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165878: BROWNING, ROBERT. - Red Cotton Night-Cap Country, or Turf and Towers; the Inn Album.
159277: BROWNING, ROBERT. - Pippa Passes. A Drama.
159281: BROWNING, ROBERT. - The Pied Piper of Hamelin.
164878: BROWNLEE, FRANK. - Corporal Wanzi. Stories.
170435: BRUBAKER, ED AND FRACTION, MATT. - Fear Itself. Part One. By Ed Brubaker and Matt Fraction.
165236: (EDITORS) BRUCE-LOCKHART, JAMIE AND WRIGHT, JOHN. - Difficult and Dangerous Roads. Hugh Clapperton’S Travels in Sahara and Fezzan 1822 - 1825.
152700: BRUCE, J. GRAEME AND CURTIS, COLIN H. - The London Motor Bus. Its Origins and Development.
141194: BRUCE, COLIN JOHN. - War on the Ground.
166084: BRUCK, MOELLER VAN DEN. - Sozialismus Und Aussenpolitik. Herausgegeben Von Hans Schwarz.
166605: BRUENING, HEINRICH. - Memoiren 1918-1934.
166568: BRUENING, HEINRICH. - Briefe 1946-1960. Herausgegeben Von Claire Nix Unter Mitarbeit Von Reginald Phelps Und George Pettee.
165164: BRUHN, MIKE AND BOETTNER, HEIKE. - Die Jenaer Studenten Unter Nationalsozialistischer Herrschaft 1933-1945.
138922: BRULEY, SUE (EDITOR). - Working for Victory. A Diary of Life in a Second World War Factory.
156611: BRUN, VINCENZ. - Alcibiades: Beloved of Gods and Men.
169425: BRUNSKILL, R.W. - Brick Building in Britain.
169415: BRUNSKILL, R.W. - Vernacular Architecture of the Lake Counties. A Field Handbook.
156610: BRUNT, CAPTAIN SAMUEL. - A Voyage to Cacklogallinia. With a Description of the Religion, Policy, C Ustoms and Manners of That Country. Reproduced from the Original Edition, 1727, with an Introduction by Marjorie Nicolson.
167347: BRUNVAND, JAN HAROLD. - The Truth Never Stands in the Way of a Good Story. With a Chapter on the Heroic Hacker by Erik Brunvand.
158040: BRUS, WLODZIMIERZ. - Socialist Ownership and Political Systems. Translated by R.A. Clarke.
136678: BRYANT, BETTY. - Here Comes the Showboat!
162407: BRYANT, V. SEYMOUR (HEADMASTER). - St. Piran’S, Maidenhead. Preparatory School for the Public Schools and the Royal Navy.
163339: BRYANT, MARK (EDITOR). - Sins of the Fathers. An Anthology of Clerical Crime.
170589: BRYCE, JAMES. - South America. Observations and Impressions.
156609: BRYHER. - The Fourteenth of October.
137026: (ARNOLD) BRYSON, JOHN (EDITOR). - Matthew Arnold. Poetry and Prose.
166154: BUADIS, DIETER AND NUSSBAUM, HELGA. - Wirtschaft Und Staat in Deutschland Vom Ende Des 19. Jahrhunderts Bis 1918/19.
155165: BUCHAN, JOHN. - Poems: Scots and English.
143904: (SMITH) BUCHAN, JAMES. - Adam Smith and the Pursuit of Perfect Liberty.
137070: BUCHAN, WILLIAM. - The Rags of Time. A Fragment of Autobiography.
156608: BUCHAN, JAMES. - Davy Chadwick.
160967: BUCHAN, JOHN. - A History of the First World War.
158871: BUCHAN, J WALTER. - The Duke of Wellington.
137724: (SCHREINER) BUCHANAN-GOULD, VERA. - Not without Honour. The Life and Writings of Olive Schreiner. With an Introduction by Field Marshal, the Rt. Hon. J.C. Smuts.
156650: BUCHANAN, THOMPSON. - Making People Happy.
165155: BUCHHEIM, HANS. - Ss Und Polizei IM Ns-Staat.
157407: BUCHNER, ALEXANDER. - Colour Encyclopedia of Musical Instruments. Translated by Simon Pellar.
