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7414: GOLDING, WILLIAM - Darkness Visible
8682: GOLDING, WILLIAM - Nobel Lecture, 7 December 1983
14240: GOLDMAN, ALVIN I. - Philosophical Applications of Cognitive Science
5113: GOLDMANN, LUCIEN - Pour Une Sociologie Du Roman
13135: GOLDMANN, LUCIEN - The Philosophy of Enlightenment: The Christian Burgess and the Enlightenment
5619: GOLDSTEIN, RABBI DAVID - Jewish Ethics
12232: GOLDSTONE, HERBERT - In Search of Community: The Achievement of SeăˇN o'Casey
12865: GOMBRICH, E. H. - Art and Illusion: A Study in the Psychology of Pictorial Representation
6206: GOOD, MERLE AND PHYLLIS PELLMAN (EDITORS) - What Mennonites Are Thinking 1999
9191: GOODE, JOHN - George Gissing: Ideology and Fiction
10496: GOODFELLOW, PETER - Shakespeare's Birds
9261: GOODHEART, EUGENE - The Reign of Ideology
13194: GOODHEART, EUGENE - Culture and the Radical Conscience
13830: GOODMAN, LIZBETH WITH JANE DE GAY (EDITORS) - The Routledge Reader in Gender and Performance
12471: GOODMAN, PAUL - Utopian Essays and Practical Proposals
14345: GOODMAN, NELSON - Fact, Fiction and Forecast
14519: GOODWIN, DAISY (EDITOR) - The Nation's Favourite: Love Poems
14520: GOODWIN, DAISY (EDITOR) - The Nation's Favourite: Love Poems
14911: GOODWIN, WILLIAM W. - A Greek Grammar
7747: GOONETILLEKE, D. C. R. A. - Images of the Raj: South Asia in the Literature of Empire
10574: GORDIMER, NADINE - A Soldier's Embrace
11182: GORDIMER, NADINE - The House Gun
8345: GORDON, RICHARD - Doctor at Sea
9875: GORDON, R. K. - Anglo-Saxon Poetry
8507: GORDON, R. K. (EDITOR) - Anglo-Saxon Poetry
2925: GORDON, I. R. F. - A Preface to Pope
10295: GORDON, LYNDALL - Eliot's Early Years
11975: GORE, C. - The Philosophy of the Good Life
5823: GORELIK, GENNADY AND ANTONINA W. BOUIS - The World of Andrei Sakharov: A Russian Physicist's Path to Freedom
13705: GORER, GEOFFREY - Sex & Marriage in England Today: A Study of the Views and Experience of the Under-45s
2162: GORKY, MAXIM - Stories (Including 'Mother' )
13212: O'GORMAN, FRANK - Edmund Burke: His Political Philosophy
13712: GOSDEN, P. H. J. H. (EDITOR) - How They Were Taught: An Anthology of Contemporary Accounts of Learning and Teaching in England 1800-1950
13306: GOSLING, J. C. B. - Plato
10324: GOSSE, EDMUND - Coventry Patmore
1404: GOUDGE, H. L. - The Church and the Bible
11684: GOULD, STEPHEN JAY - An Urchin in the Storm
14257: GOULD, STEPHEN JAY - The Mismeasure of Man
11685: GOULD, STEPHEN JAY - Ever Since Darwin: Reflections in Natural History
13308: GOULD, STEPHEN JAY - Life's Grandeur: The Spread of Excellence from Plato to Darwin
13299: GOULD, STEPHEN JAY - Leonardo's Mountain of Clams and the Diet of Worms: Essays on Natural History
14561: GOWER, RALPH R. - Life in New Testament Times
13954: GOWER, ROGER - Past Into Present: An Anthology of British and American Literature
14104: GOWERS, ERNEST - The Complete Plain Words
13466: GOWERS, ERNEST - The Complete Plain Words
13467: GOWERS, ERNEST - The Complete Plain Words
12731: GRADDOL, DAVID AND OLIVER BOYD-BARRETT - Media Texts: Authors and Readers
15348: GRAEF, ROGER - Talking Blues: The Police in Their Own Words
7846: GRAF VON KROCKOW, CHRISTIAN - Hitler Und Seine Deutschen
5359: GRAFF, GERALD AND REGINALD GIBBONS (EDITORS) - Criticism in the University Triquartly Series on Criticism and Culture, No. 1
13231: GRAHAM, LOREN R. - Science and Philosophy in the Soviet Union
12217: GRAHAM, VICTOR E. - The Imagery of Proust
14658: GRAHAME, KENNETH - Dream Days
15602: GRAHAME, KENNETH - Dream Days
12990: GRANDIN, TEMPLE AND MARGARET M. SCARIANO - Emergence: Labelled Autistic
14787: GRANDSAIGNES D'HAUTERIVE, R. - Dictionnaire D'Ancien Francaise
14052: GRANGER, PENNY - The N-Town Play: Drama and Liturgy in Medieval East Anglia
9015: GRANSDEN, K. W. - E.M. Forster
10021: GRANT, DOUGLAS - Purpose and Place: Essays on American Writers
6746: GRANT, LINDA - Sexing the Millennium: A Political History of the Sexual Revolution
13934: GRANT, ALLAN - A Preface to Dickens
11091: GRANT, DAMIAN (EDITOR) - Poetry 1970 - Critical Quarterly Poetry Supplement 11
11092: GRANT, DAMIAN (EDITOR) - Poetry 1973 - Critical Quarterly Poetry Supplement Number
10700: GRANT, ALISON - Then and There: Sailing Ships and Emigrants in Victorian Times
15506: GRANVILLE-BARKER, HARLEY - The Plays of Harley Granville Barker
6169: GRASSI, JOSEPH - The Hidden Heroes of the Gospels: Female Counterparts of Jesus
14617: GRAVES, ROBERT - The Siege and Fall of Troy
14618: GRAVES, ROBERT - The Golden Fleece
15219: GRAVES, ALFRED P. - Irish Songs and Ballads
13961: GRAY, JOHNNIE [HARRY SPEIGHT] - Through Airedale from Goole to Malham
15613: GRAY, RONALD - Brecht
7666: GRAY, STEPHEN AND DAVID SCHALKWYK - Modern Stage Directions
10657: GRAY, ALASDAIR - Old Men in Love
13148: GRAYLING, A. C. - The Refutation of Scepticism
15190: GRECO, JOHN AND ERNEST SOSA (EDITORS) - The Blackwell Guide to Epistemology
15191: GRECO, JOHN AND ERNEST SOSA (EDITORS) - The Blackwell Guide to Epistemology
15309: GREEN, MICHAEL - The Art of Coarse Acting, or How to Wreak an Amateur Dramatic Society
8094: GREEN, THOMAS HILL - Lectures on the Principals of Political Obligations
7258: GREEN, V. H. H. - John Wesley
5111: GREEN, MARTIN - The English Novel in the Twentieth Century: The Doom of Empire
9065: GREEN, MARTIN - Yeats's Blessings on Von Hugel: Essays on Literature and Religion
12436: GREEN, V. H. H. - Renaissance and Reformation: A Survey of European History between 1450 and 1660
