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150840: ALAN ROSS - London Magazine June July 1974
119874: ROSS, JOHN - Allez France
171534: ROSS, CHRISTOPHER - Canons of Salisbury: A Record of the Dignitaries, Prebendaries and Office Holders and Their Place in the Quire of Salisbury Cathedral
151590: MAURICE PROCTER; J.O. BARNWELL; IVAN T. ROSS - Devil in Moonlight ; Trail of a Gunfighter ; Requiem for a Schoolgirl
171485: SUSAN ROSS - The Castles of Scotland
134385: ROSS, DAVID - The Illustrated History of British Steam Railways
136638: ROSS, CHARLES - The Wars of the Roses: A Concise History
156682: DAVID ROSS - The Steam Locomotive: A History
162623: ROSS, DAVID - The Willing Servant: A History of the Railway Locomotive
161450: ROSS, JAMES - The Power I Pledge: Centenary Study of the Life of William Quarrier
157804: ROSS, CHARLES - Edward IV (The English Monarchs Series)
125195: PAOLO ROSSI - Instituti e Scuole d'Arte in Italia
130654: ROSSI, SARA - Letts Guide to Collecting Paperweights
163281: ROSSI, FILIPPO. - The Uffizi and Pitti
151856: CLAUDIO ROSSINI - The Vatican City, St Peter's Basilica, A Visit Through Images
174847: ROSSITER, MIKE - Sink the Belgrano
172187: ROSSITER, STUART [EDITOR] - England
149643: ROSZAK, THEODORE - Unfinished Animal: Aquarian Frontier and the Evolution of Consciousness
161639: ROTH, ANN - Needlepoint Designs From The Mosaics Of Ravenna.
169058: ROTH, PHILIP - Goodbye, Columbus ; and, five short stories
136695: ROTH, D.L.M. - Awareness: Way to Improve Your Bridge, Master Bridge
138225: ROTH, PHILIP - Goodbye, Columbus
145407: ROTHENBERG, ROBERT E. - Title: Medical Dictionary and Health Manual The New American
165703: ROTHENSTEIN, SIR JOHN - An Introduction to English Painting
149824: ROTHERHAM, IAN D. [EDITOR] - Peatland Ecology and Archaeology: Management of a Cultural Landscape. The proceedings and Invited Papers, from the 1997 Sheffield Conference of the Landscape Conservation Forum. (Landscape Archaeology and Ecology, Volume 4)
165209: ROTHNIE, NIALL - The Russian Revolution (Documents and Debates Extended Series)
167240: ROTHNIE, NIALL - The Baedeker Blitz: Hitler's Attack on Britain's Historic Cities
149668: ROTHSCHILD, MIRIAM AND MARREN, PETER - Le Pantheon Peintures Murales Album Artistique
129492: ROTHSCHILD, MIRIAM; FARRELL, CLIVE - The Butterfly Gardener
137103: ROTHWELL, CATHERINE - Catherine Rothwell's Lancashire Cookbook
163386: ROUD, STEVE - London Lore: The legends and traditions of the world's most vibrant city
145336: BERTON ROUECH' - The Incurable Wound
132205: ROUECHE, BERTON - Annals of Medical Detection
120544: BLONDEL LA ROUGERY - Cartes Blondel Belge No 3 Flandre Occle
137808: ROUND,J.H. - Feudal England: Historical Studies on the Eleventh and Twelfth Centuries
168315: VIRGINIA ROUNDING - Alix and Nicky: The Passion of the Last Tsar and Tsarina
171595: ROUNDS, HARRY D - Invertebrates
156482: O'ROURKE, KEVIN - Reformasi: The Struggle for Power in Post-Soeharto Indonesia
142702: TOM O'ROURKE - West Briton Story
149748: ROUSE, ANDY - Life in the Wild: A Photographer's Year
170512: KATE ROUSE - Classic Cameras
172429: ROUSELL, CHRIS - The Book of Wilton
108963: HENRI ROUSSEAU - Le Douanier Rousseau
143615: J.-J ROUSSEAU - Les Confessions.
