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142916: JOHN MILTON AND DR CHANNING - John Milton's Poetical Works: A Memoir and Essay on his Poetical Genius
132478: MILTON, JOHN - The Poetical Works Of John Milton
083543: MILTON, GILES - The Riddle and the Knight: In Search of Sir John Mandeville
141641: JOHN MILTON - Milton. Complete Poetry and Selected Prose with English Metrical Translations of the Latin, Greek and Italian Poems
130486: MILTON, ROGER - English Ceremonial Book: A History of Robes, Insignia and Ceremonies Still in Use in England
076015: MILTON, BRIAN - The Dalgety Flyer
149499: MILTON, MICHAEL - 100 Ways to Take Better Black and White Photographs
143360: MILTON, JOHN - The Poetical Works Of John Milton
092937: FRANCIS MILTOUN - Ships & Shipping: a handbook of popular nautical information; with numerous diagrams, plans and illustrations
139136: KYAW MIN - Through the Iron Curtain Via the Back Door
141504: MINA, DENISE - Still Midnight
140091: MINGAY, GORDON E. - The Gentry: Rise and Fall of a Ruling Class (Themes in British Social History)
111617: MINGAY, G. E. - Rural Life in Victorian England, 1800-1900
137692: MINGAY, G E; ILLUS [ILLUSTRATOR] - Rural Life in Victorian England
147054: OMAR KHAYYAM AND MINIATUR, HOSSEIN BEHZAD (ILLUS.) - The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, in English verse by Edward FitzGerald - Illustrated by Hossein Behzad Miniatur
145384: OMAR KHAYYAM AND MINIATUR, HOSSEIN BEHZAD (ILLUS.) - The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, in English verse by Edward FitzGerald - Illustrated by Hossein Behzad Miniatur
127927: MINK, JANIS - Miro (Basic Art Album)
115793: MINNS, SUE - Be Your Own Soul Doctor: 10 Ways to Heal Your Spirit
149712: MINOGUE, KENNETH R. - Nationalism
094241: DANBURY MINT - Britannia Rules the Waves, The Times Sea Battles
079223: MINTA, STEPHEN - Love Poetry in Sixteenth Century France
140450: MINTZ, MAX M. - Seeds of Empire: The American Revolutionary Conquest of the Iroquois (World of War)
156531: MIODOWNIK, MARK - Stuff Matters: The Strange Stories of the Marvellous Materials that Shape Our Man-made World
119843: JOHNSTON MIRIELLE - Mirielle Johnston French Cookery Course Part Two
152067: MIRO, GABRIEL - Obras completas
155238: MIRREN, HELEN - In The Frame: My Life In Words And Pictures
150084: DAILY MIRROR - CIRCUS BOY starring CORKY in new BIG TOP stories (annual 1960)
147327: MISENHIMER,TEDG - Aeroscience 1ST Edition Autographed
133958: MISHRA, PANKAJ - An End to Suffering: The Buddha in the World
153698: MITCHELL, DAVID - The Spanish Civil War
115397: MITCHELL, CHARLOTTE - Plant Medicine: A Guide for Home Use
151507: CHARLES F. MITCHELL - Building Construction
145391: MITCHELL, RALPH [EDITOR] - Water Pollution Microbiology: v. 2
136866: MITCHELL, MARGARET; HARWELL, RICHARD [EDITOR] - Margaret Mitchell's "Gone with the Wind" Letters, 1936-1949
134474: MITCHELL, FRED - At Break of Day: Daily Meditations
134393: MITCHELL, GLADYS - Salt Marsh Murders
154828: ROSAMOND JOSCELYNE MITCHELL - The Spring Voyage. The Jerusalem Pilgrimage in 1458
129900: MITCHELL, DAVID - Pirates
143306: MITCHELL, GLADYS - When Last I Died
132743: MITCHELL, F. - At Break of Day
155382: MITCHELL, VIC; SMITH, KEITH - Bournemouth to Evercreech Junction (Country railway route albums)
062302: JUAN PABLO BONTA; PREFACE-WILLIAM J. MITCHELL - American Architects and Texts: A Computer-Aided Analysis of the Literature
117988: B. MITCHELL - Calgary & Alberta
115817: ANNETTE MITCHELL - The Country Diary Book of Knitting
151567: MITCHELL, GEORGE A; MITCHELL, A M - Building Construction :Advanced and Honours - Stages 2, 3 and Honours.
104631: MITCHELL, ANTHEA - Walking Back to Happiness: Spiritual Teachings to Encourage Personal Growth, Keys to Unlock the Doors to Freedom
142183: MITCHELL, VIC; SMITH, KEITH - Salisbury to Westbury: Features Several Long Closed Stations (Country Railway Routes)
096416: MITCHELL, WILLIAM HARRY; SAWYER, LEONARD ARTHUR - The Empire Ships: Record of British-built and Acquired Merchant Ships During the Second World War
132847: MITCHELL, C AINSWORTH - The Scientific Dectective And The Expert Witness
156548: MITCHELL, ANNETTE - The Country Diary Book of Knitting
151927: MITCHELL, MARGARET - Gone with the Wind
144171: MITCHELL, LESLIE; MITCHELL, L. G. - Charles James Fox
118157: MITCHELL, ADRIAN - Tyger: A Celebration Based on the Life and Works of William Blake
149243: MITCHELL, JULIAN - The Undiscovered Country
112748: MITCHELL, ALAN; WILKINSON, JOHN - Trees of Britain and Europe
114221: MITCHELL, ALAN - Alan Mitchell's Trees of Britain
145223: MITCHELL, W R - The Lake Poets: An Illustrated Selection of Verse
155196: MITCHELL, MARGARET - Gone with the Wind
096866: MITCHELL, STEPHEN [EDITOR]; REEDS, BRIAN [EDITOR]; - Seaby Standard Catalogue of British Coins 1995
149050: JOHN LLOYD; JOHN MITCHINSON - The QI Book of the Dead
134360: MITCHINSON, K. W. - Gentlemen and Officers: The Impact and Experience of War on a Territorial Regiment, 1914-18
140094: MITCHINSON, JOHN [EDITOR] - British Greats
152059: MITCHISON, NAOMI; SHERIDAN, DOROTHY [EDITOR] - Among You Taking Notes: The Wartime Diary of Naomi Mitchison, 1939-1945 (Oxford Paperbacks)
153031: NANCY MITFORD - Don't Tell Alfred
133790: MITFORD, DIANA - The Duchesse De Langeais.