14147: GREEN, HENRY - Nothing
442: GREEN, V. H. H. - Renaissance and Reformation: A Survey of European History between 1450 and 1660
14285: GREEN, HENRY - Doting
13022: GREENAWAY, KATE - Kate Greenaway's Alphabet
574: GREENBERG, MARTIN - The Terror of Art: Kafka and Modern Literature
14686: GREENE, GRAHAM - The Heart of the Matter
334: GREENE, RICHARD EDITOR) - Selected Letters of Edith Sitwell
15374: GREENE, OWEN, ET AL - London After the Bomb: What a Nuclear Attack Really Means
10457: GREENE, ROBERT - The Tragical Reign of Selimus
9504: GREENFIELD, GEORGE - Scribblers for Bread: Aspects of the English Novel Since 1945
7489: GREENLEE, J. HAROLD - A Concise Exegetical Grammar of New Testament Greek
9098: GREENWOOD, E. B. - Tolstoy: The Comprehensive Vision
8663: GREER, GERMAINE - The Madwoman's Underclothes: Essays and Occasional Writings, 1968-85
11552: GREGG, VERNON - Human Memory
5021: GREGG, VERNON - Human Memory
9196: GREGOR, IAN AND BRIAN NICHOLAS - The Moral and the Story
11523: GREGORY, JOHN - The Neoplatonists
14552: GREIG, CLARENCE - Great Civilizations: Greece
12094: GRENE, NICHOLAS - Synge: A Critical Study of the Plays
15111: GRENE, MARJORIE - Spinoza, a Collection of Critical Essays
13224: GRENE, MARJORIE (EDITOR) - Interpretations of Life and Mind: Essays Around the Problem of Reduction
14058: GREVILLE, FULKE - Selected Writings of Fulke Greville
15325: GRIBBIN, JOHN R. - In the Beginning: The Birth of the Living Universe
14249: GRIBBIN, JOHN - In Search of Schră¶Dinger's Cat: Quantum Physics and Reality
2156: GRIBOYEDOV, ALEKSANDER [ ALEXANDER ]. - The Mischief of Being Clever [ Gore Ot Uma Alternatively the Sorrow of the Mind ]
12336: GRICE, GEOFFREY RUSSELL - The Grounds of Moral Judgement
13439: GRIERSON, H. J. C. - Cross Currents in English Literature of the Seventeenth Century or, the World, the Flesh and the Spirit, Their Actions and Reactions
8393: GRIFFIN-HALL, GABRIEL - Poetry on the Lake: Wild
8460: GRIFFITHS, TREVOR R. - The Ivan R. Dee Guide to Plays and Playwrights
14184: GRIFFITHS, PAUL E. - What Emotions Really Are: The Problem of Psychological Categories
15540: GRIFFITHS, TREVOR R. (EDITOR) - Stagecraft: The Complete Guide to Theatrical Practice
8771: GRIGSON, GEOFFREY - The Contrary View: Glimpses of Fudge and Gold
11514: GRIMSLEY, RONALD - Kierkegaard
12025: GRIMSLEY, RONALD - The Philosophy of Rousseau
3724: GRINOLS, ANNE BRADSTREET - Critical Thinking: Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum
5780: GRISEWOOD, HARMAN - The Painted Kipper : A Study of the Spurious in the Contemporary Scene
14597: GROOM, NICK - Introducing Shakespeare
10105: GROOM, ARTHUR - Farmyard Friends
8573: GROSS, JOHN - Joyce
7131: GROSSMAN, DAVID - Lion's Honey: The Myth of Samson
7132: GROSSMAN, DAVID - Lion's Honey: The Myth of Samson
11205: GROSSMAN, DAVID, LEO M. VAN DEN BERG, HYACINTH I. AJAEGBU - Urban and Peri-Urban Agriculture in Africa: Proceedings of a Workshop, Netanya, Israel, 23-27 June 1996
15529: GROTOWSKI, JERZY - Towards a Poor Theatre
15526: GROTOWSKI, JERZY AND THOMAS RICHARDS - Tracing Roads Across: A Project from the Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards
11617: GRUBE, G. M. A. - Plato's Thought
13707: GRUNBERGER, RICHARD - A Social History of the Third Reich
8812: GRUNDY, JOAN - Hardy and the Sister Arts
4483: GRUNDY, MALCOLM - An Unholy Conspiracy: The Separation of Church and Industry Since the Reformation
12890: GUARESCHI, GIOVANNI - Don Camillo and the Devil
13449: GUERBER, H. A. - Myths and Legends: Greece and Rome
13450: GUERBER, H. A. - Myths and Legends: The Norsemen
13519: GUEST, STEPHEN - Ronald Dworkin
6101: GUEST, GEORGE - Footprints in Ancient History
308: GUHL, E. AND W KONER - The Greeks: Their Life and Customs
9809: GUILEY, ROSEMARY ELLEN AND INTRODUCTION BY MARION ZIMMER BRADLEY - Encyclopedia of Mystical and Paranormal Experience
13453: GUIRAND, FELIX - New Larousse Encyclopedia of Mythology
6542: GUISE, HILARY - Great Victorian Engravings: A Collector's Guide
13737: GUNDERSON, KEITH - Mentality and Machines
15277: GUNN, THOM - The Occasions of Poetry: Essays in Criticism and Autobiography
12359: GUNN, NEIL - The Shadow
13702: GURNEY, IVOR - Ivor Gurney: War Letters
14453: GUSTAFSON, DONALD F. (EDITOR) - Essays in Philosophical Psychology
7296: GUTCH, JOHN - Martyr of the Islands: Life and Death of John Coleridge Patteson
8568: GWATKIN, HENRY MELVILLE - Selections from the Early Christian Writers
1091: HĂĽRLIMANN, BETTINA - Three Centuries of Children's Books in Europe
13508: HĂĽRLIMANN, BETTINA - Three Centuries of Children's Books in Europe
14919: HABERMAS, JURGEN - Knowledge and Human Interests
8823: HADFIELD, JOHN (EDITOR) - Elizabethan Love Lyrics
13909: HADFIELD, JOHN - Every Picture Tells a Story: Images of Victorian Life
7849: HAFFNER, SEBASTIAN - Historische Variationen
7831: HAFFNER, SEBASTIAN - Die Deutsche Revolution 1918/19
7824: HAFFNER, SEBASTIAN - Anmerkungen Zu Hitler
7848: HAFFNER, SEBASTIAN - Als Englă¤Nder Maskiert. Ein Gespră¤Ch Mit Jutta Krug ăĽBer Das Exil
7771: HAFFNER, SEBASTIAN - Defying Hitler: A Memoir
6758: HAIGHT, GORDON S. - George Eliot: A Biography
15227: HALĂ©VY, LUDOVIC - The Abbă© Constantin
15178: HALBERSTAM, DAVID - The Fifties
12345: HALDANE, J. B. S. - Materialism
7105: HALE, J. R. - The Evolution of British Historiography: From Bacon to Namier
12593: HALEVY, ELIE - The Growth of Philosophic Radicalism
14845: HALL, H. GASTON - Moliă¨Re: Tartuffe
