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143407: (STANKIEWICZ) CZAYKOWSKI, BOGDAN & LESELVA, SAMUEL (EDITORS). - Holding One’S Time in Thought. The Political Philosophy of W.J. Stankiewicz.
141071: CZECH-JOCHBERG, ERICH. - Deutsche Geschichte: Nationalsozialistische Gesehen.
123894: (WILSON). DABNEY, LEWIS M. (EDITOR). - Edmund Wilson: The Sixties. The Last Journal, 1960-1972.
137114: DAHL, ROALD. - More About Boy. Roald Dahl’S Tales from Childhood.
134812: DAHLIA, DIANA. - Models and Supermodels. Have You Got What It Takes to Be a Successful Model?
133343: DAICHES, DAVID. - New Literary Values. Studies in Modern Literature.
140888: DAILY NEWS AND LEADER, THE. - The Year 1913 Illustrated. A Record of Notable Achievements and Events.
132811: DALBERG-ACTON, JOHN EMERICH EDWARD. - Lectures on the French Revolution. Edited by John Neville Figgis and Reginald Vere Laurence.
125130: DALE, EDMUND. - National Life and Character in the Mirror of Early English Literature.
133835: DALE, RICHARD. - ‘Napoleon Is Dead. ’ Lord Cochrane and the Great Stock Exchange Scandal.
138853: DALLIN, ALEXANDER & FIRSOV, F.I. (EDITORS). - Dimitrov and Stalin, 1934-1943. Letters from the Soviet Archives. Russian Documetns Translated by Vadim A. Staklo.
124663: (KIPLING). DALRYMPLE, COCHRANE MAXTON. - Kiplings Prosa.
139143: DALTON, JOHN; GAY-LUSSAC, JOSEPH-LOUIS & AVOGADRO, AMEDEO. - Foundations of Molecular Theory: Comprising Papers and Extracts.
142962: (BOETHIUS) O’DALY, GERARD. - The Poetry of Boethius.
112068: DAMES, MICHAEL. - Merlin and Wales. A Magician’S Landscape.
135923: DANIEL-ROPS, H. - The Church in the Dark Ages. Translated from the French by Audrey Butler.
138341: DANIEL, DAVID MILLS. - Briefly: Aristotle’S the Nicomachean Ethics (Books I-III, VI and X).
143734: DANIELS, RAY. - Designing Great Beers. The Ultimate Guide to Brewing Classic Beer Styles.
144033: DANIELS, ROBERT V. (EDITOR). - A Documentary History of Communism. Volume 2 [Only]. Communism and the World. With Introduction, Notes and Original Translations.
139542: DANIELSON, DENNIS. - The First Copernican. Georg Joachim Rheticus and the Rise of the Copernican Revolution.
130038: DANN, JOHN C. (EDITOR). - The Revolution Remembered. Eyewitness Accounts of the War for Independence.
139108: DANZIGER, DANNY. - We Are Soldiers. Our Heroes. Their Stories. Real Life on the Front Line.
142043: DANZIGER, DANNY. - The Goldfish Club.
125154: DARDIS, TOM. - Some Time in the Sun. The Hollywood Years of Fitzgerald, Faulkner, Nathanael West, Aldous Huxley, and James Agee.
140926: (HILL) DARLEY, GILLIAN. - Octavia Hill.
97705: DARLINGTON, TENAYA. - Madame Deluxe. Poems.
141937: DARLOW, STEVE. - D-Day Bombers: The Veterans’ Story. Raf Bomber Command and the Us Eighth Air Force Support to the Normandy Invasion 1944.
141884: DARLOW, STEVE. - Five of the Many. Survivors of the Bomber Command Offensive from the Battle of Britain to Victory Tell Their Story.
139306: DARNELL, REGNA & GLEACH, FREDERIC W. (EDITORS). - Anthropologists and Their Traditions Across National Borders. Histroies of Anthropology Annual, Volume 8.
138254: DAROM, DR. DAVID. - Art and Design in Modern Fixed-Blade Knives.
126833: (HENTY). [DARTT, ROBERT L. (EDITOR). - G.A. Henty. A Bibliography.
121760: DASENT, ARTHUR IRWIN. - The Private Life of Charles the Second.
131194: DATTA, S.K. - Asiatic Asia.
