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137193: GIBBON, MONK. - The Brahms Waltz.
122573: GIBBON, EDWARD. - The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. Edited and with an Introduction by Betty Radice.
137935: GIBBS, VICTOR. - Draw Transport.
141966: GIBBS, AIR MARSHALL SIR GERALD. - Survivor’S Story.
140754: GIBBS, PETER. - The Battle of the Alma.
125796: GIBBS, HENRY. - Crescent in Shadow.
132172: GIBBS, COMMANDER C.R. VERNON. - The Western Ocean Passenger Lines and Liners, 1934-1969.
127185: GIBSON, WILFRID WILSON. - Stonefolds.
128402: GIBSON, WILFRED. - The Searchlights.
134168: GIBSON, GRANT. - Restaurant Graphics.
112290: GIBSON, MILES. - Mr. Romance.
112289: GIBSON, MILES. - Mr. Romance.
128450: GIBSON, WILFRED. - Challenge.
98078: GIFFORD, JAMES. - Dayneford’S Library. American Homosexual Writing, 1900-1913.
130158: GILBERT, MARTIN. - In Search of Churchill. A Historian’S Journey.
125825: GILBERT, MARTIN. - Jerusalem in the Twentieth Century.
142299: GILBERT, W.S. - The Mikado, or, the Town of Titipu.
126742: GILBERT, W.S. - More “Bab” Ballads. Much Sound and Little Sense.
141168: GILBERT, MARTIN. - The Dent Atlas of the Holocaust.
124642: (KIPLING). GILBERT, ELLIOT L. - The Good Kipling. Studies in the Short Story.
120051: GILBERT, MARTIN. - Holocaust Journey. Travelling in Search of the Past.
125359: GILBERT, JOHN R. - Famous Jewish Lives.
142688: GILBEY, THOMAS (EDITOR). - Britain at Arms. A Scrapbook, from Queen Anne to the Present Day. Collected Introduction, with an Introduction.
142561: GILCHRIST, CHERRY. - Growing Your Family Tree.
138133: GILCRAFT’S - Book of Games. A Collection of Games Suitable for Scout Troops.
138145: “GILCRAFT.” - Preparing the Way for Pioneering.
138146: “GILCRAFT.” - Exploring.
138152: “GILCRAFT.” - Talks on Ambulance Work.
138156: “GILCRAFT.” - Wolf Cubs.
138157: “GILCRAFT.” - Boy Scouts.
138171: “GILCRAFT.” - Exploring.
138181: “GILCRAFT.” - Wolf Cubs.
138196: “GILCRAFT.” - Letters to a Wolf Cub. Foreword by Peter Baden-Powell.
133529: GILDEA, ROBERT. - Marianne in Chains. In Search of the German Occupation 1940-1945.
140690: GILDEA, ROBERT. - Barricades and Borders. Europe 1800-1914.
141280: GILDEA, ROBERT. - Marianne in Chains. In Search of the German Occupation 1940-1945.
131972: GILES, FRANK. - Napoleon Bonaparte: England’S Prisoner.
133930: GILHESPY, F. BRAYSHAW. - Derby Porcelain.
126825: (GILL). GILL, EVAN R. - Bibliography of Eric Gill.
140653: GILL, JOHN H. - With Eagles to Glory Napoleon and His German Allies in the 1809 Campaign.
143043: GILL, STUART. - Blood in the Sea. Hms Dunedin and the Enigma Code.
122516: GILL, ANTON. - An Honourable Defeat. A History of German Resistance to Hitler, 1933-1945.
143120: GILL, ANTON. - Empire’S Children. Trace Your Family History Across the World.
140885: GILL, J.C. - The Ten Hours Parson. Christian Social Action in the Eighteen-Thirties.
132807: GILLEN, MOLLIE. - Assassination of the Prime Minister. The Shocking Death of Spencer Perceval.
143921: GILLHAM, MARY E. - A Natural History of Cardiff - Exploring Along the River Taff. Being an Account of the Animal and Plant Life in and Around Our Capital City.
136522: (GRAINGER) GILLIES, MALCOLM & PEAR, DAVID (EDITORS). - The All-Round Man. Selected Letters of Percy Grainger, 1914-1961.
