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140812: BOURNE, KENNETH (EDITOR). - The Blackmailing of the Chancellor. Some Intimate and Hitherto Unpublished Letters from Harriette Wilson to Her Friend Henry Brougham, Lord Chancellor of England.
126421: BOUSFIELD, GEORGE. - The Timber Merchant and Builder’S Vade Mecum.
133459: BOUSSEL, PATRICE. - D-Day Beaches Pocket Guide. With a Foreword by General Koenig.
140668: BOUTFLOWER, CHARLES. - The Journal of an Army Surgeon During the Peninsular War.
128233: BOUTON, CYNTHIA A. - The Flour War. Gender, Class, and Community in Late Ancien Régime French Society.
129839: BOVATI, PETRO. - Re-Establishing Justice. Legal Terms, Concpts and Procedures in the Hebrew Bible. Translated by Michael J. Smith.
141634: BOVERI, MARGRET. - Treason in the Twentieth Century. Translated by Jonathan Steinberg.
132400: BOWDEN, MURIEL. - A Commentary on the General Prologue to the Canterbury Tales.
145280: BOWDER, DIANA (EDITOR). - Who Was Who in the Greek World 776 Bc - 30 Bc.
140164: BOWDER, DIANA (EDITOR). - Who Was Who in the Roman World 753 Bc-Ad 476.
145068: BOWEN, EUROS. - Masg Minos.
136641: BOWERS, FAUBION. - Theatre in the East. A Survey of Asian Dance and Drama.
135899: BOWKER, JOHN W. - The Sacred Neuron. Extraordinary New Discoveries Linking Science and Religion.
123849: BOWLES, PAUL. - Without Stopping. An Autobiography.
141942: BOWMAN, MARTIN & BOITEN, THEO. - Raiders of the Reich. Air Battle Western Europe: 1942-45.
142010: BOWMAN, MARTIN W. - Home by Christmas? the Story of Us Airmen at War.
139878: BOWMAN, ALAN K. - Egypt After the Pharoahs. 332 Bc-Ad 642 from Alexander to the Arab Conquest.
131531: BOWMAN, MARTIN. - Fighter Bases of World War II- 8th Air Force Usaaf 1943-45. P-47 Lightening, P-38 Thunderbold & P-51 Mustang Squadrons in East Anglia, Cmabridgeshire and Northamptonshire.
142120: BOWMAN, MARTIN. W. - We’Re Here to Win the War for You. The Us 8th Air Force at War.
142319: BOWMAN, MARTIN W. - B-17 Flying Fortress Groups of the Eighth Air Force in Focus.
143123: BOWMAN, MARTIN W. - Remembering D-Day. Personal Histories of Everyday Heroes.
131463: BOWYER, MICHAEL J.F. - Action Stations: Military Airfields of Oxfordshire.
141995: BOWYER, MICHAEL J.F. - Aircraft for the Many. A Detailed Survey of the Raf’S Aircraft in June 1944.
143004: BOWYER, CHAZ. - Bomber Boys.
142007: BOWYER, CHAZ. - Fighter Pilots of the Raf 1939-1945.
138972: BOYCE, FREDRIC. - Soe’S Ultimate Deception: Operation Periwig.
131217: BOYD, GAVIN. - Corporate Planning and Policy Planning in the Pacific.
138002: BOYD, LIEUTENANT COLONEL DEREK. - The Gordon Heritage. The Story of General Charles Gordon and the Gordon Boys’ School. Foreword by H.R. H. The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.
139022: BOYD, DOUGLAS. - Normandy in the Times of Darkness. Everyday Life and Death in the French Channel Ports 1940-45.
84297: BOYD, NEIL. - An Englishman’S Peace and War.
136807: BOYD, WILLIAM. - Waiting for Sunrise.
137420: BOYLE, THOMAS. - Black Swine in the Sewers of Hampstead. Beneath the Surface of Victorian Sensationalism.
124300: (COOPER). BOYNTON, HENRY WALCOTT. - James Fenimore Cooper.
139803: BOYTON, HENRY VAN. - The National Military Park, Chickamauga - Chattanooga.
138386: BRABBS, DERRY. - Hadrian’S Wall.
138724: BRADBROOK, M.C. - ‘That Infidel Place. ’ a Short History of Girton College, 1869-1969. With an Essay on the Collegiate University in the Modern World. With an Introduction by Lord Butler of Saffron Waldon.
