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161703: WINSLOWE, JOHN. - Sundown.
162323: WINSTANLEY, D.A. - Early Victorian Cambridge.
162330: WINSTANLEY, D.A. - Unreformed Cambridge.
162285: WINSTANLEY, D.A. - Unreformed Cambridge. A Study of Certain Aspects of the University in the Eighteenth Century.
162326: WINSTANLEY, D.A. - The University of Cambridge in the Eighteenth Century.
157184: WINSTANLEY, WILLIAM. - The Lives of the Most Famous English Poets (1687). With an Introduction by William Riley Parker.
162327: WINSTANLEY, D.A. - Later Victorian Cambridge.
154469: (MANN) WINSTON, RICHARD. - Thomas Mann: The Making of an Artist 1875-1911. With an Afterword by Clara Winston.
169621: WINSTONE, REECE. - Bristol Fashion. The Photographs Taken by, and Book Written, Designed and Published by... Preface by John Betjeman.
168439: WINTER, JOHN STRANGE. - That Little French Baby. And Other Stories by L.T. Meade and L.L. Weedon.
161702: WINTER, J. KEITH. - Other Man’S Saucer.
167056: WINTER, WILLIAM. - Poems.
138442: WINTERBOTTOM, DEREK. - Clifton After Percival. A Public School in the Twentieth Century.
168137: WINTON, TIM. - The Boy Behind the Curtain. Notes from an Australian Life.
169488: WINZELER, ROBERT L. - The Architecture of Life and Death in Borneo.
136923: WIRGHT, STEPHEN. - The Amalgamation Polka.
142321: WIRGHT, STUART J. - An Emotional Gauntlet. From Life in Peacetime America to the War in European Skies.
141619: WISE, DAVID & ROSS, THOMAS. - The Espionage Establishment.
157324: WISE, A.R.J. AND SMITH, REGINALD A. (EDITORS). - Voices on the Green.
95580: (SHELLEY). WISE, THOMAS. - Hellas; a Lyrical Drama by Percy Bysshe Shelley. With the Author’S Prologue and Notes by Mary W. Shelly.
169448: WISEMAN, CARTER. - Shaping a Nation. Twentieth-Century American Architecture and Its Makers.
134846: WISEMAN, CARTER. - Shaping a Nation. Twentieth Century American Architecture and Its Makers.
158922: WISEMAN, E.M. (EDITOR). - Kikuyu Martyrs. Stories Collected by...
161696: WISHING, STUART. - Young Pickles.
126131: WISHY, BERNARD. - The Child and the Republic. The Dawn of Modern American Child Nurture.
141508: WISKEMANN, ELIZABETH. - Undeclared War.
137854: (WEST) WISKER, ALISTAIR. - The Writing of Nathanael West.
161787: WISLER, G. CLIFTON. - Antelope Springs.
134783: WISNIEWSKA, KARINA. - Bewegte Stille/Silent Dynamism.
157889: WISNIEWSKI, TOMASZ. - Boznice Bialostocczyzny. Heartland of the Jewish Life Synagogues and Jewish Communities in Bialystok Region. Rys. Jaroslaw Wojtach.
154899: (WILLIAMS) WITEMEYER, HUGH (EDITOR). - William Carlos Williams and James Laughlin: Selected Letters.
162144: WITESCHNIK, ALEXANDER. - Musik Aus Wien. Die Geschichte Einer Weltbezauberung.
165073: WITETSCHEK, HELMUT (EDITOR). - Die Kirchliche Lage in Bayern Nach Den Regierungspraesidentenberichten 1933-1943. I [Only]: Regierungsbezirk Oberbayern.
129298: WITHERBY, DIANA. - Collected Poems.
161770: WITTE, PETER AND TYAS, STEPHEN. - Himmler’S Diary 1945. A Calendar of Events Leading to Suicide.
157043: DE WITTE, YSABEL. - The Wolf Cub.
152930: WITTIG, KURT. - The Scottish Tradition in Literature.
138074: WITTING, CLIFFORD (EDITOR). - The Glory of Sons. A History of Eltham College School for the Sons of Missionaries.
