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145677: EVANS, BYRON. - O’R Cysgodion.
149065: EVANS, JACK & HARRIS, T.J. - School and Play in the Parish of Vaynor. From 1650 to the Present.
146541: (HUME) EVANS, MEREDYDD. - Hume.
153980: EVANS, MAURICE S. - Black and White in South East Africa. A Study in Sociology.
146001: EVANS, MEREDYDD. - Y Meddwl Cyfoes.
156126: EVANS, MURIEL BOWEN. - Cyfnod Y Tuduriaid.
149882: EVANS, MARK. - The Sforza Hours.
145925: EVANS, E. LEWIS (EDITOR). - Braslun O Hanes Pontarddulais a’R Cylch.
144980: EVANS, W.R. - Awen Y Moelydd.
145662: (ADAMS) EVANS, PARCH. E. KERI & HUWS, PARCH. W. PARI. - Cofiant Y Parch. David Adams (Hawen), B.A. , D.D.
145659: EVANS, E. GWYNDAF. - Magdalen a Cherddi Eraill.
144965: EVANS, OWEN. - Dammegion Yr Arglwydd Iesu.
154924: (EDITOR) EVANS, HAROLD. - Men in the Tropics. A Colonial Anthology. `
147381: (LLYWELYN-WILLIAMS) EVANS, ELWYN. - Alun Llywelyn-Williams.
146059: EVANS, PARCH. D.J. GORONWY. - Hanes Eglwys Undodaidd Brondeifi, Llanbedr Pont Steffan, 1874-1974.
146271: EVANS, LINDSAY. - Y Gelltydd.
156029: EVANS, BYRON (EDITOR). - Llais Y Gwylwyr/Voice of the Watchmen. Casgliad O Bregethau Gan Bregethwyr Cysylltiedig Ag Eglwys Gymreig Castle Street, Llundain Yn Ystod Ail Hanner Yr Ugeinfed Ganrif.
149482: EVANS, GWYNFOR. - A National Future for Wales.
145947: EVANS, EMLYN (EDITOR). - Awen Mon.
146328: EVANS, PARCH. JAMES. - Dylanwad Ymneilltuaeth Ar Fywyd Y Genedl: Sef Adroddiad Dathliad Pumed Jiwbili 1662 Yng Nghymru, Yn Cynnwys Y Papurau, Areithiau, &C. , &C. , a Draddodwyd Ar Yr Achlysur, a Hanes Y Pererindodau.
156125: EVANS, MURIEL BOWEN. - Diwygiadau’R Ddeunawfed Ganrif.
145948: EVANS, EMLYN (EDITOR). - Awen Myrddin.
145957: EVANS, AERES. - Chwedlau Cymru.
145953: EVANS, EMLYN (EDITOR). - Awen Sir Ddinbych.
145954: EVANS, EMLYN (EDITOR). - Awen Meirion.
146484: EVANS, D. EMRYS. - Crefydd a Chyndeithas.
145700: EVANS, EMLYN (EDITOR). - Awen Maldwyn.
144939: EVANS, D. GWYN. - Caniadau’R Dryw.
145449: EVANS, E. LEWIS. - Morgan Llwyd. Ymchwil I Rai O’R Prif Ddylanwadau a Fu Arno.
149013: EVANS, ARTHUR WESTON. - Cardiff and Country Club 1866 to 1991. With a Preface by the Club’S Patron His Royal Highness the Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh.
145003: EVANS, PARCH. EVAN & WILLIAMS, PARCH. WILLIAM. - Y Cyfansoddiadau Buddugol Ar Y Testun Cadeiriol Sef Yr Adgyfodiad. Y Bryddest, Gan Y Parch. Evan Evans, O Ince; Yr Awdl, Gan Y Parch. William Williams, Llanrwst.
145919: EVANS, EMLYN (EDITOR). - Awen Arfon.
145918: EVANS, EMLYN (EDITOR). - Awen Maldwyn.
145927: (WILLIAMS) EVANS, RUTH. - John Williams 1840-1926.
145573: EVANS, BERNARD. - Y Meini’N Siarad.
147356: (WILLIAMS) EVANS, DONALD. - Rhydwen Williams.
144955: EVANS, TREBOR LLOYD. - Gwyrthiau Galilea.