133041: (WHITELEY) BRADBURNE, E.S. - Opal Whiteley: The Unsolved Mystery. Together with Opal Whiteley’S Diary ‘the Journal of an Understanding Heart. ’
123847: BRADBURY, MALCOLM. - The Modern World. Ten Great Writers.
126537: BRADBURY, MALCOLM. - Liar’S Landscape. Collected Writing from a Storyteller’S Life. Edited and with a Foreword by Dominic Bradbury. Afterword by David Lodge.
132387: BRADBURY, MALCOLM. - Unsent Letters.
137896: (YEATS) BRADFORD, CURTIS BAKER (EDITOR). - W.B. Yeats. The Writing of the Player Queen. Manuscripts of W.B. Yeats Transcribed, Edged and with a Commentary.
143846: BRADFORD, SARAH. - The Story of Port. The Englishman’S Wine.
142499: (AMIS) BRADFORD, RICHARD. - Martin Amis: The Biography.
135198: BRADLEY, A.G. - An Old Gate of England. Rye, Romney Marsh, and the Western Cinque Ports.
141980: BRADLEY, JAMES. - Flyboys. The Final Secret of the Air War in the Pacific.
137556: BRADLEY, SUE (EDITOR). - The British Book Trade. An Oral History.
123282: BRADLEY, A.G. - The Romance of Wales.
135120: BRADLEY, ISAAC SAMUEL (EDITOR). - A Bibliography of Wisconsin’S Participation in the War between the States. Based Upon Material Contained in the Wisconsin Historical Library.
139966: BRADLEY, PAMELA. - Ancient Greece. Using Evidence.
143324: BRADY, HENRY B.; PARKER, W.K. & JONES, T. RUPERT. - A Monograph of the Genus Polymorphina. Extracted Rom the ‘Transactions of the Linnean Society of London,’ Second Series,-Zoology, Vol. XXVII.
126418: BRAGG, SIR WILLIAM. - Old Trades and New Knowledge. Six Lectures Delivered Before a ‘Juvenile Auditory’ at Eht Royal Institution Christmas 1925.
135019: BRAHAM, HELEN. - A Century of Silver. The Courtauld Family of Silversmiths 1710-1780.
143208: (GURNEY) BRAITHWAITE, JOSEPH BEVAN (EDITOR). - Memoirs of Joseph John Gurney; with Selections from His Journal and Correspondence.
132179: BRAITHWAITE, RODRIC. - Moscow 1941. A City and Its People at War.
130347: BRAKE, TED. - Men of Good Character. A History of the National Union of Sheet Metal Workers, Coppersmiths, Heating and Domestic Engineers.
135889: BRAMHALL, JOHN. - The Works of the Most Reverend Father in God, John Bramhall, D.D. Volume IV [Only]. Sometime Lord Archbishop of Armagh, Primate and Metropolitan of All Ireland. With a Life of the Author, and a Collection of His Letters.
133446: BRAMME, UWE. - Spionageabwehr Und “Geheimer Meldedienst”. Die Abwehrstelle X IM Wehrkreis Hamburg 1935-1945.
138063: BRAND, DAVID E. (FOREWORD BY). - The Glasgow Academy. The First Hundred Years.
144757: BRAND, VIOLET & BRAND, GEOFFREY (EDITORS). - Brass Bands in the 20th Century.
142497: (ARIOSTO) BRAND, C.P. - Ludovico Ariosto. A Preface to the ‘Orlando Fusrioso. ’
135414: BRANDER, MICHAEL. - Breeding Working Dogs.
129163: BRANDER, MICHAEL. - The Perfect Victorian Hero. Samuel White Baker.
129060: BRANDES, GEORGE. - Ferdinand Lassalle.
144081: BRANDWOOD, GEOFF. - Britain’S Best Real Heritage Pubs. Pub Interiors of Outstanding Historic Interest. Foreword by Simon Thurley.
126125: BRANHAM, ROBERT JAMES AND HARTNETT, STEPHEN J. - Sweet Freedom’S Song. My Country Tis of Thee and Democracy in America.
92178: BRASSEY’S HISTORY OF UNIFORMS. FIELD, RON. - Spanish-American War 1898.
144736: BRATTON, J.S. (EDITOR). - Music Hall: Performance and Style.
137448: BRATTON, J.S. - The Impact of Victorian Children’S Fiction.
