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142486: HOPKINS, ANTONY. - The Concertgoer’S Companion. Volume I [Only]. Bach to Haydn.
134214: HOPKINSON, MARTIN. - Italian Prints, 1875-1975.
142570: HOPTON, RICHARD. - The Battle of Maida 1806. Fifteen Minutes of Glory.
128485: HORDER, JOHN. - A Sense of Being.
131658: HORE, CAPTAIN PETER (EDITOR). - Seapower Ashore. 200 Years of Royal Navy Operations on Land.
142790: HORE, CAPTAIN PETER (EDITOR). - Seapower Ashore. 200 Years of Royal Navy Operations on Land.
129866: HORN, [ALLOYSIUS]. - The Waters of Africa. Being Volume Three of the Life and Works of Trader Horn. Edited by Ethelreda Lewis.
121847: HORN, DAVID BAYNE. - Great Britain and Europe in the Eighteenth Century.
138304: HORN, PAMELA. - Life Below Stairs in the Twentieth Century.
138330: HORN, PAMELA. - Behind the Counter. Shop Lives from Market Stall to Supermarket.
128479: HORN, W. A. - Bush Echoes. Proceeds for the Benefit of Wounded Australians.
139959: HORNBLOWER, SIMON. - The Greek World 479-323 Bc.
139987: HORNBLOWER, SIMON. - The Greek World 479-323 Bc.
141717: HORNBLUM, ALLEN M. - The Invisible Harry Gold. The Man Who Gave the Soviets the Atom Bomb.
137868: (WILLIAMS) HORNE, BRIAN (EDITOR). - Charles Williams: A Celebration.
138718: HORNE, J. SIDNEY ; NOTT, F.T. & LAMBERT, R.C. - Notes for a History of King Edward VI School, Stafford.
138268: HORNUNG, ERIK & BRYAN, BETSY M. (EDITORS). - The Quest for Immortality: Treasures of Ancient Egypt.
143066: HORRICKS, RAYMOND. - Marshal Ney. The Romance and the Real.
140596: HORRICKS, RAYMOND. - In Flight with the Eagle. A Guide to Napoleon’S Elite.
112464: HORRIE, CHRIS & CHIPPINDALE PETER. - What Is Islam ? Revised and Updated.
135242: HORSBURGH, E.L.S. - Bromley, Kent. From the Earliest Times to the Present Century, Compiled from Materials Collected from Original Sources by Various Hands. With a Chapter on the Manor and the Palace, by Philip Norman.
137140: (DOMETT) HORSMAN, E.A. (EDITOR). - The Diary of Alfred Domett, 1872-1885.
131700: HORTON, C. (EDITOR). - Motoring Afloat. In All Craft-in All Waters-for All Purposes.
112265: HORTON, RICHARD. - Second Opinion. Doctors, Diseases and Decisions in Modern Medicine.
129878: HORTON, JAMES AFRICANUS B. - West African Countries and Peoples. British and Native. With the Requirements Necessary of Establishing That Self Government Recommended by the Committee of the House of Commons, 1865, and a Vindication of the African Race. With an Introduction by George Shepperson.
131282: HORWOOD, HAROLD. - Bartlett. The Great Canadian Explorer.
139563: HOSKIN, MICHAEL (EDITOR). - The Cambridge Concise History of Astronomy.
125910: HOSPITAL, CLIFFORD. - The Righteous Demon. A Study of Bali.
139813: HOTCHKISS, JEDEDIAH. - Make Me a Map of the Valley. The CIVIL War Journal of Stonewall Jackson’S Topographer. Edited by Marchie P. Mcdonald. Foreword by T. Harry Williams.
133053: (HEMINGWAY,) HOTCHNER, A.E. - Papa Hemingway. A Personal Memoir.
137225: (HEMINGWAY) HOTCHNER, A.E. - Papa Hemingway. A Personal Memoir.
126834: (HAZLITT). HOUCK, JAMES A. - William Hazlitt: A Reference Guide.
134233: HOUFE, SIMON. - The Work of Charles Samuel Keene.