135685: MITFORD, NANCY - Madame de Pompadour
146287: MITFORD, MARY RUSSELL - Our Village
139830: MITFORD, JESSICA - The American way of death
077089: MITFORD, JESSICA - The Making of a Muckraker
142717: MITFORD, NANCY; MOSLEY, CHARLOTTE [EDITOR] - A Talent to Annoy: Essays, Articles and Reviews, 1929-68 (Oxford Paperbacks)
118113: MITFORD, NANCY - Madame De Pompadour
130946: MITFORD, NANCY - Frederick the Great
135266: MITFORD, NANCY; HELLER, ZOE [INTRODUCTION] - The Pursuit of Love
132610: MITFORD, JESSICA - Fine Old Conflict
131636: MITFORD, NANCY - Madame de Pompadour
131446: MITFORD, MARY RUSSELL - Our Village
145765: MITFORD, N - The Sun King
145134: SWATI MITRA - Gandhi Smriti a Moment in the Conscience of Mankind
149711: GILBERT MITTERRAND - La Tapisserie et les Maitres de l'art au XXeme siecle
148259: MITTON, MICHAEL - Still Small Voice
130475: MITTON, ROGER - Heralds and History
157381: GERALDINE EDITH MITTON - Round the Wonderful World. With illustrations
148019: MIURA, AYAKO - A Heart of Winter
148018: MIURA, AYAKO - A Heart of Winter
146359: MIWATANI, TOSHIO - Vibrio parahaemolyticus: A causative bacterium of food poisoning
156863: MJOBERG, ERIC; DARWELL, A. [TRANSLATOR]; BARWELL, A. [TRANSLATOR]; - Forest Life and Adventures in the Malay Archipelago
134458: MMIDDLEMAS, KEITH - The Life & Times Of Edward VII
104711: WRIGHT MNIMH, JILL - Anxiety & Tension
101461: MOATTI, CLAUDE - The Search for Ancient Rome (New Horizons)
087110: MUSEE NATIONAL DART MODERNE - La collection du Musee national dart moderne
119292: COLETTE MODIANO - Twenty Snobs and Mao
152301: MOENCH, DOUG; DIXON, CHUCK; GRANT, ALAN; O'NEIL, DENNIS - Contagion (Batman)
152563: MOERBEEK, KEES - Crazy Animals: Pop-up Book (Play Books)
123556: JAMES MOFFATT - The New Testament in the Moffatt Translation. A New Translation
155264: JAMES BENNETT; WILLIAM BONNER; WILLIAM REES-MOGG - What Went Wrong in the 20th Century
151134: CLIFTON-MOGG, CAROLINE - The Neoclassical Sourcebook
156951: MOGGACH, DEBORAH - The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
116817: MOGGACH, DEBORAH [FOREWORD]; A & C BLACK PUBLISHERS LTD [CREATOR]; - Writers' and Artists' Yearbook 2002 (Writers' & Artists' Yearbook)
139109: MOIR, GUTHRIE [EDITOR] - Beyond Hatred
157231: MOLESWORTH, MRS. - The Adventures Of Herr Baby.
073948: MRS. MOLESWORTH - The Wood-Pigeons And Mary
129816: MOLESWORTH, M.L.; SHEPARD, E. H. [ILLUSTRATOR] - The Cuckoo Clock
127514: MOLESWORTH, HD. - Sculpture In England: Medieval.
154979: MOLIERE - Ouevres Tome Sixieme
143355: MOLIERE - Les Precieuses Ridicules
064942: MOHAMED AMIN; PETER MOLL - Portraits of Africa
148513: MOLLER, ELFRIEDE - Shibori: The Art of Fabric Folding, Pleating and Dyeing
143059: MOLLO, VICTOR - Streamlined bridge, or, Bidding without tears
143056: MOLLO, VICTOR - Masters and Monsters: Human Side of Bridge
136699: MOLLO, VICTOR - I Challenge You
143055: MOLLO, VICTOR - Bridge: Case for the Defence
136827: MOLLO, VICTOR; JANNERSTEN, J. - Best of Bridge: Introduction to the Wohlin Collection
136701: MOLLO, VICTOR - Tomorrow's Textbook
138491: MOLLO, VICTOR - Other Side of Bridge
140549: MOLLO, VICTOR; GARDENER, NICO - Card Play Technique or the Art of Being Lucky
136700: MOLLO, VICTOR - Finer Arts of Bridge: A Textbook of Psychology
143173: MOLLO, VICTOR - Streamline Your Bidding with 1100 Quizzes
134220: MOLONEY, G.E. - Doctor in Saudi Arabia
142658: GUNTHER MOLTER - Juan Manuel Fangio
104899: MONAGHAN, PATRICIA - Irish Spirit
120510: MONAHAN, PATRICIA - Landscape Drawing and Painting
094589: MONAKOV, MIKHAIL; ROHWER, JURGEN - Stalin's Ocean-going Fleet: Soviet Naval Strategy and Shipbuilding Programs, 1935-53
157205: MONCREIFFE, IAIN; POTTINGER, DON - Simple Heraldry - Cheerfully Illustrated
156970: MONCREIFFE, IAIN - Royal Highness: Ancestry of the Royal Child
150748: SCOTT-MONCRIEF, C; PROUST, MARCEL - Remembrance of Things Past: Vol.2: The Guermantes Way; Cities of the Plain: v. 2 (Classics)
152243: SCOTT-MONCRIEFF, GEORGE. - Edinburgh
136241: SCOTT-MONCRIEFF, GEORGE - The Scottish islands
134355: SCOTT-MONCRIEFF, CHRISTINA - The Vitamin Alphabet: Your Guide to Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements
150452: MONDEY, DAVID - The Concise Guide to Axis Aircraft of World War II: The Warplanes of Germany, Italy and Japan During World War II
089837: MONDEY, DAVID; MONDEY, DAVID [EDITOR] - The International Encyclopedia of Aviation
096353: MONDEY, DAVID - Pictorial History of the United States Air Force
150026: MONDEY, DAVID - British Aircraft of World War II
078955: MONIE, JO - Australian Impressionists: Our Heritage In Stamps
152733: MONK, S. GORDON - Classified examples electrical engineering Vol.I direct current
102335: FRANCIS J. MONKHOUSE - Principles of Physical Geography
119462: MONKHOUSE, BOB - Just Say a Few Words: The Complete Speaker's Handbook
101374: MONKTON, EDWARD - Life
115922: EDWARD MONKTON - Travel Journal
155954: MARCEL MONMARCHE, GILBERT HOULET - Auvergne et centre
153741: MARCEL MONMARCHE - Provence, Cote D'Azur, Les Guides Blue
150897: GEOFFREY OF MONMOUTH - The History of the Kings of Britain
131053: MONRO, HAROLD - Twentieth Century Poetry
125291: MONRO, HAROLD (EDIT) - Twentieth Century Poetry: An Anthology
140683: NICHOLAS MONSARRAT - The Cruel Sea
135693A: MONSARRAT - The Pillow Fight
155119: NICHOLAS MONSARRAT - The Cruel Sea
131313: MONSARRAT, ANN - And the Bride Wore
090232: MONSARRAT, NICHOLAS - H.M.S. Marlborough Will Enter Harbour
157415: NICHOLAS MONSARRAT - The Cruel Sea
122673: MONSARRAT, NICHOLAS - Richer Than All His Tribe
152389: MONSARRAT, NICHOLAS - The Cruel Sea (cadet edition)
116818: MONSARRAT, NICHOLAS - The Cruel Sea
112024: MONSARRAT, NICHOLAS - The Cruel Sea
141803: NICHOLAS MONSARRAT - The Cruel Sea
147910: MONSERRAT, N. - Cruel Sea, The
123543: MONTAGNE, PROSPER - Larousse Gastronomique
103944: MONTAGNE, PROSPER - Larousse Gastronomique: The World's Greatest Cookery Encyclopedia
155615: PROSPER MONTAGNE - New Larousse Gastronomique
