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165225: DAHRENDORF, RALF. - Gesellschaft Und Demokratie in Deutschland.
153331: (BURNS) DAICHES, DAVID. - Robert Burns.
140888: DAILY NEWS AND LEADER, THE. - The Year 1913 Illustrated. A Record of Notable Achievements and Events.
168105: DAKIN, WILLIAM J. - Great Barrier Reef. And Some Mention of Other Australian Coral Reefs.
169441: DALE, ANTHONY. - Fashionable Brighton 1820-1860.
169442: DALE, ANTHONY. - Fashionable Brighton 1820-1860.
160616: DALLAS, GREGOR. - At the Heart of a Tiger. Clemenceau and His World 1841 - 1929.
162254: DALLAS, GREGOR. - Poisoned Peace. 1945 - the War That Never Ended.
158633: DALLAS, GREGOR. - The Final Act. The Roads to Waterloo.
169779: (KENNEDY, JOHN F.) DALLEK, ROBERT. - John F. Kennedy an Unfinished Life 1917 - 1963.
138853: DALLIN, ALEXANDER & FIRSOV, F.I. (EDITORS). - Dimitrov and Stalin, 1934-1943. Letters from the Soviet Archives. Russian Documetns Translated by Vadim A. Staklo.
169007: DALMAS, HERBERT. - The Fowler Formula.
166965: DALRYMPLE, WILLIAM. - White Mughals. Love and Betrayal in Eighteenth-Century India.
165987: DALRYMPLE, WILLIAM. - Return of a King. The Battle for Afghanistan.
166118: DAMASCHKE, ADOLF. - Aus Meinem Leben.
153509: DANA, R.H. - Two Years Before the Mast and Twenty-Four Years After. With an Introduction and Notes. Edited by Charles W. Eliot.
160329: DANGERFIELD, GEORGE. - Victoria’S Heir. The Education of a Prince.
157004: DANIELL, DAVID SCOTT. - The Time of the Singing. A Novel.
154054: (HERBERT) DANIELL, JOHN J. - The Life of George Herbert of Bemerton. With Addenda.
144033: DANIELS, ROBERT V. (EDITOR). - A Documentary History of Communism. Volume 2 [Only]. Communism and the World. With Introduction, Notes and Original Translations.
158164: DANIELS, P.W. AND LEVER, W.F. (EDITORS). - The Global Economy in Transition.
144780: (BERLIOZ) DANISKAS, J. - Hector Berlioz.
151273: DANN, ROBERT BERNARD. - Father of Faith Missions. The Life and Times of Anthony Norris Groves (1795-1853).
166049: DANN, OTTO (EDITOR). - Koeln Nach Dem Nationalsozialismus. Der Berginn Des Gesellschaftlichen Und Politischen Lebens in Den Jahren 1945/46.
164990: DANTICAT, EDWIDGE. - The Farming of Bones. A Novel.
139108: DANZIGER, DANNY. - We Are Soldiers. Our Heroes. Their Stories. Real Life on the Front Line.
170086: DARBY, TOM. - Making Fine Furniture. Designer-Makers and Their Projects.
162423: DARE, REGINALD A. - A History of Owen’S School.
153506: DARK, SIDNEY. - Mainly About Other People.
157003: DARLING, APRIL. - Fresh Money. A Novel.
152057: DARLING, F. FRASER. - The New Naturalist: Natural History in the Highlands and Islands.
156190: DARNTON, ROBERT. - The Forbidden Best-Sellers of Pre-Revolutionary France.
138254: DAROM, DR. DAVID. - Art and Design in Modern Fixed-Blade Knives.
153687: (DICKENS) DARTON, F.J. HARVEY. - Dickens: Postively the First Appearance. A Centenary Review, with a Bibliography of Sketches by Boz.
149634: DARWIN, CHARLES. - The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals. With an Introduction, Afterword and Commentaries by Paul Ekman. Essay on the Histroy of the Illustrations by Phillip Prodger.
150276: DASH, P.L. & KUMAR, RAMA SAMPATH (EDITORS). - Central Asia in Transition.
137129: DAUDET, ALPHONSE. - Artists’ Wives. Translated by Laura Ensor.
158726: DAUDET, ALPHONSE. - Tartarin on the Alps. Translated by Henry Frith.