143707: GILLIES, ANDREA. - World Beer Guide.
143452: GILLS, BARRY (EDITOR). - Globalization and the Politics of Resistance. Foreword by John Kenneth Galbraith.
123801: GILMAN, SANDER L. - Jurek Becker. A Life in Five Worlds.
135870: GILMAN, SANDER L. - The Case of Sigmund Freud. Medicine and Identity at the Fin de Siecle.
138299: GILMOUR, LAUREN (EDITOR). - In the Saddle. An Explorations of the Saddle Through History. A Meeting of the Archaeological Leather Group at Saddlers’ Hall, London 23 October 2002.
124171: (SHELLEY). GILMOUR, IAN. - The Making of the Poets. Byron and Shelley in Their Time.
123784: (AUDEN). GINGERICH, MARTIN E. - W.H. Auden: A Reference Guide.
139443: GINGERICH, OWEN (EDITOR). - The Nature of Scientific Discovery. A Symposium Commemorating the 500th Anniversary of the Birth of Nicolaus Copernicus.
114577: GINSBERG, ALLEN & GINSBERG, LOUIS. - Family Business. Selected Letters between a Father and Son.
144098: GINSBORG, PAUL. - Democracy. Crisis and Renewal.
136281: GINZBERG, LOUIS. - The Legends of the Jews. Volume 2 [Only]. From Joseph to the Exodus. Translated by Henrietta Szold.
136279: GINZBERG, LOUIS. - The Legends of the Jews. Volume 6 [Only]. Notes to Volumes 3 and 4 from Moses to Esther.
137187: GINZBURG, RALPH. - Castrated. My Eight Months in Prison.
125123: GINZBURG, RALPH. - An Unhurried View of Erotica. With an Introduction by Dr. Theodor Reik and Preface by George Jean Nathan.
144119: GIONO, JEAN. - The Man Who Planted Trees. A Story.
134284: GIOVANNI, JOSEPH. - Mehrdad Yazdani.
131598: GIRDLER, L. TRACY. - An Antebellum Life at Sea. Featuring the Journal of Sarah Jane Girdler Kept Aboard the Clipper Ship Robert H. Dixey from America to Russia and Europe, January 1857-December 1858.
140808: GIROUARD, MARK. - The Return to Camelot. Chivalry and the English Gentleman.
135249: GIRTIN, TOM. - The Mark of the Sword. A Narrative of the Cutlers’ Company, 1189-1975.
143447: GIRVIN, BRIAN. - The Right in the Twentieth Century. Conservatism and Democracy.
100468: GISOLFI, DIANA AND SINDING-LARSEN, STAALE. - The Rule, the Bible and the Council. The Library of the Benedictine Abbey at Praglia.
137587: GITTINGS, CLARE & GITTINGS, ROBERT. - The Graven Image.
127038: (SHELLEY) GITTINGS, ROBERT & MANTON, JO. - Claire Clairmont and the Shelleys 1798-1879.
128404: GITTINGS, ROBERT. - People, Places, Personal.
108326: GIURESCU, DINU C. - The Razing of Romania’S Past.
136819: GIUTTARI, MICHELE. - The Dark Heart of Florence. Translated by Howard Curtis and Isabelle Kaufeler.
143202: GLADSTONE, THE RIGHT HON. W.E. - Studies Subsidiary to the Works of Bishop Butler.
134956: GLANCEY, JOHNATHON. - Modern.
134310: GLANCEY, JONATHAN. - Nagaland. A Journey to India’S Forgotten Frontier.
142715: GLANFIELD, JOHN. - Bravest of the Brave. The Story of the Victoria Cross.
137184: GLASGOW, ELLEN. - The Woman Within.
137450: (MORRIS) GLASIER, J. BRUCE. - William Morris and the Early Days of the Socialist Movement. Being Reminiscences of Morris; Work As a Propagandist, and Observations on His Character and Genius, with Some Account of the Persons and Circumstances of the Early Socialist Agitation. With a Preface by May Morris.
133938: GLEESON, JANET. - The Arcanum. The Extraordinary True Story of the Invention of European Porcelain.
130988: GLEESON, LIBBY. - Cuddle Time. Illustrated by Julie Vivas.