173885: ROUSSEAU, PHILIP - Pachomius: The Making of a Community in Fourth-century Egypt
172647: ROUSSELL, CHRIS - Around Wilton, Images of England
154691: HAROLD VICTOR ROUTH - The Diffusion of English Culture Outside England: a Problem of Post-War Reconstruction (Current problems)
143845: ROUTLEDGE, ROBERT - Discoveries and Inventions of the Nineteenth Century
164004: MICHEL ROUX - Only the Best - The Art of Cooking with a Master Chef
171880: ROUX, ALBERT; ROUX, MICHEL - At Home with the Roux Brothers
163908: ROUX JR, MICHEL - The French Kitchen: 200 Recipes from the Master of French Cooking
162844: ROUX, ALBERT; ROUX, MICHEL - At Home with the Roux Brothers
163431: ALISTAIR ROWAN - Garden Buildings
164297: ROWAN, ALISTAIR - North West Ulster: The Counties of Londonderry, Donegal, Fermanagh And Tyrone (Buildings of Ireland S.)
163683: ROWE, ROBERT - Adam Silver
159479: ROWE, ROBIN W. - Sticky-Blue!: A Boy and a Battleship
145462: ROWE, DR. ALFRED LESTIE - Matthew Arnold: Poet and Prophet
166922: ROWE, J.; ETC.; ET AL - Long Term Foster Care (Child Care Policy & Practice)
154836: ROWE, GEORGE - Rowe's Illustrated Cheltenham Guide
121479: PETER LAFFERTY; JULIAN ROWE - The Hutchinson Dictionary of Science
162033: ROWE, DR. ALFRED LESTIE - Oxford in the History of the Nation
119919: ROWE, D. J. - London Radicalism 1830 - 1843: A Selection from the Papers of Francis Place
161362: ROWE, JANE; ETC.; GARNETT, LOUISE - Child Care Now: A Survey of Placement Patterns (BAAF research series)
159035: ROWE, DR. ALFRED LESTIE - Four Caroline Portraits
172447: ROWE, DR. ALFRED LESTIE - A Cornish Childhood: Autobiography of a Cornishman
160438: ROWELL, P.M. - Preaching Peace
173540: ROWELL, CHRISTOPHER; ETC. - Treasures from India: Clive Collection at Powis Castle
163102: WALKER. ROWLAND - The Fifth Form Detective
130563: ROWLAND, BENJAMIN - The Art And Architecture of India: Buddhist, Hindu, Jain: Hindu, Buddhist, Jain (Pelican history of art)
156592: ROWLAND, MARTIN - Biology
143377: EDITOR-T. J. S. ROWLAND - Everyday Things for Lively Youngsters
168084: ROWLANDS, JOHN - Master Drawings and Watercolours in the British Museum
152225: ROWLANDS, JOHN - Rubens Drawings and Sketches : Catalogue of an Exhibition
153036: T ROWLANDSON - The Tour Of Doctor Syntax In Search Of The Picturesque: A Poem
109337: ROWLEY, TREVOR - The Norman Heritage: 1066-1200
140438: ROWLEY, TREVOR - Villages in the Landscape (Archaeology in the field series)
164713: ROWLEY, TREVOR - Villages in the Landscape (Archaeology in the field series)
170829: ROWLEY, GILL [EDITOR] - The Book of Music
173033: ROWLEY, TREVOR - The Norman Heritage, 1066-1200
160587: ROWLEY, GILL [EDITOR] - Traveller's Guide to the Italian Menu (The travellers' menu guides)
172519: ROWLEY, TREVOR - The High Middle Ages, 1200-1540 (Making of Britain S.)