158727: DAUDET, ALPHONSE. - One of the ‘Forty’ (L’Immortel). Translated from the French of... By A.W. Verrall and Margaret de G. Verrall.
158728: DAUDET, ALPHONSE. - Selected Stories.
158729: DAUDET, ALPHONSE. - Kings in Exile. Sole Authorised Translation by Laura Ensor and E. Bartow.
158730: DAUDET, ALPHONSE. - Tartarin of Tarascon. Traveller, “Turk” and Lion-Hunter.
161254: (EDITORS) DAUNTON, MARTIN AND RIEGER, BERNHARD. - Meanings of Modernity. Britain from the Late-Victorian Era to World War II.
157646: DAUVILLER, A. - Cosmic Dust.
156781: DAVENPORT, W.A. - Fifteenth-Century English Drama. The Early Moral Plays and Thier Literary Relations.
157001: DAVID, LAWRENCE. - The Kid Glove Skipper. A Romance of Silk and Sailcloth.
157807: DAVID, ABRAHAM (EDITOR). - A Hebrew Chronicle from Pargue, C. 1615. Translated by Leon J. Weinberger with Dena Ordan.
151245: DAVIDIAN, H.H. - The Rhododendron Species. Volume II [Only]: Elepidote Species. Series Arboreum-Lacteum.
162289: DAVIDSON, ALEXANDER. - Blazers, Badges and Boaters. A Pictorial History of School Uniform.
149770: DAVIDSON, JEFF & BUELL, STEPHEN R. - Fragile Prophet. Number One [Only].
155470: DAVIDSON, JOHN. - A Second Series of Fleet Street Eclocues.
168486: DAVIDSON, GUSTAV. - First Editions in American Juvenilia and the Problems in Identification.
167956: DAVIDSON, LT. GEN. PHILLIP B. - Vietnam at War. The History 1946 - 1975.
165914: DAVIDSON, ROBERT. - Leaves from a Peasant’S Cottage Drawer.
148413: DAVIDSON, CATHY N. & WAGNER-MARTIN, LINDA (EDITORS). - The Oxford Companion to Women’S Writing in the United States.
155382: DAVIE, DONALD. - The Forests of Lithuania. A Poem.
169430: DAVIE, W. GALSWORTHY AND TANNER, H. - Old English Doorways. A Series of Historical Examples from Tudor Times to the End of the XVIII Century.
156396: DAVIE, DONALD. - A Gathered Church: The Literature of the English Dissentin Interest, 1700-1930. The Clark Lectures Lectures 1976.
155379: DAVIE, DONALD. - The Shires. Poems.
155381: DAVIE, DONALD. - Events and Wisdoms. Poems 1957-1963.
138219: DAVIES, DAVID TWISTON (EDITOR). - The Daily Telegraph Book of Imperial and Commonwealth Obituaries.
151656: (WILLEY) DAVIES, HUGH SYKES & WATSON, GEORGE (EDITORS). - The English Mind. Studies in the English Moralists Presented to Basil Willey.
152970: DAVIES, R.T. AND BEATTY, B.G. (EDITORS). - Literature of the Romantic Period 1750-1850.
156973: DAVIES, D.W. - Elizabethans Errant. The Strange Fortunes of Sir Thomas Sherley and His Three Sons.
160298: DAVIES, GARETH AND GODWIN, TERRY. - Gareth Davies: Standing Off. My Life in Rugby.
135921: DAVIES, J.G. - The Early Christian Church.
165919: DAVIES, W.H. - Collected Poems.
153003: DAVIES, JOHN PATON JR. - Dragon by the Tail. American, British, Japanese and Russian Encounters with China and One Another.
165557: DAVIES, ROBERTSON. - Murther and Walking Spirits. A Novel.
160268: DAVIES, LYNN. - Hard Men of Welsh Rugby.
136363: DAVIES, DUNCAN; BATHURST, DIANA & BATHURST, ROBIN. - The Telling Image. The Changing Balance between Pictures and Words in a Technological Age.
154016: DAVIES, W. TWISTON. - Fifty Years of Progress. An Account of the African Organisation of the Imperial Tobacco Company 1907 - 1957.
162253: DAVIES, NORMAN. - No Simple Victory. World War II in Europe, 1939 - 1945.