137129: DAUDET, ALPHONSE. - Artists’ Wives. Translated by Laura Ensor.
124322: DAUDET, ALPHONSE. - Artists’ Wives. Translated by Laura Ensor.
124324: DAUDET, ALPHONSE. - Recollections of a Literary Man. Translated by Laura Ensor.
130717: DAUKES, S.H. - The Medical Museum: Modern Developments, Organisation and Techinical Methods, Based on a New System of Visual Teaching. An Amplification of a Thesis Read for the Degree of M.D. Cambridge.
140770: DAVENPORT, HESTER. - The Prince’S Mistress. A Life of Mary Robinson.
128512: DAVENPORT, JOHN. - Curiositates Erotiae Physiologiae or Tabooed Subjects Freely Treated, in Six Essays, Viz: 1. Generation. 2. Chastity and Modesty. 3. Marriage. 4. Circumcision. 5. Eunuchism. 6. Hermaphrodism, and Followed by a Closing Essay on Death by John Davenport.
138787: DAVID, SAUL. - 100 Days to Victory. How the Great War Was Fought and Won.
130218: (MALASPINA) DAVID, ANDREW ET AL (EDITORS). - The Malaspina Expedition 1789-1794. Volume I [Only]. Journal of the Voyage by Alejandro Malaspina. Cadiz to Panama. Introduction by Donald C. Cutter.
126429: DAVIDSON, A. - Intermediates for Dyestuffs.
126613: DAVIDSON, DONALD. - Still Rebels, Still Yankess and Other Essays.
135927: DAVIE, DONALD. - A Gathered Church. The Literature of Hte English Dissenting Interest, 1700-1930.
126234: DAVIES, NIGEL. - Voyagers to the New World: Fact or Fantasy?
141257: DAVIES, JENNIFER. - The Wartime Kitchen Garden.
135921: DAVIES, J.G. - The Early Christian Church.
132175: DAVIES, WILLIAM. - Fort Regent. A History.
114775: DAVIES, RV. - The Aircraft Performance Requirements Manual.
138219: DAVIES, DAVID TWISTON (EDITOR). - The Daily Telegraph Book of Imperial and Commonwealth Obituaries.
138495: DAVIES, E.T. - Monmouthshire Schoos and Education to 1870.
138564: DAVIES, KATHLEEN. - Polam Hall: The Story of a School.
138623: DAVIES, JOHN G. - From Bridge to Moor. The History of Leeds Grammar School from Its Foundation to 1854.
138707: DAVIES, J. IFOR. - The Caernarvon County School. A History.
138800: DAVIES, MARTIN. - ‘Conceal, Create, Confuse. ’ Deception As a British Battlefield Tactic in the First World War.
138810: DAVIES, MARGARET LLEWELYN. - No One But a Woman Knows. Stories of Motherhood Before the War.
123044: DAVIES, T. BARRY (EDITOR). - Letters from America 1853-1860.
136363: DAVIES, DUNCAN; BATHURST, DIANA & BATHURST, ROBIN. - The Telling Image. The Changing Balance between Pictures and Words in a Technological Age.
143195: DAVIES, RUPERT & RUPP, GORDON (EDITORS). - A History of the Methodist Church in Great Britain. Volume I [Only].
143381: DAVIES, BRIAN & LEFTOW, BRIAN (EDITORS). - The Cambridge Companion to Anselm.
143417: DAVIES, PETER & LYNCH, DEREK. - The Routledge Companion to Fascism and the Far Right.
143419: DAVIES, PHILIP JOHN (EDITOR). - Science Fiction, Social Conflict and War.
124321: DAVIES, W.H. - Young Emma. With a Foreword by C.V. Wedgwood.
136098: DAVIES, GORDON F. - Israelin Egypt. Reading Exodus 1-2.
143141: DAVIES, NORMAN. - Rising ‘44. ‘the Battle for Warsaw. ’
137873: (WHITFIELD) DAVIS, H.C.; HATWELL, J.M.; REES, D.G. & SLOWEY, G.W. (EDITORS). - Essays in Honour of John Humphreys Whitfield Presented to Him on His Retirement from the Serena Chair of Italian at the University of Birmingham.
128920: DAVIS, JACK. - Jagardoo. Poems from Aboriginal Australia. Drawings by Harold Thomas.
