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174458: SCRIVEN, MARCUS - Splendour & Squalor: The Disgrace and Disintegration of Three Aristocratic Dynasties
156013: W GRAHAM SCROGGIE - The Psalms I (1-50)
156014: W GRAHAM SCROGGIE - Psalms Volume 2 - LI-C
156016: NOTES BY W. GRAHAM SCROGGIE - The Psalms. Volume IV. Psalms CXXXV - CL. Indices and Appendices. Know Your Bible
160361: SCRUTON, ROGER - On Hunting: A Short Polemic (Yellow Jersey Shorts)
168183: SCRUTON, ROGER - Francesca
173929: SCULLARD, H H - The Etruscan Cities And Rome
163421: SCULLY, VINCENT - Architecture: the Natural and the Manmade
173215: SCULLY, VINCENT - Architecture: The Natural and The Manmade
177310: SCURR, RUTH - John Aubrey: My Own Life
167356: SCUTTS, JERRY - Fighter Operations: Tactics and Techniques of Air Combat, from World War 1 to the Gulf War
152612: SEABROOK, PETER - Complete Vegetable Gardener
176990: HERBERT ALLEN SEABY - The English Silver Coinage From 1649.
155622: SEAMAN, L.C.B. - Post-Victorian Britain 1902-1951
174472: SEAMAN, JULIAN - Badminton Revisited: An Anecdotal History
163819: SEAR, FRANK - Roman Architecture
175024: SEARCH, GAY - More Front Gardens
158590: SEARIGHT, SARAH - Steaming East: The 100 Year Saga of the Struggle to Forge Rail and Steamship Links Between Europe and India
150151: SEARLE, MURIEL V. - Spas and Watering Places (Heritage of the past)
160425: SEARLE, RONALD - The Illustrated Winespeak
135094: SEARLE, MURIEL V. - Down the Line to Southend
147107: SEARLE, RONALD - Something in the Cellar (Ronald Searle's Wonderful World of Wine)
174991: SEARLE, ADRIAN - Churchill's Last Wartime Secret: The 1943 German Raid Airbrushed from History
147660: RONALD SEARLE - Searle's Cats
147662: SEARLE, RONALD - More Cats
154733: SEARLE, RONALD - Ronald Searle's Big Fat Cat Book
160664: SEARLE, MURIEL V. - Lost Lines: Anthology of Britain's Lost Railways
172712: SEARLE, PAULINE - Dawn Over Oman
160429: SEARLE, RONALD - Something in the Cellar (Ronald Searle's Wonderful World of Wine)
174483: SEARLE, BEN - West Country (Ride Your Bike S.)
166077: SEARLE, MURIEL V. - Lost Lines: Anthology of Britain's Lost Railways
122937: HANK & FRANCIS LYNCH . ET SEARLS - The Kappillan of Maltam, La Balsa, The Shadow of the Falcon, The Tower
174597: SEARS, SEPTIMUS - Clifton Hymnal for the Young. Selected, with Many Originals, by the Late Septimus Sears
146214: SEARS, BARRY - The Zone: Revolutionary Life Plan to Put Your Body in Total Balance for Permanent Weight Loss
120522: W. GORDON SEARS - Anatomy and Physiology for Nurses
176559: SEATON, M.E. [EDITOR]; ETC. [EDITOR]; - Chambers Twentieth Century Thesaurus: A Comprehensive Word-finding Dictionary
172864: SEATON, HENRY - Lion in the Morning
100167: SEATRADE - Seatrade 1951-1991
173394: SEAVER, GEORGE - Edward Wilson Of The Antarctic
136421: SEAVER, GEORGE - Edward Wilson of the Antarctic: Naturalist and Friend
170469: GEORGE SEAVER - The Faith of Edward Wilson - First Edition
170786: G. SEAVER - The Faith of Edward Wilson of the Antarctic
177447: SEBALD, WILLIAM JOSEPH - With Macarthur in Japan: A personal history of the occupation
147134: SEBOLD, ALICE - The Lovely Bones
174151: SECONDARI, JOHN HERMES - Coins in the fountain
130207: SECREST, MERYLE - Kenneth Clark: A Biography
175524: SECREST, MERYLE - Kenneth Clark: A Biography
170400: SECRET, JEAN - Perigord Roman
148612: SECRETT, CHARLES - Rainforest
132491: GEOGRAPHICAL SECTION, GENERAL STAFF - Marlborough War Revision Map (England Sheet 112)
168647: THE MINISTER OF SOCIAL SECURITY - Ministry of Social Security Annual Report 1966
148118: T. E. Y. SEDDON - The Seddons
174480: SEDDON, QUENTIN - The Silent Revolution: Farming and the Countryside into the 21st Century
171034: SEDLAR, JEAN W. - East Central Europe in the Middle Ages, 1000-1500. Volume Three
173744: THE HOLY SEE - The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ Newly Translated from the Vulgate Latin and Authorized By the Archbishops and Bishops of England and Wales : in English
160964: SEED, PHILIP - Expansion of Social Work in Britain (Library of Social Work)
158263: SEEDHOUSE, DR. DAVID; BUCHANAN, IAN - Health Promotion, Philosophy, Prejudice and Practice
154346: SEELY, JAMES - The Loire Valley and Its Wines
083645: SEELY, JAMES - Great Bordeaux Wines
106219: SEELY, JOHN - The Oxford Guide to Writing & Speaking
148684: SEGAL, S. - Notes on Wall Vegetation
168523: LOUIS SEGAL - Russian Proverbs and their English Equivalents
116954: SEGALL, BARBARA - The Christmas Tree
156809: SEGAWA, MASAKI - Basilisk volume 3: v. 3
159421: SEGEV, TOM - 1967: Israel, the War and the Year that Transformed the Middle East
176446: ELISA SEGRAVE - By Elisa Segrave The Girl from Station X: My Mother's Unknown Life
161885: REGINE SCHULZ; MATTHIAS SEIDEL - Egypt: The World of the Pharaohs
167782: SEIDL, JENNIFER; MCMORDIE, W.; FOWLER, H. W. [EDITOR]; FOWLER, F. G. [EDITOR]; SYKES, JOHN BRADBURY [EDITOR]; - The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Current English
