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40657: FOUNTAIN, DESMOND - Desmond Fountain Sculptor
58817: FOURE, PAULINE AND OTTO KAMP - La France Lyrique : Album Des Meilleures Poesies Lyriques Des Auteurs Francais
56827: FOUREST, HENRY-PIERRE [ H. P. ] - Delftware : Faience Production at Delft
51257: FOWLES, JOHN - The Collector
26623: FOWLES, JOHN - The Aristos
39885: FOWLES, JOHN - Wormholes : Essays and Occasional Writings
54640: FOWLES, JOHN - The French Lieutenant's Woman
58246: FOWLES, JOHN - The French Lieutenant's Woman
56497: FOWLIE, WALLACE - Mallarme
49045: FOX, REV. JOHN - Christian Martyrdom an Universal History of Christian Martyrdom Being a Complete and Authentic Account of the Lives, Sufferings and Triumphant Deaths of the Primitive Aswell As Protestant Martyrs in All Parts of the World, from Our Blessed Saviour,
57281: FOX-DAVIES, ARTHUR CHARLES - Armorial Families : A Directory of Gentlemen of Coat-Armour
58226: FOXELL, SIMON - Mapping London : Making Sense of the City
48454: FOXELL, SIMON - Mapping London : Making Sense of the City
56858: FRANCAIS, ANNE - Un Beau Jour a Menars
58165: LE COMTE DE BAILLON AND HENRIETTE-MARIE DE FRANCE - Lettres Inedites de Henriette-Marie de France Reine D'Angleterrre
55565: TROLLOPE. FRANCES - Paris and the Parisians in 1835. Two Volumes in One
53341: FRANCESCONI, DANIELE - Congettura Che Una Lettera Creduta Di Baldessar Castiglione Sia Di Raffaello D'Urbino
56985: FRANCIS, DICK - Risk
41125: FRANCIS, DICK - Risk
53894: FRANCONE, MARCELLO - Pablo Atchugarry Citta Eterna, Eterni Marmi
53776: FRANK, ROBERT - Flamingo : The Hasselblad Award 1996. Catalogue to the Exhibition, Which Opened at the Hasselblad Center in Conjunction with the Ceremony in G„∂Teborg, Sweden, 8 March 1997
57140: VON FRANKEN, CONSTANZE - Wovon Soll Ich Reden? Die Kunst Der Unterhaltung
54684: FRANKLAND, EDWARD - Sour Park
56042: FRASER, MARIAM MOTAMEDI - Word : Beyond Language, Beyond Image
55505: FRASER, D. DENHOLM - Sweet Peas : How to Grow the Perfect Flower. By the Winner of the 'Daily Mail' ‚£1000 Prize
58404: FRASER-LU, SYLVIA - Splendour in Wood: The Buddhist Monasteries of Burma
55280: FRAYN, MICHAEL - Sweet Dreams
48617: FREDERIC, LOUIS - Japan Art and Civilization
51728: FREEDLAND, MICHAEL - Man on the Rock: Mayor Solomon Levy and Gibraltar's Jewish Community
46452: FREEDMAN, LUBA - Titian's Portraits Through Aretino's Lens
43216: FREEMAN, EDWARD A - Sketches from French Travel
53832: FREER, ALLEN - John Nash : The Delighted Eye
58713: FREIHERR VON BERGENROTH, ALEXANDER - Napoli la Bella : A Trip to Naples and Environs. 200 Views
58920: ARISTOPHANES AND TRANSLATED BY JOHN HOOKHAM FRERE - Aristophanes : Four Plays. Oxford World's Classics
56114: FRERE, CATHERINE FRANCES, EDITOR - A Proper Newe Booke of Cokerye : With Notes, Introduction and Glossary, Together with Some Account of Domestic Life, Cookery and Feasts in Tudor Days...
43578: FRICERO, KATE J. - Little French People. A Picture Book for Little Folk
43630: FRICK; POPE, J. (EDITOR); BRUNET, M. (EDITOR) - Furniture (the Frick Collection: An Illustrated Catalogue, Vols. 5 & 6)
46545: FRIED, MICHAEL - Four Honest Outlaws: Sala, Ray, Marioni, Gordon
48442: FRIEDLANDER, LEE - Letters from the People
35050: FRIEND, PETER - Southern England : Looking at the Natural Landscapes - New Naturalist # 108
45082: FRIEND, PETER - Scotland - New Naturalist 119
56221: BIBLE AND WITH PHOTOGRAPHS BY FRANCIS FRITH - The Holy Bible : Containing the Old and New Testaments... [King James Version]
55377: FROISSART, JOHN ANAD TRANLATED BY THOMAS JOHNES - Chronicles of England, France, Spain and the Adjoining Countries, from the Latter Part of the Reign of Edward II to the Coronation of Henry IV... To Which Are Prefixed, a Life of the Author, an Essay on His Works, and a Criticism on His History. In
35555: FROISSART, SIR JOHN - Chronicles of England, France, Spain, Portugal, Scotland, Brittany, Flanders, and the Adjoining Countries; Translated from the Original French at the Command of King Henry the Eighth by John Bourchier, Lord Berners. Etc Etc
50992: FROMENT, E. - The Story of a Round Loaf
51455: FROMENT, E. - The Story of a Round Loaf
59002: FROMENT, JEAN-LOUIS - Culture Chanel
58169: FROUDE, JAMES ANTHONY - English Seamen in the Sixteenth Century : Lectures Delivered at Oxford Easter Terms 1893-4
48556: FROUDE, JAMES ANTHONY - English Seamen in the Sixteenth Century
49854: FRY, GEORGE - The Varnishes of the Italian Violin-Makers of the Sixteenth, Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries and Their Influence on Tone
53016: C. B. FRY'S MAGAZINE - C.B. Fry's Magazine of Sports and Outdoor Life. Vols I-V: April 1904 - August 1906
55807: FRYNS, MARCEL - Paul Van Hoeydonck : Space Art
48621: FUCHS, BARBARA - Mimesis and Empire : The New World, Islam, and European Identities (Studies in Renaissance Literature and Culture, Vol. 40)
40541: FUCHS, EDUARD - Geschichte Der Erotishen Kunst Erweiterung Und Reubearbeitung Des Bertes Das Erotische Element in Der Karicature Mit Einsluch Der Ernsten Kunst
58163: FUCHS, ALAN AND ANTHONY HOWELL AND TOM LOWENSTEIN - Softly Loudly : No. 1: Before Starting. No. 2: Femina Deserta. No. 3: Our After-Fate. In Three Volumes
40545: FUHRING, PETER - Design Into Art : Drawings for Architecture and Ornament - the Lodewijk Houthakker Collection
46717: FULCHER, EDMUND SYER (EDITOR) - Riddles in Rhyme a Book of Enigmas-Charades-Conundrums
58251: FULLER, THOMAS - The History of the Worthies of England : Endeavoured by Thomas Fuller, D.D. First Printed in 1662. A New Edition, with a Few Explanatory Notes, by John Nichols, F.A. S. Lond. Edinb. & Perth. In Two Volumes
58784: FULLER, JOHN - W.H. Auden : A Commentary
47819: FULLER, ROY - Collected Poems
55253: FUNK, ISAAC K. - A Standard Dictionary of the English Language : Upon Original Plans, Designed to Give, in Complete and Accurate Statement, in the Light of the Most Recent Advances in Knowledge... The Meaning, Orthography, Pronunciation, and Etymology of All the
58960: FURDELL, ELIZABETH LANE - The Royal Doctors 1485-1714 : Medical Personnel at the Tudor and Stuart Courts
40468: GALE, MATTHEW; INGLEBY, RICHARD - Two Painters : Works by Alfred Wallis and James Dixon
58634: GALILEI, GALILEO AND AUGUSTO CONTI - Scritti Vari Di Galileo Galilei
45765: BERKELEY SQUARE GALLERY - Piper's Country
46451: CATTO GALLERY - Pauline Bewicks Tapestries and Watercolours 19th of April to 8th of May 1989
29341: NATIONAL GALLERY - Portraits by Ingres: Image of an Epoch
58485: THE SCOTTISH GALLERY - Portrait of a Gallery : 175 Years of Art
52138: GALLICHAN, WALTER M. - The Trout Waters of England: A Practical Guide to the Fisherman for Sea Trout, Brown Trout and Grayling
55724: GALLICO, PAUL - Jennie
41476: GALLICO, PAUL - The Lonely
58612: GALLICO, PAUL - Jennie
57940: GALLOWAY, DAVID, EDITOR, AND BARBARA NESSIM - Barbara Nessim : An Artful Life
55883: GALSWORTHY, JOHN - A Sheaf [and] Another Sheaf. Two Volumes
53289: GALT, JOHN - The Entail : Or, the Lairds of Grippy. In 3 Volumes
55657: GALVEZ, FRANCESC ESTEVE - Ceramica D'Onda
21486: GAMBADO, GEOFFREY [ BUNBURY, WILLIAM HENRY] - An Academy for Grown Horsemen Containing the Completest Instructions for Walking, Trotting, Cantering, Galloping, Stumbling and Tumbling. Illustrated with Copper Plates, and Adorned with a Portrait of the Author [Together with] Annals of Horsemanship
41299: GAMBRILL, RICHARD V. N. & JAMES C. MACKENZIE - Sporting Stables and Kennels
5440: GANILH, M. - Dictionnaire Analytique D'Economie Politique
54142: GANZ, JAMES A. AND RICHARD R. BRETTELL, EDITORS - From Paris : A Taste for Impressionism. Paintings from the Clark.
