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151582: BEHNKE, MRS. EMIL. - The Speaking Voice. Its Development and Preservation.
130344: BEHREND, ARTHUR. - Portrait of a Family Firm. Bahr, Behrend & Co. 1793-1945.
142886: (EVANS-PRICHARD) BEIDELMAN, T.O. (EDITOR). - The Translation of Culture.
148150: BEILIN, ELAINE V. - Redeeming Eve. Women Writers of the English Renaissance.
156411: BEINART, HAIM. - The Expulsion of the Jews from Spain.
158036: BEINART, HAIM. - Trujillo. A Jewish Community in Extremadura on the Eve of the Expulsion from Spain.
156532: BEITH, JANET. - Sand Castle.
125602: BELANGER, JACQUELINE (EDITOR). - The Irish Novel in the Nineteenth Century. Facts and Fictions.
111641: DE’BELDOMANDI, PROSDOCIMO. - Brevis Summula Proportionum Quantum Ad Musicam Pertinet and Parus Tractatalus de Modo Monacordum Dividendi. A Short Summary of Rations Insofar As They Pertain to Music and a Little Treatise on the Method of Dividing the Monochord. A New Critical Text and Translation on Facing Pages, with an Introduction, Annotations, and Indices Verborum and Nominum Et Rerum, by Jan Herlinger.
111678: BELDOMANDI, PROSDOCIMO DE’. - Contrapunctus. A New Critical Text and Translation on Facing Pages, with an Introduction, Annotations, and Indices Verborum and Nominum Et Rerum by Jan Herlinger
154790: (STOKER) BELFORD, BARBARA. - Bram Stoker. A Biography of the Author of Dracula.
154792: (STOKER) BELFORD, BARBARA. - Bram Stoker. A Biography of the Author of Dracula.
141537: BELL, MAJOR-GENERAL SIR GEORGE. - Soldier’S Glory. Being ‘Rough Notes of an Old Soldier. ’ Arranged and Edited by His Kinsman, Brian Stuart.
130870: BELL, CECE. - Bee-Wigged.
156527: BELL, NEIL. - Forgive Us Our Trespassed. A Novel.
156530: BELL, J.J. - Meet Mr. Craw.
156531: BELL, J.J. - Mr. Craw.
152642: BELL, QUENTIN. - Techniques of Terracotta.
140691: BELL, MAJOR-GENERAL SIR GEORGE. - Soldier’S Glory. Being ‘Rough Notes of an Old Soldier. ’ Arranged and Edited by His Kinsman, Brian Stuart.
140032: BELL, EDWARD. - Prehellenic Architecutre in the Aegean.
133764: BELL, J. BOWYER. - Besieged: Seven Cities Under Siege. Madrid, 1936-1939; London, 1940-1941; Singapore, 1941-1942; Stalingrad, 1942-1943; Warsaw, 1939, 1943, 1944; Jerusalem, 1947-1949; Berlin, 1945-1949.
133895: BELL, R.C. - Tyneside Pottery. Photography by Michael Plomer.
147808: BELL, H. IDRIS. - The Crisis of Our Time. And Other Papers.
144960: BELL, H. IDRIS. - Trwy Diroedd Y Dwyrain. Cyfieithwyd Gan D. Tecwyn Lloyd. Rhan I.
154982: (WOOLF) BELL, QUENTIN. - Virginia Woolf: A Biography. Volume One: Virginia Stephen 1882-1912. Volume Two: Mrs. Woolf 1912-1941.
129259: BELL, KENNETH N. & MORRELL, W.P. (EDITORS). - Select Documents on British Colonial Policy, 1830-1860.
148491: BELL, SUSAN GROAG (EDITOR). - Women: From the Greeks to the French Revolution.
153224: BELL, QUENTIN. - Bloomsbury.
153223: BELL, CLIVE. - On British Freedom.
143386: BELL, MRS. ARTHUR. - Lives and Legends of the English Bishops and Kings, Mediaeval Manks, and Other Later Saints.
