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168034: BALLANTYNE, R.M. - Freaks on the Fells and Why I Did Not Become a Sailor.
168021: BALLANTYNE, R.M. - The Lighthouse. Being the Story of a Great Fight between Man and the Sea.
167550: BALLANTYNE, R.M. - The Young Fur Traders.
166611: BALLHAUSE, WALTER AND BECHER, JOHANNES R. - Ueberfluessige Menschen. Fotografien Und Gedichte Aus Der Zeit Der Grossen Krise.
161819: BALLINGER, BILL S. - The Body Beautiful.
157265: BALLINGER, JOHN AND JONES, JAMES IFANO. - Cardiff Free Libraries: Catalouge of Printed Literature in the Welsh Department.
169461: (VAU) BALLON, HILARY. - Louis le Vau. Mazarin’S College, Colbert’S Revenge.
161821: BALMER, EDWARD. - The Torn Letter.
138269: BALMUTH, MIRIAM S.; GILMAN, ANTONIO & PRADOS-TORREIRA, LOURDES (EDITORS). - Encounters and Transformations. The Archaeology of Iberia in Transition.
164841: BALSDON, DACRE. - The Pheasant Shoots Back.
166669: BALZAC, HONORE DE. - The Two Young Brides. Translated from the French. With a Critical Introduction by Henry James.
158672: BALZAC, HONORE DE. - Grande Breteche.
165995: BAMBERGER, LUDWIG. - Erinnerungen. Herausgegeben Von Paul Nathan.
158748: BAMFORD, ANDREW. - With Wellington’S Outposts. The Peninsular and Waterloo Letters of John Vandeleur.
153547: BANAS, JOSEF. - The Scapegoats. The Jejxodus of the Remanants of Polish Jewry. Translated by Tadeusz Szafar. Edited by Lionel Kochan.
169555: BANCROFT, HUBERT HOWE. - The Works of Hubert Howe Bancroft. Volume XXIX: History of Oregon Volume I 1834 - 1848.
167152: BANCROFT, NW. - From Recruit to Staff Sergeant.
164827: BANDELIER, ADOLF F. - The Delight Makers. With an Introduction by Charles F. Lummis.
158817: BANDELLO, [MATTEO]. - Tragical Tales. The Complete Novels Translated by Geoffrey Fenton (Anno 1567). With an Introduction by Robert Langton Douglas. Modernized and Edited with a Glossary by Hugh Harris.
135272: BANGS, JOHN KENDRICK. - The Pursuit of the House-Boat. Being Some Further Account of the Divers Doings of the Associated Shades, Under the Leadership of Sherlock Holmes, Esq.
164858: BANGS, JOHN KENDRICK. - The Pursuit of the House-Boat. Being Some Further Account of the Doings of the Associated Shades, Under the Leadership of Sherlock Holmes, Esq.
135274: BANGS, JOHN KENDRICK. - A House-Boat on the Styx.
163516: ASIAN DEVELOPMENT BANK (PUBLSIHER). - If I Had the Chance... Artwork from the Streets of Asia and the Pacific.
164857: BANKOWSKY, RICHARD. - A Glass Rose.
160558: BANKS, JA AND OLIVE. - Feminism and Family Planning in Victorian England.
164147: BANKS, MIKE. - Rakaposhi.
157357: BANNERMAN, HELEN. - The Story of Little Black Sambo.
164856: BANNISTER, DON. - Long Day at Shiloh.
163072: BANNON, PETER. - Whisper Murder Softly.
142764: BANTING, D.R. - An Introduction to the Life and Times of George Carew, Vice Admiral of the Mary Rose.
155283: BANTOCK, GAVIN. - Eirenikon. A Poem.
155317: BANTOCK, GAVIN. - A New Thing Breathing.
159320: BANTOCK, GAVIN. - Juggernaut.
164003: BAPAT, PROF. P.V. (EDITOR). - 2500 Years of Buddhism. Foreword by S. Radhakrishnan.
166650: BAR-ZOHAR, MICHAEL. - Yaacov Herzog. A Biography.
167851: BARAITSER, MICHAEL. - The Genetics of Neurological Disorders.
153142: BARAKAT, HALIM. - Lebanon in Strife. Student Preludes to the CIVIL War.
158942: BARASH, ASHER. - Pictures from a Brewery. A Novel. Translated from the Hebrew by Katie Kaplan. Introduction by Israel Cohen.