162759: SEIDL, JENNIFER; MCMORDIE, W.; FOWLER, H. W. [EDITOR]; FOWLER, F. G. [EDITOR]; SYKES, JOHN BRADBURY [EDITOR]; - The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Current English
159420: SEIERSTAD, X ASNE - A Hundred And One Days: A Baghdad Journal
156071: SASSOON SEIGFRIED - Memoirs Of An Infantry Officer
153354: WILLIAM SELBY - William Selby Exhibition
153219: SELBY, BETTINA - Pilgrim's Road: Journey To Santiago: Journey to Santiago De Compostela
154306: SELBY, BETTINA - Riding to Jerusalem
168636: ARTHUR SELDON - Taxation and Welfare: a Report on Private Opinion and Public Policy (14)
167053: SELDON, MARJORIE - Poppies and Roses: A Story of Courage
164882: SELDON, ARTHUR - Universal or selective social benefits? (IEA research monographs)
168163: SELDON, ARTHUR - After the NHS
138048: SELF, WILL - Umbrella
168814: SELIGMAN, ADRIAN - The Voyage of the "Cap Pilar"
170280: SELIGMAN, ADRIAN. - The Voyage of the Cap Pilar
161638: SELIGMAN, PATRICIA; MONAHAN, PATRICIA; CLOUSE, WENDY - Art School: A Complete Painter's Course
144808: AUBREY DE SELINCOURT - Isle of Wight. Vision of England series
159130: SELL, P.D.; PERRING, FRANKLYN [EDITOR]; WALTERS, S. M. [EDITOR]; - Atlas of the British Flora: Critical Suppt
138738: SELLAR, W. C. AND R. J. YEATMAN. (EDS.). - And Now All This
110458: SELLERS, LEONARD - Shot in the Tower
118159: SELLICK, R.J. - The Old Mineral Line
174423: SELLMAN, ROGER R. - Anglo-Saxons (Outlines)
177439: A. LYTTON SELLS, SIR ARTHUR BRYANT - The Memoirs of James II: His campaigns as Duke of York, 1652-1660
162677: SELMAN, PETER - Intercountry adoption: development, trends and perspectives: Development, Friends and Perspectives
158875: LAWRENCE H SELMAN; LINDA POPE-SELMAN - Paperweights For Collectors. An Illustrated History And Identification Guide For Antique And Modern Paperweights
177367: SELTMAN, CHARLES THEODORE - A Book of Greek Coins (King Penguin Books Series: No. 63)
152785: SELZNICK, IRENE MAYER - Private View
175975: PETER W.B. SEMMENS - History of the Great Western Railway, Vol. 2: The Thirties 1930-39
164872: SEMMENS, P. W. B. - Great Western Steam in Close-up
176055: PETER .W.B. SEMMENS - History of the Great Western Railway Volume 3: Wartime and the Final Years 1939-48
159128: SENDAK, MAURICE [EDITOR]; REED, JOSEPH W. [EDITOR]; HOMER, WINSLOW [ILLUSTRATOR]; - The Eventful History of Three Blind Mice (Iona & Peter Opie Library of Children's Literature)
147451: SENECA - Penguin Great Ideas : On the Shortness of Life
129891: SENIOR, CLIVE - Nation of Pirates: English Piracy in Its Heyday
131695: SENIOR, MICHAEL - No Finer Courage: A Village in the Great War
173187: SENIOR, MICHAEL - Portrait of South Wales
136694: SENIOR, BRIAN - Raising Partner, Batsford bridge
160860: SENN, MILTON - Problems of Infancy and Childhood
150585: SENNETT, TED - Hollywood's Golden Year, 1939: A Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration
151429: SENNETT, TED - Great Movie Directors
159199: SERENY, GITTA. - The Healing Wound - Experiences & Reflections, Germany, 1938-2001
176529: SERENY, GITTA - Albert Speer: His Battle With Truth
132199: SERENY, GITTA - Case of Mary Bell
159621: SERENY, GITTA - Albert Speer: His Battle With Truth
159924: SERGEANT, HARRIET - Among the Hoods: My Years with a Teenage Gang
147999: CONSTANCIA SERJEANT - Cyprian Trench by Constancia Serjeant
137552: SERRELL, PHILIP - An Auctioneer'S Lot
168466: SERULLAZ, MAURICE; TRANSLATED BY W. J. STRACHAN - The Impressionist Painters
165584: SERVICE, ALASTAIR - Edwardian Architecture and Its Origins
164139: ROYAL COMMISSION ON THE NATIONAL HEALTH SERVICE - Royal Commission on the National Health Service: Report (Command 7615)
165464: SERVICE, ALASTAIR - London 1900
156949: SERVICE, ALASTAIR - Architects of London and Their Buildings from 1066 to the Present Day
167379: HIS MAJESTY'S SERVICE - Hydraulic Power. Traverse Gear.
142064: ROBERT W. SERVICE - The Rhymes of a Red-Cross Man
152945: ELECTROWATT CONSULTING SERVICES - Singapore Mass Rapid Transit System Noise and Viration Site Investigations Nov 1987
175000: SESHADRI, BALAKRISHNA - Twilight of India's Wild Life
157072: SESSIONS, WILLIAM K.; SESSIONS, E.MARGARET - Printing in York: From the 1490s to the Present Day
087124: SETH, VIKRAM - All You Who Sleep Tonight
160163: SETH, VIKRAM - An Equal Music
144473: SETH, VIKRAM - An Equal Music
146451: ERNEST THOMPSON SETON - The Trail of the Sandhill Stag
131927: ERNEST THOMPSON SETON - Johnny Bear and other stories
157891: ANYA SETON - Dragonwyck
130174: SETON, ANYA - The Winthrop Woman
146462: ERNEST THOMPSON SETON - Chink a Woolly Coated Little Dog and other stories from Lives of the Hunted and Wild Animals at Home being personal histories of Chink the Development of a Pup, The Mother Teal and the Overland Route, The Kangaroo Rat, The Well-Meaning Skunk, A Street Troubadour being the Adventures of a Cock Sparrow
146049: SETON, ERNEST THOMPSON - Wild Animal Ways.