54291: GARCIA, CAMILLE ROSE - Mirror, Black Mirror
58104: GARCIA-MARQUEZ, VICENTE - Picasso : El Sombrero de Tres Picos
55281: GARCIA MARQUEZ, GABRIEL - Leaf Storm and Other Stories
55380: GARDAM, JANE - The Summer After the Funeral
52742: GARDINER, JEREMY AND PAISNEL GALLERY - Jeremy Gardiner : Pillars of Light. Coastal Lighthouses of the South West
30927: GARDINER, ROBERT - The Age of the Galley Mediterranian Oared Vessels Since Pre-Classical Times ( Conway's History of the Ship )
27647: GARDNER, JOHN - Grendel
42205: GARDNER, EDMUND G - Dukes & Poets in Ferrara a Study in the Poetry, Religion and Politics of the Fifteenth and Early Sixteenth Centuries
45689: GARDNER, BRIAN (SELECTED AND ARRANGED) ; FORWARD BY EDMUND BLUNDEN - Up the Line to Death - the War Poets 1914 - 1918
52548: GARDNER, J. STARKIE AND REVISED BY W. W. WATTS - Ironwork : Part I: From the Earliest Times to the End of the Mediaeval Period. Part II: Continental Ironwork of the Renaissance and Later Periods. Two Volumes
43562: GARDNER, MARTIN - Frederick Carder : Portrait of a Glassmaker
57972: GARDNER, JOHN - Licence Renewed
58825: DE GARIS, FREDERIC - We Japanese : Being Descriptions of Many of the Customs, Manners,Ceremonies, Festivals, Arts and Crafts of the Japanese Besides Numerous Other Subjects
47805: GARLAND, JOSEPH - Down to the Sea : The Fishing Schooners of Gloucester
57167: GARNER, F. H. - English Delftware
57166: GARNER, F. H. - English Delftware
24195: GARNER, THOMAS & ARTHUR STRATTON - The Domestic Architecture of England During the Tudor Period
51696: GARNETT, DAVID - Beany-Eye
53650: GARNETT, DAVID - The Grasshoppers Come
26385: GARNHAM, TREVOR - St. Andrew's Church, Roker, Sunderland, 1905: Edward Prior
56652: GARNIER, GRACE P. - Paddylands a Story of Malaya
55993: GARSTANG, JOHN - The Hittite Empire : Being a Survey of the History, Geography and Monuments of Hittite Asia Minor and Syria
53295: GARVE, CHRISTIAN - Sammlung Einiger Abhandlungen : Aus Der Neuen Bibliothek Der Schonen Wissenschaften Und Der Freyen Kunste
47413: GASCOIGNE, BAMBER; DITCHBURN, JONATHAN - Images of Twickenham, with Hampton and Teddington
56191: GASCOIGNE, BAMBER; DITCHBURN, JONATHAN - Images of Twickenham, with Hampton and Teddington
44850: GASKELL, MRS - Cranford
59049: GASKELL, E. C. - The Life of Charlotte Bronte. In Two Volumes
55168: MRS. GASKELL - Cranford
51458: GASTER, M. - Children's Stories from Rumanian Legends and Fairy Tales
52710: GATHORNE-HARDY, ROBERT - Wild Flowers in Britain. The British Nature Library
55521: GATTEGNO, CALEB - Reading with Words in Colour : A Scientific Study of the Problems of Reading
51877: GAUSS, ULRIKE (EDITOR) - Marc Chagall : The Lithographs ; la Sorlier Collection
44351: GAVIN-BROWN, WILFRED - Successful Coarse Fishing. Express Practical Library
31176: GAWSWORTH, JOHN - New Poems
55149: GAY, MR. [JOHN GAY] - The Beggar's Opera : With the Ouverture in Score, the Songs, and the Basses, Engrav'd on Copper Plates (the Ouverture and Basses Compos'd by Dr. Pepusch)
59008: GAY, JOHN AND EDWARD MOORE AND OTHERS - The Select London Stage : A Collection of the Most Reputed Tragedies, Comedies, Operas, Melo-Dramas, Farces, and Interludes. Accurately Printed from Acting Copies, As Performed at the Theatres Royal
49511: GAY, JOHN - Plays Written by John Gay, Viz. The Captives, a Tragedy. The Beggar's Opera. Polly, or, the Second Part of the Beggar's Opera. Achilles, an Opera. The Distress'd Wife, a Comedy. The Rehearsal at Goatham, a Farce. To Which Is Added, an Account of
50070: GAY, JOHN, MR. - Fables. In Two Parts
5355: GAY, MR. [JOHN GAY] - Polly
55386: GAY, JOHN - Fables
36426: GAY, JOHN AND W. H. KEARLEY WRIGHT, EDITOR - John Gay: Biography. The Fables
56248: GBH AND JASON GREGORY, MARK BONNER AND PETER HALE - Charm, Belligerence and Perversity : The Incomplete Works of Gbh
57604: GEEN, PHILIP - Days Stolen for Sport
58451: GEIKIE, ARCHIBALD - Class-Book of Geology
45710: GELDENHUYS ESTHER, (ET AL) - Cordially Yours - a Guide to Gracious Living
57098: GELLING, MARGARET - The Place-Names of Oxfordshire : English Place-Name Society Volume XXIII and XXIV. In Two Volumes
58624: GENET, JEAN - The Thief's Journal
45198: DE GENLIS, MME - Theatre D'Education
53374: GENTLEMAN, DAVID - Design in Minature
58464: GENTLEMAN, DAVID - David Gentleman's London
31863: HENSLOW GEOFFREY T - Ye Sundial Booke
33954: GEORGE CLARKE, HAROLD - Under-Glaze Colour Picture Prints on Staffordshire Pottery, the Pictorial Pot Lid Book
39286: GEORGE, M. DOROTHY - Hogarth to Cruikshank: Social Change in Graphic Satire
49215: GEORGE, HENRY - Progress and Povertry. A New and Condensed Edition
58557: GEORGE, DAVID LLOYD - Though Terror to Triumph. Speeches and Pronouncements of the Right Hon. David Lloyd George, M.P. , Since the Beginning of the War
58363: GERARD, VINCENT; REHM, JEAN-PIERRE - Spirit of Dunkerque: William Eggleston
59102: GERBET, PH. - Esquisse de Rome Chretienne. In Two Volumes
39082: GERE, J. A. - Taddeo Zuccaro: His Development Studied in His Drawings
52271: GERHARDI, WILLIAM - The Romanovs: Evocation of the Past As a Mirror for the Present
42355: GERING, HUGO (TRANSLATOR); POTTHOFF, O. D. - Edda. Gotterlieder/Heldenlieder
58720: GERLAND, CLAUDE AND FRANCOIS - Guide to the Science of Caresses
58291: GERSTEIN, ALEXANDRA, EDITOR - Beyond Bloomsbury : Designs of the Omega Workshops 1913-19
54673: GERZ, ALFONS AND WOLFGANG NIERSBACH - Mexico World Cup 86 [and] Mexico 86. In Two Volumes
40256: GESNER, SALOMON - Oeuvres Complettes de Gesner
48483: GESNER, CONRAD - Vollkommenes Vogel-Buch Darstellend Eine Warhafftige Und Nach Dem Leben Vorgerissene Abbildung Aller So Wol in Den LužąFften Und KlužąFften Als in Den WažąLdern Und Feldern Und Sonsten Auff Den Wassern Und Daheim in Den HažąUsern
58814: GIBBINGS, ROBERT - Sweet Thames Run Softly
57212: GIBBINGS, ROBERT - Sweet Cork of Thee
57301: GIBBINGS, ROBERT - Over the Reefs
58611: GIBBON, EDWARD - The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. Everyman's Library. In Six Volumes
52972: GIBBONS, STELLA - Cold Comfort Farm
50582: GIBELIN, M. AND M. MILLIN DE GRANDMAISON AND LA SOCIETE ROYALE DE LONDRES - Abrege Des Transactions Philosophiques de la Societe Royale de Londres: Antiquites Et Beaux-Arts. Antiquites, Beaux-Arts, Inventions Et Machines. In Two Volumes
50580: GIBELIN, M. AND LA SOCIETE ROYALE DE LONDRES - Abrege Des Transactions Philosophiques de la Societe Royale de Londres: Botanique. In Two Volumes
3707: GIBSON, MALCOLM (EDITOR) ; REAL ART VOL. 2 NO. 10 A - Real Art Vol. 2 No. 10 Hall, James ; Law, Andrew
38604: GIBSON, WILLIAM - A Social History of the Domestic Chaplain
3708: GIBSON, MALCOLM (EDITOR) ; REAL ART VOL. 2 NO. 4 - Real Art Vol. 2 No. 4 Hall, James ; Law, Andrew
41381: GIELLY, LOUIS - Jacopo Della Quercia (Les Maitres Du Moyen Age Et de la Renaissance Collection Publiee Sous la Direction de M. Edouard Schnieder)
41267: GILBART, JAMES WILLIAM - The History and Principles of Banking
57394: GILBERT, W. S. - Savoy Operas
53933: GILBERT, CHRISTOPHER - Furniture at Temple Newsam House and Lotherton Hall. A Catalogue of the Leeds Collection. Volumes 1 & 2
55329: GILBERT, W. S. - Fifty 'Bab' Ballads : Much Sound and Little Sense
55556: GILBERT, HENRY - Robin Hood and the Men of the Greenwood
56500: GILBEY, WALTER - Horses : Breeding to Colour
36463: GILES, CARL - Giles Sunday Express and Daily Express Cartoons 8th Series
53114: GILES [GILES, CARL] - Giles : Sunday Express & Daily Express Cartoons. Thirty-Fourth Series [34th]
49961: GILKES, A. H. - Boys and Masters. A Story of School Life