163980: ROWLING, J. K. - Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Book 3) Paperback
168018: J.K. ROWLING - Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Book 5) [Adult Edition]
156606: J. K. ROWLING - The Casual Vacancy
163988: ROWLING, J. K. - Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Book 2)
153905: J. K. ROWLING - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Book 7) [Adult Edition]
170569: ROWLING, MARJORIE A. - Everyday Life in Mediaeval Times (Carousel Books)
115548: ROWNTREE, DIANA - Interior Design
173004: ROWSE, A L. - The Early Churchills: An English Family
169732: ROWSE, A L - Windsor Castle in the History of the Nation
153086: ROWSE, A.L. - The Later Churchills
174864: A. L. ROWSE - Night at the Carn and Other Stories
174204: ROWSE, A. L. - The Use Of History
137106: ROWSE, A. L. - The Tower of London in the History of the Nation
113664: ROWSE, A.L.; PORTILLO, MICHAEL - The Expansion of Elizabethan England
153079: A. L. ROWSE - The Early Churchills: An English Family
136189: ROWSE, A. L - The English past: Evocations of persons and places
171755: ROWSE, A L - Windsor Castle in the History of the Nation
155550: ROWSE, A. L. - The Tower of London in the History of the Nation
158123: A. L. ROWSE - The England of Elizabeth
165559: ROY, ARUNDHATI - The God of Small Things
150536: ROY, ARUNDHATI - The God of Small Things
119821: GENDERS. ROY. - Planting Fruit Trees
092213: ROYLE, TREVOR - Kitchener Enigma
141209: ROYNON, GAVIN - Home Fires Burning: The Great War Diaries of Georgina Lee, 1914-1919
158975: MARTIN RP - The Epistle of Paul to the Philippians
157615: RUARK, ROBERT - The Honey Badger
147036: RUBBO, SYDNEY DATTILO - A Review of Sterilization and disinfection, as applied to medical, industrial and Laboratory Practice
156805: RUBEN, LISSA - Cry From The Wild: A Tale of Two Orphans
169729: RUBENS, BERNICE - When I Grow Up: A memoir
141227: RUBENSTEIN, RICHARD L.; ROTH, JOHN K. - Approaches to Auschwitz: The Legacy of the Holocaust
151672: RUBIN, ZICK - Children's Friendships (The Developing Child)
168999: RUBIN, STEVEN JAY - The Complete James Bond Movie Encyclopaedia
167246: RUBY, MARCEL - F. Section Special Operations Executive: Buckmaster Networks
175200: DR. PETER S. RUCKMAN - Twenty-Two Years of the Bible Believers Bulletin. Volume One. The AV Hly Bible.
175195: RUCKMAN, PETER S - Full Cup
173340: EDSEL A. RUDDIMAN - Whys in Pharmacy
162359: RUDDOCK, E. HARRIS - The homoeopathic vade mecum of modern medicine and surgery
156900: RUDE, GEORGE - Hanoverian London, 1714-1808 (Sutton History Classics)
140012: RUDE, GEORGE - Ideology and Popular Protest
139503: RUDE, GEORGE - The Crowd in History: Study of Popular Disturbances in France and England, 1730-1848
151057: RUDGLEY, RICHARD - Lost Civilisations of the Stone Age: A Journey Back to Our Cultural Origins
161434: RUDOLF, MILDRED DE MONTJOIE - Everybody's children: The story of the Church of England Children's Society, 1921-48
165581: RUDORFF, RAYMOND - Belle Epoque: Paris in the 1890's
165189: RUDORFF, RAYMOND - War To The Death: The Sieges of Saragossa 1808-1809 (Hardcover)
166295: KIPLING. RUDYARD - Puck of Pooks Hill.
