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135600: SANDFORD, STELLA. - The Metaphysics of Love. Gender and Transcendence in Levinas.
140908: SANDISON, ALAN. - The Wheel of Empire. A Study of the Imperial Idea in Some Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth-Century Fiction.
129226: SANDON, HENRY. - The Illustrated Guide to Worcester Porcelain 1751-1793.
133881: SANDON, HENRY. - British Pottery and Porcelain. For Pleasure and Investment.
138466: SANDS, P.C. & HAWORTH, C.M. - A History of Pocklington School, East Yorkshire, 1514-1950.
150235: SANGER, ERNEST. - Englishmen at War. A Social History in Letters 1450-1900. With a Foreword by General Sir Anthony Farrar-Hockley.
158955: SANKI, SAITO. - The Kobe Hotel. Translated and with an Introduction by Saito Masaya.
154688: SANSOM, WILLIAM. - Pleasures Strange and Simple.
136056: SARAT, LEAH. - Fire in the Canyon. Religion, Migration, and the Mexican Dream.
158344: SARAT, AUSTIN (EDITOR). - The Killing State. Capital Punishment in Law, Politics, and Culture.
138000: SARGEAUNT, JOHN. - Annals of Westminster School.
155166: SARGENT, HELEN CHILD AND KITTREDGE, GEORGE LYMAN (EDITORS). - English and Scottish Popular Ballads.
128842: SARICKS, AMBROSE. - A Bibliography of the Frank E. Melvin Collection of Pamphlets of the French Revolution in Teh University of Kansas Libraries. Volume II [Only].
135512: SARKAR, HUSAIN. - The Toils of Understanding. An Essay on the Present Age.
141787: SARKAR, DILIP. - Hearts of Oak. The Human Tragedy of Hms Royal Oak.
144107: SARTORI, GIOVANNI. - Democratic Theory. Based on the Author’S Translation of Democrazia E Definizione (2nd Edition), IL Mulino, Bologna, 1958.
157151: SARTRE, JEAN-PAUL. - Being and Notingness. An Essay on Phenomenological Ontology. Translated by Hazel E. Barnes. Introduction by Mary Warnock.
158783: SARTRE, JEAN-PAUL. - The Reprieve. Translated from the French by Eric Sutton.
158281: SASSEN, SASKIA. - Globalization and Its Discontents.
154684: SASSOON, SIEGFRIED. - The Weald of Youth.
140946: SASSOON, SIEGFRIED. - The Complete Memoirs of George Sherston.
154686: SASSOON, SIEGFRIED. - Sherston’S Progress.
141174: SATLOFF, ROBERT. - Among the Righteous. Lost Stories from the Holocaust’S Long Reach Into Arab Lands.
150429: SAUER, CARL ORTWIN. - The Early Spanish Main. Carl Sauer’S Classic Account of the Land, Nature, and People Columbus Encountered in the Americas.
156192: SAUGERA, ERIC. - Bordeaux Port Negrier. Xviie - Xixe Siecles.
156061: (LEWIS) SAUNDERS, MAIR (EDITOR). - Saunders Lewis.
141431: SAUNDERS, HROWE H. - Der Verratene Sieg. Die Invasion in Der Normandie 1944 Und Ihre Hintergruende.
139920: (PLATO) SAUNDERS, TREVOR J. - Bibliography on Plato’S Laws, 1920-1970. With Additional Citations Through May 1975.
147569: (LEWIS) SAUNDERS, MAIR (EDITOR). - Saunders Lewis.
98072: SAUNDERS, JAMES ROBERT. - Tightrope Walk. Identity, Survival and the Corporate Identity in African American Literature.
149569: SAVA, GEORGE. - Valley of Forgotten People.
140898: (JONES) SAVILLE, JOHN. - Ernest Jones: Chartist. Selections from the Writings and Speeches of Ernest Jones with Introduction and Notes.
154636: (RHYS) SAVORY, ELAINE. - Jean Rhys.
136727: SAWFORD, ERIC. - Lner Six-Coupled Tank Locomotives 1948-68.
155215: SAWYER, ROGER. - Slavery in the Twentieth Century.
137041: (BOWLES) SAWYER-LAUCANNO, CHRISTOPHER. - An Invisible Spectator. A Biography of Paul Bowles.
156750: SAWYER-LAUCANNO, CHRISTOPHER. - The Continual Pilgrimage. American Writers in Paris, 1944-1960.
138220: SAYERS, STEVEN L. - Coming Back Together. A Guide to Successful Reintegration After Your Partner Returns from Military Deployment.
127170: SAYERS, L. DOROTHY. - The Just Vengeance. The Lichfield Festival Play for 1946.
135083: SCALA (PUBLISHER). - Andrea Mantegna.
135085: SCALA (PUBLISHER). - Musei Capitolini.
135445: SCALA (PUBLISHER). - Musei Capitolini.
135444: SCALA (PUBLISHER). - Uffizi.
135446: SCALA (PUBLISHER). - San Lorenzo.