52269: GILL, ERIC - Autobiography
52602: GILL, JO - The Cambridge Introduction to Sylvia Plath
52776: GILL, ERIC - Twenty-Five Nudes [25 Nudes]
55732: GILL, LINDA (EDITOR) - Letters of Frances Hodgkins
58150: GILL, WILLIAM I. - Christian Pneumatopathy : Or, the Philosophy of Mental Healing
55018: GILL, BOB AND JOHN LEWIS - Illustration : Aspects and Directions
51105: GILL, ERIC - Twenty-Five Nudes [25 Nudes]
56844: GILLARD, MICHELE-CECILE - L'Age D'or Gien Des Faiences
58643: ARISTOTLE AND JOHN GILLIES - Aristotle's Ethics and Politics : Comprising His Practical Philosophy, Translated from the Greek... In Two Volumes
57456: GILLRAY, JAMES AND ANNOTATED BY DRAPER HILL - Fashionable Contrasts: Caricatures by James Gillray
55426: GILMOUR, PAT - Modern Prints
51901: GILOY-HIRTZ, PETRA - Julian Schnabel: Polaroids
58424: GILOY-HIRTZ, PETRA, EDITOR - Hassel Smith : Paintings 1937-1997
58558: GILSON, MAJOR CHARLES - The Spy. A Tale of the Peninsular War and the Storming of Badajoz, Founded Upon the Personal Memoirs of Sir Jeffrey Jones, Bart. , of Heatherford Hall in Hampshire
49911: GIMFERRER, PERE - Tapies and the Catalan Spirit [Antoni Tapies]
26661: GIRARD, PIERRE - Syrup. Dessins de Maurice Barraud
53077: GIRARD-GESLAN, MAUD; UNDERWOOD, J. A. (TRANSLATOR) - Art of Southeast Asia
54069: GIRARD, XAVIER - Symbols of Morocco
58708: GIRAUD, S. LOUIS, EDITOR - Bookano Stories : Wth Pictures That Spring Up in Model Form. Pot-Pourri Edition
45735: GIRDLESTONE, C. M. - Mozart's Piano Concertos
49966: GIROUARD, MARK - Big Jim the Life and Work of James Stirling
53084: GISSING, GEORGE - By the Ionian Sea : Notes of a Ramble in Southern Italy
56744: GLADSTONE, FLORENCE M. - Notting Hill in Bygone Days
58683: GLASHEEN, ADALINE - A Census of Finnegans Wake : An Index of the Characters and Their Roles
56630: GLEADOWE, R. M. Y. - British Art : Six Broadcast Talks. 14 January - 18 February 1934
52832: GLEESON, JAMES - Bloody Sunday
48748: GLENN, SELECTED AND EDITED BY CONSTANCE AND JACK - Robert Motherwell: The Dedalus Sketchbooks
56690: GLENNIE, ISABELLA E. - Pictures and Stories for Little Children. The Picture Library. First Series. No. 4
46583: GLOVER, RICHARD - Leonidas a Poem
53201: GLYN, ELINOR - Love : What I Think of It
34637: GODDE, M. JULES - Catalogue Raisonne D'Une Collection de Livres Pieces Et Documents, Manuscrits Et Autographes Relatifs Aux Arts de Peinture, Sculpture, Gravure Et Architecture Trautes Theories Et Pratiques, Histoire, Biographies Ouvrages a Figures. Recueils Etc Etc
55481: GODDEN, LESLIE J. - The Dentist and His World
57232: JUSTINIAN AND DIONYSIS GODEFROY - Corpus Iuris Civilis Romani : In Quo Institutiones, Digesta Ad Codicem... Cum Notis Integris Dionysii Gothofredi...
53899: LONDON COUNTY COUNCIL AND EDITED BY HOWARD ROBERTS AND WALTER H. GODFREY - Survey of London. Volume XXIV. King's Cross Neighbourhood. The Parish of St. Pancras, Part IV
49678: GODWIN, WILLIAM - The Enquirer. Reflections on Education, Manners, and Literature
37108: GOEREE, W. - D'Algemeene Bouwkunde Volgens D'Antyke en Hedendaagse Manier, Door Een Beknopte Inleiding Afgeschetst en Van Veel Onvoegsame Bewindselen en Verbeterd
49462: LE GOFF, JACQUES AND JEAN-CLAUDE SCHMITT - Dictionnaire Raisonne de L'Occident Medieval
58975: GOFFEN, RONA - Renaissance Rivals : Michelangelo, Leonardo, Raphael, Titian
48766: GOGOL, NIKOLAI - Der Mantel [ the Overcoat ]
41217: GOGOL, NIKOLAI - Der Mantel [ the Overcoat ]
58384: GOGOL, NIKOLAI - The Collected Stories
50007: GOLBIN, PAMELA, EDITOR - Madeleine Vionnet
48835: GOLDBERG, NORMAN L. - John Crome the Elder ; 2 Volumes I. Text and a Critical Catalogue II. Illustrations
57104: GOLDIE, WILLIAM C. (EDITOR) - The Golfer's Handbook
57103: GOLDIE, WILLIAM C. (EDITOR) - The Golfer's Handbook
59067: GOLDING, WILLIAM - Rites of Passage
46267: GOLDING, WILLIAM - The Pyramid
43772: GOLDMAN, LAWRENCE - From Art to Politics : John Ruskin and William Morris. Kelmscott Lecture 2000
41014: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER - The Vicar of Wakefield
52347: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER - The Vicar of Wakefield
49431: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER AND EDITED BY AUSTIN DOBSON - The Poems and Plays of Oliver Goldsmith. In Two Volumes
44824: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER - She Stoops to Conquer, or, the Mistakes of a Night
49569: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER - The Works: With a Life and Notes. In 4 Volumes
44129: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER - The Poetical and Dramatic Works of Oliver Goldsmith a New Edition with an Account of the Life and Writings of the Author
58763: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER - The Vicar of Wakefield [Miniature Book]
51311: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER - The Vicar of Wakefield
58881: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER - The Complete Poetical Works of Oliver Goldsmith
49204: GOLDSMITH, DR. [OLIVER GOLDSMITH] - Dr. Goldsmith's History of Greece, Abridged, for the Use of Schools
19667: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER - The Vicar of Wakefield
40485: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER - The Deserted Village a Poem [ Bound with ] an Elegy, the Traveller, Armine and Elvira and the Hermit of Warkworth
58718: GOLDSMITH, DR. - The Vicar of Wakfield, a Tale
53711: GOLDSTON, WILL - The Young Conjurer Part 1
57267: GOMBRICH, E. H. - Topics of Our Time : Twentieth-Century Issues in Learning and Art
58782: GOMEZ, EDMUND TERENCE - Political Business : Corporate Involvement of Malaysian Political Parties
55354: GONCHAROV, IVAN - Oblomov
51204: GOOCH, G. P. AND HAROLD TEMPERLEY, EDITORS - British Documents on the Origins of the War 1898-1914. Volumes 1 - 4. Vol. I: The End of British Isolation. Vol. II: The Anglo-Japanese Alliance and the Franco-British Entente. Vol. III: The Testing of the Entente 1904-06. Vol. IV: The Anglo-Russian
43183: GOODE, CLEMENT T., JR. - George Gordon, Lord Byron : A Comprehensive, Annotated Research Bibliography of Secondary Materials in English, 1973-1994
49162: GOODE, DAVID - Nature in Towns and Cities (Collins New Naturalist Library 127)
56779: GOODEVE, JOSEPH - To My Children : Reminiscences of Their Mother [Louisa Stewart Barker]
57071: GOODING, MEL AND MARY FEDDEN - Mary Fedden : A Retrospective June 23rd - July 13th 1996
57732: GOODING, MEL - Patrick Heron
55252: GOODING, MEL - Mary Fedden
52368: GOODRICH, LLOYD AND ABIGAIL BOOTH GERDTS - Record of Works by Winslow Homer : Volume I, 1846 Through 1866; Volume II, 1867 Through 1876; Volume III 1877 to March 1881. Three Volumes
43769: GOODWIN, K. L. - A Preliminary Handlist of Manuscripts and Documents of William Morris
58656: GORDIMER, NADINE - Telling Times Writing and Living 1950 - 2008 and Life Times Stories 1952 - 2007 (2 Vols)
56317: GORDIMER, NADINE - A Soldier's Embrace : Stories
51298: GORDON, JEAN - Orange Recipes. Customs, Facts, Fancies
54156: GORDON, RICHARD - Doctor at Sea
41424: GORDON, ANDREW (EDITOR); KLEIN, BERNHARD (EDITOR) - Literature, Mapping, and the Politics of Space in Early Modern Britain
51856: GORMAN, GREG - Greg Gorman Inside Life
58469: GOSLING, RAY - Sum Total
48056: GOSSE, EDMUND - The Life of Swinburne
5561: GOSSE, EDMUND (EDS) - The Letters of Thomas Lovell Beddoes
31733: GOSSE, EDMUND (EDS) - The Letters of Thomas Lovell Beddoes
47907: GOSSEL, PETER (EDITOR) - Modern Architecture a - Z
54089: GOULD, JOHN - The Birds of Great Britain. Volume I. [Birds of Prey]. Facsimile Edition.
