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167500: LAWSON, NIGEL - The View from No.11: Memoirs of a Tory Radical
098368: HENRY LAWSON - While the Billy Boils
163920: LAWSON, NIGELLA - Kitchen: Recipes from the Heart of the Home
168797: LAWSON, HILARY; HART-DAVIS, ADAM - Where There's Life
161500: LAWSON, CECIL C.P. - A History of the Uniforms of The British Army. From the beginnings to 1760. Volume II.: 2
164171: LAWSON, NIGELLA - Nigella Bites
132940: LAWSON, NIGEL - The View from No.11: Memoirs of a Tory Radical
149369: LAWSON, NIGELLA; YORKE, FRANCESCA [PHOTOGRAPHER] - Nigella Bites: From Family Meals to Elegant Dinners, Easy, Delectable Recipes for Any Occasion
154807: LAWSON, GEORGE; EDITED BY VICTOR BONHAM-CARTER AND MONICA LAWSON - Surgeon in the Crimea The Experiences of George Lawson Recorded in Letters to his Family 1854-1855
147294: LAWSON, NIGELLA - Nigella Express
163184: LAWTHER, GAIL - Celtic Cross Stitch (Rdus): 30 Alphabet, Animal, and Knotwork Projects
163129: LAWTHER, GAIL - Patterns and Borders Needlecraft Source Book
158292: LAYBOURN, KEITH - A Century of Labour: A History of the Labour Party, 1900-2000
169519: ROBERT LAYTON - Sibelius (The Master Musicians)
162521: LAYTON, ELIZABETH - Building by Local Authorities (Royal Institute of Public Administration)
169285: LAYTON, DUDLEY A. - Let's Collect Old Woodworking Tools (Cotman-color)
160561: LAZARUS, CAROLE; BERMAN, JENNIFER; BRYANT, PAUL [ILLUSTRATOR] - Glorafilia: Venice Collection - 25 Original Projects in Needlepoint and Embroidery
174719: LEA, HERMANN - Thomas Hardy's Wessex
156282: LEA, HERMANN; COX, G. STEVENS [EDITOR] - The Hardy Guides: A Guide to the West Country(Volume 2): v. 2
156283: LEA, HERMANN; COX, G. STEVENS [EDITOR] - The Hardy Guides: A Guide to the West Country(Volume 1): v. 1
148601: LEACH, EDMUND - Structural Study of Myth and Totemism (A.S.A. Monographs)
153818: LEACH, EDMUND - A Runaway World? The Reith Lectures 1967
138907: LEACH, PENELOPE - Babyhood: Infant Development from Birth (Penguin health care & fitness)
146855: LEACOCK, STEPHEN - Over the Footlights / by Stephen Leacock
146856: LEACOCK, STEPHEN - Happy Stories
146857: LEACOCK, STEPHEN - The Unsolved Riddle of Social Justice
147044: LEACOCK, STEPHEN - My Remarkable Uncle & Other Sketches
146869: LEACOCK, STEPHEN - Frenzied Fiction
146786: LEACOCK,STEPHEN - Moonbeams From The Larger Luncay
166915: C W LEADBEATER - Dreams: What they are and how they are caused
112009: LEADBETTER, DAVID; HUGGAN, JOHN - Faults and Fixes
177218: LEAF, ROBERT - The Art of Perception: Memoirs of a Life in PR
138544: AMERICAN CONTRACT BRIDGE LEAGUE - The bridge players' encyclopedia
175700: LEAHY - The Anglo-Saxon Kingdom of Lindsey: The Archaeology of an Anglo-Saxon Kingdom
163536: H. LEAK AND T PRIDAY - Migration From and To the United Kingdom
154874: LEAKEY, RICHARD E. - Origin of Humankind (Science Masters)
140954: LEAKEY, RICHARD E.; LEWIN, ROGER - Origins: What New Discoveries Reveal About the Evolution of Our Species and Its Possible Future
152650: LEAMAN, J - Jonathan Leaman
152652: JONATHAN LEAMAN - Jonathan Leaman
157337: LEAMER, LAURENCE - Fantastic: The Life of Arnold Schwarzenegger TPB