141466: SETTLE, MARY LEE - The Kiss of Kin
175433: SETTON - A History of the Crusades. Volume Three. The Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries.
169705: SEUSS, DR.; SEUSS, DR. [ILLUSTRATOR] - The Cat in the Hat
172961: SEVERIN, TIM - Crusader: By Horse to Jerusalem
147932: DE SEVERSKY, ALEXANDER P - Air power: Key to survival
158929: SEWARD, DESMOND - Richard Iii: England's Black Legend
175481: SEWARD, ANTHONY - Discovering Cathedrals (Discovering places)
146631: SEWELL, THOM [EDITOR] - Home from Home
173014: SEWELL, WILLIAM G. - The land and life of China / by William G. Sewell of the West China Union University
160759: ANNE SEWELL, MRS. SUGDEN - Black Beauty. Some Tales From The Arabian Nights' Entertainments
137037: SEWELL, BRIAN - South from Ephesus: Travels in Aegean Turkey
176318: E. H. D. SEWELL - Well Hit! Sir
175992: ANNA SEWELL - Black Beauty
161775: SEWELL, LAURIE PATE [EDITOR] - Vanessa-Ann's Victorian Cross-Stitch
175326: SEWELL, MARY - The Mayor of Casterbridge (York Notes)
172142: ANNA SEWELL - Black Beauty [Collins]
170465: SEYMOUR, JOHN - The Woodlander (Country Treasury)
138427: SEYMOUR, GERALD - No Mortal Thing
160360: SEYMOUR, WILLIAM - Battles In Britain 1642 - 1746: Volume 2
145920: SEYMOUR, GERALD - Holding the Zero
121164: SEYMOUR, WILLIAM; DRAWINGS AND BATTLE PLANS BY W F N WATSON [ILLUSTRATOR] - Battles in Britain and Their Political Background. Volume 1 -1066-1547
110175: SEYMOUR, JOHN. - England Revisited: A Countryman's Nostalgic Journey
175021: SEYMOUR, JOHN - The Self-Sufficient Gardener
166685: SEYMOUR, CHARLES - Electoral Reform in England and Wales: The Development and Operation of the Parliamentary Franchise, 1832-85
150240: SEYMOUR, JOHN - The Countryside Explained
170766: SEYMOUR, JOHN - Getting it Together: A Guide for New Settlers
164647: SEYMOUR, JOHN - The Companion Guide to East Anglia
168901: JOHN SEYMOUR - Rural Life: Pictures from the Past
170839: SEYMOUR, AUBREY - Square Mile of Old England
150918: SEYMOUR, GERALD - Field of Blood
173632: SEYMOUR, WILLIAM KEAN - Collected Poems
146014: SEYMOUR, GERALD - A Deniable Death
172555: WILLIAM SEYMOUR - Battles in Britain 1066 - 1746
175598: GERALD SEYMOUR - Harry's Game
168810: SHACKLETON, SIR ERNEST HENRY - South: The Story of Shackleton's Last Expedition, 1914-17
168809: SHACKLETON, KEITH - Wild Life and Wilderness: An Artist's World
154751: SHACKLETON, ERNEST - South: The Story of Shackleton's Last Expedition 1914 - 1917
098564: MAURICE SHADBOLT - Among the Cinders
177040: SHADBOLT, MAURICE - Voices of Gallipoli
161869: SHAFFER, MARY ANN; BARROWS, ANNIE - The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society
159012: SHAFTESBURY, EDMUND - Instantaneous Personal Magnetism: Combining An Absolutely New Method With The Best Established Teachings Of The Past (EIGHTEENTH ENLARGED EDITION)
161026: SHAFTESBURY, ANTHONY ASHLEY COOPER,EARL OF - Speeches Upon Subjects Having Relation Chiefly to Claims and Interests of the Labouring Class (Development of Industrial Society)
162678: NATIONAL CHILDREN'S BUREAU; SHAH, ROBINA - The Silent Minority: Children with Disabilities in Asian Families
137184: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - Illustrated Stratford Shakespeare
174391: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM; ALEXANDER, PETER [EDITOR] - Complete Works of William Shakespeare
173569: WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE - The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Volume 1
136267: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM: - The Works of William Shakespeare
165663: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM; GILL, ROMA [SERIES EDITOR] - Oxford School Shakespeare: Macbeth
147094: WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE - King Lear 2011 (Donmar Tour Edition)
145988: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM; ALEXANDER, PETER [EDITOR] - Complete Works of William Shakespeare
148258: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM; HOUGHTON, R.E.C. [EDITOR] - Romeo and Juliet (New Clarendon Shakespeare)
118499: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM; WELLS, STANLEY; TAYLOR, GARY - The Complete Oxford Shakespeare
167300: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM. - The Histories And Poems Of Shakespeare
074454: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM EDITED BY C. H. WHEELER - The Dramatic Works of William Shakspeare (shakespeare)
142703: WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE - Songs and Sonnets from Shakespeare, A Calendar for 1914
137412: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM. - The Complete Works Of William Shakespeare: Containing The Plays And Poems, Index Of Characters And Glossary Of Unfamiliar Terms
154452: WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE - The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Volume 1
137089: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - Complete Works of William Shakespeare, The. Consisting of his Plays and Poems. With a Critical Preface, by Dr. Johnson; Life of the Author; Commendatory Verses on Shakespeare, by Contemporary Poets; a
