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159268: STRACHEY, LYTTON. - Ermyntrude and Esmeralda. An Entertainment. Introduction by Michael Holroyd.
168376: STRAHAN, JERRY E. - Managing Ingatius. The Lunacy of Lucky Dogs and Life in the Quarter.
167484: STRANG, HERBERT. - The Adventures of Harry Rochester. A Tale of the Days of Marlborough and Eugene.
168379: STRANG, HERBERT. - One of Clives Heroes. A Story of the Fight for India.
161329: STRANG, HERBERT. - The Adventures of Harry Rochester. A Tale of the Days of Marlborough and Eugene.
168345: STRANG, HEBERT. - Kobo. A Story of the Russo-Japanese War. .
167475: STRANG, HERBERT AND STEAD, RICHARD. - One of Rupert’S Horse. A Story of the Reign of Charles the First.
167886: STRANG, HERBERT. - Round the World in Seven Days.
159693: LE STRANGE, JOHN. - Denied.
158527: (STRANGFORD) STRANGFORD, VICOUNTESS (EDITOR). - Original Letters and Papers of the Late Viscount Strangford Upon Philological and Kindred Subjects.
152105: STRATHERN, ANDREW. - The Rope of Moka. Big-Men and Ceremonial Exchange in Mount Hagen, New Guinea.
161328: STRATHERN, PAUL. - A Season in Abyssinia. An Impersonation of Arthur Rimbaud.
168245: STRATHERN, ANDREW AND STEWART, PAMELA J. - Arrow Talk. Transaction, Transition, and Contradiction in New Guinea Highlands History.
138776: STRATMANN, LINDA. - Whiteley’S Folly. The Life and Death of a Salesman.
161326: STRATTON-PORTER, GENE. - The White Flag.
161327: STRATTON-PORTER, GENE. - Michael O’Halloran.
166493: STRAUSS, KONRAD (EDITOR). - Der Gute Ton. Aus Dem “Simplicissimus” 1896-1932. Herausgegeben Und Eingeleitet.
163105: STRAWSON, MAJOR-GENERAL JOHN. - Hussars, Horses & History. The Military Memoirs of Major-General John Strawson.
142713: STRAWSON, JOHN. - Beggars in Red. The British Army 1789-1889.
142545: STRAY, CHRISTOPHER. - The Mushri-English Pronouncing Dictionary. A Chapter in 19th-Century Public School Lexicography. The Text of the ‘Seventh’ Edition (1901) with an Introduction and Notes.
139063: STREATHER, ADRIAN. - Soviet General & Field Rank Officer Uniforms: 1955-1991. (Land, Air, Border & Intelligence Services).
168372: STREDDER, ELEANOR. - The Merchant’S Children. A Story for the Young.
168197: STREDDER, ELEANOR. - Alive in the Jungle: A Story for the Young.
164108: STREET, G.S. - The London Assurance 1720-1920.
141685: STREETER, MICHAEL. - Behind Closed Doors. The Power and Infuluence of Secret Societies.
166082: STRESAU, HERMANN. - Von Jahr Zu Jahr.
168559: STRETTON, HESBA. - ‘No Place Like Home. ’
168500: STRETTON, HESBA. - Fern’S Hollow.
168505: STRETTON, HESBA. - In the Hollow of His Hand.
167435: STRETTON, HESBA. - Pilgrim Street. A Story of Manchester Life.
167496: STRETTON, HESBA. - Max Kromer. A Story of the Siege of Strasbourg.
167422: STRETTON, HESBA. - Enoch Roden’S Training.
167471: STRETTON, HESBA. - The Fisher of Derby Haven.
168398: STRETTON, HESBA. - The Children of Cloverley.
167895: STRETTON, HESBA. - Through a Needle’S Eye.
168553: STRETTON, HESBA. - In the Hollow of His Hand.
167479: STRETTON, HESBA. - Jessica’S First Prayer.
167423: STRETTON, HESBA. - Under the Old Roof.
167742: STRETTON, HESBA. - The Lord’S Purse-Bearers.
168397: STRETTON, HESBA. - Fern’S Hollow.
168396: STRETTON, HESBA. - The Fishers of Derby Haven.
167885: STRETTON, HESBA. - Enoch Roden’S Training.