146189: EVANS, GWYNFOR. - Plaid Cymru and Wales.
147778: EVANS, CARADOC. - The Earth Gives All and Takes All.
147758: EVANS, J.J. - Gramadeg Cymraeg.
144509: EVANS, BARCH. DANIEL. - Gwinllan Y Bardd Sef Priydyddwaith Ar Amrywiol Destunau a Gwahanol Fesurai.
144495: EVANS, TREBOR LLOYD. - Damhegion Y Deyrnas.
144494: EVANS, D. EMRYS. - Crefydd a Chymdeithas.
144545: EVANS, E. VINCENT (EDITOR). - Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Y Cymry. Cofnodion a Chyfansoddiadau Buddugol, Eisteddfod Bangor. 1902. Transactions of the National Eisteddfod of Wales, Bangor, 1902.
155968: EVANS, W.R. - Cawl Shir Bemro.
155975: EVANS, GWYNFOR. - Seiri Cenedl Y Cymry.
155986: EVANS, W.R. - Fi Yw Hwn. Hunangofiant.
155993: EVANS, IFOR L. AND LLODY, DAVID DE. - Mawl Yr Oesoedd. Casgliad O Donau Ad Emynau. A Wnaethpwyd Gan...
155996: EVANS, J.J. - Gramadeg Cymraeg.
157120: EVERARD, HENRY. - Sketches in France.
154715: (SHELLEY) EVEREST, KELVIN (EDITOR). - Shelley Revalued. Essays from the Gregynog Conference.
157121: EVERETT, PETER. - Negatives.
153017: EWALD, ALEX. CHARLES (EDITOR). - The Spectator: Selected Essays. With an Introduction and Notes.
149585: EWART, CHARLES. - The Healing Needles.
145538: EYNON, BOB. - Perygl Yn Sbaen.
144989: EYNON, BOB. - Tocyn Lwcus.
144992: EYNON, BOB. - Y Bradwr.
155457: EYRE, FRANK. - The Naiad and Other Poems.
157204: FAAS, EKBERT. - Retreat Into the Mind. Victorian Poetry and the Rise of Psychiatry.
143456: FABRE, CECILE. - Justice in a Changing World.
157119: FABRICIUS, JOHAN. - Hotel Vesuvius. A Gay Novel of Grapes, Wine and Sunshine.
157118: FADL, EL SIR HASSAN. - Their Finest Days: A Story of the Sudanese Revolution of 1964; and, Barrabbas Down the Cross.
149707: FAERBER, JAY; WALLER, KARL & MCKENNA, MARK. - X-Men: Beginnings. Volume I. Wolverine: Wolverine Searches for His True Identity!; Rogue: Rogue Discovers the Consequences of Becoming a Mutant!; Magneto: Magneto’S Haunting Origin!
155417: (EDITOR) FAGAN, BRIAN M. - The Oxford Companion to Archaeology.
151193: FAGAN, BRIAN M. - Kingdoms of Gold, Kingdoms of Jade. The Americas Before Columbus.
157220: FAIRCHILD, HOXIE NEALE. - Religious Trends in English Poetry. Volume IV [Only]: 1830-1880. Christianity and Romanticism in the Victorian Era.
157221: FAIRCHILD, HOXIE NEALE. - Religious Trends in English Poetry. Volume III [Only]: 1780-1830. Romantic Faith.
148561: (BLAKE) FAIRCHILD, B.H. - Such Holy Song. Music As Idea, Form, and Image in the Poetry of William Blake.
155408: FAIRFAX-LUCY, ALICE. - Charlecote and the Lucys. The Chronicle of an English Family.
150417: FAIRHALL, DAVID, AND JORDAN, PHILIP. - Black Tide Rising. The Wreck of the Amoco Cadiz.
157115: FAIRLESS, MICHAEL. - The Roadmender.
157114: FAIRLESS, MICHAEL. - The Roadmender.
157116: FAIRLESS, MICHAEL. - The Roadmender.
157117: FAIRLESS, MICHAEL. - The Gathering of Brother Hilarius.
148502: (WOLLSTONECRAFT) FALCO, MARIA J. (EDITOR). - Feminist Interpretations of May Wollstonecraft.
