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109200A: SPENDER, J.A. - Great Britain: Empire and Commonwealth 1886-1935
147437: SPENDER, DALE; CLARKE, PATRICIA - Life Lines: Australian Women's Letters and Diaries 1788 to 1840
151701: SPENDER, MICHAEL; WARD, JOHN [FOREWORD] - The Paintings of Ken Howard
152541: SPENDER, STEPHEN. - World Within World: Stephen Spender's Autobiography
152218: SPENDER, STEPHEN [EDITOR] - W.H.Auden: A Tribute
118951: SPENDER, STEPHEN - The Temple
074685: SPENDER, J.A. - New Lamps and Ancient Lights
086915: SPENDER, STEPHEN [EDITOR] - W.H.Auden: A Tribute
146442: SPENDER, CONSTANCE AND EDITH THOMPSON - The Story Of The English Towns: Bath
143464: SPENSER,EDMUND - The Works of Edmund Spenser
101060: SPENSER, EDMUND - Poetical Works of Edmund Spenser
152532: EDMUND SPENSER - Faerie Queene Vol. 2 Everymans Library
142802: SPERLING, WALTER - How to make things out of paper
151133: SPERLING, DIANA; MINGAY, GORDON E. - Mrs. Hurst Dancing: And Other Scenes from Regency Life, 1812-23
097930: SPERLING, VERONICA [EDITOR] - Complete Book of Italian Cooking
131281: SPICER, CHRISTOPHER - VIII: 8 Characteristics of Highly Effective Christians
068919: ALFRED PRICE. MIKE SPICK - Great Aircraft of WWII
095066: SPICK, MIKE - Concise History of Aviation: An Illustrated Tribute to a Century of Man in Flight
091882: SPICK, MIKE - Avro Lancaster
112071: SPICK, MIKE - Fighters at War: The Illustrated History of Fighters in Air Combat
100173: SPIELMANN, M.H.; LAYARD, G.S. - Life and Work of Kate Greenaway
137567: GRUNWALD-SPIER, AGNES - The Other Schindlers: Why Some People Chose To Save Jews In The Holocaust
116165: MILLIGAN. SPIKE. - Where Have All the Bullets Gone?
120100: SPILER, MARLENA - The Classic Barbecue and Grill Cookbook
135713: SPILLANE, MARY - The Makeover Manual
127422: SPILLER, JURG - Paul Klee: The Thinking Eye
149830: SPILLMAN, RONALD - The Complete Photographer (Photographic hints and tips)
152009: SPINHOVEN, CO - Celtic Charted Designs (Dover Embroidery, Needlepoint)
148554: AUGUST CARL NIELSEN; REGINALD SPINK - My childhood. Translated ... by Reginald Spink
146932: DR MICHAEL SPIRA - The Doctor's Diet: To Lose a Stone in 10 Days
146908: DR MICHAEL SPIRA - The Chelsea Diet: How to Lose Weight Now and Forever
111744: PHILIP SPITTA - Johann Sebastian Bach, Volume I
111275: SPITZ, BOB - Dylan: A Biography
152199: SPIVEY, NIGEL - Greek Art (Art & Ideas)
103792: SPOCK, DR. BENJAMIN - Young Person's Guide to Life and Love
122196: SPOONER, A.; SPOONER, ADRIAN - Lingo: A Course on Words and How to Use Them
123907: SPOONER, TONY - Supreme Gallantry: Malta's Role in Allied Victory, 1939-45
148691: SPORNE, KENNETH R. - Morphology of Pteridophytes (University Library)
099015: SPOTO, DONALD - Dietrich
069684: FREDERIC SPOTTS - Letters of Leonard Woolf
141396: SPOURS, JUDY - Country Living the Country Home: Creating the Essence of Country Style in Your Home
141473: SPRATT, H.PHILIP - The Birth of the Steamboat
130557: GLADYS M. SPRATT (ED) - The Schoolgirl's Annual Volume 19
115537: JANET ZAND; JAMES B. LAVALLE; ALLAN SPREEN - Smart Medicine for Healthier Living: A Practical A-Z Reference to Natural and Conventional Treatments for Adults
112992: SPRIGG, JUNE - Simple Gifts: Twenty-five Authentic Shaker Craft Projects
