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013598: DAVIS DOROTHY SALISBURY - A Gentleman Called
011068: DAVIS WILLIAM EDITED BY - The Punch Bedside Book
021729: DAVIS S C H 'SAMMY' COMPILED AND EDITED BY PETER HEILBRON - My Lifetime in Motorsport. His Final Autobiography with Log Book for 1913-14
021149: DAVIS SUSAN LAWRENCE - Authentic History Ku Klux Klan 1865-1877
017269: DAVIS LINDSEY - A Dying Light in Cordoba
019559: DAVIS TODD F & WOMACK KENNETH - Formailist Criticism and Reader-Response Theory
020877: DAVY ROGER - Waste Matters Faces from a Yorkshire Textile Mill Still Run By One Family After More Than a Century
021639: DAVY J - An Account of the Interior of Ceylon and of Its Inhabitantswith Travels in That Island
022000: DAWKINS RICHARD - River Out of Eden (science masters)
017334: DAY BARRY - This Wooden 'O' Shakespeare's Globe Reborn, the Official Story with a Foreword By Sir John Gielgud
014197: DAY FREDERICK T - Gummed Strip and Paper Modelling
015331: DAY KENNETH - Alvis the Story of the Red Triangle
020558: DAY DAVID - Echoes of War the Bevin Boy
021670: DEACON KENNETH - Howden's Airship Station
015104: DEAKIN FRED - Benny Jones a Biography
015105: DEAKIN FRED - Benny Jones a Biography
014788: DEAN SELINA EDITED BY - Pink is for Gilrs and Elegant Sweatdrop Anthology for Ladies, a 'shojo manga' Approach to Nine Short Stories
005530: DEANE SEAMUS - Reading in the Dark
019786: DEATHRIDGE JOHN - Wagner's Rienzi a Reappraisal Based on a Study of the Sketches and Drafts
013489: DEE JOHNNY - Peter Kay an Unauthorised Biography
015669: DEEDES W.F - At War with Waugh the Reall Story of Scoop
020421: DEEPING WARWICK - The Sword and the Cross
022158: DEIGHTON LEN - Len Deighton's Action Cook Book
014850: DEIGHTON LEN - Berlin Game
015004: DELAFORCE PATRICK - The Black Bull from Normandy to the Baltic with the 11th Armoured Division
020714: DELAFORCE PATRICK - MONTY'S MARAUDERS BLACK RAT AND RED FOX (4th Aremoured Brigade & 8th Armoured Brigade
021012: DELANY RUTH - The Grand Canal of Ireland
018278: DENNING TREVOR - The Playing-Cards of Spain a Guide for Historians and Collectors
019364: DENNIS GRIAN, DAYKIN JOHN, HYDE DEREK - Barnsley Football Club the Official History 1887-1998
020093: DENNISON PETER EDITED BY - The Works of Henry Purcell Volume 14, Sacred Music Part 2 Nine Anthems with Orchestral Accompaniment
016425: DENTON A.S - North Midlands Trains in the Thirties, Locomotion Papers Number 127
021291: DENTON A.S & GROVES F P - Coventry Transport Part One 1884-1940; Part Two 1940-1974
022037: DENTON TONY & LEACH NICHOLAS - Lighthouses of England the North West and Isle of Man
017293: DENVIR BERNARD EDIITED BY - The Impressionists at First Hand: Thames and Hudson World of Art
008959: DEPAOLA TOMIE - Little Grunt and the Big Egg, a Prehistoric Fairy Tale
014118: DESQUESNES REMY TRANSLATED BY PHILIPPE JUTRAS - Arromanches and the Artificial Ports
002392: DESROCHES-NOBLECOURT CHRISTIANE - Tutankhamen. Life and Deatrh of a Pharoah
009179: DIAMOND LUCY - Jesus Calls His Disciples
018279: DIBNAH FRED & HALL DAVID - Foundries and Rolling Mills Memories of Industrial Britain
018215: DICKENS CHARLES - The Holly-tree and Other Christmas Stiories - the Holly Tree, the Seven Poor Travellers, a Poor Relations Story, the Haunted House
015840: DICKENS FRANK - Bristow v Chester Perry
009406: DICKENS CHARLES - The Cricket on the Hearth
003395: DICKENS MONICA - Stranger at Follyfoot
017167: DICKINSON MATT - The Death Zone Climbing Everest Through the Killer Storm
016190: DICKINSON PATRIC - A Round of Golf Course a Selection of the Best 18 with a Foreword By Bernard Darwin
022289: DICKSON CARR JOHN - The Life of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
017026: DIEDERICH BERNARD & BURT AL - Papa Doc Haiti and Its Dictator
002342: DISNEY WALT - Miclkey Mouse Stories
002498: DISNEY WALT - Mickey Mouse Annual Still on Top
002687: DISNEY WALT - Bambi
002254: DITTRICH RUDOLF - Juggling
014242: DIXON FRANKLIN W - The Hardy Boys the Demon's Den (no 79)
016270: DOBBINS M F - Vette Vues Fact Book of the 1963-1967 Sting Ray Enlarged Fourth Edition
000742: DOBSON AUSTIN (INTRO) - Coridon's Song and Other Verses
022328: DOBSON IAN EDITED BY - Marching on Together with the Square Ball the First Twenty Years of the Leeds United Fanzine
004787: DOBYNS STEPHEN - The Two Deaths of Senora Puccini
009908: DOCHERTY TOMMY - Soccer from the Shoulder
019269: DODGSHON ROBERT A - From Chiefs to Landlords Social and Economic Change in the Western Highlands and Islands c 1493-1820
020835: DOEL FRAN & GEOFF - The Green Man in Britain
018733: DOHERTY RICHARD - A Noble Crusade the History of Eighth Army 1941-45
002756: DOHERTY PAUL - The Anubis Slayings
021473: DOLAMORE ANNE - The Essential Olive Oil Companion Recipes, Varieties, Histories, Cultivation
009366: DOMINGO PLACIDO - My First Forty Years
006610: DONACHIE DAVID - On a Making Tide, the Epic Novel of Nelson and Emma
010889: DONACHIE DAVID - The Dying Trade
002060: DONEY MALCOLM - Lennon and McCartney
020048: DONINGTON ROBERT - The Rise of Opera
022331: DORE-RIVE ISABELLE - War in a City. Lyon 1939-1945
019392: DORMAN LONG - Handbook Supplement for Constructional Engineers Containing Information Regarding Universal Beams and Column Sections Manufactured By Dorman Long (steel) Limited
019723: DOUBTFIRE DIANNE - The Craft of Novel Writing (alsion & Busby writers' Guides
015975: DOUGAN DEREK - The Sash he Never Wore
021800: DOUGHTY JACK - The Rochdale Thunderbolt
019908: DOUGLAS ALTON & MOORE DENNIS - Coventry: a Century of news:
016381: DOUGLAS ALTON AND JO - Birmingham: The War Years a 50th Anniversary Commemoration
013279: DOUGLAS ALTON & MOORE DENNIS, ADDITIONAL MATERIAL BY JO DOUGLAS - Memories of the Black Country 100 Years of Photographs
016379: DOUGLAS ALTON ET AL - Birmingham at War a Pictorial Tribute
