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154672: IRVING, R.L.G. - The Romance of Mountaineering.
149745: IRVING, WASHINGTON. - Rip Van Winkle. Adapted by Jeffrey Busch.
154229: IRVING, WASHINGTON. - History, Tales and Sketches. Letters of Jonathan Oldstyle, Gent. ; Salmagundi, or, the Whim-Whams and Opinions of Launcelot Langstaff, Esq. And Others; a History of New York. From the Beginning of the World to the End of the Dutch Dynasty; the Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon, Gent.
156745: IRWIN, ROBERT. - The Arabian Nights: A Companion.
147510: [JONES, DAVID] “ISFOEL.” - Ail Gerddi Isfoel. Ynghyd a Hunanfogiant Byr. Golywyd Gan: T. Llew Jones.
147452: [JONES, DAVID] “ISFOEL.” - Cerddi Isfoel.
151790: ISHIZUKA, KAREN L. - Serve the People. Making Asian America in the Long Sixties.
152635: ISINGS, CLASINA. - Schoenes Altes Glas.
145554: ISLWYN, ALED. - Pedolau Dros Y Crud.
146164: ISLWYN, ALED. - Cadw’R Chedlau’N Fyw.
153581: ISRAEL, BENJAMIN J. - The Bene Israel of India. Some Studies.
151624: IVERACH, JAMES. - Theism. In the Light of Present Science and Philosophy.
146201: IWAN, EMRYS AP. - Detholiad Erthyglau a Llythyrau. II. [Only]. Llenyddol; Ieithyddol.
156347: IWANISZIW, SUSAN B. (EDITOR). - Troping Oroonoko from Behn to Bandele.
152948: IZZARD, RALPH. - The Hunt for the Buru.
153592: (EDITOR) JABAR, FALEH A. - Post-Marxism and the Middle East.
157175: JACK, IAN. - Augustan Satire. Intention and Idiom in English Poetry 1660-1750.
155270: (BROWNING) JACK, IAN (EDITOR). - Browning: Poetical Works 1833-1864.
151795: JACKSON, KEVIN & STAMP, JONATHAN. - Building the Great Pyramid.
147783: JACKSON, KENNETH HURLSTONE. - A Celtic Miscellany. Translations from the Celtic Literatures.
156384: JACKSON, H.J. - Marginalia. Readers Writing in Books.
155530: JACKSON, ALAN. - The Grim Wayfarer.
153488: (COLERIDGE) JACKSON, J.R. DE J. - Method and Imagination in Coleridge’S Criticism.
151190: JACKSON, VERNON. - The Story of a Bermudian Family. The Jackson Clan.
147645: (REES) JACOB, H.T. - Hopkyn Rees, China. Sef, Trem Ar Fywyd a Llafur Y Parch. William Hopkyn Rees, D.D.
144526: JACOB, H.T. - Hopkyn Rees China. Sef, Trem Ar Fywyd a Llafur Y Parch. William Hopkyn Rees, D.D.
153582: JACOBS, LOUIS. - A Tree of Life. Diversity, Flexibility, and Creativity in Jewish Law.
150958: JACOBS, ALAN. - Original Sin. A Cultural History.
151735: JACOBSON, HOWARD. - The Finkler Question.
149154: JACOBSON, DORANNE. - The CIVIL War in Art: A Visual Odyssey.
151741: JACOBSON, HOWARD. - J.
156195: JAMES, CLIVE. - Iwerddon. Llawlyfr Teithio I’R Cymry Cymraed. Cyfarwyddiadau Ynglyn a’R Ynganiad Gwyddeleg Gan Cathair O Dochartaigh.
149524: JAMES, DAVID & DAVIS, COURTNEY. - The Celtic Image.
154226: JAMES, CLIVE. - North Face of Soho. Unreliable Memoirs Volume IV.
157098: JAMES I., KING. - De Triplici Nodo. The Corrected Copy for the Second Edition.
145072: JAMES, CLIVE. - Iwerddon. Llawlyfr Teithio I’R Cymry Cymraed. Cyfarwyddiadau Ynglyn a’R Ynganiad Gwyddeleg Gan Cathair O Dochartaigh.
145622: JAMES, HAWYS GLYN. - Heritage/Treftadaeth.