47356: GOUNOD, CHARLES-FRANçOIS - Vingt Melodies Pour Chant Et Piano par Ch. Gounod. In 3 Volumes
49138: ENVOY AND EDITED BY LOGAN GOURLAY - Envoy: The International Magazine of Leisure. Bound Volume of 12 Issues - All Published. May 1967-May 1968
57093: GOVER, J. E. B. AND A. MAWER AND F. M. STENTON - The Place-Names of Warwickshire : English Place-Name Society Volume XIII
57090: GOVER, J. E. B. AND A. MAWER AND F. M. STENTON - The Place-Names of Surrey : English Place-Name Society Volume XI
57091: GOVER, J. E. B. AND A. MAWER AND F. M. STENTON - The Place-Names of Northamptonshire : English Place-Name Society Volume X
57095: GOVER, J. E. B. AND ALLEN MAWER AND F. M. STENTON - The Place-Names of Hertfordshire : English Place-Name Society Volume XV
57116: GOVER, J. E. B. AND ALLEN MAWER AND F. M. STENTON - The Place-Names of Wiltshire : English Place-Name Society Volume XVI
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48817: HASKINS, SAM - Fashion Etcetera
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52380: HASUI, MOTOHIKO - Personal Matters
2006: HATANO, ISOKO AND ICHIRO - Mother and Son - - a Japanese Correspondence
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46503: HAZLITT, WILLIAM (EDITOR) - The Dramatic Works of William Shakspeare in 5 Volumes
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54209: HELLER, JOSEPH - Closing Time
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50197: HENREY, BLANCHE - British Botanical and Horticultural Literature Before 1800. Comprising a History and Bibliography of Botanical and Horticultural Books Printed in England, Scotland, and Ireland from the Earliest Times Until 1800. In 3 Volumes Complete
45445: HENRIQUES, H. S. Q. - The Jews and the English Law
57546: HENRY, FRANCOISE - Irish Art : I: In the Early Christian Period to A.D. 800. II: During the Viking Invasions 800-1020 A.D. III: In the Romanesque Period 1020-1170 A.D. In Three Volumes
46251: HENRY, O. AND MABEL WAGNALLS - Letters to Lithopolis: From o. Henry to Mabel Wagnalls
56632: HENTY, G. A. - Jack Archer : A Tale of the Crimea
49620: HENTY, G. A. - Colonel Thorndyke's Secret
50707: HERB, GUNTRUM HENRIK - Under the Map of Germany: Nationalism and Propaganda, 1918-1945
52470: HERBERT, A. P. , REPORTED AND EDITED BY - Bardot M.P. ? and Other Modern Misleading Cases
29692: HERBERT, ROBERT L.; HARRIS, NEIL - Seurat and the Making of "la Grande Jatte"
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54711: B.R. [TRANSLATED] HERODOTUS - The Famous Hystory of Herodotus Translated Into English by B.R. Anno 1884
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58210: HESTER, GEORGE M. - Man Woman. Two Volumes
33506: HEURTLEY, W. A. - Prehistoric Macedonia - an Archaeological Reconnaissance of Greek Macedonia (West of the Struma) in the Neolithic, Bronze, and Early Iron Ages
54506: HEUSER, HARRY AND ROBERT MEYRICK - Claudia Williams : An Intimate Acquaintance
43350: HEWLETT, TOM - Cadell : The Life and Works of a Scottish Colourist 1883-1937
55339: HEWLETT, TOM - Cadell : The Life and Works of a Scottish Colourist 1883-1937
41467: HEWSON, DAVID - Shanghai Thunder
57646: HOMER AND C. G. HEYNE - Homeri Carmina : Cum Brevi Annotatione. Accedunt Variae Lectiones Et Observationes Veterum Grammaticorum Cum Nostrae Aetatis Critica. Curante C.G. Heyne. In Eight Volumes
56898: HIBBERT, CHRISTOPHER - Wolfe at Quebec
51857: HIESINGER, KATHRYN B. - Design Since 1945
39888: HIGGINS, GEORGE V. - The Sins of the Fathers
24953: HILDER, ROWLAND - Horse Play
23277: HILER, HILAIRE - An Introduction to the Study of Costume from Nudity to Raiment
55672: HILL, LORNA - Principal Role
51769: HILL, PETER - Walpole's Art Collection: Horace Walpole's Oil Paintings, Water Colours and Drawings at Strawberry Hill
57776: HILL, JOHN - The Useful Family Herbal : Or, an Account of All Those English Plants, Which Are Remarkable for Their Virtues: And of the Drugs, Which Are Produced by Vegetables of Other Countries...
58639: HILL, GEOFFREY - Geoffrey Hill : The Fantasy Poets Number Eleven
54935: HILL, ANTHONY (EDITOR) - Duchamp: Passion a Marcel Duchamp Anthology
48980: HILL, S. S. - Travels in Siberia Two Volumes Bound in One
46633: HILLGARTH, J. N. - Ramon Lull and Lullism in Fourteenth-Century France
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53066: HILLIER, JACK - Japanese Prints & Drawings from the Vever Collection
40490: HILTON, JAMES - Lost Horizon
54758: HILTON, JAMES - Terry. Scherz Phoenix Books, Volume 103
48570: HILTON, JAMES - Goodbye Mr. Chips!
58706: HILTON, JAMES - Good-Bye Mr Chips
57388: HINE, REGINALD L. - The Cream of Curiosity : Being an Account of Certain Historical and Literary Manuscripts of the Xviith, Xviiith and Xixth Centuries
37940: HIRST, DAMIEN - I Want to Spend the Rest of My Life Everywhere with Everyone One to One
53557: HIRST, DAMIEN - I Want to Spend the Rest of My Life Everywhere with Everyone One to One
49906: HIRST, DAMIEN - Theories, Models, Methods, Approaches, Assumptions, Results and Findings
42937: HIRST, DAMIEN - New Religion - Italian Edition
51114: CARMICHAEL. HOAGY - The Stardust Road
58732: HOCKLY, HAROLD EDWARD - The Story of the British Settlers of 1820 in South Africa
57293: HOCKNEY, DAVID - That's the Way I See It
50851: HOCKNEY, DAVID - Drawing in a Printing Machine. 1 May- 11 July 2009
55443: HOCKNEY, DAVID - Secret Knowledge ; Rediscovering the Lost Techniques of the Old Masters
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35683: HODGDON, BARBARA AND W. B. WORTHEN (EDITED) - A Companion to Shakespeare and Performance
46696: HODGETTS, J. FREDERICK - Older England Illustrated by Anglo Saxon Antiquities in the British Museum in 2 Volumes
43539: HOFF, URSULA - The Art of Arthur Boyd
56651: HOFFMANN, DR HEINRICH - Struwwelpeter or Merry Stories and Funny Pictures
52908: HOFFMANN, HEINRICH - Der Parteitag Des Sieges : 100 Bild-Dokumente Vom Reichsparteitag Zu Nurnberg 1933
40278: PROFESSOR HOFFMANN - The Illustrated Book of Patience Games
37936: HOFFMANN, PROFESSOR - Puzzles Old and New
53489: HOFLAND, MRS - Alfred Campbell or Travels of a Young Pilgrim in Egypt and the Holy Land
47702: HOFSTATTER, HANS H - Art Nouveau Prints, Illustrations and Posters
56609: HOGARTH, WILLIAM AND WITH AN INTRODUCTORY ESSAY BY JAMES HANNAY - The Complete Works of William Hogarth : In a Series of One Hundred and Fifty Steel Engravings from the Original Pictures. In 6 Volumes
58134: HOGARTH, WILLIAM AND THOMAS COOK - Anecdotes of the Celebrated William Hogarth, with an Explanatory Description of His Works
38514: HOLCOMBE, F. D - Modern Sea Angling
40461: HOLDEN, HORACE - A Narrative of the Shipwreck, Captivity and Sufferings of Horace Holden and Benj H Nute; Who Were Cast Away in the American Ship Mentor, of the Pelew Islands, in the Year 1832...... . Etc
58111: HOLDEN, J. RAILTON - Desert Squadron
32507: HOLDSWORTH W. A. - The New County Court Guide - a Handbook to the Practice of These Tribunals, Both in Law and in Equity
58050: HOLE, CHRISTINA - English Shrines and Sanctuaries
56620: HOLLAND, CLIVE [HANKINSON, CHARLES JAMES] - How to Take and Fake Photographs
53214: VON HOLLANDER, ELSE AND EDMUND DULAC - Aladdin Oder Die Wunderlampe
58079: HOLLEIN, MAX - Michael Riedel : Kunste Zur Text
36406: HOLLINGSWORTH, MARY - Patronage in Renaissance Italy : From 1400 to the Early 16th Century
57640: HOLMAN, DENNIS - Sikander Sahib : The Life of Colonel Jame Skinner 1778-1841
54993: THE STUDIO AND EDITED BY CHARLES HOLME - Modern Pen Drawings : European and American. Special Winter Number of the Studio A.D. 1900-1901
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58270: HOLMES, F. M. - Raff's Ranche. A Story of Adventure Among Cowboys and Indians
22332: HOLMES, CHARLES (EDITED) - Modern Design in Jewellery and Fans. Special Winter Number 1901-1902 - Studio Magazine
56743: HOLOD, RENATA AND HASAN-UDDIN KHAN - The Mosque and the Modern World : Architets, Patrons and Designs Since the 1950s
54663: HONE, WILLIAM - The Every-Day Book: And the Table Book : Or, Everlasting Calendar of Popular Amusements, Sports, Pastimes... In Three Volumes
55995: HONE, WILLIAM - The Every-Day Book : Or, Everlasting Calendar of Popular Amusements... In Four Volumes (Two Volumes in Four Parts)
57168: HONEY, W. B. - Wedgwood Ware
45210: HONZIN, KAREL - Tvorba Zivotniho Slohu Stati o Architekture a Uzitkove Tvorbe Vubec (English Summary: 'Creating the Style for Living')
745: HOOD, TOM ; ( ESSEX HOUSE PRESS ) & ( C. R. ASHBEE ) - Miss Kilmansegg and Her Precious Leg
53340: HOOD, THOMAS - Humorous Poems
5043: HOOD, TOM AND ERNEST GRISET. - Griset's Grotesques; or, Jokes Drawn on Wood, with Rhymes by Tom Hood.
