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175297: LAING, LLOYD - Ancient Scotland
184719: LAING, S. - Problems Of The Future And Essays
192507: LAING, S. - Human Origens
190809: HELENE AND CHARLTON LAIRD - The Tree Of Language
200721: LAIRD, MARSHALL - English Misericords
195717: LAITHWAITE, E. R - Engineer through the looking-glass
125438: LAKE, JEREMY - Historic Farm Buildings: An Introduction and Guide
184313: LAKE, JON - The Battle Of Britain
185289: LAKE, JON; STYLING, MARK [ILLUSTRATOR] - Blenheims Squadrons Of World War 2 (Aircraft Of The Aces: Men And Legends
185290: LAKE, JON; STYLING, MARK [ILLUSTRATOR] - German Jet Aces Of World War 2
176914: LAKE, CARNEY - Reflected Glory
187396: LAKE, CHRISTOPHER - These Haunted Islands: Story Of Witchcraft In The Channel Islands
172778: LAKE, JANE - Riding Western
204072: MICHAEL LAKE - King Penguins A Survey of the Series
186704: TONY HOLMES; JON LAKE - Scandinavian Sideshow 1940-45
173217: LAL, KANWAR - Miracle of Konarak
176831: LALLI, SONYA - The Arrangement: The perfect summer read - a heartwarming and feelgood romantic comedy
158110: THE DALAI LAMA - My Land and My People
183033: THE DALAI LAMA. - Words Of Wisdom.
146225: DALAI LAMA, HIS HOLINESS THE - The Art of Living: A Guide to Contentment, Joy and Fulfillment
138348: LAMALLE, JACQUES - Chateaux of the Medoc: The Great Wines of Bordeaux
160066: LAVOISIER LAMAR - Pattern and Purpose in Writing
181785: JOSEPH T DOWNEY; HOWARD LAMAR - The Cruise Of The Portsmouth: A Sailor's View Of The Naval Conquest Of California 1845-1847
196839: LAMARTINE - Poesies
184412: CHARLES LAMB - Library Of English Prose: Volume One The Essays Of Elia In Two Volumes
190836: LAMB, RICHARD - The Failure Of Eden Government
181106: LAMB, CHARLES - Essays of Elia. With an Introduction by Augustine Birrell. Illustrations by Charles E Brock.
201249: LAMB, CHARLES - Rosamund Gray and Barbara S
173862: CHARLES LAMB - The Essays of Elia
199366: CHARLES LAMB - The Letters Of Charles Lamb.
189009: LAMB, CHARLES - The Essays Of Elia
178942: LAMB, RICHARD - The Drift to War, 1922-1939
162762: LAMB, RUTH - The Longest Way Round for the Shortest
165699: CHARLES AND MARY LAMB - Tales from Shakespeare
180555: LAMB, CHARLES; MACDONALD, WILLIAM [EDITOR] - Letters Of Charles Lamb Volume One and Two
162276: LAMB, CHARLES - Charles Lamb's Essays
179644: CHARLES LAMB - Essays of Elia Vol II
193811: LAMB, CHARLES; LAMB, MARY - Tales from Shakespeare
169927: LAMB, SIMON; SINGTON, DAVID - Earth Story: The Shaping of Our World
163366: LAMB, GEOFFREY FREDERICK - Essays of Action: A book of narrative essays and sketches
201759: CHARLES LAMB - Library of English Prose: Volume Two Last Essays of Elia
178816: LAMB, RICHARD - Churchill as War Leader: Right or Wrong?
165489: LAMB, SIMON; SINGTON, DAVID - Earth Story: The Shaping of Our World
162733: LAMBERT, LYDIA; STREATHER, J. - Children in Changing Families (National Children's Bureau series)
161070: LAMBERT, LYDIA; STREATHER, J. [CONTRIBUTOR] - Children in Changing Families: A Study of Adoption and Illegitimacy (National Children's Bureau)
164412: LAMBERT, R ET AL - New Wine in Old Bottles?