139317: DAVIS, J. (EDITOR). - Choice and Change. Essays in Honour of Lucy Mair.
138043: DAVIS, RALPH ET AL. - Leighton Park. The First 100 Years.
138995: DAVIS, PATRICK. - A Child at Arms.
137147: (DOBIE) DAVIS, STEVEN L. - J. Frank Dobie. A Liberated Mind.
130087: DAVIS, WILLIAM C. & WILEY, BELL I. (EDITORS). - Photographic History of the CIVIL War: Fort Sumter to Gettysburg Shadows of the Storm: The Guns of ‘62: The Embattled Confederacy. [and] Vicksburg to Appomattox. Fighting for Time: The South Besieged: The End of an Era. With a New Introduction by William C. Davis.
124592: (JOHNSON). DAVIS, PHILIP. - In Mind of Johnson. A Study of Johnson the Rambler.
141016: DAVIS, JOHN A. - The Jews of San Nicandro.
122407: DAVIS, SHELBY CULLOM. - Reservoirs of Me: A History of the Black Troops of French West Africa.
129813: DAVIS, CASEY WAYNE. - Oral Biblical Criticism. The Influence of the Principles of Orality on the Literary Structure of Paul’S Epistle to the Philippians.
132914: (JOHNSON) DAVIS, PHILIP. - In Mind of Johnson. A Study of Johnson the Rambler.
136272: DAVIS, MOSHE (EDITOR - Teaching Jewish Civilization. A Global Approach to Higher Education.
134535: DAWISHA, ADEED. - The Second Arab Awakening. Revolution, Democracy, and the Islamist Challenge from Tunis to Damascus.
139420: DAWKINS, RICHARD. - A Devil’S Chaplain. Selected Essays. Edited by Latha Menon.
139421: DAWKINS, RICHARD. - Unweaving the Rainbow. Science, Delusion and the Appetite for Wonder.
140096: DAWSON, CHRISTOPHER M & COLE, THOMAS (EDITOR). - Yale Classical Studies. Volume XXI. Studies in Latin Poetry. Edited for the Department of Classics.
137407: DAWSON, CARL. - Victorian Noon. English Literature in 1850.
143431: DAWSON, CHRISTOPHER. - Beyond Politics.
134907: DAWSON, BARRY. - Street Graphics New York.
129655: DAY, DAVID. - Menzies & Churchill at War.
142723: DAY, DAVID. - The Great Betrayal. Britain, Australia and the Onset of the Pacific War 1939-42.
139377: (FARADAY) DAY, PETER (EDITOR). - The Philosopher’S Tree. A Selection of Michael Faraday’S Writings.
139629: DEACON, TERRENCE. - The Symbolic Species. The Co-Evolution of Language and the Human Brain.
141092: DEAK, ISTVAN. - Essays on Hitler’S Europe.
122658: DEAKIN, F.W. & STORRY, G.R. - The Case of Richard Sorge.
135916: DEANE-DURMMOND, CELIA. - Theology and Biotechnology. Implications for a New Science.
142766: DEANE, ANTHONY. - Nelson’S Favourite. Hms Agamemnon at War 1781-1809.
141943: DEANE, GROUP CAPTAIN LAURENCE. - A Pathfinder’S War and Peace. His Life Story.
123236: DEANE, CAPTAIN R. BURTON. - Mounted Police Life in Canada. A Record of Thirty-One Years’ Service.
122820: DEAR, IAN. - Escape and Evasion. Prisoner of War Breakouts and the Routes to Safety in World War Two.
124928: (RUSKIN). DEARDEN, JAMES S. (EDITOR). - The Professor. Arthur Severn’S Memoir of John Ruskin.
143422: DEBRAY, REGIS. - Praised Be Our Lords. A Political Education. Translated by John Howe.
141034: DEEDES, W.F. - Words and Deedes. Selected Journalism 1931-2006.
137126: DEFOE, DANIEL. - The Political History of the Devil.
110741: DEGRAVERS, PETER. - A Complete Physico-Medical and Chirurgical Treatise on the Human Eye.
126506: DEGUISE, V. - Tactique de la Guerre de Siege: Attaque Et Defense Des Forteresses.
128329: DEHN, PAUL. - The Fern on the Rock. Collected Poems 1935-1965.