160947: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM; SMITH, J. [EDITOR] - King Lear: Notes (Shakespeare Workshop)
153515: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - The Complete Works Of William Shakespeare
165624: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM; MATTERSON, T. M. [ILLUSTRATOR]; ANDERSON, ALEXANDER [ILLUSTRATOR]; - The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Comprising His Plays and Poems. Also The History of His Life, His Will and an Introduction to Each Play to which is Added an Index to the Characters
150872: WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE - The Tempest, Two gentlemen of verona, Comedy of errors, Merry Wives of Windsor
133896: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - A Midsummer Night's
152245: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM; HARRISON, G. B. (EDITED BY) - The Penguin Shakespeare: Othello
150878: WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE - Macbeth, Timon of Athens, Pericles, Titus Andronicus
155876: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM; NEILL, MICHAEL [EDITOR] - The Oxford Shakespeare: Anthony and Cleopatra (Oxford World's Classics)
160333: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM; FLETCHER, R.F.W. [EDITOR] - King Henry V (New Clarendon Shakespeare)
151864: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM; WELLS, STANLEY W. [EDITOR]; TAYLOR, GARY [EDITOR]; - The Oxford Shakespeare: The Complete Works
160535: SHAKESPEARE , WILLIAM - The Complete Works of William Shakespeare -Alexander Text
176237: SHAKESPEARE - Complete Works of William Shakspeare
166043: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - Twelfth Night
145792: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM; GENTLEMAN, A. - A Book of Courtly Cats: With Verses by William Shakespeare
138806: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - The Plays And Sonnets Of William Shakespeare Volume Ii. Great Books Of The Western World, Volume 27
172623: SHAKESPEARE - Much Ado About Nothing
172630: SHAKESPEARE - King John
172631: SHAKESPEARE - Twelfth Night
172634: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - Shakespeare"s Tragedy of Titus Andronicus
176337: SHAKESPEARE, W - The works of william shakspeare with a memoir, glossary etc prepared from the texts of the first folio, and the quartos, compared with recent commentators by the editor of the chandos classics
117283: SHAN, KWONG KUEN - The Cat And The Tao
091255: ALEXANDER INNES SHAND - The Life of General Sir Edward Bruce Hamley, Vol I
165434: SHANES, ERIC - Impressionist London
143717: SHANNON, RICHARD T. - Gladstone: Peel's Inheritor, 1809-65 v. 1
158815: SHANNON, PAUL; HILLMER, JOHN - Manchester and South Lancashire (British Railways Past & Present)
171907: SHAPIRO, JAMES - 1599: A Year in the Life of William Shakespeare
149720: LEONARD SHAPIRO - The Government and Politics f the Soviet Union
143917: JENNIE SHAPTER - The Ultimate Bread Machine Cookbook
175040: SHARMAN, W.A. - Preserved Steam Trains
175827: BRUNO DAGENS; RUTH SHARMAN - Angkor: Heart of an Asian Empire (New Horizons)
171771: SHARMAN, FAY; ETC. - Taste Of France Hc (Macmillan reference books)
150067: SHARP, DAVID - Rambler's Ways
157951: SHARP, DOREEN - Beginners Please!: With Pitman 2000
171678: MARY SHARP - A Guide to the Churches of Rome
174409: SHARP, THOMAS. - newer sarum: a plan for salisbury,
140755: SHARP, WILLIAM - Great English Painters
156372: MICK SHARP - The Way And The Light
164372: SHARP, CECIL J. - Country Dance Tunes: Sets 3-8
140582: CECIL J. SHARP, HERBERT C. MACILWAINE - Morris Tunes Sets VI to X
169629: DELLA MOORCROFT; NEIL CAMPBELL-SHARP - Bristol in Old Photographs
155206: SHARPE, REG. - This is Life: An Introduction to Scientology
162874: SHARPE, TOM - Porterhouse Blue: (Porterhouse Blue Series 1)
140611: SHARPE, TOM - Wilt In Nowhere
140608: SHARPE, TOM - Wilt on High
143899: SHARPE, MICHAEL - The History of the Royal Air Force
136807: SHARPE, BRIAN - The Flying Scotsman: The Legend Lives on
158019: SHARPE, TOM - Grantchester Grind: (Porterhouse Blue Series 2)
147902: SHARPE, LEONARD. - Advertisement Layout In Practice: A Guide For Designers, Illustrators And Advertisers.
158924: SHARPE, MICHAEL - Biplanes, Triplanes and Seaplanes (Expert Guide)
160167: SHARPE, TOM - The Great Pursuit
156609: SHARROCK, J. T. R.; SHARROCK, E.M. - Rare Birds in Britain and Ireland
168891: SHATNER, WILLIAM - The Ashes of Eden (Star Trek)
168939: SHATNER, WILLIAM - Star Trek Spectre
135646: BERNARD SHAW - The Devil's Disciple: A Melodrama in Three Acts
110906: BERNARD SHAW - Plays Pleasant and Unpleasant: the Second Volume Containing the Four Pleasant Plays
172900: SHAW, STANFORD J. - History of the Ottoman Empire and Modern Turkey: Empire of the Gazis: The Rise and Decline of the Ottoman Empire, 1280-1808 v. 1
120023: BERNARD SHAW - Androcles and the Lion
166416: SHAW, TONY - British Cinema and the Cold War (Cinema and Society)
173679: SHAW, L.M.E. - The Anglo-Portuguese Alliance and the English Merchants in Portugal 1654-1810
164695: SHAW, SAM - Marilyn Among Friends
135640: SHAW, BERNARD - You Never Can tell: A Comedy in Four Acts.