016380: DOUGLAS ALTON ET AL - Birmingham at War Vol 2
017060: DOW GEORGE - North Staffordshire Album
016353: DOW GEORGE - The Alford & Sutton Tramway - Locomotion Papers Number One
019293: DOWER NIGEL - The Ethics of War and Peace Cosmopolitan and Other Perspectives
021629: DOWNS LINDA BAN - Diego Rivera the Detroit Industry Murals
009033: DOYLE RODDY - The Barrytown Trilogy: The Commitments, the Snapper, the Van
014283: DRABBLE PHIL - No Badgers in My Wood
014284: DRABBLE PHIL - Country Seasons Foreword By Johnny Morris
014285: DRABBLE PHIL - Country Wise
014403: DRABBLE PHIL - One Man and His Dog, a Completely New Book to Celebrate the One Hundredth Programme
021039: DRAKE PETER - Winson Green and Brookfields Images
012466: DRAZIN DAVID (COMPILED BY) - Croquet a Bibliography Specialist Books and Pamphlets Complete to 1997
016007: DREW JOHN H INTRODUCED BY - Kenilworth Castle Illustrated Original Edition C1865 Kenilworth Catle Illustrated in a Series of Lithographic Drawings By John Brandard with Descriptive Letterpress By H.T Cooke
020460: DREW JOHN H INTRODUCED BY - Yesterday's Town: Kenilworth, a Town Built Around a Castle
022057: DRIVER DRIVER COMPILED BY - The Art of Radio Times
022242: DRIVER DRIVER COMPILED BY - The Art of Radio Times
016437: DROBNY JAROSLAV - Champion in Exile the Autobiography of Jaroslav Drobny (Wimbledon Champion 1954)
009921: DUBOIS THEODORE - Death is Late to Lunch
021130: DUCKERS PETER - The British Indian Army 1860-1914
021330: DUCKETT BOB EDITED BY - The Bronte Novels 150 Years of Literary Dominance. Papers from the Bronte Society Weekend Conference, Leeds, October 1998
013765: DUDGEON PIERS - The Girl from Leam Lane the Life and Writing of Catherine Cookson
014485: DUDGEON AIR VICE-MARSHAL TONY - Wings Over North Africa a Wartime Odyssey, 1940 to 1943
015587: DUERDEN FRANK - Best Walks in the Lake District
019766: DUFFAUD BRIEGE - A Wreath Upon the Dead a Novel
011197: DUGDALE WILLIAM, WITH NOTES AND ADDITIONS BY W.F. CARTER - The Antiquities of Warwickshire Illustrated, Reprint of the Part Relating to Birmingham and Aston Juxta Birmingham
020967: VAN DULKEN STEPHEN - Inventing the American Dream. a History of Curious, Extraordinary, & Just Plain Useful Patents
015609: DUMAS PHILIPPE - Caesar the Village Cockerel
008066: DUNCAN DAVID - The Complete Manual of Racing and Betting Systems
017234: DUNCAN DAVID EWING - The Calendar the 5,000 Year Struggle to Align the Clock and the Heavens - and What Happened to the Missing Ten Days
017486: DUNICLIFF JOY - The Traveller on the Hill-top, Mary Howitt The Famous Victorian Authoress
020194: DUNLOP E.E - The War Diaries of Weary Dunlop Javca and the Burmese-Thailand Railway 1942-1945
021593: DUNLOSKY JOHN & BJORK ROBERT A - Handbook of Metamemory and Memory
010821: DUNNETT DOROTHY - Race of Scorpions (The House of Niccolo Volume 3)
022006: DUNNETT DOROTHY - queens' Play
017412: DUNNING MARTIN - Cortnish Coast Photographic Memories
010800: DUNNING ROBERT (EDITED BY) - Christianity in Somerset
018315: DURANT DAVID N - Ralegh's Lost Colony the Story of the First English Settlement in America
018911: DURRELL GERALD - The Ark's Anniversary
016834: DUSSEK IAN - Motoring Specials Shire Album 266
022392: DYMOCK ERIC - Land Rover File. 65 Anniversary Edition All Models Since 1947
021836: EARNSHAW NORA - Collecting Dolls Houses and Miniatures with Rarity Guide
019170: EASTON STEWART - New Vistas in Psychology an Anthroposophical Contribution
021894: EASTON ALISON EDITED BY - New Casebooks Angela Carter
017690: ECKENRODE H.J AND CONRAD BRYAN - George b McClellan the Man Who Saved the Union
009420: EDDINGS DAVID - The Sapphire Rose, Book Three of the Elenium
015970: EDDLESTON JOHN J - Murderous Birmingham the Executed of the Twentieth Century
020085: EDGAR PAUL - Living the Dream Behind the Scenes with the Tigers in Their First Ever Premier League Campaign 2008/09 (hull City AFC 'the Tigers'
020611: EDGINGTON JOHN & GILKS JOHN SPENCER - Trains from York (Trains from Series 1)
009274: EDMONDS E.L - The First Headship
018553: EDMONDS DAVID & EIDINOW JOHN - Wittgenstein's Poker. The Story of a Ten-Minute Argument Between Two Great Philosopher
012191: EDMUNDS MALCOLM, MITCHAM TIM, MORRIES GEOFF - Wildlife of Lancashire Exploring the Natural History of Lancashire, Manchester and North Merseyside
006313: EDWARDES MICHAEL - The Last Years of British India
021904: EDWARDES MICHAEL - The Sahibs and the Lotus, the British in India
001947: EDWARDES MICHAEL - The Battle of Plassey
017740: EDWARDES MICHAEL - Plassey: The Founding of an Empire
016051: EDWARDS KENNETH - I Wish I'd Said That; I Wish I'd Said That Too;more Things I Wish I'd Said and Some I Wish I Hadn't Boxed Setd
020163: EDWARDS CLIFF - Railway Records a Guide to Sources. Public Record Office readers' Guide
019367: EDWARDS DAVID - The Ebb & Flow
019098: EIDER PREBEN TEXT SELECTION AND PHOTOGRAPHS BY - Hans Christian Andersen's Denmark (text in English and danish)
007273: ELIOT GEORGE - Scenes of Clerical Life
016451: ELIOT T.S - Growltiger's Last Stand and Other Poems
017642: ELIOT T.S - Growltiger's Last Stand and Other Poems
005026: ELKIN JUDITH (ED) - The Puffin Book of Twentieth-Century Children's Stories
016439: ELLIMAN - animals' Treatment First Aid the Elliman E.F.A Horses. Dogs. Birds. Cattle Eighth Edition
021386: ELLIS SIAN - Around Henley-On-thames in Old Photographs
009581: ELLIS PUL - Aircraft of the U.S.A.F
009582: ELLIS PAUL - Aircraft of the R.A.F a Pictorial Record 1918-1978
009583: ELLIS PAUL - British Commercial Aircraft, Sixty Years in Pictures
016687: ELLIS KATE - The Bone Garden
005563: ELTON BEN - Popcorn
017446: ELTON G.R - The Parliament of England 1559-1581
022040: VAN EMDEN RICHARD - The Somme. The Epic Battle in the soldiers' Own Words and Photographs.