147375: (MORRIS-JONES) JAMES, ALLAN - John Morris-Jones.
145501: JAMES, E. WYN. - Dechrau Canu. Rhai Emynau Mawr a’U Cefndir.
149552: JAMES, SIMON. - Exploring the World of the Celts.
147840: JAMES, RACHEL PHILIPPS. - Blodeugerdd Sir Benfro.
149692: JAMES, JASON. - Johnny Repeat: The End of the Way That Was.
156107: JAMES, RACHEL PHILIPPS. - Blodeugerdd Sir Benfro.
147587: JAMES, BRENDA M. - Perlau Bro Talyllychau.
144991: JAMES, MELERI WYN (EDITOR). - Stori a Mwy. Gyda Lingo Newydd. Cartwnau Gan Mumph.
145526: (JONES) JAMES, PARCH. T.J. - Y Parch. Isaac Jones, Nantglyn. Ei Hanes, Ei Arabedd, a’I Ddywediadau.
156026: JAMES, DAN L. - Cymraeg Eisteddfod/Eisteddfod Welsh.
155952: JAMES, D. - Geiriadur Y Plentyn/the Scholar’S Dictionary. (Cymraeg-Saesneg; Saesneg-Cymraeg)/(Welsh-English; English-Welsh).
155863: JANES, E. WYN (EDITOR). - Dechrau Canu. Rhai Emynau Mawr a’U Cefndir.
154817: (THOMAS) JANES, HILLY. - The Three Lives of Dylan Thomas.
144541: JANES, E. WYN (EDITOR). - Dechrau Canu. Rhai Emynau Mawr a’U Cefndir.
148521: JANEWAY, ELIZABETH. - Between Myth and Morning. Women Awakening.
151647: (HEIDEGGER) JANICAUD, DOMINIQUE. - The Shadow of That Thought. Heidegger and the Question of Poilitics. Translated by Michael Gendre.
153284: JANNER, GREVILLE. - One Hand Alone Cannot Clap. An Arab-Israeli Universe.
152669: THE ENGLISH SPEAKING UNION OF JAPAN. - Japan in Their Own Words 2000 - 2007.
151566: (BACON) JARDINE, LISA & STEWART, ALAN. - Hostage to Fortune. The Troubled Life of Francis Bacon.
155524: JARRELL, RANDALL. - The Bat-Poet.
154394: (LAWRENCE) JARRETT-KERR, MARTIN. - D.H. Lawrence and Human Existence. Foreword by T.S. Eliot.
147562: (PARRY) JARVIS, BRANWEN (EDITOR). - Syr Thomas Parry.
156062: (PARRY) JARVIS, BRANWEN (EDITOR). - Syr Thomas Parry.
147403: (OWEN) JARVIS, BRANWEN. - Goronwy Owen.
149641: (BEDDOES) JAY, MIKE. - The Atmosphere of Heaven. The Unnatural Experiments of Dr. Beddoes and His Sons of Genius.
152084: JEFFERIES, RICHARD. - Amaryllis at the Fair. A Novel. With an Introduction by Waveney Girvan.
151882: JEFFERIES, RICHARD. - Bevis: The Story of a Boy. With an Introduction by E.V. Lucas.
154222: JEFFERIES, RICHARD. - Round About a Great Estate.
152956: JEFFERY, PATRICIA AND ROGER. - Don’T Marry Me to a Plowman! Women’S Everyday Lives in Rural North India.
149381: JENKINS, DAVID. - Shipping at Cardiff. Photographs from the Hansen Collection, 1920-1975.
146461: JENKINS, JOHN GWILI. - Hanford Duw a Pherson Crist. Athrawiaeth Y Drindod a Duwdod Crist, Yn Bennaf Yn Ei Pherthynas a Chymru.
150959: JENKINS, DAVID E. - The Calling of a Cuckoo. Not Queite an Autobiography.
146433: JENKINS, R.T. - Hanes Cynulleidfa Hen Gapel, Llanuwchllyn.
144918: JENKINS, GERAINT H. (EDITOR). - Cof Cenedl XI. Ysgrifau Ar Hanes Cymru.
145654: JENKINS, EVAN. - Cerddi Ffair Rhos.