49751: HOOD, TOM [HOOD, THOMAS] - The Song of the Shirt
52285: HOPE, THOMAS - Household Furniture and Interior Decoration, Executed from Designs by Thomas Hope
44948: HOPE, LAURENCE - Songs from the Garden of Kama
5506: HOPE, THOMAS - An Historical Essay on Architecture. In Two Volumes
53387: HOPE, DALE; TOZIAN, GREGORY - The Aloha Shirt : Spirit of the Islands
53970: HOPE, TH. AND TRANSLATED FROM THE ENGLISH BY A. BARON - Histoire de L'Architecture. In Two Volumes
58892: HOPE, LAURENCE - Indian Love
46985: HOPE, THOMAS - Standard Novels No XXVI Anasthius [Bentley Standard Novels]
43229: HOPF, CARL - Old Persian Carpets and Their Artistic Values
57763: HOPKINS, ANDREW AND GAVIN STAMP, EDITORS - Lutyens Abroad : The Work of Sir Edwin Lutyens Outside the British Isles
58235: HOPKINS, GERARD MANLEY AND EDITED HUMPHRY HOUSE - The Journals and Papers of Gerard Manley Hopkins
54490: HOPKINSON, SIMON; CONRAN, TERENCE - The Bibendum Cookbook
57296: HOPKINSON, SIMON AND LINDSEY BAREHAM - The Prawn Cocktail Years
56449: HOPPER, ROBIN - Functional Pottery : Form and Aesthetic in Pots of Purpose
58394: HOPWOOD, CHARLES HENRY, EDITED BY - Middle Temple Records. In Four Volumes (3 Volumes Plus Index)
56167: HORNBY, NICK - High Fidelity
55125: HORNIBROOK, ISABEL - Little Troublesome
40029: HOSENFELD, WILM - The Pianist : The Extraordinary True Story of One Man's Survival in Warsaw, 1939-1945
43355: HOSKIN, MICHAEL A - William Herschel and the Construction of the Heavens
50593: HOUSEHOLD, GEOFFREY - Rogue Male
54243: HOUSMAN, LAURENCE - A Farm in Fairyland
45845: HOUSMAN, LAURENCE - Stories from the Arabian Nights
5493: HOUSMAN, A. E. - The Collected Poems A.E. Housman
44699: HOUSMAN, LAURENCE - A Farm in Fairyland
47225: HOUSMAN, LAURENCE (RETOLD BY) - Stories from the Arabian Nights: In the Words of Laurence Housman
53881: HOUSMAN, LAURENCE, RETOLD BY - Stories from the Arabian Nights
55933: HOUSMAN, LAURENCE - Of Aucassin and Nicolette : A Translation in Prose and Verse from the Old French Together with Amabel and Amoris
58213: HOUSSAYE, HENRY - 1814
50487: HOWARD, CONSTANCE AND G. P. SWINBORNE & CO. - Pastry-Cook and Confectioner. A Handy Guide on What to Buy; with Recipes and Hints for Preparing All Kinds of Puddings, Pies, Jellies, Etc. , Together with Advice As to the Description and Qualities of Articles to Be Used
58102: HOWARD, RACHEL - Rachel Howard
58398: HOWARD, DONALD D. - Napoleon and Iberia : The Twin Sieges of Ciudad Rodrigo & Almeida, 1810 (Napoleonic Library)
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55749: HOWES, JUSTIN - Edward Bawden : A Retrospective Survey
58609: HOWGRAVE-GRAHAM, H. M. - The Metropolitan Police at War
35305: HOWITT, WILLIAM - The Northern Heights of London or Historical Associations of Hampstead, Highgate, Muswell Hill, Hornsey and Islington
58406: HU, PHILIP K. - Visible Traces - Rare Books and Special Collections from the National Library of China
54881: HUBBARD, GEORGE - On the Site of the Globe Playhouse of Shakespeare : Lying to the North of Maiden Lane, Bankside, Southwark
49172: HUDSON, W. H. - Green Mansions: A Romance of the Tropical Forest
43716: HUDSON, DEREK - Charles Keene
49542: HUDSON, W. H. - Far Away and Long Ago: A History of My Early Life
55890: HUDSON, WILLIAM HENRY AND OTHER AUTHORS - Spenser and His Poetry. Chaucer and His Poetry. Also : Milton. Pope. Cowper. Johnson. Goldsmith. Gray. Coleridge. Marlowe. Burns. Byron. Scott. Wordsworth. Arnold. Keats. Shelley. Chatterton. Tennyson. Browning. E.B. Browning. Poe. Whitman.
43128: HUGHES, RIAN - Soho Dives, Soho Divas, Sketches of London's Burlesque Artistes
54366: NEW WRITERS AND INCLUDING TED HUGHES - Introduction : Stories by New Writers
55585: HUGHES, TED - Comics : A New Poem. Prospero Poets
45955: HUGHES, TED - Scapegoats and Rabies: A Poem in Five Parts Written by Ted Hughes
59105: HUGO, VICTOR - Les Miserables
30147: HUISH, MARCUS B. - Samplers and Tapestry Embroideries
57155: HULTEN, PONTUS - The Surrealists Look at Art - Eluard ; Aragon ; Soupault ; Breton ; Tzara
58047: HULUSI, MUSTAFA; ROSENTHAL, NORMAN & CRADDOCK, SACHA - Mustafa Hulusi, the Joyous, Shining and Wonderful Age
36448: HUMBERT, REV L.M. - Memorials of the Hospital of St Cross and Alms House of Noble Poverty
57770: VON HUMBOLDT, ALEXANDER - Ansichten Der Natur : Mit Wissenschaftlichen Erlauterungen. In Two Volumes
57756: HUME, DAVID AND T. SMOLLETT AND JOHN ADOLPHUS - The History of England : From the Invasion of Julius Caesar... To the Conclusion of Peace in the Year One Thousand Seven Hundred and Eighty-Three. In Sixteen Volumes
50560: HUME, DAVID, ET CONTINUEE PAR GOLDSMITH ET W. JONES - Histoire D'Angleterre, Depuis L'Invasion de Jules-Cesar Jusqu'a la Revolution de 1688. Forty Volumes Bound As Twenty
57148: HUMPHREYS, H. NOEL - The Coin Collector's Manual : Or Guide to the Numismatic Student in the Formation of a Cabinet of Coins. Bohn's Reference Library. In Two Volumes
49242: HUMPHRY, MRS. C. E. - The Book of the Home. A Comprehensive Guide on All Matters Pertaining to the Household. New Edition. In 6 Volumes.
58613: HUMPHRY, MRS - Manners for Men
55975: HUNEAULT, MICHEL - The Long Night of Megantic/la Longue Nuit de Megantic
36240: HUNNISETT, BASIL - Engraved on Steel : The History of Picture Production Using Steel Plates
39416: HUNT, MARSHA - The Way We Wore : Styles of the 1930s and '40s
52280: HUNT, JOHN - The Ascent of Everest
48520: PETER HUNT (EDITOR) - The Book of Garden Ornament
51142: HUNT, W. HOLMAN - Pre-Raphaelitism and the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. In Two Volumes
45951: HUNT, LEIGH - Table-Talk: To Which Are Added Imaginary Conversations of Pope and Swift
35125: HUNT, LEIGH - The Town; Its Memorable Characters and Events
44969: HUNTER, JOSEPH - The History and Topography of the Parish of Sheffield in the County of York
53212: HUNTER YOUNG, I. S. - Victorian Geographical and Biographical Charades : Intended As a Pastime for Winter Evenings, Combining Amusement with Instruction
57448: HUNTER, HARRY AND COMPILED AND ARRANGED BY HARRY JENNINGS - Francis & Day's Eleventh Book of Dialogues, Gags, Burlesque Lectures, and Sketches. As Performed by the Mohawk, Moore & Burgess Minstrels
54535: HUNTER, TOM - Tom Hunter
57561: HUNTER, IAN - Reflections of a Rock Star
54074: HUNTER, TOM - Tom Hunter
54007: HUNTER, TOM - The Way Home
44173: MALTE-BRUN AND J.-J.-N. HUOT - Geographie Universelle Ou Description de Toutes Les Parties Du Monde. In Six Volumes
54679: HURRELL, BILL (INTRODUCTION) - Tom Phillips the Portrait Works
57047: HUSSEY, CHRISTOPHER - Eton College
58383: HUTCHINSON, JOHN - A Catalogue of Notable Middle Templars : With Brief Biographical Notices
57433: HUTCHINSON - Hutchinson's Bumper Shelter Book : Fun for Everyone, 1,000 Games, Puzzles, Cross Words, Conundrums
58561: HUTTON, LEN - Just My Story
58230: HUXLEY, ALDOUS - Point Counter Point
49858: HUXLEY, ALDOUS - Along the Road. Notes and Essays of a Tourist.