021377: EMERY NATHAN, CLAYTON NICOLA, FRITH CHRIS - Social Intelligence from Brain to Culture
016842: EMMERSON ANDREW - Old Television Shire Album 337
009303: EMMISON F.G & GRAY IRVINE - County Records
019311: EMMISON F. G - Archives and Local History
021740: EMORY JOHN M G - The Source Book of World War II Aircraft a Complete Directory and Bibliography
021282: ENEFER D ET AL - The Green Hornet Annual
022305: ENG TAN TWAN - The Garden of Evening Mists
015739: ENGEL MATTHEW EDITED BY - Wisden cricketers' Almanack 2007
010909: ENGEL HOWARD - Lord High Executioner, an Unabashed Look at Hangman, Headsmen, and Their kind`
013774: EREIRA ALAN - The Invergordon Mutiny a Narrative History of the Last Great Mutiny in the Royal Navy and How it Forced Britain Off the Gold Standard in 1931
019801: ERSKINE MRS STEUART - Trans-Jordan Some Impressions
021181: ESCOTT SQUADRON LEADER BERYL E - Our Wartime Days the WAAF in World War II
005854: ETCHISON DENNIS - California Gothic
021123: EVANS NICHOLAS - The Horse Whisperer
022393: EVANS MARTIN & 'L.B.S.C' - EVENING STAR Building a 3 and a Half Gauge B.R 2-10-0 locomotive
001655: EVANS NICHOLAS - The Horse Whisperer
017041: EVELEIGH DAVID J - Candle Lighting Shire Album 132
021456: S. EVELYN THOMAS COMPILED BY - Laughs Along the Lines.
017365: EWALD WILLIAM B JR - The Newsmen of Queen Anne
019014: FAIST THOMAS & ETTE ANDREAS EDITED BY - The Europeanization of National Policies and Politics of Immigration Between Autonomy and the European Union - Migration, Minorites and Citizenship Series
021022: FALCONER KEITH - Guide to England's Industrial Heritage
021121: FALKIRK RICHARD - Blackstone and the Scourge of Europe
020456: FANTHORPE R .L - SPACE FURY Badger Books No 77
021954: FARAGE NIGEL - Fighting Bull
003010: FARJEON ELEANOR - Dark World of Animals
019750: FARNOL JEFFERY - The Fool Beloved
022075: FARR FINIS - Black Champion the Life and Times of Jack Johnson
022077: FARR TOMMY - Thus Farr
021756: FARRAR HENRY - The Book of Hurst Including Twyford, Ruscombe, Woodley, Winnersh, Newland, Sindlesham & Sandford
013652: FARREN MICK - The Black Leather Jacket
019519: FARRER S - Christianity Without the Myths
014851: FARRIS JOHN - Shatter
018086: FARSHTEY GREG & ELLIOTT RANDY - Bionicle the Saga of Takanuva Includes 6 Comic Issues Plus New an Exclusive Matrerial
019255: FARSON DANIEL - Gilbert & George a Portrait
001887: FAULKNER-HORNE SHIRLEY - Green Trail
018803: FAULKS SEBASTIAN WRITING AS IAN FLEMING - Devil May Care a James Bond Novel
018804: FAULKS SEBASTIAN WRITING AS IAN FLEMING - Devil May Care a James Bond Novel
018177: FAUNCE HILDA - Desert Wife
021871: FAUX RONALD - Everest Goddess of the Wind
017052: FEARN JACQUEILINE - Cast Iron Shire Album No 250
022140: FEARN RAYMOND - The Music of Luigi Dallapiccola
011271: FEARNLEY ALAN - The Railway Paintings of Alan Fearnley
021719: FEAST SEAN - Master Bombers the Experinces of a Pathfinder Squadron at War 1944-1945a
019727: FEIFFER JULES - Sick Sick Sick
009408: FEIST RAYMOND - Faerie Tale
020040: FELLOWES EDMUND H - William Byrd Second Edition
019191: FELLOWES EDMUND H - The Office of the Holy Communion as Set By John Merbecke
020568: FELMINGHAM MICHAEL - The Illustrated Gift Book 1880-1930
020233: FELSTINER JOHN - The Lies of Srt Max Beerbohm's Parody & Caricature
021505: FENTON JAMES - The Memory of War Poems 1968-1982
022330: FENWICK SIMON - Trevor Frankland Between Clarity and Mystery
000624: FERBER EDNA - Saratoga Trunk
004369: FERRARS ELIZABETH - Foot in the Grave
019143: FERRIE EDDIE - Taekwondo Traditional Art & Modern Sport
020126: FEST JOACHIM - Plotting Hitler's Death the German Resistance to Hitler 1933-1945
012198: FFORDE JASPER - The Big Over Easy an Investigation with the Nursery Crime Division
021771: FIALA JIRI - The Complete Encyclopedia of Four-Wheel Drive Vehicles
017396: FIDO MARTIN - The Crimes, Detection & Death of Jack the Ripper
016390: FIEGEL EDDI - Dream a Little Dream of Me, the Life of 'mam' Cass
004518: FIELD JOHN - Place Names of Great Britain and Ireland`f
022355: FIELD JOHN WRITTEN AND COMPILED BY - The History of the World Accorfing to Giles. 50 Years of Headlines as Seen By the 20th Century's Greatest Cartoonist
022116: FIENNES RANULPH - The Sett
013222: FILLION PATRICK - Cycling. The Art of Collectibles Velocipedes Games Race Souvenirs
013612: FINCH CHRISTOPHER - The Art of Walt Disney from Micket Mouse to the Magic Kingdom
018991: FINCH BARRY J - Ploughing Engines at work.Ploughing- cultivating- Draining - Dredging
014646: FINE ANNE - In Cold Domain
011069: FINNERAN RICHARD J - The Correspondence of Robert Bridges and W.B Yeats
017485: FISHER MICHAEL - A Vision of Splendour Gothic Revival in Staffordshire 1840-1890
010246: FISHER JAMES (EDITED AND WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY) - The Natural History of Selborne
016224: FITZGIBBON CONSTANTINE - A Taste of England the West Country in Food and Pictures
017238: FITZGIBBONS JONATHAN - Cromwell's Head
017865: FLAGG FANNIE - Welcome to the World Baby Girl!
