballad.
167134: FOWLER, ALASTAIR (EDITOR). - The New Oxford Book of Seventeenth Century Verse.
167669: FOWLER, W. WARDE. - Summer Studies of Birds and Books.
139004: FOWLER, WILL. - France, Holland and Belgium 1940.
162462: FOWLER, LAURENCE AND FOWLER, HELEN (EDITORS). - Cambridge Commemorated. An Anthology of University Life.
156806: FOWLER, DAVID C. - The Bible in Middle English Literature.
155454: FOWLER, ELLEN THORNEYCROFT. - Love’S Argument and Other Poems.
155456: FOWLER, ELLEN THORNEYCROFT. - Verses, Wise or Otherwise.
165962: FOWLER, ELLEN THORNEYCROFT. - Verses, Wise or Otherwise. With Which Are Incorporated Verses, Grave and Gay.
137186: FOWLES, JOHN. - The Journals: Volume I [Only]. Edited and with an Introduction by Charles Drazin.
136097: FOX, ROBIN LANE. - The Unauthorized Version. Truth and Fiction in the Bible.
160345: FOX, DAVE AND HOSKINS, MARK (EDITORS). - 100 Greats: Bristol Football Club (Rfu).
138962: FOX, JO. - Filming Women in the Third Reich.
168160: (EDITORS) FOX, JAMES W. AND CUMBERLAND, KENNETH B. - Western Samoa. Land, Life and Agriculture in Tropical Polynesia.
169693: FOX, JAMES. - The Langhorne Sisters.
169076: FOX-TUCKER, MATT AND ZAUITH, GUILHERME. - Textura Dos. Buenos Aires Street Art.
163861: FOX, ALICE WILSON. - The Baron’S Heir. A Sixteenth-Century Romance for Young People.
157827: FOXBRUNNER, ROMAN A. - Habad: The Hasidism of R. Shneur Zalman of Lyady.
157278: FOXCROFT, ALBERT BROADBENT (EDITOR). - Catalogue of Fifteenth Century Books and Fragments in the Public Library of Victoria. With Preface by Ernest R. Pitt. Printed for the Trustees of the Public Library, Museums and National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne
152020: FOXMAN, ABRAHAM H. - The Deadliest Lies. The Israel Lobby and the Myth of Jewish Control.
166600: FRAENKEL, ERNST. - Duetschland Und Die Westlichen Demokratien.
153930: FRAENKEL, MICHAEL. - Death Is Not Enough. Essays in Active Negation.
150649: FRAKER, ANNE T. (EDITOR). - Religion and American Life: Resources.
157914: FRAM, EDWARD. - Ideals Face Reality. Jewish Law and Life in Poland 1550-1655.
165635: FRAME, RONALD. - A Woman of Judah. A Novel and Fifteen Stories.
165637: FRAME, RONALD. - A Long Weekend with Marcel Proust. Seven Stories and a Novel.
165638: FRAME, RONALD. - Winter Journey.
137183: FRANCE, ANATOLE. - Under the Rose. Arranged and Annotated by Micel Corday. Authorized Translation by J. Lewis May.
156220: (EDITOR) FRANCE, PETER. - Diderot’S Letters to Sophie Volland. A Selection.
158714: FRANCE, ANATOLE. - At the Sign of the Reine Pedauque. Translated by Mrs. Wilfrid Jackson. Introduction by William J. Locke.
137180: (FROST) FRANCIS, ROBERT. - Robert Frost - a Time to Talk. Conversations & Indiscretions Recorded.
137107: (COLETTE) FRANCIS, CLAUDE & GONTIER, FERNANDE. - Creating Colette. Volume I: From Ingenue to Libertine 1873-1913. Volume II: From Baroness to Woman of Letters 1912-1954.
165636: FRANCIS, DAVID. - Stray Dog Winter. A Novel.
