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16105: PERCIVAL (G.S.) - Repairing Books. Dryad Leaflet No. 150.
35752: PERCIVAL (ANDREW) - Notes on Old Peterborough, ..... Arranged, Published, and Sold by Special Permission of the Author, by The Peterborough Archæological Society.
17661: PERCY (THOMAS) - The Library of Thomas Percy, Editor of the Reliques of Ancient English Poetry.
31660: KER (NIEL) & PERKIN (MICHAEL) - A Directory of the Parochial Libraries of the Church of England and the Church of Wales. First edited by Niel Ker, revised edition edited by Michael Perkin.
33405: PERKINS (HENRY) - The Perkins Library. A Catalogue of the Very Valuable and Important Library Formed by... Comprising many Splendid Illuminated Manuscripts of the Highest Class, A Remarkable Collection of Ancient Bibles, Examples of Printing on Vellum of the Greatest Beauty and Rarity... which will be Sold by Auction by Messrs. Gadsden, Ellis & Co. in the Great Library at Hanworth Park on Tuesday, June 3rd, and three following days.
34650: PERRY (SAMPSON) - A Disquisition of the Stone and Gravel, and other Diseases of the Kidneys, Bladder, &c.
15705: PERRY (MARSDEN J.) - First Editions, Autograph Letters & Mss... Including the Chaucer and a set of other Kelmscott Press Books on Vellum...
32634: JUVENAL AND PERSIUS. - D. Junii Juvenalis Aquinatis Satirae XVI. ad optimorum exemplarium fidem recensitae varietate lectionum perpetuoque commentario illustratae et indice uberrimo instructae a Ge. Alex. Ruperti; quibus adjectae sunt, A. Persii Flacci Satirae, ex recensione et cum notis G. L. Koenig.
34086: PERU. - Antiguos privilegios y documentos de la Ciudad de los Reyes. Antiquos privilegios y documentos de las viejas ciudades de la América Española.
14880: PESANTE (SAURO) - Le Cinquecentine della Biblioteca Civica di Trieste. Catalogo Breve.
35390: PETERS (HARRY T.) - Currier & Ives, Printmakers to the American People (2 vols.). [With]: America on Stone, the Other Printmakers to the American People. [With]: California on Stone.
10782: WEST (LUTHER S.) & PETERS (ONEITA B.) - An Annotated Bibliography of Musca Domestica Linnaeus.
34196: BOSCH (GULNAR) & CARSWELL (JOHN) & PETHERBRIDGE (GUY) - Islamic Bindings & Bookmaking. A Catalogue of an Exhibition.
19172: PETHERICK (EDWARD AUGUSTUS) - Catalogue of the York Gate Library Formed by Mr. S. William Silver. An Index to the Literature of Geography, Maritime and Inland Discovery, Commerce and Colonisation.
24446: LE PETIT (JULES) - Bibliographie des Principales Editions Originales d'Ecrivains Francais du XVe au XVIIIe Siecle.
32079: LE PETIT (JULES) - Bibliographie des Principales Editions Originales d'Ecrivains Francais du XVe au XVIIIe Siecle.
33184: LE PETIT (JULES) - Bibliographie des Principales Editions Originales d'Ecrivains Francais du XVe au XVIIIe Siecle.
32027: FACULTIED PEWS. - Facultied Pews in the Parish Church, Cheltenham. Being a certified copy from the original Plan and Faculty, as deposited in the Registry of the Bishop of the Diocese, 1794.
18898: PFISTER (KURT) - Die Primitiven Holzschnitte.
10402: PFISTER (KURT) - Die Mittelalterliche Buchmalerei des Abandlandes.
31669: PHILIP (CHRIS) - A Bibliography of Firework Books. Works on Recreative Fireworks from the Sixteenth to the Twentieth Century.
34423: PHILIPSON (G. H.) - On the Registration of Diseases. [From the 'British Medical Journal', November 6th, 1869.]
30818: PHILLIMORE (W.P.W.) AND WARD (JAMES), EDITORS. - Nottingham Parish Registers. Marriages. St. Peter's Church. 1572 to 1812.
18363: PHILLIPPS (SIR THOMAS) - Bibliotheca Phillippica. Mediaeval (and Oriental) Manuscripts. New Series Parts 1-11 [Complete]. [Sold with:] Bibliotheca Phillippica. New Series Parts 1-20 [Complete].
27062: HALLIWELL-PHILLIPPS (JAMES ORCHARD) - Shakesperiana. A Catalogue of the Early Editions of Shakespeare's Plays, and of the Commentaries and other Publications Illustrative of his Works.
27050: HALLIWELL-PHILLIPPS. - A Hand-List of Sixty Folio Volumes, Containing Collections made by J.O. Halliwell-Phillipps, from 1854 to 1887, on the Life of Shakespeare, and the History of the English Stage.
27051: HALLIWELL-PHILLIPPS (J.O.) - Catalogue of the Important Library of the late J.O. Halliwell-Phillipps including an Extensive Collection of Works of Shakespearian Interest... 1st July, 1889.
27053: HALLIWELL-PHILLIPPS. - An Inventory of Certain Books and Manuscripts, Including Notes for Shakespearian Researches, Preserved at Hollingbury Copse, Brighton.
36262: MUNBY (A. N. L.) PHILLIPPS (SIR THOMAS) - The Phillipps Manuscripts. Catalogus Librorum Manuscriptorum in Bibliotheca D. Thomae. Phillipps, Bt. Impressum Typis Medio-Montanis 1837-1871. With an Introduction by A.N.L. Munby.
17975: PHILLIPPS (SIR THOMAS) - Bibliotheca Phillippica. Mediaeval (and Oriental) Manuscripts. New Series: Parts 1-11 [Complete].
25347: PHILLIPS (D. RHYS) - The Romantic History of the Monastic Libraries of Wales, from the Fifth to the Sixteenth Centuries (Celtic and Mediaeval Periods). [Reprinted, with additions, from 'The Library Association Record' for July and August, 1912].
35563: PHILLIPS (GEORGE SEARLE) - The New Guide to Peterborough Cathedral, comprising a brief history of The Monastery from its Foundation, with a descriptive account of its Architectural Peculiarities and most recent Improvements & Works of Restoration. Compiled from the Works of Gunton, Britton, Garbett, and others.
31984: PHILLIPS (W. ALISON) - The War of Greek Independence 1821 to 1833.
32248: PHILLIPS (G.) EDITOR - The Rutland Magazine and County Historical Record: An Illustrated Quarterly Journal. devoted to the History Antiquies. Biography. Dialect Folk-Lore. Legend. Genealogy. Topography. Natural History. Etc. of the County of Rutland, Edited by G. Phillips.
32376: PHILLIPS (BENJAMIN) - A Treatise on the Urethra; Its Diseases, Especially Stricture and their Cure.
35218: PHILLIPS (SIR RICHARD) - A Personal Tour through the United Kingdom: describing Living Objects, and Contemporaneous Interests. Number I. Bedfordshire, - Northamptonshire, - Leicestershire. Number II. Derbyshire - Nottinghamshire. [no more published]. London: Printed for Horatio Phillips, no. 3, Charing Cross; and to be had of the booksellers of Derby & Nottingham. N.D., [1828]. First Edition, 2 parts in one, [2], viii, 184; [6], 185-332pp., paginated continuously, engraved plate of Nottingham Market Place slightly browned. [Bound with:-] GLOVER (Stephen) The Peak Guide, containing the Topographical, Statistical, and General History of Buxton, Chatsworth, Edensor, Castleton, Bakewell, Haddon, Matlock, and Cromford; ..... Derby: Henry Mozley and Son, 1830. First Edition, xl, 130, [4 adverts]pp., map a little browned, 3 engraved plates, 3 plans (one folding), folding pedigree, pedigrees and illustrations in the text. [Bound with:-] DEANS (Joseph) Melbourne Church. With plates by Gray. London: W. J. Cleaver, 1843. First Edition, 55, [1]pp., half-title, frontispiece and 4 plates. [Bound with:-] PLUMPTRE (F. C.) An Account of the Parish Church of Bakewell, in Derbyshire, and of the Early Gravestone and other Remains discovered during the recent repairs. With a Prefatory Notice, Containing further Particulars.
33965: PHILLOTT (LIEUT.-COLONEL D. C.) - Annotated English Translation of Urdu Roz-Marra or "Every-Day Urdu" The Text-Book for the Lower Standard Examination in Hindustani.
33283: PHILOSOPHY. - An Essay towards Demonstrating the Immateriality, and Free-Agency of the Soul. In Answer to two Pamphlets; one Intitled, A Philosophical Enquiry into the physical Spring of Human Actions, &c ..... by Mr. Samuel Strutt. And the other Intitled; A Philosophical Inquiry concerning Human Liberty; .... by Anthony Collins, Esq.
32235: PHIPPS (JOSEPH) - Brief Remarks on the Common Arguments now used in Support of divers Ecclesiastical Impositions in this Nation, especially as they relate to Dissenters.
30322: PHIPPS (J.) - A System of Military Discipline for His Majesty's Army. London: Printed for J. Millan, 1777. First edition, 12mo, [6], ii, [1], 8-116, [16pp., forms for returns, last two folding], 6 engraved plates (5 folding), A4 with small hole and closed tear, one plate slightly frayed at fore-edge, prelims lightly browned. [Bound with:] FORTUNE (T.) The Artillerist's Companion, Containing the Discipline, Returns, Reports, Pay, Provision, &c. of that Corps, in Field, in Forts, at Sea, &c.
18684: PHOTOGRAPHY. - Masterpieces of Victorian Photography 1840-1900 from the Gernsheim Collection.
34798: PHOTOGRAPHY. - Old Books / A Collection of Early Photographs and Books Commemorating the Centenary of Fox Talbot and Daguerre 1839-1939. Catalogue 52.
33844: PHOTOGRAPHY. - A collection of 120 Sotheby's Belgravia auction catalogues 1972-82, mostly related to Photography.
23344: PHOTOGRAPHY. - Old Science & Medicine, Early Photography. Catalogue 68.
34181: FREEMAN (S[TEPHEN]) PHYSICIAN. - The Ladies' Friend; and Family Physical Library. The midwifery in this edition is by question and answer. With thirteen curious engravings of the natural and unnatural position of the infant as it lies in the Womb. With a true Description and Cure of every Disease incident to married and single Women, as well as those of young Children. Though this Book is wrote in so familiar and plain a Manner to every one's Understanding, yet the young Physician, Surgeon, Apothecary, Anatomist, Midwife, and Chemist, by paying Attention may at least refresh their Memories, if not gain Instruction. This Work contains at least three Times more than any former Edition. The additions are, A Compendium of Anatomy, by Question and Answer. A Formulae for the Diseases incident to the white and black Inhabitants of the Indies, together with the medical Remedies that Country produces for each Disease. A Treatise of Cancers, with the Case of Mrs. Phillips, of Birmingham, describing the Remedy that the Author made Use of to extirpate a Cancer from her Breast, which weighed about seven ounces: She was upwards of fifty Years of Age. A Bilious Case and Cure of Miss A-, Daughter of an eminent Surgeon of Wolverhampton. A Philosophical Account of the Voice, Speech, Singing, Laughing, Coughing, and Sounds, &c. Of the Structure and Motion of the Muscles, according to the Doctrine of Sir Isaac Newton. Philosophical Doctrine of Pulses. The Medical Qualities of Milk, and of Whey, for Diseases in general. Of ... or, Pathological Aitiology, &c. The Method to recover Persons supposed to be drowned. The Dispensary of the Royal Hospital of Edinburgh, for the afflicted Poor.
35370: FAMILY PHYSICIAN. - The Universal Family Physician, and Surgeon. Containing a familiar and accurate description of the symptoms of every disorder incident to mankind together with their gradual progress, and method of cure. With a system of family surgery, an universal herbal, and a complete dispensatory.
10408: PICHARD (ALPHONSE) - Catalogue des Livres de Fonds et en Nombre de la Librairie Alphonse Picard.
36222: BOOK OF COMMON PRYER. PICKERING (WILLIAM) - The Order for the Administration of the Holy Communion and Occasional Offices, According to the Use of the Church of England.
34720: PICNIC (PEREGRINE) - The Wanderer, A Thing of Shred and Patches. By Peregrine Picnic, Gent. [No.1 (Saturday, 4th April, 1818) - No.XX1 (Saturday, 9th January, 1819). Edited by William Hamilton].
13635: PICOT (ÉMILE) - Bibliographie Cornélienne ou Description Raisonnée de Toutes les Éditions des Ouvers de Pierre Corneille, des Imitations ou Traductions qui en ont été Faites, et des Ouvrages Relatifs a Corneille et a ses Écrits.
32105: PICOT (EMILE) - Catalogue des Livres Composant la Bibliotheque de Feu M. le Baron James de Rothschild.
26968: ANGLING PICTURES. - Catalogue of the Collection of Angling Pictures, Early English Drawings and Mezzotints of Arthur N. Gilbey, Esq. deceased, late of Folly Farm, Sulhampstead, Berks... Which will be Sold at Auction by Messrs. Christie, Manson & Woods... on Thursday, April 25 and Friday, April 26, 1940.
33194: SAINT PIERRE (JACQUES-HENRI BERNARDIN DE) - Etudes de la Nature. Par Jacques-Henri-Bernardin de Saint Pierre. Nouvelle édition, revue, corrigée et augmentée...
25939: PIERS (HENRY) - Gospel-Repentance: or, Repentance grounded on Faith in Jesus Christ, the One Repentance accepted with God. A sermon Preach'd at Bexley in Kent, on Wednesday the 11th Day of April, 1744, the Day appointed by his Majesty for a General Fast. By Henry Piers, M. A. Vicar of the Parish; sometime Student of Trinity-College, Dublin.
23897: PIETRAMELLARA (GIACOMO) - Raccolta di divise o Motti Araldici. Serie I.
10413: PIGGOT (REVD. A.) - Catalogue of a Selected Portion of the Extensive Library Principally of English Literature...
31936: COOPER (JOHN) & PIKE (B.A.) - Detective Fiction: The Collector's Guide.
27195: COOPER (JOHN) & PIKE (B.A.) - Detective Fiction: The Collector's Guide.
30903: PIKE (NICOLAS) - Sub-Tropical Rambles in the Land of the Aphanapteryx. Personal Experiences, Adventures, and Wanderings in and around the Island of Mauritius,
32466: PILKINGTON (REV. M.) - The Gentleman's and Connoisseur's Dictionary of Painters. A complete Collection and Account, of the most distinguished Artists, who have flourished in the Art of Painting, at Rome, Venice, Naples, Florence, and other Cities of Italy; in Holland, Flanders, England, Germany, or France; from the year 1250, when the Art of Painting was revived by Cimabue, to the year 1767; including above Five hundred Years, and the Number of Artists amounting to near One thousand Four hundred. Extracted From the most authentic Writers who have treated on the Subject of painting, in Latin, Italian, Spanish, English, French, and Low Dutch...
10415: PILLING (JAMES CONSTANTINE) - Bibliography of Wakashan Languages.
35606: PINCOTT (FREDERIC) - Hitopadesa. A new literal Translations from the Sanskrit text of Prof. F. Johnson. For the use of students.
35637: PINCOTT (FREDERIC) - The Hindi Manual. Comprising a Grammar of the Hindi Language Both Literary and Provincial; A Complete Syntax; Exercises in Various Styles of Hindi Composition; Dialogues on Several Subjects; And a Complete Vocabulary.
31010: PINEL (PHILIPPE) - La Médecine Clinique rendue plus précise et plus exacte par l'application de l'Analyse sur Recueil et Résultat d'observations sur les maladies aigues, faites a la Salpetriére.
35150: KER (N. R.) & PIPER (A. J.) - Medieval Manuscripts in British Libraries.
15010: WINDLE (JOHN) & PIPPIN (KARMA) - Thomas Frognall Dibdin 1776-1847. A Bibliography.
24077: PIRANI (EMMA C.) - Il Libro Illustrato Italiano Secoli XVII-XVIII.
23365: PITMAN (ALFRED) - Half a Century of Commercial Education and Publishing. Foreword by Sir Francis Goodenough.
16127: PITMAN (ISAAC) - A Manual of Phonography; or, Writing by Sound: A Natural Method of Writing by Signs that Represent the Sounds of Language, and Adapted to the English Language as a Complete System of Phonetic Short Hand.
33010: PITT (WILLIAM) - An Authentic Copy of the Bill for the Better Support and Maintenance of the Poor...
34497: PITT (WILLIAM M.) - Thoughts on the Defence of this Kingdom, &c. Part III.
30696: PITT (WILLIAM) - Speech of the Right Honourable William Pitt, in the House of Commons, Thursday, January 31, 1799, On offering to the House the Resolutions which be proposed as the Basis of an Union between Great Britain and Ireland.
35490: PITT (WILLIAM) - The Speech of the Right Honourable William Pitt, in the House of Commons, on Friday, February 21, 1783.
31989: PITT (WILLIAM). - The Right Honourable Annuitant [William Pitt] vindicated. With a Word or two in Favour of the other Great Man [the Duke of Newcastle], in Case of his Resignation. In a Letter to a Friend in the Country.
34107: PITT (W.) - General View of Agriculture of the County of Stafford: with observations on the means of its improvement : drawn up for the consideration of the Board of Agriculture and Internal Improvement.
33834: PIZARRO'S SHROUD. - An envelope reputedly containing a piece of Gonzalo Pizarro's Shroud.
31393: PLAN (PIERRE-PAUL) - Bibliographie Rabelaisienne. Les Éditions de Rabelais de 1532 à 1711. Catalogue Raisonné Descriptif et Figuré Illustré de Cent Soixante-Six Facsimilés.
33259: MIQUEL Y PLANAS (RAMÓN) - Ensayos de Bibliofilía. Reunidos y Publicados con Motivo de los XXV Años de Vida Editorial del Autor.
34744: PLANCK (HENRY) - A Few Words of Advice of the Care of Teeth.
33631: LONDON CATALOGUE OF BRITISH PLANTS. - London Catalogue of British Plants; to be used in Exchanges of Specimens with the Botanical Society of London. [3rd-5th edition].
33432: PLENDERLEITH (H.J.) - The Preservation of Leather Bookbindings.
33431: PLENDERLEITH (H.J.) - The Preservation of Leather Bookbindings.
33497: PLENDERLEITH (H. J.) - The Preservation of Leather Bookbindings.
14831: PLESCH (ARPAD) - Mille et un Livres Botaniques de la Collection Arpad Plesch.
35590: PLESCH (ARPAD) - The Magnificent Botanical Library of the Stiftung Fur Botanik Vaduz Liechtenstein Collected by the late Arpad Plesch.
36202: YVE-PLESSIS (R.) - Essai d'une bibliographie Francaise methodique & raisonnee de la sorcellerie et de la possession Demoniaque.
28089: PLEYTE (WILLEM) - Set m-ha-t-uaa n ra [in hieratic script], ou Set dans la Barque du Soleil.
31421: PLINIUS (GAUIS SECUNDUS, THE ELDER) - C. Plinii Secundi historiae mundi libri XXXVII. Maiore, quam hactenus unquam studio, fide, religion has vitiis quibus Multiplici immigrants impressione contaminati fuerit, vindicate .....
25741: PLOMER (HENRY R.) - Wynkyn de Worde and his Contemporaries from the Death of Caxton to 1535. A Chapter in English Printing.
30402: PLOMER (HENRY R.) - Robert Wyer, Printer and Bookseller.
20061: PLOMER (HENRY R.) - English Printers' Ornaments.
35280: PLYMLEY (JOSEPH) - General View of the Agriculture of Shropshire: with Observations. Drawn up for the Consideration of the Board of Agriculture and Internal Improvement.
22803: POEM. - The Scotch Hut, A Poem, Addressed to Euphorbus; or, the Earl of the Grove.
30785: GILDON (CHARLES)THE COMPLETE ART OF POETRY. - In Six Parts. 1. Of the Nature, Use, Excellence, Rise and Progress of Poetry, &c. 11. Of the Use and Necessity of Rules in Poetry. 111. Of the Manner .... of composing Epigrams, Pastorals, Odes, &c. 1V. Of Tragedy and Comedy; How to draw the plot and characters of both. V. The Rules of the Epic or Narrative Poem .... V1. A Collection of Descriptions, Similes, Allusions, &c., from Spenser and our best English Poets ... Shakespeariana, or the most beautiful topicks, descriptions, and similes that occur throughout all Shakespeare's plays.
27380: POETRY. - The Calf's Will, Published with the Permission of his Executors, "Le Sage entend a demi Mot:".