14476: HALL, DONALD (EDITOR) - The Oxford Book of Children's Verse in America
11433: HALL, MICHAEL - Harrison Birtwistle
11544: HALL, CALVIN S. - A Primer of Freudian Psychology
11582: HALL, CALVIN S. AND VERNON J. NORDBY - A Primer of Jungian Psychology
9693: VON HALLBERG, R. - American Poetry and Culture, 1945-80
10512: HALPERIN, JOHN - Gissing: A Life in Books
15443: HAMEROW, THEODORE S. - On the Road to the Wolf's Lair: German Resistance to Hitler
10260: HAMILTON, IAN - A Gift Imprisoned: The Poetic Life of Matthew Arnold
13900: HAMILTON, SUSAN (EDITOR) - Criminals, Idiots, Women, and Minors: Victorian Writing by Women on Women
8723: HAMILTON, IAN - Robert Lowell: A Biography
11868: HAMILTON, PETER N. - Albert Einstein
12643: HAMLYN, D. W. - The Theory of Knowledge
15511: HAMMOND, BREAN (EDITOR) - Double Falsehood or the Distressed Lovers
15124: HAMPSHIRE, STUART - Thought and Action
13282: HAMPSHIRE, STUART - Modern Writers and Other Essays
3668: HAMPSON, SARAH E. - The Construction of Personality: An Introduction
1762: HANCOCK, W. K. - Country and Calling
12260: HANDLEY, GRAHAM - Jane Austen : Criticism in Focus
9488: HANDLEY, GRAHAM - George Eliot's Midlands: Passion in Exile
270: HANDLEY, GRAHAM - State of the Art George Eliot
1763: HANDLEY, GRAHAM - Anthony Trollope
5261: HANDLIN, OSCAR - Truth in History
11987: HANFLING, OSWALD (EDITOR) - Fundamental Problems in Philosophy
11957: HANNAY, ALASTAIR - Mental Images - a Defence
12048: HANNON, VERONICA (EDITOR) - Poetry Now - Tributes in Verse
15081: HANSLICK, EDUARD - The Beautiful in Music
15338: HANSON, NEIL - The Confident Hope of a Miracle: The True History of the Spanish Armada
14176: HANSON, NORWOOD RUSSELL - Observation and Explanation: A Guide to Philosophy of Science
12197: HAPPĂ©, PETER (EDITOR) - Tudor Interludes
14180: HARDCASTLE, VALERIE GRAY - How to Build a Theory in Cognitive Science
15155: HARDIE, W. F. R. - Aristotle's Ethical Theory
12040: HARDING, MIKE - Crystal Set Dreams
12039: HARDING, MIKE - Daddy Edgar's Pools
10079: HARDING, D. W. - Experience Into Words
6686: HARDMAN, J. K. - Britain in the Modern World Book One 1868-1918
9061: HARDY, THOMAS AND EDITED BY EVELYN HARDY AND F. B. PINION. - One Rare Fair Woman: Letters to Florence Henniker, 1893-1922
6088: HARDY, JOAN - Just the Beginning: A Christmas Play
8565: HARDY, THOMAS - Chosen Poems of Thomas Hardy
12629: HARE, R. M. - Practical Inferences
14347: HARE, R. M. - Freedom and Reason
11760: HARE, R. M., JONATHAN BARNES AND HENRY CHADWICK - Founders of Thought
15123: HARE, R. M. - The Language of Morals
13762: HARE, R. M. - Sorting out Ethics
14288: HAREWITH, D. S. - The Story of Peter the Fisherman
2961: HARLEY, A. B. - Story Recitals in Poem and Prose a New Collection of Successful Story Recitations and Monologues Suitable for All Occasions
10001: HARLEY, QUINN - A Caboodle of Beasts
13620: HARMAN, GILBERT - Change in View: Principles of Reasoning
14372: HARMAN, GILBERT - Reasoning, Meaning, and Mind
15151: HARMAN, GILBERT (EDITOR) - On Noam Chomsky: Critical Essays
12213: HARMON, MAURICE - Austin Clarke 1896-1974: A Critical Introduction
11952: HARRĂ©, ROM - The Anticipation of Nature
15608: HARRIS, JOEL CHANDLER - Uncle Remus or Mr Fox, Mr Rabbit and Mr Terrapin
8691: HARRIS, WENDELL V. (EDITOR) - Beyond Poststructuralism: The Speculations of Theory and the Experience of Literature
6458: HARRIS, R. W. - Reason and Nature in Eighteenth Century Thought
13953: HARRIS, JOSĂ© - Unemployment and Politics: A Study in English Social Policy 1886-1914
11971: HARRIS, ERROL E. - Hypothesis and Perception
4000: HARRISON, FRED (EDITOR) - Geophilos Autumn 2000 No. 00(1) Knowledge, Power and Modernity
3999: HARRISON, FRED (EDITOR) - Geophilos Autumn 2001 No. 01(2) Sex, Economics and the Descent of Man
15399: HARRISON, PAUL - Inside the Inner City: Life Under the Cutting Edge
13268: HARRISON, JONATHAN - Our Knowledge of Right and Wrong
14649: HARRISON, TONY - Laureate's Block and Other Poems
4030: HARRISON-BARBET, ANTHONY - Mastering Philosophy
14818: MOLIèRE AND TONY HARRISON - The Misanthrope
4927: HARRISON, COLIN - Victorian and Edwardian Suffolk from Old Photographs
14502: HARRISON, TONY - Selected Poems
15376: HARRISON, PAUL - Inside the Third World: The Anatomy of Poverty
13938: HARRISON, FRASER - Dark Angel: Aspects of Victorian Sexuality
13311: HARRISON-BARBET, ANTHONY - Mastering Philosophy
10403: HARRISON, FREDERICK - John Ruskin
15391: HARRISON, PAUL - The Third World Tomorrow: A Report from the Battlefront in the War Against Poverty
13159: HARROD, ROY - Foundations of Inductive Logic
15432: HART, PETER - The Somme
14442: HART, H. L. A. - Law, Liberty and Morality
14199: HART, H. L. A. - Punishment and Responsibility: Essays in the Philosophy of Law
13191: HART, H. L. A. - Law, Liberty and Morality
10938: HART, JAMES D. - The Concise Oxford Companion to American Literature
7823: HARTAU, FRIEDRICH - Wilhelm II: In Selbstzeugnissen Und Bilddokumenten: Mit Selbstzeugnissen Und Bilddokumenten
10596: HARTMAN, GEOFFREY H. - Beyond Formalism: Literary Essays, 1958-70
7098: HARTMANN, LUDO MORITZ - The Early Medieval State: Byzantium, Italy and the West
11745: HARTNACK, JUSTUS - Wittgenstein & Modern Philosophy
8520: HARTNOLL, PHYLLIS (EDITOR) - The Oxford Companion to the Theatre
9974: HARVEY, A. E. - The New English Bible Companion to the New Testament
12201: HARVEY, PETER - An Introduction to Buddhism: Teachings, History, and Practices