163328: FRANCIS, DICK AND WELCOME, JOHN (EDITORS). - Best Racing Chasing Stories. Edited with an Introduction.
158534: FRANCIS, M.E. - Wild Wheat. A Dorset Romance.
158535: FRANCIS, HENRY. - The White Cat: A Tale of the Chiltern Hills.
166593: FRANCOIS-PONCET, ANDRE. - Als Botschafter in Berlin 1931-1938.
138485: FRANCOMBE, D.C.R. & COULT, D.E. (EDITORS). - Bancroft’S School 1737-1937.
152758: FRANK, ANDRE GUNDER. - Reorient. Global Economy in the Asian Age.
167071: FRANK, KATHERINE. - Indira. The Life of Indira Nehru Gandhi.
141844: FRANK, BENIS M. - Okinawa: The Great Island Battle.
164466: FRANKAU, GILBERT. - Experiments in Crime and Other Stories.
165956: FRANKAU, GILBERT. - More of Us. Being the Present-Day Adventures of “One of Us. ” a Novel in Verse.
158533: FRANKAU, GILBERT. - Royal Regiment. A Drama of Contemporary Behaviours.
159361: FRANKAU, GILBERT. - The Guns.
165077: (TROTT ZU SOLZ) FRANKE, AUGUST (EDITOR). - Ein Leben Fuer Die Freiheit. Eine Besinnung Auf Die Maenner Des 20. Juli 1944 Anlaesslich Der Einweihung Der Vertriebenen-Siedlung Adam Von Trott Zu Solz in Kassel. Mit Einem Geleitwort Des Hessischen Kultusministers Professor Dr. Ernst Schuette.
153516: (COOPER) FRANKLIN, WAYNE. - James Fenimore Cooper. The Early Years.
137942: FRANKLIN, STUART. - Footprint: Our Landscape in Flux.
160133: FRANKLIN, MYRTLE AND BOR, MICHAEL. - Sir Moses Montefiore 1784 - 1885.
140872: (ROTHESAY) FRANKLIN, ROBERT. - Lord Stuart de Rothesay. The Life and Times of Lord Stuart de Rothesay of Highcliffe Castle, 1779-1845.
167866: (HARVEY) FRANKLIN, KENNETH J. (TRANSLATOR). - The Circulation of the Blood. Two Anatomical Essays by William Harvey, Together with Nine Letters Written by Him. The Whole Translated from the Latin and Slightly Annotated.
168664: FRANKLIN, WAYNE. - Discoverers, Explorers, Settlers. The Diligent Writers of Early America.
143463: FRANKS, BENJAMIN. - Rebel Alliances. The Means and Ends of Contemporary British Anarchisms.
165176: FRANZ, GUENTHER. - Die Politischen Wahlen in Niedersachsen 1867 Bis 1949. Mit Einem Anhang: Die Wahlen 1951 Bis 1956.
165093: FRASER, DONALD. - The Future of Africa.
154401: FRASER, DAVID. - Persia and Turkey in Revolt.
168488: FRASER, MORRIS. - The Death of Narcissus.
154630: (PINTER) FRASER, ANTONIA. - Must You Go? My Life with Harold Pinter.
168416: FRASER-TYTLER, ANNE. - Leila; or, the Island.
159940: FRASER, IAN. - The Heir of Parham. Robert Curzon, 14th Baron Zouche.
160515: (ADAPTER) FRASER, FLORA. - Maud. The Diaries of Maud Berkeley.
153214: FRASER, EUGENIE. - A Home by the Hooghly. A Jute Wallah’S Wife.
157968: FRASER, FLORA. - The Unruly Queen. The Life of Queen Caroline.
158532: FRASER, ALLAN. - Fiddler’S Doom.
138388: FRAYLING, CHRISTOPHER. - Strange Landscape. A Journey Through the Middle Ages.
142503: FRAYN, MICHAEL. - Stage Directions. Writing on Theatre.
