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160758: SANCHEZ, THOMAS. - Rabbit Boss.
138459: SANCTUARY, BRIAN. - Sleeping in the Snow. The Story of York’S Open Air Schools.
154689: SAND, GEORGE. - Winter in Majorca. With Jose Quadrado’S Refutation of George Sand. Translated and Annotated by Robert Graves.
160754: SANDEL, CORA. - The Silken Thread. Stories and Sketches. Translated from the Norwegian and with an Introduction by Elizabeth Rokkan.
141167: SANDER, GORDON F. - The Frank Family That Survived. A Twentieth-Century Odyssey.
136694: SANDERS, JONATHAN. - Antoher Fine Dress. Role-Play in the Films of Laurel and Hardy.
143304: SANDERS, JACK T. - Schismatics, Sectarians, Dissidents, Deviants. The First One Hundred Years of Jewish-Christian Relations.
160755: SANDFORD, KEN. - Dead Secret.
135600: SANDFORD, STELLA. - The Metaphysics of Love. Gender and Transcendence in Levinas.
140908: SANDISON, ALAN. - The Wheel of Empire. A Study of the Imperial Idea in Some Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth-Century Fiction.
170742: SANDISON, ALAN. - The Wheel of Empire. A Study of the Imperial Idea in Some Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth-Century Fiction.
160756: SANDON, CAROLINE. - Burnt Norton.
170353: SANDS, MOLLIE. - Inivitation to Ranleagh 1742-1803. Hither Nymphs and Swains Repair, Quit the Baleful Scenes of Strife, Leave the Rugged Paths of Care, and Taste of Joys That Sweeten Life. Inivitation to Ranelagh, Song by Michael Arne 1780.
158955: SANKI, SAITO. - The Kobe Hotel. Translated and with an Introduction by Saito Masaya.
154688: SANSOM, WILLIAM. - Pleasures Strange and Simple.
160751: SANSOM, WILLIAM. - Lord Love Us.
160750: SANSOM, WILLIAM. - The Last Hours of Sandra Lee.
168104: SANSOM, BASIL. - The Camp at Wallaby Cross. Aboriginal Fringe Dwellers in Darwin.
163156: [MCNEILE, H.C.] “SAPPER.” - Bulldog Drummond at Bay.
163155: [MCNEILE, H.C.] “SAPPER.” - Jim Maitland.
163154: [MCNEILE, H.C.] “SAPPER.” - The Man in Ratcatcher. And Other Stories.
163172: [MCNEILE, H.C.] “SAPPER.” - Tiny Carteret.
163170: [MCNEILE, H.C.] “SAPPER.” - Bulldog Drummond: His Four Rounds with Carl Peterson. As Described by...
164750: [MCNEILE, H.C.] “SAPPER.” - Ronald Standish.
136056: SARAT, LEAH. - Fire in the Canyon. Religion, Migration, and the Mexican Dream.
158344: SARAT, AUSTIN (EDITOR). - The Killing State. Capital Punishment in Law, Politics, and Culture.
138000: SARGEAUNT, JOHN. - Annals of Westminster School.
166960: SARGEAUNT, JOHN. - Westminster Verses. With a Memoir by the Rev. Dr. James Gow.
168407: SARGENT, G.E. - Havering Hall.
141787: SARKAR, DILIP. - Hearts of Oak. The Human Tragedy of Hms Royal Oak.
158783: SARTRE, JEAN-PAUL. - The Reprieve. Translated from the French by Eric Sutton.
158281: SASSEN, SASKIA. - Globalization and Its Discontents.
154684: SASSOON, SIEGFRIED. - The Weald of Youth.
140946: SASSOON, SIEGFRIED. - The Complete Memoirs of George Sherston.
167189: SASSOON, SIEGFRIED. - Rhymed Ruminations.
166948: SASSOON, SIEGFRIED. - The Road to Ruin.
162009: SATLOFF, ROBERT. - Among the Righteous. Lost Stories from the Holocaust’S Long Reach Into Arab Lands.
167654: SATO, GISEN. - A Governor’S Sermons.
150429: SAUER, CARL ORTWIN. - The Early Spanish Main. Carl Sauer’S Classic Account of the Land, Nature, and People Columbus Encountered in the Americas.
156192: SAUGERA, ERIC. - Bordeaux Port Negrier. Xviie - Xixe Siecles.