171243: LEAMING, BARBARA - Orson Welles: A Biography
171126: MICHAEL LEAPMAN - The Ingenious Mr.Fairchild: The Forgotten Father of the Flower Garden
170992: LEAPMAN, MICHAEL - Great Britain (DK Eyewitness Travel Guide)
159394: LEAPMAN, MICHAEL - London's River
151159: LEAPMAN, MICHAEL - London's River
173244: LEAR, EDWARD; VOCE, LOUISE [ILLUSTRATOR] - Owl And The Pussycat
122690: LEAR, EDWARD - Edward Lear's Nonsense Omnibus
176991: LEARMOUNT, BRIAN - A History of the Auction
159974: O'LEARY, MICHAEL - P-51 Mustang in Original Factory Photos: The Manufacturing Story of North American's Legendary WWII Fighter
176984: DANIEL J. O'LEARY - Passion for the Possible: A Spirituality of Hope for the New Millennium (Columba Classics)
171753: HAROLD G. LEASK - Irish Churches And Monastic Buildings I The First Phases And The Romanesque 1955 [Hardcover]
174208: HAROLD G. LEASK - Irish Churches and Monastic Buildings: Vol. II
159491: LEASOR, JAMES - Marine From Mandalay
153943: LEASOR, JAMES - Rhodes and Barnato: The Premier and the Prancer
168568: LEASOR, JAMES - Who Killed Sir Harry Oakes?
161905: LEAT, DIANA; ETC. - A Price Worth Paying
176823: LEATHER, STEPHEN - False Friends: The 9th Spider Shepherd Thriller
172092: LEAVER, TONY - Pronouncing Welsh Place Names
151664: LEAVIS, F.R. - The Great Tradition (Pelican)
169309: LEAVITT, DAVID - The Man Who Knew Too Much: Alan Turing and the invention of computers: Alan Turing and the Invention of the Computer
167265: LEBERT, STEPHAN - My Father's Keeper: The Children of Nazi Leaders - An Intimate History of Damage and Denial: How Nazis' Children Grew Up with Parents' Guilt
169087: LEBOWITZ, FRAN - Social studies
086713: LEBRECHT, NORMAN - Musical Book of Days
176944: LEBRECHT, NORMAN - The Song of Names
172595: LECKY, WILLIAM EDWARD HARTPOLE. - History of European Morals from Augustus to Charlemagne
168169: LEDERMAN, LEON M.; TERESI, DICK - The God Particle: If the Universe is the Answer, What is the Question?
167374: LEDWIDGE, FRANK - Losing Small Wars: British Military Failure in Iraq and Afghanistan
114258: LEE, JOHN - A Soldier's Life: General Sir Ian Hamilton 1853 to 1947
134797: LEE, GREGORY - Berlin: Day Zero
162582: LEE, CHRISTOPHER - This Sceptred Isle Vol 2: The Twentieth Century
157878: LEE, LAURIE - As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning
170202: LEE, LAURIE - Cider with Rosie
162069: LEE, LAURIE - Cider with Rosie
175203: LEE, CHRISTOPHER; MASSEY, ANNA [READER] - This Sceptred Isle: Dynasties - Britain's Most Powerful Families: The Dynasties (BBC Radio Collection)
165886: MIN LEE - Chambers' Book of Facts
118012A: LEE, MAUREEN - Queen of the Mersey
115675: LEE, LAURIE - The Illustrated Cider with Rosie
156303: LEE, CHRISTOPHER - This Sceptred Isle Vol 2: The Twentieth Century
136975: THERESA MELVILLE LEE - The Story Of Switzerland
130529: LEE, HERMIONE [EDITOR] - The Secret Self: A Century Of Short Stories By Women: Century Short Stories (Phoenix Giants)
096341: LEE, DAVID - ...And We Thought the War Was Over
116204: LEE, EMMA - Rice and Noodle Cookbook: 100 Delicious Step-by-step Recipes
175832: LEE, LAURIE - Cider with Rosie
163523: LAWRENCE LEE - Stained Glass