152889: MONTAGU, MARY WORTLEY - Letters (Everyman's Library Classics)
134866: TREVOR MONTAGUE - A To Z Of Sport: The Compendium of Sporting Knowledge
128526A: MONTAGUE, C E - The Right Place
146723: TREVOR MONTAGUE - A To Z Of Everything, 4th Edition: A Compendium of General Knowledge
119444: WORTLEY MONTAGUE, LADY MARY; HALSBAND, ROBERT [EDITOR] - The Selected Letters of Lady Mary Wortley Montagu (Lives and Letters)
127215: TREVOR MONTAGUE - A To Z Of Britain And Ireland: (Almost) Everything you ever needed to know about the history and heritage of our islands
112358: MONTAGUE, C.E. - The Right Place: a Book of Pleasures
083993: TREVOR MONTAGUE - An A-Z of Everything: "Daily Telegraph" Compendium of General Knowledge
127216: TREVOR MONTAGUE - A To Z Of Everything, 5th Edition: A Compendium of General Knowledge
147464: MONTAIGNE, MICHAEL, LORD OF - The Essayes of Michael Lord of Montaigne Volume II
135360: JACQUES MONTANDON - Die Schweizer Weine Bei Tisch und in der Kuche
134176: SEBAG-MONTEFIORE, HUGH - Enigma: The Battle for the Code
144439: SEBAG MONTEFIORE, SIMON - Prince of Princes: The Life of Potemkin
156116: MONTESQUIEU, TRUC, G [AUTEUR] - De L'Esprit Des Lois Tome 1 et 2
123849: MONTESQUIEU - Lettres Persanes
156128: MONTESQUIEU - Lettres Persanes
154618: MARIO MONTEVERDI - Michelangelo
111592: MONTGOMERY, BRIAN - Field-marshal in the Family
144184: MONTGOMERY, VISCOUNT MONTGOMERY OF ALAMEIN - The Memoirs of Field-Marshal the Viscount Montgomery of Alamein
127852: BERNARD LAW MONTGOMERY, VISCOUNT MONTGOMERY OF ALAMEIN - The Memoirs of Field-Marshal the Viscount Montgomery of Alamein
142030A: FIELD MARSHAL MONTGOMERY - The Memoirs of Field-Marshal the Viscount Montgomery of Alamein, k g
151827: MONTGOMERY, FIELD-MARSHALL, VISCOUNT OF ALAMEIN, KG. - The Memoirs of Field-Marshal The Viscount Montgomery of Alamein, K.G.
140984: FLORENCE MONTGOMERY - Thrown Together: a Story Vol II
073950: HENRY DE MONTHERLANT - Chaos And Night
151646: HENRY DE MONTHERLANT - The Bachelors
130527: MONTI, L.; PORCEDDU, E. [EDITOR] - Drought Resistance in Plants: Physiological and Genetic Aspects (Agriculture)
149620: MONTIGNAC, MICHEL - Montignac Provencal Cookbook
133889: MONTIGNAC, MICHEL - Dine Out and Lose Weight
153227: ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MONUMENTS - Inventory of the Historical Monuments in the County of Dorset: North v. 4
153221: ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MONUMENTS, ENGLAND - an inventory of the historical monuments in dorset vol. i: west,
152857: ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MONUMENTS - Churches of South-east Wiltshire
134670: ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MONUMENTS - An Inventory of the Histprical Monuments in the County of Dorset; Volume II, South-East, Part 2
134675A: ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MONUMENTS - An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in the County of Dorset, Volume IV: North
153167: ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MONUMENTS - Inventory of the Historical Monuments in the County of Dorset: Central Vol 3 Part 1 and 2
134671: ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MONUMENTS - An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in the County of Dorset; Volume II, South-East, Part 3
153164: ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MONUMENTS - Wilton House and English Palladianism: Some Wiltshire Houses
086702: NOORDBRABANTS MUSEUM. MOOIJ, CHARLES CHARLES CORNELIS MARIA DE (1957-). NOORDBRA - Vastenavond--carnaval : feesten van de omgekeerde wereld / redactie, Charles de Mooij
112121: A. R. MOON - A Concise English Course
130877: MICHAEL MACDONALD MOONEY - Evelyn Nesbit and Stanford White: Love and Death in the Gilded Age
110105: MOONEY, KAY - Hawke's Bay in Colour
111895: MOONEY, BEL - Bel Mooney's Somerset
146314: MOONEY, BEL - Devout Sceptics
065792A: PAUL L. MOORCRAFT - African Nemesis: War and Revolution in Southern Africa (1945-2010)
115552: EDWIN MOORE, FIONA MACKENZIE MOORE - Collins Book of English Verse
147935: MOORE, WILFRED GEORGE - Dictionary of Geography
149167: CLAPHAM: TUTIN: MOORE - Flora of the British Isles
153988: PATRICK (GENERAL EDITOR) MOORE - Philip's Astronomy Encyclopedia
149481: MOORE, PETER D.; BELLAMY, D.J. - Peatlands
102426: MOORE, CBE, DSC, FRAS, SIR PATRICK - Mission to the Planets: The Illustrated Story of the Exploration of the Solar System
148705: MOORE, DEREK - Watching Wildlife in Suffolk
154325: OLDSTONE-MOORE, JENNIFER - Understanding Taoism
153812: MOORE, R. F. - Paddy Waddell's Railway
101290: MOORE, PATRICK. - Guide to the Moon
124352: MOORE, JOHN HERBERT - Discovering Photography
101189: MOORE, PATRICK - The Story of Astronomy
111792: MOORE, DONALD - Far Eastern Journal
146638: MOORE, MRS LUCY - Maharanis: The Lives and Times of Three Generations of Indian Princesses
146704: MOORE, TIM - Travels with My Donkey: One Man and His Ass on a Pilgrimage to Santiago
154010: DOROTHEA MOORE - Sara to the Rescue
150756: MOORE, R. I. [EDITOR] - Hamlyn Historical Atlas
131018: MOORE, DORIS LANGLEY - Fashion Through Fashion Plates, 1771-1971
134578: MOORE, THOMAS, AND WILLIAM P. AYRES, EDS. - The Gardeners' Magazine Of Botany, Horticulture, Floriculture, And Natural Science. Volume 1
155897: MOORE, RUTH - Spoonhandle
114138: MOORE, R W - The Furtherance Of The Gospel: A Primer of Christianity, Part II
108414A: JOHN MOORE - Brensham Village
127561: MOORE, HENRY - Henry Moore on Sculpture
145377: MOORE, JAMES R. - The Post-Darwinian Controversies : A Study of the Protestant Struggle to Come to Terms with Darwin in Great Britain and America, 1870-1900
144923: MOORE, GEOFFREY [EDITOR]; PORTER, PETER [EDITOR]; - The Voice within: Three Women Poets - Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Emily Dickinson, Christina Rossetti (Illustrated Poets)
149664: MOORE, N - The Bird of Time: The Science and Politics of Nature Conservation - A Personal Account
108338: MOORE, JOHN - Brensham Village
118109: MOORE, JOHN - Dance and Skylark; A Novel