177894: LAMBERT, TOM - High Value Consulting: Managing and Maximising External and Internal Consultants for Massive Added Value
196178: LAMBERT, JOHN - School broadcasting: A guide for teachers
178466: LAMBERT, TOM - High Income Consulting
170998: LAMBERT, ANTHONY - Switzerland Without a Car (Bradt Travel Guide)
159841: LAMBERT, HEATHER - Ice Creams and Sorbets
159487: LAMBERT, DAVID - The Ultimate Dinosaur Book
182544: LAMBERT, TOM - High Income Consulting: How To Build And Market Your Professional Practice
164499: ROYSTON LAMBERT - Nutrition in Britain 1950-60
161099: LAMBERT, ROYSTON - Chance of a Lifetime?
172418: LAMBERT, DAVID; HARDING, STEWART - Parks and Gardens of Avon
165448: LAMBERT, PROFESSOR ANDREW D. - Warrior: Restoring the World's First Ironclad
165537: ERIC LAMBERT - Diggers Die Hard (Redback War Story No 1)
173794: MAX LAMBERT, ED - Who's Who in New Zealand - Twelfth Edition
163553: LAMBERT, ANGELA - The Constant Mistress
192306: LAMBERT, ANDREW - Questions on Everyday Physics
154767: MORRISON OF LAMBETH, LADY - Memories of a Marriage
152679: LAMBIRTH, ANDREW - Donna McLean
152683: ANDREW LAMBIRTH - Tilson: Recent Work At Beaux Arts.
192171: BRIAN M. ALMAN; PETER T. LAMBROU - Self-Hypnosis: The Complete Guide to Better Health and Self-change
156602: LAMBTON, LUCINDA - Old New World
152798: LAMBTON, LUCINDA - Temples of Convenience and Chambers of Delight
200720: LUCINDA LAMBTON - The Queen's Dolls' House (Royal Collection)
163638: LAMBTON, LUCINDA - Beastly Buildings: Architecture for Animals
175452: LAMBTON, LUCINDA - Beastly Buildings: The National Trust Book of Architecture for Animals
196342: LAMENNAIS - L'imitation de notre Seigneur Jesus-Christ
178634: LAMIN, BILL - Letters From The Trenches: A Soldier of the Great War
168037: JUTTA LAMMER - The Book of Needlecraft
196442: FREDERICK LOCKER-LAMPSON: - London Lyrics.
181561: LAN, CHUAN-TAU EDWARD - In The Belly Of The Beast
187415: LANCASTER, J. F. - Lettering Techniques
175576: LANCASTER, ROY - Shrubs Through the Seasons: Over 100 Garden Shrubs for Year-round Colour
187733: OSBERT LANCASTER - All Done From Memory
194186: LANCASTER, OSBERT - New Pocket Cartoons
140532: LANCASTER, ROY - What Plant Where: The Creative Guide to Choosing the Best Plants for Every Area of Your Garden
192184: LANCASTER, ROY - Trees for Your Garden
140995: LANCASTER, OSBERT - The Social Contact: New Pocket Cartoons
141099: LANCASTER,OSBERT - Progress At Pelvis Bay
192889: LANCASTER, ROY - Garden Plants for Connoisseurs
168066: F. HOWARD LANCUM - Wild Birds and The Land
164349: LAND, HILARY - Large families in London: A study of 86 families (Occasional papers on social administration)
156280: LANDER, J.R. - The Wars of the Roses (Illustrated history paperback series)
159877: LANDER, J. R. - The Wars of the Roses
169507: LANDER, HUGH - Guide to the Do's and Don'ts of House and Cottage Conversion
183334: LANDES, DAVID S. - Wealth And Poverty Of Nations
159902: LANDES, DAVID S. - Wealth And Poverty Of Nations
149002: LANDESMAN, JAY - Rebel without Applause
194403: H. C. ROBBINS LANDON - Mozart and Vienna: Including selections from Johann Pezzl's 'Sketch of Vienna' 1786-90
194105: LANDON, H.C.ROBBINS - 1791: Mozart's Last Year
202911: LANDON, H.C.ROBBINS - Mozart: The Golden Years, 1781-91
194412: LANDON, H. C. ROBBINS [EDITOR] - The Mozart Compendium: A Guide to Mozart's Life and Music