156024: VAN STRIEN, KEES. - Touring the Low Countries. Accounts of British Travellers, 1660 - 1720.
158898: STRINDBERG, AUGUST. - A Madman’S Manifesto. Le Plaidoyer D’Un Fou. Tranlsted by Anthon Swerling from the French in Which le Plaidoyer D’Un Fou Was Written.
158899: STRINDBERG, AUGUST. - A Madman’S Defence. (le Plaidoyer D’Un Fou. ) Translation Based on Ellie Schleussner’S Version, the Confessions of a Fool. Revised and Edited by Evert Sprinchorn.
135526: STROMEYER, C.E. - Unity in Nature. An Ananlogy between Music and Life.
167270: STRONG, L.A.G. - Odd Man in.
151045: STRONG, THOMAS B. - Christian Ethics. Eight Lectures Preached Before the University of Oxford in the Year 1895. On the Foundation of the Late Rev. John Bampton, M.A. , Canon of Salisbury.
147892: STRONG, D.E. - Greek and Roman Gold and Silver Plate.
157503: STRONG, LAG. - Dr. Quicksilver 1660 - 1742. The Life and Times of Thomas Dover, Md.
162007: STROOP, GENERAL. - The Stroop Report. The Jewish Quarter of Warsaw Is No More! a Facsimile Edition and Translation of the Official Nazi Report on the Destruction of the Warsaw Ghetto.
154227: (JAMES) STROUSE, JEAN. - Alice James: A Biography.
169633: STRUTT, JOSEPH AND PLANCHE, J.R. - A Complete View of the Dress and Habits of the People of England, from the Establishment of the Saxons in Britain to the Present Time: Illustrated by Engravings Taken from the Most Authentic Remains of Antiquity. To Which Is Prefixed and Introduction, Containing a General Description of the Ancient Habits in Use Among Mankind, from the Earliest Period of Time to the Conclusion of the Seventh Century. A New and Improved Editoin, with Critical and Explanatory Notes.
167002: STUART, DABNEY. - A Particular Place. Poems.
167896: STUART, ESME. - Cast Ashore.
157344: STUART, VINCENT (EDITOR). - Harvest. Volume Two [Only]: The Household.
157577: STUART, FLORA MAXWELL. - Lady Nithsdale and the Jacobites.
157292: STUBBS, JOHN. - Reprobates. The Cavaliers of the English CIVIL War.
164101: STUCLEY, E.F. - Pollycon. With a Candid Preface by Commander Stephen King-Hall.
157775: INSTITUTE FOR POLISH-JEWIS STUDIES. - Polin. Volume 1 [Only]: A Journal of Polish-Jewish Studies.
158037: INSTITUTE FOR POLISH-JEWIS STUDIES. - Polin. Volume 2 [Only]: A Journal of Polish-Jewish Studies.
158038: INSTITUTE FOR POLISH-JEWIS STUDIES. - Polin. Volume 5 [Only]: A Journal of Polish-Jewish Studies.
144878: STUDLAR, GAYLYN. - This Mad Masquerade. Stardom and Masculinity in the Jazz Age.
166549: STUERMER, MICHAEL (EDITOR). - Die Weimarer Republik. Belagerte Civitas.
168537: STURDOCK, JEREMY. - The Wilful Lady.
163993: STUTLEY, MARGARET AND STUTLEY, JAMES. - A Dictionary of Hinduism. Its Mythology, Folklore and Development 1500 Bc-Ad 1500.
166905: STUTLEY, MARGARET. - Ancient Indian Magic and Folklore. An Introduction.
154572: STYLES, SHOWELL. - The Moated Mountain.
161421: STYRON, WILLIAM. - Set This House on Fire.
161422: STYRON, WILLIAM. - Set This House on Fire.
161420: STYRON, WILLIAM. - Lie Down in Darkness.
154780: STYRON, WILLIAM. - This Quiet Dust. And Other Writings.
170390: SUE, CHRISTINA A. - Land of the Cosmic Race. Race Mixture, Racism, and Blackness in Mexico.
158780: SUE, EUGENE. - The Wandering Jew. Reprinted from the Original Chapman and Hall Edition.
