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148669: WETMORE, ALEXANDER. - Further Additions to the Birds of Panama and Colombia.
148641: WETMORE, ALEXANDER. - The Birds of Southern Veracruz, Mexico. No. 3164 - from the Proceedings of the United States National Museum Vol. 93.
148673: WETMORE, ALEXANDER. - New Birds from Colombia.
148642: WETMORE, ALEXANDER. - Miscelaneous Notes on Fossil Birds.
158265: WEYMOUTH, ANTHONY AND LAMIZET, BERNARD. - Markets and Myths: Forces for Change in the Media of Europe.
157971: WHARAM, ALAN. - The Treason Trials, 1794.
149375: WHARTON, GARRY. - Ribbon of Dreams: Remembering Cardiff Cinemas.
143358: WHATELY, ARNOLD ROBERT. - The Focus of Belief.
141485: WHEAL, ELIZABETH-ANNE; POPE, STEPHEN & TAYLOR, JAMES. - A Dicitionary of the Second World War.
153536: WHEATCROFT, ANDREW. - Infidels. The Conflict between Christendom and Islam 638 - 2002.
137495: (PEPYS) WHEATLEY, HENRY B. (EDITOR). - The Diary of Samuel Pepys, M.A. , F.R. S. Volume IX. Index [Only], Clerk of the Acts and Secretary to the Admiralty. Transcribed from the Shorthand Manuscript in the Pepysian Library, Magdalene College, Cambridge, by the Rev. Bynors Bright M.A. , Late Fellow and President of Hte College. With Lord Braybrooke’S Notes.
140944: (MARTINEAU) WHEATLEY, VERA. - The Life and Work of Harriet Martineau.
150062: WHEDON, JOSS & GREENWALT, DAVID. - Angel: Strange Bedfellows. Based on the Tv Series.
157841: WHEDON, JOSS. - Astonishing X-Men: Dangerous.
157842: WHEDON, JOSS. - Astonishing X-Men: Gifted.
149124: WHEELER, RICHARD. - Witness to Gettysburg.
130051: WHEELER, SARA. - O My America! Seconds Acts in a New World.
130056: WHEELER, RICHARD. - Sword over Richmond. An Eyewitness History of Mcclellan’S Peninsula Campaign.
140628: WHEELER, H.F.B. & BROADLEY, A.M. - Napoleon and the Invasion of England. The Story of the Great Terror.
131739: WHEELER, HAROLD F.B. - Stirring Deeds of Britain’S Sea-Dogs in the Great War.
135719: WHEELER, MARK. - Politics and Teh Mass Media.
126332: WHEELER, RICHARD. - Iwo.
142987: WHEELER, CAPTAIN OWEN. - The War Office Past and Present.
157282: WHEELER, WILLIAM A. - A Dictionary of the Noted Names of Fiction; Including Also Familiar Pseudonyms, Surnames Bestowed on Eminent Men, and Analogous Popular Appellations Oftern Referred to in Literature and Conversation.
133566: WHELDON, JOHN. - Machine Age Armies.
128858: WHISTLER, LAURENCE. - In Time of Suspense.
137847: WHISTLER, LAURENCE. - The Initials of the Heart. With Additional Poems by Jill Furse.
133069: (MARE) WHISTLER, THERESA. - Imagination of the Heart. The Life of Walter de la Mare.
160152: (JOSEPHUS) WHISTON, WILLIAM. - Gweithiau Flavius Josephus, Yn Cynwys Hynafieathau Yr Iuddewon, Yn Nghyda Hanes Eu Rhyfeloedd Hyd Ddinystr Jerusalem, Traethawd Josephus Ar Hades Men Atebiad I’R Groegiaid; Amddiffyniad Josephus I Hynaf Iaethau Yr Iuddewon, Yn Erbyn Apion; Yn Nghydag Amddiffyniad I Dystiolaethau Josephus, O Berthynas I Iesu Grist, Ioan Fedyddiwr, Ac Iago Y Cyfiawn. Cyfieithedig O’R Groeg a’R Hebraeg, Yn Nghyda Nodiadau Eglurhaol, Ac Amseryddiaeth Cywir Yr Amrywiol Henesion. Hefyd Mynegai Cyflawn O’R Holl Waith. At Yr Hyn Yr Ychwanegwyd Parhad O Hanes Yr Iuddewon Hyo Y Dydd Hwn. Gan Dr. Bradsahw a’R Parch. John Mills, Llundain. Ail-Argraffiad O’R Cyfieithiad Newydd I’R Cymraeg.