34737: POETRY. - Prolusiones academicae : praemiis annuis dignatae et in curia Cantabrigiensi recitatae comitiis maximis A.D. M.DCCC.LIV.
22867: SPANISH & PORTUGUESE POETRY. - A Catalogue of Old and Rare Books. Spanish and Portuguese Poetry and Drama in Verse. Catalogue 49.
23756: MARÇAIS (GEORGES) & POINSSOT (LOUIS) - Objets Kairouanais IXe au XIIIe Siècle Reliures, Verreries, Cuivres et Bronzes, Bijoux. Notes & Documents XI - Fasc. 1.
23303: POLAIN (M.-LOUIS) - Catalogue des Livres Imprimés au Quinzième Siècle des Bibliothèques de Belgique. [With the Supplement].
35511: POLE (THOMAS) - The Anatomical Instructor; or, an Illustration of the modern and most approved methods of preparing and preserving the different parts of the Human Body, and of Quadrupeds, by Injection, Corrosion, Maceration, Distention, Articulation, Modelling, &c. With a variety of Copper-Plates.
30833: POLEHAMPTON (THE REV. H. E.) - Gawsworth Church and Parish.
33298: POLITICS. - The Measures of the late Administration examin'd. With an Enquiry into the Grounds of the present Revolution.
36379: POLITICS. - "Ten Years Work." A Review of the Legislation and Administration of the Conservative and Unionist Government 1895-1905.
32785: POLITICS. - An Expostulatory Letter to a certain Right Honourable Person [Philip Dormer Stanhope 4th Earl of Chesterfield] upon his late Promotion.
36390: POLITICS. - The Campaign Guide. An Election Handbook for Unionist Speakers. Part I: Conservative and Unionist Work. Part II: Election Problems.
32029: POLITICS. - An Expostulatory Letter to a certain Right Honourable Person [Philip Dormer Stanhope 4th Earl of Chesterfield] upon his late Promotion.
33395: POLITICS. - A Key to the present Politicks of the Principal Powers of Europe. Giving a succinct View of their Conduct for many Years past, and fully shewing their Present Views and Measures, and the Tendency of Them. Translated from the original lately published at Amsterdam.
24947: OXFORD UNIVERSITY POLL. - An Authentic Copy of the Poll for Members to Serve in the Ensuing Parliament for the University of Oxford. Taken March XXIII. MDCCLXVIII. Candidates. Sir Roger Newdigate, Bart. LL.D. George Hay, Esq; LL.D. Francis Page, Esq; LL.D. Charles Jenkinson, Esq; M.A. By Permission of the Vice-Chancellor. The Clarendon-Press, Oxford. 1768. 4to, [ii],14pp. [Bound with:] An Authentic Copy of the Poll for Members to Serve in the Ensuing Parliament for the University of Oxford. Taken on Wednesday the 5th, and Thursday the 6th of November, 1806. Candidates. Rt. Hon. Sir William Scott, D.C.L. of University Coll. Rt. Hon. Charles Abbott, D.C.L. of Christ Church. Richard Heber, Esq. M.A. of Brasen Nose Coll. By Permission of the Vice-Chancellor. The Clarendon Press, Oxford. 1806. 4to, [iii],4-22pp. [Bound with:] A List of the Votes for the University of Oxford.
11064: POLLARD (GRAHAM) - Hodson's Booksellers, Publishers and Stationers Directory 1855. A Facsimile of the Copy in the Bodleian Library, Oxford.
26135: POLLARD (ALFRED W.) - Last Words on the History of the Title-page, with Notes on some Colophons and Twenty-seven Fac-similes of Title-pages.
13616: POLLARD (GRAHAM) - Serial Fiction. Aspects of Book-Collecting.
9426: CARTER (JOHN) & POLLARD (GRAHAM) - The Firm of Charles Ottley, Landon & Co. Footnote to an Enquiry.
24310: BARTLETT (HENRIETTA C.) & POLLARD (ALFRED W.) - A Census of Shakespeare's Plays in Quarto 1594-1709.
18984: POLLARD (ALFRED W.) - Fine Books.
32331: POLLARD (ALFRED W.) - Fine Books.
23015: POLWHELE [(RICHARD)] - The Old English Gentleman, A Poem.
26498: FARRINGTON (ANTHONY) & POMBEJRA (DHIRAVAT NA) - The English Factory in Siam.
10426: POOLE (MONICA) - The Wood Engravings of John Farleigh.
31175: POOLE (GEORGE AYLIFFE) - The Appropriate Character of Church Architecture.
24810: SOCIETY FOR PROMOTING THE COMFORTS OF THE POOR. - Observations on an Act Passed in the Last Session of Parliament, Respecting Apprentices Employed in Cotton and other Factories, and the Report of a Select Committee of the Society thereon.
24823: SOCIETY FOR PROMOTING THE COMFORTS OF THE POOR. - Extracts from the Reports of the London and Dublin Societies, for Bettering the Condition of the Poor; Relating to Schools for the Education of Children of the Lowest Classes.
27428: ALLOTMENTS FOR THE POOR. - Agricultural Distress. An address to the nobility and landed proprietors of Great Britain and Ireland, by a London merchant; on the distressed state of the agricultural population and the baneful effects of absenteeism: in which the benefits arising from small allotments of land being let to the labouring and industrious poor, bestowing upon them permanent and lasting comforts, are displayed, as exhibited on the estates of Sir Gerard Noel Noel, Bart., M.P. for Rutlandshire, under the direction and superintendence of Richard Westbrook Baker, Esq., of Cottesmore : to which is added an appendix, showing the progress made in the small allotment system, in copious extracts from facts and illustrations of the Labourers' Friend Society, patronized by Their Majesties.
33860: BRITISH POOR. - A Paper for the People. The British Poor and their Poverty. By One of Themselves.
20823: ROXBURGHE CLUB. POPE (ALEXANDER) - An Essay on Man. Reproductions of the Manuscripts in the Pierpont Morgan Library and the Houghton Library. With the Printed Text of the Original Edition. Introduction by Maynard Mack.
33076: POPE (SIMEON) - Considerations, Political, Financial, and Commercial, relative to the Important Subject of The Public Funds. Addressed to Stock-Holders in general, and more particularly to the Holders of Omnium.
32243: POPE'S BULL. - The Popes Bull: or, Papal Creed. Made at Trent, and Promulgated at Rome by Pope-Pious, Fourth. Demonstrated to be Antichristian. Whereunto is Added, A Discourse between an English Protestant, and a Popish Jesuit: who Endeavoured to Seduce some Persons in London, to the Imbracing of Popery: Necessary to be seen by all that would know the Present Faith of Rome, especially in these our Nations, where they conceal it.
33152: POPERY. - A warning against Popery. Drawn up, and published, by Order of the Associate Synod, at their Meeting on the 2d of September 1778. To which are subjoined, Observations on the Nature of the Laws now in force against Popery: and on the danger and impropriety of repealing them.
20023: PORCHER (JEAN) - The Rohan Book of Hours. With an Introduction and Notes.
14694: PORCHER (JEAN) - The Rohan Book of Hours. With an Introduction and Notes.
10428: PORCHER (JEAN) - L'Enluminure Française.
35521: FENWICK DE PORQUET (LOUIS PHILLIPPE R.) - The Turning of English Idioms into French at Sight... [Bound with:-] FENWICK DE PORQUET (Louis Phillippe R.) Key to Sequel to Trésor, entitled "Turning English Idioms into French at Sight."
35802: PORTER (CHARLES T.) - A Treatise on the Richards Steam-Engine Indicator, (Manufactured by Elliott Bros., London,) and the Development and Application of Force in the Steam-Engine.
32999: IRISH TRILOBITES. [PORTLOCK (JOSEPH ELLISON) - [A Rudimentary Treatise on Geology].
14429: PORTUGAL. - Books in many Languages on the Portuguses in Europe, America, Africa and the East. Catalogue 54.
33277: PORTUGAL. - A Letter to the Right Honourable the Earl of E-------t, or, Considerations on sending Land Forces to Portugal.
10430: PORTUGAL. - Arquivo de Bibliografia Portuguesa. Dicecçao de Manuel Lopes de Almeida. Ano I Jan.-Mar. No. 1 to Ano/XVII Nos. 63-70.
10431: PORTUGAL. - Bibliografia Geral Portuguesa. Século XV. Academia das Ciências de Lisboa.
30985: POSTLETHWAYT (MALACHY) - Great-Britain's True System: wherein is clearly shown, I. That an increase of the Public Debts and taxes must, in a few years, prove the ruin of the Monied, the Trading, and the Landed Interests. II. The necessity of raising the Supplies to carry on War, within the year. III. That such a design, however seemingly difficult, is very practicable: with a sketch of various schemes for that purpose. IV. An Expedient which will support the Public Credit, in all times of Public Distress and Danger. To which is prefixed, an Introduction, relative to the forming a New Plan of British politics, with respect to our foreign affairs, and our connections on the Continent.
14290: POTIER (L.) - Catalogue des Livres Rares et Precieux Manuscrits et Imprimes...
26537: NOVEL. POTTER (JOHN) - The History of the Adventures of Arthur O'Bradley, &c. A Novel.
32255: POTTER (SIDNEY PELL) - A History of East Leake.
22451: POTTINGER (DAVID) - Printers and Printing.
24623: POTTLE (FREDERICK ALBERT) - The Literary Career of James Boswell, Esq. Being the Bibliographical Materials for a Life of Boswell.
30693: POULTER (THE REV. EDMUND) - A Sermon on the Present Crisis, Preached at the Cathedral of Winchester, December 9, 1792; with an Appendix.
33302: POWELL (R. DOUGLAS) - Clinical Lectures on Cases of Pleuritic Effusion, Delivered at the Hospital for Consumption and Diseases of the Chest. [Reprinted from the "Medical Times and Gazette," October 21, November 18, and December 9, 1882].
34052: POWELL (ROGER) - A cloth folder containing a newspaper cutting of a article in 'The Times' by Ion Trewin entitled "Hardbacks to the wall", also included is a copy of Roger Powell's letter of reply which was submitted to 'The Times', a A.L.s from Hans Schmoller which contains his thoughts on the matter and a copy of Powell's reply to Schmoller.
33568: POWELL (ROGER) - Further Notes on Lebor na Huidre. Reprinted from ÉRIU, Vol. XXI.
36343: POWELL (ROGER) - The Lichfield St. Chad's Gospels: Repair and Rebinding 1961-1962. [Offprint from 'The Library' December 1965.
36095: POWELL (ROGER) - The Book of Kells: The Book of Durrow. Comments on the Vellum, the Make-up, and other Aspects. Offprint from 'Scriptorium' X, 1.
36086: POWELL (ROGER) - Some Early Bindings from Egypt in the Chester Beatty Library: Additional Notes. Extracted from 'The Library.'
30241: BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER. - The Book of Common Prayer, and Administration of the Sacraments and Other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church According to the Use of the Church of England together with the Psalter or Psalms of David Pointed as They Are To Be Sung or Said in Churches. Oxford: Printed by T. Wright and W. Gill, 1775. 4to, unpaginated, [412]pp. [Bound with:] A New Version of the Psalms of David, Fitted to the Tunes used in Churches. By N. Brady, D.D. chaplain in ordinary, and N. Tate, Esq; poet-laureat, to His Majesty.
31940: PRAZ (MARIO) - Studies in Seventeenth-Century Imagery.
33675: PLOUGH PRESS. [WAKEMAN (GEOFFREY)] - Loughborough Marble.
35982: MIDDLE HILL PRESS. - The Case of Colonel Barwick's Will, & Codicill.
11849: NONESUCH PRESS. - Retrospectus and Prospectus. The Nonesuch Dickens.
25407: PARLOUR PRESS. [ENGLEHEART (NATHANIEL BROWN)] - Omnium Gatherum, Consisting Chiefly of a Selection of Odds and Ends from an Old Portfolio; and Comprising the Useful, the Amusing, and the Curious.
19764: LAKESIDE PRESS. - A Rod for the Back of the Binder. Some Considerations of Binding with Reference to the Ideals of the Lakeside Press.
18474: ALDINE PRESS. - A Fine Collection of Books Printed by Aldus Manutius and his Successors at Venice...
15245: HAYLOFT PRESS. - HESKETH (Phoebe) A Ring of Leaves. Illustrated by Allen Freer.
33676: PLOUGH PRESS. [WAKEMAN (GEOFFREY)] - Impressions of Binder's Tools.
31124: RUGBY PRESS. [MOSS (LT.-COL. W. E.)] - Olla Podrida.
35601: PEOPLE'S PRINTING PRESS. - Advert flyer for "Berri's People's Printing Press. (Patented.) Used by the Army and Navy..."
35981: MIDDLE HILL PRESS. - Romance of Guy of Warwick. Fragment.
35984: MIDDLE HILL PRESS. - Aeneae Sylvii Piccolomini, Pii secundi Papae, Electionis suae narratio, AD 1458. (Ex suorum libro primo Commentariorum.)
35989: MIDDLE HILL PRESS. - Heralds Visitation Disclaimers. Imprensis Dni. Thomae Phillipps, Bart.
19007: KELMSCOTT PRESS. - Printed Books, Fine Bindings and Western Illuminated Manuscripts. Including the John A. Saks Collection of the Kelmscott Press Printed on Vellum.
35988: MIDDLE HILL PRESS. - Index pedum finium pro Com. Glouc. temp. George I. Impensis Dni. Thomae Phillipps, Bart.
35985: MIDDLE HILL PRESS. - List of Utrecht Seals, Ex Bibl. Muschenbroeck. (at Middle Hill, 1864.)
35977: MIDDLE HILL PRESS. - Campden House, Co; Gloucr. The Seat of Sir Baptist Hickes temp. Chas. I.
35978: MIDDLE HILL PRESS. - Salford House, Co. Warwick.
15243: MANOR HOUSE PRESS. - THOMAS (Henry) Monster & Miracle.
34126: GOGMAGOG PRESS. - Morris Cox & The Gogmagog Press. Gogmagog, by David Chambers, Colin Franklin and Alan Tucker.
9785: GOGMAGOG PRESS. - Morris Cox & The Gogmagog Press. Gogmagog, by David Chambers, Colin Franklin and Alan Tucker.
33079: ALEMBIC PRESS. [BOLTON (CLAIRE)] - The Compton Marbling Portfolio
13105: PRESSER (HELMUT) - Die Alte Druckschrift. Gewidmet dem Gutenberg-Museum, Mainz.
32807: PRÉTERRE (APOLLONIE) - Les Dents Structure et Développement conservation Maladies et Prothése.
30259: PRICE (HENRY) - An Alphabetical List of the Names of the Hundreds, Parishes, Chapelries, Villages, Gentlemens' Seats, Farm Houses, And other Places in the New Map of Herefordshire, Lately Published by Henry Price.
33506: PRIDEAUX (S. T.) - An Historical Sketch of Bookbinding. With a Chapter on Early Stamped Bindings.
20249: PRIDEAUX (COLONEL W.F.) - A Bibliography of the Works of Robert Louis Stevenson. Edited and Supplemented by Mrs. Luther S. Livingston.
16408: PRIDEAUX (S.T.) - Notes on Printing and Bookbinding. A Guide to the Exhibition of Tools and Materials used in the Processes.
12533: PRIDEAUX (S.T.) - A Catalogue of Books Bound by S.T. Prideaux Between MDCCCXC and MDCCCC with Twenty-Six Illustrations.
31527: PRIDEAUX (COLONEL W.F.) - A Bibliography of the Works of Robert Louis Stevenson. Edited and Supplemented by Mrs. Luther S. Livingston.
33487: PRIDEAUX (S.T.) - Notes on Printing and Bookbinding. A Guide to the Exhibition of Tools and Materials used in the Processes.
33519: PRIDEAUX (S. T.) - A Catalogue of Books Bound by S.T. Prideaux Between MDCCCXC and MDCCCC with Twenty-Six Illustrations.
31437: PRIDEAUX (COLONEL W.F.) - Notes for a Bibliography of Edward FitzGerald.
32711: PRIDHAM (T. L.) - Devonshire Celebrities.
33853: PRIEST. - A Letter to the Right Hon. the Earl of Shaftesbury, K.G., Lord Lieutenant of the County of Dorset, &c. &c. &. By A Priest, of the Diocese of Salisbury.
31262: PRIESTLEY (JOSEPH) - A Course of Lectures on Oratory and Criticism.
31812: PRINCE (C. LEESON) - Observations upon the Drought and Temperature of the Past Summer.
30707: PRINCE'S DEBTS. - Thoughts on the Prince's Debts. Third edition; to which is added a preface, containing an anecdote.
32012: PRINGLE (W.) - Reminiscences of Childhood, with Reflections of Riper Years. Forming a Miscellany of Moral and Religious Poetry.
36200: PRINTER'S ADVERT. - A printed flyer for T. Kirby & Son, Walsall.
36199: PRINTER'S ADVERT. - A printed flyer for W. Henry Robinson, Steam Printing Works, Walsall.
15204: BIRMINGHAM SCHOOL OF PRINTING. - The Life and Chapters of Sundry Goodly Sayings and the Teaching of Brother Giles Companion of Saint Francis. From "The Little Flowers of Saint Francis of Assisi". Illustrations by Neil Leitch MacCuaig.
10960: PRINTING. - Catalogue of the Collection of Items at the Printer's Devil... Illustraing the History of Printing; with Terms and Glossary.
22535: PRINTING. - Gedichte zur Feier des Johannistages 1840.
15247: BIRMINGHAM SCHOOL OF PRINTING. - Alderman Byng Kenrick. Tributes and Appreciations of his Retirement as Chairman of the Birmingham Education Committee Expressed at Meetings held on the 28th October and 8th December, 1943.
14172: EARLY PRINTING. - Oude Drukken uit de Nederlanden. Boeken uit de Collectie Arenberg thans in de Verzameling Lessing J. Rosenwald.
27045: PRINTING. - Magasins Spéciaux pour la Librairie, la Papeterie l'Imprimerie la Fonderie, la Gravure et les Autres Industries qui s'y Rattachent; Avenue de Saxe, No. 42, et rue Pérignon, No. 4. Agréés par le sous-comptoir du Commerce et de l'Industrie.
27960: PRINTING. [FRASER (WILLIAM)] - Hints on the Unlimited Diffusion of Useful Knowledge, at no Expense to the Reader, through the Medium of the Mercantile and Trading Classes. Practically Illustrated by a History of Printing, Specimen of Types, and and Guide to Authors in Correcting the Press.
20651: MILITARY PRINTS. - Index to British Military Costume Prints 1500-1914.
31382: MILITARY PRINTS. - Index to British Military Costume Prints 1500-1914.
28240: RICHARDS (R.) PRINTSELLER. - The following Prints, plain, or neatly painted on Glass, fit for Furniture, or Merchants for Exportation, representing the History of our Saviour, from his Birth to his Resurrection, are sold by R. Richards, Printseller, next the Cross Keys Tavern, Holborn.
19489: WITHER TO PRIOR. - Catalogue of Original and Early Editions of Some of the Poetical and Prose Works of English Writers from Wither to Prior, with Collations and Notes.
10825: WITHER TO PRIOR. - Catalogue of Original and Early Editions of Some of the Poetical and Prose Works of English Writers from Wither to Prior, with Collations and Notes.
31254: WITHER TO PRIOR. - Catalogue of Original and Early Editions of some of the Poetical and Prose Works of English Writers from Wither to Prior, with Collations and notes.
25655: PRISONS. - A Bill (as amended by the committee) To authorize Magistrates of small Jurisdictions to contract with Justices having charge of County Gaols, for the care of Prisoners; and to prevent untried Prisoners from being compelled to work on Tread Mill.
25654: PRISONS. - A Bill (as amended by the committee) To amend an Act, passed in the last Session of Parliament, for consolidating and amending the Laws relating to the building, repairing and regulation of certain Goals, and Houses of Correction, in England and Wales.
25653: PRISONS. - A Bill (as amended by the committee) Intituled An Act consolidating and amending the Laws relating to the building, repairing and regulation of certain Goals, Bridwells, and Houses of Correction, in England and Wales.
25652: PRISONS. - A Bill for consolidating into one Act, and amending, the Laws relating to the building, repairing and regulation of Goals, Penitentiary Houses, Bridwells and Houses of Correction, within that part of the United Kingdom called England.
25651: PRISONS. - A Bill for consolidating into one Act, and amending, the Laws relating to the building, repairing and regulation of Goals, Penitentiary Houses, Bridwells and Houses of Correction, within that part of the United Kingdom called England.
