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145155: CAMDEN, WILLIAM. - Remains Concerning Britain.
134374: CAMERON, RODERICK. - Shadows from India. An Architectural Album. Preface by Peter Quennell.
134854: CAMERON, NEIL. - Graven Images. Frame Monographs of Contemporary Interior Architects.
148927: CAMERON, EUAN. - The European Reformation.
155358: CAMERON, NORMAN. - Collected Poems and Selected Translations. Edited by Warren Hope and Jonathan Barker.
141959: CAMERON, IAN. - Wings of the Morning. The Story of the Fleet Air Arm in the Second World War.
143425: CAMILLERI, JOSEPH A. & FALK, JIM. - The End of Sovereignty? the Politics of a Shrinking and Fragmenting World.
151727: CAMILLERI, ANDREA. - The Brewer of Preston. Translated by Stephen Sartarelli.
144101: CAMMACK, PAUL. - Captialism and Democracy in the Third World. The Doctrine for Political Development.
158131: CAMPAN, JEANNE LOUISE HENRIETTE. - The Private Life of Marie Antoinette.
141459: CAMPBELL, MALCOLM. - The Encyclopedia of Golf.
155343: CAMPBELL, ROY. - Talking Bronco.
123570: CAMPBELL, COMMANDER A.B. - Salute the Red Duster. With a Foreword by Admiral Lord Mountevans.
139381: (DARWIN) CAMPBELL, JOHN. - In Darwin’S Wake. Revisiting Beagle’S South American Anchorages.
139356: CAMPBELL-JONES, SUZANNE. - In Habit. An Anthropological Study of Working Nuns. With a Foreword by Bryan Wislon.
124726: (LORCA). CAMPBELL, ROY. - Lorca: An Appreciation of His Poetry.
148367: (BUCK) CAMPBELL, JOANN (EDITOR). - Toward a Feminist Rhetoric: The Writing of Gertrude Buck.
137983: CAMPBELL, DAVID & DURDEN, MARK. - Variable Capital.
149200: CAMPBELL, R. THOMAS. - Fire and Thunder. Exploits of the Confederate States Navy.
149197: CAMPBELL, R. THOMAS. - Southern Thunder. Exploits of the Confederate States Navy.
137079: CAMPBELL, ROY. - Light on a Dark Horse. An Autobiography (1901-1935).
151596: CAMPBELL, JEREMY. - Winston Churchill’S Afternoon Nap. A Wide-Awake Inquiry Into the Human Nature of Time.
152929: CAMPBELL, IAN (EDITOR). - Nineteenth-Century Scottish Fiction. Critical Essays.
153366: CAMPBELL, ROY. - Light on a Dark Horse. An Autobiography 1901-1935. Foreword by Laurie Lee.
130354: CAMPBELL, R.H. & WILSON, R.G. (EDITORS). - Entrepreneurship in Britain 1750-1939. With an Introduction.
136089: CAMPBELL, GORDON. - Bible. The Story of the King James Version, 1611-2011.
148414: CAMPBELL, JAN. - Arguing with the Phallus. Feminist, Queer and Postcolonial Theory. A Psychoanalytic Contribution.
153490: (COLERIDGE) CAMPBELL, JAMES DYKES. - Samuel Taylor Coleridge. A Narrative of the Events of His Life.
156673: CAMPBELL, TOM. - The Old Man’S Trail.
156638: CAMPBELL, CAPTAIN R.W. - Spud Tamson out West.
152936: CAMPBELL, GORDON. - Macmillian Anthologies of English Literature. Volume 2: The Renaissance.
159375: CAMPBELL, ROY. - Nativity.
156672: CAMPION, SARAH. - Dr. Golightly.
158381: CAMPS, FRANCIS E. - Camps on Crime. With a Preface by Professor Sir Leon Radzinowicz.
157366: CANAINN, TOMAS O. - Traditional Music in Ireland.
143426: CANDLAND, CHRISTOPHER & SIL, RUDRA (EDITORS). - The Politics and Labor in a Global Age: Continuity and Change in Late-Industrializing and Post-Socialist Economies.
153363: CANETTI, ELIAS. - The Torch in My Ear. Translated from the Geramn by Joachim Neugroschel.
158857: CANETTI, ELIAS. - Auto Da Fe. Translated from the German and the Personal Supervision of the Author by C.V. Wedgwood.