133543: DEIGHTON, LEN. - The Battle of Britain.
136112: DEISSMANN, DR. G. ADOLF. - Bible Studies. Contributions Chiefly from Papyri and Inscriptions to the History of the Language, the Literature, and the Religion of Hellenistic Judaism and Primitive Christianity. Authorised Translation, Incorporating Dr. Deissmann’S Most Recent Changes and Additions, by Alexander Grieve.
126593: (COOPER). DEKKER, GEORGE & MCWILLIAMS, JOHN P. (EDITORS). - Fenimore Cooper. The Critical Heritage.
133082: DELACOURT, GREGOIRE. - The List of My Desires. Translated from the French by Anthea Bell.
141258: DELAFORCE, PATRICK. - The Polar Bears. From Normandy to the Relief of Holland with the 49th Division.
138989: DELAFORCE, PATRICK. - Churchill’S Desert Rats. In North Africa, Burma, Sicily and Italy.
133799: DELAFORCE, PATRICK. - Wellington the Beau. The Life and Loves of the Duke of Wellington.
133574: DELAFORCE, PATRICK. - Churchill’S Desert Rats. From Normandy to Berlin with the 7th Armoured Division.
122076: DELAFORCE, PATRICK. - Churchill’S Desert Rats from Normandy to Berlin with the 7th Armoured Division.
135565: (ROUSSEAU) DELANEY, JAMES. - Starting with Rousseau.
143366: DELANEY, JOHN J. - Dictionary of Saints.
124360: DELANEY, FRANK. - A Walk to the Western Isles. After Boswell & Johnson.
81603: (BOKENHAM). DELANY, SHEILA. - Impolitic Bodies. Poetry, Saints and Society in Fifteenth-Century England. The Work of Osbern Bokenham.
131170: DELHOMME, JEAN-PHILIPPE. - Visit to Another Planet.
131696: DELMAR-MORGAN, EDWARD LOCKER. - Power-Boat Cruising.
100914: (WATERS). DELORIA, VINE JR. - Frank Waters Man and Mystic.
131932: DELUCCHI, V.L. (EDITOR). - Studies in Biological Control.
132460: DEMAND, NANCY H. - Urban Relocation in Archaic and Classical Greece. Flight and Consolidation.
141795: (LAMBERT) DEMAUS, A.B. (EDITOR). - Letters from Hms Britannia. William Lambert & the Late Victorian Navy.
140991: DENDOOVEN, DOMINIEK. - Menin Gate & Last Post. Ypres As Holy Ground.
126331: DENHAM, HENRY. - Inside the Nazi Ring. A Naval Attache in Sweden 1940-1945.
135091: DENNER, ANTJE S. - The Anir Islands. Spirits, Masks and Performances in Southern New Ireland.
139827: DENNEY, ROBERT E. - The CIVIL War Years. A Day-by-Day Chronicle of the Life of a Nation. Foreword by Gregory J.W. Urwin.
139759: DENNEY, ROBERT E. - The CIVIL War Years. A Day-by-Day Chronicle of the Life of a Nation. Foreword by Gregory J.W. Urwin.
132887: DENNISON, MATTHEW. - Queen Victoria. A Life of Contradictions.
130207: DENNISTON, ROBIN. - Churchill’S Secret War. Diplomatic Decrypts, the Foreign Office and Turkey 1942-44.
138965: DENNY, ISABEL. - The Fall of Hitler’S Fortress City. The Battle for Konigsberg, 1945.
136461: DENT, EDWARD J. - The Rise of Romantic Opera. Edited by Winton Dean.
137716: (SHAW) DENT, ALAN (EDITOR). - Bernard Shaw and Mrs. Patrick Campbell: Their Correspondence.
139124: DENTON, MICHAEL J. - Nature’S Destiny. How the Laws of Biology Reveal Purpose in the Universe.
131832: DENVER, RORKE & HENICAN, ELLIS. - Damn Few. Making the Modern Seal Warrior.