196942: H. C. ROBBINS LANDON - Haydn: Chronicle and Works: Haydn in England 1791-1795: Haydn in England, 1791-95
147001: LANDS, NEIL - Burgundy (History , People and Places)
178104: LANDS, NEIL - Beyond the Dordogne
178105: LANDS, NEIL - Brittany
183484: GORDON LANDSBOROUGH - Tobruk Commando
179542: GORDON LANDSBOROUGH - Tobruk Commando, etc. With plates and maps
178028: LANDSTROM, BJORN - Sailing Ships
158623: LANE, MARGARET - The Day of the Feast. Heron Collectors' Edition
194742: LANE, JANE - Titus Oates
199566: LANE, ANTHONY N. S. - Lion Christian Classics Collection
162691: LANE, PETER - GCSE History: 1750 to the Present Day (GCSE Study Guide)
172216: LANE, C J - Flowers of the Countryside
120534: LANE, CELIA; WHITE, PAULINE - Warminster in the Twentieth Century
157786: R. T. LANG - The National Road Book, South of England
111583: LANG, DAVID - Wild Flower Finder's Calendar
198828: LANG, A. - A Monk of Fife
200645: LANG, ANDREW - Tales of Troy and Greece
147820: RUPERT LANG - The third pip
199261: LANG,ANDREW - Theocritus, Bion And Moschus
165075: LANG, JENNIFER - Pride without Prejudice: the story of London's Guilds and Livery Companies
170959: LANG, DAVID - Wild Flower Finder's Calendar
193516: LANG, ANDREW - Grass of Parnassus, Rhymes Old and New.
110464: LANG, DAVID - The Complete Book of British Berries
201269: LANG, ANDREW & WALTER LEAF & ERNEST MYERS (TRANS). - The Iliad Of Homer Done Into English Prose
153394: LANGDON, JULIA - Mo Mowlam
191828: LANGDON, MARGARET - Let the children write: An explanation of intensive writing
157013: LANGFORD, MICHAEL - Advanced Photography
171992: LANGFORD, MICHAEL - Instant Picture Handbook (Basic photography series)
181173: LANGHAM, MIKE; WELLS, COLIN - Buxton: A Pictorial History (Pictorial history series)
190511: LANGLEY, ANDREW [EDITOR]; UTTING, J. [EDITOR]; - Village On The Hill: V. 1: Aspects Of Colerne History
203428: LANGLEY, MIKE - Anders Lassen, V.C., M.C., of the S.A.S.
132679: LANGSTON, KEITH - Fred Dibnah Remembered: The Life and Times of a Great Briton 1938-2004
177783: SARAH LANGTON - Daily Graphic Royal Family Picture Annual Volume One - The Annual Pageant of Royal Pictures
199529: TED LANKESTER - Traveller's Good Health Guide
175235: LANNOY, RICHARD - The Speaking Tree: A Study of Indian Culture and Society (Galaxy Books)
173234: LANSDELL, AVRIL - Occupational Costume (Shire album)
174783: LANSDELL, AVRIL - The Clothes of the Cut: A History of Canal Costume
141297: LAPLANTE, ALICE - Turn of Mind
152062: LAPORTE, GENEVIEVE; COOPER, D. [TRANSLATOR] - Sunshine at Midnight
174967: LAPWORTH, KATHERINE; SANDERS, MEG; ASHWORTH, ANNIE; FRASER, ALEXANDRA - Trade Secrets: Everything You Will Need To Know About Everything (New Expanded Edition): Everything You Will Ever Need to Know About Everything
188094: LAQUEUR, WALTER - Confrontation 1973: Middle East War And The Great Powers
190728: RICHARD PEIRCE; LAR EN PER [ILLUSTRATOR] - Sharks in British Seas
193683: M'LAREN, E. T. - Dr John Brown and His Sisters Isabella and Jane
184855: LARGE, DAVID - The Port Of Bristol 1848-1884
161837: LARGE, LOFTY - One Man's War in Korea
203140: SOMERVILLE-LARGE, PETER - Cappaghglass
156589: LARKCOM, ERICA; ADDS, JOHN; MILLER, RUTH - Molecules and Cells (Nelson Advanced Science: Biology)
193632: HENRY LARKIN - Carlyle and the Open Secret of His Life
204273: LARKIN, DAVID [EDITOR] - Dali