149167: CANNAN, JOHN. - The Antietam Campaign.
126720: (BUTLER). CANNAN, GILBERT. - Samuel Butler. A Critical Study.
160481: (EDITOR) CANNY, NICHOLAS. - The Origins of Empire. Volume I: British Overseas Enterprise to the Close of the Seventeenth Century.
157524: CANSDALE, GEORGE AND CANSDALE, SHEILA. - Belinda the Bush Baby. A True Story for Children.
155339: CANTON, WILLIAM. - The Poems.
156339: CANTON, JAMES. - Out of Essex. Re-Imagining a Literary Landscape.
149720: CANTOR, JAY & ROMBERGER, JAMES. - Aaron and Ahmed: A Love Story.
156401: CANUEL, MARK. - The Shadow of Death. Literature, Romanticism, and the Subject of Punishment.
153361: CAPEK, LAREL. - Talks with T.G. Masaryk. Translated from the Czech by Michael Henry Heim.
141797: CAPLEN, PETER F. - Diesel Engine Maintenance.
153037: CAPON, EDMUND AND MACQUITTY, WILLIAM. - Princes of Jade.
138982: CAPPELLETTO, FRANCESCA (EDITOR). - Memory and World War II. An Ethnographic Approach.
143187: CAPTUO, JOHN D. & ALCOFF, LINDA MARTIN (EDITORS). - St. Paul Among the Philosophers.
150000: CAPUTO, TONY C. - How to Self-Publish Your Own Comic Book.
136588: (FERRIER) CARDUS, NEVILLE (EDITOR). - Kathleen Ferrier 1912-1953. A Memoir. With Contributions by Neville Cardus, Roy Henderson, Gerald Moore, Benjamin Britten, Sir John Barbirolli, Dr. Bruno Walter.
123244: CARELESS, J.M.S. & BROWN, R. CRAIG (EDITORS). - The Canadians, 1867-1967.
150247: CAREW, TIM. - The Royal Norfolk Regiment (the 9th Regiment of Foot).
156636: CAREY, ROSA NOUCHETTE. - Mary St. John. A Novel.
153969: (GOLDING) CAREY, JOHN (EDITOR). - William Golding: The Man and His Books.
149670: CAREY, MIKE & KOTIAN, SIDDHARTH. - The Stranded. Volume I [Only].
155367: CAREY, JOYCE. - Marching Soldier.
150607: (CAREY) CAREY, S. PEARCE. - William Carey.
150105: CAREY, MIKE & BASU, SAMIT. - Untouchable. Volume 1 [Only].
136051: (TILLICH) CAREY, JOHN J. (EDITOR). - Kairos and Logos. Studies in the Roots and Implications of Tillich’S Theology.
141827: CAREY, KEITH. - A Beginner’S Guide to Airsports.
139773: CARLEY, KENNETH. - Minnesota in the CIVIL War. An Illustrated History. Foreword by Richard Moe. Introduction and Epilogue by Brian Horrigan.
160266: CARLIN, JOHN. - Playing the Enemy. Nelson Mandela and the Game That Made a Nation.
138774: CARLISLE, CHRISTOPHER (EDITOR). - Letters from a Merry Widow and Two Gentlemen 1906-1914.
101053: CARLSON, DAVID R. - English Humanist Books. Writers and Patrons, Manuscript and Print, 1475-1525.
148315: CARLSON, KATHIE. - Life’S Daughter/Death’S Bride. Inner Transformations Through the Goddess Demeter/Persephone.
126956: (POE). CARLSON, ERIC W. (EDITOR). - The Recognition of Edgar Allan Poe. Selected Criticism Since 1829.
141533: CARLTON, ERIC. - War and Ideology.
149276: CARLYLE, DR. ALECANDER. - The Autobiography of Dr. Alexander Carlyle of Inveresk, 1722-1805. Edited by John Hill Burton.
160310: CARMAN, A.H. - W.N. Carson: Footballer and Cricketer.
157717: (EDITOR) EARL OF CARNARVON. - Letters of Philip Dormer, Fourth Earl of Chesterfield to His Godson and Successor. Edited from the Originals, with a Memoir of Lord Chesterfield.