165051: SUESS, DIETMAR AND SUESS, WINFRIED. - Das “Dritte Reich”: Eine Einfuehrung
166172: SUESS, DIETMAR. - Kumpel Und Genossen. Arbeiterschaf, Betrieb Und Sozialdemokratie in Der Bayerischen Montanindustrie 1945 Bis 1976.
162855: SULLIVAN, B. - Local Brew. A History of the Three Breweries of Ashton-Under-Lyne.
137954: O’SULLIVAN, JOANNE. - Creative Stitching on Paper. 40 Beautiful Projects, from Scrapbook Pages to Chinese Lanterns.
146810: (FREUD) SULLOWAY, FRANK J. - Freud, Biologist of the Mind. Beyon the Psychoanalytic Legend.
156415: SUMMERS, JUDITH. - The Empress of Pleasure. The Life and Adventures of Teresa Cornelys - Queen of Masquerades and Casanova’S Lover.
167957: SUMMERS JR., COL. HARRY G. - On Strategy. A Critical Ananlysis of the Vietnam War.
169416: SUMMERSON, JOHN. - Georgian London.
170503: SUMNER, WILLIAM LESLIE. - The Organ. Its Evolution, Principles of Construction and Use.
157362: SUMNER, W.L. - The Pianoforte.
165868: SUNDKLER, BGM. - Bantu Prophets in South Africa.
170034: SUNDQVIST, WILLE. - Swedish Carving Techniques. Translated by James Rudstrom.
164125: SUNG, DR. EDGAR. - Ten Thousand Years Book. The Essential Tool for Chinese Astrology.
148471: (WOLLSTONECRAFT) SUNSTEIN, EMILY W. - A Difference Face. The Life of Mary Wollstonecraft.
137774: SURTEES, ROBERT SMITH. - Scenes and Characters. Edited and Introduced by Cyril Ray.
149686: SURTEES, R.S. - Hunts with Jorrocks from Robert Surtees’ Handley Cross.
137678: (RUSKIN) SURTEES, VIRGINIA (EDITOR). - Reflections of a Friendship. John Ruskin’S Letters to Pauline Trevelyan 1848-1866. Foreword by Raleigh Trevelyan.
149677: SURTEES, ROBERT SMITH. - Young Tom Hall: His Heart-Aches and Horses.
160055: SURTEES, VIRGINIA. - A Beckford Inheritance. The Lady Lincoln Scandal.
156078: SUSSMAN, GEORGE D. - Selling Mothers’ Milk. The Wet-Nursing Business in France 1715 - 1914.
157561: SUSSMAN, MAURICE. - Animal Growth and Development.
168381: SUTCLIFF, ROSEMARY. - The Hound of Ulster. Retold by...
161418: SUTCLIFFE, HALLIWELL. - Willowdene Will: A Romance.
166581: SUTER, MARTIN. - Die Dunkle Seite Des Mondes. Roman.
170559: SUTHERLAND, JAMES. - Restoration Literature 1660-1700. Dryden, Bunyan, and Pepys.
137793: (THACKERAY) SUTHERLAND, J.A. - Thackeray at Work.
139012: SUTHERLAND, JON & CANWELL, DIANE. - Images of War: Malta Gc. Rare Photographs from Wartime Archives.
157180: SUTHERLAND, JAMES. - A Preface to Eighteenth Century Poetry.
157181: SUTHERLAND, JAMES. - A Preface to Eighteenth Century Poetry.
157307: SUTHERLAND, ALISTAIR AND ANDERSON, PATRICK (EDITORS). - Eros. An Anthology of Friendship.
157547: SUTHERLAND, N.S. - The Methods and Findings of Experiments on the Visual Discrimination of Shape by Animals.
139470: SUTTON, GEOFFREY V. - Science for a Polite Society. Gender, Culture, and the Demonstation of Enlightenment.
138598: SUTTON, ROLAND. - The Herbert Strutt School, Belper, 1909-1959.
157150: SUTTON, TIFFANY. - The Classification of Visual Art. A Philosophical Myth and Its History.
142102: SUTTON, CAPTAIN A.W.F. - Seven Seas, Nine Lives.
152817: SUYIN, HAN. - The Morning Deluge. Mao Tsetung & the Chinese Revolution 1893 - 1954.
157481: SWAINE, CHRISTOPHER M. - Birds of Gloucestershire.
137567: SWAN, BRADFORD F. - Gregory Dexter of London and New England 1610-1700.