132944: (BENJAMIN) WIZISLA, ERDMUT. - Walter Benjamin and Bertold Brecht - the Story of a Friendship. Translated by Christine Shuttleworth.
158009: WIZNITZER, ARNOLD. - The Minute Book of Congregations: Zur Israel of Recife and Magen Abraham of Mauricia, Brazil. Reprinted from Publication of the American Jewish Historical Society, Vol. XLII, No. 3 (March, 1953).
141573: WODDIS, JACK. - Armies and Politics.
167059: WODEHOUSE, P.G. - The Parrot and Other Poems. Introduction by Auberon Waugh.
167055: WOJTYLA, KAROL. - Easter Vigil and Other Poems. Translated by Jerzy Peterkiewicz.
166514: WOLF, CHRISTA. - Nachdenken Ueber Christa T.
137190: (GILBRAN) WOLF, MARTIN L. (EDITOR). - A Treasury of Kahlil Gibran. Translated from the Arabic by Anthony Rizcallah Ferris.
166491: WOLF, G. (EDITOR). - Publikationen Zue Wissenschaftlichen Filmen. Sektion D [Only]: Geschichte; Paedogik; Publizistik.
137884: WOLFE, TOM. - Hooking Up.
137625: WOLFE, TOM (EDITOR). - Tom Wolfe: The Purple Decades. A Reader.
154985: WOLFE, HUMBERT. - Signpost to Poetry. An Introduction to the Study of Verse.
161699: WOLFE, THOMAS. - The Web and the Rock.
159034: WOLFE, HUMBERT. - Stings and Wings.
160736: WOLFF, LEON. - In Flanders Field. The 1917 Campaign.
123930: (WHARTON). WOLFF, CYNTHIA GRIFFIN. - A Feast of Words. The Triumph of Edith Wharton.
140564: (OUVRARD) WOLFF, OTTO. - Ouvrard: Speculator of Genius, 1770-1846. Translated by Stewart Thomson. With an Introduction and Notes by T.A. B. Corley.
141798: WOLFF, GEOFFREY. - The Hard Way Around. The Passages of Joshua Slocum.
158518: WOLFF, HENRY DRUMMOND. - The Island Empire: Or the Scenes of the First Exile of the Emperor Napoleon I. Together with a Narrative of His Residence on the Island of Elba, Taken from Local Information, the Papers of the British Resident, and Other Authentic Sources.
151083: WOLFFE, JOHN (EDITOR). - Global Religious Movements in Regional Context. Religion Today: Tradition, Modernity and Change.
134142: KUNSTMUSEUM WOLFSBURG. - Interieur Exterieur: Living in Art. From Romantic Interior Painting to the Home Design of the Future.
136486: WOLFSON, JOHN. - Final Curtain: The Last Gilbert and Sullivan Operas. Including the Umpublished Rehearsal Librettos and Twenty Unpublished Gilbert Lyrics.
167301: (HEIDEGGER) WOLIN, RICHARD (EDITOR). - The Heidegger Controversy: A Critical Reader.
164015: WOLLASTON, NICHOLAS. - My Father, Sandy.
151205: WOLLEY-DOD, LIEUT.-COLONEL (EDITOR). - Flora of Sussex.
128934: WOLLMAN, MAURICE. (COMPILER). - Poems of the War Years. An Anthology.
163226: WOLMAR, CHRISTIAN. - Engines of War. How Wars Were Won & Lost on the Railways.
140584: WOLOCH, ISSER. - Napoleon and His Collaborators. The Making of a Dictatorship.
164358: WOLPERT, LEWIS. - The Triumph of the Embryo.
162996: WOOD, ALAN T. - Limits to Autocracy. From Sung Neo-Confucianism to a Doctrine of Political Rights.
137957: WOOD, DOROTHY. - Quick & Clever Beading.
138186: WOOD, EDWARD G.W. (EDITOR). - Picture Log of the Jubilee Jamboree Indaba Moot, Sutton Park, England, 1957.
169426: WOOD, MARGARET. - The English Mediaeval House.
138588: WOOD, ETHEL M. - A History of the Polytechnic.
146452: WOOD, RAY. - Y Mynydd Hwn. Deg O Ysgrifau Am Fynyddoedd Cymru.