55031: HUXLEY, THOMAS - Lectures and Lay Sermons
56581: STRAND AND EDITED BY JULIAN HUXLEY - Strand Magazine : August 1943
57034: HUXLEY, JULIAN - Tva : Adventure in Planning
58315: HYAMS, N. AND ARCHITECTURAL STUDENTS ASSOCIATION JOURNAL - Architectural Students Association Journal : Plan 1 1948. Plan 2 1948. Plan 3 1948. Plan 4 1949. Four Issues
57887: HYDE, EDWARD, EARL OF CLARENDON ; W DUNN MACRAY (EDITED) - The History of the Rebellion and CIVIL Wars in England Begun in the Year 1641
58364: HYDE, RALPH - A Prospect of Britain : The Town Panoramas of Samuel and Nathaniel Buck
38901: HYMAN, ISABELLE - Marcel Breuer, Architect : The Career and the Buildings
58505: HYNDMAN, SARAH - What's Your Type? : The Type Dating Game
53422: IBSEN, HENRIK - Brand : Et Dramatisk Digt
53420: IBSEN, HENRIK - En Folkefiende : Skuespil I Fem Akter
53423: IBSEN, HENRIK - Hedda Gabler : Skuespil I Fire Akter
28702: EIZO IKI - Kimono. Vol. 1 No. 1
32701: ILIE, PAUL - The Age of Minerva : Volume 2 (Only) - Cognitive Discontinuities in Eighteenth-Century Thought - from Body to Mind in Physiology and the Arts - (Vol. 2 )
56686: ILIE, PAUL - The Age of Minerva - 2 Volumes: Volume 1. Counter-Rational Reason in the Eighteenth Century: Goya & the Paradigm of Unreason in Western Europe & Volume 2. Cognitive Discontinuities in Eighteenth-Century Thought - from Body to Mind in Physiology and
58497: ILYIN, NATALIA - Writing for the Design Mind
58874: IMRAY, JEAN - The Mercers' Hall
46984: MRS INCHBALD [ELIZABETH INCHBALD] - Standard Novels No XXVI a Simple Story and Nature and Art [Bentley Standard Novels]
39978: INGE, WILLIAM - 4 Plays by William Inge - Come Back, Little Sheba ; Picnic ; Bus Stop ; the Dark at the Top of the Stairs
30328: INGELOW, JEAN - Poems by Jean Ingelow (2 Volumes in 1)
58886: INGLEBY, RICHARD - C.R. W. Nevinson : The Twentieth Century
55743: INGOLDSBY, THOMAS - The Ingoldsby Legends : Or, Mirth and Marvels. Carmine Edition
5335: INGOLDSBY, THOMAS - The Ingoldsby Legends, or Mirth and Marvels
52018: INGOLDSBY, THOMAS - The Ingoldsby Legends or Mirth and Marvels
50862: INGOLDSBY, THOMAS - The Jackdaw of Rheims
23256: INGOLDSBY, THOMAS - The Ingoldsby Legends
58441: INGOLDSBY, THOMAS - The Ingoldsby Legends : Or Mirth and Marvels
35830: INGRAM, DAVID - Plant Disease, a Natural History - New Naturalist # 85
49297: INWARDS, RICHARD - Weather Lore. A Collection of Proverbs, Sayings and Rules Concerning the Weather.
35667: IRELAND, SAMUEL - Picturesque Views, with an Historical Account of the Inns of Court, in London and Westminster
53193: IRELAND, JOHN AND WILLIAM HOGARTH - Hogarth Illustrated from His Own Manuscripts : Compiled and Arranged from the Originals by John Ireland. In 3 Volumes
53523: IRELAND, SAMUEL - Picturesque Views on the River Thames : From Its Source in Glocestershire [Sic] to the Nore; with Observations on the Public Buildings and Other Works of Art in Its Vicinity. In Two Volumes
52201: IRVINE, JAMES - James Irvine
49845: IRVINE, WILLIAM AND HONAN, PARK - The Book, the Ring and the Poet. A Biography of Robert Browning
38364: IRVING, WASHINGTON - Rip Van Winkle
56616: IRVING, WASHINGTON - Rip Van Winkle
46982: IRVING, WASHINGTON; CHATEUABRIAND; HORACE SMITH - Standard Novels No XLIX. Tales of the Alhambra, the Last of the Abencerages, the Involuntary Prophet [Bentley Standard Novels]
56721: IRVING, JOHN - The Hotel New Hampshire
44446: IRVING, WASHINGTON - Rip Van Winkle
51606: IRVING, WASHINGTON - Mahomet and His Successors
56529: IRVING, WASHINGTON - Rip Van Winkle
35593: IRVING, WASHINGTON - Rip Van Winkle
57501: IRVING, WASHINGTON - Rip Van Winkle
58333: IRVING, WASHINGTON AND EDITED BY PIERRE M. IRVING - The Life and Letters of Washington Irving. In Four Volumes
56492: ISHERWOOD, CHRISTOPHER - Ramakrishna and His Disciples
56348: ISHIGURO, KAZUO - When We Were Orphans
33553: ISLES, K. S. - Wages Policy and the Price Level
53438: ISOZAKI, ARATA AND TADAO ANDO AND TERUNOBU FUJIMORI - The Contemporary Tea House : Japan's Top Architects Redefine a Tradition
49254: ANTIQUARIAN ITINERARY - The Antiquarian Itinerary, Comprising Specimens of Architecture, Monastic, Castellated, and Domestic; with Other Vestiges of Antiquity in Great Britain. Acompanied with Descriptions. In Seven Volumes.
56607: IVES, CATHERINE - Homepride Cookery Book
53562: JACK, FLORENCE B. - Good Housekeeping Invalid Cookery Book
54713: JACK, FLORENCE B. - One Hundred Drinks and Cups. Simple Recipes for Every Housewife
55837: JACK, J. C. [BRITISH EAST INDIA COMPANY] - Rules and Instructions of the Eastern Bengal Settlement. October 1907
51092: JACKSON, LESLEY; RUDOE, JUDY; ROSE, PETER; KENT, LISA - 20th Century Factory Glass
57364: JACKSON, CHARLES E. - The Place-Names of Durham
57545: JACKSON, SHEILA - Ballet in England : A Ballet of Lithographs
48370: JACKSON, LESLEY; RUDOE, JUDY; ROSE, PETER; KENT, LISA - Robin and Lucienne Day: Pioneers of Modern Design
58358: JACKSON, DAVID P. AND JANICE A. JACKSON - Tibetan Thangka Painting : Methods and Materials
56847: TARDY AND GILBERT-JEAN MALGRAS AND ALAIN JACOB - Le Nouveau Tardy : Poteries Gres Faiences. Tome 1 - 6. Faiences de Marseille. Faiences de Rouen. Faiences de Nevers. Faience de Moustiers. Faiences de Strasbourg. Poteries Faiences Paris. Poteries Faiences Marques. In Thirteen Volumes
38631: JACOBS, W. W. - Salthaven
36235: JACOBS, W.W - Salthaven
58223: JACOBSEN, ROBERT D. - Classical Chinese Furniture in the Minneapolis Institute of Arts
58360: JACQUE, BERNARD - Le Papier Peint Decor D'Illusion
42452: JAHN, FRED - Baselitz Peintre-Graveur. Band I: Werkverzeichnis Der Druckgrafik 1963 - 1974. Band II: Werkverzeichnis Der Druckgrafik 1974 - 1982. In Two Volumes
59077: JAHR, GOTTLIEB HEINRICH GEORG AND OTHERS - Family Practice : Or, Simple Directions in Homoeopathic Domestic Medicine : Compiled from the Standard Medical Works of Jahr, Hull, Hempel, Bryant, Hale, Etc.