166947: SWAN, GUIDA. - John, Asleep on the Moor and Other Poems.
159327: SWAN, GUIDA. - John, Asleep on the Moor, and Other Poems.
159363: SWAN, GUIDA. - Patterns and Shapes. Poems.
149126: SWANBERG, W.A. - Sickles the Incredible.
143883: SWANK, DUANE. - Global Captial, Political Institutions, and Policy Change in Developed Welfare States.
169883: SWASTEK, REV. JOSEPH. - The Formative Years of the Polish Seminary in the United States.
137003: (BERGER) SWAYZE, CAROLYN. - Hard Choices. A Life of Tom Berger.
135585: SWEARINGEN, JAMES E. & CUTTING-GRAY, JOANE (EDITORS). - Extreme Beauty. Aesthetics, Politics, Death.
136208: SWEDENBORG, EMANUEL. - The Delights of Wisdom Relating to Conjugial Love, After Which Follow the Pleasures of Insanity Relating to Scortatory Love. From the Latin.
157557: SWEDENBORG, EMANUEL. - The Economy of the Animal Kingdom, Considered Anatomically, Physically, and Philosophically. Volume One [Only]. Translated from the Latin by the Rev. Augustus Cissold.
168100: SWEENEY, CHRISTOPHER. - Transported: In Place of Death. Convicts in Australia.
160732: SWEENEY, REGINA M. - Singing Our Way to Victory. French Cultural Politics and Music During the Great War.
140053: SWEET, WALDO E. - Sport and Recreation in Ancient Greece. A Sourcebook with Translations. Foreword by Erich Segal.
163568: SWEETMAN, JOHN. - The Oriental Obsession. Islamic Inspiration in British and American Art and Architecture.
138805: SWEETMAN, JOHN. - Raglan. From Peninsula to the Crimea.
137770: SWIFT, JONATHAN. - Satires and Personal Writings. Edited with Introduction and Notes by William Alfred Eddy.
152974: SWINNERTON, FRANK. - The Georgian Literary Scene. A Panorama.
165852: SWINTON, MAJOR-GENERAL SIR ED. - The Defence of Duffer’S Drift. A Few Experiences in the Field Defence for Detached Posts Which May Prove Useful in Our Next War.
158229: SYDENHAM, MJ. - The French Revolution.
163446: SYKES, STEVEN. - Decievers Ever. The Memoirs of a Camouflage Officer, 1939 - 1945.
165708: SYLVANUS, NINA. - Patterns in Circulation. Cloth, Gender, and Materiality in West Africa.
158401: SYM, JOHN. - Lifes Preservative Against Self-Killing. Edited with an Introduction by Michael Macdonald.
168473: SYMONS, JULIAN. - Bloody Murder. From the Detective Story to the Crime Novel: A History.
164751: SYMONS, JULIAN. - The Immaterial Murder Case.
153520: (CONRAD) SYMONS, ARTHUR. - Notes on Joseph Conrad. With Some Unpublished Letters.
164752: SYMONS, JULIAN. - The Belting Inheritance.
151227: SYNGE, PATRICK M. - Mountains of the Moon. An Expedition to the Equatorial Mountains of Africa.
159328: SYNGE, J.M. - The Shadow of the Glen and Riders to the Sea.
167652: (EDITOR) SZCZESNIAK, BOLESLAW. - The Opening of Japan. A Diary of Discovery in the Far East, 1853 - 1856 by Rear Admiral George Henry Preble, U.S. N.
161827: SZPILMAN, WLADYSLAW. - The Pianist. The Extraordinary Story of One Man’S Survival in Warsaw, 1939 - 45.
164369: (ACHESON) SZYMANOWITZ, RAYMOND. - Edward Goodrich Acheson. Inventor: Scientist: Industrialist.
165549: TABORI, PAUL. - Crime and the Occult. A Forensic Study.
170235: TAFT, MICHAEL. - The Blues Lyric Formula.
169409: TAFT, WILLIAM H. (PRESIDENT) AND OTHERS. - The Photographic History of the CIVIL War. Two Volumes in One. Volume 1: The Opening Battles and Two Years of Grim War.
137797: TAGORE, RABINDRANATH. - Sadhana. The Realisation of a Life.