5061: HARVEY, W. J. - Character and the Novel
12101: HARVEY, PAUL (EDITOR) - The Oxford Companion to Classical Literature
10833: HARVIE, CHRISTOPHER - The Centre of Things: Political Fiction in Britain from Disraeli to the Present
9562: HASSALL, CHRISTOPHER - Rupert Brooke: A Biography
2610: HASTE, STEVE - Criminal Sentences True Crime in Fiction and Drama
3140: HASTE, STEVE - Criminal Sentences True Crime in Fiction and Drama
11263: HATHWAY, JAMES A. - Wonders of the World
14161: HAUGELAND, JOHN (EDITOR) - Mind Design II: Philosophy, Psychology, Artificial Intelligence
13240: HAVELOCK, ERIC A. - The Liberal Temper in Greek Politics
11252: HAVENHAND, I. & J. - The Builder
14290: HAVENHAND, I. & J. - Gas
1181: HAVERS, ELINORE - Dream Pony
10920: ASSEMBLED BY ELUEND BROWN AND TERRANCE HAWKES - A Gathering of Friends for Moelwyn
11422: HAWKINS, DESMOND - Avalon and Sedgemoor
13897: HAWKSLEY, LUCINDA - March Women March
8695: HAWTHORN, JEREMY (EDITOR) - Criticism and Critical Theory
13081: HAWTON, HECTOR (EDITOR) - Question 3 January 1970
13408: HAY, DENYS - The Medieval Centuries
6440: HAY, DENYS - The Italian Renaissance in Its Historical Background
9085: HAYDEN, DONALD E. - Literary Studies: The Poetic Process: The University of Tulsa Monograph Series Number 15.
9140: HAYDN, HIRAM (EDITOR) - The Portable Elizabethan Reader
13851: HAYDOCK, JAMES - Portraits in Charcoal: George Gissing's Women
3390: HAYDON, A. L. (EDITOR) - The Schoolboy's Annual: The Boy's Own Book of Pluck and Peril
11412: HAYES, MALCOLM - Anton Von Webern
13394: HAYES, JOHN R. (EDITOR) - The Genius of Arab Civilization: Source of Renaissance
3905: HAYES, NICKY AND SUE ORRELL - Psychology: An Introduction
8787: HAYMAN, RONALD - Leavis
4331: HAYMAN, RONALD - Leavis
15328: HAYMAN, RONALD - Writing Against: A Biography of Sartre
15390: HAYTER, TERESA AND CATHARINE WATSON - Aid: Rhetoric and Reality
12678: HEANEY, SEAMUS - New Selected Poems 1966-1987
3805: O'HEAR, A. - What Philosophy Is : An Introduction to Contemporary Philosophy
12868: O'HEAR, ANTHONY - Experience, Explanation and Faith: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion
14974: O'HEAR, ANTHONY (EDITOR) - Philosophy: The Journal of the Royal Institute of Philosophy Volume 81 Number 315 January 2006
14185: O'HEAR, ANTHONY (EDITOR) - Philosophy: The Journal of the Royal Institute of Philosophy Volume 81 Number 317 July 2006
14186: O'HEAR, ANTHONY (EDITOR) - Philosophy: The Journal of the Royal Institute of Philosophy Volume 81 Number 318 October 2006
1748: HEARDER, H. AND D. P. WHALLEY (ED). - A Short History of Italy from Classical Times to the Present Day
6834: HEATH, PAUL - Yorkshire North Riding
14056: HEATH-STUBBS, JOHN - Beauty and the Beast
14897: HEATH, SIR THOMAS L. - A Manual of Greek Mathematics
14075: HEATH-STUBBS, JOHN - The Darkling Plain: Romanticism in English Poetry from Darley to Yeats
13964: HEATH-STUBBS, JOHN - The Literary Essays
7582: HEATH-STUBBS, JOHN - The Swarming of the Bees
11712: HEGEL, G. W. F. - The Philosophy of History
7811: HEIBER, BEATRICE AND HELMUT HEIBER - Die RăĽCkseite Des Hakenkreuzes
14404: HEIL, JOHN - Philosophy of Mind: A Contemporary Introduction
13857: HEILMANN, ANN - New Woman Strategies: Sarah Grand, Olive Schreiner, Mona Caird
11690: HEIMBECK, RAEBURNE S. - Theology and Meaning: Critique of Metatheological Scepticism
15451: HELD, DAVID - Models of Democracy
2310: HELLER, ERICH - Kafka
599: HELM, P. J. - History of Europe 1450-1660
9670: HEMMINGS, F. W. J. - Pelican Guide to European Literature: The Age of Realism
7048: HENDERSON, PHILIP - William Morris
647: HENDERSON, PHILIP - Swinburne: The Portrait of a Poet
11320: HENDERSON, JAMES - Rupert Annual 1990
10421: INTRODUCTION BY T. HENDERSON - Wilson's Tales of the Borders: A Selection
11219: HENGEL, MARTIN - The Hellenization of Judaea in the First Century After Christ
13700: HENIG, RUTH - The Origins of the Second World War 1933-1939
14675: HENNELL, THOMAS - British Craftsmen
1747: HENNESSEY, C. A. M. - Modern Spain
15340: HENNESSY, PETER - Having It So Good: Britain in the Fifties
13024: HENRIQUES, FERNANDO - Jamaica: Land of Wood and Water
8235: HENRY, JEAN AND RON HENRY - Moon Maiden: Tales from Fairyland
15231: HENTY, G. A. - One of the 28th: A Tale of Waterloo
416: HERBERT, T WALTER - Dearest Beloved: The Hawthornes and the Making of the Middle-Class Family
14518: HERBERT, GEORGE - A Choice of George Herbert's Verse
3298: HERODOTI [ HERODOTUS ] - Historiae Libri X-IX [ Histories Books 10-14 ]
3297: HERODOTI [ HERODOTUS ] - Historiae Libri I-IV [ Histories Books 1-4 ]
10656: HEUSINGER, LUTZ AND FABRIZIO MANCINELLI - All the Frescoes of the Sistine Chapel
15268: HEWETT, CHRISTOPHER (EDITOR) - The Living Curve: Letters to W.J. Strachan, 1929-1979
5062: HEWITT, DOUGLAS - The Approach to Fiction: Good and Bad Readings of Novels
12757: HEYER, GEORGETTE - My Lord John
12753: HEYER, GEORGETTE - Charity Girl
12535: HEYER, GEORGETTE - Envious Casca
12773: HEYER, GEORGETTE - Cousin Kate
12759: HEYER, GEORGETTE - The Nonesuch
12760: HEYER, GEORGETTE - The Toll-Gate
12536: HEYER, GEORGETTE - Footsteps in the Dark
12537: HEYER, GEORGETTE - Detection Unlimited
12373: HEYER, GEORGETTE - Royal Escape
12764: HEYER, GEORGETTE - Penhallow
12765: HEYER, GEORGETTE - Sprig Muslin
15619: HEYER, GEORGETTE - The Unfinished Clue
12778: HEYER, GEORGETTE - False Colours
8047: HEYMANN, C. DAVID - Ezra Pound: The Last Rower a Political Profile