140303: BRAUDEL, FERNAND. - Civilization and Capitalism 15th-18th Century. Volume I: The Structures of Everyday Life: The Limits of the Possible. Volume II: The Wheels of Commerce. Volume III: The Perpective of the World. Translation from the French by Sian Reynolds.
130879: BRAUN, SEBASTIEN. - Back to Bed, Ed!
142407: (MOZART) BRAUNBEHRENS, VOLKMAR. - Mozart in Vienna 1781-1791. Translated from the German by Timothy Bell.
129801: BRAUND, KATHRYN E. HOLLAND. - Deerskins & Duffels. The Creek Indian Trade with Anglo-American, 1685-1815.
141623: BRAUNSCHWEIG, PIERRE TH. - Secret Channel to Berlin. The Masson-Schellenberg Connection and Swiss Intelligence in World War II. Translated by Karl Vonlanthen. With Additional Translations for the 2004 Edition by Frances Stirnemann-Lewis.
143154: BRAYBROOKE, MARCUS. - Pilgrimage of Hope. One Hundred Years of Global Interfaith Dialogue.
128511: (PEPYS) BRAYBROOKE, RICHARD LORD (EDITOR). - Memoirs of Samuel Pepys, Esq. F.R. S. Secretary to the Admiralty in the Reigns of Charles II. And James II. Comprising His Diary from 1659-1669, Deciphered by the Rev. Joh. Smith A.B. From the Original Short-Hand Ms. In the Pepysian Library, and a Selection from His Private Correspondence.
126676: BRAYBROOKE, NEVILLE (EDITOR). - Seeds in the Wind. Juvenilia from W.B. Yeats to Ted Hughes. With an Introduction.
137014: (ACKERLEY) BRAYBROOKE, NEVILLE (EDITOR). - The Letters of J.R. Ackerley.
142627: BRAYLEY, MARTIN J. - Kalashnikov Ak47 Series. The 7. 62x39mm Assault Rifle in Detail.
138409: BRAYNE, MARTIN (EDITOR). - Harry Peckham’S Tour.
132842: BREDIN, JEAN-DENIS. - The Affair. The Case of Alfred Dreyfus. Translated from the French by Jeffrey Mehlman.
141803: BREEN, COLIN & FORSYTHE, WES. - Boats & Shipwrecks of Ireland.
111049: BREITHAUPT, DON AND JEFF. - Nightmoves. Pop Music in the Late ‘70s.
141160: (HIMMLER) BREITMAN, RICHARD. - The Architect of Genocide. Himmler and the Final Solution.
141199: (HIMMLER) BREITMAN, RICHARD. - The Architect of Genocide. Himmler and the Final Solution.
129447: BREMER, FREDERIKA. - The Neighbours. A Story of Every-Day Life. Translated by Mary Howitt.
133151: BREMER, FREDERIKA. - The Home, or, Life in Sweden. . and Strife and Peace. Translated by Mary Howitt.
133150: BREMER, FREDERIKA. - The Neighbours, a Story of Every-Day Life. And Other Tales: Hopes, the Twins, the Solitary, the Comforter, a Letter About Suppers, Tralinnan. Translated by Mary Howitt.
133149: BREMER, FREDERIKA. - The President’S Daughters: Including Nina. Translated by Mary Howitt.
144219: BREN, FRANK. - World Cinema 1: Poland.
126714: (HAWKER). BRENDON, PIERS. - Hawker of Morwenstow. Portrait of a Victorian Eccentric. With a Foreword by John Fowles.
135006: BRENNAN, GEORGEANNE. - Christmas Entertaining.
108148: BRENNAN, MARCIA. - Painting Gender, Constructing Theory. The Alfred Stieglitz Circle and American Formalist Aesthetics.
132466: BRETSCHNEIDER, KARL GOTTLIEB - Lexicon Manuale Graeco-Latinum in Libros Novi Testamenti.
143054: (FOX) BRETT, R.L. (EDITOR). - Barclay Fox’S Journal.
131725: BRETT-JAMES, ANTONY (EDITOR). - Escape from the French. Captain Hewson’S Narrative (1803-1809). Edited and with an Introduction.
122679: BREUER, WILLIAM B. - Macarthur’S Undercover War. Spies, Saboteurs, Guerrillas, and Secret Missions.
141877: BREW, ALEC. - Vampires and Fleas. A History of British Aircraft Preservation.