151439: TAHAN, ILANA. - Hebrew Manuscripts. The Power of Script and Language.
158012: TAHAN, ILANA. - Hewbrew Manuscripts. The Power of Script and Image.
158972: TAI, JEANNE (EDITOR). - Spring Bamboo. A Collection of Contemporary Chingese Short Stories. Compiled and Translated. With a Foreword by Bette Bao Lord and an Introduction by Leo Ou-Fan Lee.
157297: TAINE, H.A. - History of English Literature. Translated by H. Van Laun. With a Preface Prepared Expressly for This Translation by the Author.
149730: TALBOT, BRIAN. - Tales from a Forgotten Planet. Issue #1 [Only].
165732: TALBOT, D. AMAURY. - Woman’S Mysteries of a Primitive People. The Ibibios of Southern Nigeria.
139088: TALBOTT, STROBE & CHANDA, NAYAN (EDITORS). - The Age of Terror. America and the World After September 11.
151395: TALLANT, HAROLD D. - Evil Necessity. Slavery and Political Culture in Antebellum Kentucky.
154775: TALLEMANT, GEDEON. - Miniature Portraits.
157980: TAMARI, MEIR. - “with All Your Possessions. ” Jewish Ethics and Economic Life.
159287: TANENBAUM, JAN KARL. - General Maurice Sarrail 1856 - 1929. The French Army and Left-Wing Politics.
169752: TANENHAUS, SAM. - Whittaker Chambers. A Biography.
170031: TANGERMAN, E.J. - Woodcarving Patterns from Around the World.
170022: TANGERMAN, E.J. - Whittling and Woodcarving.
157290: TANNER, JR. - English Constitutional Conflicts of the Seventeenth Century 1603 - 1689.
160672: TAPIA, JOHNNY AND GILOIS, BETTINA. - MI Vida Loca. The Crazy Life of Johnny Tapia.
167181: TARN, NATHANIEL (EDITOR). - Concuba an Anthology of Cuban Poetry of the Last Sixty Years.
161414: TASAKI, HANAMA. - Long the Imperial Way.
151076: TATE, W.E. - The Parish Chest. A Study of the Records of Parochial Administration in England.
161413: TATE, ALLEN. - The Fathers.
157448: TATE, PETER. - East Anglia and Its Birds.
148666: TATTERSALL, W.M. - Euphausiacea and Mysidacea Collected on the Presidentail Cruise of 1938.
162190: TAUB, HERBERT. - Illustrierter Fuhrer Dur Jugoslawien. (Konigreich Der Serben, Kroaten Und Slowenen). Herausgegeben in Einvernehmen Mit Dem Antlichen Stellen Zur Forderung Des Reiseverkehrs in Jugoslawien.
165864: (COMPILER) TAVENDER, IT. - Casualty Roll for the Zulu & Basuto Wars. South Africa 1877 - 79.
147025: (LONSDALE LIBRARY) TAVERNER, ERIC. - Trout Fishing from All Angles. A Complete Guide to Modern Methods; a Chapter on Trout Scales by G. Herbert Nall & the Legal Aspect of Fishing by Alban Bacon.
151909: TAWNEY, R.H. (EDITOR) WINTER, J.M. - The American Labour Movement and Other Essays.
148588: (BLAKE) TAYLER, IRENE. - Blake’S Illustrations to the Poems of Gray.
161412: TAYLOR, ELISABETH RUSSELL. - Tomorrow.
150422: TAYLOR, STEPHEN. - The Caliban Shore. The Fate of the Grosvenor Castaways.
162943: TAYLOR, ARCHER. - Selected Writings on Proverbs. Edited by Wolfgang Mieder.
151681: TAYLOR, ANNE. - Visions of Harmony. A Study in Nineteenth Century Millenarianism.
137791: (THACKERAY) TAYLOR, D.J. - Thackeray.
136920: TAYLOR, ELISABETH RUSSELL. - I Is Another.
149204: (SEMMES) TAYLOR, JOHN M. - Confederate Raider. Raphael Semmes of the Alabama.
138558: TAYLOR, ROSE; KAFEL, ANDREW & SMITH, RUSSELL. - Crossley Heath School.
170755: TAYLOR, D.J. - The Prose Factory. Literary Life in England Since 1918.