115533: WHITAKER, JOSEPH. - An Almanack for the Year of Our Lord 1900. Containing an Account of the Astronomical and Other Phenomena, a Large Amount of Information Respecting the Government, Finances, Population, Commerce and General Statistics of the British Empire Throughout the World, with Some Notice of Other Countries, &C. &C.
155402: WHITAKER. - Whitaker’S Peerage, Baronetage, Knightage, and Companionage for the Year 1926. Containing an Extended List of the Royal Family, the Peerage with Titled Issue, Dowager Ladies, Baronets Knights and Companions, Privy Councillors, and Home and Colonial Bishops with a Comprehensive Introduction and an Index to Country Seats.
137875: WHITE, PATRICK. - Letters. Edited by David Marr.
139457: WHITE, MICHAEL. - Rivals. Conflict As the Fuel of Science.
138584: WHITE, ALFRED. - A History of the Loughborough Schools.
137844: WHITE, E.B. - The Second Tree from the Corner.
149261: WHITE, J.G. - History of the Three Royal Exchanges, the Gresham Lectures, and Gresham Almshouses.
157144: WHITE, R.J. - The Anti-Philosophers. A Study of the Philosophes in Eighteenth Century France.
153725: (DOOLITTLE) WHITE, ERIC W. - Images of H.D. From the Mystery of H.D.
154519: (MILLER) WHITE, EMIL (EDITOR). - Henry Miller: Between Heaven and Hell.
152063: WHITE, GILBERT. - The Natural History of Selborne. .
149597: WHITE, HARVEY. - A History of the London Clinic. A Celebration of 75 Years.
136060: WHITE, FRANK H. - Types and Shadows. Or, Talks with Teh Children on the Tabernacle in the Wilderness.
148546: (BLAKE) WHITE, HELEN C. - The Mysticism of William Blake.
147080: WHITE, WILF. - Nizefela Makes a Name. The Autobiography. As Told to Hylton Cleaver.
142731: WHITE, COLIN. - Victoria’S Navy: The End of the Sailing Navy. Foreword by Admiral of the Fleet Sir Terence Lewin.
142786: WHITE, COLIN. - Nelson the Admiral. Foreword by the First Sea Lord Admiral Sir Alan West Gcb Dsc Adc.
160353: WHITE, JAKE AND RAY, CRAIG. - In Black and White. The Jake White Story.
138562: WHITEHEAD, ANNE. - Echoes in the Playground. A History of St. Peter’S Catholic School in Doncaster.
151266: WHITEHEAD, L.E. - Plants of Herefordshire.
131803: WHITEHOUSE, ARCH. - Amphibious Operations.
152878: WHITEHOUSE, F.R.B. - Table Games of Georgian and Victorian Days.
136043: WHITELEY, J.H. - Wesley’S England. A Survey of Xviiith Century Social and Cultural Conditions.
139452: WHITFIELD, PETER. - Landmarks in Western Science. From Prehistory to the Atomic Age.
128728: WHITHAM, J. MILLS. - A Biographical History of the French Revolution.
139054: WHITING, CHARLES. - Target Eisenhower. Military and Political Assassination in Wwii.
139053: WHITING, CHARLES. - American Eagles. The 191st Airborne Assault on Fortress Europe 1944/45.
139052: WHITING, CHARLES. - The Other Battle of the Bulge: Operation Northwind.
138930: WHITING, CHARLES. - Paths of Death & Glory. The Last Days of the Third Reich.
129754: WHITING, CHARLES. - Ardennes. The Secret War.
133513: WHITING, CHARLES. - Target Eisenhower. Military and Political Assassination in Wwii.
123017: WHITING, CHARLES. - Hitler’S Secret War. The Nazi Espionage Campaign Against the Allies.
123020: WHITING, CHARLES. - Ghost Front. The Ardennes Before the Battle of the Bulge.
132070: WHITING, CHARLES. - The March on London.
123015: WHITING, CHARLES. - West Wall. The Battle for Hitler’S Siegfried Line, September 1944-March 1945.
123016: WHITING, CHARLES. - The March on London. Covert Operations in the Battle of the Bulge, December 1944.