166486: BUCHTA, WILFRIED. - Who Rules Iran? the Structure of Power in the Islamic Republic.
149826: BUCK, REV. CHARLES. - Anecdotes, Religious, Moral, and Entertaining. Alphabetically Arranged, and Interspersed with a Variaety of Useful Observations. With a Preface, by Ashbel Green, D.D.
156651: BUCK, PEARL S. - The Promise.
164412: BUCK AND HICKMAN, LTD. - General Catalogue of Tools and Supplies for All Mechanical Trades. Head Offices, Warehouses and Works Department: 2-8 Whitechapel Road, London E.1.
143151: BUCK, REV. CHARLES. - Anecdotes, Religious, Moral, and Entertaining. Alphabetically Arranged, and Interspersed with a Variety of Useful Observations. With a Preface, by Ashbel Green.
162246: BUCKINGHAM, WILLIAM F. - Tobruk. The Great Siege 1941 - 2.
167826: BUCKLAND, FRANCIS T. - Curiosities of Natural History. First Series; Second Series; Third Series; Fourth Series.
157750: BUCKLAND, FRANCIS T. - Curiosities of Natural History. First Series; Second Series; Third Series; Fourth Series.
160777: BUCKLE, ELIZABETH. - The Cup of War.
136637: BUCKLE, RICHARD. - The Most Upsetting Woman. Autobiography 1.
136635: (DIAGHILEV) BUCKLE, RICHARD. - In the Wake of Diaghilev. Autobiography 2.
136636: (DIAGHILEV) BUCKLE, RICHARD. - Diaghilev.
137466: BUCKLEY, JEROME HAMILTON. - The Victorian Temper. A Study in Literary Culture.
169751: BUCKLEY, PRISCILLA L. AND WILLIAM F. JR. (EDS.) - W.F. B. -an Appreciation by His Family and Friends.
169749: BUCKLEY, WILLIAM F. JR. - Cruising Speed. A Documentary.
137591: BUCKLEY, JEROME HAMILTON. - The Victorian Temper. A Study in Literary Culture.
169905: (ED.) BUCKLEY, JR., WILLIAM F. - Did You Ever See a Dream Walking? American Conservative Thought in the Twentieth Century.
134883: BUCKLEY, SARAH (EDITOR). - Introduction to Watercolour.
156649: BUCKLEY, WILLIAM F. - Elvis in the Morning.
139068: BUCKTON, HENRY. - Artists and Authors at War. With a Foreword by David Shepherd.
157680: BUCKWORTH-HERNE-SOAME, EVELYN. - Cats: Long-Haired and Short. Their Breeding, Rearing and Showing.
163982: BUDDHIST SOCIETY, THE JOURNAL OF. - The Middle Way. Volume 71 No. 2. August 1996.
155499: BUDGE, E.A. WALLIS. - Egyptian Religion. Egyptian Ideas of the Future Life.
156647: BUDNITZ, JUDY. - If I Told Your Once.
166594: BUECHNER, GEORG. - Dantons Tod and Woyzeck. Edited with Introduction and Notes by Margaret Jacobs.
138256: BUELLESBACK, ALFRED & COWPER, MARCUS. - Battlescapes. A Photographic Testament to 2,000 Years of Conflict.
166032: BUELOW, BERNHARD, FUERST VON. - Denkwuerdigkeiten. Erster Band: Von Staatssekretariat Bis Zur Marokko-Krise; Zweiter Band: Von Der Marokko-Krise Bis Zum Abschied. Dritter Band: Weltkrieg Und Zusammenbruch. Vierter Band: Jugend- Und Diplomatenjahre. Herausgegeben Von Franz Von Stockhammern.
149862: (BOCCACIO) BUETTNER, BRIGITTE. - Boccaccio’S Des Cleres Et Noble Femmes. Systems of Signification in an Illuminated Manuscript.
167814: BUFFON, M. LE COMTE DE. - Histoire Naturelle Des Mineraux. Tome Premier. [Only].
167812: BUFFON, M. LE COMTE DE. - Histoire Naturelle, Generale Et Particuliere. Supplement, Tome Cinquieme [Only].
167708: BUFFON, [G.L. LECLERC], COUNT DE. - The Natural History of Birds. Volume III [Only]. From the French of... And a Preface, Notes, and Additions, by the Translator [W. Smellie].