160371: DAVIES, GERALD. - The History of the Rugby World Cup. Foreword by John Eales.
143419: DAVIES, PHILIP JOHN (EDITOR). - Science Fiction, Social Conflict and War.
165003: DAVIES, HUNTER. - The Beatles, Football, and Me. A Memoir.
160283: DAVIES, D.E. - Cardiff Rugby Club. History and Statistics 1876-1975. ‘the Greatest. ’
170090: DAVIES, PETER AND KNIPE, TONY (EDITORS). - A Sense of Place: Sculpture in Landscape.
138564: DAVIES, KATHLEEN. - Polam Hall: The Story of a School.
138623: DAVIES, JOHN G. - From Bridge to Moor. The History of Leeds Grammar School from Its Foundation to 1854.
150633: DAVIES, NOEL A. - A History of Ecumenism in Wales, 1956-1990.
162286: DAVIES, J.A. - Education in a Welsh Rural County 1870-1973.
156998: DAVIES, CAITLIN. - Family Likeness.
163135: DAVIES, JOHN. - See Naples and Die.
138800: DAVIES, MARTIN. - ‘Conceal, Create, Confuse. ’ Deception As a British Battlefield Tactic in the First World War.
138495: DAVIES, E.T. - Monmouthshire Schools and Education to 1870.
138707: DAVIES, J. IFOR. - The Caernarvon County School. A History.
150593: DAVIES, J.G. - Pilgrimage Yesterday and Today. Why? Where? How?
150632: DAVIES, W.D. - Christian Engagements with Judaism.
169468: DAVIES, PHILIP. - Splendours of the Raj. British Architecture in India, 1660-1947.
157495: DAVIES, GODFREY. - The Restoration of Charles II 1658 - 1660.
149171: DAVIS, WILLIAM C. (FOREWORD BY). - The CIVIL War Wall Chart.
150222: DAVIS, HARRY MEYER & FASSETT, F.G. - What You Should Know About the Signal Corps.
137873: (WHITFIELD) DAVIS, H.C.; HATWELL, J.M.; REES, D.G. & SLOWEY, G.W. (EDITORS). - Essays in Honour of John Humphreys Whitfield Presented to Him on His Retirement from the Serena Chair of Italian at the University of Birmingham.
168926: DAVIS, RICHARD H. - In the Fog.
170267: DAVIS, ARTHUR KYLE (EDITOR). - More Traditional Ballads of Virginia. Collected with the Cooperation of Members of the Virginia Folklore Society. With the Editorial Assistance of Matthew Joseph Bruccoli, George Walton Williams, Paul Clayton Worthington.
161881: DAVIS, LINDSEY. - Last Act in Palmyra.
165556: DAVIS, RICHARD HARDING. - The Man Who Could Not Loose.
167740: DAVIS, HAROLD WITH SMITH, PAUL. - Tougher Than Bullets. The Heroic Tale of a Black Watch Survivor of the Korean War.
170782: DAVIS, NATHANIEL. - The Last Two Years of Salvador Allende.
138043: DAVIS, RALPH ET AL. - Leighton Park. The First 100 Years.
141016: DAVIS, JOHN A. - The Jews of San Nicandro.
152663: DAVIS, WILLIAM G. - Social Relations in a Philippine Market. Self-Interest and Subjectivity.
138995: DAVIS, PATRICK. - A Child at Arms.
161882: DAVIS, LINDSEY. - One Virgin Too Many.
161883: DAVIS, LINDSEY. - Two for the Lions.
149179: (GANTZ) DAVIS, KATHLEEN (EDITOR). - Such Are the Trials. The CIVIL War Diaries of Jacob Gantz.
136272: DAVIS, MOSHE (EDITOR - Teaching Jewish Civilization. A Global Approach to Higher Education.
160677: DAVIS, ARTHUR N. - The Kaiser I Knew. My Fourteen Years with the Kaiser.
168249: DAVIS, WILLIAM HEATH. - Seventy-Five Years in California. Recollections and Remarks by One Who Visited These Shores in 1831, and Again in 1833, and Except When Absent on Business Was a Resident from 1838 Until the End of a Long Life in 1909.
156996: DAVIS, RICHARD HARDING. - Ranson’S Folly.