160745: SAUL, JACK. - Sins of the Cities of the Plain.
169433: SAUNDERS, ANN. - The Art and Architecture of London. An Illustrated Guide.
141431: SAUNDERS, HROWE H. - Der Verratene Sieg. Die Invasion in Der Normandie 1944 Und Ihre Hintergruende.
163983: SAUNDERS, K.J. - Buddhist Ideals. (a Study in Comparative Religion. )
160746: SAUNDERS, ADELIA. - Indelible. A Novel.
160744: SAVA, GEORGE. - The Bride of Neptune.
160743: SAVAGE, ALAN. - The Eight Banners.
140898: (JONES) SAVILLE, JOHN. - Ernest Jones: Chartist. Selections from the Writings and Speeches of Ernest Jones with Introduction and Notes.
154636: (RHYS) SAVORY, ELAINE. - Jean Rhys.
136727: SAWFORD, ERIC. - Lner Six-Coupled Tank Locomotives 1948-68.
156750: SAWYER-LAUCANNO, CHRISTOPHER. - The Continual Pilgrimage. American Writers in Paris, 1944-1960.
155215: SAWYER, ROGER. - Slavery in the Twentieth Century.
137041: (BOWLES) SAWYER-LAUCANNO, CHRISTOPHER. - An Invisible Spectator. A Biography of Paul Bowles.
170444: SAYER, CHLOE. - Fiesta. Days of the Dead and Other Mexical Festivals.
138220: SAYERS, STEVEN L. - Coming Back Together. A Guide to Successful Reintegration After Your Partner Returns from Military Deployment.
163501: SAYLOR, STEVEN. - A Mist of Prophecies. A Mystery of Ancient Rome.
163500: SAYLOR, STEVEN. - A Murder on the Appian Way. A Mystery of Ancient Rome.
135083: SCALA (PUBLISHER). - Andrea Mantegna.
135085: SCALA (PUBLISHER). - Musei Capitolini.
135445: SCALA (PUBLISHER). - Musei Capitolini.
135446: SCALA (PUBLISHER). - San Lorenzo.
154726: (SOLZHENITSYN) SCAMMELL, MICHAEL. - Sozhenitsyn: A Biography.
135596: SCARBOROUGH, MILTON. - Comparative Theories of Nonduality. The Search for a Middle Way.
165064: SCHAEFER, HANS DIETER. - Berlin IM Zweiten Weltkrieg. Der Untergang Der Reichshauptstadt in Augenzeugenberichten.
158237: SCHAEFFER, ROBERT K. - Understanding Globalization. The Social Consequences of Political, Economic, and Environmental Change.
142088: (ALPINE SOCIETY) SCHAETZ, JOS. JUL. (EDITOR). - Zeitschrift Des Deutschen Und Oesterreichischen Alpenvereins. Band 69 [Only]. Jahrgang 1938.
142089: (ALPINE SOCIETY) SCHAETZ, JOS. JUL. (EDITOR). - Zeitschrift Des Deutschen Und Oesterreichischen Alpenvereins. Band 70 [Only]. Jahrgang 1939.
142093: (ALPINE SOCIETY) SCHAETZ, JOS. JUL. (EDITOR). - Zeitschrift Des Deutschen Und Oesterreichischen Alpenvereins (Jahrbuch). Band 73 [Only]. Ergaenzungsband Zu Der Mitteilungen Des D.A. B. Jahrgang 1942.
142094: (ALPINE SOCIETY) SCHAETZ, JOS. JUL. (EDITOR). - Zeitschrift Des Deutschen Und Oesterreichischen Alpenvereins (Jahrbuch). Band 72 [Only]. Ergaenzungsband Zu Der Mitteilungen Des D.A. B. Jahrgang 1941.
142095: (ALPINE SOCIETY) SCHAETZ, JOS. JUL. (EDITOR). - Zeitschrift Des Deutschen Und Oesterreichischen Alpenvereins (Jahrbuch). Band 71 [Only]. Ergaenzungsband Zu Der Mitteilungen Des D.A. B. Jahrgang 1940.
137681: (ROWLING) SCHAFER, ELIZABETH D. - Exploring Harry Potter.
142022: SCHAFFER, RONALD. - Wings of Judgement. American Bombing in World War II.
