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155160: - A Bill to Provide, During Twelve Months, for the Discipline and Regulation of the Army.
115113: - Report of the Departmental Committee Appointed to Inquire Into the Operation of the Law Relating to Inebriates and to Their Detention in Reformatories and Retreates
132903: - Return of Memorials and Communications Received from the Principal Medical Licensing Corporations of Great Britain and Ireland, Urging the Government to Adopt the Recommendations of Lord Camperdown's Committee on the Army Medical Department.
115173: - Circular Instruction to Post Office Surveyors, Heads of Departments, &C. , Covering Report of the Committee of Medical Officers Appointed to Inquire Into the Conditions of Working of Telephonists
155315: - V. Further Estimate, &C. Miscellaneous Services for the Year 1823. -74. - Menai Bridge. An Estimate of the Expense of Completing the Bridge over the Menai Strait, and the New Road Across the Island of Anglesea, for the Year 1823.
173822: - Accounts of Coals Exported Coastways and to Foreign Parts, from the Ports of Newcastle and Sunderland; in the Years1822, 1823 and 1824
116458: - A Bill (As Amended By the Select Committee) to Authorise the Transfer of the Site of the Coldbath Fields Prison, in the County of Middlesex, to Her Majesty's Postmaster General .
164185: - Dispatch from Viscount Wellington to the Earl of Liverpool; Dated Pero Negro, 27th October 1810.
154039: - A Bill (As Amended By Standing Committee E) to Make Further Provision with Respect to the Contributions to Be Made, Under Part I of the Betting, Gaming and Lotteries Act 1963, By Bookmakers and the Totaliser Board to the Horserace Betting Levy Board.
178807: - Annual Reports on the Convict Establishments at Western Australia and Tasmania.
115345: - Report of the Board of Trade. Pegwell Bay Reclamation Bill
153269: - Annual Report of the Director of the National Gallery to the Lords of the Treasury, for the Year 1870.
115363: - Communications from Foreign Governments, and from Her Majesty's Representatives Abroad Respecting the Death of the Earl of Clarendon.
148745: - A Bill to Make Further Provision for the Punishment of Persons Trading in Prostitution in Scotland.
148747: - A Bill for the Better Regulation of All Places Which Intoxicating Drinks Are Sold, with a View to Diminish the Crime and Misery of Which They Are a Fruitful Source.
115401: - Copies of All Other Correspondence in the Hands of the Bishop of Lichfield Relating to the Proposals of the Bishop to the Dean and Chapter of Lichfield for the Re-Establishment of the Suspended Canonries in the Said Cathedral Church.
119298: - Number of Prisoners of Each Religious Denomination in Each Prison in the United Kingdom, on 1 January 1862; &C. ,
136528: - Report from the Select Committee on Cold Bath Fields Meeting
115442: - Report By the Resumed Conference on the Nigerian Constitution
154093: - A Bill to Make Provision with Respect to . . . Property . . . Of Persons Formerly Resident Or Carrying on Business in Estonia, Latvia Lithuania Or Part of Czechoslovakia, Finland, Poland Or Rumania Which Has Been Ceded to Union of Soviet Socialist Republics . .
115453: - British Broadcasting Corporation. Annual Report and Accounts for the Year 1948-49
138571: - Report of the Progress of the Ordnance Survey to the 31st March, 1919
117688: - Report of the Commissioners Appointed to Inquire Into the Existence of Corrupt Practices in the Borough of Macclesfield
155632: - Copy of Regulations for State Inebriate Reformatories in Ireland.
164400: - An Account of the Arrears of Property and Assessed Taxes, Collected in Four Years Ending the 5th April 1811: Distinguishing Each Year; and, the Assessment for Each Year; and England from Scotland.
175350: - British Railways Board Annual Report and Statement of Accounts for the Year Ended 31 December 1969.
115469: - The General Practitioner and the Hospital Service
115477: - Report of the Inter-Departmental Committee on the Civil Duties of the Coastguard
115480: - Select Committee on Race Relations and Immigration. Session 1971-72. Police/Immigrant Relations
115494: - House of Lords Reform
115495: - Report By a Court of Inquiry Concerning the Wages Position in the Coal Mining Industry
180090: - Declaration Recording the Adhesion of Canada to the General Postal Union of October 9, 1874
172941: - A Bill to Provide for the Supply By Meter of Water for Domestic Purposes Within the Limits of Supply of the London Water Companies.
158620: - South Eastern Gas Board. Annual Report and Accounts Including Report of Gas Consultative Council for the Year Ended 31st March, 1967
158619: - South Eastern Gas Board. Annual Report and Accounts Including Report of Gas Consultative Council for the Year Ended 31st March, 1964
115570: - Cooper V. Slade. Opinions Delivered By the Judges on the Question of Law Propounded to Them in the Cause in Error, Cooper V. Slade, on the 15th February Last.