152617: RUE, DANNY LA - From Drags to Riches: My Autobiography
155259: RUHEMANN, H. - Cleaning of Paintings: Problems and Potentialities
174349: RUIZ, TEOFILO F. - The City and the Realm: Burgos and Castile, 1080â€oe1492 (Variorum Collected Studies)
169498: FIONA RULE - London's Docklands: A History of the Lost Quarter
119699: RULE, MARGARET - Mary Rose: The Excavation and Raising of Henry VIII's Flagship
167526: RULE, MARGARET - The Mary Rose: The Excavation and Raising of Henry VIII's Flagship
173522: RULE, MARGARET - The Mary Rose: The Excavation and Raising of Henry VIII's Flagship
160921: RUMMERY, K ET AL - Social Policy Review 2009: No. 21: Analysis and Debate in Social Policy
117901: RUNCIE, JAMES - The Discovery of Chocolate: A Novel
165774: RUNCIMAN, STEVEN - The First Crusade
153600: RUNCIMAN, STEVEN - A History of the Crusades, Vol. 3: The Kingdom of Acre and the Later Crusades
171658: RUNCIMAN, STEVEN - The Medieval Manichee: A Study of the Christian Dualist Heresy
161396: RUNCIMAN, WALTER GARRISON - Relative Deprivation and Social Justice: A Study of Attitudes to Social Inequality in Twentieth Century England
153609: RUNCIMAN, STEVEN - A History of the Crusades: Volume 2 - The Kingdom of Jerusalem and the Frankish East 1100-1187: The Kingdom of Jerusalem and the Frankish East 1100-1187 v. 2
126038: RUNCIMAN, STEVEN - A History of the Crusades: The First Crusade v. 1
171851: RUNCIMAN, STEVEN - A History of the Crusades Vol. 3: The Kingdom of Acre And the Later Crusades: The Kingdom of Acre v. 3 (Peregrine Books)
119810: STEVEN RUNCIMAN - A History of the Crusades, Volume III: The Kingdom of Acre and the Later Crusades
169904: RUNCIMAN, STEVEN - The Fall of Constantinople 1453 (Canto)
169992: RUNCIMAN, STEVEN - Style And Civilization: Byzantine (Pelican History of Art)
132758: RUNCORN, DAVID - Spirituality Workbook
113609: J L RUNEBERG - Vanrikki Stoolin Tarinat
162769: RUNYON, DAMON - Runyon A La Carte
171165: MARTIN RUPERT - Switzerland (The Lands And People Series)
161872: RUSHDIE, SALMAN - Midnight's Children (Picador Books)
136115: RUSHDIE, SALMAN - The Moor's Last Sigh
150235: RUSHFORTH, KEITH D.; ETC. - Hillier Garden Planning
161702: RUSHTON, ALAN; ETC. - New Parents for Older Children
161391: RUSHTON, J.PHILIPPE - Altruism, Socialization and Society (Prentice-Hall series in social learning theory)
150769: RUSKIN, JOHN - Lectures on Art (delivered Before the University of Oxford in Hilary Term, 1870)
143290: RUSKIN, JOHN - The Art and Pleasures of England: The Oxford Lectures of 1883 and 1884
164858: RUSKIN, EUPHEMIA CHALMERS; LUTYENS, MARY [EDITOR] - Effie in Venice: unpublished letters of Mrs. John Ruskin written from Venice between 1849 and 1852: Effie Ruskin's Letters Home 1849 and 1852
152270: JOHN RUSKIN - Modern Painters Vol I-IV
143285: RUSKIN, JOHN - A Joy For Ever, and Its price in the Market.
169372: RUSKIN, JOHN - Sesame and Lilies ;: the Two Paths ; the King of the Golden River (Everymans library)
152066: RUSKIN, JOHN. - Lectures on Art delivered before the University of Oxford in Hilary Term, 1870
129919: RUSKIN, JOHN - Unto This Last
140358: RUSKIN, SHEILA; WOOD, DAVID; LEAR, EDWARD [ORIGINAL AUTHOR] - The Owl and the Pussycat Went to See...: Libretto (Acting Edition)
154401: RUSKIN, JOHN - Frondes Agrestes...readings in Modern Painters
152394: RUSKIN, JOHN; CLARK, KENNETH [INTRODUCTION] - Praeterita: Autobiography (Oxford Paperbacks)
143295: RUSKIN, JOHN - Sesame and Lilies: Three Lectures
166320: RUSKIN, JOHN (EDITED BY DAVID BARRIE) - Modern Painters
163497: RUSKING, JOHN - Seven Lamps of Architecture
163093: RUSSAN, ASHMORE - The New House Mystery and Other Tales of School and Country Life.