137842: (WHITE) BARBER, STEPHEN. - Edmund White: The Burning Word. A Biography.
137199: (HARDY) BARBER, D.F. (EDITOR). - Concerning Thomas Hardy. A Composite Portrait from Memory. Based on Material Researched & Collected by J. Stevens Cox.
168032: BARBER, S. - Mattie of the Colonnade; or, a Tale of the Hop-Fields.
157090: (BESTERMAN) BARBER, W.H.; BRUMFITT, J.H. ET AL (EDITORS). - The Age of Enlightenment. Studies Presented to Theodore Besterman. Published for the University Court of the University of St. Andrews.
163644: BARBER, NOEL. - Trans-Siberian.
157262: BARBER, GILES. - Arks for Learning. A Short History of Oxford Library Buildings.
154729: (SMITH) BARBERA, JACK AND MCBRIEN, WILLIAM. - Stevie. A Biography of Stevie Smith.
165181: BARCLAY, HAROLD B. - Buurri Al Lamaab. A Suburban Village in the Sudan.
164855: BARCLAY, FLORENCE L. - The Broken Halo.
153198: BARCYNSKA, COUNTESS (EDITOR). - The Little Mother Who Sits at Home.
156333: BARFOOT, C.C. AND D’HAEN, THEO (EDITORS). - Tropes of Revolution. Writers’ Reactions to Real and Imagined Revolutions 1789-1989.
156334: BARFOOT, C.C. AND D’HAEN, THEO (EDITORS). - Tropes of Revolution. Writers’ Reactions to Real and Imagined Revolutions 1789-1989.
142005: BARFOOT, WARRANT OFFICER ERIC. - Airborne for the Duration. The Odyssey of the Ruptured Crab.
156744: BARGEN, DORIS G. - A Woman’S Weapon. Spirit of Possession in the Tale of the Genji.
170857: BARING, MAURICE. - Translations Ancient and Modern.
135900: BARING-GOULD, S. - Three Kings Rode from the Orient Land. The Original Manuscript Reproduced in Facsimile Together with Two Letters Written by the Author.
153197: BARING, MAURICE. - Lost Lectures. Or, the Fruit of Experience.
164852: BARING, MAURICE. - Friday’S Business.
164854: BARING, MAURICE. - Comfortless Memory.
164853: BARING, MAURICE. - C.
161797: BARK, CONRAD VOSS. - The Second Red Dragon.
163092: BARK, CONRAD VOSS. - Mr. Holmes Goes to Ground.
168470: BARK, CONRAD VOSS. - The Shepherd File.
163094: BARK, CONRAD VOSS. - Mr. Holmes and the Fair American.
162055: BARKAI, AVRAHAM. - From Boycott to Annihilation. The Economic Struggle of German Jews 1933 - 1943.
155318: BARKER, GEORGE. - News of the World.
155313: BARKER, GEORGE. - The True Confession of George Barker.
155311: BARKER, GEORGE. - To Aylsham Fair.
157237: (GARNETT) BARKER, NICOLAS (INTRODUCTION BY). - David Garnett C.B. E. : A Writer’S Library. With an Introduction.
135026: BARKER, JUDITH. - Stencilling & Embossing Greeting Cards. 18 Quick, Creative, Unique & Easy-to-Do Projects.
169596: BARKER, RODNEY. - Education and Politics 1900-1951. A Study of the Labour Party.
155278: BARKER, MARY AND WORDSWORTH, WILLIAM. - Lines Addressed to a Noble Lord. 1815.
149659: BARKER, CLIVE. - The Thief of Always. Book One [Only]. Adaptation by Kris Oprisko. Illustrated by Gabriel Hernandez. Lettered by Robbie Robbins. Edited by Chris Ryall.
155314: BARKER, GEORGE. - Eros in Dogma.
163074: BARKER, ELSA. - The C.I. D. Of Dexter Drake.
155312: BARKER, GEORGE. - A Vision of Beasts and Gods.
135622: BARKER, ERNEST. - Principles of Social & Political Theory.
167945: BARLEY, M.W. - The English Farmhouse and Cottage.
162900: (HULL BREWERY COMPANY) BARNARD, ROBERT. - Barley Mash and Yeast. A History of the Hull Brewery Company 1782-1985.
162302: BARNARD, H.C. - Were Those the Days? a Victorian Education.
161799: BARNARD, ROBERT. - The Bad Samaritan. A Novel of Suspense Featuring Charlie Peace.