115600: - Copy of a Report of R.B. Cane Esq. , Poor Law Inspector. . . Addressed to the Right Hon. G J Goschen, M.P. , on the Pauperism of the Inspectors District, Which Comprises the Whole of the County of Lancaster, & Parts of the County of Chester, Derby, and York
115605: - Report of the Metropolitan Poor Law Inspectors' Advisory Committee on the Homeless Poor to the Right Hom John Burns, President of the Local Government Board
115606: - Return Showing the Quantity of Spirits, Wine, and Malt Liquors Consumed in Each Workhouse .
150468: - Independent Television Authority Annual Report and Accounts 1960 - 61. .
140598: - Report of Committee on Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries.
115645: - Highland Roads & Bridges. The Forty-Sixth Report of Commissioners for Repair of Roads and Bridges in Scotland.
115655: - Copy of Further Correspondence on the Subject of an Application from the Company of African Merchants (Limited), for a Subsidy Towards Establishing Steamers on the River Niger
115666: - Copy of All Correspondence between the Officers of the Court of Probate and the Treasury and the Board of Works, &C. , Relative to the Necessary Accomodation for the Court of Probate.
115676: - Report from the Select Committee of the House of Lords on Horses.
171465: - Report of Arthur H Stokes, H.M. Inspector of Mines for the Midland District (No 8). For the Year 1888
173094: - First Report from the Select Committee on Estimates Together with the Minutes of Evidence Taken Before Sub-Committee F of Select Committee on Estimates of Session 1955-56 on 27th March 1956, & Appendices. Session 1956-57. Her Majesty's Stationery Offic.
148344: - Iron and Steel Holding and Realisation Agency. Report and Statement of Accounts for the Period 1st October 1958 to 30th September 1959.
148538: - Excise. - an Account of the Total Number of Acres of Land, in Great Britain, Under the Cultivation of Hops, for the Last Fourteen Years; Distinguishing the Number of Acres in Each Parish, in Each Year Respectively;- So Far As Relates to England. .
115697: - Copies of Any Affidavit Made By One Joseph White Before Mr. John Hardman (a Commissioner. ) at Rochdale on 21st January 1861, to Support a Motion for a New Trial in Suit Brought Before Samuel Maden and Sarah Anne His Wife Gainst Alexander Catanach: .
155664: - A Return By Counties of the Estates in the Land Judge's Court over Which Receivers Have Been Appointed.
115744: - Report of the Commissioners Appointed to Inquire Into the Existence of Corrupt Practices at the Last Election, and on Former Similar Occasions for Thr Borough of Totnes
179086: - Commission of Enquiry Into Industrial Unrest. No 7. Division. Report of the Commissioners for Wales, Including Monmouthshire
179087: - Commission of Enquiry Into Industrial Unrest. No2 Division. Report of the Commissioners for the North-Western Area, Including a Supplemental Report on the Barrow-in-Furness District
155242: - Reports of the Commissioners Appointed By Act 25 Geo. Iii. C. 19 to Enquire Into the Fees, Gratuities, Prequisites, and Emoluments, Which Are Or Have Been Lately Received in the Several Public Offices Therein Mentioned. First Report. Secretaries of State.
154038: - A Bill to Make Hare Coursing Matches Illegal.
115920: - Twenty-Third Annual Report of the Commissioners of the Loan Fund Board of Ireland . For 1860.
176597: - A Bill to Make Further Provision in Respect to the Powers of the Commissioners for Public Works in Ireland in Relation to a Grant and Loan for the Improvement of Kinsale Harbour, and to Enable the Town Commissioners of Kinsale to Guarantee a Loan and Levy
115993: - Report from the Select Committee on the Office of Corner
154090: - An Account Showing the Total Amount of Money Issued from the Exchequer to Defray the Charge of the Police Establishment of the Metropolis in the Years Ended the 5th January 1812, 1813, 1814, 1815.
147510: - A Bill to Amend the Act for Better Regulating the Business of Pawnbrokers.
114565: - Correspondence Respecting the Affairs of the Cape of Good Hope.
116093: - A Bill to Amend the Law in Respect to the Discovery and Interment of Persons Drowned.
116109: - A Bill to Provide for the Examination of Persons Having Charge of Steam Engines and Boilers on Land.
116117: - A Bill to Amend the Law in Regard to the Vacating of Seat in the House of Commons.
116118: - Report from the Select Committee on Irish Society and London Companies (Irish Estates); Together with Proceedings of the Committee, and Appendix.
