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153998: BAKER, DAVID - Flight and Flying: A Chronology
195404: BAKER, CHRISTOPHER. HENRY, TOM - The National Gallery Complete Illustrated Catalogue:
195491: BAKER, CHRISTOPHER. HENRY, TOM - National Gallery Complete Illustrated Catalogue
189168: BAKER, DENYS VAL (ED.) - My Favourite Story: An Anthology
193656: BAKER, ERNEST A. (ED.) - Cassell's French-English English-French Dictionary.
192209: BAKER, MARGARET - Gardener's Folklore
198387: BAKER, B.R. - Butterflies and Moths of Berkshire
154891: BAKER, DANNY - Going to Sea in a Sieve: The Autobiography
176719: BAKER, BOB - Avon Voyage
187052: BAKER, NICK - Nick Baker's British Wildlife: A Month By Month Guide
204221: JOHN HAROLD BAKER - Land of the Gap
162283: BAKER, MARTIN - A Fool and His Money
147925: BAKER, PETER - Time out of life
192187: BAKER, SIMON - The Ship
197046: J. O BAKER - Two Acres and Freedom
192260: G P BAKER - The Romance of Palombris and Pallogris
166087: BAKER, LORD KENNETH [EDITOR] - The Faber Book of English History in Verse
156858: BAKER, ALAN - Kingfisher History Encyclopedia
177280: BAKER, M.C.H. - The Changing Southern Scene, 1948-81
165935: BAKER, S. K. - Rail Atlas Great Britain and Ireland
172365: BAKER, ROGER - Bette Davis: A Tribute 1908-1989
165218: TIMOTHY BAKER - The Normans by Timothy Baker
150968: BAKER, ROGER - Bette Davis: A Tribute 1908-1989
203093: ARNOLD-BAKER, CHARLES; COLLINS, JERRY [ILLUSTRATOR] - The Companion to British History
189526: BAKER, MARGARET AND MARY BAKER. - The Margaret And Mary Baker Story Book.
188553: BAKEWELL, JOAN - Stop The Clocks: Thoughts On What I Leave Behind
195411: BAKKER, JOHAN DE [EDITOR] - Across Crete: Part 1: From Khania to Herakleion
159494: BALANCHINE, GEORGE; MASON, FRANCIS - Festival of Ballet: v. 1
160982: BALBERNIE, RICHARD - Residential work with children
184253: CRAWFORD AND BALCARRES ( EDITORS ) - An Inventory Of The Historical Monuments In London Volume 2 West London - Excluding Westminster Abbey
141380: BALCHIN, NIGEL - Mine Own Executioner
188257: BALCHIN, NIGEL. - In The Absence Of Mrs Petersen
188985: BALCHIN, NIGEL - Kings Of Infinite Space
195875: BALCHIN, NIGEL. - In the Absence of Mrs Petersen
184730: NIGEL BALCHIN - The Fall Of The Sparrow
203191: BALCHIN, NIGEL. - The Small Back Room
158575: BALDACCI, DAVID - The Sixth Man (King and Maxwell)
185936: BALDACCI, DAVID - The Target (Will Robie 3)
199873: BALDI, PHILLIP [EDITOR]; WERTH, RONALD N. [EDITOR]; - Readings in Historical Phonology
160325: BALDING, CLARE - My Animals and Other Family
150072: BALDING, CLARE - My Animals and Other Family
183703: BALDING, CLARE - My Animals And Other Family
149564: DAVID BALDOCK - Wetland Drainage in Europe
197681: BALDWIN, DAVID - The Chapel Royal: Ancient and Modern
146960: BALDWIN, OLIVER - Unborn Son
147938: STANLEY BALDWIN - On England, and other Addresses
132882: BALDWIN, J. M, - The Story of the Mind
202745: BALDWIN, GORDON; DANIEL, MALCOLM; GREENOUGH, SARAH - All the Mighty World: The Photographs of Roger Fenton 1852-1860 (Metropolitan Museum of Art)
188165: STANLEY BALDWIN - On England
137125: BALE, TOM - Skin and Bones
170189: A P BALFOUR - Annual and Biennial Flowers
153725: BALINT, MICHAEL; ETC. - Treatment or Diagnosis: Study of Repeat Prescriptions in General Practice (Social science paperback)
171535: BALL, ALAN W. - Salisbury Illustrated
196577: BALL, SIR ROBERT. - The Cause Of An Ice Age.
