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157893: FELDER, RABBI AARON. - Yesodei Smochos. A Compilation of Jewish Laws and Traditions Dealing with Death and Mourning, with the Addition of Detailed Studies of Related Problems Arising from Modern Life Situations.
135053: FELDMAN, SUZANNE; FARVER, SUZANNE & HOBBS, ROBERT. - 20 Years/20 Artists.
158661: FELINTO, MARILENE. - The Women of Tijucopapo. Translated and with an Afterword by Irene Matthews.
137416: FELTES, N.N. - Modes of Production of Victorian Novels.
139111: FELTON, MARK. - 21st Century Courage: Stirring Stories of Modern British Heroes.
139038: FENBY, JONATHAN. - Alliance. The Inside Story of How Roosevelt, Stalin and Churchill Won One War and Began Another.
129664: FENBY, JONATHAN. - Alliance. The Inside Story of How Roosevelt, Stalin and Churchill Won One War and Began Another.
133275: FENDER, STEPHEN. - Sea Changes. British Emigration & American Literature.
158399: FENICHEL, OTTO. - The Psychoanalytical Theory of Neurosis.
158421: FENICHEL, OTTO. - Problems of Psychoanalytic Technique. Translated by David Brunswick.
155451: FENTON, JAMES AND FULLER, JOHN. - Partingtime Hall. Poems.
155473: FENTON, JAMES. - Children in Exile.
159398: FENTON, JAMES. - A German Requiem. A Poem.
134621: FENWICK, HUBERT. - Scotland’S Castles.
158502: FERBER, EDNA. - Roast Beef Medium. The Business Adventures of Emma Mcchesney.
149590: FERGUS, A. FREELAND. - The Origin and Development of the Glasgow School of Medicine: From Maister Peter Loew to Sir William T. Gairdner. Presidential Address Delivered to the Medico-Chirurgical Society of Glasgow, 6th October, 1911.
148340: (WOLLSTONECRAFT) FERGUSON, MOIRA & TODD, JANET. - Mary Wollstonecraft.
154518: (MILLER) FERGUSON, ROBERT. - Henry Miller: A Life.
148160: FERGUSON, MOIRA (EDITOR). - First Feminists. British Women Writers 1578-1799. Edited with an Introduction.
148169: FERGUSON, MOIRA (EDITOR). - First Feminists. British Women Writers 1578-1799. Edited with an Introduction.
139468: FERGUSON, KITTY. - The Nobleham and His Housedog. Tycho Brahe Andjohannes Kepler: The Strange Partnership That Revolutionised Science.
137777: (STEVENSON) FERGUSON, DELANCEY & WAINGROW, MARSHALL (EDITORS). - R.L. S. Stevenson’S Letters to Charles Baxter.
148164: FERGUSON, MOIRA (EDITOR). - Nine Black Women. An Anthology of Nineteenth-Century Writers from the United States, Canada, Bermuda, and the Caribbean. Edited and Introduced.
148466: FERGUSON, MOIRA (EDITOR). - Nine Black Women. An Anthology of Nineteenth-Century Writers from the United States, Canada, Bermuda and the Caribbbean. Edited and Introduced.
148356: FERGUSON, MOIRA. - Colonialism and Gender Relations from Mary Wollstonecraft to Jamaica Kincaid. East Caribbean Connections.
156752: FERGUSON, MOIRA. - Colonialism and Gender Realtion from Mary Wollstonecraft to Jamaica Kincaid. East Caribbean Connections.
131409: FERGUSSON, BERNARD. - The Watery Maze. The Story of Combined Operations.
125024: FERM, VERGILIUS. - First Chapters in Religious Philosophy.
151560: FERNANDEZ-ARMESTO, FELIPE. - Amerigo. The Man Who Gave His Name to America.
142797: FERNANDEZ-ARMESTO, FELIPE. - Columbus and the Conquest of the Impossible.
148182: FERRANTE, JOAN M. - Woman As Image in Medeval Literature. From the Twelfth Century to Dante.
110046: FERRÉ, ROSARIO. - Language Duel. Poems.