154726: (SOLZHENITSYN) SCAMMELL, MICHAEL. - Sozhenitsyn: A Biography.
124202: SCANNELL, VERNON. - Drums of Morning. Growing Up in the Thirties.
124203: SCANNELL, VERNON. - Arguement of Kings.
124973: SCANNELL, VERNON. - Not without Glory. Poets of the Second World War.
135596: SCARBOROUGH, MILTON. - Comparative Theories of Nonduality. The Search for a Middle Way.
155682: SCARBOROUGH, DOROTHY. - The Supernatural in Modern English Fiction.
158237: SCHAEFFER, ROBERT K. - Understanding Globalization. The Social Consequences of Political, Economic, and Environmental Change.
142088: (ALPINE SOCIETY) SCHAETZ, JOS. JUL. (EDITOR). - Zeitschrift Des Deutschen Und Oesterreichischen Alpenvereins. Band 69 [Only]. Jahrgang 1938.
142089: (ALPINE SOCIETY) SCHAETZ, JOS. JUL. (EDITOR). - Zeitschrift Des Deutschen Und Oesterreichischen Alpenvereins. Band 70 [Only]. Jahrgang 1939.
142093: (ALPINE SOCIETY) SCHAETZ, JOS. JUL. (EDITOR). - Zeitschrift Des Deutschen Und Oesterreichischen Alpenvereins (Jahrbuch). Band 73 [Only]. Ergaenzungsband Zu Der Mitteilungen Des D.A. B. Jahrgang 1942.
142094: (ALPINE SOCIETY) SCHAETZ, JOS. JUL. (EDITOR). - Zeitschrift Des Deutschen Und Oesterreichischen Alpenvereins (Jahrbuch). Band 72 [Only]. Ergaenzungsband Zu Der Mitteilungen Des D.A. B. Jahrgang 1941.
142095: (ALPINE SOCIETY) SCHAETZ, JOS. JUL. (EDITOR). - Zeitschrift Des Deutschen Und Oesterreichischen Alpenvereins (Jahrbuch). Band 71 [Only]. Ergaenzungsband Zu Der Mitteilungen Des D.A. B. Jahrgang 1940.
137681: (ROWLING) SCHAFER, ELIZABETH D. - Exploring Harry Potter.
142022: SCHAFFER, RONALD. - Wings of Judgement. American Bombing in World War II.
148982: SCHAMA, SIMON. - Patriots and Liberators. Revolution in the Netherlands 1780-1813.
158892: SCHAPER, EDZARD. - The Dancing Bear. Translated from the German by Norman Denny.
157191: SCHAPIRO, BARBARA A. - The Romantic Mother. Narcissistic Patterns in Romantic Poetry.
158924: SCHARTEN-ANTINK, C. AND SCHARTEN-ANTINK, M. - The Rest Is Silence. Translated from the Dutch by J. Menzies Wilson.
158902: SCHAUMANN, AUGUST LUDOLF FRIEDRICH. - On the Road with Wellington. The Diary of a War Commissary.
88061: SCHECTER, ABRAHAM I. - Studies in Jewish Liturgy. Based on a Unique Manuscript Entitled Seder Hibbur Berakot. In Two Parts.
137318: SCHEEPSMA, WYBREN. - Medieval Religious Women in the Low Countries. The ‘Modern Devotion’, the Canonesses of Windesheim and Their Writings. Translated from the Dutch by David F. Johnson.
155546: (EDITOR) SCHEFER, CH. - Le Voyage D’Outremer de Bertrandon de la Broquiere. Premier Ecuyer Tranchant Et Conseiller de Phillipe le Bon, Duc de Bourgogne.
143109: SCHELLEN, DR. H. - Die Spectralanalyse in Ihrer Anwendung Auf Die Stoffe Der Erde Und Die Natur Der Himmelskoerper. Gemeinfasslich Dargestellt.
143111: SCHELLEN, DR. H. - Die Spectralanalyse in Ihrer Anwendung Auf Die Stoffe Der Erde Und Die Natur Der Himmelskoerper. Gemeinfasslich Dargestellt.
137562: SCHENCK, DAVID H.J. - Directory of the Lithographic Printers of Scotland 1820-1870. Their Locations, Periods, and a Guide to Artistic Lithographic Printers.
136539: (MOZART) SCHENK, ERICH. - Mozart and His Times. Edited and Translated from the German by Richard & Clara Winston.
139910: SCHERER, MARGARET R. - The Legends of Troy in Art and Literature.
153470: (CERVANTES) SCHEVILL, RUDOLPH. - Cervantes.
140231: SCHIFFMAN, ZACHARY SAYRE. - On the Threshold of Modernity. Relativism in the French Renaissance.
149205: SCHILLER, DR. DAVID TH. - The American CIVIL War Recreated in Colour Photographs.
156477: SCHILLER, [FRIEDRICH]. - Samtliche Werke. Volume III [Only]. Don Karlos; Briefe Uber “Don Karlos”; Korners Vormittag.
158893: SCHILLER, FRIEDRICH. - The Ghost-Seer. Translated by Henry G. Bohn and with a Critical Introduction by Jeffrey L. Sammons.