177058: LARKIN, DAVID; SPRIGG, JUNE; JOHNSON, JAMES - Colonial Design in the New World
177866: LARKIN, MAURICE - France since the Popular Front: Government and People 1936-1996
180791: LARKIN, DAVID [EDITOR] - The Fantastic Kingdom: A Collection of Illustrations from the Golden Days of Storytelling
179366: LARN, RICHARD - Shipwrecks of Great Britain and Ireland
179888: LARNER, JEREMY - Drive, he Said
202781: LAROUSSE - Larousse Encyclopaedia of Animal Life
204156: LARRA, MARIANO JOSE [AUTOR] - El pobrecito hablador: Revista satirica de costumbres
193190: LARSEN, EGON - Inventor's cavalcade
198650: LARSEN, TIMOTHY - A People of One Book: The Bible and the Victorians
197311: LARSEN, SVEND - Hans Christian Andersen
180948: LARSEN, EGON - Men Who Shaped The Future
177736: LARSSON, STIEG - The Girl Who Played With Fire
177720: LARSSON, STIEG - The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest
149772: LE-LAS, WENDY - Playing the Public Inquiry Game: An Objector's Guide
175277: LE-LAS, WENDY - Understanding the Development Jigsaw: A User's Guide to Procedures
192114: ALAIN-RENE LASAGE - The Adventures of Gil Blas, of Santillane
183890: LASGARN, HUGH - Vet For All Seasons
183875: LASGARN, HUGH - Vet In A Village
175909: HUGH LASGARN - Vet For All Seasons by Hugh Lasgarn
128007: LASH, JOSEPH P. - Eleanor, the Years Alone: Eleanor Roosevelt
167767: LASKOWSKI, B. - Piero Della Francesco (Italian masters)
188036: LASSAIGNE, JACQUES - Impressionism. Heron History Of Art. Volume 1
182550: LASZLO, CHRIS; CESCAU, PATRICK - Sustainable Value: How The World's Leading Companies Are Doing Well By Doing Good
185234: LATHAM, PETER - Brahms (Master Musician)
192190: LATHAM, ROBERT (EDIT). - The Illustrated Pepys. Extracts From The Diary
173150: PETER LATHAM - Brahms. The Great Composers Series.
168031: LATHAM, R - The Illustrated Pepys: Extracts from the Diary
191041: LATIFA - My Forbidden Face
161264: LATIL, PIERRE DE - Enrico Fermi: The man and his theories
174175: LATTIMORE, OWEN; LATTIMORE, ELEANOR - Silks, Spices and Empire
180661: WILLIAM J. LAUBENSTEIN - The Emerald Whaler. With plates
169937: LAUDER, ROSEMARY ANNE - Lundy: Puffin Island (Devon's heritage)
185472: LAUDERDALE, WENDY; LAWSON, ANDREW [TRANSLATOR] - Garden At Ashtree Cottage
185461: LAUFE, ABE - Broadway's Greatest Musicals
192577: LAUGHLIN, CLARENCE JOHN - Ghosts Along the Mississippi
178443: LAUGHTON, RALPH - Landscape Techniques - Focus on Railway Modelling
195581: LAULE, ULRIKE; TOMAN, ROLF [EDITOR]; BEDNORZ, ACHIM [PHOTOGRAPHER]; - Architecture of the Middle Ages
187370: LAUN, F - The Chief Points Of Difference Between The Catholic And Protestant Creeds,
179173: LAUNAY, ANDRE - Antiques (Bluffer's Guides)
200130: LAUNIUS, ROGER D.; ULRICH, BERTRAM - NASA and the Exploration of Space: With Works from the NASA Art Collection
191549: LAUREAU, PATRICK - Condor: The Luftwaffe in Spain 1936-1939
203040: LAURIE, GEORGE BRENTON - Heavy Fighting Before Us: the Letters of an Officer of the Royal Irish Rifles on the Western Front During the Great War
167661: LAVELLE, DORIS - Latin and American Dances (Games and recreation series)
184592: JOHN LAVER - History At Source: Nazi Germany, 1933-45
179028: LAVER, JAMES - Age of Illusion: Manners and Morals, 1750-1848
184581: LAVER, JOHN - Personalities & Powers: Hitler - Germany's Fate Or Germany's Misfortune?