158652: FERREIRA, DAVID MOURAO. - Lucky in Love. Translated by Christine Robinson.
148225: FERRIE, EDDI. - Kung Fu. Martial Art and Combat Sport.
148249: FERRIE, EDDIE. - Karate-Do. The Way of the Empty Hand.
136587: (FERRIER) FERRIER, WINIFRED. - The Life of Kathleen Ferrier. By Her Sister.
150647: FERRIER, J. TOD. - The Master. Known Unto the World As Jesus the Christ. His Life and Teachings, Being Recoveries by the Writer Through Illuminations, Visions and Jexperiences Wherein Are Set Forth the Inner Meanings of the Master’S Teachings, and the Nature of His Jesushood and Christhood.
154807: (THOMAS) FERRIS, PAUL. - Caitlin: The Life of Caitlin Thomas.
154801: (THOMAS) FERRIS, PAUL (EDITOR). - The Collected Letters of Dylan Thomas.
157648: FERRIS, TIMOTHY. - The Whole Shebang. A State-of-the-Universe(S) Report.
157730: FERRIS, CHRIS. - The Darkness Is Light Enough. The Field Journal of a Night Naturalist. Foreword by Ernest Neal.
112159: FERRO, GAETANO ET AL. - Columbian Iconography. Introduction, Commentary and Notes by Gaetano Ferro, Luisa Faldini, Marica Milanesi. In Collaboration with Carla Pampaloni, Laura Monferdini, Maria Teresa Di Palma. Coordination and Editing Gianni Eugenio Viola. Translated Into English by Luciano F. Farina and Carla Onorato Wysokinski.
154914: FERRO, MARC. - The Use and Abuse of History. Or How the Past Is Taught.
112154: FERRO, GAETANO. - Liguria and Genoa at the Time of Columbus. English Edition.
151027: FERRO, GAETANO ET AL. - Columbian Iconography. Introduction, Commentary and Notes by Gaetano Ferro, Luisa Faldini, Marica Milanesi. In Collaboration with Carla Pampaloni, Laura Monferdini, Maria Teresa Di Palma. Coordination and Editing Gianni Eugenio Viola. Translated Into English by Luciano F. Farina and Carla Onorato Wysokinski.
156785: FERSTER, JUDITH. - Fictions of Advice. The Literature of Politics of Counsel in Late Medieval England.
155464: FERVAL, CLAUDE. - The Private Life of Cleopatra.
126179: FESS, MARGARET RICHMOND. - The Grosvenor Library and Its Times.
158853: FEUCHTWANGER, LION. - Jew Suss. A Historical Romance. Translated from the German by Willa and Edwin Muir.
137980: FIDEL, MARIA JOSE BUENO. - Masterpieces: Paul Gauguin. Translated from the Spanish by Sue Brownbridge.
140848: FIDO, MARTIN. - Bodysnatchers. A History of the Resurrectionists 1742-1832.
139471: FIELD, J.V. & JAMES, FRANK A.J.L. (EDITORS). - Renaissance and Revolution. Humanists, Scholars, Craftsmen and Natural Philosophers Inearly Modern Europe.
140762: FIELD, DANIEL. - Rebels in the Name of the Tsar.
138587: FIELD, JOHN. - The King’S Nurseries.
154448: (MALORY) FIELD, P.J.C. - The Life and Times of Sir Thomas Malory.
135252: FIELD, JOHN. - Place-Names of Greater London.
160089: (LANDOR) FIELD, JEAN. - Landor. A Biography of Walter Savage Landor, Plus a Selection of His Works.
147464: FIELDER, GERAINT D. - ‘Excuse Me, Mr. Davies - Hallueluja!’ Evangelical Student Witness in Wales 1923-1983.
126667: (BRENAN). FIELDING, XAN (EDITOR). - Best of Friends: The Brenan-Partridge Letters.
153915: FIELDING, HENRY. - A Journey from This World to the Next and a Voyage to Lisbon. Edited by George Saintsbury.
158497: FIELDING, HENRY. - The History of Tom Jones: A Foundling. Volume I [Only].