143535: BREWERS’ SOCIETY, THE. - The Brewers’ Almanack 1971. Containg Full Parliamentary, Legal and General Information Concerning the Wholesale and Retail Liquor Trade; Statistics; and Directories of the Trade.
133095: BREYTENBACH, BREYTEN. - Mouroir. Mirrornotes of a Novel.
141531: BRIALMONT, LE GENERAL. - Progres Defense Des Etats Et de la Fortification Permanente Dupuis Vauban.
141530: BRIALMONT, LE LT.-GENERAL A. - La Fortification Du Champ de Bataille [Bound with] Atlas.
124528: (HEMINGWAY). BRIAN, DENIS. - The True Gen. An Intimate Portrait of Ernest Hemingway by Those Who Knew Him.
140512: (BANKS) O’BRIAN, PATRICK. - Joseph Banks: A Life.
141899: BRICE, MARTIN. - Axis Blockade Runners of World War II.
128775: BRICE, RAOUL. - The Riddle of Napoleon. Translated from the French by Basil Creighton.
141960: BRICKHILL, PAUL. - Escape-or Die. Authentic Stories of the R.A. F. Escaping Society. With a Commentary by H.E. Bates and a Foreword by Air Marshal Sir Basil Embry.
121706: BRIDENBAUCH, CARL. - Vexed and Troubled Englishmen, 1590-1642. The Beginnings of the American People.
135000: BRIDGE, JANET. - Decorating with Nature.
132352: BRIDGES, ROBERT. - The Testament of Beauty. . a Poem in Four Books.
131755: [BRIDGES, T.C. - On Land and Sea at the Dardanelles. ]
135277: BRIDGES, JOHN HENRY. - Illustrations of Positivism. A Selection of Articles from the “Positivist Review” in Science, Philosophy, Religion, and Politics. With a Preface by Edward Spencer Beesly. Edited by H. Gordon Jones.
123572: BRIDGLAND, TONY. - Waves of Hate. Naval Attrocities of the Second World War.
135074: BRIDSON, GAVIN & WAKEMAN, GEOFFREY. - Printmaking & Picture Printing. A Bibliographical Guide to Artistic & Industrial Techniques in Britain 1750-1900.
138233: O’BRIEN, DONOUGH. - In the Heat of Battle. A History of Those Who Rose to the Occasion and Those Who Didn’T.
132087: O’BRIEN, TERENCE. - The Moonlight War. The Story of Clandestine Operations in South-East Asia, 1944-5.
131532: O’BRIEN, TERENCE. - Chasing After Danger. A Combat Pilot’S War over Europe and the Far East, 1939-42.
143504: O’BRIEN, ROBERT & WILLIAMS, MARC. - Global Political Economy. Evolution and Dynamics.
144135: O’BRIEN, TOM. - The Screening of America. Movies and Values from Rocky to Rain Man.
137415: O’BRIEN, JOHN. - Anacreon Redivivus. A Study of Anacreontic Translation in Mid-Sixteenth-Century France.
136236: BRIER, PETER. - Howard Mumford Jones and the Dynamics of Liberal Humanism.
110022: (JONES). BRIER, PETER. - Howard Mumford Jones and the Dynamics of Liberal Humanism.
130050: BRIERLEY, BEN. - Ab-O’Th’-Yate in Yankeeland. The Results of Two Trips to America.
130049: BRIERLEY, BEN. - Ab-O’Th’-Yate in Yankeeland. The Results of Two Trips to America.
140819: BRIGGS, ASA. - Victorian Things.
136453: BRIGGS, JOHN. - Requiem for a Yellow Brick Brewery. A History of the Metropolitan Opera.
142618: BRIGGS, DAVID. - A Pair of Wharfedales. The Story of Gilbert Briggs and His Loudspeaker.
130346: BRIGGS, ASA. - Friends of the People. The Centenary History of Lewis’S. With a Foreword by the Earl of Woolton.
140748: BRIGHTON, TERRY. - Hell Riders. The Truth About the Charge of the Light Brigade.
134941: BRIMACOMBE, PETER. - English Style. The Pitkin Guide.
141819: HOWLETT & BRIMMER (PRINTERS). - Gems of Ancient Art, or Select Specimens from the Old Masters, Consisting of Forty Engravings, by Eminent Artists.
141198: BRINKLEY, DOUGLAS & DREZ, RONALD J. - Voices of Valor. D-Day: June 6, 1944.