130959: BALL, EDWARD - Slaves in the Family
198025: BALL, ROBERT S - The Earth's Beginning
176896: BALL, PHILIP - Universe of Stone: Chartres Cathedral and the Triumph of the Medieval Mind
151704: BALL, DONALD, JR.; WHITAKER, ROGERS E.M. - Decade of the Trains: 1940's
191254: BALL, KENNETH - Renault 16 1965-72 Autobook (The autobook series of workshop manuals)
198028: BALL, ROBERT S - Star-land: Being talks with young people about the wonders of the heavens
158159: BALL, M.G. - European Railway Atlas (Ian Allan abc S.)
163567: KENNETH BALL - Maxi 1969-80 Autobook (The autobook series of workshop manuals)
190845: BALLANTINE, BELINDA - The Decoupage Kit
151014: R M BALLANTYNE: - The Gorilla Hunters A Tale In The Heart Of Africa
201617: BALLANTYNE, R. M.; BOWN, DERICK [ILLUSTRATOR] - The Coral Island (De Luxe Classics S.)
187113: BALLANTYNE, R. M - The Coral Island: A Tale Of The Pacific Ocean
192110: R M BALLANTYNE - Martin Rattler
132727: R. M. BALLANTYNE - Ungava
137263: R. M. BALLANTYNE - The Coral Island
169866: BALLANTYNE, HUGH [EDITOR] - Southern Steam in Colour
178322: BALLANTYNE, IAIN; GOODMAN, SYDNEY V. C. - Plymouth Warships
202505: BALLARD, J. G. - Voices of Time (Everyman Fiction)
162718: JG BALLARD - Empire Of The Sun
197328: J. G. BALLARD - Drowned World
201835: BALLARD, J. G. - A User's Guide to the Millennium: Essays and Reviews
194454: BALLARD, J. G. - Running Wild (Arena Books)
142775: ROBERT BALLARD - The Discovery of the Titanic: Exploring the greatest of all lost ships
202504: BALLARD, J. G. - Myths of the Near Future (Panther Books)
201837: BALLARD, J. G.; SINCLAIR, IAIN [INTRODUCTION] - Millennium People
180781: BALLARD, J. G. - Rushing to Paradise
180788: BALLARD, J. G. - Miracles of Life
200942: BALLARD, J. G. - Running Wild
182143: BALLENTINE, LEE - Dream Protocols
202706: BALLERINI, ISABELLA LAPI - The Medici Villas: Complete Guide
167102: BALLS, JOSEPHINE - Where love is: The fostering of young children
190797: BALNEAVES, ELIZABETH - Mountains of the Murgha Zerin: Between the Hindu Khush and the Karakoram
171627: BALNEAVES, ELIZABETH - Windswept Isles: Shetland and Its People
198177: BALSDON, DACRE - Oxford Now and Then
204328: BALZAC, HONORé DE; CRAWFORD, MARION [TRANSLATOR] - Eugenie Grandet (Classics)
145286: H. DE BALZAC - Oeuvres, Tome deuxieme
145287: H. DE BALZAC - Oeuvres, Tome troisieme
145288: H. DE BALZAC - Oeuvres, Tome quatrieme
145289: H. DE BALZAC - Oeuvres, Tome cinquieme
145290: H. DE BALZAC - Oeuvres, Tome sixieme
196759: DE BALZAC, H - Les Chouans et Une Passion dans le Desert
196114: HONORE DE BALZAC - Splendeurs et miseres des courtisanes
204358: BALZAC, HONOR DE; ADAMSON, DONALD [TRANSLATOR] - The Black Sheep: (La Rabouilleuse) (Classics)
182647: BALZAC, HONORE DE; CRAWFORD, MARION [TRANSLATOR] - Cousin Bette (Classics)
154382: BALZAC - Etudes Philisophiques et Analytiques
145292: H. DE BALZAC - Oeuvres, Tome huitieme
190878: BALZAC, HONORE DE - Eugenie Grandet the Country Parson & Other Stories
183294: BALZAC, H DE. - The Atheists Mass.
