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016480: RYAN JOHN - Captianj Pugwash a Pirate Story
018382: RYDE ROBIN - Custom-Built Leadership Three Critical Decisions Only You Can Take
021751: SAACHI FLORALEDA - Elias Parish Alvars, Life Music Documents. Annotated Catalogue of His Works for Harp, Piano, Orchestra and Voice
021990: SABOR RUDOLPH - Ring Twice for Sally and Sam the Story of Wagner's Ring
021987: SABOR RUDOLPH - Carnage, Progress and Stem Cells
021989: SABOR RUDOLPH - The Blessed Bridge
021988: SABOR RUDOLPH - Pictures from Life
000966: SADLEIR MICHAEL - Forlorn Sunset
020547: SADOUL GEORGES - French Film
018721: SALBI ZAINAB & BECKLUND LAURIE - Hidden in Plain Sight Growing Up in the Shadow of Saddam
021851: SALE RICHARD - A Guide to the Cotswold Way, a Constable Guide
010811: SALKELD AUDREY & BERMUDEZ JOSE LUIS - On the Edge of Europe Mountaineering in the Caucasus
017143: SAMLER BROWN A ET AL - The South and East African Year Book and Guide for 1935 with Atlas, 41st Issue
016857: SANDERS JOE, INTRODUCTION BY NEIL GAIMAN - The Sandman Papers an Exploration of the Sandman Mythology
022105: SANDERS JAMES - South Africa and the International Media 1972-1979 a Struggle for Representation
017267: SANDERSON HAZEL - The Dales of Yorkshire Creative Monochrome Contemporary Portfolio Series
017542: SANDFORD JEREMY AUTHOR OF CATHY COME HOME - Edna the Inebriate Woman
021520: SANDON JOHN - Antique Porcelain, a New Introduction from Antiques collectors' Club, Starting to Collect Series
021810: SANSOM IAN - Westmorland Alone There is Blood on the Tracks in the Lake District. The County Guides
019740: SANSOM LESLIE - Camera in the Works a Miscellany of Pictures from the Vickers Archives
014066: SAROOP NARINDAR - A Squire of Hindoostan
015628: SASSON JEAN - Desert Royal
020732: SASSOON SIEGFRIED - Siegfried's Journey 1916-1920
021071: SASTRY K.R.R - Indian States
021809: SATTIN ANTHONY - Young Lawrence a Portrait of the Legend as a Young Man
020713: SAUNDERS DAVID - Britain's Maritime Memorials and Mementoes
005583: SAVILLE MALCOLM - See How it Grows an Introduction to Gardening for Boys and Girls
013555: SAVILLE MALCOLM - The Roman Treasure Mystery, an Armada Original
013907: SAVILLE MALCOLM - See How it Grows an Introduction to Gardening for Boys and Girls
008466: SAVILLE MALCOLM - Susan, Bill and The Wolf-dog
001866: SAVILLE MALCOLM - The Daily Graphic Coronation Gift Book for Girls and Boys
014480: SAYLOR STEVEN - A Murder on the Appian Way a Mystery of Ancient Rome
016499: SAYLOR STEVEN - Last Seen in Massilia a Mystery of Ancient Rome, the Second in the Roman Civil Wars Series Begun in Rubicon
015199: SCAMBLER GRAHAM EDITED BY - Sociology as Applied to Medecine Fifth Edition
019241: SCARFE GERALD - Scarfeface
019919: SCARFE GERALD - MONSTERS How George Bush Saved the World - and Other Tall Stories
016428: SCARROW SIMON - The Eagle's Prophecy
018494: SCARROW SIMON - The Gladiator the Enemies of the Roman Empire Seek Their Revenge
022162: SCARROW SIMON - The Legion (two Heroes of the Roman Empire Face Catastrophe in egypt)
019173: SCARTH BOB - We'll All be Union Men the Story of Joseph Arch and His Union
020188: SCHAUB DANIELLE PHOTOGRAPHER AND EDITOR - Reading Writers Reading Canadian Author's Reflections
021743: SCHAUMANN AUGUST LUDOLF FRIEDRICH - On the Road with Wellington the Diary of a War Commissary, New Introduction By Bernard Cornwell
020361: SCHERMAN TONY & DALTON DAVID - Andy Warhol His Controversial Life, Art and Colourful Times
017733: SCHIFFMACHER HENK EDITED BY - 1000 Tattoos
021605: SCHILLER JOYCE K - The Art of Bessie Lowenhaupt St Louis Painter
017516: SCHLESINGER TOM - Fighting Strategy Winning Combinations
001026: SCHLICK DONALD P - Modern Oriental Carpets a Buyers Guide
022166: SCHONBERG HAROLD C - The Lives of the Great Composers
011340: SCHROETER DR C - Das Pflanzenleben Der Alpen, Eine Schilderung Der Hochgebirgsflora. Mit 274 Abbildungen, 5 Tafeln, Und 4 Tabellen. Zeichnungen Von Ludwig Schroeter
020173: SCHUBERT FRANZ - Quintet for 2 Violins, Viola, and 2 Violincello C Major D956. Edition Eulenberg No.15
021695: SCHWABACH AAORON - Fan Fiction and Copyright. Outsider Works and Intellectual Property Protection
014848: SCHWARZE DR WOLFGANG - Ornamente Im Laufe Der Jahrhunderte 150 Ornamentstiche Von Der Renaissance Bis Zum Biedermeier
020688: SCOTT MICHAEL - Special Forces Commander the Life and Wars of Peter Wand-Tetley OBE MC Commando, SAS, SOE ¶trooper
017247: SCOTT MARK & DIX BEAU TRANSLATED BY - The Chronicles of Krystinia
016799: SCOTT MARTIN RESEARCH AND TEXT - The Restoration of Windmills and Windpumps in Norfolk
017683: SCOTT JAMES & ROBERTSON JOANNE - Lost in the Himalayas
022112: SCROLL SAW EDITORS - Wooden Clocks 31 Favourite Projects and Patterns
017831: SEAGRAVES ANNE - High-Spirited Women of the West
013841: SEARLE RONALD & DOBBS KILDARE - The Great Fur Opera, Annals of the Hudson's Bay Company 1670-1970
019776: SEARLE RONALD ET AL - Lilliput Vol 28 No 2 Issue Number 164 Feb 1951
019166: SEARLE RONALD - Les Tres Riches Heures De Mrs Mole Forty-Seven Drawings Made for His Wife Monica, Each Time She Underwent Chemotherapy
019775: SEARLE RONALD ET AL - Lilliput Vol 26 No 2 Issue Number 152 Feb 1950 Election Prelude
003438: SEIDLER TOR - The Tar Pit
000398: SEIFFERT REINHARD - A Miracle on 4wheels.