138541: - Turnpike Trusts . Fifth Report, with Abstracts of Accounts, Relating . . . Circumstances of . . Turnpike Trusts Applying for Local Acts in Present Session of Parliament, . . No. 22. Wadhurst & West Farleigh Roads 23. Bridport Roads, 1st District 24. Keighley
155388: - Convicts, Van Diemen's Land. Return of the Number of Persons Chargeed with Criminal Offences
159045: - Agriculture in Scotland. The Report of the Department of Agriculture for Scotland for 1952
182348: - Fifth Report from the Select Committe on Estimates. Session 1950-51. Departmental Replies to the Third Report, on Rearmament.
120491: - Report from the Select Committee on Obscene Publications
131778: - Shrewsbury and Bangor Ferry Road. Annual Report of the Commissioners . . .
116210: - Order in Council for Placing the Department of Science and Art Under the Education Department, and for Other Purposes.
155851: - An Account of the Number of Persons Now in Confinement in Great Britain, By Warrants of Either the Secretaries of State . . . . Detained Under the Provisions of an Act . . . For Enabling His Majesty to Secure and Detain Such Persons As His Majesty Shall . . . .
116235: - Account of the Appropriation of Grants Amounting . To 5,000 Placed . At Disposal of the Royal Society between . 1850 and 1854. By Lord Wrottesley, President of Royal Society; Together with Copy of a Letter from Lord Wrottesley . Dated 28th July 1855.
173167: - A Bill to Abolish Or for a Period of Time Suspend the Passing and Execution of the Death Sentence on Conviction of Murder and to Substitute an Alternative Penalty Thererfor
179634: - Report to the Royal Commission on the Poor Laws and Relief of Distress . Report on Scotland
170345: - Correspondence Relating to the Reverend Robert O'Keeffe.
159322: - Scottish Development Department Report for 1972.
128131: - Copy Articles of Agreement for the Purchase of the Impropriate Rectory Or Parsonage of Saint-Mary-le-Bone and of Certain Chapels in the Same Parish.
149863: - A Bill to Amend Two Acts of Seventh Year of Reign of His Late Majesty King George the Fourth, . . . . for the Uniform Valuation of Lands and Tenements in the Several Baronies, Parishes, and Other Divisions of Counties in Ireland.
147894: - A Bill for Providing Money for Defraying Costs, Charges, and Expenses Incurred and to Be Incurred By the Drainage Board for the River Suck Drainage District.
149861: - A Bill to Amend the Laws for the Relief of the Poor, So Far As Relates to the Examining and Allowing the Accounts of Churchwardens and Overseers By Justices of the Peace.
116407: - Copies of the Lord Chancellor's Letters to the Judges and of Their Answers, Repecting the Criminal Law Bills of the Last Session.
116411: - Account of Revenue and Expenditure in Respect of the Duties of the Customs of the Isle of Man , . Accounts of the Accumulated Fund. Passenger Tax and Harbour Dues, for Year Ended 31st March 1903; Together with Report of the Comptroller & Auditor General
153654: - Road Fund Abstract of Accounts and Accounts 1922 - 1956
165119: - Twenty-Seventh Annual Report of the Inspectors of Salmon Fisheries (England and Wales) (for 1887)
155850: - Accounts from the Court for the Relief of Insolvents Debtors. 1. An Account of the Number of Persons Discharged By the Commissioner of the Court for Relief of Insolvent Debtors, Up to the First Day of March Last. 2. An Account of the Number of Persons
153653: - Hospital Endowments Fund Account 1948 - 1973
147566: - A Bill Provide for the Discontinuance of Certain Privileges of the University of Oxford and the City of St. Albans in Connection with the Sale of Wine and the Granting of Licences .
116435: - A Bill to Enable Local Authorities in Ireland to Provide Meals for School Children.
147561: - A Bill to Promote Temperance in Wales and Monmouthshire By Conferring on the Electors in Prescribed Areas Control over the Grant and Renewal of Licences By Amending the Law Relating to Sunday Closing and Clubs .
154037: - A Bill to Prohibit the Hunting with Hounds of Deer; to Provide for the Control of Deer By Approved Methods, . . . .
143924: - Further Return Relating to the River Thames.
147560: - A Bill to Amend the Law Relating to the Tenure of Land in Wales.
141941: - National Research Development Corporation. Report and Statement of Accounts for the Year 1st July, 1959 to 30th June, 1960.
169270: - A Bill to Amend Two Several Acts of Her Majesty's Reign Enabling the Commissionerss of Her Majesty's Woods to Purchase Lands for and to Form Victoria Park; and to Indemnify the Trustees of Copyhold Lands Held in Trust for Her Majesty.
126456: - Report By Mr Chester Jones on Certain Disturbances at Rotherhithe on June 11th, 1912, and Complaints Against the Police in Connection Therewith
125497: - First Annual Report on Royal Naval College
154036: - A Bill Intituled an Act to Prevent the Poaching of Deer in Scotland .

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