159325: SCHILLER, FREDERICK. - The Robbers. A Tragedy. Translated from the German.
157762: SCHILLING, KONRAD (EDITOR). - Monumenta Judaica: Katalog. 2000 Jahre Geschichte Und Kultur Der Juden Am Rhein. Eine Ausstellung IM Kolnischen Stadtmuseum, 15. Oktober 1963-15. Marz 1964.
157765: SCHILLING, KONRAD (EDITOR). - Monumenta Judaica: Handbuch. 2000 Jahre Geschichte Und Kultur Der Juden Am Rhein. Eine Ausstellung IM Kolnischen Stadtmuseum, 15. Oktober 1963-15. Marz 1964.
141432: SCHINDLER, HERBERT. - Mosty Und Dirschau 1939. Zwei Handstreiche Der Wehrmacht Vor Beginn Des Polenfeldzuges.
156425: SCHLAEGER, JURGEN. - Shakespeare Prize 1937-2006.
151920: SCHLEUTER, STANLEY L. (EDITOR). - Saxophone Recital Music. A Discography.
158891: SCHLINK, BERNHARD. - The Woman on the Stairs. Translated from the German by Joyce Hackett and Bradley Schmidt.
152639: SCHLOSSER, I. - Das Alte Glas. Ein Handbuch Fuer Sammler Und Liebhaber.
148148: SCHLOSSMAN, BERYL. - Objects of Desire. The Madonnas of Modernism.
154532: SCHMID, WALTER. - Au Vent Des Quatre Mille. Dans Les Alpes Suisses.
134137: SCHMIDT, CLARA. - 19th Century Ornament and Design.
133419: SCHMIDT, MARGARET FOX. - Passion’S Child. The Extraordinary Life of Jane Digby.
151440: SCHMIDT, FRANCIS. - How the Temple Thinks. Identity and Social Cohesion in Ancient Judaism. Translted by J. Edward Crowley.
142811: (HOMER) SCHMIDT, CARL EDUARD (EDITOR). - Parallel-Homer, Oder, Index Aller Homerischen Iterati in Lexikalischer Anordnung.
134801: SCHMIEDEKNECHT, TORSTEN. - Zamp Kelp. Expanding Space.
135209: SCHNEER, JONATHAN. - London 1900. The Imperial Metropolis.
155140: (WORDSWORTH) SCHNEIDER, BEN ROSS.. - Wordsworth’S Cambridge Education.
148333: SCHNEIDER, DOROTHY & SCHNEIDER, CARL J. - The ABC-Clio Companion to Women in the Workplace.
159225: SCHNITZLER, ARTHUR. - Casanova’S Homecoming.
147936: SCHOBEL, HEINZ. - The Ancient Olympic Games. Foreword by Avery Brundage.
143061: SCHODER, RAYMOND V. - Ancient Greece from the Air.
158921: SCHOEMAN, KAREL. - This Life. Translated from the Afrikaans by Else Silke.
160348: (LOUBSER) SCHOEMAN, CHRIS. - Seasons of Glory. The Life and Times of Bob Louser.
129376: SCHOENDOERFFER, PIERRE. - Farewell to the King. Translated by Xan Fielding.
157990: SCHOENFELD, GABRIEL. - The Return of Anti-Semitism.
138212: SCHOFIELD, JOHN. - Combat Archaeology. Material Culture and Modern Conflict.
141486: (WAVELL) SCHOFIELD, VICTORIA. - Wavell: Soldier & Statesman.
152964: SCHOFIELD, CAREY. - Inside the Pakistan Army. A Woman’S Experience on the Frontline of the War on Terror.
157796: SCHOLES, PERCY A. - The Life and Activities of Sir John Hawkins. Musician, Magistrate and Friend of Johnson.
128969: SCHOLZ, WILHELM (ILLUSTRATOR). - Bismarck-Album Des Kladderadatsch. Mit Dreihundert Zeichnungen. Und Vier Facsimilirten Briefern Des Reichskanzlers.
142767: SCHOM, ALAN. - Trafalgar. Countdown to Battle 1803-1805.
139416: SCHONLAND, SIR BASIL. - The Atomists (1805-1933).
138048: MANCHESTER GRAMMAR SCHOOL. - Customs & Curricula. List of Maps and Diagrams. Private - for Use of Masters Only.
154406: (LEWIS) SCHORER, MARK. - Sinclair Lewis: An American Life.
135363: SCHOTT, ROBIN MAY. - Cognition and Eros. A Critique of the Kantian Paradigm.
141133: SCHOTT, GEORG. - Die Beiden Welten.
143319: SCHOTTROFF, LUISE. - Lydia’S Impatient Sisters. A Feminist Social History of Early Christianity
137395: (MENCKEN, H. L.). SCHRADER, J. RICHARD. - H.L. Mencken. A Descriptive Bibliography.
136674: SCHREIBER, MARK. - Dreams of the Solo Trapeze: Offstage with the Cirque Du Soleil.