156075: BUISSERET, DAVID. - Henry IV, King of France.
168476: BUKATMAN, SCOTT. - Terminal Identity. The Virtual Subject in Postmodern Science Fiction.
161762: BUKEY, EVAN BURR. - Hitler’S Hometown. Linz, Austria, 1908 - 1945.
158264: BULL, HEDLEY AND HOLBRAAD, CARSTEN (EDITORS). - Power Politics. Foreword by Jack Spence.
167126: BULLEN, KEITH AND CROMER, JOHN (EDITORS) - Salamander: A Miscellany of Poetry.
153317: BULLEN, VAL AND FINGERHUT, VIVIANE. - Vibrant Essence Cards. Harmonise. Energise. Transform.
161818: BULLETT, GERALD. - The Trouble at Number Seven.
156659: BULLETT, GERALD. - Marden Fee. A Novel.
156658: BULLETT, GERALD. - The Bending Sickle. A Novel.
164875: BULLETT, GERALD. - The Bending Sickle. A Novel.
169431: BULLIVANT, LUCY. - British Built. Uk Architecture’S Rising Generation.
166846: BULLOCH, JOHN AND MORRIS, HARVEY. - Saddam’S War. The Origins of the Kuwait Conflict and the International Response.
138073: BULLOCK, F.W.B. - The History of Ridley Hall, Cambridge. Volume I [Only]. To the End of A.D. 1907. With a Foreword by the Visitor of Ridley Hall the Right Rev. A.W. T. Perowne, D.D.
149047: BULLOCK, J.G. - Sailors’ Rebellion. A Century of Naval Mutinies.
159635: BULLOCK, CHARLES. - The Queen’S Resolve: “I Will Be Good” and Her “Doubly Royal” Reign. A Gift for “the Queen’S Year”.
158454: BULLOUGH, GEOFFREY. - Mirror of Minds. Changing Psychological Beliefs in English Poetry.
162231: BULOW, FURST VON. - Deutsche Politik.
142635: BULTEEL, CHRISTOPHER. - Something About a Soldier. The Wartime Memoirs.
143160: BULTMANN, RUDOLF. - The History of the Synoptic Tradition. Translated by John Marsh.
166505: BUNDESMINISTERIUM DER FINANZEN, BONN (EDITED BY). - Von Der Reichsschatzkammer Zum Bundesfinanzministerium. Geschichte, Leistungen Und Aufgaben Eines Zentralen Staatsorganes. Mit Einem Geleitwort Von Franz Josef Strauss, Budnesminister Der Finanzen.
165978: BUNDESREGIERUNG, DER. - Deutschland IM Wideraufbau. Ein Taetigkeitsbericht Der Bundesregierung.
166095: DEUTSCHER BUNDESTAG (EDITED BY). - Fragen an Die Deutsche Geschichte. Ideen, Kraefte, Entscheidungen Von 1800 Bis Zur Gegenwart. Historische Ausstellung IM Reichstabsgebaeude in Berlin.
170590: BUNGE, CO. - Nuestra America. Essayo de Spicologia Social.
153291: BUNKER, EDWARD. - Mr. Blue. Memoirs of a Renegade.
148387: (HUFTALEN) BUNKERS, SUZANNE L. - “All Will Yet Be Well. ” the Diary of Sarah Gillespie Huftalen, 1873-1952.
154352: BUNYAN, JOHN. - The Pilgrim’S Progress, from This World to That Which Is to Come, Delivered Under the Similiture of a Dream. Wherein Is Discoved the Manner of His Setting out, His Dangerous Journey, and Safe Arrival at the Desired Country. Edited by George Offor.
167973: BUNYAN, JOHN. - Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners, in a Faithful Account of the Life and Death of John Bunyan, of, a Brief Relation of the Exceeding Mercy of God in Christ to Him. Namely in His Taking Him out of the Dunghill, and Converting Him to the Faith of His Blessed Son Jesus Christ. Here Is Alo Particularly Shewed, What Sight of , and What Troubles He Had for Sin; and Also, What Various Temptation He Hath Met with, and How God Hath Carried Him Through Them. Thoroughly Revised by the Eighth Edition.