149639: (COX) FALK, BEN. - The Wonder of Brian Cox. The Unauthorised Biography of the Man Who Brought Science to the Nation.
143464: FALK, RICHARD. - Predatory Globalization: A Critique.
157113: FALLAS, CARL. - Down the Proud Stream.
150548: FALLER, MARTINA; KAUFMANN, STEFAN & PAULY, MARC (EDITORS). - Formalizing the Dynamics of Information.
148479: FALUDI, SUSAN. - Backlash. The Undeclared War Against American Women.
152802: FAN-HSI, WANG. - Chinese Revolutionary. Memoirs 1919 - 1949.
153025: O’FAOLAIN, SEAN. - The Vanishing Hero. Studies in Novelists of the Twenties.
147274: [THOMAS, EBENEZER] “EBEN FARDD”. - Detholion O Ddyddiadur Eben Fardd.
154666: (ROCHESTER) FARLEY-HILLS, DAVID (EDITOR). - Rochester: The Critical Heritage.
151324: FARMER, PENELOPE (EDITOR). - Beginnings: Creation Myths of the World.
152803: FARMER, I.W.; DAEMEN, J.J.K.; CESAI, C.S.; GLASS, C.E. AND NEUMAN, S.P. (EDITORS). - Rock Mechanics: Proceedings of the 28th U.S. Symposium. University of Arizona/Tucson/29 June-1 July 1987.
157110: FARNOL, JEFFREY. - Justice by Midnight. Completed and Edited by Phyllis Farnol.
157102: FARNOL, JEFFREY. - Sir John Dering. A Romantic Comedy.
157105: FARNOL, JEFFREY. - A Pageant of Victory.
157106: FARNOL, JEFFREY. - The King Liveth. A Romance of Alfred the Great Based on the Old Chronicles.
157103: FARNOL, JEFFREY. - The Crooked Furrow.
157104: FARNOL, JEFFREY. - The Lonely Road. A Romance.
157111: FARNOL, JEFFREY. - The Jade of Destiny.
157107: FARNOL, JEFFREY. - Charmian, Lady Vibart.
157108: FARNOL, JEFFREY. - Adam Penfeather, Buccaneer: His Early Exploits. Being a Curious and Intimate Relation of His Tribulations, Joys and Triumphs Taken from Notes of His Jouranl and Pages from His Ship’S Log, and Here Put Into Complete Narrative.
157109: FARNOL, JEFFREY. - My Lord of Wrybourne. Being an Account of His Further Perils, Grief and Joy.
157112: FARNOL, JEFFREY. - Murder by Nail. Bing an Episode in the Career of Jasper Shrig of Bow Street. With Particulars of His Hightly Original Methods in the Wrybrook Case. Set Down by Ed. Brandonleigh, Gent.
153465: FAROUK-SLUGLETT, MARION AND SLUGLETT, PETER. - Iraq Since 1958. From Revolution to Dictatorship.
153362: (CANNAN) FARR, DIANA. - Gilbert Cannan. A Georgian Prodigy.
149599: FARRANT, DAVID S. - The Queen Alexandra Hospital Home for Disabled Ex-Servicemen, Gifford House, Worthing. A History.
149605: FARRANT, DAVID S. - The Queen Alexandra Hospital Home for Disabled Ex-Servicemen, Gifford House, Worthing. A History.
150627: FARRAR, FREDERIC W. - The Life of Christ.
145287: O’FARRELL, GERALD. - The Tutankhamun Deception. The True Story of the Mummy’S Curse.
143465: FARRELLY, COLIN. - Introduction to Contemporary Political Theory.
157101: FARRIMOND, JOHN. - Pick and Run.
151616: (BACON) FARRINGTON, BENJAMIN. - Francis Bacon. Philosopher of Industrial Science.
146854: FARSON, NEGLEY. - Going Fishing.
154553: (MORRIS) FAULKNER, PETER (EDITOR). - William Morris: Critical Heritage.
145688: FAWCETT, NICK. - Does Debyg Iddo Fe. Addasiad Cymraeg Gan Olaf Davies.
153255: FEATHERSTONE, DONALD. - Redcoats for the Raj. Tales from a Victorian Barrackroom.
155427: FEATHERSTONE, DONALD. - Warriors and Warfare in Ancient and Medieval Times.