100265: SPRIGGE, ELIZABETH. - The Strange Life of August Strindberg
135490: SPRIGGS, DAVID; TAYLOR, JANE [ILLUSTRATOR] - Christian Leadership: Growing Christian Leaders in the Local Church (Resources for Growing Churches)
103437: SPRING, HOWARD - These Lovers Fled Away
104025: SPRING, R. O. C - Salisbury Cathedral: A Landmark In England's Heritage
110937: SPRING, HOWARD - The Houses in Between
143967: SPRING, HOWARD - Tumbledown Dick - All people and No Plot
146886: SPRING, HOWARD - My Son, My Son
145848: SPRING, HOWARD - I Met A Lady
109847: ROBERT HOWARD SPRING - There is no Armour
112983: SPRING, R.O.C. - Salisbury Cathedral
130186: SPRING, HOWARD - Hard Facts
135675: SPRING, HOWARD - A Sunset Touch
135525: SPRING, HOWARD - These Lovers Fled Away
139734: SPRING,HOWARD - The Houses in Betwean
140033: HOWARD SPRING - The Houses in Between
125701: SPRING, HOWARD - These Lovers Fled Away
143371: HOWARD SPRING ET AL. - The Golden Gift Book
147870: SPROULL, ROBERT L. - Modern Physics
149890: SPRY, CONSTANCE AND ROSEMARY HUME. - The Constance Spry Cookery Book
095300: W. J. J. SPRY - The Cruise of Her Majesty's Ships Challenger
086664: SPUFFORD, FRANCIS [EDITOR] - The Chatto Book of the Devil
131163: SPURGEON, C. H - Around the wicket gate Or, A friendly talk with seekers concerning faith in the Lord Jesus Christ
128657: SPURLING, HILARY - Ivy When Young: Early Life of I.Compton-Burnett, 1884-1919
134833: SPURLING, HILARY - Matisse the Master: A Life of Henri Matisse, Vol. 2: The Conquest of Colour, 1909 -1954: 1909-1954 v. 2
124361: SPURLING, HILARY - The Unknown Matisse 1869-1908
103661: SPURLING, HILARY - Paul Scott: A Life
128168: SPURLING, HILARY - La Grande Therese: The Greatest Swindle of the Century
139988A: SPURLING, HILARY - The Girl from the Fiction Department: A Portrait of Sonia Orwell
129043: SPURLING, HILARY - Secrets of a Woman's Heart: Later Life of Ivy Compton-Burnett, 1920-69
131556: SPURR, DAVID - Devon Churches: Bideford, Barnstaple and the Hartland Peninsula
069491: REG GAMMON; PREFACE-RAYMOND SPURRIER - One Man's Furrow: Ninety Years of Country Living
147006: BIG CHIEF I-SPY - I-Spy on the Seashore
134649: SQUIRE, ROBIN - Classic Murders
143061: SQUIRE, NORMAN - Bidding at bridge (Penguin handbooks)
102960: SQUIRE, J.C. (MADE BY). - Selections From The Modern Poets
136702: SQUIRE, NORMAN - Contract Bridge: How to Become a Champion, The 'Challenge' Series
128213A: SIR JOHN SQUIRE - Solo and Duet Including The Honeysuckle and The Bee and Water-Music
116549: SQUIRE, DAVID - Practical Gardening: Roses
131764: SQUIRE, CHARLES - The Mythology of the British Islands
100640: EDITED BY DAVID SQUIRE AND PETER MCHOY - The Book of Houseplants
121033: SQUIRE, J. C. (ED) - Selections from Modern Poets
125294: J. C. SQUIRE - A London Reverie
092264: SQUIRES, ROGER W. - The New Navvies
103116: SRB, ADRIAN M.; ETC. - General Genetics
151639: FIELD GRAD DIP PHYS FCSP DIPTP SRP, DEREK - Anatomy, Palpation, and Surface Markings
108514: SSORRELL, ALAN - Reconstructing the Past
126076: STACE, ALEXA - The Earth Atlas (Discover the World)
117430: JENNY STACEY - Vegetarian (What's Cooking)
073482: YVETTE STACHOWIAK - The Creative Art Of Garnishing
140363: STACK, PRUNELLA - Island Quest
136221: HAWKINS AND STAFF - Hawkins Electrical Guide Number Seven.