019062: FLANNERY TIM EDITED AND WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY - The Life and Adventures of John Nicol, Mariner
015586: FLAUBERT GUSTAVE - Three Tales, a New Translation By Rober Baldricka
016083: FLETCHER ALICE C - Indian Games & Dances with Native Songs Arranged from American Indian Ceremonials and Sports
016084: FLETCHER ALICE C - Indian Story & Song from North America
010031: FLICK PAULINE - Christmas Cats
001223: FLIPPO CHET - McCartney the Biography
007639: FLYNN MARY & WATSON DIANE - Witham Voices, Tempus Oral History Series
022272: FLYNN MIKE - The Great Airships. The Tragedies and Triumphs: From the Hindenburg to the Cargo Carriers of the New Millenium
019348: FOLEY WINIFRED - Full Hearts & Empty Bellies a 1920's Childhood from the Forest of Dean to the Streets of London
018678: FOLKES JOHN EDITED BY - Dogs, Goats, Bulbs and Bombs. Esther Rowley's Wartime Diaries of Exmouth and Exeter
001653: FOLLETT KEN - The Man from St Petersburg
014406: FOLLIOTT-STOKES A.G - The Cornish Coast and Moors
016720: FOOR MICHAEL - Dr Strangelove I Presume
009486: FOREMAN MICHAEL - The Boy Who Sailed with Columbus
010501: FOREMAN MICHAEL - Hello World
011001: FOREMAN MICHAEL - Michael Foreman's Christmas Treasury
014994: FOREMAN MICHAEL - After the War Was Over, Sequel to War Boy
016277: FOREMAN MICHAEL - Evie and the Man Who Helped God
015162: FOREMAN MICHAEL - War Game
017612: FOREMAN MICHAEL - War Game
017525: FORESTER C.S - The Good Shepherd
001582: FORESTER C.S - The Sky and the Forest
015544: FORESTER C.S - Captian Hornblower R.N
013045: FORESTER C.S - The Good Shepherd
021624: FORMICA SERENA - Peter Weir a Creative Journey from Australia to Hollywood
017025: FORSTER MARGARET ELIZABETH - Churchill's Grandma Frances 7th Duchess of Marlborough
001103: FORSTER E.M - Nordic Twilight
001203: FORSTER E.M - Virginia Woolf
004119: FORSTER MARGARET - mothers' Boys
018896: FORSTER ERIC - The Pit Children. Northern History Booklet No 83
012375: FORTUNE CHARLES - The Australians in England 1961
018648: FOSS CHRISTOPHER F - Artillery of the World
018649: FOSS CHRISTOPHER F - Armoured Fighting Vehicles of the World
022340: FOSTER MURIEL - Days on Sea, Loch and River. a Fishing Diary Compiled and Illustrated By Muriel Foster Between 1913 and 1928
021371: FOTHERINGHAM WILLIAM - Cyclopedia. It's All About the Bike
018484: FOUNTAIN NIGEL CONSULTING EDITIOR - Women at War Voices from the Twentieth Century from the Imperial War Museum
021120: FOWLES JON - The French Lieutenant's Woman
019129: FOX DEREK - Growing Lilies
002649: FOX ANGELO - Slightly Foxed By My Theatrical Family
019834: FOX PETER & WEBSTER NEIL - Preserved Locomotives and Multiple Units. Steam, Diesel & Electric Locomotives. Diesel & Electric Multiple Units. Also Includes Locos in Industrial Service 6th edition
019835: FOX PETER & JOHNSTON HOWARD - Preserved Locomotives and Multiple Units. Steam, Diesel & Electric Locomotives. Diesel & Electric Multiple Units. Also Includes Locos in Industrial Service 3rd edition
021795: FOXON TOM - No. 1
013539: FOXON TOM - Anderton for Orders. Memoirs of a Working Boatman in the Early 1950's
010305: FRANCE ANATOLE - The Merrie Tales of Jacques Tournebroche
000419: FRANCIS DICK & WELCOME JOHN (EDS.) - The Racing Man's Bedside Book
004246: FRANCIS DICK - Second Wind
009360: FRANCIS DCK - Straight
013606: FRANCIS DICK - In the Frame
002009: FRANCIS DCK - To the Hilt
002010: FRANCIS DICK - 10lb Penalty
002011: FRANCIS DICK - Come to Grief
016068: FRANCIS DCK - Enquiry
003567: FRANCIS DCK - Field of 13
008801: FRANCIS DCK - Lester the Official Biography
010410: FRANCIS DICK - Risk
022069: FRANCIS TREVOR FOREWORD BY - Birmingham City a Nostalgic Look at a Century of the Club from the Archives of the Daily Mirror
000206: FRANCISDICK - Lester - the Official Biography
015758: FRANCOME JOHN - Break Neck
002066: FRANKS NORMAN - The Battle of the Airfields 1st January 1945
014701: FRANKS ELAINE & JOHN - River Days
020793: FRANSSEN P.J.C.M - The Mystic Winepress a Religious Image in English Poetry 1500-1700
010226: FRASER ANTONIA - Mary Queen of Scots
011735: FRASER GEORGE MACDONALD - McAuslan in the Rough
021657: FRAWLEY GERARD - The International Directory of Military Aircraft 1998/99
017666: FREELY JOHN - Istanbul the Imperial City
020801: FREEMAN ROHAN - Pricewaterhousecoopers Informationand Technology in the Supply Chain. Making Technology Pay
004669: FRIEDMAN BRUCE JAY - The Dick
021537: FRINDALL BILL COMPILED AND EDITED BY - The Wisden Book of Cricket Records
015626: FRITCHIE RENNIE & LEARY MALCOLM - Resolving Conflicts in Organizations a Practicla Guide for Managers
022326: FROOME JOYCE - Wicked Enchantments a History of the Pendle Witches & Their Magic
015011: FROST A.L - Billy the Buck Jumper
022358: FROST DAVID WITH BOB ZELNICK - Frost Nixon. One Journalist, One Preisident, One confession
014532: FROST LAURIE - Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials the Definitive Guide
016874: FROST CONRAD - Fishing with Terry and Son from the Daily Express
021576: FROST TERRY - Bradford Park Avenue Who's Who. The Football League Years 1908-1970
022327: FROST TERRY - Bradford Park Avenue Who's Who. The Football League Years 1908-1970
006212: FROSTICK MICHAEL (EDITED BY) - Grand Prix, British Racing Drivers Club 1968/69
000117: FRY PLANTAGENET - The David and Charles Book of Castles
020278: FRY PETER FOREWORD BY BERNANRD GALLACHER - Samuel Ryder the Man Behind the Ryder Cup
020960: FRY MICHAEL - Wild Scots Four Hundred Years of Highland History
009447: FULFORD ROGER (ED) - Votes for Women, the Stroy of a Struggleo
013972: FULLER ALEXANDRA - Don't Let's go to the Dogs Tonight , an African Childhood
019043: FULLER BRYONY - Tom Dreaper and His Horses, Introduction By Anne, Duchess of Westminster
017233: FULTON DAVID - The captains' Tales Battle for the Ashes, Based on Interviews with Ashes Captains Since 1981
017929: FUNKE CORNELIA - The Thief Lord
017299: FUNKE CORNELIA - The Thief Lord
020806: FURNISS-ROE BILL - BeIleved Safe a Fighter Pilot's Double Escapade
020339: FURNIVALL FREDERICK J RE-EDITED BY - Captain Cox His Ballads and Books; or, Robert Laneham's Letter: Wherein Part of the Entertainment Unto o the Queens Majesty at Killingworth Castl, in Warwick Sheer in This Summers Progress 1575 is Signified; from a Freend Officer Attendant in the Court
011005: FYFIELD FRANCES - The Nature of the Beast
011006: FYFIELD FRANCES - Undercurrents
021799: FYNES-CLINTON O. H - The Welsh Vocabulary in the Bangor District in Two Volumes
022127: GABRIEL PEGGY - Hip Replacement or Hip Resurfacing a Story of Choices
009446: GALBRAITH JOHN KENNETH - The New Industrial Soviety
015823: GALE W.K.V - Ironworking Shire Album 64
014473: GALE W.K.V - A History of the Pensnett Railway
021717: GALE IAIN - Four Days in June. Waterloo: a Battle for Honour and Glory
022063: GALL CAROLINE - Zulus Black White an d Blue: The Story of the Zulu Warriors Football Firm
021682: GALLAGHER ROB - The Rickshaws of Bangladesh
001558: GALLIX FRANCOIS (ED) - T.H.White Letters to a Friend. The Correspondence Between T.H.White and L,J,Potts
015774: GALT JOHN - Annals of Ther Parish or the Chronicle of Dalmailing During the Ministry of the Rev. Micah Balwhidder Written By Himself and Edited By John Galt
006547: GALTON ALAN AND SIMPSON RAY - Hancock's Half Hour
007400: GALTON ALAN AND SIMPSON RAY - Hancock's Half Hour
014250: GALTON ALAN AND SIMPSON RAY - The Best of Hancock, Classics from the Television Series
022284: GALTON ALAN AND SIMPSON RAY - The Lost Hancock Scripts
013849: GALTON ALAN AND SIMPSON RAY - Hancock's Half Hour
014203: GALTON ALAN AND SIMPSON RAY - Hancock's Half Hour
015383: GALTON ALAN AND SIMPSON RAY - Hancock's Half Hour
018292: GALTON ALAN AND SIMPSON RAY - The Best of Hancock, Classics from the Television Series
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018914: HAUXWELL HANNAH WITH BARRY COCKCROFT - Innocent Abroad the Travels of Miss Hannah Hauxwell
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013755: HAWORTH DON - The Fred Dibnah Story
014496: HAWORTH DON - The Fred Dibnah Story
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021816: HEDGES LEN P - Enduring Spirit Convicts or Colonists the True Story of Henry Kahle and Susannah Holmes
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019400: HENRY ANDREW - Today's the Day Newcastle United 121 Years of History in 365 Days
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019233: HEWARD CHRISTINE - Making a Man of Him, Parents and Their sons' Education at an English Public School 1929-50
019188: HEYWOOD FREDA, MALCOLM AND BRIAN - Cloth Caps & Cricket Crazy Todmorden and Cricket 1835-1896
001483: HIBBERT CHRISTOPHER - The Court of St. James's - the Monarch at Work from Victoria to Elizabeth 11
022172: HIBBERT CHRISTOPHER EDITED AND INTRODUCED BY - A Soldier of the Seventy-First, a Journal of a Soldier in the Peninsular War
022096: HICK FRANK L - That Was My Railway from Ploughman's Kid to Railway Boss, 1922-1969
000170: HICKIN NORMAN E. - African Notebook - the Notes of a Biologist in East Africa.