141881: HOUGH, RICHARD. - One Boy’S War.
133554: HOUGH, RICHARD. - The Great Admirals.
133657: HOUGH, RICHARD. - The Longest Battle. The War at Sea 1939-1945.
131604: HOUGH, RICHARD. - Captain Bligh & Mr. Christian. The Men and the Mutiny.
134566: HOUNAM, PETER. - The Woman from Mossad. The Story of Mordechai Vanunu & the Israeli Nuclear Program.
135049: HOUSE, JOHN. - Pierre-Auguste Renoir: La Promenade.
143834: (ARTHUR BELL) HOUSE, JACK. - Pride of Perth. The Story of Arthur Bell & Sons Ltd. , Scotch Whisky Distillers.
129058: HOUSMAN, LAURENCE. - Victoria Regina. A Dramatic Biography.
132558: HOUSTON, CHRISTOPHER. - Islam, Kurds and the Turkish Nation.
141809: HOUSTON, ROXANE. - Changing Course. The Wartine Experiences of a Member of the Women’S Royal Naval Serice, 1939-1945.
121497: HOVING, THOMAS. - King of the Confessors.
121973: HOWARD, JOHN ELDRED (EDITOR). - Letters and Documents of Napoleon [Volume I Only]. Volume One: The Rise to Power. Selected and Translated.
130768: HOWARD, ROGER. - Iran Oil. The New Middle East Challenge to America.
143218: (HUME) HOWARD, ANTHONY. - Basil Hume: The Monk Cardinal.
141590: HOWARD, MICHAEL. - British Intelligence in the Second World War. Volume Five [Only]. Strategic Deception.
143216: HOWARD, THOMAS ALBERT. - God and the Atlantic. America, Europe, and the Religious Divide.
125095: HOWARD, DAVID; LUCAS, JOHN & GOODE, JOHN (EDITORS). - Tradition and Tolerance in Nineteenth-Century Fiction Critical Essays on Some English and American Novels.
136838: HOWARD, LINDA. - Up Close and Dangerous.
136839: HOWARD, LINDA. - Shadow Woman.
140483: (PEPYS) HOWARTH, R.G. (EDITOR). - Letters and the Second Diary of Samuel Pepys. Edited, with an Introduction.
132025: HOWARTH, T.E.B. - Citizen-King. The Life of Louis Philippe.
140630: HOWARTH, DAVID. - A Near Run Thing. The Day of Waterloo.
128421: HOWAT, G.M.D. - Stuart and Cromwellian Foreign Policy.
132427: HOWATSON, M.C. (EDITOR). - The Oxford Compainion to Classical Literature.
143172: HOWAY, FREDERIC W. (EDITOR). - Voyages of the “Columbia” to the Northwest Coast, 1787-1790 and 1790-1793.
126105: HOWE, HENRY F. - Prologue to New England.
110662: HOWE, LUCIEN. - The Muscles of the Eye. Volume One: Anatomy and Physiology Including Instrument of Testing and Methods of Measurement. Volume 2: Pathology and Treatment.
137230: (HAZLITT) HOWE, P.P. - The Life of William Hazlitt. With an Introduction by Frank Swinnerton.
128484: HOWELL, ANTHONY. - Howell’S Law.
128481: HOWELL, ANTHONY. - Inside the Castle.
126085: HOWES, WRIGHT (EDITOR). - U.S. Iana (1650-1950). A Selective Bibliography in Which Are Described 11,620 Uncommon and Significant Books Relating to the Continental Portion of the United States.
137572: HOWSAM, LESLIE. - Past Into Print. The Publishing of History in Britain, 1850-1950.
139576: HOYLE, FRED & WICKRAMASINGHE, CHANDRA. - Lifecloud. The Origin of Life in the Universe.
139577: HOYLE, FRED & WICKRAMASINGHE, CHANDRA. - Diseases from Space.
141286: HOYT, EDWIN P. - The Invasion Before Normandy. The Secret Battle of Slapton Sands.