149177: WOOD, W. BIRKBERCK & EDMONDS, BRIGADIER-GENERAL SIR JAMES E. - The CIVIL War in the United States. With Special Reference to the Campaigns of 1864 and 1865.
163315: WOOD, TED. - Dead Centre. Featuring Reid Bennett and Sam.
132922: (BROWNING) WOOD, SARAH. - Robert Browning: A Literary Life.
161697: WOOD, MRS. HENRY. - Danesbury House.
161695: WOOD, MRS. HENRY. - Danesbury House.
163255: WOOD, TED. - Dead in the Water.
157306: WOODBERRY, GEORGE E. (INTRODUCTION BY). - One Hundred Books Famous in English Literature. With Facsimiles of the Title-Pages.
126823: (GODWIN). WOODCOCK, GEORGE. - William Godwin. A Biographical Study.
141480: WOODFORD, KEVIN. - Planet Cook Cookbook. Recipes.
167946: WOODFORDE, JOHN. - Farm Buildings in England and Wales. Sixty-Eight Types of Farm Structure Specially Drawn by John Penoyre.
144226: WOODHEAD, LESLIE. - A Box Full of Spirits. Adventures of a Film-Maker in Africa.
162911: WOODHEAD, DAVID L. - Of Fripp and Froth Blowers.
167035: WOODHOUSE, C.A. - Nigerian Verses and Other Poems.
153405: (CATHER) WOODRESS, JAMES. - Willa Cather: A Literary Life.
148657: WOODRING, W.P. - Geology of Barro Colorado Island, Canal Zone.
113422: WOODRING, CARL (EDITOR). - The Columbia History of British Poetry.
167094: WOODS, GREGORY. - Articulate Flesh. Male Homo-Eroticism and Modern Poetry.
168957: WOODS, SARAH. - The Knavish Crows.
168582: WOODS, SARA. - The Law’S Delay.
157737: WOODS, ROBERT S. (EDITOR). - The Naturalist’S Lexicon [Together with] Addenda to the Naturalist’S Lexicon. A List of Classical Greek and Latin Words Used or Suitable for Use in Biological Nomenclature. With Abridged English-Classical Supplement.
159355: WOODS, JOANNA. - The Commissioner’S Daughter. The Story of Elizabeth Proby & Admiral Chichagov.
138100: WOODWARD, FRANCES J. - The Doctor’S Disciples. A Study of Four Pupils of Arnold of Rugby. Stanley, Gell, Clough, William Arnold.
161694: WOODWARD, BRONTE. - Meet Me at the Melba. A Novel.
157397: WOODWARD, GEORGE RATCLIFFE. - The Cowley Carol Book. First Series. For Christmas, Easter, and Ascensiontide. Compiled and Arranged.
169044: WOODWORTH, STEVEN E. - Six Armies in Tennessee. The Chickamauga and Chattanooga Campaigns.
154025: (HAZLITT) WOOLF, ROBERT (EDITOR). - The Spirit of the Age, and ‘My First Acquaintance with Poets. ’ Edited and Introduced.
135696: WOOLF, LEONARD. - Principia Politica. A Study of Communal Psychology.
161693: WOOLF, DOUGLAS. - Fade out. A Novel.
142534: WOOLF, VIRGINIA & BELL, QUENTIN. - The Charleston Bulletin Supplements.
158434: WOOLF, LEONARD. - Principia Politica. A Study of Communal Psychology.
158976: WOOLF, STUART. - The Poor in Western Europe in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries.
148293: WOOLFF, CHARLOTTE. - Hindsight.
137962: WOOLMAN, MARK. - Type in Motion 2.
136359: WOOLTORTON, F.L.D. - The Scientific Basis of Road Design.
162321: WORDSWORTH, ELIZABETH. - Glimpses of the Past.
155121: WORDSWORTH, ELIZABETH. - Glimpses of the Past.
167047: WORDSWORTH, WILLIAM. - The Poems. With Introductions and Notes. Edited by Thomas Hutchinson.
155135: WORDSWORTH, DOROTHY. - Recollections of a Tour Made in Scotland, A.D. 1803. Edited by J.C. Sharp.