018342: HICKMAN TREVOR - Historic Cheeses Leicestershire, Stilton & Stichelton
021804: HICKS HARRIET - Springtime in Roseland
021822: HICKS HARRIET - Goiung Away for the Winter
000727: HIGGINS JACK - Luciano's Luck
007701: HIGGINS TOM - Plat Du Jour, an English Restaurant in Lyons
011942: HIGGS MIKE (COMPILED BY - The Second Deluxe Collector's Edition of Dan Dare Pilot of the Future Featuring the Red Moon Mystery and Marooned on Mercury
021435: HIGGS EDWARD - Making Sense Oif the Cencus. The Manuscript Returns for England an Wales, 1801-1901
016359: HIGSON CHARLIE - Hurricane Gold
016360: HIGSON CHARLIE - By Royal Command
015776: HILDER ROWLAND - Horse Play a Necessary Book on the Lighter Side of Riding
021338: HILDICK E.W - Jim Starling
021658: HILDRED STAFFORD - The Secret Life of Wallander, an Unoffiicial Guide to the Swedish Detective Taking the Literary World By Storm
020916: HILL LORNA - Rosanna Joins the Wells a Junior Novel
021712: HILL MAVIS M AND WILLIAMS L NORMAN - Auswitz in England a Recorde of a Libel Action Foreword By Lord Denning
008252: HILL SUSAN (EDITED BY) - The Walker Book of Ghost Stories
011629: HILL; STUART - The Cry of the Icemark
010192: HILL REGINALD - Under World , a Dalziel and Pascoe Novel
004717: HILL PORTER - China Flyer, the Third Adam Horne Adventure
021439: HILL JONATHAN - Radio! Radio!
015915: HILL C.W - Collecting Cigarette & Trade Cards with Price Guide
021981: HILL ALAN - The Bedsers Twinning Triumphs
000984: HILLABY JOHN (ED) - Walking in Britain
000066: HILLIER J - The Japanese Print - a new Approach
021417: HILTON CHRISTOPHER & BLUNSDEN JON - Champions! Hawthorn, Hill, Clark,asurtees, Stewart, Hunt, Mansell
019041: HILTON CHRISTOPHER - Grand Prix Century the First 100 Years of the World's Most Glamorous and Dangerous Sport
019029: HINSON MAURICE - The Pianist's Guide to Transcriptions, Arrangements, and Paraphases
019027: HINSON MAURICE - Guide to the Pianist's Repertoire Second Revised and Enlarged Edition
021424: HINTO DAVID J - The Sheppy's an Everyday Tale of Ciderfolk
011052: HISLOP JOHN AND SWANNELL DAVID - Hardly a Jockey
003176: HISLOP JOHN AND SWANNELL DAVID - The Faber Book of the Turf
019742: HISLOP IAN EDITED BY - Private Eye the Book of Covers Celebrating 1000 Issues
008387: HOBAN RUSSELL - Big John Turkle
013609: HOBAN RUSSELL & BLAKE QUESNTIN - Trouble on Thunder Mountain
005381: HOBAN RUSSELL - Arthur's New Power
009735: HOBAN RUSSELL & BLAKE QUESNTIN - Trouble on Thunder Mountain
002913: HOBAN RUSSELL - La Corona and the Tin Frog
017509: HOBART F.W.A - The Pictorial History of the MacHine Gun
021268: HOBBS EDWARD W - How to Make Old Time Ship Models
019757: HOBDAY PETER - The Girl in Rose Haydn's Last Love
007278: HOBSON ALAN - Full Circle, Shakespeare & Moral Development
016261: HOCKING S.K AUTHOR OF 'HER BENNY' ETC - Up the Rhine and Over the Alps
012943: HODGE JANE AIKEN - The Private World of Georgette Heyer
006122: HODGETTS SHEILA - Toby Twirl Tales number 2: 'the Magic Wishing Well',, and 'on the farm'
018325: HODGKINS J. R - Over the Hills to Glory Radicalism in Banburyshire 1832 - 1945
014288: HODGKINS J. R - Over the Hills to Glory Radicalism in Banburyshire 1832 - 1945
021824: VON HOFFMAN TODD ET AL - The Von Hoffman Bro.s.' Big Damn Book of Sheer Manliness
021508: HOFFNUNG GERARD - Hoffnung's Harlequinade
002558: HOGG O.F.G - Clubs to Cannon, Warfare and Weopons Before the Introduction of Gunpowder.
014718: HOGG THOMAS JEFFERSON - Memoirs of Prince Alexy Haimatoff
017671: HOGGART SIMON - The Hamster That Loved Puccini the Seven Modern Sins of Christmas Round Robin Letters
021923: HOLDEN JIM - Stan Cullis the Iron Manager a Biography
007839: HOLDSWORTH ANGELA - Out of the Doll's House, the Story of Women in the Twentieth Century
015696: HOLDSWORTH ANGELA - Out of the Doll's House, the Story of Women in the Twentieth Century
021633: HOLLEIN HANS ET ALK - Karl Prantl Austria Biennale Di Venezia
020005: HOLLINGSWORTH MARY - Patronage in Renaissance Italy from 1400 to the Early Sixteenth Century
018496: HOLLIS NIGEL - The Global Brand How to Create and Develop Lasting Brand Value in the World Market
008527: HOLME BRYAN - Advertising, Reflections of a Century
019986: HOLMES J.E - A Drifterman's Diary an Account of Herring Fishing in Norfolk in the Days of Sail & Steam
022143: HOLMES RICHARD - Wellington the Iron Duke
022207: HOLMES PETER - British Bus Systems Number 3 Thames Vally
022208: HOLMES PETER - British Bus Systems Number 2 Ribble
020291: HOLST IMOGEN EDITED BY - Henry Purcell 1659-1695 Essays on His Music
013513: HOLT TONIE AND VALMAI - In Search of the Better 'ole the Life the Works and the Collectavbles of Bruce Bairnsfather
002949: HOLT TOM - Wish You Were Here
020369: HOLT RICHARD, LEWIS PETER N, WRAY VAMPLEW - The Professional golfers' Association 1901-2001 One Hundred Years of Service to Golf
021694: HOLZ WILLIAM - The Ghost of the Little House a Life of Rose Wilder Lane
017984: HOOLE K - North Road Locomotive Works Darlington 1863-1966
020567: HOOLOWS DEREK - As I Recall, a Bevin Boy's Story
014111: HOOPER MEREDITH - Kangaroo Route the Development of Commercial Flight Between England and Australia
005336: HOOPER CHLOE - A Child's Book of True Crime - a Novel
021453: HOOTON TED & WARD RICHARD - Supermarine Spitfire MK.XII-24. Supoermarine Seafire MK.1-47. AIRCAM AVIATION SERIES No8
020294: HORE CAPTAIN PETER EDITED BY - The Habit of Victory the Story of the Royal Navy 1545-1945
020072: HORNE BOB & BROOKE JOHN COMPILED AND EDITED - Village Voices the First Ten Years of the Lightcliffe and District Local History Society
018953: HOROWITZ ANTHONY - Night Rise; Who Will Live to See Another Day; the Power of Five Book Three
004132: HORWOOD WILLIAM - Toad Triumphant
018420: HOSPERS JOHN - Human Conduct an Introduction to the Problems of Ethics
001587: HOTSON LESLIE - Mr W.H .