140652: GLEIG, GOERGE ROBERT. - The Subaltern. A Chronicle of the Peninsular War. Edited, and with an Introduction by Ian C. Robertson.
137376: (MACDIARMID) GLEN, DUNCAN (EDITOR). - Hugh Macdiarmid: A Critical Survey.
137887: (WOOLF) GLENDINNING, VICTORIA. - Leonard Woolf.
139094: GLENISTER, PHILIP. - Things Ain’T What They Used to Be. Edited by Philip Dodd.
123920: (WHITMAN). GLICKSBERG, CHARLES I. - A Whitman Discovery.
139974: GLOTZ, G. - The Greek City and Its Institutions.
131968: GLOVER, MICHAEL. - The Napoleonic Wars: An Illustrated History 1792-1815.
139933: GLOVER, T.R. - Springs of Hellas and Other Essays. With a Memoir by S.C. Roberts.
135944: GLOVER, T.R. - Progress in Religion. To the Christian Era.
142679: GLOVER, MICHAEL. - Warfare from Waterloo to Mons.
131954: GLOVER, MICHAEL. - Legacy of Glory. The Bonaparte Kingdom of Spain 1808-1813.
140663: (HENNELL) GLOVER, MICHAEL (EDITOR). - A Gentleman Volunteer. The Letters of George Hennell from the Peninsular War, 1812-1813.
140642: GLOVER, RICHARD. - Peninsular Preparation. The Reform of the British Army, 1795-1809.
143063: (WILSON) GLOVER, MICHAEL. - A Very Slippery Fellow. The Life of Sir Robert Wilson 1777 - 1849.
126779: GLOVER, ALAN (EDITOR). - Gloriana’S Glass. Queen Elizabeth I Reflected in Vereses & Dedications Addressed to Her, Reports Concerning Her, and Her Own Words Written & Spoken.
129692: GLOVER, MICHAEL. - Invasion Scare 1940.
134359: GLOVER, GARETH (EDITOR). - From Corunna to Waterloo. The Letters and Journals of Two Napoleonic Hussars, Major Edwin Griffith and Captain Frederick Philips, 15th (King’S) Hussars, 1801-1816.
138486: GODBER, JOYCE. - The Harpur Trust 1552-1973.
135847: GODDARD, HENRY HERBERT. - Feeble-Mindedness. Its Causes and Consequences.
133886: GODDEN, GEOFFREY A. - Jewitt’S Ceramic Art of Great Britain 1800-1900. Being a Revixed and Expanded Edition of Those Parts of the Ceramic Art of Great Britain by Llewellynn Jewitt, F.S. A. Dealing with the Ninteenth Century.
129224: GODDEN, GEOFFREY A. - British Pottery and Porcelain 1780-1850.
129213: GODDEN, GEOFFREY A. - Victorian Porcelain. Foreword by Hugh Wakefield.
125871: GODDEN, JON & GODDEN, RUMER. - Shiva’S Pigeons. An Experience of India. Photographs by Stella Snead.
138123: GODLEY, A.D. - Oxford in the Eighteenth Century.
124459: GODREY, DENIS. - The Enchanted Door. A Discourse on Africana Book-Collecting with Notes on Famous Collectors, Collections and Books.
133589: GOEBBELS, JOSEPH ET AL. - Adolf Hitler. Pictures from the Life of the Fuhrer. Ecomium: Hermann Goring. Foreword: Joseph Goebbels. Translated from the 1936 Edition: Carl Underhill Quinn. Introduction and Commentary: Rabbi Julius Rosenthal.
133158: GOETHE’S - Wilhelm Meister’S Apprenticeship and Travels. Translated by Thomas Carlyle. With Critical Introduction by Edward Dowden. Edited with Notes by Clement King Shorter.
143258: LE GOFF, JACQUES. - In Search of Sacred Time. Jacobus de Voragine and the Golden Legend. Translated by Lydia G. Cochrane.
132857: GOFFIN, MAGDALEN. - Maria Pasqua.
123921: (WHITMAN). GOHDES, CLARENCE & SILVER, ROLLO G. (EDITORS). - Faint Clews & Indirections. Manuscripts of Walt Whitman and His Family.