123142: U.S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE, DIVISION OF BIOLOGICAL SURVEY: - North American Fauna. Nos. 28-30. No. 28. Revision of the Mice of the American Genus Peromyscuc, by Wilfred H. Osgood; No. 29. The Rabbits of North America, by E.W. Nelson; No. 30. Biological Investiagtions in Alaska and Yukon Territory. I. East Central Alaska. II the Ogilvie Range, Yukon. III. The Macmillan River, Yukon, by Wilfred H. Osgood; Prepared Under the Direction of Dr. C. Hart Merriam.
123138: U.S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE, DIVISION OF BIOLOGICAL SURVEY: - North American Fauna. Nos. 20-22. No. 20. Revision of the Skunks of the Genus Chinica, by Arthur H. Howell; No. 21. Natural History of the Queen Charlotte Islands, British Columbia. Natural History of the Cook Inlet Region, Alaska, by Wilfred H. Osgood; a Biological Investigation of the Hudson Bay Region, by Edward A. Preble; Prepared Under the Direction of Dr. C. Hart Merriman.
123143: U.S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE, DIVISION OF BIOLOGICAL SURVEY: - North American Fauna. Nos. 31-34. No. 31. Revision of the Wood Rats of the Genus Neotoma, by Edward A. Goldman; No. 32. A Systematic Synopsis of the Muskrats, by N. Hollister; No. 33. A Biological Survey of Colorado, by Merritt Cary; No. 34. Revsion of the Spiny Pocket Mice (Genera Heteromys and Liomys), by Edward A. Goldman; Life Zones and Crop Zones of New Mexico, by Vernon Bailey.
123140: U.S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE, DIVISION OF BIOLOGICAL SURVEY: - North American Fauna. Nos. 1-5. No. 1. Revision of the North American Pocket Mice, by Dr. C. Hart Merriam; No. 2 Descriptions of Fourteen New Species and One New Gunus of North American Mammals, by Dr. C. Hart Merriam; No. 3. Results of a Biological Survey of the San Francisco Mountain Region and Desert of the Little Colorado, Arizona. 1. General Results, with Specials Reference to the Geograpical and Vertical Distributiion of Species; 2. Grand Canon of the Colorado; 3. Annotated List of Mammals, with Descriptions of New Species; 4. Annotated List of Birds, by Dr. C. Hart Merriam; 5. Annotated List of Reptiles and Batrachians, with Descriptions of New Species, by Dr. Leonhard Stejneger; No. 4. Descriptions of Twenty-Six New Species of North American Mammals, by Dr. C. Hart Merriam; Results of Biological Reconnoissance of South-Central Idaho. 1. General Results; 2. Annotated List of Mammals, with Descriptions of New Species; Annotated List of Birds, with Description of a New Owl, by Dr. C. Hart Merriam; 4. Annotated List of Reptiles and Batrachians, by Dr. Leonhard Stejneger; Descriptions of a New Genus and Two New Species of North American Mammals, by Dr. C. Hart Merriam.
123141: U.S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE, DIVISION OF BIOLOGICAL SURVEY: - North American Fauna. Nos. 11-13. No. 11. Synopsis of the Weasels of North America, by C. Hart Merriam; No. 12, Genera and Subgeneraa of Voles and Lemmings, by Gerrit S. Miller; Revision of the North Amerian Bats of the Family Vespertilionidae, by Gerrit S. Miller.
135700: DERBYSHIRE, J. DENIS & DERBYSHIRE, IAN. - Political Systems of the World.
143972: (LAFARGE) DERFLER, LESLIE. - Paul Lafargue and the Founding of French Marxism 1842-1882.
143970: (MARX) DESAI, MEGHNAD. - Marx’S Revenge. The Resurgence of Capitalism and the Death of Statist Socialism.
139666: DESALLE, ROB & LINDLEY, DAVID. - The Science of Jurassic Park and the Lost World, or, How to Build a Dinosaur.
140734: DESCHANEL, PAUL. - Gambetta.
135819: (ELLIS) DESLISLE, FRANCOISE. - Friendship’S Odyssey. In Love with Life.
139660: DESMOND, ADRIAN J. - The Hot-Blooded Dinosaurs. A Revolution in Palaeontology.
139398: (HUXLEY) DESMOND, ADRIAN. - Huxley: Evolution’S High Priest.
143934: VAN DETH, JAN W. & SCARBROUGH, ELINOR. - The Impact of Values.