159243: SCHREINER, OLIVE (RALPH IRON). - The Story of an African Farm.
140697: SCHRIDER, DR. AUGUST (EDITOR). - Deutsche Kriegs-Zeitung 1870. [Bound with] Deutsche Kriegs-Zeitung 1871. Illustrirte Blaetter Vom Kriege. Mit Originalberichten Vom Kriegsschauplatz.
130331: SCHRIRE, CARMEL. - Digging Through Darkness. Chronicles of an Archaeologist.
129433: SCHROEDER, BERND. - The Madonnina. Translated from the German by Anthea Bell.
139820: SCHROEDER-LEIN, GLENNA R. - Confederate Hospitals on the Move. Samuel H. Stout and the Army of Tennessee.
135576: SCHROEDER, MARK. - Being for. Evaluating the Semantic Program of Expressivism.
101066: (MOMADAY) SCHUBNELL, MATTHIAS. (EDITOR). - Conversations with N. Scott Momaday.
137383: (MOORE) SCHULMAN, GRACE. - Mariane Moore. The Poetry of Engagement.
160385: SCHULMAN, ARLENE. - The Prizefighters. An Intimate Look at Champions and Contenders. Foreword by Budd Schulberg.
152657: SCHULZINGER, ROBERT D. - A Time for Peace. The Legacy of the Vietnam War.
133849: SCHUR, NATHAN. - Napoleon in the Holy Land.
149325: SCHUSTER, LORD. - Postscript to Adventure.
154708: SCHUSTER, LORD. - Postscript to Adventure.
150012: SCHUTZ, DIANA (EDITOR). - Happy Endings.
133537: SCHUUR, HEINRICH; MARTENS, ROLF & KOEHLER, WOLFGANG. - Fuhrungsprobleme Der Marine in Zweiten Weltkrieg.
153121: SCHWARTZ, STEPHEN. - The Two Faces of Islam. The House of Sa’Ud from Tradition to Terror.
150964: (LARR) SCHWARTZ, REV. DONALD R. (EDITOR). - In the Beginning: A Spiritualist’S Bible. The Original Works of Rev. Eugene C. Larr.
144668: SCHWARTZ, MARVIN. - We Wanna Boogie. The Rockabilly Roots of Sonny Burgess and the Pacers.
157907: SCHWARTZ, ODED. - In Search of Plenty. A History of Jewish Food.
157991: SCHWARTZ, LEON. - Diderot and the Jews.
143893: SCHWARZ, BILL (EDITOR). - West Indian Intellectuals in Britain.
153518: (CONRAD) SCHWARZ, DANIEL R. - Conrad. Almayer’S Folly to Under Western Eyes.
143905: SCHWARZMANTEL, JOHN. - The State in Contemporary Society. An Introduction.
135702: SCHWARZMANTEL, JOHN. - The State in Contemporary Society: An Introduction.
145527: SCHWEITZER, ALBERT. - Atgofion Bore Oes. Troswyd I’R Gymraeg Gan T. Glyn Thomas.
144901: SCHWEITZER, ALBERT. - Atgofion Bore Oes. Troswyd I’R Gymraeg Gan T. Glyn Thomas.
142742: SCHWEMMER, WILHELM. - Nuernberg. So Wie Es War.
126007: SCHWIMMER, ERIK (EDITOR). - The Maori People in the Ninteen-Sixties. A Symposium.
138741: SCHWITZER, JOAN. - Model for London: Victorian Farm School to Modern Primary. The Origins and Development of St. Michael’S, Highgate.
158863: SCIASCIA, LEONARDO. - The Council of Egypt. Translated from the Italina by Adrienne Foulke.
142761: SCORESBY, WILLIAM. - The 1823 Log Book of the Ship Baffin from Liverpool.
154892: SCOTT, R.F. - Scott’S Last Expedition. The Personal Journals of Captain R.F. Scott, Cvo, Rn, on His Journey to the South Pole.
123965: (TWAIN). SCOTT, ARTHUR L. (EDITOR). - Mark Twain. Selected Criticism.
151048: SCOTT, W.S. - Jeanne D’Arc.
123819: (BALDWIN). SCOTT, LYNN ORILLA. - James Baldwin’S Later Fiction. Witness to the Journey.
136986: SCOTT, DIXON. - A Number of Things.
144733: SCOTT, DEREK B. - The Singing Bourgeois. Songs of the Victorian Drawing Room and Parlour.
149871: SCOTT, KATHLEEN L. - Tradition and Innovation in Later Medieval English Manuscripts.
138831: SCOTT, DOUGLAS (EDITOR). - Douglas Haig. The Preparatory Prologue, 1861-1914. Diaries and Letters.
138396: SCOTT, CHRISTOPHER L.; TURTON, ALAN & ARNI, ERIC GRUBER VON. - Edgehill. The Battle Reinterpreted.
154048: (HERRICK) SCOTT, GEORGE WALTON. - Robert Herrick 1591-1674.
138066: SCOTT-GILES, C. WILFRID & SLATER, BERNARD V. - The History of Emanuel School 1594-1964.