25650: PRISONS. - A Bill Intituled an Act to enable Justices of the Peace to order parochial Relief to Prisoners confined under Mesne Process for Debt in such Gaols as are not County Gaols.
31891: PRITCHARD (ALAN) - Alchemy. A Bibliography of English-language Writings.
24305: PRITZEL (G.A.) - Thesaurus Literaturae Botanicae. Omnium Gentium inde a Rerum Botanicarum Initiis ad Nostra Usque Tempora.
11963: PROCTOR (ROBERT) - An Index of German Books 1501-1520 in the British Museum.
33837: PROCTOR (ROBERT) - An Index to the Early Printed Books in the British Museum: From the Invention of Printing to the Year 1500. With Notes of those in the Bodleian Library.
33296: LORDS PROTEST. - The Lords Protest against the Bill, entitled, An Act for taking away and abolishing the Heretable Jurisdictions in that Part of Great Britain called Scotland, and for making Satisfaction to the Proprietors thereof and for restoring such Jurisdictions to the Crown, ..... and Judges there, and for rendering the Union of the Two Kingdoms more compleat. Die Jovis 21° Maij 1747.
25628: PROTHERO (G.W.) - A Memoir of Henry Bradshaw.
32362: PROUT (WILLIAM) - An Inquiry into the Nature and Treatment of Diabetes, Calculus, and other Affections of the Urinary Organs: with remarks on the importance of attending to the state of the urine in organic diseases of the kidney and bladder: and some practical rules for determining the nature of the disease from the sensible and chemical properties of that secretion.
30650: PSALTER. - Select Psalms and Hymns for the use of the Parish-Church, and Chappels belonging to the Parish of St. James's Westminster. With proper Tunes in three Parts.
29306: THOMAS (S.) PSEUD. [THOMAS SLACK] - The Banker's Sure Guide; or, monied man's assistant. In three parts, viz. I. Tables of interest... II. Sundry tables showing the value of annuities certain, and annuities on lives... III. A large and accurate table of commission...
25842: DOYLE (MARTIN) PSEUD. [REV. WILLIAM HICKEY] - Hints for the Small Farmers of Ireland.
36035: FOA (EUGÉNIE) PSEUD. [I.E. EUGÉNIE REBECCA GRADIS] - Les Petits Musiciens.
30854: LONGHEAD (WAITWELL) PSEUD. - A Letter from Waitwell Longhead, Esq; of Freeland Manor, in the County of Bucks, to his Friend Sir Politick Wou'd-be, President of a Weekly-Assembly of Quinuncks, near the Royal-Exchange, London. Wherein the late Circumstances of the Nation, with respect to Foreign-Affairs, are set in a true Light; and the different Sentiments of the Politicians assembled at St. James's, and those assembled in Russel-Street, Covent Garden, are fairly stated and impartially examined.
30525: PENDENNIS (LAUNCELOT) PSEUD. [I.E. DUKE JOHN YONGE] - Cornish Carelessness; Poems, Original and Translated.
24863: [ATKYNS (ARABELLA)] PSEUDONYM. - The Family Magazine: in Two Parts. Part I. Containing Useful Directions in all the Branches of House-Keeping and Cookery. Particularly Shewing How to Buy-it the Best of all Sorts of Provisions; as Poultry-Ware, Butchers-Meat, Fish, Fruit, &c. With several Hundred Receipts in Cookery, Pastry, Pickling, Confectionary, Distilling, Brewing, Cosmeticks, &c. Together with the Art of making English Wines, &c. Part II. Containing a Compendious Body of Physick; Succinctly Treating of all the Diseases and Accidents Incident to Men, Women, and Children: with Practical Rules and Directions for the Preserving and Restoring of Health, and Prolonging of Life...
16574: PUBLISHER'S CATALOGUE. - A Catalogue of Scientific and Technical Books. Including a Complete List of Weale's Series with a Selection of Educational and Popular Books.
16551: PUBLISHER'S CATALOGUE. - Catalogue of Books Relating to Practical Science, Published and Sold by E. & F.N. Spon.
16552: PUBLISHER'S CATALOGUE. - Lockwood & Co.'s Trade Catalogue.
22175: PUBLISHING. - Hints and Directions for Authors in Writing, Printing and Publishing their Works.
35154: PUGIN (AUGUSTUS) - Pugin's Gothic Furniture.
25759: PUGIN (AUGUSTUS) - Pugin's Gothic Furniture.
20660: PURDY (RICHARD LITTLE) - Thomas Hardy; A Bibliographical Study.
18088: PURDY (RICHARD LITTLE) - Thomas Hardy, A Bibliographical Study.
30812: MITRE AND PURSE. - The History of the Mitre [Francis Atterbury, Bishop of Rochester] and Purse [Simon Harcourt, Lord Chancellor], in which the First and Second Parts of the secret History of the White Staff are fully considered, and the Hypocrisy and Villainies of the STAFF [Robert Harley, Earl of Oxford] himself are laid open and Detected.
33800: BIRDSALL & SONS LTD. QUARITCH (BERNARD) - Catalogue of Books in Historical or Remarkable Bindings; from the Libraries of Sovereigns or of Distinguished Private Collectors; or Illustrating the History of the Art of Bookbinding from the IX to the XIX Century. Catalogue no. 349.
29139: QUARITCH (BERNARD) EDITOR. - Contributions Towards a Dictionary of English Book-Collectors as also of some Foreign Collectors whose Libraries were Incorporated in English Collections or whose Books are chiefly met with in England.
25123: QUARITCH (BERNARD) - A Catalogue of English and Foreign Bookbindings Offered for Sale by Bernard Quaritch Ltd.
24332: QUARITCH (BERNARD) - A Catalogue of Bibles, Liturgies, Church History and Theology.
23278: QUARITCH (BERNARD) - A Catalogue of English and Foreign Bookbindings Offered for Sale by Bernard Quaritch Ltd.
18950: QUARITCH (BERNARD) - A Catalogue of Books Printed During the Fifteenth Century with Illustrations. Catalogue No. 412.
23805: QUARITCH (BERNARD) - A Collection of Facsimiles from Examples of Historic or Artistic Book-Binding, Illustrating the History of Binding as a Branch of the Decorative Arts.
35830: QUARITCH (BERNARD) - Catalogue of the Monuments of the Early Printers in all Countries. I. Germany and the Low Countries. II. Italy. III. France. IV. Spain, Portugal; North and East Europe; America, and the East. V. England.
18949: QUARITCH (BERNARD) - A Catalogue of Early Printed Books Illustrated with Woodcuts. Together with a few Block-Books and Manuscripts in the Style of Block-Books. Catalogue No. 353.
34045: QUARITCH (BERNARD) - A Catalogue of English and Foreign Bookbindings Offered for Sale by Bernard Quaritch Ltd.
10455: QUARITCH (BERNARD) - [Bookseller's Catalogues] The Fine Arts. Catalogues for the Years 1904, 1909-10, plus nos. 665,675,692,703,711,718,729,736,748,761,769,789,804,813,822,835,848,858 & 906.
12830: QUAYLE (ERIC) - The Collector's Book of Books.
32950: QUEKETT (JOHN) - Lectures on Histology, Delivered at the Royal College of Surgeons of England, in the Session 1850-51. Elementary Tissues of Plants and Animals.
27995: RYE (REGINALD ARTHUR) & QUINN (MURIEL SINTON) - Historical and Armorial Bookbindings Exhibited in the University of London Library.
36274: RABENAU (KONRAD) - Deutsche Bucheinbände der Renaissance um Jakob Krause, Hofbuchbinder des Kurfürsten August I. von Sachsen.
33014: TAWNEY RACHEL. - Tawney Rachel; or, the Fortune-Teller. With some Account of Dreams, Omens, and Conjurers.
18324: RADCLIFFE (JOHN) - Bibliotheca Chethamensis: sive Bibliothecae publicae Mancuniensis ab Humfredo Chetham Armigero fundatae Catalogus exhibens libros in varias classes pro varietate argumenti distributos.
33028: RADET [(JEAN BAPTISTE)] - La Soirée Orageuse, Comédie en un acte et en prose, mêlée d'ariettes...
31094: RAFFALD (ELIZABETH) - The experienced English House-Keeper, for the use and ease of Ladies, Housekeepers, Cooks, &c. Wrote purely from practice, and dedicated to the Hon. Lady Elizabeth Warburton.
33894: RAGONOT (L.C.) - A Symbolic French and English Vocabulary, for Students of every age, in all classes:. in which the most useful and common words are taught by illustrations
22844: RAHIR (ÉDOUARD) - Catalogue d'une Collection Unique de Volumes Imprimés par Les Elzevier et Divers Typographes Hollandais du XVIIe Siécle... Précédé d'un Avant-Propos par M. Ferdinand Brunetiére... et d'une Lettre de M. Alphonse Willems.
18491: RAHIR (EDOUARD) - La Bibliothèque de l'Amateur. Guide Sommaire a Travers les Livres Anciens les plus Estimés.
35455: RAHIR (ÉDOUARD) - Livres dans de Riches Reliures des Seizième, Dix-Septième, Dix-Huitième et Dix-Neuvième Siècles.
16385: RAILWAYS. - Catalogue of an Exhibition of Early Railways Prints, Drawings, Books etc. For Sale by Frank T. Sabin.
30639: RAINOLDS (JOHN) - The Summe of the Conference betweene Iohn Rainoldes and Iohn Hart: Touching the Head and Faith of the Church. Wherein by the way are handled sundrie pointes, of the sufficicience and right expounding of the Scriptures, the ministerie of the Church, the function of Priesthood, the sacrifice of the Masse, with other controuersies of religion: but chiefly and purposely the poynt of Church-gouernement, ...... Penned by Iohn Rainoldes, ...... persued by Iohn Hart, and (after things supplied, and altered, as he thought good) allowed for the faithfull report of that which past in conference betweene them. Whereunto is annexed a Treatise intitled, Six Conclvsions touching the Holy Scripture and the Church, Written by John Raidoldes. With a defence of such things as Thomas Stapleton and Gregoirie Martin haue carped at therein
31708: RAISTRICK (DR. A.) - Some Yorkshire Glacial Lakes.
34496: RALFS (JOHN) - The British Phænogamous plants & ferns; arranged on the Linnæan System, and analyzed after the Method of Lamarck, with a short Comparative Analysis of the Natural Families.
35719: RALFS (JOHN) - The British Phænogamous plants & ferns, arranged on the Linnæan System, and analyzed after the Method of Lamarck, with a short Comparative Analysis of the Natural Families.
22061: RAM (ARTHUR) - Catalogue of Rare & Valuable Books and Illuminated and other Manuscripts...
33135: RAMA (K. S.) - The Atom Bomb and other Poems. Foreword by Prof. M. M. Desai, M.A., English Department, Benares Hindu University. Introduction by V. Subbarau, .... Principal & Head of the Department of English, Guntur .....
32383: RAMADGE (FRANCIS H.) - The Curability of Consumption: being the reprint of a series of papers, presenting the most prominent and important practical points in the diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of the disease.
23676: RAMSDEN (CHARLES) - London Bookbinders 1780-1840.
17535: RAMSDEN (CHARLES) - Bookbinders of the United Kingdom (Outside London) 1780-1840.
13955: RAMSDEN (CHARLES) - Bookbinders of the United Kingdom (Outside London) 1780-1840.
13452: RAMSDEN (CHARLES) - Bookbinders of the United Kingdom (Outside London) 1780-1840.
13131: RAMSDEN (CHARLES) - London Bookbinders 1780-1840.
10467: RAMSDEN (CHARLES) - Bookbinders of the United Kingdom (Outside London) 1780-1840.
31685: RAMSDEN (CHARLES) - Bookbinders of the United Kingdom (Outside London) 1780-1840.
31686: RAMSDEN (CHARLES) - London Bookbinders 1780-1840.
35792: RAMSDEN (CHARLES) - French Bookbinders 1789-1848.
33084: GILHOFER & RANSCHBURG. - Inkunabeln und Holzschnittbucher / Illustr. Bucher des 18. u. 19. Jahrh. Jagd / Sport Americana und andere wertvolle seltene Bucher verschiedener Wissensgebiete. [Catalogue No. 120.]
26763: RAPAPORT (BENJAMIN) - A Tobacco Source Book.
20043: RATCHFORD (FANNIE E.) EDITOR. - Letters of Thomas J. Wise to John Henry Wrenn. A Further Inquiry into the Guilt of Certain Nineteenth-Century Forgers.
31324: RAVEN (JAMES) - British Fiction 1750-1770. A Chronological Check-List of Prose Fiction Printed in Britain and Ireland.
31388: RAWLINS (RAY) - The Guinness Book of Autographs.
34642: RAWLINS (THOMAS) - Familiar Architecture: Consisting of Original Designs of Houses for Gentlemen and Tradesmen, Parsonages and Summer-Retreats; With Back-Fronts, Sections, Etc., Together with Banqueting-Rooms, Churches, and Chimney-Pieces, To which is Added, The Masonry of the Semicircular and Elliptical Arches, with Practical Remarks.
32323: RAWLINS (RAY) - Four Hundred Years of British Autographs: A Collectors Guide.
32384: RAWLINS (HENRY ARMSTRONG) - On the Cause and Treatment of Phthisis.
32573: RAWLINSON (J.) - A New Method of Brewing Malt Liquor, in Small Quantities for Domestic use.
36208: RAWNSLEY (WILLINGHAM FRANKLIN) - Highways and Byways in Lincolnshire. With Illustrations by Frederick L. Griggs.
30944: RAY (JOHN) - A Collection of English Proverbs digested into a convenient Method for the speedy finding any one upon occasion; with Short Annotations. Whereunto are added Local Proverbs with their Explications, Old Proverbial Rhythmes, less known or Exotick Proverbial Sentences, and Scottish Proverbs. The Second Edition enlarged by the addition of many hundred English, and an appendix of Hebrew proverbs, with annotations and parallels. By J. Ray, M.A. and Fellow of the Royal Society.
32320: REA (ROBERT R.) - The English Press in Politics 1760-1774.
26770: READ (C.H.) - English Work in Impressed Horn. [Extracted from: Some Minor Arts as Practised in England].
28159: READ (E. ANNE) - A Checklist of Books, Catalogues and Periodical Articles Relating to the Cathedral Libraries of England. Occasional Publication no. 6.
36507: READ (ALEXANDER) - Chirurgorum comes: or, The whole practice of chirurgery. Begun by the learned Dr. Read; continu'd and compleated by a member of the College of Physicians in London.
24756: READE (JOHN) - Observations upon Tythes and Rents, Addressed to the Clergy and Impropriators of Ireland. Dedicated to the Rt. Hon. Robert Peel. With a Supplementary Section, a Postscript upon the Road Acts, &c.
36375: ROYAL GEOGRAPHICAL READERS. - Royal Geographical Readers. First Book [No. 2 England and Wales].
18787: RÉAU (LOUIS) - Historie de la Peinture au Moyen-Age. La Miniature.
33072: JACOBITE REBELLION. - A few Passages, shewing the Sentiments of the Prince of Hesse, and General Hawley, with Relation to the Conduct, Measures and Behaviour of several Persons, both Civil and Ecclesiastick, in the City of Edinburgh, since the Commencement of the present Civil War and Rebellion.
32819: NOTTINGHAM RECORDS. - Records of the Borough of Nottingham. Being a Series of Extracts from the Archives of the Corporation of Nottingham. [1155-1835].
9325: BOOK AUCTION RECORDS. - Eighth General Index to Book-Auction Records for the Years 1963-68 (Volumes LXI-LXV).
34083: HACK (BERTOLD) WENDT (BERNHARD) & KLEISS (MARIETTA) REDAKTION. - Archiv fur Geschichte des Buchwesens. Band XVI. Herausgegeben von der Historischen Kommission des Börsenvereins des Deutschen Buchhandels e.V. Redaktion von Bertold Hack, Bernhard Wendt u. Marietta Kleiss.
33947: REDDIE (JAMES) - Vis Intertiæ Victa, or Fallacies affecting Science: An Essay towards increasing our Knowledge of some Physical Laws, and a Review of certain Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy.
34804: REDDING (CYRUS) - French Wines and Vineyards; and the Way to Find Them.
19318: REDOUTÉ. - Pierre-Joseph Redouté's Les Liliacées. The Empress Josephine's Copy with the Original Drawings and the Text on Vellum.
33361: REED (R.) - Ancient Skins, Parchments and Leathers.
33210: REED (WILLIAM) - Improved Tables of Gain and Discount: shewing real profits from 2 % to 50 % on the prime cost of goods, at any price, from one penny to £2000, after allowing discounts from 2 to 50 percent : also, tables for taking off the discount, to prove the accuracy of the former by shewing the net gain : with commission, brokerage, and English money changed into Irish, without the loss of the fractional part of the half-farthing.
35933: TYPE SPECIMENS. REED (SIR CHARLES & SONS) - Specimens of Newspaper, Book, and Ornamental Founts Manufactured at the Fann Street Foundry, Established 1787.
10475: REED (ELIOT) - Catalogue of the Collection of Valuable Books, Autograph Letters and Historical Documents, the Property of...
31959: REES (GARETH) - Early Railway Prints. A Social History of the Railways from 1825 to 1850.
31198: REES (DAVID MORGAN) - Warmsworth Hall. Head Office of the British Ropes Group of Companies. A short history by David Morgan Rees.
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27803: REGEMORTER (BERTHE VAN) - Some Oriental Bindings in the Chester Beatty Library.
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25948: REICHLING (DIETERICUS) - Appendices ad Hainii-Copingeri Repertorivm Bibliographicvm...
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34102: REID (JOHN EATON) - History of the County of Bute, and Families Connected Therewith.
34152: WAGSTAFFE (W. W.) & REID (ROBERT W.) - Anatomical Variations. (II.) [& III.].
34754: REIDE (THOMAS) - A Treatise on the Duty of Infantry Officers and the Present System of Military Discipline. With an Appendix.
34255: REIFF (CARL PHILLIP) - Little Manual of the Russian Language a Work in which the Russian words are represented with their pronunciation figured in English characters and their accentuation.
31788: REILLY (CATHERINE W.) - Late Victorian Poetry 1880-1899. An Annotated Biobibliography.
32901: REITH (ARCHIBALD) - On the Therapeutical Action of Medicines in Dilated Conditions of the Blood Vessels. [Reprinted from the Edinburgh Medical Journal for February 1868.]
34999: RELHAN (RICHARD) - Flora Cantabrigiensis, Exhibens Plantas Agro Cantabrigiensi Indigenas. Secundum Systema Sexuale Digestas, Cum Characteribus Genericis, Diagnosi Secierum...
33761: CANDID REMARKS. - Candid Remarks on some particular Passages in the Fifth Edition of the Rev. Mr. Whitefield's Volume of Sermons, Printed in the Year 1750. In a Letter to a Gentleman.
36038: RENDELL (J.M.) - Concise Handbook of the Island of Madeira With Plan of Funchal and Map of the Island.
27390: RENDU (VICTOR) - Manuel d'Agriculture, a l'uage des cultivateurs et des Écoles primaires Du Nord de la France.
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31700: RENOUARD (PHILIPPE) - Imprimeurs and Libraires Parisiens du XVIe Siècle.
35687: REPORT. - The Ninth Report of the Commissioners Appointed to Examine, Take, and State, the Public Accounts of the Kingdom.
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33297: IMPARTIAL REVIEW (AN) - of Two Pamphlets lately published, one intituled, An Apology for a late Resignation [attributed by Horace Walpole to the Earls of Chesterfield and Marchmont]: the other, The Resignation discussed, &c. In which the real Intention of both Authors are clearly exposed, and the real Importance of that memorable Event, in respect to the present System at Home and Abroad, is truly stated.
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27914: RHODES (WILLIAM BARNES) - Bibliotheca Dramatica. A Catalogue of the Entire, Curious and Extensive Dramatic Library of William Barnes Rhodes... Which Will be Sold by Auction, by Mr. Sotheby... On Monday, April 18, 1825, and Nine Following Days...
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31327: DE RICCI (SEYMOUR) - Catalogue d'une Collection Unique Editions Originales de Ronsard par Seymour De Ricci. [With:] Supplement...
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35231: RICHARDS (S.) - Monthly Catalogue of Antiques, Curios, etc., on Sale by S. Richards, Friar Lane, Nottingham.
26687: RICHARDSON (S.T.) - Some Episodes in the Zetland Hunt Point-to-Point Steeple Chase.