151832: FRAZER, J.G. - Psyche’S Task. A Discourse Concerning the Influence of Superstition on the Grownth of Institutions. To Which Is Added, the Scope of Social Anthropology: An Inaugural Lecture.
167419: FRAZER, J.G. - Spirits of the Corn and of the Wild.
150545: FRAZIER, LYN & CLIFTON, CHARLES. - Construal.
151182: FREAM, WILLIAM. - The Rothamsted Experiments on the Growth of Wheat, Barley, and the Miced Herbage of Grassland.
157401: FRECCIA, MASSIMO. - The Sounds of Memory.
165633: FREEBORN, RICHARD. - American Alice.
138783: FREEDEN, MICHAEL (EDITOR). - Minutes of the Rainbow Circle, 1894-1924.
138755: FREEDGOOD, ELAINE (EDITOR) - Factory Production in Nineteenth-Century Britain.
137637: FREEDMAN, DIANE P. - An Alchemy of Genres. Cross-Genre Writing by American Feminist Poet-Critics.
167361: FREEDMAN, MAURICE. - Lineage Organization in Southeastern China.
165634: FREELING, NICOLAS. - Castang’S City.
161916: FREELING, NICOLAS. - Lake Isle.
161917: FREELING, NICOLAS. - The Night Lords.
161915: FREELING, NICOLAS. - Castang’S City.
161913: FREELING, NICOLAS. - Criminal Convictions. Errant Essays on Perpetrators of Literary License.
168672: FREELING, NICOLAS. - One Damn Thing After Another.
168669: FREELING, NICOLAS. - Strike out Where Not Applicable.
168668: FREELING, NICOLAS. - Tsing-Boum. A Novel.
167821: FREEMAN, DEREK. - Report on the Iban.
164365: (DARWIN) FREEMAN, R.B. - The Works of Charles Darwin. An Annotated Bibliographical Handlist.
169511: FREEMAN, MICHAEL. - India Modern.
167418: FREEMAN, CHARLES. - Holy Bones, Holy Dust.
156389: FREEMAN, GILLIAN. - The Undergrowth of Literature. With a Foreword by David Stafford-Clark.
170042: (COMPILER) FREEMAN, JOHN E. - A Guide to Manuscripts Relating to the American Indian in the Library of the American Philosophical Society.
157300: FREEMAN, JOHN. - Literature and Locality. The Literary Topography of Britian and Ireland.
169281: FREEMAN, DOUGLAS SOUTHALL. - The South to Posterity. An Introduction to the Writing of Confederate History.
159317: FREEMAN, RICHARD. - Swimming 1949.
165632: FREEMANTLE, BRIAN. - The Mary Celeste.
151202: FREETHY, RON. - From Agar to Zenry. A Book of Plant Uses, Names and Folklore.
166113: FREI, NORBERT (EDITOR). - Was Heisst Und Zu Welchem Ende Studiert Man Geschichte Des 20. Jahrhunderts?
150541: FREIDIN, ROBERT (EDITOR). - Principles and Parameters in Comparative Grammar.
165081: FREITAG, WERNER. - Heiliger Bischof Und Moderne Zeiten. Die Verehrung Des Leiligen Ludger IM Bistum Muenster. Herausgegeben Vom Freundeskreis Heimathaus Muensterlande. V. , Telgte Schriftleiter Thomas Ostendorf.
166072: FREITAG, WERNER. - Spenge 1900-1950. Lebenswelten in Einer Laendlich-Industriellen Dorfgesellschaft.
169009: FREMLIN, CELIA. - Listening in the Dusk.
163450: FRENAY, HENRI. - The Night Will End. Memoirs of a Revolutionary.
167074: FRENCH, PATRICK. - Liberty or Death. India’S Journey to Independence and Division.
164310: (WHYTT) FRENCH, R.K. - Robert Whytt, the Soul, and Medicine.