156060: (JONES) JENKINS, DAVID (EDITOR). - Thomas Gwynn Jones 1871-1949.
144919: JENKINS, GERAINT H. (EDITOR). - Cof Cenedl X. Ysgrifau Ar Hanes Cymru.
144920: JENKINS, GERAINT H. (EDITOR). - Cof Cenedl IX. Ysgrifau Ar Hanes Cymru.
148329: (LYTTON) JENKINS, LYNDSEY. - Lady Constance Lytton. Aristocrat, Suffragette, Martyr.
149416: JENKINS, J. GERAINT. - The Coracle.
145558: JENKINS, SIMON. - Maplyfr Y Beibl.
151817: (PEATE) JENKINS, GERAINT (EDITOR) - Studies in Folk Life. Essays in Honour of Iorwerth C. Peate.
146540: (EVANS-PRITCHARD) JENKINS, DAFYDD. - Evans-Pritchard.
146171: JENKINS, R.T. - Casglu Ffrydd
146460: JENKINS, JOHN GWILI. - Arweiniad I’R Testament Newydd.
147858: JENKINS, GWYN (EDITOR). - Llyfr Y Ganrif.
147211: JENKINS, R.T. - Cwpanaid O de. A Diferion Eraill. Detholwyd a Golygwyd Gan Emlyn Evans.
147266: JENKINS, GERAINT H. - Cadw Ty Mewn Cwmwl Tystion. Ysgrifau Hanesyddol Ar Grefydd a Diwylliant.
147215: (JONES) JENKINS, DAVID. - Thomas Gwynn Jones. Cofiant.
146440: JENKINS, R.T. - Edrych Yn Ol.
147384: (DAVIES) JENKINS, ISLWYN. - Idris Davies.
145076: JENKINS, R.T. - Yr Apel at Hanes. Ac Ysgrifau Eraill.
147568: (JONES) JENKINS, DAVID (EDITOR). - Thomas Gwynn Jones.
146365: JENKINS, R.T. - Y Ffordd Yng Nghymru.
147903: JENKINS, IAN; FARGE, CELESTE & TURNER, VICTORIA. - Defining Beauty. The Body in Ancient Greek Art.
156203: JENKINS, DR. R.T. - Dwy Ysgrif.
147393: (WILLIAMS) JENKINS, DAFYDD. - D.J. Williams.
144506: JENKINS, EMLYN G. - Cofiant Elfed 1860-1953.
144579: JENKINS, R.T. - Hanes Cymru Yn Y Bedwaredd Ganrif Ar Bymtheg. Y Gyfrol Gyntaf (1789-1843).
144610: JENKINS, DAVID. - Thomas Gwyn Jones. Cofiant.
153221: (BENLOWES) JENKINS, HAROLD. - Edward Benlowes (1602-1676): Biography of a Minor Poet.
155949: JENKINS, R.T. - Hanes Cymru Yn Y Ddeunawfed Ganrif.
155991: JENKINS, R.T. - Y Ffordd Yng Nghymru.
145615: JENSEN, VIRGINIA ALLEN. - Hanes Y Nisse. Wedi’I Ailadrodd Gan Virginia Allen Jensen Ar Sail Stori Gan Vilhelm Bergsoe.
155198: CH’EN, JEROME AND BULLOCK, MICHAEL (TRANSLATORS). - Poems of Solitude. Translated from the Chinese.
154220: JERROLD, DOUGLAS. - Mrs. Caudle’S Curtain Lectures. With a Foreword by Anthony Burgess.
154219: (JERROLD) JERROLD, WALTER (EDITOR). - The Essays of Douglas Jerrold. Edited by His Grandson.
151333: JEVONS, FRANK BYRON. - An Introduction the Study of Comparative Religion. The Hartford-Lamson Lectures on the Religions of the World.
152793: (EDITORS) JIH-CHANG, HSIEH AND YING-CHANG, CHUANG. - The Chinese Family and Its Ritual Behaviour.
145977: JNES, DAFYDD. - Yr Arloeswr a Cherddi Eraill.
146256: JNOES, E. CEFNI & HUGHES, JOHN (EDITORS). - Y Llawlyfr Moliant Newydd. At Wasanaeth Cynulleidfaoedd Y Bedyddwyr.
150550: JOHANNESSEN, JANNE BONDI. - Coordination.