135641: BERNARD SHAW - Candida. A Mystery
176592: SHAW, GEORGE BERNARD - Misalliance, The Dark Lady Of The Sonnets & Fanny''s First Play
161261: SHAW, BERNARD - The Black Girl and Some Lesser Tales Standard Edition Wood Engravings by John Farleigh
176593: SHAW, BERNARD - Heartbreak House, Great Catherine and Playlets of the War
176594: GEORGE BERNARD SHAW - Man and Superman
176595: SHAW, BERNARD - Saint Joan
144995: SHAW, B. - Plays: Pleasant and Unpleasant. The Second Volume, containing four Pleasant Plays, Arms and the Man, Candida, The Man and Destiny, You Never Can Tell
135642: BERNARD SHAW - Major Barbara. In Three Acts
140194: GEORGE BERNARD SHAW - John Bull's Other Island With How He Lied to Her Husband and Major Barbara
135643: SHAW, BERNARD; SHAW, GEORGE BERNARD; SHAW, G. B. - The Man of Destiny: a Trifle
135644: SHAW, BERNARD; SHAW, GEORGE BERNARD; SHAW, G. B. - Arms and the Man: an Anti-Romantic Comedy in Three Acts
152762: JANE SHAW - Susan Pulls The Strings
131251: SHAW, BERNARD - Androcles and the Lion (Penguin)
175684: BERNARD SHAW - Saint Joan
165890: SHAW, IRWIN - Rich Man, Poor Man
166767: WILKIN SHAW, JENNIFER - A Testament of Grief: One Mother's Story of Loss and Survival
157766: SHAW, MARTIN FALLAS - The English Carol Book. Music edited by M. Shaw, words edited by Percy Dearmer. (Complete edition.)
150816: BERNARD SHAW - Pygmalion
171177: SHAW, REGINALD CAIRNS - Teach yourself cycling (Teach yourself books series)
135645: BERNARD SHAW - Captain Brassbound's Conversion: An Adventure
152421: SHAW, DON. - Conundrum: Cadbury's Creme Egg Mystery.
099026A: EZEL KURAL SHAW AND C.J. HEYWOOD. - English and Continental View of the Ottoman Empire 1500 - 1800: Papers Read at a Clark Library Seminar January 24, 1970
151387: SHAW, SAM - Marilyn Among Friends
154714: SHAW, GEORGE BERNARD - Three Unpleasant Plays
170148: SHAW, JOHN - Tree Hunting & Walking in North Somerset
120039: BERNARD SHAW - The Black Girl in Search of God and Some Lesser Tales
144077: SHAW, GEORGE BERNARD - Press cuttings : a topical sketch from the editorial and correspondence columns of the daily papers
170590: SHAW, NAPIER - The Drama of Weather
158581: SHAW, M.B. & PITT, D.W, - Your Guide to South West France
133024: SHAWCROSS, WILLIAM - Queen and Country
132140: SHAWCROSS, WILLIAM - Counting One's Blessings: Selected Letters of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother
146302: SHAWCROSS, WILLIAM - Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother: The Official Biography
173241: SHEAIL, JOHN. - Rabbits and their History
149662: SHEAIL, JOHN - Nature in Trust: The History of Nature Conservation in Britain
164459: SHEAR, DAVID - Cloning
171994: SHEARDOWN, FRANK - Man of the Field
170180: SHEARLOCK, DAVID - Truro Cathedral
160023: SHEDDAN, C.J.; FRANKS, NORMAN - Tempest Pilot
174876: GARY SHEFFIELD - The Chief: Douglas Haig and the British Army
168067: SHEFFIELD, CHARLES - Earth Watch: A Survey of the World from Space
164508: SHELDON, P. - Physical Resources and Environment: An Introduction (Course S268)
117626: SHELDON, PETER - Peloponnese & Greek Islands
176472: SHELDRAKE, RUPERT - Natural Grace: Dialogues on Science & Spirituality
119489: SHELDRICK, ALBERT - A Different World: Ashwell Before 1939
172463: SHELDRICK, DAME DAPHNE - An African Love Story: Love, Life and Elephants
171093: SHELL - The Shell Guide to Europe 1968
157220: SHELLEY, PERCY BYSSHE - Selected Poems
140166: SHELLEY, PERCY BYSSHE; WOODCOCK, DR BRUCE [INTRODUCTION] - The Selected Poetry & Prose of Shelley (Wordsworth Poetry Library)
141281: SHELLEY, MARY WOLLSTONECRAFT; BUTLER, MARILYN [EDITOR] - Frankenstein: The Modern Prometheus (World's Classics)
132496: SHELLEY, HENRY C - Art Of The Wallace Collection
174611: D.C. SHELTON - The Campbell File
168416: SHEPHEARD, CHRIS; THE RURAL LIFE CENTRE FARNHAM; RURAL LIFE CENTRE; - Images of Rural Life: The Lost Countryside
152334: SHEPHERD, DAVID - David Shepherd: The Man and His Paintings
166451: SHEPHERD, CHRISTOPHER - German Aircraft of World War II
162696: SHEPHERD, MARGARET - Learning Calligraphy
111135: BROOK-SHEPHERD, GORDON - Royal Sunset: Dynasties of Europe and the Great War
144115: GORDON BROOK SHEPHERD - Eagle and unicorn
174386: SHEPHERD, A.F - Links with Past: A Brief Chronicle of the Public the Servic of a Notable Institution
137556: SHEPPARD, DICK - Elizabeth: Life Of Elizabeth Taylor
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175251: SMITH, SHEENAH [EDITOR] - Lowestoft Porcelain in Norwich Castle Museum: Blue and White and Excavated Material v. 1
174670: SMITH, ELSIE - Sarum Magna Carta, 1215
154873: SMITH, ANTHONY [EDITOR] - Television: An International History
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157876: GODFREY SMITH - The Business of Loving
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142419: SMITH, STEVEN; RITTNER, CAROL ANN; STEINFELDT, IRENA - The Holocaust and the Christian World
164447: SMITH, KATHLEEN JOAN - Devils' delight
171078: SMITH, DELIA - Delia's How to Cook Book Two
117147: SMITH, DANIEL - Think You Know it All?: The Activity Book for Grown-Ups
165479: ROCKSBURGH-SMITH, SIMON - Main Lines to the West
134410: STAN SMITH - Anatomy Perspective Composition: For the Artist
140335: KEMBER-SMITH, JOHN - Archery Today
149091: WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE; EVELYN SMITH - Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. Edited by Evelyn Smith (Teaching of English Series. no. 69.)
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176617: SMITH, OSWALD JEFFREY - Prophecy-What Lies Ahead?