143387: BELL, MRS. ARTHUR. - Lives and Legends of the Great Hermits and Fathers of the Church, with Other Contemporary Saints.
143397: BELL, COLIN (EDITOR). - The Times Reports: National Government 1931. Extracts from the Times, January to October 1931. Introduced and Edited.
160389: BELL, LESLIE. - Inside the Fight Game.
143391: BELLAMY, RICHARD & ROSS, ANGUS (EDITORS). - A Textual Introduction to Social and Political Theory.
150987: BELLMAN, DAVID. - A Quest for Beauty. Cwest Am Harddwch. Alvin Langdon Clwyd. Artist-Photographer Wales 1919-1966. Artist-Ffotograffydd Cymru 1919-1966.
156529: BELLOC, PETER. - Tongue Pie.
139208: BELLOC, HILAIRE. - Return to the Baltic.
140447: BELLOC, HILAIRE. - The Last Rally. A Story of Charles II.
128747: BELLOC, HILAIRE. - Napoleon.
157316: BELLOC, HILLAIRE (INTRODUCTION BY). - The Footpath Way. An Anthology for Walkers.
158068: BELLOC, HILAIRE. - The Servile State. With a Preface.
135275: BELLOW, ADAM. - In Praise of Nepotism. A Natural History.
142490: (BELLOW) BELLOW, GREG. - Saul Bellow’S Heart. A Son’S Memoir.
158997: BELS, ALBERTS. - The Cage. Translated from the Latvian by Ojars Kratins.
148505: BELSEY, CATHERINE & MOORE, JANE (EDITORS). - The Feminist Reader. Essays in Gender and the Politics of Literary Criticism.
160390: (BALDOCK) BELTON, BRIAN. - Teddy Baldock. The Pride of Poplar. Foreword by Duke Mckenzie.
153349: BEN-AMI, SHLOMO. - Scars of War Wounds of Peace. The Israeli-Arab Tragedy.
157773: (BOTON) BEN-SASSON, M.; HARVEY, W.Z.; BEN-NAEH, Y AND ZOHAR, Z. (EDITORS). - Studies in a Rabbinic Family: The de Botons.
157787: BEN-SASSON, H.H. AND STTINGER, S. (EDITORS). - Jewish Society Through the Ages.
157788: BEN-SASSON, H.H. - Trial and Achievement. Currents in Jewish History (from 313).
157894: BEN-AMOS, DAN AND MINTZ, JEROME R. (EDITORS). - In Praise of the Baal Shem Tov (Shivhei Ha-Besht). The Earliest Collection of Legends About the Founder of Hasidism. Translated and Edited.
157779: BENAIM, ANNETTE (EDITOR). - The Proceedings of the Tenth British Conference on Judeo-Spanish Studies, 29 June-1 July 1997.
157786: BENBASSA, ESTHER. - The Jews of France. A History from Antiquity to the Present. Translated by M.B. Debevoise.
157884: (ARIE) BENBASSA, ESTHER AND RODRIGUE, ARON (EDITORS). - A Sephardi Life in Southeastern Europe. The Autobiography and Journal of Gabriel Arie, 1863-1939.
156547: BENCHLEY, PETER. - The Deep.
156545: BENCHLEY, ROBERT. - Benchley - or Else!
159029: BENCHLEY, ROBERT. - Benchley Lost and Found. 39 Prodigal Pieces.
156546: BENDER, AIMEE. - The Color Master. Stories.
157837: BENDIS, BRIAN MICHAEL. - Avengers: Prime.
157838: BENDIS, BRIAN MICHAEL. - Siege. .
157844: BENDIS, BRIAN MICHAEL. - Avengers: Disassembled.
157845: BENDIS, BRIAN MICHAEL. - Secret War.
158334: BENDIS, BRIAN MICHAEL. - The New Avengers: Break out.
154993: (EDITOR) BENEDICT, BURTON. - Problems of Smaller Territories.
156544: BENEDICTUS, DAVID. - Hump, or, Bone by Bone Alive.
156543: BENEDICTUS, DAVID. - This Animal Is Mischievous. A Novel.