143346: WORDSWORTH, CHRISTOPHER. - Diary in France, Mainly on Topics Conderning Education and the Church.
131123: WORMELL, CHRIS. - Henry and the Fox.
158461: WORPOLE, KEN. - Here Comes the Sun. Architecture and Public Space in Twentieth-Century European Culture.
168156: WORSLEY, PETER. - The Trumpet Shall Sound. A Study of ‘Cargo Cults’ in Melanesia.
124669: (KIPLING). WORSTER, W. - Merlin’S Isle. A Study of Rudyard Kipling’S England.
138987: WORT, STANLEY. - Prisoner of the Rising Sun.
167845: WORTH, CLAUD. - Squint: Its Causes, Pathology, and Treatment.
124702: (LAWRENCE). WORTHEN, JOHN. - D.H. Lawrence: The Early Years, 1885-1912.
169034: WORTMAN, MILES. - The Road to Help. The Revolution in Charity, Philanthropy and International Development.
129196: WOTTON, MABEL E. - The Little Browns.
141782: WRAGG, DAVID. - Fighting Admirals of the Second World War.
136126: WRAGG, ARTHUR (ILLUSTRATOR). - Thy Kingdom Come, a Prayer in Black and White for Ourselves and the World to-Day. With an Introduction by the Artist.
142118: WRAGG, DAVID. - World Air Power Guide.
142320: WRAGG, DAVID. - Bombers: From the First World War to Kosovo.
159257: WRAGG, ARTHUR. - ‘Jesus Wept. ’ a Commentary in Black-and-White on Ourselves and the World to-Day. With an Introduction by Vernon Bartlett.
157934: (EDITOR) WRANGHAM, CE. - Journey to the Lake District from Cambridge 1779. A Diary Written by William Wilberforce, Undergraduate of St. John’S College, Cambridge.
154994: WRAXALL, SIR N. WILLIAM. - Historical Memoirs of My Own Time. Part the First, from 1772 to 1784 Part the Second, from 1781 to 1784.
167434: WRAY, J. JACKSON. - Simon Holmes, the Carpenter of Aspendale.
168023: WRAY, J. JACKSON. - Jonas Haggerley.
167472: WRAY, J. JACKSON. - “a Man Every Inch of Him;” or, the Story of Frank Fullerton’S School Days.
163195: WREN, PERCIVAL CHRISTOPHER. - The Disappearance of General Jason.
163194: WREN, PERCIVAL CHRISTOPHER. - Rough Shooting. True Tales and Strange Stories.
163193: WREN, PERCIVAL CHRISTOPHER. - Father Gregory.
163192: WREN, PERCIVAL CHRISTOPHER. - Beau Sabreur.
163190: WREN, PERCIVAL CHRISTOPHER. - Action and Passion.
163191: WREN, PERCIVAL CHRISTOPHER. - The Mammon of Righteousness. The Story of Coxe and the Box.
163189: WREN, PERCIVAL CHRISTOPHER. - Port O’ Missing Men. Strange Tales of the Stranger Regiment.
163188: WREN, PERCIVAL CHRISTOPHER. - Bubble Reputation.
163187: WREN, PERCIVAL CHRISTOPHER. - Beggars’ Horses.
163185: WREN, PERCIVAL CHRISTOPHER. - Paper Prison.
163186: WREN, PERCIVAL CHRISTOPHER. - Sinbad the Soldier.
128861: WRIGHT, DAVID. - Moral Stories.
129147: WRIGHT, THOMAS. - The Great Unwashed. By the Journeyman Engineer.
109372: WRIGHT JR, J. W AND ROWSON, EVERETT. K. - Homoeroticism in Classical Arabic Literature.
138527: WRIGHT, SIMON. - Waterfield’S School. A Preparatory School in Its Victorian Heyday.
167050: WRIGHT, DAVID. - Adam at Evening.
138049: WRIGHT, SIMON. - Waterfield’S School. A Preparatory School in Its Victorian Heyday.
167049: WRIGHT, DAVID. - Monologue of a Deaf Man.
168941: (EDITOR) WRIGHT, ESMOND. - Benjamin Franklin.
133638: WRIGHT, DERRICK. - To the Far Side of Hell. The Battle for Peleliu, 1944.
