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1418: MCCARTHY, C. J: - Un nouveau nom pour remplacer Rhacophorus granulosus Guibe, 1975 (Anura; Rhacophoridae). (A replacement name for Rhacophorus granulosus Guibe,1975).
172: MCCLINTOCK, D. & R. S. R. FITTER: - The Pocket Guide to Wild Flowers; Including, Trees, Shrubs, Ferns, Grasses & Sedges.
3837: MCCONKEY, E. H: - The subspecies of Eumeces egregius, a lizard of the southeastern United States.
3835: MCCOY, C. J. & C. F. WALKER: - A new salamander of the genus Bolitoglossa from Chiapas.
4701: MCCRANIE, J. R. & L. D. WILSON: - A new species of red-eyed treefrog of the Hyla uranochroa group (Anura: Hylidae) from northern Honduras.
4287: MCCRANIE, J. R. & L. D. WILSON: - A new hylid frog of the genus Plectrohyla from a cloud forest in Honduras.
4973: MCDIARMID, R. W. (EDITOR): - Rare and Endangered Biota of Florida, Vol. 3: Amphibians & Reptiles.
2915: MCDIARMID, R. W., J. F. COPP & D. E. BREEDLOVE: - Notes on the herpetofauna of western México: New records from Sinaloa and the Tres Marías Islands.
2919: MCDIARMID, R. W. & M. S. FOSTER: - Breeding habits of the toad Bufo coccifer in Costa Rica, with a description of the tadpole.
2950: MCDIARMID, R. W: - La posición sistemática de la rana Atelopus rubriventris Vellard.
4529: MCDOWELL, S. B: - A catalogue of the snakes of New Guinea and the Solomons, with special reference to those in the Bernice P. Bishop Musem. Part III. Boinae and Acrochordoidea (Reptilia, Serpentes).
2048: MCDOWELL, S. B: - Aspidomorphus, a genus of New Guinea snakes of the family Elapidae, with notes on related genera.
2049: MCDOWELL, S. B: - On the status and relationships of the Solomon Island elapid snakes.
4028: MCDOWELL, S. B: - The terrestrial Australian elapids: General summary.
4960: MCGREGOR, R. C: - Notes on Hawaiian reptiles from the island of Maui.
844: MCKEOWN, S: - A Field Guide to Reptiles and Amphibians in the Hawaiian Islands.
2618: MCKEOWN, S: - Hawaiian Reptiles and Amphibians.
2874: MCMILLAN, M. A. & R. D. SEMLITSCH: - Prey of the dwarf salamander, Eurycea quadridigitata, in South Carolina.
472: MEADOWS, P. S. & J. I. CAMPBELL: - An Introduction to Marine Science.
512: MEDEM, F: - Desarollo de la Herpetología en Colombia.
1198: MEINKOTH, N. A: - The Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Seashore Creatures.
388: MELZAK, M: - The Marine Aquarium Manual.
2234: MENZIES, J. I., & M. J. TYLER: - The systematics and adaptations of some Papuan microhylid frogs which live underground.
4958: MERCURIO, V: - Amphibians of Malawi: An analysis of their richness and community diversity in a changing landscape.
3982: MERRETT, N. R: - Aspects of the biology of billfish (Istiophoridae) from the equatorial western Indian Ocean.
5024: MERTENS, R: - Über Lachesis libanotica und den Status von Vipera bornmuelleri.
5023: MERTENS, R: - Psammophis elegans, eine bemerkenswerte ,,Sandrenn-Natter" aus Westafrika.
5025: MERTENS, R: - Bitis heraldica, eine oft verkannte Otter aus Angola.
3206: MERTENS, R: - Nachträge zur reptilienfauna der Insel Korfu.
4861: MERTENS, R: - Über die Verbreitung und das Verbreitungszentrum der Seeschlangen (Hydrophidae).
5027: MERTENS, R: - Eine neue Wassernatter aus West-Pakistan.
5028: MERTENS, R: - Die Rassengliederung der afrikanischen Wassernatter Limnophis bicolor.
2887: MERTENS, R: - Bemerkungen zur "Normalentwicklung" des Kaukasus-Salamanders.
4864: MERTENS, R: - Amphibien und reptilien aus Santo Domingo, gesammelt von Prof. Dr. H. Böker.
4860: MERTENS, R: - Der Typus von Vipera lebetina schweizeri.
4865: MERTENS, R: - Die Amphibien und Reptilien der Insel Elba.