141287: HOYT, EDWIN P. - The Invasion Before Normandy. The Secret Battle of Slapton Sands.
141288: HOYT, EDWIN P. - 199 Days. The Battle for Stalingrad.
122548: HOYT, EDWIN P. - Goering’S War.
133872: HOYT, EDWIN P. - U-Boats. A Pictorial History.
138333: HOZBERG, NIKLAS. - The Ancient Fable. An Introduction. Translated by Christine Jackson-Holzberg.
140671: HOZIER,CAPTAIN H.M. (EDITOR). - The Franco-Prussian War: Its Causes, Incidents, and Consequences. With the Topography and History of the Rhine Valley, by W.H. Davenport Adams.
139669: HRDY, SARAH BLAFFER. - Mother Nature. Natural Selection and the Female of the Species.
136269: HUBAND, MARK. - Warriors of the Prophet. The Struggle for Islam.
140084: (PROPERTIUS) HUBBARD, MARGARET. - Propertius.
110020: HUBBARD, DOLAN. - The Sermon and the African American Literary Imagination.
126428: HUBBARD, W. HUSTACE. - Cotton and the Cotton Market.
130981: HUBERY, JULIA & MATSUOKA, MEI. - Raffi’S Surprise.
136086: HUCK, ALBERT. - Synopsis of the First Three Gospels. Revised by Hans Lietzmann. English Edition by F.L. Cross.
138733: HUDDLESTON, R.E.; WILSON, J.R. & WARBRICK, J.S. - The History of Bentham Grammar School, 1726-1976.
124133: (STERN). HUDDLESTON, MILES. - James Stern. A Life in Letters 1904-1993.
135413: HUDSON, DAVID. - Working Pointers and Setters.
140798: HUDSON, KENNETH. - Patriotism with Profit. British Agricultural Societies in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries.
138297: HUDSON, MILES. - Assassination.
129198: HUDSON, W.H. - Green Mansions. A Romance of the Tropical Forest. Introduction by Edward Garnett.
126405: HUDSON, KENNETH. - A Guide to the Industrial Archaeology of Europe.
143131: HUDSON, ROGER. (EDITOR). - Nelson and Emma. Selected and Introduced by Kenneth Baker. Illustrated by John Lawrence.
119273: HUDSON, MILES. - Soldier, Poet, Rebel. The Extraordinary Life of Charles Hudson VC.
129069: HUDSON, ROGER (EDITOR). - The Jubilee Years 1887-1897.
129207: HUDSON, W.H. - Far Away and Long Ago. A History of My Early Life. With an Introduction by R.B. Cunninghame Graham.
126077: HUDSON, W.H. - Green Mansions: A Romance of the Tropical Forest.
143333: VON HUEGEL, BARON FRIEDRICH. - Selected Letters 1896-1924. Edited with a Memoir by Bernard Holland.
143332: VON HUEGEL, BARON FRIEDRICH. - Eternal Life. A Study of Its Implications and Applications.
87835: HUET, MARIE-HÉLÈNE. - Mourning Glory. The Will of the French Revolution.
141552: HUGGETT, FRANK E. - Cartoonists at War.
138583: HUGGINS, M.J.W. - The Making of an English Public School. Preface by A.R. B. Thomas. Concluding Chapter by A.J. D. Rees.
136477: HUGHES, SPIKE. - Glyndebourne. A History of the Festival Opera, Founded in 1934 by Audrey and John Christie.
131697: HUGHES, JOHN SCOTT (EDITOR). - Macpherson’S Voyages.
136488: HUGHES, SPIKE. - Famous Puccini Operas. An Analytical Guide for the Opera-Goer and Armchair Listener.
142759: HUGHES, LT. COLONEL HENRY. - Through Mighty Seas, or, the Romance of a Little Wind-Jammer.
136478: HUGHES, SPIKE. - Glyndebourne. A History of the Festival Opera, Founded in 1934 by Audrey and John Christie.
139291: HUGHES-FREELAND, FELICIA (EDITOR). - Ritual, Performance, Media.