113781: LAVER, F.J.M. - Introducing Computers
201995: LAVER, JAMES - Ties The Book of Public School Old Boys, University, Navy. Army, Air Force & Club Ties
202393: LAVER, JAMES - The age of illusion: manners and morals 1750-1848
161128: B. SEEBOHM ROWNTREE; G. R. LAVERS - English Life And Leisure: A Social Study
162754: B. SEEBOHM ROWNTREE; G. R. LAVERS - English Life And Leisure: A Social Study
178854: BRIAN LAVERY - In Which They Served: The Royal Navy Officer Experience in the Second World War
167520: BRIAN LAVERY - The Island Nation: A History of Britain and the Sea
161320: BRIAN LAVERY - Churchill's Navy: The Ships, Men and Organisation, 1939-1945
136239: BRIAN LAVERY - In Which They Served: The Royal Navy Officer Experience in the Second World War
164251: BRIAN LAVERY - Empire of the Seas
201941: ARONBERG-LAVIN, MARILYN; AMBROSE, GAVIN [DESIGNER] - Piero della Francesca (Art & Ideas)
194967: LAVIN, MARILYN ARONBERG - Piero Della Francesca, "The Flagellation" (Art in Context)
155304: LAVRIN, J - Tolstoy An Approach
154802: LAW, FRANCIS - Man at Arms
201848: LAW, WILLIAM - A serious call to a devout and holy life (Fontana library)
166523: LAWICK, HUGO VAN - Among Predators And Prey (Elmtree Africana)
183654: JAMES LAWRANCE - 500 Questions on Painting and Decorating, 2nd Series
160963: LAWRENCE, ELEANOR; HARNIESS, SUE - Letts Pocket Guide To: Mushrooms and Other Fungi
198529: LAWRENCE, D H: - The Captain's Doll.
198573: LAWRENCE, D. H - Fantasia of the Unconscious
112823: D. H. LAWRENCE - Son Of Woman
198574: LAWRENCE, D. H - Mornings in Mexico, (New Adelphi library)
191352: D.H. LAWRENCE - Sons and Lovers (Wordsworth Classics)
185307: D.H.LAWRENCE - Sons And Lovers
181384: LAWRENCE, D. H. - Selected Works: V. 1
155059: LAWRENCE, SUE - Le Creuset French Baking
203195: LAWRENCE, D. H. - The Tales of D. H. Lawrence
187224: LAWRENCE, D.H - Sons And Lovers
192620: LAWRENCE, D. H.; ZYTARUK, GEORGE J. [EDITOR] - Quest for Rananim: Letters to S.S.Koteliansky, 1914-30
188236: D. H. LAWRENCE - D.H. Lawrence. Selected Poems.
190207: LAWRENCE, D H - Lady Chatterley'S Lover (Penguin Essentials)
193438: LAWRENCE, D. H - Mornings in Mexico
198608: D. H. LAWRENCE - Studies in Classic American Literature
203258: LAWRENCE, T. E. - Seven Pillars of Wisdom. A Triumph
187563: D.H. LAWRENCE - The Short Novels Of D. H. Lawrence Volume Ii
198527: LAWRENCE, D. H - Mornings in Mexico, (New Adelphi library)
184772: D H LAWRENCE - The Lost Girl. Heron Collected Works Of D H Lawrence
170595: ERB J LAWRENCE - Brahms
172637: LAWRENCE, BERTA - Somerset Legends
151651: LAWRENCE, D H - Selected Essays
198545: LAWRENCE, D.H. - Assorted Articles
155553: D. H. LAWRENCE - D. H. Lawrence: Sons and Lovers / St. Mawr / The Fox / The White Peacock / Love Among the Haystacks / The Virgin and the Gypsy / Lady Chatterley's Lover
189373: LAWRENCE, GARY - Yesterdays
187806: LAWRENCE, D. H - Etruscan Places
184789: D H LAWRENCE - Short Stories I
181153: LAWRENCE, PETER - Seven Pillars of Wisdom
190581: LAWRENCE, D.H. - Lady Chatterley'S Lover
198570: LAWRENCE, D.H. - David
156138: LAWRENCE, D. H. - D.H. Lawrence Selected Poems
193463: LAWRENCE, A.W (ED) - A Series Of Uncommon Events Which Befell Capt. George Roberts (The Traveller's Library)
165605: LAWRENCE, RALPH - Surrey (Vision of England series)
095719: LAWS, BILL; SIMS, JOHN FERRO [PHOTOGRAPHER] - Traditional Houses of Rural France
188498: LAWS, BILL - Irish Country Style
170034: LAWS, BILL; BUTLER, ANDREW [PHOTOGRAPHER] - Old English Farmhouses
172001: DAVID LAWS - A Guide to the National Trust in Devon and Cornwall