167113: WRIGHT, S. FOWLER. - Poets of Merseyside. An Anthology of Present-Day Liverpool Poetry.
155389: WRIGHT, C.E. - English Vernacular Hands. From the Twelfth to the Fifteenth Centuries.
169493: WRIGHT, LAWRENCE. - Clean and Decent. The Fascinating History of the Bathroom and the Water Closet, and of Sundrey Habits, Fashions and Accessories of the Toilet, Principally in Great Britain, France and America.
167121: WRIGHT, JAMES; DUFFY, WILLIAM; AND BLY, ROBERT. - The Lion’S Tail and Eyes. Poems Written out of Laziness and Silence.
164404: WRIGHT, LAWRENCE. - Clean and Decent. The Fascinating History of the Bathroom and the Water Closet. , and of Sundry Habits, Fashings and Accessories of the Toilet, Principally in Great Britain, France and America.
162126: (POUSSIN) WRIGHT, CHRISTOPHER. - Poussin. Gemalde: Ein Kritishces Wersverzeichnis.
164133: WRIGHT, PAUL. - The Christian’S New and Complete British Family Bible. Volume I [Only]: Being, a New, Clear, Full, and Universal Exposition and Commentary on the Holy Scriptures. Containing the Whole of the Sacred Texts of the Old and New Testaments, with the Apochrypha at Large; Illustrated with the Most Valuable Notes and Annotations, Theological, Critical, Moral, Historica, Practical, Chronological and Explanatory. Wherein All the Difficult and Obscure Passages Are Clearly Explained, the Seeming Contradicitons Reconciled; the Mis-Translations Corrected; Former Errors Rectified; the Objections of Deists and Infidels Answered; the Prophecies and Parables Faithfully Elucidated; Sublime Passages Pointed out; and the Whole of Divine Revelation (Upon Which All Our Hopes of Eternal Happiness Depend) Displated in Its Original Purity, and Rendered Easy, Pleasant and Profitable to Every Capacity, Both with Respect to Faith and Practice. With Practical Reflections and Useful Admonition at the End of the Chapters, Calculated to Enlighten the Understanding, Purify the Heart, and Promote the Case of Virtue and Piety; and Thereby Establish the Happiness and Peace of Christian Families in This World, and Secure Their Eternal Salvation in the Next. To Which Are Added, a Connection of the Old and New Testaments; the Lives of the Inspired Writers, and Many Other Articles Relation to Jewish and Christian Antiquities, and Other Important Subjects, Not to Be Found in Any Former Commentators. This Work (Being the Result of More Than Forty Years Study and Experience,) Is Executed in a Manner Far Superior to Other Publications of the Kind, and Alone Forms an Universal Library of Christian Knowledge, Ancien and Mod[Ern].
150402: WRIGHT, THOMAS. - History and Antiquities of the Town of Ludlow. With the Lives of the Presidents, and Descriptive and Historical Accounts of Gentlemen’S Seats, Villages, &C.
162927: WRIGHT, PATRICK. - The Village That Died for England. The Strange Story of Tyneham.
160847: WRIGHT, CAPTAIN PETER E. - At the Supreme War Council.
152794: (EDITOR) WRIGHT, MARY CLABAUGH. - China in Revolution. The First Phase, 1900 - 1913.
168985: WRIGHT, FRANCES. - Views of Society and Manners in America.
163214: WRINGE, C.A. - Children’S Rights. A Philosophical Study.
162953: WROBLEWSKI, W. - The Art Alphabet.
123227: WRONG, GEORGE M. - A Canadian Manor and Its Seigneurs. The Story of a Hundred Years, 1761-1861.
137877: WROTH, LAWRENCE C. - The Oath of a Free-Man. With Historical Study by Lawrence C. Wroth and a Note on the Stephen Daye Press by Melbert B. Cary, Jr.
167138: WU, DUNCAN (EDITOR). - Romanticism: An Anthology.
166501: WULF, JOSEF. - Vom Leben, Kampf Und Tod IM Ghetto Warschau. Herausgegeben Von Der Bundeszentrale Fuer Heimatdienst.