000375: SELBY JOHN - The Thin Red Line of Balaclave
005286: SELBY JOHN - The Road to Yorktown
021872: SEMBACH KLAUS-JURGEN - Art Nouveau Utopia: Reconciling the Irreconcilable
015911: SEMLER E.G EDITED BY - Engineering Heritage Volume 1
021919: SEMPLE CLIVE - Airway to the East 1918-1920 and the Collapse of No. 1 Aerial Route RAF
011969: SENDAK MAURICE & MARGOLIS MATTHEW - Some Swell Pup or are You Sure You Want a Dog?
001493: SERAILLIER IAN - The Robin and the Wren
019142: SERVICE ROBERT - Comrades. Communism: a World history
002234: SEWELL ANNA - Black Beauty
015647: SEYMOUR JOHN AND SALLY - England Revisited a Countryman's Nostalgic Journey
019318: SEYMOUR JOHN - The National Trust Book of Forgotten Household Craftsph
020784: SEYMOUR AUBREY - A Square Mile of Old England
019854: SHACKLETON SIR ERNEST EDITED BY PETER KING - South. The Story of Shakleton's Last Expedition 1914-17
022019: SHAKESPEARE WILLIAM - Thw Tragedy of Hamlet Prince of Denmark
016945: SHAKESPEARE WILLIAM - All's Well That Ends Well
020454: SHAKSPEARE WILLIAM - The Plays of William Shakspeare Accurately Printed from the Text of the Corrected Copy Left By the Late George Steevens, Esq with Glossarial Notes and a Sketch of the Life of Shakspeare in Eight Volumes
021697: SHANDLER JEFFREY EDITED BY - Awakening Lives. Autobiographies of Jewish Youth in Poland Before the Holocaust
002231: SHANKLAND PETER AND HAVERS SIR MICHAEL - Murder with a Double Tongue. The Enigma of Clarissa Manson
021700: SHANNON DELL - British Railways Past and Present No 49 :yorkshire the West Riding : Part 2
021094: SHASHI DR S S - Jawan - Pride of the Nation
019613: SHASTRI YAJNESHWAR S - Mahayanasutralankara of Asanga a Study in Vijnanavada Buddhism. Bibliotheca Indo-Buddhica Series No. 65
014475: SHATTOCK JOANNE & WOLFF MICHAEL, EDITED BY - The Victorian Periodical Press: Samplings and Soundings
000326: SHAVELSON MELVILLE - The Great Houdinis - a Vaudeville
018993: SHAW WILLIAM WITH AN ESSAY BY DR W.A TUPLIN - Days of Steam 4 Paddington to Wolverhampton a Journey in Pictures
020609: SHAW JONATHAN - (re) Collect
003117: SHAWE-TAYLOR DESMOND - Covent Garden
020024: SHEEHY MAURICE - Discovering the Dingle Area Using Your Feet
015969: SHENK DAVID - The Forgetting Understanding Alzheimer's: a Biography of a Disease
019070: SHEPARD ALAN AND SLAYTON DEREK INTRODUCTION BY NEIL ARMSTRONG - Moon Shot the Inside Story of America's Race to the Moon
011654: SHEPHERD DAVID - Sketches of the East Somerset Railway at Cranmore
014462: SHEPHERD KENNETH - Lakeland 50 Years Ago, Vol 1 1989; Vol 2 1991
002848: SHEPHERD W. ERNEST - The Dublin and South Eastern Railway
016957: SHERIDAN DOROTHY EDITED BY - Wartime Women a Mass-Observation Anthology of Women's Writing 1937-1945
020335: SHIODA GOZO - Dynamic Aikido
017556: SHIPSTERJOHN - Mist Over the Rice-Fields a Soldier's Story of the Burma Campaign 1943-45 and Korean 1950-51
002335: SHORES CHRISTOPHER - Ground Attack Aircraft of World War Two
021991: SHOSTAKOVITCH D - Quartets for Two Violins, Viola, and Violincello
010001: SHURLOCK BARRY - Portrait of the Solent
022022: SHUTE NEVIL - In the Wet
015699: SHUTE NEVIL - Slide Rule the Autobiography of an Engineer
016669: SHUTTLEWORTH JAMES PHILLIPS KAY - The Moral and Physical Condition of the Working Classes Emplyed in the Cotton Manufacture in Manchester. Second Edition Enlarged and Cpontaining an Introductory Letter to the Rev. Thomas Chalmers D.D
022125: SILBER IRWIN - A Patient's Guide to Knee and Hip Replacement. Everything You Need to Knowl
021169: SILVA CORINNE - Roisin Ban the Irish Diaspora in Leeds
003036: SILVERBERG ROBERT - The Silent Invaders
004096: SILVERBERG ROBERT - Thorns
002853: SIMMEN RENE - The World of Puppets. Hand Puppets, Marionetters, Shadow Puppets. From Ancient Egypt to Modern Day America to Malaysia
018839: SIMMONDS POSY - Lavender the Bravest Rabbit in the world
018238: SIMMONDS POSY - Lavender the Bravest Rabbit in the world
020815: SIMMONDS POSY - F-Freezing ABC
013270: SIMPSON ALAN & GALTON RAY - Hancock Four Scripts for Television
019005: SIMPSON ALAN - Stacking the Decks a Study of Race, Inequality and Council Housing in nottingham
020987: SIMPSON RAY - In the Dying Seconds. A Collection of Memories of Two Very Dramatic Years in the History of Darlington Football Club
019772: SINEK JEREMY & MOTOR - Supercar Road Tests
016468: SINFIELD ALAN, INTRODUCTION BY - Shakespeare's Teagedies
021059: SINGH MUNSHI HARDYAL - The Castes of Marwar
021096: SINGH KARNI - The Relations of the House of Bikaner with the Central Powers 1465-1949
021097: SINGH HARNATH (DUNDLOD) - The Sheikhawats and Their Lands
021081: SINGH DAHANANAJAYA - The House of Marwar
017974: SINGLETON FRED - Industrial Revolution in Yorkshire
022134: SISAM PETER J - Roots and Branches the Story of the Sisam Family
022135: SISAM PETER J - Roots and Branches the Story of the Sisam Family
014912: SKAERSETH JON BIRGER & SKODVIN TORA - Climate Change and the Oil Industry. Common Problem, Varying Strategies. Issues in Environmental Politics
019698: SKEAT REV WALTER W - English Dialect Society No 76 Nine Specimens of English Dialects Edited from Various Sources.