5046: MERTENS, R: - Die Wiederentdeckung der Geckonengattung Gonatodes auf den Galapagos.
4231: MERTENS, R: - Eine neue Art der Froschgattung Oreophryne von der Insel Rintja.
4553: MERTENS, R: - Beobachtungen an Taubwaranen (Lanthanotus borneensis) im Terrarium.
4554: MERTENS, R: - Ein wenig bekannter Zwergwaran, Varanus acanthurus primordius.
4555: MERTENS, R: - Über den Kapkrallenfrosch, Xenopus gilli.
4556: MERTENS, R: - Über die Rassen des feuerbauchmolches (Triturus pyrrhogaster) und ihre wissenschaftlichen Namen.
4559: MERTENS, R: - Zwei probematische Schildkröten der Gattung Pseudemys.
4561: MERTENS, R: - Salamander aus Afghanistan: Batrachuperus mustersi.
2269: MERTENS, R: - Die Amphibien und Reptilien West-Pakistans.
2885: MERTENS, R: - Die Lurche und Kriechtiere in "Brehms Tierleben" (1912-13) und in "Grzimeks Tierleben" (1970-71).
2888: MERTENS, R: - Eine Rana, die Fleisch riecht und frißt.
4122: MERTENS, R: - The not well-known "sidewinders" of the Asian desert adders.
3528: MERTENS, R: - Eine neue Natter von einer Insel des Roten Meeres.
3212: MERTENS, R: - Elaphe Fitzinger 1833, nicht Elaphis Bonaparte 1831 (Reptilia, Serpentes).
3065: MERTENS, R: - Die herpetologische Sektion des Natur-Museums und Forschungs-Institutes Senckenberg in Frankfurt a. M. nebst einem Verzeichnis ihrer Typen.
3243: MERTENS, R: - Über Reptilienbastarde, IV.
3264: MERTENS, R: - Eine schwarze Zornnatter von den Cycladen: Coluber gemonensis gyarosensis n. subsp.
4402: MEYER, F: - Beobachtungen an Bufo danatensis (Pisanetz, 1978) in der Mongolei (Amphibia, Anura: Bufonidae). (Ergebnisse der Mongolisch-Deutschen Biologischen Expeditionen seit 1962, Nr. 207).
457: MIDGALSKI, E. C. & G. S. FICHTER: - The Fresh & Salt Water Fishes of the World.
4178: MILLER, P. L: - Dragonflies.
3497: MILLER, P. J: - The gobiid fishes of temperate Macaronesia (eastern Atlantic).
3494: MILLER, P. J. & R. MCK. SMITH: - The West African species of Bathygobius (Teleostei: Gobiidae) and their affinities.
3301: MILLER, M. R: - The cochlear duct of lizards.
3324: MILLER, M. R: - The cochlear ducts of Lanthanotus and Anelytropsis with remarks on the familial relationship between Anelytropsis and Dibamus.
1207: MILLS, D. & G. VEVERS: - The Practical Encyclopedia of Freshwater Tropical Aquarium Fishes.
4216: MILSTEAD, W. W: - Notes on Brazilian frogs of the genera Physalaemus and Pseudopaludicola.
4214: MILSTEAD, W. W: - Notes on the identities of some poorly known fossils of box turtles (Terrapene).
4219: MILSTEAD, W. W: - A list of the arthropods found in the stomachs of whiptail lizards from four stations in southwestern Texas.
4220: MILSTEAD, W. W: - Supplementary notes on the herpetofauna of the Stockton Plateau.
4221: MILSTEAD, W. W: - Drift-fence trapping of lizards on the Black Gap Wildlife Management Area of southwestern Texas.
4222: MILSTEAD, W. W: - Observations on the natural history of four species of whiptail lizard, Cnemidophorus (Sauria, Teiidae) in Trans-Pecos Texas.
4223: MILSTEAD, W. W: - Relict species of the Chihuahuan Desert.
4224: MILSTEAD, W. W: - Changes in competing populations of whiptail lizards (Cnemidophorus) in southwestern Texas.
4215: MILSTEAD, W. W: - Frogs of the genus Physalaemus in southern Brazil with the description of a new species.
4217: MILSTEAD, W. W: - Notes on teiid lizards in southern Brazil.
4218: MILSTEAD, W. W: - Some aspects of competition in natural populations of whiptail lizards (genus Cnemidophorus).
538: MINTON, S. A. JR. & M. R: - Venomous Reptiles.
537: MINTON, S. A. JR. & M. R: - Venomous Reptiles.