147036: INTERNATIONAL SHOOTING SPORTS FEDERATION. - 100 Issf. An Issf Chronicle. The First 100 Years of an International Sports Federation.
154913: FEDERN, KARL. - The Materialist Conception of History. A Critical Analysis.
152255: (EDITORS) FEINBERG, RICHARD AND WATSON-GEGEO, KAREN ANN. - Leadership and Change in the Western Pacific. Essays Presented to Sir Raymond Firth on the Occasion of His 90th Birthday.
154067: (HUGHES) FEINSTEIN, ELAINE. - Ted Hughes: The Life of a Poet.
155185: FELLOWES, E.H. - English Madrigal Verse 1588-1632. Edited from the Original Song Books.
155451: FENTON, JAMES AND FULLER, JOHN. - Partingtime Hall. Poems.
155473: FENTON, JAMES. - Children in Exile.
149590: FERGUS, A. FREELAND. - The Origin and Development of the Glasgow School of Medicine: From Maister Peter Loew to Sir William T. Gairdner. Presidential Address Delivered to the Medico-Chirurgical Society of Glasgow, 6th October, 1911.
148340: (WOLLSTONECRAFT) FERGUSON, MOIRA & TODD, JANET. - Mary Wollstonecraft.
154518: (MILLER) FERGUSON, ROBERT. - Henry Miller: A Life.
148160: FERGUSON, MOIRA (EDITOR). - First Feminists. British Women Writers 1578-1799. Edited with an Introduction.
148169: FERGUSON, MOIRA (EDITOR). - First Feminists. British Women Writers 1578-1799. Edited with an Introduction.
148164: FERGUSON, MOIRA (EDITOR). - Nine Black Women. An Anthology of Nineteenth-Century Writers from the United States, Canada, Bermuda, and the Caribbean. Edited and Introduced.
148466: FERGUSON, MOIRA (EDITOR). - Nine Black Women. An Anthology of Nineteenth-Century Writers from the United States, Canada, Bermuda and the Caribbbean. Edited and Introduced.
148356: FERGUSON, MOIRA. - Colonialism and Gender Relations from Mary Wollstonecraft to Jamaica Kincaid. East Caribbean Connections.
156752: FERGUSON, MOIRA. - Colonialism and Gender Realtion from Mary Wollstonecraft to Jamaica Kincaid. East Caribbean Connections.
151560: FERNANDEZ-ARMESTO, FELIPE. - Amerigo. The Man Who Gave His Name to America.
148182: FERRANTE, JOAN M. - Woman As Image in Medeval Literature. From the Twelfth Century to Dante.
148225: FERRIE, EDDI. - Kung Fu. Martial Art and Combat Sport.
148249: FERRIE, EDDIE. - Karate-Do. The Way of the Empty Hand.
150647: FERRIER, J. TOD. - The Master. Known Unto the World As Jesus the Christ. His Life and Teachings, Being Recoveries by the Writer Through Illuminations, Visions and Jexperiences Wherein Are Set Forth the Inner Meanings of the Master’S Teachings, and the Nature of His Jesushood and Christhood.
154807: (THOMAS) FERRIS, PAUL. - Caitlin: The Life of Caitlin Thomas.
154801: (THOMAS) FERRIS, PAUL (EDITOR). - The Collected Letters of Dylan Thomas.
154914: FERRO, MARC. - The Use and Abuse of History. Or How the Past Is Taught.
151027: FERRO, GAETANO ET AL. - Columbian Iconography. Introduction, Commentary and Notes by Gaetano Ferro, Luisa Faldini, Marica Milanesi. In Collaboration with Carla Pampaloni, Laura Monferdini, Maria Teresa Di Palma. Coordination and Editing Gianni Eugenio Viola. Translated Into English by Luciano F. Farina and Carla Onorato Wysokinski.
156785: FERSTER, JUDITH. - Fictions of Advice. The Literature of Politics of Counsel in Late Medieval England.
155464: FERVAL, CLAUDE. - The Private Life of Cleopatra.
154448: (MALORY) FIELD, P.J.C. - The Life and Times of Sir Thomas Malory.
147464: FIELDER, GERAINT D. - ‘Excuse Me, Mr. Davies - Hallueluja!’ Evangelical Student Witness in Wales 1923-1983.