012187: SKELTON R.A - County Atlases of the British Isles 1579-1703 a Bibliography
021518: SKENE W.F EDITED BY DEREK BRYCE - Arthur and the Britons in Wales and Scotland
019788: SKERRET ADRIAN & BULLOCK IAN - A birdwatchers' Guide to Seychelles
014676: SKINNER CORNELIA OTIS - Madame Sarah, Sarah Bernhardt
020391: SKINNER STEPHEN & RANKINE DAVID INTRODUCTION AND COMMENTARY BY - A Collection of Magical Secrets Taken from Peter De Abano, Cornelius Agrippa and from Other Famous Occult Philosophers & a Treatise of Mixed Cabalah Which Comprises the Angelic Art Taken from Hebrew Sages
019249: SKUES KEITH - Cornish Heritage
021053: SKUES G.E.M.EDITED BY T. DONALD OVERFIELD - The Way of a Man with a Trout
021448: SLOAN FRANK A - The Price of Smoking
017815: SLOCUM CAPTAIN JOSHUE INTRODUCED BY ARTHUR RANSOME - Sailing Alone Around the World - the Century Seafarers
018656: SMILES NEW INTRODUCTION BY L.T.C ROLT - Lives of the Enginewers Volume 1
021931: SMITH KAREN E - European Unino Foreign Policy in a Changing World. Second Edition Fully Revised and Updated
019060: SMITH JOHN SAUMAREZ EDITED BY - The Bookshop at 10 Curzon Street Letters Between Nancy Mitford and Heywood Hill 1952-1973
005142: SMITH GUY N - Bats Out of Hell
005833: SMITH FREDERICK E - 633 Squadron Operation Crucible
006609: SMITH PETER C. - Impact, the Dive Bomber Pilots Speak
022003: SMITH GUY N - The Rough Shooter's Handbook
010389: SMITH ALEXANDER MCCALL - In the Company of Cheerful Ladies, from the No. 1 ladies' Detective Agency
009403: SMITH GUY N - The Rough Shooter's Handbook
014495: SMITH ALEXANDER MCCALL - The Good Husband of Zebra Drive
014529: SMITH ALAN - Clocks and Watches the Antique Collector's Guide
012875: SMITH ALEXANDER MCCALL - Blue Shoes and Happiness
017344: SMITH JOHN - A Discreet Immorailty, Poems
020213: SMITH CARL, CLAYDEN ANDY, DUNNETT NIGEL - Residential Landscape Sustainability a Checklist Tool
017899: SMITH ALEXANDER MCCALL - The Good Husband of Zebra Drive
002506: SMITH STEVIE - Scorpion and Other Poems. With an Introduction By Partic Dickinson
021823: SMITH ALAN R - Fifties Motor Racing. The GP Scene Through the Lens of Alan r Smith
019431: SMITH MAX - Ferguson: The Story Continues an Illustrated History
004858: SMITH PETER C - Dive Bomber, an Illustrated History
016561: SMITH ALEXANDER MCCALL - Precious and the Puggies Precious Ramotswe's Very First Case Translated Into Scots By James Robertson
021476: SMITH ROGER - Shipshape and Bristol Fashin. The Story of a Wartime Frigate & Her Men
020996: SMITH PETER C - Narrow Guage Inspiration. a Selection of French Metre Guage Prototypes to Tempt Modeller`s
020827: SMITH ALEXANDER MCCALL - Precious and the Monkeys Precious Ramotswe's Very First Case
018699: SMITHERS A.J - Wonder Aces of the Air the Flying Heroes of the Great War. The Trail Blazers of the Sky
003145: SMURTHWAITE DAVID - The Ordnance Survey Complete Guide to the Battlefields of Britain.