172097: RUSSEL, NICK - Guide to Wessex Museums
120810: RUSSELL, TONY - Spotting Trees in Britain and Europe
160099: JANE RUSSELL - Dressing Well on a Limited Income
167631: RUSSELL, RACHEL RENEE - Dork Diaries: TV Star
140026A: RUSSELL, BERTRAND - Human Knowledge - Its Scope and Limits
130876: RUSSELL, SUE - Damsel of Death
147918: LEONARD RUSSELL - The Saturday Book. Eighth Year. .
160478: RUSSELL, JOHN - Seurat (World of Art S.)
143961: RUSSELL, LEONARD [EDITOR] - The Saturday Book, Being The Seventh Annual Issue Of This Celebrated Cabinet Of Curiosities And Museum Of Entertainment, The Whole Copiously Illustrated And Forming An Indispendable Companion For Gentlemen And Ladies [ Volume 7 ]
097102: RUSSELL, BERTRAND - Authority And The Individual
167835: RUSSELL, VIVIAN; MICHELS, HEIDE; BOUCHET, GUY [ILLUSTRATOR] - Claude Monet: Life at Giverny: Diary 2001
164548: RUSSELL, J. H. - Banbury and Cheltenham Railway 1887-1962
167067: RUSSELL, BERTRAND - Freedom Versus Organization, 1776-1914 (U.Books)
149439: RUSSELL, RONALD - Lost Canals and Waterways of Britain (Russell's Canal Books Series)
161678: RUSSELL, BETH - Beth Russell's William Morris Needlepoint
161160: RUSSELL, WILLY - The Wrong Boy
147042: RUSSELL, KENNETH; SLATER, KEN [EDITOR] - Principles of Dairy Farming
094180: RUSSELL, WILLIAM HOWARD (NICOLAS BENTLEY, ED) - Russell's Despatches from the Crimea 1854-1856
123226: RUSSELL, SHIRLEY - Grammar, Structure, and Style: A Practical Guide to Advanced Level English Language
159812: RUSSELL, GWEN - Jeremy Clarkson: The Biography
163318: RUSSELL, JOHN - Seurat (World of Art S.)
160581: RUSSELL, BETH - Beth Russell's Traditional Needlepoint
170212: RUSSELL, CYRIL RICHARD - Spitfire Postscript
175167: RUSSELL, D. S. [EDITOR] - Daniel (Daily Study Bible)
158099: RUSSELL, J. H. - A Pictorial Record of Great Western Engines: Vol 2
153090: LEONARD RUSSELL AND ELIZABETH NICHOLAS [EDITOR] - The Sunday Times' Travel and Holiday Guide. British Isles Edition.
163219: RUSSELL, LEONARD (EDITOR) - English Wits
166048: RUSSELL, LESLIE - The Kingsway Carol Book
152483: LEONARD RUSSELL (ED) - The Saturday Book. Tenth Year. Celebrating The Tenth Anniversary Of This Renowned Repository Of Curiosities And Looking-Glass Of Past And Present.
151431: JAMES ANDERSON RUSSELL - The Book Of Galloway
162631: RUSSELL, ALAN [EDITOR] - Guinness Book of Records 1987
174648: RUSSELL, JOHN - Switzerland
146780: RUSSELL, LEONARD (EDITOR). - The Saturday Book 9
158551: RUSSELL, BERTRAND - Has Man a Future?
158547: COMPTON RUSSELL - Compton Press, Compton Russell
170774: LEONARD RUSSELL AND ELIZABETH NICHOLAS [EDITOR] - The Sunday Times' Travel and Holiday Guide. British Isles Edition.