35327: RICHARDSON (GEORGE) - New Designs in Architecture, Consisting of Plans, Elevations, and Sections for various Buildings, Comprising in XLIV Folio Plates, Designed and Engraved by George Richardson, Architect. / Nouveaux desseins d'architecture, ou, plans, elevations, et coupes de divers bâtimens; Compris in Xliv Planches in Folio, dessinées et gravées par George Richardson architecte.
32763: RICHOU (GABRIEL) - Inventaire de la Collection de Ouvrages et Documents Reunis Par J. -F. Payen Et J. -B. Bastide Sur Michel De Montagne.
14295: RICKARDS (MAURICE) - Collecting Printed Ephemera.
10482: RICKETTS (CHARLES) - A Collection of Books Designed by Charles Ricketts.
24538: FACSIMILE. RICRAFT (JOSIAH) - A Survey of Englands Champions and Truths Faithfull Patriots... 1647.
32003: RIDGE (BENJAMIN) - Physiology of the Uterus, Placenta, and Foetus: with Observations on the Membrana Meconii and Rete Vasculare, newly-discovered structures existing in the Foetus and young of Man and Animals.
14896: RIDOLFI (ROBERTO) - Composizione Pappresentazione e Prima Edizione della "Mandragola".
19976: DU RIETZ (ROLF) - Bibliotheca Polynesiana. A Catalogue of some of the Books in the Polynesiana Collection formed by the late Bjarne Kroepelien and now in the Oslo University Library.
21540: RILEY (PETER) - A Bibliography of T.F. Powys.
32143: RILING (RAY) - Guns and Shooting: A Selected Chronological Bibliography. Including Works in Various Languages on Artillery, Bombs, Fireworks and Rockets...
31670: RIMBAULT (EDWARD F.) - Bibliotheca Madrigaliana. A Bibliographical Account of the Musical and Poetical Works Published in England During the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries, under the Titles of Madrigals, Ballets, Ayres, Canzonets, Etc., Etc.
31104: MENDOZA RIOS (JOSEPH DE) - A Complete Collection of Tables for Navigation and Nautical Astronomy. With simple, concise, and accurate methods for all the calculations useful at sea; particularly for deducing the Longitude from Lunar Distances, and the Latitude from the two Altitudes of the Sun and the interval of the Time between the Observations.
31089: OXFORD RIOTS. - The several Papers which were laid before the Right Honourable the Lords Spiritual and Temporal in Parliament assembled, relating to the Riots at Oxford, on His Royal Highness the Prince's Birth-Day: Pursuant to their Lordships Address to His Majesty for that purpose. With the Resolutions of the House thereupon. Publish'd by Order of the House of Peers.
35716: RIVE (JEAN-JOSEPH, ABBÉ) - Catalogue de la Bibliothèque des Livres de feu l'Abbé Rive, acquise par les Citoyens Chauffard et Colomby.
34535: RIVIERE (ROBERT) - Examples of Modern Bookbindings. Designed and Executed by Robt. Rivière & Son.
18890: ROBB (DAVID M.) - The Art of the Illuminated Manuscript.
35642: NOVEL. ROBERTS (MRS [MARGARET]) - Duty, A Novel, by the late Mrs Roberts. Author of "Rose and Emily:" Interspersed with Poetry and Preceded by a Character of the Author by Mrs. Opie.
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31110: ROBERTSON (WILLIAM) - An Historical Disquisition concerning the Knowledge which the Ancients had of India; and the Progress of Trade with that Country prior to the Discovery of the Passage to it by the Cape of Good Hope. With an Appendix, containing Observations on the Civil Policy - The Laws and Judicial Proceedings - the Arts - the Sciences - and Religious Institutions, of the Indians.
31150: ROBERTSON (WILLIAM) - A Practical Treatise on the Human Teeth: showing the Causes of their Destruction, and the Means of their Preservation.
31022: ROBERTSON (JOHN PARISH AND WILLIAM PARISH) - Letters on Paraguay: comprising an Account of a Four Years' Residence in that Republic, under the government of the Dictator Francia.
30723: ROBERTSON (ALEXANDER) - The Philosophy of the Unconditioned.
34164: ROBERTSON (JOHN ARGYLL) - A Probationary Essay on the Anatomy and Physiology of the Eye. Submitted, ... to the examination of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, ...
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26886: ROBINSON (WILLIAM) - The first chapter of the Bible, and the last chapter of astronomical science, viewed in conjunction. A discourse, delivered at Cambridge, July 6, 1856.
21228: ROBINSON (B.W.) - A Descriptive Catalogue of the Persian Paintings in the Bodleian Library.
24729: ROBINSON (P.R.) EDITOR. - Catalogue of Dated and Datable Manuscripts c.888-1660 in London Libraries.
32637: ARNOTT (JAMES F.) & ROBINSON (JOHN W.) - English Theatrical Literature 1559-1900: A Bibliography. Incorporating Robert W. Lowe's "A Bibliographical Account of English Theatrical Literature" published in 1888.
31213: ARNOTT (JAMES F.) & ROBINSON (JOHN W.) - English Theatrical Literature 1559-1900: A Bibliography. Incorporating Robert W. Lowe's "A Bibliographical Account of English Theatrical Literature" published in 1888.
27041: ROBINSON (WILLIAM H.) - Rare Books and Manuscripts Offered for Sale by... Catalogue No. 83.
21448: BOOKPLATES. ROBINSON (W.W.) - Catalogue of the Valuable Collection of Book-Plates (Ex-Libris)...
32179: ROBINSON (TOM) - The Power of the Will. A Lecture given at the Working Men and Women's College, Queen's Square, London, W.C.
31998: ROBINSON (CHARLES BEST) - History of the Priory and Peculiar of Snaith, in the County of York.
30223: ROBINSON (JOHN MARTIN) - A Guide to the Country Houses of the North West.
27267: MELZI (GAETANO) PASSANO (G.B.) & ROCCO (R.) - Dizionario di Opere Anonime e Aseudonime di Scrittori Italiani o come che sia aventi Relazione all'Italia. [With:] Supplemento.
34775: ROCHAMBEAU (LE COMTE DE) - Bibliographie des Oeuvres de la Fontaine.
35905: NÉE DE LA ROCHELLE (JEAN-FRANÇOIS) - Éloge Historique de Jean Gensfleisch dit Guttenberg, Oremier Inventeur de l'Art Typographique.
35679: RODD (THOMAS) - Narrative of the Proceedings Instituted in the Court of Common Pleas, against Mr. Thomas Rodd, for the purpose of wresting from him a certain manuscript roll, under pretence of its being a document belonging to that Court : and of the trouble and expence to which he has been put in defending his character and property.
29296: SIMON (OLIVER) & RODENBERG (JULIUS) - Printing of To-Day. An Illustrated Survey of Post-war Typography in Europe and the United States.
35140: SIMON (OLIVER) & RODENBERG (JULIUS) - Printing of To-Day. An Illustrated Survey of Post-war Typography in Europe and the United States. With a General Introduction by Aldous Huxley.
36126: ROGERS (A.) - A History of Lincolnshire with Maps and Pictures.
10496: ROGERS (BRUCE) - Bruce Rogers: Designer of Books by Frederic Warde & Bruce Rogers: A Bibliography. Hitherto Unrecored Work 1889-1925, Complete Works 1925-1936 by Irvin Haas.
26392: ROHDE (ELEANOUR SINCLAIR) - The Old English Gardening Books.
28106: ROXBURGHE CLUB. ROLAND. - La Chanson de Roland. Reproduction Phototypique du Manuscrit Digby 23 de la Bodleian Library d'Oxford. Éditée avec un Avant-Propos par le Comte Alexandre de Laborde, Membre de l'Institut. Étude Paléographique de M. Ch. Samaran, Directeur à l'École des Hautes Études.
9931: HUESO ROLLAND (FRANCISCO) - Exposición de Encuadernaciones Españolas Siglos XII al XIX.
32933: ROMAN VILLA, NEWARK. - An Appeal for Funds to Continue the Excavation of a Roman Villa on Potter Hill near Newark, Notts.
13050: ROME. - Bibliografia dell' Impero Fascista (Colonie e Possedimenti). Opere Possedute dalla Biblioteca della Camera Fascista al Secondo Annuale dell'Impero.
36337: ROMME [FOOT] (MIRJAM M.) - The Henry Davis Collection I: The British Museum Gift. Contemporary Collectors XLIV. [Offprint from 'The Book Collector', Spring 1969.]
17626: RONALDS (SIR FRANCIS) - Catalogue of Books and Papers Relating to Electricity, Magnetism, the Electric Telegraph &c. Including the Ronalds Library.
10503: RONSIL (RENE) - Bibliographie Ornithologique Francaise. Travaux Publies en Langue Francaise et en Latin en France et dans les Colonies Francaises de 1473 a 1944.
35246: ROOKE (H[AYMAN]) - A Sketch of the Ancient and Present State of Sherwood Forest, in the County of Nottingham. Nottingham: Printed by S. Tupman, 1799. First edition, 30pp., without the final errata leaf, 4 folding engraved plates. [Bound with:] ----. Description of an Ancient Medallion in the Possession of H. Rooke. Nottingham: Printed by Samuuel Tupman, 1800. First edition, 7, [1]pp., one engraved plate illustrating both sides of the ancient brass medallion of St. Paul found in 1775 by workmen near Newstead Priory. [Bound with:] ----. A Description of the Great Oak in Salcey Forest, in the County of Northampton. Illustrated by Two Views.
30888: ROOKE (HAYMAN) - Description of an Ancient Medallion, in the possession of H. Rooke, Esq.
14106: ROOSES (MAX) - Musée Plantin-Moretvs a Anvers. Notice Historique par Max Rooses. Phototypies par Jos. Maes.
24126: RORIMER (JAMES J.) - The Belles Heures of Jean, Duke of Berry Prince of France.
33023: NONESUCH PRESS. ROS (MRS. AMANDA M'KITTRICK) - Irene Iddesleigh: A Novel.
22603: ROSCOE (S.) - Thomas Bewick. A Bibliography Raisonné of Editions of the "General History of Quadrupeds", "The History of Quadrupeds", "The History of British Birds" and the "Fables of Aesop" Issued in his Lifetime.
31319: ROSCOE (S.) - John Newbery and his Successors 1740-1814. A Bibliography.
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33969: ROSE (GEO. W.) - Vulcanite in Dentistry.
30715: ROSE (GEORGE) - A Brief Examination into the Increase of the Revenue, Commerce, and Manufactures, of Great Britain, from 1792 to 1799.
36210: ROSEBERY (RT. HONBLE. THE EARL OF) - Catalogue of the Well-Known and Very Valuable Library Formed at the Durdans, Epsom...
29234: ROSENBACH (A. S. W.) - The Unpublishable Memoirs.
24158: ROSENBAUM (ESTHER) - Catalogue of Single Leaves and Miniatures from Western Illuminated Manuscripts...
10508: ROSENKILDE (VOLMER) - - et halvthundrede år mellem boger. En hilsen til Volmer Rosenkilde på 70-års dagen 15. maj 1978. Af Poul Carit Andersen med en bibliografi udarbejdet af Heinz Pummer.
26398: ROSENTHAL (JACQUES) - Handschriften und Fruhdrucke in Deutscher Spache. Katalog 91.
31867: ROSSETTI (WILLIAM MICHAEL) - Bibliography of the Works of Dante Gabriel Rossetti.
25083: ROSSI (GIOVANNI BERNARDO DE) - De Praecipuis Caussis: et momentis neglectae a nonnullis hebraicarum litterarum disciplinae. Disquisitio elenchtica.
25081: ROSSI (GIOVANNI BERNARDO DE) - Sinopsi della Ermeneutica Sacra o dell' arte di ben interpretare la Sacra Scrittura.
18833: ROTA, BERTRAM LTD. - The Printer and the Artist. A Catalogue of Private Press Books & Illustrated Books from the United Kingdom, Europe & America. Catalogue 192.
15480: ROTENBERG (MARISA) - Catalogus Librorum Musaei Goeldiani I. Cimelia. Catalogo Descritivo das Obras Raras, Seculos XVI, XVII e XVIII.
31397: ROTH (CECEIL) - Magna Bibliotheca Anglo=Judaica. A Bibliographical Guide to Anglo-Jewish History.
33895: RIVER ROTHER. - A Description of the Ancient Vessel recently found under an old branch of the River Rother, in Kent; with various conjectures respecting her Antiquity: accompanied by a Lithographical Sketch of the Vessel, and the articles found in her.
34406: ROTHERAM (JOHN) - The Sexes of Plants Vindicated: in a Letter to Mr William Smellie... Containing, a refutation of his arguments against the sexes of plants. And remarks on certain passages of his philosophy of natural history.
35683: ROTHSCHILD (LORD) - The Rothschild Library. A Catalogue of the Collection of Eighteenth-Century Printed Books and Manuscripts Formed by Lord Rothschild.
33163: ROTILI (MARIO) - Miniatura Francese a Napoli.
33847: ROTTENSTEIN (J.B.) - Considérations sur le Développement et la Conservation des Dents et quelques mots a propos de leaurs Maladies et de leur Prothèse.
21987: RÖTTINGER (DR. HEINRICH) - Das alte Buch und seine Ausstattung vom XV. bis zum XIX. Jahrhundert. Buchdruck, Buchschmuck und Einbände.
23961: ROUARD (E[TIENNE]) - Catalogue des Livres, Manuscrits et Imprimes, Anciens et Modernes, Composant la Collection de feu M. E. Rouard.
30334: ROUPPE (LEWIS) - Observations on Diseases Incidental to Seamen. By Lewis Rouppe, M. D. Translated from the Latin edition printed at Leyden.
33025: ROUSSEAU (JEAN-JACQUES) - Les Confessions de J. J. Rousseau, Suivies a des Reveries du Promeneur Solitaire.
34106: ROUTLEDGE (F. J.) EDITOR. - Calendar of the Clarendon State Papers Preserved in the Bodleian Library. Vol. V: 1660-1726. With index to volumes IV and V.
32264: ROWBOTHAM (J.) - A New Guide to German and English Conversation; consisting of Modern Phrases, Dialogues, Idioms, Proverbs, and a copious Vocabulary, with Tables of German, Moneys, Weights, and Measures. For the use of Travellers, Schools, and Private Students.
32389: ROY (CHARLES SMART) - Report on the Pathological History of Epizootic Pleuropneumonia.
35873: BOOKBINDING. RUBAN (PETRUS) - Album de 102 Reproductions de Reliures d'Art et de Demi-Reliures Frantaisie de Petrus Ruban.
33956: RUETHER (GERHARD) - Die Lokale Anaesthesie. Inaugural-Dissertation zur Erlangung der Doktorwürde bei der medizinischen Fakultät zu Bonn eingericht und mit Thesen am 14. August 1868 vertheidigt von Gerhard Ruether. Namen der Opponenten: Heinr. Damman, Dr. med. Wilh. Mayweg, Dr. med. Albr. Erlenmeyer, stud. med.
33586: RUFFORD ABBEY, NOTTINGHAM. - Catalogue of the Rufford Collection. Including Treasures Acquired by the Ancestors of the Savile Family During Three Centuries. To be Sold by Auction on the Premises by Messrs. Knight, Frank & Rutley in conjunction with Messrs. Christie, Manson & Woods on Tuesday, the 11th day of October, 1938 and 9 subsequent days...
34125: RUFFORD ABBEY, NOTTINGHAM. - Catalogue of the Rufford Collection. Including Treasures Acquired by the Ancestors of the Savile Family During Three Centuries. To be Sold by Auction on the Premises by Messrs. Knight, Frank & Rutley in conjunction with Messrs. Christie, Manson & Woods on Tuesday, the 11th day of October, 1938 and 9 subsequent days...
32721: RUGGLES (THOMAS) - The History of the Poor; Their Rights, Duties, and the Laws Respecting them. In a Series of Letters.
36209: RUMBOLD (VALERIE) EDITOR. - The Poems of Alexander Pope: Volume Three: The Dunciad (1728) & The Dunciad Variorum (1729).
35518: RUSINOL (SANTIAGO) - Majorca: The Island of Calm.
25365: WISE PIRACY. RUSKIN (JOHN) - Two Letters Concerning "Notes on the Construction of Sheepfolds" Addressed to the Rev. F.D. Maurice, M.A. in 1851. With Forewords by F.J. Furnivall.
18975: RUSKIN (JOHN) - John Ruskin, the Collector. With a Catalogue of the Illuminated and other Manuscripts Formerly in his Collection. Extracted from 'The Library'.
32044: RUSPINI (BARTHOLOMEW) EDITOR. - A Concise Relation of the Effects of an Extraordinary Styptic, lately discovered in a Series of Letters, from several Gentlemen of the Faculty and from the Patients, to Barth. Ruspini, Surgeon-Dentist to his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales.
16859: RUSSELL (RONALD) - Guide to British Topographical Prints.
10625: RUSSELL (NORMA) - A Bibliography of William Cowper to 1837.
32339: GIMSON (BASIL L.) & RUSSELL (PERCY) - Leicestershire Maps: A Brief Survey.
31355: RUSSELL (JAMES) - Trephining for the Relief of Epileptiform Attacks, Occurring after Injury to the Head.
33983: RUSSELL (WILLIAM) - A Case of Acute Ferid Empyema Treated Successfully. [Reprinted from "Glasgow Medical Journal" for September, 1883.]
31609: RUSSELL (RONALD) - Guide to British Topographical Prints.
34011: RUSSELL (W. H.) - The Atlantic Telegraph. Illustrated by Robert Dudley. Dedicated by Special Permission to His Royal Highness Albert Edward Prince of Wales.
34327: RUSSELL (JAMES) - A Probationary Essay on Emphysema; Submitted... to the examination of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh...
32128: RUSSELL (K. F.) - British Anatomy 1525-1800: A Bibliography.
31800: RUSSELL (NORMA) - A Bibliography of William Cowper to 1837.
32361: RUSSELL (JAMES) - Observations on the Testicles.
13427: RUSSO (ANTHONY J. & DOROTHY R.) - A Bibliography of James Whitcomb Riley.
10627: RUSSO (DOROTHY RITTER) - A Bibliography of George Ade 1866-1944.
34806: FEVER. RUSTON (THOMAS) - Dissertatio medica, de febribus biliosis putridis. Quam, ... pro gradu doctoratus, ... eruditorum examini subjicit, Thomas Ruston, ...
31100: [MANNERS (JOHN HENRY)], FIFTH DUKE OF RUTLAND - A Tour through part of Belgium and the Rhenish Provinces.
32804: PITT (WILLIAM); CHARLES DUKE OF RUTLAND - Correspondence between the Right Honble. William Pitt and Charles Duke of Rutland, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland 1781-1787. With Introductory Note by John Duke of Rutland.
34438: RUTTER (JOHN) - Delineations of Fonthill and its Abbey.
30331: RYAN (MICHAEL) - Observations on the History and Cure of the Asthma; in which the Propriety of using the Cold Bath in that Disorder is Fully Considered.
33153: RYLAND (JOHN) - The Wise Student and Christian Preacher. A Sermon, preached at Broad-Mead, August 28, 1780, being the Day of the Annual Meeting of the Bristol Education Society.
34139: RYMER (JAMES) - Cholera Morbus; its first symptoms clearly pointed out, and its dangerous effects fully prevented... together with Dr. Sydenham's account of the cholera morbus, which raged in England, in the year 1669.
12583: SABIN (JOSEPH) - A Dictionary of Books Relating to America, from its Discovery to the Present Time.
31612: SABIN (JOSEPH) - A Dictionary of Books Relating to America, from its Discovery to the Present Time.
26692: SACHTLEBEN (JOHANN HEINRICH) - Die Holzersparungskunst bey zehn Verschiedenen Feuerarten nach eignen Erfahrungen und Bauvorrichtungen vorgetragen mit XIV. Kupfern.
32516: SILVESTRE DE SACY ([ANTOINE-ISAAC]) - Grammaire Arabe a l'usage des Élèves de l'École Spéciale des Langues Orientales Vivantes.
30403: SADLEIR (MICHAEL) - Archdeacon Francis Wrangham 1769-1842.
24904: IRISH EDUCATION. SADLEIR (FRANC) - National Schools of Ireland Defended, in a Letter to the Reverend Doctor Thorpe, Minister of Belgrave Chapel.
31869: SADLEIR (MICHAEL) - Excursions in Victorian Bibliography.
10636: SADLEIR (MICHAEL) - Excursions in Victorian Bibliography.
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35816: SAIHGAL (MOOL CHAND) - Saihgal's Hindustani Grammar for the use of Officers, non-commissioned Officers and Men ...... Specially adapted for Instruction in Military Schools and Colleges.
32075: SAINTSBURY (GEORGE) - A History of the French Novel (to the close of the 18th century).