002281: SMYTH J.G - Lawn Tennis
020730: SMYTH FREDERICK - Brethren in Chivalry 1791-1991
010414: SMYTHE F.S. - The Mountain Top
018193: SNELL CHARLES W & WILSHIN FRANCIS F - Saratoga National Historical Park New york: National Park Service Historical Handbook Series No. 4
018192: SNELL CHARLES W & WILSHIN FRANCIS F - Saratoga National Historical Park New york: National Park Service Historical Handbook Series No. 4
021578: SNELLING BILL - Aurora to Ariel the Motorcycling Life of j Graham Oates, a Pioneering Manx Motorcyclist, Revised and Enlarged Edition
013470: SNICKET LEMONY - Lemony Snicket the Unauthorised Biography
019688: SNICKET LEMONY - A Series of Unfortunate Events. Book the First the Bad Beginning
000661: SNOXELL F.H - Holidays in Boats
020745: SOLLY M.W - ANATOMY OF A TAX HAVEN. Volume II Manz Income Tax
014204: SOMERVILLE CHRISTOPHER - Coast a Celebration of Britain's Coastal Heritage
016715: SOMERVILLE-LARGE PETER - Cappaghglass
018920: SOMERVILLE ANNIE - Fields of Greens New Vegetarian Recipes from the Celebrated Greens Restaurant
018482: SOMERVILLE CHRISTOPHER - Walking West Country railwaysWA
020861: SOUTER NICK & NEWMAN STUART - The Poster Handbook. a Guide to the World's Greatest Posters
018562: SOUTHERN TERRY - Red Dirt Marijuana & Other Tastes
021194: SOUTHEY ROBERT - Life of Nelson
003038: 'SOUTHMET' - The Tramways of Croydon
019262: SOUTHWELL LIBBY WITH JOSEPHINE BROUARD - Monsoon Rains & Icicle Drops
017307: SPEKE JOHN HANNING - Journal of the Discovery of the Source of the Nile
019608: SPELLMAN W.K - Monarchies 1000-2000
020094: SPENCER-LONGHURST PAUL - The Sun Rising Through Vapours
016878: SPENDER STEPHEN - Ruins and Visions Poems
021236: SPICER ERNEST EVAN - The Money Market in Relation to Trade and Commerce Fourth Edition
021516: SPICK MIKE - F-15 Eagle. Osprey Combat Aircraft Series
015469: SPYRI JOHANNA - Heidi
000784: SQUIRES ROGER W - The New Navvies- a History of the Modern Waterways Restoration Movement
005811: ST JOHN CHARLES - Wild Sports & Natural History of the Highlands, with Introductrion and Notes By the Rt.hon. Sir Herbert Maxwell,BT., & Fifty Illustrations, Thirty Being Reproduced in Colour, from Pictures By G.Denholm Armour & Edward Alexander
015385: ST JOHN THOMAS DAVID - A Regional History of the Railways of Great Britain Volume 1 - the West Country
017413: ST PIERRE ENTERPRISES - Hollywood Magic Inc. St Pierre Enterprises Catalog of Magic No 11
002248: ST JOHN CHARLES - A Scottish Naturalist. The Sketches and Notes of Charles St John 1809-1856
016104: ST JOHN THOMAS DAVID - A Regional History of the Railways of Great Britain Volume 1 - the West Country
019764: STABLEFORD BRIAN M - The Empire of Fear
019785: THE STAFF OF MOTOR RACING MAGAZINE, EDITED BY - Motor Racing Year 1968-9
020839: STAFFORD CAROLE ANNE AND CROWE ALAN - Us Kids Growing Up in Ladywood 1945-1960
018129: STAFFORD J. MARTIN - Essays on Sexuality & Ethics : Homosexuality and Education
022175: STAFFORD DAVID - Ten Days to D-day Countdown to the Liberation of Europe
019738: STAIB BJORN - Across Greenland in Nansen's Track
017215: STALL MIKE - The Wet Job
017216: STALL MIKE - The Deadly Charade
007191: STANSKY PETER & ABRAHAMS WILLIAM - The Unknown Orwell
007187: STANSKY PETER & ABRAHAMS WILLIAM - Orwell: The Transformation
016011: STANWOOD DONALD A - The Memory of Eva Ryker
011180: STAPLES MARY JANE - A Sign of the Times
019247: STARBUCK WILLIAM H - `the Production of Knowledge the Challenge of Social Science Research
018644: STARKEY DAVID - Henry VIII a European Court in England
016672: STARLING BELINDA - The Journal of Dora Damage
022111: STARR RINGO - Postcards from the Boys
019306: STARSMORE IAN - English Fairs
021527: STEAD G.F - "whatever the wetherby"
016005: STEADMAN RALPH - Between the Eyes
020656: STEARN WILLIAM T - The National History Museum at South Kensington. a History of the British Museum (natural history) 1753-1980)
021216: STEDMAN CAPTAIN JOHN NEWLY EDITED AND ABRIDGED BY CHRISTOPHER BRYANT - Expedition to Surinam Being the Narrative of Five Years Expedition Against the Revolted Negroes of Surinam in Guiana on the Wild Coast of South America from the Year 1772 to 1777 Elucidating That Country and Describing Its Productios
012471: STEED NEVILLE - Tinplate a Peter Marklin Mystery
018534: STEFAN MARTIN, TRAVIS MIKE & MURRAY ROBIN - An Atlas of Schizophrenia, the Encyclopedia of Visual Medicine Sereis
012130: STEIG WILLIAM - Wizzil
014369: STEPPLER GLENN A - Britons to Arms! The Story of the British Volunteer Soldier
004311: STERN D.A (COMPILED BY) - The Blair Witrch Project - a Dossier.