137147: (DOBIE) DAVIS, STEVEN L. - J. Frank Dobie. A Liberated Mind.
151312: DAVIS, DEBORAH (LINDA BERG) & DAVIS, BILL. - The Children of God. The Inside Story.
170438: DAVIS, ALAN. - Fantastic Four: The End.
155787: (POPE) DAVIS, HERBERT (EDITOR). - Pope: Poetical Works.
154884: (WAUGH) DAVIS, ROBERT MURRAY. - Evelyn Waugh and the Forms of His Time.
164461: DAVIS, DOROTHY SALISBURY. - Lullaby of Murder.
167332: DAVIS, FEI-LING. - Primitive Revolutionaries of China. A Study of Secret Societies in the Late Nineteenth Century.
165723: DAVIS, CHRISTOPHER O. - Death in Abeyance. Illness and Therapy Among the Tabwa of Central Africa.
157566: DAVIS, J.I. (INTRODUCTION BY). - Libellus de Natura Animalium. Reproduced in Facsimile with an Introduction.
157189: DAVY, CHARLES. - Words in the Mind. Exploring Some Effects of Poetry, English and French.
153421: DAWISHA, ADEED. - Arab Nationalism in the Twentieth Century. From Triumph to Despair.
164416: DAWKINS, RICHARD. - The Magic of Reality. How We Know What’S Really True.
164418: DAWKINS, RICHARD. - A Devil’S Chaplain. Selected Essays. Edited by Latha Menon.
165555: DAWKINS, CECIL. - Charleyhorse.
152103: DAWS, GAVAN. - Shoal of Time. A History of the Hawaiian Islands.
157353: DAWSON, GEOFFREY (INTRODUCTION BY). - A Book of Broadsheets. With an Introduction.
154853: (TWAIN) DAY, A. GROVE (EDITOR). - Mark Twain’S Letters from Hawaii. Edited with and Introduction.
163490: DAY, PETER. - Klop. Britain’S Most Ingenious Secret Agent.
142723: DAY, DAVID. - The Great Betrayal. Britain, Australia and the Onset of the Pacific War 1939-42.
157027: DAYAN, YAEL. - Envy the Frightened. A Novel.
157028: DAYAN, YAEL. - Dust.
166122: KOMITEE DER ANTIFASCHISTISCHEN WIDERSTANDSKAEMPFER DER DDR (EDITED BY). - Gegen Imperialismus, Faschismus Und Krieg. Der Kampf Der Kpd Fuer Den Sturz Der Faschisitischen Diktatur, Fuer Die Beifreiung Von Ernst Thaelmann Und Aller Eingekerkerten Antifaschisten Und Gegen Den Kz-Terror. Beitrag Zur Entlarvung Imperialistischen Geschictsfaelschung in Der Gegenwart. Wissenschaftliche Veranstaltung Der Zentralleitung Des Komitees Der Antifascheistischen Widerstandskaempfer Der Ddr Am 19. Maerz, 1983 in Der Nationalen Mahn- Und Gedenkstaette Sachsenhausen.
153999: (HARDY) DEACON, LOIS AND COLEMAN, TERRY. - Providence and Mr. Hardy.
141092: DEAK, ISTVAN. - Essays on Hitler’S Europe.
163136: DEAL, BABS H. - Fancy’S Knell.
168996: DEAN, S.F.X. - Death and the Mad Heroine.
160293: DEANS, COLIN. - You’Re a Hooker, Then. An Autobiography.
167747: DEBENHAM, MARY H. - Fairmeadow’S Farm.
168353: DEBENHAM, MARY H. - Keepers of England. A Story of a Thousand Years Ago.
167688: DEBENHAM, MARY H. - ‘Twixt Old and New.
167691: DEBENHAM, MARY H. - Household Troops; or, Small Service Is True Service.
168010: DEBENHAM, MARY H. - The Shepherd Prior and Other Stories for Sunday Evenings.
167749: DEBENHAM, MARY H. - One Red Rose.
167748: DEBENHAM, MARY H. - Faith’S First Christmas, and Other Stories for Sunday Evenings.
170047: DEBO, ANGIE. - The Rise and Fall of the Choctaw Republic.
165572: DEBRAY, REGIS. - Undesirable Alien. Translated by Rosemary Sheed.