164874: BUNYAN, JOHN. - The Pilgrim’S Progress. From This World, to That Which Is to Come: Delivered Under the Similitude of a Dream Wherein Is Discovered, the Manner of His Setting out, His Dangerous Journey; and Safe Arrival at the Desired Countrey. With an Introduction by Charles Whibley. .
168012: BUNYAN, JOHN. - The Pilgrim’S Progress. And the Life and Times of John Bunyan. A Series of Lectures by the Rev. George B. Cheever, D.D. , New York.
165015: BURCH, R.M. - Colour Printing and Colour Printers. With a Chapter on Modern Processes by W. Gamble. Introduction by Ruari Mclean.
165062: BURCKHARDT, CARL J. - Meine Danziger Mission 1937-1939.
139062: BURGER, ADOLF. - The Devil’S Workshop. A Memoir of the Nazi Counterfeiting Operation.
156656: BURGESS, MICHAEL. - Mister. With an Introduction by Robert Allerton.
154393: (LAWRENCE) BURGESS, ANTHONY. - Flame Into Being. The Life and Work D.H. Lawrence.
166063: BURGKMAIR, HANS. - Turnier-Buch. Herausgegeben Von J.V. Hefner.
156646: BURKE, THOMAS. - The Flower of Life.
138572: BURKE, EMILY M. - The Hornsey County School. A Review of Its First Twenty-Five Years of Educational Work, 1904-1929.
169506: BURKHART, CHARLES. - Herman and Nancy and Ivy: Three Lives in Art.
161635: BURLEIGH, MICHAEL AND WIPPERMANN, WOLFGANG. - The Racial State. Germany 1933 - 1945.
158982: BURLEIGH, MICHAEL. - Earthly Powers. Religion & Politics in Europe from the French Revolution to the Great War.
161820: BURLEY, W.J. - Wycliffe and the Beales.
168618: BURLEY, W.J. - Wycliffe and the Beales.
159266: BURNABY, G.V. (EDITOR). - John Owes Me Sixpence (Uncle Geoffrey’S Diary).
140545: BURNE, LIEUT-COLONEL ALFRED BURNE. - The Noble Duke of York. The Military Life of Frederick, Duke of York and Albany.
158064: BURNELL, PETER; RANDALL, VICKY AND RAKNER, LISE (EDITORS). - Politics in the Developing World.
137865: (WILMOT) BURNET, GILBERT. - Some Passages in the Life and Death of John Earl of Rochester. With a Sermon Preached at the Funeral of the Said Earl, by the Rev. Robert Parsons, A.M. To Which Are Prefixed Two Criticisms on the Writings of the Earl of Rochester, by the Honourable Horace Walpole, and Dr. Samuel Johnson.
157474: BURNET, BISHOP. - Bishop Burnet’S History of His Own Time. From the Restoration of King Charles II to the Conclusion of the Treaty of Peace at Utrecht in the Reign of Queen Anne, to Which Is Prefixed, a Summary Recapitulation of Affairs in Church and State, from King James I to the Restoration in the Year 1660. Together with the Author’S Life, by the Editor and Some Explanatory Notes. The Whole Revised and Corrected by Him. In Four Volumes. Volume III.
157475: BURNET, BISHOP. - Bishop Burnet’S History of His Own Time. From the Restoration of King Charles II to the Conclusion of the Treaty of Peace at Utrecht, in the Reign of Queen Anne. To Which Is Prefixed, a Summary Recapitulation of Affairs in Church and State, from King James I to the Restoration in the Year 1660. Together with the Author’S Life, by the Editor and Some Explanatory Notes. The Whole Revised and Corrected by Him. In Four Volumes. Volume II.
168155: BURNETT, FRANK. - Summer Isles of Eden.
164045: BURNETT, R.G. - Through the MILL. The Life of Joseph Rank.
163685: BURNETT, FRANCES HODGSON. - Little Lord Fauntleroy.
159241: BURNEY, F.H. (EDITOR). - The Musical Bijou. An Album of Music and Poetry for 1833.
164087: BURNS, PETER M. - An Introduction to Tourism and Antrhopology.
155284: BURNS, ROBERT. - The Poems and Songs.
170289: (GREEN) BURNS, SEAN. - Archie Green. The Making of a Working-Class Hero.