154038: BARNES, BERTRAM HERBERT. - Johnson of Nyasaland. A Study of the Life and Work of William Percival Johnson, D.D. Archdeacon of Nyasa, Missionary Pioneer 1876 - 1928.
136795: BARNES, ZOE. - Special Delivery.
165019: BARNES, JAMES J. - Authors, Publishers and Politicians. The Quest for an Anglo-American Copyright Agreement 1815-1854.
157216: BARNES, T.R. - English Verse. Voice and Movement from Wyatt to Yeats.
170815: BARNEY, STEPHEN A. (EDITOR). - Annotation and Its Texts.
167839: BARNHILL, JOHN F. AND WALES, ERNEST DEWOLFE. - Principles and Practice of Modern Otology.
167338: BARNOUIN, BARBARA AND CHANGGEN, YU. - Ten Years of Turbulence. The Chinese Cultural Revolution.
149823: BARR, JAMES. - Fundamentalism.
167615: BARR, PAT. - The Coming of the Barbarians. A Story of Western Settlement in Japan 1853 - 1870.
164490: BARR, NEVADA. - Track of the Cat.
163091: BARR, ROBERT. - The Scotland Yard Story. Based on the B.B. C. Television Series.
164779: (EDITOR) BARR, WILLIAM. - Searching for Franklin: The Land Arctic Searching Expedition. James Anderson’S and James Stewart’S Expedition Via the Black River 1855.
144194: BARR, CHARLES. - Ealing Studios.
136357: BARR, HUGH. - Macgibbon’S Questions & Answers for Ministry of Transport Examination on Marine Oil Engines, Diesel, Semi-Diesel, Petrol, Paraffin.
156523: BARR, STRINGFELLOW. - Purely Academic. A Novel.
148410: O’BARR, JEAN FOX. - Feminism in Action. Building Institutions and Community Through Women’S Studies.
141800: BARRELL, EMRHYS. - Nicholson Boating Handbook. The Essential Guide to Getting Afloat.
167591: BARRETT, JOHN. - Life on the Sea Shore.
135881: BARRETT, MR. WILSON. - Souvenir of “the Sign of the Cross. ”
164848: BARRETT, WILLIAM E. - The Edge of Things.
169462: BARRETT, C.R.B. - Charterhouse 1611-1895. In Pen and Ink. With a Preface by George C. Smythe.
164849: BARRETT, SUSAN. - Stephen and Violet.
158462: (RATTENBURY) BARRETT, ANTHONY A. AND LISCOMBE, RHODRI WINDSOR. - Francis Rattenbury and British Columbia: Architecture and Challenge in the Imperial Age.
170856: BARRIE, J.M. - The Entrancing Life.
162160: BARRIE, J.M. - The Plays. In One Volume.
164847: BARRIE, J.M. - The Little Minister.
168918: BARRON, STEPHANIE. - Jane and the Genius of the Place. Being the Fourth Jane Austen Mystery.
157609: BARROW, JOHN D. - Theories of Everything. The Quest for Ultimate Explanation.
135901: BARRY, F.R. - The Relevance of Christianity. An Approach to Christian Ethics.
158052: BARRY, BRIAN. - Political Argument.
157309: BARSLEY, MICHAEL. - Life and Laughter. More Wit and Humour Chosen and Presented.
166031: BARTEL, WALTER (EDITOR). - Buchenwald: Mahnung Und Verpflictung; Dokumente Und Berichte.
166134: BARTEL, PROF. DR.DR. H.C. - Das Interantaionale Antifaschistische Aktive Befreite Das Konzentrationslager Buchenwald.
162204: BARTELS, MAX. - Die Medizin Der Naturvolker. Bietrage Zur Urgeschichte Der Medizin.
168038: BARTER, LAURA A. - Aileen; or “the Love of Christ Constraineth Us. ”
163682: BARTER-SNOW, LAURA A. - Agnes Dewsbury, or, “He Led Them on Safely. ”
167160: BARTH, FREDRIK. - Features of Person and Society in Swat. Collected Essays on Pathans. Collected Essays of Fredrik Barth Volume II.
142067: (ALPINE SOCIETY) BARTH, HANNS (EDITOR). - Zeitschrift Des Deutschen Und Oesterreichischen Alpenvereins. Band 58 [Only]. Jahrgang 1927.
142068: (ALPINE SOCIETY) BARTH, HANNS (EDITOR). - Zeitschrift Des Deutschen Und Oesterreichischen Alpenvereins. Band 57 [Only]. Jahrgang 1926.