1443: MIRA-MOSER, F: - L'ultrastructure de l'adenohypophyse du crapaud Bufo bufo L. I. Identification des types cellulaires et comparaison des resultats obtenus avec deux fixateurs differents.
1444: MIRA-MOSER, F: - L'ultrastructure de l'adenohypophyse du crapaud Bufo bufo L. II. Etude de l'evolution des cellules glycoprotidiques de type II apres thyroidectomie chirurgicale.
1445: MIRA-MOSER, F: - L'ultrastructure de l'adenohypophyse du crapaud Bufo bufo L. III. Differenciation des cellules de la pars distalis au cours du developpement larvaire.
190: MIRTSCHIN, P. & R. DAVIS: - Dangerous Snakes of Australia; An Illustrated Guide to Australia's Most Venomous Snakes.
1579: MITTAL, A. K. & J. P. N. SINGH: - Scale epidermis of Natrix piscator during its sloughing cycle-structural organization and protein histochemistry (Reptilia: Colubridae).
3293: MITTERMEIER, R. A., A. G. J. RHODIN, F. MEDEM, P. SOINI, M. S. HOOGMOED, & N. C. DE ESPINOZA: - Distribution of the South American chelid turtle Phrynops gibbus, with observations on habitat and reproduction.
4196: MITTLEMAN, M. B: - A summary of the iguanid genus Urosaurus.
4586: MIYATA, K: - A new Anolis of the lionotus group from northwestern Ecuador and southwestern Colombia (Sauria: Iguanidae).
3005: MIYATA, K: - A new species of Atelopus (Anura: Bufonidae) from the cloud forests of northwestern Ecuador.
4809: MLYNARSKI, M. & M. MESZAROS: - Systematic position of Clemmys strandi (Szalai, 1934) (Testudines, Emydidae), from the Upper Oligocene of Cluj (Rumania).
3: MOHAN, P: - Basic Carp Fishing.
3125: MOLL, E. O. & J. M. LEGLER: - The life history of a Neotropical slider turtle, Pseudemys scripta (Schoepff), in Panama.
3360: MOODY, S. M: - The rectus abdominis muscle complex of the Lacertilia: Terminology, homology, and assumed presence in primitive iguanian lizards.
2994: MOORE, G. A. & R. C. HUGHES: - A new plethodontid from eastern Oklahoma.
1000: MORA, J. M. & D. C. ROBINSON: - Predation of sea turtle eggs (Lepidochelys) by the snake Loxocemus bicolor Cope.
520: MORELAND, J: - Native Sea Fishes.
155: MORRELL, R: - Common Malayan Butterflies.
278: MORRIS, R. & D: - Men and Snakes.
2997: MORRIS, R. L. & W. W. TANNER: - The ecology of the western spotted frog, Rana pretiosa pretiosa, Baird and Girard, a life history study.
4887: MOSIMANN, J. E: - Variation and relative growth in the plastral scutes of the turtle Kinosternon integrum Leconte.
3112: MOULD, E. D. & D. M. SEVER: - Effects of prolonged starvation of male Ambystoma tigrinum in post-reproductive condition.
4769: MUTSCHMANN, F: - Snake Diseases - Preventing and Recognizing Illness.
352: MYERS, G. S. (EDITOR): - The Piranha Book: An Account of the Ill-Famed Piranha Fishes of the Rivers of Tropical South America.
876: MYERS, C. W: - The pine woods snake, Rhadinaea flavilata (Cope).
1582: MYERS, C. W. & M. S. HOOGMOED: - Zoogeographic and taxonomic status of the South American snake Tachymenis surinamensis (Colubridae).
1585: MYERS, C. W. & A. S. RAND: - Checklist of amphibians and reptiles of Barro Colorado Island, Panama, with comments on faunal change and sampling.
1855: MYERS, C. W. & J. A. CAMPBELL: - A new genus and species of colubrid snake from the Sierra Madre del Sur of Guerrero, Mexico.
1864: MYERS, C. W: - South American snakes related to Lygophis boursieri: A reappraisal of Rhadinaea antioquiensis, Rhadinaea tristriata, Coronella whymperi, and Liophis atahuallpae.
1865: MYERS, C. W: - Anguid lizards of the genus Diploglossus in Panama, with the description of a new species.
1868: MYERS, C. W: - The distribution and behavior of a tropical horned frog, Cerathyla panamensis Stejneger.
1869: MYERS, C. W: - A new species of colubrid snake, genus Coniophanes, from Darien, Panama.