166386: RUSSELL, BERTRAND - The Scientific Outlook
165191: RUTHERFORD, DOUGLAS - The chequered flag
174479: RUTHERFURD, EDWARD - Sarum
156236: RUTHERFURD, EDWARD - Sarum
156237: RUTHERFURD, EDWARD - Dublin
142001: RUTHERFURD, EDWARD - Sarum
171966: RUTHVEN, MALISE - A Satanic Affair: Salman Rushdie and the Rage of Islam
170769: RUTHVEN, A.J.OTWAY- - History of Mediaeval Ireland (Start;right books)
172773: RUTHVEN, A.J.OTWAY- - History of Mediaeval Ireland
116729: RUTLEDGE, LEIGH W. - A Cat's Little Instruction Book
167475: CECILY M. RUTLEY - Highlands and Moorlands
165974: RUTTER, MICHAEL; GILLER, HENRI [CONTRIBUTOR]; HAGELL, ANN [CONTRIBUTOR]; - Antisocial Behavior by Young People: A Major New Review
137012: RUTTER, FRANK. - Modern Masterpieces, an Outline of Modern Art
136250: RUTTER, OWEN - The Travels of Tiadatha
161301: RUTTER, MICHAEL [EDITOR] - Psychosocial Disturbances in Young People: Challenges for Prevention (The Jacobs Foundation Series on Adolescence)
172052: RUTTLEDGE, HUGH - Everest 1933
159114: RYAN, BERNARD; HAVERS, SIR MICHAEL - The Poisoned Life of Mrs Maybrick (True Crime)
134806: RYAN, WILLIAM - The Holy Thief (The Korolev Series)
163863: RYAN, CHRIS - Fight to Win: Deadly Skills of the Elite Forces
150425: JOHN PENOYRE; MICHAEL RYAN - The Observer's Book of British Architecture (Observer's Pocket Series No. 13)
131537: RYAN, CORNELIUS - The Longest Day: June 6th, 1944
159719: RYAN, CHRIS - Stand by, Stand by
143294: RYAN, DESMOND. - Ireland, whose Ireland?
112927: RYDER, STEPHANIE [ILLUSTRATOR] - Christmas Story Book
174279: RYDER, ALAN - Alfonso the Magnanimous: King of Aragon, Naples, and Sicily 1396-1458
161621: RYDER, ROWLAND - Ravenstein
161615: RYDER, ROWLAND - Oliver Leese
172351: RYDER, STEPHANIE - Blind Jack
121557: RYE, JAMES - The Communicator's Craft: Getting Your Message Across
149105: RYLAND, J.S. - Bryozoans (University Library)
152958: RYLANDS, G (ED), SHAKESPEARE - Hamlet
170820: RYTZ, WALTER - Trees (Haynes explains series)
173945: FORESTER C S - Randall & the river of time
143221: ULLMANN S - Words and their Use
168532: JOHNSON S - Lives of the English Poets (Volume 2 Congreve to Gray)
148365: NICHOLSON D.H.S. & LEE A.H.E. [EDITOR] - The Oxford Book of English Mystical Verse
134570A: J. E.; H. S. - For The Quiet Hour
132333: HALL S - Railway Disasters: Cause and Effect
157757: COLERIDGE-TAYLOR S., LONGFELLOW H. W. - Scenes From The Song Of Hiawatha, Set To Music For Soprano, Tenor And Baritone Soli, Chorus And Orchestra
141355: BAKER. G S. - The Merchant Ship Designs Past And Present
144256: TOMPKINS E S - Speed Camera the Amatuer Photogrpahy of Motor Racing
169602: STYLES F.R.G.S., SHOWELL - Welsh Walks and Legends
167933: SAADY, D. - Decimal Currency Ready Reckoner
144372: SAARINEN, ALINE B. - The Proud Possessors
117578: SABIN, EDWIN L - On the Plains with Custer
096878: SABIN, PHILIP A. G. - The Future of United Kingdom Air Power
169146: SACK, JOHN - M. Vietnam.