008637: STEVENS JOAN & GEE NIGEL - The Channel Islands, the New Shell Guides
014138: STEVENS JOAN & JEE NIGEL - The Channel Islands the New Shell Guides
015186: STEVENS PHILIP A - The Leicester and Melton Mowbray Navigations
020918: STEVENSON ANNE - Bitter Fame a Life of Sylvia Plath
019231: STEVENSON ROBERT LOUIS & GRANT ALAN - Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and My Hyde a Graphic Novel in Full Colour
015430: STEVENSON PETER - The Nutbrook Canal Derbyshire
003114: STEVENSON ROBERT LOUIS - A Child's Garden of Verses
021721: STEWART PAUL & RIDDELL CHRIS - Vox, the Edge Chronicles Volume 6
022066: STEWART DESMOND - T.E. Lawrence a New Biography
005371: STEWART J.I.M - Parlour 4 and Other Stories
020360: STEWART TOM - Fifty Popular Flkies and How to Tie Them volumes 1 to 4
008588: STINE R.L - Nightmare Hour, Time for Terror, Ten New Stories By R.L Stine
017342: STIRK DAVID - Carry Your Bag, sir? a History of Golf's Caddies
019720: STOCKDALE F.W.L - Excursions Through Cornwall 1824
013827: STOCKER MARGARITA - An Introduction to the Variety of Criticism Paradise Lost. The Critics Debatei
018757: STOCKTON FRANK R - The Griffin and the Minor Canon
006751: STOCKWIN JULIAN - Artemis
004410: STONE WILLIAM S - The Ship of Flame, a Saga of the South Seas
005690: STONE JEAN & BRODIE LOUISE - Tales of the Old Gardeners
021382: STONE LAWRENCE - Road to Divorce England 1530-1987
013195: STONE BERNARD & ROSS TONY - The Tale of Admiral Mouse
021203: STONEY BARBARA - Enid Blyton the Biograhy
019220: STRANG ALICE - Consider the Lilies, Scottish Painting 1910 -1980 from the Collection of the City of Dundee
020741: STRANG HERBERT - The Flying Boat a Story of Adventure and Misadventure
020800: STRANGE THOMAS ARTHUR - English Furniture, Decoration, Woodwork & Allied Arts During the Last Half of the Seventeenth Century. The Whole of the Eighteenth Century., And the Earlier Part of the Nineteenth. a Guide to Collectors. 3,500 Illustrations.
017933: STRANGE IAN - The Bird Man an Autobiography, the Modern Successor to Audubon
020882: STRASSER CHARLES G - From Refugee to OBE
012609: VAN STRATEN MICHAEL - Michael Van Straten's Organic Living
021978: STRAWSON JOHN - Beggars in Red the British Army 1789-1889
019113: STRODE WILLIAM EDITED BY - Old Christmases
016523: STRONG JEREMY - The Karate Princess in Monsta Trouble
022083: STRONG ROY - Visions of England
018917: STRONGE SUSAN INTRODUCTION BY - Indian Architectural Designs
011750: STUART VIVIAN - Sailors on Horseback
011729: STUART VIVIAN - The Valiant sailors
006704: STUBBS J.W - Freemasonry in My Life, Sir James Stubbs KCVO Grand Secretary 1958-1980, United Grand Lodge of England
021640: STURDEVANT SAUNDRA POLLOCK & STOLTZFUS - Let the Good Times Roll. Prostitution and the US Military in asia
005027: STYLES SHOWELL - Introduction to Moiuntaineering
011761: STYLES SHOWELL - Quinn at Trafalgar
016484: STYRON WILLIAM - Darkness Visible a Memoir of Madness
009433: SULLIVAN TOD - Gerry Anderson's Joe 90 and the Raiders
021208: SULLIVAN PAT - Felix Le Chat
017432: SUMMERFIELD R.J & BUNTING A.H EDITED BY - Advances in Legume Science
022010: SUMMERHAYS R.S - The Observer's Book of Horses & Ponies
021952: SUSSKIND LARRY ET AL EDITED BY - Transboundary Environmental Negotitaion New Approaches to Global Cooperation
015005: SUSSMAN PETER Y - Decca, the Letters of Jessica Mitford
018615: SUTCLIFF ROSEMARY - Brother Dusty-feet
016175: SUTCLIFF ROSEMARY - The Minstrel and the Dragon Pup
020583: SUTHERLAND JOAN - The Autobiography of Joan Sutherland a Prima Donna's Progress
011428: SUTHREN VICTOR - The Black Cockade
016837: SUTTON-GOOLD P.M - Decorative Leadwork Shire Album 248
022038: SWAIN ROBERT - Lancaster a History & Clebration
020451: SWAIN CAROL - Invasion of the Mind Sappers
019356: SWALLOW BOB - Against the Grade Working on the Settle-Carlisle Railway
020843: SWARUP VIKAS - The Accidental Apprentice
015528: SWEENEY JOHN - Purple Homicide Fear and Loathing on Knutsford Heath, Martin Bell Versus the Hamiltons, a Pantomime
005259: SWEETMAN JOHN - A Dictionary of European Land Battles from the Earliest Times to 1945
010290: SWIFT GRAHAM - Last Orders
004911: SWIFT GRAHAM - Out of This World
022060: SWIFT GRAHAM - Waterland
018221: SWIFT JONATHAN - Gulliver's Travels No. 253 the Story as Told on the Backs of the Cards
021210: SWIFT JONATHAN - Gilliver's Travels Into Several Remote Nations of the World, Including the Voyages to Lilliput. Brobdingnag, Laputa, Balnibarbi, Luggnnagg. Glubbdubdrib, and Japana
016866: SYKES ERIC - The Great Crime of Grapplewick
016730: SYKES ERIC - Smelling of Roses
016400: SYMONS MITCHELL - Where Do Nudists Keep Their hankies? .And Other Adult Questions You Always Wanted to Ask
022120: SYNGE PATRICK M - Flowers and Colour in Winter
010470: SYSON LESLIE - The Watermills of Britain
020235: TABNER BRIAN - Through the Turnstiles
016733: TACEY S.W - Derbyshire County Cricket Year Book 1994
016732: TACEY S.W - Derbyshire County Cricket Year Book 1995
019016: TAHIR NAVEED AHMAD EDITED BY - Immigration to Europe from South Asia and the Muslim World
022157: TALBOT ROB & WHITEMAN ROBIN - Lakeland Landscapes
016955: TALL SUSAN & SUNLEY BETTY - Kenilworth and the Great War a Tribute to the Fallen
010733: TANGYE NIGEL - A Girl, a Boy and a Gannet, a Tale of the Cornish Coast
013281: TANGYE DEREK - A Cat Affair
015149: TANGYE DEREK - The World of Minack
012013: TANGYE DEREK - The Evening Gull
002674: TANGYE DEREK - The Evening Gull
018681: TANGYE DEREK - When the Winds Blow
018873: TANGYE DEREK - When the Winds Blows
016003: TANNAHILL REAY - Sex in History
022094: TARG WILLIAM EDITED WITH AN INTRODUCTION AND NOTES BY - Bibliophile in the Nursery a Bookman's Treasury of collectors' Lore on Old and Rare Children's Books
020117: LE TARGAT FRANCOIS - Chagall
017506: TATARSKY DANIEL EDITED BY - Eagle Annual the Best of the 1950s Comic Features Dan Dare the Greatest Comic Strip of All Time
019580: TATTOOFINDER.COM - Tattoo-Pedia Choose from Over 1,000 of the Hottest Tattoo Designs for Your New ink!