136981: DORLING KINDERSLEY PUBLISHING STAFF - Seville and Andalucia (DK Eyewitness Travel Guide)
135058: STAFFORD, DAVID - Ten Days to D-Day: Countdown to the Liberation of Europe
153008: STAFFORD, FIONA - The Long, Long Life of Trees
112335: STAFFORD, IAN - Born to be King: Rise of Prince Naseem Hamed
130514: STAGG, ARTHUR - Birds of the Riyadh region: An annotated check-list
137334: MAXWELL STAIN - The Diabetic Cookbook. An excellent range of delicious meals.
106420: STAINES, JOE; BOYDEN, MATTHEW; BROUGHTON, SIMON; RYE, MATTHEW - Classical Music on CD: The Rough Guide
095412: JAMES STALKER - Imago Christi, The Example of Jesus Christ
123328: STALLARD, KEN - Give Us This Day
136162: STALLINGS, PENNY; MANDELBAUM, HOWARD - Flesh and Fantasy
140625: STALLWORTHY, JON - Louis MacNeice
111432: STALLWORTHY, JON - Wilfred Owen: A Biography
121148: STALLWORTHY, JON [EDITOR] - The Oxford Book of War Poetry
152862: STALLWORTHY, JON [EDITOR] - The Oxford Book of War Poetry
133238: STALLWORTHY, JON - Wilfred Owen: A Biography
110789: STAMBLERIRWIN - Encyclopedia of Pop Rock and Soul
070452: ARTHUR STAMFORD - Songs for All Seasons
150150: DAVID J HOWE; MARK STAMMERS - Doctor Who Companions
083869: STAMP, GAVIN; GOULANCOURT, ANDRE - The English House, 1860-1914
150291: STAMP, L. DUDLEY - A commercial geography
149438: STAMP, SIR L. DUDLEY - The World: A General Geography
148619: STAMP, L. DUDLEY. - Britain's Structure and Scenery
132488: L. DUDLEY STAMP - Britain's Structure And Scenery
149118: STAMP, L. DUDLEY. - Britain's Structure and Scenery
138079: STAMP, DON - The Challenge of Archery
131245: STANCLIFFE, DAVID - God's Pattern: Shaping Our Worship, Ministry and Life
105681: STANDAGE, TOM - The Victorian Internet
135618: FREDERICK GOULD STANDFIELD - Pheasant Shooting. With plates (Shooting Times Library. no. 5.)
092492: HUGH STANDISH - Private War
151544: HANLEY / FORSYTE / STANDISH - Gilligan's Last Elephant, Diving Death, The Cruise of the Three Brothers (Man's Book series, 3-in1)
147706: STANDISH, ROBERT - African Guinea Pig
108793: STANDLEY, PHILIP - Norwich: A Second Portrait in Old Picture Postcards v. 2
130747: V. J. STANEK - Simba The Lion Cub
127288: STANEK, V. J. - The World Of Nature
116490: STANFORD, PETER - The She-Pope: Quest for the Truth Behind the Mystery of Pope Joan
127977: EDWARD STANFORD - New 1 Inch Ordnance Survey of England and Wales, Sheet 256, North London and Middlesex
145004: STANFORD, J. K - Bledgrave Hall
107571: NIKOS STANGOS - Concepts of Modern Art: From Fauvism to Postmodernism
096345: STANHOPE, HENRY - Soldiers: An Anatomy of the British Army
117868: STANIER, JOHN; HUDSON, MILES - War and the Media: A Random Searchlight
152868: STANIER, PETER - Dorset in the Age of Steam: A History and Archaeology of Dorset Industry, C1750-1959
119107: STANIER, PETER - Mills (Discover Dorset)
120245: STANIER, PETER - Wiltshire in the Age of Steam
143535: STANIER, ROGER YATE - General microbiology
097800: STANILAND, KAY - In Royal Fashion: Clothes of Princess Charlotte of Wales and Queen Victoria, 1796-1901
126158: RYSZARD STANISLAWSI - Neue polnische Bildteppiche: Ausstellg ; Kunstmuseum St. Gallen, 29. Mai bis 18. Juli 1965