165681: SCHAM, ALAN. - Lyautey in Morocco. Protectorate Administration 1912 - 1925.
164864: (EDITOR) SCHAPERA, I. - David Livingstone South African Papers 1849 - 1853.
157191: SCHAPIRO, BARBARA A. - The Romantic Mother. Narcissistic Patterns in Romantic Poetry.
158924: SCHARTEN-ANTINK, C. AND SCHARTEN-ANTINK, M. - The Rest Is Silence. Translated from the Dutch by J. Menzies Wilson.
166069: SCHAUWECKER, FRANZ. - Aufbruch Der Nation.
137318: SCHEEPSMA, WYBREN. - Medieval Religious Women in the Low Countries. The ‘Modern Devotion’, the Canonesses of Windesheim and Their Writings. Translated from the Dutch by David F. Johnson.
155546: (EDITOR) SCHEFER, CH. - Le Voyage D’Outremer de Bertrandon de la Broquiere. Premier Ecuyer Tranchant Et Conseiller de Phillipe le Bon, Duc de Bourgogne.
137562: SCHENCK, DAVID H.J. - Directory of the Lithographic Printers of Scotland 1820-1870. Their Locations, Periods, and a Guide to Artistic Lithographic Printers.
162202: (MOZART) SCHENK, ERICH. - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Eine Biographie.
136539: (MOZART) SCHENK, ERICH. - Mozart and His Times. Edited and Translated from the German by Richard & Clara Winston.
139910: SCHERER, MARGARET R. - The Legends of Troy in Art and Literature.
153470: (CERVANTES) SCHEVILL, RUDOLPH. - Cervantes.
167005: SCHILLER, JOHANN CHRISTOPH FRIEDRICH VON. - William Tell. Translated by Samuel Robinson.
149205: SCHILLER, DR. DAVID TH. - The American CIVIL War Recreated in Colour Photographs.
162137: SCHILLER, [FRIEDRICH]. - Samtliche Werke 3 [Only]. Don Karlos; Driefe Uber “Don Karlos”; Korners Vormittag.
156477: SCHILLER, [FRIEDRICH]. - Samtliche Werke. Volume III [Only]. Don Karlos; Briefe Uber “Don Karlos”; Korners Vormittag.
159325: SCHILLER, FREDERICK. - The Robbers. A Tragedy. Translated from the German.
157762: SCHILLING, KONRAD (EDITOR). - Monumenta Judaica: Katalog. 2000 Jahre Geschichte Und Kultur Der Juden Am Rhein. Eine Ausstellung IM Kolnischen Stadtmuseum, 15. Oktober 1963-15. Marz 1964.
157765: SCHILLING, KONRAD (EDITOR). - Monumenta Judaica: Handbuch. 2000 Jahre Geschichte Und Kultur Der Juden Am Rhein. Eine Ausstellung IM Kolnischen Stadtmuseum, 15. Oktober 1963-15. Marz 1964.
166053: SCHIRACH, HENRIETTE VON. - Der Preis Der Herrlichkeit. Erfahrene Zeitgeschichte.
165152: SCHLABRENDORFF, FABIAN VON. - Begegnungen in Fuenf Jahzehnten.
156425: SCHLAEGER, JURGEN. - Shakespeare Prize 1937-2006.
166128: SCHLANGE-SCHOENINGEN, HANS. - Am Tage Danach.
151920: SCHLEUTER, STANLEY L. (EDITOR). - Saxophone Recital Music. A Discography.
158891: SCHLINK, BERNHARD. - The Woman on the Stairs. Translated from the German by Joyce Hackett and Bradley Schmidt.
152639: SCHLOSSER, I. - Das Alte Glas. Ein Handbuch Fuer Sammler Und Liebhaber.
148148: SCHLOSSMAN, BERYL. - Objects of Desire. The Madonnas of Modernism.
165131: SCHMAEDEKE, JUERGEN AND STEINBACK, PETER (EDITORS). - Der Widerstand Gegen Den Nationalsozialismus. Die Deutsche Gesellschaft Und Der Widerstand Gegen Hitler. Mit Einem Vorwort Von Wolfgang Treue. IM Auftrage Der Historischen Kommission Zu Berlin in Zusammenarbeit Mit Der Gedenkstaette Deutscher Widerstand.