142069: (ALPINE SOCIETY) BARTH, HANNS (EDITOR). - Zeitschrift Des Deutschen Und Oesterreichischen Alpenvereins. Band 56 [Only]. Jahrgang 1925.
142070: (ALPINE SOCIETY) BARTH, HANNS (EDITOR). - Zeitschrift Des Deutschen Und Oesterreichischen Alpenvereins. Band 55 [Only]. Jahrgang 1924.
142071: (ALPINE SOCIETY) BARTH, HANNS (EDITOR). - Zeitschrift Des Deutschen Und Oesterreichischen Alpenvereins. Band 54 [Only]. Jahrgang 1923.
142072: (ALPINE SOCIETY) BARTH, HANNS (EDITOR). - Zeitschrift Des Deutschen Und Oesterreichischen Alpenvereins. Band 53 [Only]. Jahrgang 1922.
142073: (ALPINE SOCIETY) BARTH, HANNS (EDITOR). - Zeitschrift Des Deutschen Und Oesterreichischen Alpenvereins. Band 52 [Only]. Jahrgang 1921.
142074: (ALPINE SOCIETY) BARTH, HANNS (EDITOR). - Zeitschrift Des Deutschen Und Oesterreichischen Alpenvereins. Band 51 [Only]. Jahrgang 1920.
142075: (ALPINE SOCIETY) BARTH, HANNS (EDITOR). - Zeitschrift Des Deutschen Und Oesterreichischen Alpenvereins. Band 51 [Bound with] 52 [Only]. Jahrgang 1920 & 1921.
142076: (ALPINE SOCIETY) BARTH, HANNS (EDITOR). - Zeitschrift Des Deutschen Und Oesterreichischen Alpenvereins. Band 50 [Only]. Jahrgang 1919.
142081: (ALPINE SOCIETY) BARTH, HANNS (EDITOR). - Zeitschrift Des Deutschen Und Oesterreichischen Alpenvereins. Band 61 [Only]. Jahrgang 1930.
142082: (ALPINE SOCIETY) BARTH, HANNS (EDITOR). - Zeitschrift Des Deutschen Und Oesterreichischen Alpenvereins. Band 60 [Only]. Jahrgang 1929.
142083: (ALPINE SOCIETY) BARTH, HANNS (EDITOR). - Zeitschrift Des Deutschen Und Oesterreichischen Alpenvereins. Band 59 [Only]. Jahrgang 1928.
142085: (ALPINE SOCIETY) BARTH, HANNS (EDITOR). - Zeitschrift Des Deutschen Und Oesterreichischen Alpenvereins. Band 64 [Only]. Jahrgang 1933.
142086: (ALPINE SOCIETY) BARTH, HANNS (EDITOR). - Zeitschrift Des Deutschen Und Oesterreichischen Alpenvereins. Band 63 [Only]. Jahrgang 1932.
142087: (ALPINE SOCIETY) BARTH, HANNS (EDITOR). - Zeitschrift Des Deutschen Und Oesterreichischen Alpenvereins. Band 62 [Only]. Jahrgang 1931.
142090: (ALPINE SOCIETY) BARTH, HANNS (EDITOR). - Zeitschrift Des Deutschen Und Oesterreichischen Alpenvereins. Band 68 [Only]. Jahrgang 1937.
142091: (ALPINE SOCIETY) BARTH, HANNS (EDITOR). - Zeitschrift Des Deutschen Und Oesterreichischen Alpenvereins. Band 67 [Only]. Jahrgang 1936.
142092: (ALPINE SOCIETY) BARTH, HANNS (EDITOR). - Zeitschrift Des Deutschen Und Oesterreichischen Alpenvereins (Jahrbuch). Band 66 [Only]. Jahrgang 1935.
151688: (EDITOR) BARTHELME, MARION K. - Women in the Texas Populist Movement. Letters to the Southern Mercury.
157402: BARTHOLD, KENNETH VAN AND BUCKTON, DAVID. - The Story of the Piano.
142424: (MENDELSSOHN) BARTHOLDY, FELIX MENDELSSOHN. - Letters from Italy and Switzerland. Translated from the German by Lady Wallace.
156520: [RICHIE, LEWIS.] “BARTIMEUS.” - The “Bartimeus” Omnibus.
164846: [RICHIE, LEWIS.] “BARTIMEUS.” - The Navy Eternal. Which Is the Navy-That-Floats, the Navy-That-Flies, and the Navy-Under-the-Sea.