156542: BENEDICTUS, DAVID. - You’Re a Big Boy Now. A Novel.
156541: BENET, STEPHEN VINCENT. - Johnny Pye and the Fool-Killer.
149140: BENET, STEPHEN VINCENT. - John Brown’S Body.
155310: BENET, STEPHEN VINCENT. - Western Star.
155391: BENEVOLO, LEONARDO. - The European City.
151343: BENFORD, GREGORY. - Artifact/Cosm/Eater.
126787: (GASCOYNE). BENFORD, COLIN T. (EDITOR). - David Gascoyne, a Bibliography of His Works (1929-1985).
153526: BENJAMIN, [I.J.] - Three Years in America. Volume I [Only]. Translated from the Geramn by Charles Reznikoff, with an Introduction by Oscr Handlin.
158872: (EDITOR) BENNELL, ANTHONY S. - The Maratha War Papers of Arthur Wellesley. January to December 1803.
141627: BENNETT, RALPH. - Behind the Battle. Intelligence in the War with German, 1939-45.
156791: BENNETT, MICHAEL. - Lambert Simnel and the Battle of Stoke.
137953: BENNETT, SHARON. - Celebrations. The Crafter’S Design Library.
151802: BENNETT, GILLIAN (EDITOR). - Spoken in Jest.
131168: BENNETT, KELLY. - My Dads. Illustrated by Paul Meisel.
138357: BENNETT, MARTYN. - The English CIVIL War. . a Historical Companion.
153713: (DODS) BENNETT, BETTY T. - Mary Diana Dods, a Gentleman and a Scholar.
153218: BENNETT, ARNOLD. - Paris Nights. And Other Impressions of Places and People.
153219: BENNETT, ARNOLD. - Sketches for Autobiography. Edited by James Hepburn.
159291: BENNETT, ARNOLD. - The Old Wives’ Tale. With an Introduction by Frank Swinnerton and a Preface by the Author.
159640: BENNETT, DAPHNE. - King without a Crown. Albert, Prince Consort of England 1819 - 1861.
149273: BENNION, JOHN E. - Stackpole and the Bennions. Being the Autobiography of... Edited by Roscoe Howells.
156538: BENSON, ROBERT HUGH. - An Average Man.
137002: BENSON, ARTHUR CHRISTOPHER. - The Leaves of the Tree. Studies in Biography.
135891: BENSON, EDWARD WHITE. - Index to the Letters and Papers of Edward White Benson, Archbishop of Canterbury 1883-1896, in Lambeth Palace Library.
153205: BENSON, ARTHUR CHRISTOPHER. - The Beauty of Life. Selections from the Writings of... Compiled by Caroline Abbott Derby.
140844: BENSON, JOHN. - The Penny Capitalists. A Study of Nineteenth-Century Working-Class Entrepreneurs.
157308: BENSON, THE HON. THEODORA (EDITOR) - The First Time I...
158400: BENTALL, RICHARD P. - Doctoring the Mind. Why Psychiatric Treatments Fail.
139350: BENTHALL, JONATHAN (EDITOR). - The Best of Anthropology Today. With a Preface by Marshall Sahlins.
151572: BENTHAM, GEORGE. - Outline of a New System of Logic. With a Critical Examination of Dr. Whatley’S Elements of Logic.
158041: BENTHAM, JEREMY. - The Handbook of Political Fallacies. Revised and Edited by Harold A. Larrabee. Intr5oduction to the Torchbook Edition by Crane Brinton.
146837: BENTINCK, LORD CHARLES (EDITOR). - Lord Henry Bentinck’S Foxhounds.
146838: BENTLEY, H.T.B. - Loch Fishing for Trout. An Introduction.
148538: (BLAKE) BENTLEY, G.E. & NURMI, MARTIN K. - A Blake Bibliography. Annotated Lists of Works, Studies, and Blakeana.
129582: BENTLEY, JAMES. - Martin Niemoeller.