136448: CARNER, MOSCO. - Madam Butterfly. A Guide to the Opera. Foreword by Victoria de Los Angeles.
154556: (MORLEY) CARNICELLI, D.D. (EDITOR). - Lord Morley’S Tryumphes of Fraunces Petarcke. The First English Translation of the Trionfi.
152849: CARNOT, PROFESSEUR PAUL (EDITOR). - Le 16e Voyage D’Etudes Medicales Aux Stations Hydrominerales Et Climatiques Du Sud-Ouest de la France, 26 Aout-7 Septembre 1922. 1o Carnet de Route Du 16e V.E. M. Par le Dr. Maurice Gerst... 2o Conferences Des Pr. Paul Carnot... Pr. Agrege F. Rathery.
149617: CARNWATH, TOM & SMITH, IAN. - Heroin Century.
153568: CARON, VICKI. - Between France and Germany. The Jews of Alsace-Lorraine, 1871-1918.
148503: CAROTENUTO, ALDO. - The Spiral Way. A Woman’S Healing Journey. Translated by John Shepley.
123204: CARP, BENJAMIN L. - Difiance of the Patriots. The Boston Tea Party & the Making of America.
111620: DI CARPEGNA, NOLFO. - Brescian Firearms from Matchlock to Flintlock. A Comenium of Names, Marks and Works Together with an Attempt at Classification. With an Introduction by Francesco Rossi.
156634: CARPENTER, LEA. - Eleven Days.
156635: CARPENTER, MARGARET. - Experiment Perilous.
112180: (FLAHERTY, ROBERT). CARPENTER, EDMUND (EDITOR). - Comock. The True Story of an Eskimo Hunter As Told to & by Robert Flaherty.
154595: (POTTER) CARPENTER, HUMPHREY. - Dennis Potter: A Biography.
143169: (COMPTON) CARPENTER, EDWARD. - The Protestant Bishop. Being the Life of Henry Compton, 1632-1713, Bishop of London.
143206: (FISHER) CARPENTER, EDWARD. - Archbishop Fisher: His Life and Times. With a Foreword by Lord Runcie.
157143: CARR, JOHN DICKSON. - The Murder of Sir Edmund Godfrey.
147678: CARR, E.H. - Cydberthynas Y Gwledydd Wedi’R Cyfamodau Heddwch. Wedi Ei Droi I’R Gymraeg Gan Stephen J. Williams.
156632: CARR, JOHN DICKSON. - Papa la-Bas.
138523: CARR, CATHERINE. - The Spinning Wheel. City of Cardiff High School for Girls 1895-1955. Its Story Assembled.
147024: CARR, R. SINCLAIR. - Alexander and Angling.
126267: CARR, KAY J. - Belleville, Ottawa, and Galesburg. Community and Democracy on the Illinois Frontier.
138614: CARR, AUDREY. - Well Played! the Story of Richmond High School.
156633: CARR, JOHN DICKSON. - Fire, Burn!
149317: CARRADICE, PHIL. - The Last Invasion. The Story of the French Landing in Wales.
154917: CARRARD, PHILIPPE. - Poetics of the New History. French Historical Discourse from Braudel to Chartier.
157322: LE CARRE, JOHN. - Sarratt and the Draper of Watford. And Other Unlikely Stories About Sarratt from International Authors.
124664: (KIPLING). CARRINGTON, CHARLES. - Rudyard Kipling: His Life and Work.
154324: (KIPLING) CARRINGTON, CHARLES. - Rudyard Kipling: His Life and Work.
157490: CARRINGTON, RICHARD. - A Biography of the Sea. The Story of the World Ocean, Its Animal and Plant Populations, and Its Influence on Human History.
153709: (DONNE) CARRITHERS, GALE H. - Donne at Sermons. A Christian Existential World.
155337: CARROLL, LEWIS. - The Hunting of the Snark. An Agony in Eight Fits.
156653: CARROLL, LEWIS. - Sylvie and Bruno.
153407: CARROLL, LEWIS (EDITOR). - The Rectory Magazine.
156654: CARROLL, LEWIS. - Sylvie and Bruno Concluded.
154419: (LAWRENCE) CARSWELL, CATHERINE. - The Savage Pilgrimage. A Narrative of D.H. Lawrence.
157626: CARSWELL, JOHN. - From Revolution to Revolution: England 1688 - 1776.