2145: MYERS, C. W: - The distribution and behavior of a tropical horned frog, Cerathyla panamensis Stejneger.
2146: MYERS, C. W: - The hemipenis of an anomalepidid snake.
2147: MYERS, C. W: - The distribution and behavior of a tropical horned frog, Cerathyla panamensis Stejneger.
2148: MYERS, C. W: - The distribution and behavior of a tropical horned frog, Cerathyla panamensis Stejneger.
2174: MYERS, C. W. & M. S. HOOGMOED: - Zoogeographic and taxonomic status of the South American snake Tachymenis surinamensis (Colubridae).
3911: MYERS, G. S: - Fresh-water fishes and West Indian zoogeography.
3934: MYERS, G. S: - Festschrift for George Sprague Myers: Annotated chronological bibliography of the publications of George Sprague Myers (to the end of 1969).
4057: MYERS, C. W: - A new genus for Andean snakes related to Lygophis boursieri and a new species (Colubridae).
4066: MYERS, C. W: - Snakes of the genus Coniophanes in Panama.
1626: NAKATANI, T. & Y. OKADA: - Rana tagoi yakushimensis n, Subsp. from Yakushima, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan.
176: NAPIER, J. R. & P. H: - The Natural History of the Primates.
3583: NEAVES, W. B: - Tetraploidy in a hybrid lizard of the genus Cnemidophorus (Teiidae).
2421: NECAS, P., D. MODRÝ & V. ZAVADIL: - Czech Recent and Fossil Amphibians and Reptiles. An Atlas and Field Guide.
4014: NECKER, W. L: - Records of amphibians and reptiles of the Chicago region, 1935-1938.
1487: NEILL, W. T: - A new species of frog, genus Nyctimystes, from Papua.
2636: NEILL, W. T: - A new species of frog, genus Nyctimystes, from Papua.
2637: NEILL, W. T: - Posture of chilled newts (Diemyctylus viridescens louisianensis).
2638: NEILL, W. T: - Remarks on salamander voices.
2639: NEILL, W. T. & F. L. ROSE: - Records of the green watersnake, Natrix cyclopion floridana, in South Carolina and Georgia.
2642: NEILL, W. T. & R. ALLEN: - Additions to the British Honduras herpetofaunal list.
2643: NEILL, W. T. & R. ALLEN: - The rediscovery of Thamnophis praeocularis (Bocourt) in British Honduras.
2646: NEILL, W. T: - A new subspecies of dusky salamander, genus Desmognathus, from south-central Florida.
2648: NEILL, W. T. & E. R. ALLEN: - Metachrosis in snakes.
1184: NEL, N. E: - The anatomy of the heart of the Plethodontid salamander Ensatina eschscholtzii eschscholtzii gray.
2695: NETTING, M. G: - The occurrence of lizards in Pennsylvania.
2696: NETTING, M. G: - Hyla rosenbergi Boulenger, an addition to the fauna of the Panamá Canal Zone.
2697: NETTING, M. G: - The chain snake, (Lampropeltis getulus getulus (L.) in West Virginia and Pennsylvania.
2698: NETTING, M. G: - The Poisonous Snakes of Pennsylvania.
3476: NETTING, M. G: - The Amphibians and Reptiles of Pennsylvania.
3472: NETTING, M. G. & M. B. MITTLEMAN: - Description of Plethodon richmondi, a new salamander from West Virginia and Ohio.
3475: NETTING, M. G. & C. J. GOIN: - The cricket-frog of peninsular Florida.
3470: NETTING, M. G: - The occurrence of the eastern tiger salamander, Ambystoma tigrinum tigrinum (Green), in Pennsylvania and near-by states.
3477: NETTING, M. G., N. B. GREEN & N. D. RICHMOND: - The occurrence of Wehrle's salamander, Plethodon wehrlei Fowler and Dunn, in Virginia.
3469: NETTING, M. G. & C. J. GOIN: - Descriptions of two new slamanders from Peninsular Florida.
949: NEVO, E. & H. SCHNEIDER.: - Mating call pattern of green toads in Israel and its ecological correlate.
1083: NIELSON, H. I: - Chromatophores and adaptation to coloured backgrounds in two colour types of the edible frog, Rana esculenta.
718: NISHIKAWA, K. C. & D. C. CANNATELLA: - Kinematics of prey capture in the tailed frog Ascaphus truei (Anura: Ascaphidae).
2024: NOBLE, G. K: - A new genus of Surinam toads (Pipidae).