138534: SCOTT, F.W.; SUTTON, A. & KING, N.J. - Hymers College: The First 100 Years.
141159: SCOTT-CLARK, CATHERINE & LEVY, ADRIAN. - The Amber Room. The Untold Stroy of the Greatest Hoax of the Twentieth Century.
124953: SCOTT, W.S. - The Fantasticks. Donne. Herbert. Crashaw. Vaughan.
156479: SCOTT, WALTER. - Schloss Avalon. Frei Nach Dem Englishen Des Walter Scott, Vom Ueberfetzer Des Balladmor.
136460: SCOTT, MICHAEL. - The Great Caruso.
146848: [RUDD, D.W.] ‘JOCK SCOTT’ (EDITOR). - Greased Line Fishing for Salmon. Compiled from the Fishing Papers of the Late A.H. E. Wook, of Glassel. With Contrigution by the Rt. Hon. J.W. Hills and G.M. La Branche.
154679: SCOTT, PAUL. - My Appointment with the Muse. Essays, 1961-75. Edited with an Introduction by Shelley C. Reece.
152720: (EDITORS) SCOTT-STOKES, HENRY AND EUI, LEE JAE. - The Kwangju Uprising. Eyewitness Press Accounts of Korea’S Tiananmnen.
160281: SCOTT, R.W.H. AND MCLEAN, T.P. - The Bob Scott Story.
157427: SCOTT, GEOFFREY. - The Architecture of Humanism. A Study in the History of Taste.
159336: SCOVELL, E.J. (EDITOR). - Fritillary. Magazine of Teh Oxford Women’S Colleges. Octorber 26, 1929.
151828: SCREETON, PAUL. - Quicksilver Heritage. The Mystic Leys: Their Legacy of Ancient Wisdom.
157154: SCRUTON, ROGER. - News from Somewhere: On Settling.
151851: SCULLY, VINCENT. - Architecture: The Natural and the Man-Made.
158239: SCULLY, ROGER. - Becoming Europeans? Attitudes, Behaviour, and Socialization in the European Parliament.
158232: SCURR, RUTH. - Fatal Purity. Robespierre and the French Revolution.
142002: SCUTTS, JERRY. - Aces and Pilots of the Us 8th/9th Air Forces.
149351: SEABORNE, MALCOLM. - Schools in Wales 1500-1900. A Social and Architectural History.
136740: SEALEY, JOHN. - The History of Wessex Coaches Ltd. A Company with Two Faces.
145604: SEALEY, LEONARD (EDITOR). - Dyn.
141970: SEARBY, AIR COMMODORE JOHN. - The Everlasting Arms. The War Memoirs of Air Commodore John Searby, Dso, Dfc. Edited by Martin Middlebrook.
154704: SEARCY, DAVID. - Shame and Wonder. Essays.
149390: SEARLE, ELSA J. - The Rivers of Monmouthshire. A Geomorphological Study.
155150: SEARLE, JOHN R. - Making the Social World. The Structure of Human Civilisation.
159226: SEARLE, RONALD. - Hurrah for St. Trinian’S, and Other Lapses. Foreword by D.B. Wyndham Lewis.
158398: SEARLES, HAROLD F. - Collected Papers on Schizophrenia and Related Subjects.
139821: SEARS, STEPHEN W. (EDITOR). - The CIVIL War: The Best of American Heritage. Edited with an Introduction.
128289: SEATON, ALBERT. - The Horsemen of the Steppes. The Story of the Cossacks.
142915: SEATON, ALBERT. - The Russo-German War 1941-45.
149340: (YOUNGHUSBAND) SEAVER, GEORGE. - Francis Younghusband. Explorer and Mystic.
152918: (EDITOR) HONORARY PHILOLOGICAL SECRETARY. - Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal. Vol LXIX. Part I. (History, Antiquities, Etc. ) (Nos. I and II - 1900).
135789: SEDDON, DAVID (EDITOR). - Relations of Production. Marxist Approaches to Economic Anthropology. Translated by Helen Lackner.
145282: SEDLEY, DAVID (EDITOR). - Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy. Volume XXXI [Only]. Winter 20006.
139202: SEGAL, DANIEL (EDITOR). - Crossing Cultures. Essays in the Displacement of Western Civilization.
143315: SEGAL, ALAN F. - Paul the Convert. The Apostolate and Apostasy of Saul the Pharisee.
158000: SEGAL, SAMUEL M. - The Sabbath Book.
91346: (CORNEILLE). SEGALL, J.B. - Corneille and the Spanish Drama.
143965: SEIDMAN, STEVEN. - Liberalism and the Origins of European Social Theory.
140745: SEIGEL, JERROLD. - Bohemian Paris. Culture, Politics, and the Boundaries of Bourgeois Life, 1830-1930.
97665: (PATER). SEILER, ROBERT M. (EDITOR). - The Book Beautiful. Walter Pater and the House of Macmillan.
156371: SEINFELT, MARK. - Final Drafts. Suicides of World-Famous Authors. Foreword by Paul West.