22430: SALE (WILLIAM MERRITT) - Samuel Richardson. A Bibliographical Record of his Literary Career with Historical Notes.
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31209: SALE (WILLIAM MERRITT) - Samuel Richardson. A Bibliographical Record of his Literary Career with Historical Notes.
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35000: SALISBURY (PROF. E. J.) - The East Anglican Flora (President's Address).
34643: SALMON (NATHANIEL) - The History of Hertfordshire; Describing the County, and its Antient Monuments, Particularly the Roman...
34664: SALT (JONATHAN) - List of Plants, Collected Chiefly in the Neighbourhood of Sheffield by Jonathan Salt, and now in the Sheffield Public Museum.
33401: SALTER (THOMAS FREDERICK) - The Angler's Guide, being a New, Plain, and complete Practical Treatise on the Art of Angling for Sea, River, and Pond Fish; deduced from many years Practice, Experience, and Observation. Carefully corrected and enlarged, divided into Three Parts, with an Appendix, and to which is now first added, the Author's celebrated Treatise on Trolling, the whole illustrated with numerous Cuts and Engravings.
22754: SALZMANN (THE REV. C[HRISTIAN] G[OTTHILF]) - Elements of Morality, for the use of Children; with an Introductory Address to Parents. Translated from the German of The Rev C.G. Salzmann.
31011: SAMSON (W.) - Rational Physic; or, the Art of Healing: founded and explained on Principles of Reason and Experience. To which is added, A Family Dispensatory, containing plain and familiar Directions in English for preparing the most approved Remedies to be found in learned Authors; with others used in private Practice, accompanied with Remarks on the Virtues, Qualities, &c. of each Medicine.
23849: SÁNCHEZ (JUAN M.) - Bibliografia Aragonesa del Siglo XVI.
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26887: SANDERSON (JAMES) - The Resources of Reclaimable Land.
10539: SANDGREN (AUGUST) - Bogbinder August Sandgren 1893-1934.
33207: SANDGREN (AUGUST) - Bogbinderen August Sandgren.
33280: JEWISH SANHEDRIM. - A Dissertation on the Conduct of the Jewish Sanhedrim, and the advice offered by Gamaliel, in the famous trial of the Apostles, Acts v. 17. - 41. Considered as an argument for the truth of Christianity.
27136: BOFARULL Y SANS (DON FRANCISCO DE) - Animals in Watermarks.
33654: SANSKRIT. - The Four Gospels with the Acts of the Apostles, in Sanscrit. [Edited by W. Yates].
31681: SARICKS (AMBROSE) - A Bibliography of the Frank E. Melvin Collection of Pamphlets of the French Revolution in the University of Kansas Libraries.
23759: SARRE (FRIEDRICH) - Islamic Bookbindings. [Translated from the German by F.D. O'Byrne].
24408: WESTWOOD (T.) & SATCHELL (T.) - Bibliotheca Piscatoria. A Catalogue of Books on Angling, the Fisheries and Fish-Culture, with Bibliographical Notes and an Appendix of Citations Touching on Angling and Fishing from Old English Authors.
32140: WESTWOOD (T.) & SATCHELL (T.) - Bibliotheca Piscatoria. A Catalogue of Books on Angling, the Fisheries and Fish-Culture, with Bibliographical Notes and an Appendix of Citations Touching on Angling and Fishing from Old English Authors. [With:] The Supplement... by R.B. Marston.
33082: SATIRE. - A Letter from the Right Reverend G—l B—rt. Late Lord Bishop of S—m, to the Right Reverend B–nj–m–n, L—d B—p of B–ng–r.
31951: SAUER (GORDON C.) - John Gould the Bird Man: A Chronology and Bibliography.
34998: SAUNDERS (JAMES) - The Field Flowers of Bedfordshire.
33884: SAUNDERS (JOHN) - This is to give notice, That the Stage Waggon, lately kept by Mr. Mark Spicer goes from Wells to Bristol every Monday and Thursday : and from Bristol to Wells every Tuesday and Fryday. Goods taken in at the Three Kings, St. Thomas-Street, as usual, and at the Globe in Wells. Those who please to favour him with the Carriage of Goods, may depend on great Care being taken, and greatly oblige their most obedient Servant, John Saunders. Wells, December 12, 1773.
36102: SAUNDERS (H. W.) - An Introduction to the Obedientiary & Manor Rolls of Norwich Cathedral Priory.
33890: SAVERY (WILLIAM) - Some Remarks on the Practice of taking down and Publishing the Testimonies of Ministering Friends : addressed to the Members of the religious Society of Friends.
30666: SCARPA (ANTONIO) - Traité Pratique des Hernies, ou Mémoires Anatomiques et Chirurgicaux sur ces maladies/ par Antoine Scarpa; traduits de l'Italien par M. Cayol; on y a joint une note de M. Laennec; et un mémoire sur une terminaison particulière de la gangrène dans les hernies, par le traducteur.
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36019: SCHINDLER (R.) - Schindler's Guide to Cairo.
33813: SCHLEGEL (JOHAN FRIDERICH WILHELM) - Upon the Visitation of Neutral Vessels under Convoy: or, An impartial examination of a judgment pronounced by the English Court of Admiralty, the 11th June, 1799, in the case of the Swedish convoy : with some additions and corrections / by J. F. W. Schlegel ; translated from the Danish under the inspection of the author by Mr. de Juge, and thence into English.
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26872: SCHNAPPER (EDITH B.) EDITOR. - The British Union-Catalogue of Early Music Printed Before the Year 1801. A Record of the Holdings of over One Hundred Libraries Throughout the British Isles.
31392: SCHNAPPER (EDITH B.) EDITOR. - The British Union-Catalogue of Early Music Printed Before the Year 1801. A Record of the Holdings of over One Hundred Libraries Throughout the British Isles.
30822: SCHNEPS (MAURICE) - The Woman at St. Lô. Illustrated by the author. Introduction by Edmund Blunden. Selected Prose and Poetry 1940 - 1958.
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15011: SCHOELLHORN (FRITZ) - Bibliographie des Brauwesens.
28543: SCHOENEMAN (A.) - Atlas of the Human Auditory Apparatus, with Special Reference to the Topographical and Surgical Anatomy of the Temporal Bone. Translated at the Personal Request of the Author, and Edited by Percival J. Hay.
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18889: SCHWARZ (DIETRICH) - Urbar der Feste Rheinfelden. Handschrift im Haus-, Hof- und Staatsarchiv in Wien.
34678: SCHWERDT (CHARLES FRANCIS GEORGE RICHARD) - Hunting, Hawking, Shooting Illustrated in a Catalogue of Books, Manuscripts, Prints and Drawings Collected by C.F.G.R. Schwerdt.
17066: SCIENCE. - Important Works in the Field of Science. Catalogue No. 137.
17067: SCIENCE. - Rare and Interesting Books on Science Mainly Related to Transport and Technology. Catalogue 865.
17080: SCIENCE. - Science Including Medicine. Catalogue 164.
31210: MEDICINE AND SCIENCE. - Medicine and Science. A Bibliographical Catalogue of Historical and Rare Books from the 15th to the 20th Century. Catalogue No. 91.
14432: EXACT SCIENCE. - Exact Science. From Hero Alexandrinus to Pierre Curie. Catalogue 22.
14437: SCIENCE. - Swiss Pioneers of Science. Catalogue 27.
34034: MEDICINE AND SCIENCE. - Early Books of Medicine, Science and Allied Subjects. Catalogues 1-10, 12-70, 72-108.
35124: REGISTER OF THE ARTS AND SCIENCES. - Register of the Arts and Sciences. Volume the Third. Containing a Correct Account of several Hundred of The most Important and Interesting Inventions, Discoveries, and Processes. Illustrated with upwards of One Hundred and Sixty Engravings.
25919: HISTORY OF SCOTLAND. - (For the use of Schools.) An Abridgment of the History of Scotland, from Robertson, Stuart, &c. in the Manner of Goldsmith's Abridgment of the Histories of England, Rome, and Greece.
33391: SCOTLAND. - A Candid and Impartial Discussion of the False Reasonings, Gross Misrepresentations, and Studied Fallacies of two late Pieces: The Former written to vilify the Inhabitants of One End of this Island; and the Latter, of the Other. Together with a fair and clear Account of the Advantages derived to Both Parts of the Nation, by the Union: and the Consequences of raising false Notions of it, Set in their true Light. By a Friend of Great Britain.
21394: SCOTLAND. - Catalogue of Books Relating to Scotland. Offered at low Prices for Cash by James Thin. Catalogue No. 220.
32219: SCOTLAND, RESTORATIVE HOMES BILL. - Habitual Drunkards. Documents Relative to Proposed Legislation (limited to Scotland) for Inebriety, caused by Disease, which is curable under proper Treatment, Containing 1. Explanatory Memorandum prefixed to a Bill proposed for the Establishment of Restorative Homes in Scotland for Inebriates. 2. Report of a Meeting of the Legislative Committee of the London British Medical Association upon the Bill—or Legislation upon its lines—with an Abstract of the Clauses of the Bill, March, confirmed by the council 17th April 1889. 3. Report of a full Discussion upon the Bill and the subject generally in the Medico-Chirurgical Society of Edinburgh, February 1889. 4. Resolution of the Society of the Study of Inebriety, October 1889. 5. Resolution of Midland Medical Society, on 16th November 1889.
16514: SCOTLAND. - Bibliotheca Scotica. A Catalogue of Books Relating to Scotland. Catalogue No. 8.
33908: SCOTLAND. - Bibliotheca Scotica. A Catalogue of Books Relating to Scotland. Catalogue No. 8.
16562: SCOTT (WALTER S.) - White of Selborne: and his Times.
24988: SCOTT (WILLIAM) EDITOR. - The House Book; or family chronicle of useful knowledge, and cottage physician: combining medicine, cookery, diet, general economy, health, sea-bathing, gardening, manufactures, arts, &c., &c. with the various branches of domestic concerns; including upwards of a thousand select recipes and prescriptions, from the best authorities; and a variety of other important information, for the use of families, invalids and convalescents.
32145: SCOTT (W.R.) - Scottish Economic Literature to 1800.
36402: SCOTT (JOHN) - Four Elegies, written by John Scott, of Amwell.
31787: SCOTT (TEMPLE) - Oliver Goldsmith Bibliographically and Biographically Considered. Based on the Collection of Material in the Library of W.M. Elkins, Esq. With an Introduction by A. Edward Newton.
36259: SCOTT (WALTER) - Some Aspects of the Botany of the Shetland Islands.
26222: SCOTT (WILLIAM) - Catalogue of the Very Choice Collection of Early Engraved British & Foreign Portraits, Formed during the last Half Century by the late Mr. William Scott... Which, by order of the Executors, will be Sold by Auction, by Messrs. S. Leigh Sotheby & John Wilkinson... on Monday, the 25th of May, 1857, and following Day.
33786: SCOTT (ABRAHAM) - The Ordinance of the Lord's Supper, with Directions how to make a proper use of it. And also, the Propriety of Administering it amomgst the Methodists.
36401: SCOTT (JOHN) - The Poetical Works of John Scott Esq.
31469: SCOTT (TEMPLE) - A Bibliography of William Morris.
35724: SCOTT (WILLIAM) - A Loving Tribute to the Memory of Mr. William Scott, of 7 Market Street, Leicester, died September the 21st 1869.
34104: SCOTT (SIR GEORGE GILBERT) - Personal and Professional Recollections. A Facsimile of the Original Edition with New Material and a Critical Introduction by Gavin Stamp.
20915: SCRIPTORIUM. - Revue Internationale des Etudes Relatives aux Manuscrits. International Review of Manuscript Studies.
35801: SEAGER (CHARLES) - The Smaller Hebrew and Chaldee Lexicon of Professor [Johann] Simonis. Translated and improved from the Second Edition, (Published at Halle in 1766).
34136: SEARLE (CHARLES) - Cholera, its Nature, Cause, Treatment, and Prevention, Clearly and Concisely Explained.
20261: SEARLE (TOWNLEY) - A Bibliography of Sir William Schwenck Gilbert. With Bibliographical Adventures in the Gilbert & Sullivan Operas.
36060: SECOUSSE (DENIS-FRANCOIS) - Catalogue des Livres de la Bibliotheque de M. Secousse, avocat en Parlement, de l'Académie Royale des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres.
21996: SEEMILLER (SEBASTIAN) - Bibliothecæ Academicæ Ingolstadiensis Incunabula Typographica seu Libri ante annum 1500 Impressi circiter mille et quadrigenti; quos secundum annorum seriem disposuit, descripsit, et notis historico - Litterariis illustravit.
30718: SEGAR (SIMON) - Honores Anglicani: or, Titles of Honour of the Temporal Nobility of the English Nation (Quatenus such) have had, Earls, and Viscounts from the Time of the Conquest; and Barons from their Investure by Charter, whether by Renure, Writ of Summons to Parliament, or Patent. .... To which is added, A Compleat Alphabetical Index.
30683: SELDEN (JOHN) - The Historie of Tithes That is, The Practice of Payment of them. The Positiue Laws made for them. The Opinions touching the Right of them. A Review of it is also annext, which both Confirmes it and directs it in the Vse of it. By I. Selden.
24393: JOHNSON (ALFRED FORBES) SELECTED BY. - German Renaissance Title-Borders. Facsimiles and Illustrations No. I.
18873: JOHNSON (ALFRED FORBES) SELECTED BY. - German Renaissance Title-Borders. Facsimiles and Illustrations No. I.
9983: JOHNSON (ALFRED FORBES) SELECTED BY. - German Renaissance Title-Borders. Facsimiles and Illustrations No. I.
9982: JOHNSON (ALFRED FORBES) SELECTED BY. - German Renaissance Title-Borders. Facsimiles and Illustrations No. I.
33808: GEOGRAPHICAL SELECTOR. - Prospectus of a new Work, to be published March 1, 1806, entitled The Geographical Selector; consisting of Maps, Charts, and Plans, of the Principal Cities, Harbours, Forts, &c. in the World; accompanied by Historical and Topographical Illustrations. The engravings will be executed by Mr. John Luffmam, Geographer: the literary department of the work will be conducted by T. Harral, Esq.
30741: SENIOR (NASSAU W.) - American Slavery: a reprint of an article on "Uncle Tom's Cabin," of which a portion was inserted in the 206th number of the "Edinburgh Review;" and of Mr. Sumner's Speech of the 19th and 20th May, 1856. With a Notice of the events which followed that Speech.
20421: SEPP (PROF. DR. J.N.) - Die Geheime Offenbarung Johannis. 15 Vollbilder nach den Handzeichnungen Albrecht Dürer's und gleichzeitigem Text nach der Strassburger Ausgabe von Martin Graeff 1502.
36020: SERJEANTSON (REV. R. M.) - The Court Rolls of Higham Ferrers. Edited, with notes, addenda, and some extensions of the text, by the Rev. W. J. B. Kerr, Vicar of Irchester.
30962: TREATY OF SEVILLE. - The Observations on the Treaty of Seville examined.
31040: SEYMOUR (EDWARD ADOLPHUS, 11TH DUKE OF SOMERSET) - A Treatise in which the elementary properties of the Ellipse are deduced from the properties of the Circle and Geometrically demonstrated. By the Duke of Somerset.
31041: SEYMOUR (EDWARD ADOLPHUS, 11TH DUKE OF SOMERSET) - Alternate Circles and their connexion with the Ellipse. By the Duke of Somerset.
26087: SHABERMAN (RAPHAEL B.) - George MacDonald: A Bibliographical Study.
31516: SHABERMAN (RAPHAEL B.) - George MacDonald: A Bibliographical Study.
32236: SHAFTESBURY (ANTHONY ASHLEY COOPER, EARL.) - A Letter from a Person of Quality, To His Friend in the Country.
31698: SHAKESPEARE. - A Catalogue of Shakespeareana. With a Prefatory Essay by Sidney Lee.
22778: SHAKESPEARE. - Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare. A Facsimile of the First Folio Text. With an Introduction by J. Dover Wilson and a List of Modern Readings.
22776: SHAKESPEARE. - Coriolanus by William Shakespeare. A Facsimile of the First Folio Text. With an Introduction by J. Dover Wilson and a List of Modern Readings.
22774: SHAKESPEARE. - Henry V by William Shakespeare. A Facsimile of the First Folio Text. With an Introduction by J. Dover Wilson and a List of Modern Readings.
22772: SHAKESPEARE. - As You Like It by William Shakespeare. A Facsimile of the First Folio Text. With an Introduction by J. Dover Wilson and a List of Modern Readings.
21611: SHAKESPEARE. - Shakespeares Lucrece; Being a Reproduction in Facsimile of the First Edition, 1594, from the Copy in the Malone Collection in the Bodleian Library. With an Introduction and Bibliography by Sidney Lee.
21608: SHAKESPEARE. - The Passionate Pilgrim: Being a Reproduction in Facsimile of the First Edition, 1599, from the Copy in the Christie Miller Library at Britwell. With an Introduction and Bibliography by Sidney Lee.
13677: SHAKESPEARE. - An Excerpt from the General Catalogue of Printed Books in the British Museum.
36318: SHAKESPEARE. - A Catalogue of Shakespeareana. With a Prefatory Essay by Sidney Lee.
22773: SHAKESPEARE. - The Winter's Tale by William Shakespeare. A Facsimile of the First Folio Text. With an Introduction by J. Dover Wilson and a List of Modern Readings.
28296: SHANKER (V.A. & S.G.) EDITOR. - Ludwig Wittgenstein: Critical Assessments. Volume Five: A Wittgenstein Bibliography.
34503: DROPMORE PRESS. SHANKS (EDWARD) - The Universal War and the Universal State.
32345: SHARP (WILLIAM) - Tracts on Homoeopathy. 1. What is homoeopathy? - 2. The defence of homoeopathy - 3. The truth of homoeopathy - 4. The small dose of homoeopathy - 5. The difficulties of homoeopathy - 6. The advantages of homoeopathy - 7. The principle of homoeopathy - 8. The controversy on homoeopathy - 9. The remedies of homoeopathy - 10. The provings of homoeopathy - 11. The single medicine of homoeopathy - 12. The common sense of homoeopathy.
33242: SHARP (ELIZABETH) EDITOR. - Lyra Celtica: An Anthology of Representative Celtic Poetry. Ancient Irish Alban; Gaelic; Breton; Cymric; and Modern Scottish and Irish Celtic Poetry.
33775: SHARP (THOMAS) - The Speech made at Fare-Well-Hall, To the Honourable and Right Reverend Father in God Richard by Divine Providence Lord Bishop of Durham, on his Lordship's first Arrival in his Diocese, on Friday July 6, 1753. With his Lordship's Answer.
33056: SHARP (J.) - The life, opinions, character, and tragic death, of Count R******au, commonly called F. G. Meyer. Condemned to the gallows, May 26, 1796, at Rotterdam, for five unparalleled burglaries. By J. Sharp, Minister of the Gospel, in Rotterdam. Translated from the French and the Dutch.
35527: SHARPLES (ISAAC) - A Short Narrative of our dear and worthy Friend, Isaac Sharples, late of Hitchin: written by himself sometime before his decease. To which are added, some of his solid and weighty expressions a little before his end.
31591: O'SHAUGHNESSY (FRANCIS M.) - Death at Hallow Hall (a ghostly thriller) and other poems.
34688: SHAW (GEORGE) - Gems and Pearls. A Collection of choice readings from many writers. By the author "Filey and its Fishermen", etc. etc.
31305: SHAW (GRAHAM) - Printing in Calcutta to 1800. A Description and Checklist of Printing in Late 18th-Century Calcutta.
36125: SHAW (REV. GEORGE) - Old Grimsby.
29197: SHAW (GRAHAM) - Printing in Calcutta to 1800: a description and checklist of printing in late 18th-century Calcutta.
13631: SHAW (BERNARD) - A Catalogue of an Exhibition Celebrating the Ninetieth Birthday of Bernard Shaw.
13277: SHAW (GRAHAM) - Printing in Calcutta to 1800. A Description and Checklist of Printing in Late 18th-Century Calcutta.
33246: SHAW (JAMES J.) - Mr. Gladstone's Two Irish Policies: 1868 and 1886. A Letter to an Ulster Liberal Elector.
34654: SHAW (JAMES) - Plans, Elevations, and Sections; with Observations and Explanations, of Forcing-Houses, in Gardening. By James Shaw, Gardener to the Right Hon. Lord Mulgrave.