111648: LEE, LAURIE - Red Sky at Sunrise: Cider with Rosie, As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning, A Moment of War
118152: LEE, LAURIE - My Many-Coated Man
167071: LEE, CHARLES EDWARD - Sixty years of the Northern
152638: LEE, PEGGY - Miss Peggy Lee: An Autobiography
137242: LEE, LAURIE - I Can't Stay Long
122741: LEE, LAURIE - Cider with Rosie
138864: LEE, LAURIE - Cider with Rosie
158906: LEE, ROBERT - Beware the Devil
158147: LEE, BRIAN NORTH [EDITOR] - Early Printed Booklabels: A Catalogue of Dated Personal Labels and Gift Labels Printed in Britain to the Year 1760
176754: LEECH, ROGER - Small Mediaeval Towns in Avon: Archaeology and Planning (Western Archaeological Trust)
177120: JOHN H. B LEECH - Inside-Out: the View from the Asylum
131059: JOHN LEECH - Pictures of Life and Character: from the Collection of Mr Punch
165782: JOHN H. B LEECH - Inside-Out: the View from the Asylum
170235: BRYAN HOLDEN; KENNETH.H. LEECH - Portraits of Castles
172283: LEECH, ROGER H. - The St Michael's Hill Precinct of the University of Bristol: Part 2: The Topography of Medieval and Early Modern Bristol
168733: LEEDS, DOROTHY - Smart Questions for Successful Managers
123371: LEEDS, CHRISTOPHER ANTHONY - Historical Guide to England: Journey into History
164801: LEEFLANG, THOMAS - The World of Laurel and Hardy
151373: LEEMING, ALISON - A Vegetarian Sampler: A Taste of the Very Finest, for Everyone to Enjoy
175640: LEEPER, JANET. - English Ballet
177285: LEES, DEBORAH - British Coins Market Values 2006
161219: LEES, JOHN D. - Political System of the United States
160620: LEESON, EDWARD [EDITOR] - The New Golden Treasury Of English Verse
168860: LEETE, J.A. - Wiltshire Miscellany
175501: LEFEAUX, CHARLES [EDITOR] - Tom Forrest's Country Calendar
174643: LEFEBURE, MOLLY - Thomas Hardy's World: His Life, Times and Works
175558: AMAURY LEFEBURE - Fontainebleau - Palace in France (Visitor's guide English edition)
144671: LEFEBVRE, GEORGES; STEWART, J.H. [TRANSLATOR]; FRIGUGLIETTI, J. [TRANSLATOR]; - French Revolution: 1793-99 v. 2
119484: MICHAEL LEGAT - Writing for Pleasure and Profit
175224: LEGERTON, HAROLD J. W. - For Our Lord and His Day: A History of the Lord's Day Observance Society
146620: LEGG, RODNEY - Purbeck Island: The Industrial, Social and Natural History of a Corner of England
136341: LEGG, FRANK - The Gordon Bennett story
168014: LEGG, A. K.; RANDALL, MARTYNN - Vauxhall / Opel Astra & Zafira, February 1998 to April 2004 (R registration onwards) Petrol
167640: LEGG, RODNEY - Dorset National Trust Guide by Rodney Legg
155115: LEGG, RODNEY - Literary Dorset
164058: LEGG, PENNY - Under the Queen's Colours: Voices from the Forces, 1952-2012
132604: LEGRAND, GERARD - Renaissance Art
167540: LEGRAND, CATHERINE - Chronicle of the Queen Mother / [Created and Produced by Catherine Legrand]
145376: LEHMAN, J.P.; CRAMPTON, P. [TRANSLATOR] - Proofs of Evolution
149036: LEHMANN, JOHN - Nest of Tigers
175731: JOHN LEHMANN - The Penguin New Writing 35
175733: JOHN LEHMANN - Penguin New Writing, The : Number 31
175734: JOHN LEHMANN - The Penguin new writing, 29, Autumn 1946
133169A: ROSAMOND LEHMANN - The Ballad and the Source.