204325: BALZAC, HONORé DE; CRAWFORD, MARION [TRANSLATOR] - Cousin Bette (Classics)
154616: BALZAC, HONORE DE. - The Alkahest, or, The House of Claes. Routledge de Balzac No 8
183286: HONORE DE BALZAC - Christ In Flanders. Everyman's Library No. 284
183301: DE BALZAC, HONORE - The Chouans (Les Chouans)
198768: DE BALZAC, HONORE - The Wild Ass's Skin
197003: BALZAC - Louis Lambert. Seraphita
197056: HONORE DE BALZAC - Droll Stories: Collected in the monasteries of Touraine and Given to the Light by Honore de Balzac
145285: H. DE BALZAC - Oeuvres, Tome Premier
196117: HONORE DE BALZAC - La Cousine Bette (Editions Penguin.)
195487: LINDA WOLK-SIMON; CARMEN C. BAMBACH - An Italian Journey: Drawings from the Tobey Collection, Correggio to Tiepolo
175922: BAMFORTH, VICKY - The Gardener's Companion
200993: BAMSEY, IAN [EDITOR] - Automobile Sport 1981-82
183199: ERISTO BANALI - Il Surrealismo Di Lanfranco
163050: BANCROFT, JOHN D - An introduction to histochemical technique
197012: BANG, HERMAN - Tine
203433: JUDITH BANISTER - English Silver
185688: BANISTER, JUDITH - Mid Georgian Silver (Collector's Guides)
173575: BANKES, VIOLA; WATKIN, PAMELA - A Kingston Lacy Childhood: Reminiscences of Viola Bankes
204324: BANKS, IAIN - The Wasp Factory
185157: BANKS, ARTHUR - World Atlas Of Military History: 1860-1945 V. 3
204034: BANKS, LYNNE REID - The Warning Bell
159822: BANKS, MORWENNA; SWIFT, AMANDA - The Joke's on Us: Women in Comedy from Music Hall to the Present
115646: F R BANKS - Sussex
176824: BANKS, F.R. - Penguin Guide to Sussex
159737: BANKS, MICHAEL A. - Portable Communications: The Travelling Executive's Survival Guide (Laptop library)
204224: BANKS, ALICE - Chirp and chatter or lessons from field and tree
169834: BANKS, STEVEN - Magpie's Companion: A Guide to Things Found
204043: BANKS, LYNNE REID - Path to the Silent Country: Charlotte Bronte's Years of Fame
185873: BANN, STEPHEN [EDITOR]; KUMAR, KRISHAN [EDITOR]; - Utopias And The Millenium (Critical Views)
186895: BANNERMAN, DAVID ARMITAGE - The Birds Of The British Isles. Illustrated By George E. Lodge. Volume Eleven (Only).
186890: BANNERMAN, DAVID ARMITAGE; LODGE, GEORGE F [ILLUSTRATOR] - Birds Of The British Isles Volume Six (Vi 6) Ciconiidae; Phoenicopteridae; Areidae; Anatidae (Part)
185174: BANNERMAN, DAVID ARMITAGE - Larger Birds Of West Africa
147972: VANE ERSKINE BANNISDALE - Back to the Hills, Illustrated by Lionel Edwards
186973: JUDITH BANNISTER - English Silver
172279: BANTOCK, ANTON; THE MALAGO SOCIETY - Bedminster (Images of England)
162031: BANVILLE, JOHN - The Sea
183576: BANVILLE, LARRY; VIRGOE, NORMA [EDITOR]; YAXLEY, SUSAN [EDITOR]; - The Banville Diaries: Journals Of A Norfolk Gamekeeper, 1822-45
167531: BANYARD, P.J. - Natural Wonders of the World
181436: ARNOLD B. BARACH - 1975 and the Changes to come
201979: BARAG, D. [EDITOR] - Catalogue of Western Asiatic Glass in the British Museum: v. 1
201458: BARAITSER, MICHAEL; OBHOLTZER, ANTON - Town Furniture of the Cape
173074: BARASCH, MOSHE - Crusader Figural Sculpture In The Holy Land
198953: BARBARA, PATERSON - Help! a Young Person's Guide to Survival
170857: BAKER RICHARD ST. BARBE - The Redwoods.
158204: NOEL BARBER. - From The Land of Lost Content; The Dalai Lama s Fight For Tibet.