122510: HUGHES, HUGH PRICE. - The Morning Lands of History. A Visit to Greece, Palestine and Egypt.
141866: HUGHES, ROBERT. - In Perilous Seas.
125142: HUGHES, GLYN TEGAI. - Romantic German Literature.
129214: HUGHES, G. BERNARD. - English Pottery and Porcelain Figures.
127078: HUGHES, M.E.J. & MOLE, JOHN & SEDDON, NICK. (EDITORS) - Figures of Speech. An Anthology of Magdalene Writers.
134973: HUISH, MARCUS B. - The Happy England of Helen Allingham. A Facsimile.
140202: HULL, M.R. - Reports of the Research Committee of the Society of Antiquaries of London. No. XX. Roman Colchester.
131607: HUMBLE, RICHARD. - The Rise and Fall of the British Navy.
132030: HUME, MARTIN. - The Court of Philip IV. Spain in Decadence.
140345: HUME, MARTIN. - Queens of Old Spain.
126135: HUME, IVOR NOEL. - Martin’S Hundred.
136980: HUMPHREY, WILLIAM. - The Spawning Run.
138628: HUMPHREYS, GORDON. - Goodly Heritage. A History of Eing Edward’S School, Witley, 1553-1953. A Quater-Centenary Tribute to the Foundation of the Hospital of King Edward VI, King of England, Bridewell.
139814: HUMPHREYS, CHARLES A. - Field, Camp, Hospital and Prison in the CIVIL War, 1863-1865.
141285: HUMPHREYS, ROY. - To Stop a Rising Sun. Reminiscences of Wartime in India and Burma. With a Foreword by the Countess Mountbatten of Burma.
134902: HUNNISETT, BASIL. - Engraved on Steel. The History of Picture Production Using Steel Plates.
140909: HUNT, TRISTRAM. - Ten Cities That Made an Empire.
140654: HUNT, ERIC. - Charging Against Napoleon. Diaries and Letters of Three Hussars, 1808-1815.
139826: HUNT, ELISAH HUNT. - All for the Union. The CIVIL War Diary and Letters. Edited by Robert Hunt Rhodes. Foreword by Geoffrey C. Ward.
137679: (RUSKIN) HUNT, JOHN DIXON. - The Wider Sea. A Life of John Ruskin.
143025: HUNT, ROBERT. - Researches on Light in Its Chemical Relations; Embracing a Consideration of All the Photographic Processes.
140882: (ENGELS) HUNT, TRISTAM. - The Frock-Coated Communist. The Revolutionary Life of Friedrich Engels.
139839: HUNTER, JERRY. - Sons of Arthur, Children of Lincoln. Welsh Writing from the American CIVIL War.
136173: HUNTER, SIR WILLIAM W. - The Old Missionary.
139341: HUNTER, GUY. - Modernizing Peasant Societies. A Comparative Study in Asia and Africa.
136480: HUNTER, DAVID. - Opera and Song Books Published in England 1703-1726. A Descriptive Bibliography.
127064: (PEARSON). HUNTER, IAN. - Nothing to Repent. The Life of Hesketh Pearson.
133382: HUNTLY, THE MARQUIS OF. - “Auld Acquaintance. ”
138275: HURCOMBE, L.M. - Use Wear Analysis and Obsidian: Theory, Experiments and Results.
136649: HUROK, S. & GOODE, RUTH. - Impresario. A Memoir.
143477: HURRELL, ANDREW & WOODS, NGAIRE (EDITORS). - Inequality, Globalization, and World Politics.
139156: HURRLE, DIPL.-PHYS. KARL; JABLONSKI, DR.-ING. F.M. & ROTH, DIPL.-PHYS. HERBERT. - Techincal Dictionary of Vacuum Physics and Vacuum Technology. English/German/French/Russian. Containing About 5,000 Technical Terms.
126371: HURST, C.C. - The Mechanism of Creative Evolution.
136395: HURST, DAVID. - Historia Universalis. A First Draft. With a Foreword by Sir Peregrine Worsthorne.