136215: GOLB, NORMAN. - Who Wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls? the Search for the Secret of Qumran.
141695: GOLD, DORE. - Tower of Babble. How the United Nations Has Fueled Global Chaos.
132585: GOLD, BARBARA K. - Literary Patronage in Greece and Rome.
136632: (SERT) GOLD, ARTHUR & FIZDALE, ROBERT. - The Life of Misia Sert.
125355: GOLDBERG, DAVID (EDITOR). - The Field of Yiddish. Studies in Language, Folklore, and Literature. Fifth Collection.
143443: GOLDBERG, DAVID THEO & QUAYSON, ATO (EDITORS). - Relocating Postcolonialism.
130141: GOLDHAGEN, DANIEL JONAH. - Worse Than War. Genocide, Eliminationism, and the Ongoing Assault on Humanity.
126820: GOLDING, LOUIS. - Adventures in Living Dangerously.
135800: GOLDMAN, ALVIN I. - Liaisons. Philosophy Meets the Cognitive and Social Sciences.
133788: GOLDMANN, KJELL; HANNERZ, ULF & WESTIN, CHARLES (EDITORS). - Nationalism and Internationalsim in the Post-Cold War Era.
136435: GOLDOVSKY, BORIS. - Bringing Opera to Life. Operatic Acting and Stage Direction.
139103: GOLDSCHMIDT, MICHAEL. - Marching with the Tigers. The History of the Royal Leicestershire Regiment 1955-1975.
134733: GOLDSMITH, JOHN. - Hambledon. The Biography of a Hampshire Village.
128410: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER. - A Prospect of Society. Being the Earliest Form of His Poem the Traveller, Now Reprinted from the Unique Original, Wiht a Reprint of the First Edition of the Traveller. Edited by Bertram Dobell.
138968: GOLDSTEIN, IVAN. - Surviving the Reich. The World War II Saga of a Jewish-American Gi.
128455: GOLDSWORTHY, CEPHAS. - The Satyr. An Account of the Life and Work, Death and Salvation of John Wilmot, Second Earl of Rochester.
142003: (CUNNINGHAM) GOLLEY, JOHN. - John ‘Cat’S Eyes’ Cunningham. The Aviation Legend.
125330: GOLOMB, ELHANAN H. - Judah Ben Solomon Campanton and His “Arba’Ah Kinyanim. ” a Thesis Submitted in Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the Dropsie College for Hebrew and Cognate Learning.
139932: GOMME, A.W. - Esays in Greek History and Literature.
131767: GONCHAROV, IVAN. - The Voyage of the Frigate Pallada. Edited and Translated by N.W. Wilson.
132713: GOOCH, G.P. - Maria Theresa and Other Studies.
128224: GOOCH, G.P. - Louis XV. The Monarchy in Decline.
136976: GOOCH, BERNARD. - The Strange World of Nature.
139628: GOOD, RONALD. - The Philosophy of Evolution.
134692: GOOD, JABEZ. - A Glossary or Collection of Words, Phrases, Place Names, Superstitions, &C. , Current in East Lincolnshier.
124460: (GISSING). GOODE, JOHN. - George Gissing: Ideology and Fiction.
135931: GOODIER, THE MOST REV. ALBAN. - The Passion and Death of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
136483: GOODMAN, ANDREW. - Gilbert and Sullivan’S London. Edited and Presented by Robert Hardcastle.
136600: (ROBESON) GOODMAN, JORDAN. - Paul Robeson: A Watched Man.
129776: GOODRICH, THOMAS. - Scalp Dance. Indian Warfare on the High Plains, 1865-1879.
142117: GOODRUM, ALASTAIR. - Balloons, Bleriots and Barnstormers. 200 Years of Flying Fun.
131979: GOODSPEED, D.J. - Bayonets at St. Cloud. The Story of the 18th Brumaire.
140990: GOODSPEED, D.J. - The German Wars: 1914-1945.
119642: GOODWIN, DAISY. - Silver River. A Family Story.
139338: GOODY, JACK (EDITOR). - Literacy in Traditional Societies.
139299: GOODY, JACK (EDITOR). - The Character of Kinship.