192615: BILL LAWS - Byways, Boots and Blisters: A History of Walkers and Walking
170815: LAWS, BILL - Old English Farmhouses (Scenes from the country)
098368: HENRY LAWSON - While the Billy Boils
148316: LAWSON, ANDREW; LAWSON, ANDREW [PHOTOGRAPHER] - The Gardener's Book of Colour
148388: LAWSON, ANDREW - Performance Plants: 150 Best Plants for Your Garden
168797: LAWSON, HILARY; HART-DAVIS, ADAM - Where There's Life
165891: LAWSON, DOMINIC [EDITOR] - Spectator Annual 1994
183548: LAWSON, NIGELLA - Nigella Express
167500: LAWSON, NIGEL - The View from No.11: Memoirs of a Tory Radical
183552: LAWSON, NIGELLA - Kitchen: Recipes From The Heart Of The Home
132940: LAWSON, NIGEL - The View from No.11: Memoirs of a Tory Radical
164171: LAWSON, NIGELLA - Nigella Bites
163920: LAWSON, NIGELLA - Kitchen: Recipes from the Heart of the Home
193464: LAWSON, HENRY - While The Billy Boils - First Series and Second Series [2 Volumes]
188301: HENRY LAWSON - While the Billy Boils First Series
163184: LAWTHER, GAIL - Celtic Cross Stitch (Rdus): 30 Alphabet, Animal, and Knotwork Projects
163129: LAWTHER, GAIL - Patterns and Borders Needlecraft Source Book
184116: LAY, GRAEME - Magic Of New Zealand
200153: LAYARD, SIR AUSTIN HENRY; SAGGS, H. W. F. [EDITOR] - Nineveh and Its Remains (Travellers & Explorers S.)
169519: ROBERT LAYTON - Sibelius (The Master Musicians)
188847: LAZLO, KATE - Forever After
202156: MARTIN EVANS; LBSC ( - LBSC's Shop, Shed and Road
193704: HARRY LEA - Harry Lea; or, the Christmas Tree. A tale for choristers, etc
156282: LEA, HERMANN; COX, G. STEVENS [EDITOR] - The Hardy Guides: A Guide to the West Country(Volume 2): v. 2
200923: LEACH, JACK - Sods I Have Cut on the Turf
138907: LEACH, PENELOPE - Babyhood: Infant Development from Birth (Penguin health care and fitness)
148601: LEACH, EDMUND - Structural Study of Myth and Totemism (A.S.A. Monographs)
153818: LEACH, EDMUND - A Runaway World? The Reith Lectures 1967
196004: LEACH, TERENCE R; ROBERT, PACEY - Lost Lincolnshire Country Houses: v.4: Vol 4
147044: LEACOCK, STEPHEN - My Remarkable Uncle and Other Sketches
146786: LEACOCK,STEPHEN - Moonbeams From The Larger Luncay
146855: LEACOCK, STEPHEN - Over the Footlights / by Stephen Leacock
146857: LEACOCK, STEPHEN - The Unsolved Riddle of Social Justice
112009: LEADBETTER, DAVID; HUGGAN, JOHN - Faults and Fixes
177218: LEAF, ROBERT - The Art of Perception: Memoirs of a Life in PR
138544: AMERICAN CONTRACT BRIDGE LEAGUE - The bridge players' encyclopedia
163536: H. LEAK AND T PRIDAY - Migration From and To the United Kingdom
154874: LEAKEY, RICHARD E. - Origin of Humankind (Science Masters)
140954: LEAKEY, RICHARD E.; LEWIN, ROGER - Origins: What New Discoveries Reveal About the Evolution of Our Species and Its Possible Future
152650: LEAMAN, J - Jonathan Leaman
152652: JONATHAN LEAMAN - Jonathan Leaman
157337: LEAMER, LAURENCE - Fantastic: The Life of Arnold Schwarzenegger TPB
159394: LEAPMAN, MICHAEL - London's River
178633: LEAPMAN, MICHAEL. - Travel Guide to Britain
170992: LEAPMAN, MICHAEL - Great Britain (DK Eyewitness Travel Guide)
191372: EDWARD LEAR, LEWIS CARROLL ETC. - A Book of Nonsense
122690: LEAR, EDWARD - Edward Lear's Nonsense Omnibus
173244: LEAR, EDWARD; VOCE, LOUISE [ILLUSTRATOR] - Owl And The Pussycat
186539: JOHN GERARD O'LEARY - English Literary History And Bibliography
201082: NEIL NATHANIEL MACLEAN; WILLIAM KEITH LEASK - Life At A Northern University ... Edited, With Biographical Memoir, By W. Keith Leask ... Quatercentenary Edition. With A Portrait
168568: LEASOR, JAMES - Who Killed Sir Harry Oakes?