141999: WHITING, CHARLES. - American Eagles. The 101st Airborne Assault on Fortress Europe 1944/45.
158308: WHITING, J.R.S. - A House of Correction.
148929: WHITLOCK, KEITH (EDITOR). - The Renaissance in Europe. A Reader.
157521: WHITLOCK, RALPH. - Bulls Through the Ages.
136749: WHITMARSH, IAN & ROBERTSON, KEVIN. - London Memories.
132397: WHITMER, PETER O. & VANWYNGARDEN, BRUCE. - Aquarius Revisited. Seven Who Created the Sixties Counterculture That Changed America: William Burroughs; Allen Ginsberg; Ken Kesey; Timothy Leary; Norman Mailer; Tom Robbins; Hunter S. Thompson.
151364: WHITMORE, W.W. - A Letter to the Agriculturists of the County of Salop.
157565: WHITNEY, J.D. AND WADSWORTH, M.E. - No. XI: The Azoic System and Its Proposed Subdivisions.
158102: WHITTAKER, THOMAS. - Priests, Philosophers and Prophets. A Dissertation on Revealed Religion.
144624: WHITTALL, ARNOLD. - Music Since the First World War.
140542: (WOOD) WHITWORTH, REX (EDITOR). - Gunner at Large. The Diary of James Wood R.A. , 1746-1765. Foreword by the Master Gunner, St. James’S Park, General Sir Thomas Morony, Kcb, Obe.
128868: WHYTE-MELVILLE, G. J. - Hunting Poems. With Sixteen Illustrations in Colour by G.D. Giles.
147046: WHYTE-MELVILLE, G.J. - Market Harborough. Or, How Mr. Sayer Went to the Shires. Foreword by H.R. H. The Prince of Wales.
157576: WHYTE, IAN AND KATHLEEN. - On the Trail of the Jacobites.
143102: WICHELHAUS, H. (EDITOR). - Berichte Der Deutschen Chemischen Gesellschaft. Dreizehnter Jahrgang: Januar-Juni.
134815: WIDDOWS, LEE & MCGUINESS, JO. - Image-Makers: Professional Styling, Hair and Make-Up.
153994: (HARDY) WIDDOWSON, PETER (EDITOR). - Thomas Hardy: Selected Poetry and Non-Ficitional Prose.
135039: WIECZOREK, UWE. - Masterpieces from the Collections of the Prince of Liechtenstein. Sculpure, Decorative Arts, Weaponry.
155836: WIEL, ALETHEA. - The Story of Verona.
158019: VEREIN FUR LANDESKUNDE VON NIEDEROSTERREICH UND WIEN (EDITOR). - Bibliographie Zur Geschichte Und Stadtkunde Von Wien. Erster Band [Only]. Nebst Quellen- Und Literaturhinweisen. I. Geschichte. II. Historische Hilfswessenschaften. III. Festungswerke Und Kriegswesen. IV. Rechtswesen. V. Kulturgeschichte. VI. Sittengeschichte.
126139: WIENCEK, HENRY. - An Imperfect God. George Washington, His Slaves, and the Creation of America.
157241: WIENER, JOEL H. - A Descriptive Finding List of Unstamped British Periodicals 1830-1836.
132028: WIESEL, ELIE. - The Testament. Translated from the French by Marion Wiesel.
143112: WIGGLESWORTH, FRANK. - The Constants of Nature. Part V [Only]. A Recalculation of the Atomic Weights.
124765: (MASEFIELD). WIGHT, CROCKER. - John Masefield. A Biographical Description of His First, Limited, Signed and Special Editions.
141153: (EICHMANN) WIGHTON, CHARLES. - Eichmann: His Career and Crimes.
157973: WIGODER, GEOFFREY. - Dictionary of Jewish Dictionary.
157070: (LEVI-STRAUSS) WILCKEN, PATRICK. - Claude Levi-Strauss. The Poet in the Laboratory.
131125: WILD, MARGARET & BLACKWOOD, FREYA. - Harry & Hopper.
150590: WILDEN, ANTHONY. - The Rules Are No Game. The Strategy of Communication. With Women in Production: The Chorus Line, by Rhonda Hammer and Anthony Wilden. Introduced by the Naming of Parts and the 20th Century War, by Anthony Wilden.
112953: WILDER, BILLY. - The Lost Weekend. The Complete Screenplay, with an Introduction by Jeffrey Meyers.