158498: FIELDING, HENRY. - The Adventures of Joseph Andrews. Edited with an Introduction and Notes by J. Paul de Castro.
158499: FIELDING, HENRY. - The Adventures of Joseph Andrews.
158500: FIELDING, HENRY. - The History of the Life of the Late Mr. Jonathan Wilde the Great, and a Journey from This World to the Next, &C. &C.
158501: FIELDING, GABRIEL. - Through Streets Broad and Narrow.
158607: FIELDING-HALL, H. - Love’S Legend.
108100: FIGGIS, MIKE. - Collected Screenplays 1.
81602: FIGUERA, DOROTHY MATILDA. - Translating the Orient. The Reception of Akuntala in Nineteenth-Century Europe.
149776: FIGUEROA, JHN & ALBERT, KIRK. - The Project. Volume 2 [Only].
148334: FILBEE, MARJORIE. - A Woman’S Place. An Illustrated History of Women at Home from the Roman Villa to the Victorian Town House.
129806: FILSON, FLOYD V. - A New Testament History.
151865: FINCH, WILLIAM COLES. - Life in Rural England. Occupations and Pastimes in Field and Village, Farm and Home, Water MILL and Wind MILL.
150629: FINCHAM, H.W. - The Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem and Its Grand Priory of England.
124103: (STEVENSON). FINDLAY, J. PATRICK. - In the Footsteps of R.L. S. Illustrated with Photogaphs by John Patrick.
148435: FINK, AUGUSTA. - I-Mary. A Biography of Mary Austin.
144893: (HENDERSON) FINLAY, ALEC (EDITOR). - The Armstrong Nose. Selected Letters of Hamish Henderson.
142508: (HENDERSON) FINLAY, ALEC (EDITOR). - The Armstrong Nose. Selected Letters of Hamish Henderson.
160173: FINLAYSON, GEOFFREY BAM. - The Seventh Earl of Shaftesbury 1801 - 1885.
156393: FINN, MARY E. - Writing the Incommensurable. Kierkegaard, Rossetti, and Hopkins.
126665: (YEATS). FINNERAN, RICHARD J. (EDITOR). - Yeats Annual No. 1.
151738: FINNIGAN, JUDY. - I Do Not Sleep.
143212: FIORENZA, ELISABETH SCHUESSLER; BROOK, ANN & MATTHEWS, SHELLEY (EDITORS). - Searching the Scriptures. Volume II [Only]. A Feminist Commentary.
158494: FIRBANK, RONALD. - Prancing Nigger.
158495: FIRBANK, RONALD. - Three Novels. Vainglory; Inclinations; Caprice. With an Introduction by Ernest Jones.
139346: FIRTH, RAYMOND. - Human Types. An Introduction to Social Anthropology.
139326: FIRTH, RAYMOND (EDITOR). - Themes in Economic Anthropology.
138042: FIRTH, J. D’E. - Winchester.
158319: FIRTH, J.B. - A Scientist Turns to Crime.
158493: FIRTH, ANTHONY. - Tall, Balding, Thirty-Five.
136172: FISCHER, EDWARD. - Maybe a Second Spring. The Story of the Missionary Sisters of St. Columban in China.
107513: (BENJAMIN). FISCHER, GERHARD (EDITOR). - ‘with the Sharpened Axe of Reason’ Approaches to Walter Benjamin.
133520: FISCHER, EDWARD. - The Chancy War. Winning in China, Burma, and India, in World War Two.
157369: FISCHER-DIESKAU, DIETRICH (EDITOR). - The Fischer-Dieskau Book of Lieder. The Texts of over 750 Songs in German Chosen and Introduced. Wtih English Translations by George Bird and Richard Stokes.
157829: FISHBANE, SIMCHA. - The Method and Meaning of the Mishnah Berurah.
117592: (POUND). FISHER, MARGARET. - Ezra Pound’S Radio Operas. The Bbc Experiments, 1931-1933.
131962: FISHER, H.A.L. - Bonapartism: Six Lectures. Delivered in the University of London.