021997: TAYLER JEFFREY - A River of White Nights a Siberian River Odyssey
020579: TAYLOR CHRISTOPHER - The Making of the English Landscape Dorset
022189: TAYLOR JAMES - The Voyage of the Beagle. Darwin's Exrraordinary Aboard Fitzroy's Famous Survey Ship
008682: TAYLOR JUDY - That Naughty Rabbit, Beatrix Potter and Peter Rabbit
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018512: WATSON WINIFRED - Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day
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021762: WHATMORE RICHARD & YOUNG BRIAN EDITIORS - Intellectual History
020261: WHEATCROFT GEOFFREY - The Randlords the Men Who Made South Africaq
021188: WHEATLEY DENNIS & J.G LINKS - Dennis Wheatley Presents a third Murder mystery Planned By J G Links Who the Mallinsay Massacre
000751: WHINNEY BOB - The U-boat Peril-a Fight for Survival
015213: WHIPPLE DOROTHY - Someone at a Distance
008576: WHISTLER LAURENCE - The Image on the Glass
019497: WHITE STEPHEN R - A Space for Unknowing the Place of Agnosis in Faith
019790: WHITE ANTONIA TRANSLATED BY - The Stories of Colette
021444: WHITE MARCO PIERRE - Wild Food from Land and Sea
002333: WHITE PATRICK - The Twyborn Affair
019251: WHITE MARCO PIERRE - The Mirabelle Cookbook
014694: WHITE CRAWFORD - News Chronicle Cricket Annual 1959
014695: WHITE CRAWFORD - News Chronicle Cricket Annual 1958
014697: WHITE CRAWFORD - News Chronicle Cricket Annual 1957
010986: WHITEHEAD R.A - Kaleidoscope of Traction Engines
019017: WHITEHEAD R.A - Garretts of Leiston 1778-1964
020363: WHITEHOUSE DAVID - One Small Step the Inside Story of Space Exploration
008809: WHITEHOUSE ARCH - Subs and Submariners
017780: WHITEMAN ROBIN INTRODUCTION BY ELLIS PETERS - The Cadfael Companion, the World of Brother Cadfael Fully Revised & Updated
006328: WHITFIELD PETER - New Found Lands, Maps in the History of Exploration
021856: WHITING CHARLES - American Eagles the 101st Airborne's Assault on Fortress Europe 1944/45
021638: WHITTON BLAIR - American Clockwork Toys 1862-1900
015147: WHITWORTH DOUGLAS COMPILED BY - Nottingham 1897-1947 the Archive Photographs Series
018636: WHITWORTH RODNEY - Merseyside at War, a Day-By-day Diary of the 1940-1941 Bombing
020417: WHITWORTH JOHN MCKELVIE - God's Blueprints a Sociological Study of Three Utopian Sects
015578: WHITWORTH DOUGLAS COMPILED BY - Nottingham 1897-1947 the Archive Photographs Series
013171: WHYTE BETSY - The Yellow on the Broom the Early Days of a Traveller Woman
003229: WICKS BEN - Waiting for the All Clear. True Stories from Survivors of the Blitz
019145: WICKS BEN - Dawn of the Promised Land the Creation of Israel
018357: WIILIAMS GORDON - Shakespeare, Sex and the Print Revolution
021193: WILDE OSCAR - The Portrait of Mr. W. H
009400: WILDE NICHOLAS - Sir Bertie & the Wyvern
021834: WILDE LYN WEBSTER - On the Trial of the Women Warriors
021547: WILDER AMOS N - Armageddon Revisited, a World War 1 Journal
020449: WILDFOOT WEBLEY - Torch, Wood & Pheasants Adventures in British Sci-fi
012055: WILDSMITH BRIAN - Animal Tricks
016860: WILKIE JIM - An Illustrated History of Farm Implements
020133: WILKINS KIRBY - Vanishing
003074: WILKINSON BARRY - The Diverting Adventures of Tom Thumb
014132: WILKINSON ROY - Chronicles of the Newdegates and the Three Manors
018094: WILKINSON F - BADGES OF THE BRITISH ARMY 1820-1960 an Illustrated Guide for Collectors, c/w Price-Guide
021380: WILKINSON KEITH - Manx Murders, 150 Years of Island Madness, Mayhem and Manslaughter
021666: WILKINSON ALAN - Barnard Castle Historic Market Town
021006: WILLETT JOHN & MANNHEIM RALPH - Bertolt Brecht, Short Stories 1921-1946
006736: WILLIAMS GUY R - The World of Model Cars
009305: WILLIAMS AUDREY AND FRERE SHEPPARD - Roman Canterbury, an Account of the Excavations in Butchery Lane, Christmas 1945 and Easter 1946
020964: WILLIAMS STEWART - Stewart Williams Cardiff Yesterday No 2
021794: WILLIAMS TONY & PESKETT ROY - Rothmans Football Yearbook 1971-72 2nd Year
014115: WILLIAMS MICHAEL - John Deere Two-Cylinder Tractors
017819: WILLIAMS ERIC - The Tunnel Sequel to the Wooden Horse
017664: WILLIAMS LAURA MORRY - My Many Moons Poems
017801: WILLIAMS GLANMOR - Wales and the Reformation
021217: WILLIAMS ARCHIBALD - The Marvels of Railways. Interesting Accounts of the Ridse & Development of Railroad Systems in Many Parts of the World. With Illustrations