157113: BARBER, RICHARD - Reign of Chivalry
175539: BARBER, RICHARD. - The Pastons: A Family In The Wars Of The Roses
132538: BARBER, TERRY ANNE - The Simple Guide To Garden Ponds
162704: BARBER, BARRINGTON - Fundamentals of Landscape Drawing
171635: RICHARD BARBER - Title: The Companion Guide to Gascony and the Dordogne
132672: BARBER, JANET - Have Fun with Sewing (Look-in books)
178927: BARBER, NOEL - Seven Days of Freedom: Hungarian Uprising, 1956
169217: BARBER, CHRIS - Mysterious Wales (Paladin Books)
170822: BARBER, PETER N.; PHILLIPS, C.E.LUCAS - Trees Around Us
177789: BARBER, BARRINGTON - The Fundamentals of Drawing: A Complete Professional Course for Artists
188719: BARBER, RICHARD - The Knight And Chivalry
099334: BARBER, RICHARD [EDITOR] - The Arthurian Legends: An illustrated Anthology
171871: BARBER, RICHARD - The Knight and Chivalry: Revised edition (0)
157563: BARBER, T S. - The Sun Compendium For Users of Photo-Process Engraving.
167867: BARBER, WILLIAM - A History of Economic Thought (Pelican S.)
159383: BARBERO, ALESSANDRO - The Day of the Barbarians
158168: BARBREE, JAY; CAIDIN, MARTIN - A Journey Through Time: Exploring the Universe with the Hubble Space Telescope (Penguin Studio Books)
176128: FLORENCE L BARCLAY - The Broken Halo
179827: BARCLAY, FLORENCE, L. - Through the Postern Gate
185603: BARCLAY, LINWOOD - The Twenty-Three: (Promise Falls Trilogy Book 3)
175225: BARCLAY, WILLIAM - Gospel of John: Chapters 8-21 v. 2 (Daily Study Bible)
179181: BARCLAY, JAMES. - A Stroll Through Borneo.
175226: BARCLAY, WILLIAM - Gospel of John: Chapters 1-7 v.1: Chapters 1-7 Vol 1 (Daily Study Bible)
198920: BARCLAY, WILLIAM - Revelation of John: Chapters 1-5 v. 1 (Daily Study Bible)
190988: FLORENCE L BARCLAY - The White Ladies of Worcester : A Romance of the Twelfth Century
177047: BARCLAY, C.N. - Armistice 1918
204127: BAREA, ARTURO - The Forge
152728: WILSON-BAREAU, JULIET - Goya, Truth and Fantasy. The Small Paintings
138514: BARENBOIM, DANIEL - A Life in Music
178340: BARFIELD, LAWRENCE - Northern Italy Before Rome (Ancient Peoples and Places)
204334: BARGATE, VERITY - No, Mama, No
187840: BARHAM, ANDREA - The Pedant's Revolt: Know What Know-It-Alls Know
185211: RENATO BARILLI - Art Nouveau
198591: BARING, MAURICE - Passing By
162971: BARING, MAURICE - Lost Diaries
186263: BARING - Lost Diaries
156519: ERIC BARKER - The Junior Geography Lesson
187920: MARGARET BARKER - An Extraordinary Gathering Of Angels
195247: BARKER, RALPH - A Brief History of the Royal Flying Corps in World War One
166812: BARKER, R - Owen's Education Acts Manual
188260: BARKER, SIR ERNEST [EDITOR] - Character Of England
188202: C HEDLEY BARKER - Dark Road of Danger
147373: ERNEST BARKER - The Character of England
190602: BARKER, ALEX; MANSFIELD, SALLY - Potatoes (Cook'S Kitchen Reference)
191331: BARKER, ARTHUR JAMES - Okinawa
190473: BARKER, ANTHONY - The Man Next To Me: An Adventure In African Medical Experience (Fontana Books)
182906: HARLEY GRANVILLE-BARKER - Prefaces To Shakespeare, Third Series, Hamlet
204090: BARKER, J, W. (ED) - Poesias: Polifemo, soledades and other poems
159528: BARKER, L. MARY - Pears Cyclopedia, Seventieth Edition 1961-62
185795: INTRODUCED BY RONNIE BARKER - The Book Of Humorous Stories.