152687: SEKON, G.A. - Locomotion in Victorian London.
158279: SELBOURNE, DAVID. - The Principle of Duty. An Essay on the Foundations of the CIVIC Order.
149357: SELBY, MARTIN. - Spaniards in the Valleys.
133618: SELBY, JOHN. - The Thin Red Line of Balaclava.
137722: SELF, WILL. - Feeding Frenzy.
154909: (WHITMAN) SELINCOURT, BASIL DE. - Walt Whitman: A Critical Study.
156435: SELINCOURT, ERNEST DE. - Wordsworthian and Other Studies.
158807: SELINKO, ANNEMARIE. - Desiree. Translated by Arnold Bender and E.W. Dickes.
140123: SELLAR, W.Y. - The Roman Poets of the Republic.
95571: (SHELLEY). SELLE, WILLIAM CHRISTIAN. - Hellas: A Lyrical Drama by Percy Bysshe Shelley the Choruses Set to Music.
159192: SELLER, W.C. AND YEATMAN, R.J. - 1066 and All That. Introduction by Frank Muir.
157140: (RUSSELL, LADY RACHEL) SELLWOOD, THOMAS. - Letters of Lady Rachel Russell. From the Manuscript in the Library at Woburn Abbey. To Which Is Prefixed, an Introduction, Vindicating the Character of Lord Russell Against Sir John Dalrymple, Etc.
157986: SELTZER, ROBERT M. (EDITOR). - Judaism: A People and Its History. Religion, History, and Culture. Selections from the Encyclopedia of Religion. Mircea Eliade: Editor in Chief.
159000: SELVER, P. (TRANSLATOR). - Anthology of Modern Slavonic Literature in Prose and Verse. With an Introduction and Literary Notes.
148431: SELVIDGE, MARLA J. - Notorious Voices: Feminist Biblical Interpretation, 1500-1920.
141425: SELWYN, FRANCIS. - Hitler’S Englishman. The Crime of ‘Lord Haw-Haw. ’
138078: SELWYN, THOMAS KYNASTON. - Eton in 1829-1830. A Diary of Boating and Other Events Written in Greek. Edited with Tranlsation and Notes by the Rev. Edmond Warre, D.D. , M.V. O. , Headmaster of Eton.
153595: THE 1979 INTERNATIONAL PRESS SEMINAR. - The Arab Image in the Western Media.
144698: (NICHOLSON) SEMLER, DERRICK & KEITH, CHRISTOPHER. - Headhunter: The Blues Odyssey of J.D. Nicholson.
158779: SEMPRUN, JORGE. - The Cattle Truck. Translated from the French by Richard Seaver.
158681: SENDER, RAMON J. - The Affable Hangman. Translated from the Spanish by Florence Hall.
158682: SENDER, RAMON J. - Before Noon. A Novel in Three Parts.
133244: SERES, FRANCESC. - Russian Stories. Translated from the Russian by Anastasia Maximova. Translated from the Catalan by Peter Bush.
159005: SERES, FRANCESC. - Russian Stories. Translated from the Russian by Anastasia Maximova. Translated from the Catalan by Peter Bush.
128829: SERGEANT, HOWARD. - The Headlands.
155494: SERGEANT, JEAN. - Howard Mbe of Outposts.
133261: SERNA, ENRIQUE. - Fear of Animals. Translated by Georgina Jimenez Reynoso.
155542: MERCEDES-BENZ SERVICE. - W203 C-Class Engine. Introduction Into Service: Preliminary.
155537: MERCEDES-BENZ SERVICE. - Passenger Car Series 126. Introduction Into Service.
97800: SERVICE, ROBERT W. - The Shooting of Dan Mcgraw. Paintings by Ted Harrison.
101063: (KENNEDY). SESHACHARI, NEILA C. - Conversations with William Kennedy.
112271: SESSLER, PETER. - Illustrated Mercury. Buyer’S Guide.
129199: SETON, GRACE GALLATIN. - Nimrod’S Wife.
131562: SETON, ERNEST THOMPSON. - Two Little Savages. Being the Adventures of Two Boys Who Lived As Indians and What They Learned.
151859: SETON, ERNEST THOMPSON. - Lobo, and Other Stories from Wild Animals I Have Known. Being the Personal Histories of Lobo, Silverspot, Redruff, Bingo.
152728: BANK FOR INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENTS. - 62nd Annual Report. 1st April 1991-31st March 1992. Basle, 15th June 1992.
152724: BANK FOR INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENTS. - 61st Annual Report. 1st April 1990-31st March 1991. Basle, 10th June 1991.
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136134: STOURTON, EDWARD. - John Paul II. Man of History.
151187: STOUT, NANCY. - One Day in December. Celia Sanchez and the Cuban Revolution.
153012: STRACHAN, W.J. - The Artist and the Book in France. The 20th Century Livre D’Artiste.
154786: STRACHEY, JOHN. - The Strangled Cry, and Other Unparliamentary Papers.
154731: (SMITH) STRACHEY, BARBARA. - Remarkable Relations. The Story of the Pearsall Smith Family.