155279: BURNS, ROBERT. - Poems, Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect.
155315: BURNS, JIM. - A Single Flower.
155316: BURNS, JIM. - A Single Flower.
154809: (THOMAS) BURNS, RICHARD. - Ceri Richards and Dylan Thomas: Keys to Transformation. A Monograph.
157167: BURNSHAW, STANLEY. - The Seamless Web. Language-Thinking: Creature-Knowledge: Art-Experience.
161800: BURNSIDE, JOHN. - A Summer of Drowning.
157615: BURR, CHANDLER. - A Separate Creation. How Biology Makes Us Gay.
170753: BURRA, PETER (EDITOR). - Farrago. Number Three.
168039: BURRAGE, E. HARCOURT. - The Slave Raiders of Zanzibar.
167678: BURRAGE, E. HARCOURT. - The Twin Castaways.
162245: BURRIN, PHILIPPE. - Living with Defeat. France Under the German Occupation 1940 - 1944.
149609: BURROUGH, E.J.R. - Unity in Diversity. The Short Life of the United Oxford Hospitals.
170886: (AUSTEN) BURROWS, J.F. - Jane Austen’S Emma.
142958: BURROWS, RONALD M. - The Discoveries in Crete and Their Bearing on the History of Ancient Civilisation. With Addenda on the Seasons’S Work of 1907.
149828: BURRUS, VIRGINIA (EDITOR). - Late Ancient Christianity.
139616: BURSELL, E. - An Introduction to Insect Physiology.
152208: BURTCH, MERVYN. - Tair O Alawon Gwerin/Three Welsh Folk Songs.
154043: BURTON, CAPTAIN R.F., BEADLE, B.A. AND BEKE, DR. C.T. - The Lands of Cazembe. Lacerda’S Journey to Cazembe in 1798, with Journey of the Pombeiros: P.J. Baptista and Amaro Jose, Across Africa from Angola to Tette on the Zambeze, and Resume of the Journey of MM. Monteiro and Gamitto.
157564: BURTON, ROBERT. - The Language of Smell.
139477: BURTT, EDWIN ARTHUR. - The Metaphysical Foundations of Modern Physical Science. A Historical and Critical Essays.
168961: BUSBY, ROGER. - The Frighteners.
138720: BUSBY, A.E. - History of Bradford Grammar School.
168770: BUSBY, ROGER. - Deadlock.
156775: BUSBY, KEITH AND DALRYMPLE, ROGER (EDITORS). - Arthurian Literature XXII [Only].
162220: (BAEYER) BUSCHMANN, ERNST (EDITOR). - Aus Leben Und Werk Von Johann Jacob Baeyer.
170560: BUSH, DOUGLAS. - The Early Seventeenth Century 1600-1660.
168134: BUSH, GWA. - Decently and in Order. The Centennial History of the Auckland City Council.
170540: BUSH, DOUGLAS. - English Literature in the Earlier Seventeenth Century 1600-1660.
138019: BUSHELL, W.F. - School Memories.
153346: BUSHNELL, HORACE. - Work and Play.
158818: BUSI, ALDO. - Sodomies in Elevenpoint. Translated by Stuart Hood.
154709: BUSK, DOUGLAS. - The Delectable Mountains.
163524: BUSSAGLI, MARIO. - Central Asian Painting.
135905: BUSSELL, F.W. - Religious Thought and Heresy in the Middle Ages.
135903: BUSSELL, F.W. - Christian Theology and Social Progress. The Bampton Lectures for 1905.
166131: BUSZKO, JOZEF (FOREWORD BY). - Auschwitz. Geschichte Und Wirklichkeit Des Vernichtungslagers.
138025: BUTCHER, J.S. - Greyfriars School: A Prospectus. Together with Some Notes and Comments on the Teaching Staff, Scholars and Domestic Staff, an on the Environs, History and Sporting Achievements of the School, Compiled from the Records of the Late Frank Richards.
145231: BUTLER, SAMUEL. - A Sketch of Modern and Antient Geography, for the Use of Schools.
168617: BUTLER, GWENDOLINE. - A Coffin for Pandora.
161816: BUTLER, GWENDOLINE. - Cracking Open a Coffin.