12067: HEYWORTH, CLIFFORD - Nobbut a Thought from Lancashire
3062: HIBBERT, CHRISTOPHER - The Making of Charles Dickens
14639: HIBBERT, CHRISTOPHER - Cities and Civilisations
15233: HICHENS, ROBERT - The Woman with the Fan
11689: HICK, JOHN H. - Philosophy of Religion
14490: HICKMAN, MARGARET - Learnabout Riding
11339: HICKS, JOHN - Truth and Dialogue in World Religions: Conflicting Truth-Claims
5076: HIGDON, DAVID LEON - Time and English Fiction
13701: HIGGINS, HUGH - The Cold War
12078: HILDICK, WALLACE - 13 Types of Narrative
14644: HILL, C. P. - Who's Who in Stuart Britain
8378: HILL, SUSAN - I'm the King of the Castle
10112: HILL, CHRISTOPHER - A Turbulent, Seditious and Factious People: John Bunyan and His Church, 1628-88
15597: HILL, REGINALD - On Beulah Height
14871: HILLIS, W. DANIEL - The Connection Machine
13105: HILTON, WALTER - The Ladder of Perfection
7051: HILTON, RODNEY - The Change Beyond Change: A Dream of John Ball the Annual Kelmscott Lecture 1989
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14957: HORWICH, PAUL - Truth
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14722: IONESCO, EUGèNE - Le Roi Se Meurt
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14099: KELLER, HORST - German Expressionist Watercolours from the Collections of the Wallraf-Richartz Museum, Cologne
14077: KELLETT, E. E. - The Northern Saga
4538: KELLIHER, HILTON AND SALLY BROWN - English Literary Manuscripts
4296: KELLIHER, HILTON AND SALLY BROWN - English Literary Manuscripts
9041: KELLIHER, HILTON AND SALLY BROWN - English Literary Manuscripts
15530: KELLY, DENNIS - The Ritual Slaughter of Gorge Mastromas
2127: KELSALL, KEITH - Glass in 18th Century England: The Footed Salver
12279: KELSALL, DENNIS AND JAN KELSALL - Lancashire: Photographic Memories, a Second Selection
12278: KELSALL, DENNIS AND JAN KELSALL - Lancashire: Living Memories
7806: M. TULLI CICERONIS / CICERO EDITED BY FRANCIS W. KELSEY - Select Orations and Letters of Cicero
6066: KELSEY, HENRY - St Aidan and St Cuthbert
15029: KEMP, J. - Ethical Naturalism
1428: KEMP, GENE AND ILLUSTRATED BY CHRIS FISHER - The Tyke Tiler Terrible Joke Book
7855: KEMPE, FREDERICK - Father/Land
14386: KEMSLEY, VISCOUNT ET AL - The Kemsley Manual of Journalism
15363: KENNEDY, PAUL - The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers: Economic Change and Military Conflict from 1500 to 2000
15449: KENNEDY, PAUL - Preparing for the Twenty-First Century
12923: KENNEDY, A. L. - Paradise
2327: KENNER, HUGH - A Reader's Guide to Samuel Beckett
14123: KENNY, ANTHONY - The Ivory Tower: Essays in Philosophy and Public Policy
11761: KENNY, A. J. P., J. R. LUCAS, C. H. WADDINGTON AND H. C. LONGUET-HIGGINS - The Nature of Mind
15084: KENNY, ANTHONY - Action, Emotion and Will
970: KENYON, J. P. - The Stuart Constitution: Documents and Commentary
13692: KERMODE, FRANK - Romantic Image
10250: KERMODE, FRANK - An Appetite for Poetry
5353: KERNAN, ALVIN B. - The Imaginary Library: An Essay on Literature and Society
9153: KERSHAW, ALEX - Jack London: A Life
15135: KESHEN, RICHARD - Reasonable Self-Esteem
13894: KESTNER, JOSEPH A. - Masculinities in Victorian Painting
6442: KETTLE, ARNOLD - The Nineteenth Century Novel: Critical Essays and Documents
14754: KETTRIDGE, J. O. - French Idioms and Figurative Phrases: With Many Quotations
919: KEYNES, GEOFFREY - Bibliography of William Hazlitt
11206: KIELY, RAY AND PHIL MARFLEET (EDITORS) - Globalisation and the Third World
10016: KIERKEGAARD, SøREN - The Last Years: Journals, 1853-1855
13325: KIERKEGAARD, SøREN - Fear and Trembling and the Sickness Unto Death
6501: KIERNAN, BRIAN - David Williamson: A Writer's Career
9233: KILLHAM, JOHN (EDITOR) - Critical Essays on the Poetry of Tennyson
12943: KILMISTER, C. W. - Language, Logic and Mathematics
10428: KILPATRICK, SARAH - Fanny Burney: A Biography
13426: KILVERT, FRANCIS - Ardizzone's Kilvert: Selections from the Diary of the Rev. Francis Kilvert, 1870-79
14448: KIM, JAEGWON - Philosophy of Mind
9898: KING, BRUCE (EDITOR) - Twentieth Century Interpretations of All for Love. A Collection of Critical Essays
6403: KING, BRUCE (EDITOR) - Modern Indian Poetry in English
8343: KING, ROSS - Ex Libris
7190: KING-SMITH, DICK - Pigs Are Beautiful
7671: KING, BRUCE - Literatures of the World in English
13669: KING, ENID C. - The Little Mermaid
10813: KINGSLEY, MARY - Travels in West Africa
9998: KINGSLEY, CHARLES - The Water Babies
172: KINGSTON, W. H. G. - Cruise of the Dainty; or Rovings in the Pacific
11243: KINGSTON, PETER - Zoric the Spaceman - Two Stories
542: KINKEAD-WEEKES, MARK AND IAN GREGOR - William Golding: A Critical Study
12211: KINSELLA, THOMAS - Personal Places
10187: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Rudyard Kipling: The Complete Verse
14655: KIPLING, RUDYARD - O Beloved Kids: Rudyard Kipling's Letters to His Children
15224: KIRBY, MARY AND ELIZABETH - Things in the Forest
7844: VAN DER KISTE, JOHN - Dearest Vicky, Darling Fritz: The Tragic Love Story of Queen Victoria's Eldest Daughter and the German Emperor
14173: KITCHER, PHILIP - Vaulting Ambition : Sociobiology and the Quest for Human Nature
13523: KITCHER, PHILIP - In Mendel's Mirror: Philosophical Reflections on Biology
13163: KITCHING, GAVIN - Karl Marx and the Philosophy of Praxis
7859: KLöNNE, ARNO - Jugend IM Dritten Reich: Die Hitlerjugend Und Ihre Gegner
7854: KLAUBE, FRANK-ROLAND - Chronik Der Stadt Kassel: ăśBer 2000 Ereignisse in Wort Und Bild