142726: HURST, ALEX. A. (INTRODUCTION BY). - The Medley of Mast and Sail. Volume II [Only]. A Camera Record.
95241: HURSTON, ZORA NEALE. - “Sweat”. Edited and with an Introduction by by Zora Neale Hurston.
142416: (MOZART) HUTCHINGS, ARTHUR. - A Companion to Mozart’S Piano Concertos.
136546: (MOZART) HUTCHINGS, ARTHUR. - A Companion to Mozart’S Piano Concertos.
130176: HUTCHINSON, ROGER. - Crimes of War. The Antanas Gecas Affair.
128294: HUTCHINSON, ROBERT. - Young Henry. The Rise to Power of Henry VIII.
124571: HUTCHINSON, R.C. - Origins of Cathleen. A Diversion.
142590: HUTTON, JOHN. - August 1914. Surrender at St. Quentin.
143221: HUTTON, RICHARD HOLT. - Essays on Some of the Modern Guides to English Thought in Matters of Faith.
142822: HUTTON, C.A. - Greek Terracotta Statuettes. With a Preface by A.S. Murray.
138698: HUTTON, R.B.M. - Trhough Two Centuries. An Accouont of the Origin and Growth of Fulneck School, 1753-1953.
138839: HUTTON, JOHN. - Kitchener’S Men. The King’S Own Royal Lancasters on the Western Front 1915-1918.
143480: HUTTON, WILL. - The World We’Re in.
143266: (NEWMAN) HUTTON, RICHARD H. - Cardinal Newman. With Corrigenda and Addenda, and an Additional Chapter on Dr. Abbott’S Criticism of Newman.
141117: HUTTON, REV. W. - Buffon’S Natural History
141063: HUTTON, WILL. - Them and Us. Changing Britain - Why We Need a Fair Society.
135718: HUTTON, WILL & GIDDENS, ANTHONY (EDITORS). - On the Edge. Living with Global Capitalism.
135216: HUTTON, WILLIAM HOLDEN. - By Thames and Cotswold. Sketches of the Country.
116694: HUTTON, RONALD. - Charles the Second, King of England, Scotland and Ireland.
141157: (HESS) HUTTON, J. BERNARD. - Hess: The Man and His Mission. Introduction by Airey Neave.
129578: HUTTON, GRAHAM. - Danubian Destiny. A Survey After Munich.
139120: HUXLEY, THOMAS H. - Lessons in Elementary Physiology.
130643: HUXLEY, LEONARD. - Life and Letters of Thomas Henry Huxley.
137286: HUXLEY, JULIETTE. - Leaves of the Tulip Tree. Autobiography.
141549: HUXTABLE, CHARLES. - From the Somme to Singapore. A Medical Officer in Two World Wars.
141163: HYAMS, JOSEPH. - A Field of Buttercups.
134279: HYATT, PETER (EDITOR). - Masters of Light. Designing the Luminous House.
134848: HYATT, PETER (EDITOR). - Out of Town. The Country House.
130194: HYDE, H. MONTGOMERY. - Secret Intelligence Agent.
134630: HYDE, H. MONTGOMERY. - John Law. The History of an Honest Adventurer.
137720: (SHAW) HYDE, MARY (EDITOR). - Bernard Shaw and Alfred Douglas. A Correspondence.
134356: HYLAND, PAUL. - Indian Balm. Travels in South West India.
136073: HYLSON-SMITH, KENNETH. - Christianity in England from Roman Times to the Reformation. Volume I: From Roman Times to 1066. Volume II: From 1066 to 1384. Volume III: From 1384 to 1558.
137852: (WEST) HYNES, SAMUEL (EDITOR). - Rebecca West: A Celebration. Selected from Her Writings. Critical Introduction.
138417: ICELY, H.E.M. - Bromsgrove School Through Four Centuries. With a Chapter by R.G. Routh.
134951: ICHER, FRANCOIS. - The Artisans & Guilds of France. Beautiful Craftsmanship Through the Centuries. Translated from the French by John Goodman.
129170: “IDSTONE.” - “Idstone” Papers, a Series of Articles and Desultory Obserbations on Sport and Things in General.