174419: LEHMANN, PHYLLIS WILLIAMS; SPITTLE, D. - Samothrace, Volume 5: The Temenos (Two Volumes, Plates and Text): The Temenos (Plates and Text) v. 5
163458: LEHMANN, JOHN - Holborn: An Historical Portrait of a London Borough
175217: LEHMANN, ROSAMOND - Invitation To The Waltz
129229: LEHMANN, JOHN - Ancestors and Friends
143001: ROSAMOND LEHMANN - The Echoing Grove
175595: JOHN LEHMANN - The Penguin New Writing 34
174008: LEHRER, JONAH - The Decisive Moment:
156747: LEIGH, MIKE - Abigail's Party & Goose-Pimples: AND, Goose-Pimples (Penguin Plays)
158112: LEIGH, LORMA - The Roadmender Country
149384: LEIGHTON, W.A. - Flora of Shropshire
161794: LEISSNER, ARYEH; ETC. - Intermediate Treatment: A Community Based Action-research Study
142849: LEITCH, ELIZABETH - The Family at Kilmory
159444: LEITH, IAN - Streets of London: Westminster Photographed by Bedford Lemere
164567: LEITZ - Leitz General Catalogue Of Photographic Equipment: November 1967
169980: DR. PLATZHOFF-LEJEUNE - Beautiful Switzerland
172108: LELAND, JOHN; JOHN CHANDLER - John Leland's Itinerary: Travels in Tudor England
176127: LELONG, CHARLES - Touraine Romane (La Nuit Des Temps) (French Edition)
158104: R. A. LEMASSENA - Colorados Mountain Railroads Volume 1
144113: LEMESURIER, PETER - Nostradamus The Final Reckoning: A Year By Year Guide To Our Future
170904: PETER LEMESURIER - The Armageddon Script: Prophecy in Action
176697: LEMMON, DAVID; MAY, PETER; MAY, PETER [FOREWORD] - The History of Surrey County Cricket Club (Christopher Helm County Cricket)
160310: CAROLINE LEMOINE - 15-Minute French: Speak French in just 15 minutes a day (Eyewitness Travel 15-Minute)
118230: PIERRE LEMOINE - Versailles In Colour
151792: LEMON, JANE - Embroidered Boxes and Other Construction Techniques
166521: LEMON, FRANCES - Live & Work in Canada: The most accurate, practical and comprehensive guide to living in Canada
138197: LEMPRIERE, RAOUL - History of the Channel Islands
151952: LENG, FLAVIA - Daphne Du Maurier: A Daughter's Memoir
176476: LENIN, VLADIMIR - Essential Works Of Lenin
170900: LENNARD, R. - Rural England, 1086-1135 (Oxford University Press academic monograph reprints)
157269: LENNIE, CAMPBELL - Landseer: The Victorian Paragon
167669: JOHN BLASHFORD-SNELL; RULA LENSKA - Mammoth Hunt: In Search of the Giant Elephants of Nepal
173925: LEON, DONNA - The Death of Faith
169316: LEON, DONNA - Death at La Fenice: (Brunetti 1)
122781: LEONARD, MAURICE - Kathleen: The Life of Kathleen Ferrier - 1912-53
156757: LEONARD, JONATHAN NORTON - Ancient America
155880: MALTIN. LEONARD - Chronicle of the Movies
156741: LEONARD, JONATHAN NORTON - Latin American Cooking
149233: LEONARD, ELMORE - Riding the Rap
173163: LEONARD, JOHN - Staffordshire Parish Churches
173170: LEONARD, JOHN - Derbyshire Parish Churches
156845: LEONARD, JONATHAN NORTON - Early Japan
157336: LEONARD, ELMORE - City primeval: High noon in Detroit
150971: LEOPOLD, DAVID - Irving Berlin's Show Business: Broadway-Hollywood-America
150649: HERON LEPPER, J. - The New Enlarged Cassell'S German-English English-German Compact Dictionary.