104678: DANIEL MOORE - Aids to Prayer, A Course of Lectures
155300: MOORE, JOHN - Season of the Year
108099: MOORE, JOHN - The Blue Field
144584: PATRICK MOORE, SIR - Philip's Guide to Stars and Planets
124182: MOORE, HENRY - Henry Moore: [Tentoonstelling] Rijksmuseum Kroller-Muller, Otterlo, 4-5-1968 [to] 7-7-1968; Museum Boymans-Van Beuningen, Rotterdam, 17-9-1968 [to] 4-11-1968
139230: MOORE, BRIAN - Beware of the Dog: Rugby's Hard Man Reveals All
144927: MOORE, GEOFFREY [EDITOR] - The Penguin Book of American Verse
077204: MOORE, WILLIAM - Shakespeare
119713: THOMAS MOORE - The Poetical Works
113503: MOORE, DUDLEY - Off-beat: Dudley Moore's Book of Musical Anecdotes
103873: MOORE, TERENCE - New Flower Design: Beautiful Floral Displays from Natural Materials
095115: EDWIN MOORE, FIONA MACKENZIE MOORE - Collins Book of English Verse
153559: MOORE, JOHN - Come Rain, Come Shine
145251: MOORE, NICK - Frontlines: snapshots of history (Reuters)
142603: WILLIAM MOORE - Notes on the Operations of the British Expeditionary Force, August 22nd to September 9th, 1914
126141: MOORE, MARGARET E. - Understanding British English
148870: JOHN MOORE - Midsummer Meadow
148875: MOORE, W. - The Penguin Dictionary of Geography: Definitions And Explanations of Terms Used in Physical Geography (Reference Books)
151645: BRIAN MOORE - The Lonely Passion of Miss Judith Hearne 1343 ( 1st Orange Penguin edition )
107170: MOORE, MARIANNE - Complete Poems Of Marianne Moore
154487: GEORGE MOORE - Esther Waters
087582: MOORE, DORIS LANGLEY - The Late Lord Byron: Posthumous Dramas
150683: MOORE, W. - The Penguin Encyclopedia of Places (Reference Books)
125220: MOORE, HENRY - Henry Moore: 80th Birthday Exhibition
150854: MOORE, JOHN. - Brensham Village
149852: MOORE, J.A. - Charophytes of Great Britain and Ireland (Handbooks for field identification)
119406A: MOORE, THOMAS - The Poetical Works
124128: MOORE, HENRY; CLARK, KENNETH - Henry Moore's Sheep Sketchbook
146054: THOMAS MOORE - The Poetical Works Of Thomas Moore. Oxford Edition.
117457: MOOREHEAD, ALAN - White Nile
091541: ALAN MOOREHEAD - Darwin and the Beagle
127777: MOOREHEAD, ALAN - The Blue Nile
153587: ALAN MOOREHEAD - Gallipoli
117217: MOOREHEAD, ALAN; ILLUSTRATED WITH MAPS AND PLATES. [ILLUSTRATOR] - Fatal Impact, The; An Account of the Invasion of the South Pacific 1767-1840
133817: MOOREHEAD, ALAN - Blue Nile
153406: MOOREHEAD, CAROLINE - Village of Secrets: Defying the Nazis in Vichy France
131915: MOOREHEAD, ALAN - The White Nile
127148: MOOREHEAD,ALAN - The Fatal IMpact. An account of the Invasion of the South Pacific 1767-1840.
142111: MOOREHEAD, ALAN - Cooper's Creek
111851: ALAN MOOREHEAD - The Blue Nile
122837: MOOREHEAD, ALAN. - The Blue Nile
153544: MOOREHEAD, ALAN - Gallipoli
127770: ALAN MOOREHEAD - The White Nile
080972: MOORES, LES; FRITH, FRANCIS [PHOTOGRAPHER] - Salisbury: Photographic Memories
149150: ANNE & CHRISTOPHER MOOREY - Making Mobiles: Hanging Decorations from Simple Materials
143893: MOORHEAD, ALAN - The fatal impact: An account of the invasion of the South Pacific 1767-1840
152836: ALAN MOORHEAD - The Fatal Impact..an Account of the Invasion of the South Pacfic 1767-1840
151465: MOORHOUSE, FRANK - Grand Days
094001: E. HALLAM MOORHOUSE - Letters of the English Seamen: 1587-1808
100777: MOORHOUSE, PAUL - Dali
091293: MOORHOUSE, GEOFFREY - The Diplomats: Foreign Office Today
155910: MOORHOUSE, GEOFFREY - To The Frontier
113835: MORAES, DOM - Gone away: An Indian journal
156568: LORD MORAN - Winston Churchill. The Struggle for Survival 1940-1965
108683: LORD MORAN - Churchil - The Struggle For Survival
109466: MORAN, LORD - Churchill - The Struggle For Survival 1940/65
157288: MORAN, LORD - Winston Churchill: The struggle for survival,1940-1965
125374: ALBERTO PERCY ECKSTEIN UND WENDLA LIPSIUS MORAVIA - Die Mädchen vom Tiber : Geschichten aus Rom.
148973: MORAVIA, ALBERTO (1907-1990) - A Ghost At Noon / [By] Alberto Moravia ; Translated by Angus Davidson
144093: MORAVIA, ALBERTO - The Empty Canvas
157199: MORAVIA, ALBERTO - Two adolescents: "Agostino" and "Disobedience"
133340: MORAVIA, ALBERTO - Two Adolescents
151993: MORAVIA, ALBERTO - The Empty Canvas
112061: MORAVIA, ALBERTO - The Woman of Rome
100774: MORAWINSKA, AGNIESZKA - Polish Painting - 15th to 20th Century
103363: MICHAEL MORCOMBE - Australia's Living Deserts
146538: MORE, KENNETH - More or Less
152814: MORE, SIR THOMAS - Utopia
134266: MORE, KENNETH - More or Less (Coronet Books)
155813: THOMAS MORE - Utopia
121227: KENNETH MORE - More or Less
120931: MORE, DAPHNE - Bee Book: History and Natural History of the Honeybee
143924: MORE, KENNETH - More or Less
139150: MORE, SIR THOMAS; WALPOLE, HORACE - Richard III The Great Debate: Sir Thomas More History of Richard III, Horace Walpole, Historic Doubts on the Life and Reign of King Richard III
137731: MORECAMBE, GARY - Funny Man: Eric Morecambe by Gary Morecambe
153955: ALAN MOREHEAD - The White Nile
155843: MOREHOUSE, DAVID - Psychic Warrior: The True Story of the CIA's Paranormal Espionage Programme
132587: MORELLO, G. [EDITOR] - The Treasury of Saint Francis of Assisi: Masterpieces from the Museo della Basilica of San Francesco
115135: MORELY, HENRY - English Writers: An Attempt Towards a History of English Literature VII, Caxton to Coverdale
079199: MORF, GUSTAV - The Polish Shades and Ghosts of Joseph Conrad
108031: MORGAN, KENNETH O. [EDITOR] - The Oxford Illustrated History of Britain (Oxford Illustrated Histories)
147546: MORGAN, DAVID - The Mongols (The Peoples of Europe)
157393: MORGAN, CHARLES - The Fountain
117021: MORGAN, CHLORIS (EDITOR) - Anthology of Yoga Poetry
157413: MORGAN, CHARLES - The Empty Room
119408: CHARLES MORGAN - The Voyage
134032: KENNETH O. MORGAN - The Oxford Illustrated History of Britain
157421: CHARLES MORGAN - Reflections in a Mirror
157390: MORGAN, CHARLES - The Voyage
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153569: ALISON D. MURRAY - The Cotswolds, etc. With plates (Crypt House Pocket Series.)