130052: FISHER, VARDIS. - Suicide or Murder? the Strange Death of Governor Meriwether Lewis.
152770: (JENNER) FISHER, RICHARD B. - Edward Jenner 1749-1823.
124314: (CRANE). FISHER, CLIVE. - Hart Crane: A Life.
157629: FISHER, DAVID E. - Much Ado About (Practically) Nothing. A History of the Noble Gases.
158491: FISHER, RICHARD. - Reivers’ Road. A Border Story.
158492: FISHER, M.F.K. - Stay Me, Oh Comfort Me. Journals and Stories, 1933-1941.
158792: FISHER, JOHN. - 1815. An End and a Beginning.
159342: FISHER, JOHN. - Airlift 1870. The Balloons and Pigeons in the Siege of Paris.
151099: BOARD OF AGRICULTURE AND FISHERIES. - Leaflets (Nos. 1 to 1000).
153543: FISHMAN, DAVID E. - Russia’S First Modern Jews. The Jews of Shklov.
153544: FISHMAN, ISIDORE. - The History of Jewish Education in Central Europe. From the End of the Sixteenth to the End of the Eighteenth Century.
157795: (EDITOR) FISKE, ROGER. - Michael Kelly Reminiscences. Original Title: Reminiscences of Michael Kelly, of the King’S Theatre, and Theatre Royal Drury Lane, Including a Period of Nearly Half a Century; with Original Anecdotes of Many Distinguished Persons, Political, Literary, and Musical.
147154: FITTON, J. LESLEY. - The Discovery of the Greek Bronze Age.
126647: FITZGERALD, EDWARD. - Letters [and] More Letters.
141233: FITZGIBBON, CONSTANTINE. - Through the Minefield. An Autobiography.
154812: (THOMAS) FITZGIBBON, CONSTANTINE (EDITOR). - Selected Letters of Dylan Thomas.
158488: FITZGIBBON, CONSTANTINE. - The Rat Report.
158489: FITZGIBBON, CONSTANTINE. - The Shirt of Nessus.
158490: FITZGIBBON, CONSTANTINE. - Random Thoughts of a Fascist Hyena.
156485: (EDITOR) FITZLYON, KYRIL. - The Memoirs of Princess Dashkov.
160376: (EALES) FITZSIMONS, PETER. - John Eales: The Biography.
154564: O’FLAHERTY, LIAM. - I Went to Russia.
160459: O’FLAHERTY, LIAM. - Famine.
143259: FLAIG, WALTHER. - Hochgebirgsfuehrer Durch Die Nordrhaetischen Alpen. Band I [Only]. Rhaetikon.
157643: FLAMMARION, CAMILLE. - La Pluralite Des Mondes Habites. Etude Ou L’on Expose Les Conditions D’Habitabilite Des Terres Celestes Discutees Au Point de Vue de L’Astronomie, de la Physiologie Et de la Philosophie Naturelle.
148456: FLANDERS, LAURA (EDITOR). - The W Effect. Bush’S War on Women. With Research by Phoebe St. John and Livia Tenzer.
157885: FLANNERY, EDWARD H. - The Anguish of the Jews. Twenty-Three Centuries of Antisemitism.
135715: FLATHMAN, RICHARD E. - Political Obligation.
158715: FLAUBERT, GUSTAVE. - A Dictionary of Platitudes. Being a Compendium of Conversational Cliches, Blind Beliefs, Fashionable Misconceptions and Fixed Ideas.
158716: FLAUBERT, GUSTAVE. - Salambo. Translated Yb Powys Mathers. Introduction by Gerard Hopkins.
156391: FLAUMENHAFT, MERA J. - The CIVIC Spectacle. Essays on Drama and Community.
158159: FLAX, JANE. - Thinking Fragments. Psychoanalysis, Feminism, and Postmodernism in the Contemporary West.
155611: (SHAKESPEARE) FLECK, MICHAEL. - The Tempest. A New Age Adaptation. (Based on the Play by William Shakespeare). First Produced by Maui Community Theatre, Hawaii - April 1977.