158719: DEBRAY, REGIS. - The Frontier and a with-It Young Man Translated by Louis Allen.
162975: DEBROY, BIBEK (TRANSLATOR). - The Mahabharata. Volume 3 [Only] (Sections 33 to 44).
141034: DEEDES, W.F. - Words and Deedes. Selected Journalism 1931-2006.
162251: DEEDES, WF. - At War with Waugh. The Real Story of ‘Scoop’.
168247: DEEKEN, RICHARD. - Manuia Samoa! Samoanische Reisesfizzen Und Beobachtungen
150314: MINISTRY OF DEFENCE. - Nepal and the Gurkhas.
164359: DEFEUDIS, FRANCIS V. - Ginkgo Biloba Extract (Ecb761). From Chemistry to the Clinic.
163695: DEFOE, DANIEL. - The Life and Strange Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, of York, Mariner, As Related by Himself.
165964: DEHN, PAUL. - The Day’S Alarm.
148670: DEIGNAN, H.G. - Descriptions of Two New Leafbirds from Siam.
168963: DEKKER, ANTHONY. - Divers Diamonds.
154669: (ROBERTSON) DEKKERS, ODIN. - J.M. Robertson: Rationalist and Literary Critic.
158998: DEKOBRA, MAURICE. - The Crimson Smile (le Rire Dans la Steppe).
135565: (ROUSSEAU) DELANEY, JAMES. - Starting with Rousseau.
163451: DELATTRE, LUCAS. - Betraying Hitler. The Story of Fritz Kolbe, the Most Important Spy of the Second World War.
153945: (GIDE) DELAY, JEAN. - The Youth of Andre Gide. Abridged and Translated by June Guicharnaud.
165566: DELIJANI, SAHAR. - Childred of the Jacaranda Tree.
153698: DELISLE, FRANCOISE. - Friendship’S Odyssey.
164473: DELMAN, DAVID. - One Man’S Murder.
157016: DELVES-BROUGHTON, J. - A Sojourn in England.
168720: DELVING, MICHAEL. - Die Like a Man.
141795: (LAMBERT) DEMAUS, A.B. (EDITOR). - Letters from Hms Britannia. William Lambert & the Late Victorian Navy.
153553: DEMBITZ, LEWIS N. - Jewish Services in Synagogue and Home.
157015: DEMOLDER, EUGENE. - The Emerald Way. Translated by Gerard Shelley.
158628: DEMPSEY, GUY C. - Napoleon’S Soldiers. The Grande Armee of 1807 As Depicted in the Paintings of the Otto Manuscript.
165180: DENG, FRANCIS MADING. - Africans of Two Worlds. The Dinka in Afro-Arab Sudan.
169574: DENHAM, SIDNEY AND DENHAM, HELEN. - The Complete Book of the Siamese Cat.
161905: DENHAM, BERTIE. - Foxhunt.
162376: DENMAN, D.R. - A Half and Half Affair. Chronicles of a Hybrid Don.
139827: DENNEY, ROBERT E. - The CIVIL War Years. A Day-by-Day Chronicle of the Life of a Nation. Foreword by Gregory J.W. Urwin.
139759: DENNEY, ROBERT E. - The CIVIL War Years. A Day-by-Day Chronicle of the Life of a Nation. Foreword by Gregory J.W. Urwin.
168997: DENNIS, ROBERT C. - Conversations with a Corpse.
170970: DENSMORE, FRANCES. - Strength of the Earth. The Classic Guide to Ojibwe Uses of Native Plants. Introduction by Brenda J. Child.
156018: DENT, JULIAN. - Crisis in Finance. Crown, Financiers and Society in Seventeenth Century France.
136461: DENT, EDWARD J. - The Rise of Romantic Opera. Edited by Winton Dean.
154701: (SHAW) DENT, ALAN (EDITOR). - Bernard Shaw and Mrs. Patrick Campbell: Their Correspondence.
164474: DENTINGER, JANE. - Murder on Cue.
164463: DENTINGER, JANE. - Death Mask. A Jocelyn O’Roarke Mystery.
164462: DENTINGER, JANE. - First Hit of the Season.
167227: DENYER, SIMON. - Rogue Elephant. Harnessing the Power of India’S Unruly Democracy.