019603: HOTTEN JON - Unlicensed Random Notes from Boxing's Underbelly
002258: HOUGHTON GEORGE - Golf and the Stranglehold with Cartoons and Caricatures
022169: HOWARD JOHN & BATES PENNY - The Pegasus Diaries the Private Papers of Major John Howard DSO
003044: HOWARD-GIBBON AMELIA FRANCES - An Illustrated Comic Alphabet
020288: HOWARD PATRICIA - The Operas of Benjamin Britten an Introduction
016703: HOWARTH T.G - South's British Butterflies
021669: HOWLAND JAMES - The Palace Addiction. Administration, Ghost Goals, and the Little Matter of Hillsborough
021878: HOWLEY FRANK - Slavers, Traders and Privateers. Liverpool, the African Trade and Revolution, 1773-1808
021122: HOYLE ANDREW - Silver Buck
013071: HOYT EDWIN P - The Invasion Before Normandy the Secret Battle of Slapton Sands
021748: HSUEH-CHIN TSAO & NGO KAO - A Dream of Red Mansions Volumes 1,2 & 3
001734: HUDSON BRUCE - Post-war British Thoroughbreds - Thir Purchase and Restoration
021050: VON HUGEL BARON CHARLES - Travels in Kashmir and the Punjab. (oxford in Asia Reprints
000271: HUGHES SPIKE - The Art of Coarse Travel
006181: HUGHES GEOFFREY - LNER 4-6-0s at Work
019868: HUGHES TOM - The Blue Riband of the Atlantic
000615: HUGHES TIM, - The Bike Book
020867: HUGHES HELGA - Words on War. Memories of the 'home front' During the Second World War from the People of the Kirklees Area
022224: HUGHES MARK - 75 Years of Maynes Buses and Coaches
021773: HUGHES GERALD - Ted and I, a Brother's Memoir
021710: HUGHES TED EDITED WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY - By Heart, 101 Poems to Remember
017966: HUGHES PHILIP - The Reformation in England 1. 'The King's proceedings'
011227: HUGHES TED - Selected Poems 1957-1981
020074: HULBERT MARTIN F H - Bishop Pursglove of Tideswell 1504-1580
016219: HULKE MALCOLM - Doctor Who and the Space War
016218: HULKE MALCOLM - Doctor Who and the Green Death
020830: HULME BEAMAN BETTY AND S.G - Dirty Work at the 'dog and whistle' - Larry the Lamb in Toytown
020831: HULME BEAMAN BETTY AND S.G - Ernest the Brave and the Toytown mystery' - Larry the Lamb in Toytown
020438: HUMPHREYS JOHN - Game Shooting (shooting skills)
017750: HUMPHREYS EMYR - The Taliesin Tradition a Quest for the Welsh Identity
018986: HUMPHRIES JOHN - Coventry's Waterway a City Amenity
013122: HUMPREYS JOHN - A Countryman's Year
020269: HUNDLEY HEATHER L & BILLINGS ANDREW C EDITOTRS - Examining Identity in Sports Media
022052: HUNT JULIAN - Motorsport Explorer
021862: HUNTER NORMAN - Professor Branstawm's Compendium of Conumdrums, Riddles, Puzzles, Brain Twiddlers and Dotty Descriptions
021863: HUNTER NORMAN - The Peculiar Triumph of Branestawm
022136: HUNTER NORMAN - The Peculiar Triumph of Branestawm
016393: HUNTER ROBIN - Quarry's Contract
021864: HUNTER NORMAN - The Best of Branestawm
022342: HURST ALEX A FOREWORD BY - The Tall Ship in Art. Roy Cross, Derek Gardner, John Groves, Geoff Hunt, Mark Myers
021663: HURST GEOFF - 1966 and All That, My Autobiography
002007: HUTH ANGELA - South of the Lights
003839: HUTH ANGELA - The Englishwoman's Wardrobe, 25 Englishwomen Talk About Their Clothes
021963: HUTTON RONALD - Witches, Druids and King Arthur
000864: HUXLEY ELSPETH - Their Shining Eldorado - a Journey Through Australia
018187: HYAMS EDWARD - The International Politics of East Central Europe
020087: HYLAND PETER EDITOR - Northern Ceramic Society Journal Volume 26 2010
019663: IANNONE PAOLA & SIMPSON ADRIAN EDITED BY - Mapping University Mathematics Assessment Practices
017871: IANNUCCI ARMANDO - The Audacity of Hype. Bewilderment, Sleaze and Other Tales of the 21st Century
022161: IANUCCI ARMANDO ET AL - The Thick of it the Missing Dosac Files
022147: IBBOTSON STACY PIFER & GARDNER SYLVIA - Ilmington a Cotswold Village 4000 BC to the Presnet
020954: ILES NORMAN - Who Really Killed Cock robin? Nursery Rhymes and Carols Restored to Their Original Meanings
021521: MRS INCHBALD - A Simple Story
020692: INDER PAM & ALDIS MARION - Staffordshire Women, Nine Forgotten Histories
020938: INGRAM DAVID S, VINCE-PRUE DAPHNE AND GREGORY PETER J - Science and the Garden the Scientific Basis of Horticultural Practice
018402: INGRAMS RICHARD & WELLS JOHN - The Other half Further Letters of Denis Thatcher
001138: INMAN MELBOURNE - Billiards - How to Play and Win
013160: INNES MICHAEL - Carson's Conspiracy in Which Sir John Appleby, Retired and Living in the Country, Finds Crime on His doorstep
009479: INNES HAMMOND - The Last Voyage, Captain Cook's Lost Diary
003375: IRVINE LUCY - Castaway a Story of Survival
020921: IRVING JOHN - Until I Find You
014666: IRVING LAURENCE - Henry Irving the Actor and His World
002297: IRVING R.L.G - The Mountain Way, R.L.G.Irving's Anthology.