128500: PETER MURRAY; LINDA MURRAY - A Dictionary of Art and Artists
113093A: W. H MURRAY - The Story of Everest
117087: MURRAY, W. H. - The Companion Guide To The West Highlands Of Scotland: The Seaboard From Kintyre To Cape Wrath.
105910: MURRAY, MAUREEN - All About Beads: A Guide to Beads and Bead Jewellery Making
117784: MURRAY, A.S.; KLAPP, WILLIAM H. [EDITOR] - Handbook of World Mythology
149928: LINDA MURRAY - The High Renaissance and Mannerism: Italy, the North and Spain 1500-1600 (World of Art)
143571: DAVID MURRAY - Ecurie Ecosse the Story of Sctoland's International Racing Team
137745: JOHN MURRAY (FIRM) - Handbook for Travellers in Wiltshire, Dorsetshire, and Somersetshire. New edition, etc
139154: MURRAY, W. H - The story of Everest
148120: MURROW, DAVID - Why Men Hate Going To Church Revised
069556A: JOHN MIDDLETON MURRY (ED) - Katherine Mansfield's Letters to John Middleton Murry 1913-1922
069217: RUTH ELVISH MANTZ J. MIDDLETON MURRY - The Life of Katherine Mansfield
132057: MURSELL, GORDON - English Spirituality: from 1700 to the Present
148533: MURTON, R. K.; WESTWOOD, N.J. - Avian Breeding Cycles
130148: MURTON, R. K. - The Wood Pigeon (Collins New Naturalist Series)
112329: CHARLES MUSCATINE, MARLENE GRIFFITH - The Borzoi College Reader (Shorter Edition)
133356: STAATLICHE MUSE - Berlinneues Museum Engl
125421A: THE CINCINNATI ART MUSEM - Fourth International Biennial of Contemporary Color Lithography
125408: VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM - Romanesque Art
131022: BOSTON CHILDREN'S MUSEUM - Antique Fashion Paper Dolls of the 1890s in Full Colour: From the Collection of the Boston Children's Museum (Dover Victorian Paper Dolls)
125996: THE ISRAEL MUSEUM, YOUTH WING - Our Pupils At Work, Summer 1968 no. 4
130224: VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM - Novelty Fabrics
093438A: U S NAVAL ACADEMY MUSEUM - Currier and Ives Navy: Lithographs from the Beverley R. Robinson Collection
130294: VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM - English Watches
133370: VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM - Fine Illustrations in Western European Printed Books
117719A: HORNIMAN MUSEUM - Musical Instruments
127272: VICTORIA & ALBERT MUSEUM - Porcelain Figures
121486: ROYAL ARMOURED CORPS TANK MUSEUM - Tanks of Other Nations: France
121471: ROYAL ARMOURED CORPS TANK MUSEUM - British Tanks 1946-70
125958: VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM - A Picture Book Of English Tables
124934: VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM - The Raphael Cartoons
105570: BRITISH MUSEUM - Nature at Work: Introducing Ecology (Natural History Series)
148622: NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM - British Mesozoic Fossils - Fourth Edition
155372: BRITISH MUSEUM - English Cathedrals and Churches: Twelve Watercolours from the British Museum
118467A: THE TRUSTEES OF THE BRITISH MUSEUM - Treasures from Romania
088695: THE HAKONE OPEN-AIR MUSEUM - The Contemporary Art and Craft of Japan. The 22nd Exhibition
135147: VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM - Wedding Dress, 1740-1970
153310: NATIONAL ARMY MUSEUM - Cromwell Tank: Vehicle History and Specification
136650: THE SCIENCE MUSEUM - The Light Car: A Technical History
127964: VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM - Notes on applied work and patchwork
123873: THE SCIENCE MUSEUM - Origins of the Motion Picture: Science Museum Introductory Booklet on Pre-history of the Cinema
133719: VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM - Signs of the Zodiac
124556: BRITISH MUSEUM - The Graphic Work of Albrecht Durer
126755: VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM - World of the Bible: Centenary exhibition of the Palestine Exploration Fund in Co-operation with the British School of Archaeology in Jerusalem
156057: VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM - English Wrought-iron Work
130303: VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM - Brief guide to Persian embroideries (Brief guide series0no.2)
125254: EDITORS; THE SOLOMON R. GUGGENHEIM MUSEUM - Paul Klee, 1879 - 1940: A Retrospective Exhibition
130308: VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM - Catalogue of English Eccesiastical Embroideries
149515: BRITISH MUSEUM - Guide To The Crustacea, Arachnida, Onychophora And Myriopoda In The Department Of Zoology Of The British Museum .