164367: (BOHR) FRENCH, A.P. AND KENNEDY, P.J. (EDITORS). - Niels Bohr: A Centenary Volume.
159265: (SURTEES) FRENCH, LIEUT.-COL. THE HON GERALD. - John Jorrocks and Other Characters. From the Works of Robert Surtees.
159269: (SURTEES) FRENCH, LIEUT.-COL. THE HON GERALD. - John Jorrocks and Other Characters. From the Works of Robert Surtees.
157250: (EDITORS) FRERE, WH., THE LATE RIGHT REVEREND AND DOUGLAS, CE, REV. - Puritan Manifestoes. A Study of the Origin of the Puritan Revolt, with a Reprint of the Admonition to Parliament and Kindred Documents, 1572.
153477: (CHAUCER). FRESE, DOLORES WARWICK. - An Ars Legendi for Chaucer’S Canterbury Tales. Re-Constructive Reading.
164120: FREUD, DAVID. - Freud in the City. At the Sharp End of the Global Finance Revolution.
162232: FREUND, HUGO UND BERG, ALEXANDER (EDITORS). - Geschichte Der Mikroskopie. Band II: Medizin [Only]. Leben Und Werk Grosser Forscher. Unter Mitarbeit Namhafter Autoren.
170771: FREYRE, GILBERTO. - The Mansions and the Shanties. The Making of Modern Brazil.
153670: FRIAR, STEPHEN. - A Companion to the English Parish Church.
157639: FRIDRIKSSON, STURLA. - Surtsey: Evolution of Life on a Volcanic Island.
169882: FRIED, ALBERT. - The Rise and Fall of the Jewish Gangster in America.
157785: (BAECK) FRIEDLANDER, ALBERT H. - Leo Baeck: Teacher of Theresienstadt.
157830: FRIEDMAN, LEE M. - Jewish Pioneers and Patriots. With a Preface by A.S. W. Rosenbach.
158161: FRIEDMAN, THOMAS. - The Lexus and the Olive Tree.
167643: FRIEDMANN, HERBERT. - The Honey Guides.
141620: FRINTELEN, CAPTAIN VON. - The Dark Invader. Wartime Reminiscences of a German Naval Intelligence Officer. With an Introduction by A.E. W. Mason.
165630: FRISBY, JOHN. - Anybody’S Day.
153956: FRISTER, ROMAN. - The Cap. Or, the Price of Life. Translated by Hillel Halkin.
138933: FRISTER, ROMAN. - The Cap, or, the Price of a Life.
168093: FRITH, HENRY. - A Cruise in Cloudland, and What Came of It.
167499: FRITH, HENRY. - Aboard the “Atalanta: ” the Story of a Truant.
167769: FRITH, HENRY. - The Log O the Bombastes.
166027: (GOEBBELS) FROEHLICH, ELKE (EDITOR). - Die Tagebuecher Von Joseph Goebbels. Teil I Band I/III [Only]. IM Auftrag Des Instituts Fuer Zeitgescheichte Und Mit Unterstuetzung Des Staatleichen Archivdienstes Russlands. Teil I: Aufzeichnungen 1923-1941. Band I/III Juni 1928-November 1929. Bearbeitet Von Anne Munding.
166028: (GOEBBELS) FROEHLICH, ELKE (EDITOR). - Die Tagebuecher Von Joseph Goebbels. Teil I Band 2/II [Only]. IM Auftrag Des Instituts Fuer Zeitgescheichte Und Mit Unterstuetzung Des Staatleichen Archivdienstes Russlands. Teil I: Aufzeichnungen 1923-1941. Band 2/II Juni 1931-November 1932. Bearbeitet Von Angela Hermann.
166029: (GOEBBELS) FROEHLICH, ELKE (EDITOR). - Die Tagebuecher Von Joseph Goebbels. Teil I Band I/III [Only]. IM Auftrag Des Instituts Fuer Zeitgescheichte Und Mit Unterstuetzung Des Staatleichen Archivdienstes Russlands. Teil I: Aufzeichnungen 1923-1941. Band 2/II Juni 1931-November 1932. Bearbeitet Von Angela Hermann.