170636: RED J. SMITH - Diary and Correspondence of Samuel Pepys Volume II
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160299: MCCALL SMITH, ALEXANDER - The Kalahari Typing School For Men (No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency) Book 4
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165382: SMITH, DELIA; WOOD, VICTORIA - Delia's Vegetarian Collection
156896: SMITH, STEPHEN - Underground London: Travels Beneath the City Streets
141474: SMITH, D M - The Making of Italy 1796-1870
167266: SMITH, MICHAEL - The Debs of Bletchley Park and Other Stories
172232: SMITH, BRIAN S.; RALPH, ELIZABETH - A History of Bristol and Gloucestershire (Darwen County History)
130917: GIBBS-SMITH, - The Bayeux Tapestry.
165485: SMITH, STAN; WHEELER, LINDA - Drawing and Painting the Figure
167083: SMITH, W. MCCOMBIE - The romance of poaching in the Highlands of Scotland: As illustrated in the lives of John Farquharson and Alexander Davidson : the last of the Free-Foresters
173703: SMITH, WILLIAM - Everyman's smaller classical dictionary
165424: R. R. R. SMITH - Hellenistic Sculpture: A Handbook (World of Art)
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162532: SMITH, WILBUR - Elephant Song
171998: SMITH, BETTY; ANDREW - Our Wiltshire Village: Steeple Ashton
171983: SMITH, RAY - How to Draw and Paint What You See
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147733: LUCIE-SMITH, EDWARD - Zoo: Animals in Art
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113895: SMITH, JAMES - Handfuls on Purpose: Series II
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170339: SMITH, WILBUR - Assegai (The Courtneys of Africa)
113011: SMITH, GEOFFREY - World of Flowers
131407: ALFRED B. SMITH - Living Hymns
177318: SAUMAREZ SMITH, JOHN - The Bookshop at 10 Curzon Street: Letters between Nancy Mitford and Heywood Hill 1952-73: Letters Between Nancy Mitford and Heywood Hill 1952-1973
156622: SMITH, JOHN COLIN DINSDALE - Church Woodcarvings: West Country Study
153790: SMITH, PETER W. - Mendips Engineman
138581: SMITH, ZADIE - White Teeth
151719: SMITH, GEOFFREY - Easy Plants for Difficult Places
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159428: CECIL WOODHAM-SMITH - Queen Victoria: Her Life and Times Volume I 1819-1861
137425: MONTAGUE-SMITH, P W (EDITED BY). - Debrett's Baronetage, Knightage, And Companionage, With Her Majesty's Royal Warrant Holders
115855: SMITH, A - Dreamthorp with Selections from Last Leaves
164431: AIKMAN-SMITH, VALERIE - Smoke and Spice: Recipes for seasonings, rubs, marinades, brines, glazes & butters
160949: SMITH, ZADIE - On Beauty
171775: R. R. R. SMITH - Hellenistic Sculpture: A Handbook (World of Art)
150812: SMITH, ANTHONY - The Newspaper An International History
150487: THOMAS SMITH - The Wonders of Nature and Art
165401: SPENCER-SMITH, JENNY; LILLFORD, RALPH - Painting the Troubles: An Artist in Northern Ireland - Paintings and Drawings by Ralph Lillford
174985: SMITH, JOHN T. - The Linebacker Raids: The Bombing of North Vietnam, 1972
148941: MCCALL SMITH, ALEXANDER - The Double Comfort Safari Club: 11 (No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency)
175983: SMITH, DOROTHY EVELYN. - Huffley Fair
166382: SEYMOUR-SMITH, M - Shakespeare''s Sonnets
176958: RILEY-SMITH, PROFESSOR JONATHAN - The Atlas of the Crusades
MAS002: ARMAND-SMITH, MARGARET - The White Tower (Sun, the Moon and the Stars)
160198: NICOLLE AIMEE MEYER; AMANDA PILAR SMITH - Paris in a Basket: Markets - The Food and the People
168432: JOAN BROOKES-SMITH - Master index, Virginia surveys and grants, 1774-1791
145426: SMITH, HILLAS - Antibiotics in Clinical Practice
164994: ABEL-SMITH, BRIAN; TITMUSS, KAY - The Philosophy of Welfare
165061: SMITH, PETER D. - John Constable
164700: SMITH, MICHAEL - Station X: The Codebreakers of Bletchley Park
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133028: SMITH, DELIA - Delia's How to Cook Book One
158591: SMITH, LEN - Drawing Fire: The diary of a Great War soldier and artist
165020: SMITH, DELIA - Complete Illustrated Cookery Course ( Classic Edition )
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162534: WILBUR SMITH - Golden Fox
150744: ROBERT SMITH - Title: Hawaiis Best Hiking Trails
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160232: SMITH, DELIA; WOGAN, SIR TERRY - Food Aid Cookery Book
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167168: SMITH, L.M.H. [EDITOR] - Road to the Isles: Hebrides in Lantern Slides
142150: KEMBER-SMITH, JOHN - Archery Today
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155542: SMITH, DELIA - Delia Smith's Summer Collection: 140 Recipes for Summer
116627: SMITH, ROSIE TERESA; SMITH, HOWARD - Weston-super-Mare in Watercolours: An Alternative Guide
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159811: SMITH, WILBUR - The Quest
159809: KAYE-SMITH, SHEILA - The End of The House of Alard
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122478: GRAHAM HUTTON; OLIVE COOK; EDWIN SMITH - English Parish Churches (World of Art)
169174: SMITH, GRAHAM - Robert Burns the Exciseman: A Poor, Damn'd, Rascally Gager
157771: SMITH, DELIA - One is Fun
156067: SMITH, E & GRIGSON, G - England
148639: SMITH, GEOFFREY - The Joy of Wildlife Gardening - an RSPB Guide
156432: SMITH, TREVOR - Homoeopathic Medicine: A Doctor's Guide to Remedies for Common Ailments
167720: SMITH, DELIA - Delia's Complete Cookery Course - Classic Edition: Vol 1-3 in 1v
166059: LUCIE-SMITH, EDWARD - The Penguin Book of Elizabethan Verse
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173638: JAMES SMITH - Wilton and its Associations
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166765: MONTAGUE-SMITH, PATRICK [EDITOR] - Debrett's Correct Form