3913: NOBLE, G. K. & B. CURTIS: - The social behavior of the jewel fish, Hemichromis bimaculatus Gill.
4164: NOBLE, G. K: - The sense organs involved in the courtship of Storeria, Thamnophis and other snakes.
1665: NOEL-HUME, I. & A: - Tortoises, Terrapins & Turtles.
739: NÖLLERT, A. (EDITOR): - Verbreitung, Ökologie und Schutz der Gelbbauchunke (Bombina variegata). Vol. 1. Beiträge der internationalen Vortragstagung in Jena, Freistaat Thüringen, vom 10. bis 12. November 1995. Vol. 2. Bibliographie.
3070: NUSSBAUM, R. A: - Geographic variation and systematics of salamanders of the genus Dicamptodon strauch (Ambystomatidae).
2691: NUSSBAUM, R. A. & M. S. HOOGMOED: - Surinam caecilians, with notes on Rhinatrema bivittatum and the description of a new species of Microcaecilia (Amphibia, Gymnophiona).
4054: NUSSBAUM, R. A: - Systematics of caecilians (Amphibia: Gymnophiona) of the family Scolecomorphidae.
4055: NUSSBAUM, R. A: - The taxonomic status of the caecilian genus Uraeotyphlus Peters.
4078: NUSSBAUM, R. A. & M. WILKINSON: - Two new species of Chthonerpeton (Amphibia: Gymnophiona: Typhlonectidae) from Brazil.
3962: O'SHEA, M. T: - A note on a dicephalic Chinese racer (Elaphe rufodorsata).
1539: OLIVER, A. P. H: - The Hamlyn Guide to Shells of the World.
3806: OLIVER, J. A: - The status of Uta ornata lateralis Boulenger.
4095: OLIVER, J. A: - A check list of the snakes of the genus Leptophis, with descriptions of new forms.
1552: OREJAS-MIRANDA, B. R: - Dos especies de ofidios nuevos para el Uruguay.
1553: OREJAS-MIRANDA, B. R: - Una nueva subespecie del genero Philodryas del Uruguay.
1556: OREJAS-MIRANDA, B. R., MME. R. ROUX-ESTÈVE & J. GUIBÉ: - Un nouveau genre de Leptotyphlopides (Ophidia) Rhinoleptus koniagui (Villiers).
1897: OREJAS-MIRANDA, B. R: - Collection of Herpetological Papers.
2361: OREJAS-MIRANDA, B. R: - Descripcion del hemipenis de Leptotyphlops munoai Orejas-Miranda, 1961.
2478: ORGAN, J. A: - Courtship and spermatophore of Plethodon jordani metcalfi.
3798: ORTON, G: - The tadpole of Rhinophrynus dorsalis.
3799: ORTON, G: - Larval development of the eastern narrow-mouthed frog, Microhyla carolinensis (Holbrook), in Louisiana.
3831: ORTON, G. L: - Notes on some hylid tadpoles in Louisiana.
4021: OSMAN HILL, W. C: - Miscellaneous note 15: Trinket snake (Elaphe helena) with abnormalities in ventral scalation.
1762: OTA, H., T. HIKIDA, M. MATSUI & M. HASEGAWA: - Karyotype of a scincid lizard, Carlia fusca, from Guam, the Mariana islands.
1733: OTA, H: - Taxonomic notes on Lycodon ruhstrati (Colubridae: Ophidia) from East Asia.
1758: OTA, H: - Re-evaluation of the status of Japalura mitsukurii Stejneger 1898 (Reptilia: Agamidae).
1759: OTA, H: - Japalura brevipes Gressitt (Agamidae: Reptilia), a valid species from a high altitude area of Taiwan.
1760: OTA, H. & M. TOYAMA: - Taxonomic re-definition of Achalinus formosanus Boulenger (Xenoderminae: Colubridae: Ophidia), with description of a new subspecies.
1763: OTA, H: - The status of an Agamid lizard, Japalura swinhonis chapaensis Bourret, 1937, from Vietnam.
4920: OTTLEY, J. R., R. W. MURPHY, & G. V. SMITH: - The taxonomic status of the rosy boa Lichanura roseofusca (Serpentes: Boidae).
3450: OVASKA, K: - Reproductive phenology, population structure, and habitat use of the frog Eleutherodactylus johnstonei in Barbados, West Indies.
2209: OZETI, N. & D. B. WAKE: - The morphology and evolution of the tongue and associated structures in salamanders and newts (Family Salamandridae).