018904: WILLIAMS ANDREW - D-Day to Berlin
009428: WILLIAMSON REGINALD ROSS - Ackermann's Cambridge
011203: WILLIAMSON HENRY - Scribbling Lark
014442: WILLIAMSON KEVIN ED. - Children of Albion Rovers. Irvine Welsh; Alan Warner; Gordon Legge; James Meek; Laura j Hird; Paul Reekie
004395: WILLIAMSON HENRY - The Sun in the Sands
019869: WILLIS CLINT EDITED BY - Climb, Stories of Survival from Rock Snow and Ice
016529: WILLOCK COLIN - Coarse Fishing
020825: WILLY COLETTE - Sept Dialogues De Betes, Illustre De Quatre-Vingt-dix Dessins De Jacques Name
016975: WILSON ANDREW - The Restored Railways of Yorkshire and Lancashire
007362: WILSON ARTHUR M.A (EDITED BY - Dad's Army, the Defence of a Front Line English Village
007358: WILSON BRIAN R - Magic and the Millenium, a Sociological Study of Religious Movements of Protest Among Tribal and Thrid World Peoples
008636: WILSON JACQUELINE - Dustbin Baby
008635: WILSON JACQUELINE - Vicky Angel
011289: WILSON JACQUELINE - Secrets
011292: WILSON JACQUELINE - Girls in Tears
012182: WILSON JACQUELINE - The Cat Mummy
001441: WILSON T.K 'BROUGHTON POINT' - The Trout Spinner's Compoanion
021983: WILSON BEN - The Laughter of Triumph William Hone and the Fight for the Free Press
019048: WILSON DEREK - Dark and Light the Story of the Guinness Family
016559: WILSON JACQUELINE - The Power of the Shade
021224: WILSON JACQUELINE - Truth or Dare
020218: WILSON MURIEL FOREWORD BY - Wearing Glass Contemporary jewellery and Body Adornment
020726: WILTSHIRE STEPHEN - Floating Cities. Venice, Amsterdam, Leningrad - and Moscow
021484: WILTSHIRE STEPHEN - Floating Cities. Venice, Amsterdam, Leningrad - and Moscow
019524: WILTSHIRE STEPHEN - Floating Cities. Venice, Amsterdam, Leningrad - and Moscow
019397: WINDMILL BRIAN - Bomb Squad a Detective Inspector Molly Watson Novel
019398: WINDMILL BRIAN - drug Squad a DI Molly Watson Novel
021739: WINDROW MARTIN C - Aircraft Profiles 97-132
016336: WINDSOR-RICHARDS A - More Stories of the Wild: Vix the Story of a Fox Cub; the Badgers of Bearshanks Wood
014157: WINDSOR-RICHARDS A - The Birds of the Lonely Lake
015013: WINSPEAR JACQUELINE - Pardonable Lies a Maisie Dobbs Mystery
016858: WINSTONE REECE PREFACE BY JOHN APPLEBY - Bristol's Trams Celebrating a Century of Public Transport
019936: WINSTONE REECE PREFACE BY VIVIAN OGILVIE - Bristol as it Was 1874-1866
015814: WINSTONE REECE - Bristol as it Was 1879-1874 150 Photographs from the Reece Winstone Collection
003641: WINTER DAVID - New Singer, New Song. The Cliff Richard Story
003727: WINTERSON JEANETTE - Art and Lies, a Piece for Three Voices and a Bawd
021835: WINTERSON JEANETTE, ARMSTRONG KAREN, ATWOOD MARGARET, PULLMAN PHILIP - The Myths: Weight The myth of Atlas and Heracles; a Short History of Myth; the Penelopiad; a Word or Two About Myths
021379: WISE DAVID BURGESS - The Illustrated Encyclopedia of the World's Automobiles, More Than 4000 Enties 1862 to the Present Day
022113: WISE KATHY - Intarsia Woodworking for Beginners 25 Shill-Building Projects
020992: WITTON DON - Euphorbias
017071: WODEHOUSE P.G - Galahad at Blandings
017068: WODEHOUSE P.G - Meet Mr Mulliner
016925: WODEHOUSE P.G - The Adventures of Sally
020890: WODEHOUSE P.G - Joy in the Morning
016930: WODEHOUSE P.G & BOVILL C.H - A Man of Means
007275: WOLFENDEN JOAN - The Satisfaction of Stitchery, Handwritten By the Author and Illustrated with Her Work
019028: WOLFF KONRAD - Masters of the Keyboard, Individual Style Elements in the Paino Music of Bach, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Chopin, and Brahms. Enlarged Edition
021738: WOLFMAN MARY, GRUENWALD MARK ET AL - Essential Spider-woman Vol 1
020111: WOLSCHKE-BULMAHN JOACHIM - Dumbarton Oaks Conversations, 1944-1994 a Look Behind the Scenes an Exhibition Catalogue
020982: WOOD PETER - Olicana's Children , Ilkley Grammar School 1607-2007
019283: WOOD A.M MUIR & FLEMING C.A - Coastal Hydraulics Second Edition
000417: WOOD JOHN - Mountain Traik. The Pennine Way from the Peak to the cheviots
002169: WOOD G BERNARD - Historic Homes of Yorkshire
016694: WOOD DAVID & ALAN - The Times Guide to the European Parliament 1979
021529: WOOD KENNETH - Rich Seams Manchester Geological and Mining Society 1838-1988