021548: ISEGAWA MOSES - Abyssinian Chronicles
017517: ISHMAEL ANGELA WITH BUNMI ALEMORU - Harassment, Bullying and Violence at Work a Practical Guide to Combating Employee Abusei
011867: IVORY EVAN - Scene on the Ground, an Artist's View of Historic Aircraft
006594: JACK ADOLPHUS ALFRED - Young Hamlet, a Conjectural Resolution of Some of the Difficulties in the Plotting of Shakespeare's Play
008911: JACK IAN (EDITOR) - Truth and Lies : Granta the Magazine of New Writing Number 66
022227: JACK DOUG - The Volvo Bus
013911: JACKMAN MIKE - Blackburn Rovers a Complete Record 1875-1990
016258: JACKMAN MIKE - Blackburn Rovers a Complete Record 1875-1990
018206: JACKSON LEE - The Welfare of the Dead
016016: JACKSON PETER DESIGNED BY - A Scene from Sheridan's ' the School for scandal' to be Performed in Pollock's 18th Century Playhouse Designed from Original Sources By Peter Jackson
022179: JACKSON ROBERT - Air War Flanders - 1918
002688: JACKSON JOHN J - Bermuda
021901: JACKSON NIGEL - Masks of Misrule the Horned God & His Cult in Europe
021620: JACKSON STEPHEN EDITED BY - Industrial Colonies and Communitites. Paperspresented in a Seminar Organiosed By the Conference of Teachers of Regional and Local History in Tertiary Education
019007: JACOBS MICHAEL - A Guide to Andalusia
017376: JACOBSEN CHARLES W - Oriental Rugs a Complete Guide
011286: JACQUES BRIAN - Mattimeo
011285: JACQUES BRIAN - Redwall
008721: JACQUES BRIAN - A Redwall Winter's Tale
016726: JAFFEREY MADHUR - Cilmbing the Mango Trees, a Memoir of a Childhood in India
021895: JAMES M.R - Eton and King's Recollections, Mostly Trivial 1873-1925
019391: JAMES ADMIRAL SIR WILLIAM - The Portsmouth Letters
022304: JAMES JOY AND SHARPLEY-WHITING T DENEAN - The Black Feminist Reader
021736: JANE FRED T INTRODUCTION BY ANTONY PRESTON - The British Battle-Fleet Its Inception and Growth Throughout the Centuries
017304: JANSSON TOVE - Travelling Light
017303: JANSSON TOVE - Travelling Light
004051: JAQUES BRIAN - The Pearls of Lutra a Tale of Redwall
007044: JARDINE QUINTIN - Poisoned Cherries, an Oz Blackstone Mystery
016187: JARDINE QUINTIN - Head Shot
014580: JARDINE QUINTIN - Lethal Intent
021575: JARRED MARTIN & MACDONALD MALCOLM - Leeds Untited a a Complete Record (includes Leeds City 1904-1919)
021757: JARRED MARTIN - Leeds United Internationals for Club and Country
016844: JARVIS ADRIAN - The Victorian Engineer Shire Album 353
013455: JASEN DAVID A - P.g Wodehouse a Portrait of The Master, Revised New Edition
016656: JECKS MICHAEL - The Tolls of Death
022253: JEFFERSON PETER - And Now the Shipping Forecast a Tide of History Around Our Shores
022167: JEFFERY KEITH - MI6 the History of the Decret Intelligence Service 1909-1949
020348: JEFFORD WING COMMANDER C.G - R.A.F Squadrons, a Comprehensive Record of the Movement and Equipment of All RAF Squadrons and Their Antecedents Since 1912
005022: JENKINS R.J.H - The Byzantine Empire on the Eve of the Crusades
012911: JENKINS ALAN - Stephen Potter Inventor of Gamesmanship
021627: JENKINS IAN AND TURNER VICTORIA - The Body Beautiful in Ancient Greece
011933: JENKINS J GERAINT - Agricultural Transport in Wales
015454: JENKINS GERAINT - The Craft Industries, Industrial Archaeology Series
019469: JENKINS KEITH - On 'what is history' from Carr and Elton to Rorty and White
022281: JENKINS DENNIS R - Grumman A-6 Intruder (warbird Tech Series Volume 33
022250: JENKINS HENRY - Textual Poachers Television Fans & Participatory Culture
021469: JENKINSON TIM & TAYLOR PATRICK - The Toll-Houses of staffordshire
021305: JENKINSON KEITH A - FirstBus Britain's Largest Bus Operator Incorporating Badgerline & Grampian
021975: JENNER T J F TRANSLATED BY - From Emperor to Citizen the Autobiography of Aisin-Gioro Pu Yi Volumes1 & 2
022023: JENNINGS CHARLES - The Fast Set Three Extraordinary Men and Their Race for the Land Speed Record
013992: JEREMIAH JOSEPHINE - The River Avon a Pictorial History from Warwick to Tewkesbury
017693: JEROME JEROME K - My Life and Times, Introduction By Joseph Connolly
019361: JETER H. W - Blade Runner 2 the Edge of Human
020897: JEWKES YVONNE AND LETHERBY GAYLE - Criminology: a reader
002397: JHABVALA R PRAWER - The Nature of Passion
001907: JHABVALA R PRAWER - Get Ready for Battle
022082: JOHANNINGSMEIER CHARLES A - Fiction and the American Literary Marketplace. The Role of Newspaper Syndicates in America, 1890-1900
017182: JOHNS CAPTIAN W.E - Biggles Air Detective Omnibus: Sergeant Bigglesworth C.ID; Biggles Second Case; Another Job for Biggles; Biggles Works it out
022183: JOHNS CAPTIAN W.E - The Best of Biggles Five Thrilling Adventures:biggles in Africa; Biggles Flies North; Biggles in the South Seas; Biggles and the Black Mask; Biggles and the Dark intruder
018035: JOHNSON BILL - British Railway Locomotive Works in the Days of Steam and Enthusiasts View
010796: JOHNSON W BRANCH - Industrial Archaeology of Hertfordshire
021677: JOHNSON ERIC S COMPILED BY - No Greater Calling. a Chronological Record of Sacrifice and Heroism During the Western Indian Wars. 1865-1898
002025: JOHNSON IAN - The Aston Villa Story
022390: JOHNSON BRIAN - Rockers and Rollers an Automotive Autobiography
015703: JOHNSON SHANE WRITTEN AND ILLUSTRATED BY - Star Trek the Worlds of the Federation
021925: JOHNSON DEREK E - East Anglia at War 1939-45
021159: JOHNSON URSULA M INTRODUCTION BY - Lovis Corinth 1858-1925 Works on Paper
021003: JOHNSON ANNE - Roman Forsts of the 1st and 2nd Centuries AD in Britain and the German Provinces
022090: JOHNSTON COLIN & HUME JOHN R - Glasgow Stations
011954: JOHNSTON PAUL - The Bone Yard
020920: JOHNSTONE CHRISTOPHER - Fifty 20th Century Artists
014262: JOKL E & P - Exercise and Altitude Medicine and Sport Vol 1
007435: JONES TERRY - The Curse of the Vampire's Socks and Other Doggerel
021661: JONES GEOFFREY - Autumn of the U-boats
021693: JONES SIR JOHN - The Magic-weaving Business. Finding the Heart of Learning and Teaching
005847: JONES IVOR WYNNE - Shipwrecks of North Wales
018465: JONES DOUGLAS V - Edgbaston as it Was a Place Steeped in History and an Enviable Enclave of Sylvan Beauty
007057: JONES HOWARD - Crime in a Changing Society
019288: JONES DAVID LLOYD FOREWORD BY TADAO ANDO - Architecture and the Environment Bioclimatic Building Design
019885: JONES ROBERT - Battle of Gettysburg the Relics, Artifacts & Souvenirs
009399: JONES EVANS - The Book of Cheese
010934: JONES TERRY - The Knight and the Squire