34645: SHAW (REV. STEBBING) - The History and Antiquities of Staffordshire... Interspersed with Pedigrees and Anecdotes of Families; Observations on Agriculture, Commerce, Mines, and Manufactories; and Illustrated with a Very Full and Correct New Map of the County... Volume II. Part I. [All Published].
36376: SHEAHAN (JAMES JOSEPH) - History and Topography of Buckinghamshire Comprising a General Survey of the County, Preceded by an Epitome of the Early History of Great Britain.
33879: NOVEL. SHEARAR (JAMES) - Prinkle and his Friends. A Novel.
25912: SONG SHEET. - The Thistle. A National Song, Written at the Request of His Royal Highness the Duke of Kent, and the Committee, and Sung by Mr. J. Sinclair... at the Institutory Festival of the Caledonian Asylum... on Saturday, March 4, 1815...
33134: SHEFFIELD (JOHN HOLROYD, EARL OF) - Observations on the manufactures, trade, and present state of Ireland. Part the First [all published].
31193: SHELLEY (PERCY BYSSHE). - Original Poetry by Victor & Cazire [Percy Bysshe Shelley & Elizabeth Shelley]. Edited by Richard Garnett.
21410: SHEPARD (LESLIE) - John Pitts; Ballad Printer of Seven Dials, London 1765-1844. With a Short Account of his Predecessors in the Ballad & Chapbook Trade.
19552: SHEPHERD (RICHARD HERNE) - Waltoniana: Inedited Remains in Verse and Prose of Izaak Walton, Author of the Complete Angler.
28565: SHEPPARD (WILLIAM) - The touch-stone of common assurances: or, a plain and familiar treatise, opening the learning of the common assurances, or conveyances of the kingdom. The fourth edition: revised and corrected, with notes and additional references, by Edward Hilliard, .. To which is added, a copious index.
31013: SHEPPARD (WILLIAM) - The President of Presidents. Or, one General President for all Common Assurances by Deeds: being a perfect Abstract of the General Learning and Forms of Presidents, touching or any ways relating to all manner of Conveyances now in Use..... now illustrated with many Excellent Cases in the Law, and several necessary Instructions how to discover the Defect of any Conveyance, in order to give a true and perfect Judgment what Right or Title any Man hath to his Lands or Goods. Of singular Use and Profit to all Men.
33751: SHERIDAN (RICHARD BRINSLEY) - A Comparative Statement of the two Bills, for the better Government of the British Possessions in India, brought into Parliament by Mr. Fox and Mr. Pitt. With Explanatory Observations.
31174: SHERIDAN (THOMAS) - A [C]ourse of Lectures on Elocution; together with Two Dissertations on Language; and some other Tracts relative to those Subjects. With various Thoughts, and interesting Observations on the present prevailing Mode of Education, occasionally interspersed.
30848: SHERIDAN (RICHARD BRINSLEY) - The Speech of R. B. Sheridan, Esq. Member for Stafford, on Wednesday, the 7th of February, 1787, in bringing forward the Fourth Charge against Warren Hastings, Esq. relative to the Begums of Oude. Reported by a member of the House of Commons.
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31980: SHIPMAN (JAMES) - Notes on the Old Town Wall of Nottingham, being a Description of some Recent Exposures of it. (Reprinted, with an Introduction, and additional Notes and Corrections, from "Notts. and Derbyshire Notes and Queries.")
27742: MOTHER SHIPTON. - Past, Present, and to Come: or, Mother Shipton's Yorkshire Prophecy. Privately preserv'd in the Noble Family of the P--s's for a Long Course of Years, and lately discovered amongst other valuable Manuscripts. Now publish'd by J. Tyrrel, Gent. To which is prefixed, a Short Account of her Life, Character, and other Prophesies, with their Proper Explanations.
35815: MOTHER SHIPTON. - Startling Predictions! The Life and Prophecies of Mother Shipton; also an Extraordinary Vaticination, in re. The Downfall of the House of Bourbon and the House of Austria: related by the Reverend John Wesley.
32316: SHIRLEY, WEST MIDLANDS. - On Lord's Day, June 25th, 1826, Two Sermons will be Preached at the Baptist Meeting-House, Shirley-Street, in Aid of the Sunday Schools Belonging to that Place, by the Rev. William Hood, of Solihull... The following hymns will be sung in the course of each service...
19466: ESCHELBACH (CLAIRE JOHN) & SHOBER (JOYCE LEE) - Aldous Huxley: A Bibliography.
35586: WALDSTEIN (CHARLES) AND SHOOBRIDGE (LEONARD) - Herculaneum: Past Present & Future. With Appendixes.
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24995: SHORT (THOMAS) - Discourses on Tea, Sugar, Milk, Made-Wines, Spirits, Punch, Tobacco, &c. With Plain and useful Rules for Gouty People.
16441: SHORTER (ALFRED H.) - Paper Making in the British Isles. An Historical and Geographical Study.
25930: SHREWSBURY (JOHN TALBOT, EARL OF) - Suggestions for the Improvement of the Condition of the Labouring Poor. Addressed to every member of the Legislature, by John, Earl of Shrewsbury.
28153: SHROPSHIRE. - Catalogue of Books from Parochial Libraries in Shropshire. Prepared by the Shropshire County Library with the co-operation of the Diocesan authorities of Hereford and Lichfield and of the Walker Trust.
30692: SHRUBSOLE (W.) - The Plain Christian Shepherd's defence of his Flock: being Five Letters in support of Infant Baptism.
29228: SHUNAMI (SHLOMO) - Bibliography of Jewish Bibliographies.
35229: SIDDONS (G. A.) - The Cabinet-Maker's Guide; or, rules and instructions in the art of varnishing, dying, staining, japanning, polishing, lackering, and beautifying wood, ivory, tortoiseshell & metal: with observations on their management and application. Including an appendix, containing several valuable tables.
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22127: SILVESTER (ROBERT) - United States Theatre. A Bibliography from the Beginning to 1990.
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22848: SIMON (ANDRE L.) - Bibliotheca Gastronomica. A Catalogue of Books and Documents on Gastronomy. The Production, Taxation, Distribution and Consumption of Food and Drink. Their use and Abuse in all Times and Among all Peoples.
31581: SIMON (ANDRE L.) - Bibliotheca Gastronomica. A Catalogue of Books and Documents on Gastronomy. The Production, Taxation, Distribution and Consumption of Food and Drink. Their use and Abuse in all Times and Among all Peoples.
34088: SIMON (ANDRE L.) - Bibliotheca Gastronomica. A Catalogue of Books and Documents on Gastronomy. The Production, Taxation, Distribution and Consumption of Food and Drink. Their use and Abuse in all Times and Among all Peoples.
32386: SIMPSON (WILLIAM JOHN RITCHIE) - On the Distribution of Phthisis in the Eleven Northern Counties of Scotland, as ascertained by Statistics extending over a period of twenty-two years.
30630: SIMPSON (WILLIAM) - Observations on Cold Bathing. By William Simpson, Surgeon at Knaresbro', and Member of the Corporation of Surgeons of London.
23329: SIMS (RICHARD) - A Manual for the Genealogist, Topographer, Antiquary, and Legal Professor, Consisting of Descriptions of Public Records; Parochial and other Registers; Wills; County and Family Histories; Heraldic Collections in Public Libraries, etc. etc.
34288: SIMSON (JAMES) - A Probationary Essay on Infanticide; Submitted... to the examination of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh...
36254: CODEX SINAITICUS. - Codex Sinaiticus. A Facsimile.
27477: SINCLAIR (JOHN) - Address to the Society for the Improvement of British Wool; Constituted at Edinburgh, on Monday, January 31, 1791.
34330: SINCLAIR (MARTIN) - A Probationary Essay on Ischuria Vesicalis: Submitted... to the examination of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh...
35501: SINCLAIR (JOHN) - Lucubrations, during a Short Recess. Containing a Plan for a more Equal Representation of the People
30713: SINCLAIR (SIR JOHN) - Address to the Society for the Improvement of British Wool; constituted at Edinburgh, on Monday, January 31, 1791.
10586: SINGER (H.W.) - Die Moderne Graphik. Eine Darstellung für Deren Freunde und Sammler.
31841: SINHA (SACHCHIDANANDA) - Kashmir : "the playground of Asia" : a handbook for visitors to the happy valley.
31197: SINHA (SACHCHIDANANDA) - KASHMIR "The Playground of Asia" A Handbook for Visitors to the Happy Valley.
30714: TREMBLING SINNER. - The Cries of a Wounded Conscience; or, The Sorrowful Sighs of a Trembling Sinner at the Point of Death. Wherein he bitterly laments the folly of his wicked life earnestly entreating God to be gracious to him in the salvation of his soul, even for his Mercy's sake concluding with an exhortation of his friends, beseeching them not to follow the bad example of his loose life, assuring them it was dangerous, as well as hazardous to trust to a death-bed repentance. [in verse].
30706: GUIDE FOR SINNERS. - A Guide for Sinners to Repent; being a very strange Relation of two Old Men, who were found living under Ground, in Resington [i.e. Rossington] Wood, near the Town of Doncaster, in Yorkshire, on the 10th of the last Month.
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28548: SKELTON (R.A.) - County Atlases of the British Isles 1579-1850: A Bibliography. 1579-1703.
30773: SKENE (SIR JOHN) - De verborum significatione the Exposition of the Termes and Difficill Wordes, conteined in the foure Buiks of Regiam Maiestatem, and uthers, in the Acts of Parliament, Infeftments, and used in practicque of this Realme, and with divers Rules, and common places, or principals of the Lawes. Collected and exponed be Master Iohn Skene, Clerke of our Soveraine Lordis Register, Councell and Rolles.
34784: SKEPPER (EDMUND) - Flora of Suffolk: A Catalogue of the Plants (Indigenous or Naturalized) Found in a Wild State in the County of Suffolk.
32900: SKINNER (THOMAS) - The Granulation of Medicines. [Reprinted from the British Medical Journal].
27135: TURNER (SILVIE) & SKIOLD (BIRGIT) - Handmade Paper Today. A Worldwide Survey of Mills, Papers, Techniques and uses.
28956: SKOOB. - Skoob Directory of Secondhand Bookshops in the British Isles.
23459: SLATER (J.H.) - Book Plates and their Value. English and American Plates.
10595: SLATER (J. HERBERT) - Engravings and their Value. A Complete Guide to the Collection and Prices of all Classes of Prints.
18444: SLATER (J.H.) - Early Editions. A Bibliographical Survey of the Works of Some Popular Modern Authors.
30829: SLATTER (JOHN) - Some Notes on the History of the Parish of Whitchurch, Oxon.
33966: CARIBBEAN SLAVERY. - Remarks on an Address to the Members of the New Parliament, on the proceedings of the Colonial Department, with respect to the West India Question. By a Member of the late Parliament.
28057: SLINN (WALTER) - Exhibition of Bookbindings by Walter Slinn of Sheffield. Opened by Sir Osbert Sitwell.
33942: PRAYER SLIP. - Christ, The Pilgrim's Guide thro' Death.
33943: PRAYER SLIP. - The Spiritual Coronation.
30642: SMALL (JAMES) - A Treatise on Ploughs and Wheel Carriages, illustrated by Plates, by James Small and Cart Wright, formerly at Blackadder-Mount, now at Rose-Bank, near Foord, Mid Lothian.
10598: SMALL (HERBERT) - Handbook of the New Library of Congress.
33086: SMALRIDGE (GEORGE) - A Speech to the Upper House of Convocation, upon the Presentment of the late Prolocutor.
31916: WISE (THOMAS J.) & SMART (JAMES P.) - A Complete Bibliography of the Writings in Prose and Verse of John Ruskin, with a List of the more Important Ruskiniana.
29162: WISE (THOMAS J.) & SMART (JAMES P.) - A Complete Bibliography of the Writings in Prose and Verse of John Ruskin, with a List of the more Important Ruskiniana.
32453: SMART (LE LETHIEULLIER) - Description de la Tapisserie Conservee a la Cathedrale de Bayeux par Smart le Thieullier, Ecuyer, Correspondant de la Societe Royale et de celle des Antiquaires de Londres; Publiee d'Apres le Manuscrit Original de la Bibliotheque de Thomas Tyndal, Ecuyer, Correspondant des Memes Societes, Traduite et Augmentee de Notes par A. L. Lechause d'Anisy, Membre de la Societe des Antiquaires de Normandie, etc.
32049: SMEATON (JOHN) - The Report of John Smeaton, Engineer, concerning the Drainage of the North Level of the Fens, and the Outfall of the Wisbeach River.
30841: SMEE (ALFRED) - Elements of Electro-Biology, or the Voltaic Mechanism of Man; of Electro-Pathology, especially of the Nervous System; and of Electrapeutics.
31274: SMITH (HENRY ECROYD), COMPILER. - The History of Conisborough Castle, with Glimpses of Ivanhoe-Land,
24551: SMITH (ALFRED RUSSELL) - A Catalogue of Rare Curious and Valuable Old Books on Sale by Alfred Russell Smith, 36 Soho Square, London.
19729: SMITH (JOHN RUSSELL) - A Catalogue of Twenty-Five Thousand Volumes of Choice, Useful, and Curious Books, in Most Classes of Literature, English and Foreign, on Sale, at the Reasonable Prices Affixed, by John Russell Smith.
22498: SMITH (T.) - Fifty Years of Printing. A History of the Birmingham Printers, Limited.
32141: SMITH (JOSEPH) - A Descriptive Catalogue of Friends' Books, or Books Written by Members of the Society of Friends, Commonly Called Quakers, from their First Rise to the Present Time, Interspersed with Critical Remarks and Occasional Biographical Notices...
21536: SMITH (ALFRED RUSSELL) - Bibliotheca Americana. A Catalogue of a Valuable Collection of Books, Illustrating History and Geography of North and South America and the West Indies. Collected by John Russell Smith. On Sale at the Affixed Ready Money Prices...
18322: SMITH (GEORGE) - History of Wesleyan Methodism.
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24565: SMITH (JOHN RUSSELL) - Bibliotheca Americana. A Catalogue of a Valuable Collection of Books, Pamphlets, Manuscripts, Maps, Engravings, and Engraved Portraits, Illustrating the History and Geography of North and South America, and the West Indies...
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22018: SMITH (JOHN RUSSELL) - Bibliotheca Americana. A Catalogue of a Valuable Collection of Books, Illustrating the History and Geography of North and South America and the West Indies. Collected by John Russell Smith.
36211: SMITH (A. H.) - English Place-Name Elements. Part 1: Introduction - Bibliography - The Elements A-IW - Maps / Part 2: The Elements Jafn-Ytri - Index and Maps.
34427: SMITH (HENRY) - Hemorrhoids and Prolapsus of the Rectum. Their treatment by the application of nitric acid.
31232: SMITH (SIR FREDERICK) - The Early History of Veterinary Literature and its British Development.
25426: SMITH (SIR FREDERICK) - The Early History of Veterinary Literature and its British Development.
32447: SMITH (JOHN THOMAS) - Nollekens and his Times: Comprehending a Life of that Celebrated Sculptor: and Memoirs of Several Contemporary Artists, from the time of Roubiliac, Hogarth, and Reynolds, to that of Fuseli, Flaxman, and Blake.
32898: SMITH (WALTER G.) - On the Modern Aspects of Therapeutics. [Reprinted from the Dublin Quarterly Journal of Medical Science—May, 1871.]
32294: SMITH (ROBERT SHINGLETON) - Some Recent Developments of the Germ Theory, More particularly in relation to the Treatment of Phthisis.
31637: SMITH (WALTER E.) - Elizabeth Gaskell: A Bibliographical Catalogue of First and Early Editions, 1848-1866. With Photographic Reproductions of Bindings and Titlepages.
31030: SMITH (THOMAS) - The Miner's Guide, being a Description and Illustration of a Chart of Sections of the principal Mines of Coal and Ironstone in the Counties of Stafford, Salop, Warwick, and Durham. By Thomas Smith, Land Agent, Horseley Heath, Tipton.
30501: SMITH (CHARLES) - The Antient and Present State of the County and City of Waterford: being a natural, civil, ecclesiastical, historical and topographical description thereof. Illustrated By Remarks made on the Baronies, Parishes, Towns, Villages, Mountains, Rivers, Medicinal Waters, Fossils, Animals and Vegetables; with some Hints relating to Agriculture and other Useful Improvements. With several Notes and Observations. Together with new and correct maps of the City and County; and embellished with Perspective Views of the City of Waterford, and of the Towns of Lismore and Dungarvan. Published with the approbation of the Physico-Historical Society.
34046: SMITH (PHILIP) - New Directions in Bookbinding.
15321: SMITH (F.R.) - Bookbinding.
31971: SMITH (HENRY ECROYD), COMPILER. - The History of Conisborough Castle, with Glimpses of Ivanhoe-Land.
33933: SMITH (GEORGE CHARLES) - The Poor Sailor Boy. [in verse]. By the Rev. G. C. Smith, of Penzance.
35753: SMITH (WILLIAM HENRY) - Notes on the Nottingham Records. With an Introduction by Alderman H. S. Cropper. Dedicated to the Corporation of Nottingham.
32489: BRITISH LIBRARY. SMITH (DIANA ROWLAND) - Second Supplementary Catalogue of Hebrew Books Acquired 1893-1960. Prepared for Publication by Diana Rowland Smith (work by David Goldstein, Cyril Moss & Others).
13723: SMITH (JOSEPH) - Bibliotheca Anti-Quakeriana; or, a Catalogue of Books Adverse to the Society of Friends...
31428: SMYTH (C. PIAZZI) - Madeira Meteorologic being a paper on the above subject read before the Royal Society, Edinburgh, on the 1st of May 1882. By C. Piazzi Smyth, F.R.S.E. and Astronomer-Royal for Scotland.
26889: SMYTH (WARINGTON) - Introductory Address by Warington Smyth, the President of the Geological Section of the British Association, delivered at Newcastle, August 1863.
24787: SMYTH (CAPTAIN W.H.) - Nautical Observations on the Port and Maritime Vicinity of Cardiff, with Occasional Strictures on the Ninth Report of the Taff Vale Railway Directors; and some General Remarks on the Commerce of Glamorganshire.
10611: SMYTH (A.L.) - John Dalton 1766-1844. A Bibliography of Works by and about him.
32097: SMYTH (A.L.) - John Dalton 1766-1844. A Bibliography of Works by and about him.
33081: SNAPE (ANDREW) - A Second Letter to the Lord Bishop of Bangor, in Vindication of the Former.
22220: SNEYD (COLONEL RALPH) - Catalogue of a Selected Portion of the Library... Comprising an Interesting Collection of Incunables...
30289: SNOWMAN (A. KENNETH) - Eighteenth Century Gold Boxes of Paris. A Catalogue of the J. Ortiz-Patiño Collection.
21865: SOCARD (ALEXIS) - Livres Populaires. Imprimés à Troyes de 1600 à 1800. Hagiographie, — Ascétisme. Ouvrage orné de 120 Gravures tirées avec les bois originaux.
35723: SOCIALISM. - Socialism v. Individualism... [Bound with:] Speech of Mr. Allen Upward.
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26170: ROYAL STATISTICAL SOCIETY. - Catalogue of the Library of the Royal Statistical Society.
20405: ZOOLOGICAL SOCIETY. - Catalogue of the Library of the Zoological Society of London.
27534: SUNDAY SCHOOL SOCIETY. - Plan of a Society Established in London, anno Domini 1785, for the support and encouragement of Sunday-schools in the different counties of England; with a list of the subscribers, and extracts of letters received from various parts, containing accounts of the great utility of the institution.
32296: GLASGOW PATHOLOGICAL AND CLINICAL SOCIETY. - Discussion on Albuminuria, its Pathology and Clinical Significance.
32795: MISSIONARY SOCIETY. - Report of the Directors of the Missionary Society.
33662: ROYAL SCOTTISH GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY. - The Early Maps of Scotland to 1850. Revised and Enlarged with A History of Scottish Maps by D. G. Moir.
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27222: DUDLEY LIBRARY & BOOK SOCIETY. - Laws and Catalogue of the Dudley Library, Established December 19th. 1805.
35152: ROYAL SOCIETY. - The Signatures in the First Journal-Book and the Charter-Book of the Royal Society. Being a facsimile of the signatures of the founders, patrons and fellows of the society from the year 1660 down to the present time.
28116: SOLON (L. M.) - Catalogue of the Pottery & Porcelain in the Collection of L. M. Solon. To be Sold... on 26th, 27th and 28th November, 1912 by Messrs. Charles Butters & Sons at their Premises, Trinity Buildings, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent.