180208: W R BARKER: - St. Mark's; or, the Mayor's Chapel, Bristol, ( Formerly called the Church of the Gaunts )
151886: BARKER, L. MARY & CHRISTOPHER COOK (EDITS). - Pears Cyclopaedia 1977-1978
191304: BARKER, RALPH - The Thousand Plan
090402: BARKER, A.J. - Arab-Israeli Wars
159922: BARKER, JULIET - Agincourt: The King, the Campaign, the Battle
191733: DUDLEY BARKER - Green And Pleasant Land
191236: BARKER, M. L. - Basic German for Science Students
197654: BARKHAM, PATRICK - Butterfly Isles: A Summer in Search of Our Emperors and Admirals
117199: JILL BARKLEM - The Brambly Hedge Treasury
156701: BARKWORTH, PETER [EDITOR] - For All Occasions: A Selection of Poems, Prose and Party Pieces (Audition Speeches)
178384: BARLAY, STEPHEN - The Final Call: Air Disasters - When Will They Ever Learn?
189717: BARLEY, NIGEL - A Plague Of Caterpillars: A Return To The African Bush
175116: BARLEY, MAURICE WILLMORE - Houses and History
197551: NIGEL BARLEY - The Innocent Anthropologist: Notes from a Mud Hut
169844: BARLING, ELIZABETH - Birth of A Nature Reserve
176211: BARLOW, FRANK - Thomas Becket
174614: BARLOW, JILL [EDITOR] - A Calendar of the Registers of the Apprentices of the City of Gloucester, 1595-1700
190274: BARLOW, JAMES - Term Of Trial
192354: BARLOW, JAMES - Liner by Barlow, James
164108: BARLOW, G - Gardening Without Worry
192422: BARMBY, B. H. - Gisli Sursson : A Drama
162735: BARN, RAVINDER [EDITOR] - Working with Black Children and Adolescents in Need: A Practical Guide to Developing Effective Communication Techniques
196184: BARNABY, KENNETH CLOVES - Basic naval architecture
177735: BARNES, JULIAN - Arthur and George
145544: R S K BARNES - The Coastline
190847: BARNES, DEREK GILPIN; GARDINER, KATHLEEN [ILLUSTRATOR] - Lords of life : an anthology of animal poetry of the last fifty years
156163: BARNES, SIMON; MARKS, ALAN [ILLUSTRATOR] - Planet Zoo: 100 Animals We Can't Afford to Lose
152793: BARNES, COLIN - Fashion Illustration
194587: BARNES, WILLIAM - Folklore (Dorset S.)
191127: GREGORY ALLEN BARNES - A Wind of Change
147996: BARNES, ALBERT - Notes, Explanatory and Practical on the New Testament: Vol 9: Hebrews
197944: BARNES, WILLIAM - Orra: A Lapland Tale
194617: BARNES, WILLIAM & DUGDALE, GILES [EDITOR] - Poems Grave and Gay
200189: WILLIAM BARNES - Poems in the Dorset Dialect by the Late Rev. W Barnes
202314: BARNES, JULIAN - The Sense of an Ending
193611: BARNES, WILLIAM & DUGDALE, GILES [EDITOR] - Poems Grave and Gay
194150: BARNES, WILLIAM - Dorset Poems
158113: BARNES, MALCOLM - The Mountain World, 1955
178542: BARNES, GINA LEE - China, Korea and Japan: Rise of Civilization in East Asia
197942: BARNES, WILLIAM - One Hundred Poems: With an Essay William Barnes by E.M. Forster
200075: BARNES, WILLIAM - The Poetry Of William Barnes
148048: BARNES, ALBERT - Notes on the New Testament: Explanatory and Practical: Vol 6: 2 Corinthians and Galatians
197888: GREGORY FREMONT-BARNES - Napoleon Bonaparte: Leadership, Strategy, Conflict
167230: DR IAN BARNES - World History
198304: BARNES, WILLIAM - Selected Poems of William Barnes 1800-1886: Edited with an Introduction By Geoffrey Grigson
200187: BARNES, WILLIAM - A Fadge Of Barnes: Being The Pieces, In Prose And Verse,
156232: BARNES, MARGARET CAMPBELL - The king's bed
137545: BARNES, STUART - Smelling Of Roses: A Rugby Life
197943: BARNES, WILLIAM; NYE, ROBERT [EDITOR] - William Barnes: A Selection of His Poems (Fyfield Books)
202065: BARNES, WILLIAM. - A Selection From Poems Of Rural Life In The Dorset Dialect.