165753: SACKS, OLIVER - Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain
140553: SACKS, OLIVER - Uncle Tungsten: Memories of a Chemical Boyhood
167410: SACKS, OLIVER - On the Move: A Life
175111: SACKS, DAVID HARRIS - The Widening Gate: Bristol and the Atlantic Economy, 1450-1700 (The New Historicism: Studies in Cultural Poetics)
132526: GENERAL GEORGES SADA - Saddam'S Secrets: How An Iraqi General Defied And Survived Saddam Hussein
136188: SADDHATISSA, H. - Life of the Buddha
104834: SADIE, STANLEY; LATHAM, ALISON - The Cambridge Music Guide
157585: SADIE, STANLEY; LATHAM, ALISON - The Cambridge Music Guide
147980: MICHAEL SADLEIR - Trollope : a commentary
160722: SADLEIR, MICHAEL. - Fanny By Gaslight.
154409: SADLEIR, MICHAEL - Trollope: A Commentary
145953: SADLEIR, MICHAEL - Fanny by Gaslight
171773: SADLER, MICHAEL - An Englishman In Paris: L'education Continentale
165332: SAINT-SAENS, CAMILLE - 3e Symphonie op 78 en ut minuer
122559: SAFFORD, CARLETON L.; BISHOP, ROBERT - America's Quilts and Coverlets
169034: SAFOUAN, MOUSTAFA - Concorde: Flight into the Future
164696: SAGA, TEIJI [AUTOR] - Schwane
168144: SAGAN, CARL - The Cosmic Connection: An Extraterrestrial Perspective (Coronet Books)
172395: SAGAN, FRANCOISE - Aimez-vous Brahms: A novel
132639: SAGAR, KEITH - The Art of D. H. Lawrence
123341: SAGE, LORNA - Women in the House of Fiction: Post-War Women Novelists
141309: SAGE, LORNA; SAGE, LORNA [EDITOR] - Flesh And The Mirror: Essays on the Art of Angela Carter
141502: SAGE, LORNA - Bad Blood: A Memoir
159701: SAGER, KEITH (EDITOR). - Complete Book Of Tropical Fish.
159055: SAGGS, H. W. F. - Civilization Before Greece and Rome
140951: SAHADEO, JEFF [EDITOR]; ZANCA, RUSSELL [EDITOR]; - Everyday Life in Central Asia: Past and Present
163927: SAINSBURY'S - Curry Recipe Collection by Sainsbury's
164414: SAINSBURY, SALLY - Measuring Disability (Occasional papers on social administration)
163909: SAINSBURYS - Classic Recipe Collection
167146: SAINT, ANDREW; ET AL; ETC. - A History of the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, 1732-1982
161125: SAINTY, JOHN CHRISTOPHER [EDITOR] - Home Office Officials, 1782-1870 (Office-Holders in Modern Britain)
113563: PIRKKA SAIVO - Modern Finland: La Finlande moderne. Modernes Finnland
109882B: SABURO SAKAI - Samurai
086902: SAKHAI, ESSIE - Story of Carpets, The
143887: SAKI - The Complete Novels And Plays Of Saki: Complete In One Volume
132912: SAKI - The Complete Works of Saki
123428: GEORGE AUGUSTUS SALA - Twice Round The Clock
155698: SALAMANDER, RACHEL; BEN-CHORIN, SCHALOM - The Jewish World of Yesterday, 1860-1938
145835: SALAZAR, TRISTAN - Complete Book of Furniture Restoration
166833: SALAZAR, TRISTAN - Complete Book of Furniture Restoration
148486: SALE, RICHARD - Visitor's Guide Cotswolds
173753: SALE, A.J.H. [EDITOR] - Cheltenham Probate Records, 1660-1740 (Gloucestershire Record Series)
151795: CHARLES SALE - The Specialist
171446: SALES, JOHN - West Country Gardens: Gardens of Gloucestershire, Avon, Somerset and Wiltshire
