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145613: MATTHYS, ROBERT. - Golwyg Gyntaf Ar Y Chwyldro Diwydiannol. Addasiad Cymraeg Gan Ivor Owen.
155833: MATTINGLY, GARRETT. - Renaissance Diplomacy.
145212: MATTUSCH, CAROL C.; DONOHUE, A.A. & BRAUER, AMY (EDITORS). - Proceedings of the Xvith International Congress of Classical Archaeology, Boston, August 23-26, 2003. Common Ground: Archaeology, Art, Science, and Humanities.
154810: (THOMAS) MAUD, RALPH. - Dylan Thomas in Print. A Bibliographical History. Assisted by Albert Glover; Appendix 1969-71 Compiled by Walford Davies.
154800: (THOMAS) MAUD, RALPH (EDITOR). - Poet in the Making. The Notebooks of Dyland Thomas.
151380: MAUDUDI, S. ABUL A’LA. - Fundamentals of Islam.
154364: (KIPLING) MAUGHAM, W. SOMERSET (EDITOR). - A Choice of Kipling’S Prose. Selected and with an Introductory Essay.
154492: (MAUGHAM) MAUGHAM, ROBIN. - Conversations with Wille. Recollections of W. Somerset Maugham.
154861: (VOLTAIRE) MAUREL, ANDRE. - The Romance of Mme. Du Chatelet and Voltaire. Translated by Walter Mostyn. With Some Pages from Voltaire’S Memoirs by Way Fo a Preface.
154491: MAURIAC, CLAUDE. - The Other de Gaulle. Diaries 1944-1954. Translated by Moura Budberg and Gordon Latta.
151063: (COMPILER) MAURICE-JONES, HELEN. - Country Houses in Edwardian Cheshire.
157065: DU MAURIER, DAPHNE. - The King’S General.
157009: DU MAURIER, DAPHNE. - Golden Lads. A Study of Anthony Bacon, Francis, and Their Friends.
156361: MAUROIS, ANDRE. - Aspects of Biography. Translated from the French by S.C. Roberts.
146135: MYNYDD MAWR (PUBLISHER). - Moses Yn Yr Hesg.
154643: (RALEGH) MAY, STEPHEN W. - Sir Walter Ralegh.
152076: MAY, GARY. - Bending Towards Justice. The Voting Rights Act and the Transformation of American Democracy.
157141: MAYCOCK, AL. - Nicholas Ferrar of Little Gidding.
149429: MAYHEW, AUGUSTUS. - Pave with Gold. Or, the Romance and Reality of the Streets of London.
154490: MAYLE, PETER. - Expensive Habits.
152661: MAYNE, ALAN. - Hill End. An Historic Australian Goldfields Landscape.
144837: MCALEER, DAVE. - Hit Parade Heroes. British Beat Before the Beatles.
148480: MCBEE, MARY LOUISE &N BLAKE, KATHRYN A. - The American Woman: Who Will She Be?
144230: MCBRIDE, STEPHANIE & FLYNN, RODDY (EDITORS). - Here’S Looking at You, Kid! Ireland Goes to the Pictures.
144880: (BROWN) MCBRIDE, JAMES. - Kill ‘Em and Leave ‘Em. Searching for the Real James Brown.
143508: MCCAFFREE, MARY JANE & INNIS, PAULINE. - Protocol. The Complete Handbook of Diplomatic, Official and Social Usage.
152480: MCCALMAN, JANET. - Journeyings. The Biography of a Middle-Class Generation 1920 - 1990.
144015: MCCARNEY, JOSEPH. - Social Theory and the Crisis of Marxism.
149206: MCCARTHY, CARLTON. - Detailed Minutiae of Soldier Life in the Army of Northern Virginia 1861-1865. Introduction by Brian S. Wills.
149657: MCCARTHY, KEVIN ET AL. - The Amazing Adventures of the Escapist. No. 5 [Only]. The Death of the Escapist; Doc Hypnosis Vs. The Escapist; the Great Escapist; the Siren Song of Circe O’Shaughnessy; the Escapist Escapes Again!; the Final Curtain.
150565: MCCARTHY, MICHAEL & LANTOLF, JAMES P. (EDITORS). - Applied Linguistics. Volume 16. Number 4 [Only]. December 1995.