104634: LERNER, MICHAEL - The Politics of Meaning: Restoring Hope and Possibility in an Age of Cynicism
171656: LERNER - The Powers of Prophecy: Cedar of Lebanon Vision from the Mongol Onslaught to the Dawn of Enlightenment
159336: KLINSOHR-LEROY, CATHRIN - Surrealism Basic Art (Taschen Basic Art Series)
113161: LESCOT, PATRICK - Before Mao: The Untold Story of Li Lisan and the Creation of Communist China
168880: LESCOTT, JAMES - The Fifties in Pictures
168898: LESCOTT, JAMES. - The Sixties in Pictures
147856: LESLIE, DORIS - Peridot Flight: A Novel Reconstructed From the Memoirs of Peridot, Lady Mulvarnie (1872-1955)
162990: LESLIE, DORIS - Wreath for Arabella
161556: LESLIE, N.B. - Battle Honours of the British and Indian Armies, 1695-1914
159203: LESLIE, FIONA - Designs for 20th-century Interiors
163628: LESLIE, ANITA - A Story Half Told: A Wartime Autobiography
146070: LESLIE, EMMA - The Prisoner of Prague
134184: LESSARD, SUSANNAH - The Architect of Desire: Beauty and Danger in the Stanford White Family
151523: LESSARD, SUSANNAH - The Architect of Desire: Beauty and Danger in the Stanford White Family
162945: LESSING, DORIS - Collected Stories: To Room Nineteen
142232: LESSING, DORIS - A Ripple from the Storm
168077: ERICH LESSING - Jesus. History & Culture Of The New Testament
147328: LESSING, DORIS - The Cleft
167630: LESSING, DORIS - The Golden Notebook (Harper Perennial Modern Classics)
168511: LESSING, ERICH - The Bible
152182: LESSING, DORIS - The Diaries of Jane Somers: 'the Diary of a Good Neighbour' & 'If the Old Could...'
152502: LESSING, DORIS - The Fifth Child
141664: LESTER, REGINALD MOUNTSTEPHENS - Observer's Book of the Weather (Observer's Pocket)
144636: LESTER, REGINALD MOUNTSTEPHENS - Observer's Book of the Weather (Observer's Pocket)
169857: LESTER, REGINALD M - Observers Book of Weather
163498: LETHABY, W R - Architecture: An Introduction to the History and Theory of the Art of Building
152202: LETHAM, R E - Lucretius on the nature of the universe
090200: JENNETTE LETTON; FRANCIS LETTON - The Robsart Affair
177468: LETTS, QUENTIN - 50 People Who Buggered Up Britain
150933: ST. LEVAN, LADY SUSAN - Cornish Choice of Recipes, A
155871: LEVAS, SANTERI; YOUNG, P.M. [TRANSLATOR] - Sibelius: A Personal Portrait
166007: LEVENE, MALCOLM - Second Time Around: Second Careers, and How to Make Them More Successful Than the First
162164: LEVER, EVELYNE - Marie Antoinette: The last Queen of France
154758: LEVER, SIR TRESHAM - The Herberts of Wilton
149588: LEVER, CHRISTOPHER - Naturalized Animals of the British Isles
172606: LEVER, SIR TRESHAM - The Herberts of Wilton
159797: LEVERETT, BRIAN - Country Wines, Beers and Beverages: Make Your Own Traditional Drinks
174799: LEVERIDGE, B.E.; BRITISH GEOLOGICAL SURVEY - Geology of the Country Around Falmouth (Geological Memoirs & Sheet Explanations (England & Wales))
163399: MICHAEL VINCENT LEVEY - Early Renaissance
141873: LEVEY, MICHAEL - Early Renaissance. Style & Civilization.
141969: MICHAEL LEVEY - From Giotto to Cezanne: A Concise History of Painting: From Giotto to Cezanne (World of Art)
175093: LEVEY, MICHAEL - Florence: A Portrait
163548: LEVEY, MICHAEL - Painting and Sculpture in France, 1700-89 (The Yale University Press Pelican History of Art Series)
171410: LEVI, CARLO; FRENAYE, F. [TRANSLATOR] - Christ Stopped at Eboli
163016: LEVIN, ENID - Families, Services and Confusion in Old Age
128125: LEVIN, BERNARD - The Way We Live Now
088762: LEVIN, BERNARD - A World Elsewhere
159572: LEVIN, BERNARD - The Pendulum Years: Britain in the Sixties
141029: LEVIN, BERNARD - A World Elsewhere
155548: LEVIN, BERNARD - I Should Say So
175569: LEVIN, BERNARD - To the End of the Rhine
153407: LEVINE, JOSHUA - Forgotten Voices of the Somme: The Most Devastating Battle of the Great War in the Words of Those Who Survived
166638: LEVINE, JOSHUA - Operation Fortitude: the Story of the Spy Operation that Saved D-Day
124123: LEVINE, GEMMA; MOORE, HENRY [ILLUSTRATOR] - With Henry Moore: Artist at Work
150247: LEVIS, HOWARD C - Bladud of Bath
137011: LEVY, MERVYN - Painting for All: A Complete Guide for the Amateur & Student Artist
176394: LEVY, MERVYN - Ruskin Spear
167154: LEVY, MERVYN - Liberty Style: The Classic Years, 1898-1910
171766: LEVY, DAVID - Collins Skywatching (English language edition)
159029: LEVY, ALAN - Nazi Hunter: The Wiesenthal File
169373: LEVY, HYMAN - Elementary Mathematics.