92831: WILDER, BILLY. - Stalag 17. The Complete Screenplay, with an Introduction by Jeffrey Meyers.
129772: WILFONG, CHERYL. - Following the Nez Perce Trail. A Guide to the Nee-Me-Poo National Historic Trail with Eyewitness Accounts.
147533: WILIAM, URIEN. - Yr Awen Ysgafn. Detholiad O Farddoniaeth Ddigri Ac Ysgafn.
146136: WILIAM, ALED RHYS (EDITOR). - Cofiant a Broliant Ein Bro. Golwyg Ar Wlad Y Brifwyl Trwy Lygaid Ei Brodorion Mewn Llen a Lluniau.
145607: WILIAM, URIEN. - Hanes Rhyfedd Tywod.
146148: WILIAM, ALED RHYS (EDITOR). - Arolwg 1967.
149489: WILIAM, ALED RHYS (EDITOR). - Llyfr Iorwerth. A Critical Text of the Venedotian Code of Medieval Welsh Law Mainly from Bm. Cotton Ms. Titus Dii. Transcribed and Edited with Introduction and Notes.
145949: WILIAM, URIEN. - Yr Awen Ysgafn. Detholiad O Farddoniaeth Ddigri Ac Ysgafn.
156011: WILIAM, URIEN (EDITOR). - Storiau Awr Hamdden. Cyfrol 5 [Only]. Casglwyd a Golygwyd Gan Urien William.
146040: WILIAMS, GERWYN. - Y Rhwyg. Arolwg O Farddoniaeth Gymraeg Ynghylch Y Rhyfel Byd Cyntaf.
147440: WILKIE, E.M. - Legends of Welsh Saints.
149404: WILKINS, CHARLES (EDITOR). - The Red Dragon: The National Magazine of Wales. Volume IV [Only]: July to December 1883.
151081: WILKINS, EITHNE. - The Rose-Garden Game. The Symbolic Background to the European Prayer-Beads.
156721: WILKINS, ERNEST HATCH. - A History of Italian Literature.
138443: WILKINS, HAROLD T. - Great English Schools.
157171: WILKINSON, MARGUERITE. - New Voices. An Introduction to Contemporary Poetry.
148419: WILKINSON, T.M. - Freedom, Efficiency and Equality.
145285: WILKINSON, TOBY. - The Thames & Hudson Dictionary of Ancient Egypt.
142824: WILKINSON, D.C. (EDITOR). - Greek Sculpture. Edited with an Introduction.
160480: WILKINSON-LATHAM, ROBERT. - From Our Special Correspondent. Victorian War Correspondents and Their Campaigns.
153991: WILLAN, BRIAN. - Sol Plaatje. South African Nationalist 1876 - 1932.
146864: WILLCOCK, COLIN (EDITOR). - The ABC of Fishing. A Complete Guide to Angling for Coarse, Sea and Game Fish.
136506: (BEETHOVEN) WILLETTS, PAMELA J. - Beethoven and England. An Account of Sources in the British Museum.
107644: WORDSWORTH WORLD LITERATURE. SHAKESPEARE WILLIAM. - Four Great Comedies a Midsummer Night’S Dream; Much Ado About Nothing; As You Like It; Twelfth Night. With Introductions by Judith Buchanan.
147722: WILLIAMS, IFOR. - I Ddifyffu’R Amser.
156151: WILLIAMS, BRYN. - Crwydro Patagonia.
156159: WILLIAMS, J. EDWARD. - Llyw Ac Angor.
156167: WILLIAMS, IFOR. - Llenyddiaeth Gynraeg a Chrefydd.
146277: WILLIAMS, R. GLYNDWR. - Y Tair Coeden. Ac Ysgrifau Eraill.
145581: WILLIAMS, ROL. - “Bysus Bach Y Wlad. ” a Cherddi Ysgafn Eraill Ac Adroddiadu Hwyliog.
144934: WILLIAMS, TENNESSEE. - Pethe Brau. Cyfieithiad Gan Emyr Edwards O’R Ddrama the Glass Menagerie.
147855: WILLIAMS, JOHN LASARUS. - Crwsad Trwy Berswad. Hanes Undeb Gymraeg a Sioe Gymraeg Porthaethwy.
149360: STEWART WILLIAMS’ - Glamorgan Historian. Volume Five [Only].