150566: MCCARTHY, MICHAEL & LANTOLF, JAMES P. (EDITORS). - Applied Linguistics. Volume 18. Number 3 [Only]. September 1997.
150564: MCCARTHY, MICHAEL & LANTOLF, JAMES P. (EDITORS). - Applied Linguistics. Volume 17. Number 2 [Only]. June 1996.
155393: (EDITORS) MCCLAIN, JAMES L., MERRIMAN, JOHN M. AND KAORU, UGAWA. - Edo & Paris. Urban Life & the State in the Early Modern Era.
149702: MCCLOUD, SCOTT. - The Original Zot! Book One[Only].
149982: MCCLOUD, SCOTT & DINI, PAUL. - Superman: Adventures of the Man of Steel. Introduction by Scott Mccloud.
155299: (BYRON) MCCONNELL, FRANK D. (EDITOR). - Byron’S Poetry. Authoritative Rexts, Letters and Journals, Criticism, Images of Byron. Selectd and Edited.
152653: MCCULLOUGH, COLLEEN. - The Courage and the Will. The Life of Roden Cutler, V.C.
151619: MCCULLOUGH, DAVID. - John Adams.
149711: MCFARLANE, TODD; CAPULLO, GREG ET AL. - Spawn: Sanction.
149708: MCFARLANE, TODD; CAPULLO, GREG & MIKI, DANNY. - Spawn: Corruption.
149710: MCFARLANE, TODD; WOLF, CHANCE & MIKI, DANNY. - Spawn: Termination.
149712: MCFARLANE, TODD; CAPULLO, GREG & MIKI, DANNI. - Spawn: Damnation.
149714: MCFARLANE, TODD; CAPULLO, GREG & MIKI, DANNI. - Spawn: Revelation.
149709: MCFARLANE, TODD; CAPULLO, GREG ET AL. - Spawn: Abduction.
157183: MCFARLANE, I.D. - Renaissance Latin Poetry.
151944: MCGOWAN, WILLIAM. - Gray Lady Down. What the Decline and Fall of the New York Times Means for America.
152975: MCGOWAN, IAN (EDITOR). - Macmillian Anthologies of English Literature. Volume 3 [Only]: The Restoration and Eighteenth Century.
153672: MCGRATH, ALISTER. - In the Beginning. The Story of the King James Bible and How It Changed a Nation, a Language, and a Culture.
148998: MCGRATH, MELANIE. - Hopping. The Hidden Lives of an East End Hop Picking Family.
153400: MCHUGH, ROLAND. - Annotations to Finnegans Wake.
149062: MCINTYRE, DENIZE. - On Equal Terms. Denize Mcintyre Explores a Century of Education from the School of Mines Founded in 1913, to the Polytechnic of Wales, University of Glamorgan and the University of South Wales.
154830: (THRALE) MCINTYRE, IAN. - Hester. The Remarkable Life of Dr. Johnson’S ‘Dear Mistress. ’
151420: MCKAY, HEATHER A. - Sabbath and Synagugue. The Question of Sabbath Worship in Ancient Judaism.
149880: MCKENDRICK, SCOT. - Flemish Illuminated Manuscripts 1400-1550.
153901: (ELIOT) MCKENZIE, K.A. - Edith Simcox and George Eliot.
149646: (LAVOISIER) MCKIE, DOUGLAS. - Antoine Lavoisier. The Father of Modern Chemistry. With an Introduction by F.G. Donnan.
154211: (JOHNSON) MCLAREN, MORAY. - The Highland Jaunt. A Study of James Boswell and Samuel Johnson Upon Their Higland and Hebridean Tour of 1773.
151661: MCLEAN, GEORGE F. (EDITOR). - Man and Nature. Iind International Conference of the International Society for Metaphysics, January 7-12, 1976, Visva-Bharati, Santiniketan, West Bengal, India.
151292: MCLOUGHLIN, WILLIAM G. - Rhode Island. A History.
149050: MCMANNERS, HUGH. - Crowning the Dragon. Adventures in the Chinese Karakoram.
155167: MCMILLAN, DOROTHY AND BYRNE, MICHEL (EDITORS) - Modern Scottish Women Poets. Edited and Introduced.