152652: TAYLOR, GRIFFITH, PROF. - Journeyman Taylor. The Education of a Scientist.
168531: TAYLOR, H. BALDWIN. - The Triumvirate.
168532: TAYLOR, ANDREW. - Waiting for the End of the World. A Novel.
161411: TAYLOR, ELISABETH RUSSELL. - Pillion Riders.
162931: TAYLOR, ERIC. - Women Who Went to War 1938 - 46.
167889: TAYLOR, IRENE E. STRICKLAND. - Diana or Christ. A Tale of the Days of Marcus Aurelius.
136050: TAYLOR, A.E. - The Faith of a Moralist. Gifford Lectures Delivered in the University of St. Andrews, 1926-1928. Series I. The Theological Implications of Morality.
168428: TAYLOR, LUCY. - Jeanette; or the Charity That Encourages a Multitude of Sins.
164868: (EDITOR) TAYLOR, SIDNEY. - The New Africans. Reuters Guide to the Contemporary History of Emergent Africa and Its Leaders.
136937: TAYLOR, MAUREEN A. - Scrapbooking Your Family History.
141878: TAYLOR, MICHAEL J.H. - Close Air Support. Armed Helicopters & Ground Attack Aircraft.
141921: TAYLOR, ERIC. - Operation Millenium. ‘Bomber’ Harris’S Raid on Cologne, May 1942.
157449: TAYLOR, D.W.; DAVENPORT, D.L. AND FLEGG, J.J.M. (EDITORS). - The Birds of Kent. A Review of Their Status and Distribution.
159026: TAYLOR, BLAINE. - Kaiser Bill! a New Look at Germany’S Last Emperor Willhelm II 1859 - 1941.
159282: TAYLOR, KATHERINE FISCHER. - In the Theater of Criminal Justice. The Palais de Justice in Second Empire Paris.
159014: [CHEKOV] TCHEHOV, ANTON. - Select Tales of Tchehov. Volume I [Only]. From the Russian by Constance Garnett.
138626: NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF HEAD TEACHERS. - Leeds and Harrogate. Whitsuntide 1957.
166852: TEAPE, WM. - The Secret Lore of India and the One Perfect Life for All. Being a Few Main Passages from the Upanishads.
136442: TEAR, ROBERT. - Singer Beware. A Cautionary Story of the Singing Class.
169736: TEC PUBLICATIONS, INC. - Amazing Stories: Science Fiction. February 1935. Volume 9 Number 10.
162054: TEC, NECHAMA. - In the Lion’S Den. The Life of Oswald Rufeisen.
169738: TECK PUBLICATIONS, INC. - Amazing Stories: Science Fiction. April 1937. Volume 11 Number 2.
169739: TECK PUBLICATIONS, INC. - Amazing Stories: Science Fiction. June 1935. Volume 10 Number 3.
169737: TECK PUBLICATIONS, INC. - Amazing Stories: Science Fiction. May 1934. Volume 9 Number 1.
169742: TECK PUBLICATIONS, INC.. - Amazing Stories: Science Fiction. Fall 1934. Volume 7 Number 2.
136052: TELLENBACH, GERD. - Church, State and Christian Society at the Time of the Investiture Contest. Translated by R.F. Bennett.
157983: (GOLDBERG) TELLER, ADAM (EDITOR). - Studies in the History of Old Poland. In Honor of Jacob Goldberg.
151932: TEMPLE, NIGEL (EDITOR). - Seen and Not Heard. A Garland of Fancies for Victorian Children. Selected and Introduced.
155400: TEMPLEWOOD, VISCOUNT. - The Unbroken Thread.
167018: TENNANT, WILLIAM. - Anster Fair. With Memoir and Notes.
161408: TENNANT, EMMA. - Hotel de Dream.
163498: TENNANT, EMMA. - The Last of the Country House Murders.
167023: TENNYSON, ALFRED, LORD. - The Death of Oenone, Akbar’S Dream, and Other Poems.
167007: TENNYSON, ALFRED. - Ballads and Other Poems.
137433: TENNYSON, G.B. - Victorian Devotional Poetry. The Tractarian Mode.
160707: TERAN, LISA ST. AUBIN DE. - The Bay of Silence.
139069: TERLEZKI, STEFAN. - From War to Westminster. Foreword by Lord Howe of Aberavon.