145494: (JONES) JOHN, E. STANLEY (EDITOR). - Y Gair a’R Genedl. Cyfrol Deyrnged I R. Tudur Jones.
151236: JOHNS, REV. C.A. - Flowers of the Field. Revised Throughout and Edited by R.A. Blakelock. With an Appendix Including the Pipe-Wort Tribe (Eriocaulaceae), the Sedge Tribe (Cyperadeae), and the Grass Tribe (Gramineae).
149717: JOHNS, GEOFF & KATZ, JEFF. - Booster Gold: Blue and Gold.
147169: JOHNS, CATHERINE. - Sex or Symbol. Erotic Images of Greece and Rome.
153580: JOHNSON, AUBREY R. - The Vitality of the Individual in the Thought of Ancient Israel.
150963: JOHNSON, ELIZABETH A. - She Who Is. The Mystery of God in Feminist Theological Discourse.
154354: (LAMB) JOHNSON, EDITH CHRISTINA. - Lamb Always Elia.
150975: JOHNSON-DEBAUFRE, MELANIE. - Jesus Among Her Children. Q, Eschatology, and the Construction of Christian Origins.
150976: JOHNSON, RAYNOR C. - The Imprisoned Splendour. An Approach to Reality, Based Upon the Significance of Data Drawn from the Fields of Natural Science, Psychical Research and Mystical Experience.
149163: JOHNSON, ROSSITER. - Campfires and Battlefields. A Pictorial Narrative of the CIVIL War.
149624: JOHNSON, NORMAN (EDITOR). - Private Markets in Health and Welfare: An International Perspective.
151649: JOHNSON, RAYNOR C. - The Imprisoned Splendour. An Approach to Reality, Based Upon the Significance of Data Drawn from the Fields of Natural Science, Psychical Research and Mystical Experience.
149127: JOHNSON, CLINT. - Bull’S-Eyes and Misfires. 50 People Whose Obscure Efforts Shaped the American CIVIL War.
144104: (ROUSSEAU) JOHNSTON, STEVEN. - Encountering Tragedy. Rousseau and the Project of Democratic Order.
149777: JOHNSTON, ANTONY; NORTON, MIKE & BUCKLEY, LEANNE. - Closer: Distance Means Nothing.
153032: JOHNSTONE, J.K. - The Bloomsbury Group. A Study of E.M. Forster, Lytton Strachey, Virginia Woolf, and Their Circle.
151639: (LEIBNIZ) JOLLEY, NICHOLAS. - Leibniz.
148691: JOLLIFFE, RICHARD ORLANDO. - Phases of Corruption in Roman Administration in the Last Half-Century of the Roman Republic. A Dissertation Submitted to the Faculty of the Graduate School of Arts and Literature in Candidacy for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy, Department of Latin.
147482: JONES, EVAN J. - History of Education in Wales. Volume I [Only].
145645: JONES, ANN PIERCE. - Fflamio.
153272: JONES, CAPT. OLIVER J., R.N. - Recollections of a Winter Campaign in India 1857 - 58.
145981: JONES, PENRI. - Capeli Cymru.
145944: JONES, RHIANNON DAVIES. - Llelan Llan Llyr.
156193: JONES, THOMAS LL. - The Beauties of Welsh Poetry/Ceinon Awen Y Cymmry: Sef Detholiad O Waith Y Beirdd Godidocaf, Hen a Diweddar, Gyda Chyfieithion O Ganiadau Seisonig, Ac Hefyd Bryddestau Cyssefin. [and] Y Llan Annghyfannedd Gan Goldsmith; Cathl Ar Y Tymmorau, Gan Thomson; a Myfyrdawd Gray Mewn Mynwent; Gyda Chyfieithion Ereill Ac Amrywion.
156196: JONES, E. CEFNI AND HUGHES, JOHN (EDITORS). - Y Llawlyfr Moliant Newydd. At Wasanaeth Cynulleidfaoedd Y Bedyddwyr. Cyhoeddidig Gan Undeb Bedyddwyr Cymru a Mynwy.
156211: JONES, GWILYM H. AND EVANS, OWEN E. - Y Gair Ddoe a Heddiw. Eseia O Jerwusalem Esboniad Ar Eseia 1-12, 28-33, 36-39. Gyda Braslun O Hanes Y Beibl Cymraeg.