143101: BENTLEY, ARTHUR OWEN. - A Text-Book of Pharmaceutics [Together with] Table of Doses and Solutilities. Being the Appendix to Bentley’S Text-Book of Pharmaceutics.
159259: BENTLEY, E. CLERIHEW. - More Biography.
159015: BERBEROVA, NINA. - The Accompanist. Translated from the Russian by Marian Schwartz.
156697: BERBRICH, JOAN D. - Three Voices from Paumanok. The Influence of Long Island on James Fenimore Cooper, William Cullen Bryant and Walt Whitman.
156704: BERCOVITCH, SACVAN (EDITOR). - The Cambridge History of American Literature. Volume 3 [Only]: Prose Writing 1860-1920.
158384: BERDIN, RICHARD. - Code Name Richard. Translated and Edited by Jeannette and Richard Seaver.
129013: BERDYAEV, NICOLAS. - The Origin of Russian Communism.
159316: BERESFORD, ANNE. - Walking without Moving.
156556: BERGER, THOMAS. - Changing the Past. A Novel.
156558: BERGER, THOMAS. - Regiment of Women.
156559: BERGER, THOMAS. - Vital Parts. A Novel.
149187: BERGERON, ARTHUR W. - Guide to Louisiana Confederate Military Units 1861-1865.
160394: (MILLS) BERGH, TONY VAN DEN. - Who Killed Freddie Mills?
158885: BERGMAN, MARGARETA. - Mirror, Mirror... Translated by Veronica Ralston.
87737: (WHITE). BERGMAN, DAVID. (EDITOR). - The Burning Library. Essays.
153030: BERGONZI, BERNARD. - Reading the Thirties. Texts and Contexts.
157152: (SWEDENBORG) BERGQUIST, LARS. - Swedenborg’S Secret. The Meaning and Significance of the Word of God, the Life of the Angels, and Service to God.
157776: BERING, JDIETZ. - The Stigma of Names. Antisemitism in German Daily Life, 1812-1933. Translated by Neville Plaice.
155304: BERKE, ROBERTA ELZY. - Sphere of Light.
151570: BERKELEY, GEORGE. - The Analyst, or a Discourse Addressed to an Infidel Mathematician. Wherein Is Examined Whether the Object, Principles, and Inferences of the Modern Analysis Are More Distinctly Conceived, or More Evidently Deduced, Than Religious Mysteries and Points of Faith.
156376: BERKELEY, EDMUND ET AL (EDITORS). - Autographs and Manuscripts: A Collector’S Manual.
157770: BERKOWITZ, MICHAEL (EDITOR). - Jewish Historical Studies: Transactions of the Jewish Historical Society of England. Volume 46 [Only].
134803: BERKUS, BARRY A. - Sculpting Space. House Design.
157778: BERLIN, ISAIAH. - The Life and Opinions of Moses Hess. The Lucien Wolf Memorial Lecture Delivered in London, December 1957. Published for the Jewish Historical Society of England.
136201: BERLITZ, CHARLES. - The Lost Ship of Noah. In Search of the Ark at Ararat.
137612: BERMAN, RONALD. - Henry King & the Seventeenth Century.
151416: BERMANT, CHAIM. - The Walled Garden. Thesaga of Jewish Family Life and Tradition.
151415: BERMANT, CHAIM. - Genesis. A Latvian Childhood.
156557: BERMANT, CHAIM. - Berl Make Tea.
136277: BERMANT, CHAIM. - On the Other Hand.
157789: BERMANT, CHAIM. - The Walled Garden. Thesaga of Jewish Family Life and Tradition.
151567: BERNAL, J.D. - The Freedom of Necessity.
157800: BERNALDO DE QUIROS, FELIPE TORROBA. - The Spanish Jews. Translated from the Spanish by John Inderwick Palmer.
137469: BERNARDETTE, JANE & MOE, PHYLLIS (EDITORS). - Companions of Our Youth. Stories by Women for Young People’S Magazines, 1865-1900.
156555: BERNARDO, JOSE RAUL. - The Secret of the Bulls. A Novel.