154532: SCHMID, WALTER. - Au Vent Des Quatre Mille. Dans Les Alpes Suisses.
166554: SCHMID, CARLO. - Erinnerungen.
166083: SCHMIDT, DR. PAUL. - Der Statist Auf Der Galerie 1945-50. Erlebnisse, Kommentare, Vergleiche.
169288: (BUTLER, GENERAL SMEDLEY D.) SCHMIDT, HANS. - Maverick Marine. And the Contradictions of American Military History.
134801: SCHMIEDEKNECHT, TORSTEN. - Zamp Kelp. Expanding Space.
165031: SCHNATH, GEORG. - Von Sachsenstamm Zum Lande Niedersachsen. Grundzuege Der Staatlichen Gebietsentwicklung IM Niedersaechsischen Raum.
168244: SCHNEEBAUM, TOBIAS. - Where the Spirits Dwell. An Odyssey in the Jungle of New Guinea.
155140: (WORDSWORTH) SCHNEIDER, BEN ROSS.. - Wordsworth’S Cambridge Education.
148333: SCHNEIDER, DOROTHY & SCHNEIDER, CARL J. - The ABC-Clio Companion to Women in the Workplace.
164198: SCHNELLE, UDO. - The History and Theology of the New Testment Writings.
162141: SCHNERICH, ALFRED. - Wens Kirchen Und Kapellen. In Kunst- Und Kultur- Geschichtlicher Darstellung.
159225: SCHNITZLER, ARTHUR. - Casanova’S Homecoming.
170063: SCHNUTE, WILLIAM J. - High Relief Wood Carving.
147936: SCHOBEL, HEINZ. - The Ancient Olympic Games. Foreword by Avery Brundage.
165252: (HASSELL) SCHOELLGEN, GREGOR. - Ulrich Von Hassell 1881-1944. Ein Konservativer in Der Opposition.
160348: (LOUBSER) SCHOEMAN, CHRIS. - Seasons of Glory. The Life and Times of Bob Louser.
158921: SCHOEMAN, KAREL. - This Life. Translated from the Afrikaans by Else Silke.
164352: SCHOENEWALD, F.S. (EDITOR). - English-German Medical Dictionary.
152964: SCHOFIELD, CAREY. - Inside the Pakistan Army. A Woman’S Experience on the Frontline of the War on Terror.
170207: (JAGGER) SCHOFIELD, CAREY. - Jagger.
169553: SCHOFIELD, BRIAN. - Selling Your Father’S Bones. The Epic Fate Ofthe American West.
168536: SCHOLEFIELD, ALAN. - Buried Treasure.
157796: SCHOLES, PERCY A. - The Life and Activities of Sir John Hawkins. Musician, Magistrate and Friend of Johnson.
165250: SCHOLL, HANS AND SCHOLL, SOPHIE. - Briefe Und Aufzeichnungen. Herausgegeben Von Inge Jens.
162243: SCHONHOLZ, FRIEDRICH ANTON VON. - Traditionen Zur Charakteristik Osterreichs, Seines Staats- Und Volkslebns Unter Franz I. Eingeleitet Und Erlautert Von Gustav Gugik.
139416: SCHONLAND, SIR BASIL. - The Atomists (1805-1933).
138048: MANCHESTER GRAMMAR SCHOOL. - Customs & Curricula. List of Maps and Diagrams. Private - for Use of Masters Only.
154406: (LEWIS) SCHORER, MARK. - Sinclair Lewis: An American Life.
164189: SCHORR, DANIEL (INTRODUCTION BY). - Cradle and Crucible. History and Faith in the Middle East. With David Fromkin, Zahi Hawass, Yossi Klein Lalevi, Sandra Mackey, Charles M. Sennott, Milton Viorst, and Andrew Wheatcroft.
141133: SCHOTT, GEORG. - Die Beiden Welten.
143319: SCHOTTROFF, LUISE. - Lydia’S Impatient Sisters. A Feminist Social History of Early Christianity
137395: (MENCKEN, H. L.). SCHRADER, J. RICHARD. - H.L. Mencken. A Descriptive Bibliography.
136674: SCHREIBER, MARK. - Dreams of the Solo Trapeze: Offstage with the Cirque Du Soleil.
165977: SCHREIBER, GERHARD. - Die Zerstoerung Europas IM Zweiten Weltkrieg.