142058: STANLEY, JOHN; PEARTON, MAURICE - International Trade in Arms
118629: STANLEY, OLIVER - Taxation of Farmers and Landowners
133891: STANLEY, MONTSE - The Handknitter's Handbook
112204: STANLEY, MONTSE - Knitting: Your Own Designs for a Perfect Fit
098510: ARTHUR STANLEY - The Bedside Book
112761A: STANLEY, ARTHUR - Bedside Shakespeare
110809: STANLEY, CHRISTOPHER; BANKS, LESLIE - Britain's Coastline: History from the Air
112246: STANLEY, ARTHUR - The New Bedside book: Peace at the close
117085: ARTHUR STANLEY - The Bedside Book
136500: GARDNER ERLE STANLEY - The Case of the Lame Canary
144578: CHRISTOPHER DEAKES; TOM STANLEY - A Century of Sea Travel: Personal Accounts from the Steamship Era
109959: STANNARD, BOB - Something to Make a Song and Dance About
106808: STANNARD, RUSSELL; LEVERS, JOHN [ILLUSTRATOR] - Uncle Albert and the Quantum Quest
146636: MARK GONSALVES; TOM HOWES; KEITH STANSELL - Out of Captivity: Surviving 1,967 Days in the Colombian Jungle
129641: STANSFIELD, ANDY [PHOTOGRAPHER] - A Year In The Life Of Yorkshire's Three Peaks
133938: STANSFIELD, MALCOLM - New Herdsman's Book
128968: STANSKY, PETER - Sassoon: The Worlds of Philip and Sybil
113898: STANTON, A. H - Father Stanton's Sermon Outlines
127802: KENNETH ROBERTS; MARCEL PAGNOL; WINSTON GRAHAM; PAUL GALLICO; PAUL STANTON - Warpath / The Days Were Too Short / Marnie / Mrs.Harris Goes To New York / Village Of Stars
112532: STANWAY, DR. ANDREW - The High-Fibre Diet Book
109956: DR. ANDREW STANWAY - The Loving Touch. A Guide to Being a Better Lover.
114594: ANDREW STANWAYS - A Guide To Biochemic Salts
148546: STANYER, PETER - The Complete Book of Drawing Techniques: A Professional Guide for the Artist
115221: STAPLETON, MICHAEL; ILLUSTRATED [ILLUSTRATOR] - The Cambridge Guide to English Literature
139980: STAPLETON, BARRY [EDITOR] - Conflict and Community in Southern England
146306: STAPLETON, MICHAEL - The Cambridge Guide To English Literature,Consultant Editor Nicolas Barker
107561: STARCKY, EMMANUEL - Rembrandt (Master Painters S.)
130362: STARK, J.G.; WALLACE, HARRY GRAHAM - Chemistry Data Book
145629: STARK, KOO - Contrasts
106949: STARK, FREYA - Perseus in the Wind
146494: STARK, FREYA - The Coast of Incense: Autobiography, 1933-39 (Century Travellers)
120512: STARK, FRANCIS C. [EDITOR]; ETC. [EDITOR]; - Flowers in Colour (Enjoy Your Garden)
146317: STARK, FREYA - The Valley of the Assassins: And Other Persian Travels (Century Travellers)
143165: STARK, SUZANNE J. - Female Tars: Women Aboard Ship in the Age of Sail
130603: DINAH STARKEY - Sainsbury's Atlas of Exploration (A Fact Book)
083529: STARKEY, DR DAVID - Elizabeth: Apprenticeship
152004: STARKIE, WALTER - In Sara's Tents
140652: NOT STATED - Book of Common Prayer and Psalms
082637: NOT STATED - Masterpieces of Creation
148856: NONE STATED - Atlas of Ancient and Classical Geography
127696: NONE STATED - National Gallery Illustrations: Italian Schools
150413: NONE STATED - The New Testament - Active Service Edition
122820: NONE STATED - Bulfinch's Mythology
095588: NON STATED - The Air Force List. Autumn. 1973.