139355: GOODY, JACK & TAMBIAH, S.J. - Bridewealth and Dowry.
139357: GOODY, JACK (EDITOR). - The Character of Kinship.
141275: GORALSKI, ROBERT. - World War II Almanac: 1931-1945. A Political and Military Record.
133000: GORDIMER, NADINE. - Telling Times. Writing and Living, 1954-2008.
142292: GORDON, YEFIM & DEXTER, KEITH. - Mikoyan’S Piston-Engined Fighters.
133051: GORDON, GEORGE. - The Discipline of Letters.
142517: (JAMES) GORDON, LYNDALL. - Henry James. His Women and His Art.
138274: GORDON, IAIN. - Bloodline. The Origins and Development of the Regular Formations of the British Army.
142295: GORDON, YEFIM. - Soviet/Russian Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Original Translation by Dimitriy Komissarov.
137279: (JAMES) GORDON, LYNDALL. - A Private Life of Henry James. Two Women and His Art.
130804: GORDON, HAIM. - Quicksand. Israel, the Intifada, and the Rise of Political Evil in Democracies.
126910: (MAILER). GORDON, ANDREW. - An American Dreamer. A Psychoanalytic Study of the Fiction of Norman Mailer.
143445: GORDON, SCOTT. - Controlling the State. Constitutionalism from Ancient Athens to Today.
140502: (CREEVEY) GORE, JOHN (EDITOR). - Creevey. Selected and Re-Edited. From the Creevey Papers (1903), Edited by the Rt. Hon. Sir Herbert Maxwell, and Creevey’S Life and Times (1934) Edited by John Gore.
143203: GORE, CHARLES (EDITOR). - Lux Mundi. A Series of Studies in the Religion of the Incarnation.
133253: GORKI, MAXIM. - Decadence. Translated by Veronica Scot-Gatty.
141273: GORMAN, MAJOR J.T. - The Army of to-Day.
124469: GOSSE, EDMUND. - Critical Kit-Kats.
126802: GOSSE, EDMUND. - Father and Son. A Study of Two Temperaments. Edited with an Introduction by James Hepburn.
141269: GOSZTONY, PETER. - Endkampf an Der Donau 1944-45.
141272: GOSZTONY, PETER. - Deutschlands Waffengefaehrten an Der Ostfront 1941-1945.
120135: GOTFRYD, BERNARD. - Anton the Dove Fancier and Other Tales of the Holocaust.
131901: GOTOFF, HAROLD C. - The Transmission of the Text of Lucan in the Ninth Century.
133330: GOTTHEIL, RICHARD J.H. & WILSON, EPIPHANIUS (INTRODUCTIONS BY). - Oriental Literature: The Literature of Persia. With a Special Introduction. [Together with] the Literature of Japan. With Critical and Biographical Sketches.
141268: GOUGH, RICHARD. - Soe Singapore 1941-42.
143450: GOUGH, JOHN B. - Platform Echoes, or, Leaves from My Note-Book of Forty Years. Illustrated by Anecdotes, Incidents, Personal Experiences, Facts, and Stories Drawn from the Humour and Pathos of Life.
139665: GOULD, STEPHEN JAY. - Wonderful Life. The Burgess Shale and the Nature of History.
140540: GOULD, WILLIAM (EDITOR) - Lives of the Georgian Age 1714-1837. Compiled by Laurence Urdang Associates.
110047: (GIDE). GOUX, JEAN-JOSEPH. - The Coiners of Language. Translated by Jennifer Curtiss Gage.
141266: GOW, A.S.F. - Letters from Cambridge 1939-1944.
141277: GOW, IAN. - Olinawa 1945: Gateway to Japan. Consultant: H.P. Willmott.
122092: GOW, IAN. - Okinava 1945. Gateway to Japan. Consultant H.P. Willmott.
121823: GOWER, IRIS LEVESON. - The Face without a Frown. Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire.
126284: GOWER, HERSCHEL. - Charles Dahlgren of Natchez. The CIVIL War and Dynastic Decline.
142902: GRABURN, NELSON. - Readings in Kinship and Social Structure.
141847: GRACE, JAMES W. - The Naval Battle of Guadalcanal. Night Action, 13 November 1942.