98120: CH’IEN, HSIAO. - Traveller without a Map. Translated by Jeffrey C. Kinkley.
132850: IGNATIEFF, MICHAEL. - The Russian Album.
140757: IGNATYEV, LIEUTENANT-GENERAL A.A. - A Subaltern in Old Russia. Comprising: Part I - Childhood and Youth (1877-1904); Part II - the Russo-Japanese War (1904-1905). Translated, with Footnotes by Ivor Montagu.
142656: IMHOF, PROFESSOR DR. H.C. EDUARD (EDITOR). - Internationales Jahrbuch Fuer Kartographie/International Yearbook of Cartography/Annuaire International de Cartographie. Volume V. [Only]. 1965.
142658: IMNOF, PROFESSOR DR. H.C. EDUARD (EDITOR). - Internationales Jahrbuch Fuer Kartographie/International Yearbook of Cartography/Annuaire International de Cartographie. Volume VI. [Only]. 1966.
139239: INCE, JOSEPH. - Elementary Dispensing Practice for Students of Pharmacy and Medicine.
135226: DIRECTOR OF THE ZOOLOGICAL SURVEY OF INDIA (EDITOR). - Memoirs of the Indian Museum Volume VIII [Only]. 1924-1928.
128967: INDRA, ALOIS. - Ballistik Der Handfeuerwaffen in Tabellen. Kritischer Vergleich Der Ballistischen Eigenschaften Der Ordonnanz-Gewehre Europa’S.
137284: INFANTE, G. CABRERA. - Mea Cuba. Translated by Kenneth Hall with the Author.
131465: INFIELD, GLENN B. - The Poltava Affair. The Secret World War II Operation That Foreshadowed the Cold War.
141191: MINISTRY OF INFORMATION. - What Britain Has Done. 1939-1945. A Selection of Outstanding Facts and Figures. Introduction by Richard over.
138993: MINISTRY OF INFORMATION. - What Britain Has Done. 1939-1945. A Selection of Outstanding Facts and Figures. Introduction by Richard over.
138710: INGRAM, W. - The Power in a School.
134927: INNES, CHRISTOPHER. - Designing Modern America. Broadway to Main Street.
141470: INNES, MIRANDA. - The Country Home Decorating Book. A Practical Guide to Restoring, Styling and Furnishing.
141468: INNES, MIRANDA. - The Country Home Decorating Book. A Practical Guide to Restoring, Styling and Furnishing.
122685: ROYAL ENGINEERS INSTITUTE. - The Royal Engineers Journal. Volume XIV. July to December, 1911.
122719: BHANDARKAR ORIENTAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE. - Proceedings and Transactions of the First Oriental Conference, Poona. Held on the 5th, 6th and 7th of November 1919.
123159: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION. - United States National Museum Bulletin No. 96-97. No. 96. A Synopsis of American Early Tertiary Cheilostome Bryozoa, by Ferdinand Canu and Ray S. Bassler. No. 97. The Grapsoid Crabs of America, by Mary J. Rathbun.
123160: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION. - United States National Museum Bulletin No. 59. Recent Madreporaria of the Hawaiin Islands and Laysan, by T. Wayland Vaughan.
122046: ROYAL COMMISSION ON UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE. - Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence Taken Before the Royal Commssion on Unemployment Insurance. Part I. Written Evidence Submitted by: Local Authorities, Public Assistance Officers, Etc. ; Part II. Special Returns from Poor Law Authorities in Respect of Unemployed Persons in Receipt of Domiciliary Poor Relief During the Week Ended 7th February, 1931. Part III. Reports of a Special Investigation in Eight Industrial Areases Into the Subsequent History of Persons with Disallowed Claims to Unemployment Benefit. Part IV. Memoranda by the Ministry of Labour on Unemployment Insurance in Overseas Countries. Part V. Statistical Analyses by the Ministry of Labour of (I) Persons Insured Against Unemployment in Great Britain at July, 1930, and (II) Persons on the Registers of Employment Exchanges at 2nd February, 1931. Part VI. Written Evidence Submitted with Regard to the Inclusion of Certain Classes of Employments Within the Scope of the Unemployment Insurance Acts. Part VII. Written Evidence Submitted with Regard to Tests of Need. Part VIII. Memoranda Received with Particular Reference to Arrangements (Other Than Insurance) for Able-Bodied Unemployed Workers. Part IX. Written Evidence Received Dealing with Miscellaneous Aspects of the Unemployment Insurance Scheme.