154783: STRACHEY, LYTTON. - Portraits in Miniature. And Other Essays.
154603: (POPE) STRACHEY, LYTTON. - Pope. The Leslie Stephen Lecture for 1925.
159268: STRACHEY, LYTTON. - Ermyntrude and Esmeralda. An Entertainment. Introduction by Michael Holroyd.
157985: STRACK, H.L. AND STEMBERGER, G. - Introduction to the Talmud and Midrash. Translated by Markus Bockmuehl. Foreword by Jacob Neusner.
149005: STRADLING, JOHN. - The Storie of the Lower Borowes of Merthyrmawr. Edited by Henry John Randall and William Rees.
159250: STRAKOSCH, HENRY E. - State Absolutism and the Rule of Law. The Struggle for the Codification of CIVIL Law in Austria 1753 - 1811.
159693: LE STRANGE, JOHN. - Denied.
158527: (STRANGFORD) STRANGFORD, VICOUNTESS (EDITOR). - Original Letters and Papers of the Late Viscount Strangford Upon Philological and Kindred Subjects.
116321: (HAYNES.) STRASMAN, PETER G. - Fiat Strada Owners Workshop Manual
138490: STRATFORD, JOAN. - A History of Totley All Saints Church of England School, Sheffield 1827-2000.
160395: STRATFORD KARATE KAI, THE. - Karate Made Easy. An Intructional Manual for Beginners and Medium-Advanced Pupils.
152105: STRATHERN, ANDREW. - The Rope of Moka. Big-Men and Ceremonial Exchange in Mount Hagen, New Guinea.
138776: STRATMANN, LINDA. - Whiteley’S Folly. The Life and Death of a Salesman.
109277: ASCHER / STRAUS. - ABC Street.
142956: STRAUSS, BARRY S. - Fathers and Sons in Athens. Ideology and Society in the Era of the Peloponnesian War.
141102: STRAWSON, JOHN. - Hitler As Military Commander.
142713: STRAWSON, JOHN. - Beggars in Red. The British Army 1789-1889.
142545: STRAY, CHRISTOPHER. - The Mushri-English Pronouncing Dictionary. A Chapter in 19th-Century Public School Lexicography. The Text of the ‘Seventh’ Edition (1901) with an Introduction and Notes.
132395: STREATFEILD, D. - Persephone: A Study of Two Worlds.
139063: STREATHER, ADRIAN. - Soviet General & Field Rank Officer Uniforms: 1955-1991. (Land, Air, Border & Intelligence Services).
139342: STRECKER, IVO. - The Social Practice of Symbolization. An Anthropological Analysis.
156354: STREET, BRIAN V. - The Savage in Literature. Representations of ‘Primitive’ Society in English Fiction 1858-1920.
141685: STREETER, MICHAEL. - Behind Closed Doors. The Power and Infuluence of Secret Societies.
156024: VAN STRIEN, KEES. - Touring the Low Countries. Accounts of British Travellers, 1660 - 1720.
129449: STRINDBERG, AUGUST. - Getting Married. Parts I and II. Translated from the Swedish , Edited and Introduced by Mary Sandbach.
158898: STRINDBERG, AUGUST. - A Madman’S Manifesto. Le Plaidoyer D’Un Fou. Tranlsted by Anthon Swerling from the French in Which le Plaidoyer D’Un Fou Was Written.
158899: STRINDBERG, AUGUST. - A Madman’S Defence. (le Plaidoyer D’Un Fou. ) Translation Based on Ellie Schleussner’S Version, the Confessions of a Fool. Revised and Edited by Evert Sprinchorn.
143276: (NEWMAN) STROLZ, M.K. ET AL (EDITORS). - John Henry Newman. Commemorative Essays on the Occasion of the Centenary of His Cardinalate, 1879-May-1979.
135526: STROMEYER, C.E. - Unity in Nature. An Ananlogy between Music and Life.
151045: STRONG, THOMAS B. - Christian Ethics. Eight Lectures Preached Before the University of Oxford in the Year 1895. On the Foundation of the Late Rev. John Bampton, M.A. , Canon of Salisbury.
147892: STRONG, D.E. - Greek and Roman Gold and Silver Plate.
138577: STRONG, RUTH. - A History of Fulneck Girls’ School 1741-1994.
127039: (STEVENSON). STRONG, ISOBEL & OSBOURNE, LLOYD. - Memories of Vailima.
157503: STRONG, LAG. - Dr. Quicksilver 1660 - 1742. The Life and Times of Thomas Dover, Md.
154227: (JAMES) STROUSE, JEAN. - Alice James: A Biography.
155501: STRUDWICK, NIGEL & HELEN. - Thebes in Egypt. A Guide to the Tombs and Temples of Ancient Luxor.
152886: STRUTT, JOSEPH. - The Sports and Pastimes of the People of England. Including the Rural and Domestic Recreations, May Games, Munneries, Shows, Processions, Pageants, and Pompous Spectacles, from the Earliest Period to the Present Time... A New Edition with a Copious Index, by William Hone.