146845: BARTLES, BILL. - Match Fishing Tackle and Baits.
169284: (COMPILER) BARTLETT, JOHN RUSSELL. - The Literature of the Rebellion. A Catalogue of Books and Pamphlets Relating to the CIVIL War in the United States, and on Subjects Growing out of That Event, Together with Works on American Slavery, and Essays from Reviews and Magazines on the Same Subjects.
156754: BARTLETT, LEE (EDITOR). - The Beats: Essays in Criticism.
167171: BARTLETT, ALICE HUNT (EDITOR). - The Anthology of Cities.
169036: BARTLETT, BRUCE. - The New American Economy. The Failure of Reagonomics and a New Way Forward.
155286: BARTON, BERNARD. - A Widow’S Tale, and Other Poems.
152983: BARTON, MARGARET AND SITWELL, OSBERT (EDITORS). - Sober Truth. A Collection of Nineteenth-Century Episodes: Fantastic, Grotesque and Mysterious. With a Preface by Osbert Sitwell.
164175: BARTON, JOHN (EDITOR). - The Biblical World. Volume II [Only].
141184: BARTOSZEWSKI, WLADYSLAW. - Warsaw Death Ring 1939-1944.
148664: BARTSCH, PAUL. - An Important New Species of Oyster from North Borneo Suitable for Introduction in the Philippines.
148674: BARTSCH, PAUL. - A New Shipworm from the Panama Canal.
149650: BARTY-KING, HUGH. - Scratch a Surveyor... The Nearest Anyone Will Ever Get to Telling the Story of Drivers Jonas, Traced Through the Diaries, Letters, Memos, Reportts Which Might Have Been Written - and Some That Were - between 1725 and 1975.
167402: BARUA, PRADEEP P. - The State at War in South Asia.
163204: BARZUN, JACQUES. - The House of Intellect.
162924: BREWERS’ SOCIETY; THE SCOTCH WHISKY ASSOCIATION; THE MALTERS’ ASSOCIATION AND BASAM. - The Production, Storage and Marketing of Malting Barley.
156519: BASNETT, FRED. - Gropers, or, a Splendid View of St. Pancras.
160342: BASQUET, GUY AND DRIES, ROGER. - Gyu Basquet: Un Missionnaire Du Rugby Au Coeur de Tous Les Defis.
160566: (EDITOR) BASSETT, A TILNEY. - Gladstone to His Wife.
161756: BASSETT, JACK. - No Quarter.
161728: BASSETT, JACK. - Saddle Scum.
157535: BASTABLE, JONATHAN. - Inside Pepys’ London.
136248: BASU, MAFOR B.D. (EDITOR). - The Sacred Books of the Hindus. Volume XXIII [Only]. Translated by Various Sanskrit Scholars. Sri Narada Pancharanam, the Jnanamrita Sara Samhita. Translated by Swami Vijnanananda, Alias Hari Prasanna Chatterji.
163071: BATCHELOR, DENZIL. - On the Brink.
156518: BATCHELOR, DENZIL. - The Man Who Loved Chocolates.
168001: BATE, WESTON. - Light Blue Down Under. The History of Geelong Grammar School.
157359: BATE, PHILIP. - The Trumpet and Trombone. An Outline of Their History, Developent and Construction.
157394: BATE, PHILIP. - The Oboe. An Outline of Its History, Development and Construction.
137602: BATES, H.E. - The Modern Short Story. From 1809 to 1953.
169844: BATES, HARRY (EDITOR). - Astounding Stories. Vol. VIII, No. 2.
169845: BATES, HARRY (EDITOR). - Astounding Stories. Vol. VIII, No. 2.
152239: BATES, H.E. - Pastoral on Paper.
157299: BATES, WILLIAM. - The Maclise Portrait-Gallery of Illustrious Literary Characters. With Memoirs Biographical, Critical, Bibliographical and Anecdotal Illustrative of the Literature of the Former Half of the Present Century.
137878: (WORDSWORTH) BATTISCOMBE, GEORGINA. - Reluctant Pioneer. A Life of Elizabeth Wordsworth.