125594: BERND, CLIFFORD ALBRECHT. - Poetic Realism in Scandanavia and Central Europe : 1820 - 1895.
133594: BERNIER, JEAN-PIERRE. - Forces Francaises Libres: 1. Combats de L’Espoir.
158233: BERNIER, OLIVIER. - Lafayette. Hero of Two Worlds.
153209: BERNSTEIN, JEREMY. - Dawning of the Raj. The Life and Trials of Warren Hastings.
153313: BERNSTEIN, BURTON. - Sinai. The Great and Terrible Wilderness.
147514: BERRY, R.G. - Y Llawr Dyrnu. Naw Stori Fer.
125131: BERRY, CHAS. W. - The Round Table. Arthur. A Conversation between Two Knights of the Round Table Club. With a Foreword by Albert C.R. Carter, King Arthur’S Champion.
149815: BERRY, JASON. - The Spirit of Black Hawk. A Mystery of Africans and Indians.
157465: BERRY, JOHN. - International Wildfowl Inquiry. Volume II [Only]: The Status and Distribution of Wild Geese and Wild Duck in Scotland.
137118: (CRANE) BERRYMAN, JOHN. - Stephen Crane.
143026: BERT, PAUL. - First Year of Scientific Knowledge. Translated by Josephina Clayton.
143042: BERT, PAUL. - First Year of Scientific Knowledge. Translated by Josephina Clayton.
139259: BERTHELOT, MM. & MASCART, FRIEDEL. - Annales de Chimie Et de Physique. Septieme Serie. Tome VII [Only].
153511: (CRASHAW) BERTONASCO, MARC F. - Crashaw and the Baroque.
152788: BERTRAM, COLIN. - Antarctica, Cambridge, Conservation and Population. A Biologist’S Story. With a Foreword by Lord Hunt of Llanfair Waterdine.
133576: BESCHLOSS, MICHAEL. - The Conquerors. Roosevelt, Truman and the Destruction of Hitler’S Germany, 1941-1945.
160174: BEST, GFA. - Shaftesbury.
150621: BESTALL, ALFRED. - Rupert and the Little Tree. Adventure Series No. 11.
150620: BESTALL, ALFRED. - Rupert and the Double Dream. Adventure Series No. 17.
150617: BESTALL, ALFRED. - Rupert and the Boy Pirate. Adventure Series No. 16.
150619: BESTALL, ALFRED. - Rupert and Neddy. Adventure Series No. 12.
139293: BESTARD-CAMPS, JOAN. - What’S in a Relative? House and Family in Formentera. Translated by Robert Pitt.
157337: BETHELL, LIEUT.-COLONEL L.A. (EDITOR). - ‘Blackwood’ Tales from Outposts. II [Only]: Small Wars of the Empire.
155319: BETJEMAN, JOHN. - Summoned by Bells.
153234: BETJEMAN, JOHN. - Tennis Whites and Teacakes. Edited and Introduced by Stephen Games.
155320: BETJEMAN, JOHN. - Continual Dew. A Little Book of Bourgeois Verse.
155171: BETT, HENRY. - Nursery Rhymes and Tales. Their Origin and History.
134273: BETTELS, ALMUT E.I. - Traditional Baukunst/Traditional Architecture in China. With Photographs by LI Yuxian.
134708: BETTEY, J.H. (EDITOR). - Correspondence of the Smyth Family of Ashton Court, 1548-1642.
125224: BETTS, J.R. - Blessed Peter Wright, S.J. (1603/04-1651). His Life and Times.
145014: BEVAN, HUGH. - Morwr Cefn Gwlad.
120727: BEVAN, G.M. (EDITOR). - Portraits of the Archbishops of Canterbury. Issued with Approval of His Grace the Achbishop of Canterbury.
146290: (LLWYD) BEVAN, HUGH. - Morgan Llwyd Y Llenor.
130872: BEVAN, CLARE. - The Christmas Play. Poem. Pictures by Julie Park.
160142: (LLWYD) BEVAN, HUGH. - Morgan Llwyd Y Llenor.