157662: CARSWELL, JOHN. - The South Sea Bubble.
155834: (EDITOR) CARTER, CHARLES H. - From the Renaissance to the Counter-Reformation. Essays in Honour of Garrett Mattingly
149402: CARTER, HAROLD & WHEATLEY, SANDRA. - Merthyr Tydfil in 1851. A Study of the Spatial Structure of a Welsh Industrial Town.
156671: CARTER, HODDING. - Flood Crest.
147938: CARTER, HAROLD. - The Growth of the Welsh City System. An Inaugural Lecture Delivered at the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth, on 12 February 1969.
148464: CARTER, CYNTHIA; BRANSTON, GILL & ALLAN, STUART (EDITORS). - News, Gender and Power.
151306: CARTER, CHARLES J. - The Lodge Almoner.
151130: CARTER, R.H. & BUSBEY, R.L. - The Use of Fluorine Compounds As Insecticides, a Reivew with Annotated Bibliography.
147863: CARTER, RICHARD & JONES, WALTER. - A Late Victorian School in Wales.
136731: CARTER, PAUL. - Cambridge 1.
154070: (HOUSMAN) CARTER, JOHN AND SPARROW, JOHN. - A.E. Housman: A Bibliography. Revised by William White.
156670: CARTER, BARBARA BARCLAY. - Ship without Sails.
156773: CARTEY, WILFRED. - Whispers from a Continent. The Literature of Contemporary Black Africa.
143178: CARTWRIGHT, DR. THOMAS. - The Diary of Dr. Thomas Cartwright, Bishop of Chester; Commencing at the Time of His Elevation to That See, August M. Dc. LXXVI. ; and Terminating with the Visitation of St. Mary Magdalene College, Oxford, October M. Dc. LXXVII. Now First Printed from the Original Ms. In the Possession of the Rev. Joseph Nunter, F.S. A.
130262: CARVER, MICHAEL. - War Since 1945.
130260: CARVER, FIELD MARSHAL LORD. - Britain’S Army in the Twentieth Century.
122072: CARVER, MICHAEL. - El Alamein.
156664: CARY, JOYCE. - The Horse’S Mouth.
156668: CARY, JOYCE. - Spring Song and Other Stories.
156669: CARY, JOYCE. - The Captive and the Free.
156665: CARY, JOYCE. - Mister Johnson.
124040: CARY, JOYCE. - Memoir of the Bobotes. Foreword by Walter Allen.
156666: CARY, JOYCE. - Prisoner of Grace.
156667: CARY, JOYCE. - Except the Lord.
126606: (DE QUINCEY). CASEBY, RICHARD. - The Opium-Eating Editor: Thomas de Quincey and the Westmorland Gazette.
150602: (MANZONI) CASERTA, ERNESTO G. - Manzoni’S Christian Realism.
149966: CASEY, JOE & SCIOLI, TOM. - Godland. Volume 3 [Only]: Proto-Plastic Party.
156399: CASEY, JOHN. - The Language of Criticsim.
149738: CASEY, JOE & ADLARD, CHARLIE. - Rock Bottom.
133031: O’CASEY, SEAN. - Blasts and Benedictions. Articles and Stories. Selected and Introduced by Ronald Ayling.
149967: CASEY, JOE; NGUYEN, DUSTIN & FRIEND, RICHARD. - Wildcats Version 3.0. Volume 2 [Only]: Full Disclosure.
160462: O’CASEY, SEAN. - Inishfallen, Fare Thee Well.
156662: CASEY, JOHN. - Spartina.
87562: O’CASEY, SEAN. - Cock-a-Doodle Dandy. Edited and with an Introduction and Notes by David Krause.
144687: CASON, BUZZ. - Living the Rock’N’Roll Dream. The Adventures of Buzz Cason.
139169: CASPER, BARRY M. & NOER, RICHARD J. - Revolutions in Physics.
140702: CASSELL’S - History of the War between France and Germany 1870-1871. Volume II [Only].
141467: CASSELL, JULIAN & PARHAM, PETER. - The Ultimate Book of Decorating Hints & Tips.
130709: CASSELL, JOHN (PUBLISHER). - The Popular Educator. Volume the Third [Only].
140699: CASSELL’S - History of the War between France and Germany 1870-1871. Volume I [Only].