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169083: MANUEL J. SMITH - When I Say No, I Feel Guilty: How to Cope, Using the Skills of Systematic Assertive Therapy
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173803: SMITH, DICK - Solo Around the World - Adventures by Helicopter
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170759: SMITH, ROGER - Highland Perthshire (25 Walks)
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132845: SIR SIDNEY SMITH - Mostly Murder
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135635: SMITH, STUART - View from the Iron Bridge
147667: SMITH, JEREMY - In the Sea (Discover the Dinosaurs)
176843: SMITH , JOSEPH (TRANSLATION) - The Book of Mormon
144271: MCCALL SMITH, ALEXANDER - Friends, Lovers, Chocolate
162715: SMITH, ROGER - Framework: Develop Your Classroom Management Skills (Framework Guides)
160735: W. BERNARD SMITH - Elements of Natural Science Part 2
161431: NOWELL-SMITH, SIMON (EDIT). - Letters to Macmillan
136385: SMITH, DAVID ANTHONY; SMITH, PHILIP JOHN - Picture Postcard Values 2003
174308: RILEY-SMITH, PROFESSOR JONATHAN [EDITOR] - The Oxford Illustrated History of the Crusades (Oxford Illustrated Histories)
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157767: ADAM-SMITH, PATSY - Launceston Sketchbook; Text by Patsy Adam Smith. Drawings by Arthur Phillips
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146412: SMITH, DELIA - Delia Smith's Summer Collection: 140 Recipes for Summer
142045: KAYE-SMITH, SHEILA - The Valiant Woman
132928: SMITH, LEN - Drawing Fire: The diary of a Great War soldier and artist
149202: KEN SMITH - The Herald Diary 2015: Staggeringly Good! (Herald Newspaper)
133847: SMITH, DAVID JAMES - Supper with the Crippens
160294: MCCALL SMITH, ALEXANDER - Tears Of The Giraffe (No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency) Book 2
167107: MALCOLM SMITH - Democracy in a Depression: Britain in the 1920s and 1930s : Britain in the 1920s and 1930s (Past in Perspective)
130483: MONTAGUE-SMITH, PATRICK [EDITOR] - Debrett's Correct Form
155863: SMITH, STAN [EDITOR] - How to Draw and Paint (A Quarto book)
148472: J.A. SMITH - By J.A. Smith The Faber Book of Children's Verse [Paperback]
139976: SMITH, DELIA - One is Fun
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139861: GRAHAM SMITH - High Tech Weapons Of The Gulf War
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166505: SMITH, ANTHONY - The Great Rift: Africa's Changing Valley
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143797: SMITH, PAGE - Jefferson: Architect of America (American Heritage)
112067: SMITH, THORNE - Topper Takes a Trip
170247: SMITH, B. WEBSTER - The World in the Past
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157895: SMITH, EMILY D. - From the Speedwriter's Point of View
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166421: SMITH, JANET - "Good Housekeeping" Complete Book of Vegetarian Cookery (Good Housekeeping Cookery Club)
166428: SMITH, RAY CAMPBELL - Watercolour for All: A Practical Guide for Beginners and Improvers
172166: SMITH, FREDERICK D. & WICOX, BARBARA - Living in the Country
162377: SMITH, KATHARINE - Country Crafts
161043: SMITH, CYRIL S. - People In Need
158220: EVELYN SMITH - Binkie of 111B
166027: MCCALL SMITH, ALEXANDER - The Limpopo Academy Of Private Detection (No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency)
172410: SMITH, EMMA - The Great Western Beach
172416: SMITH, STEVIE - Novel On Yellow Paper
172443: MCCALL SMITH, ALEXANDER - The Right Attitude To Rain
175390: SMITH, JOHN COLIN DINSDALE - Guide to Church Woodcarvings: Misericords and Bench-ends
175585: ARTHUR T. JOHNSON; H.A. SMITH - Plant Names Simplified: Their Pronunciation, Derivation & Meaning: Their Pronunciation, Derivation and Meaning
177230: SMITH, NORMAN - Man and Water
156048: SMITHER - Battle of The Somme: Viewing Guide
175919: SMITHERS, DAVID WALDRON - Castles in Kent
134198: SMITHERS, A.J. - Dornford Yates
165221: SMITHERS, A.J. - A NEW EXCALIBUR The Development of the Tank 1909 - 1939
134083: SMITHIES, EDWARD - War in the Air
118060: GERD SCHUSTER; WILLIE SMITS - Thinkers of the Jungle
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166006: SMOODIN, ROBERTA - Ursus Major
138106: SMOUT, T C [EDITOR] - Victorian Values: A Joint Symposium of the Royal Society of Edinburgh and the British Academy, December 1990 (Proceedings of the British Academy No. 78): 078
134993: SMOUT, T. C. - A Century of the Scottish People, 1830-1950
166431: SMURTHWAITE, DAVID [EDITOR] - The Complete Guide to the Battlefields of Britain with Ordnance Surve Y Maps (Mermaid Books)
146914: SMUTS, J C - Jan Christian Smuts by his son
159459: SMYLY, PATRICIA [EDITOR] - Encyclopaedia of Steeplechasing
159063: SMYTH, W. H. - Sailor's Word Book: A Dictionary of Nautical Terms (Conway Classics)
148753: SMYTH, BOB - City Wildspace
165499: SMYTH, JP - The People's Life of Christ
166827: ARCHDEACON PATERSON SMYTH - A Boys' and Girls' Life of Christ
148964: SMYTH, CAL - The Final Mile
168793: SMYTH, JOHN; NORTHALL, G.F.; HUNTLEY, RICHARD WEBSTER; SUTTON, ALAN [EDITOR] - Dialect and Folk Phrases of the Cotswolds
148961: SMYTH, CAL - Wrong Way Around
140975: HERBERT WEIR SMYTH - Aeschylus Volume I Suppliant Maidens Persians Prometheus Seven Against Thebes
140967: HERBERT WEIR SMYTH - Aeschylus Volume II Agamemnon Libation-Bearers Eumenides Fragments
172173: J PATERSON SMYTH - A People's Life Of Christ
154494: PAT SMYTHE - Jump for Joy
173389: CLAIRE ELIANE ; SMYTHE, F. S. (FOREWORD) ENGEL - A History of Mountaineering in the Alps
174503: SMYTHE, FRANK S - The mountain vision
170093: F.S. SMYTHE - British Mountaineers. With 8 plates in colour and 22 illustrations in black & white (Britain in Pictures series)
157963: F. S. SMYTHE - The Kangchenjunga Adventure
172050: SMYTHE, F.S. - An Alpine Journey
153805: FRANK S SMYTHE - The Mountain Vision.