165118: SCHREINER, ALBERT. - Vom Totalen Krieg Zur Totalen Niederlage Hitlers. Eine Kritische Auseinandersetzung Mit Der Wehrmachtsideologie Des Dritten Reiches.
159243: SCHREINER, OLIVE (RALPH IRON). - The Story of an African Farm.
140697: SCHRIDER, DR. AUGUST (EDITOR). - Deutsche Kriegs-Zeitung 1870. [Bound with] Deutsche Kriegs-Zeitung 1871. Illustrirte Blaetter Vom Kriege. Mit Originalberichten Vom Kriegsschauplatz.
139820: SCHROEDER-LEIN, GLENNA R. - Confederate Hospitals on the Move. Samuel H. Stout and the Army of Tennessee.
135576: SCHROEDER, MARK. - Being for. Evaluating the Semantic Program of Expressivism.
162189: (OGILBY) SCHUCHARD, MARGRET. - John Ogilby 1600-1676. Lebensbild Eines Gentleman Mit Vielen Karriern.
160740: SCHULBERG, BUDD. - Waterfront.
160385: SCHULMAN, ARLENE. - The Prizefighters. An Intimate Look at Champions and Contenders. Foreword by Budd Schulberg.
137383: (MOORE) SCHULMAN, GRACE. - Mariane Moore. The Poetry of Engagement.
160739: SCHULZ, MONTE. - This Side of Jordan. A Novel.
152657: SCHULZINGER, ROBERT D. - A Time for Peace. The Legacy of the Vietnam War.
165264: SCHUMACHER, MARTIN. - Wahlen Und Abstimmungen 1918-1933. Eine Bibiographie Zur Statistik Und Analyse Der Politischen Wahlen in Der Weimarer Republik. Herausgegeben Von Der Kommission Fuer Geschichte Des Parlamentarismus Und Der Politischen Parteien.
166014: SCHUMANN, WALTER (EDITOR). - Deutschland IM Zweiten Weltkrieg. 4 [Only]: Das Scheitern; Der Faschistiscen Defensivstrategie an Der Deutsch-Sowjetischen Front (August Bis Ende 1943). Leitung: Wolfgang Schumann. Unter Mitarbeit Von Wolfgang Bleyer.
166015: SCHUMANN, WALTER (EDITOR). - Deutschland IM Zweiten Weltkrieg. 5 [Only]: Der Zusammenbruch Der Defensivstragegie Des Hitlerfaschismus an Allen Fronten (Januar Bis August 1944). Leitung: Wolfgang Schumann. Unter Mitarbeit Von Wolfgang Bleyer.
166016: SCHUMANN, WALTER (EDITOR). - Deutschland IM Zweiten Weltkrieg. 1 [and] 2 [Only]: Vorbereitung, Entfesselung Und Verlauf Des Krieges Bis Zum 22. Juni 1941. Leitung: Gerhart Hass. ; Vom Ueberfall Auf Die Sowjetunion Bis Zur Sowjetischen Gegenoffensive Bei Stalingrad (Juni 1941 Bis November 1942). Leitung Karl Dreschler. Unter Mitarbeit Von Klaus Drobisch Und Wolfgang Schumann.
166017: SCHUMANN, WALTER (EDITOR). - Deutschland IM Zweiten Weltkrieg. 6 [Only]: Die Zerschagung Des Hitlerfaschismus Und Die Befreiung Des Deutschen Volkes (Juni 1944 Bis Zum 8. Mai 1945). Leitung: Wolfgang Schumann Und Olaf Groehler. Unter Mitarbeit Von Wolfgang Bleyer.
154708: SCHUSTER, LORD. - Postscript to Adventure.
170388: SCHWALLER, JOHN FREDERICK. - Origins of Church Wealth in Mexico. Ecclesiastical Revenues and Church Finances 1523 - 1600.
150964: (LARR) SCHWARTZ, REV. DONALD R. (EDITOR). - In the Beginning: A Spiritualist’S Bible. The Original Works of Rev. Eugene C. Larr.
167368: SCHWARTZ, DANIEL. - The Great Wall of China.
157907: SCHWARTZ, ODED. - In Search of Plenty. A History of Jewish Food.
157991: SCHWARTZ, LEON. - Diderot and the Jews.