124415: FLECKER, JAMES ELROY. - Collected Prose.
126648: FLECKER, JAMES ELROY. - Collected Prose.
132370: FLEG, EDMOND. - The Wall of Weeping. Translated from the French by Humbert Wolfe.
156481: FLEIG, HORST. - Literarischer Vampirismus: Klingemanns “Nachtwachen Von Bonaventura. ”
130936: FLEISCHMAN, PAUL. - The Dunderheads. Illustrated by David Roberts.
137843: (WHITE) FLEMING, KEITH. - Original Youth. The Real Story of Edmund White’S Boyhood. With an Introduction by David Leavitt.
120670: FLEMING, NICHOLAS. - August 1939. The Last Days of Peace.
131615: FLEMING, FERGUS. - Barrow’S Boys.
126130: FLEMING, THOMAS. - 1776: Year of Illusions.
153341: (BYRON) FLEMING, ANNE. - Bright Darkness. The Poetry of Lord Byron Presented in the Context of His Life and Times.
138118: FLETCHER, M.J. - The History of the Parmiter’S Foundation.
138610: FLETCHER, FRANK. - After Many Days. A Schoolmaster’S Memories.
135537: (MILL) FLETCHER, RONALD (EDITOR). - John Stuart MILL: A Logical Critique of Sociology. With an Introductory Essay.
138119: FLETCHER, M.J. - The History of the Parmiter’S Foundation.
155676: FLETCHER, IAN (EDITOR). - Decadence and the 1890s.
158375: FLETCHER, RONALD. - The Akenham Burial Case.
158515: FLETCHER, INGLIS. - Toil of the Brave.
157594: FLEURE, H.J. - The New Naturalist: A Natural History of Man in Britain. Conceived As a Study of Changing Relations between Men and Environments.
148514: FLEXNER, ELEANOR. - Century of Struggle. The Woman’S Rights Movement in the United States.
153388: FLINT, KATE (EDITOR). - Impressionists in England. The Critical Reception.
155447: FLOERSHEIM, CECIL. - Collected Poems. Poems; Translations from the Greek Anthology; Epigrams.
157264: FLORES, ANGEL. - Bibliografia de Escritores Hispanoamericanos/a Bibliography of Spanish-American Writers 1609-1974.
151985: FLORIAN, TIBOR. - Defence and Counter-Attack.
144771: FLOTHUIS, MARIUS. - Modern British Composers.
138570: FLOWER, RAYMOND. - Oundle and the English Public School.
109299: (COURTADE). FLOWER, JOHN. - Pierre Courtade. The Making of a Party Scribe.
158513: FLOWER, NEWMAN. - Red Harvest.
158449: FLUGEL, J.C. - Studies in Feeling and Desire.
158512: FOA, GEORGE R. - The Blood Rushed to My Pockets. A True Storty Set Down.
149840: FOCILLON, HENRI. - The Art of the West in the Middle Ages. Volume I: Romanesque Art. Volume II: Gothic Art. Edited and Introduced by Jean Bony.
158814: FOGAZZARO, ANTONIO. - The Patriot (Piccolo Mondo Antico). Translated from the Italian by M. Prichard-Agnetti.
125150: FOKKEMA, DOUWE & IBSCH, ELRUD. - Modernist Conjectures. A Mainstream in European Literature, 1910-1940.
158014: FOLGER, YECHESKEL D. - Tractate Kiddushin. According to the Meiri.
137053: FOLKARD, L.F. - British Trams; a Pictorial Survey.
157693: FONDATION SINGER-POLIGNAC, LA. - Cahiers Du Pacifique: Les Iles Marquises.
134385: FONS, VALERIE. - Keep It Moving. Baja by Canoe.
158771: LA FONTAINE, [JEAN DE]. - La Fontaine: Selected Fables. Translated by James Michie. Introduction by Geoffrey Grigson.
129669: FONVIEILLE-ALQUIER, FRANCOIS. - The French and the Phoney War 1939-1940. Translation and Introduction: Edward Ashcroft.
122106: FOOT, M.R.D. - Six Faces of Courage. Secret Agents Against Nazi Tyranny. With a Preface by R.V. Jones.