14238: KLEMKE, E. D. (EDITOR) - Essays on Wittgenstein
7829: KLOSE, ARTUR AND DIRK WERNER - Geheimnisvolles Kassel : Eine Entdeckungsreise Mit Bobby Und Molly Durch Die Dokumenta-Stadt Kassel
12842: KNEALE, WILLIAM - Probability and Induction
1050: KNECHT, R. J. - Francis I and Absolute Monarchy
14048: KNECHT, R. J. - French Renaissance Monarchy: Francis I and Henry II
13331: KNIGHT, WILLIAM - Hume
14296: KNIGHTS, L. C. - Some Shakespearian Themes and an Approach to Hamlet
8671: KNIGHTS, L. C. - Explorations: Essays in Criticism Mainly on the Literature of the Seventeenth Century
9883: KNIGHTS, L. C. - Drama and Society in the Age of Johnson
14304: KNIGHTS, L. C. - Explorations: Essays in Criticism Mainly on the Literature of the Seventeenth Century
7818: KNOPP, GUIDO - Hitler: Eine Bilanz
11525: KNOWLES, DAVID - The Evolution of Medieval Thought
11203: KNOX, PAUL AND JOHN AGNEW - The Geography of the World Economy
639: KOENIGSBERGER, H. G., GEORGE L. MOSSE AND G. Q. BOWLER - Europe in the Sixteenth Century
5776: KOESTLER, ARTHUR AND CYNTHIA KOESTLER - Stranger on the Square
1250: KOHN, GEORGE C. - Dictionary of Wars: Who Fought Whom, When, Where and Why from 2000 Bc to the Present
2720: KONDEATIS, CHRISTOS AND SARA MAITLAND - Pandora's Box: A 3-Dimensional Celebration of Greek Mythology
14962: KORNBLITH, HILARY (EDITOR) - Naturalizing Epistemology
13277: KORSCH, KARL - Marxism and Philosophy
13732: KOVESI, JULIUS - Moral Notions
14636: KRAUSE, DAVID - Sean o'Casey
2752: KRAUSKOPF, RABBI JOSEPH - A Rabbi's Impression of the Oberammergau Passion Play
14963: KRAUT, RICHARD - Aristotle on the Human Good
1642: KRISHNAN, AHAYLA AND JOHN W. BERRY - Acculturative Stress and Acculturation Attitudes Among Indian Immigrants to the United States.
12859: KROG, ANTJIE - A Change of Tongue
15357: KRUEGER, CHRISTINE L. - The Reader's Repentance: Women Preachers, Women Writers, and Nineteenth-Century Social Discourse
397: KUBICK, DANA - Midnight Teddies
13883: KUCICH, JOHN - The Power of Lies: Transgression in Victorian Fiction
7820: VON KUENHEIM, HAUG - Marion Dă¶Nhoff: Eine Biographie
12825: KUHNS, RICHARD - Literature and Philosophy: Structures of Experience
12930: KUREISHI, HANIF - Gabriel's Gift
8508: KYD, THOMAS - The Spanish Tragedy
15559: LABAN, RUDOLF - The Mastery of Movement
13087: LABARGE, MARGARET WADE - Gascony, England's First Colony, 1204-1453
14732: LABICHE, EUGèNE AND EDMOND GONDINET, VICTORIEN SARDOU AND ÉMILE DE NAJAC, GEORGES FEYDEAU - Three French Farces: The Happiest of the Three, Let's Get a Divorce!, Get out of My Hair!
15561: LAMARQUE, PETER AND STEIN HAUGOM OLSEN (EDITORS) - Aesthetics and the Philosophy of Art: The Analytic Tradition, an Anthology
4222: LAMB, CHARLES - Essays, Letters, Poems
9788: LAMBERT, J. W. - Drama in Britain, 1964-73.
10175: LAMBTON, PROF. ANN K. S. - Josephine Butler
1892: LAMONT, NORMAN - In Office
7490: LANCASTER, OSBERT - Sailing to Byzantium : An Architectural Companion
3026: LANDMAN, DEBBIE (EDITOR) - A Select Index to South African Literature 1993 Nelm Index 4
11936: LANE, DAVID - The End of Inequality?: Stratification Under State Socialism
15214: LANE, GRET - The Saga of Sally Bird
13171: LANG, BEREL - The Anatomy of Philosophical Style: Literary Philosophy and the Philosophy of Literature
9994: LANGDON-DAVIES, JOHN - A Short History of Women
4304: LANGER, LAWRENCE L. - Preempting the Holocaust
4305: LANGER, LAWRENCE L. - Preempting the Holocaust
12929: LANGFIELD, PAUL - Chess
11859: LANGFORD, GLENN - Human Action Problems in Philosophy
14696: LANGLAND, WILLIAM EDITED BY DEREK PEARSALL - Piers Plowman: An Edition of the C Text
3436: LANSING, ALFRED - Shakleton's Valiant Voyage
14486: LARKMAN, BRIAN - Learnabout Metalwork
8891: LARRISSY, EDWARD - Yeats the Poet: The Measures of Difference
3075: LARY, N. M. - Dostoevsky and Dickens: A Study of Influence
14269: LASCELLES, MARY - Jane Austen and Her Art
15433: LASCH, CHRISTOPHER - The True and Only Heaven: Progress and Its Critics
13127: LASKI, HAROLD J. - Liberty on the Modern State
11935: LASKI, HAROLD J. - A Grammar of Politics
14687: LASKI, MARGHANITA - Little Boy Lost
13680: LASLETT, STEPHANIE - The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse and Other Aesop's Fables
13681: LASLETT, STEPHANIE - The Happy Prince
8570: LATOURETTE, KENNETH SCOTT - A History of Christianity
13183: LAUER, QUENTIN - Phenomenology: Its Genesis and Prospect
6026: LAUFER, MOSES - Adolescent Disturbance and Breakdown
13728: LAUGHLIN, ROBERT B. - A Different Universe: Reinventing Physics from the Bottom Down
14459: LAURENCE, STEPHEN AND CYNTHIA MACDONALD (EDITORS) - Contemporary Readings in the Foundations of Metaphysics
7931: LAURENSON, DIANA AND ALAN SWINGEWOOD - The Sociology of Literature
15373: LAURIE, PETER - Beneath the City Streets: A Private Enquiry Into Government Preparations for National Emergency
10649: LAVAGNINO, PROF. E. - Les Chefs-D'Oeuvre de la Peinture a Rome (Exhibition Catalogue)
15366: LAVER, JOHN, CHRIS ROWE AND DAVID WILLIAMSON - Years of Division: Europe Since 1945
14854: LAVIELLE, ÉMILE - En Attendant Godot de Beckett
15169: LAVINE, SHAUGHAN - Understanding the Infinite
8493: LAW, D. G. - Milton's Cottage: The History of a House
15247: LAWRENCE, D. H. - The Quest for Rananim; D.H. Lawrence's Letters to S.S. Koteliansky, 1914 to 1930
9915: LAWRENCE, T. E. - Seven Pillars of Wisdom
9457: LAWRENCE, D. H. - Etruscan Places
9222: LAWRENCE, D. H. - Selected Essays
8377: LAWRENCE, D. H. - Sons and Lovers.