140498: NONE STATED - The Official Year-Book of the National Assembly of The Church Of England 1952
119901: NONE STATED - The Suffolk Garland
114083A: NO AUTHOR STATED - The History Of The Times: The Twentieth Century Test 1884-1912
131550: NO AUTHOR STATED - English Language - Its Beauty and Use
127693: NONE STATED - National Gallery Illustrations: Continental Schools
145900: NONE STATED - Airborne Microbes
121849: NOT STATED - The Coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth
147398: NON STATED - Pictorial Atlas
149967: NONE STATED - The Spa in Medical Practice
147467: NONE STATED - The Book of Common Prayer. Hymns A & M
149416: MONKS WOOD EXPERIMENTAL STATION - Old Grassland: Its Archaeological & Ecological Importance: Monks Wood Experimental Station - Symposium #5
149467: MONKS WOOD EXPERIMENTAL STATION - Lowland forestry and wildlife conservation: Monks Wood Experimental Station Symposium no.6
125280: FERROVIE DELLO STATO - Italian Art Exhibition At Burlington House
136235: HOWARD STAUNTON - The Complete Illustrated Shakespeare, Volume Three
104874: STAVROPOULOS, STEVEN - The Beginning of All Wisdom: Timeless Advice from the Ancient Greeks
134380: STAYNES, JILL; STOREY, MARGARET - A Knife at the Opera
116958: STEAD, JENNIFER - Georgian Cookery: Recipes and History (Cooking Through the Ages)
134676: STEANE, JOHN - Archaeology of Mediaeval England and Wales (Croom Helm studies in archaeology)
124108: STEARN, GERALD EMANUEL - McLuhan hot and cool: A primer for the understanding of and a critical symposium with responses by McLuhan
117437: GEOFF STEBBINGS - The Year-Round Garden
149582: STEBBINGS, R.E.; WALSH, S.T. - Bat Boxes: A Guide to the History, Function, Construction and Use in the Conservation of Bats
149596: STEBBINGS, ROBERT E. - Bats (Mammals of Britain)
107565: STECHOW, WOLFGANG - Bruegel
151570: STEDMAN, ALFRED REDVERS - Marlborough and the Upper Kennet country
134107: STEDMAN, MICHAEL; SKELDING, ED [PHOTOGRAPHER] - Great Battles of the Great War
151654: STEED, HENRY WICKHAM (1871-1956) - The press / by Henry Wickham Steed
139831: STEEDMAN, CAROLYN - The Radical Soldier's Tale: John Pearman, 1819-1908 (History Workshop)
150310: JOHN STEEGMAN - Victorian taste: a study of the arts and architecture from 1830 to 1870
086190: STEEGMAN, JOHN - Victorian Taste
073196: D. K. APPS; B. B. COHEN; C. M. STEEL - Biochemistry: A Concise Text For Medical Students
115199: STEEL, DANIELLE - Power Play
117222A: DANIELLE STEEL - Granny Dan
113643: DON STEEL - Discovering Your Family History
150661: JOSEPH HENRY STEELE - Ingrid Bergman
116722: STEELE, PHILIP - The Miles Kelly Book of British History
115518: STEELE, PHILIP - Children's Atlas
088249: STEEN, ROB - David Gower: A Man Out of Time
126329: STEEN, MARGUERITE - William Nicholson
118108: MARGUERITE STEEN - Bulls of Parral
124496: STEEN, MARGUERITE - William Nicholson
144549: STEEN, MICHAEL - The Lives and Times of the Great Composers
138843: STEENSON, GARY P. - 'Not One Man! Not One Penny!': German Social Democracy, 1863-1914
130113: STEER, FRANCIS W. (INTRO). - John Philipot's Roll of The Constables of Dover Castle and Lord Wardens of The Cinque Ports 1627
080291: STEER, DUNCAN - The Golden Age: Cricket: Extraordinary Images from 1900-1985
060101: ISABELLA STEER - History of British Art
127880: WILLIAM H STEER - Gardening Encyclopedia
151850: STEER, WILLIAM HENRY - Gardening Encyclopedia
133537: WILLIAM H. STEER - Gardening Encyclopaedia
135905: STEER, ROGER - Delighted in God
112949: STEERE, DOUGLAS V - Dimensions of Prayer (Libra books)