130710: CASSELL, JOHN (PUBLISHER). - The Popular Educator. Volume the Second [Only].
140703: CASSELL’S - History of the War between France and Germany 1870-1871.
140645: CASSIDY, MARTIN. - Marching with Wellington 1808-1815. The 27th (Inniskilling) Foot from the Peninsula to Waterloo. With a Foreword by Brigadier W.J. Hiles.
152877: CASTEEL, HOMER. - The Running of the Bulls. A Description of the Bullfight.
137072: CASTENEDA, CARLOS. - Journey to Ixtlan. The Lessons of Don Juan.
126243: CASTIGLIONI, LUIGI. - Viaggio. Travels in the United States of North America, 1785-87. Translated and Edited by Antonio Pace. With Natural History Commentary and Luigi Castiglioni’S Botanical Observations, Translated by Antonio Pace and Edited by Joseph & Nesta Ewan.
156660: CASTLE, AGNES AND CASTLE, EGERTON. - The Ways of Miss Barbara.
156663: CASTLE, AGNES AND CASTLE, EGERTON. - The Lost Iphigenia.
156661: CASTLE, AGNES AND CASTLE, EGERTON. - My Merry Rockhurst. Some Episodes in the Life of Viscount Rockhurst, a Friend of the King, at One Time Constable of His Majesty’S Tower.
130887: CASTLE, CAROLINE & CHILDS, SAM. - Funny! a Little Zeb Book.
152982: CASTOR, GRAHAME. - Pleiade Poetics. A Study in Sixteenth-Century Thought and Terminology.
148401: CATANESE, LYNN ANN. - Women’S History. A Guide to Sources at Hagley Museum and Library.
154691: (SAND) CATE, CURTIS. - George Sand: A Biography.
158428: CATE, CURTIS. - The War of the Two Emperors. The Duel between Napoleon and Alexander, Russia 1812.
123706: (ADAMS). CATER, HAROLD DEAN (EDITOR). - Henry Adams and His Friends. A Collection of His Unpublished Letters. Compiled with a Biographical Introduction by...
159290: CATHER, WILLA. - Death Comes for the Archbishop.
136256: CATHERWOOD, CHRISTOPHER. - Christians, Muslims, and Islamic Rage. What Is Going on and Why It Happened.
158167: CATLIN, GEORGE. - The Anglo-Saxon Tradition.
149133: CATTON, BRUCE. - Terrible Swift Sword.
139130: CAUSEY, GILBERT. - The Cell of Schwamm. Foreword by Sir James Paterson Ross.
153403: CAWDOR, HUGH. - Thistles in Aspic. Leaves from the Commonplace Book of...
143408: CAWS, PETER (EDITOR). - The Causes of Quarrel. Essays on Peace, War, and Thomas Hobbes.
139089: CAWTHORNE, NIGEL. - Heroes. The True Stories Behind Every VC Winner Since World War Two.
98115: (CHRÉTIEN). CAZELLES, BRIGITTE. (EDITOR). - The Unholy Grail. A Social Reading of Chrétien de Troye’S Conte Du Graal.
158667: CEBRIAN, JUAN LUIS. - Red Doll. Translated by Philip W. Silver.
140774: (LAMB) CECIL, DAVID. - Melbourne.
150374: CECIL, HUGH. - The Flower of Battle. How Britain Wrote the Great War.
153035: CECIL, HUGH. - The Flower of Battle. British Fiction Writers of the First World War.
137377: (MACCARTHY) CECIL, HUGH & CECIL, MIRABEL. - Clever Hearts. Desmond and Molly Maccarthy: A Biography.
137832: (WALKER) CECIL, MIRABEL. - Sebastian Walker 1942-1991. A Kind of Prospero.
138379: OUR AMERICAN CENTURY. - The Jazz Age : The 20’S.
125595: CERQUIGLINI-TOULET, JACQUELINE. - The Color of Melancholy. The Uses of Books in the Fourteenth Century.
158668: CERVANTES, MIGUEL DE. - The Adventures of Don Quixote de la Mancha. Translated by Tobias Smollett. With an Introduction by Carlos Fuentes.
159217: CERVANTES [SAAVEDRA, MIGUEL DE]. - The Spanish Ladie, and Two Other Stories from Cervantes, Translated from the Original by James Mabbe, 1640.