160295: BEVAN, KENNY; JAMES, GORDON, JONES, LLEW AND RHYS, MARTIN. - Bois Y Llan. Llangennech R.F. C. (1885-1985). Edited by Martin Rhys.
160275: BEVAN, ALUN WYN. - Stradey Stories.
127026: (STEPHEN) BEVINGTON, MERLE M. (EDITOR). - The Memoirs of James Stephen. Written by Himself for the Use of His Children. With an Introduction. With a Foreword by Canon Charles Smyth.
131555: BEWICK, THOMAS. - A Memoir. Written by Himself. Edited with an Introduction by Iain Bain.
157511: BEWICK, THOMAS. - A General History of Quadrupeds. Volume III [Only] with a New Foreword by Yann Martel, Author of the Life of Pi.
157558: BEWICK, THOMAS. - A General History of Quadrupeds.
145671: BEYNON, PARCH TOM. - Golud a Mawl Dyffryn Tywi.
158053: BHAGWATI, JAGDISH. - In Defense of Globalization.
153211: BHATTACHARYA, SUKUMAR. - The East India Company and the Economy of Bengal from 1704 to 1740.
147382: (VAUGHAN) BIANCHI, TONY. - Richard Vaughan.
157527: BIANCHI, VITALY. - Mourzouk: The Story of a Lynx. Translated from the Russian by Ivy Low.
157733: BIANCHI, VITALI. - Forest News. Translated from the Russian by Ivy Low. Foreword by Rose Fyleman.
156716: BIANQUIS, GENEVIEVE. - Love in Germany. Translated from the French by James Cleugh.
134711: BICK, DAVID E. - The Old Industries of Dean.
138825: BICK, MAJOR ARTHUR HARDIE. - The Diary of an Artillery Officer. The 1st Canadian Divisional Artillery on the Western Front.
141974: BICKERS, RICHARD TOWNSHEND. - Home Run. Great Raf Escapes of the Second World War.
156554: BICKERSTAFF, GEORGE. - The Mayor and Other Folk. An Old Man’S Book of Characters.
153545: (BALABAN) BIDERMAN, DR. ISRAEL M. - Mayer Balaban: Historian of Polish Jewry. His Influence on the Younger Generation of Jewish Historians.
139634: BIEK, LEO. - Archaeology and the Microscope. The Scientific Examination of Archaeological Evidence.
159345: BIERMAN, JOHN. - Napoleon III and His Carnival Empire.
139972: BIERS, WILLIAM R. - The Archaeology of Greece: An Introduction.
135898: BIGG, CHARLES. - The Origins of Christianity. Edited by T. Strong.
151574: BIGMAN, SIDNEY. - The Creative.
156553: BILLANY, DAN. - The Trap. A Novel.
157831: BILLETT, MICHAEL. - Thatching and Thatched Buildings.
145206: BILLINGS, MALCOLM. - London. A Companion to Its History and Archaeology.
148366: BILLINGTON, RACHEL. - The Great Umbilical. Mothers, Daughters, Mothers, the Unbreakable Bond.
154610: (PINTER) BILLINGTON, MICHAEL. - The Life and Work of Harold Pinter.
158013: BILSKI, EMILY D. - Berlin Metropolis. Jews and the New Culture 1890-1918. With Essays by Sigrid Bauschinger, Inka Bertz, Emily D. Bilski, Barbara Hahn, Peter Jelavick, Paul Mendes-Flohr, Peter Paret, Chana C. Schutz.
153467: BINDER, LEONARD. - Iran. Political Development in a Changing Society.
153051: (ANDERSEN) BINDING, PAUL. - Hans Christian Andersen. European Witness.
154745: (STEVENSON) BINDING, PAUL. - Robert Louis Stevenson.
148528: (BLAKE) BINDMAN, DAVID. - Blake As an Artist.
133094: BINEBINE, MAHI. - Horses of God. Translated from the French by Lulu Norman.
149813: BINGHAM, JOSEPH. - Origines Ecclesiasticae: Or, the Antiquities of the Christian Church. Volume II [Only].