165202: DENZLER, GEORG AND FABRICIUS, VOLKER (EDITORS). - Die Kirchen IM Dritten Reich. Christen Und Nazis Hand in Hand?
167878: GUILLEBAUD/DEPARDON. - La Colline Des Anges. Retour Au Vietnam 1972 - 1992.
162318: NEW YORK STATE EDUCATION DEPARTMENT (PUBLISHER). - Proceedings of the Dedication of the New York State Education Building, Albany. October 15, 16, 17, 1912.
158171: DERBYSHIRE, J. DENIS AND DERBYSHIRE, IAN. - Political Systems of the World.
163601: DERCON, CHRIS; KREMPEL, LEON AND SHALEM, AVINOAM (EDITORS). - The Future of Tradition-the Tradition of Future. 100 Years After the Exhibition Masterpieces of Muhammadan Art in Munich/100 Jahre Nach Der Ausstellung Meisterwerke Muhammedanischer Kunst in Munchen.
157013: DERLETH, AUGUST. - Return to Walden West.
165734: DERMAN, WILLIAM AND DERMAN, LOUISE. - Serfs, Peasants, and Socialists. A Former Serf Village in the Republic of Guinea.
169776: DERSHOWITZ, ALAN. - The Case Against Israel’S Enemies. Exposing Jimmy Carter and Others Who Stand in the Way of Peace.
165565: DESAI, ANITA. - Games at Twilight and Other Stories.
140734: DESCHANEL, PAUL. - Gambetta.
170863: DESCOLA, JEAN. - Daily Life in Colonial Peru 1710 - 1820.
153557: DESHEN, SHLOMO. - The Mellah Society. Jewish Community Life in Sherifan Morocco. Revised and Translated from the Hebrew by the Author.
135819: (ELLIS) DESLISLE, FRANCOISE. - Friendship’S Odyssey. In Love with Life.
164337: DESMAISON, RENE. - La Montagne a Mains Nues.
165564: DESMOND, SHAW. - Tales of the Little Sisters of Saint Francis.
170838: DETWEILER, ROBERT. - Breaking the Fall. Religious Readings of Contemporary Fiction.
152108: DETZNER, CAPITAINE H. - Moeurs Et Coutumes Des Papous. 4 Ans Chez Les Cannibales de Nouvelle-Guinee, 1914 - 1918.
165056: DEUERLEIN, ERNST (EDITOR). - Der Aufsteig Der Nsdap in Augenzeugenberichten. Herausgegen Und Eingeleitet.
166022: DEUERLEIN, ERNST (EDITOR). - Der Reichstag. Aufsaetze, Protokolle Und Darstellungen Zur Geschichte Der Parlamentarischen Vertretung Des Deutschen Volkes 1871-1933.
170977: DEUR, DOUGLAS AND TURNER, NANCY J. (EDITORS). - Keep It Living. Traditions of Plant Use and Cultivation on the Northwest Coast of North America.
161828: DEUTSCH, HAROLD C. - The Conspiracy Against Hitler in the Twilight War. An Account of the German Anti-Nazi Plot from September 1939 to May 1940 and the Role of Pope Pius XII.
151689: (EDITOR) DEUTSCH, LENNA A. - Mercer’S Belles: The Journal of a Reporter.
166123: DEUTSCHKRON, INGE. - Ich Trug Den Gelben Stern.
157044: DEVADOSS, MANOHAR. - Green Well Years.
142842: DEVAMBEZ, PIERRE. - Great Sculpture of Ancient Greece. Translated by Halina Tunikowska.
168678: DEVERELL, WILLIAM. - High Crimes.
148171: DEVLIN-GLASS, FRANCES & MCCREDDEN, LYN (EDITORS). - Feminist Poetics of the Sacred. Creative Suspicions.
153114: DEVLIN, JOHN F. - Syria. Modern State in an Ancient Land.
140218: DEVRIES, KELLY. - Joan of Arc. A Military Leader.
134876: DEWBERRY, DONNA. - Fast & Fun: Landscape Painting.
164312: (DOVER) DEWHURST, KENNETH. - The Quicksilver Doctor. The Life and Times of Thomas Dover, Physician and Adventurer.