135627: BRINTON, CRANE. - English Political Thought in the Nineteenth Century.
132775: BRISCOE, A. DALY. - A Stuart Benefactress. Sarah, Duchess of Somerset.
98231: BRISTOW, JOSEPH. - Effeminate England. Homoerotic Writing After 1885.
139857: BRISTOWE, MRS. SYDNEY. - The Oldest Letters in the World. Tell Us - What?
129635: BROADFOOT, BARRY. - Six War Years 1939-1945. Memories of Canadians at Home and Abroad.
139245: BROCK, W.H. - From Protyle to Proton. William Prout and the Nature of Matter, 1785-1985.
117629: BROCK, PETER. - Freedom from War. Nonsectarian Pacifism 1814 - 1914.
139439: BROCKMAN, JOHN. - The Third Culture.
133016: (RANSOME) BROGAN, HUGH (EDITOR). - Signalling from Mars. The Letters of Arthur Ransome. Edited and Introduced.
124641: (KIPLING). BROGAN, HUGH. - Mowgli’S Sons. Kipling and Baden-Powell’S Scouts.
139310: BROGGER, JAN. - Pre-Bureaucratic Europeans. A Study of a Portuguese Fishing Community.
132808: BROKKE, JOHN. - King George III. With a Foreword by H.R. H. The Prince of Wales.
110001: BROMBERT, VICTOR. - Trains of Thought. Memories of a Stateless Youth.
137579: BROME, VINCENT. - Six Studies in Quarrelling.
124516: (HARRIS). BROME, VINCENT. - Frank Harris.
128655: BROMLEY, J.S. (EDITOR). - The Manning of the Royal Navy. Selected Public Pamphlets 1693-1873.
126559: BROOK, PETER. - The Shifting Point. Forty Years of Theatrical Exploration, 1946-1987.
132782: BROOKE, JOHN. - The Chatham Administration, 1766-1768. England in the Age of the American Revolution.
137972: BROOKE, XANTHE & CROMBIE, DAVID. - Henry VIII Revealed. Holbein’S Portrait and Its Legacy.
138451: BROOKE, JOHN M. & HUDSON, GEOFFREY G. - The Story of a School. Lightcliffe Church of England School.
109454: BROOKER, PETER. - A Glossary of Cultural Theory. Second Edition.
133039: (POUND) BROOKER, PETER. - A Student’S Guide to the Selected Poems of Ezra Pound.
142289: BROOKES, ANDREW. - Air War over Russia.
141857: BROOKES, EWART. - The Gates of Hell.
142290: BROOKES, ANDREW. - Air War over Italy.
141477: BROOKES, JOHN. - The Country Garden.
136814: BROOKMYRE, CHRIS. - Flesh Wounds.
144117: BROOKMYRE, CHRIS. - Dead Girl Walking.
139262: BROOKS, ARTHUR. - A School Chemistry.
143069: BROOKS, RICHARD. - The Long Arm of Empire. Naval Brigades from the Crimea to the Boxer Rebellion.
143279: (RUPP) BROOKS, PETER (EDITOR). - Christian Spirituality. Essays in Honour of Gordon Rupp.
139372: BROOKS, TERRY. - The Dark Legacy of Shannara.
141856: BROOME, CAPTAIN JACK. - Convoy Is to Scatter.
126915: (MACHADO). BROTHERSTON, GORDON. - Manuel Machado: A Revaluation.
143969: (TROTSKY) BROTHERSTONE, TERRY & DUKES, PAUL (EDITORS). - The Trotsky Reappraisal. Translations by Brian Pearce, Jenny Brine and Andrew Drummond.
143135: BROTTON, JERRY. - The Sale of the Late King’S Goods. Charles I and His Art Collection.
123875: (WORDSWORTH). BROUGHTON, LESLIE NATHAN. (EDITOR). - Some Letters of the Wordsworth Family. Now First Published. With a Few Unpublished Letters of Coleridge and Southey and Others.
144670: BROVEN, JOHN. - South to Louisiana. The Music of the Cajun Bayous.
136387: BROWN, G. BURNISTON. - Science: Its Method and Its Philosophy.
137633: BROWN, JOHN RUSSELL. - Theatre Language. A Study of Arden, Osborne, Pinter and Wesker.
142483: (TCHAIKOVSKY) BROWN, DAVID. - Tchaikovsky: A Biographical and Critical Study. Volume III [Only]. The Years of Wandering (1878-1885).