144460: BUTLER, IVAN. - The War Film.
138727: BUTLER, J.R.M. (EDITOR). - Fan Court School 1932-1968.
156406: BUTLER, CHRISTOPHER. - Interpretation, Deconstruction, and Ideology. An Introduction to Some Current Issues in Literary Theory.
138829: BUTLER, DANIEL ALLEN. - The Burden of Guilt. How Germany Shattered the Last Days of Peace, August 1914.
156644: BUTLER, SAMUEL. - Erewhon Revisited: Twenty Years Later. Both by the Original Discoverer of the Country and by His Son.
164900: BUTLER, SAMUEL. - The Way of All Flesh. A Novel.
153508: (DANTE) BUTLER, ARTHUR JOHN.. - Dante: His Times and His Work.
164492: BUTLER, WILLIAM VIVIAN. - Clampdown.
165880: BUTLER, SAMUEL. - The Poetical Works. Volume I [and] II [Only]: Containing His Hudibras. In Three Parts. Written in the Time of the Late Wars. From the Text of Zach. Grey, LL. D.
143167: BUTLER, JOHN. - The Quest for Becket’S Bones. The Mystery of the Relics of St. Thomas Becket of Canterbury.
170552: BUTT, JOHN. - The Age of Johnson 1740-1789. Edited and Compiled by Geoffrey Carnall.
170092: BUTTERFIELD, RON. - Woodcarving: A Complete Course.
168927: BUTTERWORTH, MICHAEL. - Vanishing Act.
142592: BUTTERWORTH, HUGH MONTAGU. - Blood and Iron. Letters from the Western Front. Edited and with an Introduction by Jon Cooksey.
170037: BUTZ, RICHARD. - How to Carve Wood. A Book of Projects and Techniques.
170062: BUTZ, RICK AND BUTZ, ELLEN. - Woodcarving Step by Step: American Eagles. With Rich Butz.
139192: BUXTON, ANTHONY. - Travelling Naturalist.
157203: BUXTON, JOHN. - A Tradition of Poetry.
157744: BUXTON, ANTHONY. - Travelling Naturalist.
167920: BUZELIN, JEAN MARIE (EDITOR). - Implanted and Injected Materials in Urology.
168494: BYATT, A.S. AND SODRE, IGNES. - Imagining Characters. Six Conversations About Women Writers. Edited by Rebecca Swift.
150559: BYGATE, MARTIN & KRAMSCH, CLAIRE (EDITORS). - Applied Linguistics. Volume 22. Number 3 [Only]. September 2001.
150561: BYGATE, MARTIN & KRAMSCH, CLAIRE (EDITORS). - Applied Linguistics. Volume 24. Number 1 [Only]. March 2003.
150558: BYGATE, MARTIN & KRAMSCH, CLAIRE (EDITORS). - Applied Linguistics. Volume 23. Number 3 [Only]. September 2002.
150563: BYGATE, MARTIN & KASPER, GABRIELE (EDITORS). - Applied Linguistics. Volume 24. Number 3 [Only]. September 2003.
150562: BYGATE, MARTIN & KRAMSCH, CLAIRE (EDITORS). - Applied Linguistics. Volume 22. Number 1 [Only]. March 2001.
153487: (COLERIDGE) BYGRAVE, STEPHEN. - Coleridge and the Self. Romantic Egotism.
149756: BYRNE, JOHN. - Next Men: Faith Book 4.
156643: BYRNE, DONN. - Messer Marco Polo.
156642: BYRNE, DONN. - The Power of the Dog.
137335: (LAWRENCE) BYRNE, JANET. - A Genius for Living. The Life of Frieda Lawrence.
169695: BYRNES, INSPECTOR THOMAS. - Rogues’ Gallery. 247 Professional Criminals of 19th Century America.
160322: CABANNES, LAURENT. - Si Ce N’Etait Qu’Un Jeu. Entriens Avec Roger Bastide.
164899: CABLE, BOYD. - Air Men O’War.
169587: CABLE, VINCE. - The Storm. The World Economic Crisis and What It Means.
169473: CABRERO, GABRIEL RUIZ. - The Modern in Spain: Architecture After 1948.
154634: (RICHARDS) CADOGAN, MARY. - Frank Richards. The Chap Behind the Chums.