123894: LEVY, MERVYN - The Studio Dictionary of Art Terms
175216: LEVY, ANDREA - Small Island: Winner of the 'best of the best' Orange Prize
156881: LEWIN, RONALD - Rommel as a Military Commander
153378: RONALD LEWIN - Slim: The Standardbearer (Wordsworth Military Library)
172027: RICHARD LEAKEY; ROGER LEWIN - The Sixth Extinction: Biodiversity and Its Survival
171816: LEWIN, ROGER; E. LEAKEY, RICHARD - Origins Reconsidered: In Search of What Makes Us Human
154264: LEWIN, RONALD - Slim: The Standardbearer
154443: LEWIN, RONALD - Ultra goes to war: The secret story
141494: LEWINGTON, RICHARD; WHALLEY, PAUL - The Mitchell Beazley Pocket Guide to Butterflies
171991: LEWINSKI, JORGE - The Shell Guide to Photographing Britain
140433: LEWIS, GEOFFREY - For Instruction and Recreation: Centenary History of the Museums' Associations
160123: LEWIS, JOHN - Heath Robinson: Artist and Comic Genius
168034: LEWIS, SHARI - Making Easy Puppets
176046: LEWIS, DAMIEN - Hunting Hitler's Nukes: The Secret Mission to Sabotage Hitler's Deadliest Weapon
167910: LEWIS, HILDA - Deprived children: The Mersham experiment, a social and clinical study
162984: LEWIS, SINCLAIR - Cass Timberlane
151476: LEWIS, NORMAN - A Suitable Case for Corruption
151477: LEWIS, NORMAN - The Honoured Society: The Sicilian Mafia Observed (Non-fiction - General)
151478: LEWIS, NORMAN - Naples '44: An Intelligence Officer in the Italian Labyrinth (History & Poltics)
162498: LEWIS - Labour and Love: Women's Experience of Home and Family, 1850-1940
174359: LEWIS, FRANK - Myles Birket Foster, R.W.S, 1825-99
176477: LEWIS, SUSAN - Hiding in Plain Sight (The Detective Andee Lawrence Series)
156047: LEWIS, JON E. - The Mammoth Book of How it Happened: World War I: WWI - 300 First-hand Accounts of the 'War to End All Wars' (MBO HiH)
176786: LEWIS, SUSAN - Don't Let Me Go (The No Child of Mine Trilogy)
176782: LEWIS, SUSAN - The Moment She Left (The Detective Andee Lawrence Series)
176777: LEWIS, SUSAN - No Child of Mine (The No Child of Mine Trilogy)
171934: LEWIS, BERNARD - The Muslim Discovery Of Europe
151731: LEWIS, SINCLAIR - Martin Arrowsmith
116342: LEWIS, SUSAN - The Truth About You
171043: LEWIS, LIONEL SMITHETT - Glastonbury, "The Mother of Saints" - Her Saints A.D.37-1539
155063: LEWIS, RAPHAELA - Everyday Life in Ottoman Turkey (Everyday life books)
144141: LEWIS, C I - A Survey of Symbolic Logic
159917: LEWIS, BRUCE - A Few of the First: The Story of the RFC and the RNAS in the First World War
157464: LEWIS, JOHN - Graphic design: With special reference to lettering, typography and illustration
151571: LEWIS, NORMAN - The volcanoes above us
159426: LEWIS, PHILIPPA [EDITOR] - London 100 Years Ago: A Photographic Record
176528: ANTHONY LEJEUNE; MALCOLM LEWIS - The Gentlemen's Clubs of London
167411: LEWIS, JEREMY - David Astor
117911: LEWIS, SHARI; COUSINS, LYNNE [ILLUSTRATOR] - How Kids Can Really Make Money
168422: LEWIS, GWILYM H.; BOWYER, CHAZ [EDITOR] - Wings Over the Somme, 1916-18
159971: LEWIS, CECIL - Sagittarius Rising
164727: LEWIS, D.B.WYNDHAM - World of Goya
165159: LEWIS, D.B.WYNDHAM - World of Goya
165708: LEWIS, JEREMY - Cyril Connolly: A Life
115667: MAYBURY-LEWIS, DAVID - Millennium ; Tribal Wisdom And the Modern World
137398: LEWIS, PHILIPPA; DARLEY, GILLIAN - Dictionary of Ornament
171018: FRANK MUIR; PHILIPPA LEWIS & JAMES MUIR [COMPILER] - Christmas Customs And Traditions
138060: C. S. LEWIS - The Magician's Nephew
174410: LEWIS, JOHN; TOWERS, B. - Naked Ape or Homo Sapiens?: Reply to Desmond Morris (The Teilhard study library)
147872: EILUNED LEWIS - Dew On The Grass. With A Prefatory Letter By Charles Morgan.