143796: MUSGROVE, DAVID; HOPKINS, JOHN - Life with Lyle: His Caddie's Diary
143731: MUSIKER, NAOMI; MUSIKER, REUBEN - Conductors and Composers of Popular Orchestral Music: A Biographical and Discographical Sourcebook
123945: MUSKETT, NETTA - Living with Adam
135130: ERIC MUSPRATT - My South Sea Island
131729: MUSSELL, JOHN W.; MUSSELL, PHILIP [EDITOR] - Medal Yearbook 2010
154971: MUSSET, ALFRED DE - Theatre, tomes 1 et 2
084773: MUSSON, JEREMY - How to Read a Country House
125897: ROGER DIXON; STEFAN MUTHESIUS - Victorian Architecture (World of Art)
156916: MUTHESIUS, STEFAN - High Victorian Movement in Architecture, 1850-70
149591: MUUS, BENT J. - Freshwater Fishes of Britain and Europe (Collins Field Guide)
131934: MUUS, BENT J. - Freshwater Fishes of Britain and Europe (Collins Field Guide)
149512: MUUS, BENT J.; DAHLSTROM, PREBEN - Field Guide to the Sea Fishes of Britain and North-western Europe
149729: MYAGKOV, ALEKSEI - Inside the KGB
136881: MYATT, FREDERICK - Modern Small Arms: Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Famous Military Firearms from 1873 to the Present Day
076796: MYATT, FREDERICK - The soldier's trade: British military developments, 1660-1914
075325: MYER, VALERIE GROSVENOR - Jane Austen: Obstinate Heart
086305: MYERS, BERNARD S - Art and Civilization
117671: MYERS, ROBERT (SELECTED BY ); TROTTA, JOHN [ILLUSTRATOR] - The Spice Of Love: Wisdom And Wit About Love Through The Ages
076932A: MYERS, ROBIN AND HARRIS, MICHAEL (EDS) - A Genius for Letters
142913: J.A MYERSCOUGH - A Procession Of Lancashire Martyrs And Confessors
148305: MYLLER, ROLF - Penguin Book of Mazes: 60 Beautiful and Beastly Labyrinths with Solutions
065402: NORAH MYLREA - A Holiday Adventure
137344: ANCIENT MYSTERIES - Stonehenge Secrets Of An Ancient Monument
146192: NABARRO, GERALD - Exploits of a politician
151671: NABOKOV, VLADIMIR - A Russian Beauty And Other Stories: A Russian Beauty; the Leonardo; Torpid Smoke; Breaking the News; Lips to Lips; the Visit to the Museum; an Affair ... Thule; Solus Rex; the Potato Elf; the Circle
139191: NABOKOV, VLADIMIR - Despair
152384: NABOKOV, VLADIMIR - Lolita
143493: NABOKOV, VLADIMIR - Despair
098526: NACK, EMIL [AUTOR] - Germanien - Lander und Volker der Germanen
152961: NADEAU (MAURICE). - Histoire du Surrealisme. Documents surrealistes
104347: ROBERT LERNER; ALTHEA K. NAGAI - No Basis: What the Studies Don't Tell Us About Same-Sex Parenting
145217: M. CHALAPATHI RAU; ZEHRA TYABJI; T. S. NAGARAJAN - India: Portrait of a people
082789: NAGEL, PAUL C. - Descent from Glory: Four Generations of the John Adams Family
156689: NAGLER, ALOIS M. - A Source Book in Theatrical History
115657: CLAIRE NAHMAD - Your Guardian Angel: How to Connect, Communicate, and Heal with Your Own Divine Companion
132316: NAHUM, ANDREW - Flying Machine
083056: AL NAIB, S.K. - London Docklands: Past, Present and Future
066295: V. S. NAIPAUL - Finding the Centre: Two Narratives
153594: NAIPAUL, V. S. - India: A Million Mutinies Now
115785: NAIR, PREETHI - Gypsy Masala: A Story of Dreams
155528: NAIRN, NICK - Nick Nairn's Top 100 Salmon Recipes: Quick and Easy Dishes for Every Occasion
142808: G. HERBERT NALL - Macmillan's Elementary Latin-English Dictionary: For Use In Preparatory Schools And Junior Forms
123688: NALTY, BERNARD C. [EDITOR]; PRITCHARD, RUSS [EDITOR]; EISENHOWER, JOHN S. D. [FOREWORD]; - D-Day Operation Overlord: From Its Planning to the Liberation of Paris
093171: NAMBIAR, O.K. - The Kunjalis
143219: NAMIER, L. B. (LEWIS BERNSTEIN) - Diplomatic prelude, 1938-1939
115374: NANDA, B. R. - Mahatma Gandhi: A Biography
103148: NANSEN, FRIDTJOF. - In Northern Mists Arctic Exploration in Early Times Volumes One & Two
154632: NAPIER, PRISCILLA - I Have Sind: Charles Napier in India, 1841-44
151309: NAPIER, PRISCILLA - Difficult Country, A: Napiers in Scotland
131791: NAPIER, WILLIAM - History Of The Peninsula War Vol3: v. 3 (History and Politics)
153668: NAPIER, PRISCILLA - Sword Dance, The: Lady Sarah Lennox and the Napiers
131789: NAPIER, WILLIAM - The History Peninsula War:vol 2: v. 2
153583: NAPIER, WILLIAM - History of the war in the Peninsula (Classics of British historical literature)
133310: NAPLEY, SIR DAVID - Murder at the Villa Madeira: Rattenbury Case (Great murder trials of the twentieth century)
143187: LOUIS NAPOLEON - The Early Life of Louis Napoleon
108283: NASH, MARY - Provoked Wife: Life and Times of Susannah Cibber
149955: NASH, OGDEN; NASH, OGDEN [ILLUSTRATOR]; SMITH, LINELL [EDITOR]; EBERSTADT, ISABEL [EDITOR]; BURGESS, ANTHONY [INTRODUCTION]; - Candy is Dandy: The Best of Ogden Nash (Mandarin humour classics)
133452: NASH, JAY ROBERT - Look for the Woman
123746: NASH, PAUL - Paul Nash's Photographs: Document and image
134914: PAUL NASH - Paul Nash paintings and watercolours
118964: NASH, OGDEN - Old Dog Barks Backwards
075527: NASH, LESLIE H.; CHRISTIE'S; EIDELBERG, MARTIN; MCCLELLAND, NANCY A. - Behind the Scenes of Tiffany Glassmaking: The Nash Notebooks
134753: NASH, PAUL - Outline: An Autobiography and Other Writings
139420: NASH, GARY B. - The Unknown American Revolution
144151: NASSAUER, RUDOLF - The Cuckoo
122684: NATHAN, MELISSA - Pride, Prejudice and Jasmine Field
118613: NATHAN, G J - World's Great Plays
138155: NATHAN, JOAN - Foods of Israel Today
145340: FOOD AND AGRICULTURE ORGANIZATION OF THE UNITED NATIONS - Mammals in the Seas: v. 1 (FAO fisheries series)
145349: FOOD AND AGRICULTURE ORGANIZATION OF THE UNITED NATIONS - Mammals in the Seas: Pinniped Species Summaries and Report on Sirenians v. 2 (FAO fisheries series)
114622: NATKIEL, RICHARD & ROBIN L. SOMMER. - Atlas Of World War 2
076220: RICHARD NATKIEL - Atlas of 20th Century History
114259: NAUGHTIE, JAMES - The Making of Music: A Journey with Notes
110756: NAUGHTON, BILL - Alfie
127061: NAUGHTON, BILL - Alfie Darling
152538: NAUGHTON, BILL - Saintly Billy: A Catholic Boyhood
156115: VOLTAIRE [AUTEUR]; NAVES, RAYMOND [AUTEUR]; BENDA, JULIEN [AUTEUR]; - Voltaire. Dictionnaire philosophique
135166: AND E. OWER J.L. NAYLER - Flight To-day
094138: NAYLOR, GILLIAN - The Arts and Crafts Movement: A Study of Its Sources, Ideals and Influence on Design Theory
121413: NAYLOR, DOUG; GRANT, ROB - Red Dwarf VIII: The Official Book
124468: NAYLOR, A. H - The Study Book of Time and Clocks
135482: JOAN LAY ND.,M.B.N.O.A. - Self Help for Hiatus Hernia
138081: NEAD, LYNDA - Victorian Babylon: People, Streets and Images in Nineteenth-century London
102600: NEAL, ERNEST G. - The Natural History of Badgers (Christopher Helm mammal series)
122902: ERIC NEAL - A Sentence Dictionary
125369: NEAL, ERNEST - The Badger
117221: NEALE, KITTY - Desperate Measures
131177: NEALE, J E - Queen Elizabeth
123884: NEALE, JONATHAN - Tigers Of The Snow: One Fateful Climb and the Sherpa Legend
131301: NEALE, J.E. - Elizabethan House of Commons
139494: NEALE, R. S. - Class in English History, 1680-1850
141003: DREWEATT NEATE - The David Clegg Country House Library [auction catalogue: 5th November 2003]
095656: DREWEATT NEATE - Dreweatt Neate 10 July 1996 Furniture Clocks and Instruments
095628: DREWEATT NEATE - Dreweatt Neate 22 May 1996 Ceramics Glass and oriental Works of Art
106132: DREWEATT NEATE - Dreweatt Neate 24 July 2002 Antique Furniture, Works of Art, Jewellery & Silver
111615: NEAVE, AIREY - The Flames of Calais: A Soldiers Battle 1940
138310: NECTOUX, JEAN-MICHEL; ETC.; ET AL - Twentieth Century French Masters (New Grove Composer Biography)
136141: NEE, WATCHMAN - Sit, Walk, Stand
122947: NEE, WATCHMAN - Love Not the World
148170: WATCHMAN NEE - Twelve Baskets Full Vol. III
127147: NEEDHAM, A - How to Study an Old Church
139461: NEEDHAM, DENNIS; MOORES, LES - Wiltshire: Photographic Memories
154052: NEEDLEMAN, JACOB - Lost Christianity: A Journey of Rediscovery to the Centre of Christian Experience (Element Classic Editions)
114979: DAVID-NEEL, ALEXANDRA - Magic and Mystery in Tibet
140804: NEESON - Commoners: Common Right, Enclosure: Common Right, Enclosure and Social Change in England, 1700-1820 (Past and Present Publications)
108856: JAWAHARLAL NEHRU - Jawaharlal Nehru
113574: O'NEIL, PAUL - The Rivermen (The Old West)
153886: O'NEIL, PAUL; THE EDITORS OF TIME-LIFE BOOKS; TIME-LIFE BOOKS, OF [EDITOR] - Barnstormers & Speed Kings (The Epic of flight)
135808: NEIL, TOM - Gun Button to Fire: A Hurricane Pilot's Dramatic Story of the Battle of Britain
095556: O'NEIL, PAUL - Rivermen
135771: PAUL O'NEIL - The Old West: The Frontiersmen
143506: MARION HARRIS. NEIL - Candies And Bonbons And How To Make Them.