144913: (PARRY) JONES, BEDWYR LEWIS. - Dawn Dweud: R. Williams Parry. ‘Ar Y Daith Ni Phara. ’ Golygwyd a Chwblhawyd Gan Gwyn Thomas.
145588: JONES, BOBI. - Canu Arnaf. Ail Gasgliad O Gerddi. Cyfrol 1; Cyfrol 2.
145698: JONES, R. AMBROSE. - Pregethau.
146555: JONES, R. LLOYD. - Met Y Mona. Stori Antur I Blant.
147815: JONES, BRYNMOR. - A Bibliography of Anglo-Welsh Literature 1900-1965.
145631: JONES, GARETH LLOYD. - Lleisiau O’R Lludw. Her Yr Holocost I’R Cristion.
149348: JONES, IEUAN GWYNEDD & WILLIAMS, DAVID (EDITORS). - The Religious Census of 1851: A Calendar of the Returns Relating to Wales. Volume I [Only]: South Wales.
149364: JONES, O.V. - The Progress of Medicine. A History of the Caernarfon and Anglesey Infirmary 1809-1948.
156169: JONES, R. GERALLT. - Moresg 68. Y Golau Gwyn. Detholiad O Gerddi Jamaica.
146515: JONES, R. GERALLT. - Cysgodion. Detholiad O Gerddi.
155854: JONES, T.R. AND GEORGE, EIRWYN. - O’R Moelwyn I’R Preselau. Cerddi.
148173: JONES, MARGARET C. - Heretics & Hellraisers. Women Contributors to the Masses, 1911-1917.
147462: JONES, R. TUDUR. - Diwinyddiaeth Ym Mangor/Theology in Bangor 1922-1972.
145594: JONES, A. GWYNN. - Blodau’R Gwynt.
156158: JONES, MARGED LLOYD. - O Drelew I Dre-Fach. Cyfuniad O’R Ddwy Gyfrol Nel Fach Y Bwcs a Ffarwel Achentina. Golygiad Newydd Gyda Chyflwyniad Ac Atodiad Gan Eiry Palfrey.
147669: JONES, W.J. - Ti Gynt a Gerais.
144898: JONES, J. EVANS. - Rhamant Y Gwenyn.
145952: JONES, IFAN. - Cerddi Y Pren Gwyn.
146463: JONES, PARCH. JOHN PULESTON. - Meddyliau Puleston. Lloffion O Ysgrifau Ac Anerchiadau. Wedi Eu Trefnu a’U Golygu Gan Y Parch. R.W. Jones.
145030: JONES, GERAINT VAUGHAN. - Y Leiner Olaf.
144907: JONES, PRYDERI LLWYD. - Iesu’R Iddew a Chymru 2000.
147745: JONES, JOHN HENRY; ROBERTS, BLEDDIN JONES; GRIFFITHS, JOHN GWYN & THOMAS, ISAAC. - Cefndir Y Testament Newydd. Penodau Ar Y Byd Helenistaidd. Golygwyn Ar Ran Pwyllgor Adran Glasurol Urdd Y Graddedigion, Prifysgol Cymru, Gan John Gwyn Griffiths.
149441: JONES, BILL & THOMAS, BETH. - Teyrnas Y Glo/Coal’S Domain. Golwg Hanesyddol Ar Fywyd Ym Meysydd Glo Cumru/Historical Glimpses of Life in Welsh Coalfields.
146266: JONES, R.M. - Mawl a’I Gyfeillion. Cyfrol I [Only]: (Hanfod Y Traddodiad Llenyddo Cymraeg). Adeiladu Mawl.
146264: JONES, ALUN. - Plentyn Y Bwtias.
145518: JOHN JONES (PUBLISHER). - Croeso Cymreig/a Welsh Welcome. Recipes for Some Traditional Welsh Dishes.
149312: JONES, ARTHUR HERBERT. - His Lordship’S Obedient Servant. Recollections of a South Wales Borderer.
145074: JONES, LIS. - Byw a Bod Yn Y Bath.
147429: JONES, LLEWELYN. - Schoolin’S Log.