123936: (WELLS). FOOT, MICHAEL. - H.G. Wells. The History of Mr Wells.
138249: FORBAT, JOHN. - The ‘Secret’ World of Vickers Guided Weapons.
149033: FORBES, ARCHIBALD. - Barracks, Bivouacs and Battles.
158510: FORBES, BRYAN. - The Distant Laughter.
126568: (BUCHANAN). FORD, PHILIP J. - George Buchanan. Prince of Poets. With an Edition (Text, Translation, Commentary) of the Miscellaneorum Liber, by Philip J. Ford and W.S. Watt.
141231: FORD, KEN. - Assault on Germany: The Battle for Geilenkirchen.
134781: FORD, ALAN & HUTTON, PAUL. - A Sense of Entry. Designing the Welcoming School.
136965: FORD, JOHN. - Coachmaker. The Life and Times of Philip Godsal.
158508: FORD, FORD MADDOX. - The Bodley Head. Volume III [and] IV [Only]: Parade’S End. Part One: Some Do Not... Two: No More Parades. Part Three: A Man Could Stand Up. With an Introduction by Graham Greene.
158509: FORD, FORD MADDOX. - The Bodley Head. Volume II[Only]: The Fifth Queen; Privy Seal; the Fifth Queen Crowned. With an Introduction by Graham Greene.
138373: FOREMAN, MARTIN. - Further Excavations at the Dominican Priory Beverley, 1986-1989.
157758: FOREMAN, AMANDA. - Georgiana’S World. The Illustrated Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire.
158506: FORESTER, C.S. - The Captain from Connecticut.
158507: FORESTER, C.S. - Hornblower Goes to Sea. Selected by G.P. Griggs.
149772: (SPIEGLEMAN) FORGET, TOM. - Art Spiegelman.
111880: FORINTOS, GYÖZÖ AND HAAG, ERVIN. - Easy Guide to the Nge2 King’S Indian. Winning with the Hungarian Attack.
149830: FORMAGGIO, DINO & BASSO, CARLO (EDITORS). - A Book of Miniatures. Translated by Peggy Craig.
137392: (MEREDITH) FORMAN, MAURICE BUXTON. - A Bibliography of the Writings in Prose and Verso of George Meredith.
138981: FORMAN, DENIS. - To Reason Why.
136647: FORRESTER, F.S. - Ballet in England: A Bibliography and Survey C. 1700-June 1966. With a Foreword by Ivor Guest.
157421: FORRESTER, HARRY. - The Smaller Queen Anne and Georgian House 1700-1840.
157422: FORRESTER, HARRY. - The Timer-Framed Houses of Essex. A Short Review of Their Types and Details, 14th to 18th Centuries.
136191: FORRISTAL, DESMOND. - The Man in the Middle. St. Laurence O’Toole, Patron Saint of Dublin.
132989: (LARSSON) FORSHAW, BARRY. - The Man Who Left Too Soon. The Biography of Stieg Larsson.
154403: FORSTER, R.P. - A Collection of the Most Celebrated Voyages and Travels, from the Discovery of America to the Present Time. Arranged in Systematic Order, Geographical and Chronological. The Whole Exhibiting a Faithful and Lively Delineation of the World. Carefully Selected from Writers of Different Nations. Volume III Only.
154402: (EDITOR) FORSTER, R.P. - A Collection of the Most Celebrated Voyages and Travels. From the Discovery of America to the Present Time. Arranged in Systematic Order, Geographical and Chronological. The Whole Exhibiting a Faithful and Lively Delineation of the World. Carefully Selected from Writers of Different Nations. Volume II Only.
153934: FORSTER, E.M. - Marianne Thornton 1797-1887. A Domestic Biography.
153931: FORSTER, E.M. - The Hill of Devi. Being Letters from Dewas State Senior.
153691: (DICKENS) FORSTER, JOHN. - The Life of Charles Dickens.
153968: (GOLDSMITH) FORSTER, JOHN. - The Life and Times of Oliver Goldsmith.