141903: U.S. NAVAL INTELLIGENCE (COMPILED BY). - German Naval Vessels. Introduction by A.D. Baker III.
131689: OFFICE OF NAVAL INTELLIGENCE. - Information Concerning the U.S. Navy and Other Navies. Information and Tables Compiled to Answer Popular Inquiry. Prepared from Data Collected by the Information Section, Office of Naval Intelligence, May, 1925.
131174: INWOOD, KRISTIAAN. - Siamese Bestiary.
124589: IRELAND, ALEXANDER. - The Book-Lovers Enchiridion: Thoughts on the Solace and Companionship of Books, and Topics Incidental Thereto; Gathered from the Best Writers of Every Age, and Arranged in Chronological Order.
143094: COMMISSIONERS OF NATIONAL EDUCATION IN IRELAND. - A Treatise on Artihmetic in Theory and Practice: For the Use of the Irish National Schools.
122131: IRONS, ROY. - Hitler’S Terror Weapons. The Price of Vengeance.
131699: IRVING, LAURENCE. - Windmills and Waterways. The Log of a Summer Cruise Through Holland.
134548: IRVING, CLIVE. - Crossroads of Civilization. 3000 Years of Persian History.
140486: (SELDON) IRVING, DAVID. - The Table-Talk of John Selden. With Notes.
126803: (GOLDSMITH). IRVING, WASHINGTON. - Oliver Goldsmith: A Biography.
138031: IRWIN, SIDNEY T. - Clifton School Addresses. With an Introduction by W. Warde Fowler.
137554: ISAAC, PETER & MCKAY, BARRY (EDITORS). - The Moving Market. Continuity and Change in the Book Trade.
137414: ISAAC, PETER & MCKAY, BARRY (EDITORS). - Images & Texts. Their Production and Distribution in the 18th and 19th Centuries.
136466: ISAACS, JEREMY. - Never Mind the Moon.
138816: ISBA, ANNE. - Gladstone and Women.
138210: ISBY, DAVID C. - Leave No Man Behind. Liberation and Capture Missions.
124647: ISLAM, SHAMSUL. - Kipling’S ‘Law. ’ a Study of His Philosophy of Life. With a Foreword by J.M. S. Tompkins.
135948: ISSERLIN, B.S.J. - The Israelites.
141309: ISSRAELJAN, VICTOR. - The Anti-Hitler Coalition. Diplomatic Co-Operation between the Ussr, Usa and Britain During the Second World War 1941-1945.
138799: IVELAW-CHAPMAN, JOHN. - The Riddles of Wipers. An Appreciation of the Wipers Times, a Journal of the Trenches.
126533: (BARRIE). JACK, R.D.S. - The Road to the Never Land. A Reassessment of J.M. Barrie’S Dramatic Art.
121882: JACKMAN, SYDNEY WAYNE. - Man of Mercury. An Appreciation of the Mind of Henry St. John, Viscount Bolingbroke. With an Introduction by Sir Charles Petrie, Bart.
131464: JACKSON, ROBERT. - Storm from the Skies. The Strategic Bombing Offensive 1943-1945.
138847: JACKSON, KEVIN. - Constellation of Genius. 1922: Modernism and All That Jazz.
139437: JACKSON, JJOE. - A World on Fire. A Heretic, an Aristocrat, and the Race to Discover Oxygen.
143695: JACKSON, MICHAEL. - Great Beers of Belgium.
143854: JACKSON, MICHAEL. - Whisky.
143706: JACKSON, MICHAEL. - The Pocket Guide to Beer.