147550: (JONES) JONES, R.W. - Y Parchedig John Puleston Jones M.A. , D.D.
156048: (EDWARDS) JONES, GWILYM ARTHUR. - Owen Morgan Edwards 1858-1920. Bywyd a Gwaith.
147723: JONES, JOHN MORGAN. - Y Datguddiad O Ddiw Yn Yr Hen Destament.
149066: JONES, IVOR WYNNE. - Money Galore. The Story of the Welsh Pound.
146327: JONES, PARCH. IORWERTH. - Pregethau.
147739: JONES, D. JAMES. - Hanes Athroniaeth. Y Cyfnod Groegaidd.
151680: JONES, MARIAN MOSER. - The American Red Cross. From Clara Barton to the New Deal.
156037: JONES, DIC. - Storom Awst. Trydedd Cyfrol O Gerddi.
145032: JONES, D. GWYN. - Plaesteina: Gwlad Yr Iesu.
145992: (WYNN) JONES, J. GWYNFOR. - Syr John Wynn.
146539: JONES, ALUN R. & THOMAS, GWYN (EDITORS). - Mabon. Cyfrol Un: Rhif Un-Chwech [Only].
147372: (PARRY) JONES, BEDWYR LEWIS. - Robert Williams Parry.
147203: JONES, GWILYM M. - Dawns Yr Ysgubau.
156036: JONES, DIC. - Storom Awst. Trydedd Cyfrol O Gerddi.
143483: JONES, W.T. - Masters of Political Thought. Volume Two [Only]: Machiavelli to Bentham.
145533: JONES, WILLIAM. - Sonedau a Thelynegion.
144940: JONES, M. GLYN. - Y Ffynnon Fyw.
149397: JONES, THOMAS (EDITOR). - Ystoryaeu Seint Greal. Rhan I [Only]. Y Keis.
156197: (GOETHE) JONES, T. GWYNN. - Faust. Rhif II.
146057: JONES, RHIANNON DAVIES. - Dyddiadur Mari Gwyn.
146166: JONES, EMYR. - Gwaed Gwirion.
146248: JONES, JOHN GWILYM. - Tri Diwrnod Ac Angladd.
155853: JONES, CHRISTINE AND THORNE, DAVID. - Dyfed: Blas Ar Ei Thafodieithoedd.
147696: JONES, PARCHEDIG H. GODFREY. - Esboniad Ar Efengyl Marc.
146238: JONES, JOHN GWILYM. - Hanes Rhyw Gymro.
145555: JONES, GERAINT VAUGHAN. - Morwenna. (Nofel).
151648: JONES, HENRY. - The Working Faith of the Social Reformer, and Other Essays.
147848: JONES, RHIANNON DAVIES. - Hwiangerddi Gwreiddiol.
146298: JONES, J. TOWYN. - Ar Lwybr Llofrudd. Hanes Achos O Lofruddiaeth Yn Sir Gaerfyrddinyn Y Ganrif Ddiwethaf, Ynghyd a Manylion Am Flynyddoedd Cynnar Yr Heddlu Yn Y Sir.
149669: JONES, JEFF. - Spasm 1.
149082: JONES, BRIAN. - Port Talbot: A Gallery of Past Personalities. Volume III [Olnly].
146006: JONES, BOBI (EDITOR). - Pedwar Emynydd. Ann Griffiths; Morgan Rhys; Dafydd Jones O Gaeo; Dafydd William.
145929: JONES, EMYR. - Gwaed Gwirion.
146432: JONES, ISAAC. - Bywyd a Goleuni. Myfyrdodau Ar Efengyl Ioan.
146487: JONES, R. GERALLT & HALL, ERIC. - Teithiau Gerallt. Crwydo Cymrur’R Canol Oesoedd.
156128: JONES, J.T. - Christmas Evans.
157174: JONES, KATHLEEN. - A Passionate Sisterhood. The Sisters, Wives and Daughters of the Lake Poets.
144927: JONES, HARRI PRITCHARD. - Dychwelyd.
153669: JONES, ANTHEA. - A Thousand Years of the English Parish. Medieval Patterns and Modern Interpretations.
150157: JONES, TERRY. - Erik the Viking.
146430: JONES, GARETH LLOYD. - Doethineb Israel.