164311: (SYDENHAM) DEWHURST, KENNETH. - Dr. Thomas Sydenham (1624-1689). His Life and Original Writings.
170411: DEWS, JOHN E. AND MILNER, ERIC. - Breeding Better Bees. Using Simple Modern Methods.
158378: DHAVAN, RAJEEV AND DAVIES, SHRISTIE (EDITORS). - Censorship and Obscenity.
159643: ONE WHO HAS KEPT A DIARY. - Collections and Recollections.
148371: DIAS, MARIA ODILA SILVA. - Power and Everyday Life. The Lives of Working Women in Nineteenth-Century Brazil. Translated by Ann Frost.
167798: DICE, LEE R. AND BLOSSOM, PHILIP M. - Studies of Mammalian Ecology in Southwestern North America with Special Attention to the Colors of Desert Mammals.
155146: (WORDSWORTH) DICEY, A.V. - The Statesmanship of Wordsworth. An Essay.
144192: DICK, EDDIE (EDITOR). - From Limelight to Satellite. A Scottish Film Book.
164867: DICK-READ, ROBERT. - The Phantom Voyagers. Evidence of Indonesian Settlement in Africa in Ancient Times.
169063: DICKEN, PETER. - Global Shift. Transforming the World Economy.
170776: DICKENS, CHARLES (EDITIOR). - All the Year Round. New Series. Volume XIII. A Weekly Journal. With Whick Is Incorporated Household Words. From October 17, 1874, to March 27, 1875. Including No. 307 to No. 330.
167928: DICKEY, J. STUART. - Applied Anantomy of the Lungs and Pleural Membranes. With Special Reference to the Apical Region of the Chest.
168011: DICKIE, DONALDA J. - Sent to Coventry.
140046: DICKINS, GUY. - Hellenistic Scupture. With a Preface by Percy Gardner.
155383: DICKINSON, PATRIC. - This Cold Universe. Poems.
144440: DICKINSON, KAY (EDITOR). - Movie Music, the Film Reader.
136657: DICKINSON, JANICE. - Check, Please! Dating, Mating, & Extricating.
155371: DICKINSON, PATRIC. - Selected Poems.
164106: DICKSON, P.G.M. - The Sun Insurance Office 1710-1960. The History of Two and a Half Cneturies of British Insurance.
168648: DICKSON, CARTER. - The Judas Window.
136941: DICKSON, BRIAN J. - Steam Finale Scotland.
151748: DICKSTEIN, MORRIS. - Dancing in the Dark. A Cultural History of the Great Depression.
158731: DIDEROT, DENIS. - Memoirs of a Nun (la Religieuse). Translated from the French by Francis Birrell. Preface by Alan Hull Walton.
141251: DIECKERT, MAJOR & GROSSMAN, GENERAL. - Der Kampf Um Ostpreussen. Der Umfassende Dokumentarbericht Ueber Das Kriegsgeschehen in Ostpreussen.
165105: DIESTELKAMP, BERNHARD AND STOLLEIS, MICHAEL (EDITORS). - Justizalltag IM Dritten Reich. Mit Beitraegen Von Wolfgang Benz, Bernhard Diestelkamp, Andreas Kranig, Johann Heinrich Kumpf, Klaus Marxen, Rainer Schroeder, Dieter Simon Und Michael Stolleis.
166141: DIETRICH, OTTO. - Mit Hitler in Die Macht. Persoenliche Erlebnisse Mit Meinem Fuehrer.
136430: DIGAETANI, JOHN LOUIS. - An Invitiation to the Opera.
170404: DIGGES, REV. J.G. - The Practical Bee Guide. A Manual of Modern Beekeeping.
164202: DILASSER, MAURICE. - The Symbols of the Church. Translated by Mary Cabrini Durkin, Madeleine Beaumont and Caroline Morson.
138070: DILKE, CHRISTOPHER. - Dr. Moberly’S Mint-Mark. A Study of Winchester College.
137480: DILLER, HANS-JURGEN. - The Middle English Mystery Play. A Study in Dramatic Speech and Form. Translated by Frances Wessels.
156797: DILLER, HANS-JURGEN. - The Middle English Mystery Play. A Study in Dramatic Speech and Form. Translated by Frances Wessels.
155380: DILLON, ARTHUR. - River Songs and Other Poems.
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