33360: HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS COMMISSION. SOMERSET (DUKE OF) - The Manuscripts of The Duke of Somerset, The Marquis of Ailesbury, and The Revb. Sir T. H. G. Puleston, Bart. Fifteenth Report, Appendix, Part VII.
23304: SCHULLIAN (DOROTHY M.) & SOMMER (FRANCIS E.) - A Catalogue of Incunabula and Manuscripts in the Army Medical Library.
35414: SOMMERLAD (M.J.) - Scottish 'Wheel' and 'Herring-bone' Bindings in the Bodleian Library. An Illustrated Handlist.
26786: BACKER (ALOYS DE) & SOMMERVOGEL (CARLOS) - Bibliotheque de la Compagnie de Jesus.
34224: SONGBOOK. - A Garland of New Songs. William and Margaret. Mary's Dream. Roy's Wife of Aldivalloch. My Nannie, O. Death or Liberty.
36275: WEIMANN (INGRID) & SÖNMEZ (NEDIM) - Christopher Weimann (1946-1988): A Tribute. With over 90 illustrations, 38 in color and 12 original samples made by Christopher Weimann.
23691: SORBELLI (ALBANO) - Storia della Stampa in Bologna.
14887: SORBELLI (ALBANO) - Le Marche Tipografiche Bolognesi nel Secolo XVI.
22689: SOREL (M.C.) - La Bibliotheque Francoise de M.C. Sorel. Ou le Choix et l'Examen des Livres Francois qui Traitent de l'Eloquence, de la Philosophie, de la Devotion, & de la Conduite de Moeurs.
27237: SOTHEBY (SAMUEL LEIGH) - Paper-Marks in the Early Block-Books of the Netherlands and Germany... the Types and Marks in Productions of the Press of Caxton... Forming the First Portion of the Third Volume of the Principia Typographica. [Together with:] Specimen of Mr. S. Leigh Sotheby's Principia Typographica...
15360: SOTHEBY (S. LEIGH) - Specimen of Mr. S. Leigh Sotheby's Principia Typographica, A Extensively Illustrated Work, in Three Volumes, Imperial Quarto, on the Block-Books, or Xylographic Delineations of Scripture History Issued in Holland, Flanders, and Germany, During the Fifteenth Century; on their Connexion with the Origin of Printing, and on the Character of the Water-Marks in the Paper of the Period.
33994: SOTHERAN. - Bibliotheca Chemico-Mathematica: Catalogue of Works in Many Tongues on Exact and Applied Science, with a Subject-Index. Compiled by H. Z[eitlinger] H.C. S[otheran].
32553: SOTHERAN. - Bibliotheca Chemico-Mathematica: Catalogue of Works in Many Tongues on Exact and Applied Science, with a Subject-Index. Compiled by H. Z[eitlinger] H.C. S[otheran].
18433: SOTHERN (HENRY) - A Catalogue of Books for the Library, Comprising a Selection of the Best Editions of Standard Works, by Ancient and Modern Authors, in all Departments of Literature, Science, and Art. On Sale by Henry Sotheran and Co.
15697: SOUBIES (ALBERT) - La Comedie-Francaise depuis L'Epoque Romantique 1825-1894.
31717: SOUHART (R.) - Bibliographie Generale des Ouvrages sur la Chasse, la Venerie et la Fauconnerie Publies ou Composes Depuis le XVe Siecle Jusqu'a ce jour en Francais, Latin, Allemand, Anglais, Espagnol, Italien, Etc.,
34244: SOULE (RICHARD) - A Dictionary of English Synonymes and Synonymous or Parallel Expressions Designed as a Practical Guide to Aptness and Variety of Phraseology.
13816: SOURGET (PATRICK & ÉLISABETH) - Manuscrits Enluminés et Livres Précieux. [Catalogue X].
13817: SOURGET (PATRICK & ELISABETH) - Manuscrits Enluminés et Livres Prècieux. [Catalogue XI].
32398: SOUTHEY (REDINALD) - The Nature and Affinities of Tubercle; Being the Gulstonian Lectures for the year 1867.
34187: SOWERBY (J., JUN.) - The Mushroom and Champignon Illustrated, Compared with, and Distinguished from, the Poisonous Fungi that Resemble them.
30869: TREATY WITH SPAIN. - Popular Prejudices against the Convention and Treaty with Spain, Examin'd and Aswer'd. With Remarks on a Pamphlet, Entitled, Considerations upon the Present State of our Affairs at Home and Abroad.
33456: SPALDING (JOHN TRICKS) - A Bibliographical Account of the Works Relating to British Topography in the Library of John Tricks Spalding J.P. Nottingham.
26868: CORNS (ALBERT R.) & SPARKE (ARCHIBALD) - A Bibliography of Unfinished Books in the English Language.
35545: SPARLING (RICHARD A.) - History of the 12th Service Battalion York & Lancaster Regiment. [with an appendix].
28074: SPAWN (WILLMAN) - Bookbinding in America 1680-1910 from the Collection of Frederick E. Maser.
31369: SPAWN (WILLMAN) - Bookbinding in America 1680-1910 from the Collection of Frederick E. Maser.
15622: SPEAIGHT (ROBERT) - The Life of Eric Gill.
31843: SPEAIGHT (ROBERT) - The Life of Eric Gill. First published in 1966 by Robert Speaight.
26333: TYPE SPECIMENS. - Specimens of Printing Types in use at the Marion Press, Jamaica, Queensborough, New York. Together with a List of the Publications of the Marion Press.
32692: TYPE SPECIMENS. - Tillotsons Type Specimen Book. Incorporating the House Style of Typesetting and Standard Printers' and Authors' Proof Corrections.
33811: SPEECH. - The Substance of the Speech of Lord Viscount Melville, in the House of Commons, on the 11th June, 1805. Compiled on a Comparison of a Variety of Notes taken by different Persons, and believed, on the wholr, not to be materially defective in Point of Correctness.
14296: SPELLMAN (DOREEN & SIDNEY) - Victorian Music Covers.
30767: SPELMAN (SIR HENRY) - The larger Treatise concerning Tithes, long since written and promised by Sir Hen: Spelman Knight. Together with some other Tracts of the same Authour, and a Fragment of Sir Francis Bigot Knight, all touching the same Subject. Whereto is annexed, an Answer to a Question of a Gentleman of quality, made by a Reverend and Learned Divine living in London, concerning the settlement or abolition of Tithes by the Parliament, which caused him to doubt how to dispose of his son, whom he had designed for the Ministery. Wherein also are comprised, some Animadversions upon a late little Pamphlet called, The Countries plea against Tithes: discovering th[e] [ig]norant mistakings of the Authours of it touching th[e] maintenance of the Ministery by such means: as also, upon the Kentish petition. Published by Jer: Stephens B.D. According to the appointment and trust of the Author.
22887: SPENCE (SYDNEY A.) - A Bibliography of Selected Early Books and Pamphlets Relating to Australia 1610-1880.
31897: SPENCE (SYDNEY A.) - A Bibliography of Selected Early Books and Pamphlets Relating to Australia 1610-1880.
32908: SPENCE (JAMES) - Case of Enormous Deep-Seated Tumour of the Face and Neck, Successfully Removed by Operation. [Reprinted from the Dublin Quarterly Journal of Medical Science, Nov, 1863.]
32897: SPENDER (JOHN KENT) - Thirty Years of Therapeutic Progress. An address at the Annual Meeting of the Bath and Bristol Branch of the British Medical Association, on Thursday, June 29th, 1882.
34686: SPRY (JOSEPH HUME) - A Practical Treatise on the Bath Waters, tending to illustrate their beneficial effects in Chronic Diseases, particularly in Gout, Rheumatism, Paralysis, Lead Colic, Indigestion, Biliary Affections, and Uterine and Cutaneous Diseases; confirmed by cases. Containing likewise a brief Account of the City of Bath, and of the Hot Springs.
30918: SPURZHEIM (G.) - A Sketch of the Natural Laws of Man. [translated from the French manuscript by R. Willis].
31036: SPURZHEIM (JOHANNES CASPAR) - A View of the Elementary Principles of Education, founded on the Study of the Nature of Man.
19567: SQUIRE (W. BARCLAY) - Catalogue of Printed Music Published Between 1487 and 1800 now in the British Museum.
32426: SQUIRE (WILLIAM) - On Ethyl-Bromide or Bromic Ether.
27538: STACK (REV. JOHN) - A Short System of Optics, Principally Designed for the use of Undergraduates in the University of Dublin.
32117: STAFFORD (R. A.) - An Essay on the Treatment of some Affections of the Prostate Gland.
10531: STAGE. - A Catalogue of the Allen A. Brown Collection of Books Relating to the Stage in the Public Library of the City of Boston.
25825: STAHLSCHMIDT (J.C.L.) - Surrey Bells and London Bell-Founders. A Contribution to the Comparative Study of Bell Inscriptions.
26130: STAIKOS (K. SP.) - The Mirror of the Library. Introduction to the Reader by Robert D. Fleck.
35497: STAIR (JOHN DALRYMPLE, EARL OF,) - Considerations preliminary, to the Fixing the Supplies, the ways and Means, and the Taxes for the Year 1781. Addressed To the Minister and the Public.
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30652: STANFORD (SIR WILLIAM) - Les Plees del Corone, in plusors titles & Common lieux. Per queux home pluis redement & plenairement trouera quelq; chose que il quira, touchant les dits Plees, composes per le tresreuerend Iudge, Monsieur Guilliaulme Staundford Chiualier, dernierment corrigee. Auecques un Table parfaicte des choses notables contenus ycelle, nouelment reueu & corrigee, oue ascum nouel additions. Londini: Ex Typographia Societatis Stationariorum [i.e. Adam Islip], Anno Domini 1607. 4to, ownership inscription of "John Crasler, Gray's Inn, 1722" on front free endpaper, woodcut device on title, with the circular stamp of Birmingham Law Society on title, partly black letter, [12], 198 leaves. STC 23224. Bound with:- STANFORD (Sir William) An An Exposition of the Kings Prerogatiue, collected out of the great Abridgement of Iustice Fitzherbert, and other old Writers of the Lawes of England, by the right Worshipfull Sir William Stanford Knight, lately one of the Iustices of the late Queenes Maiesties Court of Common Plees. Whereunto is annexed the Proces to the same Prerogatiue appertaining.
34716: STANHOPE (GEORGE) - A Sermon Preach'd before the Queen in the Chapel Royal at St. James's, November the 5th 1706. being the anniversary day of thanksgiving for the deliverance from the gunpowder-treason; and for the happy arrival of his Late Majesty, &c. By George Stanhope, D. D. Dean of Canterbury, and Chaplain in Ordinary to Her Majesty. Publish'd by Her Majesty's special command.
34250: STANHOPE (GEORGE) - Christianity the only true comfort for troubled minds. A sermon preach'd before the Queen in her chapel royal at St. James's. Sunday November the 3d 1706. By George Stanhope, D.D. Dean of Canterbury, and Chaplain in Ordinary to Her Majesty. Publish'd by Her Majesty's special command.
31153: STANLEY (HENRY M.) - In Darkest Africa or the Quest Rescue and Retreat of Emin Governor of Equatoria.
36045: STANLEY (THOMAS, COLONEL) - Bibliotheca Stanleiana. A Splendid Selection of Rare and Fine Books, from the Distinguished Library of Colonel Stanley. The Selection Contains all his Rare Italian and Spanish Poetry, Novels and Romances; An Extraordinary Collection of Voyages and Travels, Including an Unique Copy of De Bray's Voyages... with a Matchless Copy of Holinshed Upon Large Paper... Sold by Auction, by R. H. Evans on Friday the 30th April, and Seven Following Days...
31988: STAPLES (JOHN) - Notes on St. Botolph, without, Aldersgate, London.
35749: STAPLETON (ALFRED) - The Churches and Monasteries of Old and New Nottingham. With Illustrations.
31810: STARK (JAMES) - Address to the Meteorological Society of Scotland. Read before the general meeting of the Society, Jan. 14, 1857.
31811: STARK (JAMES) - On the Fall of Rain in Scotland, during the year 1857; with remarks on the best form of rain-gauge... From the Edinburgh New Philosophical Journal, New Series, for April 1858.
32800: STARKEY (BENJAMIN) - Memoirs of the Life of Benj. Starkey, Late of London, but now an inmate of the Freeman's Hospital, in Newcastle. Written by Himself. With a Portrait of the Author, and a Fac-simile of his Hand-Writing.
31713: STATHER J. W.) - Vertical Distribution of East Yorkshire Erratics, Presidential Address delivered December 8th, 1928.
32422: STEAVENSON (WILLIAM EDWARD) - On Therapeutical Applications of Electricity. Read in the section of Pharmacology and Therapeutics, at the fifty-second annual meeting of the British Medical Association.
26025: STEEL (DAVID) - Analysis of the Authorities upon which the Dangers have been Inserted in Steel's New Chart of the Atlantic, or Western Ocean. To which is added, a Copious and Accurate Table of the Variations of the Magnetic Needle, as Observed in Different Parts of that Sea; with the Dates of the Respective Observations.
35557: STEELE (WILLIAM E.) - A Handbook of Field Botany, comprising the flowering plants and ferns indigenous to the British Isles, arranged according to the natural system ; the orders, genera, and species carefully analyzed, so as to facilitate their discrimination; with a synoptical table of the genera according to the the Linnæan classification; and a glossary of those terms most commonly in use.
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31677: STEPHENS (T. A.) - A Contribution to the Bibliography of the Bank of England.
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18331: ROSTENBERG (LEONA) & STERN (MADELEINE B.) - Bookman's Quintet: Five Catalogues about Books. Bibliography, Printing History, Booksellers, Libraries, Presses, Collectors.
15684: STETSON (JOHN B.) - Romances of Chivalry, European Literature, French Books with Engravings & Rare Americana from the Library of John B. Stetson. To be Dispersed at Public Sale...
10650: STEVENS (HENRY) - Catalogue of my English Library.
27573: STEVENSON (JOHN) - On the Morbid Sensibility of the Eye, Commonly called Weakness of Sight.
21829: STEVENSON (ERIC) - Inventario dei Libri Stampati Palatino-Vaticani... Edito per Ordine di S.S. Leone XIII P.M.
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34848: STEVICK (ROBERT D.) - The Earliest Irish and English Bookarts: Visual and Poetic Forms before A. D. 1000.
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35633: STEWART (A.) - A Hausa-English Guide.
32292: STEWART (JAMES) - The Treatment of Inebriety in the Higher and Educated Classes. Read before the Society for the Study of Inebriety, January 1st, 1889.
31704: STEWART (T. GRAINGER) - On Dilatation of the Bronchi, or Bronchiectasis. [Reprinted from the Edinburgh Medical Journal for July 1867].
10659: STEWART (JOHN LEVESON DOUGLAS) - Catalogue of a Collection of Books and Autographs Chiefly from the Library of...
30757: STILEMAN (JOHN) - Episcopal Authority, with the duty both of clergy and laity, consider'd; in a Sermon preached at Leicester October 2. 1707. at the visitation of the Reverend Mr. John Rogers, Arch-deacon of Leicester. By John Stilsman [sic], ...
21909: STILLWELL (MARGARET BINGHAM) EDITOR. - Incunabula in American Libraries. A Second Census of Fifteenth-Century Books Owned in the United States, Mexico, and Canada.
19714: STILLWELL (MARGARET BINGHAM) EDITOR. - Incunabula in American Libraries. A Second Census of Fifteenth-Century Books Owned in the United States, Mexico, and Canada.
30859: STIRLING (JOHN) - A System of Rhetoric, in a Method entirely New: containing all the Tropes and Figures necessary to illustrate the Classics, both Poetical and Historical. To render which more generally useful, the Whole is divided into two Parts; in the first of which the Rules are given in English, in the second in Latin Verse; below which are placed proper Examples in each Language; and at the Bottom of the Page are the Terms translated in the one, and their Derivations from the Greek in the other. For the Use of Schools.
31024: STODDART (RICHARD) - Tables for computing the solid contents of Timber, from 2 to 48 inches square, and from Half a Foot to 54 Feet in Length, also, of Scantling, Deals, Planks, &c. from 1 inch to 6 inches in thickness, .....
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34607: STORER (JOHN) - Hints on the Constitution of Dispensaries, with the view of their being made of more extensive benefit to the labouring population, and equally applicable and advantageous to towns of considerable population; to market towns of all denominations, and even to rural districts consisting of contiguous parishes. London: J. Hatchard and Son, 1832. First edition, 12mo, [4], 92pp., with half-title. [Bound with:] WARDROP (James) On Blood-Letting. An account of the curative effects of the abstraction of blood, with rules for employing both local and general blood-letting in the treatment of diseases. London: J. B. Bailliere, 1835. First edition, 12mo, [2], 148pp., with half-title. [Bound with:] PHILIP (Alexander Philip Wilson) On the Influence of Minute Doses of Mercury, combined with the appropriate treatment of various diseases, in restoring the functions of health, and the principles on which it depends.
22246: TOOLE-STOTT (RAYMOND) - A Bibliography of Books on the Circus in English from 1773 to 1964.
19469: TOOLE STOTT (RAYMOND) - A Bibliography of the Works of W. Somerset Maugham.
30274: TOOLE STOTT (RAYMOND) - A Bibliography of English Conjuring 1581-1876.
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31640: TOOLE-STOTT (RAYMOND) - Circus and the Allied Arts. A World Bibliography 1500-1970. Based Mainly on Circus Literature in the British Museum, The Library of Congress, The Universiteitsbibliotheek van Amsterdam, The Bibliothéque Nationale and on his own Collection.
35541: STOW (JEFFERSON PICKMAN) - South Australia: its History, Productions, and Natural Resources. Written for the Calcutta Exhibition by request of the South Australian Government.
35842: STOWER (C.) - The Printer's Price-Book, Containing the Master Printer's Charges to the Trade for Printing Works of Various Descriptions, Sizes, Types and Pages; Also, a New, Easy, and Correct Method of Casting off Manuscript and other Copy, Exemplified in Specimen Pages of Different Sizes and Types...
19523: MILLER (W.) & STRANGE (E.H.) - A Centenary Bibliography of the Pickwick Papers.
28040: STRANGE (EDWARD F.) - The Colour-Prints of Hiroshige.
31911: ROXBURGHE CLUB. STRATON (CHARLES R.) - Survey of the Lands of William First Earl of Pembroke: Transcribed from Vellum Rolls in the possession of The Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery. With an Introduction by the Transcriber Charles R. Straton and a Preface by The Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery.
23213: STRAUS (RALPH) - Robert Dodsley: Poet, Publisher & Playwright.
28081: STREETER (FRANK S.) - The Frank S. Streeter Library. Important Navigation, Pacific Voyages, Cartography, Science.
21743: STREIT (ROBERT) - Bibliotheca Missionum: Amerikanische Missionsliteratur 1493-1699.
34731: STRETCH (L. M.) - The Beauties of History; or, Pictures of Virtue and Vice, Drawn from Real Life; Designed for the Instruction and Entertainment of Youth.
15816: STRETTON (WILLIAM) - The Stretton Manuscripts: Being Notes on the History of Nottinghamshire.
31155: [STRUTT (ELIZABETH) - Practical Wisdom; or, the Manual of Life. The Counsels of eminent Men to their Children. Comprising those of Sir Walter Raleigh, Lord Burleigh, Sir Henry Sidney, Earl of Strafford, Francis Osborn, Sir Matthew Hale, Earl of Bedford, William Penn, and Benjamin Franklin. With Lives of the Authors.
10668: STUART (ROBERT L.) - Catalogue of the Library of Robert L. Stuart.
25350: CELTIC STUDIES. - Celtic Studies. New Series. Catalogue 23.
33301: BOVELL-STURGE (EMILLIE) - Mémoire sur un cas de phthisie (dite fibroide) avec excavation complète d'un poumon. Extrait du Nice-Médical, numéro de février.
34372: STURGE (WILLIAM ALLEN) - On the study of muscular atrophy as an aid to the physiological investigation of the spinal cord. 'Reprinted from: Vol. V of the Medical Society's Transactions.'
33802: STURGES (JOHN) - Thoughts of the Residence of the Clergy and on the provisions of the statute of the twenty-first year of Henry viii. c. 13.
31533: STURGES (PAUL) - A Bibliography of George Poulett Scrope, Geologist, Economist and Local Historian.
15154: SUDHOFF (KARL) - Deutsche Medizinische Inkunabeln. Bibliographisch-Literarisch Untersuchungen. Studien zur Geschiche der Medizin.
35799: SUDRAKA, RAJA OF MAGADHA. - The Mrichchhakati: a Comedy; by Sudraka Rájá. With a commentary explanatory of the Prákrit Passages. Published under the Authority of the Committee of Public Instruction.