146158: (JONES) JONES, CYRIL (EDITOR). - Cerddi Iorwerth Jones.
146508: (LEWIS) JONES, K. IDWAL (EDITOR). - Syr Herbert Lewis 1858-1933.
146516: JONES, R. - Pererindota. Hanes Taith I’R Gorffennol.
145687: JONES, BEDWYR LEWIS. - Yn Ei Elfen.
145676: JONES, ELUNED. - O Uchel Dras.
146194: JONES, PRIFATHRO J. MORGAN. - Y Testament Newydd: Ei Hanes a’I Gynnwys.
146491: JONES, R. GERALLT. - Cwlwm. Cyfrol O Gerddi.
146107: (COTHI) JONES, E.D. (EDITOR). - Lewys Glyn Cothi (Detholiad).
155529: JONES, SALLY ROBERTS. - The Forgotten Country. Poems.
146496: JONES, PARCH. JOHN. - Y Deonglydd Berniadol, New Eglurhad Manwl Ar Bob Adnod Yn Y Testament Newydd, Er Gwasanaeth Yr Ysgolion Sabbothol.
144951: JONES, W.R. - Aros Amser. Sef Atgofion Difyr, Storiau Ac Hanesion Am Gymeriadau Shir Gar.
146015: (COTHI) JONES, E.D. (EDITOR). - Lewys Glyn Cothi (Detholiad).
147653: JONES, WILLIAM. - Tannau’R Cawn.
144984: JONES, GERAINT VAUGHAN. - Y Fro Dirion. Y Gyfrol Gyntaf [Only]. Eira Llynedd.
148995: JONES, COLIN SPONG. - Percy Hunt: The Great Mavello. Life and Times of a Health & Strength League Athlete.
146214: JONES, R.M. (EDITOR). - Blodeugerdd Barddas O’R Bedwaredd Ganrif Ar Bymtheg.
145924: JONES, R. GERALLT. - Triptych. Neu Bortread Mewn Tair Rhan, O Bobun, 1977.
147672: JONES, R. GERALLT. - Y Foel Fawr. Sef Y Rhan Gyntaf O Hanes Rhys Davies. Nofel.
147674: JONES, BOBI. - Crio Chwerthin. Storiau.
146268: JONES, BOBI. - Rhwng Taf a Thaf.
148308: JONES, VIVIEN (EDITOR). - The Yong Lady’S Pocket Library, or Parental Monitor. With a New Introduction.
146825: JONES, ERNEST. - Papers on Psycho-Analysis.
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148336: MARTIN, MART. - The Almanac of Women and Minorities in World Politics.
152383: (EDITOR) MARTIN, GED. - The Founding of Australia. The Argument About Australia’S Origins.
151157: MARTINEAU, GEORGE. - Sugar Cane and Beet. An Object Lesson.
148896: MARTINES, LAURO. - April Blood. Florence and the Plot Against the Medici.
149760: MARTINET, JEANNE. - Truer Than True Romance.
157200: MARTZ, LOUIS. - The Wit of Love. Donne: Crashaw: Carew: Marvell.
149805: MARVEL. - Amazing Adventures Featuring War of the Worlds. Issue 26. Starring Kilraven. Blood Bath at Battle Creek... Based on the Novel by H.G. Wells.
149809: MARVEL. - Killraven, Warrior of the Worlds. Issue 30. Wanted: Dead or Alive!
149810: MARVEL. - Killraven, Warrior of the Worlds. Issue 34. A Death in the Family!
149808: MARVEL. - Amazing Adventures Featuring War of the Worlds. Issue 37. Starring Kilraven. The Startling Origin of the Man Called Old Skull!
149807: MARVEL. - Amazing Adventures Featuring War of the Worlds. Issue 28. Starring Kilraven. The Death Breeders of Chicago!
149806: MARVEL. - Amazing Adventures Featuring War of the Worlds. Issue 36. Starring Kilraven. Legacy of the Lost!
149804: MARVEL. - Killraven, Warrior of the Worlds. Issue 31. The Frightful Fate of the Fear-Master!
149790: MARVEL. - Killraven, Warrior of the Worlds. Issue 32. Monster of the Mind Machine.
149803: MARVEL. - Killraven, Warrior of the Worlds. Issue 33. The Siren Song of Death.