149185: MCMURRY, RICHARD M. - Two Great Rebel Armies. An Essay in Confederate Military History.
156330: MCNUTT, DAN J. - The Eighteenth-Century Gothic Novel: An Annotated Bibliogrpahy of Criticism and Selected Texts. With a Foreword by Devendra Varma and Maurice Levy.
151379: MCROY, ANTHONY. - From Rushdie to 7/7: The Radicalisation of Islam in Britain.
151930: MEAD, STELLA. - Bim. A Boy in British Guiana.
151393: MEAD, WALTER RUSSELL. - God & Gold. Britain, America and the Making of the Modern World.
157185: MEEHAN, MICHAEL. - Liberty and Poetics in Eighteenth Century England.
145539: MEEK, ELIN. - O’R Tir. Byw Yn Y Wlad.
148525: MEESE, ELIZABETH. - Crossing the Double-Cross. The Practice of Feminist Criticism.
155416: (EDITORS) MEGAW, JVS AND SIMPSON, DDA. - Introduction to British Prehistory. From the Arrival of Homo Sapiens to the Claudian Invasion.
152153: MEGGITT, M.J. - The Lineage System of the Mae-Enga of New Guinea.
154489: MEHTA, VED. - The Stolen Light. Continents of Exile.
144217: (CHACHAJI) MEHTA, VED. - The Photographs of Chachaji. The Making of a Documentary Film.
144218: (CHACHAJI) MEHTA, VED. - The Photographs of Chachaji. The Making of a Documentary Film.
156726: MEIJER, REINDER P. - Literature of the Low Countries. A Short History of Dutch Literature in Teh Netherlands and Belgium.
153302: MEIKLEJOHN-FREE, BARBARA. - Sacred Sites Oracle Cards. Harness Our Earth’S Spiritual Energy to Heal Your Past, Transform Your Present and Shape Your Future.
154788: (STRACHEY) MEISEL, PERRY AND KENDRICK, WALTER (EDITORS). - Bloomsbury/Freud. The Letters of James and Alix Strachey 1924-1925.
144433: MELLEN, JOAN. - Big Bad Wolves. Masculinity in the American Film.
153023: MELVILLE, LEWIS. - Victorian Novelists.
150982: MENDELS, DORON. - The Media Revolution of Early Christianity. An Essay on Eusebius’S Ecclesiastical History.
153569: MENDELSOHN, EZRA. - The Jews of East Central Europe between the World Wars.
153073: (AUDEN) MENDELSON, EDWARD. - Early Auden.
151169: MENZIES-KITCHIN, A.W. - Land Settlement. A Report Prepared for the Carnegie United Kingdom Trustees. With a Foreword by the Trustees.
143991: MEPHAN, JOHN & RUBEN, DAVID-HILLEL (EDITORS). - Issues in Marxist Philosophy. Volume III (Only). Epistemology, Science, Ideology.
147364: (THOMAS) MERCHANT, W. MOELWYN. - R.S. Thomas.
156711: MERCIER, LOUIS SEBASTIEN. - The Picture of Paris Before and After the Revolution. Translated with an Introduction by Wilfrid and Emile Jackson.
151023: MERCIER, HIS EMINENCE D.J. - Cardinal Mercier’S Own Story. Introduction by Professor Fernand Mayence. Prefatory Letter by His Eminence James Cardinal Gibbons.
147832: (DAVIES) MEREDITH, J.E. - Gwenallt: Bardd Crefyddol. Darlith Davies.
154342: (KAUFMAN) MEREDITH, SCOTT. - George S. Kaufman and His Friends.
147690: MEREDITH, DAVID. - Rembrandt.
146163: MEREDITH, DAVID. - Pwy Fase’N Meddwl.
150549: MERLAN, FRANCESCA & RUMSEY, ALAN. - Ku Waru. Language and Segmentary Politics in the Western Nebilyer Valley, Papua New Guinea.
157161: MERQUIOR, J.J. - Rousseau and Weber. Two Studies in the Theory of Legitimacy.
149780: METH, CLIFFORD (EDITOR). - Balm in Gilead. Salves from the Souk of Imagination.