168224: SMYTHE, PAT - Pat Smythe's Book of Horses
168225: SMYTHE, PAT - One Jump Ahead
172993: SMYTHE, PAT - One Jump Ahead
168481: PAT SMYTHE - Jump for Joy
170216: SMYTHE, JOHN - Leadership in Battle, 1914-18: Commanders in Action
150446: SNAGGE, GEOFFREY - More Letters from Longstock
173084: SNEAD - Animals in Four Worlds: Sculptures from India
168310: SNELL, JOHN BERNARD - Mechanical Engineering: Railways (Industrial archaeology series)
171526: SNELL, J. B - The book of trains (Classics of transportation)
139789: BLASHFORD-SNELL, JOHN; TWEEDY, ANN; SNELL-BLASHFORD, JOHN - Operation Raleigh - Adventure Unlimited
159771: BLASHFORD-SNELL, JOHN. - Where the Trail Runs Out
139791: BLASHFORD-SNELL, JOHN; TWEEDY, ANNE - Operation Raleigh - Adventure Challenge
139787: BLASHFORD-SNELL, JOHN - Operation Raleigh - The Start of an Adventure
114094: SNELLING, STEPHEN - Passchendaele, 1917 (VCs of the First World War)
159476: SNELLING, STEPHEN - Passchendaele, 1917 (VCs of the First World War)
159161: STEPHEN SNELLING - The Naval VCs of World War I (VCs of the First World War)
150020: SNEYD, BARBARA; BARSTOW, PHYLLIDA [EDITOR] - Riding High 1896-1903 Scenes from a Lakeland Childhood
171102: SNICKET, LEMONY - The Wide Window (A Series of Unfortunate Events book 3)
156766: SNICKET, LEMONY - The Vile Village (A Series of Unfortunate Events 7: Book The Seventh)
156771: SNICKET, LEMONY - The Penultimate Peril (A Series of Unfortunate Events: Book 12)
156770: SNICKET, LEMONY - The Grim Grotto #11 (A Series of Unfortunate Events)
156763: SNICKET, LEMONY - The Miserable Mill (A Series of Unfortunate Events)
156764: SNICKET, LEMONY - The Austere Academy (A Series of Unfortunate Events)
156765: SNICKET, LEMONY - The Ersatz Elevator (A Series of Unfortunate Events)
156769: SNICKET, LEMONY - The Slippery Slope #10 (Series of Unfortunate Events)
156772: SNICKET, LEMONY - The End (A Series of Unfortunate Events)
156767: SNICKET, LEMONY - The Hostile Hospital (A Series of Unfortunate Events No. 8)
171104: SNICKET, LEMONY - Slippery Slope
169202: T. G. SNODDY - Green Loanings: Poems in Scots by T G Snoddy
133191: SNODIN, MICHAEL - English silver spoons (Letts all-colour collectors guides)
159204: SNODIN, M - Karl Friedrich Schinkel: A Universal Man
148398: SNOOK, BARBARA - Embroidery Stitches
138467: SNOW, C. P. - Death Under Sail
128557: C. P. SNOW - Homecomings
154859: SNOW, CHARLES PERCY - Corridors of Power
109966: SNOW, C. P.; COOPER, WILLIAM [INTRODUCTION] - The Physicists
147456: SNOW, C. P. - The New Men
163845: SNOW, PETER; SNOW, DAN - The World's Greatest Twentieth Century Battlefield
171082: SNOWDEN, RITA F. - When We Two Walked ? a Pilgrimage in Spring
168863: SNOWMAN, DANIEL [EDITOR] - The Past Masters: A History Today Anthology
162909: SNOWMAN, DANIEL - Pole Positions: Polar Regions and the Future of the Planet (Teach Yourself)
176065: SNYDER, CHRISTOPHER A. - An Age of Tyrants: Britain and the Britons, AD 400-600
122218: SNYDER, GERALD S. - In the Footsteps of Lewis and Clark
156743: SOAMES, NICOLAS; STEEN, DUNCAN - The Essential Englishman
138870: SOAMES, BARBARA - Keeping Domestic Geese
171321: SOAMES, MARY - Chartwell, Kent (Guide Books)
141402: SOAMES, MARY [EDITOR] - Churchill Family Album: A Personal Anthology
169421: SOBEL, DAVA - The Planets
139345: SOBEL, DAVA - Galileo's Daughter
159119: SOBEL, DAVA - The Illustrated Longitude: Illustrated Edition
158971: INTERNATIONAL BIBLE SOCIETY - NIV Compact Bible blue
177451: KENT AVIATION HISTORICAL RESEARCH SOCIETY - Kent Airfields in the Battle of Britain
133640: SWINDON SOCIETY - Swindon in Old Photographs: A Third Selection (Britain in Old Photographs)
175662: ROYAL HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY - Vegetable Garden Displayed (Wisley)
153889: NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY - National Geographic Expeditions Atlas
153995: NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY - The National Geographic Desk Reference
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172945: NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY - The Builders: Marvels of Engineering
165135: ROYAL HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY - RHS Good Plant Guide (Royal Horticultural Society)
165749: INTERNATIONAL BIBLE SOCIETY, IBS UK - NIV Adventure Bible: New International Version (Bible Niv)
108349: SWINDON SOCIETY - Swindon in Old Photographs
172813: BRITISH HORSE SOCIETY - Exmoor on Horseback

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