152873: MARVIN, GARRY. - Bullfight.
155629: MARVIN, FREDERIC ROWLAND (TRANSLATOR). - Flowers of Song from Many Lands. Being Short Poems and Detached Verses Gathered from Various Languages and Rendered Into English.
154496: MASEFIELD, JOHN. - The Nine Days Wonder (the Operation Dynamo).
155645: MASEFIELD, JOHN. - Poems.
155646: MASEFIELD, JOHN. - Old Raiger and Other Verse.
156445: MASON, MICHAEL. - The Centre of Hilarity. A Play Upon Ideas About Laughter and the Absurd.
154328: (KIPLING) MASON, PHILIP. - Kipling. The Glass, the Shadow and the Fire.
151256: MASSEE, GEORGE. - Text-Book of Fungi. Including Morphology, Physiology, Pathology, Classification, Etc.
156741: MASSIE, ROBERT K. - Peter the Great. His Life and World.
156465: MASSIE, ROBERT K. - Catherine the Great. Portrait of a Woman.
156462: MASSIE, SUZANNE. - Pavlovsk. The Life of a Russian Palace.
145179: MASSINGHAM, H.J. - Through the Widerness.
146815: (FREUD) MASSON, JEFFREY MOUSSAIEFF. - Freud: The Assault on Truth. Freud’S Suppression of the Seduction Theory.
153720: (DRUMMOND) MASSON, DAVID. - Drummond of Hawthornden: The Story of His Life and Writings.
154752: (STEVENSON) MASSON, ROSALINE. - The Life of Robert Louis Stevenson.
147793: (ELLIS) MASTERMAN, NEVILLE. - The Forerunner. The Dilemmas of Tom Ellis, 1859-1899.
150643: MASTERS, MAXWELL T. - On the Flowering Plants and Ferns of Oxfordshire and the Contiguous Counties.
154495: MASTERS, EDGAR LEE. - Across Spoon River. An Autobiography.
157255: MATAR, NABIL. - Islam in Britain, 1558 - 1685.
148911: MATHEW, DAVID. - The Celtic Peoples and Renaissance Europe. A Study of the Celtic and Spanish Influences on Elizabethan History. With an Introduction by Christopher Dawson.
154494: MATHIAS, ROLAND. - A Ride Through the Wood. Essays on Anglo-Welsh Literature.
154493: MATSHIKIZA, TODD. - Chocolates for My Wife.
152651: MATTHAM, JONATHAN AND DREISER, PETER. - The Techniques of Glass Engraving.
155196: MATTHEWS, J.H. (EDITOR). - An Anthology of French Surrealist Poetry. Edited with an Introduction.
146546: (HEGEL) MATTHEWS, E. GWYNN. - Hegel.
148492: MATTHEWS, JENNY. - Women and War.
144754: (TOSCANINI) MATTHEWS, DENIS. - Arturo Toscanini. With Selected Discography by Ray Burford.
147579: MATTHEWS, EDWARD. - Gweithiau. Dan Olygiaeth Y Parch. W. Llywel Morgan.
147851: MATTHEWS, EMILY. - Y Llong Fawr. A Storiau Eraill O’R Beibl.
156446: MATTHEWS, HONOR. - The Hard Journey. The Myth of Man’S Rebirth.
145694: (THOMAS) MATTHEWS, EDWARD. - Hanes Bywyd Siencyn Penhydd: Neu Mr. Jenkin Thomas, Penhydd, Morganwg.
151015: MATTHEWS, W.R. - God. In Christian Thought and Experience.
151683: MATTHEWS, OWEN. - Glorious Misadventures. Nikolai Rezanov and the Dream of a Russian America.
144608: MATTHEWS, EDWARD. - George Heycock a’I Amserau.
156014: (RICHARDS) MATTHEWS, EDWARD. - Bywgraffiad Y Parch. Thos. Richard, Abergwaen; Nodiadau Arno Fel Dyn, Cristion, a Phregethwr; Penodau O’I Ymadroddion Detholedig, Yn Nhgyda Phigion O’R Areithiau, Llythyrau, &C.
145612: MATTHYS, ROBERT. - Golwyg Gyntaf Ar Y Dadeni. Addasiad Cymraeg Gan Ivor Owen.

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