179141: BARNES, JOHN A.G. - Titmice of the British Isles
192467: FREMONT-BARNES, GREGORY; HOOK, CHRISTA [ILLUSTRATOR] - Trafalgar 1805: Nelson's Crowning Victory (Campaign)
200076: BARNES, WILLIAM. - Twenty Poems in Common English.
197240: BARNES, MARGARET CAMPBELL - Within the Hollow Crown
169208: BARNES, WILLIAM; SHEPHERD, VAL [EDITOR] - Poems of William Barnes: A Selection of William Barnes' Standard and Non-standard English Poems, Edited, with a Critical Commentary, by Valerie Shephard
188031: BARNES, ROBERT MONEY (1897-1972). GREAT BRITAIN. ARMY. SEELEY SERVICE & CO. LTD. [PUBLISHER] - A History Of The Regiments & Uniforms Of The British Army / By R. Money Barnes
179358: RICHARD BARNES - The Natural History Of Britain And Northern Europe. Coasts And Estuaries
202664: BARNES, RICHARD; TOWNSHEND, PETE - Story of "Tommy"
192540: ALBERT BARNES - Notes On The New Testament Explanatory And Practical, Vol.I, Matthew-Mark
134818: CORRELLI BARNETT - The Great War
179089: BARNETT, CORRELLI - Britain And Her Army 1509-1970: A Military, Political and Social Survey (Pelican)
172191: BARNETT, R - Packet Switched Networks: Theory and Practice
170680: BARNETT, T RATCLIFFE - Autumns in Skye and Sutherland
161827: BARNETT, CORRELLI - The Audit of War: The Illusion and Reality of Britain as a Great Nation: The Illusion and Reality of Britain as a Great Nation
198818: BARNETT, LIONEL D - The Greek drama, (The Temple primers)
171548: BARNETT, ALISON EVANS AND STEPHEN - New Zealand in Flower
139223: BARNETT, CORRELLI - Britain and Her Army, 1509-1970: A Military, Political and Social Survey
164965: BARNETT, MALCOLM JOEL - Politics of Legislation: Rent Act
163981: BARNETT, CORRELLI - Marlborough
139053: BARNETT, CORRELLI - Marlborough
164426: BARON, KATHLEEN - Teach yourself Spelling
189395: WENDY BARON - The Painters Of Camden Town 1905-1920 At Christies On 4-24 January 1988
184537: BARON - Rebels
148758: BARON, WILLIAM MICHAEL MUIR - Organization in Plants
148759: BARON, WILLIAM MICHAEL MUIR - Organization in Plants
202377: BARR, ANN; YORK, PETER - The Official Sloane Ranger Diary: The First Guide to the Sloane Year (Harpers & Queen)
177967: SQUIRE BARRACLOUGH - Working with Politicians
118628: BARRADELL, M. - Ethics and the Accountant
132547: BARRATT, NICK - The Family Detective
160443: BARRATT, MICHAEL - Complete Gardening Guide
193535: BARREME - Comptes-faits de Barreme En Livres, Sous et Deniers
192424: BARRETT, WILSON AND HICHENS, ROBERT - The Daughters of Babylon
203275: BARRETT, M. - Coastal Zone Planning and Management: Conference Entitled "Coastal Management '92: Integrating Coastal Zone Planning and Management in the Next Century" : Papers and Discussions
203051: BARRETT, FRANKLIN A.; THORPE, ARTHUR L. - Derby Porcelain 1750-1848
131937: BARRETT, JOHN H. - Life on the Seashore
150373: BARRETT, JOHN - Life on the Sea Shore
195079: BARRETT, JOHN H.; YONGE, SIR CHARLES MAURICE - Collins Pocket Guide to the Sea Shore
148919: BARRETT, NORMAN [EDITOR] - Daily Telegraph Chronicle of Horse Racing
192256: FRANK BARRETT - Perfidious Lydia
149567: BARRETT, GW - Stress Effects on Natural Ecosystems (Environmental Monographs and Symposia: A Series in Environmental Sciences)
131936: BARRETT, JOHN H.; YONGE, SIR CHARLES MAURICE - Collins Pocket Guide to the Sea Shore
111603: BARRETT, JOHN H.; YONGE, SIR CHARLES MAURICE - Collins Pocket Guide to the Sea Shore
157967: BARRIE, J. M. - Dear Brutus ~ a comedy in three acts
204301: DEREK STIVEN MAXWELTON BARRIE - The Taff Vale Railway. With plates (Oakwood Library of Railway History. no. 2.)