162203: SCHWARZ, WALTER. - Der Teufel Tanzt. Druckfehler Aufgespiesst.
153518: (CONRAD) SCHWARZ, DANIEL R. - Conrad. Almayer’S Folly to Under Western Eyes.
143893: SCHWARZ, BILL (EDITOR). - West Indian Intellectuals in Britain.
135702: SCHWARZMANTEL, JOHN. - The State in Contemporary Society: An Introduction.
143905: SCHWARZMANTEL, JOHN. - The State in Contemporary Society. An Introduction.
138741: SCHWITZER, JOAN. - Model for London: Victorian Farm School to Modern Primary. The Origins and Development of St. Michael’S, Highgate.
158863: SCIASCIA, LEONARDO. - The Council of Egypt. Translated from the Italina by Adrienne Foulke.
164333: CZECHOSLOVAK ACADEMY OF SCIENCES. - The Development of Homeostasis. With Sepceial Reference to Factors of the Environment. Proceedings of a Symposium Held in Liblice Near Prague, September 15-17, 1960. Chairman: Professor E.F. Adolph.
169453: ROYAL COMMISSION ON THE ANCIENT AND HISTORICAL MONUMENTS OF SCOTLAND. - Tolbooths and Town-Houses. CIVIC Architecture in Scotland to 1833.
170762: CLASSICAL ASSOCIATION OF SCOTLAND. - Proceedings 1905-6.
146848: [RUDD, D.W.] ‘JOCK SCOTT’ (EDITOR). - Greased Line Fishing for Salmon. Compiled from the Fishing Papers of the Late A.H. E. Wook, of Glassel. With Contrigution by the Rt. Hon. J.W. Hills and G.M. La Branche.
169444: SCOTT, PAMELA. - Temple of Liberty. Building the Capitol for an New Nation.
168534: SCOTT, JACK. - The Local Lads. A Rosher Novel.
160773: SCOTT, PAUL. - The Chinese Love Pavilion.
138831: SCOTT, DOUGLAS (EDITOR). - Douglas Haig. The Preparatory Prologue, 1861-1914. Diaries and Letters.
151048: SCOTT, W.S. - Jeanne D’Arc.
138066: SCOTT-GILES, C. WILFRID & SLATER, BERNARD V. - The History of Emanuel School 1594-1964.
138534: SCOTT, F.W.; SUTTON, A. & KING, N.J. - Hymers College: The First 100 Years.
141159: SCOTT-CLARK, CATHERINE & LEVY, ADRIAN. - The Amber Room. The Untold Stroy of the Greatest Hoax of the Twentieth Century.
166941: SCOTT, DAVID. - A Quiet Gathering.
160619: (EDITOR) SCOTT, DOUGLAS. - Douglas Haig: The Preparatory Prologue. Diaries and Letters 1861 - 1914.
167870: SCOTT-BROWN, W.G. - Methods of Examination in Ear, Nose and Throat.
154679: SCOTT, PAUL. - My Appointment with the Muse. Essays, 1961-75. Edited with an Introduction by Shelley C. Reece.
156479: SCOTT, WALTER. - Schloss Avalon. Frei Nach Dem Englishen Des Walter Scott, Vom Ueberfetzer Des Balladmor.
160281: SCOTT, R.W.H. AND MCLEAN, T.P. - The Bob Scott Story.
154048: (HERRICK) SCOTT, GEORGE WALTON. - Robert Herrick 1591-1674.
160772: SCOTTI, R.A. - The Devil’S Own.
166997: SCOVELL, E.J. - Shadows of Chrysantheumums and Other Poems.
159336: SCOVELL, E.J. (EDITOR). - Fritillary. Magazine of the Oxford Women’S Colleges. Octorber 26, 1929.
160771: SCOVILLE, SAMUEL. - Man and Beast.
167560: SCREECH, TIMON. - The Shogun’S Painted Culture. Fear and Creativity in the Japanese States 1760 - 1829.
151828: SCREETON, PAUL. - Quicksilver Heritage. The Mystic Leys: Their Legacy of Ancient Wisdom.
160770: SCRIVEN, PHYLLIS. - It’S a Man’S World. A Novel.
160769: SCUDAMORE, JAMES. - Wreaking.
151851: SCULLY, VINCENT. - Architecture: The Natural and the Man-Made.