017046: WOOD JONATHAN - The Rolls-Royce Shire Album No 198
018918: WOOD JONATHAN - Speed in Style the Origins and Development of the Grand Touring Car
019153: WOODFORDE CHRISTOPHER - Stained Glass in Somerset 1250-1830
001577: WOODLAND LES - Cycle Racing and Touring
002505: WOODMAN RICHARD - A Private Revenge
002059: WOODMAN RICHARD - The Guineaman
002504: WOODMAN RICHARD - Under False Colours. a Nathaniel Drinkwater Novel
020431: WOODMAN RICHARD ET AL - The Victory of Seapower Winning the Napoleonic War 1806-1814
016630: WOODMAN RICHARD - Baltic Mission a Nathaniel Drinkwater Novel
014556: WOODWARD C DOUGLAS - BSI the Story of Standards
007153: WOOLF CECIL (EDITED_ - FR Rolfe, Baron Corvo, Collected Poems
017024: WOOLLEY CHARLES WITH BILL CRAWFORD - Echoes of Eagles a Son's Search for His Father and the Legacy of America's First Fighter Pilots
020396: WOOLLEY HANNAH - The Gentlewoman's Companion or, a Guide to the Female Sex. The Complete Text of 1675 with an Introduction By Caterno Albano
014690: WRAGG DAVID - Flight with Power the First Ten Years
003391: WRANGLES ALAN (ED) - Salmon and Sea Trout Fishing
013742: WRIGHT PETER WITH GREENGRASS PAUL - Spycatcher - the Candid Autobiography of a Senior Intelligence Officer
011361: WRIGHT CHARLES - Old Farm Tractors
011372: WRIGHT PHILIP - Traction Engines
022012: WRIGHT GORDON - The Cavalry Manual of Horsemanship & Horsemastership Education of a Rider. The Official Manual of the United States Cavalry School at Fort Riley
018188: WRIGHT ANNE - The Black and the White
021023: WRIGHT PETER WITH GREENGRASS PAUL - Spycatcher. At last! The Spy Book of the Century
015595: WRIGHT CHRISTOPHER JOHN - A Guide to the Pennine Way
022194: WRIGHT THOMAS - The Town of Cowper or the Literary and Historical Associations of Olney and Its Neighbourhood with Photographs and Wood engravings
021855: WRIGHT J LEITCH - The Only Land They Knew. American Indians in the Old South
020952: WRIGHT GRAEME EDITED BY - Wisden at Lord's an Illustrated Anthology
004435: WYLLIE STEPHEN - The Two wizards, with Nine Magical Holograms
000848: WYSS J.R - The Swiss Family Robinson
019958: YAKIRTZIS IRAKLIS D - Treaures of Lesvos Icons from the Ecclesiastical Museum of Mytilene
002648: YARBRO CHELSEA QUINN - Cautionary Tales
014395: YARWOOD DOREEN - The British Kitchen Housewifery Since Roman Times
009128: YARWOOD DOREEN - Outline of English Costume
003544: YATES D - B-Berry and I Look Back
015826: YEOMAN JOHN & BLAKE QUENTIN - The princes' Gifts Magic Folktales from Around the World
012798: YEOMAN JOHN & BLAKE QUENTIN - The princes' Gifts Magic Folktales from Around the World
010179: YEOMAN JOHN & BLAKE QUENTIN - The Family Album
012800: YEOMAN JOHN & BLAKE QUENTIN - Mr Nodd's Ark
011562: YEOMAN JOHN & BLAKE QUENTIN - Our Village
019436: YIGITCANLAR TAN, VELIBEYOGLU KORAY & BAUM SCOTT - Creative Urban Regions Harnessing Urban Technologies to Support Knowledge City Initiatives
021927: YOAKIM JIM EDITED BY - Calcium Made Interesting By Monty Python's Graham Chapman Sketches, Letters, Essays & Gondolas.
001992: YOLEN JANE - The Minstrel and the Mountain a Tale of Peace
003462: YORKE MARGARET - Almost the Truth
008649: YOUNG PETER - Marston Moor 1644
010699: YOUNG HELEN - What Difference Does it Make, Danny? (signed copy)
001297: YOUNG PETER, & ADAIR JOHN - Hastings to Culloden - Battlefields in Britain
004507: YOUNG PERCY - Elgar O.M
021696: YOUNGER CALTON - No Flight from the Cage. The Compelling Memoir of a Bomber Command Prisoner of War During the Second World War
017373: ZACKS RICHARD - An Underground Education the Unauthorized and Outrageous Supplement Tp Everything You Thought You Knew About Art, Sex, Business, Crime Science, Science, Medicine, and Other Fields of Humazn Knowledge
021937: ZAELLONI UMBERTO - Formula Ferrari the First Official Inside Story of the Most Successful Team in the History of Formula 1
022080: ZHANG WARREN & MOHAPATRA HEMANT - Successful Personal Statements to Get You Into a Top University. 50 Real-life Examples - and Analysis to Show Why They Successed
001599: ZIEGLER PHILIP - The Black Death
017366: ZYTARUK GEORGE J EDITED BY - The Quest for Rananim D.H Lawrence's Letters SS. Koteliansky 1914-1930

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