58712: JAMES, HENRY - The Ambassadors. In Two Volumes
55707: JAMES, GRACE - Green Willow and Other Japanese Fairy Tales
39823: JAMES, WILL - Cowboys North and South
51302: JAMES, HENRY - The Awkward Age. A Novel
58681: JAMES, BURNETT - Essays on Jazz
48736: JAMES, EDWARD - Swans Reflecting Elephants My Early Years Edited by George Melly
27385: JAMES, G.P.R. - Castelnau - Mary of Burgundy
41039: JAMES, ANNE S. - Sketches from a Life
49364: JAMES, WILL - Lone Cowboy: My Life Story
54608: JAMES, HENRY - English Hours
58716: JAMES, HENRY - The Portrait of a Lady (2 Vols. )
58585: JAMES I, KING OF SCOTLAND - The Works of James I, King of Scotland. Containing the King's Quair, Christis Kirk of the Grene, and Peblis to the Play
55174: JAMESON, MRS. - Memoirs of the Early Italian Painters, and of the Progress of Painting in Italy
54114: JAMI - The Beharistan (Abode of Spring). A Literal Translation from the Persian
51623: JANUS, GIORGIO SOAVI AND GRAHAM SUTHERLAND - The World of Graham Sutherland
40540: JAQUES, FAITH - The Christmas Party
49913: JAQUIN, NOEL - The Hand of Man
40023: JARMAN, ROBERT L. - Taiwan : Political and Economic Reports, 1861-1960 Vol 9
57777: JARMAN, DEREK - War Requiem
55210: JASON, NEVILLE AND LISA THOMPSON-PHAROAH - The Sculpture of Frank Dobson
49840: JEFFARES, A. NORMAN, EDITOR - Restoration Comedy. Complete in 4 Volumes
57616: JEFFERIES, RICHARD - Bevis : The Story of a Boy
56246: JEFFERS, ALISON AND GERRI MORIARTY, EDITORS - Culture, Democracy and the Right to Make Art : The British Community Arts Movement
55146: JEKYLL, GERTRUDE - Lilies for English Gardens : A Guide for Amateurs. The 'Country Life' Library
57221: JEKYLL, GERTRUDE AND GEORGE S. ELGOOD - Some English Gardens
47417: JENKINS, SIMON ; DITCHBURN, JONATHAN - Images of Hamstead
48078: JENKINS, DAVID FRASER - John Piper in the 1930's Abstraction on the Beach
57476: JENKINS, DAVID FRASER - John Piper : The Forties
54624: JENKINS, IAN ; SLOAN, KIM - Vases and Volcanoes - Sir William Hamilton and His Collection
40682: JENKINSON, DENIS - Jenks a Passion for Motorsport : The Words and Life of Denis Jenkinson
51914: JENNE, HELMUT AND INSEL BUCHEREI - Katalog Der Sammlung Jenne. Die Varianten Der Erstauflagen Der Insel-Bucherei Und Nahestehender Reihen and Gruppen Mit Uber 900 Abbildungen
52117: JENNINGS, PAUL - Dunlopera the Works and Workings of the Dunlop Rubber Company
48112: JENNINGS, PAUL [ GUINNESS ] - A Precsription for Foreing Travel [ Prescription for Foreign Travel ]
50712: JENNINGS, ELIZABETH - Song for a Birth or a Death, and Other Poems
5539: JENNINGS, JAMES - The Dialect of the West of England Particularly Somersetshire
50464: JEREMIAS, JORG - The Book of Amos: A Commentary. The Old Testament Library
54080: JEROME,. JEROME K. - Told After Supper
54966: JEROME, JEROME K. - Three Men in a Boat
57876: JEROME, JEROME K. - Three Men in a Boat (to Say Nothing of the Dog)
53660: JEROME, JEROME K. - The Second Thoughts of an Idle Fellow
55236: JERROLD, BLANCHARD - Life of Gustave Dore
48480: JERROLD, BLANCHARD - Life of Gustave Dore
38922: JESSE, J. HENEAGE - Memoirs of the Court of England from the Revolution in 1688 to the Death of George the Second
54123: KING. JESSIE M. - The Grey City of the North : A Book of Drawings by Jessie M. King
46137: WARNE AND EDITED BY MARY JEWRY - Warne's Model Cookery with Complete Instructions in Household Management
57823: JEWRY, MARY - Warne's Model Cookery and Housekeeping Book
38123: JHABVALA, RUTH PRAWER - Like Birds, Like Fishes
33930: JHABVALA, RUTH PRAWER - Like Birds, Like Fishes
44606: "JIGPUZBUK" - The Jolly Jig-Saw Book
57624: JOANNIS, CLAUDETTE - Bijoux Des Regions de France
56234: JOHANSSON, GERRY - Antarktis
59007: JOHNS, W. E. - Were the Golden Eagle Soars : A Story for Lovers of Nature About Wild Life in the Highlands of Scotland
55666: JOHNSON, SAMUEL - The Lives of the Most Eminent English Poets : With Critical Observations on Their Works. In Four Volumes
5415: JOHNSON, JAMES - An Essay on Indigestion: Or Morbid Sensibility of the Stomach and Bowels, As the Proximate Cause or Characteristic Condition of Dyspepsy...
58633: JOHNSON, SAMUEL - Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland
44827: JOHNSON, PAMELA HANSFORD - The Unspeakable Skipton
45968: JOHNSON, JOHNNIE - Wing Leader
51052: JOHNSON, W. M. AND THOMAS EXLEY - The Imperial Encyclopaedia; or, Dictionary of the Sciences and Arts. Comprehending Also the Whole Circle of Miscellaneous Literature... The Whole Including All the Modern Discoveries in Astronomy, Chemistry, Electricity, Galvanism, Geography,
55644: JOHNSON, LIONEL AND WITH A PREFACE BY EZRA POUND - Poetical Works of Lionel Johnson
40180: JOHNSTON, ROY - Roderic o'Conor. 1860-1940
57509: JOHNSTON, EDWARD - A Carol and Other Rhymes
56552: JOHNSTONE, ROBERT (INTRODUCTION) - All Shy Wildness an Anthology of Irish Animal Poetry
56801: JOICEY, MAGDA - Cook-Book Note-Book
56825: JOICEY, MAGDA - Cook Book Note Book 57391
58377: JONES, ALLEN AND ANTHONY MATHEWS - Allen Jones Figures
58309: JONES, BARBARA - The Unsophisticated Arts
56383: JONES, JO - The Gypsies of Granada
58280: JONES, BARBARA - Follies and Grottoes
58418: JONES, BARBARA - Design for Death
57065: JONES, LEROI - Home : Social Essays
34350: JONES, ERNEST - On the Nightmare: International Psycho-Analytical Library No. 20
57719: JONSON, BEN AND EDITED BY H. C. HART - The Alchemist : The King's Library
50136: JOUFFROY, ALAIN - Max Ernst Paintings, Sculptures, Works on Paper Inaugural Exhibition 4 Non1988-11 Feb 1989 Runkel-Hue-Williams 6/8 Old Bond Street London
46494: JOURDAIN, MARGARET AND F ROSE - English Furniture, the Georgian Period (1750 - 1830)
39883: JOURDAIN, M. & LENYGON, FRANCIS - English Decoration and Furniture from 1500- 1820
58479: THE HOUSE : THE JOURNAL - The House : The Journal of Home Arts and Crafs. A Monthly for the Artistic Home. Volume XI.
48790: JOWETT, B. - The Dialogues of Plato Translated Into English with Analysis and Introductions - 5 Volumes
55818: JOYCE, JAMES - Ulysses
51657: JOYCE, JAMES - Chamber Music
57554: JOYCE, JAMES - Finnegans Wake
59097: JOYCE, JAMES - Ulysses
54078: JOYCE, P. W. - English As We Speak It in Ireland
53503: JOYCE, JAMES AND PREFACED AND ARRANGED BY A. WALTON LITZ - Chamber Music, Pomes Penyeach, & Occasional Verse : A Facsimile of Manuscripts, Typescripts, & Proofs. The James Joyce Archive
52512: JOYCE, JAMES - Pomes Penyeach
58021: JUDA, H. P., EDITOR AND ROBERT MELVILLE - Graham Sutherland
41842: JULLIAN, PHILIPPE - The Orientalists : European Painters of Eastern Scenes
52222: JUNG, C. G. AND EDITED BY WILLIAM MCGUIRE AN JAMES L. JARRETT - The Seminars. Dream Analysis: Notes of a Seminar Given in 1928-30. Nietzsche's Zarathustra: Notes of a Seminar Given in 1934-39, Parts I & II. [Bound in 2 Parts]. Analytical Psychology: Notes of a Seminar Given in 1925. Four Volume Set
54035: JUNGINGER, SABINE AND JURGEN FAUST, EDITORS - Designing Business and Management
50041: DEMOCRITUS JUNIOR [BURTON, ROBERT] - The Anatomy of Melancholy, What It Is, with All the Kinds, Causes, Symptomes, Prognostics, and Several Cures of It... Two Volumes
49775: DEMOCRITUS JUNIOR [BURTON, ROBERT] - The Anatomy of Melancholy. What It Is, with All the Kinds, Causes, Symptomes, Prognostics, and Several Cures of It. In Two Volumes
33778: JUNIUS - Junius - Stat Nominis Umbra a New Edition (2 Volumes)
50018: MADEMOISELLE DE JUSSY - Lettres de Mademoiselle de Jussy, a Mademoiselle ***
54870: JUNIANIUS JUSTINUS - Ivstini Ex Trogi Pompeii Historiis Externis Libri XXXXIIII : Item, Ex Sex. Aurelio Victore de Uita & Moribus Romanorum Imperatorum Epitome.