150159: FROMENTAL, JEAN-LUC & FLOCH, JEAN-LOUIS. - En Pleine Guerre Froide.
169478: MUSEUM WITH NO FRONTIERS (PUBLISHER). - Ifriqiya. Thirteen Centuries of Art and Architecture in Tunisia.
169476: MUSEUM WITH NO FRONTIERS (PUBLISHER). - Early Ottoman Art. The Legacy of the Emirates.
165629: FROST, DAVID. - The Deed’S Creature.
160687: FROST, J. ALBERT. - The Shire Horse in Peace and War.
157348: FROST, RALPH (EDITOR). - What Cheer? Merry Stories for All Occasions.
152647: FROTHINGHAM, ALICE WILSON. - Spanish Glass.
138359: FROUDE, J.A. - The Reign of Mary Tudor. Introduced and Selected by Eamon Duffy.
160476: FROUDE, JAMES ANTHONY. - Oceana. Or England and Her Colonies.
162317: FROW, EDMUND AND FROW, RUTH. - A Survey of the Half-Time System in Education.
158530: FRUCHTER, NORMAN. - Coat Upon a Stick.
154903: (WILDE) FRY, STEPHEN (INTRODUCTION BY). - Wilde. Screenplay and Afterword by Julian Mitchell.
166485: FRYE, RICHARD N. - The Golden Age of Persia. Arabs in the East.
155671: (ASHBEE) FRYER, PETER (EDITOR). - Forbidden Books of the Victorians. Henry Spencer Ashbee’S Bibliographies of Erotica, Abridged and Edited, with an Introduction and Notes.
137176: (GALT) FRYKMAN, ERIK. - John Galt’S Scottish Stories 1820-1823.
166601: FRYMANN, DANIEL. - Wen Ich Der Kaiser War’. Politische Wahrheiten Und Notwendigkeiten.
170253: FUENTES, CARLOS. - The Buried Mirror. Reflections on Spain and the New World.
158663: FUENTES, CARLOS. - The Death of Artemio Cruz. Translated from the Spanish by Sam Hileman.
153953: FUGARD, ATHOL. - Notebooks 1960-1977. Edited by Mary Benson.
137321: FUGELSO, KARL & ROBINSON, CAROL L. (EDITORS). - Medievalism in Technology Old and New.
162148: FUHLBERG-HORST, JOHN. - Die Eisenbahn IM Bild. Eine Bilderreihe Aus Aller Welt. Zweite Folge.
156474: FUHLBERG-HORST, JOHN. - Die Eisenbahn IM Bild. Eine Bilderreihe Aus Aller Welt. Zweite Folge.
135042: FUKUDA, SETSUKO. - Classic Greeting Cards/Klassische Grusskarten.
158157: FUKUYAMA, FRANCIS. - Our Posthuman Future. Consequences of the Biotechnology Revolution.
160509: (EDITORS) FULFORD, TIM AND KITSON, PETER J. - Romanticism and Colonialism. Writing and Empire, 1780 - 1830.
159580: (EDITOR) FULFORD, ROGER. - Your Dear Letter. Private Correspondence of Queen Victoria and the Crown Princess of Prussia 1865 - 1871.
170888: (AUDEN) FULLER, JOHN. - W.H. Auden: A Commentary.
155450: FULLER, JOHN. - Fairground Music.
168919: FULLER, TIMOTHY. - Reunion with Murder.
165627: FULLER, JOHN. - The Adventures of Speedfall.
165628: FULLER, ROY. - The Carnal Island.
155449: FULLER, JOHN. - Selected Poems: 1954 to 1982.
155452: FULLER, JOHN. - The Illusionists. A Tale.
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