161905: LEAT, DIANA; ETC. - A Price Worth Paying
187812: DIANA LEATHAM - The Church Defies The Dark Ages. The Story Of Celtic Christianity (Pathfinder Series. No. 6.)
176823: LEATHER, STEPHEN - False Friends: The 9th Spider Shepherd Thriller
172092: LEAVER, TONY - Pronouncing Welsh Place Names
188596: Q. D. LEAVIS - Fiction And The Reading Public
189370: LEAVITT, DAVID - The Man Who Knew Too Much: Alan Turing And The Invention Of Computers
169309: LEAVITT, DAVID - The Man Who Knew Too Much: Alan Turing and the invention of computers: Alan Turing and the Invention of the Computer
180850: LEBEDEV, ANDREI. V. [EDITOR] - Soviet Painting in the Tretyakov Gallery
190120: LEBRECHT, NORMAN - Hush! Handel'S In A Passion: Tales Of Bach, Handel And Their Contemporaries
086713: LEBRECHT, NORMAN - Musical Book of Days
181240: LECKY, S. T. S - The Danger Angle And Off-Shore Distance Tables
168169: LEDERMAN, LEON M.; TERESI, DICK - The God Particle: If the Universe is the Answer, What is the Question?
189437: LEDERMAN, LEON M.; TERESI, DICK - The God Particle: If The Universe Is The Answer, What Is The Question?
199958: LEDESERT, R.P.L.; LEDESERT, D.M. - Promenades dans Paris
114258: LEE, JOHN - A Soldier's Life: General Sir Ian Hamilton 1853 to 1947
156303: LEE, CHRISTOPHER - This Sceptred Isle Vol 2: The Twentieth Century
203034: LEE, GEORGIA - An Uncommon Guide to Easter Island: Exploring Archaeological Mysteries of Rapa Nui
202050: LEE, HARPER - To Kill a Mockingbird
175203: LEE, CHRISTOPHER; MASSEY, ANNA [READER] - This Sceptred Isle: Dynasties - Britain's Most Powerful Families: The Dynasties (BBC Radio Collection)
201340: LEE, LAURIE - Village Christmas: And Other Notes on the English Year (Penguin Modern Classics)
203376: LEE, WALT [COMPILER] - Reference Guide to Fantastic Films: Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror: Volume 1 A-F
162069: LEE, LAURIE - Cider with Rosie
118012A: LEE, MAUREEN - Queen of the Mersey
115675: LEE, LAURIE - The Illustrated Cider with Rosie
193795: FREDERICK GEORGE LEE - Martyrs Omitted By Foxe: Being Records of Religious Persecutions in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
165886: MIN LEE - Chambers' Book of Facts
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177080: LUCAS, EDWARD - The New Cold War: How the Kremlin Menaces both Russia and the West
178722: LUCAS, JAMES - Battle Group! German Kampfgruppen Action of World War Two.
177886: LUCAS, HENRY C. - Information Technology for Management (McGraw-Hill International Editions Series)
159550: LUCAS, MIKE - Antarctica (. the beautiful)
177977: LUCAS, JAMES - Storming Eagles: German Airborne Forces in World War Two: German Paratroopers in World War Two

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