162886: TERLEZKI, STEFAN. - From War to Westminster.
140961: TERRAINE, JOHN. - Impacts of War 1914 & 1918.
160837: TERRAINE, JOHN. - To Win a War. 1918, the Year of Victory.
164336: TERRAY, LIONEL. - Les Conquerants de L’Inutile. Des Alpes a L’Annapurna.
170498: (BACH) TERRY, CHARLES SANFORD. - Bach: A Biography.
153217: TERRY, ARTHUR. - A Companion to Catalan Literature.
164234: TERRY, QUINLAN. - Quinlan Terry: Selected Works.
143305: TERTULLIANUS, QUINTUS SEPT[IMUS] FLOR[ENS]. - The Five Books of Quintus Sept. Flor. Tertullianus Against Marcion. Translated by Peter Holmes.
148357: TESSIER, L.J. - Dancing After the Whirlwind. Feminist Reflections on Sex, Denial, and Spiritual Transformation.
161738: TETLOW, L.D. - Brogan: To Earn a Dollar.
153415: TEVETH, SHABTAI. - Moshe Dayan. The Soldier, the Man, the Legend.
157918: (VARNHAGEN) TEWARSON, HEIDI THOMANN. - Rahel Levin Varnhagen. The Life and Work of a German Jewish Intellectual.
161406: THACKERAY, W.M. - The [Memoirs] of Mr. Charles J. Yellowplush, and the Diary of C. Jeames de la Pluche, Esq.
154771: THACKERAY, WILLIAM MAKEPEACE. - Sultan Stork and Other Stories and Sketches. Now First Collected. To Which Is Added the Bibliography of Thackeray, Revised and Considerably Enlarged.
154772: THACKERAY, WILLIAM MAKEPEACE. - The Paris Sketch Book of Mr. M.A. Titmarsh, and Little Travels and Road-Side Sketches.
162277: (HAWTREY) THACKERAY, FRANCIS ST. JOHN. - Memoir of Edward Craven Hawtrey, D. D, Headmaster and Afterwards Provost of Eton.
161444: THACKERAY, W.M. - Denis Duval: Lovel the Widower: And Other Stories.
161409: THACKERAY, W.M. - The Rose and the Ring, or, the History of Prince Giglio and Prince Bulbo. A Fire-Side Pantomime for Great and Small Children.
154802: THACKERAY, W.M. - A Collection of Letters of W.M. Thackeray 1847-1855.
161404: THACKERAY, WILLIAM MAKEPEACE. - The Wolves and the Lamb; Lovel the Widower; Denis Duval; Roundabout Papers. Edited, with an Introduction by George Saintsbury.
161443: THACKERAY, W.M. - The History of Henry Esmond, Colonel in the Service of Her Majesty Queen Anne.
154846: VAN THAL, HERBERT. - The Tops of the Mulberry Trees.
161766: THALMANN, RITA AND FEINERMANN, EMMANUEL. - Crystal Night. 9-10 November 1938.
156352: THALMANN, MARIANNE. - The Romantic Fairy Tale. Seeds of Surrealism. Translated by Mary B. Corcoran.
161255: THANE, PAT. - Cassell’S Companion to Twentieth Century Britain.
165866: THEAL, GEORGE MCCALL. - History of South Africa from 1795 to 1872. The Cape Colony from 1828 to 1846, Natal from 1824 to 1845, and Proceedings of the Emigrant Farmers from 1836 to 1847.
165867: THEAL, GEORGE MCCALL. - History of South Africa. 1486 - 1691.
168450: THEAR, KATIE. - Free-Range Poultry.
166030: (DROSTE-HUELSHOFF) THEISS, WINFRIED (EDITOR). - Annette Von Droste-Huelshoff. 1,2 [Only]. Historisch-Kritische Ausgabe. Gedichte Zu Lebzeiten. Dokumentation. Erster Teil.
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169549: WEAVER, JOHN D. - The Brownsville Raid. The Story of America’S “Black Dreyfus Affair”.
139835: WEAVER, JOHN D. - The Senator and the Sharecropper’S Son. Exoneration of the Brownsville Soldiers.
162952: WEAVER, HERBERT. - Divining the Primary Sense. Unfamiliar Radiation in Nature, Art and Science. With an Introduction by Mike Weaver.
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