165061: WULF, JOSEPH. - Die Bildenden Kuenste IM Dritten Reich. Eine Dokumentation.
165067: WULF, JOSEPH. - Musik IM Dritten Reich. Eine Dokumentation.
153036: WULLSCHLAGER, JACKIE. - Inventing Wonderland. The Lives and Fantasies of Lewis Carroll, Edward Lear, J.M. Barrie, Kenneth Grahame and A.A. Milne.
167058: WYATT, SIR THOMAS. - Collected Poems. Edited by Joost Daalder.
142980: WYCHERLEY, R.E. - How the Greeeks Built Cities.
154350: WYLIE, DIANA. - A Little God. The Twilight of Patriarchy in a Southern African Chiefdom.
141506: (GOERING) WYLLIE, JAMES. - The Warlord and the Renegade. The Story of Hermann and Albert Goering.
139035: WYLLIE, JAMES. - The Warlord and the Renegade. The Story of Hermann and Albert Goering.
162273: (ARNOLD) WYMER, NORMAN.. - Dr. Arnold of Rugby. With a Foreword by Sir Will Spens, Chairman of the Governors of Rugby School.
146061: WYN, GARETH. - Blynyddoedd Y Cythrwfl 1603-1660.
145049: (PRESLEY) WYN, EIRUG. - Elvis: Diwrnod I’R Brenin.
166766: WYN, ELEN. - Aderyn Prin.
145478: WYN, EIRUG. - Blodyn Tatws.
145704: WYN, EIRUG. - Tri Mochyn Bach.
146217: WYN, EIRUG. - Bitsh!
166885: WYN, EIRUG. - I Dir Neb.
156200: WYN, ELWYN A WATCYN. - Nansi: Merch Y Pregethwr Dall.
168931: WYND, OSWALD. - Death and the Red Flower.
165237: WYNDHAM, RICHARD. - The Gentle Savage. A Sudanese Journey in the Province of Bahr-El-Ghazal, Commonly Called “the Bog”.
160475: WYNDHAM, HORACE. - The Queen’S Service. Being the Experiences of a Private Soldier in the British Infantry at Home and Abroad.
166825: WYNN, EIRUG. - Y Dyn Yn Y Cefn Heb Fwstash. A Storiau Eraill.
147749: (TAYLOR) WYNNE, ELLIS. - Rheol Buchedd Sanctaidd. Cyfieithiad O Holy Living and Holy Dying Jeremy Taylor.
161532: WYNNE-PARKER, MICHAEL. - If My Table Could Talk. Insights Into Remarkable Lives.
168445: WYNNE, G.R. - Crossing the Ferry; or, from Old England to New Brunswick. A Tale.
152950: WYON, JOHN B. AND GORDON, JOHN E. - The Khanna Study. Population Problems in the Rural Punjab.
138343: XENOPHON. - ‘the Sea, the Sea. ’ Translated by Rex Warner.
136131: YALLOP, DAVID. - The Power and the Glory. Insice the Dark Heart of John Paul II’S Vatican.
143357: YALLOP, DAVID A. - In God’S Name.
147195: YALOURI, ELEANA. - The Acropolis. Global Fame, Local Claim.
158971: YAMAGIWA, JOSEPH K. (TRANSLATOR). - The Okagami. A Japanese Historical Tale.
159356: YANEY, GEORGE L. - The Systematization of Russian Government. Social Evolution in the Domestic Administration of Imperial Russia 1711 - 1905.
135844: YAPKO, MICHAEL D. - When Living Hurts. Directives for Treating Depression.
123126: YARDLEY, CAPTAIN J.H.R. - Before the Mayflower.
169635: YARWOOD, DOREEN. - The Encyclopaedia of World Costume.
169624: YARWOOD, DOREEN. - English Costume. From the Second Century B.C. To 1960. With Introductory Chapters on the Ancient Civilisations.
163311: YASTROW, SHELBY. - Undue Influence.
128897: YATES, PETER. - The Motionless Dancer. And Other Poems.
161686: YATES, DORNFORD. - The Stolen March.
161687: YATES, DORNFORD. - As Other Men Are.
161688: YATES, DORNFORD. - As Berry and I Were Saying.
161689: YATES, DORNFORD. - Jonah and Co.