192644: BARRIE,JM: - A Window In Thrums
191508: BARRIE - Microsoft Publisher 97 For Dummies
196381: BARRINGER, J.C.; BARRINGER, J.C. [INTRODUCTION] - Bryant's Map of Norfolk in 1826
198774: BARRINGTON, ARCHIBALD - Plain hints for understanding the genealogy and armorial bearings of the sovereigns of England,: With a description of the different styles of British ... and other buildings may be determined
180022: BARRINGTON, NICHOLAS; STANTON, WILLIAM - Complete Caves of Mendip
192371: BARRON, R.S.; JOYCE, A.M. - Electricity
148626: BARRON, R.S. - Geology of Wiltshire: Field Guide
196219: GILL BARRON - Acrylic Secrets 300 Tips And Techniques
204209: JOHN BARROW (ED) - Cook's Voyages of Discovery
184837: BARROW, JOHN D. - New Theories Of Everything: The Quest For Ultimate Explanation
156454: MICHAEL B. BARRY - Through the Cities: The Revolution in Light Rail
190785: F. R. BARRY - Period of My Life
166010: PRITZKER. BARRY. - Ansel Adams
118970: MICHAEL BARRY - Michael Barry's Radio Times Cookery Year
190054: BARRY, SEBASTIAN - The Temporary Gentleman
174596: MARGARET BARRY - Lexie
163153: BARRY, BRIAN - Political Argument
172007: PHYLLIDA BARSTOW - My Animals (and Other Family)
156856: BARTHOLOMEW (FIRM) - Gazetteer of Britain
202650: BARTHOLOMEW, J. G. - A Literary and Historical Atlas of Asia
202653: J. G. BARTHOLOMEW - A Literary and Historical Atlas of Europe (Everyman's Library)
188956: BARTHOLOMEW'S - Bartholomew's New Reduced Survey: Sheet 11, North Wales
203061: BARTHOLOMEW - Bartholomew Mini World Atlas (De Luxe Edition)
200700: JOHN BARTHOLOMEW AND SON - Birds of Britain: Pictorial Map
185134: BARTHOLOMEW, JOHN. - Bartholomew World Atlas.
181742: BARTIMEUS - Naval Occasions And Some Traits Of The Sailor-Man
157183: BARTLETT, JOHN - Bartlett's Familiar Quotes
174814: BARTLETT, PHIL - The Undiscovered Country
188877: BARTLETT, SARAH - Auras And How To Read Them
202007: ROBERT BARTLETT - Medieval Panorama
202887: BARTLETT, PHYLLIS - George Meredith. Writers and Their Work No. 161
181875: BARTLETT, DES; BARTLETT, JEN - Flight Of The Snow Geese, The
188415: BARTLETT, MARY - Gentians
168368: BARTON, N. - STONE AGE BRITAIN: Exploring Two Million Years of Human Existence
199625: BARTON, JOHN - Isaiah 1-39 (Old Testament Guides S.)
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171119: BIRLEY, ERIC; (ET AL EDS) - Roman Frontier Studies 1969, Eighth International Congress of Limesforschung
142324: BIRLEY, DEREK; MANGEN, J.A. [FOREWORD] - Playing the Game: Sport and British Society, 1910-45 (International Studies in the History of Sport)
170977: BIRLEY, ROBIN - Vindolanda: A Roman Frontier Post on Hadrian's Wall
202328: BIRMINGHAM, GEORGE A - The Major's Candlesticks
174167: BIRMINGHAM, STEPHEN - Young Mr. Keefe
177809: BIRMINGHAM, STEPHEN - Duchess: Story of Wallis Warfield Windsor
201299: STEPHEN BIRNBAUM - United States 1981/82 (Penguin Handbooks)
198015: BIRRELL, AUGUSTINE, RIGHT HON. - Frederick Locker-Lampson.
188213: BIRRELL, HERBERT - The Old Oak Paddock

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