137892: (YONGE) BATTISCOMBE, GEORGINA & LASKI, MARGHANITA (EDITORS). - A Chaplet for Charlotte Yonge. Papers by Georgina Battiscombe, Katharine Briggs, Lettice Cooper, Alice Fairfax-Lucy, Annis Gillie, Ruth Harris, Elizabeth Jenkins, Margaret Kennedy, Marghanita Laski, Violet Powell, Catherine Storr, Kathleen Tillotson, Rachel Townsend. Together with Genealogical Tables & Bibliography. Alson Some Little-Known Pieces by Charlotte Yonge, Last Heartsease Leaves, Authorship, Etc. Edited for the Charlotte Yonge Society.
143242: (KEBLE) BATTISCOMBE, GEORGINA. - John Keble. A Study in Limitations.
161815: BATTISON, BRIAN. - The Christmas Bow Murder.
170799: BATTY, JOSEPH. - Bantams and Small Poultry.
149116: BATTY, PETER & PARISH, PETER. - The Divided Union. The Story of the American CIVIL War, 1861-65.
153006: BAUDELAIRE, CHARLES. - Intimate Journals. Translated by Christopher Isherwood. Introduction by W.H. Auden.
158410: BAUDOUIN, CHARLES. - The Mind of the Child. A Psychoanalytical Study. Translated by Eden and Cedar Paul.
156471: BAUER, ANTON. - 150 Jahre Theater an Der Wien. Geleitwort Von Hubert Marischka. Schicksal Und Leistung Der Staatsoper IM Theater A.D. Wien Schildert Egon Hilbert.
150287: BAUER, PAUL (EDITOR). - Himalayan Quest. The German Expeditions to Siniolchum and Nanga Parbat. Translated from Ther German by E.G. Hall.
137881: (WORDSWORTH) BAUER, N.S. - William Wordsworth: A Reference Guide to British Criticism, 1793-1899.
137977: BAUER, CLAUDIA. - Peter Paul Rubens.
162187: (SOLDAN-HEPPE) BAUER, MAX (EDITOR). - Solden-Heppe/Geschichte Der Hexenprozesse. Neu Bearbeitet Und Herausgeben.
162149: BAUER, ANTON. - 150 Jahre Theater an Der Wien. Gleitwort Von Hubert Marischka. Schicksal Und Leistung Der Staatsoper IM Theater A.D. Wien Schildert Egon Hilbert.
169030: BAUER, P.T. - Reality and Rhetoric. Studies in the Economics of Development.
149143: (BULL) BAUER, K. JACK (EDITOR). - Soldiering. The CIVIL War Diary of Rice C. Bull, 123rd New York Volunteer Infantry.
148325: BAUER, CAROL & RITT, LAWRENCE (EDITORS). - Free and Ennobled. Source Readings in the Development of Victorian Feminism. Edited, with Introductions and Commentaries.
164844: BAUM, VICKI. - Nanking Road.
158859: BAUM, VICKI. - Shanghai ‘37. Translated by Basil Creighton.
137922: BAUMANN & BAUMANN. - Pictowords/Wolrbilder. Semantic Typography/Semantische Typografie.
158455: BAUMEISTER, ROY F. AND TIERNEY, JOHN. - Willpower. Rediscovering Our Greatest Strength.
152634: BAUMGAERTNER, SABINE. - Glaskunst Vom Mittelalter Bis Zum Klassizismus.
134986: BAUWENS, LIZ & CAMPBELL, ALEXANDRA. - Country in the City. Relaxed Style for Modern Living.
155219: BAWCUTT, PRISCILLA; RIDDY, FELICITY ET AL (EDITORS). - Longer Scottish Poems. Volume One: 1375-1650; Volume Two: 1650-1830.
155126: (YEATS) BAX, CLIFFORD (EDITOR). - Florence Farr; Bernard Shaw; W.B. Yeats. Letters.
156017: BAXTER, DOUGLAS CLARK. - Servants of the Sword. French Intendants of the Army 1630 - 70.
144419: BAXTER, JOHN. - The Gangster Film.
159273: BAXTER, GLEN. - The Billiard Table Murders. A Gladys Babbington Morton Mystery.
168150: BAYLEY, WILLIAM A. - Blue Haven. History of Kiama Municipality New South Wales.
152227: BAYLEY, WILLIAM A. - Green Meadows. Centenary History of Shellharbour Municipality New South Wales.
154549: (MURDOCH) BAYLEY, JOHN. - Iris: A Memoir of Iris Murdoch.
150185: BAYLEY, CLARE; HUGHES, DAVID & PHILLIPS, ANDREA (EDITORS). - Hybrid: Pilot Issue. The International Cross-Artform Bi-Monthly. Incorporating Live Art Listings. November/December 1992.