154347: CAFFREY, KATE. - The Lion & the Union. The Anglo-American War 1812 - 1815.
161860: CAIN, JAMES M. - Serenade.
168506: CAINE, O.V. - The Coming of Navarre. An English Boy’S Adventures in the Days of Guise and Henry of Navarre.
170434: CAIRD, JAMES. - English Agriculture in 1850-51.
155344: CAIRNCROSS, ALEC. - Snatches.
152815: CAKMAK, A.S. (EDITOR). - Ground Motion and Engineering Seismology.
170859: CALA, ANDRES AND ECONOMIDES, MICHAEL J. - America’S Blind Spot. Chavez, Oil, and Us Security.
159169: CALDECOTT, R. - R. Caldecott;’S Collection of Pictures and Songs. Containing the Diverting Histroy of John Gilpin, the House That Jack Built, an Elegy on the Death of a Mad Dog, the Babes in the Wood, the Three Jovial Huntsmen, Sing a Song of Sixpence, the Queen of Hearts, the Farmer’S Boy.
152668: CALDER, KENT E. - Crisis and Compensation. Public Policy and Political Stability in Japan 1949 - 1986.
170752: CALDER-MARSHALL, ARTHUR AND BERLIN, ISAIAH (EDITORS). - The Oxford Outlook. Volume X, No. 52.
168650: CALDWELL, IAN AND THOMASON, DUSTIN. - The Rule of Four.
161751: CALEY, ROD. - Killer Marshal.
151620: CALLAWAY, H.G. - Alexander James Dallas. An Exposition of the Causes and Character of the War.
154420: (LAWRENCE) CALLOW, PHILIP. - Son and Lover. The Young Lawrence.
153564: CALMANN, MARIANNE. - The Carriere of Carpentral.
147192: CAMBITOGLOU, ALEXANDER. - Archaeological Museum of Andros. Guide to the Finds from the Excavations of the Geometric Town at Zagora. Donation of Basil and Elise Goulandris.
155358: CAMERON, NORMAN. - Collected Poems and Selected Translations. Edited by Warren Hope and Jonathan Barker.
167235: CAMERON, NIGEL. - Barbarians and Mandarins. Thirteen Centuries of Western Travelers in China.
164898: CAMERON, IAN. - The Young Eagles. A Novel.
134854: CAMERON, NEIL. - Graven Images. Frame Monographs of Contemporary Interior Architects.
169997: CAMERON, CHRISTINA AND TRUDEL, JEAN. - The Drawings of James Cockburn. A Visit Through Quebec’S Past.
141959: CAMERON, IAN. - Wings of the Morning. The Story of the Fleet Air Arm in the Second World War.
168631: CAMILLERI, ANDREA. - The Paper Moon. Translated by Stepen Sartarelli.
143425: CAMILLERI, JOSEPH A. & FALK, JIM. - The End of Sovereignty? the Politics of a Shrinking and Fragmenting World.
144101: CAMMACK, PAUL. - Captialism and Democracy in the Third World. The Doctrine for Political Development.
158131: CAMPAN, JEANNE LOUISE HENRIETTE. - The Private Life of Marie Antoinette.
141459: CAMPBELL, MALCOLM. - The Encyclopedia of Golf.
156638: CAMPBELL, CAPTAIN R.W. - Spud Tamson out West.
149197: CAMPBELL, R. THOMAS. - Southern Thunder. Exploits of the Confederate States Navy.
137983: CAMPBELL, DAVID & DURDEN, MARK. - Variable Capital.
165001: CAMPBELL, KATE (EDITOR). - Journalism, Literature and Modernity: From Hazlitt to Modernism.
170302: CAMPBELL, JOHN L. (EDITIOR). - Songs Remembered in Exile. Traditional Gaelic Songs from Nova Scotia Recorded in Cape Breton and Antigonish County in 1937 with an Account of the Causes of Hebridean Emigration, 1790-1835. Tunes Mostly Transcribed by Seamus Ennis.
152936: CAMPBELL, GORDON. - Macmillian Anthologies of English Literature. Volume 2: The Renaissance.
170563: CAMPBELL, HOWARD. - Drug War Zone. Frontline Dispatches from the Streets of El Paso and Juarez.
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