156550: BINGHAM, SALLIE. - After Such Knowledge.
137763: (SHERIDAN) BINGHAM, MADELEINE. - Sheridan. The Track of a Comet.
123651: BINGHAM, VICTOR F. - Merlin Power. The Growl Behind Air Power in World War II.
157100: BINGHAM, CAROLINE. - James I of England.
157727: BINGLEY, REV. W. - Animal Biography, or, Popular Zoology [Volumes II and III [Only]: Illustrated by Authentic Anecdotes of the Economy, Habits of Life, Instincts, and Sagacity. Volume II: Mammiferous Animals-Birds. ; Volume III: Birds-Amphibious Animals-Fishes.
156552: BINNS, OTTWELL. - Dan Yeo. Or, the Island of the Lost.
154042: VAN BINSBERGEN, WIM M.J. - Religious Change in Zambia. Exploratory Studies.
154647: (PUSHKIN) BINYON, T.J. - Pushkin: A Biography.
155276: BINYON, LAURENCE. - The North Star and Other Poems.
158676: BIRABEAU, ANDRE. - Revelation. Translated by Una Lady Troubridge.
138586: BIRCH, WILLIAM A. - The Founding of Schools at Shade and Early Education in the District of Todmorden.
144100: BIRCH, ANTHONY H. - The Concepts and Theories of Modern Democracy.
150272: BIRCHER,RALPH. - Les Hounza. Un Peuple Qui Ignore la Maladie. Traduit Par Gabrielle Godet.
123032: BIRD, ISABELLA. - A Lady’S Life in the Rocky Mountains.
123031: BIRD, ISABELLA. - The Englishwoman in America.
154703: (SEVERN) BIRKENHEAD, SHEILA. - Illustrious Friends. The Story of Joseph Severn and His Son Arthur.
137314: (KIPLING) BIRKENHEAD, LORD. - Rudyard Kipling.
141024: (LINDEMANN) BIRKENHEAD, THE EARL OF. - Teh Prof in Two Worlds. The Official Life of Professor F.A. Lindemann, Viscount Cherwell.
153034: BIRKERTS, SVEN. - An Artificial Wilderness Essays on 20th-Century Literature.
156548: BIRKETT, H.F. - “the Isle of Dreames. ” Tales of the North-Country.
156405: BIRLEY, ROBERT. - Sunk without Trace. Some Forgotton Masterpieces Reconsidered: The Clark Lectures 1960-1961.
156592: BIRMINGHAM, GEORGE A. - Spanish Gold. With an Introduction by William Trevor.
156593: BIRMINGHAM, GEORGE A. - Golden Apple.
156594: BIRMINGHAM, GEORGE A. - The Adventures of Dr. Whitty.
156595: BIRMINGHAM, GEORGE A. - General John Regan.
159374: BIRMINGHAM, GEORGE A. - Now You Tell Me One. Stories of Irish with and Humour.
158067: BIRNBAUM, PIERRE AND LECA, JEAN (EDITORS). - Individualism: Theories and Methods.
159209: BIRNBAUM, PIERRE. - The Anti-Semitic Moment. A Tour of France in 1898.
155206: BIRRELL, ANNE (EDITOR). - New Songs from a Jade Terrace. An Anthology of Early Chinese Love Poetry, Translated with Annotations and an Introduction.
153232: BIRRELL, AUGUSTINE. - Miscellanies.
82651: BIRRELL, ANNE. - Popular Songs and Ballads of Han China.
146544: (MALRAUX) BIRT, PAUL. - Malraux.
145683: BIRT, PAUL W. - Cerddi Alltudiaeth. Thema Yn Llenyddiaethau Quebec, Catalunya a Chymru.
149855: BISE, GABRIEL. - The Illuminated Naples Bible (Old Testament): 14th-Century Manuscript. Introduction and Notes by Eva Irblich. Translations by G. Ivins and D. Macrae.