141284: LEWIS, KEVIN - The Kid: A True Story
160855: LEWIS, W A - Economic Survey 1919-1939
175087: LEWIS, JUNE - Life & Traditions: the Cotswolds (Life & Traditions S.)
155466: LEWIS, JUNE R. - Village School
138061: LEWIS, C. S - The Silver Chair
138062: C.S. LEWIS - Out of the Silent Planet
138063: LEWIS, C. S. - That Hideous Strength
176432: LEWIS, SUSAN - Believe In Me
117053: DAY-LEWIS, TAMASIN - Tarts with Tops On: How to Make the Perfect Pie
143721: LEWIS, NORMAN - A Goddess in the Stones: Travels in India (Picador Books)
173832: LEWIS, CLIFFORD - Japan Needs Jesus / Clifford Lewis; Foreword by R. G. Studd
117282: DULCIE LEWIS - A Flush in the Pan
153676: LEWIS, RAPHAELA - Everyday Life in Ottoman Turkey
157244: LEWIS, JUNE R. - Cotswold Villages (Village series)
166088: LEWIS, SARA - Hamlyn All Colour Cookery: 200 Jams & Preserves: Hamlyn All Colour Cookbook
138064: C. S. LEWIS - Prince Caspian
168408: LEWIS, CECIL - Sagittarius Rising
176510: LEWIS, BEVERLY - Play Better Golf
146330: LEWIS, C. S. - The Magician's Nephew
144434: DAY-LEWIS, TAMASIN [EDITOR] - The Englishwoman's Kitchen
144361: LEWIS, C.S. - Mere Christianity
139536: LEWIS, CLINTON; J. D. CAMPBELL - The Oxford Atlas
168564: LEWIS, RICHARD S. - The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Space Exploration: A Comprehensive History of Space Discovery
133837: LEWISOHN, MARK - Funny, Peculiar: The True Story of Benny Hill
170275: LEYLAND, ERIC - The open air is my hobby
170660: LEYLAND, ERIC; ILLUS BY JOHN NORBURY [ILLUSTRATOR] - The Farmer In The Mechanical Age
171692: LEYSER - Rule and Conflict in an Early Mediaeval Society: Ottonian Saxony
131938: EMILE A. E. HUBLARD; J. D. LHONEUX - A Glimpse of the Historical Town of Mons
129613: LIANG, DIANE WEI - Lake with No Name: A True Story of Love and Conflict in Modern China
166435: BODLEIAN LIB, . - Instructions for British Servicemen in France, 1944 (Instructions for Servicemen)
166434: BODLEIAN LIB, . - Instructions for American Servicemen in Britain, 1942: Reproduced from the Original Typescript, War Department, Washington, DC (Instructions for Servicemen)
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151058: MACLAINE, SHIRLEY - My Lucky Stars: A Hollywood Memoir
152615: MACLAINE, SHIRLEY - It's All in the Playing
147931: IAN MACLAREN - Young Barbarians
174590: MACLAREN, A - The Acts of the Apostles, Chapters I-XII, Verse 17 (Expositions of Holy Scripture)
154778: ALISTAIR MACLEAN - Where Eagles Dare
140924: MACLEAN, ALASDAIR - The Last Frontier
154538: ALISTAIR MACLEAN - Last Frontier, The

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