134808: CERVER, FRANCISCO ASCENSIO. - Landscape of Recreation II (Amusement Parks).
141059: CESARANI, DAVID. - Justice Delayed.
156691: CHABON, MICHAEL. - Telegraph Avenue. A Novel.
136028: (RAMSEY) CHADWICK, OWEN. - Michael Ramsey: A Life.
142828: CHADWICK, JOHN. - The Mycenaean World.
157025: DE CHAIR, SOMERSET. - The Dome of the Rock.
150954: CHALAND, YVES. - Le Cimetriere Des Elephants. Les Aventures de Freddy Lombard.
153962: (GRAHAME) CHALMERS, PATRICK R. - Kenneth Grahame: Life, Letters and Unpublished Work.
157206: CHAMBERLIN, J. EDWARD. - Come Back to Me My Language. Poetry and the West Indies.
148897: CHAMBERLIN, E.R. - The Sack of Rome.
154916: CHAMBERLIN, E.R. - Preserving the Past.
139661: CHAMBERS, PAUL. - Bones of Contention. The Arcaeopteryx Scandals.
155186: CHAMBERS, R.W. - Beowulf. An Introduction to the Study of the Poem with a Discussion of the Stories of Offa and Finn. With a Supplement by C.L. Wrenn.
134648: CHAMBERS, ROBERT & THOMSON, REV. THOMAS (EDITORS. - A Biographical Dictionary of Eminent Scotsmen. With Numerous Authentic Portraits.
154500: (MARVELL) CHAMBERS, A.B. - Andrew Marvell and Edmund Waller. Seventeenth-Century Praise and Restoration Satire.
156689: CHAMBERS, ROBERT W. - The Haunts of Men.
156687: CHAMBERS, ROBERT W. - Special Messenger.
156688: CHAMBERS, ROBERT W. - Some Ladies in Haste.
133313: CHAMBERS, R.W. - Man’S Unconquerable Mind. Studies of English Writers, from Bede to A.E. Housman and W.P. Ker.
128617: CHAMBERS, ROBERT. - History of the Rebellion of 1745-6.
159539: CHAMBERS. - Chambers’S Miscellany. Of Instructive and Entertaining Tracts.
141255: CHAMBRUN, RENE DE. - Mission and Betrayal 1940-45. My Crusade for England.
153048: CHAMPION, DARYL. - The Paradoxical Kingdom. Saudi Arabia and the Momentum of Reform.
158096: CHAMPION, SELWYN GURNEY. - The Eleven Religions and Their Proverbial Lore. A Comparative Study. A Reference Book to the Eleven Surviving Major Religions of the World, with Introductions by Thirteen Leading Authorities.
157133: CHAN, MARY. - Life Into Story. The Courtship of Elizabeth Wiseman.
151026: CHANCA, DIEGO ALVAREZ & BERNÁLDEZ, ANDRÉS. - Christopher Columbus’S Discoveries in the Testimonials of Diego Alvarez Chanca and Andrés Bernáldez. Introduction and Notes by Anna Unali. Translated Into English by Gioacchino Triolo and Luciano F. Farina.
149556: (EDWARDS) CHANCE, PROF. T.W. (EDITOR). - The Life of Principal William Edwards, B.A. , Ph. D. , D.D. , LL. D.
127046: (THACKERAY) CHANCELLOR, E. BERESFORD. - The London of Thackeray. Being Some Account of the Haunts of Thackeray’S Characters.
133817: CHANDER, DAVID (EDITOR). - Military Memoirs of Marlborough’S Campaigns, 1702-1712. By Captain Robert Parker, Royal Regiment of Foot of Ireland, and the Comte de Merode-Westerloo, Field Marshal of the Holy Roman Empire.
141224: CHANDLER, DAVID G. - Battles and Battlescenes of World War Two.
140624: CHANDLER, DAVID G. - Dictionary of the Napoleonic Wars.
133572: CHANDLER, DAVID G. - Battles and Battlescenes of World War Two.
143122: CHANDLER, DAVID G. (EDITOR). - Napoleon’S Marshals.
157284: (EDITOR) CHANDLER, JOHN. - Travels Through Stuart Britain. The Adventures of John Taylor, the Water Poet.