161690: YATES, DORNFORD. - Berry and Co.
161685: YATES, DORNFORD. - The Berry Scene.
154004: (GRILLPARZER) YATES, W.E. - Grillparzer: A Critical Introduction.
153263: (EDITOR) YEATS-BROWN, F., BY TAYLOR, MEADOWS. - The Confessions of a Thug.
133238: YEHOSHUA, A.B. - The Liberated Bride. Translated from the Hebrew by Hillel Halkin.
151437: YEHOSHUA, A.B. - A Journey to the End of the Millennium. Translated from the Hebrew by Nicholas de Lange.
148377: (WOLLSTONECRAFT) YEO, EILEEN JANES (EDITOR). - Mary Wollstonecraft and 200 Years of Feminisms.
129507: YESHOSHUA, A. B. - Mr. Mani. Translated from the Hebrew by Hillel Halkin.
159002: YEVTUSHENKO, YEVGENY. - Ardabiola. A Fantasy. Translated by Armorer Wason.
138280: YOE, CRAIG (EDITOR). - The Great Anti-War Cartoons. Introduction by Dr. Muhammad Yunus. Foreword by Sara W. Duke.
164091: YOGG, MICHAEL R. - Passion for Reality. The Extraordinary Life of the Investing Pioneer Paul Cabot.
131122: YOKOCOCO. - Little Ghost Wicky.
136999: YONGE, C.M. - The New Naturalist: The Sea Shore.
159242: YORICK, MR. - A Sentimental Journey Through France and Italy.
166916: (PROUT) YORKE, OLIVER (EDITOR). - The Reliques of Father Prout, Late P.P. Of Watergrasshill, in the County of Cork, Ireland.
161682: YORKE, SUSAN. - Naked to Mine Enemies.
167369: (EDITOR) YOSHIBUMI, WAKAMIYA. - The Postwar Conservative View of Asia. How the Political Right Has Delayed Japan’S Coming to Terms with Its History of Aggression in Asia.
167862: YOSHIDA, YUKI. - Whispering Leaves in Grosvenor Square 1936 - 37. A Memoir.
160307: YOULTON, CLIVE AND BEARD, PAUL. - Cards on the Table. Woking’S Conference Years. Foreword by Martin Tyler.
134293: YOUNES, SAMIR. - The True, the Fictive, and the Real: The Historical Dictionary of Architecture of Quatremere de Quincy. Introductory Esssays and Selected Translations.
153375: YOUNES, FAYEZ AND SAAD, JAMILEH. - The Uprising. December 8, 1987 - March 8, 1988.
156751: YOUNG, ELIZABETH AND CAVENEY, GRAHAM. - Shopping in Space. Essays on America’S Blank Generation Fiction.
141505: YOUNG, GORDON. - Outposts of Peace.
168140: (EDITOR) YOUNG, MICHAEL W. - The Ethnography of Malinowski. The Trobriand Islands 1915-18.
128893: YOUNG, ANDREW. - Out of the World and Back. Into Hades & a Traveller in Time. Two Poems.
154424: (MACAULAY) YOUNG, G.M. (EDITOR). - Macaulay: Prose and Poetry.
137890: YOUNG, FILSON. - New Leaves.
151890: YOUNG, ARTHUR (EDITOR). - Annals of Agriculture, and Other Useful Arts. Volume XIX [Only].
151891: YOUNG, ARTHUR (EDITOR). - Annals of Agriculture, and Other Useful Arts. Volume XIV [Only].
152087: YOUNG, FRANCIS BRETT. - Portrait of a Village.
137344: (MACAULAY) YOUNG, G.M. (EDITOR). - Macaulay: Prose and Poetry.
137345: (MACAULAY) YOUNG, G.M. (EDITOR). - Macaulay: Prose and Poetry.
126269: YOUNG, ERNEST. - North American Excursion.
167066: YOUNG, FILSON. - The Lover’S Hours.
151917: YOUNG, MARGUERITE. - Angel in the Forest. An Epic of Two Utopian Experiments in Nineteenth Century America.
157132: YOUNG, MICHAEL B. - Servility and Service. The Life and Work of Sir John Coke.
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