147734: [ROWLANDS, ROBERT JOHN] “MEURYN.” - Dirgelwch Llys Y Gwynt. Nofel Dditectif. I. Blant Ysgol.
145509: MEURYN. - Ar Goll. Nofel Dditectif.
143509: MEYER, BIRGIT & GESCHIERE, PETER (EDITORS). - Globalization and Identity: Dialectics of Flow and Closure.
155134: (WORDSWORTH) MEYER, GEORGE WILBUR. - Wordsworth’S Formative Years.
153605: MEYER, MICHAEL A. (EDITOR). - German Jewish History in Modern Times. Volume 1 [Only]: Tradition and Enlightenment 1600-1780. By Mordechai Breuer and Michael Graetz. Translated by William Templer.
143502: MEYERS, PETER ALEXANDER. - Abandoned to Ourselves, Being an Essay on the Emergence and Implications of Sociology in the Writings of Mr. Jean-Jacques Rousseau, with Special Attention to His Claims About the Moral Significance of Dependence in the Compoistion and Self-Transformation of the Social Bond, & Aimed to Uncover the Tension between Those Two Perspectives - Creationism & Social Evolution - That Remaims Embedded in out Common Sense & Which Still Impedes the Human Science of Politics.
156362: MEYERS, JEFFREY (EDITOR). - The Craft of the Literary Biography.
155525: MEYNELL, ALICE. - Poems.
154525: MEYNELL, FRANCIS. - My Lives.
155635: MEYNELL, ALICE. - Later Poems.
144946: MIALL, TOM. - Cyw Dol.
156348: MIALL, DAVID S. (EDITOR). - Metaphor: Problems and Perspectives.
156080: MICHMAN, JOZEPH. - Dutch Jewry. During the Emancipation Period. Gothic Turrets on a Corinthian Building.
152847: MIDDLETON, W.E. KNOWLES. - A History of the Theories of Rain and Other Forms of Precipitation.
151797: MIEDER, WOLFGANG (EDITOR). - “True Friends Are Like Diamonds. ” Three Decades of Correspondence between the Folklorists Shirley L. Arora and Wolfgang Mieder.
148358: MIGIEL, MARILYN AND SCHIESARI, JULIANA (EDITORS). - Refiguring Woman. Perspectives on Gender and the Italian Renaissance. With an Introduction.
155644: MIKDADI, F.H. - A Return. The Siege of Beirut.
152070: MILBANK, DANA. - Homo Politicus. The Strange and Scary Tribes That Run Our Government.
150212: MILEHAM, PATRICK. - The Yeomanry Regiments. Over 200 Years of Tradition. Forewrod by Brigadier the Duke of Westminster Obe Td Dl.
145584: (NICHOLAS) MILES, DILLWYN. - Atgofion Hen Arywddfardd. Cyflwyniad Gan Jams Nicholas.
149376: MILES, JOHN. - Princes and People. Foreword by Rt. Hon James Griffiths.
147757: MILES, DILLWYN. - The Secret of the Bards of the Isle of Britain.
145680: MILES, GARETH. - Treffin.
147782: MILES, DILLWYN. - The Royal National Eisteddfod of Wales.
149147: (PELHAM) MILHAM, CHARLES G. - Gallant Pelham: American Extraordinary. Introduction Major General U.S. Grant.
143507: MILL, J.S. - On Liberty and Considerations on Representative Government. Edited with an Introduction by R.B. Mccallum.
153492: (COLERIDGE) MILL, [JOHN STUART]. - MILL on Bentham and Coleridge. With an Introduction by F.R. Leavis.
149202: MILLER, EDWARD STOKES. - CIVIL War Sea Battles. Seafights and Shipwrecks in the War between the States.
149041: MILLER, STANLEY. - Mr Christian! the Journal of Fletcher Christian, Former Lieutenant of His Majest’S Armed Vessel ‘Bounty. ’
155634: MILLER, ALICE DUER. - The White Cliffs.
152825: MILLER, HUGH. - First Impressions of England and Its People.
151307: (HUBBARD) MILLER, RUSSELL. - Bare-Faced Messiah. The True Story of L. Ron Hubbard.