153915: FIELDING, HENRY. - A Journey from This World to the Next and a Voyage to Lisbon. Edited by George Saintsbury.
149776: FIGUEROA, JHN & ALBERT, KIRK. - The Project. Volume 2 [Only].
148334: FILBEE, MARJORIE. - A Woman’S Place. An Illustrated History of Women at Home from the Roman Villa to the Victorian Town House.
151865: FINCH, WILLIAM COLES. - Life in Rural England. Occupations and Pastimes in Field and Village, Farm and Home, Water MILL and Wind MILL.
150629: FINCHAM, H.W. - The Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem and Its Grand Priory of England.
148435: FINK, AUGUSTA. - I-Mary. A Biography of Mary Austin.
144893: (HENDERSON) FINLAY, ALEC (EDITOR). - The Armstrong Nose. Selected Letters of Hamish Henderson.
156393: FINN, MARY E. - Writing the Incommensurable. Kierkegaard, Rossetti, and Hopkins.
151738: FINNIGAN, JUDY. - I Do Not Sleep.
152770: (JENNER) FISHER, RICHARD B. - Edward Jenner 1749-1823.
151099: BOARD OF AGRICULTURE AND FISHERIES. - Leaflets (Nos. 1 to 1000).
153543: FISHMAN, DAVID E. - Russia’S First Modern Jews. The Jews of Shklov.
153544: FISHMAN, ISIDORE. - The History of Jewish Education in Central Europe. From the End of the Sixteenth to the End of the Eighteenth Century.
147154: FITTON, J. LESLEY. - The Discovery of the Greek Bronze Age.
154812: (THOMAS) FITZGIBBON, CONSTANTINE (EDITOR). - Selected Letters of Dylan Thomas.
156485: (EDITOR) FITZLYON, KYRIL. - The Memoirs of Princess Dashkov.
154564: O’FLAHERTY, LIAM. - I Went to Russia.
148456: FLANDERS, LAURA (EDITOR). - The W Effect. Bush’S War on Women. With Research by Phoebe St. John and Livia Tenzer.
156391: FLAUMENHAFT, MERA J. - The CIVIC Spectacle. Essays on Drama and Community.
155611: (SHAKESPEARE) FLECK, MICHAEL. - The Tempest. A New Age Adaptation. (Based on the Play by William Shakespeare). First Produced by Maui Community Theatre, Hawaii - April 1977.
156481: FLEIG, HORST. - Literarischer Vampirismus: Klingemanns “Nachtwachen Von Bonaventura. ”
153341: (BYRON) FLEMING, ANNE. - Bright Darkness. The Poetry of Lord Byron Presented in the Context of His Life and Times.
148369: FLETCHER, SHEILA. - Women First. The Female Tradition in English Physical Education 1880-1980.
155676: FLETCHER, IAN (EDITOR). - Decadence and the 1890s.
148514: FLEXNER, ELEANOR. - Century of Struggle. The Woman’S Rights Movement in the United States.
153388: FLINT, KATE (EDITOR). - Impressionists in England. The Critical Reception.
155447: FLOERSHEIM, CECIL. - Collected Poems. Poems; Translations from the Greek Anthology; Epigrams.
151985: FLORIAN, TIBOR. - Defence and Counter-Attack.
144771: FLOTHUIS, MARIUS. - Modern British Composers.
149840: FOCILLON, HENRI. - The Art of the West in the Middle Ages. Volume I: Romanesque Art. Volume II: Gothic Art. Edited and Introduced by Jean Bony.
149841: FOCILLON, HENRI. - The Art of the West in the Middle Ages. Volume I: Romanesque Art. Volume II: Gothic Art. Edited and Introduced by Jean Bony.
149033: FORBES, ARCHIBALD. - Barracks, Bivouacs and Battles.
149772: (SPIEGLEMAN) FORGET, TOM. - Art Spiegelman.
149830: FORMAGGIO, DINO & BASSO, CARLO (EDITORS). - A Book of Miniatures. Translated by Peggy Craig.
154479: FORSTER, R.P. - A Collection of the Most Celebrated Voyages and Travels from the Discovery of America to the Present Time. Arranged in Systematic Order, Geographical and Chronological. The Whole Exhibiting a Faithful and Lively Delineation Ofthe World. Carefully Selected from Writers of Different Nations. Volume 4 Only.