126185: BISHOP, WILLIAM WARNER & KEOGH, ANDREW (EDITORS). - Essays Offered to Herbert Putnam by His Colleagues and Friends on His Thirtieth Anniversary As Librarian of Congress, 5 April 1929.
156590: BISSOONDATH, NEIL. - Digging Up the Mountains. Selected Stories.
152191: BIZZELL, W.B. - The Green Rising. An Historical Survey of Agrarianism, with Special Reference to the Organized Efforts of the Farmers of the United States to Improve Their Economic and Social Status.
149040: BLACK-MICHAUD, JACOB. - Cohesive Force. Feud in the Mediterranean and the Middle East.
141469: BLACK, PENNY. - The Book of Pot Pourri. Fragrant Flower Mixes for Scenting & Decorating the Home.
153530: BLACK, EUGENE C. - The Social Politics of Anglo-Jewry 1880-1920.
135061: BLACK, BERNARD. - Vassé’S ‘Bambinelli’. The Child Portraits of an 18th-Century French Sculptor.
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159169: CALDECOTT, R. - R. Caldecott;’S Collection of Picitures and Songs. Containing the Diverting Histroy of John Gilpin, the House That Jack Built, an Elegy on the Death of a Mad Dog, the Babes in the Wood, the Three Jovial Huntsmen, Sing a Song of Sixpence, the Queen of Hearts, the Farmer’S Boy.
152668: CALDER, KENT E. - Crisis and Compensation. Public Policy and Political Stability in Japan 1949 - 1986.
132957: CALDER-MARSHALL, ARTHUR. - Lewd, Blasphemous & Obscene. Being the Trials and Tribulations of Sundry Founding Fathers of Today’S Alternative Societies. Most Notably, William Hone, Tried for Blasphemy on Three Successive Days in 1817 and Acquitted After Speaking for 21 Hrs. ; Richard Carlile, Who between 1819 and 1834 Spent Two Days out of Every Three in Jail; George Jacob Holyoake, Imprisoned in Gloucester for Six Months for 26 Words Uttered in Cheltenham in 1842; & George William Foote, Who Being Sentenced by Mr. Justice North to 12 Months Hard Labour for Blasphemy in 1883 Said ‘It Is a Sentence Worthy of Your Creed. ’ to Which Is Appended, the Strange History of Sexual Inversion, Written by Havelock Ellis, Licensed Apothecary and Sold with the Author’S Knowledge, by a Swindler of Multiple Aliases.
135814: (ELLIS) CALDER-MARSHALL, ARTHUR. - Havelock Ellis: A Biography.
159182: CALDERON, V.G. - The White Llama. Being la Venganza Del Condor. Now Translated Into English for the First Time by Richard Phibbs.
126095: UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. - Publications in History. Volume I [Only].
153556: CALIMANI, RICCARDO. - The Ghetto of Venice. Translated by Katherine Silberblatt Wolfthal.
152960: CALLAN, ALYSON. - Patients & Agents. Mental Illness, Modernity & Islam in Sylhet, Bangladesh.
124221: (SCOTT). CALLARD, D. A. - Pretty Good for a Woman. The Enigmas of Evelyn Scott.
151620: CALLAWAY, H.G. - Alexander James Dallas. An Exposition of the Causes and Character of the War.
154420: (LAWRENCE) CALLOW, PHILIP. - Son and Lover. The Young Lawrence.
154794: (STEVENSON) CALLOW, PHILIP. - Louis. A Life of Robert Louis Stevenson.
153564: CALMANN, MARIANNE. - The Carriere of Carpentral.
126570: (SENDALL). CALVERLEY, CHARLES STUART. - Literary Remains. With a Memoir by Sir Walter J. Sendall.
109155: CAMBACERES, EUGENIO. - Pot Pourri: Whistlings of an Idler. A Novel of Argentina.
147192: CAMBITOGLOU, ALEXANDER. - Archaeological Museum of Andros. Guide to the Finds from the Excavations of the Geometric Town at Zagora. Donation of Basil and Elise Goulandris.
156639: CAMBRIDGE, ELIZABETH. - Hostages to Fortune. A Novel.

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