123214: DETHLOFF, DIANA, ED. - Drawing: Masters and Methods. Raphael to Redon. Papers Presented to the Ian Woodner Master Drawings Symposium at the Royal Academy of Arts, London.
140330: DEURSEN, A.T. VAN. - Plain Lives in a Golden Age. Popular Culture, Religion and Society in Seventeenth-Century Holland. Translated by Maarten Ultee.
142842: DEVAMBEZ, PIERRE. - Great Sculpture of Ancient Greece. Translated by Halina Tunikowska.
98069: (CASTRO, DE AND SILVA). DEVER, AILEEN. - The Radical Insufficiency of Human Life. The Poetry of R. De Castro and J.A. Silva.
100920: DEVLIN-GLASS, FRANCES AND MCCREDDEN, LYN. (EDITOR). - Feminist Poetics of the Sacred. Creative Suspicions.
122344: DEVONSHIRE, MRS. R.L. - Rambles in Cairo.
123964: (TWAIN). DEVOTO, BERNARD. (EDITOR). - Letters from the Earth. With a Preface by Henry Nash Smith.
123971: (TWAIN). DEVOTO, BERNARD. - Mark Twain’S America. Illustrated by M.J. Gallagher.
123968: (TWAIN). DEVOTO, BERNARD. - Mark Twain’S America and Mark Twain at Work.
140218: DEVRIES, KELLY. - Joan of Arc. A Military Leader.
131401: DEWAR, COLONEL MICHAEL. - The British Army in Northern Ireland.
134876: DEWBERRY, DONNA. - Fast & Fun: Landscape Painting.
109094: (JAMES). DHONDY, FARRUKH. - C.L. R. James. A Life.
133085: DIAZ, JESUS. - The Initials of the Earth. Translated by Kathleen Ross. Foreword by Fredric Jameson. Ipilogue by Ambrosio Fornet.
93922: DIBDIN, THOMAS. - The Reminiscences of Thomas Dibdin.
134626: DICEY, ALBERT V. & RAIT, ROBERT S. - Thoughts on the Union between England & Scotland.
132753: DICK, OLIVER LAWSON (EDITOR). - Aubrey’S Brief Lives. Edited from the Original Manuscripts and with a Life of John Aubrey. Foreword by Edmund Wilson.
132345: DICKEY, JANES. - Helmets. Poems.
140046: DICKINS, GUY. - Hellenistic Scupture. With a Preface by Percy Gardner.
136657: DICKINSON, JANICE. - Check, Please! Dating, Mating, & Extricating.
137009: (BARING-GOULD) DICKINSON, BICKFORD H.C. - Sabine Baring-Gould. Squarson, Writer and Folklorist, 1834-1924.
139938: DICKS, D.R. - Early Greek Astronomy to Aristotle.
134644: DICKSON, NICHOLAS. - The Kirk & Its Worthies. Edited by D. Macleod Malloch.
136941: DICKSON, BRIAN J. - Steam Finale Scotland.
110268: DICKSON, JOHANNA SALEH. - Move. Sites of Trauma.
141251: DIECKERT, MAJOR & GROSSMAN, GENERAL. - Der Kampf Um Ostpreussen. Der Umfassende Dokumentarbericht Ueber Das Kriegsgeschehen in Ostpreussen.
129384: DIESBACH, GHISLAIN DE. - The Toys of Princes. Translated from the French by Richard Howard.
143424: DIETZ, MARY G. (EDITOR). - Thomas Hobbes and Political Theory.
136430: DIGAETANI, JOHN LOUIS. - An Invitiation to the Opera.
138070: DILKE, CHRISTOPHER. - Dr. Moberly’S Mint-Mark. A Study of Winchester College.
137480: DILLER, HANS-JURGEN. - The Middle English Mystery Play. A Study in Dramatic Speech and Form. Translated by Frances Wessels.
129815: DILLISTONE, F.W. - The Christian Understanding of Atonement.
121824: DILLON, PATRICK. - The Much-Lamented Death of Madam Geneva. The Eighteenth-Century Gin Craze.
143555: DILLON, PATRICK. - The Much-Lamented Death of Madam Geneva. The Eighteenth-Century Gin Craze.
139923: DILLON, MATTHEW. - The Ancient Greeks in Their Own Words.