137007: BAYLEY, JOHN. - The Power to Delight. A Lifetime in Literature: Essays 1962-2002. Selected by Leo Carey.
156403: BAYLEY, JOHN. - The Order of Battle at Trafalgar. And Other Essays.
141689: BAYLIS, JOHN; BOOTH, KEN; GARNETT, JOHN & WILLIAMS, PHIL. - Contemporary Strategy. I. Theories and Concepts. II. The Nuclear Powers.
158055: BAYLIS, JOHN; SMITH, STEVE AND OWENS, PATRICIA. - The Globalization of World Politics. An Introduction to International Relations.
160682: BAYNES, JOHN. - Far from a Donkey. The Life of General Sir Ivor Maxse.
164007: BAYS, GWENDOLYN (TRANSLATOR). - The Voice of the Buddhal: The Beauty of Compassion. Translated Into English from the French.
157772: BAZAK, JACOB (EDITOR). - Jewish Law and Jewish Life. Selected Rabbinical Responsa. Book 1: The Judiciary, Attorneys and Their Ethics, CIVIL and Criminal Procedure and CIVIL Rights. Books 2,3,4: Contracts, Real Estate, Sales, Usury. Books 5,6: Credit, Law Enforcement, Taxation. Books 7,8: Criminal and Domestic Relations. Translated, Annotated and Edited by Stephen M. Passamaneck.
164031: BEABLE, WILLIAM HENRY. - Romance of Great Businesses.
156517: BEACH, REX. - Beyond Control.
153070: (AUDEN) BEACH, JOSEPH WARREN. - The Making of the Auden Canon.
138778: BEACHY, ROBERT; CRAIG, BEATRICE & OWENS, ALASTAIR (EDITORS). - Women, Business and Finanace in Nineteenth-Century Europe. Rethinking Separate Spheres.
170285: BEALLE, JOHN. - Public Worship, Private Faith. Sacred Harp and American Folksong.
136175: BEARD, AUGUSTUS FIELD. - A Crusade of Brotherhood. A History of the American Missionary Association.
164212: (WREN) BEARD, GEOFFREY. - The Work of Christopher Wren.
169495: BEARD, GEOFFREY. - The National Trust Book of the English House Interior.
169496: BEARD, GEOFFREY. - The Work of Robert Adam.
164781: BEARDSLEY, MARTYN. - Deadly Winter. The Life of Sir John Franklin.
167609: BEASLEY, WG. - Select Documents on Japanese Foreign Policy 1853 - 1868.
153462: BEATON, CECIL. - Near East.
154370: BEATTY-KINGSTON, , W. - A Wanderer’S Notes. Volume II Only.
160685: BEAUFORD, HIS GRACE THE DUKE OF AND MORRIS, MOWBRAY. - Hunting. With Contributions by the Earl of Suffolk and Berkshire, Rev. E.W. L. Daives, Digby Collins, Alfred E.T. Watson, Sir Marteine Lloyd, Bart. , George H. Longman, and J.S. Gibbons.
166558: (HOEPNER) BEAULIEU, WALTER CHALES DE. - Generaloberst Erich Hoepner. Militaerisches Portraet Eines Panzer-Fuehrers.
153933: (FORSTER) BEAUMAN, NICOLA. - Morgan. A Biography of E.M. Forster.
148427: BEAUMAN, NED. - The Teleportation Accident.
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157246: MAGGS BROS. - Autograph Letters, Historical Documents and Authors’ Original Manuscripts. Selected from the Stock of Maggs Bros. , Dealers in Fine and Rare Books, Prings and Autographs, 34 & 35 Conduit Street, New Bond Street, London, W. 1 and 130 Boulevard Haussmann, Paris.
150585: BROSNAHAN, L.F. - The Sounds of Language. An Inquiry Into the Role of Genetic Factors in the Development of Sound Systems.
156617: BROSTER, D.K. - The Captain’S Lady. A Sequel to the Sea without a Haven.
156618: BROSTER, D.K. - Child Royal.
148311: BROUGHTON, TREV & SYMES, RUTH (EDITORS). - The Governess: An Anthology.
156615: BROWN, ROBIN. - When the Woods Became the Trees.
156616: BROWN, BILL. - Roaring River.
153973: (EDITORS) BROWN, A. SAMLER AND BROWN, G. GORDON. - The South and East African Year Book & Guide. With Atlas and Diagrams.