154403: FORSTER, R.P. - A Collection of the Most Celebrated Voyages and Travels, from the Discovery of America to the Present Time. Arranged in Systematic Order, Geographical and Chronological. The Whole Exhibiting a Faithful and Lively Delineation of the World. Carefully Selected from Writers of Different Nations. Volume III Only.
154402: (EDITOR) FORSTER, R.P. - A Collection of the Most Celebrated Voyages and Travels. From the Discovery of America to the Present Time. Arranged in Systematic Order, Geographical and Chronological. The Whole Exhibiting a Faithful and Lively Delineation of the World. Carefully Selected from Writers of Different Nations. Volume II Only.
153934: FORSTER, E.M. - Marianne Thornton 1797-1887. A Domestic Biography.
153931: FORSTER, E.M. - The Hill of Devi. Being Letters from Dewas State Senior.
153691: (DICKENS) FORSTER, JOHN. - The Life of Charles Dickens.
153968: (GOLDSMITH) FORSTER, JOHN. - The Life and Times of Oliver Goldsmith.
154803: (THACKERAY) FORSTER, MARGARET (EDITOR). - William Makepeace Thackeray: Memoirs of a Victorian Gentleman.
150233: FORTESCUE, THE HON. J.W. - A History of the British Army. Volume II [Only]. First Part - to the Close of the Seven Years’ War.
155177: FOSS, MICHAEL. - Poetry of the World Wars.
145585: (PARRY-WILLIAMS) FOSTER, IDRIS (EDITOR). - Cyfrol Deyrnged Syr Thomas Parry-Williams.
151850: FOSTER, RICHARD. - Patterns of Thought. The Hidden Meaning of the Great Pavement of Westminster Abbey.
150648: FOSTER, RAYMOND S. - The Restoration of Israel. A Study in Exile and Return.
146212: (PARRY-WILLIAMS) FOSTER, IDRIS (EDITOR). - Cyfrol Deyrnged Syr Thomas Parry-Williams.
151761: VOLTAIRE FOUNDATION. - Transactions of the Ninth International Congress on the Enlightenment. Volume I [Only].
151763: VOLTAIRE FOUNDATION. - Transactions of the Ninth International Congress on the Enlightenment. Volume III [Only].
151762: VOLTAIRE FOUNDATION. - Transactions of the Eighth International Congress on the Enlightenment. Volume II [Only].
148968: FOWKE, FRANK REDE. - The Bayeux Tapestry. A History and Description.
156806: FOWLER, DAVID C. - The Bible in Middle English Literature.
152090: FOWLER, PETER AND BLACKWELL, IAN. - The Land of Lettice Sweetapple. An English Countryside Explored.
155454: FOWLER, ELLEN THORNEYCROFT. - Love’S Argument and Other Poems.
155456: FOWLER, ELLEN THORNEYCROFT. - Verses, Wise or Otherwise.
155407: FOX-DAVIES, A.C. - A Complete Guide to Heraldry.
149829: FOX, JAMES J. (EDITOR). - To Speak in Pairs. Essays on the Ritual Languages of Eastern Indonesia.
151973: FOX, MIKE & JAMES, RICHARD. - The Complete Chess Addict.
152020: FOXMAN, ABRAHAM H. - The Deadliest Lies. The Israel Lobby and the Myth of Jewish Control.
155678: FOXON, DAVID. - Libertine Literature in England 1660-1745.
153930: FRAENKEL, MICHAEL. - Death Is Not Enough. Essays in Active Negation.
150649: FRAKER, ANNE T. (EDITOR). - Religion and American Life: Resources.
150415: FRAME, TOM. - Where Fate Calls. The Hmas Voyager Tragedy.
156220: (EDITOR) FRANCE, PETER. - Diderot’S Letters to Sophie Volland. A Selection.
155668: FRANK, FREDERICK S. - Gothic Fiction. A Master List of Twentieth Century Criticism and Research.
152758: FRANK, ANDRE GUNDER. - Reorient. Global Economy in the Asian Age.
153516: (COOPER) FRANKLIN, WAYNE. - James Fenimore Cooper. The Early Years.
143463: FRANKS, BENJAMIN. - Rebel Alliances. The Means and Ends of Contemporary British Anarchisms.