139948: O'NEIL, PAUL - The Old West: The Rivermen
135790: JULIE NEILD - Lark Rise to Candleford
141198: O'NEILL, GILDA - My East End: A History of Cockney London
133518: NEILL, A. S. - A Dominie's Log
113850: O'NEILL, EUGENE GLADSTONE - The Iceman Cometh
136464: O'NEILL, ELIZABETH - Mary Queen of Scots
142329: JOSEPH O'NEILL - Blood Dark Track
115918: O'NEILL, HEATHER; RODRIGUEZ, PATRICIA [READER] - Lullabies for Little Criminals
153601: NEILLANDS, ROBIN - The Hundred Years War, 1337-1453
114864: NEILLANDS, ROBIN; THOMPSON, JULIAN [FOREWORD] - By Sea and by Land: The Story of the Royal Marines Commandos
110664: ROBIN NEILLANDS - The Dieppe Raid: The Story of the Disastrous 1942 Mission
134228: NEILLANDS, ROBIN - The Great War Generals of the Western Front 1914-1918
110744: NEILLANDS, ROBIN - The Hundred Years War, 1337-1453
110686: NEILLANDS, ROBIN - The Death of Glory: The Western Front, 1915
110700: NEILLANDS, ROBIN - Road to Compostela
118803: NEILLANDS, ROBIN - A Fighting Retreat: British Empire, 1947-1997
110695: NEILLANDS, ROBIN - The Raiders: Army Commandos, 1940-46
110726: NEILLANDS, ROBIN - War of the Roses
131969: WILLIAM ALLAN NEILSON - The Chief Elizabethan Dramatists
087895: NEKAM, L. - Meissen Porcelain in the Budapest Museum of Applied Arts
149962: NELLIST, JOHN BOWMAN - British architecture and its background
105584: CHARLES E. NELSON - Wild plants of The Burren and Aran Islands
115474: NELSON, MARTIA - Coming Home: The Return to True Self
139444: NELSON, CRAIG - Thomas Paine: His Life, His Time and the Birth of Modern Nations
144494: NEMATI, PARVIZ - Rugs As an Investment
096549: NEMECEK, VACLAV - The History of Soviet Aircraft from 1918 (Willow books)
151782: NERET, GILLES - Lempicka (Taschen Basic Art Series)
151683: RICHARD NERURKAR - Marathon Running: From Beginner to Elite
143286: SANTA-ANNA NERV - Folk-Lore Bresilien
094528: NESBIT, ROY CONYERS - An Illustrated History of the RAF
138468: NESBIT, E.; BROCK, CHARLES E. [ILLUSTRATOR] - The Railway Children
096466: NESBIT, ROY CONYERS - The RAF in Camera: 1946-95 v. 3: Archive Photographs from the Public Record Office and the Ministry of Defence
145859: NESBIT, E. - Five Children and It
137939: NESBIT, E. - The Railway Children
146186: NESBIT, E. (ILLUSTRATED BY LAMB, LYNTON). - The Railway Children
146660: NESBIT, EDITH - The Lark
156380: NESBO, JO; SMITH, NEIL [TRANSLATOR] - Midnight Sun (Blood on Snow 2)
098977: J. C. NESFIELD - Elementary Lesson in English Composition Oral and Written, Book III (Stages V., VI., and VII.)
150388: NETHERCOTE, H O - The Pytchley Hunt; Past and Present
136935: NETTELL, STEPHANIE [EDITOR]; DANN, PENNY [ILLUSTRATOR]; - Collins Treasury of Poetry
116364: ROBERT NEUMANN, HELGA KOPPEL - The Pictorial History Of The Third Reich
103814: CARDUS NEVILLE - Ten Composers
147656: NEVILLE, PETER; BESSANT, CLAIRE - The Perfect Kitten: How to Raise a Problem-Free Cat
098051: NEVILLE, SYLAS - The Diary of Sylas Neville, 1767-1788
140138: NEVILLE, H.H.; ETC. - New German-English Dictionary for Chemists
129850: NEVIN, CHARLES - Lancashire, Where Women Die of Love
095570: NEVIN, DAVID - The Expressmen (The Old West)
095566: NEVIN, DAVID - The Old West : The Texans
110921: DAVID NEVIN - The Soldiers
112701: NEVINS, A. COMMAGER, H. S. - America: The Story Of A Free People
144692: NEVINSON, HENRY W. - Farewell to America
136100: RIDGELY-NEVITT, CEDRIC - American Steam-Ships on the Atlantic
083526: NEW, ANTHONY SB - The Observer's Book of Postage Stamps
150716: LAWRENCE E. JONES; DRAWINGS BY A.S.B. NEW - The Observer's Book of Old English Churches (Warne Observers)
145045: NEWALL, PETER - Cunard Line: A Fleet History
144582: NEWALL, PETER - Mauretania: Triumph and Resurrection
099000: NEWARK, TIM - The Art of Emile Galle
149829: NEWBOLD, CHRIS - Nature Conservation and River Engineering
149473: NEWBOLD, CHRIS - Conservation of Lakes
131908: SIR HENRY NEWBOLT - A Perpetual Memory & Other Poems
091108: NEWBURY, TIM - The Ultimate Garden Designer
134364: NEWBY, HERBERT W. - "Old" Southgate
134308: NEWBY, HERBERT W. - "Old" Southgate
154844: NEWBY, P H - The Novel 1945 - 1950.