4905: LAWRENCE, D. H. - Selected Literary Criticism
9634: LAWRENCE, D. H. AND EDITED BY ARMIN ARNOLD. - The Symbolic Meaning: The Uncollected Versions of Studies in Classic American Literature
9541: LAWRENCE, D. H. EDITED BY ANTHONY BEAL. - Selected Literary Criticism
14704: LAWS, VALERIE - Quantum Sheep
12309: LAX, WILLIAM H. - Lax of Poplar - the Story of a Wonderful Quarter of a Century
6889: LAYCOCK, SAMUEL - The Collected Writings of Samuel Laycock
14513: LAYTON, IRVING (EDITOR) - Love Where the Nights Are Long: An Anthology of Canadian Love Poems
11610: LAZARUS, RICHARD S. - Personality
11980: LAZEROWITZ, MORRIS - Philosophy and Illusion
13074: LEA, F. A. - A Defence of Philosophy
3738: LEA, STEPHEN - Instinct, Environment, and Behaviour
9105: LEACH, EDMUND - Lă©VI-Strauss
13716: LEACROFT, HELEN AND RICHARD - Churches and Cathedrals, Their Building and Use
14497: LEAR, EDWARD - Complete Nonsense
2571: LEAVER, TONY - Pronouncing Welsh Place Names: Featuring Instant Guide to Well-Known Names
9542: LEAVIS, F. R. - Revaluation: Tradition and Development in English Poetry
9478: LEAVIS, F. R. - New Bearings in English Poetry: A Study of the Contemporary Situation
12183: LEAVIS, F. R. - New Bearings in English Poetry: A Study of the Contemporary Situation
8860: LEAVIS, F. R. AND Q. D. LEAVIS. - Lectures in America
9600: LEAVIS, F. R. - English Literature in Our Time and the University: The Clark Lectures 1967
8324: LEAVIS, F. R. - Revaluation: Tradition and Development in English Poetry
10478: LEAVIS, F. R. - Scrutiny: A Retrospect
8766: LEAVIS, F. R. - D.H. Lawrence Novelist
10482: LEAVIS, F. R. - The Common Pursuit
5415: LEAVIS, F. R. - New Bearings in English Poetry: A Study of the Contemporary Situation
9723: LEAVIS, F. R. AND Q. D. LEAVIS - Dickens the Novelist
14312: LEAVIS, F. R. AND Q. D. LEAVIS - Dickens the Novelist
14583: LEAVIS, F. R. - D.H. Lawrence Novelist
10314: LEAVIS, F. R. - New Bearings in English Poetry: A Study of the Contemporary Situation
12256: LEAVIS, F. R. - Revaluation: Tradition and Development in English Poetry
13689: LEAVIS, F. R. - Revaluation: Tradition and Development in English Poetry
13520: LECKY, WILLIAM EDWARD HARTPOLE - History of European Morals from Augustus to Charlemagne
12581: LECKY, WILLIAM EDWARD HARTPOLE - History of European Morals from Augustus to Charlemagne
13861: LEDGER, SALLY - The New Woman: Fiction and Feminism at the Fin de Siă¨Cle
13901: LEDGER, SALLY AND SCOTT MCCRACKEN (EDITORS) - Cultural Politics at the Fin de Siă¨Cle
8061: LEE, BRIAN - Theory and Personality: The Significance of T.S. Eliot's Criticism
8670: LEE, BRIAN - The Heart of All England: Literature, Culture, Politics, Language
13951: LEE, STEPHEN J. - Aspects of British Political History, 1815-1914
14425: LEE, HERMIONE - Body Parts: Essays on Life-Writing
988: LEECH, CLIFFORD - Tragedy
511: LEECH, CLIFFORD - Webster: The Duchess of Malfi
9671: LEEMING, GLENDA - Who's Who in Henry James
6022: LEEMING, GLENDA (EDITOR) - Wesker on File
13335: LEFEBVRE, HENRI - The Sociology of Marx
438: LEFF, GORDON - Medieval Thought: St Augustine to Ockham
13259: LEFF, GORDON - Medieval Thought: St Augustine to Ockham
13345: LEFTWICH, JOSEPH - Yisroel: The Jewish Omnibus
10442: LEGOUIS, PIERRE. - Andrew Marvell: Poet, Puritan, Patriot
10879: LEHMAN, JOHN - The Penguin New Writing 4
10884: JOHN LEHMANN (EDITOR) - The Penguin New Writing Number 30
10881: LEHMANN, JOHN (EDITOR) - The Penguin New Writing 9
10888: JOHN LEHMANN (EDITOR) - The Penguin New Writing 24
10875: LEHMANN, JOHN (EDITOR) - The Penguin New Writing 7
10877: LEHMANN, JOHN (EDITOR) - The Penguin New Writing 2
13764: LEHRER, KEITH - Self-Trust: A Study of Reason, Knowledge, and Autonomy
13649: LEHRER, KEITH - Theory of Knowledge
2973: LEIDNER, ALAN C. AND KARIN A. WURST - Unpopular Virtues: The Critical Reception of J.M. R. Lenz
3139: LEIDNER, ALAN C. AND KARIN A. WURST - Unpopular Virtues: The Critical Reception of J.M. R. Lenz
14547: LEIGH-PEMBERTON, JOHN - Butterflies and Moths
1801: LEITCH, ELIZABETH - Raider's Road
12736: LEITH, DICK - A Social History of English
2574: LENEMAN, LEAH - Into the Foreground: A Century of Scottish Women in Photographs
12333: LENIN, V. I. - The Teachings of Karl Marx
205: LEONARD, JONATHAN NORTON - Ancient America
7858: LEONHARDT, RUDOLF WALTER - 77 Mal England. Panorama Einer Insel. 12. Auflage.