149361: WILLIAMS, ROGER & JONES, DAVID. - The Bitter Harvest. The Tragic History of Coalmining in Gwent.
147844: WILLIAMS, GRUFFYDD ALED (EDITOR). - Llen Cymru. Cyfrol 30 [Only]: 2007.
145023: WILLIAMS, J. ELLIS. - Tri Dramaydd Cyfoes. Saunders Lewis; John Gwilym Jones; Huw Lloyd Edwards.
145113: WILLIAMS, WILLIAM. - Drych Barddonol; Neu Draethawd Ar Farddoniaeth: Ac Hefyd, Yr Awdl Fuddygol Ar Ddrylliad Y Rothsay Castle.
136328: (WALLACE) WILLIAMS-ELLIS, AMABEL. - Darwin’S Moon. A Biography of Alfred Russel Wallace.
147705: WILLIAMS, GLANMOR. - Wales and the Past: A Consort of Voices. A 75th Anniversary Lecture.
146549: (BONHOEFFER) WILLIAMS, HARRI. - Bonhoeffer.
160108: WILLIAMS, IFOR. - Chwedlau Odo. Gyda Rhagymadrodd, Nodiau a Geirfa.
147316: WILLIAMS, GRUFFYDD ALED (EDITOR).. - Ymryson Edmwnd Prys a Wiliam Cynwal. Fersiwn Llawysgrif Llanstephan 43 Gyda Rhagymadrodd, Nodiadau a Geirfa.
146297: WILLIAMS, GRUFFYDD ALED (EDITOR). - Llen Cymru. Cyfrol 21 [Only]: 1998.
148628: WILLIAMS, GORDON. - Change and Decline. Roman Literature in the Early Empire.
147859: WILLIAMS, NICK & LEWIS, DEWI E. - Nabod Adar - Drwy Lygad Camera.
147735: WILLIAMS, RHYDWEN. - Ys Gwn I a Cherddi Eraill.
123122: WILLIAMS, SELMA R. - Kings, Commoners, and Colonists. Puritan Politics in Old New England, 1603-1660.
160150: WILLIAMS, IFOR. - Canu Aneirin. Gyda Rhagymadrodd a Nodiadau.
145541: WILLIAMS, J.S. - ‘Anathema’ a Homiliau Eraill.
147540: WILLIAMS, RHYDWEN. - Cwm Hiraeth. Yr Ail Ran: Y Siol Wen. [Only]. Nofel Fywgraffyddol Mewn Tair Rhan.
148354: WILLIAMS, JODY. - My Name Is Jody Williams. A Vermont Girl’S Winding Path to the Nobel Peace Prize. Foreword by Eve Ensler.
147909: WILLIAMS, DYFRI & OGDEN, JACK. - Greek Gold. Jewellery of the Classical World.
140078: WILLIAMS, GORDON. - Figures of Thought in Roman Poetry.
156052: WILLIAMS, MYFI. - Alrunwyr Mawr Y Byd. Arweiniad I Hanes Arlunio.
143924: WILLIAMS, ANDREW. - Failed Imagination? New World Orders of the Twentieth Century.
155843: WILLIAMS, WALDO. - Dail Pren. Cerddi.
147521: WILLIAMS, RHYDWEN. - Adar Y Gwanwyn.
147737: WILLIAMS, C.G. - Clywsoch Yr Enw. Arweiniad at Ddeuddeg Dysgawdwr.
147665: WILLIAMS, ROBIN. - Digon I’R Diwrnod. Cyfrol O Fyfyrdodau Dyddiol.
147682: WILLIAMS, ROBIN.1983. - Llongau’R Nos.
147847: WILLIAMS, MEGAN. - Nawr Am Stori.
146079: WILLIAMS, T. ARFON (EDITOR). - Ynglyna a Chrefft Englyna.
148987: WILLIAMS, DAVID H. - White Monks in Gwent and the Border.
149437: STEWART WILLIAMS’ - Cardiff Yesterday. Book One [Only]. Foreword by Bill Barrett.
155866: WILLIAMS, HUW. - Rhagor Am Donau a’U Hawduron. Atodiad I Tonau a’U Hawduron (1967). Sef Cyfrol Gyndymaith I Llyfr Emynau a Thomau Y Methodistiad Calfinaidd a Wesleaidd (1929).