147190: MILLER, STEPHEN G. - Arete: Greek Sports from Ancient Sources.
148652: MILLER, GERRIT S. - A Second Collection of Mammals from Caves Near St. Michel, Haiti.
153222: (BELLOW) MILLER, RUTH. - Saul Bellow: A Biography of the Imagination.
154521: MILLER, ARTHUR. - Timebends: A Life.
148320: MILLETT, KATE. - Flying.
149654: (DALTON) MILLINGTON, J.P. - John Dalton.
148295: MILLS, JANE. - Womanworlds. A Vocabulary of Culture and Patriarchal Society.
146109: MILLWARD, E.G. (EDITOR). - Ceinion Y Gan. Detholiad O Ganeuon Poblogaidd Oes Victoria.
145997: (FARDD) MILLWARD, E.G. - Eben Fardd.
155640: MILNE, EWART. - Life Arboreal
151662: MILNE, A.J.M. - Freedom and Rights.
148721: MILNE, GUSTAV. - The Port of Roman London.
154516: MILNE, A.A. - If I May.
155807: MILNER, GEORGE. - From Dawn to Dusk. A Book of Verses.
153260: MILNER, LAURIE. - Royal Scots in the Gulf. 1st. Battalion the Royal Scots (the Royal Regiment) on Operation Granby 1990 - 1991.
155648: MILTON, JOHN. - The Poetical Works.
155651: MILTON, JOHN. - The Poetical Works. Edited After the Orginal Texts by the Rev. H.C. Beeching, M.A.
154512: MILTON, JOHN. - The Poems of John Milton. Volume I [Only]: The Latin and Greek Poems, by Douglas Bush; the Italian Poems, by J.E. Shaw and A. Bartlett Giamatti.
152286: MINCOFF, ELIZABETH AND MARRIAGE, MARGARET S. - Pillow Lace: A Practical Hand-Book.
151423: MINDLIN, MURRAY & BERMANT,CHAIM (EDITORS). - Explorations: An Annual on Jewish Themes.
148299: MINER, VALERIE. - Rumors from the Cauldron. Selected Essays, Reviews, and Reportage.
156747: MINER, EARL; ODAGIRI, HIROKO AND MORRELL, ROBERT E. - The Princeton Companion to Classical Japanese Literature.
147621: MINHINNICK, ROBERT. - The Dinosaur Park.
149602: MINNEY, R.J. - The Two Pillars of Charing Cross. The Story of a Famous Hospital.
151980: MINTZ, STEVEN. - Huck’S Raft. A History of American Childhood.
151372: MIRSKY, JEANNETTE. - Houses of God.
153279: MISHAL, SHAUL. - The Plo Under Arafat. Between Gun and Olive Branch.
148605: (PETRONIUS) MITCHELL, J.M. (TRANSLATOR). - The Satyricon. With an Introduction and Notes.
156755: MITCHELL, ANGELYN (EDITOR). - Within the Circle. An Anthology of African American Literary Criticism from the Harlem Renaissance to the Present.
154819: (TRESSELL) MITCHELL, JACK. - Robert Tressell and the Ragged Trousered Philanthropists.
156732: MITCHELL, P.M. - A History of Danish Literature. With an Introductory Chapter by Mogens Haugsted.
154540: MITFORD, MARY RUSSELL. - Recollections of a Literary Life; and Selections from My Favourite Poets and Prose Writers.
151755: MITFORD, JESSICA. - The Trial of Dr. Spock.
151877: MITFORD, MARY RUSSELL. - Our Village [First Series]: Sketches of Rural Character and Scenery.
151878: MITFORD, MARY RUSSELL. - Our Village [Second Series]: Sketches of Rural Character and Scenery.
153937: (FORD) MIZENER, ARTHUR. - The Saddest Story. A Biography of Ford Maddox Ford.
156756: MIZRUCHI, SUSAN L. - The Science of Sacrifice. American Literature and Modern Social Theory.
155806: MOAT, JOHN. - A Standard of Verse. With Nine Poems by Baldwin, Barker, Hughes, Larkin, Levi, Middleton, Murphy, Thomas, Tonks.
144444: (HITCHCOCK) MODLESKI, TANIA. - The Women Who Knew Too Muc. Hitchcock and Feminist Theory.