13769: LEPORE, ERNEST (EDITOR) - Truth and Interpretation: Perspectives on the Philosophy of Donald Davidson
9771: LERNER, LAURENCE - An Introduction to English Poetry
9046: LERNER, LAURENCE (EDITOR) - The Victorians
9120: LERNER, LAURENCE - The Truest Poetry: An Essay on the Question What Is Literature?
473: LERNER, LAURENCE (ED). - Reconstructing Literature
4016: LESAGE, ALAIN-RENĂ© - Turcaret Comă©Die
7730: LESSER, WENDY - His Other Half: Men Looking at Women Through Art
9082: LESSING, DORIS - Going Home
8679: LESSING, GOTTHOLD EPHRAIM - The Laocoon and Other Prose Writings
13029: LESSING, DORIS - Under My Skin: Volume One of My Autobiography, to 1949
9076: LESSING, DORIS - In Pursuit of the English
11341: LEVI - The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ
14165: LEVI, ISAAC - The Covenant of Reason: Rationality and the Commitments of Thought
9206: LEVIN, HARRY - The Gates of Horn: A Study of Five French Realists
15505: LEVIN, IRINA AND IGOR LEVIN - Methodology of Working on the Play and the Role: On the Example of the Cherry Orchard
8000: LEVY, WILLIAM TURNER AND VICTOR SCHERLE. - Affectionately, T.S. Eliot: The Story of a Friendship, 1947-65.
12823: LEVY, DAVID J. - The Measure of Man: Incursions in Philosophic and Political Anthropology
13836: LEVY, ANITA - Reproductive Urges: Popular Novel-Reading, Sexuality, and the English Nation
14328: LEWIS, C. S. - The Allegory of Love: A Study in the Medieval Tradition
11107: LEWIS, WYNDHAM - Filibusters in Barbury
12565: LEWIS, C. S. - Prince Caspian: The Return to Narnia
1570: LEWIS, ROY AND YVONNE FOY - Painting Africa White: The Human Side of British Colonialism
11123: LEWIS, WYNDHAM - Enemy Salvoes: Selected Literary Criticism
12568: LEWIS, C. S. - The Last Battle
9943: LEWIS, R. W. B. - Edith Wharton: A Biography
12561: LEWIS, C. S. - The Magician's Nephew
13295: LEWIS, C. S. - Miracles: A Preliminary Study
13103: LEWIS, C. S. - English Literature in the Sixteenth Century: Excluding Drama
12564: LEWIS, C. S. - The Horse and His Boy
10724: LEWIS, BRENDA RALPH - H.R. H. Princess of Wales
14611: LEWIS, MATTHEW - The Monk
14612: LEWIS, BERNARD - The Assassins: A Radical Sect in Islam
15253: LICHTENSTEIN, RACHEL - On Brick Lane
12797: LICHTHEIM, GEORGE - From Marx to Hegel, and Other Essays
11874: LICHTHEIM, GEORGE - Marxism in Modern France
12444: LICHTHEIM, GEORGE - LukăˇCs
15183: LIDDELL, HENRY GEORGE AND ROBERT SCOTT - An Intermediate Greek-English Lexicon Founded Upon the Seventh Edition of Liddell and Scott's Greek-English Lexicon
521: LIDOFF, JOAN - Christina Stead
5929: LIK, PETER - Sydney Panoscapes
5927: LIK, PETER - Cairns: Tropical North Queensland Panoscapes
3561: LINCOURT, MICHEL - In Search of Elegance Towards an Architecture of Satisfaction
4373: LINDSAY, JACK - George Meredith
8097: LINDSAY, A. D. - The Modern Democratic State
13201: LINDSAY, A. D. - The Philosophy of Immanuel Kant
11848: LINDSAY, JACK - William Morris, Writer
10106: LINDSAY, JACK (EDITOR) - Ribaldry of Rome
8724: LINDSKOOG, KATHRYN - Sleuthing C.S. Lewis: More Light in the Shadowlands
12461: ENG WEE LING - Confessions of Three Unmarried Women by Action Theatre and Other Plays by Eng Wee Ling
13389: LINKLATER, ERIC - The Great Ship and Rabelais Replies: Two Conversations
14901: LINSKY, LEONARD (EDITOR) - Semantics and the Philosophy of Language: A Collection of Readings
12011: LINSKY, LEONARD - Referring
13286: LIPPMANN, WALTER - The Public Philosophy
15627: LISTER, GLADYS - A Star for Starlight
15624: LITTLE, SYLVIA - Stanton's Comes of Age
498: LIVELY, ADAM - Masks: Blackness, Race and the Imagination
12544: LIVELY, PENELOPE - Uninvited Ghosts and Other Stories
13195: LIVELY, JACK AND ANDREW REEVE (EDITORS) - Modern Political Theory from Hobbes to Marx: Key Debates
3425: TITI LIVI [ LIVY ] (ED. R.S. CONWAY AND C.F. WALTERS ) - De Urbe Condita Tomus II Libri VI-X [ Vol II ]
3170: LIVI-BACCI, MASSIMO AND GUSTAVO DE SANTIS (EDITORS) - Population and Poverty in the Developing World
13793: LIVY - Livy IV Books VIII-X
4896: LIVY - Book XXII
2962: LLOYD, SETON - The Art of the Near East
15236: LLOYD GEORGE, DAVID - The War Memoirs of David Lloyd George: In 2 Volumes
7883: LLOYD, CHRISTOPHER - Search for the Niger
12109: LLOYD, ROGER - The Church of England in the Twentieth Century: Volume 2
13250: LLOYD, PETER, ANDREW MAYES, ET AL - Introduction to Psychology: An Integrated Approach
12108: LLOYD, ROGER - The Church of England in the Twentieth Century: Volume 1
13715: LLOYD GEORGE, DAVID - The War Memoirs of David Lloyd George: In 2 Volumes
10850: LOANE, M. - The Queen's Poor; Life As They Find It in Town and Country
14351: LOCKE, DON - Memory
11495: LOCKE, DON - Memory
11597: LOCKE, JOHN - The Second Treatise of Government : (an Essay Concerning the True Original, Extent and End of CIVIL Government) ; and, a Letter Concerning Toleration
13779: LOCKE, DON - Myself and Others: A Study in Our Knowledge of Minds
13772: LOCKE, JOHN - An Essay Concerning Human Understanding Volume I
14253: LOCKE, JOHN - An Essay Concerning Human Understanding Volume II
4379: LODGE, DAVID - Language of Fiction : Essays in Criticism and Verbal Analysis of the English Novel

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