103807A: ERIC NEWBY - The Last Grain Race
110783: NEWBY, ERIC - What the Traveller Saw
156912: NEWBY, HOWARD - Country Life, A Social History of Rural England
138513: NEWBY, ERIC - A Small Place in Italy
149551: NEWBY, HOWARD - Green And Pleasant Land?: Social Change in Rural England (Pelican)
149547: NEWBY, HOWARD - Countryside In Question Cl
093303: NEWCOMB, RICHARD F. - Savo: the Incredible Naval Debacle off Guadalcanal
096034: NEWCOMB, RICHARD F - Abandon Ship!
143293: R. W. NEWCOMBE - The Fine Art of Stencilling on Fabrics, & c., in oil and tempera colours. With illustrations
156359: JANE NEWDICK, NEIL SUTHERLAND - Flower Arranging
149590: NEWDICK, JONATHAN - Complete Freshwater Fishes of the British Isles
138677: HOMER E. NEWELL - Express To The Stars by Homer E Newell
110048: NEWENS, ARTHUR STANLEY - In Quest of A Fairer Society
154852: NEWING, F.E.; BOWOOD, RICHARD; RICHARD BOWOOD; WINGFIELD, J.H. [ILLUSTRATOR] - Light, Mirrors and Lenses (Junior Science)
115398: NEWLAND, WILLIAM D.; HEWAT, JONATHAN [ILLUSTRATOR] - Secret Corners: A Challenge to Track Down and Identify Selected 'Corners' of Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire No. 1
152690: WILLIAM D NEWLAND - Secret Corners 2, A Challenge to Identify Selected Corners in the City of Bath
145589A: NEWMAN, BERNARD. - Moscow Murder
092320: NEWMAN, PETER CHARLES - Company of Adventurers
157237: ERNEST NEWMAN - Opera Nights
143841: NEWMAN, CARDINAL JOHN HENRY - Meditations and Devotions
156351: NEWMAN, AUBREY - Stanhopes of Chevening
148586: NEWMAN - Plant Community As a Working Mechanism (Special Publication ... of the British Ecological Society, No. 1.)
122015: NEWMAN, RICHARD - Southern Vectis: The First 60 Years
130037: NEWMAN, BERNARD - Real Life Spies
111634: BERNARD NEWMAN - The World of Espionage
142674: NEWMAN, CARDINAL JOHN HENRY; HOLMES, D. [EDITOR]; MURRAY, R. [EDITOR]; - On the Inspiration of Scripture
148811: NEWMAN, PAUL - Somerset Villages (The Village series)
144902: NEWMAN, JOHN HENRY; DAVIES, MICHAEL - Newman Against the Liberals
145644: BERNARD NEWMAN - Spy Catchers
145647: NEWMAN, BERNARD. - Second Front - First Spy
145653: NEWMAN, BERNARD - Centre Court Murder
145649: NEWMAN, BERNARD - Secret Weapon
129153: NEWMAN, PAUL - Somerset Villages (The Village series)
125613: HAROLD NEWMAN - An Illustrated Dictionary of Jewelry
131916A: CARDINAL NEWMAN - Dream of Gerontius
115845: WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE; BERTRAM NEWMAN - Henry the Fourth, Part 1
095433: NEWMAN, PAUL; DARVILL, TIM [FOREWORD] - Lost Gods of Albion: The Chalk Hill-Figures of Britain
109162: JOHN HENRY NEWMAN - Apologia Pro Vita Sua
134781: NEWMAN, GENE - All God's children: Ministry to the disabled
150539: NEWMAN, RAY - Finally Laid To Rest: The Work of a Real UK ?Cold Case? Review Team
128951: NEWMAN, EDWARD. (COMPILED AND EDITED BY). - A Dictionary Of British Birds
087923: NEWMAN, ERNEST - Wagner Nights
145587: NEWMAN, BERNARD - Dead Man Murder
145584: NEWMAN, BERNARD - Cup Final Murder
149496: NEWMAN, RICHARD - How to Take Great Photographs at Night: Carefully Structured Assignments to Help Improve Your Technique
143317: NEWMAN, NANETTE - Christmas Cook Book
088033A: NEWMAND, JOHN & PEVSNER, NIKOLAUS (ED). - The Buildings of England West Kent and the Weald
144770: GEORGE NEWNES (ED.) - The Strand Magazine Vol. XVIII: July to December, 1899
144700: NEWNES, GEORGE (ED) - The Strand Magazine: an illustrated monthly, vol.XXXVII (37), January to June (1909)
144699: GEORGE NEWNES - The Strand Magazine
116879: NEWSHAM, BRAD - Take Me with You: A round-the-world journey to invite a stranger home
141996: NEWSOME, DAVID - A History of Wellington College,1859-1959
149866: NEWTON, A.; RANDALL, R. D. - Atlas of British and Irish Brambles: A Phytogeographical Analysis of Microspecies of Rubus Sect. Rubus & Sect. Corylifolii
147238: NEWTON - Principia Vol.2: The System of the World
147239: NEWTON - Sir Isaac Newton Principia Vol.1: The Motion of Bodies
143090: FRANCES E NEWTON - Fifty Years in Palestine
115184: RICHARD NEWTON - Bible Wonders
128195: NEWTON, ERIC - In My View
152054: NEWTON, ERIC - The arts of man (World of art series)
134612: NEWTON, ERIC - The Meaning Of Beauty
065134: ERIC NEWTON - In My View
133088: ERIC NEWTON - The Meaning Of Beauty.
106965: NGUYEN, KIEN - The Tapestries
115659: NI, MAOSHING - Secrets of Longevity
134583: C.F. TUNNICLIFFE; IAN NIALL - Sketchbook of Birds
146834: NIALL, IAN. - To Speed The Plough: Mechanisation Comes To The Farm.
118982: NIBLETT, BERTRAM SIDNEY - Memories of Bradford-on-Avon
154720: MACHIAVELLI NICCOLO - Il Principe
108955: ANNA NICHOLAS - The Impressionists
119639B: MONSARRAT NICHOLAS - The Tribe That Lost Its Head
150760: NICHOLAS, A. X. - The Poetry of Soul
148314: NICHOLL, CHARLES - The Lodger: Shakespeare on Silver Street
131587: NICHOLL, DONALD - Holiness
147246: NICHOLLS - Pleasant Trips Out Of Bristol:
154458: NICHOLLS, PETER - Fantastic Cinema
149181: NICHOLS, CLIVE; NICHOLS, CLIVE [PHOTOGRAPHER] - Photographing Plants and Gardens
138114: NICHOLS - The Life of Debussy (Musical Lives)
143962A: NICHOLS, BEVERLEY. - Oxford-London-Hollywood: An Omnibus
136467: BEVERLEY NICHOLS - Are They The Same At Home?
145843: NICHOLS, BEVERLEY - All I Could Never Be
097730: NICHOLS, PETER - Evolution's Captain
121308: NICHOLS, ROBERT. - Anthology Of War Poetry 1914-1918
110811: NICHOLS, PETER - Feeling You're Behind
144050: NICHOLS, PHILIP; ETC. - Disabled: An Illustrated Manual of Help and Self-help

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