149117: MOE, RICHARD. - The Last Full Measure. The Life and Death of the First Minnesota Volunteers.
146472: MOELWYN. - Pedair Cymwynas Pentycelyn.
144499: MOELWYN. - Pedair Cymwynas Pantycelyn.
149721: MOENCH, DOUG. - Batman: Dark Joker - the Wild.
156422: VON MOHRENSCHILDT, DIMITRI S. - Russia in the Intellectual Life of Eighteenth-Century France.
154866: (WAUCH) MOIR, D.M. (EDITOR). - The Life of Mansie Wauch, Tailor in Dalkeith, Written by Himself.
144176: MONACO, JAMES. - American Film Now. The People, the Power, the Money, the Movies.
153116: MONAGHAN, LOUISE AND KINSELLA, YVONNE. - Stolen: Escape from Syria. A Mother’S Terrifying Journey to Rescue Her Kidnapped Child.
135856: MONEY-KYRLE, R.E. - Man’S Picture of His World. A Psycho-Analytic Study.
151274: MONK, MARIA. - Awful Discolosures of Maria Monk, As Exhibited in a Narrative of Her Sufferings, During a Residence of Five Years As a Novice, and Two Years As a Black Nun, in the Hotel Dieu Nunnery at Montreal. With Additional Information, and Confirmation. To Which Is Added, the Nun; or, Six Months’ Residence in a Convent, by Rebecca Theresa Reed.
154323: (KIPLING) MONKSHOOD, G.F. - The Less Familiar Kipling, and Kiplingana.
151206: [MONOD, THEODORE. - Phanerogames. ]
151014: MONTEFIORE, HUGH. - Credible Christianity. The Gospel in Contemporary Society.
156464: MONTEFIORE, SIMON SEBAG. - The Life of Potemkin. Prince of Princes.
153323: MOOR, MANEESH DE. - Om Deeksha.
148416: MOORE, LINDY. - Bajanellas and Semilinas. Aberdeen University and the Education of Women 1860-1920.
144766: MOORE, JERROLD NORTHROP. - Philharmonic Jubilee 1932-1982. A Celebration of the London Philharmonic Orchestra’S Fiftieth Anniversary.
149063: MOORE, PATRICIA (EDITOR). - Glamorgan Sheriffs. Biographical Notes on Sheriffs 1966-1993 and Lists of Sheriffs from the Twelfth Century to the Present Day.
155108: MOORE, R.J. - Making the New Commonwealth.
144655: (HOLLY) MOORE, GARY W. - Hey Buddy. In Pursuit of Buddy Holly, My New Buddy John, and My Lost Decade of Music.
153353: (BYRON) MOORE, DORIS LANGLEY. - The Late Lord Byron. Posthumous Dramas.
154527: (EDITOR) MOOREHEAD, LUCY. - Freya Stark Letters. Volume Four: Bridge of the Levant 1940 - 43.
145151: MOOREY, P.R.S. (EDITOR). - The Origins of Civilization. Wolfson College Lectures 1978.
151849: MORAN, JAMES (EDITOR). - Printing in the 20th Century. A Penrose Anthology.
154534: MORAVIA, ALBERTO. - Man As an End. A Defence of Humanism. Literary, Social and Political Essays. Translated from the Italiam by Bernard Wall.
153059: (AGEE) MOREAU, GENEVIEVE. - The Restless Journey of James Agee. Translated from the French by Miriam Kleiger with the Assistance of Morty Schiff.
148316: MOREWEDGE, ROSMARIE THEE (EDITOR). - The Role of Woman in the Middle Ages. Papers of the Sixth Annual Conference of the Center for Medieval and Early Renaissance Studies, State University of New York at Binghamton, 6-7 May 1972.
149843: MOREY, CHARLES RUFUS. - Mediaeval Art.
148608: (LUCAN) MORFORD, M.P.O. - The Poet Lucan. Studies in Rhetorical Epic.
147468: MORGAN, IWAN (EDITOR). - The College by the Sea (a Record and a Review). University College of Wales, Aberystwyth “Nid Byd Byd Heb Wybodaeth. ”
151663: MORGAN, CHARLES. - Liberties of the Mind.