155188: WILLIAMS, ROSALIND. - Notes on the Underground. An Essay on Technology, Society, and the Imagination.
157240: WILLIAMS, FRANKLIN B. - Index of Dedications and Commendatory Verses in English Books Before 1641.
136927: WILLIAMS, POLLY. - A Good Girl Comes Undone.
136928: WILLIAMS, POLLY. - The Rise and Fall of a Yummy Mummy.
147800: WILLIAMS, W.S. GWYNN. - Welsh National Music and Dance. (Curwen Edition 8335).
135496: WILLIAMS, CHARLES. - Many Dimensions.
147728: WILLIAMS, RHYDWEN. - Y Ffynhonnau a Cherddi Eraill.
146511: WILLIAMS, R. BRYN. - Pridydd Y Paith. Hunangofiant.
146358: WILLIAMS, JOHN ROBERT. - Ffarwel I’R Sbectol.
160115: (MABINOGION) WILLIAMS, IFOR. - Pedeir Keinc Y Maginogi. Allan O Lyfr Gwyn Rhydderch.
147638: WILLIAMS, EURYN OGWEN. - Pelydrau Pell.
140938: (SELLON) WILLIAMS, THOMAS JAY. - Priscilla Lydia Sellon. The Restorer. After Three Centuries of the Religious Life in the English Church.
145569: WILLIAMS, MARI. - Iawn Yn Y Bon.
134453: WILLIAMS, SQUADRON LEADER P.F. - Canoeing Skills and Canoe Expedition Technique for Teachers and Leaders.
145603: WILLIAMS, JOHN LASARUS. - Crwsad Trwy Berswad. Hanes Undeb Y Gymraeg a Sioe Gymraeg Porthaethwy.
145605: WILLIAMS, WALDO. - Mor Goleuni Tir Tywyll. Delweddau Aled Rhys Hughes. Golygydd Damian Walford Davies.
132027: WILLIAMS, H. NOEL. - The Love-Affairs of the Condes (1530-1740).
145521: WILLIAMS, PARCH T. OSWALD. - Undodiaeth a Rhyddid Meddwl.
146320: WILLIAMS, SIAN. - Mat Racs.
146195: WILLIAMS, HARRI. - Rhyfel Yn Syria.
155848: WILLIAMS, JAC (EDITOR). - Geiriadur Termau/Dictionary of Terms. Cyhoeddwyd Ar Ran Ysgal Addysg Prifysgol Cymru/Published on Behalf of Teh University of Wales School of Education.
149097: WILLIAMS-JONES, KEITH (EDITOR). - The Merioneth Lay Subsidy Roll 1292-3. Published on Behalf of the University of Wales Baord of Celtic Studies.
147602: WILLIAMS, TELERI. - In Sight of the Sea.
147603: WILLIAMS, EVAN GWYN. - Selected Poems (1970-2000).
147733: (JONES) WILLIAMS, W.I. CYNWIL (EDITOR) - Gwilym R. Jones.
145912: WILLIAMS, C.G. - Clywsoch Yr Enw. Arweiniad at Ddeuddeg Dysgawdwr.
145597: (MORRIS-JONES) WILLIAMS, JOHN LASARUS. - Syr John Morris-Jones, 1864-1929. Cyflwynedig I Miss Nest Morris-Jones a Mrs. Gwenno Clwyd Williams, Merch Rhiannon Morris-Jones Ac Er Cof Am Yr Athro John Ellis Caerwyn Williams a Gwilym John Evans.
147541: WILLIAMS, RHYDWEN. - Cwm Hiraeth. Y Rhan Gyntaf: Y Briodas. [Only]. Nofel Fywgraffyddol Mewn Tair Rhan.
138364: WILLIAMS, MARK. - Fiery Shapes. Celestial Portents and Astrology in Ireland and Wales, 700-1700.
138371: WILLIAMS, HYWEL. - Sun Kings. A History of Magnificent Kingship.
145461: WILLIAMS, GLANMOR. - Grym Tafodau Tan. Ysgrifau Hanesyddol Ar Grefydd a Diwylliant.
146492: WILLIAMS, GLYNDWR (FOREWORD BY). - Emynau’R Llan.
145092: WILLIAMS, HARRI. - Duw, Daeareg a Darwin. (Yn Bennaf Ar Dudalennau’R Traethodydd, 1845-1900). Y Ddarlith Davies Am 1979.