142106: JACKSON, ROBERT. - Army Wings. A History of Army Air Observation Flying 1914-1960.
143703: JACKSON, MICHAEL. - Beer Companion.
143699: JACKSON, MICHAEL. - The Great Beers of Belgium.
143698: JACKSON, MICHAEL. - The Great Beers of Belgium.
141308: JACKSON, ROBERT. - Arnhem: The Battle Remembered.
133272: JACKSON, MARY V. - Engines of Instruction, Mischief, and Magic. Children’S Literature in England from Its Beginnings to 1839.
143762: JACKSON, MICHAEL. - Great Beers of Belgium.
143793: JACKSON, ROBERT & KENNING, DAVID. - Guide to Beer.
134140: JACKSON, DEIRDRE. - Marvellous to Behold. Miracles in Medieval Manuscripts.
122129: JACKSON, W.G.F. - The Battle for Rome.
143853: JACKSON, MICHAEL. - Scotland and Its Whiskies.
143843: JACKSON, MICHAEL. - Malt Whisky Companion. A Connoisseur’S Guide to the Malt Whiskies of Scotland.
136639: JACKSON, NAOMI M. - Converging Movements. Modern Dance and Jewish Culture at the 92nd Street Y.
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141114: LEHMANN, ARMIN D. & CARROLL, TIM. - In Hitler’S Bunker. A Boy Soldier’S Eyewitness Account of the Fuerher’S Last Days.
140212: LEHMANN, A.G. - Teh European Heritage. An Outline of Western Culture.
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137959: LEIGH, TERA. - The Complete Book of Decorative Painting.
136475: LEISER, CLARA. - Jean de Reszke and the Great Days of Opera.
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139624: LEITH, BRIAN. - The Descent of Darwin. A Handbook of Doubts About Darwinsim.
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133706: LENTON, H.T. - Navies of the Second World War: German Submarines 2.
131431: LENTON, H.T. - Navies of the Second World War: American Fleet and Escort Destroyers. Volume II [Only].
131429: LENTON, H.T. - Navies of the Second World War: American Fleet and Escort Destroyers.
111989: LENTZ, HARRIS M. - Science Fiction, Horror & Fantasy Films and Television Credits. Second Edition. Volumes I, II, III.
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137358: LEONOWNENS, ANNA. - The Romance of the Harem. Edited with an Introduction by Susan Morgan.
126236: LEPORE, JILL. - A Is for American. Letters and Other Characters in the Newly United States.
132679: LEPREVOST, THIERRY & BERNAGE, GEORGES. - Hastings 1066. Norman Cavalry and Saxon Infantry. With a Contribution by Eric Groult.
128546: LERNER, LAURENCE. - Domestic Interior. And Other Poems.
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130722: LESTON, GEORGE LIONEL. - Land and Mining Surveying. As Applied to Collieries and Other Mines. For Students, Colliery Officials and Mine Surveyors.
116087: LETICHE, JOHN M AND DMYTRYSHYN, BASIL. - Russian Statecraft. The Politika of Iurii Krizhanich.
122539: LEUNER, H.D. - When Compassion Was a Crime. Germany’S Silent Heroes, 1933-45.
134758: LEUTSCHER, ALFRED. - Epping Forest. Its History and Wildlife.
137273: LEVENSON, LEAH & NATTERSTAD, JERRY. - Granville Hicks. The Intellectual in Mass Society.
139964: LEVEQUE, PIERRE. - The Greek Adventure. Translated by Miriam Kochan.
138734: LEVER, H. - Central High School for Boys, Manchester: The School 1920-1950. A Supplement. With an Epilogue by the Headmaster.
137669: (SADE) LEVER, MAURICE. - Sade: A Biography. Translated by Arthur Goldhammer.
129250: LEVER, CHRISTOPHER. - They Dined on Eland. The Story of the Acclimatisation Societies.
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128552: LEVI, PETER. - Water, Rock and Sand. Poems.
141026: LEVIN, BERNARD. - The Pendulum Years. Britain and the Sixties.

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