108381: EDWARD STEERE - Swahili Exercises
068133: SHEILA STEFFENS - Salisbury
071132: GEORGE H. STEIN - Great Lives Observed : Hitler
105124: STEIN, DIANE - All Women are Psychics
081877: STEIN, H.J. [EDITOR]; HANNAH, J.L. [EDITOR]; - Ore-bearing Granite Systems: Petrogenesis and Mineralizing Processes (Special Papers)
083085: STEIN, R.E.; JOHNSON, B. - Banking on the Biosphere?: Environmental Procedures and Practices of Nine Multilateral Development Agencies
125539: STEIN, GERTRUDE; MEYEROWITZ, PATRICIA [EDITOR] - Look at Me Now and Here I am: Writings and Lectures, 1911-45
133035: STEIN, RICK - Rick Stein's French Odyssey
115455: STEIN, MAXWELL - The Diabetic's Guide To Healthy Living
137674: MAXWELL STEIN - Juices That Heal
145091: ERNEST HEMINGWAY; JOHN STEINBECK - Modern American Short Stories
150850: STEINBECK, JOHN - East of Eden
150916: STEINBECK, JOHN - The Log from the Sea of Cortez: The Narrative Portion of the book Sea of Cortez with a Profile About Ed Ricketts
151661: STEINBECK, JOHN - Cup of Gold
151725: STEINBECK, JOHN - The short reign of Pippin IV: A fabrication (Bantam Book)
135273: STEINBERG, SIGFRID HEINRICH - Five hundred years of printing
127503: S. H. STEINBERG - Five Hundred Years of Printing
133735: STEINBERG, S. H. - Five Hundred Years of Printing (Pelican)
128600: STEINER, REINHARD - Egon Schiele 1890-1918: The Midnight Soul of the Artist (Taschen Basic Art)
103669: STEINER, NANCY HUNTER - Closer Look at Ariel: Memory of Sylvia Plath
128855: STEINHAUS , H. - Mathematical Snapshots
070467: B. G. STEINHOFF - Winter Quarters, Prose Poems
114868: STEMMAN, ROY - Reincarnation: True stories of past lives: Amazing True Cases from Around the World
115684: STEMMAN, ROY - Healers And Healing: Amazing Cases from the World's Best-known Healers
130453: MARY CAVANAGH; JANE GORDON-CUMMING; JANE STEMP - The Sixpenny Debt and other Oxford Stories
124550: STENDAHL - La Chartreuse De Parme
116758: STENDHAL - The Chartreuse of Parma
119241: STENDHAL - The Charterhouse Of Parma
064480: STENDHAL - To The Happy Few
073499: CHRISTIAN FREIHERR VON STENGLIN - Hanoverian (Allen Breed Series)
136003: SIR FRANK STENTON - Anglo-Saxon England
135325: STENTON, F. M. - The Early History of the Abbey of Abingdon (Paul Watkins medieval studies)
140577: STENTON, FRANK MERRY - The Bayeux TYapestry: A comprehensive survey
134984: STENTON, F.M.. - Anglo-Saxon England
122854: STENTON, F.M - Anglo-Saxon England, 550 - 1087,
129905: STENTON, DORIS MARY - English society in the early middle ages, (1066-1307) (Pelican history of England; no.3)
150944: STENZEL, GERHARD - Das Dorf in Osterreich
149277: EDWARD STEP - Bees, Wasps, Ants and Allied Insects of the British Isles (Wayside and Woodland Series)
149943: STEP, EDWARD - Wayside And Woodland Ferns Horsetails And Club-Mosses.
150228: EDWARD STEP - Wayside And Woodland Trees. A Pocket Guide To The British Sylva
148674: STEP, E. - Wayside and Woodland Blossoms (Second Series)
141254: STEP, EDWARD - Wayside And Woodland Trees: A Pocket Guide To The British Sylva
150710: EDWARD STEP - Wayside & Woodland Trees
150292: STEP, EDWARD; HARRISON WEIR ET AL [ILLUSTRATOR] - By Sea-Shore, Wood and Moorland : Peeps at Nature
149600: STEP, EDWARD; WELLS, A. LAURENCE - Shell Life: An Introduction to the British Mollusca (Wayside and Woodland Series)
149924: STEP, EDWARD; MABEL E STEP [ILLUSTRATOR] - Wayside and Woodland Ferns ( A Pocket Guide to the British Ferns Horsetails and Club-Mosses )
150320: KNIGHT & STEP - Hutchinson's Popular Botany, Volumes 1 & 2.