51494: KAFKA, FRANZ - The Castle. Definitive Edition
53377: KAHN, DEBORAH (EDITOR) - The Romanesque Frieze and Its Spectator : The Lincoln Symposium Papers
39253: KAHN, NICHOLAS; SELESNICK, RICHARD - Scotlandfuturebog (Limited Edition)
59013: KAIGAI - A Collection of Antique Prints in Europe : Sarasa and Paisley
41282: KALTENBACH, FRANK - Transluzente Materialien Glas Kunststoff Metall
45181: KALTENBOCK, FREDERICK - Viennese Timepieces: Vienna, a Centre of Clock and Watchmounting in the 18th and 19th Century
56026: KAMCKE J. T. - 10 Little Gollywogs : A New Story of the Gollywogs
49451: KAMEN, HENRY - The Phoenix and the Flame. Catalonia and the Counter Reformation
48516: KANG, SOO YUN; FLORA, HOLLY - This Anguished World of Shadows : Georges Rouault's Miserere Et Guerre
53841: KAPLAN, SAM HALL - La Lost & Found : An Architectural History of Los Angeles
54643: KAPPELER, GEORGE J. - Modern American Drinks : How to MIX and Serve All Kinds of Cups and Drinks
42013: KARAGEORGHIS, VASSOS - Early Cyprus : Crossroads of the Mediterranean
56271: KARTIWA, SUWATI - Indonesian Ikats / Tenun Ikat
47333: KASTNER, ERICH AND WALTER TRIER - Das Verhexte Telefon. Ein Bilderbuch
57560: KASTNER, ERICH - Emil and the Detectives
58891: KATO, N. - Children's Stories from Japanese Fairy Tales and Legends
58433: KAUFFMAN, SANDRA - The Cowboy Catalog
53979: KAUTZKY, TED - Ways with Watercolor
55961: KAVANAGH, TOM - Ytykwya [You Think You Know Where You Are]
5954: KAVANAGH, TED - Tommy Handley
25025: KAYAMA, MATAZO - The Works of Matazo Kayama
55912: KAYE-SMITH, SHEILA - A Wedding Morn
52393: KAZMAIER, MARTIN - Horst - Sixty Years of Photography
57352: KEANE, A. H. AND EDITED BY SIR CLEMENTS MARKHAM - Central and South America : Stanford's Compendium of Geography and Travel. Vol. I: South America. Vol. II: Central America and West Indies. In Two Volumes
57350: KEANE, A. H. - Asia : Stanford's Compendium of Geography and Travel. Vol. I: Northern and Eastern Asia. Vol. II: Southern and Western Asia. In Two Volumes
54940: KEATS, JOHN; INTRODUCTION BY MOTION, ANDREW - The Complete Poems - John Keats - Folio Poets
35468: KEBLE, JOHN - The Christian Year Thoughts in Verse for the Sundays and Holydays Throughout the Year
51379: KEDOURIE, SYLVIA, EDITOR - Elie Kedourie's Approaches to History and Political Theory: 'the Thoughts and Actions of Living Men'
51377: KEDOURIE, SYLVIA, EDITOR - Elie Kedourie Cbe, Fba, 1926-1992: History, Philosophy, Politics
53054: KEEN, ARTHUR - Charing Cross Bridge
56461: KEENAN, BRIGID - Damascus : Hidden Treasures of the Old City
58877: KEENE, REV. H.G. - Persian Fables for Young and Old
55960: KEINONEN, TURKKA - Designers, Users and Justice
56958: KEIR CROSS, JOHN - The Angry Planet
38748: KELLY, CATRIONA - An Anthology of Russian Women's Writing, 1777-1992
49947: KELLY, RICHARD - The Art of George Du Maurier
55371: KELLY, F. M. - Shakespearian Costume for Stage and Screen
56778: KELLY - Kelly's Directory of Richmond, Kew, Petersham, Etc. 1956
55701: KELLY'S DIRECTORIES - Kelly's Directory of Cumberland and Westmorland 1934
58746: KELTIE, J. SCOTT - The World-Wide Atlas of Modern Geography : Political and Physical
52987: KEMPIS, THOMAS A - De Imitatione Christi : Libri Quatuor [the Imitation of Christ]
55624: KENDALL, RICHARD AND ROBERT ROSENBLUM - Howard Hodgkin : Large Paintings 1984-2002
57151: KENEALLY, THOMAS - Schindler's Ark
44681: KENNARD, EDWARD, MRS - The Right Sort: A Romance of the Shires
44617: KENNARD, EDWARD, MRS - Tony Larkin, Englishman
44615: KENNARD, EDWARD, MRS - Straight As a Die
44616: KENNARD, EDWARD, MRS - At the Tail of the Hounds
33211: KENNEDY, ADMIRAL SIR WILLIAM - Sporting Sketches in South America - with Map and Illustrations.
57426: KENNER, HUGH - Wyndham Lewis : The Makers of Modern Literature
49791: ERASMUS AND W. KENNETT - Moriae Encomium: Or, the Praise of Folly. Made English from the Latin of Erasmus.
42772: KENNY, PETER M.; METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART; LEBEN, ULRICH; BRETTER, FRANCES F.; METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART (NEW YORK, N.Y.); LANNUIER, CHARLES HONORE - Honore Lannuier, Cabinet Maker from Paris: The Life and Work of a French Ebeniste in Federal New York
55482: KENTRIDGE, WILLIAM - I Am Not Me, the Horse Is Not Mine
57013: M'KENZIE, D - Film Portraits {Autographed}
55346: KERENYI, C. - Eleusis : Archetypal Image of Mother and Daughter. Archetypal Images in Greek Religion Volume 4
57700: KERMAN, JOSEPH, EDITOR - Ludwig Van Beethoven : Autograph Miscellany from Circa 1786 to 1799. British Museum Add Ms 29801, Ff. 39-162. The Kafka Sketchbook. Volume I: Facsimile. Volume II: Transcription
56001: KERMODE, P. M. C. - Traces of the Norse Mythology in the Isle of Man
57805: KEROUAC, JACK - The Subterraneans
54939: KEROUAC, JACK - On the Road
40807: KEY, MIKE - Wild Lead Sleds
45050: KEYES, FRANCES PARKINSON - The River Road
57213: KEYES, SIDNEY - The Iron Laurel
52734: KEYES, ROGER S. AND KEIKO MIZUSHIMA - The Theatrical World of Osaka Prints: A Collection of Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century Japanese Woodblock Prints in the Philadelphia Museum of Art
52458: KEYES, SYDNEY KILWORTH - Dartford Some Historical Notes Written and Colected
45039: KEYES, FRANCES PARKINSON - Steamboat Gothic
58948: KEYNES, JOHN MAYNARD - Essays in Persuasion
59095: KEYNES, JOHN MAYNARD - The General Theory of Employment Interest and Money
58620: KEYNES, JOHN MAYNARD - A Revision of the Treaty : Being a Sequel to the Economic Consequences of the Peace
14031: KHALIFA, SHAIKHA H. (EDITOR) - Bahrain Through the Ages : The Archaeology
55242: KHAYYAM, OMAR AND EDWARD FITZGERALD - Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
58907: KHAYYAM, OMAR AND TRANSLATED INTO ENGLISH VERSE BY EDWARD FITZGERALD - Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. With an Introduction by A.C. Benson. Reproduced from a Manuscript Written & Illuminated by F. Sangorski & G. Sutcliffe
58242: KHAYYAM, OMAR AND EDWARD FITZGERALD - Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam : The First and Fourth Renderings in English Verse
47226: KHAYYAM, OMAR ( EDWARD FITZGERALD TRANSLATED ) - Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam : The Astronomer Poet of Persia
55715: KHMARA, VIKTOR AND YOUNG FRIENDS CENTRAL COMMITTEE - Roots of Friendship : An Account of a Visit to Britain of Six Young People from the Soviet Union
41109: KIDD, B. J. - A History of the Church to A.D. 461 in 3 Volumes V1 to A. D 313 ; V2 A.D. 313-408 V3 A.D. 408-461
40824: KIEFER, GABRIELE; JOOSTEN, HANS - Buro Kiefer : Landscape Design
58822: KIMBER, JANE AND ANNE WHEELDON - Shepherds Bush and White City : Images of London
54147: KIMURA, HIROAKI - Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Process: Architecture No. 50 - August 1984.
2859: KIMURA, SHOTARO AND PEAKE, CHARLOTTE M.A. (TRANSLATED BY) - Sword and Blossom Poems from the Japanese. Volume II .
49119: KING, MONIQUE & DONALD - European Textiles in the Keir Collection 400 Bc to 1800 Ad
29913: KINGDON-WARD, CAPTAIN F. - The Romance of Gardening
58197: KINGSFORD, C. L. - Prejudice and Promise in Xvth Century England : The Ford Lectures 1923-24
44959: KINGSLEY, HENRY - Leighton Court: A Country-House Story
56932: KINGSLEY, CHARLES - Westward Ho! : Or the Voyages and Adventures of Sir Amyas Leigh Knight
49709: KINGSLEY, CHARLES - Madam How and Lady Why, or, First Lessons in Earth Lore for Children
55793: KINGSLEY, CHARLES - The Water-Babies : A Fairy Tale for a Land-Baby
42309: KINGSLEY, CHARLES - Poems
36311: KINGSLEY, CHARLES - The Water Babies
49827: KINGSLEY, CHARLES - Westward Ho! or, the Voyages and Adventures of Sir Amyas Leigh, Knight, of Burough, in the County of Devon...
42214: KINGSLEY, THE REV CHARLES - Madam How and Why, or First Lessons in Earth Lore for Children
29871: KINGSLEY, CHARLES - The Water Babies - a Fairy Tale for a Land-Baby
43502: KINGSLEY, CHARLES - Glaucus: Or, the Wonders of the Shore
45841: KINGSLEY, CHARLES - Glaucus: Or, the Wonders of the Shore
56483: KINGSLEY, CHARLES - The Water-Babies : A Fairy Tale for a Land-Baby
46057: KINGSLEY, CHARLES - The Water-Babies: A Fairy Tale for a Land-Baby
57349: KINGSLEY, CHARLES - The Water-Babies : A Fairy Tale for a Land Baby
57687: KINGSLEY, CHARLES - The Water-Babies

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