142427: (RHEINBERGER) GRACE, HARVEY. - The Organ Works of Rheinberger.
132022: GRAFSTEIN, JERRY S. (EDITOR). - Beyond Imagination. Canadians Write About the Holocaust. With an Afterword by Alan Bullock.
121618: GRAHAM, STEPHEN. - Peter the Great. A Life of Peter I of Russia, Called the Great.
138116: GRAHAM, J.A. & PHYTHIAN, B.A. (EDITORS). - The Manchester Grammar School 1515-1965.
140004: GRAHAM, WALTER J. - The Palaces of Crete.
137484: GRAHAM, WALTER. - English Literary Periodicals.
141276: (STRUTHER) GRAHAM, YSENDA MAXTONE. - The Real Mrs. Miniver. Jan Struther’S Story.
139954: GRAHAM, A.J. - Colony and Mother City in Ancient Greece.
122091: GRAHAM, JOHN B. - Sand in the Gears. How We Won World War II in Spite of Ourselves.
120719: GRAHAM-MURRAY, JAMES. - The Sword and the Umbrella.
122825: GRAHAM, DOMINICK & BIDWELL, SHELFORD. - Tug of War. The Battle for Italy, 1943-1945.
130924: GRAHAM, BOB. - Queenie the Bantam.
139956: GRAHAM, A.J. - Colony and Mother City in Ancient Greece.
137219: GRAHME, KENNETH. - The Golden Age and Dream Days. Foreword by Naomi Lewis.
126258: GRAMM, KENT. - Gettysburg: A Meditation on War and Values.
112282: GRAND, STEVE. - Creation. Life and How to Make It.
142100: GRANFIELD, ALUN. - Bombers over Sand and Snow. 205 Group Raf in World War II.
143781: GRANT, BERT & SPECTOR, ROBERT. - The Ale Master. How I Pioneered America’S Craft Brewing Industry, Opened the First Brewpub, Bucked Trends, and Enjoyed Every Minute of It.
143370: GRANT, MICHAEL. - St. Peter.
137982: GRANT, JOHN & VYSNIAUSKAS, AUDRE. - Digital Art for the 21st Century: Renderosity.
138090: GRANT, JULIA M.; MCCUTCHEON, KATHARINE H. & SANDERS, ETHEL F. (EDITORS). - St. Leonards School 1877-1927.
143961: (LOCKE) GRANT, RUTH W. - John Locke’S Liberalism.
140189: GRANT, MICHAEL. - The Fall of the Roman Empire. A Reappraisal.
136745: GRANT, H. ROGER. - Railroads in the Heartland. Steam and Traction in the Golden Age of Postcards.
121708: GRANT, DOUGLAS. - Margaret the First. A Biography of Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle, 1623-1673.
137596: GRANVILLE-BARKER, HARLEY (EDITOR). - The Eighteen-Seventies. Essays by Fellows of the Royal Society of Literature.
142096: (ALPINE SOCIETY) GRASSLER, DR. FRANZ (EDITOR). - Register Der Alpenvereins-Jahrbuecher 1926-1968. Mit Einem Verzeichnis Der Wichtigsten Monographischen Arbeiten in Den Alpenvereins-Jahrbuechern Von 1865 Bis 1968. Zum 100jaehrig Bestehen Des Deutschen Alpenvereins Als Gabe Der Alpenvereinsbuecherei.
139811: GRATTAN, JOHN W. - Under the Blue Pennant, or, Notes of a Naval Officer. Edited by Robert J. Schneller.
139464: GRATZER, WALTER (EDITOR). - The Longman Literary Companion to Science.
132376: GRAVES, ROBERT. - No More Ghosts. Selected Poems.
137214: GRAVES, ROBERT. - Oxford Addresses on Poetry.
138744: GRAVES, DONALD E. - Fix Bayonets! a Royal Welch Fusilier at War, 1796-1815. Being the Life and Times of Lieutenant-General Sir Thomas Pearson. Foreword by Major-General J.P. Riley.
138750: GRAVES, DONALD E. - Dragon Rampant. The Royal Welch Fusiliers at War, 1793-1815.
137217: GRAVES, ROBERT. - !Catacrok! Mostly Stories, Mostly Funny.