146071: (MORRIS-JONES) WILLIAMS, JOHN LASARUS. - Syr John Morris-Jones. Cyflwynedig I Miss Nest Morris-Jones a Mrs. Gwenno Clwyd Williams, Merch Rhiannon Morris-Jones Ac Er Cof Am Yr Athro John Ellis Caerwyn Williams a Gwilym John Evans.
154633: (RICKMAN) WILLIAMS, ORLO. - Life and Letteres of John Rickman. Lamb’S Friend the Census-Taker.
146383: WILLIAMS, R. DEWI. - Clawdd Terfyn. Straeon.
146121: WILLIAMS, PARCHEDIG WILLIAM. - Drws Y Society Profiad. Ynghyda Rhagdraeth Gan Edward Thomas, Tregarth.
131682: WILLIAMS, GREG. - CIVIL and Merchant Vessel Encounters with United States Navy Ships, 1800-2000. Foreword by Captain Channing M. Zucker, U.S. Navy (Ret. ).
147867: WILLIAMS, GRUFFYDD ALED (EDITOR). - Llen Cymru. Cyfrol 32 [Only]: 2009.
147522: WILLIAMS, J. EDWARD. - Llyw Ac Angor.
150107: WILLIAMS, MARK WIGAN. - Amor Infiniti. Volume 1 [Only].
146230: WILLIAMS, JAC L. (EDITOR). - Addysg I Gymru. (Ysgriau Hanesyddol).
137062: WILLIAMS, STEWART (EDITOR). - Vintage Buses & Trams in South Wales.
155849: WILLIAMS, CHARLES. - Cyfrol Goffa 1915-1990.
147826: WILLIAMS, PARCH. JOHN. - Pregethau. Yr Ail Gyfrol [Only]. Wedi Eu Trefnu a’U Golygu Gan Y Parch. John Owen, M.A. , Caernarfon.
140883: (FROST) WILLIAMS, DAVID. - John Frost: A Study in Chartism.
145009: WILLIAMS, J. E. CAERWYN. - Bardos. Penodau Ar Y Traddodiad Barddol Cymreig a Cheltaidd. Golygwyd Gan R. Geraint Gruffydd.
146551: (TOYNBEE) WILLIAMS, C.R. - Toynbee.
160119: WILLIAMS, J.E. CAERWYN (EDITOR). - Ysgrifau Beirniadol IX.
140876: (FROST) WILLIAMS, DAVID. - John Frost: A Study in Chartism.
145106: WILLIAMS, T. CEIRIOG. - Pabo’R Offeiriad. (Cyfieithiad O Pabo the Priest Gan S. Baring Gould).
145940: WILLIAMS, RHIAN. - 88 O Risebau Syml Sydyn Bwyd I Bawb.
156117: WILLIAMS, RHYDWEN. - Dei Gratia.
149272: WILLIAMS-ONES, KEITH (EDITOR). - A Calendar of the Merioneth Quarter Osessions Rolls. Volume I [Only]: 1733-65. With a Foreword by Col. J.F. Williams-Wynne.
146144: WILLIAMS, HARRI. - Deunydd Dwbl.
145963: WILLIAMS, GARETH F. - O Ddawns I Ddawns.
146281: (MORGAN) WILLIAMS, R. BRYN. - Eluned Morgan. Bywgraffiad a Detholiad.
145007: WILLIAMS, J.E. CAERWYN. - Traddodiad Llenyddol Iwerddon.
156112: WILLIAMS, HUGH. - Canu’R Bobol.
150234: WILLIAMS, NOEL T. ST. JOHN. - Recoats and Courtesans. The Birth of the British Army (1660-1690).
126754: WILLIAMS, HEATHCOTE. - Falling for a Dolphin.
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146217: WYN, EIRUG. - Bitsh!
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151289: VAN DER ZEE, HENRI AND BARBARA. - A Sweet and Alien Land. The Story of Dutch New York.
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138016: ZELLER, DOM HUBERT VAN. - Downside by and Large. A Double Fugue in Praise of Things Lasting and Gregorian.
138437: ZELLER, DOM HUBERT VAN. - Downside by and Large. A Double Fugue in Praise of Things Lasting and Gregorian.
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98313: ZWICKER, STEVEN. - Lines of Authority. Politics and English Literary Culture, 1649-1689.

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