145928: MORGAN, DYFNALLT & STODDART, JOHN (TRANSLATORS). - Y Gan Yn Ei Gogniant. Detholiad O Lieder.
149264: MORGAN, DENNIS. - The Cardiff Story. A History of the City from Its Earliest Times to the Present.
145989: (FARDD) MORGAN, GERALD. - Ieuan Fardd.
156161: MORGAN, MARTIN. - Tad-Cu Ar Ei Wyliau.
156173: (WILLIAMS) MORGAN, W. (EDITOR). - Album Williams, Pantycelyn: Yn Cynnwys Darluniau Cyssylltiedig a’I Fywyn a’I Goffadwriaeth, a Nodiadau Eglurhaol, Yn Nghyd a Detholion O’I Weithiau Barddonol.
156206: MORGAN, PRYS. - Beibl Y Gymru.
153473: (CHARKE) MORGAN, FIDELIS AND CHARKE, CHARLOTTE. - The Well-Known Troublemaker. A Life of Charlotte Charke.
149350: MORGAN, LAWRENCE. - A Plough on the Mountain.
146550: (BARTH) MORGAN, D. DENSIL. - Barth.
156057: (ROBERTS) MORGAN, DEREC LLWYD (EDITOR). - Kate Roberts.
144916: MORGAN, WILLIAM (TRANSLATOR). - The Book of Job.
147518: (JONES) MORGAN, DEREC LLWYD. - Barddoniaeth Thomas Gwynn Jones.
152809: MORGAN, S.C. - The Geology of the Gaika Gold Mine, Que Que, S. Rhodesia. Issued by Authority.
146412: MORGAN, DEREC LLWYD. - Y Tan Melys.
149479: MORGAN, THE REV. J. VYRNWY. - The Welsh Mind in Evolution.
146132: MORGAN, DYFNALLT (EDITOR). - Gwyr Llen. Y Ddeunawfed Ganrif a’U Cefndir. Pedair Ar Hugain O Sgyrsiau Radio.
154557: MORGAN, EDWIN. - Nothing Not Giving Messiages. Reflections on Work and Life. Edited by Hamish Whyte.
147771: MORGAN, GERALD. - The Dragon’S Tongue. The Fortunes of the Welsh Language.
147378: (JONES) MORGAN, DYFNALLT. - D. Gwenallt Jones.
146085: MORGAN, PRYS. - Beibl I Gymru.
146386: MORGAN, DYFNALLT. - Y Llen. A Myfyrdodau Eraill.
155847: MORGAN, DEREC LLWYD. - Pobl Pantycelyn.
147580: (WILLIAMS) MORGAN, W. (EDITOR). - Album Williams, Pantycelyn: Yn Cynnwys Darluniau Cyssylltiedig a’I Fywyn a’I Goffadwriaeth, a Nodiadau Eglurhaol, Yn Nghyd a Detholion O’I Weithiau Barddonol.
154536: (MOORE) MORGAN, CHARLES. - Epitaph on George Moore.
146196: (PARRY-WILLIAMS) MORGAN, DYFNALLT. - Rhyw Hanner Ieuenctid. Astudiaeth O Gerddi Ac Ysgrifau T.H. Parry-Williams, Rhwng 1907 a 1928.
145061: (ROBERTS) MORGAN, DEREC LLWYD. - Tyred I’N Gwaredu. Bywyd John Roberts Llanfwrog.
147565: (ROBERTS) MORGAN, DEREC LLWYD (EDITOR). - Kate Roberts.
145993: (EDWARDS) MORGAN, D. LLWYD. - Charles Edwards.
147404: (GRUFFYDD) MORGAN, T.J. - W.J. Gruffydd.
147397: (ROBERTS) MORGAN, DEREC LLWYD. - Kate Roberts.
144490: MORGAN, PRYS. - Trugareddau.
152572: (COMPILERS) MORGAN, E.J.R. AND GILBERT, S.H. - Early Adelaide Architecture 1836 - 1886. A Photographic Record.
155981: MORGAN, DYFNALLT AND STODDART, JOHN. - Y Gan Yn Ei Gogoniant. Detholiad a Lieder. Trosiadau O’R Almaeneg.
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