154803: (THACKERAY) FORSTER, MARGARET (EDITOR). - William Makepeace Thackeray: Memoirs of a Victorian Gentleman.
158504: FORSTER, WILLIAM J. - A Terrible Fix: And Other Stories.
121933: FORSYTH, WILLIAM. - History of the Captivity of Napoleon at St. Helena [Volume II Only]: From the Letters and Journals of the Late Lieut. -Gen. Sir Hudson Lowe, and Official Documents Not Before Made Public.
125638: FORTES, M. & EVANS-PRITCHARD, E.E. (EDITORS). - African Politcal Systems.
150233: FORTESCUE, THE HON. J.W. - A History of the British Army. Volume II [Only]. First Part - to the Close of the Seven Years’ War.
158874: FORTESCUE, JOHN. - Wellington.
139021: FORTY, GEORGE. - Battle for Monte Cassino.
138920: FORTY, GEORGE. - U.S. Marine Corps Handbook 1941-5.
138919: FORTY, GEORGE. - German Infantryman at War, 1939-1945.
130933: FORWARD, TOBY. - The First Day of School. Illustrated by Carol Tompson.
155177: FOSS, MICHAEL. - Poetry of the World Wars.
145585: (PARRY-WILLIAMS) FOSTER, IDRIS (EDITOR). - Cyfrol Deyrnged Syr Thomas Parry-Williams.
151850: FOSTER, RICHARD. - Patterns of Thought. The Hidden Meaning of the Great Pavement of Westminster Abbey.
130635: (WHITE) FOSTER, PAUL G.M. - Gilbert White and His Records. A Scientific Biography.
150648: FOSTER, RAYMOND S. - The Restoration of Israel. A Study in Exile and Return.
146212: (PARRY-WILLIAMS) FOSTER, IDRIS (EDITOR). - Cyfrol Deyrnged Syr Thomas Parry-Williams.
137073: (CARY) FOSTER, MALCOLM. - Joyce Cary. A Biography.
123990: (TOLKIEN). FOSTER, ROBERT. - The Complete Guide to Middle-Earth. From the Hobbit to the Silmarillion.
143014: FOSTER, SIR WILLIAM. - England’S Quest of Eastern Trade.
158503: FOSTER, GEORGE C. - Full Fathom Five.
158536: FOSTER, GEORGE C. - One Sunday Morning.
158537: FOSTER, GEORGE C. - Snakes Round the Middle.
87777: FOSTER, FRANCES SMITH. - Written by Herself. Literary Production by African American Women, 1746 - 1892.
132805: FOTHERGILL, BRIAN. - Sir William Hamilton. Envoy Extraordinary.
151761: VOLTAIRE FOUNDATION. - Transactions of the Ninth International Congress on the Enlightenment. Volume I [Only].
151763: VOLTAIRE FOUNDATION. - Transactions of the Ninth International Congress on the Enlightenment. Volume III [Only].
151762: VOLTAIRE FOUNDATION. - Transactions of the Eighth International Congress on the Enlightenment. Volume II [Only].
135928: (D’ARS) FOURREY, RIGHT REVEREND RENE. - The Cure D’Ars. A Pictorial Biography. Preface by His Eminence Cardinal Gerlier, Archbishop of Lyons.
148968: FOWKE, FRANK REDE. - The Bayeux Tapestry. A History and Description.
156806: FOWLER, DAVID C. - The Bible in Middle English Literature.
140151: FOWLER, W. WARDE. - Roman Ideas of Deity in the Last Century Before the Christian Era. Lectures Delivered in Oxford for the Common University Fund.
152090: FOWLER, PETER AND BLACKWELL, IAN. - The Land of Lettice Sweetapple. An English Countryside Explored.
139004: FOWLER, WILL. - France, Holland and Belgium 1940.
155454: FOWLER, ELLEN THORNEYCROFT. - Love’S Argument and Other Poems.
155456: FOWLER, ELLEN THORNEYCROFT. - Verses, Wise or Otherwise.