134184: BROWN, CAROL (EDITOR). - James Ensor 1860-1949: Theatre of Masks.
140977: BROWN, MALCOLM. - The Imperial War Museum Book of the Somme.
133771: BROWN, MIKE. - Evacuees. Evacuation in Wartime Britain 1939-1945.
133770: BROWN, MIKE. - A Child’S War. Growing Up on the Home Front 1939-45.
138117: BROWN, HAROLD E. HAIG (EDITOR). - William Haig Brown of Charterhouse. A Short Biographical Memoir. Written by Some of His Pupils, and Edited by His Son.
138208: BROWN, GORDON. - Wartime Courage. Stories of Extraordinary Courage by Exceptional Men and Women in World War Two.
138668: BROWN, SIDNEY K. - Bootham School, York, 1823-1973.
138792: BROWN, MALCOLM. - The Imperial War Museum Book of 1914: The Men Who Went to War.
139029: BROWN, R. DOUGLAS. - East Anglia 1943.
139030: BROWN, R. DOUGLAS. - East Anglia 1945.
139167: BROWN, G.I. - Invisible Rays. The History of Radioactivity.
135065: BROWN, KENDALL H. - The Politics of Reclusion. Painting and Power in Momoyama Japan.
111307: BROWN, JULIW K. - Contesting Images. Photography and the World’S Columbian Exposition.
131540: BROWN, SON & FERGUSON (PUBLISHER). - Bridge Book for the Irish Sea and Bristol Channel, with Eight Charts Giving Courses and Distances, Soundings, Lights, Fog Signals and General Information.
143848: BROWN, GORDON. - Handbook of Fine Brandies.
141949: BROWN, SQUADRON LEADER PETER. - Honour Restored. The Battle of Britain, Dowding and the Fight for Freedom.
141822: BROWN, ALAN. - Flying for Freedom. The Allied Air Forces in the Raf 1939-45.
143806: BROWN, JOHN HULL. - Early American Beverages.
141626: BROWN, ANTHONY CAVE. - Bodyguard of Lies.
144683: (LEWIS) BROWN, J.W. & BROWN, RUSTY. - Whole Lotta Shakin’. 50 Years of Memories: A Tribute to Jerry Lee Lewis.
137033: BROWN, JOHN. - Rab and His Friends, and Other Papers.
137061: BROWN, STEWART J. (EDITOR). - Buses Yearbook 2001.
122038: BROWN, E.H. PHELPS. - The Growth of British Industrial Relations. A Study from the Standpoint of 1906-14.
141901: BROWN, DAVID. - Warship Losses of World War Two.
140967: BROWN, MALCOLM & SEATON, SHIRLEY. - Christmas Truce.
124025: (BUNYAN). BROWN, JOHN. - John Bunyan. His Life Times and Work.
143606: BROWN, ADRIAN J. - Laboratory Studies for Brewing Students. A Systematic Course of Practical Work in the Scientific Principles Underlying the Processes of Malting and Brewing.
143158: BROWN, JAMES BALDWIN. - Stoics and Saints. Lectures on the Later Heathen Moralists, and on Some Aspects of the Life of the Mediaeval Church.
135829: BROWN, JOANNE. - The Definition of a Profession. The Authority of Metaphor in the History of Intelligence Testing, 1890-1930.
113583: BROWN, MIKE. - The Day Peace Broke out. The Ve-Day Experience.
139365: BROWN, CHARLES BROCKDEN. - Wieland; or the Transformation.
140870: BROWN, LUCY M. & CHRISTIE, IAN R. (EDITORS). - Bibliography of Britrish Histroy 1789-1851. Issued Under the Direction of the American Historical Association and the Royal Historical Society of Great Britain.
143161: BROWNE’S - Religio Medici. And Digby’S Observations.
128223: BROWNING, ROBERT. - Parleyings with Certain People of Importance in Their Day: To Wit: Bernard de Mandeville, Daniel Bartoli, Christopher Smart, George Bubb Dodington, Francis Furini, Gerard de Lairesse, and Chrles Avison. Introduced by a Dialogue between Apollo and the Fates; Concluded by Another between John Fust and His Friends.
139131: BROWNING, PHILIP E. - Introduction to the Rarer Elements.
145186: BROWNING, IAIN. - Petra.