022357: JONES OWEN - The Grammar of Ornament. The Victorian Masterpiece on Ornamental, Primitive, Classical, Medieval and Renaissance Design and Decoratrive Art
018628: JONES JOHANNA SELECTED AND INTRODUCED BY - Isle of Wight Bedside Book a Collection of Prose and Poetry
012170: JONES TERRY - Fantastic Stories
021269: JONES JAMES - From Here to Eternity a Novel
017306: JONES STEVE - The Language of the Genes Revised Edition
018312: JONES R.T - George Eliot
008363: JONES KEVIN P - Steam Locomotive Development, an Analytical Guide to the Literature on British Steam Locomotive Development 1923-1962
013939: JONES LLOYD - Mister Pip
020791: JONES NIGEL INTRODUCTION BY - Diary of a Dead Officer Being the Posthumous Papers of Arthur Graeme West
003674: JONES TERRY - The Sea Tiger
018870: JONES JO ELWYN & GLADSTONE J FRANCIS - The Red King's Dream or Lewis Carroll in Wonderland
021870: JONES STEVE - Yorkshire the Sinister Side Book I 1850-80
019735: JONES TRISTAN - Saga of a Wayward Sailor
009289: JORDAN ROBERT - The Conan Chronicles, Conan the Invincible, Conan the Defender, Conan the Unconquered
015918: JOSEPH FRANCIS - The Chintz Collectors Handbook and Price Guide Royal Winton; Crown Ducal, James Kent, Midwinter, Lord Nelson and Many More with Prices
013674: JOSLIN EDWARD C - The Observer's Book of Awards & medals (CYANAMID DUSTJACKET)
021767: JOWETT ALAN - Jowett's Nationalised Railway Atlas of Great Britain and Ireland with the Privatised Situation as at the 31st December 1993
019887: JOY DAVID - Uphill to Paradise the Story of Hole Bottom Hamlet and Jerry & Ben's
011275: JOYCE J (ED) - Modern Tramway Review
021463: JUDD DENIS - Alison Uttley Creator of Little Grey Men
000075: JUDSON DAVID - Ghar Parau
018769: JULIAN OF NORWICH - A Revelation of Love a New Translation By John Skinner
007899: JUPP PETER - British and Irish Elections 1884-1831
022079: KABAT-ZINN JON - Full Catastrophe Living. How to Cope with Stress, Pain and Illness Using Mindfulness Meditation 15th Anniversay edition
022029: KAHN GARY SERIES EDITOR - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Idomeneo
013362: KAMM JOSEPHINE - How Different from Us a Biography of Miss Buss and Miss Beale
018596: KAMM ANTONY - The Romans an Introduction
013737: KAMPHUIS G.H - The Fokker C V Profile Publications Number 87
021238: KARCHER EVA - Otto Dix
017674: KARIYA TETSU - Oishinbo a La Carte the Joy of Rice
022283: KARNOW STANLEY - Vietnam a History
018902: KATCHER PHILIP - Lincoln's Unsung Heroes
020439: KAVENEY ROZ - Tales from the Forbidden Planet Fourteen Tales of Science Fiction, Horror and Fantasy
022312: KAY DAVID J. S - The Buildings of St Edmund's College
019388: KAY F GEORGE - Pioneers of British Industry
021727: KAY ALAN COMPILED BY - North Thanet Coast. The Archive Photographs Series
018706: KEATES JONATHAN - Handel the Man and His Music
021623: KEATS JONATHON - Virtual Words Language on the Edge of Science and Technology
021902: KECHICHIAN JOSEPH A - 'iffat al Thunayan and Arabian Queen
020354: KEEPING CHARLES - The Garden Shed
020118: KEIKAVUSI NE'MATOLLAH SELECTION OF PAINTINGS AND INTRODUCTION - Promenade in the Picture Gallery Golgasht Dar Negarestan, an Album of Iranian and European Paintings from the Sa'dabad Museum of Fine Arts, Tehran
017854: KEITH AGNES - Three Came Home a Woman's Ordeal in a Japanese Prison Camp
022098: KEIZER GERRIT J - The Complete Encyclopedia of Mushrooms More Than 700 Pictures and Descriptions of Mushrooms
022212: KELLY PAUL - British Bus Systems Number 9 Liverpool's Buses
016804: KELLY MAURICE A - The Overtype Steam Waggon
016686: KELLY PAUL EDITED BY - British Political Life in the Twentieth Century
019773: KELLY TERENCE - By Hellship to Hiroshima
017357: KELLY ORR - Hornet The Inside Story of the F/A-18
003988: KEMELMAN HARRY - Tuesday the Rabbi Saw Red
003990: KEMELMAN HARRY - Thursday the Rabbi Walked Out.
010094: KEMP PAUL - Convoy! Drama in Arctic Waters
016514: KEMP ANTHONY - Witchcraft and Paganism Today
019586: A KEMPIS THOMAS TRANSLATED BY JOHN ROONEY - The Imitation of Christ a Modern Translation of the 15th Century Classic
020516: KENNEDY MICHAEL - Portrait of Elgar
020523: KENNEDY RICHARD - A Boiy at the Hogarth Press
021852: KENNETT DAVID H - A Guide to the Norfolk way a Constable Guide
022297: KENT ALEXANDER - The Flag Captain
000524: KENT ALEXANDER - Cross of St George
013031: KENT ALEXANDER - The Inshore Squadron
013032: KENT ALEXANDER - Stand Into Danger
022293: KENT ALEXANDER - Midshipman Bolitho and the 'avenger'
020697: KENT JOHN - Varoomska
016518: KENT ALEXANDER - Captain Richard Bolitho RN
022294: KENT ALEXANDER - To Glory We Steer
022292: KENT ALEXANDER - Richard Bolitho - Midshipman
022295: KENT ALEXANDER - Enemy in Sight
013033: KENT ALEXANDER - A Tradition of Victory
022296: KENT ALEXANDER - Form Line of Battle
010899: KENYON OLGA - 800 Years of Women's Letters
008582: KEREISHI HANIF - gabriels' Gift
022164: KERNEZIS PANOS - The Maze
004193: KERSH GERALD - Brain and Ten Fingers
019061: KERSHAW IAN - The End the Defiance and Destruction of Hitler's Germany, 1944-1945
022192: KETTLE MICHAEL R - Get Your Hair Cut a National Service Memoir of the 1950's
017813: KETTLEWELL MIKE (ED) - Motor Racing Directory Mike Kettlewell's Guide to British Motor Racing
017062: KIDNER R.W - The Light Railways of Eire Isle of Man, and Channel islands Light Railway Handbooks: No. 6
009562: KIDNER R.W - The Waterloo-Southampton Line
018219: KILDUFF PETER - Richtofen Beyond the Legend of the Red Baron
021735: KILEY KEVIN F - Artillery of the Napoleonic Wars 1792-1815
003052: KIMMON JEAN - The Coats Book of Modern European Embroidery
005367: KING-SMITH DICK - Sophie is Seven
021683: KING PETER - The Mystery of the Coventry Cappers
002976: KING-SMITH DICK - The Cuckoo Child
022087: KINGTON JOHN - Climate and Weather, NN 115
009351: KIPLING RUDYARD - The Beginning of the Armadilloes, a Just So Story
012464: KIPLING RUDYARD - The Irish Guards in the Great War The First Battalion His Forgotten Masterpiece
002155: KIPLING RUDYARD - Independence. Rectorial Address Delivered at St Andrews, October 10, 1923
020385: KIPPHOFF PETRA ESSAY BY - In Profile Portraits of Artists, Fifty Years of Photographs By Erika Schmied
022387: KIRBY DICK - The Sweeney, the First Sixty Years of Scotland Yard's Crimebusting Flying Squad 1919-1978
021375: KITCHENSIDE GEOFFREY - A Source Book of Miniature and Narrow Guage Railways

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