170043: SCULLY, VINCENT. - Pueblo. Mountain, Village, Dance.
165717: SEABROOK, WB. - Jungle Ways.
136740: SEALEY, JOHN. - The History of Wessex Coaches Ltd. A Company with Two Faces.
154704: SEARCY, DAVID. - Shame and Wonder. Essays.
166989: SEARLE, JOHN. - Verses from St. Augustine or Specimens from a Rich Mine.
170818: SEARLE, CHRIS. - The Forsaken Lover. White Words and Black People.
155150: SEARLE, JOHN R. - Making the Social World. The Structure of Human Civilisation.
159226: SEARLE, RONALD. - Hurrah for St. Trinian’S, and Other Lapses. Foreword by D.B. Wyndham Lewis.
139821: SEARS, STEPHEN W. (EDITOR). - The CIVIL War: The Best of American Heritage. Edited with an Introduction.
164411: SEARS, JOHN ED. (EDITOR). - Who’S Who in Engineering. 1920-1921 (Annual).
160768: SEATON, HENRY. - Lion in the Morning.
170347: SEAY, ALBERT. - Music in the Medieval World.
152918: (EDITOR) HONORARY PHILOLOGICAL SECRETARY. - Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal. Vol LXIX. Part I. (History, Antiquities, Etc. ) (Nos. I and II - 1900).
170249: SEDGWICK, HENRY DWIGHT. - Cortes the Conqueror. The Exploits of the Earliest and Greatest of the Gentlemen Adventurers in the New World.
160767: SEDLEY, CHARLES. - The Faro Table, or, the Gambling Mothers.
160766: SEGAL, ISRAEL. - Out of the Womb.
167365: (EDITOR) SEGAL, GERALD. - Chinese Politics and Foreign Policy Reform.
143315: SEGAL, ALAN F. - Paul the Convert. The Apostolate and Apostasy of Saul the Pharisee.
158000: SEGAL, SAMUEL M. - The Sabbath Book.
166952: SEGALEN, VICTOR. - Stelae. Translated from the French by Nathaniel Tarn.
167331: SEGALEN, VICTOR. - Chine. La Grande Statuaire.
168248: SEGURA, CHRIS. - Marshland Brace. Two Louisiana Stories.
166540: SEIDEMANN, MARIA. - Die Honniggelbe Kutsche.
143965: SEIDMAN, STEVEN. - Liberalism and the Origins of European Social Theory.
167260: SEIFFERT, RACHEL. - The Dark Room.
156371: SEINFELT, MARK. - Final Drafts. Suicides of World-Famous Authors. Foreword by Paul West.
168962: SELA, OWEN. - The Bengali Inheritance.
158279: SELBOURNE, DAVID. - The Principle of Duty. An Essay on the Foundations of the CIVIC Order.
170445: SELBY, JOHN. - The Eagle and the Serpent. The Spanish and American Invasions of Mexico: 1519 and 1846.
165002: SELDES, GEORGE. - Witness to a Century. Encounters with the Noted, the Notorious, and the Three Sobs.
166973: SELERIE, GAVIN. - Le Fanu’S Ghost.
137722: SELF, WILL. - Feeding Frenzy.
163266: SELIGMAN, ADRIAN. - No Stars to Guide.
156435: SELINCOURT, ERNEST DE. - Wordsworthian and Other Studies.
154909: (WHITMAN) SELINCOURT, BASIL DE. - Walt Whitman: A Critical Study.
158807: SELINKO, ANNEMARIE. - Desiree. Translated by Arnold Bender and E.W. Dickes.
169166: SELL, BILL. - Leaders of the North and South.
168002: SELLECK, RJW. - The Shop. The University of Melbourne, 1850 - 1939.
169471: SELLENTHIN, H.G. - Geschichte Der Juden in Berlin Und Des Gebaeudes Fasanenstrasse 79/80.
168759: SELLERS, LEILA. - Charleston Business on the Eve of the American Revolution.
162283: SELLMAN, R.R. - Devon Village Schools in the Ninteenth Century.
157140: (RUSSELL, LADY RACHEL) SELLWOOD, THOMAS. - Letters of Lady Rachel Russell. From the Manuscript in the Library at Woburn Abbey. To Which Is Prefixed, an Introduction, Vindicating the Character of Lord Russell Against Sir John Dalrymple, Etc.
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