157344: STUART, VINCENT (EDITOR). - Harvest. Volume Two [Only]: The Household.
157577: STUART, FLORA MAXWELL. - Lady Nithsdale and the Jacobites.
157292: STUBBS, JOHN. - Reprobates. The Cavaliers of the English CIVIL War.
157775: INSTITUTE FOR POLISH-JEWIS STUDIES. - Polin. Volume 1 [Only]: A Journal of Polish-Jewish Studies.
158037: INSTITUTE FOR POLISH-JEWIS STUDIES. - Polin. Volume 2 [Only]: A Journal of Polish-Jewish Studies.
158038: INSTITUTE FOR POLISH-JEWIS STUDIES. - Polin. Volume 5 [Only]: A Journal of Polish-Jewish Studies.
144878: STUDLAR, GAYLYN. - This Mad Masquerade. Stardom and Masculinity in the Jazz Age.
154572: STYLES, SHOWELL. - The Moated Mountain.
147907: STYRENIUS, CARL-GUSTAF & DIETZ, SOREN. - Asine II. Results of the Excations East of the Acropolis 1970-1974. Directed by Carl-Gustaf Styrenius and Soren Dietz for the Swedish Institute of Classical Studies in Athens. Fasc. 2. The Middle Helladic Cemetery, the Middle Helladic and Early Mycenean Deposits, by Soren Dietz.
154780: STYRON, WILLIAM. - This Quiet Dust. And Other Writings.
132965: STYRON, WILLIAM. - Inheritance of Night. Early Drafts of Lie Down in Darkness. With a Preface by the Author and an Introduction by James L.W. West III.
158780: SUE, EUGENE. - The Wandering Jew. Reprinted from the Original Chapman and Hall Edition.
125072: SULLEROT, EVELYNE. - Women on Love. Eight Centuries of Feminine Writing. Translated by Helen R. Lane.
137954: O’SULLIVAN, JOANNE. - Creative Stitching on Paper. 40 Beautiful Projects, from Scrapbook Pages to Chinese Lanterns.
140103: SULLIVAN, J.P. (EDITOR). - Critical Essays on Roman Literture. Edited with an Introduction.
148632: SULLIVAN, J.P. (EDITOR). - Critical Essays on Roman Literature: Satire.
148634: SULLIVAN, J.P. (EDITOR). - Critical Essays on Roman Literature: Elegy and Lyric. Edited with an Introduction.
135786: SULLIVAN, VICKIE (EDITOR). - The Comedy & Tragedy of Machiavelli. Essays on the Literary Works.
158259: O’SULLIVAN, NOEL (EDITOR). - Political Theory in Transition.
158317: O’SULLIVAN, NIAMH. - Every Dark Hour. A History of Kilmainmam Jail.
158439: SULLIVAN, SHIRLEY DARCUS. - Psychological Activity in Homer. A Study of Phren.
146810: (FREUD) SULLOWAY, FRANK J. - Freud, Biologist of the Mind. Beyon the Psychoanalytic Legend.
156415: SUMMERS, JUDITH. - The Empress of Pleasure. The Life and Adventures of Teresa Cornelys - Queen of Masquerades and Casanova’S Lover.
140650: SUMMERVILLE, CHRISTOPHER. - March of Death. Sir John Moore’S Retreat to Corunna, 1808-09.
157362: SUMNER, W.L. - The Pianoforte.
148275: SUN, WEI YUE & CHEN, WILLIAM. - Tai Chi Ch’Uan. The Gentle Workout for Mind & Body.
148471: (WOLLSTONECRAFT) SUNSTEIN, EMILY W. - A Difference Face. The Life of Mary Wollstonecraft.
151715: SUPPES, PATRICK. - Introduction to Logic.
160055: SURTEES, VIRGINIA. - A Beckford Inheritance. The Lady Lincoln Scandal.
137774: SURTEES, ROBERT SMITH. - Scenes and Characters. Edited and Introduced by Cyril Ray.
137675: (RUSKIN) SURTEES, VIRGINIA (EDITOR). - Sublime & Instructive. Letters from John Ruskin to Louisa, Marchioness of Waterford, Anna Blunden and Ellen Heaton.
149686: SURTEES, R.S. - Hunts with Jorrocks from Robert Surtees’ Handley Cross.
149677: SURTEES, ROBERT SMITH. - Young Tom Hall: His Heart-Aches and Horses.
137678: (RUSKIN) SURTEES, VIRGINIA (EDITOR). - Reflections of a Friendship. John Ruskin’S Letters to Pauline Trevelyan 1848-1866. Foreword by Raleigh Trevelyan.
156078: SUSSMAN, GEORGE D. - Selling Mothers’ Milk. The Wet-Nursing Business in France 1715 - 1914.
157561: SUSSMAN, MAURICE. - Animal Growth and Development.
155396: (EDITOR) SUTCLIFFE, ANTHONY. - The Rise of Modern Urban Planning 1800 - 1914.
136467: SUTHERLAND, ROBERT. - Maria Callas. Diaries of a Friendship.

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