956: PACKARD, G. C., T. L. TAIGEN, M. J. PACKARD & T. J. BOARDMAN: - Changes in mass of eggs of softshell turtles (Trionyx spiniferus) incubated under hydric conditions simulating those of natural nests.
2409: PALMER, G: - New records, and one new species, of teleost fishes from the Gilbert Islands.
3363: PARISH, D. & M: - Wild Flowers: A Photographic Guide.
3574: PARKER, R. B: - The status of a Mexican lizard, Eumeces lynxe belli.
1639: PARKER, H. W: - The lizard genus Aprasia; its taxonomy and temperature-correlated variation.
4526: PARKER, H. W: - The Australasian frogs of the family Leptodactylidae.
2586: PARKER, H. W: - Caecilians of the Seychelles Islands with a description of a new subspecies.
2604: PARKER, H. W: - Snakes.
3939: PARKER, H. W. & W. D. L. RIDE: - Rana fasciata Burchell, 1824 (Amphibia); Proposed designation of a neotype under the plenary powers. Z.N.(S.) 1253.
627: PARKER, H. W: - Natural History of Snakes.
3398: PARKER, H. W: - Turtles stranded on the British coast, 1938-1939.
4661: PARKES, J: - Some aspects of the biology of the hedgehog (Erinaceus europaeus L.) in the Manawatu, New Zealand.
1055: PARMENTER, C. J: - Incubation of the eggs of the green sea turtle, Chelonia mydas, in Torres Strait, Australia: the effect of movement on hatchability.
285: PASSMORE, N. I. & V. C. CARRUTHERS: - South African Frogs.
5049: PASTEUR, G. & C. P. BLANC: - Les lézards du sous-genre malgache de Lygodactyles Domerguella (Gekkonidés).
3050: PAULL, D., E. E. WILLIAMS, & W. P. HALL: - Lizard karyotypes from the Galapagos Islands: Chromosomes in phylogeny and evolution.
55: PEARSALL, W. H: - Mountains and Moorlands.
2472: PENFOLD, R. L. & P. G. ROOFE: - An anatomical study of the neural tube and cranial ganglia of the developmental stages of Amblystoma maculatum.
1173: PENGILLEY, R. K: - The food of some Australian anurans (Amphibia).
1172: PENGILLEY, R. K: - Calling and associated behaviour of some species of Pseudophryne (Anura: Leptodactylidae).
101: PENNY, M: - Alligators & Crocodiles.
4408: PÉREZ-MELLADO, V: - Nuevos Datos sobre la systematica y Distribucion de Podarcis bocagei (Seoane, 1884) (Sauria, Lacertidae) en la Peninsula Iberica.
2293: PERKINS, C. B: - A key to the snakes of the United States.
4745: PERRET, J.-L: - Sur quelques genres d'Hyperoliidae (Anura) restés en question.
4746: PERRET, J.-L: - Identité de quelques Afrixalus (Amphibia, Salientia, Hyperoliidae).
4749: PERRET, J.-L: - Nouvelles données sur Hylarana occidentalis Perret (Amphibia, Ranidae).
4748: PERRET, J.-L: - Le sous-genre Leptosiaphos (Lacertilia, Scincidae) et ses implications.
4747: PERRET, J.-L: - Considérations sur le genre Phlyctimantis Laurent et Combaz (Anura, Hyperoliidae).
4744: PERRET, J.-L: - Le statut d'Arthroleptis bivittatus (F. Müller) (Amphibia, Arthroleptidae).
4743: PERRET, J.-L: - Le statut de Ptychadena schubotzi (Sternfeld) (Amphibia, Ranidae).
4742: PERRET, J.-L: - Description de Ptychadena largeni n. sp. (Anura, Ranidae) d'Ethiopie.
4741: PERRET, J.-L: - À propos de Ptychadena schillukorum (Werner, 1907) (Anura, Ranidae).
4724: PERRET, J.-L: - Un nouveau Phrynobatrachus du Cameroun.
4725: PERRET, J.-L: - Les Hylarana (Amphibiens, Ranidés) du Cameroun.
1955: PERRET, J.-L. & J. WUEST: - La microstructure des écailles de quelques Scincidés africains et paléarctiques (Lacertilia), observée au microscope électronique à balayage, II. (Stereoscan observations on scales of some more Scincidae (Lacertilia)).
1956: PERRET, J.-L: - Une nouvelle espèce de crapaud africain: "Bufo danielae" de Côte d'Ivoire.
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