142892: DILLON, MATTHEW & GARLAND, LYNDA. - Ancient Greece. Social and Historical Documents from Archaic Times to the Death of Socrates (C. 800-399 Bc).
141848: DIMBLEBY, KEN. - Turns of Fate. The Drama of Hms Cornwall.
143423: DIMITROFF, GEORGI. - The United Front. The Struggle Against Fascism and War.
141074: DIMITROV, GEORGI. - The Reichstag Fire Trial. The Second Brown Book of the Hitler Terror. Based on Material Collected by the World Committee for the Relief of the Victims of German Fascism, with an Introductory Chapter Specially Written for the Book. A Foreword by D.N. Pritt. An Appendix on Murder in Hitler-Germany Introduced by Lion Feuchtwanger.
136981: DIMSDALE, C.D. - Come out of Doors. A Guide for Nature Lovers.
136816: DINELEY, E.A. - Castle Orchard.
133183: DINESEN, ISAK. - Ehrengard.
132006: DINO, THE DUCHESSE DE. - Memoirs of the Duchesse de Dino (Afterwards Duchesse de Talleyrand Et de Sagan). First Series 1831-1835; Second Series 1836-40; Third Series 1841-50. Edited, with Notes and Biographical Index, by the Princesse Radziwill (Nee Castellane).
142840: DINSMOOR, WILLIAM B. - The Propylaia to the Athenian Akropolis. Volume I [Only]. The Predecessors.
135076: DIPPIE, BRIAN W. - Remington & Russell. Revised Edition.
138752: DIVALL, CAROLE. - Wellington’S Worst Scrape. The Burgos Campaign 1812.
133805: DIVALL, CAROLE. - Inside the Regiment. The Officers and Men of the 30th Regiment During the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars.
125868: DIVAN, SHYAM AND ROSENCRANZ, ARMIN. - Environmental Law and Policy in India. Cases, Materials and Statutes.
141250: DIVINE, A.D. - Dunkirk.
142774: NAVAL INTELLIGENCE DIVISION. - Corsica. November 1942.
126255: NAVAL HISTORY DIVISION. - CIVIL War Naval Chronology 1861-1865. Part VI [Only]. Special Studies and Cumulative Index.
139140: DIXON, S.M. & GROSE, H.J. (EDITORS). - Deterioration of Structures of Timber, Metal, and Concrete Exposed to Hte Action of Sea-Water. Fifteenth Report of the Committee of the Institution of CIVIL Engineers. Being a General Description of Hte Experimental Work Carried out by the Committee to Date.
131196: DIXON, R.M.W.; RANSON, W.S. & THOMAS, MANDY. - Australian Aboriginal Words in English. Their Origin and Meaning.
122321: DIXON-KENNEDY, MIKE. - Native American Myth & Legend. An a-Z of People and Places.
140670: DOBBS, CAPTAIN JOHN. - Recollections of an Old 52nd Man. (Late 52nd Light Infantry).
139848: DOBIE, FRANK J. - Tales of Old-Time Texas.
143197: DOBRACZYNSKI, JAN. - Meetings with the Madonna. Translated from the Polish by Piotr Goc.
138622: DOBSON, ALAN. - Aireborough Grammar School. A History 1910-1960.
137684: DOBSON, JULIA. - The Children of Charles I.
124365: DOBSON, AUSTIN. - De Libris: Prose & Verse.
139232: DOBY, T. - Discoverers of Blood Circulation. From Aristotle to the Times of Da Vinci and Harvey. Preface by John F. Fulton.
141885: DOCHERTY, TOM. - Swift to Battle: No. 72 Squadron Raf in Action. Volume I [Only]. 1937-1942.
136080: DODD, C.H. - The Authority of the Bible. A Contribution to the Philosophy of Revelation.
134578: DOE, NORMAN (EDITOR). - Essays in Canon Law. A Study of the Law of the Church in Wales.
141243: DOHERTY, RICHARD - Normandy 1944. The Road to Victory.
134239: DOHERTY, PAUL. - The Death of Alexander the Great. What - or Who - Really Killed the Young Conqueror of the Known World?
129675: DOHERTY, RICHARD. - Irish Men and Women in the Second World War.
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138667: GIBBON, A.M. - The Ancient Free Grammar School of Skipton in Craven. A Study in Local History. With Epilogue by M.L. Forster.

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