157541: (EDITOR) CHANDLER, DAVID. - Military Memoirs of Marlborough’S Campaigns 1702 - 1712. Captain Robert Parker, Royal Regiment of Foot of Ireland, and the Count of Merode-Westerloo, Field Marshal of the Holy Roman Empire.
138529: CHANDOS, JOHN. - Boys Together. English Public Schools 1800-1864.
153877: CHANDRASEKARAN, RAJIV. - Little America. The War Within the War for Afghanistan.
157525: CHANIN, PAUL. - The Natural History of Otters.
156685: CHANNON, HENRY. - Paradise City.
145216: CHANT, COLIN & GOODMAN, DAVID (EDITOR). - Pre-Industrial Cities & Technology.
148651: CHAO, HSIU-FU. - The External Morphology of the Dragonfly Onychogomphus Ardens Needham.
152838: CHAPLIN, PETER H. - Waterway Conservation. With a Foreword by John Humphries.
157532: CHAPLIN, RAYMOND E. - Deer.
139567: CHAPMAN, DR. ALLAN. - Gods in the Sky. Astronomy, Religion and Culture from the Ancients to the Renaissance.
153018: CHAPMAN, RAYMOND. - Faith and Revolt. Studies in the Literary Influence of the Oxford Movement.
146042: (GRUFFYDD) CHAPMAN, T. ROBIN. - Dan Dweud: W.J. Gruffydd.
145930: (BEBB) CHAPMAN, T. ROBIN. - Dawn Dweud: W. Ambrose Bebb.
153200: (AUSTEN) CHAPMAN, R.W. (EDITOR). - Jane Austen’S Letters to Her Sister Cassandra and Others. Collected and Edited.
150600: CHAPMAN, JENNIFER. - The Last Bastion. Women Priests - the Case for and Against.
129052: CHAPMAN, PAULINE. - Madame Tussaud in England. Career Woman Extraordinary.
138449: CHAPMAN, ARTHUR W. - The Story of a Modern University. A History of the University of Sheffield.
152980: CHAPMAN, RAYMOND. - The Victorian Debate. English Literature and Society 1832-1901.
157260: CHAPMAN, HESTER W. - Privileged Persons. Four Seventeenth-Century Studies.
157350: CHAPMAN, HESTER W. AND ROMANOVSKY-PAVLOVSKY, PRINCESS (EDITORS). - Diversion. Published for the Benefit of the Yugoslav Relief Society.
157720: CHAPMAN, GUY. - Beckford.
153474: CHAPPAZ, MAURICE AND LOVAY, JEAN-MARC. - La Tentation de L’Orient. Lettres Autour Du Monde.
153021: CHAPPLE, J.A.V. - Documentary and Imaginative Literature 1880-1920.
151338: CHARDIN, PIERRE TEILHARD DE. - Letters from a Traveller.
155431: (HERBERT) CHARLES, AMY M. (EDITOR). - The Williams Manuscript of George Herbert’S Poems. A Facsimile Reproduction. With an Introduction by Amy M. Charles.
151414: CHARLESWORTH, JAMES H. - The Pesharim and Qumran History. Chaos or Consensus. With Appendixes by Lidija Novakovic.
150599: CHARLESWORTH, JAMES H. & DAISE, MICHAEL A. (EDITORS). - Light in a Spotless Mirror. Reflections on Wisdom Traditions in Judaism and Early Christianity.
156684: CHARLTON, MOYRA. - One Man and His Time.
138452: CHARLTON, H.B. - Portrait of a University 1851-1951. To Commemorate the Centenary of Manchester University.
141221: CHARMAN, TED. - Outbreak 1939. The World Goes to War.
160330: CHARMLEY, JOHN. - Splendid Isolation? Britain and the Balance of Power 1874 - 1914.
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152057: DARLING, F. FRASER. - The New Naturalist: Natural History in the Highlands and Islands.
141937: DARLOW, STEVE. - D-Day Bombers: The Veterans’ Story. Raf Bomber Command and the Us Eighth Air Force Support to the Normandy Invasion 1944.
156190: DARNTON, ROBERT. - The Forbidden Best-Sellers of Pre-Revolutionary France.
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145592: DAVIES, ELAINE & MEEK, ELIN. - Dysgu Gofalu/Learning to Care.

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