132920: BROWNING, ELIZABETH BARRETT. - The Barretts at Hope End. The Early Diary of Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Edited with an Introduction by Elizabeth Berridge.
95118: (DICKEY). BRUCCOLI, MATTHEW J. AND BAUGHAM, JUDITH S. (EDITORS). - Crux. The Letters of James Dickey.
137229: (HELLER) BRUCCOLI, MATTHEW J. & BUCKER, PARK. - Joseph Heller. A Descriptive Bibliography.
137169: (FITZGERALD) BRUCCOLI, MATTHEW J. - F. Scott Fitzgerald. A Descriptive Bibliography.
141194: BRUCE, COLIN JOHN. - War on the Ground.
135890: BRUCE, REV. WILLIAM. - Commentary on the Revelation of St. John.
143164: BRUCE, STEVE. - Religion in the Modern World. From Cathedrals to Cults.
124540: BRUCE, GRANT (EDITOR). - Arthur and Eric. An Anglo-Australian Story from the Journal of Arthur Hickman.
129630: BRUCE, COLIN JOHN. - Invaders. British and American Experience of Seaborne Landings 1939-1945.
138922: BRULEY, SUE (EDITOR). - Working for Victory. A Diary of Life in a Second World War Factory.
140041: BRUNO, VINCENT J. - Form and Colour in Greek Painting.
141471: BRUNSDEN, DENNIS ET AL. - Dk World Atlas.
144173: BRUNSDON, CHARLOTTE. - London in Cinema. The Cinematic City Since 1945.
145156: BRUNSKILL, R.W. - Houses.
110488: BRUYN, GERD DE. - Contemporary Architecture in Germany 1970-1996. 50 Buildings. With a Preface by Wilfried Wang and an Essay by Gerd Zimmermann.
111937: (SNEDEN, ROBERT KNOX). BRYAN, CHARLES ET AL (EDITORS). - Images from the Storm. 300 CIVIL War Images by the Author of Eye of the Storm.
143153: BRYANT, CHRIS. - Possible Dreams. A Personal History of British Christian Socialists.
135877: BRYANT, CHRIS. - Possible Dreams. A Personal History of British Christian Socialists.
128471: BRYANT, ARTHUR. - King Charles II.
136678: BRYANT, BETTY. - Here Comes the Showboat!
140446: BRYANT, ARTHUR (EDITOR). - The Letters, Speeches and Declarations of King Charles II.
128417: BRYANT, ARTHUR. - Postman’S Horn. An Anthology of the Letters of Latter Seventeenth Century England.
123255: BRYCE, GEORGE. - A Short History of the Canadian People.
139360: BRYCESON, DEBORAH FAHY; OKELY, JUDITH & WEBBER, JONATHAN (EDITORS). - Identity and Networks. Fashioning Gender and Ethnicity Across Cultures.
128307: BRYSON, W.H. (EDITOR). - Cases Concerning Equity and the Courts of Equity 1550-1660. Edited for the Seldon Society.
137026: (ARNOLD) BRYSON, JOHN (EDITOR). - Matthew Arnold. Poetry and Prose.
144023: BRZEZINKSKI, ZBIGNIEW. - The Grand Failure. The Birth and Death of Communism in the Twentieth Century.
143904: (SMITH) BUCHAN, JAMES. - Adam Smith and the Pursuit of Perfect Liberty.
137070: BUCHAN, WILLIAM. - The Rags of Time. A Fragment of Autobiography.
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143684: COYSH, A.W. - Historic English Inns.
144686: COZZEN, R. DUANE. - Surf & Hot Rod Music of the 60’S. Collectors Quick Reference. Includes U.S. Discographies.
131787: COZZENS, JAMES GOULD. - S.S. “San Pedro. ” a Tale of the Sea.
127092: CRABBE JR, GEORGE. - The Life of George Crabbe.
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143005: CRILE, GEORGE. - My Enemy’S Enemy. The Story of the Largest Covert Operation in History: The Arming of the Mujahideen by the Cia.
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136961: CROSBY, KEITH. - The Aberford, Barrowby and East Garforth Railway. A Railway Conversation for the Model Railway Enthusiast.
132973: (SADE) CROSLAND, MARGARET. - Sade’S Wife. The Woman Behind the Marquis.
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143427: CUDWORTH, ERIKA; HALL, TIM & MCGOVERN, JOHN. - The Modern State. Theories and Ideologies.

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