155672: FRANZ, MARIE-LOUISE VON. - An Introduction to the Psychology of Fairy Tales.
153214: FRASER, EUGENIE. - A Home by the Hooghly. A Jute Wallah’S Wife.
149342: FRASER, T.G. & JEFFERY, KEITH (EDITORS). - Men, Women and War. Historical Studies XVIII. Papers Read Before the Xxth Irish Conference of Hisotrians, Held at Magee College, University of Ulster, 6-8 June 1991.
154401: FRASER, DAVID. - Persia and Turkey in Revolt.
154630: (PINTER) FRASER, ANTONIA. - Must You Go? My Life with Harold Pinter.
149075: FRASER, MAXWELL. - Wales: Volume One [Only]. The Background.
153906: (DURRELL) FRASER, G.S. - Lawrence Durrell: A Study. With a Bibliography by Alan G. Thomas.
151832: FRAZER, J.G. - Psyche’S Task. A Discourse Concerning the Influence of Superstition on the Grownth of Institutions. To Which Is Added, the Scope of Social Anthropology: An Inaugural Lecture.
153514: (COWPER) FRAZER, J.G. - Letters of William Cowper. Volume I [Only]. Chosen and Edited with a Memoir and a Few Notes.
153513: (COWPER) FRAZER, J.G. - Letters of William Cowper. Volume II [Only]. Chosen and Edited with a Memoir and a Few Notes.
150545: FRAZIER, LYN & CLIFTON, CHARLES. - Construal.
151182: FREAM, WILLIAM. - The Rothamsted Experiments on the Growth of Wheat, Barley, and the Miced Herbage of Grassland.
152792: FREEDMAN, MAURICE. - Chinese Lineage and Society. Fukien and Kwangtung.
148930: FREELY, JOHN. - Jem Sultan. The Adventures of a Captive Turkish Prince in Renaissance Europe.
151407: FREELY, JOHN. - The Lost Messiah. In Search of Sabbatai Sevi.
156389: FREEMAN, GILLIAN. - The Undergrowth of Literature. With a Foreword by David Stafford-Clark.
152282: FREEMAN, CHARLES. - Pillow Lace in the East Midlands.
151202: FREETHY, RON. - From Agar to Zenry. A Book of Plant Uses, Names and Folklore.
156420: FREEZE, GREGORY L. - The Russian Levites. Parish Clergy in the Eighteenth Century.
150541: FREIDIN, ROBERT (EDITOR). - Principles and Parameters in Comparative Grammar.
148386: FRENCH, MARILYN. - From Eve to Dawn: A History of Women. Volume 2 [Only]. The Masculine Mystique.
157250: (EDITORS) FRERE, WH., THE LATE RIGHT REVEREND AND DOUGLAS, CE, REV. - Puritan Manifestoes. A Study of the Origin of the Puritan Revolt, with a Reprint of the Admonition to Parliament and Kindred Documents, 1572.
153477: (CHAUCER). FRESE, DOLORES WARWICK. - An Ars Legendi for Chaucer’S Canterbury Tales. Re-Constructive Reading.
153670: FRIAR, STEPHEN. - A Companion to the English Parish Church.
148376: FRIEDAN, BETTY. - The Second Stage.
156390: FRIEDMAN, GERALDINE. - The Insistence of History. Revolution in Burke, Wordsworth, Keats, and Baudelaire.
154832: (THOREAU) FRIESEN, VICTOR CARL. - The Spirit of the Huckleberry. Sensuousness in Henry Thoreau.
153956: FRISTER, ROMAN. - The Cap. Or, the Price of Life. Translated by Hillel Halkin.
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156872: INKPEN, MICK. - One Year with Kipper.
156873: INKPEN, MICK. - Kipper’S Birthday.
156874: INKPEN, MICK. - Kipper’S Snowy Day.
156875: INKPEN, MICK. - Kipper.
156876: INKPEN, MICK. - Kipper’S Monster.
156877: INKPEN, MICK. - Kipper’S Beach Ball.
156878: INKPEN, MICK. - Kipper’S Toybox.
156864: INKPEN, MICK. - Kipper’S Snowy Day.
156863: INKPEN, MICK. - Kipper’S Birthday.
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