141939: GRAY, JENNIE. - Fire by Night. The Stroy of One Pathfinder Crew & Black Thursday, 16th/17th December 1943.
124265: (COLET). GRAY, FRANCINE DU PLESSIX. - Rage and Fire. The Life of Louise Colet. Poineer Feminist, Literary Star, Flaubert’S Muse.
131349: GRAY, ROBERT Q. - The Labour Aristocracy in Victorian Edinburgh.
138050: GRAY, J.H. - The Queens’ College of St. Margaret & St. Bernard in the University of Cambridge.
138661: GRAY, J.M. - A History of the Perse School, Cambridge.
138686: GRAY, ARTHUR & BRITTAIN, FREDERICK. - A History of Jesus College, Cambridge.
143232: (JASPER) GRAY, DONALD. - Ronald Jasper. His Life, His Work and the Asb.
141823: GRAY, JENNIE. - Fire by Night. The Story of One Pathfinder Crew & Black Thursday, 16th/17th December 1943.
123563: GRAY, EDWIN. - Hitler’S Battleships.
124208: (SADE). GRAY, FRANCINE DU PLESSIX. - At Home with the Marquis de Sade.
139236: GRAY, J.D. ALLAN. - The Central Middlesex Hospital.
135929: GRAY, DOUGLAS (EDITOR). - A Selection of Religious Lyrics. Edited with an Introduction, Notes, and Glossary.
135304: GRAYLING, A.C. - What Is Good? the Search for the Best Way to Live.
141933: GRAYLING, A.C. - Among the Dead Cities. The History and Moral Legacy of the Wwii Bombing of Civilians in Germany and Japan.
138739: GREAVES, BERYL. - Sit Up Straight! an Illustrated History of High Green Primary School and the Surrounding Community Through 150 Years.
127206: (SOPHOCLES). GREEN, ROGER LANCELYN. - The Searching Satyrs. The Ichneutai of Sophocles. The Fragments Freely Translated Into English Rhyming Verse and Restored.
131209: GREEN, ARTHUR VINCENT. - Australian Sermons. Preached to Country Congregations.
135529: (ROUSSEAU) GREEN, F.C. - Jean-Jacques Rousseau. A Critical Study of His Life and Writings.
129287: GREEN, LT.-COLONEL HOWARD. - The Cockpit of Europe. A Guide to the Battlefields of Belgium and France.
128277: GREEN, F.C. - Eighteenth-Century France. Six Essays.
121517: GREEN, MRS. J.R. - Town Life in the Fifteenth Century.
132940: (BOWLES) GREEN, MICHELLE. - The Dream at the End of the World. Paul Bowles and the Literary Renegades in Tangier.
135755: GREEN, THOMAS HILL. - Lectures on the Principles of Political Obligation. Reprinted from Green’S Philosophical Works, Vol. II. With a Preface by Bernard Bosanquet. With an Introduction by Lord Lindsay.
81493: GREEN, JULIAN. - Adrienne Mesurat. Translated by Henry Longan Stuart. Revised by Marilyn Gaddis Rose.
134699: GREENALL, R.L. - Daventry Past.
139957: GREENE, WILLIAM CHASE. - The Achievement of Greece. A Chapter in Human Experience.
143204: (HUEGEL) GREENE, GWENDOLEN (EDITOR). - Letters from Baron Friedrich Von Huegel to a Niece. Edited with an Introduction.
141657: GREENE, FELIX. - Let There Be a World.
127074: (SITWELL). GREENE, RICHARD. (EDITOR). - Selected Letters of Edith Sitwell.
136550: (PUCCINI) GREENFELD, HOWARD. - Puccini. A Biography.
143442: GREENFELD, LIAH. - The Spirit of Capitalism. Nationalism and Economic Growth.
136454: GREENFIELD, HOWARD S. - Caruso: An Illustrated Life.
135092: GREENHALGH, MICHAEL & MEGAW, VINCENT (EDITORS). - Art in Society. Studies in Style, Culture and Aesthetics.
139201: GREENHALGH, MICHAEL & MEGAW, VINCENT (EDITORS). - Art in Society. Studies in Style, Culture and Aesthetics.
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