28152: SUFFOLK. - Suffolk Parochial Libraries: A Catalogue.
35795: SUGDEN (HENRY) - An Essay on the Law of Wills, as altered by the 1 Victoria, c. 26.
36506: SULLIVAN (SIR EDWARD) - Decorative Bookbinding in Ireland. A Paper Read before Ye Sette of Odd Volumes.
22636: SUMMERS (MONTAGUE) - A Gothic Bibliography.
13364: SUMMERS (MONTAGUE) - A Gothic Bibliography.
31852: SUMMERS (MONTAGUE) - A Gothic Bibliography.
33215: SUMMERS (MONTAGUE) - A Bibliography of the Restoration Drama.
16882: SUMMERSON (JOHN) - Architecture in Britain 1530 to 1830.
25164: ROXBURGHE CLUB. SKELTON (R.A.) & SUMMERSON (JOHN) - A Description of Maps and Architectural Drawings in the Collection made by William Cecil, First Baron Burghley now at Hatfield House.
20180: SUNDERLAND. - Sunderland Pier, Durham. Drawn and Engraved by William Daniell.
34268: SURTEES (ANTHONY CONYERS) - The Surtees Collection: Fiction in English 1600-1900. A Catalogue of the Collection of Anthony Conyers Surtees.
35482: FOREST SURVEYS. - Instructions agreed upon in Parliament for Commissioners, for Surveying the Forest of Sherwood; The Forest, or Chase of Needwood; The Forest, or Chase of Kingswood; The Forest, or Chase of Ashdown, or Lancaster great Park; and Enfield Chase .......
36164: SUTHERLAND (W. & W. G.) - The Art of Graining & Imitating Woods.
33779: SUTTON (ROBERT) - A Complete Guide to Landords, Tenants, and Lodgers, being a Methodical arrangement of the whole Law, as it now stands, respecting the taking or letting of Lands, Houses, or Apartments, ...... With clear and Practical Directions for making a Distress for Rent, .....
35638: ELWELL-SUTTON (L. P.) - Colloquial Persian.
18406: SUZANNET (THE COMTE DE) - Catalogue of a Further Portion of the Well-Known Library... Comprising the Celebrated Collection of Material Concerning Charles Dickens...
31933: MULLENS (W.H.) & SWANN (H.K.) - A Bibliography of British Ornithology, from the Earliest Times to the End of 1912. Including Biographical Accounts of the Principal Writers and Bibliographies of their Published Works.
14978: SWARZENSKI (HANNS) - Vorgotische Miniaturen die Ersten Jahrhunderte Deutscher Malerei.
36029: SWEET (GEORGE) - The Stat. 7 Will. 1V. & 1 Vict. Cap. 26, amending the Law of Wills; with a Popular Commentary, and an Appendix of Statutes and Precedents.
31404: SWINTON (A.) - Travels into Norway, Denmark, and Russia. in the years 1788, 1789, 1790, and 1791. To Her Imperial Majesty Catherine II. Empress of all the Russias, this volume of Travels into Scandinavia is Most Humbly Dedicated by Her Imperial Majesty's most Devoted and Obedient Servant, A. Swinton.
35509: SYED (SADRUDDIN BAHAUDDIN) - Hindustani Simplified.
33764: SYKES (ARTHUR ASHLEY) - An Enquiry when the Resurrection of the Body, or Flesh, was first inserted into the Public Creeds ...... Publish'd from the Author's Manuscript by his Brother G. Sykes, A.M.
30716: SYKES (ARTHUR ASHLEY) - An Examination of Mr. Warburton's Account of the Conduct of Antient Legislators, of the Double Doctrine of the Old Philosophers, of the Theocracy of the Jews, and of Sir Isaac Newton's Chronology.
30413: SYKES (SIR MARK MASTERMAN) - Hand-written letter and plan signed M. Masterman, Sledmore House, Yorkshire: June 10th, 1802.
32111: SYME (JAMES) - On Diseases of the Rectum.
32112: SYME (JAMES) - On Diseases of the Rectum.
34326: SYME (JAMES) - A Probationary Essay of Necrosis; Submitted... to the examination of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh...
25026: SYMINGTON (J. A.) - Bibliography of the Works of All Members of the Bronte Family and of Bronteana.
31228: SYMINGTON (J. A.) - Bibliography of the Works of All Members of the Bronte Family and of Bronteana.
36167: SYMINGTON (J. A.) - Bibliography of the Works of All Members of the Bronte Family and of Bronteana.
36352: SYMINGTON (J. A.) - Bibliography of the Works of All Members of the Bronte Family and of Bronteana.
29010: HAMILTONIAN LINGUISTIC SYSTEM. - The Gospel of St. John, Adapted to the Hamiltonian System, by an Analytical and Interlineary Translation [in French and English]. Executed under the Immediate Direction of James Hamilton.
29012: HAMILTONIAN LINGUISTIC SYSTEM. - Italian Verbs for the use of the Hamiltonian Pupils [in English and Italian].
30839: SYVRET (GEORGE S.) - Chroniques des Iles de Jersey, Guernsey, Auregny et Serk. Auquel on a ajouté un Abrege Historique des dites Iles.
34222: ANALYTICAL TABLE. - A Key to the Analytical Table of Mechanical Movements.
34568: DE TABLEY (LORD) - The Flora of Cheshire. Edited by Spencer Moore.
32256: TABOR (J.) - Land Surveying and Levelling for Farmers, adapted for the use of schools.
25860: TACCANI (FRANCESCO) - Geometria Descrittiva ad uso degli Artisti: che contiene la delineazione Geometrica e Prospettica degli oggetti e l'arte d'Ombreggiarli.
34252: TALBOT (JAMES) - The judicial power of the church asserted A sermon Preached at the Visitation at Tadcaster in the Arch-Deaconry of York. May 14. By James Talbot, D.D. Rector of Spofforth in Yorkshire, and Chaplain to his Grace the Duke of Somerset. Published at the Request of the Clergy assembled at the Visitation.
30750: TALBOT (WILLIAM) - A Sermon Preach'd at the Coronation of King George, in the abbey-church of Westminster, October the 20th, 1714. By the Right Reverend Father in God William, Lord-Bishop of Oxford. Publish'd by His Majesty's special command.
24124: RABY (JULIAN) & TANINDI (ZEREN) - Turkish Bookbinding in the 15th Century. The Foundation of an Ottoman Court Style. Edited by Tim Stanley.
34371: TANNER (THOMAS HAWKES) - A Clinical Report on Cancer of the Female Sexual Organs.
36148: TANNER (LAWRENCE E.) - Westminster Papers. No. I: The Library and Muniment Room. No. II: The Norman Undercroft and Museum and the Remains of the Monastic Buildings.
36094: TANNER (LAWRENCE E. & JOAN D.) - Three offprints relating to Westminster Abbey from 'Journal of the British Archaeological Association.'
10676: TAPLEY (HARRIET SILVESTER) - Salem Imprints 1768-1825. A History of the First Fifty Years of Printing in Salem, Massachuaetts. With Some Account of the Bookshops, Booksellers, Bookbinders and the Private Libraries.
35812: TARBOTTON (M. O.) - History of the Old Trent Bridge, with a Descriptive Account of New Bridge, Nottingham. Illustrated with Photographs.
33632: TARLING (ALAN) - Will Carter, Printer. An Illustrated Study.
16138: BODONI PRESS. TASSO (TORQUATO) - Aminta, Favola Boschereccia.
29175: TATE (PETER) - Birds, men and books: a literary history of ornithology A Literary History of Ornithology.
34404: GOUT. TATTERSALL (WILLIAM) - Disputatio medica, de calculi et podagrae nexu, quam ... pro gradu doctoris, ... eruditorum examini subjicit Gulielmus Tattersall, ...
25327: TAUBEL (CHRISTIAN GOTTLOB) - Allgemeines theoretisch-praktisches Wortebuch der Buchdruckerkunst und Schriftgiesserey, in welchem alle bey der Ausiibung derselben vorkommende und in die damit verwandten Kunste, Wissenschaften und Gewerbe einschlagende Kunstworter, nach alphabet. Ordnung deutlich und ausfuhrlich erklart werden.
21721: TAUBERT (SIGFRED) - Bibliopola. Pictures and Texts About the Book Trade.
31398: TAUBERT (SIGFRED) - Bibliopola. Pictures and Texts About the Book Trade.
29190: TAYLOR (ARCHER) - Book Catalogues: their varieties and uses.
29156: TAYLOR (HENRY OSBORN) - The Mediaeval Mind. A history of the development of thought and emotion in the middle ages.
25762: TAYLOR (W.B. SARSFIELD) - The Origin, Progress, and Present Condition of the Fine Arts in Great Britain and Ireland.
24561: TAYLOR (ISAAC) - History of the Transmission of Ancient Books to Modern Times; or, a Concise Account of the means by which the Genuineness and Authenticity of Ancient Historical Works are Ascertained: with an Estimate of the Comparative Value of the Evidence Usually Adduced in Support of the Claims of the Jewish and Christian Scriptures.
19464: TAYLOR (JOHN RUSSELL) - The Art Nouveau Book in Britain.
13049: TAYLOR (C.R.H.) - A Pacific Bibliography. Printed Matter Relating to the Native Peoples of Polynesia, Melanesia and Micronesia.
36027: TAYLOR (JEFFERYS) - Parlour Commentaries on the Constitution and Laws of England; being a Familiar Explanation of the Nature of Government and the necessity of Legal Authority, with some Account of the proceedings in Parliament and Courts of Justice.
35223: BACKHOUSE (JAMES) AND TAYLOR (CHARLES) - The Life and Labours of George Washington Walker, of Hobart Town, Tasmania.
26828: IRELAND. TAYLOR (ALEXANDER) - A New Map of Ireland, having the Great Features of the Country described in a manner highly expressive. And the distance between the towns & stages, marked in Miles and Furlongs for the use of Travellers.
31258: TAYLOR (E. G. R.) - The Mathematical Practitioners of Hanoverian England 1714-1840.
31377: TAYLOR (E.G.R.) - The Mathematical Practitioners of Tudor & Stuart England.
31105: TAYLOR (JOHN) - Elements of the Civil Law.
31510: TAYLOR (ROBERT N.) - The Eric Gill Collection of the Humanities Research Center: A Catalogue.
22601: TAYLOR (E.G.R.) - The Mathematical Practitioners of Tudor & Stuart England.
33850: TAYLOR (PETER ALFRED) - Vaccination. A Letter to Dr. W. B. Carpenter [in reply to his pamphlet on "The Morality of the Medical Profession"].
33097: TAYLOR (HANNAH) - Memoir of Hannah Taylor: Extracted from her own Memorandums.
32283: TCHEMERZINE (AVENIER) - Bibliographie d'Editions Originales et Rares d'Auteurs Francais des XVe, XVIe, XVIIe et XVIIIe Siecles.
27266: TCHEMERZINE (AVENIER) - Bibliographie d'Editions Originales et Rares d'Auteurs Francais des XVe, XVIe, XVIIe et XVIIIe Siecles.
26832: BOOKPLATES. TEALL (GARDNER) - Bookplates by Sidney L. Smith. With a Check-List of the Bookplates.
26361: TECHENER (J.) - Description Bibliographique des Livres Choisis en tous Genres Composant la Librairie J. Techener.
23804: TECHENER (J. & LEON) - Histoire de la Bibliophilie. Reliures. Recherches sur les Bibliothèques des plus Célèbres Amateurs. Armorial des Bibliophiles.
21320: TEDLOCK (E.W.) - The Frieda Lawrence Collection of D.H. Lawrence Manuscripts: A Descriptive Bibliography.
23535: TEERINK (DR. H.) - A Bibliography of the Writings of Jonathan Swift. Edited by Arthur H. Scouten.
24298: NAPOLEON. CHAMONAL (RODOLPHE) & TEISSÈDRE (FABRICE) - Napoléon Raconté par l'Ècrit. Livres Anciens, Manuscrits, Documents Imprimés et Autographes, Iconographie.
26507: DREAMS AND FORTUNE-TELLING. - The Everlasting Dream-Book: Containing Interpretations of more than Three Hundred Dreams, Relative to Love, Courtship,and Matrimony; a Number of Extraordinary Facts connected with Dreaming; Charms and Incantations; the Art of Fortune-Telling; and the Signification of Moles on Men and Women: Disclosing Important Secrets of Futurity. By an Eminent Astrologer.
30737: TEMPLE (RICHARD) - Practice of Physic: wherein is attempted a concise exposition of the characters, symptoms, causes of diseases, and method of cure; with formulæ, in which wherein is attempted a Concise Exposition of the Characters, Symptoms, causes of Diseases, and Method of Cure; with Formulæ, In which such New Articles are introduced as seem, from trial, to be valuable additions to the Materia Medica. With a copious index Diseases and Medicines. The whole intended for the assistance of the Young Practitioner. By Richard Temple, M. D. Licentiate of The Royal College Of Physicians, London.
34762: TENISON (E.M.) - Elizabethan England 1601-1618 [Volume XII]: Being the History of this Country "In Relation to all Foreign Princes." From Original Manuscripts, many hitherto Unpublished; Co-ordinated with XVth Century Printed Matter Ranging from Royal Proclamations to Broadside Ballads.
10682: TENNER (HELMUT) - Kleines Panoptikum der Versteigerer Buch-und Kunsthändler.
14687: TENNYSON. - Catalogue of a Very Important Series of Autograph Manuscripts by Alfred, First Lord Tennyson...
29215: TENSCHERT (HERIBERT) - Wertvolle Einbände aus fünf Jahrhunderten. Katalog VI.
29216: TENSCHERT (HERIBERT) - Schöne Einbände zu wichtigen Büchern. Katalog XIX.
35300: TENSCHERT (HERIBERT) - Fünfzig Unica. 50 Unique Books. 50 Livres Uniques. 1472-1949. Katalog XL.
31042: TERENTIUS AFER, PUBLIUS. - Terence's Comedies: made English. With his Life; and some Remarks at the End. By several hands.
17022: TERRY (REV. DR. RODERICK) - The Library of the Late Rev. Dr. Roderick Terry of Newport, Rhode Island...
31269: THE OLD TESTAMENT, - in the Bengali Language. Translated from the original Hebrew by the Calcutta Baptist Missionaries with Native Assistants.
33026: THEATRE. - The Biography of the British Stage: Being Correct Narratives of the Lives of all the Principal Actors and Actresses, Drury-Lane, Covent-Garden, The Haymarket, The Lyceum, The Surrey, The Coburg, and The Adelphi Theatres.
13152: THEELE (DR. JOSEF) - Rheinische Buchkunst im Wandel der Zeit.
34435: THIBOUST (CLAUDE LOUIS) - Typographiae excellentia [L'excellence de l'imprimerie. Poëme latin]. Paris: 1754. Second edition of the Latin poem, first edition of the French translation, 28, [2]pp., half-title, double titles in Latin and French, engraved portrait frontispiece by J. Daulle, 2 etched plates (one folding) of a typefoundry and a printing shop, foremargin shaved with slight loss of image on folding plate, text closely cropped effecting imprint and a few letters and words to several foremargins. [Bound with:] DOISSIN (Ludovico) Scalptura Carmen [La Gravure Poëme]. Paris: Le Mercier, 1753. Second edition in Latin, first edition of the French translation, xii, 76, xii, [1]-90, [2]pp. [Bound with:] DOISSIN (Ludovico) Sculptura Carmen [La Sculpture Poëme].
34437: THIBOUST (CL.-L.) - L'Excellence de l'Imprimerie; Poeme Latin de Cl.-L. Thiboust, traduit par Cl.-Ch. Thiboust, son fils.
35832: [THIN (JAMES) - Reminiscences of Booksellers and Bookselling in Edinburgh in the Time of William IV. An Address Delivered To a Meeting of Booksellers' Assistants, in the Hall of the Protestant Institute, Edinburgh, October 1904.
33305: THOMAS (WILLIAM) - On the Treatment of Empyema, by Resection of one or more Ribs. Reprinted from the Birmingham Medical Review.
20976: THOMAS (MARCEL) - Les Grandes Heures de Jean Duc De Berry. Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris.
18697: THOMAS (HENRY) - Early Spanish Bookbindings XI-XV Centuries. Illustrated Monographs No. XXII.
14403: THOMAS (HENRY) - Early Spanish Bookbindings XI-XV Centuries. Illustrated Monographs No. XXII.
13567: THOMAS (CHARLES E.) - Catalogue of the Very Choice and Important Collection of Works on Cartography, Shipbuilding and Navigation, Voyages and Travels, Early Maps and Atlases, Etc.
12618: THOMAS (ALAN G.) - Fine Books.
12391: THOMAS (MARCEL) - The Golden Age; Manuscript Painting at the Time of Jean, Duke of Berry.
14753: THOMAS (ALAN G.) - Great Books and Book Collectors.
29073: THOMAS (JOSEPH) - Universal Pronouncing Dictionary of Biography and Mythology.
28205: BRITISH LIBRARY. THOMAS (HENRY) - Short-Title Catalogue of Spanish, Spanish-American and Portuguese Books Printed Before 1601 in the British Museum.
35328: THOMAS (WILLIAM) - Original Designs in Architecture, By William Thomas, M.S.A. Architect and Surveyor: Consisting of Twenty-seven Copper-Plates, in Folio; Which contain Plans, Elevations, Sections, Ceilings, and Chimney Pieces, for Villas and Town Houses; Designs for Temples, Grottos, Sepulchres, Bridges, &c. in the most approved Taste. To which are Prefixed, a Suitable Introduction, and a Description, explaining the Several Designs.
32251: THOMAS (P.) - Epics, Myths and Legends of India. A comprehensive survey of the sacred lore of the Hindus, Buddhists, and Jains.
30908: THOMAS (ROBERT) - The Modern Practice of Physic, exhibiting the Character, Causes, Symptoms, Prognostics, Morbid Appearances, and improved Method of Treating the Diseases of all Climates.
31777: THOMAS (ALAN G.) - Great Books and Book Collectors.
34339: THOMPSON (THEOPHILUS) - Two Lectures on Phthisis. Being the appendix to "Clinical Lectures on Pulmonary Consumption,".
32172: THOMPSON (HENRY) - The Pathology and Treatment of Stricture of the Urethra, both in the Male and Female being the Treatise for which the Jacksonian Prize, for the Year 1852, was Awarded by the College of Surgeons of England.
27243: YATES THOMPSON (HENRY) - A Lecture of some English Illuminated Manuscripts. With fifty plates taken from ten of the volumes exhibited by the lecturer.
26186: THOMPSON (HENRY YATES) - Illustrations from the Life of Bertrand Duguesclin by Jean Cuvelier. From a Manuscript of about 1400 A.D. in the Library of Henry Yates Thompson.
24923: THOMPSON (PISHEY) - Collections for a Topographical and Historical Account of Boston, and the Hundred of Skirbeck, in the County of Lincoln. With Engravings.
22621: THOMPSON (LAWRENCE S.) - Printing in Colonial Spanish America.
10695: THOMPSON (LAWRENCE S.) - Kurze Geschichte der Handbuchbinderei in den Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika.
27245: THOMPSON (HENRY YATES) - Facsimiles in Photogravure of Six Pages from a Psalter, written and illuminated about 1325 A.D. for a member of the St. Omer family in Norfolk, subsequently (c. 1422 A.D.) the property of Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester, fourth son of King Henry IV, and now in the library of Henry Yates Thompson, 19, Portman Square, London.
32181: THOMPSON (SIR HENRY) - On the Suprapubic Operation of the Opening the Bladder for the Stone and for Tumours.
30914: THOMPSON (JAMES) - The History of Leicester [Pocket Edition] A History of Leicester from the time of the Romans to the end of the seventeenth Century; A History of Leicester in the Eighteenth Century; An essay on English Municipal History; and other works.
28212: THOMPSON (HENRY YATES) - Illustrations from One Hundred Manuscripts in the Library of Henry Yates Thompson. The seventh and last volume with with plates from the remaining twenty-two MSS.
18039: THOMPSON (ELBERT A. & LAWRENCE S.) - Fine Binding in America.
32120: THOMPSON (HENRY) - The Enlarged Prostate, its Pathology and Treatment; with Observations on the Relation of this Complaint to Stone in the Bladder.
35525: THOMPSON (WILLIAM) - Letters of William Thompson, Lately Deceased. with a Sketch of his Life.
31514: THOMSON (SUSAN RUTH) - Kate Greenaway. A Catalogue of the Kate Greenaway Collection Rare Book Room, Detroit Public Library.

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