152438: W J STOKOE; EDWARD STEP & SOWERBY [ILLUSTRATOR] - The Observer's Book of Wild Flowers : Describing TWO HUNDRED BRITISH SPECIES with 220 Illustrations 100 of Which are in Full Colour
148672: STEP, EDWARD - Wayside and Woodland Blossoms A pocket guide to British Wild-Flowers for the country rambler, Third Series
141032: STEPHANIDES, THEODORE - Island Trails
126609: STEPHEN, DAVID - Dolphins, Seals and Other Sea Mammals
153098: STEPHEN, LESLIE - Hours in a Library. 3 volume set
152204: KING STEPHEN - The Stand
133218: VARIOUS; STEPHEN, DR MARTIN [EDITOR] - Poems of the First World War: Never Such Innocence
094490: PORTER STEPHEN - Great Fire Of London
115011: STEPHEN, DAVID - Watching Wild Life
122923: LEACOCK STEPHEN - Short Circuits
112724: BIRNBAUM STEPHEN - Birnbaum's Great Britain and Ireland 1987
091898: NIGEL ANDREWS; STEPHEN, BAYLEY; ET AL - British Comedy Greats
136757: STEPHEN, G.M. - The Fighting Admirals: British Admirals of the Second World War
131218: LESLIE STEPHEN - English Literature and Society in the Eighteenth Century
117693: JOSEPH STEPHEN - Scene Painting And Design
130380A: STEPHEN, DR MARTIN - Of Mice and Men: York Notes for GCSE
146782: LEACOCK. STEPHEN - College Days.
153013: STEPHENS, JAMES - Songs from the Clay
122574: STEPHENS, DON; STEPHENSON, LYNDA RUTLEDGE - Ships of Mercy: The Remarkable Fleet Bringing Hope to the World's Forgotten Poor
085768: STEPHENS, JAMES - God's Work And God's Way
126933: STEPHENS, THEO ALFRED - "My Garden's" choice of rock plants,trees and flowing shrubs and herbaceous plants
151380: FRANCIS STEPHENS - Theatre World Annual (London) no.9
151381: FRANCIS STEPHENS - Theatre World Annual (London) no.10
151382: STEPHENS, F. (COMPILER) - Theatre World Annual (London) No. 8
147311: STEPHENSEN, P. R.; KENNEDY, BRIAN - The History and Description of Sydney Harbour
142388: STEPHENSON, BRIAN T. - British Rail Standard Steam Locomotives
102569: STERLING, CLAIRE - The Mafia: How the Sicilian Mafia Controls the International Underworld
126888: STERLING, JANE - Lancashire Facts and Records (Mini Books)
137292: STERN, VIVIEN - Bricks of Shame: Britain's Prisons (Penguin social science)
143560: STERN, HERBERT; NANNEY, D.L. - Biology of Cells
107568: STERNAU, SUSAN A. - Art Nouveau: Spirit of the Belle Epoque
099975: STERNE, LAURENCE - The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy. Introd Peter Quennell.
146522: LAURENCE STERNE - The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy,Gentleman (Penguin English library)
127897: LAURENCE STERNE - The Works of Laurence Sterne. Volume the First. Tristram Shandy
143456: LAURENCE STERNE - The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy Gentleman
115831: STERNE, LAURENCE: - A Sentimental Journey Through France & Italy
141639: STERNE, LAURENCE - The life and opinions of Tristram Shandy gentleman (World's Classics)
145782: LAURENCE STERNE - A Sentimental Journey
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151971: EDITED BY PAUL TABORI - The Private Life of Adolf Hitler The Intimate Notes and Diary of Eva Braun
138892: TADDEI, MAURIZIO - India (Archaeologia mundi)
108161: DEHQANI-TAFTI, H.B. - The Unfolding Design of My World: A Pilgrim in Exile
136892: TAGGART, CAROLINE - A Classical Education: The Stuff You Wish You'd Been Taught At School

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