153339: BROWN, TOM. - Amusements Serious and Comical. And Other Works.
149632: (BROWN) BROWN, JOHN TAYLOR. - Dr. John Brown. A Biography and a Criticism. Edited with a Short Sketch of the Biographer by W.B. Dunlop.
166644: BROWN, MALCOLM AND CAVE, JULIA. - A Touch of Genius. The Life of Te Lawrence.
139030: BROWN, R. DOUGLAS. - East Anglia 1945.
139029: BROWN, R. DOUGLAS. - East Anglia 1943.
140977: BROWN, MALCOLM. - The Imperial War Museum Book of the Somme.
137033: BROWN, JOHN. - Rab and His Friends, and Other Papers.
169451: BROWN, RODERICK (EDITOR). - The Architectural Outsiders. Introduction by Kerry Downes.
150944: (HOWELL) BROWN, ROGER L. - David Howell: A Pool of Spirituality. A Life of David Howell (Llawdden).
165853: BROWN, WILLIAM HARVEY. - On the South African Frontier. The Adventures and Observations of an American in Mashonaland and Matabeleland. Rhodesiana Reprint Library Volume Twelve.
156707: BROWN, G.G. - A Literary History of Spain.
164134: BROWN, REVD. JOHN. - The Self Interpreting Bible, with an Evangelical Commentary.
170263: BROWN, JAMES AND TUCKER, BRUCE. - James Brown: The Godfather of Soul.
167414: BROWN, DELMER M. - Money Economy in Medieval Japan. A Study in the Use of Coins.
137633: BROWN, JOHN RUSSELL. - Theatre Language. A Study of Arden, Osborne, Pinter and Wesker.
156799: BROWN, CARLETON AND ROBBINS, ROSSELL HOPE. - The Index of Middle Entlish Verse.
138792: BROWN, MALCOLM. - The Imperial War Museum Book of 1914: The Men Who Went to War.
156363: BROWN, CRAIG (EDITOR). - The Lost Diaries.
167961: BROWN, WELDON A. - The Last Chopper. The Denouement of the American Role in Vietnam, 1963 - 1975.
152913: BROWN, JUDITH M. - Modern India. The Origins of an Asian Democracy.
150154: BROWN, KATE. - The Spider Moon. Book 1 [Only].
141822: BROWN, ALAN. - Flying for Freedom. The Allied Air Forces in the Raf 1939-45.
142483: (TCHAIKOVSKY) BROWN, DAVID. - Tchaikovsky: A Biographical and Critical Study. Volume III [Only]. The Years of Wandering (1878-1885).
170410: BROWN, FRANCES. - Traditional Scottish Honey Recipes.
157311: BROWN, STEWART AND WICKHAM, JOHN (EDITORS). - The Oxford Book of Caribbean Short Stories.
157666: BROWN, FORD K. - Fathers of the Victorians. The Age of Wilberforce.
158056: BROWN, MICHAEL E. - The Historiography of Communism.
158155: BROWN, MICK. - The Dance of 17 Lives. The Incredible True Story of Tibet’S 17th Karmapa.
163621: BROWN, ROBERT. - The Peoples of the World. A Popular Description of the Characteristics, Condition, and Customs of the Human Family. Vol. V. And Vol VI Bound Together.
148375: (SOUTHCOTT) BROWN, FRANCES. - Joanna Southcott: The Woman Clothed with the Sun.
156613: BROWNE, CHARLES F. (WARD, ARTEMUS). - The Complete Works.
156612: BROWNE, CHARLES F. (WARD, ARTEMUS). - The Complete Works.
163641: BROWNE, EDWARD GRANVILLE. - A Year Amongst the Persians. Impressions As to the Life, Character, & Thought of the People of Persia Received During Twelve Months’ Residence in That Country in the Years 1887 - 1888.
156614: BROWNE, CHARLES F. (WARD, ARTEMUS). - The Complete Works.
153299: BROWNE, [SIR THOMAS] AND DIGBY, [SIR KENELOME]. - Browne’S Religio Medici, and Digby’S Commentary.
155282: BROWNING, ROBERT. - The Poems. Dramatic Lyrics, Dramatic Romances, Dramas, Men and Women, Pualine, Paracelsus, Christmas-Eve and Easter-Day, Sordello and Dramatis Personae.
155280: BROWNING, ELIZABETH BARRETT. - Aurora Leigh and Other Poems. Introduced by Cora Kaplan.

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