138392: SALFIELD, D.R. - Experimental Work in Food Science
174725: SALINGER, PIERRE / VANOCUR, SANDER - A Tribute to John F. Kennedy
172342: J. D. SALINGER - Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters and Seymour: An Introduction
169969: SALISBURY, MARCHIONESS OF; MOORE, DERRY [ILLUSTRATOR] - The Gardens of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother: A Personal Tour with the Marchioness of Salisbury
170608: E. J. SALISBURY - The Living Garden or the How and Why of Garden Life
149871: SALISBURY, SIR EDWARD - Downs and Dunes: Their Plant Life and Its Environment
173141: FELIX EUGENE FRITSCH; EDWARD JAMES SALISBURY - Elementary Studies in Plant Life
171782: P. GARNSEY; R. SALLER - The Roman Empire: Economy, Society and Culture
144246: SALMON, ARTHUR L. - Dartmoor
112681: SALMON, J.T. - New Zealand Flowers and Plants in Colour
175006: SALMON, J T - New Zealand Flowers and Plants in Colour
142179: SALMON, J. H. M. - Cardinal De Retz
146564: SALMON, ARTHUR L. - Dartmoor (Beautiful England Series)
157144: SALMON, ARTHUR L. - The Heart Of The West: From Bristol To Land's End.
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160023: SHEDDAN, C.J.; FRANKS, NORMAN - Tempest Pilot
174876: GARY SHEFFIELD - The Chief: Douglas Haig and the British Army
168067: SHEFFIELD, CHARLES - Earth Watch: A Survey of the World from Space
164508: SHELDON, P. - Physical Resources and Environment: An Introduction (Course S268)
117626: SHELDON, PETER - Peloponnese & Greek Islands
119489: SHELDRICK, ALBERT - A Different World: Ashwell Before 1939
172463: SHELDRICK, DAME DAPHNE - An African Love Story: Love, Life and Elephants
171093: SHELL - The Shell Guide to Europe 1968
147886: SHELLEY, P B & HUTCHINSON, T (EDITOR) - The Complete Poetical Works of Percy Bysshe Shelley
157220: SHELLEY, PERCY BYSSHE - Selected Poems
140166: SHELLEY, PERCY BYSSHE; WOODCOCK, DR BRUCE [INTRODUCTION] - The Selected Poetry & Prose of Shelley (Wordsworth Poetry Library)
141281: SHELLEY, MARY WOLLSTONECRAFT; BUTLER, MARILYN [EDITOR] - Frankenstein: The Modern Prometheus (World's Classics)
132496: SHELLEY, HENRY C - Art Of The Wallace Collection
174611: D.C. SHELTON - The Campbell File
168416: SHEPHEARD, CHRIS; THE RURAL LIFE CENTRE FARNHAM; RURAL LIFE CENTRE; - Images of Rural Life: The Lost Countryside
119460: SHEPHERD, THOMAS H. - London in the Nineteenth Century
152334: SHEPHERD, DAVID - David Shepherd: The Man and His Paintings
166451: SHEPHERD, CHRISTOPHER - German Aircraft of World War II
093823: GORDON BROOK-SHEPHERD - Between Two Flags: The Life of Baron Sir Rudolf von Slatin Pasha
162696: SHEPHERD, MARGARET - Learning Calligraphy
111135: BROOK-SHEPHERD, GORDON - Royal Sunset: Dynasties of Europe and the Great War
144115: GORDON BROOK SHEPHERD - Eagle and unicorn
174386: SHEPHERD, A.F - Links with Past: A Brief Chronicle of the Public the Servic of a Notable Institution
137556: SHEPPARD, DICK - Elizabeth: Life Of Elizabeth Taylor
159392: SHEPPARD, F.H.W. - London: A History
113736: SHEPPARD, F.H.W. - London: A History

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