140147: FOWLER, W. WARDE. - The Religious Experience of the Roman People. From the Earliest Times to the Age of Augustus. The Gifford Lectures for 1909-10 Delivered in Edinburgh University.
142750: FOWLER, WILL & SWEENEY, PATRICK. - The World Encyclopedia of Rifles and Machine Guns.
142751: FOWLER, WILL; NORTH, ANTHONY & STRONGE, CHARLES. - The World Encyclopedia of Revolvers and Submachine Guns.
157652: FOWLER, A. - Popular Telescopic Astronomy. How to Make a 2-Inch Telescope and What to See with It.
137186: FOWLES, JOHN. - The Journals: Volume I [Only]. Edited and with an Introduction by Charles Drazin.
139141: FOWNES’ - Manual of Chemistry, Theoretical and Practical. A New American from the Twelfth English Edition, Embodying Watts’ “Physical and Inorganic Chemistry. ”
136097: FOX, ROBIN LANE. - The Unauthorized Version. Truth and Fiction in the Bible.
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157712: AUTOMATIC TELEPHONE AND ELECTRIC GROUP. - Mine Signalling Handbook.
130850: GROUSSET, RENE. - The Rise and Splendour of the Chinese Empire.
156027: GROUT, DONALD J. AND PALISCA, CLAUDE V. - Hanes Cerddoriaeth Y Gorllewin.
160365: (RICHARDS) GROWDEN, GREG. - Gold, Mud and Guts the Incredible Tom Richards: Footballer, War Hero, Olympian.
155443: GRUBB, FREDERICK. - Title Deeds and Other Poems.
158582: GRUBB, DAVIS. - The Barefoot Man.
158583: GRUBB, DAVIS. - Fools’ Parade.
142782: GRUBE, G.M.A. - The Greek and Roman Critics.
153898: (ELIOT) GRUDIN, LOUIS. - Mr. Eliot Among the Nighingales.
134914: GRUEN, JOHN JONAS. - Facing the Artist. With a Foreward by Justin Spring.
156155: GRUFFYDD, W.J. - Ynys Yr Hud. A Chaneuon Eraill.
155855: GRUFFYDD, HEINI. - Welcome to Welsh. A 15-Part Welsh Course, Complete in One Volumes, with Basic Dictionary.
145024: GRUFFYDD, IFAN. - Tan Yn Y Siambar.
146356: GRUFFYDD, R. GERAINT (EDITOR). - Y Gair Ar Waith. Ysgrifau Ar Yr Etifeddiaeth Feiblaidd Yng Nghymru.
146253: (EDWARDS) GRUFFYDD, W.J. - Owen Morgan Edwards, Cofiant. Cyfrol I [Only]: 1858-1883.
147649: GRUFFYDD, IFAN. - Gwr O Baradwys.
145640: GRUFFYDD, W.J. - Hen Atgofion. Blynyddoedd Y Locust.
144528: GRUFFYDD, R. GERAINT (EDITOR). - Cerddi ‘73.
155989: (EDWARDS) GRUFFYDD, W.J. - Owen Morgan Edwards: Cofiant. Cyfrol I, 1858-1883 [Only].
160137: ROBERT GRUFFYDD. - Gramadeg Cymraeg. Yn Ol Yr Argraffiad Y Dechreuwyd Ei Gyhoeddi Ym Milan Yn 1567. Golygwyd Gan G.J. Williams.
156201: GRUFYDD, W.J. - Tomos a Marged (Llyfr 1) [Only].
136562: (STRAUS) GRUN, BERNARD. - Prince of Vienna. The Life, the Times and the Melodies of Oscar Straus.
148380: GRUNBERGER, RICHARD. - Old Adam, New Eves.
157818: GRUNFELD, DAYAN DR. I. - The Jewish Dietary Laws. Volume One [Only]: Dietary Laws Regarding Forbidden and Permitted Foods, with Particular Reference to Meat and Meat Products.
121954: GRUNWALD, CONSTANTIN DE. - Stein: Enemy of Napoleon. Translated from the French by Charles Francis Atkinson.
157879: GRUNWALD, MAX. - Vienna.

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